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A rustle somewhere behind the bushes made Jimin halt her steps. 

At first her initial thoughts were small animals, probably a rat or squirrel, but the massive movement somehow made her realize it wasn't the case.

She knew it was a dumb decision to walk across the road and towards the bushes but she'd always been having a certain kind of curiosity that could eat her up whole if she ignored it. This kind of trait sometimes brought harm to her at times.

Like that one time she almost got a severe concussion on head because she found a wounded kid and tried to save him from his abusive dad to which he literally swung his baseball bat at her poor head.

Or that one time when she almost fell from two meters stage when she visited her junior’s play simply because the stage looked wobbly and dumbly, she wanted to step on it just to see whether it’s sturdy or not.


And in this case, she had to see it, whatever it takes.


There was a sigh, so soft to the point it could easily be carried away by the wind. But Jimin's close enough and by that time, her mind had been running miles about what kind of creature lies at the other side.

Truthfully, out of all kinds of creatures, she could never once expect to see a whole freaking human beside the large pine tree looking straight at her with such odd, clear blue eyes with hands hugging the knees. Because there's no way a sane human would be in this kind of place late at night, especially wearing such thin clothes that Jimin's sure one would shiver from cold.

Jimin's apartment keys that dangled from her grip had loosened and fell onto the ground with a loud clanking sound.


Jimin snapped out of her shock.


A pair of clear blue eyes were still looking at her, gaze void of any emotion as if the prospect of having emotion was foreign for her. Blonde hair cascaded past her shoulders and framing her pale, fair complexion prettily.

If there's anything Jimin should be concerned about was how she found this woman breathtakingly gorgeous amidst the oddity of the situation. The woman looked a lot like a porcelain doll and Jimin would’ve mistook her as one if it’s not for the soft breathing and the movement of her gaze that proved she was indeed a human.


"Are you lost…?"


Jimin's question was like throwing a small pebble into the void, not receiving any kind of response as the woman kept her gaze on Jimin, her lips didn't move a single bit to form any kinds of words for them to communicate.


Now that's weird.


Perhaps she's from another country?


Jimin racked her brain for any limited foreign words she knew.


" Are you okay? " Wow, her English sounded bad. "Konnichiwa? Wo ai ni?" W-Wait, isn't that supposed to mean I love you?


Jimin waited for a moment, eyes glinted with hope as she waited for the woman to speak.


Alas, nothing happened.


Jimin stared at her. She stared back. Just like that, they fell into a moment of silence wearing Jimin had nothing to say and the woman kept staring. With a sigh, Jimin trudged closer and crouched down before the woman so that they’re on the same eye-level.


“Are you lost?” She tried again with hand gestures just to make sure the blonde understood her.


The blonde blinked and that’s it.


Jimin bit her lower lip in confusion. She didn’t know how the blonde ended up hiding behind the tree in the middle of the night wearing a simple white t-shirt and shorts. It was quite bizarre considering the weather these days were not that merciful since winter was coming near and the fact a literal human was here instead of a home made Jimin assume the blonde probably didn’t have a place to stay.

She was probably kicked out from her place or something.

Jimin being the kind-hearted she was, bad for leaving her alone just like that. So it’s just normal for her to bring the blonde to her home right?

Jimin grabbed her keys and put them in her pocket before outstretching her hand carefully, palm faced outwards, testing the water. The blonde’s gaze finally averted from Jimin’s face and towards the outstretched hand, face looking clueless as ever. The blue eyes soon locked with Jimin’s dark brown eyes again, her gaze remained emotionless.


Jimin frowned.


It seemed as if the woman was a creature from another planet that couldn’t understand Jimin in the slightest. Despite the countless questions lingering in her mind, Jimin tilted her head, silently gesturing for the blonde to hold her hand. 


But another thing happened instead.


It was rather a cautious move when the blonde carefully leaned in, closing their proximity. Jimin widened her eyes, wanting to lean away to create distance between them but before she could do so, the blonde wordlessly placed her chin on top of Jimin’s palm, her gaze remained locked with Jimin.


Jimin’s heart skipped a beat.


“W-What are you doing?”


She was met with silence once again.


Jimin averted her gaze away, feeling warmth coursed through her veins and up to her whole face. The blonde’s skin against her palm felt cold but not to the point it bothered Jimin. Blue eyes still stared at her with the same cluelessness that made Jimin think maybe the blonde either wasn’t from here or maybe she just couldn’t speak.

Jimin sighed yet again, simply resorting to bring the blonde home. To be honest, it was quite a dangerous decision to do so, considering the fact she literally brought a stranger to her home without caring about the possibility that the blonde might be a serial killer or a psychopath that could kill her in her sleep.

Jimin's feet halted in front of her apartment door, casting a glance at the blonde behind her. Emotionless pair of blue eyes looking down to the ground, resembling a lot to a lost puppy that was kicked out from its abode. The blonde lifted her head, matching her gaze with Jimin’s in a swift motion that had Jimin’s heart almost shot out of her ribcage.


Out of all the oddities that happened that night, there’s no way Jimin could get used to those eyes staring at her.


Yep, there’s no way she’s a psychopath.


But that didn’t mean it made things easier.


Turns out, this blonde didn’t seem like she knew anything. Literally anything at this point.


“Oh my goodness– wait, wait, wait, wait .” Jimin held the blonde’s shoulder to stop her from getting inside when she noticed the blonde wasn’t wearing any shoes, which means her feet were probably dirty from the walk earlier.


What intrigued her more was a white band encircled the blonde’s ankle. It looked a lot like a hospital band except there’s no important information written there– only numbers. Jimin squinted her eyes, reading the numbers.




Jimin tilted her head up just to see the blonde already staring at her.


"Okay, I won't ask anything because I know you won't answer me." Jimin stood up again, inspecting the blonde from head to toe. "There's no way you're from any asylum right? Because as far as I know there's no mental institution in this town–"


Jimin paused, frowning. Now that she'd taken a good look at the blonde– thanks to the sufficient light in her apartment– she noticed a few small scars around the blonde's arms and nape.


The sight somehow made Jimin's heart sink. She could barely contain her worry as she matched her gaze with the blonde. She didn't know what kind of situation the blonde had gotten into, but she knew enough the scars weren't from a mere accident. 


Some were light ones but a few of them looked deep enough which seemed a lot like someone had purposely cut open the skin.


"You're hurt." Jimin stepped closer, gaze flitted between the scars and her dirty feet.


After a moment of contemplating, Jimin sighed.


There's really no other way, huh?



Jimin ended up carrying the blonde on her back all the way to the bathroom to thoroughly clean her feet because it seemed like the blonde was incapable of doing anything at this point. It's not like she's feeling burdened for having to take care of the blonde like a small child who was still learning how everything works– in fact, she was quite amused and curious about the blonde's background.

The blonde was surprisingly obedient when Jimin cleaned her feet and tended the scars, which made it easier for Jimin to finish things up and proceed to sleep the exhaustion away.


Well, except this one thing.


"Uh…" Jimin vaguely pointed at the plain white shirt the blonde was wearing. The blonde was seated on the sofa, looking up at Jimin who stood parallel from where she was. "Can you take your shirt off– why do I sound like a pervert– nevermind that, you can't even understand me anyways."


Jimin hesitantly placed her hand on the blonde’s shoulder, feeling the coldness from the blonde’s skin seeped into her palm. Jimin frowned. She already turned on the heater and she was sure the warmth it provided was enough to warm them both. Jimin’s skin didn’t even feel this cold even if they’re technically in the same place.

She placed the back of her hand on the blonde’s nape and forehead just to feel coldness seeping into her skin. Worried, she stepped closer to cup the blonde's jaw with her both hands but that action somehow made the blonde's head tilted up to face her.

As soon as their eyes met, Jimin finally became conscious of their close proximity. Clear blue eyes were staring deep into her eyes, void of any emotions yet it was enough to make Jimin's face burn.


"Y-You're cold." Jimin tried to feign indifference, leaning away. The coldness lingered at the tip of her fingertips even after she let go of the blonde's jaw.


Jimin was not dumb to know the blonde was not any normal human being.

From the tag on her ankle, the scars to the coldness of her skin, there's a lot of possibility that the blonde was not something to be taken lightly of. Jimin contemplated kicking the blonde out and hiding under the safety of her blanket but a small part of her felt bad for the blonde upon imagining that she had to be out in the cold for hours without anything to keep her warm.


The blonde had no one.


The fact somehow tugged Jimin’s heartstrings, reminding her of what she used to feel back when she was younger. The past feelings started to ache, resurfacing back after being buried deep into her heart.


Screw me for being so kind.


“Raise your arms.”


An awkward silence flew by.

Jimin sighed, resulting to just doing it by herself rather than asking the blonde to do it.


“I’m going to,” Jimin made a gesture of taking off her clothes, making sure to let the blonde know. After all, it felt rude to simply do it without the blonde’s consent. “Okay?”


Jimin waited for a moment for the words to dawn on the blonde’s head but what she didn’t expect was how the blonde silently took off her shirt effortlessly before handing it to Jimin.

Jimin stared at the blonde with mouth agape, her gaze flitted between the blonde and the shirt on the blonde’s grip.


That was surprisingly easy.


Still dumbstruck, she took the shirt and placed it on the coffee table before reaching for her hoodie that she placed beside the blonde before putting it on her, the latter complied without any complaint.

Once done, she fixed the blonde’s hair, letting it cascade down her shoulders before leaning back to properly see her. A smile made its way across her lips upon witnessing how adorable the blonde could look in an oversized hoodie.

The blonde’s hand reached for her shorts and was about to take them off if it’s not for (thankfully) Jimin’s fast reflexes on stopping her.


“Woah, woah, easy!” Her face was flushed red but she could care less. “No need to take that off, I’ll just do this.” She reached for her cargo pants and put them on the blonde, making sure to make it swift because who knew the blonde might do something unexpected again.


She heaved a deep sigh once she's done, "I'm surprised you know how to take your clothes off."


Probably it was a surge of protectiveness or maybe it was out of empathy, but Jimin found herself leading the blonde into her bedroom, hand in hand just in case the blonde refused to follow her, and tucked the blonde in.


"Sleep." Was all she said as she made a sleeping gesture, eyes matched with the pair of blue eyes that were round and wide with curiosity.


A moment passed by.


Jimin furrowed her eyebrows.


"Why aren't you sleeping?"


The blonde blinked, the yellowish dim light from the bedside table made her eyes glint prettily despite the lack of bright light. Jimin's voice got stuck to her throat, her heartbeat sounded too loud against her ears.


Seriously, why is she so cute for?


"Sleep, you know how to sleep?"


And Jimin's question was met with silence.


"Well," Jimin rubbed her nape, still not used to being replied with nothing except for a pair of eyes staring at her. "I suppose you don't."


She bit her lower lip.


"That's fine. If you ever need anything, just wake me up." Jimin made sure to do the extra gestures to make sure the blonde understood her. "I'll be outside, okay?"


Jimin was about to head out when the blonde gripped her hand, halting her steps altogether.


"Why, is there something wrong?"


The blonde didn't say much and yet Jimin could easily understand her when she saw how the blonde's free hand pointed to the endless darkness outside the window before softly patted to the other side of the bed.


Is she scared to be alone?


There was a hint of reluctance as her rational side went kicking in, spitting facts about how they were practically strangers and the blonde could do anything in Jimin's defenseless state.

But those eyes. God, please forbid those eyes from existing because Jimin always found herself giving in whenever those breathtaking blue eyes were looking up at her.


Jimin sighed.


Sometimes I hate being so kind but who can refuse those eyes?


With that, Jimin ended up sleeping on the bed with the blonde on her side. The blonde's hand still wrapped around her wrist to which Jimin supposed she needed Jimin to seek extra comfort.

Sleep came naturally to her, surprisingly. The exhaustion of the day and the situation she went through just now seemingly enough to lull her to sleep.

Just like that, she drifted off to a dreamless sleep.