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[Drabble] Fanfics from my childhood and adolescence

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Hello. Mia is here with this drabble about my past writings.

I don't remember much of my childhood writing. Only an original story inspired by Pajama Sam 2: Thunder And Lightning Aren't So Frightening and Sailor Moon.

Four teenagers from different countries, two boys and two girls, inherited a magic pen that allowed them to control the weather. There were villains who wanted to steal their pens to take over the world. (Of course.) One of the heroes, Max, had a deaf and mute sister, Marina, and one of the villains wanted to kidnap her for some reason I can't remember. I think Marina had a magical power ala Sailor Moon.

I started writing fanfics when I was around 10-12 years old. About Tron, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Tales of Symphonia, Sailor Moon, Fort Boyard and Golden Sun. I didn't preserve them but I remember having two bad habits. One, wanting to "copy" other fanfics that I thought were cool. Being inspired by a story isn't a bad thing but what I was doing was borderline plagiarism. Two, the worst one, was to Self-Insert myself into them as a Mary Sue character.

Seriously, I remember this very well. I had more powers than the Fandoms' Canon heroes. The bad guys were always after me to either steal my powers or marry me. I was the narrator at times and the Canon's characters often needed me to save the world. Ah, youth...

After writing a lot of fan fiction, I stopped doing it because I thought it was cooler and more rewarding to create my own worlds and characters. So I was writing Original Works from the age of 14 to 16 (I think). I kept them to myself because I was "afraid" of having them stolen if I put them online. My parents didn't want me to do that either. Except that writing and keeping everything to myself was stupid and a "waste of time" for me so I destroyed everything.

I remember writing a few in the years that followed, but even then I was destroying them. Then I discovered Archive Of Our Own and here I am again as a Fanfics and Original Works’ writer!

(Well, I skipped my Steam years as an independent Visual Novel-lite developer, the commercial failure, the financial loss, the "games" removal from Steam, me keeping the best version of these Originals Works written between 2017-2021, they’re on AO3, the re-release of those free "games" on, but that's not important for this drabble!)

I also remember writing a series of CYOA stories inspired by Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. The hero's girlfriend, Christine, was a vampire. The hero, between the different installments, becomes a ghoul and then a vampire. I think Christine gets killed at some point.

In the Original Works I had written, I remember a series of 4 One Shots on different themes. A story about a clone whose hero was called Daniel. A story with a girl, Julie, who had an evil personality, Scarlette, then "merges" to become Juliette. A story with a girl, Eva-Lena, who finds the diary of her deceased boyfriend, Soren, and Soren had discovered another world inspired by Chaotic. A story of twin brothers, Léandre and Lucas, who must kill a witch in a medieval world, but the witch had created Lucas with her magic (as a "shadow") to kill Léandre. Lucas betrays the witch and the two boys save the world.

There you go. That was Mia with this drabble of my past writings. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time.