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i don't just love you, i worship you, you're my treasure.

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"So as I saying, Marquis Kim is an insufferable rat who truly will one day get stabbed death and I will gladly reward the criminal for it~!" Yoo Joonghyuk turned away from Han Sooyoung, ignoring the Royal Advisor as she mumbled about Marquis Kim and his reckless behavior and cruel remarks about Yoo Joonghyuk's leadership along with the  constant bringing up rumors about how brutal Yoo Joonghyuk was with the enemy soldiers, eyes scanning over the Empress' garden from above but his gaze stopped at the sight of an angel.


Her hair was the color of the obsidian that was often mined up in his Northern region to create jewels and sword blades, it was long and it fell down in inky tresses at her waist; her skin was the color of ivory, delicate limbs flanked her lithe frame, her eyes were wide but they were the eyes of an old soul that were filled with all the constellations he could imagine, she was dressed in a periwinkle dress but it looked too small on her (she would look wonderful in the fur of Northern white foxes). She seemed to be reading a book while her eyes strayed to look over at the flowers the Emperor personally had planted in the garden for his wife. 


"Hey, Yoo Joonghyuk, are you listening to me?" Han Sooyoung huffed, very displeased as she stood next to him by the window, before muttering very displeased. "I can't believe that you treat me like this when I do my best trying to keep the daggers out of your back?"


"Who is that?" Yoo Joonghyuk questioned, hands crossed behind his back as he looked down at the angel below them.


"Who are you— oh, that's Marquis Kim's youngest daughter, Dokja, I think her sixteenth birthday is in two weeks, from what I've heard the Empress tell the Emperor… she's a bastard actually. Though it's a shame, she's quite bright and sweet, way different from Marquis Kim's trueborn daughters who are absolute hellions." Han Sooyoung explained, a fond smile on her lips as she looked down at the young maiden. 


"Aren't all of Marquis Kim's daughters whores?" Yoo Joonghyuk questioned Han Sooyoung bluntly, making the Royal Advisor burst out in laughter. 


Han Sooyoung nodded as she chuckled. "Yes but not this one. Poor Dokja is her Father's ugly duckling, and I'm certain that it's on purpose since he's planning on sending her to the Saintess' Pavilion down south on her seventeenth birthday. And to serve the Saintess one must be a maiden." Han Sooyoung hummed, stuffing her hands into her pockets as she looked down. 


"She currently serves as the Empress' companion, she comes and sews with her, eats her meals with the Empress and reads books out loud for the Empress." Han Sooyoung finished explaining.


It sounded like Marquis Kim's bastard daughter was pretty much the Imperial Couple's unofficial child.


What a shame. Yoo Joonghyuk found himself thinking, to allow such a lovely pretty little thing to be locked up away in the Saintess' maidenvault for the rest of her days (to deprive such a lovely thing the pleasure she deserved was a sin) just because she wasn't a trueborn daughter. Kim Dokja was more lovely than all of Marquis Kim's daughters, hell she was more beautiful than most of the ladies who had been presented to Yoo Joonghyuk for him to choose and marry. 


Hmm, I'll have to do something about this.


A couple of months after that, the Capital burst out with the news of the argument between Archduke Yoo and Marquis Kim  while no one knew the precise details behind the argument many assumed that it was due to the Marquis inferring that the Archduke was best serving as a dog out in the battlefield, Archduke Yoo later proceeded to punch the Marquis in the face, breaking his nose and threatening to kill him.


The Emperor had been greatly bothered by this squabbling and had asked his main Advisers for a way to lessen the discord between the Archduke and the Marquis; the only solution the Emperor seemed to consider was Royal Advisor Han's advice:


"The Archduke is a venerable warrior in battle but he has no wife thus has no heir to succeed him if he were to perish in combat, and we all know that the Northern region of Kaizenix only faithfully obeys those of Yoo blood. Marquis Kim has many unmarried daughters, I see no issue with binding these two lords by marriage."


When the suggestion by Royal Advisor Han had been brought up to the two men in question, Marquis Kim agreed immediately while Archduke Yoo had replied with:


"While I do not doubt Your Majesty's concern for me, I do refuse to marry a daughter of Marquis Kim." When asked why, the Archduke had replied snidely with a sneer directed at Marquis Kim. "I hear that all of his daughters are no longer maidens, the young lords often bragged about it on the battlefield. About how Marquis Kim's daughters were just as talented as any brothel whore."


Marquis Kim had visibly been angered but he kept in his anger to plead to the Emperor. "I have my youngest daughter, Your Majesty. The Empress knows her very well and everyone here knows of my intention to have her sent to the Saintess' Pavilion once she is seventeen. But if the Emperor requests that my lineage be joined with Archduke Yoo's blood then I have no issue with allowing my youngest to marry Archduke Yoo. I hope that the Archduke has no qualms with my daughter being a bastard ."


Everyone knew that Archduke Yoo could not argue because his own father had been an illegitimate child who was made heir due to the previous Archduke having no trueborn sons to survive to adulthood.


Archduke Yoo seemed skeptical but nodded, the Emperor announcing the marriage between them. 


No one had noticed the secret glance shared between Archduke Yoo and Royal Advisor Han. 


"My Lord, the youngest lady is still a maid." The old midwife croaked as she walked up to where Marquis Kim was waiting beyond the curtain; the man had simply burst into her room with the old midwife behind him as he arrived from court that day, and had immediately barked at the maids to make Kim Dokja lay down on her bed and to also tie her legs open so she wouldn't try to escape because he needed the old midwife to check something. 


Kim Dokja felt her eyes swell with tears at the sudden realization of how violated she felt and just for something that she could've told him was true (Kim Dokja had never wanted to lay with a man, her mind set on serving as a maiden in Saintess Uriel's pavilion, so why would she not be a maiden? And why would her father need to know about that?) her legs that were tied to the bed posts were trembling as the maids had rushed over to untie them. Kim Dokja felt somewhat soothed by the look of anger on Jung Heewon's face as she untied the rope around Kim Dokja's ankles, even rubbing it as she placed them onto the bed, immediately pulling down the skirt of her dress to cover her up.


Jung Heewon was truly an angel and Kim Dokja didn't deserve her at all. 


"Good, good. That bastard Archduke Yoo must think me a fool, I still have her." Marquis Kim spat out as he paced the room before he hissed out. "You! Get over here right now!"


Kim Dokja shuffled to where her father was pacing in the room, when he saw her he immediately rushed over and grabbed her wrists with so much strength, she was certain that she'd bruise tomorrow morning. She wondered if the wedding dress would be able to cover it up. 


"You…. You'll go up to that cold wasteland with that bastard and you'll let him do whatever he wants to you. Do you understand or should I make you understand?" Marquis Kim sneered, his grip tightening more and more on her wrists. Kim Dokja nodded, bowing her head, trying her best not to sound tearful knowing that her father hated hearing her cry. 


"I understand Father." Kim Dokja spoke calmly. 


"Good. That's the only thing you're better than your sisters at, you're good at listening and obeying. Who knows? Maybe he'll ignore you because you're my daughter."


I've never been your child, I've only been the bastard that you forced its mother to give her up to you. If I had stayed with my mother, I might be dead but I would've died free. 


Marquis Kim left the room, intent on paying the old midwife and sending his steward to confirm the marriage between the two houses. Kim Dokja sighed in relief once he left, staying alone with Jung Heewon in the room.


"Fucking—" Jung Heewon started hissing but was stopped by Kim Dokja's hand on her shoulder, the slightly older maid turned to look at her poor Mistress with pity. "My Lady…."


Kim Dokja smiled shakily before her hand slipped down to intertwine with Heewon's hand, tugging her forward. "Let's go. How about we finish sewing the coats for the orphanage?"


My Lady is too young for this suffering, she was so happy to go to the Saintess' Pavilion but His Lordship just had to pick a fight with the Archduke. If only I could!

Kim Dokja held in a shiver as a gust of wind bursted into the carriage as they opened the window to speak with the head guard taking them to the Northern Archduchy of Kaizenix; the dress she had been given by her third eldest sister was made of thick fabrics on the skirt part but the bodice of the dress had no long sleeves nor fur sewn into it so it wasn't good at keeping her upper body warm, so she found herself prompted to let her hair down from the elaborate style Heewon had slaved over on for around 30 minutes and grabbing the cream colored shawl that Heewon had given her once she noticed the dress that the Third Lady of the Kim Marquisate had gifted Kim Dokja with. Kim Dokja held back a sneeze and instead asked the guard poking his head in through the window. "Is something wrong, Sir?"


"Ah, My Lady. We're about to enter the castle grounds, we shall be led there by General Lee." The head guard spoke kindly, feeling bad for the young sweet hearted lady. 


"Thank you Sir, tell General Lee that I thank him as well." Kim Dokja nodded. 


"Thank God we're here! I swear, I thought our asses were going to freeze off if we spent another hour in this carriage." Jung Heewon complained as she stretched inside the carriage. "We're gonna die here if it's always cold like this!"


Kim Dokja sighed before looking at her dearest companion with a shy smile. "I'm just glad that you could come with me, Heewon-ssi. Even if we froze to death."


Jung Heewon gave out a sigh before she nodded. The carriage soon came to a stop and the door opened, a tall strong man stood outside, smiling despite the cold wind blowing outside. 


"I am pleased to meet you, my lady. I'm Lee Hyunsung,  Archduke Yoo's head general and the master of arms of the castle." Lee Hyunsung smiled as he extended his hand to help Kim Dokja out of the carriage.


"Ah, I am pleased to make your acquaintance, General Lee. I'm Lady Kim." Kim Dokja answered as she took his hand, allowing him to guide her out of the carriage, wrapping the shawl around her small frame. 


Lee Hyunsung helped Jung Heewon out of the carriage, the older woman thanking him as she rushed to wrap a coat around Kim Dokja's frame. Kim Dokja's eyes flitted to look over the staff of the castle (who all seemed very used to the cold, and maybe one day Kim Dokja could get used to it) and her eyes zoomed in at the tall handsome man who stood in front of all the staff; he reminded her of the male lead from the books she loved to read, he was incredibly tall and had a large frame, his skin had a light tan as though he had spent many days under the sun, he wore an elaborate black attire with black leather gloves, his face was incredibly handsome as though Saintess Uriel had carved his face painstakingly for many days, he had a couple of scars on his face, one cutting through his left eye. It was obvious that the man was Archduke Yoo, the greatest war hero to dominate the battlefield, lord of the region of Kaizenix and Kim Dokja's husband. 


Kim Dokja walked forward until she stopped in front of the man, bowing deeply in front of him. Breathing in a sharp breath before she introduced herself. "I'm honored to be here, Your Grace. My name is Kim Dokja, I thank you for the honor of allowing me to be your wife."


"The honor is mine, Lady Kim. Allow me." A gloved hand came up to lift her face for him to see more clearly, the Archduke looked at her with kindness as he watched over her features. Up close the Archduke was much more handsome, although his face had some scars that made him even more handsome to Kim Dokja, his eyes were mismatched —one shining and glittering gold while the other was dark as the night during a new moon— and his hair had almost a permanent sheen of silver amongst some of the strands as though the snow had engraved itself into it. "The wedding shall be at dusk today, I hope that you do not mind."


Kim Dokja shook her head and murmured softly. "I don't mind. I am honored that Your Grace will make me your wife so soon."


"Head Maid Cheon shall take you to get ready for the wedding. A light meal has been prepared for you as well, for you to eat before you get ready." The Archduke spoke gently, leading Kim Dokja inside by the arm. Handing her over to the head maid before whispering softly in her ear. "I shall see you at the wedding."

The Northern region of Kaizenix followed the faith of the King of Salvation who, according to legend, was the lover of the first Archduke of Yoo blood, he passed away after protecting the Archduke with his life and had supposedly ascended as an angel, thus the region had taken to him as the faith they should follow.


The personal customs he had with the first Archduke Yoo when they were lovers were used as the marriage traditions of the North. 


The head maid had explained all of it as kindly as she could to Kim Dokja while they were getting her ready for the wedding. Her hair was being brushed into an elegant style —her hair was being braided into a lower bun while allowing some strands to fall to frame the sides of her face, the maid had shown her the Archduchess' crown that would be put on her hair once she was done, while it was simple Kim Dokja didn't think she deserved to wear that already. Naturally she assumed that if she had to be given the position of Archduchess it'd be after she had a child, not from the get go!— while another maid painted her face — as soft as possible, His Grace enjoys soft looking women. You look very much like His Grace's type of woman, my lady. But I thought that His Grace did not indulge in women! —, her body still hadn't been wrestled into the wedding dress but she hadn't been allowed to see it but had been "comforted" by the maids that the Archduke had the most lovely wedding dress made for her. 


Kim Dokja was glad at hearing that and had whispered to Jung Heewon to burn the atrocity of a wedding dress her stepmother had given her. While Kim Dokja was docile, she wasn't so soft hearted. 


"Don't worry my lady. The wedding dress is made of the finest fabric that exists in Kaizenix! His Grace had the most important and best seamstresses working on the moonlight butterfly silk to make it the moment the Emperor ordered the wedding! The jewels sewn onto it are fragments of northern salvation tears!" All the maids sung praises of the dress that Kim Dokja has yet to see. 




"Aren't Northern salvation tears important?!" Kim Dokja couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. 


Northern salvation tears were rumored to be the tears that the King of Salvation spilled before he ascended to godhood, he had only spilled tears for his beloved, for he had never done so for anyone else. And they became shining diamonds that became part of the Archduke's coffers and were only used in small measures every time an Archduke married and were used on his bride's dress. 


"Oh my lady, no need to worry." The maids chuckled as they kept fixing her up. 


Kim Dokja was glad that her father had abstained from trying to hit her in her final days at the manor, most likely reasoning in his head that the Archduke would want to get a hit in at a fresh canvas instead of an already stained one. She wouldn't be able to answer the maids' questions if they found a bruise. 


"Is there no veil?" Jung Heewon questioned from her place near Kim Dokja. 


"The Archduke possesses the veil, after the proclamation of the vows and devotion as life and death companions, the Archduke must veil the young lady as his wife, therefore no other man has the right to touch her." The head maid explained to Jung Heewon who ahhh-ed in reply.


"His Grace is not a bad person, my lady, don't worry!" A maid piped up as she put the earrings on Kim Dokja's ears, the earrings were made from living flame rubies and small ivory colored pearls into the shapes of an anemone flower. 


"I didn't worry about that… why do you say that?" Kim Dokja spoke softly, a shy look on her face.


"We all know of the rumors the people in the Capital spread about our lord but you should know that it's a lie." The maid argued with a smile while the other maids nodded in agreement. 


"Ah…. Thank you." Kim Dokja answered, hand coming up to touch the pearl necklace wrapped around her neck. 


Then if he wasn't cruel then he wouldn't be indifferent to Kim Dokja, she could be comforted by that.  



Yoo Joonghyuk nodded in Kim Dokja's direction as she reached him near the end of the aisle, trying her best to not tremble too much in front of the audience filled with the lords and ladies who attended to look at the Archduke's young wife. The two of them bowed to one another before bowing to the image of the King of Salvation, turning to look at the man chosen to ordain the wedding who took that as a cue to begin ordaining the wedding, although he did dally a bit as he embellished the Archduke's accomplishments. 


"You may now begin your vows to one another."


"I, Joonghyuk of the noble line of Yoo, take Kim Dokja as my life and death companion, to protect and devote myself to until we pass." The Archduke spoke firmly as he looked in her eyes, the diamond adorned veil made of moonlight butterfly silk held in between his fingers. 


The man ordaining the wedding turned his head in Kim Dokja's direction but didn't raise his eyes to look at her face but she knew what the man wanted her to do. Kim Dokja swallowed before she took in a sharp breath and completed the vows.


"I, Dokja of the Kim family, take His Grace Yoo Joonghyuk as my life and death companion, to obey and swear devotion to until my dying days."


"Your Grace, you may now kiss and veil your bride, to complete the vow of protection and devotion." Kim Dokja felt her face being tilted upwards and soon felt a soft press against her lips (it felt like the Archduke was smiling against her lips), her view was soon covered by a white haze.


Kim Dokja softly smiled at the hand that gently wrapped itself around her waist as they made their way down the aisle. 


Kim Dokja held back from crying (she was so nervous that she couldn't stop trembling, she was glad that the fireplace was turned on and she could firmly differentiate her nerves from the cold) as she sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the Archduke to arrive so the wedding night could happen; her skin had been rubbed clean until her usual ghostly pale skin turned pink and rubbed soothingly with nice oils to make her smell more alluring, her hair was brushed into a braid that hung over her shoulder while the veil the Archduke had put on her head was still on, her lips had been painted softly to resemble the petals of a rose; her body was covered with a white chemise nightgown made of the silk of Northern moonlight butterflies and with lace embroidered onto the hem of the gown. 


Kim Dokja couldn't help but recall all the horrible things that could happen during the wedding night her sisters had told her to tease her with. Most of the time Kim Dokja ignored their cruelty but it just felt specifically refined considering her current circumstances. 


Stop being mean . Kim Dokja chided herself for immediately assuming that the Archduke would be mean to her in bed; the man had been nothing but sweet and gentle to her the entire day, the way his hands cupped her face gently when he kissed her during the ceremony, his hand had never left its place on her waist during the entire wedding banquet, he didn't look at her with contempt or disgust instead he looked at her kindly. 


Maybe he wouldn't hurt her. 


Maybe he would learn to love her.


And it was obvious that the Archduke was most likely an expert in bedding someone, Kim Dokja would simply be molded to his desires if Archduke Yoo wished so for her.


The door clicked open to reveal Archduke Yoo entering the chamber; he had already been divested of his wedding suit and was dressed in a mere white shirt and pants but he still looked radiant and handsome. 


How could such a man have to marry me? It's like I'm bringing him down!


His gaze turned to look at Kim Dokja, and she swears that she saw his unscarred eye have a golden glint at the look of her. Archduke Yoo walked closer before he kneeled down on one knee in front of Kim Dokja, his calloused hand grabbing Kim Dokja’s smaller and delicate hand in his own. 


"Your Grace, you shouldn't—" Kim Dokja immediately whispered as she tried to get the older man to get up from his knees. 


"Call me Joonghyuk." Archduke Yoo crooned softly, lifting her hand to kiss her fingers. 


Kim Dokja couldn't help the high pitched sound that left her lips at the Archduke's request. "H-how could I?— it's not app—"


"You're my wife, how is it inappropriate? You can call me husband too if that's easier for you." Kim Dokja felt like her heart was going to explode in her chest before she nodded shyly. 


"Then…. Should I turn around… husband ?" Kim Dokja whispered, feeling her face burn from the inappropriate way of referring to him. His position was higher than her and the Archduke was also 12 years older than her, it didn't feel like something that could be said lightly. 


Her husband chuckled before he shook his head, finally standing up as his hands came up to remove the veil covering her face and kissing her the way she had always imagined it happening in the books Kim Dokja loved to read. It was soft and sweet, like the wine they had been given by one of the lords at the banquet, the press of his lips against hers was simple but she loved the feeling, his scarred hands (she could feel the calluses on his fingers) cupped her face to allow himself better access to her lips. 


"May I kiss you more?" Yoo Joonghyuk whispered, breath caressing Kim Dokja's lips, his thumbs rubbing soothing patterns into her cheeks. 


".... you're my husband, you can do what you want with me." Kim Dokja mumbled (wincing internally at the mumble, knowing that her teacher would've hit her hands for the inappropriate way of speaking to him). 


Yoo Joonghyuk pursed his lips, tilted her head upward to look Kim Dokja in the eye before he replied. "You're my wife now, my life and death companion, you're the lady of this castle and of all of Kaizenix. If you don't want to do something then I won't do it, understand?"


But I vowed to obey you, how could I protest something that you wanted? Was what Kim Dokja wanted to say but she didn't want to protest so Kim Dokja nodded before she answered, voice soft and young. "Yes, I understand….. you can keep kissing me more."


His lips descended to press against Kim Dokja's once again, her lips parted to let out a soft moan and Yoo Joonghyuk's tongue pushed into her mouth, teasing her own tongue and swallowing the moans that she made. Kim Dokja felt her body being pushed down onto the soft mattress, her hands moving from her lap to grab onto the sheets covering the mattress. 


Yoo Joonghyuk parted from her lips to look at her from above, his own breath hitching in his throat at the look of Kim Dokja; her eyes were blown so wide that he could barely see the lovely starry color that entranced him from afar, her ivory skin was colored rosy as she blushed, her modest chest heaved as she took in large breaths, her tears clung to her eyelashes like the morning dew that coated the Capital, her lips trembled as she looked up at him innocently. 


"My wife looks so lovely." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned before he descended to press another kiss that would take her breath away, his hands began to roam all over her body, delighting in the whimpers and hitches in her breath as he squeezed at her hip before his hand descended lower to fondle and trace a teasing pattern on her thigh before it lifted the skirt of her nightgown to expose her, a teasing finger came up to tease at her wet folds. 


"Ah—!" Kim Dokja parted her lips away from his to whimper, the room filled with the sound of their heavy breathing. 


"Shhh, be good for me." Kim Dokja found herself nodding at his request, allowing his hands to grab her thighs and part them wide, allowing him to view her cunt. 


"Your Grace, I— ah!" Kim Dokja mewled at the sharp nip to her collarbone by her husband, his grip on her thighs tightening. "Sorrysorrysorry—"


A finger pushed down at her clit which had Kim Dokja jerking in his hold before he pushed his thick calloused finger inside her cute cunt, he inhaled sharply at how tightly Kim Dokja's warm wet walls hugged his finger as though trying to entice him to fuck her wide open with his cock. Yoo Joonghyuk looked upward to look at Kim Dokja's face, making sure he wasn't hurting her before he lowered his body down to face her cunt. 


Yoo Joonghyuk leaned forward to blow teasingly at her clit before he lapped at her clit. The shrill scream that came out of Kim Dokja's throat would make anyone think that she was being attacked but she was only being teased by his tongue and finger. 


"Your Grace— get up, don't put your mouth there— mygodmygodmygod!" Kim Dokja moaned with a shaky voice, trying her best to close her legs but was stopped by Yoo Joonghyuk, her efforts were replied with a sharp nip to her clit which made her cum with a loud moan. 


Kim Dokja shook her head as his fingers started scissoring her cunt, her thigh held tightly in his grip. "I—I—can't, can't— ahh— Your Grace— oh gods— pleas—wah! "


Yoo Joonghyuk shushed her as he ghosted his lips over her jaw, pushing another finger inside her cunt, ignoring her pleas and mewling. "Shhh, you're doing well. I’ll make you wear a plug in your cunt all day from now on, that way you'll always be ready for me."


Kim Dokja felt herself getting wetter at Yoo Joonghyuk’s words, a moan slipping through her lips, her thighs jerking as they tried to close themselves. 


"Look at you, such a cute little thing." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned, thumb pressing down on her clit, making Kim Dokja squeal and whine from the overstimulation to her body. 


"Your Grace, I— ah ohgod—" Kim Dokja felt her mind white out completely at the sharp slap her husband bestowed upon her cunt right on her clit which had made her reach her peak, Kim Dokja sobbed as she held the bedsheets in a vice-like grip. 


"Dokja-ya, my darling wife, you know how to call me." Yoo Joonghyuk growled in an almost chiding way as he continued to pump his fingers inside of Kim Dokja’s cunt, delighting in the way her face looked as she keened from the overstimulation to her sweet spot. 


"Ah-ah-ah-a—? Husband, husband, please, please, too much toomuch toomuchtoomuchtoomuch —!" Kim Dokja whimpered, hands finally moving to hold onto the older man's shoulders with a tight grip, digging her nails into the fabric of his shirt. 


"Shhhhh." Yoo Joonghyuk shushed her as he leaned down to lick into her whimpering mouth, devouring his young wife's sounds and making sure that he'd be the only one to hear them. "You're perfect."


Kim Dokja mewled but allowed Yoo Joonghyuk to keep fucking her with his fingers despite how overwhelmed she was by the feeling. 


She didn't know how many times she'd cum thanks to his fingers in her cunt but Kim Dokja felt as how the fingers were soon pulled out of her cunt with a loud squelching sounds that could still be heard over the sounds of her whimpering, Kim Dokja made a sobbing sound as she felt empty, Yoo Joonghyuk hovered over her once more, his handsome face appearing in front of her teary gaze. 


"Can I put it in?" And the warm press of something hard and incredibly large against her thigh had finally registered in her pleasure addled mind, the object grinding into her sopping wet folds was her husband's cock (which seemed to be quite interested in her).


Kim Dokja nodded her head softly, humming at the lips that had descended to devour her once more, a hand came up to tug at one of her nipples teasingly and am I so delirious that I couldn't tell when he took off my nightgown? Had Yoo Joonghyuk manage to convert her into his slave in such a short time? By only pleasuring her with his fingers, she was already eager for whatever he wanted! Was she a whore already?


Kim Dokja let out a loud mewl at the thick cock slowly pushing it's way into her cunt, spearing her open and making sure to mold the shape of his cock in her, her arms came up to dig her nails in the fabric that covered Yoo Joonghyuk's shoulders as she desperately needed something to ground her. 


"So big, pleasepleasepleaseplease —!" Kim Dokja babbled into the skin of Yoo Joonghyuk's neck, drooling onto the skin as well. 


Yoo Joonghyuk simply chuckled in reply at his young wife's reaction to being stuffed full with his cock. 


He knew she'd like it so much as much as he knew that Kim Dokja would look absolutely perfect on his cock as he fucked her within an inch of her life.


"Do you like it? You're doing so well, taking all of me." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned with a proud lilt to his voice as one of his hands came down to rub soothing patterns on the skin of her abdomen, right above where her womb would be, while his hips were thrusting gently into her cunt with a slow pace but he could tell that his young wife wanted more by how her hips started pushing back to ask for more. 


"I-I-It's so good, sogoodsogoodsogood —" Kim Dokja nodded eagerly as he started fucking her earnestly, his cock making loud squelching sounds as he pounded his way in her body, her thighs tightening their grip around his waist as though Kim Dokja subconsciously was making sure that Yoo Joonghyuk couldn't pull out of her. "Husband, toogoodtoogoodtoogood— ahahahahahah —"


Yoo Joonghyuk changed their position by pulling her up sit on his cock, the change in position had Kim Dokja whimpering from how deeper her husband's cock felt inside of her, her lips whimpering nonsense into the skin of his collarbone. 


"Dokja-ya, do you like it?" Kim Dokja nodded, her hips held tightly in her husband's grip as he fucked her on his cock.


Kim Dokja sobbed at the punishing slap to her clit as Yoo Joonghyuk's cock fucked her cunt, writhing in his arms as his hips thrusted upwards into her hips, the alluring bounce of her breasts had him fondling them incessantly, the constant whimpers and mewls slipping from her lips had him growling in delight. 


Kim Dokja barely recalled what happened after she reached her peak for what could be the sixth time, her entire small frame trembling from the pleasure coursing through her veins as Yoo Joonghyuk kept fucking her cunt, it felt as though he was trying to brand her as his from the inside out. She recalled mewling as she felt her womb being filled with warm liquid, Yoo Joonghyuk's lips whispering gentle words into the skin of her neck as he pressed his hips against hers, making sure that Kim Dokja took all of his seed and knowing that not a single drop wasted. 


After that, she knew that she kept being filled up by her husband, the older man having a fierce appetite that couldn't be satisfied with filling up his wife once, it had to be many times. 


Kim Dokja had closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again, she was swaddled and cradled in the older's arms, his breathing serene and calm despite how much he had fucked her. Despite her surprise, Kim Dokja found herself nuzzling her face in Yoo Joonghyuk's scarred chest.

("Did you hear?" 


"Hear what?" 


"His Grace was up till dawn with the new lady, giving her his favor."


"Really? I thought nobles only did it once and went to bed."


"I thought so as well but no, His Grace was relentless with the poor lady."


"Oh my. And she's so small and His Grace is so much bigger than her. It must've been hard for her. Poor thing, a nice warm bath with chamomile would be nice for her."


"What are you gossiping about? Prepare breakfast!")



Kim Dokja was certain her legs didn't work anymore and when they did manage to work again, it was as though Yoo Joonghyuk had a sixth sense and could detect when the numbness had left Kim Dokja’s legs and would immediately proceed to fuck her or have her on his cock for hours as he did paperwork. 


Today was a keeping her on his cock while he worked day, she whimpered as she hid her face in the crook of his neck while her hands tightened their grip on his clothes, his hand occasionally slipping down to pat comfortingly at her thigh before continuing to shuffle through his papers, his fingers would also come to circle around the bejeweled plug that he had pushed inside her ass when he'd pulled it out of her cunt; when she relaxed well enough, tired of the constant arousal that was clouding her head, he'd thrust up into her cunt to get her all excited and whimpering before he continued to feign indifference. 


Kim Dokja's resolve had broken, pressed her lips against his neck with soft kisses and pleas to 'please, Your Grace' which of course he ignored since he had already told Kim Dokja how she had to refer to him and thus she had devolved into sobs of 'husband, Joonghyuk,  husband, please, I can't take it anymore', grinding her hips downwards into his. "Husband, pleas— AH!" Kim Dokja squealed suddenly as Yoo Joonghyuk thrust upwards into her warm tight cunt, his hands holding her hips in a bruising grip as he fucked her. 


"My wife is so needy." Yoo Joonghyuk chuckled as he lapped at her breasts, after tugging the top of her lilac colored dress down to expose the two twin mounds and leaned down to suckle at a cute rosebud, delighting in her delirious whimpers of pleasure. 


"H-h-husban— oh gods!" Kim Dokja yelped as his thrusts became faster and harder at the register of the word she was calling him. "W-w-wait— ohgodohgodohgod— !" 


Kim Dokja came on his cock, tightening deliciously around him as her body trembled from the onslaught of pleasure that had overcome her body, Yoo Joonghyuk kept thrusting inside her before he pushed her hips into his with a bruising grip as he rode out his orgasm inside his overstimulated wife, groaning as he filled her cunt up with warm seed.


Afterwards when Kim Dokja was bundled up in his arms (sans a cock in her cunt) as he fed her treats that he had the kitchens make for her, she looked up at him with wide innocent eyes. "... Husband, aren't you worried?"


Yoo Joonghyuk looked at her curiously, the look on her face reminding him of how young she was, before he asked. "What should I be worried about?"


Kim Dokja looked down before she looked up at him again, wide eyes clearly embarrassed before she continued. "That I'm not with child yet…. Despite how much we…."


Ah , well that explains why his wife cried easily when her moonblood came a week ago. She had been inconsolable despite his best attempts and he resolved himself to just coddling her in his arms (which had actually gotten her to calm down and instead mumble about how he should be disgusted with her to which Yoo Joonghyuk punished her with a nip to her nape, making her squeal in shock) and feeding her small morsels of food.


Yoo Joonghyuk held back the urge to laugh at his young wife, instead nuzzling his face into her breasts as his hands tightened their grip around her waist. "You're worried that I haven't put a babe in you despite how much I fuck you? It's normal, besides we've only been married for two moons. Who knows? Maybe by the next moon, you'll be with child. Don't worry too much about it, I love you first anyways. It's nice to have you all to myself because when we have a baby, I'll have to share you with them."


Yoo Joonghyuk relished in the idea of Kim Dokja's womb quickening with his child in her, the proof that showed that she was his and that she could never leave him; if they had a son and if something happened to him on a war campaign (which would never happen but Yoo Joonghyuk liked to cover all of his bases) then Kim Dokja would never be obligated to return to her father since she would be busy serving as regent for their son. And if they had a daughter…. Then Yoo Joonghyuk would change the succession laws and also make it certain in his will that Kim Dokja couldn’t leave the castle if her father dared to order her around. 


"Do you want a present?"


Kim Dokja's mind immediately took her to her Archduchess' chambers that were filled with gifts he had given her and she immediately shook her head in reply, instead just curling into his body. "I just want to stay with you."


"Alright, you're such a good girl, Dokja-ya."



"Husband, did I do well?" Kim Dokja looked up at Yoo Joonghyuk with wide star filled eyes, as though the sides of her lips weren't stained with his seed; her face was a mess considering how red her eyes were from all the tears she spilled while trying her best to take his cock completely down his throat, her breathing was still irregular and her breasts heaved with the effort, her lips were swollen and glistened with spit and drool and his seed covering them. 


"You did well. You just need more practice and you'll be able to take all of me." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned as his hand cupped her cheek (it was fuller and plusher than it had been when she first arrived at the castle; she had obviously bloomed from being treated well, as she deserved to be considering how lovely this little cute wife of his was) "You looked perfect with my cock down your throat."


Kim Dokja smiled brightly as she nuzzled into his palm, cooing with joy. "I'm happy I did well. Can I try again?"


Yoo Joonghyuk replied by grabbing his cock —which was already half hard, the sight of his little wife being such a perfect slut for him was enough already— and pumping it once or twice before he pulled her head closer, Kim Dokja immediately opened her mouth to greet the cock that drove her mad and made her faint every time it was inside of her.


She moaned at the heavy weight in her mouth, his musky taste lingered on her tongue as she wrapped it around the head of his cock before trying to take more of Yoo Joonghyuk's cock in her mouth, her hands coming up to cover what still couldn't fit inside her mouth. 


"My darling star, you look so pretty like this." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned, fingers threading gently through her hair, Kim Dokja hummed in reply as her mouth was filled with almost half of his cock in it. "Should we do this more often now? I'll be working on my paperwork and you can be on your knees warming my cock so nicely."


Kim Dokja couldn't hold back the moan that slipped from her throat at the scenario proposed by Yoo Joonghyuk who immediately looked like a shark that had smelled blood in the water, his cock getting bigger in her mouth while his hand pushed her further down his cock, making her take more of him. 


"You like that don't you? Serving me so well? The Gods have truly seen it fit to bestow upon me a wife who is eager to please me well, so eager to lay on her knees to take my cock." Yoo Joonghyuk hissed as he thrusted down her throat, his eyes falling down on her teary pleasure filled eyes, he could see that her hand wanted to slip under her dress to touch herself. "Dokja-ya, you can touch yourself. Make yourself feel good while pleasing me, I'll please you tenfold when we're done. Fuck you're so good—"


Kim Dokja mewled loudly around his cock, the look of her eyes telling him that she had cum from barely touching herself and mostly from hearing the nonsense spilled from his lips. "Fuck—" 


Yoo Joonghyuk pulled her off his cock and came all over her face and breasts, her mouth still catching some of his cum and she tried to lick at the cum that hit the sides of her lips. "So pretty, all mine aren't you?"


Kim Dokja simply hummed in reply as his hands wiped away the cum covering her. 



Kim Dokja walked with a skip in her steps as she made her way to Yoo Joonghyuk's office, her hands kept warm in the hand muff made from Northern silver fox fur, her body covered warmly in a thick arctic blue coat with fox fur sewn into it. The guards in front of Yoo Joonghyuk's office immediately bowed and smiled at the Archduchess' arrival, her good mood spreading to them as well as they announced her arrival to Yoo Joonghyuk before they opened the doors. 


Yoo Joonghyuk looked up from the paperwork in front of him to smile at his wife, putting the papers down before patting his lap for his wife to sit on. "My darling star looks happy, may this husband know the reason for her happiness?"


Kim Dokja giggled as she removed her hands from the hand muff, placing it gingerly on a table before removing her coat and laying it on the divan that Yoo Joonghyuk had installed in the study for when he wanted Kim Dokja to be comfortable when he fucked her silly; she walked with a smile to where Yoo Joonghyuk sat, gingerly sitting on the older man's lap and hummed at the warmth emanating from her husband, hands coming up to cup his face and pull him down to press a kiss on his lips. "Is it a sin for me to be happy? I'm always happy here."


"Never, if you were to ever be unhappy then you must tell me and I'll strive to give you what you desire." Yoo Joonghyuk immediately answered, voice stern and unbreaking as nothing could dissuade him from knowing that his wife deserves the best. 


"I'm happy because Doctor Lee has given me good news." Kim Dokja mumbled, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and nuzzling into the crook of his neck, one hand straying away to grab at one of Yoo Joonghyuk's hands and pulled it to lay on top of her lower abdomen, her skin covered up by the thick fabric of her dress which had Yoo Joonghyuk humming approvingly. 


"And what is this special news, my little star?"


"Doctor Lee says that I'm with child." Kim Dokja mumbled softly, a smile still present on her face as she curled into Yoo Joonghyuk's larger frame. 


Yoo Joonghyuk found himself pleasantly surprised since normally (and quite oddly) most babies born from Yoo blood tended to be conceived three to five years after marriage; he, himself, had been conceived three years after his parents' marriage and his late younger sister, Mia, had been conceived almost nineteen years after that.


He was actually glad because his ministers had been complaining for the lack of a visible heir. 


"Your Grace, we ask forgiveness for our impudence." A lord spoke, Yoo Joonghyuk looked over at them with a raised eyebrow.


"Must I know what you desire if you're asking for forgiveness?" Yoo Joonghyuk berated them.


"It's just that…. Your Grace has been married for almost a year already, the Archduchess is young and is in her cherry blossom years but there is still no news of an heir." Yoo Joonghyuk felt his head start to ache at the lord's words. 


Sure, it's been almost a year since he married Kim Dokja and he gets asked the same question every time he is asked to go to the Capital. Kim Dokja's seventeen birthday had been a fortnight ago and Yoo Joonghyuk had spoiled her for an entire week with daily gifts having been sent to her solar everyday as well as him giving her all of his attention. They'd been lucky when her moonblood kept coming every moon diligently despite how much time he spent over her, giving her bliss and pleasure. 


"Speak to me about the topic again and I'll have your tongues, understood?" The lords all nodded out of fear .


And now Kim Dokja had just told him with such visible joy that his child was now quickening in her womb. Yoo Joonghyuk cupped her face and kissed her, lacing his fingers in her hair, swallowing her mewls as he kissed her. "My darling star… such a good girl."


"I take it that you're happy." Kim Dokja giggled as he pecked kisses on her face. 


"I'm delighted and overjoyed." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned before kissing her again.



"Archduke Yoo, how has your new marriage fared so far?" A Duke asked from his seat in the Grand Council, everyone's eyes going to look at Marquis Kim, knowing that the man had offered up his bastard daughter rather than his trueborn daughters because she was the only one who was still a virgin. And the Archduke hadn't brought her with him to the Capital despite knowing that she was the Empress' most beloved lady in waiting. 


Archduke Yoo hummed, eyes looking up from the documents that had been given to him, before he replied. "It's been well. My wife is a very calm lady, despite her youth she performs her duties as the Archduchess very well, I have no complaints about my wife."


"Oh." Everyone had expected a cold glare but the Archduke had instead praised his wife.


"Good. There's much discord between you and Marquis Kim, I'm glad that your wife has tempered a bit of that discord." Emperor Hades spoke approvingly from his seat, looking at Yoo Joonghyuk almost pensively, silently amazed at the fact that the two men had not argued once since the Archduke arrived. 


Well, it's not that I wanted to not argue with Marquis rat Kim but Dokja said not to pay any mind. 


"If my father says something ridiculous or snide, don't pay attention to him. He just wants to make you react so you get in trouble but he forgets that a coward who has never lifted a sword in his life could never have a better reputation than the man who ended the war." Kim Dokja spoke softly as she helped Yoo Joonghyuk get dressed before his trip to go out to the Capital, nimble fingers buttoned his shirt and her soft palm flattened any imaginary creases on the clothing, soft prayers slipping from her lips with every button that was done. 


"I'll take that in mind. Good girl." Kim Dokja blushed at the praise but allowed Yoo Joonghyuk to press kisses all over her face, squeaking at the small slap Yoo Joonghyuk gave her ass since she was still dressed in her nightgown, the ivory white skin of her neck and chest (legs, thighs, fingers) were stained with Yoo Joonghyuk's marks all over them. "I won't be seeing you for almost a fortnight, I think I should be allowed to indulge in my wife, don't you think so?"


"Then I can go with you!" Kim Dokja eagerly smiled. 


Not a chance in the world, Kim Dokja should just have to stay safely in the castle. What if someone tried to steal her away from him? Over his dead body. "You're very early on in the pregnancy, Doctor Lee says that travelling that far might not be good for the baby."


Kim Dokja's eyes immediately widened and her hands went down to cover her lower abdomen where her stomach was still flat but would soon swell with his chills. "I forgot about that! Don't worry, I'll do my best to manage the castle while you're gone. The baby and I will miss you a lot." Kim Dokja smiled sweetly, tiptoeing up to kiss his cheek.


"I trust you, my sweet girl." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned. "Can you give me a parting gift?"


Yoo Joonghyuk had left after making Kim Dokja try her best at riding him, the young lady whimpering every time his cock pressed deeper inside of her (despite how much she whined and whimpered, she still took all of his cock in her wet eager cunt) before he got too excited and flipped them around to start pounding inside her warm cunt, the squelching sounds of his cock in her cunt had her tightening even more around his cock as though trying to milk him of all the seed he had for her and she still sung so prettily for him as he made her cum several times on his cock before he decided that he had to leave. Yoo Joonghyuk caressed her thighs as he spread them open (ignoring Kim Dokja's whimpers of embarrassment as she tried to shut her legs but was no match for Yoo Joonghyuk's lustful grip), delighting in the cum trickling from the swollen red folds of her cunt, he'd filled her up so much she wouldn't be able to walk around without remembering him fucking her. 


But before leaving, he had Kim Dokja lick his cock clean from all the mess her cunt made, the utterly debauched look on her face as she lapped at the combination of their arousal to clean him up had him gripping tightly onto the desk to avoid fucking another load down her throat. But in the end, he couldn't help it and proceeded to shove his cock down Kim Dokja's throat, delighting in his wife's moan as her throat was fucked by Yoo Joonghyuk, the sounds his cock made as it plowed her throat would make a lesser woman blush but Kim Dokja was well trained in pleasing her husband at this point. Instead she swallowed and sucked at the cock, hands laid nicely upon her lap as she allowed her husband to do as he pleased, Yoo Joonghyuk could tell that she was grinding her cunt on the ball of her foot. His wife loved it when he used her throat, she always came without needing his cock or fingers.


"My wife is so good at pleasing her husband." Yoo Joonghyuk crooned once she was done, admiring the pink blush that covered Kim Dokja’s face as she got up from her kneeling position, delicate legs trembling from how well fucked she was. 


"I'll miss you." Kim Dokja mumbled as she hugged him, holding him tightly. 


"Me too. Once the discussions are done with the Emperor, I'll leave immediately, don't worry. I'll be back." Yoo Joonghyuk spoke confidently as he embraced her as well, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of her head. 


His fist was no match in comparison to his wife's cunt and mouth (even her ass on certain occasions) , as he had discovered these past days away from her.


"Your Majesty, I must notify you that your main concern to which you found it fit to grant me a wife has been resolved. My wife is currently with child, since she's young, our Physician said that it would be a bad idea if she travelled far which is why she didn't come with me this time." Archduke Yoo spoke amicably to the Emperor who smiled in reply. 


"Dokja is pregnant? My wife will be glad to hear that. Before you leave, Archduke Yoo, I'll send some of the best Imperial Physicians to tend to your wife during her pregnancy." Emperor Hades answered kindly, a wide smile on his usually stern face (that scared the shit out of his council since the man never smiled). 


"Congratulations Archduke Yoo!" "Congratulations Your Grace!" "May the Gods bless you with a strong son and maybe later on a sweet daughter." Some of the council members even murmured congratulations to Marquis Kim at the announcement of his first grandchild but the Marquis simply nodded, surprised at the news since he was expecting to hear that Archduke Yoo would ignore his daughter or would have killed her since he disliked him so much. 


To hear that his bastard daughter was Archduke Yoo's beloved wife was odd. 


Doctor Lee sighed before she looked at Yoo Joonghyuk, a grimace on her face before she spoke. "I know that Your Grace will hate this question but I must ask it in any case if something goes wrong."


Yoo Joonghyuk raised an eyebrow at the words uttered by the Physician. "What is it?"


"If, Salvation forbid, if anything were to go wrong during the delivery, who must I prioritize? The Archduchess or the baby?" Yoo Joonghyuk immediately glared at the calm Physician, his eyes flitting back to the bedroom where Kim Dokja was starting to enter labor, he could hear her make comments to Jung Heewon who berated her for not breathing. 


"My wife. We can try again for another child later but I'll never have another wife." Yoo Joonghyuk answered, a tone of finality evident before he walked back into the room. Kim Dokja smiled brightly at the sight of him, a light sheen of sweat coated her skin as she laid down on the bed, fluffy pillows surrounding her.


"What are you doing here? You have a very important court meeting later today, you should be getting ready." Kim Dokja berated him softly, hand coming up to push back at the silver dusted strands of hair that covered his eyes, his mismatched eyes looking at her fondly.


"You're more important." Yoo Joonghyuk replied, ignoring Kim Dokja's squawk of indignation. 


"You should go. Doctor Lee says that labor takes a long time, maybe by the time you're done with Court, the baby might not even be here." Kim Dokja smiled as she patted his cheek, Yoo Joonghyuk looked at her before he nipped at her fingers as though trying to chide her. 


Yoo Joonghyuk got up from his place next to Kim Dokja to nod at Jung Heewon, who replied with a nod of her own at the silent order of protection. 


The doors to the Grand Hall were spread open by a heavily breathing guard who ignored the admonishment of the lords to speak up, his tone laced with awe and joy. "The Archduchess gave birth to a boy!"


The lords immediately started appraising Yoo Joonghyuk and congratulating him but Yoo Joonghyuk didn't care for that, he wanted to know if Kim Dokja was alright. Yoo Joonghyuk immediately dismissed court and made his way to Kim Dokja's rooms (ones she barely used, considering that Yoo Joonghyuk always let her sleep in his bed, allowing him to wrap himself around her), where he found a large amount of the castle's maids tittering outside the chamber but they immediately scuttled in line at the sight of him.


The head maid tried to stop him from entering. "Your Grace, the Physicians are still attending to Her Grace, it wouldn't be wise for you to go in and see her in such a state. I'll head inside and fetch the young heir for you to see him."


While Yoo Joonghyuk felt the yearning to see his child, the yearning to be with his wife was far greater than that. He looked at  the head maid before chiding her. "You dare to tell me where I can go and where I can't go? I shall see my wife and son, no need for your assistance, Head Maid Cheon."


Yoo Joonghyuk stormed into the room, immediately making his way to Kim Dokja's side, heart twisting at the pale color her skin had caught but she seemed fine, only a bit tired out, it seemed; he distantly heard the soft cooing of the baby as he was being cleaned and tended to by the midwives. Lee Seolhwa didn't seem surprised by Yoo Joonghyuk's actions, instead simply explained to him. "The Archduchess did incredibly well for her first baby, there was only minimal tearing so I'm repairing that right now. The bleeding has stopped, she just needs a good rest."


Yoo Joonghyuk nodded before looking at Kim Dokja who snuggled into him before whispering. "Did you get to see him?"


"Not yet. When Doctor Lee is done, we'll see him together, alright? Good girl, you did so well, you're so good, Dokja-ya." Yoo Joonghyuk cooed soft praises as he kissed the crown of her head, the midwives praising Kim Dokja while also commenting on how strong their son's cries were when he was born. 


Soon Lee Seolhwa had finished tending to Kim Dokja, and one of the midwives soon brought their son bundled up in a blanket, placing him in Yoo Joonghyuk's arms, who immediately angled him to allow Kim Dokja to look at him as well. 


Kim Dokja smiled as she looked him over, lifting a slender finger as she poked his chubby cheek before mumbling. "He looks like you, Joonghyuk-ah. Look, he's so grumpy."


If Yoo Joonghyuk had to be honest, he did look a lot like Yoo Joonghyuk, his features reminding him of his sister, Mia, when she had been born; his skin was fair but still had the telltale redness of a newborn, his cheeks were plump and chubby as well as the rest of him, he had a full head of black hair, his nose seemed to be the same as Yoo Joonghyuk's high bridged nose. But Yoo Joonghyuk liked to tease his young wife who sadly still had certain beliefs on how she should perform as a wife; Kim Dokja had been taught that it was best that a child looked like their father over their mother in case of succession issues, she'd been taught that she was supposed to allow her husband to have a mistress if he so desired (Yoo Joonghyuk could say that he had no problem fucking that idea out of her pretty little head, had left her so overstimulated and used that she could barely leave the bed the next day), she'd been taught to not give her input regarding the region's affairs despite the wonderful head his wife had for politics. "What a shame. I would rather if he looked more like you."


"Ridiculous." Kim Dokja snorted before she cooed to the baby. "Joonghyun-ah, grow up well and don't be as serious as your father, for my sake."


"Who knows maybe the next baby will take after you."