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September collection of drabbles and short stories 2022

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Gun did like surprises, but being kidnapped in the middle of his nap time wasn't his favourite. It doesn't matter if you were Off Jumpol. You simply don't disturb sleeping Gun Atthaphan. 

"Where are you taking me, Papii?" Gun huffed grumpily, burying himself deeper into the seat. Wherever his boyfriend was taking him, he hoped it was worth his sleep. 

"Don't be mad, baby. I know you will love it." Off risked a quick wink before he was back at focusing on the road. 

"I hope so. If you woke me because of something stupid, you're gonna get it." Gun threatened with a pointed finger. 

"Sure. We are here." Off laughed, stopping the car in front of the big family house. They stepped out of the vehicle, intertwining their hands on the way to the house. 

"Don't tell me your house is done?" Gun gaped, letting Off lead him through the entrance. 

"Not mine. Ours." Off corrected him. 

"Ours?" Gun didn't understand. 

"Move in with me, baby." Off smiled. Gun nodded slowly before jumping into his boyfriend's arms. Off, was right. He loved this surprise.