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Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain

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Bakugou had never taken well to presenting as an alpha.

Not in the way Kirishima had, simply accepting his designation with grace felt impossible to Bakugou. It wasn’t that he was incapable of being the strong alpha stereotype, or that he was incapable of biting and marking people.

Bakugou was more than capable of doing that, that was the issue.

He loathed his scent, the musky cedar odor that constantly radiated from him was enough to make him feel nauseated at times. The shape and sensation of growing a knot felt wrong, unnatural, and Bakugou could hardly touch himself without feeling a sense of disgust at the warm feeling of his hardened knot in his hand. His ruts always left him feeling empty, a constant tremor running through him as he forced himself to not shake apart.

Presenting as an alpha was the fucking worst thing that had ever happened to him, and no one else seemed to understand what he meant by that.

Kirishima never understood, and the look he was giving Bakugou at the moment made it all the more clear.

“You want me to bitch you?” Kirishima asked, a hint of horror to his words and Bakugou flushed, a rush of anger running through him at the blatant disbelief in Kirishima’s voice, he had to force himself to calm down, to not respond with irritation at Kirishima’s tone.

He could understand, albeit with a struggle, that some people actually enjoyed being alphas, and that being bitched would be an overwhelmingly traumatic experience. He wasn’t one of those people though and if Kirishima couldn’t give him what he needed then he would go find someone else to do it. This whole nightmare had gone for far too long and his three year long struggle with his secondary gender was going nowhere to accepting it.

“I need you to bitch me” he said, gritting his teeth and feeling his fingers twitch at Kirishima’s disbelieving look “if you can’t help me, I’m gonna ask fucking Pinky” Mina would do it too. Her alpha was strong enough that the whole bitching thing would work with her.

But from Kirishima’s growl, it was clear to Bakugou that he made the right choice by picking him. Yes this bitching would work with any other alpha, but Bakugou knew he would end up mated with Kirishima. He knew that there was something between them more than a friendship.

So his choice has always been Kirishima.

“You do realize that it’s permanent, right?” Bakugou barked out a laugh, feeling just a touch hysterical “that’s the fucking point”

A tense silence stretched between them, Bakugou could see the lines of tension that Kirishima’s face held, and he waited, hoping his instincts weren’t wrong.

Kirishima gave him a searching look, the look of it far more genuine than Bakugou expected “you really want this, don’t you?” there was an odd sort of wonder to his voice and Bakugou swallowed. His throat had gone tight with an emotion that he had no idea how to place.

“Yes” he rasped, feeling worn “can you fucking do it or not?” His rut was supposed to happen soon, and he was sure that having to suffer through another round of it would be enough to kill him this time, being trapped in his body and forced to undergo the experience of a rut was genuinely torture.

Kirishima sighed, loud and long and Bakugou resisted the urge to bristle “alright, if you really want to be bitched, then I’ll help you out”

A rush of emotions flooded over Bakugou and he had to lock his knees to keep from falling, an overwhelming rush of gratitude towards Kirishima threatened to bowl him over.

“Thank you” he breathed, the words leaving him in a short rasp, and Kirishima just leveled him with another look, like he still couldn’t believe that Bakugou truly wanted this. When he spoke, though, he didn’t make it obvious, and Bakugou was grateful “when do you want this to happen?”

A shiver ran through him, his blood already thrumming with excitement, the idea of finally being done with all of this was entirely too much for him to handle.

“Soon, it’s best if it happens as soon as possible” Kirishima raised a brow, but nodded, accepting.

”Would tonight be okay?” The alpha asked and Bakugou nodded, another thrum of excitement running through him and he had to swallow, already salivating at the idea of finally being bitched.

“Yes” Bakugou tried his best to suppress his excitement when he could smell the hint of Kirishima’s warm mountain breeze scent.

“Alright” Kirishima said, pausing for a moment before carrying on “I’ll grab a few things from my place first, and meet you at yours later. What time works best for you?”

It almost felt too surreal that they were actually planning on this.

“I’m alright with any fucking time, Shitty Hair, come over whenever you’re ready” and Kirishima gave him an amused look, like he could tell that Bakugou was already salivating in excitement.

And that was that.

Bakugou had absolutely no idea how he was going to pass the time until Kirishima came over.


Bakugou could only pace around his bedroom and try to arrange things the best way he knew how. He wasn’t quite sure what omegas did when they were going to prepare for this sort of thing, but he was eager to learn. The best he could manage was to change his bedsheets with trembling hands, smoothing down the covers until they were as flat as he could get them. Pillows too, he added pillows, lots of them. He’d never really used that many, but maybe they would be useful now?

He grabbed water as well, enough that it looked as if he was stockpiling for some sort of disaster, and he supposed that that was enough to get ready for this type of situation.

Kirishima let him anxiously try to sort out his place for a few hours before he decided to show up, and Bakugou had the feeling that he knew just how keyed up Bakugou was about this. The sharp knocks from the front door echoed throughout the space and he shivered, excitement running through him fast enough that he felt dizzy with it, overeager and trembling like an enthusiastic dog. He made it down the hallway, running a stressed hand through his hair as he neared the door, having to take a moment to calm himself so he wouldn’t rip the door from its hinges. He opened it with a small creek, and something in his chest fluttered at the sight of Kirishima standing there.

The alpha looked as cheerful as always, and Bakugou would bet on the fact he wore a shirt with the deepest V neck on purpose. Kirishima gave him a sly smirk, and Bakugou’s inner alpha snarled at being looked at in that way.

Bakugou, though, had to stop himself from whining.

“Come in” Bakugou said, opening the door a bit further and allowing Kirishima the chance to step inside. Kirishima grinned “I’ve done some reading up on bitching and I learned something that I think you’d find very interesting” Bakugou straightened, and Kirishima continued, voice low and smooth as he gave Bakugou a loaded look. “Apparently, the body needs to believe that the submission to another alpha has been forced upon it. It can’t happen from a simple fuck”

Bakugou knew that, he did, but he didn’t quite know why Kirishima was telling him that.

Kirishima’s eyes shifted over towards the bedroom and he tilted his head, the movement was small but loaded nonetheless, and Bakugou understood. He turned on his heel, heading towards his bedroom. He could hardly hear the sounds of his own footsteps over the thudding of his heart, a short thrill of excitement making his knees go rubbery. Kirishima’s footsteps were close behind him and he allowed himself to feel a giddy sense of panic at the fact that he was being chased, that Kirishima was going to force him to submit. The door to his bedroom slammed open and he was barely able to step inside before Kirishima bowled him over, a set of strong hands gripping his waist as he thrashed, having to cover his laugh with a fake snarl.

“Slow the fuck down!” He shrilled, struggling, clawing lightly at Kirishima’s arms, his heart thudding in his chest with a very real sense of shock. Kirishima just laughed, bright and startling and so cocky it made Bakugou’s stomach feel hot. The only reply he got was being bodily thrown onto the bed, the springs squealing at the rough treatment as Bakugou mussed up the sheets he’d just spent a long time making. He writhed, chest pressed against the soft bedsheets as Kirishima pressed his forearm down against Bakugou’s back, forcing him flat against the mattress despite how much he shifted and moved.

A thrill of excitement ran through him and it was hard to keep from going limp and just presenting himself and hoping the bitching stuck.

Kirishima leaned in close, his chest pressing hard against Bakugou’s back and his crotch against his ass, and let out a low coo “poor little alpha, are you having trouble escaping?” Bakugou could hear the low undertone of genuine amusement to Kirishima’s voice, and he let out a rough snarl, trying to disguise his laugh and hide his excitement.

“Fuck off” he growled, eyelids fluttering when Kirishima rolled his hips up against his ass, the press of his cock against him was almost enough to have him drooling.

“Moaning like a bitch in heat already?” Kirishima asked, and Bakugou felt himself burn.

“Shut up” his voice was rough, a thick growl building in the base of his throat and growing progressively stronger, his hackles rising as Kirishima rolled his hips in again and a harsh hand fisted into Bakugou’s hair, gripping it at the roots and yanking his head back with it making a gasp wrenched its way from his throat. His mind went startlingly blank for a blissful second as his alpha instincts were beat back, as if it was tucking its tail to try and protect itself from Kirishima’s assault.

“Nnghh” he groaned, drool dribbling down his chin as Kirishima held him down, the press of his clothed cock against Bakugou’s ass was tempting enough that Bakugou sobbed, desperately wanting it inside of him. Kirishima let out an amused sound and Bakugou panted, already worn “feels like you’re wet already. Are you really this excited to be fucked?” and Bakugou shifted, moving on autopilot to try and escape from Kirishima’s grasp, but desperately wanted the bitching to stick.

“Present your neck for me, bitch” Kirishima still sounded so terribly amused and Bakugou whined, the sound gruff and deep from his chest as his inner alpha tried to spare its last shred of dignity. His hair was yanked again and he whined, neck straining as it was forced to the side. Kirishima moved in closer, lips just barely hovering over the tender skin of his neck and when he moved forward to bite, his teeth scraping brutally against Bakugou’s gland, it felt as if his world exploded.

Distantly, he heard an animalistic wail, and it was only when Kirishima buried his teeth in deeper that he realized that it was coming from himself.

Electricity ran through his veins, harsh and loud and the bright white feeling of pure pain rocked down his spine. He scrambled, fingers moving to grip at the bedsheets, his brain feeling as if it’d been scraped out and replaced with sand. His limbs had gone entirely weak, and beyond his hands clutching the blanket, he’d gone entirely limp.

And finally, blissfully, the smell of cedar had abated, and Bakugou’s inner alpha was gone.

A gratitude ran through him so deeply that he sobbed with it, a series of slurred thank-yous leaving him as Kirishima let go of his neck, licking at the raw skin as his hand left Bakugou’s hair. Kirishima shifted backwards, and fiery-hot tears dribbled down Bakugou’s cheeks and trailed along the line of his nose, being absorbed into the heavy fabric of the sheets as Kirishima’s hands gently moved to pull off Bakugou’s clothes. Bakugou trembled, unable to do anything beyond twitch and moan and cry as Kirishima undressed him with an almost painful sort of tenderness, cooing gentle words as he pulled Bakugou’s newly sticky underwear down his pale thighs.

“You really are wet, you know?” Kirishima said, voice fond, and Bakugou let out a breathless laugh, unable to get any real words out. Kirishima pressed back against him after everything had been thrown to a floor in a lazy pile, Bakugou whined, arching his back and presenting himself, Kirishima chuckling as he moved a hand to grip at one of Bakugou’s ass cheeks. He spread it open, as if he was inspecting the new wetness there, and Bakugou moaned, pressing himself back further into Kirishima’s touch as the alpha pressed a curious finger into his hole.

“Alpha” he rasped, head going dizzy at the sensation and Kirishima just rested another firm hand on his hip as he slowly began fucking his finger into Bakugou’s hole.

“How cute” Kirishima said, his voice a low rumble as he added a second finger, fast enough that there was an addictive burn to it as Bakugou’s body just accepted the added size. “When do you think your new cunt is going to come in?” Bakugou moaned, a rush of pure want pouring over him as slick sounds began between the two of them. He could feel his new slick drip from his hole and onto the bed.

“First heat” he slurred, rubbing his face into the sheets as Kirishima let out a chuckle, adding a third finger once Bakugou had loosened up properly.

“I’ll be the one to break it in” Kirishima said, the assurance in his voice drawing a new tremble from Bakugou and he nodded, frantic, arching into Kirishima’s touch to try and get him to speed up. These sensations were entirely new and foreign and it felt as if the missing piece in Bakugou’s life had finally been found.

He had no idea how he’d even managed to survive as an alpha.

“Alpha” the whine left him and Kirishima cooed, rubbing his free hand comfortingly down Bakugou’s side as he shifted, easing his fingers from his hole as he got up on his knees, ready to mount him. The feeling of Kirishima’s cock pressing just against him was enough to force another sob from Bakugou, desperation running through him and making another rush of slick leave his sopping hole.

“There we go” Kirishima said, heartbreakingly gentle as he eased his way inside and Bakugou mewled, the sensation of being entirely filled was so solid and right that he sobbed with it. The stretch of Kirishima’s cock felt endless and he went limp, allowing the alpha to push himself deep in one heavy slide. He could just barely feel where Kirishima’s knot was beginning to swell and his mouth watered, it felt so right when it was inside of him and not on him.

Kirishima pulled back, fucking back into him with a slick noise and Bakugou let a constant a chorus of moans and whines leave him as Kirishima stirred up his insides and forced Bakugou’s body to accommodate to him. He felt hot and over-warm and Kirishima’s cock was unbreakable, pulling more groans from Bakugou, as if it had been made for that sole purpose.

Bakugou didn’t even have to touch himself to know that there was no knot on his own cock, and the idea of that alone was almost enough to make him cum.

It was Kirishima wrapping a hand loosely around the back of Bakugou’s neck in order to adjust himself that had him falling apart, a ragged moan being punched out of him as he came, back arching, hole tightening against Kirishima’s cock as the alpha groaned and gave his neck an approving squeeze. It felt like pure liquid fire being drawn from his core as his cock spurted against the sheets, already weaker than it had been before he’d gotten bitched.

“Good omega” Kirishima groaned, his knot getting stuck on the rim of Bakugou’s hole for a brief moment before he forced it back in, having to fuck him in shorter motions now that he was about to fully pop his knot.

Bakugou babbled out something that was incoherent even to his own ears and Kirishima just chuckled, the sound of it strained as his knot finally ballooned, getting stuck inside as he came and Bakugou could feel it throb inside of him. A weak purr rumbled out of Bakugou’s chest and Kirishima panted from above him, shifting their positions a little so he’d be able to comfortably lay atop him.

Bakugou felt like he was being crushed and he relished in it.

A hand snaked around his front to press against his lower stomach and he let out a low moan as it made the knot feel even heavier inside him. When Kirishima spoke, his voice half muffled from where he’d buried his face Bakugou’s hair “can’t wait to use your new cunt the next time. You’d look nice filled with my pups”


Bakugou whined into the bedsheets, almost going entirely lightheaded at the promise “that sounds nice” he murmured, a tired smile on his face as Kirishima laughed and pressed a kiss against his hair. Bakugou slowly drifted off to sleep, eyelids growing heavy, and his last thought was one of gratitude. Kirishima’s hand was still comfortingly pressed against his stomach, his cock still buried deep inside him.

And sleep found him easier than it had in years.