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Lorange's powers upon wind

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Four Alice: Autistic Magical Girls - Chapter 1 - English Translations (MiaQc) - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

After the other three Alice insist, they leave the park and Lorange shows them around her city. Their conscious Traces remain silent. While Alice Blondinka, Alice Brown and Alice Kurosawa look at a fountain, Alice Lorange looks at the sky, speaks out loud and breaks the fourth wall.

"Hey, uh, Madam Author? This isn't fair. Everyone have used magical girl attacks in Adelan Alarie's strange house except me."

"Well," I replied. "Did you know that your story was originally written as a Visual Novel?"

"Yes. It was then converted for Archive Of Our Own."

"Well. The VN, in addition to having Bad Ends where you would die – one of them had the Aerial Saw attack for you –, had a ‘New Game +’ mode. In this mode you had magical girl attacks, Breeze Whip and Sound Aria. The other girls had new ones too – Water Vortex for Blondinka, Mega Rock for Brown, Fire Arrow Rain for Kurosawa – but since this ‘story’s continuation’ was the 4th wall broken with a time anomaly and also the main plot’s shortened repetition, I didn't keep it for Ao3."

"That's all well and good, but it doesn't solve my problem!"

"I'm the author. I'll fix it for you, you'll see."

Lorange doesn't have time to ask "how?" when a monster appears! It’s a zombie, but it has bird legs and wings.

"What the...? A zombie bird?"

"LORANGE!" Screams Kurosawa, after turning around and seeing the zombie. "Girls, let's transform!"

"Huh? Why?" Brown asks, before turning around and seeing the monster. "...Oh."

"How did that zombie get here?" Blondinka asks, as she turns around as well.

"Whatever." Said Lorange. "Wind Power…"

"Earth Power…" Say Brown.

"Water Power…" Say Blondinka.

"Fire Power…" Say Kurosawa.


The girls find themselves surrounded by light, but only Lorange turns into a magical girl.

"How? My transformation didn't work!" Kurosawa exclaims.

"Same with us." Says Blondinka and Brown. "Lorange..."

"I can handle it!"

Before confronting the zombie bird, she looks at the sky again and winks for Mia.

"Come on, Breeze Whip!"

A greenish whip appears and whips the zombie several times before vanishing. The monster is injured, but far from being in danger of death.

"Aerial Saw!"

A round green saw blade, made of cutting air, materializes. It flies towards the zombie to cut off its head, but the monster avoids it without flying away.


Two semi-transparent speakers, round in shape and greenish in color, appear in the air. They cause powerful sound vibrations that make the zombie bird explode. Lorange sees its organs flying everywhere.

"You got it!" Says Brown, happy.

"Yeah, but it's disgusting!" Blondinka retorts. "All those rotten organs..."

<Lorange... leave...> Said Heather's voice suddenly in her head.

"We should go." Lorange says to the other girls.

They leave quickly. In case other people or the police arrive and wonder where all these rotten organs come from.


  [Mini Bonus Scenes]

Alice Blondinka, transformed into a magical girl, sees trash on a beach and objects floating in the water.

"Water Vortex!"

A blue vortex appears, sucks the garbage off the sand and in the water, then disappears. 


Alice Brown, transformed into a magical girl, sees a large pothole on a road.

"I can help. Mega Rock!"

A huge rock appeared, it seemed to fall from the sky, and blocked the pothole.


Alice Kurosawa, transformed into a magical girl, watches fireworks. Unfortunately, some of the flares have taken off incorrectly and are heading towards people.


A volley of red arrows, having the fire element, will hit the flares, causing them to explode. Kurosawa sighs with relief.