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"Listen" Sun began awkwardly. "We both know I'm not real. But you and all those other wonderful people made me real!" He puts a hand on your shoulder "Even now it's you telling them what I'm doing." He smiles gazing out at the play structures "You all create so many wonderful things about Moon and I." He pulls you into his lap "I know things are tough for you. You'll pull through it! I know you will because you are strong."

Sun wraps himself around you "Even though I can't be with you... know I am right here." He points a long finger to your heart."And I will always be right here." He takes your hand and puts your hand on his chest "And you. All of you wonderful beautiful people will be right here. You are all special to Moon and I."

The daycare fades away into a vast expanse of stars and galaxies.The daycare theme slowly fades into nothing. The two of you sit an watch the universe shift and change with time. It feels peaceful and you feel content. More so than you have in a while.

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Sun stood in front of the standing mirror in his tower room. His optics roamed over his body.

First his hands touched his chest "No nipples..."

He pulled up an image of a standard male in his headspace.

Moon made a sound of displeasure "Our waist is ... small."

Sun put a hand around his upper arm "No muscles either."

Moon sighed "Our face is flat as a pancake."

Sun touched his face gently "Our smile doesn't even move."

"No tongue." Moon huffed out.

Sun touched his eye "We can't even close our eyes. And they are so creepy!" Sun dropped their pants and grimaced. His eyes drifted down to their legs "Sticks."

"No toes either." Moon sighed out.

Sun drew his attention higher "We look... strange."

Moon hummed in agreement "A tentacle."

Sun shuddered "And that other thing."

Moon looked down to their pussy "She won't even want that!"

Sun began to spiral "Do you think we can rip it off? I don't want it! She won't want it! It's ugly!"

Moon was practically screaming "I hate it! She hates it!"

Sun let out a sorrowful wail "We can't let her see it! she"ll hate us forever!!"

Neither of them herd the door to their room open. Nor did they hear your quiet approach. In fact they didn't notice you until you were standing behind them in the mirror. Sun spots you behind him and shrieks.

Sun jumps into the nearest corner and covered himself "Don't look! I-I-I'm naked!"

You frown as Sun gently trembles. Carefully you reach out "May I touch you?"

Sun makes no effort to move and only lets out a soft whine.

You give a soft smile "I need a yes or no Sunny."

Nothing happens for a few quiet minutes. You sit down on the floor and wait. Sun's rays twitch as he converses with Moon.

Sun sighs deeply. His shoulders sag and his rays practically disappear "You'll hate us. We... we aren't normal."

You fold your hands in your lap to help keep yourself from touching him without permission. Every nerve in your body screams at you to wrap your arms around them.Sun finally looks at you. Despite his permanent smile and unblinking eyes you can tell how distraught he is.

He sits up a bit and rests his head on his knees "Why do you like us? We aren't like you. You should be with someone better. Someone who can be what you need."

You lean into his warmth without touching him "And what if you are what I need? What if I love that you aren't like me? I am so enamored with you. There is no one better than you and Moon. No one else makes my heart flutter."

Sun pulls his legs in tighter "Oh yeah? You like that our head is flat? how our face can't move? Eyes don't blink? How about our body? We are tall and lanky! No muscle! We aren't buff like Monty or Freddy!" Sun stands up. His pants hit the ground. Sun takes a step backwards closer to the bed "Our legs are sticks! Our waist grotesquely thin!" Sun takes a few more steps back "We have no nipple or toes! And our genitals! We have a tentacle and that other thing."

Sun tries to take another step backwards while turning away from you. His pants bunch around his ankles and he falls backwards. He hits the makeshift bed hard. Legs flailing in the air. Your head is spinning at Sun's rant. He really felt like that? Did moon feel the same? Sun growls in frustration and rips the pants off. You finally take notice of the other thing he was talking about. Nestled between his curvaceous thighs is a pussy. It's puffy and yellow. You can see his cock acts like his clit. You almost don't hear sun cry out. Almost.

He tries to reach for his pants but they are too far away "Don't look! Oh! We knew you would hate it!" He looks down at his pussy "You hate it! We don't want it! It's ugly! Men don't have this! They don't! They don't!"

You scoot forwards "It's not ugly!"

Sun flinches "What?"

You scoot a little closer trying not to startle him "I think it's wonderful."

Sun studies you for a moment "You do? But... boys don't have this?"

You shake your head "Of course I love it. It's a part of you and Moon and I love you both to bits." You scoot closer now sitting about three feet from the bed "You can be a boy and still have a pussy."

Sun's rays pop back out slightly "You-You can?"

You give a nod "Yes. Some people even have both parts. You can even have women with cocks."

Sun tilts his head "You can? Do you have one?"

You giggle "No I have a pussy."

Sun looks back down "And you like it?"

You nod and scoot closer another foot.

Sun looks away from you. His rays twitch again "And... and you aren't bothered by us? You." He pauses before turning back to you "You want to be with us?"

You nod moving on to all fours "Would you let me show you both how much I crave you? Let me shower you with love."

Sun talks to Moon again before nodding slowly "Alright, we trust you Sunshine."

You run your hand up and down Sun's calf "I'll start slow. I don't want to overwhelm you. We will use the traffic light system. Now listen closely."

Sun nods leaning his leg into your hand.

You give him a chaste kiss to his shin "Good boy. Red light means stop. I will stop on the spot and give you whatever you need. Even if you want me to leave."

Sun nods flushing brightly "Red means stop."

You tenderly massage his lower leg "Right, so yellow means slow down. If something feels off or needs to be adjusted use yellow. It doesn't mean you want to stop by the way."

Sun touches your hand "Yellow means slow down I need something but don't want to stop."

You interlace your fingers with his "Yep and green means everything is fine. You are good to go. I'll ask for your color and you tell me. Although you can use your colors whenever you need."

Sun's rays twitch "Moon says to tell you green. I agree."

You giggle "Alright. Alright. Tell me if I go too fast for you."

You take Sun's face in your hands and rub his cheeks "Moon gets a turn too. Just wanted to make that clear. I'm not going to leave him out." You lean in and kiss Sun's teeth.

Sun lets out a needy whine "Sunshine! You are far too wonderful for us! We don't deserve you."

You slowly scoot forward climbing into his lap. Sun helps you get more comfortable holding his hands on your hips.

You stop Sun before he can spiral again "No! No Sun. You deserve far more than I can give you. BOTH of you." You wrap your arms around the bot leaning down to his neck. You lick his neck in one languid stroke "Let me show you how special you are."

You nibble on his shoulder chewing the silicone near his neck. Sun lets out a soft moan. His hands rub circles into your hips. You give his other shoulder the same treatment. Licking the harsh mark you made. Sun gently tugs your shirt up. You sit up and pull the garment off.

Sun's eyes roam your chest "No bra? Naughty girl."

You giggle "No, no bra. I hate them." You run your hands up his chest "You can touch them."

Sun hesitates briefly before reaching a hand out. He brushes his fingertips down your sternum pausing at your heart.

Slowly he leans in to your chest tilting to hear "Like the sweetest song we have ever herd." Your face flushes and you plant a kiss to one of his rays. Sun turns his head and plants his face into your boobs. He nuzzles your soft flesh "Oooo! Moon you were right! This is perfect!"

With a laugh you smush his face further into your chest "Listen you can cuddle into my chest all you two want when I finish with you. Right now I want to please you. Is that ok?"

Sun pushes your titties together and nods. You guide him to lean back into the 'bed'.

You plant a kiss where his pectorals would be "Color?"

Sun pets your head "Green sunshine."

With a grin you plant more sloppy kisses down his chest. When you get to his mid belly his artificial breath hitches. You lick a heart into his stomach .Sun breaks into a fit of giggles covering his eyes with his hands.

As you settle between his legs you remove the rest of your clothes "Still good Sunny?"

Sun pauses for a moment before nodding "Yes. Green."

You plant a long nibbling kiss to his inner thigh "Good boy." Sun lets out a wine and you grin "Do you like being my good boy Sun? Such a good boy letting me please you."

Sun's hips twitch toward you. His bright orange cock writhes above his yellow pussy.

You hum in delight and lick your lips. Sun shyly looks away from you "Are you just going to stare?"

You shake your head "I'm just admiring you love. You are absolutely beautiful."

Sun lets out a groan and you scoot closer.

You lock eyes with Sun "Eyes on me sweetheart." You lean forward and lick a long stripe from his hole all the way up to the tip of his cock.

Sun's hand shoots to your head with a loud moan "More!"

You grin wickedly "Oh dearhaert! We are just getting started."

You grab his thighs and put them over your shoulder "Color?"

Sun shudders "Gr-green"

You nod and give another long lick "You taste so good Sun." you put your thumbs on his lower lips "Open up for me love."

Sun shifts "Are- are you sure you want that?"

You look up at him with his pussy open to you "Want what Sun? Tell me what it is?"

Sun turns away from you "That thing!"

You drop his legs from your shoulders "No that's not what it is. Tell me Sun."

Sun groans out "My." He lets out a whine "My pussy."

You lean back towards his waiting crotch "Good boy. You are being so good for me! You deserve a reward."

You take the tip of his cock in your mouth with a hum. It writhes in your mouth and tries to push in further. His cock is very warm you note. It tastes like silicone but you aren't bothered. You hollow your cheeks and take more of him into your mouth. Taking Sun's cock deeper with each bob of your head.

Sun thrusts into your mouth "Sorry sunshine! I can't help it! So good! It's do good!"

You move your hand to rub his lower lips. The tips of your fingers catch on his hole and he grabs your head. His pussy drips with amber slick.

You gather it on your hand and hold it out to him pulling off of his cock "Look at how wet you are for me!" You lick your fingers clean.

You moan out "Oh sunshine you taste divine!" You look up at him "I'm going to play with your pussy. Is that alright?"

Sun nervously plays with his hands "Um... alright."

You take his hands in yours "Remember we can stop at any time just say the word."

You open his pussy with one hand "Gorgeous pretty boy." You gather more slick on your index finger. Slowly you trace the rim of his hole.

Sun shudders again "It feels weird. But... keep going."

You nod and insert your finger all the way "So soft and warm."

You thrust your finger "Think you can take another?"

Sun nods eagerly and you add another. He writhes beneath you fisting the blankets beneath yourselves.

His cock waves blindly in the air "Oh sunshine! Don't! Ohhh! Don't stop! I need it! I need it!"

You scissor your fingers to stretch him out more "You are doing such a good job for me. You have no idea what seeing you like this does to me."

You moan out as you slip another finger inside Sun. His cock leaks more precum onto your hand.

Sun's pussy clenches around your fingers and he rocks his hips into your gentle thrusting.

Sun pants heavily "Oh! Mmm! Sunshine -ah- gonna! Gonna cum! I'm gonna cum. I'mgonnacum!" You grin and let go of his cock. Sun lets out a distressed shriek "What?! Why would you do that?"

You plant a kiss to his inner thigh "I want you to cum on my fingers. I want to feel your walls squeeze the life from my fingers."

Sun whines, his pussy flutters around your hand "But- oh! But it's not enough! I-I-I need more!"

"More?" You grin up at Sun "I can give you more. Let's see... You can take four of my fingers. Can you take my whole hand?"

Sun nods eagerly "I can take it! I can be a good boy! Ooohh Give it to me"

With a nod you pull your fingers out. He lets out a distressed whine.

A deep kiss is planted to his lower lips "Hey now. No worries. I'm not done yet."

You bring your hand to your face and lick your fingers with a sultry moan.

Sun covers his eyes with his hands and whines out "Sunshine!"

You chuckle "are you ready for my whole hand or do you need more time?"

Sun huffs lightly "I'm ready."

With a nod you slowly insert your hand into his cum. Starting with one finger and adding more. As you slide your thumb in next to your fingers the lights flicker.

You look up at the ceiling "What?"

The lights shut off abruptly as the power around the plex shuts off. Your head whips down to a now flush moon. His red eyes dart between your face and your hand buried to the wrist in his cunt.

You gasp and try to pull your hand out "I'm so sorry Moon. I wan-"

Moon grabs your arm "No!" He thrusts a little further onto your hand "Keep going starlight. Green. Green!"

You nod "Alright alright. I am here to please you. Though I am sorry you woke up like this. I wanted to take my time with you."

Moon hakes his head and pants out "So good. Don't worry."

You lean down and kiss his thighs. Moon moans out as you bite down hard.

You push more of your hand inside his cunt "How much do you think will fit?"

Moon pushes down a few more inches "Why -ah- Don't we -mmmm- find out." With a laugh you thrust your arm in a slow steady pace. Moon rises to meet your thrusts "Is- is that all you've got?"

You pick up the speed "I thought you didn't like your body?"

Moon turns away from you "It's -mng- growing on me."

Your thrusting speeds up getting covered in blue shiny slick "Look at how wet you are! Your pussy is so pretty." Moon tugs his hat over his eyes with a groan. You reach up and pull his hat completely off "Na-ah! I want to see your face."

Moon turns back to you "Even if I have no hair?"

You pause your movements "So what? Sun has no hair either. Beside you look sexy bald."

Moon's cunt clenches down "Sexy?"

You nod "Sexy. And handsome. I am so attracted to you Moonglow."

Moon leans forward and presses his smile to your forehead. His hand tangles into your hair "Fuck my pussy starlight."

You moan, pussy clenching on nothing. Your arm moves so fast you are punching his cunt. Arm buried almost to your elbow. You add a twisting motion to each thrust. Moon throws his head back. His voicebox glitches with each moan. Static filling each sound. Slick pours out of his cunt and cock. His hand reaches out to you. You smile warmly and lace your fingers with his.

"Getting close." he forces out through the static.

You kiss his hand "Be a good boy and cum for me. cum on my hand."

Moon cries out loudly. It hurts your ears but you endure it for him. His cunt sucks your arm in further. His cock curls in on itself before going ramrod straight and shooting cum onto his chest. You help work him through his orgasm. When he finally stills you pull your arm out. Moon tilts his head to you as you reach down for your shirt.

He sits up slightly "Your leaving?"

You frown at his distressed tone "No. I just want to wipe my arm and your chest off. I would never leave without cuddling."

Once your arm is clean you lay down in his arms. He pulls you close to his body "What about you starlight?"

You shake your head "I had my fun love. I don't need anything else. Aside from cuddling." You pull a blanket over the two of you "We should rest. I'll be here when you wake up."

Moon lets out a hum and snuggles into you "Love you." You kiss his cheeks "Love you too."

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Today was long and the night shift would be even longer It was about 104' outside today. You are pretty sure the heat cooked your brain. But you had shit to do today and it wasn't like anyone else was going to do it. Lazy bastards. The sun had set by the time you meandered into the plex. Your first and only stop being the Daycare. It was about half an hour before the place went on it's nightly lock down. Your job was simple. You were a mechanic.

The higher ups had figured out the animatronics would let you do just about anything to them. It was decided you would be a live-in mechanic. Offered a free place to live. Your only worry food, clothing, and necessities. Higher pay too. Your new apartment was being constructed near the glamrocks. Not ideal but you took it. Ideal would have been in the daycare itself. Part of this was transitioning to sleeping in the plex. Technically you were working while you slept. Getting up for any and all repairs.

As you reached the Daycare your exhausted mind registered it was dark. You spotted the fun slide and trudged toward it. Before you could make it three steps Moon plucked you into his arms.

He nuzzled his faceplate into your hair "Starlight." You leaned into him with a sleepy hum. Moon flew off toward his bedroom "I can't stay with you while you rest. I need to go on patrol. I'm actually late for it but we wanted to make sure the room was clean."

You grumble in annoyance holding him tighter. Moon lands on the balcony with out a word. His head tilts slightly up and to the left. A clear sign he is talking to Sun.

After a few minutes he nods "Starlight." You look up at him from your place in his arms. Moon shifts from one foot to the other "We have an idea."

You rubbed your eyes "An Idea?"

Moon nodded "Yes but we need a few things first. Stay put."

You nodded as he disappeared behind the curtain. After several minutes of shuffling noises he returned. He looked quite the sight. A blanket was in his arms with another around his chest.

He held his arms out "May I pick you up?"

You nodded and he immediately swaddled you in the blanket. With the skills of a parent he affixed you to his frame. You were snugly attached to his chest with a length of rope and fabric. He jumped up and down and crawled around on both the floor and ceiling.

Once he was satisfied you would not fall at all he called the wire to him "We will go on patrol together. If you like this that is."

You felt safe in the wrappings of fabric. And even safer to be this close to Moon "I think this is the most comfortable I have been in a while." You yawned and snuggled your head closer to him.

Moon smiled "Good. Let me know if you need me to free you." He paused "Sun is jealous. He wants to carry you like this too."

You yawn out mmm-hmmm. Moon chuckles as he crawls into a nearby vent. You end up staying like that all night. Moon takes you on every single patrol. Freddy catches the two of you and gushes quietly about how cute you look. He takes several pictures and sends copies to Moon.

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"Moon!" You blurt out abruptly, hands on your hips.

He whips around in shock "What?!"

You growl "When the hell were you going to tell me?!"

He spins his faceplate upside down "Tell you what?"

You huff "what you're made of?"

His faceplate spins back around "What wires and metal?"

You take his hand and make direct eye contact. You drop your tone an octave "No! 100% grade A boyfriend material."

He pauses before pulling his hat over his optics and whines out "Stop! You're going to make me overheat!"



Sun stared at you. He had been doing it for the past five minutes.

You turn to him "Something you need?"

He shuffles in place "Don't you have one for me?"

You tilt your head "One what Sunny?"

He looks down briefly "Well you said that nice thing to Moon."

"Ah." You nod thoughtfully "Of course! How could I forget! I did have something super important to tell you."

He perks up and leans forward slightly "Important? What is it?"

You nod with a since of finality "Did you know you are like a box of cheerios?"

He tilts his head "Cheerios? But sunshine! I'm a robot! You can't eat me! I'd taste bad."

You giggle "No silly! It's because you are both heart healthy. And my heart could stand to be healthier."

He squeaks and hides his face in his hands. His rays spin wildly "Sunshine!"

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Maintenance day was always a nice day for you. No customers to deal with. Just you, your boys, and the hundreds of tiny Music men. You called them the Spiderlings. Today you found yourself giving the spiderlings a checkup. Sun was upstairs trying to beat Moon's score in one of the games. You could hear his frustrated growls as he failed. You were laying on your stomach. A tool kit with parts nest to you. Moon sat on you holding up his weight.

Currently he was brushing out your hair "What style do you want starling?"

You hummed "Something to keep my hair out of my face."

The spiderling you were looking at gave a happy dance at the new foot you gave it. DJ was happily playing playing whatever music he wanted. Some of it down right filthy, others saintly. He gave his best rendition of a chuckle as one of his spiderlings excitedly presented you with a large dead rat.

Once the higher ups figured out how many Tiny Music Men there actually were it was decided they would be repurposed into pest control. Often the little scrimblos would bring you the things they killed. Kind of like a cat going "Mommy! Look what I did for you!" It was almost like a game for them to bring you stuff. You had even been brought a live pigeon once.

Sun gave a cry of victory "Finally! Well Moonie. I doubt you can do better than that! I told you I was better at this game."

Moon shifted as he played with your hair adding some kind of sweet smelling product to it "We'll see about that. Just don't be a sore looser when I prove you wrong."

The heavy footfalls of someone entering the arcade made moon pause briefly. The sound of chatter echoing off the walls.

A gruff male voice firmly spoke "This is the west arcade."

The head of daytime security came into view. Beside him someone you didn't want to see. Your ex stood next to him taking the room in with a dull look on their face.

As their eyes landed on you they grinned "Well! Didn't think I'd see you again. What a pleasant surprise."

Your ex was someone who made your soul go 'Oh god not you!' with a little Sideshow Bob shudder added in. You had told Sun and Moon about them. Moon regarded them with disdain. The head of daytime security began to walk them around the arcade explaining things.

Moon abruptly stood up taking you with him "Break time Love."

Sun giggled from above "Yeah! Break time! If you work all the time you might burn out sunshine."

You watched as Sun jumped from the second floor of the arcade and land in a perfect handstand. The music playing shifted and got louder. 'I Want to Be Your Boyfriend' by Hot Freaks blared from the speakers around the arcade. Moon pulled you into a faux waltz twirling you to the first verse of the song. Now Sun and Moon are 9ft tall. Your feet could not reach the ground.

By the second verse Sun took you from him and began to dance as well. Verse by verse you were passed between the men. They left you a giggly mess. As the song came to an end Ex and the guard came back down. The guard gestured to each person in the room introducing you all.

When he got to you Ex grinned "I know them already. We were an item. I hope to be an item again. More long term though."

Moon maneuvered you into a piggy back ride "This was a thing but we have to go."

Sun nodded frantically "Yes yes! Much to do! We still need our checkup."

Your ex frowned "Should you really be letting them carry you like that? It's dangerous. It could drop you or crush you! You should stay with me. Much safer."

Sun stood up as tall as he could "We ARE safe. Very safe."

Moon nodded "We would never hurt them. Unless they asked."

You let out a gasp "Moonpie!"

Sun inched his way closer to Moon.

The guard let out a loud sigh "I don't have time for this weird ass shit. Your shift starts tomorrow Ex. Take today and get used to the building. I'm leaving."

Moon giggled followed by an indignant shriek. Sun pulled you from the back of Moon and bolted off with you in a princess carry.

Moon growled playfully "Sun! Give them back you rapscallion!"

He took off after you and sun. Ex watched annoyed as Moon took you from sun proclaiming victory. This continued all the way back to the daycare. Both men darting around the plex trying to keep you away from the other. Dodging staff, planters, and even Glamrocks on their way to the daycare. The three of you lost in raucous laughter.

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It's your wedding day. You are getting married to Sun and Moon in the west arcade. You had just reached the alter in front of Music Man. Music Man is holding a book in his large hands with notes on what to say as officiant. Sun and moon look stunning. Moon has on a black tux with long coat tails. His accent color is yellow. Sun has on a similar black tux with blue as his color. Your wedding attire looks stunning on you. As you reach your boys you burst into tears.

Freddy pats your hand gently "Are you alright superstar?"

You nod as best as you can. Sun reaches out a takes you closer to himself.

Moon leans down to you "everything ok?" You look up into his eyes and cry harder.

Sun fidgets "Do." He pauses "Do you not want to marry us?"

You take a deep breath and wail out "YOU AREN'T GOING TO BE SUN AND MOON ANYMORE!"

They both lean back at your outburst "What?" Sun looks to Moon and Moon shrugs.

You hiccup loudly "You aren't! You're gonna be Sun (your last name) And Moon (your last name). And I am so happy!"

Sun shakes his head with a lighthearted chuckle "That's what has you so upset?"

Moon brushes tears from your face "It really makes you that happy we get your last name?"

You nod with a cry "You get to have a loving family now! And-and you get to be happy."

You wipe your eyes "I-I'm sorry! I'm... I can't put it into words!"

Sun leans down and kisses you deeply "Hey. Hey now. None of that. It's alright. We understand."

Moon nods and also kisses you "You are doing fine."

Music Man clears his throat "Um. You kissed the spouse."

He gestures to the spiderlings "Please present the rings. And uh... Have a happy marriage." He nods satisfied with his speech.

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Just had a thought. In basic training male trainees will sometimes do this dumb thing called gargoyling. It's where you get naked and hide in a locker or on top of the locker at night. When another trainee on night-watch duity walks by you open the door and shine a flashlight on your junk to spook them. No idea why they started doing this. But it got me thinking.

Imagine Moon deciding he wants to fuck you. He just sits somewhere after closing in the darkness he knows where you will see him. Pants down enough to show off his tentacle and pussy writhing and dripping. The slick shining in the red glow of his LEDs. No words just showing you how much he needs you. Drawing you in slowly like a moth to a flame.

If you try to ignore him he begins to touch himself. One minute you are completing a task like repairing a broken arcade machinen and the next Moon is perched on top with his fingers in his pussy. Eyes shining brightly to give you the best view in an open invitation to come and play.

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Moon double-checks the velvet-covered chains around Sun's arms. Tight but not damaging.

He gives a light hum of approval "Color Sunny?"

Without pause sun chirps "Green!"

Moon gives him a chaste kiss "Good boy. Starlight?"

You look up from your bag. A silver oblong box in your hands "Yes dear?"

Moon moves to Sun's legs next "Did you remember the new toy?"

You stand up and approach the bed "Yep! It's right here."

Sun tilts his head in confusion "New toy?"

Moon nods as he spreads Sun's legs "Starlight wanted to try something new." He ties Sun's legs to the bedposts "You are always welcome to say no."

You nod "I won't force you into anything." You set the box down on the right nightstand "Let me show you what I have in mind love."

Sun watches as you open the box. "Color?" Moon asks giving Sun's legs a wiggle.

His head turns briefly "Green Moonie."

Sun's attention is drawn back to you as you pull the new toy out of the box.

With a soft smile you hold it in front of his face "I had to get this custom made. It's a urethral plug!" You point to each part "This bit goes into your cock. It's designed to give pleasure and keep you from cumming. And this ring holds it in place."

He regards the item carefully "So this is why you were measuring my dick."

You nod as Moon takes the sound from you. It's silver. The rod that goes into the urethra is thick enough to plug it well. The top has a sun etched into it.

Moon hands it back to you "I like it. Color Sun?" He looks a little wary "Green. I am a little nervous though."

You pull a few more items out of the box. Two vibrators, one large bottle of lube, and a large bottle of water. You begin to strip your clothes off making a show of jiggling your ass and tits.

Moon growls from the opposite side of the bed "Don't tease unless YOU want to be next."

You shake your head and Sun laughs "I liked the show. I can't wait to get my face in those mommy milkers."

You giggle as you climb on the bed next to Sun "All in due time love."

You reach a hand down and grab his cock giving it slow and gentle pumps. It wraps around your fingers.

Sun gives a soft moan "Faster sunshine."

Moon tuts as he joins you on the bed on the other side of Sun "Sunny. While it's good you asked for what you want that is not the game we are playing tonight. Tonight you take everything we give you."

Without prompting Sun nods "Green."

You grab the lube and apply some to your hand on Sun's cock. With a giggle, you make kissy noises.

Moon tilts his head "What are you doing?" Sun moans out as you apply more pressure.

You grin "I'm fishing for kisses." You make another loud kiss noise.

Moon laughs and leans forward "Hm. Seems to be working. What do you think Sun? Do I take the bait?"

Sun groans out as you run your thumb over the head of his tentacock "Oooh! Please please please, Moon! Kiss her!"

You give Sun a sly grin "My my! Aren't you getting needy? We have barely just started."

Moon grabs your face in both hands tenderly. He leans forward and kisses you with a moan. You moan out as Moon runs his tongue along your bottom lip. Moon takes up your entire mouth filling you with himself. The light herbal taste relaxes you just a bit. You get distracted by the kiss and stop pumping. Sun whines at the lewd display and thrusts his hips into your hand. Moon's tentacle wiggles in the air. His pussy dripped slightly. Moon pulls back and you chase after his lips.

He smiles a soft fond smile before tapping Sun's legs "Alright Sunny. You prep our pretty starling and I'll prep you."

Sun opens his mouth wide "Come here sunshine!" His voice dropped and took on a sultry tone "Let me taste you."

You throw a leg over Sun's body poising with your ass up to give Moon a look before crawling up Sun.

Moon hums in approval "Oh Sunny. She is so wet. It's like a waterfall."

Sun sighs dreamily "Waterfall? Let me have it sunshine!"

You grin "Oh? Let you have it?" You slow your crawl "Hm... I don't know. That wasn't very convincing."

Moon languidly thrusts into his hand. Each time he reaches the base he swipes a finger over his hole.

Sun stills for a moment "Please sunshine come let me drink you in! I need it! I need your sweetness! Please I've been a good boy! Please?" You shimmy the rest of the way up Sun. He gasps in joy "Yes! Yes! sit on my face!" He loudly says "ah" as you lower yourself onto him. You hear the chains rattle lightly as Sun tries to pull you to him.

Moon laughs "Good to know the chains work."

Without warning Moon lays prone. His tongue pushes all the way into Sun. Sun moans out loudly arching up as much as he can while laying spread eagle. With fervor, he sucks in the soft lips of your pussy. He gives them gentle sucks and bites. Your hands rest on the headboard in front of you for balance.

Head tilted to the side in pleasure "Good boy Sunny."

You glance behind you to watch Moon's tongue disappear into Sun's sopping cunt. A loud moan escapes you as Sun licks a long stripe between your folds.

Moon begins to rut slowly into the bed "Good boy Sunny. Make her cum on your face. Starlight I want you to sit up a bit. I want to watch Sun tongue fuck you."

You nod and lift off of Sun a few inches. Sun's tongue slithers its way into your hole slowly. Pausing every inch or so to allow you to adjust. Moon moans into Sun's cunt causing Sun to cry out at the vibration. You let out a yelp as Moon raises an arm and smacks your ass with enough force to leave a bright red mark.

His cool hand soothes the area before he pulls out of Sun "I think he's ready for the toy. Go ahead and fuck yourself on his tongue."

You nod "It has instructions with it if you need them. But you probably won't."

Sun thrusts into you "Go ahead and use me. Go as hard as you need."

You do as you are told starting slow and picking up your pace.

Moon takes Sun's cock in his hand "Good girl. Go ahead and cum while I put this on Sunny." He pushes the lubed-up two-inch rod slowly into Sun's shaft "Color Sunny?"

Sun lets out a groan "Green! Very very green!"

Moon rubs Sun's thigh as you continue to chase your high "Good boy. He's ready starlight. Do you need anything to help you get off?"

"Fingers! I need your fingers on my clit! Please?" You huff out with a breathy moan.

Moon climbs over Sun maneuvering behind you "I've got you love." He reaches in front of you "Slow or rough?"

You grab two of Sun's rays rubbing them "Rough!"

Sun groans at the request and your ministrations on his sensitive rays "I could stay like this forever. You could take off my arms and legs. As long as I could stay buried like this with you and Moonie I would be happy."

Moon begins to harshly rub at your clit "But Sunny if you had no arms or legs how would you pin our starlight down and breed her?"

That's what did it. The combination of Moons fingers and both of their words sends you over the edge and snaps the coil in your belly. You cum hard as Moon harshly pushes you down onto Sun's faceplate. Sun's hips shake as he drinks you in. Cock writhing in the air. As you come down from your high Moon lifts you off of Sun. Sun's optics are blown wide. A blissful expression on his face. His cock twitches against his stomach not a drop of pre-cum oozes out.

Moon glances around the room "Color."

Both you and Sun hum out a "Green."

You lean over and give Sun a long and deep kiss "Alright Dearheart into position."

You and moon scooch down to Sun's cock. Both sitting up you position yourselves so Sun's cock sits between you. You hook a leg over each other in a scissoring position trapping Sun's plugged cock trapped between your pussies.

Moon glances over to Sun "Color?"

Sun struggles for a moment and whiny growls out green. You grab Moon's hips and pull you closer together. Moon lets out a surprised sound followed by a gasp as Sun's cock wiggles between you.

You shoot a tender smile to Sun "Are you ready pretty boy?" Sun nods eagerly.

Moon slaps his cock "Words Sunny!"

Sun moans sharply "Ye-Yes! I'm ready!"

You hold your hand out and Moon takes it. Slowly you and moon rub your pussies against Sun's cock.

Sun moans out "S' good! So good."

Considering how large Sun and Moon are it's no surprise to you when Moon leans over and captures you in a kiss.

His mouth easily molds against yours. Sun thrusts as far up and as fast as he can. Moon stops both of you from moving.

His hand snaps out and tightly squeezes Sun's cock "Take what we give you. We WILL take good care of you but ONLY if you behave!"

Sun screws his eyes shut "Yes yes! Sorry, Moonie! I'll-I'll be a good boy! Your pretty boy. Just don't stop. PLEASE!"

Moon releases his cock satisfied with his apology and resumes his thrusting with you. He lets his pretty blue cock fuck against Sun's. Sun is reduced to a panting moaning mess. His tongue practically licks his chest with how low it hangs.

Finally! Finally, you get to hear the most beautiful sound in the world. Both Sun and Moon moan loudly. To you it is magical. You LOVE the sound of them moaning. Blissed you add to the melody in the room. Some would call the cacophony pornographic. You would call it a concerto.

Moon blushed brightly "A concerto?"

You also flush "Shit! Di-didn't mean to OH! Say that out lOOud!"

Moon flicks the tip of his cock against your clit "More! More music!"

Sun moans and pulls at the restraints "A whole concert! Oh~! Monnie~! Gonna! Gonna cum!"

Moon doubles his efforts. Thrusting faster and moaning louder. His cock picks up speed and he lets out a strangled laugh "G-good luck with that!"

You grin as you look down at the plug. Reaching behind you you pick up one of the vibrators. This one comes with a remote. You slip the addition into Sun's pussy and turn it on. Sun lets out a glitchy moan. His hips involuntarily thrust sloppily. A loud shriek rips from his voicebox and quickly turns into frantic babbles. Your eyes are glued to the plug. His cock swells but the plug does not move.

He looks down at his cock "Wha- What?"

Moon plants sloppy kisses along his chest "Color Sunny?"

Sun takes a moment to think "Gr-green."

You rub Sun and Moon's cocks together "Great because we aren't done yet."

Both men give a loud guttural moan. Moon reaches a hand out and fondles one of your breasts. Causing a guttural moan of your own. Moon roars out as he cums thick hot ropes of cum all over the three of you.

He grabs the cock sound and gently pulls it out "Go on Sunny!"

Sun also covers the three of you with cum. This sends you over the edge. You cum with a high-pitched wail. Eyes crossing together. You fall backward onto the bed. Moon maneuvers you to cuddle Sun. You wrap around him smearing cum around you both. Sun chuckles as Moon frees his arms.

Sun offers you the water from the nightstand and pulls out cleaning wipes from the top drawer "ya know Moonie? I think this might be my favorite part."

With the tenderness of a mother he begins to clean you. Moon hums affirmatively while helping you three get clean. With that task done you cuddle in for the night. Sandwiched protectively between Sun and Moon.

Chapter Text

Moon didn't understand what had come over him. One minute everything was fine and the next he need to hold you. He needed to feel your warmth against his frame. He just needed you. He did not stop until he found you. His mind spiraled in panic. He didn't know why or what caused it. But he needed you. And that was how you found yourself in the arms of the lunar animatronic. Rubbing the back of the Plex's most terrifying nighttime security.


Sun let out a shuddering whimper. The shadows grew taller. Hallways elongated. Even the play structures stretched and twisted. The world became darker. More evil. Or maybe it was the demons in his mind taunting him. He curled in on himself. When had he gotten onto the floor? It too seemed harder and colder. The mats on the floor looked less friendly. He tried to block out the creeping darkness. He let out a scream. At least he thought he did.

The next thing he felt was warmth. His optics were so unfocused. The warm feeling edged the darkness away. A soft sound joined the warmth. Like little birds or fairies. Something touched his face. His optics honed in on it.It was a person but who? they were singing "As the pain seeps through, makes no sense for you, every thrill is gone, wasn't too much fun at all, but I'll be there for you... there you are Sunny. Take your time." Of course it was his sunshine. He hummed and held you close.

Chapter Text

You were sitting on your couch late one afternoon. A crime show played on your TV in the background. You were writing out notes for a work project. As you scribbled away on your notebook you noticed a flash of yellow dart across the page. You blinked and rubbed your eyes thinking you must be seeing things. You continued to write pausing to think every so often. Again the yellow flashed across the page. This time however you saw what it was doing. The yellow blur fixed your grammar and spelling.

You tilted your head "The hell? What the fuck was that?"

You watched in alarm as the word 'language!' appeared on the side of the page. You dropped the notebook down onto your lap. A little yellow stick man tumbled onto the left side of the page. It had red pants. Or maybe they were shorts? It appeared to have orange hair spikes. The little thing brushed off it's pants as it stood up.

You set your pencil down next to you "Woah. What are you?"

The little stick man jumped slightly. It stood up straight. It's mouth moved as words appeared above it 'I'm Sunny Shine! I'm sorry if I bothered you. I saw you were working hard and decided to help you! I'm really good at spelling. Moony Beams is better at grammar than I am.'

You nod slowly "Ok Sunny Shine. And who is Moony Beams?"

Sunny puts a hand to his face 'He's my friend! He's like me but blue! And he has a hat. He doesn't like the light though.'

You hum lightly "And how long have you been here?"

He shuffles and wrings his hands 'A long long time. We live in the book under the floor in the attic.'

You look up at the ceiling "The attic? Huh." You look back down at the page "If you live in a book how did you get here?"

Sunny sits down leaning back on his hands 'We can move to any paper in this house. We used to be imaginary. A sweet little boy made us! He got sick. We wanted to be there for him. For real you know. We wished so so hard! One day we became like this. But it was to late. Oh! Sorry Moony too not to.'

This feels like a lot. It feels like you should be running out of the door but the sweet way Sunny spoke? It did something to you.

"Welp." You bring the page closer to you "Looks like I'm going to need way more paper."

Chapter Text

The hallways are dark and quiet. You had finished another nighttime task. One of the gaters at Monty's Gater Golf had broken down. It was stuck part way out of the water and endlessly growling. It almost gave you a headache. As long as nothing else happened you were free to get some rest.

You didn't really have an official place to call your own in the plex yet. They were building you one down in the lower tunnels. Not ideal but better than spending the night away from your two favorite jesters. How anyone could abuse the pair was baffling to you.

You passed by the newest nighttime security guard. A young lad named Braxly. He hated his name so most people called him Axle. You two swapped a wave on your way to the daycare.

You had heard the boys got a new upgrade but not what it was. It wasn't cosmetic, that much you did know. It was something involving their code. That terrifies you. Who knows what they changed! You pass the fountain to the daycare. A few coins sit inside. Briefly you consider taking a few but decide better of it.

As soon as you open the doors to the daycare you hear a very loud "Sunshine!"

From down below you watch Sun call his wire. He practically rockets up to where you are. You can hear a strange sound as he gets closer. It seems he can hear it too. It takes you a second to recognize the song. It's 'My Girl' by The Temptations.

Sun slaps a hand over his chest. His rays shrink into his head and he takes off to his room. You tilt your head for a second. What the hell is happening. You run as fast as you can to the theater. Whatever is going on you will help Sun through it. Why was his chest playing that song in particular?

You catch your breath at the door to Sun and Moon's room. You can hear sun inside arguing with Moon about something. You open the door without knocking as you have done so many times before.

Sun turns to you. His chest blares out "Well I guess you'd say, What can make me feel this way, My girl, my girl, my girl, Talkin' 'bout my girl, my girl, talkin' 'bout my girl!" Sun buries his face in his hand and groans.

You snicker "Sunny. What is happening?"

Sun sighs dramatically "We got a new upgrade to our mu-"

The lights turn off. You hadn't been keeping track of the time. Sun shifts to Moon. As his eyes fall on you the song also shifts. Van Halen's 'Why Can't This Be Love' blares from his chest "Whoa here it comes, That funny feeling again, Winding me up inside, Every time we touch."

Moon immediately books it to the balcony and dives into the ball pit. You run to the edge and watch him run to one of the play structures. You run once again back down to the daycare. When you reach the play structure Moon is hiding in you can still hear the music. You have an hour before Sun comes back.

It takes you longer than you'd like to get to Moon. Along the way you can hear Moon trying to stop the music. You can also hear the song loop. Finally you reach the lunar animatronic. His chest blares "It's got what it takes, So tell me why can't this be love, You want it straight from the heart, Oh tell me why can't this be love!"

It clicks in your head. Both songs played are love songs. Do they really love you? Moon pulls his hat over his head and curls in on himself. You place a gentle hand on his knee. Moon shuffles away from you.

You crawl further into the tiny room "what's going on? Sun said you got an upgrade?"

Moon peeks at you before hiding again "We got an upgrade to our music box. It can now play any song we want. At first it was fine but now? Every time we think about you it plays these songs! We can't stop it!"

You scoot closer to him "Do... do you have feelings for me? I have them for you."

Moon's eyes shoot to yours. 'Dream Weaver" By Gary Wright cuts off Van Halen. Moon blushes brightly "You do?"

You lean forward and kiss his teeth "Yes. I do."

Moon leans into your touch and pulls you close to his frame "Sun is screaming in our head. He says to tell you we are not letting you go tonight."

You laugh "What if I have to pee?"

Moon does not skip a beat "Then you pee yourself."

Chapter Text

Just woke up. Had a nightmare. I'm ok now though.

So it went like this. I was Sun and in love with Moon. The higher ups found out. They didn't want to promote homosexual relationships to young children. They gave Sun, me, a major upgrade without telling Moon. I knew 100% I was a boy. Not a girl. They gave me, Sun, female upgrades. They even changed my, his, voice. the whole time Sun was awake and screaming. He didn't want to be a girl. He didn't want to be changed. At one point I was told I was property and had no autonomy of any kind. Told my opinion never mattered. I was dropped back into the daycare wearing a dress in the middle of a panic attack. I was a boy. Why would they do this? Would Moon still want me? I'm Mr.Sun Not Mrs.Sun! I woke up before I saw Moon. Fucking awful.

Chapter Text

Had a really nice sexy dream last night. So Sun was a Mafia Don and Moon was his right hand and best friend. I was in a nice bar with some friends. A bartender brought me a drink. He said it was from the guy in VIP. I looked up and Moon tipped his hat.

My friends told me he was dangerous. They wanted us to leave before something bad happened. I looked back to VIP and Moon was still staring at me. I pointed to myself then VIP.

He made a come hither motion. I held a hand up in a 'one moment please' gesture. I went to the bar and ordered two of whatever he had. It was a whisky sour. I brought the drinks to a dark corner of the bar.

This is where it gets dirty. I stuck a finger in my cunt and rimmed one glass with my pussy juice. The other I left alone. I made my way up to VIP. Don Sun was sitting on a couch with two pretty girls. He gave me a funny look. Moon walked to him and whispered something.

Don Sun nodded and I was let into VIP. Moon walked up to me "Oh? Did you bring me a drink pretty thing?"

I gave him a coy look "Depends."

Moon tilted his head, a sultry smile on his face "On what gorgeous?"

I licked my lip involuntarily "On why I'm up here."

Moon brushed his hand down my cheek "Hopefully to spend the night with me. Although I'd hope for more than that."

I followed Moon over to a table for two. I slid the glass rimmed heavily with pussy juice to him.

I held on to it for a moment "Well then. I'll stay IF you can tell me what I did to this drink... Oh shit! Don't want you thinking it's poison or something!" I took a large sip of the drink a swallowed. The whiskey sour mixed with pussy juice.

If you knew what pussy tasted like you'd know what I did.

Moon chuckled "Do I get a clue?"

I shook my head "Not until you at least try to guess."

Moon eyed the glass like it would tell him what you did. He took a sip and held it in his mouth. He made a confused face.

I leaned back sipping my drink "Well?"

Moon took another sip "The glass is rimmed with.." His eyes went wide before a low growl escaped him "Is this what I think it is?"

I grinned "Depends. What do you think it is?"

Moon set the drink down. His hands shot across the table.

He eyed them before bringing my hands to his faceplate. He took a deep breath "Naughty thing. You rimmed that glass with your sweet nectar."

I laughed "Why don't you tell me what it really is. No flowery words."

Moon licked my fingers "Your pussy juice."

I excitedly grinned "Good boy!"

I woke up here. Shame too...

Chapter Text

Sun and Moon ad finally done it. They had finally procured their prize. They giggled as they scurried through the halls. Prize tucked safely away in Moon's chestplate.

The Daycare never seemed further away than it did in that moment. They avoided cleaning bots, security bots, and security guards. Anyone they felt would take their prize. They worked so hard to get it. So many favors done.

They were excited to try it out on their new sensors. Roxy said she likes to take it all at once. Chica liked it inch by inch. Monty preferred to enjoy it slowly. And Freddy said he likes the smaller ones.

They tore the doors to the Daycare open sprinting to their cables. Giggling as the wires brought them to their tower. Inside they sat down across from one another. Moon pulled their prize from his chest.

It was long and peach in color. Monty said he liked it best. They held it between the two of them.

Moon spoke first "How do we want to do this?"

Sun leans back on his hands "How about we do it together? It's big enough. You can take one end and I can take the other."

Moon nods and puts one end into his mouth. He leans forwards and gestures at Sun to take the other end. Sun leans forward winking at Moon as he takes the other end. It feels nice in their mouths.

Sun bites down and leans back chewing. Moon does the same. It's quiet for a moment. Moon's optics go wide and he leaps to his feet. Sun watches as he dives into the ball pit. It is in that moment that Sun understands their folly.

A fiery heat of 150,000 Scovilles fills his mouth. His eyes begin to water as he too dives into the pit. He sprints to the bathroom where he finds Moon washing his mouth out. The two vow never to try anything from Monty again.

Chapter Text

It felt like you were in the bathroom for hours. In reality it had been ten minutes. Ten terrible minutes of endless pooping. Your period had started two hours ago. The full effect only hitting you now. Left miserable and feeling selfishly needy.

You could feel another bout coming. The familiar gurgle promising nausea. You let out a soft miserable cry as bowels emptied themselves more. Was it over? Who knew. You curled into yourself. Stomach contents threatening to spill in an explosive manor.

A sound so familiar echoes throughout the bathroom. You turn your head up as you shart loudly. You quickly slap a hand over your mouth. A large hand rubs your back. Sun knows what your periods are like. The sound of your bathtub filling draws your attention to Moon.

He offers a smile, checking the temperature for you.
Sun snakes his other hand down to ease your pain "Have you taken anything for the pain?"

You nod "Five minutes ago. It hasn't taken yet."

Sun nods and adds pressure to your abdomen. His other hand continues to rub circles.

Sun plants a kiss to the top of your head "I'm going to leave you with Moon. I'll be in the kitchen working on dinner."

You let out a soft whine as his hands leave you. Moon takes his place. His hand rubs your cheek and you lean into it. He slowly undresses you.

Moon sets you down into the tub. He quickly undresses himself before joining you. He settles himself behind you pulling you to him. Moon rubs every muscle free from pain. He makes sure to pay special attention to your back. It's heavenly to be treated this way.

Long dexterous fingers working you over. You shudder as Moon's long fingers work shampoo into your hair. His claws are out and scratching your scalp perfectly. He knows just how to touch you to ease the torment of your period.

Moon leans his cheek into yours "Would you like an orgasm?"

You tilt your head "What?"

Moon chuckles lightly "An orgasm. It will help with the pain starlight."

You nod, legs spreading for him.

He kisses your cheek "Good girl. Letting me help you."

Moon's long fingers trail down the front of your body. He makes quick work of finding your clit.

Sun re-enters the bathroom. He takes one look at your position "Oh good! I was hoping you would agree to Moon pleasing you. I know sometimes it makes you feel gross."

Sun gives both you and Moon a quick kiss "Just wanted to let you know dinner will be ready soon." He quickly leaves the bathroom. Hips swaying seductively on his way out.

Moon wordlessly begins to rub slow languid circles into your clit. Gradually he picks up speed.

Rolling your precious bud in circles and zigzags. He's drinking in every sound. Every last moan you make. His tongue trails up and down your neck. That familiar warmth of orgasm creeps into your belly. Moon can tell you are close. His hands pick up speed again.

Orgasm finally hits you. You can feel your walls fluttering. Slick mixed with period blood floods the tub turning the water a faint pink. Moon continues to work you through your orgasm. He kisses your neck "Such a good girl you are. Let's get you dressed."

Moon pulls you from the tub wrapping you in a fresh warm towel. Thank you Sun. Moon fetches you comfortable clothing and one of your reusable pads. When the both of you are dressed he takes you to the couch. He puts your favorite show on.

Sun sits down on the couch and Moon passes you into his lap. Sun holds a plate of your favorite food "Would you like me to feed you?"

You nod. Sun chuckles and prepares the dish to feed you. As the three of you watch your show Sun feeds you. Moon gives you a foot rub idly.

The affection from the two of them is making you emotional. Tears drip down your face. Sun and Moon make no comment on it.

Moon simply reaches a long arm out and dries your face with a tissue "I love you starlight. I love you Sun."

Sun blushes "I love you too Moonie! And I love you sunshine."

You hiccup "I-I love you both so god damn fucking much!"

Sun chuckles as you hide in his chest and cry. His large warm hand rubs circles into your back and his other hand presses perfectly into your abdomen.

Chapter Text

Sun shuffled nervously into your study where you were working. You looked up from your computer at the creek of the door. the look on Sun's face was... downcast to say the least. His shoulders were slumped. Toes pointed inwards. He looked like he just murdered a cat.

It tugs at your heartstrings. Your soul feels heavy and wrong. You start to get up when Sun speaks.

"I...I didn't win... an-and e-e-everyone made fun of me!" He curls in on himself "They... they said I was ugly. I-" He tears his gaze from yours "I'm sorry I can't be better!"

He tugs at one of his rays "I'm not handsome! I don't look like the others! They all get to be cool animals and I'm... me." He sighs loudly "People hate me and you should to!"

You eye Sun carefully. Your lips purse as you chose your actions carefully.

You move around your desk and take Sun by the hand. You pull the large animatronic into a dip. One hand in his and an arm around his midsection.

Nose to nose you smile down at him "But Sunny. I like that you aren't like the others." You give him an exaggerated kiss between his eyes "I think you look stunning. I don't care what others think. I care what you think. Besides you lost to a nasty, crusty, dirty, old corpse man who kills kids. I really don't think you should take their opinion to heart. I certainly don't care what necrophiliacs think."

Sun tilts his head "Necrophiliacs?"

You nod "Yeah, most of the people who voted for springtrap want to diddle a corpse man."

You scoup Sun up into your arms and carry his perfect self to the living room. Sun yelps wrapping his arms around your neck. You set him down on the couch.

Sun fiddles with the bells ties neatly around his wrist "Are you bothered I can't open my mouth.... or change my expression? Or... kiss you." He asks in a small voice.

You take his face in your hands "Nope." You lean forward and kiss him deeply "Hum..." You kiss him again "Hum?"

You kiss Sun one more time "Hum hum hum... You're kissable to me. Besides it doesn't matter you can't move your mouth. You express yourself through your body language."

Sun blushes covering his face "Sunshine! Oh gosh!"

You gently touch the elastic of his pants "Will you let me show you how much you mean to me? I want you Sunny. But only if you are up for it."

Sun watches you carefully "If I want?"

You nod "Yes. I won't force you into anything."

Sun takes your cheek in his hand "I-I want you too."

You nod and slowly begin to pull his pants down.

Sun reaches out and takes your wrist "Wait!"

You stop on the spot. Going as far as pulling his jester pants back up "What?"

Sun fidgets "I don't... I... I'm a Ken Doll down there... I have no...."

He leans forwards and whispers "I have no penis."

He leans back like he just told you the most important secret in the world.

You bite your cheek not to laugh "Can you feel pleasure?"

Sun nods "Oh yes! Moon and I hump pillows all the time-"

Sun throws a hand over his mouth "Iwasntsupposetosaythat!" He tugs two of his rays "Oh no! Oh no oh no oh no!!" He groans.

You grab his wrists "Hey! Hey. It's ok. I do the same thing."

He peeks at you "You do?"

You nod "I do. I have an idea."

Sun lets his rays go "An idea?"

You nod "An idea. A good one. A way we can both get pleasure. Would you like to try?"

Sun's rays retract slightly in suspicion "How?"

You smile "Well... It's the same way lesbians do it. We get naked and rub our... crotches together."

Sun giggles "Like in the porn Moon watches."

You startle slightly "Yeah! Like that. If it's the porn I'm thinking of."

Sun picks you up "The couch is a terrible place to do that. We should go upstairs to the bedroom."

The two of you stand up. Sun moves to pick you up but you beat him to it.

He flushes brightly covering his faceplate "Oh stars! Aren't I too heavy for you?"

You chuckle "Never!"

He peeks at you between his fingers as you hold him in a princess carry "How?"

You grin and wink at him "It's a secret."

Sun peeks at you even more spreading his fingers further apart "A secret? I can keep secrets!"

You glance around from the middle of the stairs "Well, I can carry you because..." You lean in and loudly whisper "I have a super power."

Sun deadpans "Super power? Really?"

You nod "The more handsome someone is. The easier it is to carry them, and I find you light as a feather."

Sun's rays wiggle and spin as he giggles "Well then! You must weigh a negative number because you're lighter than helium!"

You almost drop Sun on the landing, face flushing brightly.

As you carry Sun across the threshold into your room Sun blurts out "Is this how you plan to carry me if we get married?"

You swear your heart stops for a moment. Words die in your mouth. Sun gives you a shit eating look but says nothing. You toss the animatronic unceremoniously onto your bed.

He squawks indignantly "Well that's no way to get someone to sleep with you!"

You raise a brow "Neither is making my heart stop."

Sun flushes "I make your heart stop?"

You nod "In a good way. I am so enamored with you, sometimes I think my head might explode."

Sun's rays retract slightly "Please don't do that. I'd permanently shut myself down if you did."

You casually take your clothes off "But what if I became a ghost?"

Sun watches your every move with interest "Well, can I see you as a ghost?"

You slip your underwear off "Yes."

Sun begins to strip himself "Then I'd beg you to haunt a pillow whenever I was... horny so I could... be naughty with you."

You put your hands on your hips "Wow, is that all I am to you?"

He shakes his head "No. To me you are the most perfect thing my optics have ever seen and I could shut down happily if you were the last thing I see."

You stumble on your way to the bed "Holy! Sun! Tryna kill me."

Sun does an evil laugh while slipping his pants off "Good! My evil plan is working! Bwahaha!"

You open your mouth to say something, but Sun throws his pants at you. It hits you in the face and you giggle. Sun moves to take his bells off.

You hold a hand up "Wait! Leave those on."

Sun shakes his wrist slipping into a pose "Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you horny? Randy? Do I make you horny, baby? Yeah!"

You flop onto the bed "I should never have shown you that movie. I regret life."

Sun chuckles pulling you close with one long arm. He stares at you with half lidded eyes while running his hand along your arm "If I had been told a long time ago that this is what I would see in the future I never would have believed it."

You take his face in your hands and pull him down to you. You gleefully plant kiss after kiss on his face. Kisses to his cheeks, forehead, and even a kiss to every single tooth.

The entire time Sun giggles weakly pushing you away. You trail the kisses down his long segmented neck.

Sun lets out a sharp gasp as your lips find his clavicle. Well noted then. You kiss each button, scuff, and scratch.

You finally make it to your prize. His crotch plate. Smooth and shining on the light. You lick your lips "I hope your ready. You still want this right?"

Sun nods "Yes. But only with you."

You plant a soft kiss to the center of his smooth crotch. Sun's right leg twitches slightly. Just like with his face you plant multiple tiny kisses to his groin. Even going as far as to kiss the shape of panties. You can't help but imagine Sun in a frilly or lacy pair of pink manties.

Sun pants softly "More."

You look up at him "What was that? I didn't hear you."

Sun props himself up on his elbows "More! Please! I need more!"

You nod and kiss his stomach. He pets your hair tenderly. You lean back down and plant an open mouth kiss to his crotch. You lap at his groin with your tongue gently scraping with your teeth.

Sun moans loudly grinding into your mouth "I-i-i'm sorry Sunshine! I can't help it! I-it's soo good! Mmmmf ha ha! ha! Oh! Don't sto-"
He fights with himself to stop "Stop STOP!"

You jump up falling off of the bed. You land on the floor on your back. Your head thuds loudly on the floor.

"OH MY GOSH! SUNSHINE!" Sun's faceplate appears over the side of the bed "A-a-are you ok? I-I-I didn't mean! Oh I'm sorry!"

You wave a hand dismissively "No. It's fine. You did the right thing telling me to stop. You just startled me is all." You sit up slowly and rub the back of your head "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

Sun helps you back up to the bed "I wasn't uncomfortable..." He looks at you sheepishly.

You tilt your head "Then, if I may ask, why did you want me to stop?"

Sun checks your head for wounds "You said you wanted us both to get... pleasure... I-I wanted you to feel good too. I want to... with you. Not without you."

A blush takes over your neck and face "Oh."

Sun pulls you to him rubbing your cheek with his hand "Let's do it... together."

He lifts one of his long legs into the air. Pulling you to him he slots you between them and into his groin with yours. Carefully he lowers his leg adjusting it for you to lean on it.

Sun takes your hand in his with a tender look in his eyes "Are you ready Y/n?"

You nod and let out a breathy "Yes."

Sun thrusts his hips slowly into yours. It feels divine. You match his pace thrusting and grinding back into him. Sun picks up the pace panting heavily. The bed begins to slide around the floor. Rhythmically the headboard taps the wall.

Drool dribbles down your chin and you struggle for words "So-so good! Oh god!"

Sun chuckles squeezing your hand "I'm not... not god- oh! I -ooo- I'm Sun!"

He gives a harsh grind swirling his hips in circles. Sun's groin is moist with your slick. It easily glides across yours. Sun takes hour hips in his hands.

You roll as he stands up "What? Sun?"

He lifts your lower half into the air leaving your upper half on the bed "Don't worry! I've got you."

Sun begins to thrust down into your groin. He starts off easy letting you get used to the new angle. You balance yourself with your arms. Sun picks up the speed. The bed rocks even more. You can hear it creaking.

Sun is rutting into you like a wild animal. The pace he sets is brutal. It's just the right side of painful. Any harder and you would end this. Sun knows this too. fighting with his inner desires to break you.

He stills his thrusting and instead grinds his groin into yours.The building pleasure finally breaks leaving you a babbling cuming mess. It spills from you in waves coating both you and Sun.

Sun holds you close to him finding his own release "Yeyesyesyesyes! SO GO%#^&*($!"

His voicebox glitches out. The bead gives one final creak before falling to the ground in a broken heap. You squeak loudly as you and Sun tumble to the ground with the bed.

Sun looks around at the shattered frame "Oops."

You slap his arm in jest "You are so damn lucky I have other beds in this house."

Chapter Text

You are the live in mechanic. You do everything from repairing arcade cabinets to midnight maintenance on any and all animatronics. Being the live in means you are working 24/7. If someone needs you they call and you have to answer. You are saving a lot of money.

Not to mention your room in the daycare. Sun and Moon were elated to learn you would be roomies! Their room was improved and a new room added. You got access to the plex kitchens and bathrooms. Laundry was done with the daycare laundry. Another task dumped on you.

Today was a long day. You got a call at 4:45am. A cleaning bot had been crushed in Mazercize. It was cleaning the maze and one of the walls malfunctioned. You got the funderfull task of fixing the maze and the bot. At 7:15am several lights in the west arcade had gone out.

11:10am the elevator got stuck. 5pm a race car engine overheated. Followed by several arcade games broke down. At 9pm you thought you would finally get sleep. Bleary eyed you shuffled to your bed. You let yourself flop down onto your bed... Your phone goes off

Your heart breaks. You are so damn tired. Even Sun and Moon can see how tired you are. You are needed in the West Arcade again. DJ is having issues with his table. Also several of the Mimi Music Men are damaged. A rabid racoon got into the vents and the Minis had to deal with it.

You practically fall into the arcade. Kids are running around everywhere. Parents laze about. You shuffle up to the DJ booth. DJ leans down and stares at you. He makes a disapproving sound at the state of you. You ignore the spider and get to work on the booth.

One of the Minis scuttles to you climbing on top of the booth "You look like crud."

You huff "I feel like crud. How many of you are damaged?"

The Mini does a little spin "Ten."

You rub your eyes "Ok. Get them ready behind DJ. It's safer for me to work on you guys there."

The Mini scurries off. You continue your work.

A man slams a hand down on the booth "Are you almost done? I did not pay to not hear music!"

You sigh inwardly "I'm almost done."

The man growls out "Well hurry up! People these days are so damn lazy!"

You close the booth and hurry to the space behind DJ. On the way DJ takes you in one of his back hands and gives you a gentle squeeze. When he lets you go you offer a hug of his wrist in return. You sit down with the ten damaged Minis.

Most of their injuries are cosmetic. Two have a missing limb and one is missing two limbs. You let out a loud yawn as you begin to work. What feels like hours later you finally finish.

Back at the Daycare Sun and Moon gets a message from DJ. It's apparently an emergency. Attached to the message is a picture of you passed out in the darkened tunnel behind DJ. Tiny spider bots cover your body. A stolen party room pillow is propped up under your head.

Sun saves the image for later. It's far too cute not to keep. Moon gives him tips on the fastest rout through the vents to the arcade. Sun crawls out of a third floor vent. A Mini DJ greets him with a clack of it's cymbals. Sun dances around excited children.

Most of them pay him no attention. A few out right avoid him. Only two greet the attendant. They remember him from their younger years. Every time someone stops him he can feel his anxiety ratchet up higher. His concern for you floods his systems.

DJ's message stated you had a fever. Weather it was from the poor sleep or overworking yourself he didn't know. What he did know was he and Moon had to get you to the daycare and tucked into bed. Hot soup was in order and management needed to be told of your condition.

As he approached the dance floor dread filled him. The higher ups would not be happy you are sick. They might even make you continue working. DJ greeted him with a wave, far to busy chatting with kids to properly greet him.

At the end of the tunnel Sun could see your sleeping form. God, you must be in worse shape than he thought. The echo of music is practically deafening.

The Mini Music Men make a path for Sun to get to you. Sun crouches down to your level. Sweat coats your body. You look pale. Cheeks flush with fever. How long had you been like this? Moon was fuming in their shared headspace.

The numerous colorful words caused Sun to temporarily block Moon. Language warnings were flooding his systems and blocking his vision. Sun takes you into his arms. On his way out of the arcade he fist bumps DJ. The large spider understanding Sun's need to flee to the Daycare.

Sun does not like the maintenance tunnels. They are dark, noisy, and full of endos. Luckily it's dark enough for Moon to take over.

Once the swap is complete Moon scans you. Sun had already done this but he feels the need. It helps calm his circuits.

Your temperature is 103. High but manageable. Nothing the celestial attendants couldn't handle. Sun is not entirely happy with the way Moon gets to the daycare. Sun thinks he's taking too many risks. Jumping up and down stairs with you in his arms.

Every carefully calculated landing sets his circuits on edge. What if he drops you? What if he lands in the middle of a group of endos? They would kill you on sight! What if-

"Sun... Sun... SUN!" Moon shouts.

Sun startles and shouts back into the headspace 'What?!'

Moon rolls his eyes "We are here. Get ready to take over."

Stepping into the light the transformation between Sun and Moon goes quickly. Since the pair stopped fighting for control the transformation is less painful. Sun jumps into the air as the wire latches onto his back.

Up in the tower Sun makes quick work of putting you into softer clothes. It scares him a little how hot your limp form feels. The lights in the daycare flip off for the hour. Moon shakes slightly before tucking you into bed.

After gathering supplies for when you wake he curls into bed next to you. Pulling you tight against his frame. Your phone goes off again. Glamrock Freddy is having issues with his hat. Moon growls. He takes your phone. Briefly he considers breaking your phone.

Instead he shoots off several messages to several people telling them you are sick and under Sun and Moon's care. Then he throws your phone off of the balcony and in to the ball pit. That's a problem for future Sun, not Moon.

Chapter Text

It was just after lunchtime. You and a new security guard were tasked with going down into the tunnels to look for the old Glamrock Bonnie animatronic. You were to find all his parts and rebuild him. He would be returned to the bowling alley.

You had a pushcart to carry parts and the security guard had a flashlight and shock stick. The cart has a wonky wheel and squeaks terribly. It would do though. The security guard, whose name you never learned, was nervous.

He anxiously followed behind you "How are you so calm? It's so dark and creepy."

You pause "I'm the live in. I do shit like this all the time. I know the area we are going to. It's safe."

Finally you reach your destination. Piles of garbage litter the area. It looks like an arena of sorts. Like a boss fight area. Open and dirty. You pull a flashlight of your own out and begin your search. The guard stayed with the cart.

You let out a huff "This will go faster if you help me look."

The guard begins to search "What are we even looking for?"

You turn around "If it looks like Bonnie the purple bunny or like it came from the bowling alley tell me. We will likely find him around that area."

Your daycare themed fazwatch beeps loudly. A message from Moon ~Just checking in on you. Sun won't shut up. He's worried about you. the guard you left with looked skiddish.~

You send a message back ~hecka skiddish. Haven't found Bonnie yet. <3 <3~

The guard shouts "Found something!"

You jog over almost tripping on a soda can. He points his flashlight at one of Bonnie's ears.

You clap excitedly "Great job! Let's get this to the cart and continue searching!"

You put the ear on the cart and continue looking. In the trash heap you find a leg and his guitar. After twenty minutes of looking you find nothing else.

You cross your arms "Crap! Gotta look somewhere else."

The guard huffs and begins looking elsewhere. Far down a darkened tunnel the clang of metal catches your attention. You turn your flashlight down the tunnel. Slight movement catches your eye.

Your flashlight reflects off of something "We aren't alone. Something is down there."

The guard also shines his light down the tunnel "Shit! What is that?"

You frown "I have no idea. Probably something bad."

The guard shuffles backwards "Should we le-"

A loud scraping followed by thunderous bangs come from the tunnel. Further down you can spot a large creature. It's the rest of Bonnie mixed with several endos and staff bots. The monster stands at twelve feet tall. It appears to be dragging it's lower half behind it.

It sounds like it's trying to say something but it's glitched. The only word you catch is "replaced". Your blood runs cold. The creature stumbles and crashes into the walls as it careens down the hallway.

You and the guard bolt for the exit. You can hear the monster getting closer and closer. You two are almost at the door leading out. The guard glances back at you. You do not like the look on his face.

Once he is through the doorway he closes it behind himself "I'm sorry! These things happen all the time! I have life to live! No one will miss you anyway!"

You bolt from the door. The Bonnie creature gives chase. It tears through piles and piles of trash. Mixed rubbish gets thrown in front of you. You throw an arm up and press CALL on your watch.

It calls the last person you spoke to, Moon "Starlight.... What's going on?"

You shriek out as you tear a nearby door open "Danger! Bonnie! Something's wrong!"

The grating sound of the creature stuffing itself into the tunnel with you is frighting.

Moon is in a panic "Do you know where you are? Where is the guard?!"

You hold your arm up again "I don't know! The guard left. Oh god Moon! He locked the door on me!"

You can hear Sun laughing with kids "Stay calm. I'll come for you!"

You turn a corner and dive into the nearest room. The floor has collapsed into the floor below. You almost slide down the rubble but catch yourself. You can hear the creature.

It's words are still glitched save for replaced and a new terrifying word. Your blood runs cold at "Parts". Parts? Parts for what? The door explodes open and you scurry down the hole. It's your best option.

The creature floods the room above you and down into the hole. You made a big mistake. It's a dead end. And to you, it's probably your grave. Bonnie snatches you by the leg hoisting you into the air. You dangle in front of it at eye level.

It looks at your leg "@#%$& parts."

You try to kick your leg free. Your fazwatch is still on. The signal is weak. Moon is cutting in and out. You can't understand a thing from him. Bonnie shifts his grip to around your torso. With one of his four arms he grips your right leg around your femur. Your heart pounds.

Bonnie twists your leg painfully "@#$%^ parts. $ #1* replaced!"

You take a breath "Bonnie? Don't do this. I can repair you!"

Bonnie pauses "!#%#@ parts."

You look him in the eyes "Please let me help you! I can fix you! Make you whole again! It's why I'm here! To bring you back!"

Bonnie begins to pull your leg "&%@!$ parts."

You scream into the empty hallways. You can feel your hip dislocate. The ball slipping out of the joint with a loud pop. Your skin is stretched thin as Bonnie continues to pull. You beg and beg but Bonnie does not stop. Your denim jeans tear apart at the seams. Flesh and fat tear at the hip. You can see your muscles pulling appart.

A fleshy, squishing, wet noise fills the room followed by the snap of muscle breaking. You scream as white hot fire fills your lower half. Blood pools below you. You can hear the drip. At least you think you can. You vomit from the absolute pain. It's worse than anything you had felt before.

Bonnie looks you over "#@ @#$% Parts." He crawls out of the hole to fuck knows where. You can't stay here. You know that. You look down at what's left of your leg. You need to stop the bleeding. You take off your belt and shirt. The shirt covers your wound and the belt is a tourniquet.

Your fazwatch is static and flashing 'ERROR NO SIGNAL'. You look at the top of the hole. Time to try to climb. If you can make it to signal your chances of being found are higher. The climb out of the hole is impossible to you. You make if half way before you begin to slide back down.

You hear voices "This is where their signal was last! It's gone! What do we do!?"


The second voice shouts "Where are you! Keep screaming!"

You cry loudly "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"

You hear the first voice more clearly "DIE!? Don't worry Sunshine! We'll find you!"

The door to the room above you slams open. Sun darts in and stumbles into the hole. Moon grabs Sun before he falls in.

Sun screams loudly at your state "Y/N!"

Moon lays down on his belly "SUN! Take my legs! We need to reach Y/n. I can't climb down. It's not safe. The entire room could collapse!"

Sun holds Moon's legs and lowers him to you. Moon takes your hands and the two of them pull you out of the hole. Sun's eyes light up as he scans you in Moon's arms. The two animatronics run as fast as they can.

Sun opens doors "I'm calling an ambulance! They'll meet us at the employee entrance!"

Moon nods "Good job! Starlight? Starlight?!"

You jolt more awake, loos of blood is making you sleepy "Hm? What?"

Moon sighs shakily "Tell me what happened."

You pause and Moon taps your face "Oh... Bonnie..... He's big now. He took mu leggie. He needed it more I guess."

Sun stares at you as he breaks a door to the loading bay open "Bonnie took your leg?!"

The loading bay is full of people. Security guards, staff, and EMTs. They charge the three of you and take you from Moon. You are carted away. Sun and Moon try to follow but security stops them. Moon relents his attempts at the promise of updates. Sun is shut down temporarily.

Chapter Text

Moon carries Sun back to the daycare through the tunnels. Parent's have already taken their kids home. Who knows what they were told. It'll likely be blamed on them. Moon grouses at the thought.

The pair aren't bothered by anyone as they move through the upper tunnels. Not that anyone really talks to them anyway. Moon almost feels powerful as people jump to the side to let him pass. Almost.

The daycare is a mess. Of course those lazy assholes would leave everything for them to clean. Moon calls the cable down to take them to the tower. Moon sets Sun down on the bed.

He feels numb. There was so much blood. He doesn't know exactly how much blood humans have but he hopes it's more than that. Speaking of blood, Sun has blood on his side.

Moon turns and grabs the wipes you use for cleaning them. As he looks down he sees it. His torso is covered in blood. The wipes drop to the floor.

His hands shake uncontrollably. Flashes of the things the virus made him do flash in his mind. Moon tumbles to the floor. His optics flash with error messages and warnings. He calls out for you... but you don't come.

Sun comes back online. The temporary shut down over. As his systems turn back on he looks around for you. He registers he's in the daycare. You are nowhere in sight.

A frantic muttering catches his attention. He looks over the side of the bed. Moon is on the floor muttering to himself. He's frantically scrubbing at his frame with a torn wipe.

Sun jumps into action leaping off the bed. He takes Moon's wrists in his hands gently.

Sun spots the blood "Moon?" He asks slowly "Can I clean you up?"

Moon's eyes are hazy and unfocused. His hands shake. Sun can finally hear what Moon is saying "It won't come off. I- I didn't... She... They..."

Sun puts a hand on his slowly "Let me take care of you. I'm scared for them too." He takes a wipe and begins to clean Moon "Hey, how about we get cleaned up and try to charge some hm? I bet Y/n would love it if we were at full charge for them. They are going to need us when they get back."

Moon nods slowly. He just sits there and lets Sun manhandle him. Moon tries to focus on the gentle care from Sun. He watches each swipe Sun gives the mess. It's paint, he tells himself, just coppery paint.

A message pings through both of their systems.

It's from Freddy ~Y/n is in stable condition. Surgery went well and they got several blood transfusions.~

That's it. No words of comfort. Just the facts. Sun scowls at the lack of kindness. That however, is an issue for another time.

Sun resumes cleaning Moon. Moon's shoulders shake and he reaches out for Sun.

Sun reluctantly pushes Moon's arms down "I'm almost done. Just one more wipe. Can you wait for me?"

Moon nods and allows Sun to finish cleaning. Sun quickly wipes himself as well. He takes off his stripped pants along with Moon's starry ones. He dresses the both of them in fresh pants.

Moon reaches for Sun again and this time Sun agrees. He turns the lights off and plugs in Moon's cable. After plugging himself in he pulls Moon close.

Moon clings to him quietly whimpering. Sun does his best to soothe his lover but it's hard without you. He plays the scene over in his head.

Moon had gotten a call from you. Sun could see the panic on Moons faceplate from across the daycare. He barely remembers talking to Moon. The daycare was shut down for the day.

Sun and Moon were sent down into the tunnels. Probably because they were the least important. They had received a message from a security guard on your last known location.

The two followed the signal from your Fazwatch. It led them to a hallway. The signal went dead then. Sun began to panic before he heard your voice.

It sounded so broken and scared. You called out to each other. Sun almost shut down as you cried out about your own death. He was both frightened and relieved. They knew where you were.

Sun tore the door open and almost fell into a hole. Moon caught him before he fell. You looked dead. Blood pooled around you smeared across the floor like a nightmarish finger painting.

Your skin was pale. Vomit covered your shirt. He could tell you tried to climb out but failed. His eyes caught sight of your missing limb. Again he almost shut down.

Even now laying in bed his systems threaten to shut down. He busies himself in bed making a game plan. Your clothes would need to be altered. Maybe he could make you something new?

No matter what he and Moon will still love you. He knew you would come back for them. He knew it. This time they would keep you safe. This time you would stay whole.

He would take such good care of you when you got back. Just like a... An idea hit him. He would need fabric and he knew just where to get it. He was already making a pattern in his head.

Would Moon want one? He would make one anyway. Maybe Moon would want to be.... He would do it for you. Knowing you, you'd like it. He chuckled at the thought of role play.

Moon clutched him a little tighter in his sleep. Sun rubbed his back. He planted a soft kiss to Moon's forehead just like you would. He closed his eyes and let the artificial sleep of charging take over.

Chapter Text

The next time they got news of your condition was two weeks later. Two long agonizing weeks later. You had woken up a week ago and were asking for them.

To say Sun and Moon were pissed would be a gross understatement. They had been told you were awake a full week AFTER you woke up! When would they be told you were released? A year after it happens?

The Daycare reopened the next day. They weren't even given time to fully process what happened. Moon was a jumpy mess and Sun found himself avoiding both the red paint and finger painting all together.

He almost screamed when a kid showed him a picture of a big red dog. It just looked like a red blob. The attendants were chastised for their behavior.

Sun fills his nights with altering some of your clothes and making you, and himself, new ones. Moon has taken to playing Minecraft on your pc. He was making a large hotel.

You had once told him that you found it a nice relaxing distraction from life. Sun worries Moon's not processing his emotions and trauma. He was the one to carry you.

Eventually Sun convinces Moon to talk to an online therapist. They don't have any money so Moon joined a trauma group. It seems to be helping. Sun himself sometimes sits in at Moon's request.

None of the other animatronics check in on them. Except for Chica. She makes sure to come see them twice a week. She keeps the duo more updated on your condition.

You are healing well and looking forward to your return. You have a therapist now and are talking through your trauma. Physical therapy has been scheduled.

Sun and Moon agree that they will help you relearn to walk. The company released a statement on your injury. They said it was a malfunctioning elevator and that the problem was fixed.

The company decided they would make you a new leg. Moon finds this suspicious. Sun thinks it's a cash grab. If they can make you a leg then they can branch into healthcare.

A week later it finally happens. It's maintenance day. Three weeks after your assault by Bonnie. The security guard who was with you has started night shifts. He refuses to talk about what happened.

Sun is sitting at one of the craft tables with Moon. Moon is talking to the support group. A woman is talking about her son loosing an eye. Sun is sewing the finishing touches on a special project.

The sound of talking fills the room "To have you back. I know they'll be so happy! I tried to see them as often as I could. They were really busted up about it ya know."

Then Sun hears the most wonderful sound he as ever heard in his life. You "SUNNY! MOONPIE!"

Both of them scramble to stand up. chairs get knocked over and the table wobbles. Sun and Moon call down their cable and fly off to get to you.

You are sitting in a wheelchair. You can see their approach. Tears flood your vision and you hold your arms out. About two thirds of the way to you they both stop. You can see them dangle in the air.

The momentum making them sway gently. They don't move or say anything. Anxiety floods your body. Your heart feels tight. Tears prick at your eyes. Your smile falters.

You can't help but glance at your missing limb. Your hands fly to the place where your thigh should be as if trying to hide it. You curl in on yourself. Suddenly everything feels cold and wrong.

You hiss as you move your leg the wrong way. Staples and stitches pulling painfully. You look back up. Sun and Moon are gone. Their cable has pulled itself back up to the ceiling.

You turn your head Chica is also missing. You feel alone in that moment. Are you really that disfigured? Do They really not want you anymore.

You let out a long and pitiful wail. It echos throughout the daycare mixing with the jovial music that constantly fills the space. You choke on a breath as fat globs of tears his the red mat you are sitting on.

"Oh poor thing! No worries dear! Nurse Sunny is here to take good care of you!" You look up. Sun has on a blush pink nurses uniform. The little hat is affixed to his top most ray. He has on white stockings with pink bows on them. A pair of white Mary Janes with blush pink bows. The hem of the dress rests a fes inches below his ass. His lips are covered neatly in a bright candy red.

Sun turns to something behind him "Doctor! Doctor! Our most important hansom and beautiful patient is here!"

Moon appears from behind a nearby slide. He has on a long white coat with black slacks. Dark brown loafers with blue paisley socks adorn his feet. His lavender undershirt has little dark lavender moons and suns on it. He has a comically small stethoscope around his neck. You aren't sure why but he has dark purple lipstick on.

He pulls a hanky out of his coat pocket and begins to dry your tears "Don't worry starlight. We will take good care of you."

Something in the way he's talking sounds forced. You can see how he shakes. The way his hands flex. Like he want's to touch you more but can't.

You break his trance by touching his face "Please please hold me! I thought I would never see you again! I wasn't allowed to call you. It was awful!"

He breaks down shaking and crying, although he has no tears. He drips to his knees in front of you. Long arms wrap around your middle. His faceplate presses into your stomach.

You rub his back comforting your boyfriend. You look up at Sun. He has a hand on his mouth. His shoulders also shake and he lets out a whimper. You hold an arm out to him.

He jogs over to you and begins to plant large lipstick kisses to your face "SUNSHINE! I thought we lost you! We should have never let you go with that stupid guard! He should have protected you! At least they put him on night shift."

You go stiff. Your breath catches in your throat. The hand on Moon's back stills "He.... He's still... working here?" Your voice is shaky. Your heart rate jumps up.

Sun puts a hand on your cheek "Yes, what's wrong?"

Moon looks up at you a frown on his face.

You take a breath "He locked the door on me... Told me no one would miss me if I died.... I still see the look on his face as he slammed the door behind him. Sad, but no regret. He left me for dead."

Sun lets you go taking a step back. His voice is full of fire, acid, and knives "He what?"

Moon also lets you go. You realize it's so they don't hurt you in their rage. Steam pours out of the two of them.

Moon huffs loudly as his systems try to cool him "He is banned from the daycare. When I see him again he's going to regret not letting Bonnie kill him."

Sun paces in circles punching the air and waving his arms wildly. Sure you've seen him mad but this is on a new level of rage.

Sun points at you "Do you know what he told everyone!? HE said Bonnie blocked the door and you told him to go on without you. Claimed he tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge."

You growl "That's not what happened! The cameras will show what he did!"

Moon bounces in place "Let's get you up to bed first. We can look over your discharge paperwork. After that we'll look at the camera footage."

Sun picks you up and Moon takes your chair. Sun gently sets you down on the bed handing you your fazwatch. Clean of blood and fully charged.

He sits down next to you, the hem of his dress riding up slightly "Would you like anything to eat? We can go get it for you."

You nod "If it's not a problem, can I have a meatball sub? I'd also like unsweetened iced tea."

Sun nods "I'll put the order in for you and pick it up when it's ready."

You lean on him "Thank you. Hey Moon? I get why Sun is wearing lipstick, but why are you?"

Moon crawls onto the bed with your paperwork "I wanted to feel pretty for you."

You wrap an arm around him "Well it worked. Do you... do you still want me? Like... Like that?"

Sun tilts his head "Like that? If you're asking I we still want to make love to you then yes. Silly silly thing. If you're asking if we want to make love right now? Then no. You just got out of the hospital." Sun stands up from the bed "I'm going to go get your food. Be back soon!" Sun plants a kiss between your eyes with a loud mwah.

Moon flips through the paperwork "We'll help you with therapy to get you walking again. You WILL let Sun and I take care of you. I expect you to tell us when we are being overbearing. We want to love you not smother you."

Moon stands up and fetches the first aid kit. He takes note of all the things they'll need for your care. Sun returns some time later with your meal. You notice a gooey brownie in the bag for you.

You and Moon are playing a video game together. One of your favorite two player ones. You save and switch to a movie to watch while you eat. Sun ,still dressed up, cuddles up to your right side.

He and Moon discuss a plan for your care. It makes you feel fuzzy inside. And the fact that Sun made those costumes as well? Perfection.

You do wonder how he got those Mary Janes though. Your mind wanders to how good he looks in those clothes.

Sunny leans over "It has a matching bra."

You startle "What?"

Sun chuckles "I saw you looking. Do you even know what movie you're watching? You can touch if you want. I don't mind. When Moon and I finish going over your care plan we need to change your bandages. If you are of with it."

Without a though you grab his thigh "Soft."

Sun takes the trash from your meal away "Time for a bandage change! Right doctor?"

Moon picks the first aid kit off the floor "Correct nurse! Now, will you be a good little patient and let us change your bandage?"

You blush and nod slowly "It looks... awful. Sunny? Can you hand me my meds? Please."

Sun nods and fetches your medication. He hands you the correct dose and iced tea. Moon sets out everything they'll need to help you. Slowly he takes your bottoms off and sets them to the side.

Together Sun and Moon remove the old bandages. Sun takes the antibacterial cream and puts some onto his hands. He sits down in front of your stump.

He smiles at you "I'm warming it up." Slowly he rubs it into your injury. He makes sure to massage it in gently "Gorgeous as the day we met." He leans down and kisses your hip right where it meets your leg.

Moon takes Sun's place bandages in hand. Sun holds the gauze pad in place as Moon firmly wraps your stump "Not too tight? Can you still move it fine?"

You can't help the tears that fill your eyes "I... Bonnie ripped the bone out. I only have the socket left. He took the joint. I don't have anything to move what's left of the leg."

Sun crawls up the bed and pulls you to his chest "Oh sunshine. I'm so so sorry this happened to you."

Moon pust the first aid kit back where it belongs "Alright. I'm going to watch the footage of... the incident. Do you want me to send it to you Sun?"

Sun purses his lips and looks at you "Do you want me to see?"

You bite your lip "I'm fine with it as long as you don't show me. I'm not ready yet."

Moon nods "When we find proof of what that coward did we'll send it to HR."

Sun nods "And every computer we have access to."

You put on another movie. It's an old one but it also makes you laugh. Twenty minutes into the movie moon lets out a loud roar and punches a hole in the wall.

You jump and Moon throws a pillow over the balcony "That little piece of shit! I'll tear HIS leg off!"

Sun pets your hair "Oh! I just got the video file! Alright let's see here..... I'LL FILL HIS EYES WITH GLITTER GLUE!"

Again you jump at the outburst. Sun lets out a loud guttural scream. Moon does the same. Now the two of them are screaming loudly in rage. You cover your ears and shut your eyes.

They stop. You can feel one of them petting your head like a cat. You open your eyes to Moon. Sun is standing very still. If it weren't for his eyes you'd think he shut down.

Sun turns to the both of you "It's done."

You tilt your head "Done?"

Sun nods "It's done."

The repercussions of Sun's actions happen quickly. Three days later you are sitting in your wheelchair helping out in the daycare. Your therapist thought it would be good for you to play with the kids.

Sun and Moon were happy to be able to keep a close eye on you. Currently Sun was wheeling you to the bathroom happy to help you.

Both of your heads turned as someone came stomping down the stairs to your right. Sun must have seen them first as he sprinted to the handicap bathroom and locked the door.

Sun wheels you to the toilet "Let's uh let's get you set up hm?"


Once situated you cross your arms "What's going on?"

Someone bangs on the door loudly "What the fuck is wrong with you?! Open the god damn door! Do you know what you've done!? I have a family!"

You look at Sun. A determined look on your face "What I've done! What about what you did!! You left me to die! Three steps! I was three steps away! You'll get what you deserve! You! You! COCKJUGGLINGTHUNDERCUNT!"

Sun throws a hand over his mouth "La-snrk-Language hahaha! Where did you learn such foul language?"Sun giggles as he helps you back into your chair.

You chuckle "I used to play a lot of Team Fortress 2. That and a show called South Park."

Sun giggles as he opens the door for you "Maybe we should watch it together."

The guard is waiting for you outside the bathroom "You didn't have to do that! I was scared! I have more than my-"

Sun turns and smiles at the guard "Heeelloooo!"

The guard huffs "I'm not talking to you attendant."

Sun spins his rays "You are banned from the daycare! Leave now or I'll show you what glitter looks like."

The guard growls "Was that a threat?"

Sun laughs with his whole body, almost bending in half "No no no! THAT was a promise! You have ten minutes."

The guard goes to say something but Sun ignores him darting back into the daycare. You don't find out what happened until after the daycare is closed.

The guard was transferred to permanent night shift. He was also reprimanded. Everyone treats him poorly. You wish more happened but what can you do.

Sun takes your hands "Are you ready to excersize?"

You nod "Yeah... I am."

Moon takes your stump and manipulates it in simulated walking "Pretty soon you'll have a new robotic leg."

You nod "I'm a little nervous though. I know it's silly but... what if..."

Sun rubs your shoulder "What if?"

You continue "What if they slowly take more and more of me until I have nothing of myself left."

Moon pauses his movements "Then we will do everything beyond our power to transfer your personality, memories, and all things you into your new body."

You take a deep breath "Y'all gonna make me cry!"

Sun rubs your belly "In a good way I hope."

The days go by much the same. You help Sun and Moon with the kids. In the evenings Chica visits to chat with you. Freddy visited once too but for some reason Sun and Moon were short with the bear.

You decide to ask about it later. What they tell you does not make you happy. Freddy winds up getting a lecture from you. His response tells you everything.

He shuddered out "They always look so happy! I-I thought they were fine."

You try to tap your right foot "Right... It's missing. Do better next time. Just because someone looks happy does not mean they are. They suffered for days alone. And what the fuck kind of person sends only the facts to a grieving spouse! Show some compassion!"

Freddy gasps "Spouse?"

Your eyes go wide. Escaping death, it fills you with determination "Yes! Spouses."

That night you made two bots very happy and one bot very sad. Freddy was determined to do better.

The following day you are carted off by EMT's to prepare for your new robo leg. It's a rough couple of days before you are deposited back into the daycare. Your new leg is black. It works as well as Sun and Moon's. You plan to let the boys paint it.

Sun and Moon are tasked with teaching you how to use your new leg. No complaining! They agree but ask for something in return. The request is granted. Your fist night back they want to try to get you to walk. So, standing in the middle of the daycare Your boys teach you.

Sun stands ten feet away from you arms open for a hug.

Moon holds you under your arms "Alright now starlight, one step at a time. All we want you to do today is practice engaging the mechanisms in your new leg."

You nod "Got it. I can do this!"

Sun shouts "That's the spirit! You've got this Y/n!"

With help from Moon you manage to take a step. It's clumsy, like that of a new born foal. Undeterred, and with the encouragement from Sun and Moon, you manage a few more steps. Within a week you can manage to walk short distances before needing to stop.

It's late at night. Sun and Moon have you waling to them again. You make it twenty feet.

Both Sun and moon hold their arms out to you before dropping to a knee and saying at the same time "Perfect! The exact distance we want to see you walk on our wedding day!" Together they hold a box out "If you'll have us."

You shake as your leg tries to give out on you "Who the hell would say no?"

Moon picks you up before you fall. Sun rolls around on the floor in a fit of squeals. You open the box. It's empty.

Moon frowns "I'm sorry... We don't have the ring yet. Shipping delay."

You chuckle "It's fine. I don't mind."

Sun lets steam out of his joints "I might need to go to P&S. I think a fan broke."

Moon shakes his head "Hold on. Let me look."

You feel content. You are getting married to Sun and Moon and you have a new leg. You can't think of anything to make this moment better.

Chapter Text

Every time a child is born they have a red string. One only they can see. And at the end of the thread? Their soulmate, the only other person who can see the thread. When someone finds their soulmate they share a lifespan. Whoever lives the longest determines the lifespan.

When the two soulmates meet the thread transforms into red tattoo bands around their fingers with each others name inside. Everyone can see the mark. Usually a big party happens. If that's what the new couple wants anyway.

You were five when you realized something was wrong. The other kids always talked about how their little strings would wiggle and dance about. All yours ever did was hang limply off of your finger. It never moved. It didn't even lead anywhere when you tried to follow it.

It cut off about five feet in front of you. You tried to tell those around you but they brushed you off. It would move soon. It just meant your soulmate wasn't born yet. Maybe they died? Still birth? Miscarriage? Maybe you just don't have a soulmate. Unlovable.

A word that was thrown around most of your life. Unlovable. It became part of your name throughout your school years, Unlovable Y/n. It stung like a tornado of needles. Every word a scar on your heart. Etched into the flesh.

It didn't matter how many times you tried to heal the wounds they always came back. It hurt your heart and pulled you under. Eventually you resigned yourself to your fate. You thought about cutting the damn finger off. However the string would still remain. That would never work.

One day it happened. You almost missed it. The string wiggled. You burst into tears at work. When you explained what happened to your boss they let you go early. You took your paid time off ,PTO, intent on finding them. Whoever they were.

You hopped they weren't a baby or something. It would be the worst thing in the world to find your soulmate is a damn baby. The thought made you sick to your stomach.

The string led you all the way to an up and coming pizza joint. It seems Fazbear is making a new pizzeria. Why would your thread lead you here? Was it another cruel joke from fate? You knew it was too good to be true. Dejected, you went home.


Sun was turned on for the first time. The room he was in was colorful. It felt strange. He had so much information in his head but felt like he knew nothing. There were so many new sensations. People were watching him waiting for something.

'Say something.' A voice in his head spoke. His systems told him it was Moon. But who even was Moon? Sure he knew it was the other AI inside him. The nap time Attendant. But he didn't know anything else about him.

Sun decided to say something "HeeeellooO!"

That was apparently the right thing to do. Sun looked down at himself as the people began talking. He took note of his yellow colors, the bells on his wrists, and.... String? Is that string? Where is it going?

He wanted to ask about it but he couldn't get a word in. The strange people , he layer learned they were parts and service workers, were not nice at all. They yelled at him and hurt him when he did something they didn't like. Soon he was taken to his new p̶r̶i̶s̶o̶n̶ home.

Sun decided to talk to Moon "Hi... Moon?"

Moon responded quickly 'Hello Sun.'

Sun looked down at his... no their hand "Do... do you see that string?"

Moon hummed 'Yes, I do. It's pointing to the left.'

Sun tilted his head "No it's pointing behind us."

Moon was confused. Clearly the string was pointing left 'Are we seeing two different strings? I don't see one pointing behind us.'

Sun flipped his hand over and over "Maybe we are? What do they mean?"

Moon paused searching their shared files "I don't know..."

Chapter Text

It was hard for you to watch the little thread. It made small movements. You knew from listening to others talk that it was normal for strings to move a lot. People didn't stay in one place. You knew you never did. That being said your string never moved far.

It was like whoever was on the other end never left the Pizza joint. You had visited the building a few times. It always has a 'Coming Soon' sign on the front. You aren't about to break in to the building. You did try to tell a construction worker your soulmate was inside but they would not let you in.

It took several months for construction to finish. Then you had to wait another three months to actually be able to visit. In total it took nine months. NINE GOD DAMN MONTHS! But you made it for the low low price of forty dollars. Fuck.

At least this ticket price covered one large one topping pizza. Hopefully the pizza is good. Your heart pounds as you follow the thread. It leads you right to the daycare. You need a pass to get in. Fuck. More money!

With a few colorful words you buy the pass. Whoever is on the other side of this string better be worth it. If it turns out to be an abuser you are jumping off the roof. The music inside the daycare is... nice. You like the song for the most part. The random animal sounds are kinda weird.

Your finger begins to get hot. Not overly so but it is noticeable. Parents and workers give you funny looks as you enter with no kid.

A woman working check-in approaches you "Mixter? Are you lost?"

You blush "Oh! I uh. My string...."

She gasps "Oh! You are looking for your soulmate!" She looks at your hand "Good luck!"

You nod and continue your trip. The string wants you to go down the slide but the ball pit makes you nervous. Instead you take the stairs down. The closer you get to the play place the more the string moves. Finally you are standing in front of large wooden doors.

Your heart pounds and sweat coats your body. Fear fills you. It's a kid. You just know it. You don't know if you should knock on the door or just walk inside. You spot a worker heading for the door and explain your situation. They allow you inside but tell you to stay close to them.

If you do anything sketchy you are gone. You agree on the spot and tell them you will touch nothing. The two of you stand just inside the door. The room is filled with children. A large Sun themed animatronic spins in place in the center of the room. He stops in place. His attention is now on you.

You stand a little taller trying to follow the thread with your eyes. The thread gets tighter and tighter. The heat in your finger almost painful. He stops in front of you looking you up and down. You can see the thread lead to his finger but it hovers in the air.

On his finger is a red band with Montgomery Gater scrawled across it.

Your heart drops and you are immediately confused "Wha? Why. I I don't understand. Why? Why does it stop like that?" A few tears slip and you wipe them away with the back of your hand.


Sun had found his Soulmate. Monty. They were happy. Moon however was not. After they had learned what the string meant they were excited. Monty and Sun work well together. Sun gives Monty the pampering he needs and Monty helps Sun's confidence.

The first time they kissed was fine. Moon just blocked it out. Things got bad when they switched places mid kiss. Moon was mortified. Monty tried to punch him. Sun convinced Monty not to explaining that they had no control over the change.

Moon talked to Sun about avoiding that again. Sun agreed. Things were good for a while. Up until they decided to start going to the next level a month in. There were at least three times Moon tries to forget where Monty was balls deep inside Sun.

Neither of them were keeping track of the time and Sun and Moon switched. It took Monty a few seconds to figure that fact out. Moon ran away as fast as he could. Sun was upset by this. Monty felt bad. It's not that either of them wanted to do that to Moon. They just wanted to love each other.

Eventually it got to the point where in a fit of rage Sun yelled at Moon to suck it up. He regretted it as soon as it left him. They begged to be separated. It was denied every time. The company just didn't see a point.

It caused a rift between the two attendants. They both said a lot of hurtful things. Sun did not stop seeing Monty. Not that Moon wanted that. He just wanted them to keep better track of time. Be more aware of the transition between the two and keep Moon out of their amorous activities. All of them.

It was a cool day in autumn when things changed. Moon noticed the movements in the thread on his hand moving less and less. Usually that meant whoever was on the other end was getting closer. It excited and frightened him.

He wanted to say something but he knew Sun wouldn't care. The thread went from small movements to very big ones. Nap time would be in an hour. Sun made a point to avoid looking at his hand. Moon caught on to this fact quickly. He huffed in annoyance.

About fifteen minutes later the door to the Daycare proper opened. Sun turned hoping for Monty. Instead is was a maintenance worker and someone he had never seen before. He frowned slightly as he heard Moon say "My Soulmate".

Moon finding his soulmate meant less time with Monty. This was not good. Maybe he should try to chase them off? He began to approach them undecided about how to treat them. Looking them over he decided they were rather plain looking.

He watched as they became distraught. He should be happy but it stung. You didn't do anything wrong and didn't deserve his ire over the spat between he and Moon.

He smiled softly at you "Hey, hey! Calm down. I'm not your soulmate." You began to cry a little harder "Now now. None of that. Your soulmate is Moon. He's the other AI in this body. You can't meet him until after closing."

He watched you deflate and let out a small "OK."

The worker huffed "You can't stay after hours! It's against the rules."

Sun shrugged "Well! Then I guess you'll never meet Moon then! I'm sorry. You can purchase a plushy of him in the Superstar gift shop!"

The worker shakes their head "I can let you meet Moon. The daycare closes before the rest of the Plex. You come back here at seven and I'll get you your soulmate. I might have a plan for something else too."

You hug the worker and thank them. Sun is not happy. He does not want you to meet Moon. He doesn't want his lips on anyone but Monty. HIS body belongs to Monty. Moon however is elated. The moment he saw you he thought you were perfect.

While he didn't like to see you cry he loved to see you happy. He spent the rest of the day planing what to say to you. Would he frighten you? He scared everyone else. What if you didn't like the way his voice sounded. Low gravely... like he ate a red hot brillo pad.

He supposed he would find out what you thought at seven. He just hopped Sun didn't do anything to ruin the moment later.

Chapter Text

The plex was nice enough. You could see why it was quickly becoming popular. Wasting time was easy to do. You even ate that large pizza. It was so good! Seven pm found you at the daycare again. Nerves running wild. Thought spiraling.

The thought at the forefront was 'why did Sun tell you you'd never meet Moon'. You wondered what Moon was like. Ten minutes later the worker, who you learned was named Pat, let you into the daycare.

Pat hands you a flashlight "There is no way to lower the lights. If you want a look at Moon you'll need this. I know it's crazy. He's an animatronic. But it's ok. Mine is DJ Music Man. Oh! Moon can only come out in dark or dim lighting."

You nod slowly "Ok. I'm ready!"

The daycare is bright as you enter. Neither of you see Sun. It's quiet save for the music. You and the worker walk to the security desk.

Pat moves to a light switch by the desk "If Sun is here then Moon should come right to you when the lights are off. I'm sure he knows you are soulmates."

He flips the lights off. The two of you wait in the dim light of the advertising sign. Nothing happens and you begin to panic. You nervously shift from one foot to the other.

"Moon! NO! What are you doing! You can't!" Something falls into the ball pit.

You jump at the loud noise. You and Pat wait in the silence. From the darkness comes two red eyes. The thread on your finger tells you it's your soulmate.


The closer time got to seven the more anxious Moon got "Please Sun. Just let me meet them."

Sun huffed and paced about their pitiful room "I want to go see Monty."

Moon whimpered "Sun! Please! Their my soulmate!"

Sun crossed his arms "No! If you meet them then you'll fall in love. I'll have less time with Monty and we don't get enough time together as it is!"

Moon growls "It's not all about you! This is my body too!" He begins to fight Sun for control. The lights in the daycare turn off. He knows you are down there waiting for him.

Sun realizes what Moon's doing "What?! Moon! NO! What are you doing!" He gasps in alarm as his lower half drags him to the balcony "You can't!"

Moon gains control once they are out of their room. The sudden lack of fighting from Sun causes him to loose balance and fall into the ball pit. He curses himself. What must you think of him for that display? Pitiful.

Thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed Moon shuffles up to you. Sun is screaming in his head calling him selfish and other names. Moon blocks Sun out. He deserves this as much as Sun deserves Monty.

Finally he's at the edge of the light. Your silhouette is stunning. A quick glance at himself sends his mind into a tailspin. He looks scary. You look wonderful. He's the beast. A crater face. And then he hears your voice. It sounds like heaven. Not that he knows what heaven sounds like.


You take a timid step forward "Moon?" You can see his eyes draw back "Wait! Please don't go! I thought you were a baby!"

Moon recoils "What? Baby?!"

You backtrack "No! Wait! I'm sorry! I don't want to date babies! I shit! Ar ! No Shoot! Sorry! This is a daycare! Stupid! So stupid!"

Moon takes a step towards you "No! Not stupid."

You take a deep breath "When This string led me to the Daycare I thought my soulmate was a child. I was.. am scared."

Moon gasps "Scared? W-why?"

You grip the flashlight tighter and whisper "What if I'm not good enough for you."

Moon takes the final step into the light "But how can you not be if I'm not good enough for you." His head twitches "I can't leave the plex. I share my body with Sun. He's in a relationship by the way. Why would you want someone as ugly as me?"

Your legs wobble "Good god! Why are you so hot! Fuck me running!"

Moon recoils again "What? Me hot?? Are... Are you mentally ok?"

You shrug and open your arms "I'm not sure we are seeing the same thing. Can I hug you? I-.... I'm super touche starved."

Moon shuffles in place awkwardly "I... I've never hugged and adult before..."

You don't falter and move closer to Moon "Can I be the first then? You can say no if you aren't ready."

Pat is watching this like a soap opera. His attention is clinging to every word.

Moon clasps his hands in front of himself "Alright..."

You take his hand. Your finger burns but you continue anyway. Awkwardly you pull Moon into your arms. Moon has no idea what to do with his arms. The kids told them grownups hug different. One even said his mommy sounded like it hurt, she kept crying to god.

You however are not making those noises. You look happy to have him in your arms.

Moon clears his throat "What... what am I supposed to be doing? You aren't... this doesn't hurt?"

You take his wrists and wrap his arms around you "You smell nice. Wait! That was creepy! Fuck! Wait!!! Daycare! Frick!"

Moon chuckles and rubs your back "Are you always like this?"

You huff "No... I'm just super nervous."

Moon nervously leans his head on yours "God. Me too. You'll have to go soon won't you?"

You nod "Yeah..."

Pat chirps "About that!"

You jump "What?! Sorry... forgot you were there."

They wave you off "It's fine. Look, Sun and Moon need a handler. A handler makes sure their charge does not get overwhelmed. They keep them safe and happy. They also clean them and perform basic maintenance. If you want to keep seeing Moon then apply for the job."

You gasp and wave your hands excitedly "Where can I apply!? When can I apply?"

Pat holds a hand up "Woah, I'll take you to apply for the job. We can leave when you are ready. Being Moon's soulmate? You are almost guaranteed the job."

You turn to Moon "What do you think?"

Moon grins "I think th-"


Pat huffs "Sally."

You turn to Moon- No he's Sun now. Sun pushes you to the floor "Why couldn't you stay away?! Now I have to be with you!"

You look up at him "What? Why?"

Sun wails "Tommy and Tammy said only mommies and daddies can be together! It's the law!"

You stand up slowly "What? That's not true! Anyone can marry anyone."

Sun takes a step back "I can only have one! I don't want you!"

You are so confused "I don't follow..."

Sun sniffles moving further away "Moon is so selfish! All he had to do was let me have Monty! I don't want to kiss you!"

You hold your hands up "I don't want to kiss you either. You can have Monty. All I want is Moon!"

Sun growls and stomps up to you "We share a body! I don't want my body to touch yours!"

You cross your arms "And what about Moon? Does he want Monty to touch his body?"

Sun flips his faceplate upside down "It's not just his body. He can just deal with it!"

You stomp up to him "Why?"

Sun makes an indignant sound "What?"

You frown "Why does he have to deal with it but you don't?"

Sun sputters "Because! Because!"

You huff "Because why?"

Sun growls getting in your face "Because I'm more important!"

As soon as the words leave him he deflates. His rays retract into his head. He pushes you to the floor again and runs away.

You sit on the ground "What the shit fuck avenue! Yeah I need to set his scraggly ass straight! IS he getting advice from children? Hell no! Let's get me this job so I can give that Betty spaghetti looking hoe a verbal beat down!"

Chapter Text

You tilt your head to Pat "Who the hell taught them manners?"

Pat shrugs "The kids probably. Sun and Moon were built with an adaptive AI. The company wanted them to learn things from their environment. They were supposed to have a handler from the start to teach them relationships ant whatnot but everyone thought they were creepy and annoying." Pat sighs "They likely learned everything from the kids. It's part of why I want you to apply for the job. I think you could really help the two."

You huff brushing yourself off "Yeah well I'm going to teach him how to behave even if I have to strong arm him into it."

Pat grins and nods toward the door "Let's get your application started hm?"

It takes two weeks for everything to go through and your work with your old employer to finish. The company was excited to hear you are Moon's soulmate. Two days after your first meeting with Moon you noticed it

A red band imprinted onto your finger with "Moon" in fancy cursive. You feel bad for Moon. He's stuck with your shitty chicken scratch. You weren't able to visit Moon. You did write him a letter. You hope Sun didn't do anything to it. His emotional level is that of a five year old.

It's early morning on maintenance day. You learn on these days the plex is not open to the public. Pat meets you at the entrance with your new uniform. Long pants with a half yellow and red striped, and half starry pattern. The top is the same with a space for your nametag.

You take the uniform and follow them to the daycare "Do I need to change into this?"

Pat shakes their head "No, but you'll need to wear it Monday. You are more than welcome to come visit over the weekend. Since you are soulmates with Moon you can even stay the night! You just can't do it every night."

You nod as you pass the fountain "So like three days a week or something?"

Pat nods "Exactly! It's what I do. Now... I haven't told Sun and Moon you are their new handler but they do know they are getting one."

You nod again now standing in front of the doors to the daycare proper. The light's are on inside and you can hear two voices. Pat allows you a moment to steel your nerves before opening the door.

Inside Sun is on his hands and knees. Monty is balls deep in his ass railing him from behind. Sun shoots you a shit eating grin. You decide not to take this lying down.

You walk right up to the pair "Did you really think this would make me leave?" It is taking every ounce of your willpower not to turn and run out.

Sun fake gasps loudly "Oh! It's you! I didn't think you would be by today? Are YOU our new handler? This is a private moment! Leave!"

You smile twitches "Why yes I am! I AM Moon's soulmate."

Monty scrambles up from the ground covering himself "Ah am so sorry! Sun told me they rescheduled. uhm... It's nice to meet you... sorry you saw my dick."

You chuckle "It's fine. Such is life. One day you find your soulmate and the next you see a gaters golf balls and putter."

Monty laughs loudly "Wow! Took that better than I thought!"

Sun crosses his arms from the floor "What is it going to take to get rid of you!"

"Sun! That's Moon's soulmate! You can't just get rid of them!" Monty barks.

Sun mutters "Yes, daddy." With a blush.

The lights shut off for the hour. You look up at the ceiling "How often do they do that?"

Pat, who is facing away from all of you, states "On maintenance day they shut off every other hour for an hour to give Moon time to roam."

You look back down to Moon and blush turning away "Oh! Sorry... I uh. I didn't see anything."

Moon growls and throws his pants back on "Sun! How many times do I have to tell you to keep better track of time! I warned you the lights were shutting off soon! You can't keep doing this! I don't want to... do that... with Monty!" Moon's shoulders shake as he cries, although he has no tears "I can't take it anymore!"

You reach out and hold Moon.

He flinches and pushes you "Don't touch me! I.. i don't want to be touched. Sorry..." He rubs his arms "I'm sorry for pushing you."

You shake your head "It's alright. I'm here whenever you need me."

Monty makes a sad sound "Sorry Moon. I just love Sun so much I loose track of time."

Moon hisses "That's not an excuse!" A wire comes from the ceiling and takes him up to a balcony.

You watch him leave "This is going to take a lot of work."

Monty sheepishly looks at you "What do you plan to do? We already tried to ask for them to be separated."

You glare at Monty "That is a shitty solution. What I need to do is teach them how to handle being in the same body. They NEED to learn how to respect each other AND how to handle adult relationships. I don't know a thing about psychology. This is going to suck donkyballs."

Monty raises a hand "Sun hates cussing."

You pout slightly "Well when Sun treats me with respect I'll do the same. Until then I'll use all the foul language I want."

You sigh "How do I get up there?"

Pat wave you over "I'll take you up. Monty, it;s best you leave."

Monty holds a hand out "Wait! Your finger! Can I see it?"

You give him your hand and he flips it around "Cursive. Sun's looks like shit. I'll do whatever it takes to fix this. Just tell me what you need." With that Monty leaves the daycare.

Pat takes you to the Foxy poster in the theater "This is a secret door." He hands you a keycard "This will let you in. It also gives you access to a few other areas. There is a list in an e-mail I sent you. Go ahead and try it out."

You nod and wave the card in front of the poster. It makes a clicking noise before opening. Behind the poster is a staircase with a door at the top. you walk up the stairs to the door glancing behind you.

Pat gives you a thumbs up "I have other work. I'll leave you to it. If you need anything you have my number."

You nod and turn back to the door, You don't hear anything and you can't see any light from under the door.

You take a deep breath and pump yourself up before knocking on the door "Moon? It's Y/n. May I come in? Take your time."

You wait for ten minutes before the door opens. Moon is hunched over in the darkness. He moves aside to let you into the room. You can't see very well inside the room. Moon takes your hand reluctantly and leads you to a set of stairs to sit down.

He quietly sits down next to you. Long legs splayed out in front of himself. His hands are folded together between his legs. He looks so defeated. Your fingers twitch with the need to touch Moon in comfort. The two of you sit quietly for a good twenty minutes. Half an hour before the lights switch.

Moon finally says something and it breaks your heart "I'm dirty. I should be pure for you. Sally said you should only be with your soulmate. I'm dirty."

You fight back tears "These are different circumstances. You aren't one soul in one body. You are two souls in one body. It's not going to be easy but I want to help you both. I can't ask for separate bodies for you two until you can agree and work together in this one."

Moon sighs "I was afraid of that. I doubt Sun will listen.... I promise to try whatever you think will help..."

You smile "Thank you. It's all I ask."

Moon looks at your lap "Can I see it?"

You tilt your head "See what?"

Moon looks you in the eyes "Your finger. Our mark. Can I see it?"

You hold your hand out to him "You know... I thought I would never have a soulmate. From birth my string didn't lead anywhere. It never moved at all." You chuckle pitifully "I used to get called unlovable all the time. I about fainted when it wiggled."

Moon flips your hand around inspecting the mark. He feels an almost possessive pride at his name forever imprinted into your flesh. He holds his own hand out to you to see.

He chuckles as you make a face "Your handwriting is terrible. I still love it though. I uh... I'm glad to have found you. I'm sorry things were so hard. At least I'm a seven foot tall robot and not a baby."

You giggle and nod "Yeah. Luck you I have a size kink." You nudge Moon with your elbow.

Moon blushes and covers his face with one hand letting out a whinny "Y/n! You're going to make me overheat!"

You gasp playfully "Oh no! Don't want that!" You look at your phone and stand up "The lights are about to turn back on. This is going to be as fun as a nosebleed."

Moon jumps up and pulls you into a hug "Thank you.... starlight."

He lets you go and walks about five feet away from you. The lights flicker back on. Moon shifts back into Sun. Sun gives you a hard look. In return you match his energy giving him an equally hard look.

He spits out "Y/n."

You calmly state "Sun."

Chapter Text

You hold your hand out to shake.

Sun stares at it in disgust "What is that?"

You glance down "That's a hand."

He frowns at you "I can see that. But why?"

You wiggle your fingers "A piece offering. I want to help you and Moon get along in this body so it works out for everyone."

Sun slaps your hand away "We are doing fine!"

You growl "Like hell you are!"

Sun crosses his arms "What do you know!?"

You hiss "I know you aren't being very nice to Moon."

Sun raises a brow "Moon? The kids hate Moon. He scares them. They love me! I let them play! I give them candy. They adore me! All Moon does is put them to sleep. He stops their fun I create!"

You put your hands on your hips "Really. You think you are that important? Kids need naps to help their growing bodies. Moon is just as important as you are."

Sun rolls his faceplate upside down "You don't even know Moon."

You tilt your head as far as it will go "Did you know Monty when you first learned he was your soulmate?"

Sun flips his faceplate the right way "Well no but that's different."

You do the same "Why? How is it different?"

Sun huffs "We met first."

You huff "And? What if Moon and I had met first? Would you be expected to just sit back and ignore your soulmate? Suffer through the lights turning back on to you balls deep in me?"

Sun gasps "Language! Besides I wouldn't want to be that way with you. It would feel wrong."

You gasp "And it doesn't feel wrong to Moon?"

Sun eyes you suspiciously "What are you doing?"

You eye him suspiciously "Talking to you."

Sun leans forward "No that. Are you copying me?"

You lean back "What would give you that idea? I just want to talk."

Sun stands at his full height "Alright. I'm watching you."

You nod "As expected. Now, how do you think Moon feels when he is forced-"

Sun sighs "He's not forced!"

You huff "What would you call it then?"

Sun stares at you.

You cross your arms "Well? It's not like he can do anything about it until after the switch. By then it's too late. He's got your soulmate inside him when he doesn't want it."

Sun growls "Why does he have to interrupt my time with Monty!"

Your hand twitches with desire to slap Sun "He doesn't! You interrupt his time to be out!" You rub your nose "Look! You have time out right?"

Sun nod "I do!"

You also nod "And Moon gets time out right?"

Sun nods again "Yeah!"

You nod slowly "So when your time goes OVER his time what is it called?"

Sun frowns "I don't like-"

The lights cut off for the hour.

You grumble "He better be thinking about what I said."

Moon stares at you for a moment "Sun is really mad.... He doesn't like that you are making him feel bad."

You cross your arms "Well he can go tell Monty in an hour."

Moon shifts awkwardly "What do we do now?"

You smile at him "What do you want to do?"

Moon points at himself "You are asking me? Can we play a game?"

You nod "What game do you want to play?"

Moon perks up "Checkers! We can get to know each other better! I like talking to you."

You nod "Alright. I like that game."

Moon fetches the board. He sets it on the ground between the two of you "You go first."

You make your move "Do you have any questions for me?"

Moon moves a piece "What's your favorite color?"

The two of you spend the rest of the hour asking each other questions and getting to know each other. At the hourly shift Sun ignores you. He leaps from the tower and into the ball pit.

You opt to let him leave deciding to trust Monty won't just bang Sun again.

Chapter Text

It's twenty minutes to the hourly shift. Sun returns with Monty. Sun is a pouty mess. Clearly not happy. He avoids eye contact. Monty points into the daycare. Sun walks right off the balcony shooting you a hurt look as he falls.

Monty walks up to you and sits down beside you "You really upset him you know."

You eye him carefully "If you want an apology you can go pound sand."

Monty shakes his head "No. I just want your side of the story. Sun tried to tell me all you did was talk about how you were never going to let us see each other again and made him feel bad."

You snicker "No! That's not what I did. HAhaha. Actually I thought it was a nice talk. I explained about how Moon is not interrupting y'alls time. It's you two whose interrupting his time." You scratch your hip "I explained about how just like he doesn't want to be intimate with me Moon does not want to be intimate with you and it's not fair to him. I tried to explain how important Moon is to the kids. I don't think he gets it. He thinks the kids would be better off without Moon. Brat."

Monty sighs "I thought so. You seem like a nice person. Any ideas on time management?"

You nod "A kitchen timer. We set a kitchen timer for fifty minutes. When the time is up all sex stops. The two of you can prepare for the shift. It's what I've been doing with Moon. I have a timer on my phone. Vibrates before my time with Moon is over."

Monty nods "Good idea. So have you two done anything yet?"

You shake your head "Even if I wanted to I wouldn't try anything. The most we have done is hug."

Monty gives you a serious look "It's Sun isn't it."

You raise a brow "What?"

Monty turns to you more "Sun. The reason you won't try anything with Moon."

You shake your head "No. Not entirely. I am shy. I just get so nervous around him. He's the same way. I want to take the time to get to know him. He's basically a stranger. I'm going to be honest. When I thought I didn't have a soulmate I read romance stories." You put a hand on your cheek "I likes the alternate universes where soulmates don't exist. It made me feel better about not having a soulmate. At least a little bit."

Monty nods "Must have been hard. Right well, I guess I'll try to get Sun to understand your point. Sun just knows how to push all my buttons to get what he wants."

You feel the buzz in your pocket "Five minute to the shift. I'll bring a timer tomorrow. Please avoid sex with Sun tonight. I don't want Moon to be forced to have sex with you."

Monty scoffs "We don't have sex."

You go still "What? Explain."

Monty crosses his arms "We don't. It's just sometimes Sun and I are getting it on and he turns into Moon. I pull out. Not sex."

You frown deeply "Monty! That is sex! Just because you aren't moving does not mean it's not sex! Did you really not realize what you were doing this whole time?"

Monty goes slack jaw "I- wait... No! No. Lie! Ah..." Monty scrambles to his feet "I need to talk to Krissy!" He runs out of the room.

You hear a growl. Sun stands at the balcony entrance. Fury in his posture "What did you do to Monty! You are ruining everything! Everything! Everything!"

He stomps right up to you stopping two feet away. The lights shift again and you lean on the wall.

You let out a heavy sigh "Good lord things are worse than I thought!"

Moon pulls you into a hug "I'm sorry you have to go through this."

You lean into Moon "This will not be fixed in a day. Hell! It won't be fixed in a week!"

Moon rubs your back "How did the talk with Monty go?"

You growl "I don't know who he's been getting advice from, but he didn't even realize he was being intimate with you. I hate this place."

Moon shifts nervously "Do... Do you hate me?"

You take his head in your hands "No! Never! We might not know each other very well yet, but I don't hate you." You pull him down to rest your forhead on his "I'll fight for you. Forever."

Moon lets out a tiny gasp "Can I.. I want to try... May I please kiss you?"

You nod. A deep scarlet blush blooming on your face. Moon takes your chin in his left hand. He tips your face up to meet his. His thumb brushes softly across your lips. He leans forward and timidly presses his lips to yours. You press a little deeper into the kiss.

Moon pulls back rather quickly "Wow. Did I do good?"

You lean into his chest "Perfectly. Absolutely perfectly."

Chapter Text

It was one long week later. You and Moon had gotten closer. You openly hugged each other now. Though you still only kissed the one time. It royally pissed Sun off. He ranted in circles that he didn't want his body touching yours.

All your talks with Sun about his behavior went the same. And after each talk he would storm off to whine to Monty. For his part Monty stuck to the routine of using the timer. At first it annoyed both of them, but Monty soon found that he enjoyed spending time with Sun doing other things.

You learned most of their time spent together was .... cardio heavy. You explained that there is more to a relationship than just sex. Sun refuses to allow you to clean him. Lucky for you Moon loves it. He loves the pampering and attention you give him.

The way you look at him like the most amazing artwork warms his insides. He loves the sound of your laughter whenever his fans cock on during nightly cleaning. The kids had taken to you well enough. Helping in the daycare was a chore but it was worth it.

At one point you got tired of Sun's BS about nap time being stupid. You, Sun, and Moon decided to stop nap time on wensday. It went just as you expected. As soon as nap time came you flipped the lights back on. Sun declared nap time was gone for the day.

At first the kids were happy. You moved behind the security desk when you saw the first tantrum start. Sun calmed the child with candy. One by one the kids got more irritable. Sun was quickly overwhelmed with tired irate kids. He turned to you for help but you said he got what he wanted.

At the end of the day you explained the science behind why kids need naps. Sun apologized to Moon about saying nap time was stupid. He stopped complaining about nap time after that.

Friday was a birthday party. Sun got covered in cake and soda. He demanded you clean him. You told him that he told you you weren't allowed to clean him. You left him a sticky mess for three hours. Moon happily sat messy after you told him he would earn a kiss.

Sun again was not happy to be called out on his BS. After he was clean thanks to you cleaning Moon he stormed off to Monty. Thirty minutes later he came back and apologized to you.

While you did feel bad for treating Sun the way you had been. You also felt it was the best way to get him to understand. You had even began to hug Moon right before the light's turned on. Forcing Sun to endure your hugs. It was driving the bot mad.

How dare you force hugs on him! It wasn't fair! He whined to Monty. Monty by that point was tired of Sun's garbage. He sat his Soulmate down and they had the first serious talk of their relationship. Sun came back five minutes before the shift looking like a kicked puppy.

He didn't say anything. He just stood there with hunched shoulders. His bright orange rays poking half way out. His mouth opened but the light's shut off before he could say anything. You asked Moon what he wanted to say but Sun had shut him out. Over all you felt it was a good week.

Chapter Text

Monty was mortified to learn what he had been doing to Moon. The word made is joints freeze up. That wasn't him! He didn't do those things! He wasn't a! It took a week and a half for Monty to finally talk to Moon. The conversation was awkward.

Moon held your hand tightly as Monty explained all the things he learned about sex and consent. How it mortified the gater to learn he was ... doing that awful R word to Moon. He promised on his hands and knees to do better. Moon accepted his apology. He wanted things to work between the four of you as much as you did.

At the hourly shift Sun returned. He avoided eye contact at first.

It was a long moment before he looked at you "Was... Did I really. Did Moon... I didn't want..."

You inch forward "Take your time."

Sun takes a deep breath "I didn't know I was unintentionally letting Moon get-" He tugs at a ray "That! I should have listened to you sooner!" He drops to his knees "I have been so awful to him! And you! You only wanted to help!"

You are taken aback "What? Where did this come from?"

Sun leans his elbow on his left leg "Monty and I talked to Krissy. She's Monty's handler. She made us watch an educational video on" He pauses "sexual assault...." Sun sighs hugging his knees ti his chest "The way you treated me last week. I was so upset! I still am." Sun stares up at you with a hard look "I think it was exactly what I needed. I know we have a lot of work ahead of us. I-" He paused for a long moment "I'm sorry. I want to be better... Do better..."

You crouch down to his level and hold your arms out wiggling your fingers. Sun stares at you before taking one of your hands.

He shakes it gently "Consider this a piece offering. A promise to get along better with Moon. And you... It was wrong of me to try to keep you two apart."

The lights shut off. A swift tug of your hand pulls you to him. Moon smiles warmly at you and gently sways the two of you. His music box plays a soft melody. The marks on your fingers generate a pleasant warmth when they touch and glow a soft red. In that moment you feel more connected to Moon than ever.

Things don't instantly get better. Things like this never do. You do however notice Sun is making an effort. A good one too. Slowly however they do, Soon the day you have been waiting for comes. A year after you started working at the plex the proper paperwork goes through.

Together you and Monty escort Sun and Moon down to P&S. Anyone who tells you to leave is met with a large stubborn gater. Your soul is filled with worry, Will your mark stay with Sun or would it go to Moon's new body.

You feel uncomfortable as Moon's AI is moved to the new body, Your finger goes cold then gets so hot it hurts. You hiss and hold your hand to your chest. Sun wakes up as they install Moon into the new frame. Sun gives you a hug and asks if you want them to stay.

You tell him it's alright if he goes with Monty. Sun does bring you a can of soda from Monty's green room before running off again. Soon everyone else leaves until it's you, Moon, and Pat. It's quiet. Pat fills out paperwork while you hold Moon's hand.

Moon's finger twitches. In a split second decision you climb on top of him. You lean forward until your sure you will be the only thing he sees. You can hear his inner workings coming to life. You watch with a soft smile as his eyes blink open.

His hand snakes to your waist "Are you god? Because there is no way you are an angel. You are far too good looking."

You let out a squeak and cover your face with your hands. Moon chuckles and takes your hands. He pulls your arms apart forcing you down to his face. Your finger gets warm as it touches his. Your lips meet and he uses his right arm to hold you close.

He pulls back with a cheeky grin "You know... Sun told me he and Monty are staying in Monty's green room." He rolls his eyes slowly "If you are up for it starlight, we could take our relationship to the next level. You know... with plenty of cardio."

You blush as Moon waits for your answer.

Chapter Text

You nod eagerly. Brain attempting to find words but only going "kfjhdsa urfhy sfiu h fuiyg". You opt not to say that.

"Hold on tight!" Moon blurts out.

Pat having been long forgotten, Not that they minded. It's what they preferred in fact. Having amorous plans of their own with a certain groovy spider. Not that you knew about that.

Moon takes you in his arms and takes off down the tunnels. With the expertise of a years worth of practice he avoids anything that can hold a conversation. His mind is flooded with a strong desire and the need to breed you.

Fill you with him and make you pregnant. And even though he can't do that the thought still spurs him on. He wonders briefly where his cum comes from. They never had to get it filled. He knows he has no... what did Chica call them? Oh yeah! Swimmers! He has no swimmers!

If he doesn't have cum for reproduction then why does his body make it? And how does- His mind blanks as you shift against him. Brushing your groin against his. He practically breaks the door to the daycare down.

His cable hooks onto his back and he takes you to his room "Stay here! I'll be right back!"

You chuckle and do as you are told. Moon books it out of the room. He flies into the ball pit. When re returns he has baby wipes, a towel, two bottles of water, lube, and a pizza.

You flush brightly "Wow. Prepared? Sexy."

Moon sets the items down carefully "I'm your soulmate! It's my pleasure to take care of you. I love you." Moon sits you down on the stairs and darts about the room. He sets up a comfortable bed... nest? Whatever it is it looks comfortable. He arranges the towel to catch any mess.

The more Moon fusses the more nervous you get. You and Moon had decided to wait for separate bodies to do anything. Sure you two had make out sessions, But the two of you had never seen each other naked.

The closest you came to naked was short shorts and a wife-beater. You, however, being their handler had seen them naked. Cock, balls, and all. It was part of cleaning. A part of cleaning Sun had left for Moon. Once in a while Sun need you to clean that part of him but those moments were few and far between.

Your heart hammered in your chest as Moon held a hand out to you. He paused as he studied your face "Are you ok? Do you not want this? We don-"

"No!" You blurted out quickly "I-I want this. I'm just nervous... I've never been naked in front of you before..."

Moon pulled you to his chest "We'll go slow. If you get uncomfortable I'll stop. Just say the word."

You nod as Moon plants a kiss in between your eyes "Let me take your shirt off precious thing."

You raise your arms as Moon lifts your shirt up exposing your bare chest. Your arms twitch as you fight not to cover yourself. Moon takes you in. Looking over every mark and blemish. The light in his eyes shift pink briefly changing to a heart.

Moon make direct eye contact with you while raising his hands "May I touch you?"

You nod, enamored by the careful treatment. Moon touches your chest. His hands roam over your sternum and up to your clavicle. He trails them down to your belly button dancing a finger around it.

Moon takes you by the shoulders and spins you around. Again his hands roam your body. Memorizing every curve and crevice of your back, You had done the same thing to him during cleaning. You even made a point of not hiding the fact. Openly complementing him and, as you put it, ogling his sexy frame.

Ad so that's what he did to you. He complimented every blemish and mark. Making sure you know how perfect you are. He pulls you into his chest telling you how much he loves the feeling of your bare chest against his. The feeling of your soft warm body is perfection.

Moon lays you down on the soft blankets. He again makes eye contact wile planting kisses down your chest. Delicate lips kiss over each nipple. Your back arches into him and you let out a soft sound,

His hands rub circles into your hips "Can I take your bottoms off?"

You take a breath steeling your nerves. Moon waits patiently. No rushing, no pressure. You lift your hips. Moon's eyes shine a little brighter. Slowly he takes your bottoms off. He gives you ample time to stop him.

He sits back and looks at you. You shift under his gaze. Moon stands up and slips his pants off. His bright blue tentacle cock waves in the air. Like it literally wave at you like a hand. You chuckle and wave back.

Moon crawls on top of you and smiles warmly whispering "I have no idea what I'm doing."

You giggle "Me neither! I've read smutty smutty porn porn but I don't know how much that helps."

Moon purses his lips "So what do we do? Do I just put it in?"

You shake your head "No. I need prep work or it will hurt more than it should."

Moon sits up "Alright. Tell me what to do."

You blush brightly "O-o-oh u-um..." You slowly spread your legs to give him a better view of what you're packing "U-u-m..." Awkwardly you explain about your genitals. Where you are sensitive and how best to please you.

Moon lays down between your legs. He grins up at you and licks a long stripe along your groin before laping at you like a mad man. It feels strange. He's not good at it.

"Wait. I'm sorry you aren't doing very good. Let me show you with my hand? That might help." You offer.

Moon nods watching you carefully "Should I show you how I like to be touched?"

You nod "Good idea!"

The two of you pleasure yourselves. Staring at each other. Watching Moon stroke himself and grope his balls is arousing. Feeling bold you lean down to your hands and knees. you take Moon's ballsack in your mouth and suckle on it.

Moon gasps letting out a loud moan. He grips the top of your head with his hand. Artificial breath coming out in ragged little puffs.

You look up at Moon "Wanna see a magic trick?"

Moon tilts his head "Ok...."

You suck both testicles into your mouth and do jazz hands. Moon lets out a cross between a moan and a laugh. You roll his balls around on your tongue moaning lowly.

Moon gently pushes you off of him "I-I don't want to cum yet." He pets your cheek "Besides, it's your turn."

Moon lays you back down and crawls between your legs "Let's try this again." He licks another long stripe along your groin before taking all of you that he can into his mouth. He licks, sucks, and nibbles everywhere he can reach. His long tongue snakes out and teases your hole.

Your breath hitches as he slowly inches his tongue inside you. He laps at every inch of your walls. He's staring at you intently. As soon as the sounds you are making get louder he pounds into that spot. His tongue rubs that spot abusing the sensitive flesh.

He pulls his tongue out of you moist and dripping with you "I think you're ready starlight." He stands up and fetches the lube shaking it in your direction "Would you like to put it on me?"

You stare at it for a moment before taking the bottle from him "How much do I use?" You flip the bottle over and read the instructions.

Moon rubs the back of his head "I don't know. Monty didn't tell me."

You lean forward and squeeze the proper amount into the palm of your hand to warm it. You reach down and rub the lube over his cock. The excess you rub on your hole. Moon lines himself up giving you a reassuring look.

Slowly he pushes inside of you. Inch by glorious inch. You hiss in pain the deeper he goes. Moon stops so you can adjust. He takes your left hand in his. Your ring fingers touch glowing softly. Both of your eyes go wide.

Every feeling is intensified. You can feel every little movement he makes. And Moon can feel the very heartbeat with his cock. Each movement feels ten fold. Moon bottoms out in you. Your mind is swirling. It's... It's too much.

Moon gives an experimental thrust. You both gasp and moan loudly. You realize then what is happening. You are feeling both you AND Moon's pleasure. You aren't just feeling him inside you. You were feeling yourself wrapped around Moon.

Moon realizes this too "Is- shit- Is this what I feel like? Are... are you feeling this?"

You nod "Keep- fuck me -keep going!"

Moon nods and begins thrusting. It's unlike anything you had ever felt. Better than your toys and your hands. Moon pushes your legs up to your chest. His thrusting gets faster. The drag if his cock. The clenching of your hole. You both feel it all.

He's moaning loudly "Not! Fuckfuckfuck! Not gonna last! CumCumCUmCUM! CUMFOR ME!"

You feel so overwhelmed with pleasure. On instinct you lean up and bite down on his neck. One final thrust sends him into a tailspin. His voice glitches and bottoms out for the last time. You can feel yourself cuming. You feel his cock throbbing. The rush of cum leaving his cock.

You can feel your walls milking him dry. The feeling of Moon's cum filling you to the brim. It's so good. You can't tell weather you are you or if you are Moon. You feel Moon's lips on yours. Eyes unfocused you kiss him back.

Moon rubs his cheek against yours affectionately. He slowly pulls out groaning at all the sensations. You can feel Moon's cum seeping out of you.

He watches enraptured "Mine. Yours. Mine."

Moon fetches the wipes and water. You sip slowly as he cleans the both of you up.

You let out a giggle "I don't think I'm going to be able to stand for a while. You, lord sexy buns, are going to have to take me to the bathroom when I need to go."

Moon laughs as he fetches the pizza "Lord sexy buns?"

You nod "Something that will never leave the bedroom. That is only for you."

Moon hums "Well then you are my Sovereign of Sexy."

You giggle and hide your face "Good god! Shut up and feed me pizza!"

The End

Chapter Text

You are standing at the edge of a river. The water runs red. Grass dirt and trees appear to be made out of sticky drying meats. It quivers under your bare feet. Your arms itch. You look down and move to scratch them. Small marble sized holes open up along your arms.

Tiny kidneys fall out of your arms. The hole rapidly open and close expelling more and more kidneys. You open your mouth to scream and your teeth fall out like a river. You begin to choke on teeth as the fill your mouth. It's agony. Your arms burn and itch and your mouth is a fountain of pain.

Your eyes opened slowly. Exhausted you looked around the room. It's dark and quiet. Sun and Moon lay on either side of you. Your legs feel stiff with the need to move. Your nerves are rattled. You have to get up. You have to!

You wiggle out of bed. Sun and Moon are used to you getting up in the night to pee. Neither bot moves when you leave the room and go into the theater. You plop down on one of the beanbag chairs. The dream unsettled you. Your arms itch and you swear your mouth hurts.

You take a breath to calm your nerves. Someone sits down next to you making you jump. It's Moon in all his glory. Sporting nothing but a pair of boxers.

He smiles warmly "I got worried when you didn't come back. Are you alright?"

You sigh "Nightmare."

Moon wraps an arm around you "Put your head on my shoulder." He pulls him into you while standing up with you "Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh so tight." He begins to slow dance with you "Show me that you love me too."

You recognize the song. It's 'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' by Paul Anka.

Moon leans forward brushing his lips on yours "Put your lips next to mine, dear. Won't you kiss me once, baby?" He presses his lips to yours softly "Just a kiss goodnight, maybe. You and I will fall in love."

You blush "Moon, you really know how to sweep someone off their feet don't you."

Moon chuckles and twirls you before wrapping you in his arms again "People say that love's a game. A game you just can't win," He holds you a little tighter "If there's a way, I'll find it someday. And then this fool will rush in." His fans kick on and he leans his audio receptor to your lips "Put your head on my shoulder! Whisper in my ear, baby! Words I want to hear."

His voice is gravel and faint static. It never bothered you. You love his voice. You notice something. He's not wearing his hat. He usually has it on because people make fun of him for being bald. It makes you feel special.

Moon searches your face and locks eyes with you "Tell me, tell me that you love me, too." He twirls the two of you together "Put your head on my shoulder.Whisper in my ear, baby. Words I want to hear, baby. Put your head on my shoulder."

You pull him into a kiss. Your tongue dances around in his mouth. Hot metal meets you followed by his tongue. He's not overheating but he's getting there. Moon picks you up and carries you back to bed.

Sun is still asleep. Moon lays down in bed with you on top of him. He grips your ass and wraps his tongue around yours.

Sun stirs "We all have work in the morning. Go to bed. We can make love tomorrow night." Sun grabs your arm and pulls you onto the bed. He wraps himself around you like an octopus "Sleep!"

You chuckle "But I had a nightmare."

Sun growls "Nightmare?" He kisses your head "Gone now."

You giggle and yawn. Moon pulls the covers over the three of you and you all go back to sleep.

Chapter Text

You sat with Chica and Roxy in Chica's green room. The three of you were planning a bachelorett party. Monty had offered to strip for you but you declined. Strippers were not something you wanted for your party. You threatened to jump out a window and run away.

The plan was to sneak in some very not company approved movies and watch them in the theater. The boys were going to go Bowling and talk about cats. At least that's the message you got from Sun. You doubt they are going to talk about cats.

In the time you took to plan the wedding Bonnie had been repaired. Foxy was in the works but he wasn't done yet. Tomorrow Sun and Moon would go with the boys and you the girls and Bonnie. He wanted to spend time with you feeling bad for what he did to you.

It took time and bringing your therapist to to do some sessions with both you and Bonnie together. Things are better. The nightmares happen less. You still get phantom pain but you were told that might never go away.

Sun and Moon had used the same paint used on them to paint your leg. It has stars, flowers, Suns, Moons, their names, and little pictures of them. It was beautiful. It would be covered up for the wedding. You didn't want your leg to be the center of attention.

Sun was not happy to be away from you. He was better about it since the accident almost a year ago but it still made him a little nervous. You had to promise six ways to seven that you would call if anything happened. He peppered your face with kisses.

Moon pulled you to him and dipped you. Kissing you breathless and wanting. You couldn't help the desire pooling in your belly. He let you go watching you carefully. Your thighs squeezed together. He gave you a smug smirk. You pursed your lips. Game on bitch.

Bonnie led you and Chica to the theater while Roxy got you a large amount of sushi. The movies were set up and ready to go when Roxy returned. You had purchased a portable projector and bluray player. The first movie on the list was '50 First Dates'. A bottle of your favorite liqueur sat next to you along with mixer.

Chica smiled while you ate "Are you excited about the wedding? I'm so happy for you! Thanks for having it here by the way."

You lean on her for a moment and swallow your bite "Hey! I could never get married without all of you! The company would not let me take you out of here. I tried." You take a sip of your beverage "I'm nervous about getting married. I know how I am and I WILL cry like a big baby."

Bonnie laughs "No eye makeup then?"

You nod "Yep. No makeup at all."

Roxy grins "You are going to look so rad. If anyone makes fun of you for crying I'll take care of them!"

You reach over and pat her knee "You are too good to me."

Roxy scoffs "Says the one who does basically all repairs around this shithole!"

"So, are you worried about Sun and Moon outliving you?" Bonnie asks.

Chica slaps his arm "Bonnie! Don't ask things like that!"

You slowly turn to him "Actually.... We had discussed that..." You shift nervously "Moon want's to put my mind in a robot body. I'm not sure how to feel about that. Sun said when I die he want's to permanently shut down so he won't have to spend a day without me in his life."

Roxy looks you up and down "You would make a kick ass animatronic."

Bonnie swoons "How romantic! Permanent shutdown on your death! What a keeper!"

You take a bite of food followed a large swig from the liquor bottle and a swig of water "I need more drink in me for this. I'm not sure which option to pick. I talked to my saint of a therapist. We are working through it. I am kinda considering" You mumble something.

Roxy leans forward "Considering..." In a 'go on' manner.

You take another large swig "Becomingananimatronic!"

Chica gasps "OMG! Really!?"

You hide in your shirt "I don't want Sun and Moon to die so soon! It's not fair to them!"

A blush begins to bloom on your face. The next movie starts. It's 'Gone With the Wind'.

Roxy stretches "Do you have any idea what you want to look like? Also what about the company?"

You shrug "Moon said he was working on a body. I don't know how he plans to get my mind into the new body." Another swig followed by water.

Bonnie rubs the back of his head "I actually know how."

You recoil "Really?! Tell me."

Bonnie looks away from you "Well you know all that crap with Afton? The plex burning down?"

You nod leaning forwards while you finish eating.

Bonnie lowers his voice "A book was found in the rubble. It was unburned despite all the ashes around it."

You lean back "The fuck?"

Roxy eyes him up and down "What was in the book?"

Bonnie glances around "One page is in the book. The rest are missing. Torn out. It says it's a spell to transfer one's consciousness into another body."

You cross your arms "I don't believe you."

Bonnie gives you a smug look "Ask Moon then."

You lift your arm and begin to type on your watch. Another swig of liquor and water. Your watch pings you look down at it. The message reads 'yes'.

Well that answers that "Wow. It's true."

Chica leans back on her elbows "Are ya going to do it? Now that you know his plan?"

The fuzz of tipsy has you wrapped up "Actually... If we can test it then yes."

Bonnie giggles "We swapped a bee with a frog already. Also a mouse and a fly."

Roxy raises a brow "Where did you get a frog and a bee?"

Bonnie wiggles his fingers "Magic!"

The next movie begins. It's one Bonnie wanted to see. 'Magic Mike'. It's no surprise the movie gets you hot and bothered. Liquid courage doesn't help the situation. You pull your watch out and send Sun a message 'Hey hot stuff! I wana suck your dickb. Swallow tha ting whole. tasty tasty.'

Bonnie giggles looking over your shoulder "Oh this is going to be fun!"

Roxy perks up "What is?"

Bonnie points to your watch "Our little drunk-"

You sit up "Not drunk! Tipsy. Spelling is hard on this thing. The letters are so tiny!"

Bonnie holds his hands up "Ok! Tipsy. Anyway TIPSY messaging Sun dirty stuff."

Chica giggles "Sexy messages to Sun? Do you think he can tak-" PING!

You all look down at your watch. Sun sent a massage back 'Hey mamacita I got what you need. One large serving of Sunny's D'

You make a face "That was not Sun."

Roxy laughs "That sounds like Monty."

Chica pats your arm "Try sending something else."

You nod taking a swig of water and a smaller sip of booze and type 'Can I put your balls in my jaw? Balls in my jaw? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I?'

You all giggle as you wait for Sun to respond. PING! A message back 'They are fat and heavy for you baby' You squeal and cover your face.

Bonnie takes your arm and reads the message "Whoever is helping him write these is good. Send something to Moon!"

You nod and type out 'I want to eay your ass out like a fat kid with a puddi cup and no spoom.'

Roxy roars out "Damn! Kinky bitch!"

Ping! It's Moon 'How can you eat my ass out with Sun's balls in your mouth.' Ping! 'Unless you want my tongue in YOUR ass. That can be arranged.'

You squeal with your arm out in front of you again.

Chica reads Moon's message out loud "Oh! Wow. What a flirt."

You nod and your watch pings again. It's Sun 'Your butt better be in the tower in the next twenty minutes. DON'T make us look for you.'

Bonnie helps you up "Go get your men! We'll clean this up."

He pats your butt to get you moving, You scurry off to the tower.

Chapter Text

You fly into the tower room so fast you trip on the last step. You land on your hands and knees with a hiss. You stand up and brush yourself off. Luckily you didn't scrape anything. You might bruise later.

In a moment of bravery you strip down to nothing. You try to do a sexy pose on the bed. You lay on your back with your legs spread wide. Knees up to your chest with your hands on your thighs. The longer you lay there the wetter you get.

You can hear a door in the daycare fly open followed by the sound of running. You can't help the grin that spreads across your face.

Your heart flutters as you hear Sun shout "You better be in there!"

He sounds a little unsure of himself not used to being so aggressive. You can hear Moon give Sun a soft 'Good job.' You wiggle slightly and adjust your pose. The curtain flies open. Sun and Moon step into the room. Their optics fall on you. You shift slightly under their gaze.

Sun walks around to the bed with Moon behind him. He runs his hand along the underside of your thigh "Well, aren't you a good little thing. Such a sweet pose." He slowly turns to face you. A serious expression on his face "There is just one problem." He takes your knees in his hands leaning closer to you "I never told you to get naked. Don't move."

Sun delivers a harsh swat to your ass. You cry out with a hiss. Sun undresses himself watching you carefully. You can see his mask of dominance slip for a second. That same unsure air flitting in for a second.

He purses his lips before opening his mouth "The safe word is glitter glue. Give a slap if you need something." His expression turns serious "Now open wide."

You comply and open your mouth. Moon remains silent but he is participating. A glance in his direction tells you he's naked. He pulls you to the edge of the bed with your ass hanging slightly over the edge.

Sun crawls onto the bed. He swings his leg over you positioning his balls over your mouth "You wanted to suck em right? Eat up Sunshine. Papa needs his baby to please him." Carefully he lowers his balls into your mouth. He brushes a hand on your cheek.

As Sun lowers them you lean forward and sniff them with a pleased shudder. Moon drops to his knees slowly. You feel his tongue prod at your ass hole. He gives a breathy chuckle as he slowly thrusts more and more of his tongue into your ass. Hands spreading your cheeks.

You moan around Suns balls. Your tongue swirls around them in your mouth. Sucking them as deep as you can into your mouth. Sun thrusts them into your mouth like a cock. This was not something you have done before. You try your best not to hurt him as he uses you.

Moon bottoms out in your ass with his tongue. His nose presses into your cheeks. He pulls his tongue out and replaces it with his cock. He thrusts into you in time with Sun. Your head feels fuzzy.

Sun takes his cock in his hand and begins fisting it. You moan wildly. The heady stench of man radiating off of sun clouds your thoughts. Your arms fly to Sun's thighs. Moon catches yours as you let go.

You pull Sun into your face more wanting all of his musk. Sun huffs and moans holding himself up using the headboard. Sun pulls out of your mouth pointing his cock at hour face and chest. He cums with a loud roar and you shut your eyes.

Moon thrusts a few more times and pulls out to cum on your stomach.

Sun catches his artificial breath "Did. Did you cum?"

You shake your head no. Sun huffs and swaps places with Moon. He lines himself up with your ass ad thrusts violently. You finally cum long and hard. Your hole clenching down on Sun. Slick pools put of you. Pleasure flooding your nerves as you cry out to your lovers.

Sun pulls out of you collecting his cum in his hands. He and Moon work together to rub their cum into your skin like lotion. It feels nice. But you are curious...

You look at Sun "What are you two doing?"

Moon smiles at you rubbing your face "Freddy said he heard cum is good for skin."

Sun nods "We want you to look radiant on our wedding day so you look as good as your soul is."

You blush. You want to cover your face but you don't have the energy. Sun and Moon kiss your cheeks and prepare to clean you.

Sun nuzzles your neck "We are only going to leave you covered for a short while. Feel free to sleep. Would you like anything?"

You yawn "Water."

Moon gets you the water. He helps you take a sip of water. You blush as your eyes droop more and more. The last thing you see is Sun cleaning your legs and Moon cleaning your chest.

Chapter Text

It was very early in the morning a few days later. Your sleep addled mind registered being moved. You started to wake up but a low gravely voice lulled back to sleep. You woke up some time later in Roxy Raceway as someone places you in a chair.

The smell of coffee and bacon fills your senses. Somewhere in the back of your mind you are sad it's not the heady smell of Moon or Sun's balls. You give a shudder.

Someone rubs your arms "Cold?"

You wake up more and yawn "No... Just thinking an wakin up."

Chica, who stands behind you, grins "Thinking about last night? You know the security guard, you know the one, was so uncomfortable ALL NIGHT!" She cackles loudly.

Roxy joins her laughter "Yeah the little shit tried to tell me to go make you stop. I told him to get used to it and avoid the daycare."

You laugh and sip your coffee. You look down at the food "Is... is this nothing but bacon?"

Bonnie hums "Why yes it is. Oh! Pat from parts and service got everything set up to stream the wedding for your family and friends."

Roxy shoves the rabbit "You idiot! That was a surprise!"

You choke on your coffee "My what?"

Chica sighs "Well cats out of the bag. Sun and Moon felt bad your family couldn't see you get married. With help from Pat they got in touch with your family. Pat set up everything so they could watch it live!"

You set the coffee down and let out a loud cry "WHY ARE THEY SO PERFECT!"

The three animatronics recoil.

Bonnie speaks first "Are you going to be ok? Do we need to get your boys?"

Chica gasps "They aren't supposed to see each other before the wedding!"

Roxy rolls her eyes and holds out your Fazwatch "Just call them on your watch!"

You take the watch and after a brief struggle you get a hold of Moon.

He answers "Starlight? Are you crying?! Where are you! I- Sun!"


Sun talks next "Sunshine? Are you alright? Is someone with you who can tell us what's going on?"

You can hear Moon in the background "What if they are hurt again?! We need to go now!"

Roxy takes the watch from you "They are fine! Calm down. Bonnie let your surprise slip and now they are crying. We thought talking to you might make them stop."

Moon talks again "Bonnie! That was a surprise!"

Sun shushes Moon "Sunshine? Of course we wanted your family and friends to watch you get married. You are special to us. We love you."

You sniffle loudly "You didn't answer my question."

Moon chuckles "We are perfect because you help us be perfect."

Roxy blurts out "Ok! Gotta get em ready for you. You better look good for them! They might even look as good as I do and I don't want my friend standing next to trash." She hangs up the watch.

The three of your friends do your hair and help you get dressed while you eat a pile of bacon. Soon you are making your way through the maintenance tunnels.

Bonnie nudges you "You are shaking like a leaf! Calm down. You've got this!"

You bounce in place and shake your arms "I'm just nervous."

You enter the West arcade only to be greeted by your most special person.

They hold an arm out to you with a soft tender smile "Are you ready."

You begin to tear up "What?"

They chuckle "You didn't think we would miss this did you?"

You tilt your head "We?"

They nod "Everyone is here for you. Well, almost everyone. A few people couldn't make it but they are watching the live stream!"

You almost fall to your knees. Your person holds you up and you begin to walk together on shaky legs. As you round the corner into the dance floor you see them. Sitting in chairs on your side of the isle are almost all of your friends and family.

Canon in D (Pachelbel's Canon) begins to play. It's too much. It's all too much. One look at Sun and Moon breaks the dam and you begin to sob loudly. The duo are wearing tuxedos with your wedding color as accents. At first Moon looks worried. Your special person shoots them a thumbs up.

Sun shakes his head with a smile. Foxy the Pirate is your officiant. As your most special person passes you to Sun and Moon one of your friends runs up and hands Moon a tissue. He lets out a quiet thank you as he begins to dry your eyes.

You sniffle "I-I told you! I told you I would cry like a baby at our wedding!"

Some peoples in the crowd chuckle and someone blurts out "Always knew you would do this! I have a whole box of those!"

You laugh and foxy begins the ceremony "Dearly belov'd. We are gathered here today to watch these two fine lads take the hand of their most special person in holy matrimony. Tis' a fine sight indeed. Despite all the odds against them they made it here together. Though I may not have known them long I did know them. I saw the adoration they held for each other. I couldn' think o' a finer pair to wed. If anyone has any objections speak now or take your grievance to the grave."

You shift waiting for something bad to happen. Nothing does. You hear Sun let out a sigh in relief. Moon wipes your face again.

Foxy continues "Then by the power invested in me by my right as a captain and I now pronounce ye man and man and them! You may kiss each other!"

Sun tugs you and Moon to him. He and Moon lean close together and the three of you share an awkward three way kiss. It looks every bit as strange as you think it does. Everyone cheers. You start bawling again.

Sun picks you up and passes you to Moon "You had to hold them at their worst time. It's only fair you hold them at their best."

Moon takes you with reverence. The three of you leave the arcade. Moon hold you close to him and you three wait for the room to be set up for the reception.

Chapter Text

You were feeling affectionate and needing cuddles. You glances out into the daycare. It's dark. Moon is out. You sprint to the stairs leading to the theater. Once in the daycare you spot Moon. You walk up to him and wrap your arms around him.

Moon goes stiff. You rub his back tenderly with a pleased hum. Your hands trail over his sides to his front. You run your hands up and down his chest. Running your hands over every inch.

Moon doesn't speak, afraid to break whatever spell you are under. You step back and hold out your hand. Moon looks at it before taking it wondering what you have planned.

You take Moon to the new nap time corner and lay him down. You throw a leg over his hips. Your hands trail up and down his chest. Moon's eyes go wide and his fans kick on.

You trail your hand up to his neck and pause asking silent permission. Moon nods and you rub his neck tenderly. Moon doesn't know what's going on with you but he likes it.

You rub up his neck to his face. A blush finds it's way to his face. You rub from his left cheek, over his nose, and all the way to his right cheek. Moon watches you carefully as you run your hands all over his face.

You climb off of him and nudge him to turn over. Moon complies and rolls to his stomach. You again climb onto his hips. Affection is high in you as you rub over his entire back.

Moon is melting into your touch. You hum in delight and lay down on Moon. you wrap your arms around him. Your hums practically purrs. Moon rolls over in your arms and holds you tight.

You pepper his face in kisses. Moon's fans are working overdrive as you shower him in love. Moon wraps his legs around you. Happy as any bot can be.

You rub your cheek on his. A bright smile on your face. Moon revels in the special attention. He finds it even better when you fall asleep on him. Like what? You are asleep on him. He should take you back to the tower.

He knows he should. However, the selfish part of him won't let you go. For now you are as much his as he is yours. And he will take care of you until the day he shuts down forever.

Chapter Text

You cried at least one more time as you waited for the room to be set up. This time Moon cried with you overjoyed to have you in his arms for something that won't result in your death. He nuzzles his faceplate into your hair. Sun coats your hand in kisses.

Footsteps echo down the hallway. The three of you turn to the sound. It's the same guard who left you for dead. You refuse to acknowledge his name. To you he is guard.

He stomps right up to you "You happy? My wife left me for being a coward. I have a kid I've never met." He reaches into his pocket.

Sun pulls you and Moon into the arcade afraid of what was going on. DJMM announces the three of you. Everyone claps and cheers for you. The guard enters the arcade with something in his hand. You can't see what he's holding.

Moon takes a step back. Sun jumps in front of the two of you. He goes to throw something but speed master Foxy tackles him. A bottle of ink hits the floor. You look between the guard and the ink.

The guard laughs "I may not have ruined your clothes but I did ruin your wedding!"

You laugh. Loud and hearty you laugh "I had my leg torn off! Do you really think a little ink would ruin this? Wow you are dumb!"

Freddy and Foxy take the guard away telling you they'll be right back. A cleaning bot comes to clean the ink. Moon puts you down on the floor and the three of you walk hand in hand onto the dance floor. You chose the song for the first dance with each of them. The boys have no idea what you picked.

The music starts as you stand between the two of them "I listened to this song every morning before becoming the live in. It sums up how I felt each time I drove to you. Because you know." Radar Love by Golden Earring kicks in with the vocals and you sing along "I've been driving all night, my hands wet on the wheel!"

The three of you dance together with Sun and Moon passing you between them. The three of you are laughing loudly. You pull Moon to Sun so they can dance together. The love in their eyes is intoxicating. Many pictures are taken.

The three of you mingle with family and friends. You introduce Sun and Moon to all the important people in your life.

Your most special person approaches the three of you "So, where are you going on your honeymoon?"

You rub your arm a little dejected. Sun and Moon look disappointed too.

You sigh "We.. actually aren't going anywhere... Also we don't actually get time off for it either. It's fine though. We got our wedding. It's also why all the food is pizza and the cake is shit."

Your person grins "Have you seen the cake?"

Sun nods "We saw it yesterday."

Giggles from your person "That was yesterday! I'm talking about today!"

They lead the three of you over to the table with cake. What you expected was a sheet cake with 'Happy Wedding' scrawled on it. What you got was a three tier cake covered in flowers. You tear up again and fly into Sun's arms. Sun wraps his arms around you and rubs your back.

Your person pets your hair like a child "There's more."

Moon tilts his head ninety degrees to the left "More?"

One of your friends walks up to the three of you with an envelope "Everyone pitched in for this gift. Sorry it's the only one you are getting. Come with me. Everyone wanted to see the three of you open it."

The three of you are dragged onto the stage with DJMM. While your friend gets everyone's attention DJMM pulls the three of you into a big hug. The music stops for a moment.

"Everyone! They are opening the gift! Gather round! Gather round!" Your friend states into the microphone.

You feel a little nervous. Sun and Moon put a hand on your back. Sun's hand slides down to grope your rear. You blush and suck in a quick breath. Moon gives Sun's hand a smack in warning. This in turn gives your ass a smack and your blush gets a little deeper. You open the envelope and fight not to cry.

A strangled garbled sound escapes you.

Moon reads the letter out loud "Dearest Y/n, Sun, and Moon, I know how hard you work. The things you have gone through. It would be a crime if you didn't get a great cake and honeymoon. All of your family and friends pitched in and got you a cake and this great gift. You've been found sleeping in so many places from the long hours and every time Sun or Moon came and got you. I have watched them carry you through the plex to bed. You have spent a lot of long nights fixing my friends and I. We never treated Sun and Moon with the respect they deserved. I hope this is a step in the right direction. With love, Freddy."

Inside the envelope with the letter is a key and an ad for a nearby cabin in the woods. One bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen/ living room combo. You feel a little light headed. You sway in between Sun and Moon. you loose your footing as Moon catches you. He lays you down on the stage.

Sun scans your vitals "Can we get some water!"

Roxy runs water up to you. Sun makes you take small sips while Moon elevates your legs higher than your head.

Sun turns to the crowed "She's fine! Just a little light headed."

You wave a hand "I'm fine! I'm fine. I just need a moment and some food. I hope you don't mind if we eat dinner. Breakfast was a pile of bacon and I need something more substantial."

Chapter Text

The three of you were led to a table set up for the three of you. Sun sat on your right and Moon on your left. Moon set a glass of water in front of you. Yo took small sips as a staff bot brought you your meal. It was not the pizza you ordered for the party. No this was better. Much better.

A plate of your favorite food was put in front of you. You looked out at the crowed getting your own food. A family friend gives you a thumbs up and mouths 'potluck'. Tears fill your eyes again and you sniffle.

Sun chuckles and wipes your tears "If you aren't careful sunshine you are going to turn into a raisin."

You open your mouth when a little wet floor bot wheels up to your table with a cardboard box from Etsy.

Moon takes the box and gasps "Sun! It's here!"

Sun tilts his head "It's here? What's here? ... wait,,, IT'S HERE?! FINALLY!"

Everyone turns their head at Sun's loud outburst. Moon shreds the box to reveal a small black velvet bag. He dumps three rings out onto his finger. They are made of silicone swirled with blue, yellow, and your favorite color. Tears fall more freely now. Your husbands look at each other.

Sun puts one ring on Moon. Moon puts a ring on you. And you put a ring on Sun. The room erupts in a fit of cheers. People walk up to you to see the rings in groups. Moon walks you through breathing exercises to help you fight tears.

As you finish eating Pat with a cam corder walks up to your table "Here they are! The happy couple! Any words?"

You sip your water "First off Thank you for coming Pat. I have never cried more in my damn life! This is the best day ever and I get to spend it with to of the best people in the world! I don't know where I'd be without them. I would have found different work that's for sure. You two are my world. And every day it's expanding and changing for the better!" You pull Moon into a rough kiss. Lips tangling together. Moon makes a surprised sound. You spin in your chair and Sun pulls you into a heated kiss before you can.

Pat laughs "Hey! Save it for the honeymoon Damn!"

Moon looks right into the camera "I am so happy everything worked out today. Everyone made this so special for our spouse Y/n. I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives bring us." Moon chuckles "I remember when we first met they were so disappointed. They shouted 'I was lied to! You aren't spooky looking at all! I was promised scary! Liars.' Sun and I were so confused."

You laugh "I was lied to! I'm still lied to! You aren't spooky at all."

Sun waves Pat over "I am so lucky to have two strong partners. Y/n was so so brave when the accident happened. When I saw them covered in... red stuff... I broke. I was so panicked I had to be temporarily shut down. Moon had to carry me back to the tower. He was so strong to get the help he needed." He sighs dreamily "Every day that goes by I fall more and more in love with the two of them. I-... I don't know what I would do without them. I thought I lost both of them once. Never again! Ever."

You face plant into Sun's arm and whine loudly "Sunny!"

Moon pulls Sun into a deep kiss trapping you between them. When he pulls away Pat leaves to go talk to more people.

Moon whispers above you "I am going to fuck the souls out of your bodies. Your insides are going to look like a Picasso by the time I'm done with the two of you."

You chuckle "Not if I rail you from behind first."

Sun huffs "Naughty people! Not now! Besides, we all know Moon and I are going to destroy you together. Sorry sunshine but you can't overpower us. It's impossible."

You chuckle darkly a wicked plan in your head. Sun and Moon chuckle along with you unaware. Soon it was time to cut the cake. The three of you stared at the cake unsure.

You pick the slicer up "How do we do this?"

Sun smiles "Well first you insert the slicer into the cake and move it downwards to make the first cut."

Moon pushes Sun "Dick. We cut it together and Sun and I feed you a bite together. Sun and I don't eat anyway."

Sun hums in the affirmative "Besides, we get our meal later. And I like my meals served nice, fresh, and wanting."

You gasp and flick a bit of frosting at Sun. In turn Sun cuts a slice. The same one you swiped from and flicks frosting back at you. He misses and hits Moon instead. Moon makes an indignant noise. Moon moves around you and tackles Sun to the floor. You keep the table steady and save the cake.

The whole room is staring at the three of you. Pat is recording everything. Bonnie and Roxy are laughing. Chica and Freddy trying to figure out if she should step in. Foxy is shaking his head with a grin. Your husbands are play fighting on the floor. And you are eating cake.

You point to the cake "This is super good!" You take another bite with a moan and point your fork at the crowd "You should get a piece."

You walk over to your boys who are laughing as they play. You sit down on them and they pause. You can see the moment they remember where they are and what they should be doing. The camera does too. You enjoy your piece of cake atop your hunky perch.

Moon turns his head around "Are you going to get up?"

You shake your head "Not done with cake yet."

Sun sighs "Well guess I'll rust here then." He goes limp and pretends to be dead with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

You stand up "Your tongue is touching the floor."

Sun looks down. Sure enough his tongue is laying on the dance floor. Sun shrieks loudly. He throws Moon off and runs to the nearest bathroom.

Moon picks himself off the floor "Do we really have to spend the rest of our life with him? He doesn't seem very smart."

You slap Moon on the arm "Moonpie! We love our sweet little Himbo!"

The rest of your night is filled with the three of you greeting people and dancing. Sun seems to enjoy dancing with younger people of your family and friends. Moon enjoys your elders. You know they are telling him terrible stories about you.

The Mini Music Men pile together into a humanoid shape and you do a sort of shuffle with them. Even DJMM has you dancing with his hand. It was a perfect night. And now? It's about to get even better up in the daycare tower.

Chapter Text

The three of you stand just outside the threshold of the daycare. Moon frowns deeply. He hates that this is the place he and Sun get to carry you into. He doesn't want this to be the first place he and Sun get to make love to you!

Moon turns to the three of you distraught "I don't want this!"

Sun looks mortified "What? What are you saying?"

You take a step back "Moonie?"

Moon shakes his head "I don't want this to be the first place we make love as married spouses! I don't want this to be the place we carry you over the threshold! I don't want that for you or for us! It's not fair!"

You take his head in your hands and rub his cheeks tenderly "Hey. It's ok! We don't have to do that tonight. How about we go to bed in a big cuddle puddle tonight. We can do that other stuff at the cabin tomorrow. Would that make you feel better?"

Moon sighs in relief and touched your foreheads together "Thank you starlight."

Sun huffs playfully "Well! I guess my opinion doesn't matter! Fine! Go off and be happy together!"

You roll your eyes "Alright. Sunny are you good with that plan?"

Sun turns away from you with a giggle "No no. It's too late."

"What if I suck your dick?" You offer.

Sun crosses his arms "No."

Moon wiggles his eyebrows "What if I suck your dick?"

Sun perks up "Alright!"

So scoff "What?! Does he suck dick better than me?"

Sun pats your head "Nope. You both do great! I just want you to watch while I get sucked off. I think it would be hot. You could even make love to Moon from behind."

Moon flushes brightly and picks you up to hide in your chest. He puts you down. Walks across the threshold. Pulls you by the collar across the threshold. Picks you back up. And hides in your chest again storming off to the tower with a loud 'horndog!'

You chuckle and let Moon carry you around by the waist. You wrap your arms around his head and pet his seams where his faceplate meets his back panel. Moon holds you a little tighter as he calls his wire down. As soon as his feet touch ground again he rushes to the bed with you and lays down with his head in your lap.

Sun walks into the room with a fond smile. You rub down the vast expanse of Moon's back and Smile back at Sun.

Sun plants a kiss to your cheek "As much as I would love to sleep right now, we have to get cleaned up and dressed for bed. C'mon you."

Sun picks you up as Moon runs off ahead to prepare a bath. The bathroom was one of the only editions, along with a bedroom, the company allowed you as the live in mechanic for the plex. You also have access to any kitchen in the building. Once in the bathroom the three of you undress each other.

Moon picks you up again shoving his faceplate into your chest again with a happy hum. He steps into the warm water and situates you into his lap. Sun sits down across from you.

Sun grins at Moon "Moon? Are you ok there? I need you to let them go so we can get clean."

Moon looks over at Sun "But Sun, we're married now."

Sun tilts his head "What does that have to do with this?"

Moon's eyes glow a little brighter "Sun! Sun. You don't get it! We are married now!"

Sun furrows his brow "I don't follow."

Moon holds you out to Sun who takes you "We are married now."

Sun holds you trying to understand. He holds you for a moment before it clicks "We are married now!"

You look between your husbands "I don't follow. Mind explaining?"

Moon looks at you with saucer plate eyes "We didn't think we'd make it to this point."

You nod in understanding. You let out a loud yawn. Moon hones in on your yawn, His systems flash at him to put you to bed. Sun wets your hair for the shampoo. Moon squirts shampoo into your hair letting Sun rub it in.

If Moon had a tail it would be wagging. There was so much warmth, love, and excitement in his body. He had you and he had Sun. As long as that stayed a constant in his life he would be complete.

He decided in that moment as you fell asleep in Sun's arms that we would be the best husband ever. He would make each day special for the two of you. He would shower you two with love and affection. He would prove he was worthy of the two of you.

Sun looked up at Moon and chuckled. Moon looked like a cat on catnip. Eyes as wide as saucers and a deep blush on his face. He looked every bit as enamored as the first time the three of you went on a date. Sun picked you up softly telling Moon to stay put.

He quickly dried you off and layed you down on the bed. He came back and picked up a very clingy lovesick Moon. He put Moon next to you in the middle. Once the lights were off he cuddled up next to Moon. You also cuddled up to Moon in your sleep. Moon fell asleep loved and elated.

Chapter Text

The next morning the three of you woke up with excitement bubbling in your chests. Sun helped you pack for your three day honeymoon and Moon fixed breakfast. A fruit salad with yogurt. Yummy. A knock on the door to the theater draws your attention.

You call out "Come in!"

An HR representative walks into the room. He looks friendly. You are both immensely surprised and suspicious at the same time.

He smiles warmly at you "Hello Y/n. I'm here to talk about your honeymoon! We know it must be an exciting time for you!"

You nod "I'm actually surprised the company is letting Sun and Moon out of the Plex."

He nods "Well here's the thing. You aren't actually leaving." You frown deeply and he hold a hand up "Now hear me out! We are going to be opening a camp ground behind the plex. Your job is to test it out and make any suggestions. We want the three of you to spend any free time not working outside. Eventually we will offer outdoor attractions." He puts his hands on his hips "Several new animatronics are being created to take care of our guests."

You nod slowly "So will any animatronic be allowed outside?"

He nods "Yes! For things like parties or special events! Sun and Moon will even be allowed to take children outside for activities!"

You squint "This feels too good to be true."

He grins "Your job will be to acclimate Sun and Moon to the outside. Failure to do so will result in your termination. Now, we don't expect this on your honeymoon. Consider that a gift. Have fun out there! A staff bot will take you to your accommodations! OH and Moon? We know about your special project."

With out letting you speak he leaves. You turn to Moon. His mouth hangs open slightly. He looks shook.

You put a gentle hand on his shoulder "Are you ok?"

Moon mutters "How. How did they know. I hid it! I hid it so well! HOW?"

You purse your lips "Should I be worried?"

Moon finally looks at you "I...." He glances behind you to Sun "Come with me."

Moon takes you out of the daycare and into the maintenance tunnels. Down stairs and twisting winding hallways. Finally you are led to the most cobweb infested bug stricken tunnel you have ever seen in your life. Moon holds a rusted door so crap it looks like it could turn to dust at any moment.

Inside the room is a body. Your body. At least it looks like your body if it were an animatronic person. You slowly walk up to the table it lays on. It's wearing your clothes right down to your shoes. You slowly turn to Moon wanting an explanation you already know some of the answer to thanks to Bonnie.

Moon looks melancholy "We... I didn't want to live without you. I found a book-"

You raise a hand "I know about the book. What I want to know about is that." You point to the body.

Moon sighs "I have been working on it while you sleep. It functions like we do but one soul. It's empty right now. All we have to do is cast the magic and put your soul into the new body. We won't force you to choose this option."

You look down at the robo version of you "What will you do with this fleshy form?"

Moon gives you a serious look "Take it down to the deepest part of this place and bury it. A place deeper than this room."

You lean on the table "And the other option?"

Sun steps forward "We shut ourselves down when you die."

You lean back "The hell?! Are you sure about that? Shutting down because I'm-"

Sun takes you by the arms with a serious look "More sure than I have ever been in my life."

You take a breath "Ok."

Moon turns to you "Ok?"

You nod slowly "Ok."

Sun pulls you into a hug "We can be together for ever!"

Moon picks a large, or at least what used to be large, book with one page remaining "Are you ready?"

You recoil "Wait now?! Oh... I didn't think you would want it to be so soon...."

Sun helps you lay down on the table as Moon starts the spell.

Moon puts his hand on your chest "Ada Due Damballa, Leveu Mercier DePou Shiou, Sacouse Entiene LeDevou DeMobocheu, Adaleu Bwaseu Damballa."

You feel funny. A bright flash of light blinds your vision and everything goes dark.

Chapter Text

"WILLIAM AFTON!" A loud booming voice shouts into the darkness "Have you brought me the souls I require?" It asks.

You look around the darkness "What?"

The voice sounds confused "You are not William Afton? Who are you?"

You mange to squeak out "I-I'm Y/n L/n."

There is a pause. You can feel thousands of eyes on you but at the same time none at all. You aren't sure how long you exist in the darkness.

Finally the voice speaks "Your soul be weighed!"

You let out a what as scales appear underneath you. Something hits the other side but you can't see what it is. The scales tip slightly so you are slightly lower than the object.

"Hm.." Again the eyes are on you and the voice speaks again "This is acceptable! Your debt Y/n L/n is nothing. Now ask of me nothing else! BE GONE!"

Your eyes open? Turn on? Both? Both. You would expect to know nothing about how to use your new body but the information is present. Like it had been there all along. But at the same time you know nothing about what your body is doing. It's strange.

You sit up and look around the room. Sun and Moon are staring at you.

Sun takes your hand in his "Well?"

You open your mouth and a strange scratchy sound leaves you. Moon gasps and tips your head up. You can feel him open a panel in your throat. His nimble fingers unplug wires and plug them back in. You let out a breathy moan.

Moon chuckles at you "Sorry. Should have warned you." He gives you a wink "Wires are sensitive."

You frown "Bastard."

Sun lets out an exaggerated sigh "Whew! Good to know that works now!"

You apprehensively mutter "How long was I out for?"

Your voice sounds like you. It looks like you too right down to your pubic hair. Soft silicone covers your body. You flex your fingers and joints.

Sun smiles "Two hours. Moonie took care of your old body."

Moon nods "No one will find it."

You nod slowly "Well, lets get going on our honeymoon."

Your husbands nod as they help you off the table. They teach you how to run a system check and access security cameras as you walk back... home. It's your home now.

Chapter Text

You ask Moon how he was able to build the body to so closely resemble yours. All he tells you is he salvaged the parts. Outright telling you at one point that one day he will tell you but today is not that day. You accept the answer with a kiss.

With your bags in hand the three of you sand at the employee entrance waiting for your ride. A six passenger street legal cart rolls up. You can see it through the little window on the door. You weren't sure what you were expecting but a shitty little six seater golf cart painted to resemble Freddy was not on your list.

The driver is a modified staff bot with a bright olive green shirt and poop yellow hat. It assaults your eyeballs. The three of you take a seat. Sun and Moon sit next to each other and you sit behind them with the luggage. They each have an arm behind their seats so you can hold their hands.

Their eyes are full of wonder as they look around at the world around them. It reminds you of kids visiting Disneyworld for the first time. It warms your.. circuits? You don't really have a heart anymore. Not a real flesh and blood one anyway.

The drive takes you behind the plex along a grey gravel driveway. It's three miles to the campground. Sun and Moon ask many questions about nature and the forest. You answer every question you can. The air is cool leaning towards cold. It being Autumn in the more northern region of the world.

A warm cup of tea would be lovely. Too bad you can't drink tea anymore. You spend some time lamenting all the things you can't eat or drink anymore. However as you gaze up at Sun, who is looking at you in concern, you know you made the right choice. Sun nudges Moon pointing at you.

Moon looks at you carefully as you enter the gate to Freddy's Family Campground "Are you ok? Is... IS something wrong? You aren't regretting-"

You cut him off "NO! ... No. I uh I was just thinking about all the things I can't eat and drink anymore. I don't regret this. I'm just mourning a loss. I'm good now."

Moon climbs into the back of the cart with you. He pulls you into his chest "I'm sorry I couldn't find a way for you to eat."

The cat stops in front of a large log cabin with a sign that reads "Welcome! Office check-in inside!"

It has an image of Bonnie waving while wearing a ranger hat and a sky blue Hawaiian shirt with pine trees and camp fires on it. It looks cute. The three of you climb out of the glorified golf cart.

Sun rolls the gravel under his foot "Ooo! I like that sound!"

Moon helps you out of the cart and Sun take the luggage.

The driver bot holds out a map "TAKE A MAP!" It screams very loudly.

You make a mental note to put this on your list of things to change/fix. The map has a cabin circled on it. It has the same number as the key in your pocket. The cart drives away leaving the three of you alone. You walk up to the main office and try the door. Locked.

You look back down at the map "Let's go find our cabin. After that we can explore the area."

Moon slides a hand around your waist "Or, we can finally take you as your husbands. Show you why you made the right choice. In the bath, in the kitchen, outside."

Sun takes the map from you "It's not far. Lets go!"

The walk yo Cabin #21, as stated on the key, takes fifteen minutes. You hope the cart will take people to their cabin. Not that the walk is hard but customer satisfaction. Another thing for the list.

The cabin looks like it came out of a Yogi Bear cartoon. Around the back is a hot tub and fire pit. You wonder if you can use the tub.

As you walk up to the door Moon stops you. "Wait! We need to carry you across the threshold!"

You are about to say something when Sun and Moon pick you up together. They carry you sideways into the cabin. Inside looks like someone took a Cabellas, threw it into a blender, and dumped it into the house.

It has leather couch with buffalo plaid pillows, faux fur rug, and a TV over a fire place. The kitchen is big enough to fit two people. It has a bar for eating. The bathroom has a big shower with a seat but no tub. The bed is a California king. Big enough for the boys. Good.

Moon stalks up behind you and pins you to the bed "You are ours now starlight. Inside or outside?"

Sun pouts "I want to cum inside not out!"

You nod "Cum inside."

Moon chuckles "Not what I was asking."

You wiggle your hips into his groin "Inside then. I wanna fuck you outside tonight."

Sun giggles "Two times? Really sunshine?"

You nod "It's a start!"

Chapter Text

Sun was exhausted. The daycare had about twice the normal amount of kids thanks to a coupon. Their body is sore. Some of the new kids were not friendly. Pulling, tugging, and hitting him with things.

All he wanted was to be in your arms. But you weren't there. Later, he thought, later. After what felt like forever the daycare closed. He lay on the floor of the daycare in agony. His body screamed at him not to move.

Where were you? He needed you. Finally, after what felt like forever you came. You came and you told him everything would be ok. That you would take good care of him. Everything would be ok.

He registered an orange extension cord. What was it for? Something turned on and he felt immensely better. You had a polisher. You were polishing, massaging, him. It felt like heaven. All the sore spots were gone.

Just like the good boy he knows he is he rolls over for you. You run that perfect device over his stomach and chest. He knows he tells you you are getting something special later but he can't focus on it.

All he feels, all he knows is relief. And you bring it to him. Like a heaven sent angel you take away his pains. Somewhere deep inside him, he registers you covering him with a blanket.

You cuddle up to him and hold him close. If he doesn't say it. He knows he loves you. As the lights shift he makes sure Moon knows how wonderful you have been. Moon decides to do whatever you ask of him. You more than deserve it. And he is eager to deliver.

Chapter Text

You wiggled your arms. They barely moved. Tightly tied behind your back. Your head snapped up at the sound of freshly polished boots clacking against the floor. A single hanging light lit the room. The walls and floor were grey. A single white door sat across from you. In between you and the door id a metal table.

The handle of the door jiggles and opens. Captain Moon entered the room. His crisp black uniform covered him deliciously. Leather boots freshly polished. White pristine gloves covered his hands. His captains hat perfectly affixed to his head. In his hands a black leather riding crop.

He slapped the crop against his hand "Do you know what you've done?"

Your mouth felt dry "I uh I-"

Moon slammed a hand down on the table denting it. In a mock voice "I uh I." He screamed in your face "I need an answer not whatever that was! Try again!"

You recoil "I spilled coffee!"

He leaned in, cold steely eyes bore into yours "You didn't just spill coffee did you lowlife?"

You blushed "I spilled coffee on your computer..."

Moon leaned back "On. My. Computer!" Both hands slam on the table "Do you have any idea how much data I lost because of you!?" He moves around the table and grips your chair tightly "I should have you court-martialed and dishonorably discharged!"

You gasp lightly "No please! I need this!"

Moon leans down to look you in the eye "You need this? You. Need. This."

He shakes your chair as he walks back around the table. He raises the riding crop high into the air "I NEEDED THOSE DOCUMENTS!"

He brings the crop down onto your chest. You let out a soft moan.

Moon glares at you and studies your face. Slowly a wicked grin creeps onto his features "Maybe we can come to an arrangement of sorts."

You look up at him. The sting from the crop sending your mind into fuzzy warm places "Arrangement? What kind of arrangement?"

Moon smirks eyes glowing a bit brighter "I think you know the answer to that. All I need from you is a yes."

You flush brightly "Y...Yes."

He flips the table over and knocks your chair down. His boot stomps down in front of your head "Clean it."

You look up at him from the floor "How?"

He rolls his eyes "You have a tongue don't you?"

You lean forwards as best as you can. Your tongue slips out and you run it along his boot. The shiny polished leather feels cool against your tongue. You let a moan out. The ENERGY exuding from Moon is intoxicating. You run your tongue over every inch you can reach.

Moon grins down at you "Good pup. Now, clean the other one."

He puts his other boot in your face. You lick the shiny leather clean. Heat pooling in your belly. Your undergarments getting wet with arousal. You tried to rub your thighs together. Moon stopped you with a boot between your legs.

He pulled your chair back up "How disgusting. Getting off on cleaning my boots. If you really want attention to your thighs that badly I can do it for you." He chuckled darkly at you "Spread your legs!"

You do as you are told. He raises his arm again. Gloved hand gripping the crop tightly. He brings the leather down onto your thigh. You let out a pleased cry. Moon gives you another swat to your other thigh. A moan escapes you. Moon flips the table back over.

He unties your arms and hisses "Don't move! I'll do it for you."

He picks you up and bends you over it. He stretches your arms out and ties them to the legs of the table. He leaves your clothes on. The crop comes down on your left butt cheek. You moan out at the sting as it sends a wave of pleasure straight to your core.

Moon giggles "Count them pup."

You nod "One."

He brings the crop down again and again. You count out each one. He delivers twelve swats to your ass with the crop.

His hand brushes your lower back "One more to go. Isn't that nice?"

With the final swat to your ass you cum. You cum hard and loud. It gushes out of you and soaks you. A wet patch forming quickly. You feel exhausted. No ENERGY left for anything.

Moon rubs your ass tenderly "You did really well pup. Let me take care of you." He unties you and picks you up "Did you have fun?"

You nod and snuggle into Moon. He carries you off to his quarters and tucks you in bed after changing your clothes. He likes this game the two of you play. His perfect little spouse taking everything he gives so well. He strips down to his boxers and protectively wraps himself around you.

Chapter Text

Sun ran down twisting winding hallways and corridors. Ran through impossibly large rooms filled with mountains of trash that stretched so high he could not see the top. Puddles of blood paint dotted the landscape.


Every now and then he would catch a purple blur out of the corner of his eyes. He was lost and alone. He didn't know what he was looking for. Only that he had to find it as quickly as possible.


He heard it then. IT was faint but every bit as mournful as he remembered. You were crying out to him from somewhere in the darkness. At the same time the purple blur came into view. It was Bonnie. He laughed loudly at Sun.


Bonnie taunted him "You can't save her! She's mine now!" He ran ahead of sun.


Sun picked up his pace. For a few minutes he kept pace with Bonnie. However, soon Bonnie outpaced sun and disappeared. The sound of your voice got louder and louder as he tried to catch up to Bonnie.

The piles of trash began to be less trash and more mangled body parts. The smell of rot made him want to turn back but you needed him. A loud crunch echoed around the space. It was quickly followed by the most gut wrenching sound. Your blood curdling screams.


Bonnie reappeared in front of Sun. His once purple fur was stained red. He laughed as he tossed something to Sun. He caught it in his hands as Bonnie faded away. He looked down and nearly dropped it.


Your head was in his hands. A horrified expression frozen on your face. A gurgling sound bubbled up from your mouth. Blood Paint spilled from your mouth. He dropped to his knees and let out a scream.


Blood fell from the inky blackness above him. The room filled to the brim. He began to drown.


A gasp escaped him as he sat up in bed. He looked around the room he was in. His bedroom. His systems were working overdrive. He need you. Now! But you weren't here. You were in a coma in the hospital.


He felt like trash. He promised himself he would be strong for you and Moon! Moon was in no state to be useful right now. The accident really effected him. Sun had been looking for some form of therapy for Moon but hadn't found anything yet.


Sun shook as he cried for you. This was not the first time he had the NIGHTMARE. He feared it wouldn't be the last. He had to be strong though and push those feelings aside. Right now he needed to focus on Moon. Moon needed him more.

Chapter Text

Sun and Moon stare at each other in quiet conversation. Moon still has you pinned to the bed. You are so used to this you just lay there waiting. Something the two are talking about must be good because Moon ruts into your ass. His hardening length trying to slot itself between your cheeks.

Moon nods and Sun grins. They must have agreed on something. Moon pucks you up and sets you down on the bed. From Moon's chest the song 'I Touch Myself' by the Divinyls plays. Sun and Moon seductively sway their hips.

You chuckle "What are you doing?"

Sun chuckles back "Strip tease for you."

Moon waltzes over to you and straddles your hips. He sways his crotch over yours in a lap dance. You can't help the giggles. Sun takes off his neck ruffles and throws them at your face. You squeak at the surprise assault from the garment.

Moon climbs off of you and turns around. He rubs his ass against your crotch and takes his neck ruffles off. Sun takes his hip ruffles off and swings them into the air. He thrusts his hips at you in time with the music.

Moon slides his pants off throwing them to the side with a flourish. Sun takes Moon's place in giving you a lap dance.

He hooks his arms around your neck "Do I make you randy baby? Do I?"

You openly laugh and wrap your arms around Sun to ground yourself. He nuzzles your face before climbing off of you. He and Moon take the rest of their clothes off. Moon helps you stand up. Together he and Sun undress you. They treat you like it's the first time they are seeing you naked.

Sun picks you up and spins you around in a circle "Married! You belong to us now! We're yours! Oh Sunshine! I'm so happy happy happy!" He plops down onto his butt "Hold on tight. Grab my rays if you need to."

You tilt your head "What?"

He takes you by the hips "The ceilings are too high for this but I really wanted to do this."

He swings your legs over his shoulders. One hand on your waist and the other on your lower back. He pushes your groin into his face as hard as he can without hurting you. He laps and bites at you. Tongue swirling over every inch of you he can reach.

You let out a loud moan. Sun was right, you did need to grab his rays for balance.

He moans into you "Harder." You tighten your grip on him and he groans out "Good spouse."

You glance around for Moon. He walks out of the bathroom and smiles at you. He walks up to you and pets your head. You are level with his cock.

His fingers run through your hair "Enjoying your time with Sunny?"

You take his hand tenderly and moan out "YES! So Good!"

You yank on his arm. Your new strength from your new body throws him into you. He cries out in alarm steadying himself on your shoulders. He's bent leaning over you. His sound of alarm turns into a cry of ecstasy. You suck his cock into your mouth like you are trying to drink his soul out.

He lets out a strangled "Starlight!" and begins to fuck your face. You swirl your tongue around his tentacle. Sun slowly slides his tongue into your hole. Moon pushes Sun's face closer to you as he thrusts his hips.

Sun ruts his hips into the floor. Moon pulls out of your mouth with great force. You try to keep him in your mouth but he's stronger. He pulls you off of Sun and hoists you up so he's holding you by the thighs. Sun stands up to join his lovers.

He and Moon stare at each other before nodding. Sun hooks his arms under your knees. His cock wiggles against your hole. He winks at you with a sexy little smile on his face. He pushes his entire length into you in one go. You let out a breathy moan.

Moon slides his tentacock in next to Sun's. Together they hold you in place as they use you as their personal cock sleeve. As Moon pulls out Sun pushes in. This only lasts for a few minutes. You realize they must have had another plan for you.

Below you the two of them intertwine their cocks into one super cock. Together they push in. They writhe their cocks inside you. You are getting close. Your hole fluttering more and more. Your vocorder glitches into static. Words are no longer declarable.

They pull you down as they thrust up. Finally they pull you down one last time. You can feel their cocks throbbing and filling you with their love and adoration. As you cum yourself a new sensation hit you. Your systems work overdrive before an error message flashes across your vision. You reboot for the first time.

When you come to you are cleaned and in bed. Your husbands are making love next to you. Sun is riding Moon. They stop but don't pull out.

Sun brushes a hand across your cheek "Are you alright? Do a system check just like we taught you."

You do as you are told. Low battery flashes "Um.. low battery..."

Moon pulls a cord out and plugs you in "Rest. We'll be here when you wake up."

You nod "Can I have a kiss goodnight?"

Sun and Moon lean over and give you a passionate kiss each.

You smile sleepily "Thank you. Have fun you two. I love you."

Chapter Text

You hated it. With every fiber of your being you hated it. It was like an affront to everything you loved about Sun and Moon. You had to wait though. A surprise is not a surprise if everyone knows.

Your chance arrived sooner than you thought. Months of planning and prepping were about to come to fruition. Sun and Moon had a major upgrade. Stars aligned! You got to know about it a month in advance!

Sun and Moon were upset when you told them you couldn't go with them today. You had said you had too much paperwork to do. The understood really they did. That didn't mean they had to like it. They felt you were overworked.

Calling the custom furniture store to have the bed, mattress, and other furnishings delivered was easy. So was calling the moving company. Once management learned you paid for everything they let the workers in with no fuss.

Cleaning the shit hole glorified storage closet was easy. You made the tunnel between rooms bigger. One room was painted to look like the painting starry night. Moon really liked that one.

The other was painted to look like Venice - Grand Canal by Leonid Afremov. A painting Sun liked. He said he wanted to visit someday. This will have to do for now.

As each set of workers arrived you helped out where you could. It was 6pm when the last of the workers left. It was up to you to arrange everything sans the rug and bed.

The first room you enter from the daycare is set up as a game room with a TV and consoles. The second room was the bedroom. You had to pay extra for them to set the bed up in the other room. Worth it though.

You were so tired when you were done. A short nap wouldn't hurt. You laid down on the bed to rest a little bit. Just a little bit. Too bad a little bit really meant two hours.

Sun and Moon returned to the daycare. You were not at the security desk. Curious. They couldn't hear anything either. You must be up in the tower. They called their wires down and took off to the tower.

They entered the first room and gasped. It was clean! There are two bookshelves filled with their things and space for more. A plush black rug sat on the floor. A blue couch on top.

The walls are painted like Sun's favorite painting. A TV hangs on the wall. A blueray player, consoles, and games sit beneath it in an entertainment center.

Sun was confused "What? Why? Who?"

Moon Laughed weakly "Do you really have to ask? Y/n."

Sun and Moon explored the room taking everything in. Clearly you had worked hard.

Moon spotted the tunnel first "Is... Is that larger?"

Sun nodded "Yeah... it is."

They comfortably crawled through the tunnel. The first thing that caught their attention was the clean floor. All the pillows, blankets, and stuffies were in neat little piles. The walls were painted like Moon's favorite painting.

Several bags of glow in the dark stars and planets are neatly arranged on a desk in a corner of the room. A comfortable chair sits at the desk. Three beanbag chairs dots the room. The arcade cabinet has a stool in front of it.

A strip of RBG lights light the room up in a soft red glow. A large bed big enough to fit them sat against the far wall. The bed sheets are black with a red plush Sherpa blanket. Soft and warm.

In the center of the bed was you. A single packing peanut stuck to your hair. Sun pulled it off with a soft laugh. Moon quietly crawled onto the bed behind you. He motioned for Sun to join him. They spent the night cuddling you close to them.

Chapter Text

It was another busy day. You were scurrying around the plex completing various tasks. You were a little tired and hungry. It was nap time in the Daycare. You knew your boys were missing you if the constant pings on your fazwatch were any indication. You quietly slipped into the daycare at Moon's request.

He felt it was break time. You agreed. As you reached the large wooden doors a woman stopped you.

She eyed you up and down "You work here?"

You nod "Yeah but not in the daycare-"

She nods "Give me my son."

You shake your head "I'm not authorized to do that. But if you give me a name I can ask about it."

She nods "Yeah... Yeah you do that. Go!"

You pause "The name of your son?"

She tilts her head "I already said it's tony!"

You eye her up and down "Are you ok?"

She growls "Why is it taking do long! TONY! GET OUT HERE!"

You hold your hands up Ma'am! There is no need to yell. The children are sleeping."

She walks in a circle muttering to herself. Something is not right with this woman. Her eyes are bloodshot. You hear a light tap on the window behind you. From the pattern you can tell it's Sun. You shoot him a thumbs down behind your back.

The woman snaps her head to you "What did you just do?!"

You hold your hands up again "I scratched my butt. It was itchy."

She pulls something out of her coat and points it at you "GET ME TONY! NOW! HE"S MY SON AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO TAKE HIM!"

Your blood runs cold at the pistol pointed at your chest. Sun must see it too because he lets a shriek out. The woman cocks the hammer back. She charges at you and takes you in her arms. The gun planted firmly against your head. You can see all the tiny pinpricks littering her skin.

She drags you to the daycare door and kicks it open "TONY!"

You can see Sun at the far end of the Daycare ushering the children to hide in the play structure. You don't see Moon but knowing him he must have a plan of some sort.

The woman harshly taps the gun against your head almost hitting the trigger with her finger "Listen up you stupid robot! Give me my son or I shoot them with my STRAP!"

You blurt out "DON"T DO IT SUNNY!"

She hits you hard with the gun. You can hear the sounds of footsteps outside the daycare.

She does too "MARK! This is my son too! You can't keep him from me! BASTARD!"

She forces you toward one of the play towers near the ball pit. A sound from above the two of you causes her to fire the gun into the air.

She lets out a growl "I AM NOT PLAYING AROUND!" She cocks the gun again loading another bullet into the chamber "LAST CHANCE!"

The gun is suddenly ripped from her hand. It goes off grazing your cheek.

A dark cackle erupts from above you "Naughty girl. Naughty girl. You must be punished!"

He takes her by the arm and into the air. Her grip on you is tight and you go along for the ride. Moon notices a second too late that he has both of you. He holds onto her and you hold onto her as well. She let you go on the way up but by then you were so high a fall would have broken something.

Moon put the STRAP into his chest cavity. He flies over to the play structure "Let go! It's alright! Sun will catch you I promise!"

You nod and let go. The drop is sickening. However Sun swings in like Tarzan and catches you right out of the air. The doors to the daycare open and the lights are turned on. Police, EMTs, and security rush in. Moon passes the woman off to the authorities. Sun hands you to the EMTs.

Security calls parents. Moon hands the gun off to police asking why she called it a STRAP. They comment it's slang for a gun. You all give a statement. Parents pick up their children without a word to you, Sun. or Moon.

Once the daycare is empty Moon frowns "I need a STRAP in case that ever happens again."

Sun frowns and wipes your tears "Oh no you do not mister! It was bad enough watching that vile woman point one at our Star! I will not have you pointing one at others!"

Moon looks at you "No ore work today. Ours now. To the tower!"

He and sun take off with you held tightly in Sun's arms. You spend the rest of the day watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Sun thought it would be best. It has no guns and you all like it.

Chapter Text

Sun woke up from recharge. His soulmate wrapped around him. He looked down at her. When she had announced she saw color when she saw him everyone was so happy. Moon talked about how great life would be for him now.

Everyone went on and on about the butterflies, or warm fuzzy feeling, or whatever they used to describe true love. However, Sun felt none of those things when he looked at this woman. He didn't even see new colors. She told him maybe he wasn't programmed to see more color.

That confused him though. Moonie saw more color. He tried to explain it to her but she had a breakdown. She screamed about how heartless he was. She told him she would kill herself if he left her. She said maybe color would come in time.

She scared him. More than that. He found her terrifying. More than once he woke up to her sleeping with her hands inside his chest. Cavity open, fingers brushing his wires. He told her it made him uncomfortable but she never listened.

One time while looking out at the sea of singular color and grey he told her how he was hurting and wanted this to stop. She gently pet one of his rays. He thought maybe she would agree. She pushed him off the tower with his ray in her hand. It broke off. The pain he felt was both emotional and physical.

She had convinced everyone it was a child. He shuddered as she held him tighter. As he gazed at the two tone room he wondered where his real soulmate was. There was no way soulmates should treat each other like this.

He had been told that tomorrow the daycare was getting a new security guard. He wanted to be excited. Really he did. But lately he had felt depressed. Tasks were hard and he wanted to tear his own core out of his chest. The only thing that kept him from doing that was you.

He didn't want to cause you to suffer. So he pulled Brittany's hand out of his chest and gently woke her. She sat up with hair going in all directions.

She shot him a glare "Morning already?" She let out a huff "Damn fine! Go get me breakfast Squishylove."

She planted a kiss to one of his rays. It made him sick but he smiled "Sure thing Butterlove."

He climbed out of bed and brushed his clothes off. He took the long way out of the tower wanting to take as long as possible to get back to her. Along the way he readjusted the wires in his chest. Brittany had moved them in her sleep. As per usual she had disconnected the wire to his, as she put it, boring ken doll crotch.

Along the way he passed by Freddy who waved him over "Sun! It is so good to see you. How are you doing today? Bonded life treating you well?"

Sun fought the urge to grimace and instead smiled "It's good! I'm just getting my Butterlove breakfast."

Freddy pulled Sun into a quiet corner "Are you sure you are alright? You know you can tell me anything right?"

Sun wanted to say something. Tell Freddy everything. However he was afraid of what Brittany might do to him or herself. Sun nodded at the bear and promised to tell him if something were wrong.

With food in hand he returned to his room. Moon had a room in the Fazdorms with his soulmate. As soon as he opened the door at the top of the stairs a chair was thrown at him.

Brittany was fuming "Where have you been!? You should have been here five minutes ago!"

Sun shrunk back "I-I-I'm S-Sorry!' He wailed.

Brittany walked up to him and began to pet one of his rays "Hey now. It's ok. You made a mistake. You know I don't want to hurt you." She gripped his ray painfully tight and tugged him down "But you make it so hard not to when you can't do things right. You know that! Go get ready! The kids will be here soon and I need to get ready for my janitorial work."

Sun nodded and scurried off to the daycare. He knew he would be safe during working hours. She couldn't hurt him around the kids. As he got ready for the day with metaphorical tears in his eyes the doors to the daycare opened.

The plex was nice you thought. Apparently it was very colorful. Too bad everything was grey and BLUE. The man leading you to the daycare was named Leo. He was the former security guard for the daycare. He was retiring. His last week working was to be spent training you in your new job.

The door to the daycare looked like castle doors. It amused you. The daycare itself was huge! It was a little overwhelming!

"Sun! Come meet Mrs. Y/N! They are here a day early to start training!" Leo called into the large room.

He led you to the security desk so you could put your stuff down.

"Ah. There you are! Come here! I think you'll really like them! They are very nice. Well qualified too. CPR trained too!" Leo spoke jovially as he sang more of your praises.

You blushed slightly as you turned to greet your new animatronic coworker Mr.Sun.

As your eyes met his you got an immediate headache "Arg! IT! OH SUGAR! IT HURTS!"

Sun's optics shut down and rebooted. He was immediately overwhelmed by all the new bright colors flooding his vision. It made his head spin. He watched as you got sick on the floor and passed out. His caretaker programing took over and he flipped you onto your side so you wouldn't drown.

He checked your vitals. You just fainted. No fever thank goodness. It was in that moment his brain caught up with him. You were his soulmate. And if you were his soulmate, who was the woman posing as his soulmate.

Chapter Text

Moon entered the daycare to help his best friend start the prep work for the day. He was immensely confused when he entered. There was a strange woman passed out on the floor. Sun was staring at her unmoving. Leo was talking to someone on the phone.

Moon decided to talk to Sun "What is going on?"

Sun blinked as if freed from a spell "She's my soulmate."

Moon spun his head upside down "But you already have a soulmate? You can't have another one??"

Sun turned to him "Moon I don't know what to do! I'm scared!" He whispered out "Brittany isn't really-"

"Alright boys! Management wants one of you to clean her and the other one to continue to get ready. She can rest in the nap time area. We can settle this when she wakes up." Leo stated.

Moon nodded "I'll take her. You finish setting up."

Reluctantly Sun agreed. He watched for a moment as Moon picked you up. He caught sight of your face. It made his internal fans kick on to cool down his rapidly warming circuits. He understood what everyone was telling him now. He finally had that warm feeling.

He daydreamed about you as he set up the craft supplies. What kind of things did you like? Did you like music? Movies? Dancing? What did your laugh sound like? How would you treat him? Would you be like Brittany? NO! He shook his head. You would be nothing like her.

You are not her, he reminded himself. Soon Moon returned with you tucked in his arms. His handler and soulmate Rati, head of janitorial staff, at his side. She is a lovely person. At least to him. She goes by they and her. They can go toe to toe with any entitled person. He can see why Moon likes her so much.

Together the two of them walked into the nap time room. Sun took a step towards the room but the first child arrived. He had to get into place.

You stayed asleep for hours! Sun wanted to go check on you. Really he did! But the children needed him! Moon pulled Sun to the side for a quiet chat as Rati put a movie on for the kids.

He puts a hand on Sun's shoulder "What are we going to do about the soulmate thing? You seemed pretty upset about it this morning."

Sun rubs his arm, folding in on himself "It's about Brittany..."

Moon leans forward "Sun is there something you aren't telling me? Talk to me."

Sun opens his mouth to say something but the two are interrupted.

Brittany throws her arms around Sun tightly. Very tightly "Squishylove!"

Sun forces a smile "Butterlove. How are you?"

Brittany nips his side a little too roughly "Who is that strange" She holds him tighter "woman in the nap time corner?"

He panics on the inside. Does she know? She must know! Please don't let her know!

He stutters out "O-Oh! T-that's Y/n. Th-the new daycare guard."

Brittany hums "Oh! Its a woman! We'll she's not doing a good job if she's asleep! She'll get fired soon though!" Her faz watch goes off and she sighs "I guess I gotta go... Unless you need me?"

She pinches Sun's ass. No, Sun does not want that. He doesn't enjoy it. To him it's a chore. Something he has to do not wants to do.

It's hard for Moon to ignore the dread on Sun's face "Well. Better get to work then! Sun, I still need your help setting up lunch for the kids."

Brittany glares at Moon. Something she hadn't done before unless it was playing. Moon didn't know what was going on between her and Sun but it felt like he was beginning to understand at least a little. He needed to talk to Rati about this... they might know something about this.

You woke up in a beanbag chair. Your clothes had been changed. Weird. As you stepped out of the dark room your eyeballs were assaulted with colors. You stumbled back into the dark room. Slowly you peeked into the daycare.

"Finally awake I see. How are ya feeling? I know some people don't handle the sudden color explosion very well." Leo barked out with a laugh.

You sat at the entrance to the nap time corner "It's.... wow. Far too much. Sorry for the mess. I'll be ok soon."

Leo holds out a can of ginger fizzy faz "Here. Drink this. It'll help with your stomach."

You open the can and take a large gulp "Thank you." You bite your lip "Is... is Sun ok?"

Leo lets out a gruff noise "Yeah. You should know he already has a soulmate. Don't care for her much but Sun seems to like her."

You look down dejected "Oh...."

Chapter Text

Sun entered they daycare with Moon to work on lunch. A task Sun knew Moon enjoyed doing with Rati. Sun could see you from their vantage point above the Daycare. You were peeking out of the nap time corner. Leo gave you a can of Fizzy Faz.

They couldn't hear what you two were saying. But after spotting the look on your face, Sun knew. Leo had told you about Brittany. He knew it would happen. Sun just hoped it would take more time.

Sun and Moon made their way to the daycare kitchen in silence. Moon didn't know how to start the uncomfortable conversation with Sun. They were friends! It should be easy! But it isn't. It's the hardest thing Moon has ever had to do so far.

"You know you can talk to me about anything right?" Moon began.

Sun went stiff and quietly whispered "I do."

Moon wanted to yell at Sun for keeping things from him. Instead he said "Then please, what was that in the theater? You don't have to tell me... But... I want to help you."

Sun's rays shrunk into his head "Brittany is..."

Moon waited patiently as the two made sandwiches.

Sun spoke again "I don't think she's" Footsteps outside the room made him freeze before he continued "She's treated well enough!"

Moon frowned. He peeked out into the corridor. Brittany was turning the corner quickly. Moon closed the door and narrowed his eyes.

He returned to the sandwiches "Why don't you come spend the evening with Rati and I. We haven't spent alone time together in a while. Just you and I. We can even make it a guys night if you want. The girls can spend girl time together."

Sun's shoulders hunch "I... I don't know.... I. Can it be just you and I.... maybe Freddy too." Sun sniffles, his shoulders shake "I. I don't know how"

Moon pulls sun into him. Gently he rocks Sun back and forth " I don't know what is happening. I'm here for you. Whenever you need me. No matter what time! Look, I'll take on the brunt of the work today. You take it easy ok?"

Sun nods and quietly mutters "I hurt."

Sandwiches done the two return to the daycare. Outside the door Sun shakes himself. A broad smile forces his way onto his face. Moon wonder horrified how many of the smiles he had seen so far were forced. What had that stupid cunt done to Sun?

It must be really bad for this reaction from Sun. Moon sends Freddy a mental message that Sun is in crisis and to meet them after closing at Moon and Rati's place. Freddy agrees to come.

Inside the daycare you are talking with Leo about your responsibilities around the daycare. You laugh at something Leo says. Moon watches as you turn to the two of them.

You stand up "Do you two need a hand? The movie will be over soon."

Moon glanced at Sun before saying "Not today. Thank you though. Maybe we can play a game with the kids later. Today you should observe what a normal day in the daycare looks like."

You nod "Alright! Let me know if you need anything!" As your eyes land on Sun you shrivel on the inside. He's your soulmate and he's taken.

While the kids enjoy lunch Leo teaches you how to check out kids from the desk. You also learn how to make an incident report. By the end of the day you have what feels like a bazillion notes on how to work in the daycare.

Leo comments you did well and says he has a good feeling about you. Sun is nowhere to be seen. Moon waves bye to you as you leave for the day. He too has a good feeling about you.

Chapter Text

Sun and Moon took a little longer than usual to clean the daycare after closing. Not that Moon was complaining. Moon could see Brittany standing on the tower balcony. She was watching them clean. He used to think it was cute. Now he wonders if she has other motives.

He watches as she disappears behind the curtain. Minutes later she appears in the daycare proper. Moon feels his systems heating up with rage. He pushes the feeling down.

Pretending not to see her Moon shouts "SUN! We're finishes cleaning! Do you want to grab anything before we go?"

Brittany smiles a sweet smile. Moon wonders how fake it is.

She clasps her hands in front of herself "Go? Go where?"

Moon turns to her with a smile. One he's learned over the years "We are going to have a sleepover tonight." This irks her and pleases him "We haven't hung out in a long time. So that's what we are doing." He states firmly.

Even she can tell that was a demand not a request. She smiled a little more forcefully "Really now? What if I had plans with him?"

Moon shrugged "Sun didn't mention any plans. Besides even Freddy is looking forward to spending time with Sun. Can't cancel our plans. Sorry."

Brittany was fuming. He could see it.

It made his circuits thrum in glee "Maybe you could have a girls night? I bet the others would like that."

She got a little red in the face but kept a smile on "Sounds fun! I'll go ask the girls!"

Once she was gone from the daycare Sun crawled out of a red slide and shuffled up to Moon "She's angry."

Moon took Sun's hand "You're safe tonight. Let's go before she decides to come back." Moon takes Sun to a near by vent and removes the cover "We'll take the vents. Easier to sneak around. Especially when you are trying to avoid someone."

Sun throws himself into the vent. Moon follows after closing the vent behind him. Moon takes the crawl through the vent to confirm his plan with Rati. He talks to Sun with Freddy. And Rati is to distract Brittany.

Rati had a great plan. She was going to get Brittany drunk and try to get information from her. They had to be tactful though. Brittany couldn't get too drunk. She might get suspicious. Moon however knew his Rati was a clever bitch.

Once they were in employee housing, used for soulmates, they met up with Freddy inside the glorified apartment.

He stood up to greet them "Ah! Good you're here. Rati let me in. I do hope that's alright with you."

Moon nodded "If she let you in then it's fine. Thank you for coming on such short notice."

Freddy nodded "I care about you and Sun. Of course I came. I take it you have noticed it too? With Brittany."

Moon nods "Why don't we all get comfortable and then we can talk."

Moon locks the door behind him and joins Sun and Freddy in the living room. Sun looks so small sitting on the couch. Frigidity and nervous.

Freddy puts a friendly hand on Sun's knee "You can relax. You are safe here. We are here for you."

Sun rolls his shoulders "I-I know."

Moon smiles softly "Take your time Sun. There is no rush or judgement. You can tell us what's going on."

Sun rubs his thighs "Brittany is..." He pauses listening for something.

Moon smiles "Brittany is with Rati tonight. They are hanging with Chica in her green room."

Sun sighs in relief "Brittany is not my soulmate."

Freddy nods "I suspected as much."

Sun hold himself "I never saw anymore colors! She said she did! I tried to explain to her but she-" He cuts himself off.

Moon moves to sit next to him and pulls Sun into his chest "Oh Sun. What did she do to you?"

Sun grips Moon tightly "I don't like her. She... Moon she threatened to kill herself if I left. She" He takes a shaky artificial breath "She threw a chair at me this morning because I took too long getting her food..." Sun gently brought a hand to one of his rays "Remember two months ago when a kid broke my ray off?"

Moon stills "Yes."

Freddy frowns "You were in so much pain. I remember hearing about it."

Sun nods "She ripped the ray off and pushed me off the tower. Every morning I wake up to her asleep with her hands in my chest cavity. She keeps disconnecting my... crotch. I don't know what to do! I can't keep living like this! I don't want to pleasure her anymore! It's not supposed to be like this!"

Moon growls "We need to do something about her. Make her quit and leave forever. Wait... so Y/n really IS your soulmate then?"

Sun give a dreamy sigh "Yeah... I get it now. What you meant when you talked about butterflies. I can see all the colors now. She's so beautiful! I'm scared Brittany will hurt her if she found out."

Freddy stands up and pats Sun on the head "We'll help keep you and her safe. As long as she doesn't stay on the Pizzaplex grounds she's already safer. Do not worry Sun. We will think of something together. Than kyou for telling Moon and I. I know it must have been hard. We are here for you friend."

Chapter Text

You came into work the next morning feeling less than stellar. Or as you like to put it 'not up to par'. Learning Sun already has a soulmate was and still is a devastating blow.

Leo greets you at the daycare desk "Hey. How are ya holding up? Did ya at least get some sleep last night?"

You laugh weakly "My house is an ugly color. It's avocado. looks more like baby poop. I did sleep some though... five hours I think." You round the desk and sit down in your chair. Something stabs into your left butt cheek. You shriek loudly "WHAT THE?! SUGAR! IT HURTS! Oh Lord!" You reach down and pull a long black thumbtack out of your butt "Who put this in my chair?! I need a band aid!"

Leo takes the tack from you "Let me check the security footage. SUN! WE COULD USE- Oh your already here."

You look over with your hand on your ass. Sun is holding a first aid kit.

He smiles warmly "Let me help you. We can go into the storage closet."

You nod and follow behind him. Without thinking about it you slide your pants down enough to show the wound. Sun cleans it and applies antibacterial cream to it followed by a band aid.

You turn as you slip your pants back up "Thank you... That must have been awkward for you... I uh I know yo already have a soulmate."

There are so many things Sun wants to say in that moment. He wants to tell you the truth. That you are his real soulmate. How much he wants to hold you close. Kiss your soft lips. Run his hands over every inch of your perfect plump body. Hear your wanton noises. Begging for him. Only him.

Instead he offers a smile "Yeah... Can... Can we be friends? Or at least work friends?"

You bite your lip "Um... Can we start as work friends? I'm not sure we can be friends... I mean... I did just find out my soulmate alreadyqw has a soulmate."

Sun nods eagerly. He'll take whatever he can get at this point. The two of you leave the closet together. Sun skips off to set up for the day. You, after looking for more tacks, take your seat and start your day. Leo has you show him how to set up the computer for the day.

Moon comes in a few minutes later. You learn Rati had other things to take care of that day. Apparently the woman is a jack of all trades and does a little of everything around the plex.

Moon was not happy. Apparently his starlight Rati learned Brittany wants to sabotage Y/n so she gets fired. Also she purposefully unplugs Sun's crotch every night so he "remembers who he belongs to". Tonight everyone involved will try to come up with a plan on what to to about Brittany.

As Moon walks up to Sun to ask what he needs help with he can't help but notice the pep in Sun's step "What's got you so happy?"

Sun jumps slightly. He glances around before leaning in and whispering "Y/n and I are work friends now. She sat on a big black tack and I got to put on the band aid."

Moon whispers back "You saw her butt? Did you put the tack in the chair?"

Sun shakes his head "No. I think it was Brittany but I have no proof. Also, yeah I saw part of her butt."

Moon claps him on the shoulder "I'm happy for you. Try to look less happy though. Don't want her to get suspicious. Tonight we will try to come up with a plan. Are you ok staying here with her?"

Sun's face drops and he visibly sags "Ok. I can do that."

Their attention is drawn by you growling out 'that Delta Bravo!'

You were pissed! Brittany had been caught on camera putting a tack in your chair and tampering with your desk drawer. After carefully opening it you discover a glitter bomb. Easy enough to disarm.

The temptation to throw it at her is high "Why would she do this? Was this her stupid idea of a prank?" You take a deep breath and make a 'calm down' motion with your hands "Breath lady breath. We will not stoop to her level." You shake yourself like a bird ruffling feathers "I'm better than that."

You calmly sit back down "What do we do about this?"

Leo scoffs "Nothing. Company won't care about a prank."

You frown "Even if I was injured?"

He nods "Yep."

You huff "Well then! I'm going to pretend nothing happened! Don't want to give her the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of me."

Moon leans on the desk "A tack in your chair? Amateur. A better prank would be loosening the screws in your chair. Less blood."

You nod "Good to know who to blame when that happens."

Moon spins on his heel and scurries off as the first child hit's the ball pit. You spend the day learning what the different security protocols are and how to call them in. During lunch a janitorial woman comes in. She stares at you for a moment. It creeps you out but you offer a friendly wave.

You watch as she walks up to Sun and hangs on him. Your heart twists but you try not to let it show on your face. It's about to be your lunch break anyway. So instead you continue your work. Leo pats you on the shoulder in sympathy.

You glance back up at Sun and Brittany and wish that was you. Your thought are stopped as together they approach you.

You offer a warm smile "Hello. Something I can do for the happy couple?" It stings your heart to say that. Stings Sun's heart too not that you know that.

Brittany smiles "I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Brittany! I'm Sun's Soulmate. I heard about the tack in your chair. Too bad about that. Kids can be mean."

You tilt your head confused "I don't know what you are talking about? I didn't have a tack in my chair."

She smiles a little wider "But Sun told me about it. Said it was right in your bum."

Sun also tilts his head "No I didn't. Also there was no tack in her chair."

You look concerned "Are you feeling ok? Do you need to sit down? I know I sometimes get low blood sugar. Do you need a piece of candy?"

She frowns before quickly recovering "Sun why don't you and I go eat lunch in the tower together?" She pulls Sun away without waiting.

Poor Moon has to put the kids to bed by himself. You give him a hand though. And together you make quick work of putting the kids to bed.

Chapter Text

You opt to stay for nap time. It's part of your duties anyway so you decide to take it on anyway. Your lunch was an orange, a PP&J, a bottle of water, and fruit snacks. You eat at the desk enjoying the silence and Moon's music box. About forty minutes into nap time when a loud thud cuts through the peacefulness.

You Look out into the daycare. Moon offers a shrug when you glance at him. You take a flashlight and your stun gun. Quietly you make your way through the daycare. Nothing is out of place as far as you can tell. A small sound catches your attention.

You follow after it into the play structure furthest from the theater. Deep inside you find Sun. He's hunched over with several wadded up cleaning wipes around him. He's furiously wiping at his right hand.

You lay down in the tube you are in and knock on the vibrant green plastic "Are you ok Sun?"

Sun recoils "I uh." He looks at the hand he was cleaning and hides it between his legs "I'm ok."

You prop yourself up on your elbows "Do you need any help?"

Sun scooches away from you "You aren't... we can't."

You scoot back "Can't what?"

Sun's rays shrink into his head "She won't like it."

You sigh and lay your head on your arms "Alright. I'll go then."

You start to slide away "Oh. Before I go. You should have been told but just in case. Later today Leo is showing me how to get into your room. It's for emergency reasons. Like if something bad happens to you or your lady." You take the trash and continue to leave.

'Your lady'. Sun hates hearing that. He hates making you upset. He hates going to sleep next to that monster. Most of all, he hates himself. He hates that he's stronger than her but can't bring himself to stop her. He can't hurt her. He's not like that. He could never be like that.

He watches you leave back down the green tube. He looks down. You took the used wipes. He hates that you touched them. You have no idea what's on them. He does though. He lets out a sigh. He's cleaned his hand well but it still feels sticky.

He steels himself and leaves the play structure. Sun spots you sitting at the desk with Leo. He's teaching you something and you are taking notes. Sun takes time to clean before the kids wake up. Surprisingly most of it is already cleaned. Was it you or Moon?

Either way he's grateful. He sets everything up for when the kits wake in ten minutes. The lights come back on and Sun greets the kids as they rush to him. He can hear your laugh. It's like he's standing in an aviary. His fans threaten to kick on.

He doesn't see Brittany until the daycare closes. His sweet friend Rati had been giving her tasks far away from him. He needs to make them something as a thank you. Maybe he'll do an oil painting. Once the daycare is cleaned Leo approaches with you in tow.

Leo nods to Sun "Alrigh, I gotta show em how to get into your tower. We won't go in the room but they gotta know how to get in there."

Sun nods "Alright. I'll be down here! Gotta do some prep-work for tomorrow." He won't tell them but he's avoiding going up there. It's painful. Instead He and Moon are going to discuss how to handle Brittany.

Leo leads you to the theater. Along the way you spot Moon giving Sun a warm hug. Cute. The two of you stop in front of a foxy poster.

Leo turns to you "Alrigh. This is a secrete door. Sun and Moon have a sensor in their hand that can open this door. Your key card can also open this door. Just wave it right here."

You wave the card and it makes a click sound. You reach out and pull it open. You peek inside. A set of stairs lead to a door.

Leo points to the door "That leads to Sun's room. We won't go up there though. Privacy and all that."

"Excuse me! What do you think you are doing?"

Chapter Text

You and Leo turn around. Brittany is standing with her arms crossed.

You give her a small calm smile "Leo is teaching me how to get into the tower room for emergency purposes. Like if one or both of you get hurt. Or there is a fire. You should have been told about this before. Apologies if you weren't informed."

She stares at you "I don't want you up there."

You put your hands behind your back "I had no intention of going up there. This was just to teach me how to open the door. Nothing more. I would hate to invade your privacy. It would be wrong of me."

She pushes past you. You move aside as she tries to shoulder check you. It makes her stumble on the first step. You hold in a laugh. You know you need to play your cards right to get what you want.

You don't like the vibes she gives off. There is just something off about her. If you want to figure her out then you need to be as unassuming and docile as possible. Give the cock-juggling thunder cunt no ammo of any kind to use against you. Show her why you are better than her. And in the end? Take Sun.

You know she is his soulmate. Everyone tells you. Every day someone tells you. You however don't and can't believe it. Time will tell you everything you need to know.

You turn to Leo "If that's all you need from me then I'm going home.

Leo waves you off "Nope that was it. Go ahead and go home. Get some sleep."

You nod and make your way out of the plex. Along the way you spot Freddy Fazbear surrounded by kids. He waves you over and points to a quiet corner. You make your way over and wait curious about what he wants. You only need to wait for twenty minutes.

Freddy walks up to you "Please, come with me. I want to talk to you if you have the time."

You nod "It's fine. I already clocked out. I would love to talk to you. You seem so nice."

Freddy nods as he leads you to his green room "Thank you. It's my break time for charging. I hope you don't mind. We only have a few minutes."

Freddy holds the door open for you as you enter the room. He closes the curtain and tells you to take a seat on the couch. You do as you are told and wait for him to return. About five minutes.

Freddy takes a seat next to you on the couch "I know we haven't been introduced yet. I wanted to meet you for myself. How are you liking it here so far?"

You smile "It's nice! Very colorful."

Freddy chuckles "Yes. I heard you found your soulmate. It must have been overwhelming! Especially in the daycare."

You nod slowly "Yeah I passed out."

Freddy nods. He stares at you for a moment "There is another reason I wanted to talk to you."

You nod "Is it about Sun or Brittany? Or both?"

Freddy chuckles "Both. Sun does not know we are talking. We need to keep it this way. He has told us Brittany is not his soulmate."

You clap "I knew it!"

Freddy recoils "How did you know? If I may ask."

You grin "He's my soulmate. There is something off about her. I just had a gut feeling."

Freddy nods "Good. We will need your help."

You tilt your head "With what?"

Freddy leans forward "We want to get rid of her. She is not a nice person. I won't go into detail. Sun will tell you when he is ready. Moon is his best friend. They used to be in the same body. He will talk to you more about what we are thinking. I am sorry but I must get back to work. I hope to talk to you soon!"

You nod and continue your journey home. As you reach the Freddy statue someone calls your name. You turn as a woman runs up to you. She has brown hair cut in a pixie cut, blue eyes, and white skin. She's wearing a maintenance uniform. You can tell it's Rati as she gets closer.

She catches her breath "Stay. Tonight."

You shift your weight "What?"

Rati takes a deep breath "You'd think all the running around I do would make running easy. Stay with Moon and I tonight. Moon, Freddy, and I are going to be plotting how to get rid of rats."

You tilt your head "Rats? Like the one who put a tack in my chair this morning?"

Rati nods "Yeah! Those! You'll have to sleep on a couch."

You hum "Is it a comfortable couch?"

They nod "Pretty comfy. Plus pizza and drinks."

You take her hands dramatically "You had me at pizza."

Chapter Text

You had never been in the dorms before. Never had a reason to go over to that side of the plex. The Dorms were pretty nice. Each one had a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom. You weren't even sure why they were called dorms. They were apartments?

Rati was right, the couch is pretty comfortable. Rati had some work to take care of But Moon was on his way to talk. You sat on the couch quietly diddling on your phone. Catching up on some entitled people stories.

Moon arrived about ten minutes after Rati left. You stood up from the couch to greet him. After a little Small talk he asked you to tell him everything you knew about the Brittany situation. You told him what you knew. From the tack in your chair, to her getting pissy about you learning how to get into the tower.

You shrug "Basically my whole plan for now is kill her with kindness. I even told her I never sat on a tack.She dug herself a hole with that one. I have the footage of her placing the tack and glitter bomb."

Moon leans forward "You have footage of that? Good. Maybe we can use it."

You scratch your neck "So what's the plan with her?"

Moon sighs "We aren't sure yet. Freddy is coming tonight so we can make a plan."

You nod "And where is Sun?"

Moon shifts uncomfortably "With Brittany."

You cross your legs "By choice?"

Moon can see the second part of that question but doesn't blame you. You both know whose to blame.

He sighs "That... is hard to answer. I want nothing more than to have him here but we can't have her getting suspicious."

You uncross your legs and lean forward "Why? Sun clearly doesn't like her?"

Moon crosses his arms "Until we have a solid plan the safest option for Sun is to pretend nothing is wrong."

You sigh "Why does it feel like things are worse than I'm being told."

Moon frowns and looks at the floor "Because they are."

You bristle "Then why is he with her right now!"

Moon also bristles "We have to do this tactfully! We can't just run in guns blazing! She could hurt him or herself."

Your eyes go wide and you stand up "She could hurt him? Has she hurt him before?"

Moon moves in front of you "You need to calm down! You aren't thinking rationally!"

You whisper pitifully "I just found out I have a soulmate. My soulmate is being abused by some tramp pretending to be his soulmate. And you expect me to sit here and let him spend another second with that cow!"

Moon pulls you into his chest both to comfort you and keep you from running to Sun "I know it's hard, but it's for the best."

You frown angrily "You are asking too much of me."

Moon rubs your back "You've waited this long you can wait a little longer."

Chapter Text

You form a plan of your own in your head. You'll wait for the next person to enter the room and book it out the door. Moon's plan, to you at least, is gobshite. Why leave Sun with his abuser? Stupid. Your chance comes sooner than you thought. Rati opens the door with a hot pizza in her hands.

She sets it down on the dinette table "It's cheese. I didn't know what you like."

You smile and walk over to her with Moon "Cheese is more than fine." Soon you are at the table "Um, where is your bathroom?"

Rati smiles "Oh it's right over there!"

She points in the direction of what you assume is the bedroom. You make your way over there. At the last second you book it to the front toor. You tear the door open and dart down the hall.

Moon shouts after you "Hey! Where are you goi- STOP! YOU CAN'T GO GET HIM!"

You can hear Moon running after you. You spot an elevator up ahead and press the call button. Instead of waiting you take the stairs and run up them. Moon bursts into the stairwell seconds later. You quietly lay down on the stairs. Moon goes down them after you.

When you hear the stairwell door open you crawl up the stairs all the way to the roof. A quick glance around and you find the fire escape. You make your way down as quickly as possible. Half way down you catch your breath. Down at the bottom you hear talking.

Your heart pounds as you look over the railing. Rati is at the bottom waiving you down. You weigh your options. You might be able to convince her to join you. Or she'll side with her soulmate and give you to Moon. Fine! Down you go.

At the bottom Rati has her arms crossed "Explain."

You tell her between gasps "Sun is.... being abused by Brittany. Wooh! Moon wants to leave him with her for now! *huf* Feck! I plan to go to him and rescue him from the evil dragon! I cant! !-"

She growls "Moon you idiot! I know a faster way. Let's go get your man!"

You pull her into a quick hug "Thank you!"

The two of you take off into the night back to the plex. The maintenance tunnels are creepy. Lots of exposed pipes and catwalks.

She looks down at her Fazwatch "Ok, Moon is inside the plex. It looks like he's at pirates cove. We'll enter the theater."

You nod and the two of you make your way there. The endos in the tunnels are creepy but not enough to stop you. You remember Leo telling you flashing lights cause the animatronics to temporarily go blind. You set up your cellphone flashlight to flash like a rave.

Rati stops just outside the theater door. Moon is standing there towering over her.

He taps his foot "We need to stick to the plan."

Rati takes a step forwards "What plan? what is it!"

Moon uncrosses his arms ready to snatch the two of you "We leave Sun with her while Freddy and the rest of us form a plan on how to get rid of her."

You press the button and rapidly flash Moon with light. He covers his optics and stumbles backwards. He tries to catch you as you dart past him. Rati gives you a thumbs up as she begins to chastise Moon of being dumb.

you swipe your key card and pull the door open. Quietly you make your way up the stairs. You set your phone to record, thank you reddit.

You can hear Sun whimper out loudly "Please! Please stop! I don't want to tonight!"

You hear her say "Don't you love me? If you loved me you'd pleasure me! Do you want me to kill myself? Selfish!"

You slowly try the handle. Unlocked good. You take a deep breath and tear the door open.

Chapter Text

Sun is curled up on the floor with broken chair parts everywhere. Brittany is standing by the bed in booty shorts and a tank top with a bra. Her hands are on her hips, legs spread. The room goes quiet.

Brittany turns around fuming "What the hell are you doing here?!"

You steel your nerves "I'm here to get my soulmate."

Sun doesn't move at first "What? I." His shoulders shake and he rubs his eyes.

Brittany growls at you "You need to leave! He's not your soulmate he's mine!"

You take a step forward "I can't be friends with you Sun! We are meant to be together forever! Come with me. We can be happy!"

Brittany takes two steps toward you "You just can't take the hint. I saw it you know. The moment you two saw each other."

You glance at Sun. One of his rays is bent backwards. His right eye flickers off and on. He has a scratch in the silicone on his left arm.

You bristle "What did you do to him!"

Brittany glances behind her "Oh, that? Don't worry about that. He fell on the chair."

You spit out "Like hell he did! I'm taking him with me weather you like it or not!"

Brittany jumps on you. Her hands slap at your face and she tries to claw your eyes out. You throw her off of you and move toward Sun. She takes your leg and pulls you down.

You hit the floor hard "I don't want to fight you!"

She laughs "Fight you? I'm going to kill you!"

That was what you needed. You take your phone out of your pocket and slide it to Sun "1910!"

Brittany looks confused before she slaps you hard across the face with the back of her hand. You chuckle and punch her as hard as you can. She falls off of you and rubs her cheek. You both stand up breathing hard.

Brittany charges you again. You meet her half way. You lock arms and try to push each other over. She manages to overpower you and slowly starts to move the two of you towards the balcony.

You shout over your shoulder "Sun! Go to Rati! She's in the theater!"

Sun slowly moves to his feet and shuffles out of the room. Brittany takes the opportunity to shove you toward the balcony stairs. You make a split decision to stop pushing and limp noodle. Not expecting this Brittany trips over you and face plants into the stairs chipping a tooth.

She lets out a loud shriek in frustration. You can only hope the others left for Rati's as Brittany stands back up. She launches at you as you move for the door. Wrapping herself around you like an octopus.

She tries to bite your neck but you flail too much. You slam your head back on hers. She throws her hand up to try to pry your head to better bite you. You take your chance and bite down on her arm. Blood pools in your mouth but you don't relent.

Brittany manages to take a piece of broken chair and hits your head. You see stars as they say. Brittany drags your dazed form up the stairs to the balcony. You shake the feeling off as she drags you. The two of you find yourself in another struggle for control.

Brittany gets the upper hand and launches you over the right side of the balcony. You manage to take her hand and pull her down with you. You land in the sea of balls. Brittany clips the play structure along the wall. You hear a scream and snapping sound followed by silence.

You sit up holding your arm to your chest. You don't think it's broken, but something is wrong with it if the pain is any indication. As you look around you don't see Brittany.

You struggle to your feet "Brittany!? You there?!"

Nothing. You can hear people talking outside the slide into fun. You wade through the balls as best as you can.

You sift through the balls "BRITTANY!?"

You don't care if she's hurt. You just don't want her dead. She does need to pay for her crimes. The sound of several people coming down the slide does not pull you away from your task. A tug on your shoulder does not pull you from your task.

Only the sickening sight of Brittany's neck twisted the wrong direction pulls you away. You faint into the sea of balls.

Chapter Text

You woke up in the hospital. Rati sat in a chair next to you. Your arm had a white cast with Rati scribbled on it. The woman in question put her phone down and smiled at you.

"How's Sun?" You ask.

Rati hums "He had to go to P&S but he's fine. He was worried about you."

A tear falls down your cheek "Am I going to prison?"

Rati wipes the tear away "So far? No. There are several cameras inside the daycare. I don't know what they caught. I need to tell nurses you are awake. Po;ice wanted to talk to you."

You suck in a breath "Police.... balls."

Rati leaves for a few minutes. When she returns she has a nurse with her.

Your nurse smiles at you "Hello Mrs. Y/N! It's good to see you awake. I'm your nurse James. Your doctor will be by to see you later. You have been asleep for two days! You were in quite the fight weren't you?" He looks at the chart in his hands "Let's see... You have a fractured humorous."

You snicker "Must not have done well at the comedy club if it's fractured."

James chuckles "You have a concussion as well as several scratches. The fall into the " he makes a face "Ball pit? caused busing around your ribs."

James discusses drugs and the rest of your treatment plan. By the time he's done two detectives arrive.

The female, Holly, speaks first "Hello. I know you just woke up but we wanted to wrap this up quickly."

You tilt your head "Quickly?"

The male detective, Shane, nods "Yes ma'am. We already watched the footage from the daycare security cameras and The daycare attendant Sun. The last thing we need is your statement."

You nod "Alright..."

You drink some water while you tell the detectives everything. From the first day you walked into the daycare to the fall into the ball pit.

Detective Holly nods "That's what the video footage showed."

You take a deep breath "Am I going to prison?"

Detective Shane laughs "No. The fall was her fault. The footage shows her throwing you off the balcony and you taking her hand. It's obvious you were trying not to fall. No excessive force was used. She had a chipped tooth, a bite from you, and a bruised cheek." He checks his notes "If you had been the aggressor she would have more damage. So no. You aren't going to jail."

You let out a sight of relief "Praise raptor Jesus!"

Detective Holly smiles "We'll be in touch if we have anymore questions. I'm sorry you went through this."

The two detectives leave you and Rati alone. You lean further into the pillows. No prison. Heavens above! You and Rati spend the next couple of hours talking. The doctor comes in to talk to you about discharge. She hands you your paperwork and sends you on your way. Rati leads you out to her car.

You lean your head on the window "My apartment isn't too far from the plex."

Rati grins "Good! We'll need to pick your stuff up."

You look over at her tired "Pick up? What?"

Rati snickers "Sun demanded I bring you back with me. The company was informed of your soulmate status with Sun. We had the video evidence."

You give Rati directions "Don't tell me we gotta stay in that tower."

Rati shakes their head "No. You'll get a dorm. HR feels that if you have a dorm you are less likely to damage Sun. Someone will hear you know."

You nod "Good. I don't want to sleep anywhere that cock-juggling thunder cunt did."

The ride to your apartment makes you sleepy. The two of you pack two weeks worth of clothes, your favorite pillows, toiletries, and some food. By the time you get back to the plex you are nodding off so hard. Stuck halfway between the waking world and the sleeping world.

The car door opens and someone whispers "The morphine is making her sleepy. Be gentle she has a lot of busing."

Something large and warm picks you up. You murmur something incoherent. The big thing gently rocks you back and forth. You figure out it's Sun as he softly hums to you. His large hand rubs your arm tenderly. The song he's humming is La Vie en rose. It lulls you to sleep.

Chapter Text

Sun gently laid you down on the bed in your new apartment. As he took your shoes off he wondered if you would want him to stay with you. He wanted to stay with you. Rati had assured him you wanted that. Why else would you fight so hard for him.

It bothered him that he never got to know why Br- that woman lied to him in the first place. Did she just lik- Sun cut himself off. He didn't want to think about her. He had you now. He pulled your socks off before picking you up again and pulling the covers down.

He lays you back down in the mess of pillows. He takes his shoes off and climbs into bed next to you. He lays down on his back stiff as a board. You roll over in your sleep and cuddle up to him. Your arm draped over his slender frame. One leg hiked up and intertwined with his.

His fans kick in in panic as your hand roams his frame. Please please please! Don't open his chest! PLEASE! Your hand finds his arm. What are you doing? His artificial breathing comes out in short raged breaths. What are you doing?! You tug sleepily at his arm. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

You pull his arm over your waist and let out a small contented sound. You.... Sun is confused. You want him to hold you? Sun decides to try something. He reaches over to the charging cable hanging on the wall. He gently moves you so he can roll into his side. He plugs the cable in to finally be at full charge for once.

Slowly he pulls you to him. You make a displeased sound. Sun stills in slight panic. You wrap your arms around him. Your leg slips in between his. Your other leg laying straight. Sun felt like inchworms were crawling around inside him. It was like a tickly happy feeling.

He was scared to shut down completely for sleep. So instead he spent all night watching you sleep. It made him feel a little better. By morning you had not opened his chest and messed with his wires. Although you did roll around a lot in your sleep.

Every time you move away from him you immediately sought him out. You seemed to like touching him in your sleep. Even if it was something as small as the plush soft flesh of your butt pressed against him. He noticed you liked it best when you had your head on his chest.

Pressed as close to the solar animatronic as possible. He liked that too. Enough that he wanted more of it. It was intoxicating to have you so close to him. He wanted you to want him and good lord did you want him. A few times he slowly wiggled away from you.

His artificial heart soared as you reached around to find him. After the second time he stopped messing with you. Instead he enjoyed the rest of his night daydreaming of your life together.

Chapter Text

Sunrise was normally when Sun would fetch breakfast for Brittany. Slowly he sat up in bed looking out into the room. In your sleep you tried to keep him with you. He took your arm and tried to de-tangle the two of you.

You started to wake up then "Wha are ya doin?"

Sun went stiff and stuttered "I-I'm getting you br-breakfast."

You take his hand in yours and rub his knuckles "Stay. We can fix food later."

Sun stammers out "W-we?"

You shrug "I say we but I mean me and you keep me company."

Sun tilts his head "Company?"

You nod more awake now "I want to get to know you more." You gasp lightly "Oh! You probably have work..."

Sun shakes his head "They daycare is closed until further notice."

You hum "Then can you stay? If you want."

Sun flexes his fingers. This must be a trick. Brittany started off nice. Are you doing the same?

He turns to you "I-I need to go! I'm sorry! I- I need!"

He bolts from the bed and out the door. You watch him leave. Part of you is hurt. As you should be. The other part knows Sun just got out of an abusive relationship. You have to be patient. Let him come to you for the most part. Kinda like a spooked animal.

Might aw well get up and fix some coffee. Lucky you you had some pre-ground coffee. You pull a skillet out and began to fry some bacon. Two eggs to go along with it. You take your meal to the nearby table. As you sit down there is a knock on your door.

You open the door to Rati. She looks apologetic. You let her inside and offer them some coffee. Drink fixed and bacon offered the two of you sit at the dinette table.

Rati smiles at you "How did you sleep?"

You smile back "Good. You?"

She nods "Good. Sun came to our apartment."

You nod "I know. It's fine though. He went through a lot. Far more than I did." You wince as you move wrong.

Rati leans back "Are you ok?"

You nod "Bruised ribs are a bitch. Is Sun alright? I didn't think it would be a good idea to chase after him. Not that I can move very fast."

Rati reaches across the table and puts a hand on yours "He'll come around. We're working on getting him some therapy. He's pretty beat up about leaving." They stand up from the table "I have work so I gotta go. Talk to you later!'

You walk her to the door "Hope you have a good day."

You shuffle back into the apartment and fetch your meds. when you return to your food Sun is sitting at the table. He refrains from eye contact.

You quietly sit down and measure out doses from each bottle "Where are the discharge papers? I get the feeling there is something I geed to do about the stitches."

Sun's eyes trail up from the table. He looks shocked, although you don't comment on it, "You... You aren't mad?"

You chew the egg in your mouth and swallow "Why would I be? You got overwhelmed or something and needed space. If you ever need space I'll give it to you. Unless one of us is hurt and needs the other. Then you are out of luck. I'm helping, then you get space."

Sun's shoulders shake. The speed at which he stands up knocks the chair over. You lean back in your chair as Sun approaches you. He stares at you, hands flexing open and close.

You slowly stand up and put a hand on his arm. Using him as leverage you stand up on the chair. It hurts and you go ow, but you do it anyway. Sun watches you carefully, rays retracting slightly. You slowly lean forward with your hands on his shoulder to steady yourself.

You plant a soft gentle kiss right between his eyes and slowly climb back down. Sun gasps softly and touches between his eyes. He doesn't say anything. He just covers his face and returns to the other side of the table.

His foot touched yours under the table as you eat. You smile softly as you finish.

Chapter Text

Sun finds himself both baffled and refreshed by your behavior throughout the day. You never yelled at him. Or asked him to pleasure you. When the two of you sat on the couch to watch movies you sat away from him. You gave him space. It was strange and he didn't know what to make of it.

When lunchtime came around you got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. Sun worried his hands together before rising himself. Nervously he followed behind you. Sure you had offered for him to join you in the kitchen, but did you really mean it?

He watched as you fetched bread, peanut butter, and some sort of orange jello in a jar. He wanted to stay and help. Really he did! But when you pick that knife up it sets him off. He leaves the kitchen and goes to the bedroom.

You set it down and follow Sun at the speed of ouch. You don't enter the room but knock on the door "Do you need me? Is there anything I can get you?"

Sun found himself shocked. You were concerned for him?

When Sun didn't respond you replied "I'm going to eat lunch. You take all the time you need. I uh... I really care about you."

you finished fixing your pp&j with orange marmalade. As you move back to the couch you decide you want to play a game. The consoles are not set up and you don't even know where they are. You debate with yourself on weather or not you want to deal with the pain. For Minecraft..... yes. Yes you do.

You slowly move off of the couch and over to the small stack of your stuff. It doesn't take you long to find it. You bring it over to the TV and sit down to rest. You did just get out of the hospital. Even you know you need to take it easy.

The door to the bedroom slowly opens "Y/n?"

You call out "I'm in front of the TV. I'm trying to set up the X-box. I want to play Minecraft. It would be nice to play with you if you'd like."

Sun rounds the couch "I... I can help you. I'd like to play with you."

You nod and explain where the cables go. After it's set up he helps you back onto the couch.

You lean your head on his shoulder for a moment "Thank you Sunny. Lets get you a profile se up so I can teach you to play."

Suns internals go haywire. Sunny. You called him Sunny. He feels the urge to call you shine. That way the two of you would be sunshine. He decides not to. It's dumb. He's dumb. Best to keep that to himself.

As you set Sun's profile up you eat your food. He took to the game well. The calm atmosphere and open world creativity allowed him to relax. He was happy to play the game with you. It gave the two of you the chance to get to know each other more.

Sun liked the things he was learning. Even when you got mad about something you didn't take it out on him. And when you did it was playful. He had removed a block in a cave and unleashed a waterfall of lava on you. You let out a mock frustrated gasp and shoved him gently calling him a turd.

It was.... refreshing. Later in the evening Moon sent him a message. They had found him a therapist. His first session was tomorrow at noon. He was nervous but excited. He wanted to be better. Better for you but mostly better for himself.

Chapter Text

Sun asked Moon to join him on the first therapy session. It was over Zoom. Sun had never talked to anyone about his problems. There were things even Moon didn't know. He wasn't ready to talk about those yet. Moon helped relax him and he felt more comfortable talking.

The therapist was a nice man. He allowed Moon to stay. Didn't say any mean things about Moon being there. The first issue Sun talked about wanting to address was the knife. He wanted to cook with you and cooking involved knives.

That woman, she who shall not be named, threatened to harm herself a lot. There were a number of times she actually did do it to herself. Sun talked about how much it hurt to see someone who was supposed to be so important to him do those things. She blamed him for her actions.

He tried so hard to get rid of all the sharp objects but she always found something. When you held that knife he was brought back to those moments. He never wanted to see you doing that. Especially now that he could see the color red. Something about it was unnerving.

You didn't ask about his therapy aside from asking how he liked it. You didn't want any details. It's not that you didn't care. No, you respected his privacy. Three therapy sessions in Sun decided to try actually sleeping instead of staying awake to charge.

As the two of you laid down to sleep he repeated a mantra in his head. 'He is safe. You won't hurt him. You are not her.' Over and over. The next morning everything was fine. You were awake. Sitting on him gently petting his face with your hands.

You leaned down and touched your forehead to his "Is this alright? I will move if you need me to."

Sun's fingers twitched before he wrapped his arms around you "Stay."

You grinned at him "Can I kiss you?"

Sun's fans kicked on. This would be your first real kiss. One where he got to kiss you back. He wasn't sure how to respond. He knew he wanted to kiss you. But was he really ready to kiss you? He was afraid he would panic and run away. When you didn't push any further than the initial question he knew.

Sun was afraid to speak so instead he nodded. He would remember this moment forever. You lit up like a glow stick. Were you really that excited to kiss him? You leaned down slowly. Sun felt his fans spin faster to cool him off. Your lips brushed against his teeth unbothered by the lack of kissable lips.

You pressed against him harder and he pressed back against you. God how he wished he could really kiss you as you pulled back. Face flushed with a dopey smile. Sun pulled you into a tight hug. He couldn't help the fit of giggles that escaped him as he hid in your chest.

The moment his faceplate his your soft bosom he was in heaven! They were so soft and warm. He found himself enjoying the weight of them on his face. He found himself pressing a little harder into them.

You chuckled "Glad you like them. Stay as long as you like. We have today off anyway. Maintenance day."

Sun murmured something before speaking up "I have therapy today. Can you sit in today?"

You laugh "Not like this I can't!"

Sun huffs "I know that!"

You gently rub one of his rays "Of course I can."

His breath hitches at your touch. Hips involuntarily thrust up into you. Grinding into your clit.

You let the ray go "Shit! Sorry! I didn't know they're sensitive!"

Sun lets out a puff of steam "It's alright. You didn't know. We should get you something to eat and the last of your meds."

Chapter Text

You sat on the bed next to Sun. A laptop in front of the two of you. You weren't sure why Sun wanted you here. Well, you knew why but not the particulars.

The man on the screen smiled warmly at you "Ah! You must be his soulmate. Y/n right?"

You nod "Yes. That's right."

He nods "I'm Timothy Lawrence. It's a pleasure to meet you. Do you know why you're here?"

You shake your head "Afraid not. Sunny asked me to come so I did. If the lad needs my support then that's what he gets."

Timothy leans back in his chair "Sun? Would you like to start then?"

Sun flexed his fingers, a habit you noticed early on, "Yes. Y/n... I feel you have been kept in the dark about a lot of things. We all know Brittany was not a nice person. Brittany was physically and emotionally abusive."

Sun pauses nervous. You tenderly rub his knuckles. Sun likes how much you like petting him and rubbing him down. It never feels sexual or like you're wanting more from him. Just that you want to touch him.

You smile "Take your time."

Sun nods touching his forehead to the side of your head "I... I was sexually abused."

He waits for you to say something. For you to insult him. Or even leave him forever. Instead when he looks at you he's taken aback. you are staring at him with tears in your eyes.

You open your arms to him "Dearheart! I'm so sorry you had to go through this!"

He takes the invitation and you pull him into your lap "She... she forced me to... yo pleasure her. I didn't want to do it. I didn't. She used my hands, used my face. God the number of times she left me to clean myself up after getting what she wanted!" He turns to face you "I don't have a... well, anything down there really."

He pauses to collect his thoughts. You rub the vast expanse of his back in soothing circles. Sun finds himself relaxing at your touch.

His eyes turn off and on again in his version of a blink "I'm sorry I don't have proper parts for you."

You tilt your head "Do you get pleasure? Like... can I pleasure you?"

Sun covers his face "Oh geeze! Yes you can." He peeks at you between his fingers "My um... my crotch is sensitive if you rub it."

You frown "Then those ARE proper parts for ME. I don't care if you have a wiener or a vag! I care about being able to give you pleasure. I... I don't get pleasure from penetration anyways. At least I never did in the past. Maybe those toys weren't enough. I don't know."

The rest of the talk with the therapist went well. He basically walked you through a plan to help Sun get better about certain triggers and how to recognize problems. The two of you spend the rest of the evening eating pizza and playing Minecraft.

Chapter Text

It was a few weeks later you woke up to something amazing. Sun was in the kitchen, knife in hand, making you an omelet. You watched him quietly for a moment. He was following along with a video of some sort.

Slowly you walked into the room "Sunny! Your using a knife!"

He set the knife down and looked up at you "Yeah! I wanted to do something nice for you!"

You walk up to him and wrap your arms around him "I'm so proud of you! Your doing so good!"

Sun heats up at your praise and his rays spin around his head "Proud? Good? ME?"

You shriek "What the fuck was that?!"

Sun looks around "What was what?!"

You point at his head "Your rays! They, like, spun in a circle!"

Sun goes still "Have you really never seen me do that before? Was I really that depressed?"

You tilt your head "I have no idea what's going on right now."

Sun cups your cheeks in his hands "Oh my shine. My rays spin around my head when I'm really happy about something."

You lean into his hands "I'm your shine?"

Sun nods "Yes. I am your Sunny and you are my shine. Together we are sunshine. It's because we make each others life brighter!"

You blush brightly.

Sun pulls you close with a chuckle "As long as we have each other we'll get through anything." He leans forward capturing your lips with his teeth in as passionate a kiss as he can give you. And this boy will give you every last piece of himself.


Chapter Text

You were currently sneaking your way through the plex. Chica and Roxy at your side. Freddy was playing lookout. It was two in the morning and you weren't supposed to be there. Not that management really cared.

You were a woman on a mission. And that mission was to express your love to Sun and Moon. You carried a CD player with you. "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Hailey Reinhart cued up. It was an instrumental version. A microphone at the ready.

You had practiced the song over and over. You were still nervous though. What if you sounded bad or they didn't like it? Your palms began to sweat. Chica pulled you into a photo booth. The nighttime security guard walked by.

Flashlight roaming around the room. You could hear them talking to Roxy about staying in her room. This guard was a Debby downer for sure. Chica took this opportunity to sneak you out of the booth and over to the daycare.

The sound of the fountain was calming. You took the quiet moment to steel your nerves. The two of you make your way down the stairs in an army crawl. Chica insisted it was the best way not to be seen by Sun. Or Moon when the lights turned off.

You couldn't hear them inside the large room. A quick glance told you they must be in their tower. You and Chica were hiding behind the security desk.

Chica put a hand on your shoulder and whispered "You are going to do fine. Remember, a thumbs up when you are in place and I cut the music just like you showed me."

You nod and take a deep breath. You make your way to the green play structure. It takes some time to crawl to the bridge between structures. You set everything up and shoot Chica a thumbs up.

The daycare theme cuts off abruptly. You press the buttons and the music starts to play loudly.

You hold the microphone in your hands like a lifeline "Wise man say, only fools rush in." You start nervously. A quick breath and thumbs up from Chica has you singing more confidently "But I can't help falling in love with you!"

The tower curtain moves slightly but nothing more.

You continue in time with the music "Oh, shall I stay? Would it be a sin? Oh, if I can't help falling in love with you?"

The curtain opened and Sun walked out. He stared at you quietly before sitting down on the balcony.

You smile broadly as you sang to them "Like a river flows, Surely to the sea. Darling, so it goes. Some things are meant to be!"

Sun pointed at himself. You nodded. He slipped off the balcony and into the sea of balls.

You watched him jog over to you as you continued "Take my hand, take my whole life too. Oh, for I can't help falling in love with you!"

Sun looked at you. His unmoving face making it hard to read his emotions. He moved to the green play structure and climbed the side to get onto the bridge.

You turned to face him "Oh, like a river flows, surely to the sea. Darling, so it goes! Some things are meant to be!"

The lights flipped off as Sun touched down on the bridge. The swap went smoothly. Moon stopped a few feet in front of you.

You hold your hand out to him "Oh, take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can't help falling in love with you!"

Moon took you in his arms. He was hot to the touch. Fans blaring. The microphone caught the sound and blared it with the music and your singing.

You giggled as you finished the song "Oh, ooh, oh, for I, I can't help falling in love with you!"

Moon pulled his hat over his eyes "Starlight! Did... do... do you mean it?"

You nod "Y-Yes. I do. I'm falling in love with you."

Moon mutters "Falling in lo- ..."

His voice trails off. Puffs of hot air shoot out of his joints. Moon goes still. You can hear his internals stop briefly before turning back on.

There is a pause before Moon shouts out "Stop laughing at me for rebooting Sun! You would have-.... Don't give me that.... What?... Oh!" He looks down at you from under his hat "Hi." He says softly.

You softly respond "Hi."

Moon quickly leans forward and plants a kiss to your cheek. Really it;s just him ramming his face into the side of yours.

He runs off to the tower shouting "I'll shut down again if I stay! ... I'm sure she understands! ... You go say something! Oh right! You can't!"

The lights in their room turn on and Sun shouts "I'm sorry Sunshine! We aren't used to this! We really are overheating!"

You turn the music off but leave the mic on "It's ok. I understand. We'll work on that together."

Sun shouts back "Thank you! Love you! ... Moon! Shut up! ... Not that much! ... No we aren't! ... I think I'd see it if fire was coming out of us!"

You and Chica burst out laughing. You take a breath "I! I'll come back later after you cool down!"

Chapter Text

You were up in Sun and Moon's room idly playing on your phone. The room was illuminated by the arcade cabinet in the corner and a long RBG strip. It was set to a soft pink color. Sun picked it and hid the remote.

Moon had sent a message to your Fazwatch reading "Special surprise for you. Be in our room tonight or there will be consequences."

You didn't know what 'consequences' were but you didn't want to know. Moon was in quite the mood. Something had him riled up. All throughout nap time he was watching you from his perch atop whatever play structure you were closest to.

You tried to ask Sun what Moon had planned but that only resulted in Sun bending you over his knee and giving you a swift swat to the butt. It was not his surprise to ruin. This was Moon's special time with you not his.

You let out a small huff as you waited for Moon. An obviously loud jingle on the balcony caught your attention. If you didn't know any better you'd swear moon was spastically flailing his arms. You could hear him crawling through the tunnel.

Your head turned as he presented you with a serving of his curry, and two cupcakes with a mountain of blue frosting. the frosting has purple swirls and star shaped sprinkles. You took the food so he could crawl in the rest of the way.

You noted Moon was sitting funny. His posture and pose were very unusual for him. Both legs were out in front of him and he was very hunched over. Almost folded in half.

You went to say something but he shushed you with a finger to your lips. He took the to-go box with the blue curry from you. He mixed everything together with a plastic spoon and held a bite out to you.

You obeyed his silent command. Curious as to what the evening held for you. Especially if he was taking care of you like this. He continued to feed you bites of curry. The cupcake was moved out of your reach.

When the curry was gone Moon laid you down. He rubbed your belly in soothing circles. You were baffled by what his end game was. What was he hiding from you? Why was he rubbing your belly after eating?

And why wasn't he saying anything? Your question was quickly answered by the animatronic himself

Moon eyes you carefully "The only sounds I want to hear out of your pretty little mouth are my name and moans. At least until our fun is done. Tell me the safe word."

You respond "Pact."

Moon pets your cheek "Good girl. Get undressed. I'll be on the other side of the tunnel. Stay here. You can set your clothes in the corner. Tell me when you are ready for me. Do NOT look into the tunnel! I'll know."

You nod and do as you are told. Moon crawls through the tube. The strange sounds from the other room make you want to look through but you fight the urge. Instead you arrange the bedding to be the most comfortable.

"Moon? I'm ready." You call out to the other room.

Moon responds in a sing songy way "Alright. Open your mouth and close your eyes and you will get a big surprise!"

You open your mouth and close your eyes. Luckily you don't have to wait long for the surprise. And what a surprise it is.A dollop of frosting hit your tongue. It's sweet and fluffy.

Moon giggles "Open your eyes."

You open your eyes The first thing you notice is what is obviously a dildo of some sort. It's covered in the cupcake frosting. So much so you can't see what's underneath. The second thing you notice is the black harness straps affixed to his hips.

Ah, so that's the plan. A strap-on.

Moon pets your head "Surprise! Clean it off. Do not touch my cock with your hands. If any frosting hits the floor this ends. Any questions?"

You pause "Can I touch you? You know my balance is sometimes not good."

Moon pats your cheek "You may."

You nod "Thank you."

You brace yourself on him and give the tip of the dildo a kitten lick. It's tapered at the end. You can also tell it's clear with a blue swirl. Moon's breath hitches. You lick a half inch long stripe down the side of the dildo. You can see more of the blue swirl. Now it's joined by flecks of glitter.

Moon lets out a small moan "Are you enjoying your prize pretty thing?" He moans as you lick another stripe of frosting "Good girl. Feels so good. Keep going."

You lick more and more frosting. Soon you can see the entire thing. It's a dragon dildo. Thick at the base and tapered at the top. It has little bumps on all four sides. It's clear with a blue and a white smoky swirl.

Silver and gold flecks of glitter fill the dildo. Blue and purple stars are scattered within the dildo. It faintly glows in the light of the room.

Moon huffs "Your mouth! Take it in your mouth! Want to feel it!"

You mutter pretty before taking the tip in your mouth. As you bob up and down his length you take more and more of him in. You moan around the phallus. The sight of Moon above you with 'his' cock in your mouth is intoxicating.

He hand tangles itself into your hair and pulls. He thrusts into your mouth at a steady pace.

His moans fill the room "Mmm ah! So good! More. More!"

His steady pace becomes wild and uncoordinated. Drool dribbles down your chin and onto your chest. Your breathing is ragged. It's making you light headed. Moon pulls you down on his cock one more time with a loud moan.

He brushes the tears off of your face "Drink it all up starlight."

There is nothing to drink so you pretend to. Moon brings your tear up to his teeth and makes a drinking sound as he rubs his thumb on his teeth.

Moon looks down at you "Good good girl. Lay down. It's my turn."

You lay down and Moon drops to his knees next to you "Do not cum until I tell you to. Bad girls get punished." He slaps your right titty hard and you hiss "Good girls get rewards." He pinches your left nipple and rolls it between his fingers.

You let out a moan. He leans down and presses his teeth to your lips hard with a loud muwah at the end. You kiss him back with fire in your belly. Moon leans down to your neck. He presses his teeth to your throat and gives it a pinch with a soft "chomp."

You moan as Moon straddles your hips. The dildo sits nicely on your belly. Firm and heavy. Moon takes both your breasts in his large hands and massages them. You arch up into his hands.

Moon lets out a snicker "I am going to ruin you for anyone but me. MY cock will be all you crave. When you feel desire in the night my name will be the only one on your lips."

His fingers slowly trail down your body. You squirm as he hits a particularly ticklish spot. He shuffles down to your legs.

Large hands spread your legs "Keep them open."

His fingers trail along the junction between your thigh and your hip. They dance around your pubic mound all the way to the other side of your body. You let out a contented sigh. A dopey smile on your face. Skin flushed bright red.

Moon's fingers ghost over your delicate lips "Need to relax you before I destroy you."

Your heart swells at the attention. You spread your legs a little further apart.

Moon stills you with a hand on your knee "Don't make yourself uncomfortable."

He eyes you carefully before trailing his fingers over to your right thigh. He rubs your thigh tenderly. Thoroughly relaxing the muscle. His attention moves down to your calf before moving on to your other leg. It feels so tender and intimate.

He lays down on top of you "So soft. So small. Perfect. Your perfect."

Moon sits back up and sits between your legs "Let me hear all those pretty little noises you have for me. Tell me how good I make you feel. DO NOT CUM. Understand? Use your words."

You nod "Yes, I understand Moon."

In one swift movement he thrusts his middle finger all the way in "Good girl!" He looks down at your cunt "Look at how well you take my finger. I know you'll take my cock just as well."

You whine in delight at the thought. Your legs twitch but never close. Moon slides another finger in. Slowly he begins to thrust them and spread them. You moan loudly as he hits all those perfect spots in you.

Your walls flutter as you begin to reach your high and he pulls out with a giggle. You whine loudly and Moon slaps your cunt hard. You yelp as he lines himself up.

Moon pinches your side "Take a big breath~."

You do as told and Moon thrusts his cock slowly into you. Inch by burning inch. Soon the bumps along the dildo catch on your entrance as he pushes in. A hand on his chest stills the animatronic.

Moon rubs your stomach "Half way in. I know you can take more."

He pushes more of his cock deep inside you with a moan. You focus on the pleasure as much as you can. You can't deny it hurts. It's so big! A full ten inches and very girthy. Moon knew what he was doing when he picked this one.

When Moon bottoms out he has you pushed into a mating press "Eyes on me starlight. They close I stop. You cum I stop. You hide your moan? You get the idea." His hands slide to your breasts and he pinches your nipples "You feel so good around me. Warm, wet, and tight."

You know he's waiting for your ok to move. If he's giving you this much care things are going to get rough. You take a deep breath and nod. Moon give a thrust of his hips. You gasp at the drag of each nub on your walls.

They hit all the best places. Harshly Moon thrusts back inside you. The dildo pushes against your cervix. You try to tell Moon but words are so hard when he's thrusting faster and faster.

He's moaning in time with each thrust. Moving so fast you swear you are never empty. His hands are tightly gripping your legs. Slick flows like a waterfall down your body. Mouth fills with drool as your tongue hangs out of your mouth.

Moon slips his fingers into your mouth "Ung! Suck! Mmm ah!"

You lap at his fingers. Your thighs starting to burn from the slap of Moon's hips. He pulls his fingers out of your mouth and wipes slick off of you before holding them to your lips again.

He prods your mouth gently "Clean them." As you wrap your lips around them he hums "Good girl. Look at how well you take me. Your pretty little cunt is swallowing me up. Gonna breed you! Make you mine!"

You are getting close. Every time his cock hits into your cervix it's divine. Each drag of the nubs against your walls is liquid fire inside you. Your walls flutter more and more.

You tap Moons arm and he pulls his fingers out of your mouth "I'm close! Please can I cum? You feel so good! Too good!"

Moon considers your request "Tell me who you belong to."

You moan "You! Only OH! Only you! Moon! I'm Moon's cockslut!"

Moon giggles "My cockslut? Well then cockslut! Polish my cock with your cum! Do it!"

You let go as Moon works you through your orgasm. Your walls flutter and pull him in. Cum spills out of your sopping cunt and onto the makeshift bed. Moon gives one last thrust and pushes to the hilt inside you with a loud cry.

He stays deep inside you as he "falls' on top of you. His 'breath' is raged as he snuggles into you.

He hums "Did you like your surprise?"

You rub his back weakly "Yeah. Did it really feel good for you?"

He slowly pulls out "Emotionally? Yes. Physically? Not really."

"Wow, I never would have guessed. You did really good pretending. Where did you get that anyway?" you ask.

Moon poses proudly "I made it! I learned how to do it on the internet and I made it for you, It was all for you."

You blush "For me? Really?"

Moon cleans your pussy with a damp cloth "Wanted you to feel like you were with a real man."

You pull him to you by the shoulder "You are a real man. A really real and good man."

Moon holds you tight and dims the lights "Go to sleep. I will be here with you... Sun want's me to tell you he made a dildo for you too."

You suck a breath in "Oh."

Moon nods as his music box turns on "Twinkle twinkle little star, perfect just the way you are, we will hold you close and tight, keep you safe all day and night, twinkle tinkle perfect star, perfect just the way you are."

He hums in delight at your soft snores. He plugs his charging cable in and enters rest mode.

Chapter Text

Your fever was dangerously high. It made the two Dons nervous. 104 was very concerning. However being former caretakers made this decision a no brainer. Important meeting be damned you were not leaving their sight.

And that's how they found themselves. Sitting side by side swapping you around in their laps. Medicine, water, and snacks sitting in front of them. Two hot toddies in front of them and a third in a thermos.

The people around the table made no comment about the person wrapped in a soft looking blanket sitting in Don Moons lap. Don Sun took a sip of his warm drink as someone gave a report on The Starlight Lounge.

As the next person prepared to give their report a man at the far end of the table spoke up "I'm sorry Don Moon. Why are they in your lap?" He pinched the bridge of his nose "This IS an important meeting and you expect me to just sit here and discuss sensitive information with a stranger?"

Don Moon looked down at you "They're sick with a high fever. Don't feel comfortable leaving them alone."

Don Sun glared at the man "That's not an issue is it?"

The man shook his head "No. I suppose not."

The next speaker, a woman, began to discuss the next business owned by the mob. Don Moon passed you over to Don sun as the woman brought over a sample of Rum for him to try.

It was something you had enjoyed doing with Moon. You knew your shit and could pick out various brands by smell. Not that you were an alcoholic. Drinks, you told him, were meant for the weekend.

You woke up long enough for Sun to give you a sip of his hot toddy. The man at the end of the table began to get agitated. Sun was ignoring the meeting in favor of some floozy! His foot tapped under the table.

Another two people spoke. One about drugs and the other about counterfeit goods. The next person put a fun on the table to show new product. Again you woke up. Moon gave you medicine and rocked you back to sleep.

The man at the end pf the table stood from his chair "This is ridiculous! Just leave them with a doctor! It's distracting to have that! That floozy taking your attention! I really don't think we can do business with someone so careless!!"

The two don's looked at each other before Don Sun pulled a pistol out of his coat. He aimed and fired at the man hitting him right in the heart.

He looked around the table pistol in hand "Any other complaints?"

No one else said anything save for one woman.

She smiled warmly "It's sweet how you take care of them. If you haven't already. I would have soup ready for them."

The rest of the meeting went smoothly. When you next woke up you told them about a dream where a goose had a gun and shot a mongoose. Sun snickered and pet your head telling you dreams are strange.

Chapter Text

With all the confidence of a lion tamer you walked into the office of the Don. Well, one of them at least. The Dons were a pair. Everyone knew this mafia had two Dons and one very skilled body guard.

It was said the body guard could kill a man just by pointing their finger. Can't say you had ever done that but let them talk. Don Sun looked up from his desk. A pleased expression etched into his face. He held his arms open wide.

Your heart thrummed in joy as you took your spot in his massive lap. For as tall as you were Sun was taller. The massive 9ft tall animatronic mob boss dwarfed you. His lunar counterpart was just as tall and just as intimidating.

Well, up until the point his massive tongue was buried deep inside you. Maping out your insides. Sun liked to do the same but his cock was his preference.

You brushed your hands along his arm. Fingers brushing against his cream colored undershirt. A goldenrod vest with gold buttons neatly fastened around his frame. Pressed black slacks hugged his hips like a dream.

Polished black wingtips adorned his feet. Warm black socks underneath. At your request he had on soft black boxer briefs with your name printed on the ass Something he was more than happy to do. Only for you.

Sun leaned into your hair and took a big whiff of your scent "You smell divine precious little thing. How has your day been so far? I see you are dressed in the new clothes Moon and I got you? You had a nice time with him? Hm?"

You blush "He and I went for breakfast. It was nice. He told me to put this on for you. Helped me get ready for you."

Sun grinned into your hair "Ready for me? How ready for me?"

"Well," You started "Why don't you find out?"

Sun raised a brow and trailed his massive hand to your preferred hole. His fingertip met the silicone of a toy. A special one with a ring on the end. Blue and gold. Long and thick enough to prepare you for them but not as long or thick as them.

He gave the toy a slow languid tug before just as slowly pushing it back in "How kind of our man to prepare you for me like this. Did you thank him?"

You nod "I did. Sucked him dry before he left for his trip. Nice and relaxed."

Sun kissed your cheek continuing to slowly thrust the toy "Well aren't you just perfect." He tipped your chin to look at you better "Are you ready for me or do you need more prepwork?"

You hum contentedly "No I'm ready for you. You have today free for this right?"

Sun nodded "Just some paperwork. I told everyone not to bother me today. It has to be something very important for them to be let in."

You nod "Can I cockwarm you today then?"

Sun looked delighted, enough that he thrust the toy a little to hard making you yelp "Sorry. Sorry." He kisses your forehead and rubs your belly "Of course we can do that today. Are you alright if someone does come in?"

You kiss his soft lips "Yes. It's fine." You nip his lower lip chewing on it gently "I like when people know who you belong to."

Sun's rays spin softly "Who I belong to? Well, your name IS on my ass."

Sun slides the dildo out of your hole. He gives it a long sniff before licking it clean. Opening a desk drawer he puts it inside next to a half full cartridge of ammo for his pistol currently affixed to his hip and a bottle of lube.

He picks you up and puts you on the desk. Wile watching you take your bottoms off he frees his hard writing 12inch cock. He give it a few pumps as he looks at you. You slide off of the desk and into his lap.

You slide yourself onto his waiting shaft letting it fill you. A happy hum reverberating throughout you.

Sun rubs your back "You always feel so good around me. Soft and warm. Like home ya know? Could stay here forever."

You lean further into the Don "Could we? How almost perfect that would be."

Sun pets your head, cock wiggling inside you happily "Almost?"

You nod "Moon's not here."

Sun nods "Of course. Wouldn't be a perfect forever without him."

Sun pulls part way out and leisurely thrusts back into your quivering heat. He leans forward capturing your mouth in a slow kiss. His large hands wrap around your waist and he slowly pulls you beck and forth to grind on his cock.

He can't remember the last time he got to have you like this. Being able to take his time with you and show you how special you are to him. How he needs you. Desires you. Craves you with every atom of himself.

Just as he starts falling into a pit of pleasure with you there is a knock on the door.

To say the Don was displeased was an understatement.

A quick nod from you and he shouted "Come in!"

A tall slender man with a missing eye and scar on his lip waled into the room. He has on a crimson turtleneck sweater and coffee colored pants.

Sun, still deep inside you and grinding you languidly on his cock, growls at the man "This had better be good. In case you couldn't tell I am busy showing this minx all they deserve."

The man bows at Sun "I'm sorry Don Sun. Ya know the gun shipment to the Japanese. The one that was ratted on?"

Sun pulled you completely off of his cock and back down onto it "Yes. It's the reason Don Moon had to leave. The reason we lost so much money and men!"

You let out a moan. The man did not comment on it. The last person who did got their arm torn off by Moon.

The man nodded excited "We found the rat who sold us out to the pigs! He's down in the basement just waitin' for ya! Thought you would want to do the honors."

Sun looks down at you "You of with that?"

You nod and do the button on Sun's pants to help hold them up.

Sun kisses the top of your head "Help me out and hold on will you Sunshine?"

You nod and wrap yourself around him. Sun holds you up by your thighs. His cock keeps the same casual pace thrusting in ant out of you as Sun makes his way to the basement room in question.

Despite the scowl on his face the Don was quite happy to have you on his cock. Clinging to him like a lifeline. Sucking him deep into your needy hole.

You couldn't help it. He knew that as much as you did. So it was no surprise when you peppered his clothed chest in slow delicate kisses. People stared as the two of you passed by. Women and men both stared faces full of jealousy of you.

Sun wallowed in the pride it brought him to know you held a place of such want. Even more so with the knowledge Sun was not the one who conducted the torture. No, that was you. His devil in angelic garb.

He had seen the monster behind the mask you wore so well. Sure he was the one giving beatings. But you were the demon injecting hot sauce into muscle. Or covering a man in paper cuts only to rub lemons into the wound.

His cock dove a little deeper into you at the thought. Once the two of you were in the elevator to the basement Sun pounded into you with reckless abandon.

Hips piston up into you as a mantra of I need you's and I love you's fell from his mouth. He whimpers like a small child as he slows down petering off into a soft cry into your hair.

He takes a shuddering breath to calm himself "How did I end up with a perfect creature like you?"

You rub his back "I should be asking you the same thing."

The elevator doors open and a woman greets Sun "Don Sun. Allow me to bring you to the bastard." She pauses before spitting bitterly "Oh. I didn't realize you had a night walker with you."

Sun growls and takes her by the hair "This is my fiance! Show some respect!"

He shoves her into the wall. You bounce on his cock enthralled by the display. Sun gives our thighs a gentle squeeze. He pulls all the way out of you and all the way back in.

You let out a loud moan as you watch the woman glare at you as she tries to fix her hair and makeup. She gives you the finger as she passes by you to open the door for Sun.

You laugh loudly "The fuck is a finger supposed to do? Oh no! She shot me the bird! What ever shall I do! Oh! I know!"

You fuck yourself on Sun's cock while you laugh. Sun swats your ass as he pulls you up and down helping you fuck him. The woman opens the door for him.

"S-sorry Sunshine!" Sun blurts out as he pins you to the wall.

Hot thick ropes of cum fill your hole as he bites down on your neck. You feel his teeth break skin ever so slightly. He refrains from making any sound. Those are for you. His long tongue laps at your minor wound.

Sun enters the room still inside you. Still idly thrusting in that wonderful languid pace. The woman practically slams the door behind her enraged.

The room was well lit. You never liked to torture in the dark. Always concerned about pricking yourself on something in the room. In the center of the room is a man tied to a metal chair by the wrists, ankles, and waist.

The man tied to the chair gasped loudly "The don! Look I-I-I'm sorry! Th-they threatened my lady! You understand don't you! You got a bitch of your own!"

Sun slams a hand on the metal table in front of him "A bitch of my own?" He whips around holding you tightly, his cock jerking angrily inside you "A BITCH OF MY OWN! Did'ja hear that dear? You are a bitch now!"

Sun raises his foot and stomps down on the man's hand. A sicking crunch resounds throughout the room and the man shrieks in pain. Sun returns to the task of perusing your wall of metallic goodies.

The man swallows hard "T-that's your.... You aren't going to kill me right?"

You chuckle darkly leaning over to eye the man "I never kill anyone. Actually I do my best to keep people alive. I can't promise you won't want to die though. Tell me, have you ever wondered what hot sauce in muscle does?"

The man puffs his chest out "You aren't going to scare me!"

Sun whispers in your ear pointing to a row of needles "Tell me about these."

"Well, the numbers on the side are scoville. To give an example the habanero has 100,000 scovilles. The hi1gher the number the hotter the sauce." You whisper back.

Sun nods picking up a sharp looking knife. He turns to the man with a cold glare. You wrap further around him like a koala and grind into his hips. Climax slowly building inside you.

Sun holds the knife to the man's cheek "Do you know how much money, time, and effort you wasted? Had we not taken care of you?"

The man licks his lips "You... you did. But those pigs!"

Sun cuts his cheek. The blade cutting through his cheek straight to the bone with ease. You snicker at the small sound of surprise from Sun.

He quickly shuts you up with a hard thrust "Oh be quiet you! I didn't know it was that sharp. You keep your tools in good shape."

The man tied to the chair is stunned. Two people here to torture him waltz into the room fucking and now they are making jokes with each other? What the hell is going on!

Sun points the knife at the man "Why shouldn't I kill you?"

The man balks "What? I have been so loyal to the family!"

Sun slices the tip of his nose Giving him a glare "Try again! If we really mattered to you that much you wouldn't have ratted us out."

You sigh getting bored with this game "You have to have a reason better than that!"

The man takes a deep breath "I... Oh! I have a lead on a large shipment of gold coming in from Switzerland!"

Sun nods "Alright. You live... for now. If this goes nowhere you die."

You shake your head "I don't think he suffered enough."

Sun eyes you before grinning "I have a plan."

The man shakes slightly "What?!"

Sun turns you so the man can see Sun fucking you. Sun slams you down onto his cock fucking into you with vigor. He bites and licks at your neck. For you he moans loudly. The sound tips you over that edge and you cum on his cock.

Sun fills you a second time. With a wicked grin he walks around the chair behind the man. You give Sun a confused look. He kisses our forehead. Sun pulls you off of his cock legs spread wide.

A shower of both of your cum rains down onto the man below you. You gasp and blush deeply. Sun lets out a wicked laugh.

The man lets out a loud yell "What the hell?!"

Sun slots you back onto his cock rounding the chair to face the man. He watches his yellow cum drip down the mans face. The man spits out yellow spunk and tries to shake it off. Sun roars with laughter.

Sun returns to the door and leaves with you. He tells the woman at the door to leave him as is for an hour. He makes sure to mention the Swiss gold.

Back in Sun's office you once again find yourself in his chair cockwarming the Don. Paperwork sprawled about the desk. Every now and then he breaks out into giggles. Stammering about the jizz covered man in the basement.

You however are happy to have your man deep inside you in the quiet of the late afternoon.

Chapter Text

It was two weeks later when Don Moon returned from his trip. He was supposed to be back three days ago but it took longer than expected to make reparations for the weapons shipment. Your blowjob before he left didn't help.

The entire time he was there all he could think about was you sucking the soul out of him through his dick. Even when they brought him to a strip joint to talk business ventures you were on his mind. It made his cock ache for you. He was offered women to satiate his need but he refused.

The bed was nice. But Moon found it painfully empty and cold. He had gotten a letter that when he returned Sun would have to leave for Russia. Moon would have you to himself. His dreams were filled with your voice telling him how good he felt, how he tasted, how much you loved him.

How you needed and craved him. In his dreams soft kisses peppered his face. His need grew. Erection painfully hard. He had it almost all the time. He hid it well though. The Japanese offered him a bride but he refused. She was no where near your level. He wanted to see you, talk to you, be near you.

He and Sun both loved having you next to them during meetings. He knew of the things that happened in the basement. While he had never seen you work he had seen the aftermath. Hell, one of their most loyal guys had paid you an unfortunate visit. Whatever you had done in that room had changed his tune.

You were no angel. No, to him you were the devil. Beautiful and deadly. Charming everyone with your smile only to stab them in the back when they turned away. The thought made him ache for you more. The night before he returned to you was torture.

All his dreams were filled with your moans. It made him hot. Moon found it difficult to sleep. He burned for you. Stroking himself only made things worse. It wasn't enough and it never would be again.

The car ride to the airport and the flight both were hell to him. A steward on the private jet flirted with him. The young lad made every word drip with desire. Moon had no interest in this man. The closer he got to you the more he ached. All he could see when closed his eyes was you.

Laying in the large bed you, Sun, and Moon shared. Cold, alone, and needing him. Needing him to hold you and chase the nightmares away. Needing him to keep you warm and loved. But most of all needing him to breed you.

What a crime it was that you had to spend even one night alone. A crime he would have to atone for. Soon the don found himself at the front door to your shared home. The sun was far from rising and a chill filled the air. Still, it was not enough to cool the fire in his soul.

He ignored the workers who tried to talk to him. No, he had to get to you. The ache was enough to cause the 9ft tall animatronic to wince in pain. He made quick work of getting to the master bedroom. Soon he was standing outside the door keeping him from you. A hunger in his loins.

Chapter Text

As soon as you had entered the Daycare on your day off Sun and Moon had ushered you up to the tower. They had laid you in the softest blankets. They provided you with food and water. As soon as you finish eating and drinking they are on you. Groping you everywhere they can reach and kissing every inch of flesh. You notice something as the day goes on. Both bots seem to be collecting the juices from your cunt.

They bring you to orgasm after orgasm. They appear to be on a mission of some sort. Moon rubs your puffy clit in tight circles with his vibrating fingers. Sun sits between your legs collecting your juice. You want to ask about it but every time you try they share a look.

Sun stuffs your needy cunt with one of his fingers "Let us take care of you sunshine." You smile at him and open your mouth to say something.

Moon huffs and shoves his fingers in your mouth "If you think you can talk we aren't doing a good enough job."

Sun adds two more fingers "Get her clit Moon. Wanna have her squirt."

Moon nods and covers your clit with two fingers. He gives a chuckle as his fingers vibrate violently "Great idea. Be ready to catch it."

Sun nods turning to pick something up. Again you want to ask about it but it's quickly squashed as you squirt cumming hard on Sun's fingers.

Moon excitedly asks "Do we have enough?"

Sun hums "Considering this is... what the ninth time our starling has cum. Not to mention all the slick we have." He hums in thought. "If we add water we should be fine."

Moon drums his fingers on your lower abdomen "Should? Better get at least one more then."

Sun giggles "On boy! This is so much fun! I can't wait for tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow?" You manage out between breaths.

Sun turns his attention to you and offers you a bottle of water "Oh you don't need to worry about that sunshine. That's for Moon and I! You just rest for now. We want to get you to cum one more time."

Moon rubs your cheek "Can you be a good girl and do that for us pretty thing?"

Sun practically slams his fingers into you rocking you up and down on Moon's fingers. The combined effort throws you over the edge one final time and you cum with a roar. Your vision crackles with fireworks before you pass out.

The next day you wake up refreshed. Sometime during the night either Sun or Moon had bathed you. After breakfast you god ready for your shift. Mysteriously you didn't see Sun or Moon all morning. It wasn't until half an hour before the Daycare opened that they appeared.

Everything was normal until lunchtime. You saw Sun sharing a can of something with Moon. Whatever it was they seemed to enjoy it greatly.

You approached them and smiled "What are you drinking?"

Sun glanced at Moon and Moon nodded. Sun beamed at you before glancing around. The kids were distracted with pizza.

Sun leaned in and whispered "Coochie in a can."

You blinked "What?"

Moon nodded "Yep. Coochie in a can."

You squinted at them "And what is that?"

Sun shook his head "It's exactly what it sounds like."

Moon points to you then the can "It's YOUR coochie in a CAN."

You pause as your brain catches up with you "Wait... WHAT?!"

All day yesterday they had collected your juices. They mixed it with water and put it in a can. Now they are just casually drinking a can of your pussy juice in the middle of the daycare like it's ambrosia from the gods. Your face flushes scarlet.

Chapter Text

Moon opened the door to your shared bedroom. He found you exactly as expected. Curled up in bed sleeping. What he hadn't expected was the lump in bed next to you. He stalked over to the side of the bed. Whomever was in bed next to you was wearing HIS shirt.

His hazy mind screaming at him to destroy the man in bed with HIS fiance. His hand shot out and tore into the throat of whoever it was. He pulled his hand to his face and licked the stuffing on his hand. He was instantly confused. Stuffing? You were cuddled up to a large body pillow with his picture on it.

His need grew. Erection stirring to life. His mind became a flood of emotions. He loves you. He loves you so damn much that he began to cry. Hot tears rolling down his cheeks. He shook as he let out a pathetic whine. He wanted to, needed to, feel your skin. Clothes were thrown behind him.

He climbed into bed with you pulling him into his much larger body. His cock rubbed against your ass and over your groin. you let out a soft moan in your sleep. Moon pressed his faceplate into your hair and took a deep artificial breath. His cock wept precum between your legs.

He pet your cheeks and blubberd out "Angel, comet, sweets! Please I please!"

You stirred slowly waking up "Mmmm wha? MooMoo.... Yu here?"

Moon hiccuped between tears "Yeah baby. I'm here. I missed you."

You took his hand in yours and kissed his palm "Bambino. I missed you so so much! PLease... fuck me! Please? I'll make you feel better. Dry your tears."

Moon kissed your head, too tall to reach anywhere else at the moment "Need me? Comet!" He filled your hole with his cock. Carefully pushing in. When he bottomed out inside you it was the most at home he had felt in days. With a loud sob and even more tears he came inside you.

Holding you almost painfully tight he blubbered out "Good! So Good! Need more!"

He began to thrust inside you at a fast needy pace. He felt hot and heavy inside you. His cum made the perfect lube. If he came that fast he must have been miserable in Japan. Sometimes they would take you on trips like that but Moon didn't think it would have been safe.

Moon's long limbs caged you in and kept you right where he needed you. the fact that you needed him just as much kept the waterfall of tears flowing. Your greedy hole was sucking him in and trying to keep him inside. It was a struggle to pull out so he could push back in.

Moon gave up on long thrusts and instead stuck to quick shallow thrusting. Pistoning inside you like a high speed vibrator. Moving so fast it was like you were sitting on jackhammer and trying to talk. He rubbed your nipples in circles. Despite the fact that he was the more violent of the two Dons.

He didn't like to hurt you. He didn't treat you like glass though. He just didn't like to cause you pain like Sun did. That was a game between you and Sun. He was getting close again. So were you. He could feel it. With another loud cry he filled you more. He didn't slow down however.

Without leaving your heat he rolled the two of you over. His chest pressed heavily onto your back and he began to thrust again. You reached out for his hand as you began to cum yourself. His long fingers locked with yours as he let out a heaving whining breath.

You squeezed the life out of his dick and he gladly let you have it. He kept going as more and more tears hit the bed sheets. More. He needed to fill you more. Needed to feel you come undone around him more. This was far from over. Moon felt he had not done enough to make up for leaving you alone.

As he continued to thrust into you a loud yelling broke the silence of the house "I Don't care if he's not expecting me! He needs me! Every good Don deserves an equally good wife! Now let me see him! It's already ten in the morning!"

Who the fuck was interrupting his time with you? Someone is going to die today,

Chapter Text

Moon growled lowly.

You barked out "SON OF A BITCH!"

Reluctantly Moon pulled out of you "Clothes. Now."

You got dressed with Moon. You almost cackled as you saw his outfit. Black slacks, a red button down, and a black vest. The last time he wore this to greet someone he tore their arm off and beat them with it. You wouldn't be surprised if he did it again.

The two of you walk down stairs. Moon has his hand on your lower back. His fingers twitch with need for you. It is taking all his willpower not to bend you over the banister and continue to fill you up. Your escapades in the bedroom barely scratched the surface of his need. This would be a trial.

At the bottom of the stairs you were greeted by a butler "Ah. I was afraid she 'woke you up'. Please allow me to take you to her. She said she knows you. Her name is Magnolia."

Moon sighs loudly "Magnolia. Yes I know her. The daughter of someone in the French Mob. An underboss."

You nod "Oh! Like Franco right?"

Moon nods "Mhm. This will be a pain. We aren't done yet Comet."

The two of you follow the butler into the parlor. Sitting in the room is a woman with a short black bob hairstyle, blue eyes, soft pink lips, a rose pink body con dress, and black pumps. She smiles warmly as the two of you enter.

Her face contorts into confusion "I didn't know you had business today. I'll let you finish and then we can talk."

Moon continues into the room with you. He walks over to his favorite leather chair and takes a seat. He holds his hand out for you and pulls you into his lap. The chair smells like cigars and ceder wood. You snuggle down into his lap and cross your legs in an attempt to keep his seed inside you.

Moon rests his arm around your waist and his other hand on your knee. He tilts his head at her "What brings you here?"

Magnolia smiles softly "Father said we are to be wed. The Caïd... French Don. Wants to join the family. It was decided that I am to be your perfect bride."

Moon hums "I was never told about this."

Magnolia nods "That's why I'm here now. Father couldn't make it until tomorrow."

Moon sits up more "I. Wasn't. Told."

Magnolia nods slowly "I am aware. You are being told now."

You shake slightly in rage. Enough that Moon can feel it but not enough for Magnolia to notice. Moon rubs your back in soothing circles.

He leans his head down and whispers "Easy Honey Badger. Not yet."

He plants a long kiss to the top of your head. Moon takes a deep sniff of your scent and shudders. you can feel his erection stir in his pants.

Magnolia crosses her arms "Je ne sais pas qui est cette prostituée sur tes genoux-"

You cut her off "Prostitute?! I'll have you know I'm his fiance!"

Magnolia shakes her head "No no no this won't do." She pulls a phone out of her purse and calls someone "Papa? He has a fiance... I did tell him that! ... that will take forever. ... Yes. ... No. ... I thought so too! Hehehe! ... Yes they should have.... I love you too." She hangs the phone up "Father says we will talk about this issue tomorrow."

Moon pulls his own phone out of his breast pocket and dials a number of his own "Hello Edouard! It's Moon. ... Do you know Magnolia? ... Yes her. She's at my house right now. ... Made it alright? So you know why she's here? ... What? No! She thinks we are getting married! ... I am! Three months from now. ... She thinks she's hiding a gun from me. Stupid girl." He smirks at her shocked expression "My fiance wants her dead. ... I might... really? And retaliation? ... Her father is on his way... hold on please." He turns to Magnolia "Where do you plan to stay?"

She huffs "Here of course!"

Moon frowns "She wants to stay here. .... PHST! No! I was showing my perfect fiance her worth when this cow showed up. ... What I must. Understood. Will you be coming to the wedding? ... We look forward to seeing you." He hangs the phone up "There is no way in hell you are staying here."

Magnolia scoffs "Where am I supposed to go then?"

Moon shrugs "I don't care. I'll call you a cab."

Magnolia balked "You can't do this to me! My father will hear of this!"

"Were done here! Get out!" Moon points to the front entrance where your Butler waits.

A car had been prepared with her things in the trunk. A room at a three star hotel had been arranged for her and her father. You and Moon watch her leave in silence.

Moon crouches down to your level with an ashamed look on his face "My darling comet. I'm so sorry this has ruined the mood. I wanted to please you."

His shoulders shake as he drops to his hands and knees.

You pull his head up to face you "Bambino, It's alright. It's not your fault this cow showed up. Let's go back inside and call Sun. I think this is enough of an emergency to give him a call. After that how about you and I cozy down and fix something nice for dinner? One of those longs meals you like that take all day."

Moon sighed and pulled you to him picking you up "That sounds nice."

The two of you head inside.

Chapter Text

You and Moon go to the kitchen to pick out a meal. The two of you decide to call Sun on speakerphone first. He picks up on the first ring.

"You're calling? Why are you calling? Is something wrong?" Sun blurts out in a tizzy.

Moon sniffles "Magnolia. You remember her?"

Sun hums "She's the daughter of the french under-... Did you just sniffle? Do I need to come home?"

You hum "I don't think so? This bitch shows up and says she's getting married to Moon. Called me a prostitute. Had a gun in her purse. Said the french Don wanted to join the families through marriage.

Sun sputters "Did ya kill her?"

Moon huffs "No. Thought I'd give her a chance only because of Edouard. Sent her to the Mariot in town. Her father is getting here tomorrow. Bitch interrupted my special time with out Y/n."

The sound of a door can be heard in the background and Sun states "Yeah. I'm coming home. Don't want that guttersnipe showing up with droppers. I'll be taking the first flight out. See you soon sweets."

Sun hangs the phone up.

You shake your head "That's just like him. Any excuse to come home early. Probably a good idea though. Guess you and I are cooking for three."

Moon rubs your back "With Sun's help I think the two of us can make leaving you alone up to you. Still have a lot more spunk for your needy hole."

You blush brightly "Both of you? We haven't done that in some time..."

Moon leans into you nuzzling into your hair "Please angel. Let us shower you with love. I bet we could even get Sun to behave. Please baby please?"

You pretend to mull it over and Moon indulges your game "What will it take to get you to say yes?"

You grin "Kiss me!"

Moon picks you up by the waist "Like it's my last!"

He leans forward and nips your bottom lip. You open your mouth and Moon snakes his tongue inside. He lets out a delighted hum as his lips connect with yours. His tongue wraps completely around yours rubbing it up and down. He pulls back slowly with a dopey smile on his face.

You rub your nose against his "What should we fix for dinner lovebug?"

Moon hums "Corsican beef stew?"

You nod "With fresh bread and pasta."

You and Moon gather the ingredients. Sadly the kitchen is Moon sized so you need a stool to do anything in it. Moon cuts the beef into cubes and you cut the salt pork and garlic.

Together you stuff the beef with garlic and pork. Your phone pings "Sun says he'll be here at 8pm. I don't mind eating at 8."

Moon nods "Sounds good to me. Why don't you ho get the wine while I cook the beef?"

Soon your stew reaches the point where you stir it every so often. You and Moon decide to watch Mel Brooks movies while you cuddle. Moon is still a needy needy lad. Touching everywhere he can reach with as much of himself as he can. Content hums and sighs are all you get from Moon.

Soon dinner is ready and Sun is due home any minute.

Chapter Text

6pm rolled around and you two got up to make pasta and bread. Three cups of flour and three eggs is all you need for pasta. Moon takes care of the french bread. You make fettuccine noodles. And Moon manages two loaves of bread. As you pull the bread out of the oven the front door opens.

You set the bread down and holler "Aye yo! Were in the kitchen!"

A soft thud followed by Sun rounding the corner "Precious! Moonie!"

He took a knee and opened his arms for you. You put a tea towel on the bread and hopped off the stool. Sun chuckled as you slipped while getting to him falling into his arms. He peppered your face with kisses before nipping the side of your neck harshly. He let out a content hum as you let out a soft moan.

He stood up with you in his arms and made his way to Moon "It smells amazing in here."

Moon hummed as he stirred the noodles "Mhm. It's almost ready. Good to have you home."

Sun kissed his cheek "Good to be home with my two favorite people."

Moon picks the pot up to pour the water out "Why don't you pick a bottle of wine to ho with dinner while I plate the food."

Sun sets you down so you can cut the bread. You bring the cut bread and some soft butter to the table. Moon sets the plates down in the proper spots. Sun returns with wine and glasses. The three of you sit down and enjoy your meal. It is every bit as divine as it smells.

Moon laughs loudly as Sun finishes the story of what happened while Moon was in Japan "Sun! That's gross! You really dumped your jizz on his head?"

Sun slaps a hand on the table with a loud laugh "Yeah! Right out of our precious' hole. Two whole loads! It was great!"

Moon balks "Only two loads? From you?"

Sun nudges him under the table "Oh you're one to talk. It was what... four loads the last time you filled them up?"

You nod "Yeah! I remember that."

Moon stares at you "Do you think they could take seven?"

Sun tilts his head "Seven? why only seven?"

You snicker "Three from you four from Moon."

Sun gives you a flat look "I can give you four!"

Moon puts a hand on Sun's thigh "Sun? I uh.... I'm feeling... needy. Gentle sex? Please?"

Sun stares him down "Needy how? for who? Tell me what you need."

Moon chuckles "I need them to be filled to the brim while we dote on them."

Sun nods "Ah. Affectionate needy. That sounds really nice."

You blush, weather it's from the wine or the conversation is unknown "I wanna be fat with your cum!"

Sun reaches across the table and pet your cheek "And you will be. Let's clean the kitchen first. Then we will stuff you like a twinkie with our special cream filling."

Chapter Text

As soon at the kitchen was clean Moon was rubbing himself against you. Not in a sexual way... he was just... rubbing every bit of himself against you muttering soft I love yous. It reminded you of a cat. He took each step on the stairs three at a time. Sun followed his lead with a chuckle.

You giggled as Moon disrobed you. Dropping clothes to the floor as he made his way to the bedroom. Sun also disrobed a visible pep in his step and wiggle in his wang. It curled around itself and even groped at his balls. He hissed and looked down as if to reprimand the phallus.

Sun darted ahead of Moon and held the door open for him flicking the light on. Moon set you down on the bed as he began to undress. Sun glanced around at the array of clothes strewn about the room with a soft smile. He walked up to the bed and gently pushed you down onto your back.

He pushed your legs apart and put his large mouth over your entire groin and hummed low and long. He sucks on you hard. An idea must strike him because he crawls up the bed to the pillows.

He lays down and pats his face "Get up here comet! I need to taste you."

You are positive he and Moon planned something together because as soon as you plop down on Sun, Moon is behind you lapping at your butt cheek. Sun runs his tongue around your hole as Moon nips your hips and thighs. Slowly Sun works his tongue inside you. When he's all the way inside he stills.

Moon slowly works his tongue inside you along side Sun's. It takes a few minutes but they succeed. Sun intertwines his cock with Moon's. The boys rut into each other as they start thrusting into you together. The stretch is nice and you rut against their tongues and Sun's face.

Sun grabs your hips and stills your movements. You let out a whine but Sun swats your ass with a warning growl. It takes all of your willpower not to move. Your hands fly to the headboard and you moan loudly. The slap of Moon's hips on Sun's is intoxicating.

Sun and Moon work in tandem to scissor their tongues deep inside you to stretch you as much as they can. If they want you to take both of their cocks in one hole at the same time you NEED to be ready. Last time they didn't prepare you enough you wound up in the ER with bleeding.

It terrified them. So when you come hard on Sun's face they don't stop lapping at your insides. Overstimulation hits you and you squirm with a pitiful whine. Sun and Moon pull out of you and begin to arrange you the way they want. Sun pulled your back to his chest and spread your legs.

Moon slotted himself between your legs. He reached down, a calm and loving expression on his face, and took Sun's cock in his hand. He lined himself up with you and stuffed your needy hole with both he and Sun. You watch the midnight blue and pumpkin orange dicks disappear inside you.

Sun pulls you flush with himself with a groan. Together he and Moon bottom out inside you. Moon let out a soft sob as he sandwiched your small body between he and Sun.

Sun rubbed the top of his head with a fond smile "Hey, It's ok. We've got you."

You peppered Moon's chest with kisses and licks.

Sun wraps his cock around Moon's in a sort of dick hug. If he tried to hug Moon now he might crush you instead. So dick hug it is. You let out a loud cry as Suns cock move around inside you. As if remembering why he's inside you in the first place Moon begins to thrust.

Sun lets out a light laugh "There ya go!"

Sun unravels his cock from Moon's and joins his thrusting. The duo are so in sync that it's like one gargantuan cock is fucking you. Moon moans as his balls bounce against Sun's. He fucks into you faster chasing his end. No one to be outdone Sun picks up his pace too.

Soon they fall out of sync. One pushing in as the other pulls out. Both only pulling out an inch or two. Cocks writhing against each other. The room is a melody of moans. The soprano of your falsetto, the tenor of Sun's cries, and the baritone of Moon's sobs. A symphony of love.

Moon, as usual, breaks first and shoots his first load deep inside you. Stilling for only a few moments before he recovers enough to resume his menstruations on your insides. This is enough to send you over the edge and cum of your own spills around the three of you.

Sun kisses the back of your head "That's it precious. Get your cum all over us."

Moon is fucking you so deeply and so hard it's like he's trying to crawl inside you. He's using the same shallow grinding thrusts from last night. Sun, who can't god damn help himself, bites down on your neck with a loud groan as he cums inside you.

Moon huffs and rolls his eyes "You can't help yourself can you Sunny?"

Sun chuckles licking the bite mark "It's not my fault they look so tasty. They smell good too."

You moan out "Oh! Oh Bam- BambinooOOo! It, good god, it's fine. Shit!"

Moon pulls Sun into him catching him off guard with a passionate kiss. He keeps an arm on Sun's chest to keep from squashing you. Their tongues wrap around each other. Massaging each other. Their cocks mimic their tongue inside you. Writhing and curling over each other.

For the second time that evening Moon cums again. His cock spasms inside you and he bites Sun's lower lip. You whine with need. Moon pulls away from Sun.

He looks down at you "Oh? Are we leaving you out? Let me fix that for you."

Being an animatronic, and having the neck he has, makes it easy for him to lean his faceplate down to hiss you. It also helps that he's in front of you. Unlike last night where he was behind you. His lips press against yours in a long languid kiss.

Sun peppers the top of your head in kisses and nuzzles. The overload of affection is more than you can handle. Once again your walls spasm and flutter with orgasm. Your groin throbbing and spewing more slick cum on your boys.

You struggle for breath for a few moments before the air is fucked from your lungs by Sun. His mouth right next to your ear as he loudly cums inside you again.

Moon laughs "So Sunny, can you give our comet another load? Or are you all out?"

Sun Heaves hot breaths to cool off his systems "I'll give them another load even if I have to force it out!"

Sun's thrusting becomes more frenzied. He sobs in overstimulation. Sure he wants to give you more cum but he doesn't have anymore cum to give. Still, he's decided he's going to try for you. Besides, he can't deny the thrill in a dry orgasm. The pleasure mixing with the slight pain is a treat. One he only allows once in a while.

Moon chuckles "We'll see about that."

The two animatronic Mafia Dons rub their cocks together with gusto. The four loads already inside you slosh uncomfortably. Sun and Moon are going too fast and moving too much. You cum for the third and final time. Black inky spots fill your vision and you black out.

When you eventually did wake up you were in a warm bath with Sun and Moon. You were leaning against Moon. Sun was sitting across from you.

Sun smiled when he saw you stir "Hey, there you are sleepy head. You gave us quite the spooking when you passed out. How are you feeling precious?"

You stare at him for a moment "Sore... empty... and tired."

Moon rubbed your hips "Just relax and let us take care of you. I'm so sorry we lost control."

Sun nods "Can... can you forgive us?"

You let out a sleepy hum "Fuck me like that again and we have a deal."

Moon chuckles "I think that can be arranged. Another time though. I think it's time for us to go to bed."

Sun climbs out of the tub and takes you from Moon. Moon drains the tub and helps Sun dry you off. You fight to stay awake but it's a loosing battle and you fall asleep again.

Chapter Text

You are utterly exhausted,
and sun is too,
the only one awake,
is your dear sweet moon,
he picks you both up,
and carries you to bed,
warm blankets for your bodies,
and soft pillows for your head,
the music box inside him,
plays a soft sweet tune,
a special melody,
for sun and for you,
the lights are all turned off,
and the doors are all locked,
it's time for him to sleep,
he's off the clock.

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So I was informed the Mafia au piece had a slur in it. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I didn't know and was informed the morning of this post. I removed the slur. Please please please! Tell me if I use a slur. I don't want to be that kind of person. I hope you have a nice day.

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You stirred to life the next morning as Moon set you down at the kitchen island. A cup of hot coffee in front of you dressed to the nines just the way you like. You mumble something sleepily. Moon wraps his arms around you from behind.

Sun sets a plate of bacon, eggs, and caramelized onions down in front of you "Sorry to wake you precious. Magnolia and her father are stopping by today."

You glare into your cup of coffee and growl.

Moon brushes your hair with a brush "I know we were rough on you last night. Let us take care of you today. How about we your favorite food for dinner tonight and watch a show or a movie later."

You hum in delight and begin to eat "Can we play a game? Like Mario Kart or borderlands."

Sun leans on the counter "Sounds good to me precious."

You glance down at what you are wearing. They dressed you in black pants with the phases of the moon on the thighs and a button down covered in stylized suns. Of course they would mark you for that hoebag and her guttersnipe father. Your eyes trail up to see what Sun and Moon are wearing.

Sun has on a pansy purple button down with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a midnight blue vest. Moon has on black slacks, a grey button down with the sleeves rolled up, and an off white white vest.

You whistle wolfishly at them "Hot damn you look sexy!"

Sun blushes "Well, nowhere near as good as you!"

You sip your coffee "Do we know when those two are getting here? Also what time is it?"

Moon sips a coffee of his own "It's ten in the morning. No clue when those two are getting here. We are staying at the house today. Sun and I will be talking to each other about our trips."

You nod "Oh. Alright cool."

"You can sit with us though. Play a game on your laptop." Sun states.

You clap "I know just the game!"

You hop off the stool and help Sun and Moon clean the mess from breakfast. Sun picks you up and you let out a squeak. Moon kisses your cheek and the three of you head to the study.

Sun and Moon sit across from each other to discuss business. You sit on a nearby couch with your laptop in your lap. Currently you are saving villagers from a raid.

You look up from the screen "Wait so the Yakuza offered you a bride? Wow."

Moon covers his face "They saw my near constant boner. Thanks to you comet! They thought a woman would help 'satiate my needs'."

Sun snickers "Wow. I'm glad the Russians didn't do anything like that."

About an hour later you are working on your Minecraft house, Sun and Moon are still talking shop. You are half paying attention as usual.

Your butler Adam knocked on the door "I do hate to interrupt but Fabien Danton and his daughter Magnolia have arrived. They are waiting in the parlor. Shall I bring something to drink?"

You save your game "Yes. Iced tea. If it's not too much to ask could you bring the meat and cheese tray from the fridge?"

Adam nods "Of course. I'll go get it now."

He leaves as you tuck your laptop away in a bookshelf.

Moon sighs loudly "This is going to be a shit show."

Sun grins "She thinks she's going to marry you right? Sit next to me on the couch."

You let Moon pick you up "You have a plan dearheart?"

Sun pets your head "Always."

As you reach the parlor you can hear quiet murmuring. Sun turns to Moon and adjusts you in his arms. He moves you into a princess carry. Moon's hand gets moved to your upper thigh and his other hand under your armpit with his finger brushing your nipple through your shirt.

Sun stood back and looked the two of you over. With a nod he entered the parlor with Moon in tow.

Magnolia and her father Fabien were sitting on the love seat sipping tea and waiting for Moon. Magnolia's wide smile turned sour as the three of you entered the room. Sun sat down on the couch. Moon sat next to him putting you between the two Bosses. Sun side eyes him and adjusts you again.

One butt cheek on Sun's leg and the other on Moon's. Sun puts his hand in yours and Moon take your other one. With no free hand the Dons just HAVE to feed you themselves.

Sun looks over at Magnolia "Ah, you must be Magnolia. And that would-"

Fabien, grey hair blue eyes, cuts Sun off with a thick accent "Fabien Danton. Underboss of the french Mafia. And yes. This perfect princess is Magnolia."

Sun frowns griping your hand a little tighter "So what's this about Moon and Magnolia getting married? I was not informed of this. In fact, I heard Don Edouard didn't know about it either. Thirsty precious?"

You nod and Sun brings a glass of iced tea to your lips. You drink happily. Moon brings a bite of food to your lips and you eat it from his hand. In that moment Moon decides he needs to feed you like this again. A violate blush sweeps across his face.

Magnolia shakes her head "I thought I told you yesterday this will not do. Why are they still here?"

Sun kisses your cheek "Because we three are getting married."

Fabien nibbles a piece of cheese "No. Don Edouard want's to join the families. You will marry my daughter."

Moon growls "You seem to forget who you are talking to!" Moon stands up, making sure not to throw you to the floor, "I AM DON MOON DROP! TOGETHER WITH DON SUN DROP AND OUR COMET Y/N WE RUN ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MAFIAS. LEARN YOUR GOD DAMNED PLACE!" Moon takes Fabien by then arm and pulls until he hears an audible pop "The only reason I didn't tear it clean off is the fact that Sun and I fucked our comet last night and I'm in a good mood. We filled them with our spunk and you know what?"

Magnolia watches horrified as Moon takes you by the waist. Sun looks absolutely giddy. Clapping and waiving his hands. Rays spinning wildly. Moon pulls both your pants down and stuffs your hole with his cock thrusting like he'll die if he stops.

He turns so your moaning mess of a person faces the two french people "DO YOU GET THE PICTURE NOW? GET OUT! UNLESS YOU WANT TO WATCH ME FUCK THEM!"

Magnolia and her father scramble up from the couch. A bright blush on her face and wet panties. Moon, who was trying to cum as fast as possible, fills you with a loud roar. Sun laughs raucously falling off the couch.

Moon hides his face in your hair "I can't believe I just did that."

Sun claps him on the back "You did great! To think back at the daycare you shut down anytime a parent looked at you with bedroom eyes."

You catch your breath "Fucken hell!"

Sun frowns as he moves in front of you "Did you even cum? Hm... Let me fix that!"

He leans forward and take all of your sex he can fit into his mouth. Licking, sucking, and nipping at you. His face pressed flush with your groin. He eats you until you cum with a cry. Satisfied he leans back.

Sun licks his lips "There. Better now."

You tilt your head "What about you?"

Sun shrugs "I came in my pants."

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I'm taking a hiatus. I probably wont be finishing the mafia au piece. Sorry.

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My hiatus over here is done. I'm still gone from twitter. Tried to post something over there but It made my blood run cold. I'm working on a fun Halloween piece. No smut. I won't be posting smut for a bit. I'm not sure I could handle that. I will try to get the Spookyween post done early. I know y'all probably have parties and such to do. Stay safe this Halloween!

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It was a dark and stormy night. Rain fell from the sky in near vertical sheets. Pelting anyone unfortunate to be caught in the storm in icy cold water. It stung the flesh and shilled the bone. The frosty air lent no hand in that regard. A lone car made it's way through the forest.

The headlights made the forest look far more sinister. Trees stretched high into the sky. Twisting and turning into nightmarish shapes. Long spindly branches reached for the car. As if to capture the lone driver inside. The wind blew harshly. Throwing autumnal leaves and twigs into the windshield.

Being so far from the modern world the radio crackled and fizzed out. Cellphone service was spotty at best and gone at worst. A large mansion peeked through the trees spying on the car. A single red light shone through a high widow before disappearing into the darkness.

The car stopped at a large iron gate with a heavy looking chain. A Brody cast in thick letters at the top. You pulled out a letter and read the content.

"Dear Kim,

I regret to inform you of a loss. Your great Aunt Agatha Brody passed late Friday night 8/13/**. In her last will and testament it was decided that you would inherit the family home. As per her wishes you are to spend one night in the home. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. The address of the home is 969 Pulter Gos Road. I look forward to hearing from you.

Howard Mephisto"

Key in hand you approached the large gate. A shiver raking over your frame. Leaves and twigs broke and crunched under foot. The lock is large and imposing. It's larger than your hand. The thick chains around the gate rattle as you move them. They crash to the floor as the lock is removed.

You take the time to drag the chain into the trunk of your car. You might need them later. As you look up at the large two story mansion you can't help but feel overwhelmed at the shear size of the brick building. It's imposing facade is enough to make you feel like you are intruding.

You feel as though you are somewhere you are not supposed to be. You drive your car onto the property. A long driveway leading to a roundabout greets you. At its center is a large decrepit fountain. It's centerpiece a gathering of Cherubim. Worn down by time.

You wonder how long it had been since anyone was in the home. The base of the fountain is filled with murky green water. Algae covers it's surface. If it ever held fish, it doesn't anymore. A hard gust of icy rainy wind spurs you on to get inside. Luggage in hand you make your way to the door.

The wrap round porch has large marble pillars. Vines spiral their way around them and crawl onto the roof. Looking up you can see a large insect nest of some kind. It gives you the shivers. You don't want to see whatever lives inside. The door is just as imposing as the rest of the house.

A large iron knocker in the shape of a fleur de lis sits just above eye level. You are tempted to try it out but decide better of it. The thick oak door creeks loudly as you open it. The sound echos throughout the home. You hope you didn't just tell any murderers to come kill you. You like being alive.

Inside it's dark. The air smells musty and stale. You know it has electricity. Someone had turned it on for you. How kind. You run your hands along the left wall looking for a light switch. You let out a shriek as something touches the back of your hand. You pull your hand back shaking it off.

The lights turn on blinding you. You blink the spots out of your eyes. Your hand has a scratch on the back. It's just deep enough to ruffle your skin, but not enough to make you bleed. You rub your hand as you look around the opulent room. Hard wood floors covered with a plush lapis lazuli colored rug.

At least you think that's what color it is. It's hard to tell under all the dust and cobwebs. A grand staircase with who knows how many spiders sits in front of you. You hope it holds your weight. The room you are in has three exits besides the stairs to the second floor.

You pull the hood of your coat down as you inspect the rest of the room. A painting of your great aunt hangs on the far wall. Several chars dot the room. It looks like this room was just for greeting people. You hang your dripping coat on a nearby coat rack with a pail below it.

Something about this mansion feels off. You swear someone is watching you. you shake that thought off. It very well could be the spiders or some rodent. No need to work yourself up into a tizzy about nothing. For now you need to find a comfortable bed to sleep in for the night.

You can explore tomorrow when things, hopefully, look less spooky. You pull a flashlight out of your luggage and turn it on. You'll need it for the upper floors. You have never been here. Any time you saw Great Aunt Agatha, she visited you. You don't recall ever visiting her here.

You turn the light off in the room you are in and head up the stairs. As you reach the landing the sound of footsteps from down below catches your attention. You shine your light around the bottom floor. A large rat runs across the room. You let out a breath. That had to be what made the noise.

There couldn't be anyone here in the hose with you. No, that was and is not possible. You will however block the door to whatever room you decide to stay in. You shine your light down the left hall and then the right. Something darts across the beam at the end of the hall.

Just.... some dust. You try to rationalize to your self. You aren't doing a very good job of it though. Down the left hall it is. You try the first door. It's a bathroom. White tiles and a copper claw foot tub. A large mirror over an oval sink. Cupboards with toiletries flank a cream colored toilet.

No sleeping here. Unless you use the tub. The door across the hall from the bathroom is a linen closet. Dusty and full of moths. A plastic bag has a warm looking blanket. You take it with you. No chance of moths munching on it. The next door has the dustiest looking bed. You don't know what color it is.

The bed has four tall bedposts and a canopy. Along the wall is a big dresser. It looks heavy enough to block the door. You do like how close it is to the bathroom. This will do for now. Maybe you'll find something better in the morning. You set your things down and head to the bathroom.

You do your business and brush your teeth. This house so far has you on edge. As you look into the mirror after rinsing your mouth out you fall back on your butt. Two red eyes glare at you from the mirror. You only see them for a second, but you still see them. You scramble out of the bathroom.

Back in the safety of your chosen bedroom you push the dresser in front of the door. It might not stop whatever that was in the mirror but it still gives you comfort. The blanked from the closet is bigger than you thought. You can easily fold it in half and climb inside like it pita bread.

You don't undress. Even your shoes stay on. You just don't feel all that safe and you still have the rest of the night and the following night to stay. Someone, you have no idea who, is stopping by to check on you. You curl up in the blanket and try to sleep. The bed is softer than your bed at home.

It's a king size bed with dark lilac blankets. It smells musty but it's better than the floor. The blanket you found is a down comforter with a floral print. You lay one of the pillows down under the blanket unsure of how safe they are. All the pillows on the bed are way too soft but you'll live.

You keep your phone and flashlight wrapped in the blanket with you. It's hard for you to fall asleep. Not only is this a new environment but the whole mansion feels unwelcome. No matter what Room you entered everything felt unwelcome. Like you were a nefarious intruder.

Some time later a bang wakes you up. It's still dark outside. You wait to hear another noise. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Must have been a mouse or something. You lay back down to go back to sleep. Soft footsteps tread up the stairs. It's only three but three is enough to shake you.

You clutch your flashlight tightly to your chest and wait for more sounds. Again nothing happens. Your mother used to tell you old houses make funny sounds. Must be that. Just an old house making old house noises. Again you cuddle back down into the blanket to sleep.

When you wake up again sunlight shines through the window. You move the dresser away from the door and peek into the hall. It looks... friendlier in the daylight. You turn back into the room and fetch an apple from your luggage. Now is as good a time as any to explore your new mansion.

As you walk down the stairs you notice they don't creek at all. Strange, with how old this place is you'd think more of the floorboards would creak more. They barely make a sound. From the front door you go to the left. You are greeted with a large parlor. In one corner is a fireplace flanked by two chairs and a loveseat.

Another corner houses a card table and the center of the room has a pool table. The room has some bookshelves and paintings. The center of the room has a large red rug to match the red walls. Your blood runs cold as you approach the pool table. The billiard balls have been arranged to spell "Hi".

You would think they had been left like that were it not for how shiny and clean the balls spelling the word look. The rest of the table is dusty with little trails in the dust from whoever moved the balls. You might not be as alone as you thought. As soon as you find the kitchen you are taking a knife with you.

As you get closer to the door to the next room a spider crawls along the wall. You shiver feeling eyes on you as you move through the room.

You hear a whisper from beyond the door "Can't chase them out."

Your blood runs cold and you grip your flashlight like a bludgeon. Should you open the door?

Another whisper "Been so long."

You throw the door open but no one is there. You look around the dining room. It has a long table for twelve people. A dirty white table runner down the center. Pictures of farmland line the walls. A window facing the forest to your right. Three candlesticks with green candles sit perfectly lined down the table.

A small chandelier covered in crystals sits center of the room. The table is set with cloth napkins and mats to put dishes on. The floor has no rug this time. A cart with waiting glasses sits at the ready. It's likely used to bring food to the table. That must mean the kitchen is close by.

You power walk to the door at the other end of the room hoping it will lead to the kitchen. You pause in case the whispers are back. If that is the kitchen they might have knives already. You wait for what feels like a lifetime but hear nothing. Slowly you open the door. You were right it is the kitchen.

It appears no one is inside but you can't be sure. You creep slowly around the kitchen. Your heard drops out your butt as you reach the far end of the large island.

Scrawled in what you can only assume is flower is another message "Sorry."

Sorry? Sorry for what? Who is leaving these messages? Are they for you? You begin to think you might need to leave. You stare in horror as a new message writes itself in the flour.

It reads "Sun."

You make a face "What is that supposed to mean?"

The message changes slowly "Name."

You recoil "Oh my god! This is probably a demon or something! I need to-!"

You run for the door. Twisting the handle does nothing. It has no lock so why won't it open!? You slam your body on the door but it doesn't budge. In a panic you look around the kitchen. The far side of the room has another door. Too bad this one also won't open. You're fucked!

This is the part where the axe murderer comes to shank you. You try to find another way out. Footsteps from behind you. A few tears fall as you turn around. If you are going to die you want to see your murderer. There is nothing behind you. You're sure there was someone behind you.

The air feels cold around you "H-Hello?"

You wait for something to happen.

A faint whisper comes from your left "Didn't... scare..."

You want to cry, a ghost demon thingy is talking to you "What? Not real! No way. No way!"

Another whisper in your ear "Here..."

This is crazy. You don't know what to do. A ghost or whatever has trapped you in a kitchen. Is this why no one else wanted the mansion? You know several family members tried to stay the night but they all had excuses as to why they couldn't take it. Were you really going to let a ghost run you off?

No you were not "Listen here you bully! I am not going anywhere! This house is mine now! So get used to having me around bucko!"

You cross your arms and wait. The response you got was unexpected. A very faint "Yay" comes from your left. Yay? Why yay?

You tilt your head and make a face "What do you mean yay?" The door behind you opens on it's own "Ok... I hope this means good things.... Wait! You said you had a name! Fuck, what was it... Sunny? ... I hope that was it. I'm shit with names." Nothing happens so you assume you're right.

"Hey! You here?! Saw your car! I better not find a body or something!" A man shouts from the front entrance.

"Coming!" You shout as you make your way to him. Every door you reach opens on it's own. You decide it must be your new friend Sunny. A young looking fellow is sitting in a chair by the door.

He stands at your approach "I'm surprised to see you here. Everyone else who tried to stay was gone by now. Welp, you still have one more night. Suppose I'll see you tomorrow morning. Wait here. I got a box of food for you. Agatha's wishes. Got a letter too."

"I don't know why you haven't chased me off... uhm... thank you." You mutter quietly.

The man returns with a box in his arms "Never did give you my name! I'm Paul. Yer great Aunt paid me a pretty penny to do this for her. Nice lady. Well, best of luck to ya. I gotta go."

You watch him leave before picking the box up. Again every door is opened for you as you head for the kitchen. You mutter a surprised "thank you" along the way. You set the box down on the counter and look inside. A box of doughnuts sits on top of everything.

Underneath is a partially thawed stuffed crust cheese pizza, four bottles of water, and a box of Capri Sun. The last thing in the box is a huge stack of letters. One is addressed to you and the rest are to every member of your family. You open yours and read it.

"My dear Kim,

If you are reading this I am gone. I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. I just know you will be the one to stay in my home! In case you hadn't noticed it's haunted. I promise Sun and Moon are very nice! Respect them and they will respect you. I don't know how long the have been in the home for. Nor do I know why they can't move on. I hope you stay. One of those greedy bastards better not have gotten the mansion. I don't think my soul could take it.


You put the letter back and slowly set it down. Although the two of you didn't know each other super well you still miss her. You miss the weird little strawberry candies she'd bring you every visit. You miss the wooden toys she'd give you. And most of all you miss her hugs and kisses to your cheeks.

Looking around the kitchen you realize you just might stay. The house does come with a large payout. With that kind of money you could easily pay off any taxes. You could hire cleaners and get this house back into shape.

"I..." You start slowly "I want to stay. I want to get this place cleaned. I want you two ta stay as well. I have no idea how to talk to you better.... It's not like I can say a spell and I can suddenly see you." You let out a laugh.

You set the food out on the counter and take a doughnut. A soft low humming fills your ears. It draw you to the left side of the counter covered in flour. Scrawled in the starchy powder is one phrase "Sancto conspectu".

You stare at it for a moment before truing to say the phrase "s-Sancto con-conspectu" Sancto conspectu. The hell does that mean?"

A low gravely voice blurts out "It means "In The Holy Sight". Basically, you can see ghosts now. Ghosts like Sun and I."

You turn around to see a seven foot tall blue and white... man? You aren't sure what he is. His head is flat as a pancake. He looks like a robot. He doesn't have a shirt on? But he has blue pants with stars? And... is that a nightcap?

You furrow your brow "Are... Are you a robot?"

The man chuckles "No. We may have been human once. But that was a long time ago. Sun! Get in here! The fleshy can see us now!"

You take a bite of doughnut "Why are you called Sun and Moon?"

Moon turns to you "Can't remember our real names. Seemed good enough to us."

A yellow man flies through the wall "You can see us?! Golly!"

You recoil with a squeak "Good fucking lord! You tryna kill me?! Feck!"

Sun, your pretty sure that's who it is, somehow makes the ... rays? Around his head go inside his head" I-i'm sorry! I don't want to! Sorry."

You wave your hands in front of you "It's ok! Really! I don't think you are really trying to kill me. You just spooked me. You must be Sun?"

He pouts slightly "Not Sunny? I liked Sunny...."

You smile "I can call you Sunny if you want."

He beams at this "Now you don't have to block the door tonight!"

Moon nods "Your family sucks. They got one foot in the door and started talking about what everything was worth."

Sun crosses his arms "Scummy people. Not you though! That's how we knew we had to give you a chance!"

You nod slowly "So... We'll live together?"

Sun gasps "Like a family! Oh Moon can they stay!?"

Moon nods "Ok. But you have to take care of them. Are you ready for the responsibility?"

You tilt your head "I'm not a pet?"

Sun huffs "Moon! They aren't an animal! Besides I'm more responsible than you!"

You shake your head. You get the feeling things are going to be exciting from now on. Hopefully you'll live happily with your new roommates.

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Plase let me know if y'all would be interested in this. Kinda thinking about doing a Christmas adventure with Sun and Moon. Santa gets kidnapped by ... i don't know, and it's up to Sun and Moon to save him. Maybe Rudolph helps them? Santa asks our ghost boys to make a wish. One of them wishes to be a prince for you. Bam! Holiday magic and our boys are princes now. Jokes on them their still robots. But now their Robot Princes. or something...
if you have any ideas tell me! I'll try to include them!

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Sun is the ghost of Christmas past. His rays are little flames. He can make them bigger or smaller at will. Sun can fly but he can't walk through walls. Sun has on a white robe with a green sash around his waist. and green slippers. He has green form fitting sports shorts underneath the robe. Around his head is a crown of holly. He looks like he does in the game but his mouth can move, his rays are fire, and he has no exposed wires.

Moon is the ghost of Christmas future. He can change his size because sometimes he deals with kids. The smallest he can get is three and a half feet tall. He can walk through walls but he can't fly. He has on a black robe with an overlay of dark grey silk gossamer fabric. Around his waist is a thick rope belt. When Moon shrinks his rope belt turns into a rope bow to look slightly more friendly. He has on black slippers and dark form fitting sports shorts. Just like Sun he looks like he does in the game. However, his red eyes are black voids with little red flames, his mouth can move, and he has no exposed wires. He can make the flames in his eyes go out. He can also change their size.

Chapter Text

Morning came far too quickly for your liking. You had opted to just sleep in. However, your sunny roommate though better of that as he tore the blinds open. A full 5 years of living together and the bastard still wouldn't let you sleep in. He used to tell you "Sunrise means open eyes!" You were not having it though.

You and Moon had convinced him waking up at eight was perfectly fine. You were not being a "lazy bones" as he called it. You just needed more sleep than most. A solid nine hours was good for you. You slowly sat up and shot Sun a playful glare.

He ignored your look "Today is a special day!"

You huffed "Special enough to let me sleep in?"

Sun stared at you for a moment before laughing loudly "Don't be silly! You are alive! You should be spending time enjoying that life! Not wasting it away sleeping."

You roll your eyes as you get dressed "I need sleep to properly enjoy what life I have."

Sun glared back at you "Get downstairs before I go get Moon to possess you and make you go."

You throw a sock at him. It goes through his body. He gives you a flat look before walking through your body. You shiver as a cold breeze passes through you. With a chuckle you make your way downstairs. The faint smell of coffee draws you to the kitchen.

Moon started the pot for you. They can't interact with the world enough to make you a full blown breakfast. But pushing a button on a coffee pot is simple enough that it doesn't drain them of too much energy. Every interaction with the living takes energy. Spend too much energy and they disappear for a while.

You asked them where they weren't but they said they weren't ready to tell you yet. They did tell you that when they leave they stay in the house. Apparently this house had a lot of secrete passages. You knew where some of them were. The rest Sun and Moon had no idea how to open.

Moon walks through you, they call it a ghost hug, "Happy anniversary Fleshy! Did you sleep well?"

You nod as you put bread in the toaster "I did! Happy Anniversary! What are we doing today? I know y'all had something planned."

Sun nods "Yeah! Something special! We want to show you after breakfast. So eat up Sunflower!"

You nod "I have something for you two as well. Just a second!" You take your phone out and open a picture flipping it to the boys "It's a life size human shaped body pillow!"

Sun squeals "Sunflower!"

Moon grins "Now we can cuddle better!"

You nod and set your phone down on the counter so they can keep looking. Sun and Moon can possess objects. Once in a while they possess a stuffed toy for you to hold at night. It's the only way they can feel you touching them. It's diluted a bit, but better than nothing. Only one of them does it at a time.

It takes a lot of energy for them to do it. Whichever one did it is gone the next day leaving you with the other. They call it a fair trade off. One spends the night with you and the other the day. It works for you because you like sleeping with something in your arms.

Breakfast finished it's time to see your surprise. Usually it's a new hidden passage. Something feels different about this. Though you can't put your finger on why. Maybe it's they way they are acting. Maybe it's the fact that today is special. Whatever it is you follow behind your spectral friends.

They lead you to the fireplace in the parlor. They stand Moon on the left and Sun on the right. They look nervous. Sun fidgets in place wringing his ghostly hands.

Moon gives a weak unsure smile "We... This is.... Our bod-..."

Sun takes a deep breath "We died in this house..." He bites his lip "Our... Oh gosh. Our bones... Our bones are behind the fire place."

Moon nods "We were. Now we don't remember this much. We were trapped behind there. We don't remember why. We tried to get out."

Sun puts a hand you can't feel on your shoulder "This room only opens from the outside. Our bones are in that room. If you don-"

"I want to bury them." You retort.

Sun looks shocked "What?"

You nod "Bury them. Outside. Somewhere nice on the property. You deserve it."

Moon frowns "What if it makes us go away?"

"Go away?" you ask.

Moon nods "Pass on to the other side. Move on. Go away."

You take a deep breath visibly upset "Then.... Then you go away. Not that I want you to leave! It just doesn't feel right leaving you behind the fireplace."

Sun passes through you "Oh sunflower. That's very sweet of you, but we don't want to go."

You shake your head "We'll meet again on the other side. It's ok. Besides, you'll get to see Great Aunt Agatha again."

Moon nods and points to a brick in the back of the fireplace "Push that in. It'll make a handle appear. Pull on it and twist to open the door."

You follow his instructions and a secrete door opens. On the other side of the door is a small 8ft by 8ft room. Two skeletons lay together in a corner. They are dressed like jesters. A few tears fall from your eyes as you walk over to them. You can tell who is who. One is dressed in blue and yellow.

And the other is dressed in red and yellow. It's gross. You know it is. You know if anyone saw you do this they would berate you. You reach your hands out and pet the top of their heads tenderly.

You wipe your eye with the back of your hand "I'm sorry this happened to you. I bet you were the life of the party. Do you know where you want to be buried?"

Sun nods "Yes. We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. The oak tree in the window."

Moon nods and you set off to dig some holes. It takes you all day but by sunset your task is done. You even made two headstones out of wood. The bodies are neatly wrapped in white bed sheets and placed in the graves.

You stand overlooking them "I'm sorry something so terrible happened to you. I wish I had known you when you were alive. At least that way I could have hugged you. I wish you the best in the afterlife. I'm so happy I met you! Sunny, I promise to keep planting flowers. I'll plant sunflowers on your grave. I'll miss our games together. Moon, I'll be sure to watch your favorite movies at least once a year. I'll miss your pranks. The house will be quiet without the two of you in it. I'll try to keep it full of laughter!"

Sun sniffles "I am going to miss you so much! I'll be waiting at the gates of heaven or whatever for you. When I see you again I'm giving you the biggest hug ever!"

Moon smiles "I know you'll do great things. Get a cat and name it after me."

You nod and begin to fill the graves doing your best to fill them at the same time. When at last they are full Sun and Moon begin to fade away.

Moon looks at his fading form "Wait! No! I have more to say!"

Sun screams "WE LOVE YO-"

And they are gone. You drop to the ground and ugly cry loudly. You cry so much you fall asleep outside. When you wake up the next morning it feels wrong. Like a big piece of you is gone. Because it is. Your best friends are gone forever. You did hear what Sun was saying.

You don't know what to do with that piece of information. You suppose the only thing you can do is take things one day at a time. The house feels empty when you get inside. The warm feelings it once had are gone. You are truly alone in the house right now.

Waking up the next morning feels wrong. Your Sunny is not there to tear the curtains open. Moon is not scaring you in the bathroom. You don't have a warm conversation over coffee. You didn't even realize how attached you had become to the duo. Life would never be the same again.

Three weeks later the large person sized pillow you ordered arrived. You brought it inside but nothing more. You couldn't look at it yet. It was too painful. Late that night you found yourself having a hard time sleeping. Might as well open the box. At least you could pretend they are still around.

Inside the box was a pillow about six feet tall. One side looked like Moon and the other Sun. Seeing the pillow made you cry again. You clutched it to your chest in the front entryway.

Fat hot tears trailing down your cheeks "Why is it so hard! I said goodbye! Why did you have to go?" You clutch the pillow tighter "I love you! I love you!"

That night you fall asleep on the floor clutching the pillow to you. Tears still streaming as you drift off. The next morning you are forced awake by the curtain in the room being pulled open.

A warm and familiar voice tells you gently "Sunrise means open eyes. You are alive. You should be spending time enjoying that life! Not wasting it away sleeping Sunflower."

You start to cry again believing your mind is playing tricks on you "STOP IT! STOP IT! IT'S NOT FAIR!" You let out a loud wail into the empty house.

Two warm arms wrap around you. You don't fight them. Far too tired to do anything but cry. Your arms hang limply at your side. Something soft brushed your cheek and you crack an eye open. Feathers, no not just feathers. Wings. Two white pristine wings.

A large familiar yellow hand brushes against your cheek "It's ok. Let it all out. I have you."

You can't stop the tears so you continue to cry thoroughly confused. You are picked up off of the floor and carried to the kitchen. Inside is a jaw dropping sight. Moon is standing at the stove fixing food. Two white wing and a halo on his head. A new flood of tears.

A white wing from behind you wipes at your face "You are going to shrivel up at this rate."

"What the hell is happening?!" You wail out.

Sun turns you in his arms so he can look at you "We are your guardian angels. Here to protect you from the forces of evil."

You hiccup "I don't understand."

Moon turns around "We got into heaven and fought to be your guardian angels. The big man saw how miserable we were up there and let us down here to keep you safe."

"Safe from what?" You sniffle out.

Sun smiles warmly "We can talk about that some other time. Right now you need food and water."

You nod and take a deep breath to help calm you. Moon sets down a cup of coffee and an omelet onto the island. He takes your chin and tips your face toward him.

He smiles softly and leans down "Can I kiss you?"

You nod unable to do anything else. His eyes light up as he kisses you on the lips.

Moon hums as he pulls back "We can touch you now. I for one intend to touch you all over all the time."

Sun gasps "Moon! Don't make it sound so dirty!" He rolls his eyes giving you a chaste kiss "We want to touch everywhere we couldn't before and make you feel loved."

Moon chuckles "That was dirty Sun."

Sun sets you down "No it was not!"

Moon nods "Yes it was."

You sip your coffee as their argument continues. Things feel more right than they had before. Life will never be the same and you wouldn't change it for the world.

Chapter Text

You had just moved to a small rural town in Tennessee. The Veterinary Clinic in town needed a new large animal specialist. The hustle and bustle of the city was exhausting. The rude people and hostile atmosphere had worn you down. Not to mention no one where you lived was romantically interested in you.

You were optimistic that moving was the right choice. Not only for your mental health, but your social life too. At the very least you would make some new friends. Out of all your old friends, only one supported your move. The rest acted like you abandoned them or something.

You had managed to find yourself a nice one bedroom home. The house had a living room dining room combo, a full bathroom, the bedroom, a small attic space, and a garage. It sat on one acre of land and had a tiny flower garden. Just the right size for you and a potential pet.

You were thinking a hermit crab. Or maybe some exotic fish? Heck even regular fish would be cool. Some tetras and goldfish. Maybe little shrimp friends. You wanted to get a little more settled before going for something that would need more care. Like a dog, cat, or ferret.

Moving in was easy enough. You didn't have a lot of things to bring with you. Some furniture, clothes, and kitchen essentials. The home was basically a blank canvas for you to decorate! You were excited about it. It helped everything feel like a fresh start. Far from the apartment you used to live in.

The vet practice you got a job with is nice. They have two veterinarians to work in the building. Most of what your job will be is farm calls. There are several ranches, farms, and stables in the area. You were looking forwards to spending time outside tending to animals.

You had two weeks before work started. You planned for this for your mental health. A nice vacation. It also gave you a chance to get to know the area and it's people. It was strange. On average people were a bit mean but willing to help you. That's not to say everyone was a jerk. No there were a lot of nice people.

It was four days into your vacation that you decided to check out the nightlife the small town had to offer. Aside from the standard nightlife fair. A night market happened twice a month on Friday and Saturday night. You found yourself in a repetitively busy bar called "Springers".

It was a country bar. Definitely a refreshing sight from the nightclubs you were used to. There was only so many flashing lights you could stand. The inside of the bar was glorious. A large rectangular bar with a rainbow of liqueurs. Hardwood floors made a pleasing sound as you walked on them.

Brown leather bar stools dotted the bar. About ten tables sat across from the bar with a dance floor between them. Sitting in a corner by the bathrooms was a jukebox. You could smell burgers and other bar food wafting from the bar area. You decided to sit at the bar for food and drink.

The bartender was an older woman with her silvery hair in a french braid. A caramel tan and brown eyes. Calloused wrinkled hands and a kind face. She looks like she used to do hard labor. Given the area you wouldn't be surprised if she worked on a farm at some point in her life.

You sat down on a stool with an empty space on either side. The smell of burgers was drawing you in. The bartender handed you a menu before tending to another customer. Looking it over you decided on a bacon cheddar burger with fried pickles and a whiskey sour sounds perfect.

The woman returns "Sorry bout' that sugar. I'm Mary. What can I get you?"

You smile "It's fine. I'd like the bacon cheddar burger with a side of fried pickles. I'd also like a whiskey sour."

Mary jots down your order "Pale or smokey on the drink?"

You grin "Ooo smokey please!"

She nods "Alright! I'll be back in a moment with your drink."

You spin around on your stool to look around the room. At one table are a mouse and a dog animatronic. The mouse is grey with a purple dress and the dog is blond with a green dress. Several couples dance together on the dance floor. Another table had five men chatting away.

You spun back around as your drink was set down "You must be new around here. Never seen you before."

You nod "I moved here a few days ago. I like it here."

Mary nods "Your food will be out in a moment. I hope you have a good time here."

You sip your smokey whiskey sour. It's divine! You know you are going to want one more after this one. Maybe even two! But no more than that. You get the feeling someone is watching you. A quick glance around the bar show no one looking. Not that you're paranoid. You just want to know whose interested.

Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" plays from the jukebox. You can't help humming along. Your burger and pickles are placed in front of you. You happily wiggle in place at the food. A wide grin on your face. You thank Mary and take a big bite of food. It's so good you let out a soft moan. The drink pairs well with it.

A low gravely voice with a light southern accent rumbles out "Well, hello there darlin'. Ah haven't seen you around before."

His voice reminds you of Luke Taylor. You turn to look at whoever is talking to you. It's an animatronic that looks like the sun. He has four five inch rays in eggplant and nine smaller rays in burnt umber. His eyes are a soft moonlight yellow. He has four arms each of which are ombre.

Starting burnt umber and ending in eggplant. Two are on his shoulders and two just above his hips. Eclipse is seven feet five inches tall, if you include his rays. Denim wrangler jeans with a plaid dusty green button down. A black stetson hat on his head and dark brown leather boots finish his look off.

You swallow your mouthful of burger "Oh! Uh. Yes! I'm new here. Just moved a few days ago!" You take a sip of your drink and tell him your name "It's nice to meet you..."

The man shakes his head "Mercy me! I forgot to tell you my name! I'm Eclipse. What's a sweet little thing like you doin' here all by yourself? Your partner at home?"

You shake your head "Naw. Don't have a partner." You want to say a flirty line but you are nervous about it.

Eclipse smiles "Well then. Mind if ah join you?"

You pat the seat next to you "Long as you don't mind me finishing my food. Otherwise you can leave because I'm hungry."

Eclipse lets out a hearty laugh "Oh! We wouldn't want you ta go hungry now! Say, let me buy you another drink."

You snicker and pop a pickle into your mouth "You flirting with me?"

Eclipse leans forward "Well that depends. Is it working?"

You think hard for a moment. IS it working? He is attractive.... but you don't do one night stands. You have to get to know someone first. Fall in love first. You can't just bang every Tom, Dick, and Janey that bats an eye at you.

You smile warily "A few things you should know up front. I don't do one night stands. I have to be in love with you to .... have sex. It's not that I'm a prude or anything. I'm Demisexual." You shrug.

Eclipse leans on the bar resting his head in his hand "We'll ah don't think that's an issue. My father- er! Creator used to tell us growin' up that the best things in life are worth waitin' for. Even if they take some effort." You must have made a face because Eclipse continues "I have two... Well we aren't brothers but we are a family! Moon is the youngest by a few minutes, Sun is the middle, and ah'm the oldest. We run a cattle ranch! Sometimes we board horses."

You sip your drink "Well! I'm the new vet who's going to take care of your animals. Also, your flirting is working. At least a little."

Eclipse smiles "Well! I'll take a little over none! Ah look forward to seein' you on the ranch. Although Ah'd rather see you at my dinner table."

You point to the burger "Too bad I already have this." You shrug again and playfully state "I guess that means I HAVE to come to dinner some time. Alternatively you COULD come to mine. You do eat right?"

Eclipse nods "Yep! The three of us got those bio-mechanical upgrade to eat and drink! Although we don't have to."

You look down at his stomach "That's so cool."

Eclipse chuckles and pats his belly "Ah'll have to show you some time! When we get to know each other better. Ah don't just show this to anyone you know." He waves to the bartender and points to your drink indicating two.

'Lyin' Eyes' by The Eagles starts and you let out a gasp before singing along quietly "City girls just seem to find out early. How to open doors with just a smile. A rich old man, and she won't have to worry." You catch yourself "Sorry! My... my dad loves this band. I love The Eagles too."

Eclipse takes you by the hand "Nothin' wrong with that! 's a good song. So, if ah may ask. What brings you ta Tennessee?"

You eat another pickle, you finished the burger already, "Honestly? City life was exhausting! It took a tole on my mental health. Moved here instead! So far I'm doing heaps better! And who knew I'd meet such a handsome... I'm sorry, what are your pronouns?"

Eclipse takes a sip of his new drink after the bartender sets it down "He, him, they, them. and it. What about you sweetheart?"

You nod "They and them."

Eclipse takes another sip of his drink "You have a great taste in drinks! Wonder what else you have great taste in."

You look at him out of the corner of your eye "Well, I'm talking to you aren't I?"

His eyes go wide for a brief moment "Wait here a moment will ya. Gotta change the song."

Chapter Text

You watch Eclipse curiously as he walks to the jukebox. He puts a few coins into the machine and pushes a few buttons. A guitar and drums begin to play.

Eclipse takes your hand "Dance with me. Please?"

You blush and sheepishly stand up "I'm not too god at it."

He smiles at you "Just follow my lead Darlin'. You'll do fine."

Eclipse walks you to the dance floor and pulls you to him. Leaving a respectable distance between the two of you. One hand on your shoulder, two on your waist, and the last holds your hand tenderly. As he begins to sway the two of you gently you can't help the dopey smiley blush on your face.

He smells like hay, ceder wood, and dirt. It's alluring. You aren't sure if it's the liquor or the man himself, but your head is getting just a touch fuzzy. Eclipse raises your hand letting your body go to spin you slowly. You wonder what those lips of his taste like? What do they feel like?

Eclipse lets out a chuckle leaning down to whisper "Ah see ya lookin' at mah lips darlin'. Kisses are for when the date is over. Ah don't want to go rushin' things now. You can be good for me an' wait can't ya?"

You blush deeper as warmth pools in your belly "Y-yes."

He gives you a hard commanding look "Now ya didn't sound so sure of yourself. Wanna try again?"

You let out a small gasp and gulp "Yes sir."

Eclipse laughs "Sir? You sure about that kitten? Now's the time to change ya mind."

You let him sway you two in small circles. Did you mean it? Sir? ... Yeah. You think you do mean it.

You look up at him "I think so. I'm not really sure. I do like the sound of it."

Eclipse pets your hair "Ah hear ya. Nothin' is set in stone. If this ain't yer thing then alright. For now? Let's just enjoy the good compny. Sides, ah haven' gotten you to fall in love with me yet. Gotta do that first."

Good lord this man is going to kill you. You are actually hoping this night ends in a good night kiss. Pretty sure you'll shrivel up if you don't get one.

Eclipse clears his throat and nervously states "Ah... Ah'm havin' a real good time with you. Ah'm not usually the type to go lookin' for romance. But lookin' at ya sittin' by yourself at the bar? Had ta talk to ya. Glad ah did."

You lean into him, pressing your chest into him "I'm glad too. This has been the most fun I've had in a long time."

Eclipse gives you a lopsided grin "Well shoot! Glad ta hear that darlin'!" He looks up to a clock hanging on the wall "Ah do hate to cut this short... but ah gotta get up early tomorrow. Got some cattle needin' ear tags. Also the barn needs some repairs."

You frown as the song comes to an end "Oh... ok. Can we exchange numbers?"

Eclipse takes a card out of his wallet and hands it to you "Now don't look so down darlin'! This won't be the last time we see each other. If ah have to come to your place a work and ask for a date every day then ah will."

You look the card over before pocketing it "Well good thing I also want another date with you."

Eclipse walks you back to the bar and puts a twenty down. You do the same. He walks you outside. It's cold but that's alright. It wont kill you.

Eclipse turns to you "Did ya drive here?"

You shake your head "Don't have a car yet. It gets here next week. I took a taxi."

Eclipse bites his lip, he's never allowed to do that again, "Ah could give ya a ride? Doesn't have ta be to your house."

You mull it over "Alright."

Eclipse throws a fist into the air "Woo! Alright! Let;s get goin' huh?"

You giggle and follow him to a dark blue pickup truck and opens the door for you "Don't mind the equipment in the back. Ah. Uh. Ah didn't know ah'd have such appealin' compny in mah truck tonight."

You cover your face "It's fine."

Eclipse starts the truck after you give him directions "Aw, you shy little kitten? 'S cute."

You groan "Good lord. You are going to be the death of me."

Eclipse lets out a sigh "Well, looks like we're here."

He pulls into your driveway and hops out of the truck. Before you can open the door he's running around the truck like a mad man. He slips on the dewy grass before gripping the door.

With a bow he opens the door for you "Mixter."

You tilt your head "Mixter?"

Eclipse helps you out of the truck "Yeah! It's like Miss and Mister but for those who aren't men or women. Mixter."

You blush again "Oh! Well, thank you!"

He walks you to your door "So you'll call me later to set up a date?"

You nod "Oh yes! I had a nice time."

Eclipse shuffles nervously "Me too."

He stares at you for a moment. His eyes darting between your eyes, cheeks, and lips. He leans forward slowly. When you make no objections he plants a slow soft kiss to your cheek. Before you can say anything he runs back to his truck. His hat covering his eyes. Steam flows from under his collar.

You wave as he drives off. Chuckling to yourself as his taillights disappear. Feeling light as a feather you head inside your house.

Chapter Text

Eclipse spent the car ride back to the ranch trying to cool is systems down. He knew the moment he saw you he was down bad. He needed advice. He knew he wanted to take you on a date but no idea where to. He wanted to make a good impression on you. He had a grin on his face when he entered the farmhouse.

The farmhouse has two floors. The first floor has a kitchen, mudroom, living room, bathroom, and dining room. The basement has a laundry room. The rest is storage. The second floor has the master bedroom and three bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom. Nothing fancy but still good.

As Eclipse closed the door behind him Sun shouted from the living room "Welcome back Clipse! How was yer night?"

Eclipse knew he had to play it cool. The relentless teasing from Sun and Moon would be unbearable! As casually as possible he walked into the living room.

He leaned on the back of the couch "It was good. Had a drink or two." Eclipse tried to choose his words carefully "Chatted with Mary."

Sun snickers, turning around in spot on the couch. Sun has on a comfortable white t-shirt and grey sweat pants. A shit eating grin on his face. Eclipse knows Sun must know something. And he does.

Sun looks like the cat that got the mouse "Did you know Moon was at the bar?" Sun says in a sing songy voice "He wanted to join you. Saw you with someone. Talkin'. Flirtin'. Dancin'."

Eclipse shifts nervously "An' .... an' where is he now?"

"Right behind you Clipse." Moon chuckles out.

Eclipse groans "Yes ah me someone! They are really sweet. Ah want to take them out on a date but ah don't know where."

Sun snickers "Oooo! Moonie! Our Clipse found himself a lover!"

"They are not my lover! We are takin' things slow!" Eclipse barks"

Moon laughs appearing on Eclipse's left "Aw! Gettin' defensive of em already. How adorable!"

Sun slaps his hands onto his cheeks "They grow up so fast!" He wipes away fake tears "Why it was just yesterday he was lecturing Moon for stayin' out all night!"

Eclipse huffs "Because you didn't tell anyone where you were! An' ah couldn't get a hole of ya! Ah thought you were dead!"

Moon lets out a girlish giggle purposefully pitching his voice up "Oh Ah'm so sorry DADDY ah didn't mean to spook ya!"

Eclipse sighs "Stop messin' around an' help me!"

Sun throws his hands in the air "All right, all right! What's yer problem?"

Eclipse leans his forehead on his crossed arms "Ah wanna take em out on a date, but ah don't know where! What if ah pick someplace and they hate it?"

"Take em to the night market this weekend." Moon states like it's the most obvious thing. "Ah'm sure they'll like it. It's where ah take my flings."

Sun nods "Me an' mah boyfriend go there sometimes."

Before eclipse could get a word out the phone rings "Hello?"

It's you "Hi. I hope this isn't too forward... I uh..." You clear your throat "Would you like to go on a date with me? To the night market? It looks like fun but... I get nervous in new places... I was hoping you'd come with me?"

Eclipse almost drops the phone "A date? To the night market?"

Sun perks up. Hands clasped tightly to his chest he makes kissy faces at Eclipse. Moon slaps his arm and gestures for him to agree.

Eclipse snaps out of his stupor "Oh OH! Uh. Yes! Ah- Ah'd be delighted to take ya!"

You make a happy sound and Eclipse decides he wants to hear it again "Great! How about six thirty?"

Eclipse nods "That sounds perfect!"

You make the happy sound again, kinda like a squeal mixed with a laugh "Great! I'll see you then! Sleep well handsome!"

Eclipse lets out a puff of steam from his mouth "Night kitten."

Moon laughs as soon as the phone is hung up "Kitten? Didn't think ya had it in ya. We'll best go rest up for yer 'Kitten'."

Sun waves a hand dismissively "We both know his dreams will be full of his kitten."

Moon snickers "You mean his wet dream?"

Eclipse huffs "You two are awful."

He heads up to his room to escape the teasing. Eclipse flops down onto the bed and lets out a scream of joy into a pillow. He rolls onto his back crushing the pillow to his frame. Tonight could not have gone any better. Sparks danced across his circuits. He hummed 'Tennessee Whiskey' as he got ready for bed.

He brushed his fingers across his lips. The memory of the kiss fresh in his mind. You smelled faintly of Old Spice body wash. Maybe he could put some on his body pillow? At least then he could pretend you are sleeping next to him. Would that be creepy? Probably. Would he care? Probably not.

Either way, tonight is a memory he would cherish forever. Friday, he decided, would be better. He'd make sure of that.

Chapter Text

You began to stir from your sleep. The bed felt empty. You would have thought you were left alone were it not for the quiet muttering from the end of the bed.

"You get breakfast and I'll get medication." A voice whispered.

"Don't forget the thermometer." Said the second.

You felt the familiar burn of fever. Your mind clouded with sickness. Your entire body felt like it was lagging. Kinda like when you are playing a video game and it lags. You slowly sat up as you flew into a coughing fit. It was so bad it made you nauseous. You jumped up and darted to the bathroom.

A hand firmly planted on your mouth. You heard someone enter the bathroom. White feathers filled your vision for a moment as you were pulled into a lap. Sun smiled down at you brushing hair from your eyes. He held up a thermometer and opened his mouth. You did the same and he tucked it under his tongue.

He smiled sweetly "How about we get you washed up while Moon works on brunch." He takes the thermometer out "Hm... 102. Not good.... Don't worry Sunflower! We'll take good care of you!" Sun leans forward and starts the tub filling "Can you wash yourself? Or do you want me to?"

You spend a few minutes thinking. The slow pace your mind is working at making everything difficult. You are afraid to open your mouth yet. Instead you point to Sun with a nod. He seems to understand as he undresses you slowly. Taking his time and making sure you are comfortable with everything he's doing.

He rolls the sleeves to his robe up. Carefully he sets you down into the soaker tub. The warm water feels good. Heat seeps into your muscles and relaxes them. Sun take a plastic blue cup from the edge of the tub. He leans you forward in the tub and wets your hair. You hum happily letting Sun manhandle you in the tub.

He washes your hair. Gently massaging your scalp. You let out a yawn. Sun chuckles and rinses your hair. Conditioner next. It smells like vanilla. Again Sun massages it into your scalp. You almost fall asleep in the tub when a washcloth touches your back. He scrubs your body free of dirt and grime.

Hair fully rinsed, Sun pulls you from the tub. He wraps you in an oversized fluffy green towel. The two of you return to the bedroom. Moon is setting down your favorite pair of soft warm pants and matching long sleeve shirt. Sun sets you down on the bed and the two dress you.

Sun slips pants and undergarments on as Moon slips the shirt over your head. You smile up at the two before raising your arms. You make grabby hands at moon.

The man chuckles warmly "Aw Fleshy. Do you want me to pick you up? Alright, cmere."

He picks you up bridal style and carries you downstairs for brunch. Waiting in the parlor is a plate of french toast, some scrambled eggs, and two sausage patties. A warm cup of tea sits besides the food on the coffee table. When you put money into fixing the house you didn't change much.

It was mostly updating fixtures and adding a TV to the parlor. You worked with the local Historical Society to make sure the home remained faithful. In the end everything looked great. It may have cost you a pretty penny but it was worth it for you, your ghostly roommates, and Aunt Agatha.

You take a sip of the warm tea. It's your favorite flavor. After another sip of tea you move to take the plate. Sun pulls it out of your reach. Moon turns the TV on and finds something to watch.

Sun cuts the french toast and sausage up "Let us take care of you." He brings a bite up to your mouth. Humming happily when you take the bit "There you go."

You continue to let Sun feed you "So, I have to finish the repairs on the chicken coup today. The gate into the garden also needs some repairs."

Moon tuts "No. You will be here resting."

You give him a flat look "But... the chickens."

Moon crosses his arms "When is it getting cold? Next week? They'll be fine! You are a good bird caretaker. Rest for now."

You huff after swallowing another bite "I don't like being lazy though."

Sun nudges you "It's not lazy if you're sick. Taking care of yourself IS doing something. Once you are healthy you can take care of your birds and the gate. You work hard enough."

Moon nods "The world won't end because you are sick. You take care of everyone else. It's time to take care of yourself."

The two cage you in with their wings.

You fall into another coughing fit "Ok. Ok... I'll rest. You win. But I want soup for dinner! And! I want cuddles."

Moon takes your hand in his "Of! You drive a hard bargain, but we agree."

Sun pulls you into his lap "Ooo! Cuddles!" He nuzzles his fave into your hair. His wings twitch and flutter in joy "MMM I could hold you forever!"

Moon kisses your cheek handing you your tea. If this is how they want you to relax? You might relax more often.

Chapter Text

Tonight is your date with Eclipse. You were so nervous! It took you twenty minutes to pick something to wear. You kept second guessing yourself. Finally you settled on a long sleeve shirt and jeans. You dried your hair from your shower and got dressed. Hopefully Eclipse would like what you have on.

You decided to fix yourself a cup of lemon beebalm tea to help calm your nerves. A happy sigh escaped you at the first sip. While you did like an alcoholic drink every now and then, nothing could beat a warm cup of tea. You had one almost every night to unwind from the day. It helped you sleep.

About half way through your tea there was a knock at the door "Coming! Just a second!" You set your cup down on a coaster and booked it to the front door "Eclipse! Your a little early? Would you like to come in?"

Eclipse nods bashfully "Ah got you somethin' darlin'."

You close the door behind the two of you "Got me something? Was I supposed to get you something? Shit! I'm sorry! It's been a long time since I've been on a date."

Eclipse pulls you into a hug "Darlin'! It's fine! You don't need ta get me anything. Just you bein' here is enough." He holds up fake forget-me-nots "Ah got you these. Got em plastic so they can't die! There forget-me-nots! It's so you never forget me just like ah'll never forget you."

Don't cry, don't cry, do not cry "Thank you! I know just were to put them!" You neatly lay them on top of your TV "Now I can always look at them!"

Eclipse makes a flustered sound "Oh! Well... Glad ya like em darlin'!"

You grab your stuff "Shall we go handsome?"

Eclipse lets a tiny puff of steam out. You can hear the quiet pft sound. It's a slight boost of confidence knowing you do that to him. He held the front door open for you. You locked it behind you. He even held the truck door open for you. What a charmer!

"So, what kind of stuff do they have at the market?" you ask as Eclipse drives to the Night market.

Eclipse turns the radio down so you two can chat better "Well, they got all kinds of food. Foreign stuff too so we can try a little of everything! Game too. If ya like em. People sell chachkies an' hand made stuff. Might find somethin' nice for your house."

You wave your hands excitedly "Ooo that sounds fun!"

Eclipse chuckles "Glad you're excited!"

The night market was a maze of stalls, lights, music, and smells. The chatter of people filled the air. You could smell the delectable scent of fried treats. A live band played somewhere deep within. The bluegrass pulling you in. If you didn't think this was going to be fun before, you certainly do now.

If Eclipse could sweat, he would be sweating bullets right now as he held his hand out to you "Allow me ta show you around darlin'."

You blushed lightly as you took his hand "Lead the way."

Eclipse leads you past the stalls at the front "The good shops are further in. Are ya hungry?"

You pat your belly "Probably a good idea to eat something. What do you recommend? I don't have any food allergies."

Eclipse hums and puts his hand on his chin "Depends, what kind a food are ya interested in?"

You think for a moment "Something savory and fried."

"Fried huh? Ah know just the thing!" Eclipse pulls you to the right.

The distinct smell of fried chicken and a distinct tang fills your nose "Do I smell... buffalo chicken wings?"

Eclipse pulls you up to a stall where two men are frying chicken at a wok "That you do darlin'. Ya got a good nose on ya!"

You wiggle and make a sound like a squeal miked with a laugh "I love buffalo chicken wings!"

Eclipse beams. Finally her got to see you do that in person and it is every bit as adorable as he thought it would be. An order of ten wings should do the two of you just fine. Plus the thought of sharing food with you gave him sparks along his wires.

He brought both you and the wings over to a table "Ah hope ya don't mind. Ah only got ten wings for the two of us. Ah remember you sayin' ya wanted ta try a little of everything."

You nod "Yes, I did! These smell so good!" You pick a wing up and go to town.

Eclipse smiles fondly for a moment before picking one of his own up "You want any ranch?"

You shake your head and swallow "I don't like ranch. Or any salad dressings really. Same for sour cream."

Eclipse nods "So what got you into vet work?"

You smile sheepishly "I like medicine... People will lie to you, an animal can't."

Eclipse nods "Ah understand. It's why my family an' Ah raise cattle."

You swallow another bit "I like cows. Always wanted a tiny cow. They are like half the size of a regular cow."

Eclipse nods "Sounds cute. Like you."

You smirk "Well, aren't you a charmer! So what's next?"

Eclipse stands up taking the trash to the trashcan "We can go window shopping. Find ya somethin' nice for your house."

You take his hand and let him lead you around. The first stall he takes you to has artwork. Mostly paintings of animals. Nothing really catches your eye. The stall next to it had landscape paintings. You wind up getting two pieces. One for the living room and the other for the bedroom.

As the two of you move from stall to stall Eclipse can't help but wonder what a life with you will be like. What would future children look like? Would you adopt? Would you build one? Do you even want kids? What about last names? Would you take his? OR would he take yours?

Eclipse looks down at you. He must have been lost in thought because you are now holding cotton candy. Happily munching away. Eclipse pulls you a little closer. You lean into him as you two shop at the stalls. Up ahead you can hear children laughing. Carnival games!

Eclipse pulls you to a game designed for animatronics. A precision game of skill. The object of the game is to shoot water as fast as possible into a tiny moving hole. Winner gets a prize. Eclipse sits down with three other animatronics. A racoon, kangaroo, and skink.

You stand beside Eclipse and rest a hand on his back. He goes stiff for a moment before relaxing. A look of determination on his face. The fairy animatronic running the game starts the game. You keep your focus on Eclipse. Watching the small movements in his frame.

Admiring the way his shoulders move when he shifts position. How his tongue sticks out ever so slightly as he concentrates. And the way his brows pull together. You wonder what life with him would be like? So far he seems like a great guy. What kind of future does he see for himself?

Would it match with your vision? Would he want marriage? Kids? No kids? What if you got sick? What if he got damaged? If this relationship goes further should you study up on basic repairs? What kind of below the belt parts is he packing? He identifies as a he, but does he have he parts? Or does he have she parts?

He could even have no parts. Not that it would bother you whatever parts he has. You just don't have a lot of experience with ANY parts, It makes you nervous. No matter what he's packing you will learn how to please him. You let out a squeak as a stuffed snake is shoved into your face.

"Boop! Ah won this for ya! Ah hope ya like snakes." Eclipse averts eye contact nervously.

You take the teal snake "Oh! Thank you! I actually do like snakes! I uh. I was thinking about getting one for my house. I think I want a corn snake."

Eclipse nods "Cute. So ya wanna browse some more or do ya want somthin' ta eat?"

"food. Something.... Asian?" You reply.

Eclipse takes your hand and the two paintings with a nod. He leads you to the back of the market. You can smell soy sauce and chilies. The stall appears to sell Yakisoba. You get two orders of noodles and return to the tables to eat. It smells like magic!

You take a bite and swallow "This has been a wonderful night. I've had a really great time."

Eclipse swallows "Ah'm glad. You are a really nice person. Ah really want this to work with you."

You touch his foot with yours under the table. As the two of you eat you chat about likes and dislikes. Favorite colors, movies, books, and games. Just like your first encounter he drives you back home. Every the gentleman he holds the truck door open for you.

Once again you find yourselves at your front door. Eclipse rubs his arm nervously. He kissed you the first time. You decide to kiss him the second time. He's too tall though. You pull him down by his elbows. Your lips press against his and you hum. It takes a moment for his mind to catch up with itself.

His hand tangles into your hair. One arm around your waist. The other two are gripped by the elbow by you. He lets out a happy hum. His hat falls from his head. Thrown across the yard by his rays wildly spinning fanning you with cool air. You pull him closer with a whine before letting him go.

Eclipse pulls back to see your flushed face. Lips slightly swollen and eyes blown wide with arousal.

You pull him to you one more time capturing into a tight hug "Drive safe! Sleep well. We can talk tomorrow. Have a nice rest of your night."

Eclipse picks you up off of the ground. Tightly wrapping all of his arms around you "Same ta you darlin'. Talk to ya soon. g'night."

You watch as he drives off in his truck. Once the tail lights are gone you go inside for the night. Tonight was the best date you had ever been on.

Chapter Text

Eclipse once again found himself feeling light as a feather as he entered the farmhouse. His date with you could not have gone any better. You kissed him! On the lips! You did that! He was just going to kiss you on the cheek again but you pulled him into that kiss.

He didn't think you would want to do that yet. You are just full of surprises. Sun and Moon are sitting on the couch playing Left 4 Dead 2. Moon has a black tank top and dark green shorts. Sun has sweat pants and a brown shirt on. The two pause and turn as Eclipse enters.

Moon grins "So how was yer night?"

Eclipse lets out a dreamy sigh "Wonderful. Ah won em a prize!"

Sun nods "Yeah? What else?"

Eclipse leans on the couch "Ate some food together. Browsed some stalls."

Moon slaps a hand over his mouth before stating "An' what else?"

Eclipse looks between the two "Now what are you two gettin' at?"

Sun stifles a laugh "Did-did ja loose somthin'?"

Eclipse tilts "Loose somthin'? Ah don't think so?"

Moon rubs the top of his head "Hm... Ya seem ta be missin' somethin' ta me."

Eclipse slowly raises an arm and touches the top of his head "I don- What!? My hat!"

Sun snickers "So wadya do ta loose yer hat?"

Moon casually looks around the room before his eyes return to Eclipse "Was it.... somethin.... naughty?"

Eclipse lets out a little steam "Naughty?"

Sun nods "Yeah! Ya know!" Sun drops his voice a few octaves "Breedin'. Makin' em yours."

Eclipse swallows "Breedin'? No w-we didn't d-do anythin' like that!"

Moon raises a brow "Then what happened?"

Eclipse reaches up to hide in his hat, but it's not there "They kissed me."

Sun leans back "Kissed you?"

Eclipse nods "They took me by the elbows, pulled me to them, an' kissed me. On the lips." He looks at the ceiling and sighs "My ... My rays spun an' knocked my hat off. It's uh...-" His phone rang "Hello? .... Darlin'! ... The lawn? ... Well thank you darlin'. When can Ah get it... Ah can't? What? ... Yours now? .... Cost? ... Darlin'! .... Alright... g'night."

Moon tilts his head "Well?"

Eclipse huffs crossing his arms in indignation "They found my hat. They're keepin' it! Ah can't get it back unless Ah pay em! Can you believe that!?"

Sun bursts out laughing "Ya do realize they want you ta pay in kisses or somethin'?!"

Eclipse drops his arms to his side as his face goes blank "What?"

Moon joins in Sun's laughter "They want to spend more time with ya dumdum! Ah swear you are dumb as a stump sometimes. They clearly like ya! Ah bet they are puttin' that thing in bed with em ta smell you while they sleep."

Eclipse looks at Moon hopefully "Ya think? They really want kisses? An sleepin' with my hat?"

Sun shrugs "Makes sense ta me. An' who knows... They may want more."

Eclipse lets out a huge puff of steam from under his collar "More?"

Moon nods and replies in a sultry tone "Breedin'."

Eclipse squeaks and rushes upstairs "Y'all are makin' me overheat!"

Laughter from Sun and Moon follows Eclipse up stairs and into his room. He strips himself of all his clothes as he makes his way to the bathroom. Eclipse turns the shower on cold as it will go and hops in. His cock springing to life.

He knows if he doesn't do anything about this problem it won/t let him sleep. He hasn't even touched it yet and it's leaking. He takes the thick heavy eggplant purple cock in two of his hands. The other one grip his balls, and the last hold him up. He fondles his balls in his palm a strangled moan escapes him.

His hands work in tandem to rub up and down his shaft. It twitches and writhes in his hands. What would your mouth feel like? Hot, warm, and wanting. How much of him could you take? His hips thrust into his hands. He grips himself as tightly as he can before loosening his grip. Pulsing his hands.

He holds his balls in an almost crushing grip rolling each ball around in his hands. They tighten in his palms as he reaches his peak.

His thumb rolls over his tip "That's it darlin'! Suck me dry! Take it! Take it! Tak-"

His vocorder glitches out as he cums. Painting the shower wall in front of him in burnt umber cum. He doesn't stop though. Hips slamming into his hands. Overstimulation fading into pleasure again. The hand on his balls trail to his ass and grip it tightly.

His mind tells him it's you doing that. Pulling him closer to you. He can feel his balls getting tight again. Cock twitching wildly in his hands. He cums again on the wall. Forcing down the moan. As he comes down from his high he crouches down.

His tongue slips out and he begins to lick his own cum off of the wall "Darlin' ya taste so good. Mmmm!"

He lets out a whine as he continues to clean the wall. Eclipse stands back up and rinses himself off. A big fluffy black towel to dry himself off. He slips on a pair of boxers. A pillow is pulled close to him. It's lightly scented with Old Spice body wash. Sleep comes quickly. He dreams about you.

Chapter Text

You were nervous. Very nervous. You and Eclipse have been together for six months. While he had spent the night at your house, and you at his. The two of you hadn't done the deed yet. Tonight would change that. Tonight you would save a horse and ride your cowboy. So to speak.

You had invited Eclipse to dinner at your place. Burgers and fries were on the menu. Along with yourself. A silky pair of red undergarments underneath your sexiest outfit. You hadn't told Eclipse your plan, but if Sun and Moon were to be believed then he would want this.

Your anxiety told you otherwise. You set the table for a romantic candlelight dinner. You even had a playlist of music picked out. You were in the kitchen fixing two whiskey sours. Just like the first time you met. there was a knock on the door. You let out a small gasp. Nerves flaring with worry.

You made your way to the front door, pausing at a mirror to look yourself over before opening the door "Eclipse! Right on time. Come in love."

Eclipse steps into the house, setting down his overnight bag and looking you over "Wow! You look good darlin'! Is.. is tonight special?"

You bite your lip "Maybe..."

Eclipse pulls you to him "Maybe? Hm... Ah don't think it's an anniversary... Or a birthday.... Can Ah get a clue?"

You pull him into a kiss with a groan. Your tongue laps at his bottom lip and he opens his mouth. His hands pull you up to better piss you. Two arms around your waist and the other two hold your legs up comfortably. You nip at his tongue and pull the appendage into your mouth giving it a hard suck.

You pull back panting "That's your clue. Dinner is ready, Burgers, fries, and a whiskey sour. Take a seat at the table. You can spend a moment thinking about that clue."

Eclipse simply nods taking his seat at the table. His mind is working overtime thinking on that clue. You can't mean.... You are really ready to have sex? His cock twitches at the thought. Is that why you told him to bring an overnight bag? How much sex were you planning on having?

He's not sure his dick could handle that! He could feel his balls shrivel slightly. Worried he won't be good enough for you. He looks up at you as you set dinner down onto the table. A fond smile on your face. As you look him over your face drops. He looks so panicked. You misjudged this. This was a mistake!

You sit down "I'm sorry. We don't have to do that! I should have known it was too soon to suggest that! Fuck!" Your eyes feel hot as tears form. you try to blink them away but a few fall.

Eclipse moves from his seat to crouch next to you "Hey. Darlin. It's ok!" He wipes your tears with his thumb "You didn't make a mistake."

You take a deep breath "Then why do you look so scared? You have never looked at me like that unless we were in danger."

Eclipse averts eye contact and mumbles something "ahcanonlylastonemaybetworounds."

"What?" You ask.

Eclipse shoves his faceplate into your lap, looking up at you pitifully "Ah can only last one round! Maybe two at tha most! Ah'm sorry!"

You take his hat off and rub his face with your hands "I don't quite follow..."

Eclipse whines "Ya asked me ta bring an overnight bag. You must want a lot of sex! Ah can't last that long!"

You slow your petting ".... What? You think that because I want to spend the weekend with you I want lots and lots of sex?" You pull his faceplate up to you and plant a kiss between his eyes "Oh my sweet little himbo! No. I don't want that."

Eclipse leans into your hand "Ah just don't want to disappoint ya. You're probably expectin' some kinda multiple orgasm romp fest, an' Ah just can't deliver that! Ah don't have the stamina built up!"

You push him off of you and slide to the floor, climbing into his lap "Again. I don't want that. All I want is you."

Eclipse pulls you by the hips dragging your groin against his "Ah want you too. Ah just want ta please you."

He pulls you to meet him in a bruising kiss. Again he drags your genitals together. You let out a groan and grind down onto his cock. It's huge. Bigger than any you had been with before, and you aren't sure you could take it. This isn't going to stop you though.

Eclipse has two hands on your hips. His other two trail up your sides slowly. You tug at his shirt and nip at his lip.

He lets out a groan "Darlin! Darlin'. Ya got anythin' on in the kitchen? No fire or anythin?"

You shake your head "No fire. Nothing left on."

He picks you up and arranges you bridal style "Ah can't wait til after dinner. Ah need ya now darlin!"

Eclipse carries you to your bedroom after grabbing his overnight bag. Along the way you unbutton his shirt. Chest now exposed you lap at the animatronic. His chest is half eggplant and half burnt umber.

He sets both you and the bag down on the bed "Now Ah was going ta use this ta teach you how to tie a lasso like ya wanted." He opens the bag and searches around inside "But Ah think Ah have a better use for this." He pulls a rope out of the bag showing it to you "How do you feel bout me tying ya up?"

You blush with a gulp "How?"

Eclipse pets your hair "Hog style."

You tilt your head "And once I'm tied, how will you make me comfortable?"

He arranges the pillows on the bed to make a platform to rest you on "Ah plan on holdin' ya up myself, but if ah need ta set you down this should do."

You hum contemplating for a few minutes "Alright. I trust you." You begin to take your clothes off.

Eclipse looks dumbfounded "Wait really? Ya mean it!?"

You nod "Better take your clothes off cowboy. I'm not doing it for you. At least not tonight anyway."

Eclipse swallows hard before struggling to take his clothes off. His jeans get stuck on his feet and he crashes to the floor.

You giggle softly "You alright?"

He stands up rope in hand. He eyes you carefully before pouncing on you. He straddles your waist flipping you to hour back "Don't struggle! Ah have done this with many an ornery calf, you won't be a problem darlin'!" He pulls your hands together with his upper arms. His lower arms hold your legs down. Gently he wraps the rope around your wrists "Comfortable?"

You wiggle your arms "Yes. I have some lotion in the bathroom and a tube of foil in the medicine chest just in case."

Eclipse nods bringing your ankles to your wrists. Again he wraps the rope around your ankles "And now?"

You wiggle around. You can move a little and the rope is not digging into your flesh "Still good. You uh.... You look good by the way."

Eclipse whines slightly "You too darlin." He picks you up by the waist "We gotta go slow." His other two arms help hold you up as he brings you to his face. His tongue snakes out and licks your hole "Ya taste so darn good darlin!" His tongue snakes around the outside of your hole.

You moan loudly "Gla-glad you like it."

He pauses "Talkin'?" He begins to slide his tongue into your hole "Ah'll fix that." It almost burns in the best of ways. Eclipse swirls his tongue around inside you. Tasting every inch of what you have to offer. His drool dribbles down your back. Slimy and warm. Slowly he begins to fold his tongue inside you.

You can feel is folding in half. The stretch is more than your largest toy. He pauses to allow you to adjust. In the mean time he pinches your nipples between his thumb and pointer finger. He pulls out completely standing from the bed "You have no idea how long Ah have wanted to do this." He lines himself up holding you by the ropes with one hand "Picturin my hands were yours." Slowly he starts to slide in "Or they were your mouth. Wonderin how much ah me you could take."

Eclipse inches his way deeper inside you "How tight and warm you are. Better than Ah could ever imagine."

He bottoms out inside you and stills. You hands twitch. You need to touch him.

Eclipse pulls out of you before thrusting harshly inside you "Yer my fleshlight, ain't ya darlin? Just here for me ta use!" His thrusts are slow and deep. All the way out and all the way in. He whines loudly as he picks up the speed. You just get to sit there all tied up and take it.

His balls slap against your lower back and ass. Eclipse can feel his balls tighten slightly. He's not ready to cum yet. Instead he stills his thrusting. Languidly he walks back to the dinette. He picks up your dinner and sits down in his seat.

Eclipse holds a french fry to your mouth "Eat darlin'."

You open your mouth and let him feed you the fry. A little unsure of his plans.

Eclipse kisses your forehead "You don't mind a little cockwarmin now do ya? Ah just want to enjoy how ya feel." You shake your head as eclipse picks up a burger. He brings it to his lips and takes a bite "Damn darlin! This is good!" He moans in delight. His cock wiggles inside you. "Try a bite." He holds the burger to your lips, his cock slowly moving inside you.

You take a bite of burger with a happy moan "That is good. Oh! The burger is nice too."

Eclipse thrusts up into you "Cheeky rascal." He sets the burger down. Leaning down to your chest he takes your right nipple into his mouth. He rolls it around on his tongue. Giving it a suck every so often "That's it darlin'. Sing for me."

You moan loudly thrusting yourself on his cock. As best as you can all tied up anyway. Eclipse stands from the table. All four hands on your hips. He moves you along his cock as quickly as he can. Thrusting his hips in tandem with his arms. Precum mixed with your slick drips to the floor.

His hips slap painfully into yours. Cock hitting all the right places. Your walls flutter capturing Eclipse in a vice grip he could never hope to replicate. With a loud moan you cover Eclipse and yourself in your cum.

"Sh-shit! Yer gripping me so tight! Sucking me in!" He wraps his arms around you caging you to him.

His balls tighten and his cock twitches wildly with each spurt of cum he dumps into you. You think he's done but he keeps going. You whine as the pleasure starts becoming unbearable. He lets out a pathetic sobbing cry. Too much, it's too much. He's so overwhelmed.

But he keeps pushing through it. Thrusting over and over. Pressing his cock into every spot in your body that makes you cry out loudly. He's muttering under his breath. Getting louder and louder.

"Take it. Take it! TAKE IT! C'mon! Cum with me darlin! Do it!" He moans loudly as you cum again walls squeezing more cum out of him as he reaches his final end. You think he's done again but he's not really "Gotta clean ya darlin'."

Eclipse brings your hole to his mouth. He stuffs his tongue into you and laps at your insides. He licks every drop of cum out of you. Satisfied with his work, he ignores your protests and licks your body clean. Pleased groans at every swipe of his tongue. Eclipse pulls the rope free from you as he walks to your bedroom.

Two arms carry you and the other two rubs your wrists and ankles "Next time we play like this, Ah'll take ya in the barn and hang ya from the rafters." He kisses your forehead "Did ja have fun?"

You hum and weakly reply "Yeah. 's good. Really good. Sleepy time now."

As he passes from room to room he turns lights off and locks doors "Alright. Jus let me lock up." Eclipse lays you down in bed covering you up. He wipes himself off with his shirt before crawling into bed with you. He curls himself around you in the darkness of the room absolutely giddy.

He got to take you! He filled you with his cum and too real good care of you. Eclipse will always take care of you. It was worth the wait to get to make love to you. Better than anything he had done before. You were so willing to let him tie you up. He has so much to show you.

Chapter Text

Sun shuffled nervously in the dim light of the Superstar Daycare Arcade after hours. He stood in front of the photo booth. He and Moon had observed it carefully and were fairly confident in their plan. All they had to do was take some photos for you. Easy right?

Sun took an artificial breath "What pose should I do first? Should I start with my clothes off or on?"

Moon spoke reassuringly in their head "Whatever you are most comfortable with."

Sun nodded and climbed into the booth "Comfortable, got it."

He puts the proper amount of coins into the machine. After flipping through all the photo border options he settles on one. It has some cutesy stars and clouds on it. Not particularly romantic.

"We could draw roses on it." Moon states.

Works for Sun. The machine counts down.

3-2-1 Flash! Sun makes hearts with his hands in the first photo. The machine counts down again. Sun takes his ruffles off quickly. 3-2-1 Flash! This time Sun poses with one hand on his chest and the other is hooked into his pants as if to take it off.

He slides his pants off a little shaky.3-2-1 Flash! The picture is terrible! Pant's half way off, one leg up, and rays squished on the ceiling. Nope! He counts the coins. Just enough for him to take one more set and Moon to take two sets.

Sun takes his pants off. His hands idly brush against his smooth crotch. Now or never. Six coins go in. Sun selects the same background as before. Stars and clouds. 3-2-1 Flash! Sun poses with his ass in the air looking back at the camera.

He flips over onto his back. Legs in the air holding his lower half up by his hips. His smooth crotch on full display. 3-2-1 Flash! one picture left. Sun leans forward and puts a hand on his smile. 3-2-1 Flash! He pretends to blow a kiss to the camera.

As the machine prints the photos Sun gets ready for moon to take over.

"So you are just going to disconnect your eyes?" Sun asks.

"Yes, hopefully it will keep us from swapping." Moon states.

Sun nods leaving the booth. He turns off all the lights and allows Moon to take over.

Moon puts his pants back on. He leaves the ruffles off for his photos. Coins in the machine and background selected he makes his first pose. Arms crossed behind his head leaning back slightly. 3-2-1 Flash! His next pose has his pants off slightly.

He has them pulled down just above where his dick would be if he had one. 3-2-1 Flash! Last pose for this set. His pants come off completely. His arms crossed behind his head. Moon turns his backside to the camera showing off his frame. 3-2-1 Flash!

First set done. Time for the next. Coins in, background picked. Time for the first pose of this set. He sticks one leg in the air and over his shoulder. 3-2-1 Flash!
Not bad.... He'll take it. Next pose. He bends over with his head between his legs. Hands on his ass. 3-2-1 Flash!

Last one! He moves into a pretzel. It failed. He wasn't fast enough. The pictures he took will have to do then. He gets dressed as the photo prints. He takes all four sets of photos with him as he returns to the daycare. The lights are due to turn on on in twenty minutes.

Moon spends his time doodling on his pictures. Little Moons and hearts. A doodle of you surrounded by flowers. The lights turn on and he shifts into Sun. Sun doodles more little hearts, flowers, and pictures of you. He cuts each of the pictures apart tossing the two bad ones.

Red construction paper will work great for their card.

Sun folds it in half "What should we write on the inside?" He glues the pictures to the paper.

Moon hums "Tell them how pretty we think they are! And how much they mean to us. Then invite them to the tower."

Sun nods and scrawls in cursive 'Dearest Love,
Moon and I really like you as you know. We want to invite you up to our tower for....'.

Sun pauses "For what? It's not like we can put "Hey we want to finger you dumb" on this."

Moon hums "For a night of love making. Or for a night of fun in the bedroom."

Sun tilts his head "A night of adult fun?"

"A night of fingering and pizza." Moon suggests.

Sun shrugs "Alright."

He continues the message 'for a night of fingering and pizza. Full of love. Signed, Sun and Moon.'

Sun closes the card. He scrawls 'For our Sunshine' on the front and puts it at your spot on the desk. All they have to do is wait now.

The next morning you come in early for work just like usual. Sun finishes setting up the craft table before he greets you. He watches out of the corner of his eye as you find their gift. Carefully you open the letter. You drop it at first before picking it back up.

He turns his head to face you as your eyes scan the paper. He can tell your reading the note. His rays twitch nervously. You look up at him, eyes wide and face flushed. You look back down to the paper and back up at him. Slowly you nod and mouth 'tonight'.

Chapter Text

The music hummed pleasantly in the background as someone sang "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Tonight was open mic night. Your love for Eclipse was running high. The need to touch the man and be touched by the man was overwhelming. Eclipse was more than willing to let you do as you please.

He loved to feel desired by you, wanted by you, and most of all loved by you. Your cheek rubbed against his chest. You hummed happily as Eclipse rubbed your back. Eclipse noted your breasts felt very... full. He was about to say something when one of the bouncers approached VIP to address him.

"Scuse me Don. Your first appointment is here. Would you like me to send him up?" The woman asked.

Eclipse waved his hand "Yes. Send them up. Also, I'd like a cup of tea sent up."

The woman nodded "Tea, got it!"

She went down and an African man came up "Don Eclipse, good to see you. Don Ifa wanted this personally delivered to you." The man passes an envelope to Eclipse.

You adjust yourself so Eclipse can work. Eclipse pats your head as a thank you. You take one of his eggplant hands and look up at him to make sure it's ok. He nods and you make a small sound akin to a goblin or a gremlin.

You happily rub your face in his palm. You kiss the tip of his thumb. Then the pad. Followed by the two knuckles. Eclipse wraps his hand over your mouth and gently shakes your head making a small playful growling noise.

You giggle and nip his palm. He lets your face go. You plant a few kisses to the palm of his hand and massage the appendage. His hand relaxes in your grasp.

Eclipse sets the envelope down "Excellent! I'll have my people begin preparing payment tomorrow afternoon. Please enjoy a drink on the house."

The man, whose name you didn't catch, heads back down the stairs. The bouncer woman from before came back up with a mug of tea. She set it down in front of the two of you before going back downstairs.

Eclipse looks at the cup with a grin "I don't see any cream in your tea darling."

"Hm..." you hum as you look into the steaming cup "I don't either."

Eclipse gives your shirt a light tug "We should do something about that."

Eclipse lifts your shirt off. Underneath you have a front clasping bra on. Half burnt umber and half eggplant.

Eclipse lifts your right breast gently "You didn't pump this morning did you?"

You lean your breast into his hand "Only a little. It's actually uncomfortable, but I wanted to be full for you."

Eclipse gives a gentle squeeze and tug "For me? Planning something are we? Do you want to feed me?"

You stand up and hand him the mug "You know me so well. I ate a lot of pineapple this week."

Eclipse looks giddy "Pineapple?! You spoil me dear."

Eclipse holds the cup out. You lean your breast over the cup. Eclipse's lips part slightly in anticipation. He watches closely as you give your left breast a gentle squeeze. A bead of milk followed closely by a small stream of milk. You smirk as Eclipse's optics brighten and dilate. He licks his lips and sets the cup down on the table.

He takes you by the hips and pulls you into his lap "Meteor, let me taste you."

You lean forward and kiss his large mouth, muttering against his lips "I would like nothing more Lord Sexy Buns."

Eclipse laughs and holds you close. He opens his mouth lifting you up so he can access your chest. He licks your right nipple with the tip of his tongue. Your breath hitches. You lean into the nine foot tall animatronic slipping your breast into his waiting mouth.

Two arms around your waist and the other two crossed under your ass like a chair. He swirls his tongue around your nipple letting out a groan as a bead of milk hits his tongue. He suckles drinking you in. His hands squeeze your hips.

He presses his faceplate closer to you "Mmmmm you taste so good, dear. Such a good girl letting me drink my fill."

You carefully pat the top of his head "I'm in love with you."

Eclipse looks up at you with tender loving eyes "I'm in love with you too."

Eclipse drapes his big coat over your shoulders as someone comes up the stairs. The coat is leather and very warm. It comes to Eclipse's knees. The damn thing swallows you whole and you love it. Eclipse laps at your breast deciding to ignore the person for now.

You glance behind you, much to Eclipse's displeasure, to see who is coming. It's a group of four girls. You recognize two of them. One, a brunet with brown eyes, is the daughter of the manager of the club. The other, with black hair and brown eyes, is her best friend.

The best friend has the hots for eclipse and doesn't care for you much. And the other is indifferent to you but polite.

You sigh and mutter "Don't look now but your number one fan is here."

Eclipse huffs before a wicked grin creeps onto his face "Keep quiet."

You frown confused. Eclipse unzips his pants and pulls his cock out. He pulls your pants down as you fix your shirt. He eases you down on his cock, his chest to your back. You gasp out a quiet moan at the intrusion. The coat around your shoulders is draped over your lap.

Eclipse kisses your cheek "Good girl. Keep this up and you'll get a reward."

You shudder at the pleasant warmth of his cock slowly pushing into you "What kin- mng... Kind of reward?"

Eclipse leans down to whisper in your ear, letting his hot breath fan your face "Whatever you want. Anything at all."

That was a dangerous thing for him to say. you both knew that. You could ask for something sexual, or a trip, or even marriage. He would do it. He would do it because he loves you. From waking up next to you, to watching you get information out of a rat. He loves you.

Part of him hopes you ask for marriage. He, despite the fact that he runs a successful mafia, is nervous you would reject him. You aren't sure what you want to ask for. You basically have the world at your fingertips. This is not the first time the two of you played this game.

However something about this time feels... different. More serious... Heavier? You couldn't quite put your finger on it.

The group of girls sit down at a table on the other side of the VIP section. A waitress brings the girls waters and takes their orders. It's not until the waitress is gone that the girls notice you two. Eclipse bottoms out inside you. You feel so full and stretched. Eclipse is so large that his cock brushes your cervix.

You shift to a more comfortable position "It amazes me how far you can reach. Being so much larger than me."

Eclipse rests his head on yours "How far I can reach? I know you like 'tall lanky boys' as you put it. I didn't realize THIS was why."

Eclipse wiggles his cock around inside you. He's touching every single bit of the inside of your cunt. The girls spot the two of you and stand up. Likely to pay their respects to the Don. And flirting of course. You can see one of them adjusting her boobs and hair. You snicker. Eclipse kisses the top of your head.

"Hello Don Eclipse. I hope you are having a good night. Same to you ma'am." The owner's daughter, Beatrix, states with a bow.

Eclipse thrusts his cock inside you without pulling out "Very good Beatrix. Always good to see young people enjoying themselves."

You manage to keep your composure, for now anyway.

The friend of Beatrix blushes "Don Eclipse! It's so good to see you. And your lady."

You smile warmly, face flushed with arousal. Lucky for you there aren't any rules against blushing "So good to see you too Della."

She shoots you a look "Would you like to join us for drinks?"

The other two girls look at her like she's crazy. Even Beatrix looks at her funny.

You shake your head "Tonight is date night. Just he and I."

She's fuming. but trying to hide it "I didn't ask you."

Eclipse wraps all four of his arms around you "She's right ladies. It's date night, and I'm getting hungry." You grip his arm tightly as he delivers a particularly harsh thrust. You fight the moan bubbling up to the surface "Shall we take this elsewhere dear?" He asks as he nuzzles into your hair.

"Let's leave them alone now. We didn't come here to fawn over a taken man. We came here to part!" Beatrix states jovially.

The girls follow her back to their table. Although Della does so reluctantly.

Eclipse thrusts a little faster "I want you to cum before we leave. Right here where anyone can notice."

You nod and manage out a "What's your day look liIike tomorrow?"

It's so damn hard not to grind down on his cock. Your walls flutter around him. His arms grip you tighter. Tongue laps at your neck. You are fighting every urge to turn around and pull him into you. Lovingly running your hands along every inch of his frame. Tearing open his chest plate and nibbling wires.

You can feel his cock inside you begin to pulse, he's about to cum "Nothing- ngh! Nothing planned. JuUhst some paperwork."

He lets out a gasp as hot ropes of cum fill you up. Both of you are panting in an attempt to keep quiet. He squeezes your hips in a bruising grip as you milk him dry.

Eclipse slowly pulls out of you and pulls your panties and pants back up. He tucks himself back into his pants. If anyone noticed, they are smart enough to keep their damn mouth shut.

Eclipse leans his head on your shoulder "You win."

Chapter Text

Eclipse stands up "How about we go get something to eat."

You nod "That sounds nice."

He holds his arm out for you to take. You link arms and let him walk you to the door. He tells someone to get his car. A custom built SUV in black with tinted windows pulls up to the curb. Eclipse opens the door for you as the valet jogs around the side of the car to Eclipse. Keys in hand Eclipse climbs into the drivers seat.

"Our little game isn't over darling." He states as he starts driving to the restaurant.

You turn to him "What? But you said I won?"

He smiles "I did. And you did win. I just want more."

You nod "Does that mean I get two prizes if I win again?"

Eclipse considers your statement for a few minutes "Two prizes? What would the second prize be?"

You stare at him seriously "Marriage."

Eclipse almost hits a pole as he pulls into the restaurant. He all but sobs as he wails out "Marriage!"

He drives past the valet and finds his own parking. Eclipse climbs into the back of the SUV. He unbuckles you and pulls you back there with him. The back of the SUV has the seats down. The two of you had gone camping and stored the gear in the back.

Eclipse pins you to the floor with your head down and ass up. Again your pants go down. This time to your knees. He pulls his cock out again. Slowly sliding it back inside you. He presses his chest into your back. Two hands on your hips and another holding himself up.

One of his large hands takes one of yours "Brace yourself."

You barely have a chance to take a deep breath before he is pounding into you. You are still sensitive from earlier. The car gently rocks. He must notice because he picks up the pace for a quick finish. He manages to cum but you don't. He fills you up before pulling out of your cunt.

He pulls your pants back up "I'm still not done with you. What kind of husband would I be if I didn't make you cum."

After dressing himself he walks the two of you into the restaurant. He holds the door open for you. It smells divine inside and you already know what you want. This place needs reservations, but c'mon this is Eclipse. The two of you are taken to a table in a private area.

The two of you sit down and Eclipse orders a bottle of wine and two waters.

He reaches across the table and takes on of your hands in two of his "Did you mean it? You really want to get married?"

He looks so hopeful that it melts your insides "I did. I meant it. One moment!" You take your right shoe and sock off. Your big toe has a ring on it. You take it off and put your shoe and sock back on "I didn't want you to find it so I hid it in my shoe." You get down on one knee "This won't do." You stand up "Sorry but you are too damn tall!" You hold the ring out to him "Marry me!"

Eclipse picks you up and into a back cracking hug "Darling! I would want nothing more!"

He peppers your face in kisses. They trail down your neck and to your chest. He licks your clavicle slowly before setting you down. You blush furiously as you slip the ring on his finger. He looks it ofer and lets out a soft squeal. You smile and return to your chair.

The waiter returns "Your wine sir." He pours a small glass and hands it to eclipse.

Eclipse swirls the wine in the glass before sniffing it. He takes a small sip and hands it to you "I like this. What do you think dear?"

You take the glass and give it a whiff and a taste "Yeah. I agree! 's good."

The waiter yours your glasses and sets the bottle down "Do you know what you would like to order?"

Eclipse orders for the two of you. He knew exactly what you wanted. It helps that the two of you had been here before.

As the waiter leaves Eclipse knocks his fork to the floor "Oops."

He drops to the floor and crawls under the table. He pulls your chair up to the table by its legs. You lean down and look at him. His ray's are retracted into his head and his eyes are dimmed. He smirks at you and begins to undo your pants.

He licks his lips "Put your napkin in your lap."

You blush and do as you are told. Eclipse pulls your pants down to your ankles. He spreads your legs and licks a long stripe from your hole to your clit. You let out a quiet moan.

Eclipse nips your inner thigh and hisses quietly "Remember the game darling."

You pat his head "Sorry."

He kisses your thigh "Good girl."

You sit quietly and sip your wine as Eclipse pushes his tongue into your sopping cunt. He pushes his cum further into you. You grip your chair tightly with one hand and gently hold the glass with the other. Eclipse uses his tongue to shovel globs of cum into your cervix.

You fight a moan. Letting out a quiet groan. You take a large gulp of water. Eclipse rubs your clit roughly with his thumb. The waiter returns with your food. He sets the dishes down at your respective spots. Eclipse doubles his efforts. Thrusting his tongue faster and rubbing your clit harder.

You hide a moan in your glass of water. You thank him and take a sip of wine. The man glances around before shrugging. He turns and leaves the room. Eclipse snakes a hand up an pokes your mouth. You bite down hard as you feel your walls flutter around his tongue.

He plugs your cervix with his tongue to keep his cum inside. Eclipse hums as your cum gushes onto his tongue. He presses himself a little closer before pulling out of you.

He helps you put your pants back on before taking his seat "Found my fork."

You nod slowly. Your body feels like mush. A dopey smile plastered on your face. You take a large gulp of water "Fuck me running!"

Eclipse laughs as he cuts your food up for you, he knows what he did "Well, I would but we both know I would catch you before you got very far. Unless you want me to fuck you while I run?"

You flick water at him. He laughs again and passes you your plate.

Chapter Text

You got a call at about noon. It seems there was an issue in the Super Star Daycare Arcade. With a small huff of annoyance you rose from your seat. This had better not be an entitled A-Hole. Or a bratty kid. Nothing wrongs with kids. But when little Timmy or Tammy is violent, then that's where things are bad.

As you make your way up the winding staircase you can hear the sound of yelling. You take a deep breath and put on your best customer service smile. You could see inside part of the arcade from where you were. Two moms were arguing beside the photo booth. Balls!

You steel your resolve and enter the arcade "Ladies! What can I help you with?"

One of the moms turns to you "Finally! I want them banned!"

You open your mouth when the other mom shrieks "Banned! For what?! Taking a picture?"

The first mom growls "Your brat did a gang sign!"

You hold your hands up "Ladies! One at a time! Now," You turn to mom one "What happened?"

She smirks "I was passing by with my son when he said he wanted pictures. We were waiting outside the booth when the pictures printed for those two!" She scowls at the other mother. "Her son was doing a gang sign!"

You nod "Can I see the photo in question?"

Mom two hands you the photos. The first few are normal. The last one has the kid doing the sign for 'I love you' in ASL.

Mom one points to the picture "That one! THAT ONE!!"

You point to it "Ma'am that's sign language for I love you. Not a gang sign."

She glares at you "NO IT"S NOT! It's a gang sign!"

You pull your phone out and google the sign for 'I love you'. You turn your phone to her "Look. Here is proof."

She slaps the phone out of your hand "Stop lying! You are all out to get me!" She takes you by the wrist "We are going to speak to your manager and get you fired!"

You try to tug your arm away "Let me go! SECURITY ALERT! SECURITY ALERT!"

She stares at you confused. A thud is heard outside the door before it opens. Sun is standing on the other side looking less than happy. To you anyway, to anyone else he looks fine. His unmoving face betraying his true emotions.

He casually approaches the woman and peels her hand off of you "Harming staff is a banable offense. Please remove yourself from the daycare or I will have to do it for you. Security is on their way as we speak."

You are mesmerized by how commanding Sun is being right now. Standing at his full height of 8ft. Your heart is hammering in your chest in the best of ways. Good fucking lord this man.

The woman stomps her foot "WE ARE NOT LEAVING! THIS BITCH-"

"LANGUAGE! This is a Daycare!" Sunny growls out.

He picks her up by the armpits and turns to leave the arcade. A young kid, roughly six or seven, follows closely behind him.

You turn to the other woman "Take this. It's for half price tickets next visit and a free two topping pizza." You hand her the vouchers "Sorry for the trouble."

She takes the items "Are you alright? Is your wrist ok?"

You pick your phone up. As you rise you notice that each set of photos comes with three pictures. You think back to the card. It only had ten. It should have had twelve. Something to ask Sun about later.

You pocket your phone "I'm fine. I'll get it looked at though. Have a nice day."

You exit the arcade. Your Faswatch(TM) pings with an automated message to fill out an incident report on your computer. You make your way back downstairs to your work station. Your wrist only feels a little sore. At the most you might get a bruise. This paperwork, however, might kill you.

You understand why it needs to be done, and why it has so many questions. But that doesn't make it any more fun or exciting. Once the report is sent off another set of paperwork hits your inbox. It's a request for a removal of a problematic child from the daycare.

Likely requested by Sun himself. He has the authority to send a request. It's up to, as the company put it, real employees to asses and process the request. You look the request over. As per company policy Sun sent video footage to further validate his request. You watch about an hour of footage on the kid.

It's the child of the mother who grabbed you. He's seen hurting other kids. It didn't matter what Sun or Moon did the kid did whatever he wanted. He was even shown disrespecting human staff. You approve the request. Making sure to include the footage Sun sent you.

You look up from your work. Sun is doing a puppet show for the kids. You aren't sure what it's about. Sun seems to be having fun if his body language is any indication. The little stage he's hiding behind is facing away from you. Gives you a nice view of his backside.

You stretch your arms high over your head. Hopefully the rest of your day would be smoother. Thank whatever is watching over you it is. You hear from other coworkers over lunch that the angry lady tried to get you fired. It went about as well for her as a two year old in a fine china shop and no supervision.

Closing couldn't come any sooner. You were eager to get to the tower. The promise of pizza and fingering was too good to pass up. Above all else, the thought of spending more time with your boys was something you could not pass up. Even something a simple as watching a movie was priceless.

You helped Sun clean before gathering your things. As your hand touched the card they made you you remembered the missing photos. You walked up to him card in hand. His shoulders dropped and his posture relaxed.

You held the card up as you walked to the ball pit "This only has ten pictures. What happened to the other two?"

Sun looks away from you for a second "There were only ten."

You tilt your head "The machine you used prints three per use. Ten photos means four times minus two photos."

Sun puts his hands behind his back rocking back and forth on his heels "I ate them."

You balk "You ate them?"

He nods and rubs his belly "Yep! I ate them!"

You raise a brow "But you can't eat? You can't even open your mouth."

He lets out a very loud gasp and puts his hand on his chest "What?! No one told me I can't eat!"

You are curious about the photos now "So about those pictures..."

Sun jumps slightly startled "I told you I ate them."

You laugh and shake your head "But you can't eat. Did they come out bad?"

Sun holds a hand up "Hold on a moment."

He picks up a red ball and throws it at the light switch. It moves so fast and hard that not only does it turn the light off, but it breaks. You turn to Moon. His arm outstretched and one leg up.

He lowers his arm "Gosh darn it Sun." He covers his face with his hand "We didn't eat the pictures." He lowers his leg "They came out bad. We didn't want you to see them."

You rub his arm "Sun you didn't have to lie. Although I bet they are cute."

Moon stutters "Cute?"

You nod "Absolutely adorable. Just like my good boys."

Moon stares at you for a moment before popping his chest open. He takes out the two missing photos. He practically shoves them into your chest.

You take them from him "Are you sure? Even Sun?" Moon nods eagerly and you look them over "Holy hell I love these!"

Moon lens forward slightly "You do?"

You nod "I'm putting these in my wallet so I can look at them whenever I want!"

Moon pulls his hat over his eyes and whines "Starlight!"

You snicker "Did I fluster you?"

Moon pulls you close "Stuff it."

Chapter Text

You were supposed to be on vacation. Getting some much needed rest and relaxation a few states away. Security practically shoved you out the door. You wanted to take your vacation inside the plex with Sun and Moon. Your boss, however, thought you were spending too much time at the plex.

You are the live in mechanic! Of course you do! Hell, you live in the daycare! The first three nights were restless. Didn't matter what you tried you just couldn't fall asleep. You drank warm milk, counted sheep, listened to soft music, and even tried a warm bath. Nothing worked!

You had three days left in your vacation when you decided to cut it short. Enough was enough! You had your fun and were exhausted! You packed your stuff and left the Motel you were staying in. You booked the first flight home. It was 12pm when you landed in your hometown.

You took an uber to the plex. You felt a small wave of relief washed over you as you power walked to the employee entrance. One swipe of your key card and you were inside. Yours was one of six cards that could open the door at any time. Even when the plex was locked up for the night.

It was dark inside but that didn't bother you much. You were used to it at this point. The sound of security and cleaning bots echoed through the halls. You knew Moon would be out and about. All you needed to do was figure out to find him. You let out a loud yawn as you meandered further into the plex.

Just as you stepped out of the maintenance tunnels a security bot stopped you. The loud siren sound startled you and you almost dropped your bag. Their light hit your face and you hissed. The bot inspected you before nodding. They took your hand and tugged you to sit on the floor.

You weren't sure what was going on exactly, but you did as you were told. Sitting down made you even more exhausted. The bot sticks close to you checking each end of the hallway you are in every few minutes. Something must have excited it because the security bot shook your shoulder.

They pointed to the far end of the hall to the left. Something on the ceiling was crawling toward the two of you. Moon dropped down beside you. He crouched down beside you, looking you over. He tisked and picked you up off of the floor gently. Your arms around his neck and legs on his hips.

He turns to the security bot "Thank you." Moon takes your bag in one hand and holds you up with the other "You are supposed to be on vacation."

You sigh as he heads off to the Daycare "I couldn't sleep. Nothing worked. I rea-" You let out a yawn "Realized I couldn't sleep without you. I need you Moon."

Moon stops walking "Need me?"

You kiss his cheek "Yeah. You and Sun both. I love you so much. Can't sleep without you."

His fans kick on to keep his systems cool. They aren't very loud yet. You don't want to push them any harder. You want to sleep not repair his fans. Likely he wants the same. He continues walking to the daycare. Holding you just a little closer. Humming quietly to you.

The music in the daycare is off. Something they started doing at night after you moved in. As Moon calls down his wire you yawn again. He hooks the wire to his back and flies into his room. Sun is inside making the bed as comfy as possible. He smiles softly as Moon unhooks himself.

Sun takes your bag from Moon as Moon sets you down on the bed. You feel more relaxed and ready for bed than you had at the Motel. Sleepily you watch as Moon takes your shoes and pants off. Sun passes him some night pants and pulls your shirt off.

Moon slips the pants on you as Sun slips a comfortable shirt on you. They make quick work of dressing you and tucking you into bed. Sun turns the lights off as Moon tosses the clothes into a corner of the room. They crawl into bed with you. Smushing you comfortably between the two of them.

You almost cry as you finally begin to drift off to sleep. Clinging to Moon as Sun clings to you. Finally you get the rest and relaxation you craved.

Chapter Text

The first documented incident of someone finding their soulmate was 1496. An Irish man reported seeing glowing blue and purple footprints all over his home town of Killarney. He was recorded stating that following the prints was how he found true love.

No one is positive how it happened. Things weren't always this way. Some people claimed aliens gifted us this ability. Some claim it was by magic. Others claim the government did it. The only thing for certain is it started in Ireland and spread outward from there reaching New Zealand last.

Now it's so common place it's taught in school. At first it wasn't being taught, but some kids were getting scared by the random glowing footprints. It was discovered by an African scholar that it didn't matter if you rode a horse or rolled on the ground. You still left a trail for your soulmate to follow.

Even today your soulmate can leave glowing tire tracks behind them. So far no incident of an adult being paired with a minor had been reported. Nor had anyone been paired with an animal. Studies were done on animals. It could not be confirmed or denied weather or not they had soulmates.

Recently, however, the science community has been flipped upside down. Fazbear Entertainment has created an animatronic with true sentience. The bot has thoughts and feelings of it's own, and was proven to have true intelligence instead of artificial.

Astoundingly the bot, named Glamrock Freddy, reported seeing colorful glowing footprints. No one was sure how this is possible. Many studies were done on both the human male and the animatronic. More questions than answers were raised from the study.

It was determined that Fazbear could no longer own the animatronics they created. Courts ruled they needed wages, benefits, and all the opportunities afforded to humans. Nowadays seeing animatronics walking the streets and working regular jobs is common place.

Human and animatronic relationships is widely accepted. Older models have been updated where possible. The world is a new and interesting place.

You were so tired. You had just finished a tour and were exhausted. You loved singing, and tours were fun, but they still left you tired. So why were you going to Las Vegas for an entire week? Your friend was celebrating her 30th birthday and being cleared from cancer.

Tons to celebrate. You wouldn't miss something like this. You even pitched in some money to help pay for the occasion. It was going to be you, your friend Stacy and her husband Tom, Patty and her wife Linda, Raul and his wife Aja, and lastly Peter.

You didn't bother going home. Instead you flew right to Vegas. You all would be staying at a popular casino and hotel. It's called Clarissima Stella. It's run by an animatronic. You don't know their name off hand. Not that you were awake enough to recall something like that.

You almost fell asleep during the ride to the hotel. You were arriving first wanting ample time to rest before everyone else arrived. Stacy was, and probably always will be, a party girl. Although she has toned down the partying over the years.

The Hotel casino was nice. It was space themed and as opulent as any other high end casino in the area. As soon as you entered the building someone was there to greet you. It was nice but not expected. They took your bags for you as you made your way to the front counter.

The well dressed woman behind the counter looked excited to see you "Oh! Mx. Seren. We've been expecting you!"

You smile attempting to hide how tired and hungry you are "I've been looking forward to staying! I've heard such nice things about this place."

The woman beams in pride as she hands you your room key "Well we hope you enjoy your stay Mx. Seren. I'm a big fan by the way."

You take the key "Do you have something to write on?"

She hands you a sticky more and a pen "Of course! Here you are mixter."

You scrawl a happy message "And your name please."

She looks elated "Danny!"

You add her name and sign the note. You pass it over to her "For you! Have a nice day."

She clutches it to her chest as you walk away satisfied. You like making people happy. Warms your soul. Plus that didn't cost you anything.

As the bell hop leads you to the elevator you spot it. A glowing orange sparkly footprint. You stop dead in your tracks. Your soulmate is near by. You follow after it.

Your heart drops as it starts to fade away. You try to give Chase but a large group of elderly women block your path. It's only a few minutes. However by the time they are out of your way the footprints are gone.

You walk back to the elevator. The bell hop is still waiting for you. They look you over before putting a hand on your shoulder. You press the button for the elevator.

Inside your shoulders slump "I saw the footprints. I was too late to catch them..."

The bell hop squeezes your shoulder "I'm sure you'll find them. You could always put your stuff away and explore the place. I'm Costello by the way."

You sigh and put your hand on his "Thanks Costello. I'll try that."

The two of you exit the elevator on the fifth floor. Your room is 529. It has a single queen bed, a bathroom, and a balcony. Nothing too fancy. Perfect for you.

You tip Costello nicely before he leaves. You don't really have anything to put away so you leave the room making sure to lock up. You take the stairs down.

It's a bit of a wall but you don't mind. It gives you time to daydream about your soulmate. Those were some big prints. And now you know they like the color orange.

Now back on the first floor you begin your search. You find nothing in the hotel section. The casino floor is so crowded. Humans and animatronics run the various tables. Some attempt to entice you to play.

You had planned on it, but right now you had more important things to take care of. You wind your way around slot machines with colorful flashing lights. Still nothing.

You decide a break is in order. Stomach rumbling you head for the nearest restaurant. It's sushi. As you are led to a table by your waiter you wonder if your soulmate spotted you too.

You ready your order. Wondering what kind of job they have. Do they listen to your music? Are they a fan? Do they hate your music? What kind of things do they like?

Are they kind? Or an asshole? What do they look like? So many questions and no answers. You eat your meal in piece. Again you decide to head out into the casino floor.

Not ready to give up for the night. One more pass of the place and then it's off to bed. Nothing. Disappointed you head to your room.

Chapter Text

The following day you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the world. A quick shower later you were back down in the lobby. Breakfast was a must before you look for your soulmate again. You have until two in the afternoon to look avidly. After that, your friends arrive.

Back in your room was a pamphlet about amenities. It mentioned a buffet breakfast. The price is good so you go for it. As you walk to it your eyes scan the floor looking for more footprints. While you are disappointed at the lack of footprints the buffet makes things a little better.

It's like a rainbow of breakfast items. You pay for your food and take a plate. Giddy you stack your plate with a smidge of all your favorite items and your favorite breakfast drink. Finding a table is easy, but eating your meal is hard. As soon as you sit down a group of four girls approach your table.

A short platinum pink-haired girl wearing a birthday girl sash squeals at you "OH EM GEE! You are my favorite FAVORITE singer! Can we get a picture?"

You pause mid-bite, eyes darting around slightly nervous and confused "Um... sure."

You set your bite down and stand up. Immediately you are pulled into a hug and your picture is taken. Another brunette girl pulls you in to take a photo with her. You strike a pose with her when you spot it. Another sparkly orange glowing footprint.

You gasp loudly "Soulmate!"

You grab the easiest to eat thing from your plate and sprint out of the restaurant. The footprints are rather fresh. They still shine bright as you pass, unlike last time. Your heart leaps into your throat as you see the back of your soulmate.

They are an animatronic with a tall slim frame. Four arms, two legs, and one head. Easily dwarfing you with a height of roughly eleven feet. They are flanked by two humans. You look down at their feet as you get closer. Every step they take is a new footprint on the ground. You reach out to touch him.

The person on his left turns around "Is there something I can help you with? We are very busy"

They are androgynous in appearance. A perfectly tailored suit with matching shiny black leather shoes completes their look. They look at you like you are a turd on the floor.

You nod "Yes! That's my soulm-!"

They cut you off "We don't have time for this!" They begin to walk away with your soulmate.

You dart around to be in front of them. Your soulmate is gorgeous! A fine mix of burnt umber and eggplant. Two arms on top and about a foot and a half underneath, two more arms. Their arms are an ombre of burnt umber and eggplant. They have four five-inch rays in eggplant and nine smaller rays in burnt umber. Their eyes are a soft moonlight yellow.

"Soulmate!" Tears dribble down your cheeks and you reach for them.

Your soulmate mumbles "We don't have time for this."

It sounds very robotic and monotone. Something feels very off. You two are meant for each other. Why is he dismissing you? You look to the third person. It's a well-dressed woman. She avoids eye contact, looking anywhere but at you.

You purse your lips "I'm sorry but you are my soulmate. I won't let you ignore me without at least talking. You owe me that much."

The androgynous fellow huffs "I really don-"

You cut them off with a warning look "This doesn't involve you."

Your soulmate blinks slowly "No."

You laugh "That wasn't a request. It was a demand. Where can we talk? ALONE."

Your soulmate... just stands there. They don't say anything. You wait for anything to happen.

The woman finally looks at you "I know a place. Follow me."

You don't move until your soulmate moves. Walking beside them feels right. Like you are marching toward some great fantastical thing. A warrior marching to a battle you know you are going to win. She leads you two to a conference room and opens the door.

You both enter and sit down. Your soulmate is at one end of the table and you are to their left. You cross your arms unsure of how to start. There are so many thoughts running through your head.

Finally, you say something "You just found your soulmate and you want to push me aside? Why?"

Your soulmate stares at the far wall in front of them slowly responding in that same robotic tone "I have no need for a soulmate. All I require is my casino."

You frown fighting back tears "Not good enough. What am I supposed to do? What if I want my soulmate? Don't I matter at all?"

Their face twitches slightly and their fingers flex "Your worth is of no consequence to me."

It stings so bad to hear him say that "You can't mean that can you?" You can't stop the flood of tears as you take his hand "Give me a chance! I've been looking for you for so long."

Their hand flexes around yours and their straight face twitches into a frown for a second "I do not neeEEE- help me- you."

You recoil shocked and confused "What?"

They twitch violently as they turn to you "I. Must. Regue-" The next words come out in a forced whisper "I'm not in control."

You lean forward "How can I help?"

They squeeze your hand tightly as another hand grips your forearm "The red watch."

The androgynous person from before rips the door open "Eclipse sir! There is an emergency! You are needed right now! You two talked now go away!"

You turn to the person. Your eyes go wide as you spot the red watch on their wrist. Eclipse squeezes your wrist whispering red watch. They throw your wrist away and stand up. The woman from before makes eye contact with you before looking away with a remorseful look.

You decide you need to speak to her. She must know something about what is going on with Eclipse. Something is seriously wrong with everything. Guess this vacation party is a rescue mission now.

Chapter Text

You had spent months planning a revenge of sorts for the coochie in a can stunt Sun and Moon pulled. You needed to be tactful. If you tried to do it right away they might suspect something. Slowly you brought things you thought you would need into their tower room.

Rope to tie them up with. Cuffs in case you change your mind on how to restrain them. A double-sided dildo to stuff them with at the same time. And two cock sleeves to help please them. But what would you catch their spunk in? You never got to see what they used for you. Maybe a bowl? Or some kind of tray?

You already know you are going to put it in your Sun and Moon themed travel mug. You plan to mix it with something so people don't get suspicious. Maybe tea or coffee. A smoothie would work too.

It's three months after what Sun and Moon did that you get your chance. Not only do you have the next two days off but so do Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon had started to suspect you were planning something. Ever eager to see what you have planned.

As soon as you called them to their room the two of them scrambled to get to you. Your intentions were made evident by the supplies you had neatly laid out.

Sun ran a hand over the dildo "What ARE you planning sunshine?" He shot you a coy look "Something you want from us?"

You nodded eagerly "Yes! I want to tie you up."

Sun nodded "Of course, we can tie... Wait what?"

Moon snickers at Sun "She wants to tie us up. I'm fine with it. Are we using red yellow green? Or a safe word?"

You hum "Red yellow green works for me."

Sun crosses his arms "What if I want to tie YOU up."

You shrug "Then I'll just tie Moomoo up and play with just him. You won't be involved. I have something very specific planned and require you to be tied up."

Sun flops onto his butt and pouts "What plan could you have that I need to be tied up?"

You lean down and kiss his forehead "Oh my whiny little bitch." Sun squawks in indignation as you talk "Only good boys who do as they are told get to find out."

Sun growls "But I'm always in charge!"

You cross your arms and frown "Not tonight. I'm in charge. Now do as you are told and let me tie you up! Alternatively, you can go find something else to do. This is about me and my prize."

Sun flops onto his back "FINE."

Moon walks up to you wrapping his arms around your waist "I'd like a kiss before we start your game starlight."

You hum and lean into him "I could never say no to a kiss."

Moon closes the gap with a pleased hum, lips pressed against yours. He leans forward dipping the two of you into a deeper kiss. Sun scoffs at the display. Your eyes shoot over to Sun displeased with his brat-like behavior. You will not stand for this.

You purse your lips as Moon pulls you pack up. Sun raises a brow at you. Challenging you. He wants you to punish him. You can see it in the way he avoids eye contact. How his cock writhes in his pants. A wet spot quickly forming. A distinct redish-orange blush creeping in on his face.

Fine, you'll give him what he wants "Hey Moon? Will you be my good boy tonight?"

Moon perks up "Good boy?" His cock twitches in his pants "Anything for you starlight."

You nod and pick up the rope "Tie him up nice and snug and you'll get to keep your arms and legs free. Color boys."

Sun mumbles "Green."

Moon brings the rope to Sun and begins his work "Green."

Moon carefully ties Sun's arms behind his back. Sun flops onto his stomach with a loud exaggerated sigh. Moon strips Sun of his shoes and pants tenderly. Moon ties Sun's ankles to his thighs and adds more rope to force his legs open.

Moon turned to you "Where would you like him?"

You think for a moment. Hanging his bratty ass from the ceiling would be fun. However, that would make your goal of... Right! They called it Coochie in a Can! Your goal of Coochie in a Can difficult. The makeshift bed will do just fine.

You point to the bed "You can put that little brat there. I'm going to get ready."

Moon nod and moves Sun to the pile of blankets and pillows.

Sun huffs "If I weren't tied up I could have moved myself."

You purse your lips. You didn't even get all of your clothes off before he was being mouthy. So you waltz right up to Sun dressed in jeans and panties and stared him down. He made eye contact and stared you down. You sat down on the floor and yanked him over your lap.

He let out a shocked gasp. The ease at which you moved him made his head spin. You raised your hand into the air and gave his ass a swat. Sun let out a yelp quickly followed by another yelp at another swat. You decide one more swat will do for now.

You flip him out of your lap and continue to undress. Sun's cock writhes and curls in on itself. You shoot Moon a look and he nods. Crouching down he takes Sun's cock with both hands to keep it from moving. Sun whines loudly unable to move.

You finish getting undressed "If you were good, Moon wouldn't have to hold your cock still." You walk back over to Sun with the double-sided dildo. It's silicone pink with purple swirls in it. The dildo is roughly 20 inches long and ribbed for pleasure.

You get down on your knees in front of Sun "Let me take a look here." You get down close to his cunt and hum "Not wet enough."

Sun wiggles slightly "Are you going to eat me out or are you just going to stare?"

You frown "No. Neither of those." You slap his pussy and he yelps "Moon? Would you like to play with Sun?"

Moon nods eagerly "Yes, please! How would you like me to play?"

You rub his cheek and he leans into you "How many rounds do you have in you?"

Moon nuzzles your hand "I have..." He pauses "Mmmm. Probably two rounds."

You grin and point at Sun "Fuck him. Use him as you please. I want to collect his cum though."

Moon blushes brightly, the sub in him coming out big time as he scoots around to line up with Sun's cunt "Can... Can I kiss you? Uh! While I fuck him!"

You blush and lean forward kissing him on the lips "Allways!"

Sun huffs "Don't pretend like I'm not here!"

Moon stuffs Sun to the hilt in one thrust "Mng!"

You pat Sun on the knee "When you stop being a little brat you can talk."

Moon runs a finger up the underside of Sun's cock "What about this?"

You hum "I don't know."

Moon holds his hand out to you "Come here."

You grab the bowl to gather the cum with and set it down beside Sun. You take Moon's hand. He pulls you to him and picks you up with one hand. His other hand takes Sun's cock. He eases you in front of Sun's cock. It covers your cunt.

You look over your shoulder at Sun "Ok Sun, a few rules. Rule one, you are not allowed to cum until I say so. Rule two, you are not allowed to be inside me. And rule three, no talking." You smile warmly at him "You good with this?"

Sun smiles back "If I need to I'll use the safe words."

You frown turning back to Moon "I hate sprinkles. Do a good job Sunny and I'll let you cum." You pull Moon to you "Such a good boy waiting to fuck Sun. Go ahead and take your pleasure from him."

Chapter Text

Once again the company had overworked you. It was becoming more common than Sun would like. He and Moon had voiced their opinion but it was met with the threat of decommissioning. At least the plex was coming under new management. Sun hoped that the new owner was more reasonable. 

You had trudged into the Daycare after it had closed for the night. At first, Sun was excited to see you. However, when he got a better look at you he was mortified. It was so bad Moon's protocols to put people to bed began to flood his systems.

You swayed on your feet as you moved. our eyes had large bags under them. You fought so hard to stay awake. Arms reaching out to him pathetically. How much effort did that single action take? Sun skipped up to you. His long legs covered the distance quickly. 

He picked you up as his areal wire came down from the ceiling. He held you in one arm and hooked himself up with the other. It pulled the two of you into the air and towards the tower. He held you firmly in his arms. Following Moon's instructions, he began to hum to you. 

The naptime protocols were pushing so hard to put you to sleep it was agitating Moon. Humming to you satiated the programming. Sun wanted to help Moon alleviate the distress from his programming. He followed Moon's instructions and put you to bed in the room beyond the tube.

While Sun was happy you were getting some much-needed sleep, he was upset he couldn't spend time with you. "You are spending time with them." Moon reminded. Sun nodded "You're right. Just because they aren't awake doesn't mean we aren't together." 

Sun decided to busy himself with an art project. Coloring was always nice, but he does that with the kids all day. He decided now was the perfect time to paint. He gathered his supplies. Sun still wanted to be near you. He set up in the room you were in.

Sun couldn't help watching you sleep. You looked so peaceful. All the stress of the day gone from your form. To him it was angelic. You were his angel sent to him from some far-away place. You showed him so much kindness and love. Agitation crept into the back of his mind.

Yes, yes, you loved Moon too. In fact, you loved them both equally. You took so well to their individual love languages and needs. Moon wanted to be held and touched. He preferred physical affection. Sun, however, preferred words. Tell him he's a good boy and doing a good job. 

He decided he was going to paint you. He would put all of his love for you into his piece. Sun spent the next five hours painting you. Moon agreed Sun could stay out to finish his painting. Sun agreed when the painting was done Moon could come out without interruption. 

Sun painted you sleeping on a cloud in a sunset sky. Stars just starting to dot the sly. Two massive wings folded behind your back. Sun did not include the bags under our eyes. But didn't change anything else about you. He signed his name in the lower right corner.

Sun cleaned his mess and gathered the charcoal art supplies for Moon. He put the painting in the other room for safekeeping. He already knew exactly where he wanted to hang the piece. Sun turned the lights off to allow Moon out.

As they changed they wrapped their arms around themselves to hug each other. Moon let out a pleased hum as he fully became himself. He looked at the painting Sun had done "This looks great! You did a good job Sun." He could feel Sun shy away in their headspace.

With a chuckle, he made his way to you. You were still deep in sleep. Eyes darting back and forth in REM sleep. He sat down beside you and began to sketch his piece for you. He decided to depict you like the queen you are. His queen. His sovereign. 

That which makes his dark realm brighter. Each touch from you is a searing comfort. He would depict you on a throne of roses. Drapes in the softest looking fabrics and glowing brightly. He got to work. Pushing the charcoal around the canvas. This would be perfect for you.

When he was finished he decided it was nowhere near as perfect as you. He was sure you would like it though. The piece was set next to Sun's. Moon returned to you. He laid down beside you and pulled you into his frame. He ran his fingers slowly through your hair as you slept. 

When you woke up Sun was humming and petting your hair. His fans kicked on when you kissed him sleepily. The two of you stayed like that until you woke up more. When you were ready to go hunt for food he presented you with the art he and Moon had done.

Chapter Text

You watched from your perch atop a fallen tree log as Sun chopped wood for the weekend. He had been wearing a red plaid button-down with denim jeans. He took it off after insisting it would help keep his systems cool. The lack of an undershirt left his chest bare. 

He knew exactly what he was doing when he bent down, almost in half, to pick up another log to cut. His ass gently swayed and gave a little wiggle. Your eyes trailed over his tall slim frame as he raised the axe over his head. He cut that piece of wood like it was butter. 

Fire pooled in your loins as he moved to a ten-foot log and began cutting it into workable pieces. You watched in awe as he picked it up and snapped it in half. A small smirk on his face as he watches a shudder wrack your frame. He stretches his arms high over his head. 

He bends over backward. Winking as he makes eye contact with you. He walks over to you with a swagger. He leans down taking your chin in his massive hand "All the wood is cut sunshine." His eyes roam your body hungry "How about he do something more... strenuous." 

Chapter Text

First, let us talk about Moon. Moon prefers chainsaws. He typically cuts the trees down and brings them to Sun. His nightcap is a red and black plaid hat. I haven't figured out his shirt yet.

Now for Sun. He has on denim jeans and a buffalo plaid button-down shirt. He prefers an axe. Sun cuts up the trees Moon brings him. He also stacks the wood neatly.

Both of them plant three trees for every tree they cut down. They are very knowledgeable about the forest.

They both like teaching people about forest safety. They can tell you about any type of tree in the woods. They also know about the animals of the woods. They also know about the stars. They teach people *cough*you*cough* about how to find your way home if you get lost.

Their favorite thing to do is teach you how to cut wood. From how to stand properly to how to hold the tool you are using.

They live in a log cabin they built after they escaped the plex. They wanted to get away from the city and ran to the woods.


~Wood Cutting~

You watched from your perch atop a fallen tree log as Sun chopped wood for the weekend. He had been wearing a red plaid button-down with denim jeans. He took it off after insisting it would help keep his systems cool. The lack of an undershirt left his chest bare.

Fire pooled in your loins as he moved to a ten-foot log and began cutting it into workable pieces. You watched in awe as he picked it up and snapped it in half. A small smirk on his face as he watches a shudder wrack your frame. He stretches his arms high over his head.

He bends over backward. Winking as he makes eye contact with you. He walks over to you with a swagger.

He leans down taking your chin in his massive hand "All the wood is cut sunshine." His eyes roam your body hungry "How about he do something more... strenuous."

Chapter Text

It was naptime in the daycare. Moon sat comfortably in a sea of kids. A large blanket in his lap. A mysterious lump underneath. The guard had been watching him. 

Slight concern on her face. Moon could tell she had a question. She seemed to be debating with herself about whether or not to get up. No doubt she had heard the rumors of the old virus and the things it made him do. The thing in his lap shifted. He pet the blanket with a hum.

Finally, the young lady steeled her resolve and stood up. As quietly as possible she tiptoed over to him. He changed the song playing from his music box to the WII shop music box version. An attempt to seem less spooky. 

The young lady paused in front of him. Moon tilted his head slightly up and to the left. The young lady pursed her lips, heart rate hammering. He made her nervous. This did not surprise him in the slightest. She leaned down to whisper "Moondrop?" 

She got his name wrong. This irked him but he let it pass. It was more important for him to let everyone sleep. Instead, he gave a slight nod in acknowledgment. She pointed to the large blanket in his lap afraid of what she would find "What do you have there?" 

If his mouth could move he would smile brighter in excitement. He put a finger to his lips and made a small shhh sound. Slowly he lifted the blanket. Underneath you slept soundly. Moon brushed a hand across your cheek. You shifted slightly mumbling something about him.

He slowly covered you back up with the blanket and looked back up at the daycare guard. The guard didn't know what to think. She had expected to see a... body. Not some strange person. She had seen you around the plex doing various things. So she knew you worked here. 

She decided to return to her work and let it be for now. Moon seemed to be happy. She could see the way he pet your cheek. The way he held you with such reverence. It was how she wanted someone to hold her. Sun will have some questions to answer later.

Chapter Text

As she turns to leave she drops something on the floor. It looks like a card of some sort. You watch in tears as Eclipse walks away from you. You were right. It's a business card she dropped. With her name and number on it.

The best place to call her would be your room. No prying eyes or ears. You take the stairs up hoping to be left alone. In your room, you dial the number and wait. It rings three times before being picked up.

"Mom! Good to hear from you." The well-dressed woman, Lesly, states warmly.

"Is there somewhere we can meet?" You ask.

"I'll be right back." She says to someone in the room. You can hear the background noises get quieter "We can meet in your room if that's alright."

You nod "That's fine with me. Room 529."

She hums "I'll be there tonight at 1am."

You bite your lip "Is there any information you can safely give right now?"

The phone goes quiet before Lesly whispers "The reason Mx.Eclipse started the casino in the first place was to find you. They thought that if they ran a business with a lot of foot traffic it would be easier to find you."

She hangs up the phone. You feel both loved and defeated. You glance at your phone. Four hours until your friends arrive. You need to find something to do with your time until then. Your phone pings with a message from an unknown number.

It's from Lesly so you add her to your contacts. The message has a crude picture of the casino with two slot machines circled. Unsure what it means you make your way to the casino. You ride the elevator down deep in thought.

Would she be there? Would you need to look for something? Could this be a trap? Your heart fluttered. Would Eclipse be there? Your heart dropped. Would... Elipse be there but not himself? What was himself like?

The casino was busy with life. Many people playing many games. Some winning and some losing. This casino has two floors. The second floor is VIP and solo rooms. What you want is in front and slightly to the left of you.

You reach the second row and count to the fifth machine. It's Egyptian themed with Anubis grinning wickedly. Cleopatra talks about winning a Nile's worth of riches and saving her from evil.

Each play costs a nickel to play. At either end of each row is a machine that converts bills into nickels. You put a ten dollar bill in and it dispenses your coins. Next to the machine are a stack of plastic cups.

You return to the machine and put a coin in. As the wheel spins you examine the game. Nothing on top and the cabinets are too close together to see behind them. Winning and losing is the furthest thought from your mind.

When a strange clown sits down beside you and begins to play on the other circled machine you notice. They have bright red hair and a face mask with a smile. Big pink shoes and a red and white striped onesie.

"I couldn't wait until tonight." They say as they put a coin into their machine.

You put one in yours and win five back "These machines are great." you state in an attempt to look inconspicuous.

The clown nods a little exaggeratedly "Mate isn't the only one with no free will. Wifey is being dark posted big time."

You tilt your head "Dark posted?" You whisper "Blackmailed?"

The clown nods "Sent me to scoop you. Little sausage has an inflamed rash. Bad at telling time."

You win ten dollars "What? Sausage?"

The clown goes quiet for a moment "The snooty mctooty. The not lady. MY lady is to the nines and loses things."

You smile "Ah, the bearded lady."

The clown chuckles "Now you get it! Mcnooty likes quilts. Wifey knows the best pattern to help remove the rash. The meetup is still on. More than you think hate the stink. Gotta go entertain some kiddos."

The clown takes their coins and leaves. You play a little longer before cashing your coins in at a machine that turns coins into bills. You have a lot to think about.

Chapter Text

Moon pulls entirely out of Sun and thrusts back in harshly. He leans forward planting a kiss to your cheek. Sun's cock writhes against your clit. Slotting itself in your folds. You decide to allow this.

Moon wraps his arms around you with a shuddering cry "Good! So good!"

Moon licks a long stripe up your neck as he thrusts harshly into Sun. Using the solar bot for his own needs. Sun moans loudly fighting with himself not to slot himself into your warm wet cunt. You are focused on getting that cum for your Coochie in a Can.

You take Moon's tongue in your hand. He lets out a garbled moan. Drool dribbling down your hand. The wet shlop of Moon picking up his speed driving your desires. The tip of Sun's cock wraps around your clit squeezing and rubbing. You pull Moon to you by his tongue.

You stare directly into Moon's eyes. Slowly you suck his tongue into your mouth. Moon reaches down and takes Sun's cock. He bends it down and slips the tip into Sun's cunt. He pauses waiting for approval. You take his tongue out of your mouth leaming down to take a look.

"Oh, that's hot." You run your hands up Moon's chest and he shudders under your touch "Do it."

Moon whines "Please? Please kiss my chest?"

You beam at him "So polite! Se Sun," You look back at him. His face is moist with tears and droll dribbles down his faceplate. You chuckle "Never mind. Color Sun?"

Sun moans out "Green."

Moon states the same. You plant a kiss to the center of Moon's chest. He moans softly and slips more of Sun's cock into Sun's cunt along with his own cock. Sun lets out a strangled cry. Moon keeps his hand on the base of Sun's cock to keep him inside himself as he thrusts with renewed vigor.

You kiss and lick Moon's chest leaving no part untouched. You look down and watch Moon pound into sun.

A garbled sound behind you "Sunshine, ple-oah! please! Cunt! I need taste."

You smile at Sun "No. You were a brat. You are getting a punishment. Be a good boy and take what you are given."

Moon pulls you to him again wrapping his long arm around you. He buries his face into your neck taking a deep whiff of your scent as he fills Sun.

"Sun! Cum for me my good boy!" You loudly state.

Sun cries loudly, his voice glitching out. Twitching uncontrollably as he fills himself. You take the bowl and position it to catch their cum. You gently guide Moon to pull out of Sun. Cum dribbles out of Sun's cunt and into the bowl. Something must click for Moon because he begins to furiously jack-off.

You look back at Sun in concern. He's gone quiet. His eyes are dark and his fans are silent. He's rebooted. You sigh in relief. Moon lets out a loud cry as he cums in the bowl, You turn back to him startled by the sound.

He holds the bowl out to you "Did we do good?"

You take the bowl, now heavy with cum "Very good moomoo."

Moon nuzzles your face with his "Do you want to cum too?"

You shake your head "No. That was not the point of this. Though I think you already know that."

Moon snickers "Do you need a can?"

You laugh "No. I have something. All I'll need is coffee. You should charge."

Moon bites his lip "Will you stay?"

You nod "I just need to put this in the mini-fridge."

Moon nods and begins to untie Sun. You put the bowl in the Mini-fridge you got to keep food and drinks in. Moon is plugging Sun in to charge as you walk back to him. He holds his arms up to hold you. His cable in his left hand. You take it from him and plug him in.

Moon gently pulls you down and covers the three of you up with a big fluffy blanket. Moon pulls you into him like a stuffed animal. His large frame curling around you like a safety blanket. You fall into a deep sleep as Moon hums the song "Green Sleeves" by Henry VIII.

The next morning you happily sip your coffee at your desk. The mix of Sun and Moon's lightly fruity cum and coffee is delightful. You let out small happy hums as you drink.

Sun skips up to the desk once he is finished with morning set up "What cha drinking sunshine?"

You hum "Coochie in a can."

Sun sputters alarmed "What?!"

You shoot him a coy look "You heard me." You take a big gulp of your drink "Coochie in a can... well... travel mug but whatever."

Moon leans on the security desk "Enjoying your drink?"

You nod "Yes! Would you like a taste?"

Moon takes the mug from you and takes a sip "Mmmm we taste good mixed with coffee."

Sun balks "Is this revenge for what Moon and I did? ... Gimmie that!" He rips the cup from Moon's hand and takes a swig "Tsch! You really did do this. Good job Sunshine." He hands the cup back "I'll get you back for this."

He calls down his wire and darts off to the tower to wait for the kids. Moon laughs and follows behind him. You sip your drink with a chuckle. You'll definitely have to do this again.

Chapter Text

The day goes by at a snail's pace, as it always seems to do when you are waiting for something. 2pm finds you down in the lobby to greet your friends. They had taken a flight together. All of them live in the same city. You smile warmly as they enter with their luggage.

Your friend Stacy opened her arms with a giggle. You took the four-foot, peach fuzz haired, black woman into your arms. Her hair was just starting to grow back.

You swing her gently in a circle, to the best of your ability at least "Happy Birthday! I'm so happy you beat cancer! You look so good!"

She squeals and rubs her cheek against yours "Oooo! I'm so happy you could make it! It's been a million years since we've gotten to hang out!"

You laugh as you put her down "I was only on tour for four months."

Stacy picks her bag back up "Yes, but I missed you!"

Raul and his wife Aja greet you next "Good to see you! How was your trip?." They are an arranged marriage but are super happy together, married for ten years with two kids.

You give them both a hug "It was good! Some dude threw a sealed honey-baked ham onto the stage with a note saying 'Enjoy the ham'. Needless to say, I didn't eat the ham."

Aja laughs as she embraces you "A whole ham? Maa would love to hear about that."

"So, did you find your soulmate yet?" Patty the animatronic Vole asks as she picks you up off the ground in a hug.

You pat their head "I can't talk about that right now."

Patty gives you a pointed look "Then we talk later and you tell us everything you can."

You nod "It's just not safe right now. But it is good to see you!"

Patty nods "We missed you!" She puts you back down on the ground.

Their wife, Linda, gives you a hug and signs 'How are you doing?'

You sign back 'I was tired yesterday. I got a good night's rest though.'

Linda frowns and furiously signs 'You better be taking care of yourself or so help me.'

You hold your hands up "I am! I am! I promise!"

Linda nods and joins her spouse at the front desk. You chuckle.

Peter claps a hand on your shoulder "Sorry I had to leave the tour early."

You pout playfully "I did miss my favorite roadster. But I get it. You had shit to do at home. No sweat!"

He nods "Thanks, man. I gotta go check in. Meet you back down here?"

You nod "For sure!" You point to the shopping section "I'll be shopping, yeah?"

Peter nods picking up his luggage "I'll tell the others."

You walk over to the first shop. It's a fancy clothing shop. While you browse the clothing items you can't help but think about the last few hours. How much pain was Eclipse in? How long was it going to take to free them? Your mind begins to wander to ... other things.

What did he taste like? Feel like? Your hand brushed against a soft fabric. It's a dark, almost black, burnt umber two-piece suit. You decide to try it on thinking Eclipse might like it. The thought of Eclipse liking your outfit warms your body.

A clerk walks up to you "Something I can help you with?"

You jump slightly "Ooo! Uh. Yes. I'd like to try this on."

The clerk makes no comment on spooking you "Follow me." They lead you to the changing rooms before walking away to help someone else.

You change into the suit. It fits pretty well. The pants could be shorter but aside from that it looks good. You even have a pair of black shoes to go with it! Purchase in hand you leave the store. The next store you enter has snacks and candies. You can't resist the call of your favorite treat.

The inside of the store smells sweet and buttery. You make a beeline to your desired treat. Next to the colorful display are various sized bags to get your desired amount. You get half a pound with a happy wiggle excited to have your treat.

Despite your goodies, you are starting to feel anxious about the meeting later. You just want to fast forward time to get there now.

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He hadn't meant to do it. Really he hadn't! That piece of code was for a side project! All he wanted was a girlfriend to love him. He just happened to be into... more sordid things. He just happened to have an Alpha Omega Beta kink! He already had his perfect partner ready to go.

His best friend agreed to make him the body as long as he shared his code with her. It wasn't supposed to turn out like this! Now his code was in the Daycare Attendant! Not only that but the Attendant was already gone! It was hard enough to get them to come for regular maintenance!

Getting the Attendant to come just because? Impossible! Guess this will be a trial run... He did hear a rumor the Attendant had a romantic partner... This should be fine. Right?


Something felt... off. Sun couldn't put his finger on what it was or why. Moon told him it was probably their new upgrades. They could smell now in case of a gas leak, fire, or smelly kid; as they had been told by the worker. They also got an upgrade on the quality of their silicone.

Their face looks more friendly with a moveable mouth. They look more like their posters now. Sun and Moon were excited to show themselves off to you. You had to leave for a while for Thanksgiving with your family. Today you would return to them. They just had to wait until tonight.

Due to the big upgrade, the Daycare was closed for the day. Sun decided to go into their tower and straighten up for you. Moon agreed this was a good idea. He told Sun they could make you a small gift too. This made Sun excited!

As they touched down in their tower Sun froze. A sweet spicy smell hit his receptors. It made his circuits feel... buzzing. They were buzzing like bees. He prowled around the room looking for the source. He found it. It was a nightshirt of yours. Both Sun and Moon were on the front smiling and posing.

He felt odd. Something in him whispering quietly. Itching at his core to protect you. He didn't understand why. You weren't in any danger. You weren't even here yet! Sun shook his head and began to clean. When he finished the main room the lights turned off.

Moon crawled through the tunnel to the bedroom. Your scent was stronger here. Moon found it hard to focus on cleaning. His optics fell on the makeshift bed. His wires felt itchy as he looked at it. It just needed a little... fluffing. He kneeled down in front of it and began to fluff the "bedding".

Just as he was about to move on Sun blurted out "You should test it out... Make sure it's soft."

Moon nodded "Yes... soft."

Moon lay down on the pile of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. Terrible! Not good enough! He tore the bed apart. They would need to start over. The corner would be a good spot to put it. Yes, perfect. He began to arrange the stuffed animals first. That itchy feeling came back.

It wasn't right! Moon took it down again. Pillows first? No still wrong!

"I have an Idea." Sun stated in their shared headspace. Moon could almost feel him smile "Braid the blankets."

Moon shivered in excitement. He took the pile of blankets and began to braid some of them together. The task took up the rest of his time out. Sun was quick to take over the task. They still weren't sure why they were doing this but the need to to so was overwhelming!

Sun began to arrange the blankets in a spiral pattern creating a soft base for the... nest? Why did they want to call this a nest? He tucked some of your clothes and his clothes into the nest. It needed to smell like both of you. It had to!

Next, he layered the pillows and stuffed animals. The light shifted again. Moon set aside the softest and warmest blankets. The rest were laid over the top of the nest. Moon lay down in the nest. It was perfect. It made the itchy feeling go away.

They still had time to wait for you so they decided to charge. Your scent filled their receptors and they entered sleep mode exhausted from their task.

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They finished their charge cycle sometime later. Moon was in control meaning it must have been nighttime. The nest they made for you was very soft and very warm. It would be perfect for your pups. Wait... pups? Where did that come from?

"Sun? I think something might be wrong!" Moon panicked.

"I'll run diagnostics! You take care of our mate when they get back." Sun stated.

Moon nodded and headed to the balcony. He would need to find something to distract himself with.

"Sunny! Moomoo! I'm back!" He heard your melodic voice shout.

It was the most wonderful thing he had ever heard in his life. The itchy feeling came back. He NEEDED to get to you. He needed his mate.

Sun hummed "System check says nothing is wrong. So we must be ok..."

Moon peered over the side of the balcony. The daycare was dark. You were standing near the security desk looking around. He felt the strong need to stalk you. He called his wire down and hooked himself up. Slowly and quietly he made his way to you.

He followed you from above as you searched the daycare for them. The itching didn't go away. It didn't even lessen. If anything it got a little worse. He landed behind you making a point to shake his bells.

You turned around with a warm fond smile "Moon!"

You opened your arms. He embraced you just like he always had. Your scent hit him harder than it had before. He froze unsure of what to do. A new urge began to surface. He felt his body getting hot. Fan working overdrive to cool him down.

You touched his cheek "Are you alright? You're getting warm!"

He leaned down to your neck and took a deep sniff of you with a shudder "Starshine. You smell..." Another sniff "I-" He couldn't form words properly. He tried! Really he did! The itching buzzing felt like a raging fire inside him. He called his wire. He had to have you.

You grew more concerned "Do we need to go to P&S? Something isn't right."

Moon carried you off to the tower. He needed you. Painfully so. Sun was whining in their head incoherent words. One phrase stood out amits the sea of Sun's rambles "Mark them". Yes, thought Moon. They did need to mark you. The erection in their pants was agony. It hurt so bad.

You would help them tough right? Of course you would! You were their perfect little mate! Their sweet little Omega.

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This was one of the hardest things Moon has ever had to do. It truly was a fight not to just shove his dick in you without any prep. He was also fighting against Sun. Sun had devolved into growls, grunts, and utterances of "mine" or "Mate". Moon couldn't understand him properly.

Sun was also fighting Moon for control of their cock. He set you down in the safety of the room beyond the balcony.

Moon pointed at the spot where he put you "Stay."

Sun needed to be dealt with. Moon strongarmed Sun into submission. He had to temporarily "tie" Sun up. Making it so all Sun could do was watch. If Moon felt Sun was safe he would get a turn.

You watched Moon's eyes turn off. An action that meant he was doing something in the headspace. You took the opportunity to look him over. He got quite the upgrade. Looking more like his poster now. He also felt a little softer compared to before.

Moon's eyes locked on you "Are you tired?"

"Tired?" you asked.

He twitched slightly "Tired."

You shook your head "No, not yet."

Moon pointed to the tunnel to your bedroom "Go... Please mate."

Mate? That was new. Something was up. Was this a new kinky game? A role play? You could play along. This could be a lot of fun! You set your bac down just outside the tunnel in the bedroom. You stretched your arms over your head and plopped down on the makeshift bed.

At least you were supposed to. Instead, you hit the hardwood floor with a yelp. You rolled onto your stomach and rubbed your tailbone. Moon flew through the tunnel like a bat out of hell. He was on you in an instant. Poking, prodding, and looking you over.

He picked you up in his arms and set you down in the nest. A strange sound rumbled from somewhere deep within him as he gazed at you. Staring up at him curiously from the nest.

Moon felt the itchy buzzing again "Do you like it?"

You tilted your head "Like it? Oh, the... what is this?"

Moon crouched down to stare at you from a different angle "Nest. Our love nest. We made it for you. Do you like it? We can redo it for you."

You looked around at the love nest "Oh!" You wiggled around to test it out "It's very comfortable."

Moon rumbled louder and plopped down in the nest with you. He pulled you into his lap nuzzling his faceplate into your hair. He got another large inhale of your scent. His erection rubbed against your lower back through his pants.

"Aw, does my big handsome Alpha want to breed me?" you coo sweetly.

That was a mistake. One you realize once Moon flips the two of you over. He cages you in with his large body. Hot air and little puffs of steam fanning you. He leans forward and licks a long stripe from your cheek down to your clavicle. He takes your shirt in his mouth and tears it off.

He bites through your sleeves and pauses. He's looking at the torn shirt. He twitches before adding the torn garment to the nest walls. You take your chance to take your pants and underwear off. Moon's head whips over to look at what you are doing.

You are starting to get the feeling this is not a game. However, with the way Moon is looking at you. You have no intention of stopping this. You trust Moon and Sun. They would never hurt you. Moon's eyes roam your body. The buzzing just won't stop!

So many demands flooding his systems. He drops down to the floor and spider crawls up to your waiting hole. He presses his faceplate into your groin breathing in your sweet spicy smell. A shudder wracks his frame. He licks a long stripe. The taste is incredible!

They didn't even realize they could taste now! He dives in pushing his tongue desperately inside you. He pulls you by the waist to get deeper. He needs more. It's not enough!

"You taste incredible Starshine! I need all of you." Moon cries loudly.

His feet scrape along the floor as he tries to push himself closer. You moan loudly as Moon's tongue pushes farther than it ever has before. His tongue thrusts deeply. Never pulling out completely. His hips rut against the floor as he takes your hips. He picks you up into the air turning in a circle.

From your perch atop his shoulders, you have a great view of his hips and ass. He's thrusting into the air at the same pace as his tongue. Moon pins you to the wall and continues to eat you out. He folds his tongue in half inside you. He stills for a moment. You catch your breath. But only for a moment.

Moon vibrates his tongue "I need you to cum! please, please! Be a good little omega and cum for your alpha." Moon makes out with your hole "You want my knot right? Cum for me and I'll give it to you."

Your head feels hazy. You can't even form proper words. It's all a jumbled mess made even worse by Moon. He kisses and sucks at your hole. All while keeping his tongue vibrating inside you. Your hips begin to thrust against his face.

Moon growls "Yes! Ride my face! My good omega!"

Your muscles tighten as your belly gets warmer "Alpha!" You cum hard. Violently shaking and wrapping your thighs around Moon's head. He pulls out of you and drinks up everything you have given him. Happy rumbles roar from within. He lays you back down in the nest.

Head down ass up. His large frame shields you from the rest of the room. His cock wiggles against your ass before slipping inside your needy sopping hole.

He begins to thrust at the same deep pace as before "Gonna breed you! MArk you! Make you mine little omega." His chest presses against your back "Do you like this omega? Feeling me dwarf you? So small." His pace picks up "Need to protect you. Keep you safe!"

You let out a whiney moan and grab Moon's wrist. Moon licks your neck over and over. His thrusting gets sloppy. Sun is breaking free. Gaining more and more control. Moon knows if he doesn't cum, and make you cum, now he won't get to.

Moon bites down on your neck as hot ropes of his cum begin to fill you up. You cry out loudly at the bite. Moon licks the wound as it begins to bleed. A quick scan tells him he only hit capillaries. Nothing that will kill you.

Moon gently lays the two of you on your side. His cock stays inside you "Rest. Sun is fighting for control. I don't know how in control of himself he is right now."

The worry in Moon's voice is thick. You pat his arm "He won't hurt me. No more than you did anyway." You yawn loudly "I trust you two. My big sweet alphas."

Moon rumbles loudly pulling you closer "I'll keep you safe and watch over you while you rest, Sleep mate, sleep."

You yawn again and drift off to sleep.

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You moaned loudly as you cum hard, jolting you from sleep. A deep guttural moan from Sun followed by the feeling of being filled with cum.

Sun stills "Mate." He begins to move your body into a mating press "Breed."

You look up at him "Sunny?"

His hand flies to your cheek and he leans forward, looking at you curiously "Ok?"

You shake your head "I'm more worried about you! Are you ok?"

Sun nods "Breed you." He begins to thrust keeping his hand on your cheek "Pretty." His hand ghosts over your bite mark and he frowns "Not here." He switches which hand is on your hip and which is on your neck. He trails his hand over to your other shoulder giving it a tap "Here."

His cock hits all those wonderful spots inside you. Your seeing stars with every thrust. Your usually loud Sunny is eerily quiet. He covers your body with his hiding you from the world. He growls loudly baring his teeth at the tunnel. His cock flicks aggressively inside you.

You try to moan but Sun covers your mouth with a shhh. Someone crawls through the tube.

It's the newest nighttime security "Moon?! Where are ya man? Yer late for patrol..." As he makes eye contact with Sun he stops "Sun man ya gotta let Moon out. You know the rules."

Sun growls at him baring his teeth at him. His rays spin before extending out from his head. A function used for maintenance.

The guard looks unsure of himself "You ok there Sun?"

Sun pulls out of you and slowly turns around growling louder.

The guard looks even more unsure and uncomfortable "Don't make me hurt y-"

Sun cuts him off by roaring and rapidly spinning his rays while they are fully extended.

The guard scrambles through the tube and out of the tower. You let out a growl of your own prepared to reprimand the bot. Sun's head does a 180 and he stares at you. He maintains eye contact as he turns his body around to you. His eyes bore into yours. You shift slightly nervous.

Sun takes you by the waist wrapping your legs around his hips "Breed."

He thrusts into you at a fast harsh pace. You should hate this... but you don't. The primal way Sun is behaving has you reaching your end quickly. Your growl must have done something to him. Sun is grunting, growling, and whining as he breeds you. Your walls flutter as your muscles tighten.

Sun leans down biting your shoulder sending you over the edge. It's so intense your seeing spots. You black out as Sun fills you up with his cum. The last thing you hear is Sun growling.

You woke up sometime later covered by a fluffy blanket and wearing a shirt and undergarments. Your neck is bandaged. As you shifted in the nest you noticed Sun was not with you. Slowly you stretched and sat up. Sun crawled through the tunnel as you moved to stand. A low animalistic growl left him.

When you settled back down Sun relaxes. He crawls over to you and sits down cross-legged. Sun opens the water and hands it to you. As you take a sip of the water he rumbles loudly. Sun's rays spin languidly as he holds out the pizza box.

You tilt your head "Sun?" He perks up as you use his name "Are you ok?"

Sun pauses. Is he ok? He thinks he is. Sun is good. Good for you. You eat now. He holds the pizza box out to you poking you with it. Yep, that confirms it for you. Something is very wrong right now. Sun climbs into the nest with you slotting himself beside you.

He opens the pizza box and holds it to you. You aren't sure what's going on with Sun so you take a slice. Sun rumbles again and nuzzles his face into your hair. His hand rubs your stomach idly. Slowly snaking higher and higher. You finish the slice. Sun seems pleased as he sets the box aside.

You are going to have to take him to get looked at. Moon seemed more reasonable. Maybe he'd let you take them to P&S. For now you'll have to wait for the perfect moment to turn the lights off.

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You had to pee, you also had to get Sun and Moon down to P&S "Sunny? I need to pee. Can I go to the bathroom?"

Sun stares at you before picking you up. He hoists you onto his back and heads toward the tunnel. He crouches down low enough to fit the two of you into the tunnel. The other side of the tunnel is bright. It must be early morning. If you were quick enough you might make it to the maintenance tunnels.

It should be dark enough for Moon to take over. Sun pulls you from his back and holds you tightly to his chest as he jumps from the balcony. He is still quiet. It's both unnerving and concerning. You really hope something isn't broken.

You take your chance as Sun enters the unisex family bathroom with you. Sun sets you down on the ground. You slam your hand down on the light switch. The bathroom goes dark. Sun shrieks not willing or ready to give up control.

Moon watches you as you use the bathroom "Are... Are you ok?"

You glance over at hit "That depends. Will you go to P&S with me?"

Moon nods "Something is wrong with Sun. But you need to stay close to me. I don't trust anyone."

You nod as you wash your hands "I need to turn the lights in the daycare off. That or block your receptors to stop the change."

Moon shifts uncomfortably "What if something happens?"

You smile "I promise I'll be fine. If I'm not back in five minutes you can come find me."

Moon wrings his hands "But, you'll come back right?"

You nod as you exit the bathroom. You can hear Moon inside counting. At least he's more willing to do what you want. No way Sun would be letting you take him to P&S. You run as fast as you can to the light switches flipping each one.

Moon picks you up sniffing your hair "You took too long."

You snuggle into his arms "I'm sorry. Let's head to P&S now."

Moon carries you through the maze of tunnels. The closer you get to P&S the closer he's holding you. By the time you walk into the large room Moon is holding you like a stuffed bear.

One of the male workers walks up to you "I was wondering when you would arrive. Come with me. Moon I'll need you to let me plug you into my computer."

Moon holds you tighter and you let out a squeak "Moon! Too tight!"

The worker waves a hand "Woah! You don't have to put them down! I'm Rico by the way. Follow me."

You dangle as Moon begins to walk "Do you know what's going on with Sun and Moon? Sun was mostly non-verbal."

Moon begins to rumble as he rubs his face over your head. Every single inch. He sits down with you in his lap and lets Rico plug him in.

Rico hums "Yeah I do know." He begins to type away on his computer "I was working on a... side project. It accidentally got installed in their- FUCK!"

You jolt at the sudden outburst "What?!"

Rico types more, his fingers flying across the keyboard "It's too integrated to remove."

You try to peek at the screen but Moon's grip is too strong "What is?"

Rico shakes his head and leans back "You said Sun was mostly non-verbal right? Need to fix that."

You growl "What the hell is going on!"

Moon shivers and nips your neck "Behave!"

Rico looks over at Moon "That worked right."

You kick Rico in the shoulder "WHAT IS GOING ON YOU ASS HAT!"

Moon nips you harder holding on this time "Starshine!"

Rico rubs his shoulder "HEY! Don't be a bitch!"

Moon's head whips over to Rico and he growls lowly.

Rico shrinks back "Ok ok! Look I was working on some code to make a girlfriend. Are you familiar with Alpha, Omega, Beta dynamics in kinks?"

You nod "Yeah..."

Rico nods "I made code for that. It's in Sun and Moon now. It looks like the code is fully integrated into them. It also split. Sun got one half of the code and Moon got the other. I'm going to need to fix this."

You growl again "You did what?! How long is this going to take?"

Moon turns your head to look at him with a glare "Starshine!"

Rico puts a hand to his chin "Hm... I might be able to have it fixed by this afternoon. Let me send a report to the higher-ups and I'll get right on it."

You huff as moon relaxes wrapping his legs around you too "Just don't let Sun out. He tried to attack a guard last night."

Rico shivers "He did? Right. I'll start with Sun's code then."

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The fluorescent lights buzzed overhead. The chair you were sitting in is cold and uncomfortable. In front of you is a table with a computer. It's showing a live feed of Parts and Service. The steely-eyed woman in front of you frowns at you.

She crosses her arms "Did you really think we would not find out about your relationship with the attendant?"

A young-looking person appears on the screen. They are followed by four men carrying a shutdown Sun and a shutdown Moon. They are each placed on a table.

The woman smirks coldly at you "We will harvest them for parts and destroy them. As of now, you are fired!"

You keep your mouth shut. Beside you is a man with a gun to your head. You already know they will get away with this. Hell, you're still in your pajamas! They only took you from the daycare two hours ago! The guy with the gun was there the whole time. Sun got shot in the eye trying to help you.

The young man on the screen begins removing useable parts. He's leaving their outer shell on. It's agony for you. Tears dribble down your face but you make no sound. They won't get the satisfaction. It takes about two hours. The woman, who won't tell you her name, makes you watch the whole time.

What's left of Sun and Moon is dragged off-screen. The camera follows as they are taken to the trash compactor. You gasp quietly. A strangled cry leaves you. Sun and Moon are dumped into the compactor. The machine crushes them several times. You cry loudly, sobbing into your hands.

The woman laughs "Throw them out! You make me sick."

You are dragged by force from the building and thrown out the nearest door to the outside. You curl up on the ground in tears. After a few minutes, the door reopens.

A guard throws some money at you "Severance pay."

You pick the bills up and drag yourself to your car. The drive to your house is miserable. Your house feels cold and unwelcoming. You aren't allowed to return to Fazzy Fucks ever. You refuse to call the company by its real name.

You spend all day crying. That night you destroy your couch. Pieces of wood and stuffing everywhere. You don't feel any better and now you need a new couch. As you gaze around at the mess you realize you can't stay here. It hurts too much.

You spend the day researching places to live. That night you decide that moving up north is the thing to do. You decide the mountains would be good for you. Being a werewolf you need space to run around. While you like your open fields it's time for a change.

Over the following weeks, you make arrangements to move. A realtor will sell your house for you, and movers will bring your stuff to your new house. You bought 30 acres of mountains with a log cabin home on it. Plenty of room to roam and hunt.

The move goes smoothly. Your old house sells to a nice young lady wanting sheep. All of your things arrive at your new place right on time. you only spend one night sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. Finding a job was tough but you did it.

You work as a forest ranger. It's nice a peaceful. You miss Sun and Moon terribly. Late one night you find yourself looking up the parts to build the duo yourself. You used to be a mechanic at the plex. However not even a third of the way building Sun you break.

You can't replace them. Never! So the project gathers dust in your garage for a full year.


Things in the world change as they often do. Someone leaks secrets about Fazbear. All animatronics are released and slowly gain freedom. Midsummer you behind to feel empty again so you return to your project. You can't rebuild Sun. It doesn't feel right.

That doesn't mean you want to scrap it though. You are watching TV one afternoon when an idea hits you. An old employee of the former pizza giant has made an animatronic baby. It comes with upgrades to help age the child up. It's controversial but you take it.

Your rebuilding Sun project is now to build a son. A son based on Sun. And so you work. Any chance you have is spent working on the baby. You contact your old co-worker who sends you supplies for free. They knew what the company did to you and did not agree.

Soon you had a solar-themed son. You named him Astro. He was your world. Your piece of Sun that you could cherish. A way to honor your husband. You then began the arduous task of finding parts from Moon. There is no way you would not make him a kid too.

It took two years to find all the parts but you did. This time you made a daughter. Aster wanted to name her Nebula. He's a fan of guardians of the galaxy. Your children called you Nebi instead of Mom or Dad. You made sure to tell them about their fathers every single day.

You even showed them pictures and videos from your phone. Nebula liked the video where Moon is singing you to sleep best. Astro liked the one where Sun was playing keep away with your hat best. You told them every night that Sun and Moon loved them very much.

"How do you know they love us Nebi?" Astro asked as he did almost every night.

You smiled softly and pet his hair "Because they always said they wanted kids to love and now here you are. They love you so much it's more than the ocean."

Astro gasped "Wow! That's big!"

Astro has blond hair with five rays in a star pattern around his head. He could wiggle them just like Sun. His eyes are bright blue and glow faintly. His skin is the same yellow of Sun's. He, nor his sister, transform into a wolf like you do but you will always love them.

Nebula has white hair with rose pink eyes. She crawls around the walls like Moon. Something you discovered when she learned to crawl. You found her babbling to a spider on the ceiling. Gave you a heart attack! Her skin is the Blue of Moon.

Chapter Text

One night in early December things changed. You were curled up on the couch watching Encanto with your kids. The three of you were singing along with the music. It may have been eight years since you last saw Sun and Moon but it wasn't easier like everyone said it would be.

Your tree was waiting to be decorated. Stockings hung on the fireplace mantle. A picture of Sun and Moon from your phone center on the festive display. You hold your kids close. Nebula is due for an upgrade in a month making her five years old. Aster just had his. He's seven and very protective of you and his sister.

You open your mouth for the next "Bruno no no no" but a sound outside catches your attention. The crunching of snow on gravel. You turn your head to hear it better.

Aster pats your arm "Nebi?"

You look down at him. Something in your face tells him everything he needs to know. He quietly picks up Nebula and runs to the nearest closet. You watch him close it behind him before heading to the front door. You really hope this isn't another werewolf hunter.

As calmly as you can you walk outside "I know you are out there. Might as well come where I can see you."

You can see something moving in the shadows. It's getting closer. Whatever it is it's huge. It's carrying something on its back. It moves into the light. The first thing you spot is denim jeans. Followed by a shirt with a familiar face on it. It's the worker who dismantled Sun and Moon all those years ago.

"Who the hell are you!? Get the fuck out of he-" Your eyes finally look at their face. It's Sun carrying Moon on his back.

Sun puts Moon down on the ground "SUNSHINE!"

You growl as he gets closer "Who the hell do you think you are?! Sun and Moon are dead! And why are you wearing their murderer on your shirt, you bastard!"

The supposed Sun shrinks at your words "Is that why you never came for us?"

You begin to cry "Never came for you? There was nothing left to go back for!"

Sun shakes his head "No! No! Paula! Eh! The person who 'destroyed' us never actually did. They saved our AI chips and built us new bodies. They said you didn't want us anymore. We didn't believe them."

You begin to shake "Liar!"

Sun takes a step forward "It's true! Paula kept us hostage in her basement! Tried to make us love them. We escaped and ran. We've been walking here the entire time! Doing odd jobs for cash to find you!"

You drop to your knees in tears. You can't believe what you are hearing. This has to be a joke. No way this is real.

Aster flies out of the front door "LEAVE MY NEBI ALONE!" He leaps on Sun knocking him onto his back and throws a punch.

You dart after him "ASTER!" You take the angry seven year old by the waist. You lift him off Sun and hold him out.

Aster kicks and screams "NEBI! HE MADE YOU CRY! HE HURT YOU!" The rays around his head spin violently.

You growl "CALM DOWN! You are going to cut me with your rays!"

He stops the spinning. Breath coming out ragged and heavy.

Nebula darts past you next "PAPA!"

Sun was just beginning to sit up rubbing his cheek when nebula tackled him back into the snow. She holds him tightly. Fat little tears rolling down her chubby cheeks.

Her eyes fall on Moon and she shrieks "DADA!" When Moon doesn't move she wails louder and reached for you "NEBI!"

You run to her and set Aster down "Baby! I got you." You pick her up and rock her back and forth, You whip around to Sun "Prove you are Sun!"

Sun looks up at you from the ground with wide eyes "Papa? Dada?? Sunshine? What's going on?"

You kick snow at him "Answer the question!"

"You are a werewolf. Also, last Christmas you gave Moon a little deer figurine. I got a snowman. We got married. Freddy was a witness. He was the only one who would keep the secrete." Sun says as he stands up.

You clutch your daughter tightly "I... I thought I'd never see you again."

Chapter Text

You take a deep breath to calm yourself "Let's go inside."

Aster scoffs "Nebi! You aren't going to let this bastard inside! Are you?"

You gasp "ASTER! Language! And yes! He IS your father!"

Sun drops Moon as he picks him up "Father!?"

You huff "Sunny! Don't drop Moon! I don't even know what's wrong with him yet!"

Nebula points at Moon "Is Daddy ok?"

You rub her back "I'm sure he's fine. He's just really sleepy."

Nebula perks up "Like Princess Aroro?"

You giggle and kiss her cheek "Just like Princess Aurora."

Nebula nods "You should kiss him then."

You sputter as Aster opens the door. Aster glares at Sun as he walks inside. As soon as the door is closed Aster puts himself between you and Sun.

You ruffle Aster's hair "So, what's up with Moon?"

This is the moment Sun really takes you in. You look almost the same. You've grown your hair out a little. You look on the verge of a breakdown. He looks down at Aster in utter shock. Aster looks like the spitting image of himself. Right down to the rays on his head. Albeit a little more humanoid than Sun.

The little girl in your arms looks like Moon. Kids. They... you have kids. Sun doesn't know how to feel. Have you married again? Is another man about to walk out of somewhere in the house?

Sun takes an artificial breath "He has no power. He needs to charge. We don't have the fancy sleeping upgrade."

You nod "Follow me. I have a charging cable in the workshop."

Sun follows you to the workshop/garage. There is a big table and various tools. A cupboard sits on a far wall.

You lead him to the table "Set him down here. Aster can you plug in the other end of this?" You ask as you flip Moon over. You plug the cable in as Aster plugs the other end in "Start talking, please. What the fudge happened?"

Sun sighs "Well when Paula went to... make us go away... they saved our AI chips. Apparently, she was in love with us back at the plex. But we were with you. The thing was the perfect opportunity to take us from you." Sun sighs "It didn't work. They kept us in the basement and tried to force us to love her. Never tried anything... bad. We escaped. You weren't at your old house. We asked around and figured out you moved up north." Sun shifts his weight leaning on the table "We got odd jobs to help us out."

You hold a hand up "How long were you with... her? Them?"

Sun frowns "Both she and them. She spent two years building me and two more on Moon. We spent two years with her fully activated. One of those was spent in the basement. Then we spent two years looking for you!"

Nebula yawns loudly, and you rub her back "Bedtime for you little one."

She whines softly "But daddy."

You kiss her forehead "He'll be here when you wake up."

She grumbles sleepily "Then can papa put me to bed?"

You hum "How about both your Papa and I put you to bed?"

She nods "Please."

You look up at Sun "Well? Care to help put your daughter to bed?"

Sun takes a step forward "Are you married?"

You tilt your head "Well yeah-"

Sun cuts you off "Do they treat you good?"

You nod "Yes! You and Moon were always good to me!"

Sun wipes a tear away "Moon and I? You never remarried?"

You shake your head "No. Never did. Let's put these two up and we can talk more."

Aster crosses his arms "But Nebi! I'm a big boy! I can stay up late."

You smile "Not tonight. I promise you can stay up late tomorrow. I'll even make those pancakes you like in the morning."

Aster squints "With extra bacon?"

You nod "Extra bacon. It's a must."

Aster nods "Ok. Deal."

Aster runs off to get ready for bed. You carry Nebula upstairs to bed.

Sun follows behind you while looking around your house "You have a lot of pictures of us."

You nod "I wanted the kids to know who you and Moon are."

You walk down the left hall. Two doors down is Nebula's room. It's space themed with a cardboard rocketship in one corner. You lay her down on the bed and pull up the covers tucking her in.

"She wants to be an astronaut." You whisper "It's so she can study the stars better." You kiss her cheek.

Sun walks over and looks at her. He slowly runs a hand through her hair "She's beautiful."

You nod "Just like her father."

Sun tears up "I'm sorry. We should have been here for you."

You wrap your arms around him "It's ok. You are here now. It won't be easy."

Sun sniffles "I won't leave."

You nod and pull Sun to Aster's room. It's medieval-themed. Dragons painted on the wall. A knight plushy on the bed. Toy swords, shields, and other similar items are scattered about. Aster is sitting in bed holding a book in his arms.

He shoots a look at Sun "IS that really my papa?"

You nod "I am absolutely positive."

Aster squints at you "Prove it."

You tilt your head. How the hell are you supposed to do that? It's not like you can do a DNA test.

Sun moves closer to the bed and spins the rays around his head. A broad smile on his face.

Aster stares at him and spins his own rays "Papa? PAPA!" He jumps off the bed and into Sun's arms, snotty tears falling "I thought you were dead! Nebi said you were! Did you not love us?"

Sun chokes up "No! That's not it at all! A big mean dragon took us away. We saved ourselves and came to find you! I promise we won't go away again."

Aster wails loudly curling into Sun's lap further. Sun holds him tightly crying loudly. You also start to cry unable to control your emotions anymore. Aster cries himself to sleep in Sun's arms.

You collect yourself as best as you can "Time to put him to bed."

Reluctantly Sun puts aster in bed and tucks him in. The two of you head back to Moon. He's still not awake yet.

You pull a stool up to the table "What upgrades do you have?"

Sun sits down on the table "Well, as you can see our faces are friendlier than before. We can eat. We don't have the sleeping upgrade yet."

You rest your elbows on the table "I can give you that one."

Sun smiles and pets your hair "We can cry now too. We have toes! And a better ass with an asshole."

You chuckle "Oh yea?"

Sun nods "Balls too. Big ones."

You faux gasp "Mr. Sun! Are you trying to entice me to sleep with you?"

Sun laughs "At this point, I'd be happy just to sleep in the same house as you."

You wiggle a finger at him "You'll do more than that mister! I expect you to share my bed with me."

Sun puts a hand on your cheek "Only if you're ready for that. We don't want to push you."

Moon begins to stir. All of his systems slowly turned on one by one.

Chapter Text

Sun hops off the table as Moon sits up "Sun? Where are we? Did we make it?"

You chuckle "Yeah you made it."

Moon turns to you "STARLIGHT!"

You throw your hands up "SHHHH! Don't wake the kids! We just got them to sleep!"

Moon tilts his head "Children? You remarried?"

You shake your head "We have a lot to talk about. Also, no I did not! You two are still my husbands." You smile softly "After I thought you two died I moved away. After that, I tried to rebuild Sun. It didn't feel right though. I abandoned the project. A year later I used the project to build my son Aster." You brush some hair out of your eyes "He's seven now. Two years later I built my little girl Nebula. Aster named her."

Moon tugged at his hat "And... who is she based on?"

You smile "You. Who else?"

Moon looks so lovestruck "We have kids!"

You nod with a grin "I expect you to help me with them."

Moon nods and reaches out for you. You take him in your arms with a happy hum. Sun pulls you both into a big hug.

You fight tears "I thought I lost you forever."

Moon sniffles "We did too."

Sun softly kisses the top of your head "It was worth it. Everything! Worth it to finally be free from the company! We get to be a family with kids! Oh Moon they are so per-"

A cry cuts him off "NEBI!"

It's your daughter. You jump up so fast you knock the stool over. You rush up the stairs, taking them two at a time, and into her room. Your heart drops when you don't see her but you calm slightly when you spot the lump under the blankets.

You turn the lights on "Nebula, baby, are you ok? What's wrong?"

Moon trails into the room behind you. He slowly walks around the room taking it in.

Nebula uncovers her head and points to the closet "I had a nightmare there was a monster in my closet! Can you look for me?"

Moon opens the door to the closet "Hm... I don't see any monsters. If there are any monsters... I'll EAT THEM!"

Nebula squeals "DADA!" She jumps from the bed and tackles Moon.

He catches her in his arms "Daddy?"

He takes a good look at her. She looks so much like him. Moon is unsure what to say to the girl. She cries in his arms clutching him tightly. Moon rocks her back and forth like he did for other kids back a the daycare.

You sigh fondly "Nebula, You ready to go back to sleep?"

Nebula nods "Can I sleep with you, dada, and papa tonight?"

You hum "I don't know..."

"I wanna sleep with you too!" Aster blurts from the doorway.

You turn and frown "And why are you awake?"

Aster point at Nebula "She woke me up."

You nod "Well..."

Sun pipes up "I don't mind!"

Nebula gives you puppy eyes "Please Nebi?"

You recoil slightly.

Aster whines "Please??"

You sigh and glance at Moon, he nods "Alright! Wait here with your sister while we go get changed for bed."

Aster and Nebula let out a loud "YES!"

You shake your head and lead Sun and Moon to your room. The bed is massive. It has red sheets and a black comforter. Opposite the bed is the master closet. To the opposite end of the room is the master bathroom. You fetch clothes from your closet.

You toss Sun and Moon shirts and shorts. You slip some on for yourself. None of you watch the others undress. Too shy and nervous. The three of you return to your kids. Nebula holds her arms out. Sun picks her up and carries her bridal style.

Moon looks down at Aster "You must be Aster."

Aster nods "Yeah. Are you my Dad?"

Moon nods "I am."

Aster holds his arms out.

Moon picks him up in a hug "I missed you."

Aster gasps "You did? But you didn't even know me?"

Moon nods "I don't need to know you to know I missed you."

Aster frowns at him "Are you gonna leave?"

Moon shakes his head "No. I'll stay as long as you want me and an eternity more."

Aster tilts his head "What's an eternity?"

Moon follows you and Sun back to your room "It's forever."

Aster leans forward "That's a long time!"

Moon rolls his eyes "Not long enough!"

You pull the covers back and adjust the pillows.

Nebula yawns "Nebi you need to be in the middle!"

Aster nods "I wanna sleep next to dad!"

Nebula nods "Good! I wanted Papa."

Sun tears up. His kid wants him. He and Moon wanted a family for so long! Now they have one! And they want Sun and Moon back! You lay down in bed. Nebula on your right and Aster on your left. Sun turns the light off and crawls in next to Nebula.

Moon lays down next to Aster. Together he and Sun pull the covers up. Nebula begins to hum.

Moon gasps "IS that... The song I used to sing to you Starlight?"

You smile "It is. I taught that to her, You should hum along."

Moon squeaks like a toy before humming along. Nebula's eyes glow a soft rosy pink. In turn Moon light's his red eyes up.

Nebula gasps "You can do that too!"

Moon nods "I can. I used to be head of security."

Aster gasps "Like a knight!? That's so cool!"

Your eyes start to droop. Today was exciting and you are exhausted. You hear Sun chuckle and say something but you don't catch what it is. The last thing you register in your sleep-addled mind is Nebula kissing your cheek.

Chapter Text

You wake up the next morning alone in bed. You rub your eyes as Nebula excitedly jumps on the bed.

Nebula crawls to you "Nebi! Papa wanted me to wake you up! Pancakes are almost done."

You pull her into your lap "They are?"

She nods "I helped dada break the eggs!"

You nuzzle her hair and she giggles "Wow! I'm so proud of you for helping."

She pushes you away playfully "Nebi!"

Sun walks into the room "This doesn't look like going downstairs."

You wave Sun over "No. It's a few minutes of cuddle time."

Nebula puts her hands on her hips "It's importand."

Sun crawls onto the bed with you "Oh! Well if it"s important!"

He looks at you for a moment before giving you a quick kiss on the lips. He shyly looks away with a blush.

Nebula hops off the bed "Gross!" She runs out of the room.

You cover your face with your hands with a chuckle. Sun picks you up and carries you downstairs. Aster is at the stove holding a spatula. Moon is frying bacon.

Your lovely girl shrieks "I saw Nebi kiss papa! It was gross!"

Sun chuckles "I'd get used to it."

Aster sticks his tongue out "Yuck!"

Moon turns around "If Sun got a kiss, do I get a kiss?"

You round the island and shyly approach Moon. You blush as Moon looks down at you. He kisses the tips of his fingers and puts them to your lips with a mwah sound. You blush with a squeak.

Moon chuckles "Just like our first kiss."

Aster turns to put another pancake on the large stack "Are we still gonna decorate the tree today?"

You nod "Yeah! Just like planned. Just with your fathers here too!"

Nebula gasps "I don't have to say good morning to the pictures anymore!"

Aster frowns going misty-eyed "We didn't get you anything."

Sun grins, still in the clothes you gave him "We got to meet you!"

Moon nods plating the bacon "And we got your Nebi back."

Sun pops a piece into his mouth "That's enough for us! Although..." He states slyly "You could make us a picture."

Moon grins "Yes. A picture."

"AFTER breakfast." You shake your head as your kids return to their spots.

Chapter Text

The scene you are looking at is the most heartwarming thing you have ever looked at. It tugs at your heartstrings and brings tears of joy to your eyes. Nebula is adamantly talking to Moon about the different celestial bodies. In turn, he's telling her more about each one. She hangs on his every word.

Aster is telling Sun about a movie he likes. Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Sun agrees to watch it with him later. Seeing your boys getting along with your kids is. Well, it's a real tear-jerker. No matter how hard you try to fight it. You start to cry. All those emotions you bottled up every birthday and holiday surface.

Every time you had to pretend to be happy for your kids. Every milestone Sun and Moon missed. And every single one they get to be here for now. It's enough that for the first time in seven years you ugly cry. Your fork drops to your plate and you curl in on yourself.

Nebula pats your arm "Nebi?" Aster rounds the table and wraps his arms around you "Nebi, don't be sad." You can hear the warble in the voices of your kids "I..." You are plucked out of your chair and pulled into Moon's lap "How long have you been keeping these big feelings to yourself starlight?"

You cling to Moon, your mind brought back to your days at the plex. You don't even fight the howel that bubbles to the surface. Aster copies you followed by Nebula. Moon rubs circles into your back. Eyes locked with Sun. The transformation happens quickly. Triggered by the strong mix of emotions.

Everything just hit you at once and you couldn't handle it. Moon pulls your pants down enough to let your tail out. Nebula scratches you behind the ear. You lean forward and nuzzle into her face.

She giggles "NEBI! THAT TICKLES!"

You lick the side of her face. She kisses your nose. You let out a low growl and turn to Aster.

He lets out a giggly gasp "OH NO! The beast has taken Nebi!"

You 'pounce' on him and growl in his face. He lets out a playful scream. You run your fingers along his sides and he erupts in laughter. You let him go. Don't want him to pee himself or something.

Aster touches his nose to yours "Can I go take Nebula into the living room to draw and watch cartoons?"

You nod unable to give any true answer.

Aster gives you a big hug "I love you Nebi."

You let out a whine. Tail wagging happily behind you. Softly thumping against the floor.

Sun kisses the top of your head "Let Moon and I clean up."

You huff and stand up determined to help. Sun chuckles and lets you bring dishes to the kitchen. When everything is clean you head to the living room. Aster and Nebula are coloring a big sheet of construction paper together. Your tail starts to wag again.

Slowly you start to turn back pulling your pants the rest of the way up "Sorry kids. Got the big emotions."

Nebula looks up from her drawing "You better?"

You nod "Much better."

Nebula nods and returns to the picture "Good!"

You look up at the TV. Adventure Time is playing. Sun sits down on your right and Moon on your left.

You glance between the two "So, I have work tomorrow. Aster goes to school, and Nebula has daycare."

Moon takes your hand "What do you do for a living?"

You squeeze his hand "Forest ranger."

Sun takes your other hand "We could watch Nebula if you want."

You shake your head "She needs the socialization. Plus she has a lot of friends. Besides, y'all can relax tomorrow. If you super want something to do you can look for jobs."

Moon hums "Jobs... well I did like working in that bakery."

Sun nods "I could get back into clothing repair."

You perk up "Clothing repair? I know a job then!" You leave the room for your phone. On the way back you make a call.

The person on the other end answers "Hello! Good to hear from you."

You hum "Henry! I have someone looking for a job."

"A job?" Henry muses.

You smile "Yes! He already knows how to sew and is great at getting stains out!"

You can hear the mirth in his voice "He? Finally settling down?"

You proceed to tell him the night's events.

Henry chuckles "Sounds like true love to me. Don't rush things though! Take yer time. Get to know each other again. You aren't the same people you were eight years ago." He clicks his tongue "Bring your lad in Tuesday. I'll give him a chance."

You sigh "Thank you, Henry. I'll be sure to take things slow." Henry hangs up and you turn to Sun "Tuesday you go in for a chance. Henry is very nice! He helped me out when I first moved here."

Sun nods "What was that about taking things slow?"

You wave a hand "Henry was just reminding me that we need to take the time to get to know each other again. We aren't the same people we were eight years ago."

Moon nods "Like we're dating all over again."

You nod "Exactly!"

Sun squeezes your hand "Sounds good to me."

I like Morrowind. So you look like the Morrowind werewolf.

Chapter Text

Moon refused to let you go unless it was to go to the bathroom. Even then it took some convincing. As soon as you'd come back he'd pull you back into his arms. It had been four hours since Rico started on Sun's code.

Rico stretches and stands up to walk around a bit "So, I know you won't like this, but I can't remove the AOB code. All I can do is make it more stable and complete by giving Sun and Moon the missing pieces of code and tweaking it."

You recoil "Tell me Sun won't be THAT anymore?!"

Rico nods "For the most part he'll be back to normal Sun. Moon too."

You wiggle in Moon's lap trying to get comfortable "Will they remember everything so far?"

Rico nods again, moving to sit back down "Ok so Sun is done. Moon we are going to have to let Sun out."

Moon growls and stands up "No!"

You pat his arm tenderly "Moon, please. Sun is safe now."

Moon backs up more "No! He could hurt you! You are mine! MINE!"

Rico types something. Moon shrieks and goes stiff. You cry out in pain. Nothing is breaking but you will probably bruise. You watch as Moon slowly turns into Sun.

"Oh god! Starshine!" Sun carefully holds you bridal style "I am so sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry."

You pat Sun's cheek "It's ok! You weren't yourself. Although I did have fun. Are you ok?"

Sun looks absolutely distraught "Am I ok? Starshine I growled at you! I almost attacked a guard! Oh god! I could have hurt you!"

Rico pats the table "Take a seat Sun. I need to Fix Moon."

Sun sits down on the floor with you in his lap. He holds on to you and sniffles softly. Utterly distraught with his previous behaviors and actions. Tenderly he massages your sore muscles. Some form of a sorry from him. You sit quietly and let him do as he pleases.

Every time you try to comfort him it doesn't work. A few times Sun openly cries. Holding you like a stuffed toy. You rub his back and remind him it's ok but it only works so much.

Rico glances at the two of you awkwardly "Moon should be fine now. The daycare is closed tomorrow as per usual. If anything is wrong or off just come to me. I'll fix it."

You nod "Thank you. Also, fuck you!"

Rico chuckles "I deserve that."

You growl "You deserve more than that."

Rico shrinks back slightly "Yeah..."

Sun picks you up and leaves P&S without a word to Rico heading back to the comfort of the daycare.

Chapter Text

Sun power walked to the light switch and set you down. He turned the light off and took a step away. As he turned into Moon he looked away from you unable to maintain eye contact. Moon was quiet. The two of you stood quietly as the cheery music played in the background.

You cleared your throat "We should go up to the tower to talk. Order some food and water along the way."

Moon nodded and headed to the wood daycare doors. You follow behind him on your Fazwatch ordering curry and iced tea. It will be delivered to the daycare in twenty minutes. Moon unlocks the door in the theater and lets you go up first. You make your way to the stairs leading to the balcony and sit down.

Moon sits down across from you leaning against the wall. The dim light of the LED color-changing nightlight is the only light. Bright enough to see, and dim enough to keep Moon out. Moon opens and closes his mouth a few times. Trying to figure out what to say.

You pick at your nails for a moment before looking back up at Moon "I don't blame you. Hell, I barely blame Rico."

Moon frowns, staring at the floor "You should. I almost broke your bones. I stalked you yesterday! I was so paranoid I almost ran to the daycare to keep you here forever."

You scoot down a step, slowly getting closer "Again, not your fault. That rouge piece of code drove you mad. You're better now."

Moon shakes his head and looks at you "But the code is still there! What if we try to hurt you again!"

You scoot a little closer "Rico said the code should be fine now. Besi-"

Moon cuts you off, sanding up and balling his fists "We still have those thoughts! Breeding you! Marking you! Making you ours! Our mate! Our sweet little omega!"

You stand up yourself "I LIKED BEING YOUR MATE! Being called your omega. Yours! It gave me butterflies. I enjoyed the predatory sex. The growling and biting."

Moon takes you by the upper arms "Do you hear yourself?!"

You laugh "DO you hear ME? I WANT this! Want you to call me this. Treat me this way! You are my Alpha!"

Moon growls loudly. Half frustration and half arousal. Your scent is strong and smells the same as it had during sex. Is this what your arousal smells like? HE pulls you into a heated kiss. Teeth scraping against teeth. Sloppy and wet. Tongues dancing together. Tasting and feeling every part of each other.

You tear the ruffle from his neck as he lifts your shirt. Your watch buzzes and a door slams in the Daycare. Moon pulls away with a groan of displeasure. You are panting, lips swollen and hair mussed. A need bubbles up in Moon.

He points to the tunnel to the bedroom "Go to the nest. I'll get your food. We can watch a movie on the projector. Pick one will you?"

You nod and do as you are told while Moon fetches the food. You plan to talk more during the movie, but this is a good start. A very good start.

Chapter Text

After picking "Earnest Saves Christmas" you snuggle down into the nest and wait for Moon. You know you are going to have to talk to Sun. Hopefully, Moon will relay some information for you. Moon returns with your dinner. Pausing just inside the tube to look at you. His cheeks flush as he looks at you in the nest.

He continues his crawl up to you sitting down to take you in. He holds the food out to you. You take it from him and start setting it out. Moon blushes brighter. Little stars lit up on his cheeks.

He points to the curry "Moon curry?"

You grin "Wanted to see if it tastes like you."

Moon huffs and crawls into the nest with you "Pervert."

You snicker. "How is Sun doing?" You ask as you start the movie.

Moon sighs "He's taking this hard. He thinks you hate him."

You swallow your bite of Curry "I don't hate him. I could never hate him. Even after both of you bit me to bleeding I don't hate you." You sip your tea "Is he willing to talk?"

Moon stares off into space for a moment "Yes. Let me get the lights."

He gets to the switch "Does it?"

You tilt your head "Does what?"

Moon looks back at you "Does it taste like me?"

You shake your head "No."

Moon flips the switch. The transition is easy. Sun takes an artificial breath. He shakes his hands before turning around to face you. You pat the spot beside you with a soft smile. Sun shuffles over, glancing at your food before sitting down. Sun is very stiff and awkward.

You lean into him "Relax. I don't hate you. I love you."

Sun scoffs "You love me. You love me? Are you sure? I could have killed you!"

You swallow your bite "When?"

Sun tilts his head upside down "What? How about when I tried to breed you?"

You sip your tea "Breeding me is not killing me. Growling at that guard is also not killing me. Bringing me food and water, taking me to pee, and treating my wounds are also not killing me."

Sun wipes tears away "I bit you!"

You wipe more of his tears away "Not that hard. Both of you broke capillaries. Maybe a vein or two but nothing life-threatening."

Sun breaks down into a fit of tears managing to eke out "You mean it? You aren't mad?"

You set your food down and pull him into your lap "No I'm not mad. Like I said I love you."

Sun takes your face in his hands. He moves so one leg is on either side of your hips. He plants a hard kiss to your mouth, tears still streaming down his face. You eagerly kiss him back taking off his waist ruffles. Sun pulls you into him. Lapping at your lips. You open your mouth with a pleased groan.

Sun smirks "Good omega. Opening up for your alpha."

Sun gropes at your chest pinching your nipples gently through your shirt. You moan and writhe beneath him.

Sun mumbles into your mouth "Finish your dinner so I can have my dessert."

Chapter Text

Eclipse slowly opened the door to your shared bedroom, a distraught look on his face "Are you alright dear? You don't usually sleep this long..."

You groan and clutch the pillow in your arms tighter "I'm sick. I just feel so tired. I can't keep much down."

Eclipse walks to your side of the bed and pulls out his cell "I'm calling a doctor. Something isn't right."

He rubs your back while he makes the call. A wave of nausea hits you and you fly off the bed. It's a miracle you made it to the bathroom.

Eclipse holds your hair for you continuing to rub circles on your back "I'll have someone make soup for you. I have a meeting I can't miss today." He bites his lip nervously "Will you be ok without me?"

You nod and hold up a necklace with a solar eclipse on it "If I need you I'll push the panic button."

Eclipse wrings his hands "I'll have someone come check on you in an hour. The doctor will be here at five."

You nod and rinse your mouth out in the sink. Eclipse picks you up and carries you back to bed. He kisses your temple before reluctantly leaving the room. As you lay there you think over all your symptoms trying to figure out what you might have. You think it must be a stomach bug.

Someone does come to check on you. They take your temperature and give you a bowl of soup. It's a little high but nothing too concerning. You do manage to read a few chapters of a trashy romance novel and take a few naps.

The soup was good but you find yourself wanting something... more. You crave protein. The desire for a rare steak is so strong it sends you downstairs. You don't get far. Eclipse finds you halfway down the stairs.

He frowns at you with two hands on his hips and the other two crossed "What do you think you are doing?"

You huff "Steak."

Eclipse uncrosses his arms "Steak?"

You nod "I have a really bad craving for a rare steak."

Eclipse raises a brow at you "You could have called someone."

You continue down the stairs "I wanted to stretch my legs." You poke your belly "Besides, I think I put on some extra weight. The exercise will do me some good."

Eclipse picks you up and settles you against his hip "The doctor will be here any minute now. Weh he leaves I will personally cook you a steak."

The front door opens and an elderly woman walks in "Why are you not in bed?!"

You lean back "I wanted steak."

She shakes her head as a young man with a large bag enters "Get back to bed. Fucking idiot."

Eclipse snickers "Blanch. Thank you for coming."

Blanch follows Eclipse upstairs "If I didn't she might be dead."

You huff "I'm not stupid!"

Blanch shrugs "Never said you were stupid. I called you an idiot."

Eclipse lays you down in bed "She can't keep food down. She's also very tired and craves protein or things high in iron."

Blanch nods "I might know what the problem is. Say ah." Blanch puts a thermometer in your mouth "Warren, get the ultrasound. The portable one."

You tilt your head. What in the seven hells is wrong with you? Ultrasound? Eclipse takes your hand in his, sitting beside you on the bed. Blanche lifts your shirt and pulls the thermometer out of your mouth.

She smirks at you "I don't think you're sick." Warren hands Blanch the machine. She turns it on and moves it around your belly "As I suspected."

Eclipse leans forward "What's wrong with her?"

Blanch scoffs "Well, I never thought a BABY was wrong, but you do you."

You gasp "Pregnant?!"

Blanch chuckles "That is what I said. Do you want to know the gender?"

"Wait! Gender?! How far along is she?!" Eclipse asks.

Blanch hums "About fourteen weeks."

"I wanna know the gender!" You blurt out.

Blanch glances at Eclipse "It's a boy."

Eclipse gasps "A boy."

Warren hands blanch a prescription pad and some vitamins.

Blanch scribbles on the pad "These are vitamins designed for human animatronic pregnancies. While we don't know the reasons this fuckado happens, we do know the shit you and your baby need. Take one pill in the morning and one at night." She hands Eclipse a stack of papers "This is a recommended diet plan. It's high in all the minerals and vitamins you need to grow a hybrid." She points at Eclipse's rays "The baby won't have those. They will grow in like hair. Although he might not even have those." Blanch packs her stuff up with warren "You know my payment." The pair leave you and Eclipse alone.

Chapter Text

Your hands rub your belly. Life, hybrid life! Inside you! Yours and his!

You wrap your arms around Eclipse's neck planting kiss after kiss on his face "Bambino! A son! We're having a SON!"

Eclipse is a melting pot of emotions "Child..." He nuzzles his face into your belly "A baby!" Tears run freely down his cheek "Oh! A steak! You and our son need a steak!" He jumps off the bed adjusting you to sit comfortably in his arms.

You put a hand on his chest "We're going to need baby stuff! And my dress is going to need adjustments! Your height mixed with mine is going to be one big baby!"

Eclipse rounds the corner into the kitchen "Our wedding is in a month. Would you like to move it?"

You shake your head "Hell no! I have waited too long for this shit! I won our game fair and square. I'm not waiting and I'm not rushing things!"

Eclipse chuckles as he opens the fridge "Alright. Do you want just steak?"

You happily wiggle "Spinach! With garlic!"

Eclipse pulls out ingredients. Reluctantly he puts you down on a stool at the island. As he chops ingredients he can't help but look at you like a lovesick puppy.

While the pan for the steaks heats up eclipse leans on the island resting his chin in his palm "We should celebrate." He reaches out and takes your hand "Darling. Let me drink my fill of you. Taste you come undone on my tongue. Be my pillow princess for the night. Please darling!"

You pout playfully "But... I want your balls."

Eclipse puts the seasoned steak into the pan "My balls? Oh darling, do you need my big fat breeder balls?"

Eclipse wiggles his hips, and you follow with your eyes "Mhm. Need them. crave them."

Eclipse tilts his head back to look at you upside down "Hm... I might be persuaded to let you have them." He flips the steak.

You lean forward "How?"

Eclipse plates the steak and starts on the spinach "Tell me how badly you want them."

Your hands shake "How I... I need them! I need to smell them. That delectable musk of man! Undeniably you! Feel the weight in my hands. The texture on my tongue. Taste them, suck them, and lick them."

Eclipse hums as he plates the spinach "Well, you certainly have earned them. But first, we should eat. You are growing a baby love."

You huff "Alright. Where do you want to eat?" Your phone rings in your pocket "Hello?"

The man on the other end stutters "I-I hope I'm not being a bother, but we got a guy that could use your expertise."

"My expertise?" you ask. "How important is it for me to tend to this... man?"

"He was caught plotting to off Eclipse." He says.

You growl "Well! I'm on my way then!" You pick your steak up with one hand and hang the phone up "Someone tried to kill you. I'm going to kill them back." You rip a piece of steak off with your teeth "Bitch is about to regret life."

Eclipse rubs his thighs together "You are not leaving without me. I'll drive." He leads you out to the car opening the door for you "We headed to the warehouse?"

You nod still holding the steak "Yeah, It's my workshop." You take another bite of your steak "We'll be getting information out of the bastard. Gotta figure out who he plotted with, what their plan was or is, and how far they got with it. Then I'll bleed them dry."

Eclipse shudders as he turns out of the driveway "How do you plan to get information out of them?"

You tear a piece of meat off "Well, small cuts to start. Might hit them with lemon juice. If that doesn't work then probably an injection of hot sauce. Starting easy and getting hotter."

Eclipse groans "How hot?"

You glance over at him "Are you getting off on this?"

Eclipse shrugs "I like a dangerous woman. And you my dear, are deadly."

You tear off another bite glancing down at Eclipse's crotch. Yep, as you suspected. He has a boner. Not that you're complaining. Your fun romp with Eclipse might be salvageable. If he wants a dangerous woman. You'd be a dangerous woman. Mama bear doesn't play fair.

Chapter Text

Eclipse pulls up to the back garage of the warehouse. You lean over and honk the horn in a pattern. The garage opens for you and a goon waves your car in. Eclipse parks and the two of you leave the car.

You lick your fingers clean "The asshole in holding?"

The goon who lets you in shakes their head "No Ma'am. He's in the chair." He turns to Eclipse and bows slightly "Pleasure to see you Don Eclipse."

You wipe your hands off on your pants "What condition is he in?"

The goon walks you to the room the guy is in "Stable. Managed to snatch him with little Injury. He has a black eye and a bust lip."

You nod "Could you bring two waters for me? I'm thirsty."

The goon nods and walks off to get your drinks. You open the door and turn the lights on. A man is in the center of the room on a chair that converts to a table. He has dark hair and dark eyes. A lovely black ring around his left eye.

You walk over and give the bruise a hard poke "That looks like it hurts. Do you know why you are here?"

The man hisses in pain "I ain't tellin' you nothin'!"

You chuckle as you circle the chair "Do you know who I am?"

The man growls "Some dumb cun-"

You take one of his fingernails and pull up "I wouldn't finish that. While I don't care if you call me a cunt. Eclipse will tear your arm off and I want you to keep that."

The man looks furious as he thrashes and growls "Bastard!"

You tug the man's ear hard "Don't call him a bastard!"

The man laughs "Awe. Did I hit a nerve?"

You grin and walk over to the large desk against the far wall. You pick up a syringe with jalapeno hot sauce in it "No, but I will!" You stab him in the sciatic nerve.

He shrieks in pain "You bitch!"

You roll your eyes "I haven't even injected you yet! Now, what is your plan for killing eclipse?"

Eclipse is rubbing himself through his pants. Rolling his hips into his hands and biting his lip watching you closely.

The man spits in your face "Fuck you!"

You press the plunger down slowly "Well then! I'll keep pressing this down until you tell me what I want to know."

Eclipse moans softly. The man shrieks again writhing in the chair as much as the restraints will allow.

You lean down and put your hands on his shoulders from behind, wiggling your ass for Eclipse "Can you feel it? Your muscle burning and slowly cooking from the lemon juice and capsaicin in the sauce?"

"You psychopath!" The man spits.

You shake your head "Oh grow up! It's only Jalapeno! Now! What was your plan!"

The man huffs "Alright! I'll tell you! The plan was to poison the wedding cake! Take both you freaks out."

You pull the syringe out giving it a little wiggle "Who put you up to this?"

"I can't tell you that!" He blurts fearfully.

You round the chair and pet his cheek "You really want to die tonight."

Eclipse pulls his cock out. It's dripping with precum. His hand hovers over the appendage. You shake your head. Eclipse whines and grabs the counter behind him. His hips thrust into the air.

You return to the large desk and look over the items. You look over at Eclipse and hover your hand over various items. Eclipse nods and you pick up the long black grill lighter.

You turn around and wave the lighter around "I like these long ones. Hard to burn myself with them." You hold the lighter to his hand "Tell me who you are working with."

He glares straight ahead lips pursed. You flick the lighter on and hold it to his hand. He stares straight ahead.

You sigh "You gave that last piece of informationation so easily! Stubborn bastard." You glance up at Eclipse "Stop touching yourself! I didn't give you permission!"

Eclipse tears his hand from his cock with a whine "Darling! Please! I need more."

You glance up at Eclipse "No. Not yet." You look back down at your work "Tell me what I want to know!"

Tears fall down his cheek but he remains stone-faced. You return to the table and pick up a stick. You turn to the man with a frown. He glances your way and sticks his tongue out. You raise the stick into the air and slam it down onto his shin.

He keeps his mouth shut. You deliver another two strikes. Nothing. You hit his knuckles on both hands six times in a row with as much force as possible.

Finally, he says something "Franco!"

You strike one more time "Who is Franco?"

"He works for Don Bloodmire!" He blurts.

You nod "You did good today." You return to the table "Anything else you want me to know?"

He nods "Got a man on the inside. Stacy!"

Eclipse groans loudly looking at you with pleading eyes. You shake your head again. Eclipse falls to his knees pleading.

You take a knife from the table "Thank you for telling me. Is that everything?" You hover the knife over the restraints.

He nods and you cut him free "You are letting me go?"

You nod "I am. Let me help you to the door."

The two of you head for the door. The man pauses "Wait!"

You stop "What is it."

He bites his lip "My phone. The burner. It has a list of all the people working to get rid of the Don."

You pull him into a hug "Thank you for telling me."

You walk him all the way to the exit of the warehouse. Eclipse dutifully follows behind the two of you. you smile at him in front of the exit. The man mouths thank you. You pull the knife out and stab him in the liver. He looks shocked. You stab him again. Eclipse moans loudly as he cums. A wet spot forming on his pants.

You laugh and let the man drop to the floor "Take his phones. I want them broken into and every piece of information pulled." You look down at Eclipse "Let's go home. Then you can show me how much you want me."

Chapter Text

Eclipse picks you up into his arms and scrambles for the car. The goon you asked to get you water tosses you two waters. You thank him opening one to drink. It's cool and refreshing. Eclipse gently puts you into the car.

You lean out the window "Don't forget to check that rat's house or whatever he lives in. And look into everyone he knew, No matter how young. Thank you!"

The goons open the door for you and Eclipse. Eclipse drives back to the house in record time. Speeding as much as possible without the risk of getting pulled over. Back at the house Eclipse does not let your feet touch the ground. He sets you gently down on the bed.

You point to the closet "Go get the black box."

Eclipse grins, rays spinning slightly "The black one?"

You nod "You'll be my good boy tonight, won't you?"

Eclipse fetches the large black trunk and sets it in front of you. He gets down on his knees and opens it facing you. You look over the items in the box and pull out a chest harness. You pass it to Eclipse and continue to fish around. Thigh-high leather boots come out next along with a cock ring.

The cock ring also has an attached penis plug. If Eclipse wants to cum he's going to earn that privilege. At the sight of the ring, Eclipse gets visibly excited. The two of you begin to undress.

Eclipse adjusts the straps on the harness "Where is the leash?"

You zip your boots up "Oh! Uh, it's still in the box."

Eclipse spins the box and rummages through it "Ah! Here it is. Could you wear this too? I like how it looks on you."

He holds out a collar with an E on it. It's eggplant and made of lace with an intricate design. You hold it fondly running your fingers over it. You turn around and hold it out to him. Eclipse takes it from you and puts the collar on for you. He plants a kiss on your cheek with a soft thank you.

You blush and sit down on the edge of the bed "The safe word?"

Eclipse picks the box up and moves it out of the way "One moment dear. Let me move this out of the way." He kneels on the ground in front of you resting his arms, all four of them, on your legs "Peppermint."

You lean down and pull him to you "Mmm good boy. Tell me your mistress what you want."

Eclipse holds the leash out to you "Let me taste you. I want to feel you come undone on my tongue."

You hum "Prove you'll do a good job." You push him back with your right boot and plant it on the center of his chest "Clean my boots. Do a good job and I'll let you eat me out."

Eclipse kisses the tip of your boot. He looks up at you and licks a long stripe up your boot. He takes your foot in his hands and kisses your boot more.

You put your other boot on the underside of his cock "Good boy." His hips jerk once. You rub your boot up and down his cock "Behaving so well for me."

Eclipse looks up at you "Anything for you Mistress." He reaches an arm out and tenderly rubs your belly for a moment.

You don't fault him for the action understanding his utter joy. You move your foot in circles hard. Eclipse moans as his tongue laves over your heel. You turn and pick up the cock ring holding it in front of his face. He stops licking and takes the ring. He stares at it for a moment before putting it on.

You groan "Fuck that's a good boy."

Eclipse picks your other foot and kisses the tip of the boot. You take your free boot and pin his writhing cock to the floor. Eclipse pauses to look down at his cock.

He lets out a low groan "Darling the things you do to me! Please, Mistress! Have I proven myself to you?"

You tap your chin "Hm..." You spread your leg keeping the other on his cock.

Eclipse leans forward looking up at you through half-lidded eyes. You give the leash a gentle tug. Eclipse chuckles at your enthusiasm before licking your outer lips. He sucks your lips into his mouth with a pleased hum. You gently roll your foot over his cock.

Eclipse moans loudly opening his mouth and wrapping his tongue over your clit. You throw your head back with a moan. Eclipse rolls your clit around with his tongue.

You take your foot away from his cock and he whines "On the bed my good boy."

You scoot back huffing at how far away the headboard on the massive bed is. Eclipse picks the leash up in his teeth and crawls up the bed slowly. He waits patiently eyeing you like a fresh meal. Slowly he leans over to your dominant hand and drops the leash in it.

If you weren't horny before, you sure as shit are now! While you would like nothing more than to pull Eclipse up to you and have him ravish you. This game is not done yet. Eclipse settles between your legs. You tug him to your sopping pussy with the leash.

Having so much control over someone so much larger and stronger than you is intoxicating. Eclipse slowly works his tongue inside you. You pull the leash to slot his tongue fully inside you.

You moan as you tug him closer "You can. Oh god! You can hump the bed!"

His hips rut into the bed as he drinks you in. Tongue lapping at your cervix. Your loins warm-up more as his tongue presses up into your g-spot.

You hook your legs around his head "Faster!"

Eclipse thrusts his tongue fast and hard "Mng! Mistress, you taste so good! Please! Let me have your essence! Squeeze my tongue!"

His tongue curls over itself savoring you. Your hips thrust onto his face. You pull the leash but he can't get any closer. Eclipse hooks an arm over your waist to rub your clit in fast circles. The muscles in your abdomen tighten. Eclipse groans out and rolls over onto his back.

His head does not move however he does pick up his pace. Your back arches as you finally come. Eyes crossing and toes curling. Eclipse's hips thrust into the air. the cock ring flies off of his cock and rolls off the bed. Thick ropes of cum coat his chest. His eyes fizzle out as he shuts down.

You take a moment to catch your breath before getting up. You shuffle into the bathroom. You get a washcloth and wet it with warm water. You return to Eclipse and clean him off. While you want to move him up the bed. You can't do that in your pregnant state.

So instead you curl up next to him to wait for him to wake up. You start to drift off when Eclipse picks you up. He lays you down and covers you up. After turning the lights off he curls up in bed next to you wrapping himself around you protectively.

Chapter Text

You stir from your sleep. The salty smokey smell of bacon wakes you up more. You are being held firmly against his hip. You nuzzle into Eclipse's chest. Firmly planting your face into his perfect manboob.

Eclipse chuckles, the sound reverberating in his chest "Enjoying yourself dear?"

You reach your arm down and touch his butt "Now I am." You give his ass a firm squeeze "Prais be to the booty. For it is glorious and bountiful."

Eclipse chuckles and flexes his butt in your hand "You are coming with me today. I already have you dressed."

You look down "Well I'll be damned! You got me dressed to the nines! A cocktail dress? Am I arm candy today?"

Eclipse nods "Today we are visiting the winery. I need you to be my arm candy and my extra eyes. I suspect someone of skimming the funds so to speak."

You nod "Ah. Well... This might not be fun for you bambino."

Eclipse takes the bacon from the pan "What do you mean?"

You purse your lips "Well, you came without my permission last night."

Eclipse scoffs "I did no-" His face drops "Oh no."

You pat his bicep as he puts you down "Oh no indeed. Stay here and finish breakfast. I'll go get your punishment."

Eclipse's rays slowly retract into his head as he cracks an egg into the pan. He fucked up and he knows it. You head back upstairs to the bedroom. The black trunk has been placed back into the closet. It doesn't take long for you to find the perfect punishment for Eclipse. Complete with remote control.

You walk back downstairs with everything you need. Eclipse has the table set for breakfast complete with juice. Alas, poor coffee. You will be missed.

You pat Eclipse on the back "Bend over love."

Eclipse whines but obeys. Pulling his pants down and bending over for you. He even spreads his cheeks for you. You grin and nip his left cheek. You set the butt plug down on the table so he can see it. He jumps slightly at the sound of the lube bottle opening.

He shudders as you warm the lube in your hands. The plug is fat and about five inches. Nothing too extreme for a nine-foot animatronic. You start by slipping two fingers into his ass slowly stretching him out. You pick the plug up giving it a look over.

It's your favorite color with a small gem in the base. It's your birthstone. Eclipse had it custom-made. He said if he was gonna die with it in his ass he wanted a part of you with him. You weren't sure how to feel about it but let him be.

You kiss his left ass cheek and slip the plug inside "Take a seat. I want to make sure it won't hurt or something."

Eclipse looks down at the floor "Yes mistress." He pulls his pants up and shuffles over to his chair sitting down "Ah! MmmM."

You sit down and munch on a piece of bacon "How does it feel?"

He wiggles a bit "Fine."

You pull the remote from your bra and turn it on to high "And now?"

Eclipse yelps and jerks "Fuck! FiIIinE!"

You turn it off "Good. Thank you for breakfast. Awe. You even put the medication on the plate too."

Eclipse huffs taking a sip of his drink "I love you."

You Swallow your bite of egg "I love you too." You set your fork down "You ok with this game right now?"

Eclipse nods "Just don't go overboard."

You nod "I wouldn't want to do anything that could cause a problem. Remember the safe word."

Eclipse smiles fondly "Peppermint."

You turn the toy to its lowest setting "Good boy."

Eclipse groans lowly and continues to eat. You already know he can drive like this. This isn't the first time the two of you have done something like this. When breakfast is done and everything is clean you leave the house for the winery.

Chapter Text

The drive to the winery was nice. For safety reasons, you opted not to turn the butt plug on. Eclipse still kept it in his ass, it just wasn't on. The winery looked like a dream. The main building looked like it was plucked right out of Tuscany. It sat on the top of a rolling hill with a vineyard trailing down the hillside. The countryside air smelled fresh with a hint of manure.

You took Eclipse by the arm as you two made your way inside "I wouldn't mind a honeymoon in the countryside or the mountains. Somewhere away from lots of people."

Eclipse kisses your hand "You would make a cute little snow bunny."

As he leans down you hear something thunk in his abdomen "What was that?"

Eclipse glances around before pulling you into the nearest closet "I didn't just bring you to look pretty."

You nod "I gathered. So what's inside you? Besides the plug."

Eclipse picks you up so you are at eye level "Darling please hear me out!"

You rub his cheek "Of course."

He blushes and nuzzles your hand "Ok, so the meeting today is with a woman I hate. She does her work well and most of the time I talk to her co-worker."

You nod "So you want me to dote on you."

Eclipse shakes his head, a bright blush blooming on his face "No, I need my Dommy Mommy to fuck my tight little asshole."

You also blush watching as he unbuttons his shirt "Fuck you? With- Oh my lord!"

From his chest cavity Eclipse pulls a strapon harness and matching big black dildo. It has thick veins and a bulbous head. The dildo is twelve inches long and three inches wide.

You hold it in your hands "So you want me to walk into the room with you, bend you over the table, and fuck you with this. All while you conduct your meeting with some bitch you hate and a dude she works with."

Eclipse shakes his head "No, I want my Dommy Mommy to bust up in the meeting ready to go, bend me over the table, and show that bitch who I belong to. All while I conduct my meeting."

You wiggle the dildo between the two of you with a giggle "Jiggly. Well, I certainly can do that for you... If..."

Eclipse leans forward "If what?"

You look at him under your lashes "If you help put this on me and beg for it."

Eclipse nuzzles your belly gently "Please, Darling! I need you! Fuck me, Mommy! Teach me a lesson about disobeying you. I was a bad boy. Destroy my asshole. Punish me."

You hum as you look the dildo over "Punish you..." You take him by the throat and pull him to you "Put me down and put this harness on me right now."

Eclipse gently set you on the floor "Alexander."

You lift one leg and then the other as he puts the harness on you "What?"

Eclipse looks up at you as he adjusts the straps "A baby name. Alexander."

You lean against the wall as Eclipse attaches the dildo "Alexander... Alex...Xander... Alexander. Put it on the list."

Eclipse grins up at you "Do you have one?"

You nod "I do. Nicky, but I'm not married to it." You grab one of his rays firmly "Now stop distracting me and get to your meeting. You aren't being a very good boy."

Eclipse opens the closet for the two of you "Yes Mistress."

You proudly walk beside Eclipse. Dildo waving as your hips sway. The winery is closed to the public today. Everyone working knows what really goes on. Beneath the winery is a weed farm. While it's becoming legal in the US it's not legal everywhere. Today Eclipse is inspecting the goods. Both the wine and the weed.

As you approach the meeting room on the second floor you can hear a man and a woman talking. Must be the cunt he hates and the other dude.

Eclipse positions you just out of view "Stay right here until you think it's the right time."

You nod and look away feigning disinterest. From your spot by the door, you can hear everything being said.

"Eclipse! So good to see you." You can hear a female say.

A chair moves "Yes. A pleasure as always." Eclipse says.

A male voice warmly states "Good to see you, Don. Your trip was good?"

Eclipse sits down "Yes it was good. It's so relaxing out here."

"My you do look good today. That suit really fits you well. Any girl would be lucky to have you. I know I would be. Maybe you and I should get-" The woman manages to get out.

You open the door and casually walk into the room. All eyes are on you and the big black dildo between your legs. You take eclipse by the throat and force him onto the table. He makes a startled sound not expecting you to come in so soon. You, however, could not take much more of the woman's flirting. Or whatever she was trying to do.

You undo his belt and pull his pants and underwear down "Are you going to keep going with this meeting or what?"

Eclipse moans as you take the comparatively small butt plug out of his ass. The man shakes his head deciding to ignore the display. Free porn or whatever. The woman however is fuming in her seat. You slam the dildo into Eclipse's ass. It pulls you in slightly and you chuckle. Your hand is still firmly on his throat.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" The woman shouts.

You barely glance at her finding her unimportant "I'm his fiance and the mother of his son." You thrust your hips hard "Eclipse! Tell them who I am."

Eclipse moans and braces himself on the table "My sweet perfect Dommy Mommy Mistress!"

You rub his back "Good boy. Now, continue the meeting."

The woman slams a hand down on the table "Do you really expect us to conduct a meeting while you ra-"

You growl "Choose your words carefully!"

The woman leans back "This is not the red light district! This is a place of business."

You stare at her for a moment before thrusting into Eclipse at a steady pace. Slightly slower than the beat to 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees. Eclipse moans beneath you moving his hips to meet yours.

You lean down and coo "Hey, let me take care of you. No need for you to work. Focus on the meeting." You look up at the woman "Are you stupid? This is a MAFIA." You point down at Eclipse emphasizing each thrust with a harsh thrust "He is a Mafia Don! Not some CEO in an office building!"

A particularly hard thrust makes Eclipse cry out "MOMMY!"

You stop moving and crawl onto the table "Bambino! Are you ok?"

Eclipse whines "Why did you stop?!"

You sigh in relief and crawl back behind Eclipse "How are sales?"

You pick your Bee Gees pace back up. Eclipse props himself up on his elbows. The woman wipes a tear away.

The man shrugs "Sales are good this year with the wine. US sales are down with the pot but we expected as much."

"The plan is to look into selling to dispensaries." The woman stutters through tears.

You tilt your head "Are you crying? Is it because I have Eclipse?"

The woman sniffles "I love him! More than you do! He should be with me!"

Both you and Eclipse laugh. You spank his ass "Hey! You are being punished! Work only!"

Eclipse whines "Yes Mommy."

You firmly plant your feet on the ground and take Eclipse by the hips "Good boy." You use his hips to pull him onto your cock.

Eclipse groans "Dispensaries might be a good idea. Ooooah! Fuck! Sample!"

The man slides a small bag across the table. You pick up both the tempo and the bag. You shift from the hard long thrusts to short quick thrusts.

You open the weed bag and take a whiff "Oooh That smells really good. Looks good too." You pass the bag to Eclipse "Take a look."

Eclipse takes the bag from you and examines the weed "This is good quaAlity. Yes! Like that!"

Your thrusts become a grinding motion. The woman sobs into her hands. Every now and then she glances at the two of you.

The man pulls out two glasses of wine and slides them to Eclipse "The glass on the left is a sample of Pino and the right is a cabernet."

You stop thrusting "Cock warm me while you sample those."

Eclipse nods taking the cab in his hand "Yes Mommy."

You rub his hips tenderly as he samples the wine. Sniffing and sipping from each glass. His hands shake with need as he sets the last glass down. You reach around and pump his cock in your hand. Eclipse lays his head down on the table with a groan. With a grin, you resume thrusting into Eclipse.

"Yes! The wine is good quality. More, please! I'm so close!" Eclipse groans out.

You pull out and pull his pants back up.

Eclipse gasps "Wait no!"

You pat his lower back "This was a punishment. Bad boys do not get to cum. Now finish your meeting!"

The man chuckles "Quite a woman you got there. Know anyone else like her?"

Eclipse glances at you "Ballbuster."

You lean forward in your chair "Do you WANT me to bust your balls? Because I can!"

You sit for the rest of the meeting taunting Eclipse with the dildo. Stroking it up and down while he and the man talk. The woman runs out of the room. You make a mental note to have your guys look into her. You're concerned she's going to do something regrettable.

Chapter Text

Sun allowed you to finish the movie while you ate your dinner. His hands never leave your chest. Kneading your chest gently while you eat. Just enough pleasure to remind you what he wants, but not enough to make it hard to eat. When you finish your food you set the container down.

Sun looks over at you "I don't want to make our sweet little mate sick." Sun pets your hair as the third act of the film plays "Do you like it? It was my idea to braid the blankets."

You jump slightly "It was very comfortable. Better than the old bed."

Sun leans in smelling you "Are you scared?"

You shake your head "No... nervous. I don't know what to expect."

Sun smiles softly "I can smell your arousal. You don't need to be nervous. Let us take care of you. We want to show you we can be good mates. We know this is strange for all of us but we can make it work."

You bite your lip "That's not it at all... I'm nervous my hole can't take more abuse."

Sun's rays shrink "Abuse?"

You not "Ya know, rough fucking. Besides, I'm pretty sure my thighs are starting to bruise."

Sun purses his lips "I have a plan. Can I try it?"

You open your arms "Hug me first and I'll let you try your plan."

Sun pulls you into his arms holding you tightly "We'll always hold you starshine. You mean the galaxy to us." His legs also wrap around you, low rumbles deep in his chest "I love you. We want to keep you forever."

You blush "Good god Sunny! If I were an animatronic I'd be overheating."

"Stay here in my arms. We can play another movie if you want. Moon will get his turn later. He agrees we don't want to hurt you. Never you." Sun murmurs into your hair as he pulls your pants off "Are you cold? I could leave your shirt on. Or get a blanket."

You nod "Yeah. They always keep it cold at night. Lights? Oh yeah, those shits could stay on forever! Heating? Nah, turn that shit off."

He takes his pants off and pulls the fluffy blanket over the two of you "I can't warm myself up without risking a trip to P&S. Ready?"

You hum in the affirmative. Sun spins you around and starts the next holiday movie "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Sun settles you in his lap comfortably. His cock writhes over your hole before sliding inside inch by inch.

Sun kisses your cheek "How's this?"

You rub his thigh "Good. So is this the plaAAAH!"

Sun writhes his cock inside you. Thrusting but never pulling out. A steady gentle pace gives you a slow build of pleasure.

Sun hums in delight, the purring rumble ever present "You feel so good Starshine. Ours. All ours. You belong to us. Do we belong to you? Tell me. Please tell me!"

You moan softly "Of course, you belong to me! I'll love you forever. I." You take a deep breath "Can you block Moon? I don't want him to hear this yet. I want to tell him myself."

The rumbles in Sun's chest get louder "Yes!" His rays wiggle in and out slightly "Moon is not happy. I think you'll be fine though." His cock rubs your walls deeply "Now, what do you want to tell your alpha?"

You bite your lip with a small whine "I..."

Sun tips your chin toward him with a finger "Take your time. I'll wait for you."

You pull him down by his rays "MArry me!" You kiss him with all the love and adoration in your tiny body, compared to his anyway.

Sun meets your kiss. Lips dancing together. He opens his mouth and licks your lips. His eyes pop open, tongue covering your lips. His desire to fill your mouth with himself is lost as your words finally register in his mind.

His eyes snap down to yours, the tiny irises locking onto you "What?" His tongue states covering your lips "Marry me? You... want to..." His cock stills inside you as his tongue slowly leaves your mouth.

You pull back, tears pricking the corners of your eyes "Did... did I mess up? Fuck!"

Sun licks the tears from your face "Wait here. I think Moon will put our feelings in the right words."

You groan as Sun pulls his cock out of you gently. He lays you back down in the nest covered by the blanket to keep you warm. With a smile and a wave of his cock he flips the switch. Moon's eyes open in the darkness and he growls at you.

Chapter Text

Moon prowls up to you, crouching over you in the nest. He leans down trapping you and pulls the blanket from you. He almost looks satisfied as you shiver for a second. His eyes bore into yours as he crawls down your body.

Gently he pulls your legs apart and inspects your hole "You liked the rough growling? I'll give you rough growling!" He flips you over head down and ass up "I'm going to breed you full of my pups! Stuffed to the brim."

He pulls your upper body up so you're propped up on your hands. He leans his large body over yours. A few seconds pass before he growls and pushes off of you. Quickly he pulls you into a mating press. Again he leans over you and pauses. You want to say something but you have no idea exactly what he's doing.

Again he pushes off of you with a loud growl. Moon stands up pacing in circles like a caged animal. He balls his fists with a frustrated sound. Moon reaches down picking you up by the armpits. He slams you against the wall. His eyes go wide before he grins while looking you up and down.

Moon grins "This will do." He locks a stripe up your cheek "Delicious." Moon wraps his cock around your upper thigh "What did you tell Sun that you didn't want to tell me?"

You tilt your head and wrap your legs around his waist "But I do want to tell you. I just wanted to tell YOU. Not you through Sun."

Moon leans forward and sniffs you "Then what was it?" He growls again.

You hem and haw for a moment. You don't care for his attitude right now but you still love him. You take a breath to ready yourself. When you don't answer right away Moon slams his cock into you.

The pace he picks is brutal. Hard and fast. So incredibly fast you barely register him leaving you "Don't want to tell me fine!"

You grab at his arms and feebly attempt to get a word out "Ma ... Mar..."

Moon nips your neck "What? If it's SoOo important you can say it."

Tears stream down your face and you try again "Mar... Marry!"

Moon licks your tears "Mary? Who is Mary?"

The pleasure is too much. You can tell Moon is about to cum more concerned with his end than yours.

Moon slams into you one last time and you shriek out "MARRY ME!"

Moon looks shocked "WHAT?!"

He falls back onto the ground taking you with him. You unwrap your legs so they don't get crushed. You are so close to your own end that you ride his cock.

Hands on his chest you look down at his shocked expression "Marry me! Say yes! Be mine forever. Mine!" You bounce harder on him "My Alpha! MINE!"

Moon lets out a strangled moan. Anything he has to say dies in the static of glitches. Everything is becoming overwhelming for him. When your hole crushes his cock he dry cums hard. It's pleasurable and painful att at once. The myriad of emotions he's feeling causes a forced shutdown and reboot.

As you come down from your high your eyes fall on Moon. His expression looks so conflicted. His eyes flick off. Ah, a reboot. You climb off of his cock and sit down beside him. Unsure how badly you fucked up just now. After half an hour he still doesn't wake up. Your anxiety gets to you and you sob loudly. Afraid you killed them.

Moon opens his eyes to a horrific sight. You are curled in on yourself in tears. Shaking from cold and sorrow. He slowly pulls you into his lap. Your tears double when you see him alive. He smiles at you softly and lets you cry.

When you calm down he brushes your cheeks "Did you mean it?"

"All of it." You croak.

Moon kisses your forehead "Rest. You look exhausted." You open your mouth to protest but Moon stops you "Shhh. Hush now. I want to marry you. Sun too. We will be here when you wake up."

Chapter Text

You huddled in the storage room in some lonesome tunnel with the other six handlers. It was dusty as frick but you weren't bothered. You and Milly, Chica's handler, had called the secret meeting.

You glance around the tiny room "Milly and I will bring the tree and ornaments."

Bruce, Bonnie's handler, nodded "I'll bring the decorations. Lord knows I have plenty!"

Anne, Music Man's handler, leans on the wall "I got drinks."

Dick, Roxy's, grins "I make a mean mac n' cheese!"

Charlie, Monty, hums "Hope y'all like pecan pie.

Dixie, Freddy's handler, claps their hand "That leaves me with music! And we are in charge of our own gifts."

You nod "Great! Next Saturday I'll bring the tree to the loading dock. Milly and I will sneak it to the west arcade while Music Man is shut down for repairs."

You all agree and leave the room. You know the exact tree you want. You've had your eye on it. Sun and Moon are very suspicious of you. Asking questions to figure out your plan.

Late one night the animatronics gather in the west arcade.

Sun tugs nervously at one of his rays "They are being so secretive! I keep seeing them talking to Milly. I know they're planning something."

Freddy nods "Dixie has been listening to an awful lot of music. They seem distracted."

Bonnie crosses his arms "Bruce has been bringing in a lot of boxes with him."

Chica puts a hand to her mouth "You don't think they are replacing us do you?"

Roxy flips her hair "No way..."

Monty growls "Well whatever they're doing we gotta get to the bottom of it."

Moon huffs "We have been trying to get it out of our starlight. No success yet."

Music Man hums "So we'll try to pry it out of our handlers. We can meet up in a week."

Finally, the day has arrived. Despite their best efforts, your robotic boyfriends could figure nothing out. As Dixie put it 'sexelent'. Getting the tree to the plex was easy. Getting the tree into the plex is a pain. It's a little bigger than the doorways.

Thank god there are double doors in some places. Everyone ignores the odd looks from the maintenance workers as you set up. Soon everything is ready to go. You gather the animatronics, sans Music Man, to the arcade. They all seem so anxious.

That, however, changes when they enter the arcade.

Sun drops to the floor dramatically "Sunshine!"

Chica pulls Milly into a hug " Did you do all this for us?"

Freddy walks up to the nine-foot tree "Friends. You are all so wonderful."

Music Man, henceforth MM, turns on along with the holiday music "... What?"

Dixie and Charlie both scream "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Moon pulls you into a hug "Starlight. We don't know what to say."

You chuckle "I think you are looking for Merry Christmas. I know it's not December yet. This was the only time we could do this."

Sun dramatically falls into your arms, shoving himself between you and Moon "we didn't get you anything."

Moon shoves Sun out of the way "We thought you were replacing us."

You walk the two of them to the tree "I could never do that." You pick up a red box and a blue box "These are for you."

You hand them their boxes. Eagerly they both open them. Moon got an embroidered blue Santa hat with silver snowflakes. Sun got a red Santa coat.

You twist your foot on the floor nervously "I wanted you to have something special to wear for the holidays."

Moon puts his new hat on "It's perfect."

Sun strikes a pose in his coat "Looks great!"

You pull them into another hug "Glad you like them."

You kiss both of their cheeks. This Christmas will be a good one. You'll make sure of that.

Chapter Text

You weren't sure what was going on exactly. Sun and Moon were eager to get you out of the daycare earlier than usual. Their excuses were flimsy at best. Things like "We need to do inventory" or "We are cleaning our intimate parts". Secretly you wanted to clean their intimate parts and do inventory with them.

The fifth time it happened you began to suspect something was up. One night all the animatronic handlers were having a secret meeting.

You crossed your arms "I know something is up! Sun and Moon are acting strange. Yesterday they had the kids making paper chains like an assembly line. They had two teams competing for a prize. I asked what they were going to do with all the chains but they waved me off!"

Anne nods "Music Man has been playing holiday music nonstop after hours! I even caught some of the other animatronics playing music with him. Practicing it."

Bruce nods "Bonnie and Monty were baking with Chica."

Dick sits up more from his spot on the floor "Woah! Weird."

Dixie leans with a hand on her hip "They are planning something!"

Milly gasps "ON NO! We're snowed in! There is a snowstorm outside!"

You sigh "Frick! Well... I guess since we are done here I'm off to the daycare."

Charlie laughs loudly "You mean off to your boyfriends?"

You pause mid-step "HA ha very funny. They aren't mine yet."

You dart out of the closet before anyone else can poke fun at you It's quiet in the plex. Handlers tend to stay later than the rest. Each forming a certain attachment to their charges. Or in all of your cases your friends.

Sun and Moon sat close together sewing a garment when Sun spoke "They had to know they were making us Santa."

Moon nodded "Of course! They had to! It's only right we make them our Mx. Clause. Do you think they'll like it?"

Sun nods "Yes yes! They have to! Did we put the mistletoe up?"

Moon hums "I think so... Wait! I'm getting a message from Freddy! There is a snowstorm outside! All the handlers are trapped inside. Starlight must be on her way here!" Moon sets his sewing things down "You finish stitching, I'll get everything ready for them."

Sun nods and works faster as Moon cleans. Determined to make their space perfect for you. Even the makeshift bed gets fluffed for your comfort. As Sun works he sends off messages to the Glamrocks and Music Man. It seems they are ready for the plan now. everyone is finished with their gifts including Sun.

Moon goes to greet you while Sun wraps the gift in construction paper. They couldn't get their hands on wrapping paper. It would look too suspicious.

You smiled as Moon dove into the ball pit "Hello Moon! I hope you don't mind if I stay the night."

Moon scrambled up to you "We know about the snowstorm. You are more than welcome here."

You glance around "Where is Sun?"

"I'm coming!" Sun shouts from their room. He casually walks up to you "Got a message from Music Man. Everyone's going to hang out and play the arcade games."

You bounce in place "Ooo! Sounds fun! You two interested?"

Moon grins "I still have to beat you at Chica's Feeding Frenzy."

Sun takes a step back "I'll meet you there. Gotta leave a message for Vanessa. You know how she gets."

"Oh! Are you sure? I don't mind waiting." You offer.

Moon squints at you "Afraid I'll beat you into the dust?"

You gasp "Never!"

You take off to the arcade with Moon following close behind you. Sun waits until you are gone to return to the tower. He takes your gift and scrambles through the vents to the west arcade.

You open the door to the arcade "Oh my god!"

The tree now has the paper chains the kids had made wrapped neatly around it. A table is set up with cupcakes and pizza in the shape of trees. Holiday music plays completing the atmosphere. You turn to Moon. Eyes misty and arms outstretched.

He pulls you into a hug "Merry Christmas Starlight."

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Sun blurts as he picks both you and Moon up off the ground.

You giggle as you are squished between them "Merry Christmas."

Sun looks up with a cheeky grin as he sets you two down "Mistletoe."

You look up, a Mini Music Man is holding the plant over your head from the ceiling "Oh."

Moon tips your chin with a tender gaze. Sure you have kissed their cheek before but this is the first time it has had this air of romance. He leans forward and locks lips with you. Humming in delight.

Sun squeals in delight "Ooo! Moonie! Your first kiss from them!"

You pull back "From me?"

Moon pulls his hat down "We wanted our kisses to be good..."

Sun rubs the back of his head "We uh... practiced... on each other."

You nod "So you are in love."

Sun sputters "What?! No. No no no."

Moon frowns "Oh..."

Sun blushes "You like me back? Oh gosh!"

His rays spin like a fan and he pulls you into a kiss. Partly to hide his blush and partly to kiss you. You flush brighter as you pull back. Moon pulls Sun into a kiss as you catch your breath. You mutter a quiet 'That's Hot' under your breath.

Sun pulls back "We uh... We made you something."

Moon takes your hand and pulls you to the tree. Sun picks up your gift. The box is covered in little doodles. Each side is a different color. Your heart melts and you lament having to tear the paper. Inside the box is a red Santa Esque outfit.

Moon nudges you "You didn't think we wouldn't notice you dressed us like Santa."

Sun nods "Every good Santa needs a Mixter Clause."

Moon kisses your cheek "That's you starlight."

You tear up "Thank you."

Chapter Text

You roll over in your sleep cuddling up to whoever is next to you in the nest. Two arms wrapped around you holding you close. You reach up to figure out who you are with right now. Your hand brushes against a ray and a nightcap. Your eyes shoot open and you sit up quickly.

Sitting in front of you is an amalgam of Sun and Moon. It's the same height as them. It has Sun's rays on half its head and Moon's hat on the other. It has one arm from each of them. The blue arm is on the side with Sun's rays and the yellow one is on the side with Moon's hat. Its chest is Moon's and its legs are Suns.

You lean back "What? Who? How?!"

It opens its mouth sounding like Sun and Moon talking simultaneously "Starshine. Our sweet little omega. Call us... Eclipse."

You nod slowly "Ok... Eclipse." You cover your bits still naked from earlier.

Eclipse chuckles "You don't need to do that. We've seen every inch of you already."

You poke at his body "How did this happen?"

Eclipse sighs "We both wanted to talk to you when you woke up."

You cross your arms with a smirk "So you fought each other for control and this happened."

Eclipse looks down ashamed "Yes. We may have broken the lights in the Daycare. When they dimmed this happened. Now we are both in control."

You look Eclipse up and down "Does it hurt?"

They shake their head "No."

You continue your inspection of his body "Can you change back?"

Eclipse nods "We can."

You point at their crotch "And what's going on down here?"

Eclipse grins at you "Do you want to see?"

You lean back slightly "I don't know... I can't handle another round."

Eclipse touches their forehead to yours "We know. We want to be the best mates we can be! Moon even made you scrambled eggs."

You look around and sure enough, there are eggs in a bowl nearby with a cup of your favorite breakfast beverage. Before you can reach for the drink Eclipse hands it to you. It's heavenly.

Eclipse bites their lip "Did you mean it? Wanting to marry us?"

You take their head in your hands "Allways. I want to make you mine."

Eclipse looks down "I don't think the plex owner will like that."

You rub their cheeks "Never you mind that. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will take care of that issue." You pause "Wait.... you broke the lights? How bad?"

Eclipse looks away from you "They. Uh. They won't turn on anymore."

You lay down on them "That sounds like a problem for not me. So do you both feel everything? Like if I touch Moon parts does Sun feel that?"

Eclipse rubs your back "We both feel everything."

You rub noses with them "My body can't handle it right now, but god do I need to fuck you right now. Pleasing both at once? Yes please!"

Eclipse pats the top of your head "Not now. We saw what you look like down there. You need a rest. At least a few days."

You lay your head on their chest "Balls. Fine. Until then we work on you turning into this. Provided it's not harming you in any way." You give your best puppy dog eyes "Can I still kiss you?"

Eclipse grins "No. No kisses until we can breed you again."

You scoff "What? Can I still hold you?"

Eclipse nods "Yes."

You frown "Bullshit."

Eclipse nips your neck "Behave! Good Omegas listen to their Alphas."

You huff "Not when they are bullshit."

They nip you harder and growl "Starshine."

You growl and nip him back on the junction between his neck and his shoulder.

Eclipse lets out a moan "You're playing a dangerous game. Eat your breakfast and let's talk about our wedding."

Chapter Text

True to their word they did not kiss you once that week. However, they had not expected that you withhold physical affection aside from sleep cuddles. You had stated that if you three were going to avoid kisses till your next dalliance, then other affections would also be withheld.

On top of all of that, you had not been spending much time at the plex outside work hours. You told them it had to do with your last conversation and reassured the two you loved them very much. While Sun and Moon did trust you they still worried. You came back smelling of the same group of strangers.

What on earth were you getting into? Asking got them nowhere and spying with the cameras around the plex was no help either. Roughly one week later the two decided they were fed up with your attitude. So fed up they decided Eclipse should deal with you. They knew you were coming to see them tonight. You promised.

You sprinted around the plex on your way to the Daycare. You took the employee entrance to avoid talking to anyone about your surprise. It's not that you didn't want to talk to anyone about it. It's just that you wanted to talk to Sun and Moon first. This is exciting stuff. Things are going to change around the plex starting with the shit pizza.

As you entered the daycare through the tunnels you tripped falling flat on your face "Frick!" You pick yourself up "Sun? Moon? ... Eclipse?"

You hear a loud thud from nearby as the lights dim. Unusual for the pair as they like quieter landings. Your head turns and your face drops slightly. Eclipse looks livid as they stomp up to you. As casually as you can you make your way behind the security desk. They aren't allowed behind it without permission. You aren't afraid of them you just need to mass implement a little message to the whole plex.

Eclipse lays their hands on the desk palms down and leans on it "Where have you been?" They lean forward and sniff you "You have been seeing the same group of people. Who are they?"

You smile softly "I've been working on something special! Years in the making."

Eclipse still looks livid however you can tell that's a front. they're nervous and worried. The rays around Eclipse's head wiggle with nervous energy. Their left leg jiggles up and down. A nervous habit from Moon. You turn the computer on and begin typing.

Eclipse bites their lip "And what is it?"

You glance up "The plex just changed management. It now has a new owner who I hear has some big changes in mind. Starting with the shit food."

Eclipse leans forward, all rage gone from their frame "And who is it?"

You hit send on your massage "Well, remember how I told you I had tricks up my sleeve?" Eclipse nods and you smile brightly "Well I just got promoted to the owner of the entire Mega PizzaPlex."

Eclipse's legs give out under them "You did what?!"

You nod "Yeah! I own it and everything inside it." You move around the desk "Including you two." You run your hands up and down their arms seductively "Why don't you claim me as yours?" You lean up and whisper "Alpha?"

Eclipse shivers "I can smell your arousal omega."

You put your hands on your hips "Well then!" You tug their hat over their eyes "Come and get me Alpha!" You take off into the daycare.

Eclipse laughs and keeps the hat over their eyes relying on their other senses to find you. As you run you take your clothes off. Your message said to avoid the daycare for tonight. You also shut the cameras off. Eclipse seems to be having problems finding you. So far they've found your left sock, your shirt, and your underwear.

In that time you have made it all the way to the slide into fun. All you have to do is crawl up the slide and get to the theater. A finger slides into your hole and you squeak at the intrusion.

Eclipse fucks your hole with their finger gently "Found you." Eclipse hums as they pull you from the slide gently "Your hole is so warm and inviting. Irresistible!" They call their wire down and hook themself up "Let's take this somewhere... with a little more altitude."

You tilt your head with a moan as they pull their finger out and pants down "Altitude?"

Eclipse takes the two of you into the air toward the rafters "Hold on tight my sweet little omega. Let your alphas take care of you."

You look down. You are so high up. A fall from this height has a high chance of killing you. You watch as Eclipse's pants flutter to the ground.

Eclipse kisses your cheek "Don't worry we have you. You are safe with us. We made you something special. Something to keep you safe. It was Moon's idea."

"What was?" you ask.

Eclipse spins the two of you gently. Built into a corner is a damn nest. It's along the wall their tower is on and built into the corner furthest from the slide into fun. It's so god damnded high up. However, the nest feels sturdy and very comfortable. The nest is eight feet by eight feet.

Eclipse beams at you as they hang from their wire "Sun researched how to build a platform! Together the two of them built a sturdy platform and moved the nest!" Eclipse climbs inside the spacious nest with you "After that guard caught us breeding you last time." They growl lowly "We wanted to make sure there can be no more interruptions."

You look out over the daycare "And what about the plex owner?"

Eclipse pulls you into their lap "Considering it's you now we know you'll approve." They lean forward as their cock rubs your groin "You WILL approve, won't you? Be a good mate and say yes."

You grind against his cock "As long as it's structurally sound and we build a way for me to get down. Then yes."

Eclipse grins "Good omega. My perfect mate. You deserve a treat. Look down."

You look down. Eclipse has two cocks intertwined together. This is about to get really fun.

Chapter Text

One cock is glittery blue and the other is glittery yellow.

Eclipse grins at you "Hold on."

You lean back slightly "Hold on? What?" They pick you up by the hips and lick their lips as they lay you down in the nest "I need a drink first and we think you have just the thing we need." They stick their tongue out and wrap it around your cock pulling it into his mouth "Delicious."

You moan loudly as Eclopse's tongue keeps your cock in the perfect vice grip. Pumping it slowly. The tip rubs your balls.

Eclipse groans in delight "YES! Let me have you!" They bob their head up and down your cock "You smell divine! We can't get enough. It's intoxicating."

You buck your hips into their mouth.

Eclipse stops your movements "Take what we give you!" They run their tongue over the tip of your cock "We are your Alpha! It's our job to do so."

You moan "Oh fuck! SoOo good!"

Eclipse holds their pointer finger up "Suck it please."

You take the digit into your mouth and suck. Running your tongue over it. Moaning loudly and happy to have something to do. All too soon Eclipse pulls their finger out of your mouth. You whine at the loss and Eclipse spanks your ass lightly in reprimand. They bob their head at a faster pace.

Their finger prods at your asshole "Relax for me starshine."

They rub your hole in gentle yet firm circles. Slowly prodding deeper and deeper into you. You feel your spine start to tingle as orgasm hits you. Wave after wave of pleasure floods you as your balls tighten and you release into Eclipse's eager grin. Eclipse stuffs his finger into your ass all the way in. It rubs at your prostate working you through your orgasm.

Eclipse crawls up your body "Good mate." They sit on your hips "Can you take another little omega?"

You nod as you catch your breath "Fuck alpha! That was so good!"

Eclipse nods "Good. Tell me if it's too much or we need to stop." They lean forward and nuzzle your face "Your comfort matters to us. We would be bad mates if we did something you don't like."

You nuzzle your large animatronic mate back with a happy little chirp. Eclipse settles themself between your legs. Their blue cock pushes its way into your ass while their yellow cock wraps around your cock. They run their hands up and down your chest and pinch your nipples. As they thrust inside you their other cock rub up and down your shaft.

The tip of their yellow tentacle rubs the tip of your cock paying special attention to the underside. You moan and reach out for them. Eclipse takes your hand in theirs running their thumbs over your knuckles. The gentle slap of their hips on your ass becomes a sweet melody enhancing the daycare theme. Your combined moans are the chorus of your love.

The pace Eclipse sets is slow, unrushed "Let us show you how much you mean to us." They bring your hand to their face and pepper kisses over every inch "We love your eyes. The way you light up when you look at us." Kiss kiss kiss "The way your smile seems more relaxed after a long day." Despite how badly they want to fuck you into the dirt they maintain their pace "We love the face you make when you concentrate on something."

You blush madly at their words. You could stay in this moment forever "You're perfect. Both of you. From the way Moon does silly voices for the characters in the stories he reads. To the silly way Sun counts during hide and seek."

Eclipse moans and pulls you close "Not gonna last long!"

"Then let's cum together." You moan out.

Eclipse picks up their pace and leans down to your neck "Mark us! We marked you. We want you to mark us too."

You lean up and lick their shoulder "I might not be very good at this but I will try my best."

Their cock picks up its menstruation on yours. They tilt their head to give you better access. You bite down on them hard. Eclipse pulls his cock from your cock and thrust it into your ass with the other one. Both of them shoot their load deep inside you. Writhing over your prostate and pressing in hard. Again your spine tingles and your balls tighten. Wave after wave followed by a release of cum leaves you.

Gently Eclipse rolls the two of you over so you lay on top of them "Keep us warm while we keep you safe. Get some rest. we will be here when you wake up." Eclipse kisses the top of your head while pulling a blanket over the two of you.

Chapter Text

One cock is glittery blue and the other is glittery yellow.

Eclipse grins at you "Hold on."

You lean back slightly "Hold on? What?" They pick you up by the hips and lick their lips as they lay you down in the nest "I need a drink first and we think you have just the thing we need." They stick their tongue out and lick a long stipe from your vagina to your clit pulling it into his mouth "Delicious."

You moan loudly as Eclopse's tongue rubs over your clit. The tip of their tongue circles your needy hole. Barely slipping inside your cunt.

Eclipse groans in delight "YES! Let me have you!" They sloppily lick, kiss, and nibble your pussy lips "You smell divine! We can't get enough. It's intoxicating."

You buck your hips into their mouth.

Eclipse stops your movements "Take what we give you!" They run their tongue over the tip of your clit flicking it rapidly "We are your Alpha! It's our job to do so."

You moan "Oh fuck! SoOo good!"

Eclipse holds their pointer finger up "Suck it please."

You take the digit into your mouth and suck. Running your tongue over it. Moaning loudly and happy to have something to do. All too soon Eclipse pulls their finger out of your mouth. You whine at the loss and Eclipse spanks your ass lightly in reprimand. They flick your clit faster.

Their finger prods at your asshole as they slide their tongue into your cunt "Relax for me starshine."
Your walls tighten and you release onto Eclipse's tongue. Eclipse stuffs his finger into your ass all the way in. It rubs at your warm walls working you through your orgasm.

Eclipse crawls up your body "Good mate." They sit on your hips "Can you take another little omega?"

You nod as you catch your breath "Fuck alpha! That was so good!"

Eclipse nods "Good. Tell me if it's too much or we need to stop." They lean forward and nuzzle your face "Your comfort matters to us. We would be bad mates if we did something you don't like."

You nuzzle your large animatronic mate back with a happy little chirp. Eclipse settles themself between your legs. Their blue cock pushes its way into your ass while their yellow cock pushes into your cunt. They run their hands up and down your chest and pinch your nipples. As they thrust inside you they grope your breasts.

The tip of their yellow tentacle rubs your cervix paying special attention to your g-spot. that wonderful bundle of nerves. You moan and reach out for them. Eclipse takes your hand in theirs running their thumbs over your knuckles. The gentle slap of their hips on your ass becomes a sweet melody enhancing the daycare theme. Your combined moans are the chorus of your love.

The pace Eclipse sets is slow, unrushed "Let us show you how much you mean to us." They bring your hand to their face and pepper kisses over every inch "We love your eyes. The way you light up when you look at us." Kiss kiss kiss "The way your smile seems more relaxed after a long day." Despite how badly they want to fuck you into the dirt they maintain their pace "We love the face you make when you concentrate on something."

You blush madly at their words. You could stay in this moment forever "You're perfect. Both of you. From the way Moon does silly voices for the characters in the stories he reads. To the silly way Sun counts during hide and seek."

Eclipse moans and pulls you close "Not gonna last long!"

"Then let's cum together." You moan out.

Eclipse picks up their pace and leans down to your neck "Mark us! We marked you. We want you to mark us too."

You lean up and lick their shoulder "I might not be very good at this but I will try my best."

Their cock picks up its menstruations inside. They tilt their head to give you better access. You bite down on them hard. Eclipse pulls his cock from your ass and thrust it into your cunt with the other one. Both of them shoot their load deep inside you. Writhing over your cervix and pressing hard into your g-spot. Again your spine tingles and your walls tighten. Wave after wave followed by a release of cum leaves you.

Gently Eclipse rolls the two of you over so you lay on top of them "Keep us warm while we keep you safe. Get some rest. we will be here when you wake up." Eclipse kisses the top of your head while pulling a blanket over the two of you.

Chapter Text

It was the final fitting for your wedding dress to accommodate your bump. It warmed your heart to see the bump. Every time Eclipse spots your bump he picks you up and carries you around. His face nuzzled into your belly. Your wedding was so close the two of you were on cloud nine. You had figured out the day you got pregnant was the night you proposed. Eclipse swears it happened when he fucked you in the back of the SUV. He just fucked you that good.

"My seed is just that powerful!" He said with a grin.

The memory made you chuckle as you pushed the button for the elevator. The building you were in is a four-story building. Your dress designer is on the top with a woman who makes specialty bras. The next floor has a dance studio and a gym. Below that is a pottery studio and an art gallery. Lastly, the first floor is a florist and a bakery. The building has underground parking. The elevator dings and you step inside.

You press the button for the first floor where the driver will meet you. A young woman shouts to hold the door and you oblige. You may be "A stabby murder woman" but you still have manners. She is taller than you by a few inches. Long red hair and brown eyes. Kaki pants, a red shirt, and a large brown purse. There is just something about her that isn't quite right. but you can't put your finger on it.

The woman glances at your stomach "Congratulations!"

You look over at her "Oh! Thank you."

The woman presses the button for underground parking. You watch her out of the corner of your eye. The elevator jerks for a second. The lights flick off and the emergency lights flick on. The elevator stops abruptly. You clutch your chest slightly afraid. Your hand easily finds the panic button on your solar eclipse necklace under your shirt and you press it. Eclipse will be here soon. It might be disappointing to leave his friend but they will understand.

"What was that?! A-are we trapped?!" The woman next to you stutters out.

You press the emergency call button but nothing happens "Looks like it. Try your phone! I'll try mine!"

You take your phone out "Damn! No signal."

All your fears come true when you hear a click from a gun next to your head "Do you know how hard it was to find you?"

Your blood runs cold as you worry about the baby "Who are you?"

She growls "Did he really not keep any pictures of me!?" She presses the gun into your temple "I'm his wife! Debbie Bloodmire!"

You hold back a laugh "If that's true then why were you trying to kill him?"

Debbie growls "I was going to propose!"

You let out a laugh "You didn't even get married?! Then how are you his wife?"

Debbie jams the gun into your temple "We were going to get back together until you came along! I'm perfect for him! I treated him like a king!"

You hum "So you were his dommy mommy?"

Debbie adjusts the gun in her hand "His what? God no! I was his pillow princess!"

You put a hand on your belly "May I sit down?"

Debbie nods "Go right ahead! I want that baby nice and healthy. Ipse and I are going to raise that baby together when you're dead."

You cross your legs as you sit "Ipse? Alrighty. You do know Eclipse wants to be doomed right? He gets really fucked drunk when his woman uses him. Why just the other day I fucked him in the ass during a meeting." You rest your hand on your bump "There was a young lady there who thought she could have him. Showed her wrong lol."

Debbie moves in front of you "Nobody says l o l out loud!" She waves the gun around wildly "What are you stupid!? Eclipse is meant to serve not to be served!"

You tilt your head "I don't follow."

Debbie leans on her leg popping her hip out "As his woman, I should be the one he fucks not the other way around."

You nod slowly "So you are a mob boss. Were you a boss when you were with Eclipse?"

Debbie scoffs "No! I became one to show Eclipse I'm powerful!"

From below you hear a tapping "So what's your plan here?"

Debbie taps your nose with her gun "My boys are on their way to this elevator right now. We cut the power to the block." She throws her hand into the air "What in gods name is that tapping?!"

You shrug "Couldn't tell you."

A scraping sound comes from the left wall of the elevator. It's followed by a low growling noise.

Debbie moves closer to you "That is not my boys!"

You nod "It's not."

Debbie points the gun at you again "Then what is it?!"

You rub your belly "Easy, it's my Bambino."

Debbie waves the gun again "What is a bambino?"

You roll your eyes as a scraping sound starts from the wall "It means child in Italian."

Debbie in her rage shoots the floor "You better start making sense right now!"

You shriek in alarm as the bullet ricochets off the floor. The scrape turns into a pounding and an eggplant arm burst through the wall. Eclipse looks through the hole and growls.

Debbie turns around "Ipse! My beloved! Are you proud of me?"

You shake slightly and clutch your stomach "She shot at me!"

Debbie turns around "Shut up!"

Eclipse tears the wall open more with his bare hands "Darling!"

Debbie holds her arms open "I did it for you! Became powerful for you! We can get married now! We can raise this baby as ours. Be a family!"

Eclipse leans into the elevator looking distraught "Debbie. Come to me."

Debbie walks up to him with a fond smile "Kiss me, my love."

Eclipse takes her by the shoulders "Tell me. Do you remember why we broke up?"

Debbie sighs "You said you weren't happy with our sex life. I forgive you for that." Eclipse tightens his grip and she squeaks in pain "Ipse? You're hurting me."

Eclipse tilts his head "Do you know what you have done here?"

Debbie squirms in his grip "I proved my love."

Eclipse keeps tilting his head slowly spinning it upside down "You shot at my fiance and the love of my life."

Debbie screams as a snapping sound comes from her shoulders "But I love you! Please! Stop!"

Eclipse pulls her shoulders in opposite directions and lowly asks in a calm tone "Tell me, dear. Death or disfiguration."

You look up at him "Death. But please, not messy."

Eclipse takes Debbie by the throat "Come here, darling."

You slowly stand up and make your way across the room.

Debbie sobs out a croaky "Why not me?"

You turn to her "Because you don't know how to love him."

Eclipse ends her and drops her to the floor. He takes you into his lower set of arms as quiet sobs wrack his form. Eclipse takes the three of you out of the elevator shaft and into underground parking. Four goons are waiting just outside the doors.

Goon one takes his hat off "She ok boss?"

Eclipse nods "She's fine. Just shaken up. There is a body in the elevator. It's Don Bloodmire. Please take care of it. I'm taking her home. Do the same when you are done. Lenny?"

Lenny, a portly Canadian fellow, nods "Yes boss?"

Eclipse pulls you into his upper arms "Up security for the wedding."

Lenny nods as Eclipse heads to his SUV. The sheer panic when you pressed the button had him speeding through the streets and backroads. Parking in underground parking he spotted several armed men. Upon spotting him they panicked. He managed to keep one of them alive for questions. They told him everything he needed. He was so so happy to have you again. You were not allowed to go anywhere alone ever again. A minimum of three guards or himself would be with you at all times. He would not risk your life again.

Chapter Text

Your wedding is two weeks away. After the scare, yesterday Eclipse insisted he go to your next meeting. Your team had found something juicy on that rat's phone. And so you found yourself pulling into your workshop. Chowing down on the most iron-rich food your stomach would allow.

Deep in your workshop was a very nice room for meetings. It has four lazy boy recliners, a plush couch, and a love seat. A coffee table in the middle. A kitchen along one wall with a large fridge. Beyond a door closest to the fridge is a room with very soft extra-long twin beds. It also has a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. Basically, it's a swanky apartment. Only the best for your team.

Eclipse helps you out of the SUV "Radiant as ever."

You chuckle "What a charmer!"

Your tech person Ginger greeted you with a fond smile, her thick Hungarian accent coming out in her excitement "Oh you look so beautiful!"

You take her hands "Thank you! How are your frogs?"

Ginger beams at you "Pogo and Lace had babies!"

You squeal "Oh I'm so happy for you!"

Ginger looks at the two of you and adjusts her large square glasses on her face "Follow me. We can talk in the apartment."

Eclipse takes your hand. The two of you follow Ginger, You can tell Eclipse is very rattled about yesterday. You are too if you're being honest with yourself. Sure you've been in firefights but you have more than just yourself to think about now. You have a son now. No matter what path in life they choose.

You sit down on the loveseat with Eclipse "Can I have water please?"

Ginger walks to the fridge "Anything for you Sir?"

Eclipse shakes his head "I'm alright. So, what did you learn?"

Ginger hands you a bottle of water and sits down with an apple in her hand "So the Bloodmire gang. The leader is Lou Bloodmire. He married Debbie Jellinsky. Apparently, she is the one who started the campaign to kill the two of you."

You nod "I learned that yesterday when she tried to take Eclipse and my unborn baby."

Ginger chuckles darkly "So I heard. Your man over there did quite a number on her. Well, we learned she's quite the charmer in her gang. Despite Lou being the Don she duped him into giving her power. She used that to get a group of 'assassins' to murder you two." Ginger takes a bite of her apple and swallows "She had planned to have that Franco guy poison all the food at the wedding."

Eclipse laughs "There is no way that would have worked! The caterers we are using have a hand-selected team! Security is too high for anyone to have any hopes of crashing the wedding."

You sip your water "Not to mention the dummy wedding information we leaked."

Ginger takes another bite "Exactly. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they walk into a BDSM party."

Eclipse laughs "And whose idea was the BDSM party?"

Ginger grins "That would be mine. I have already instructed the others to bring in the rest of the conspirators."

You smile "Good. How many are there?"

Ginger stands up to throw the apple core away "Six people. Less than we expected. I know your wedding is in two weeks. Do you want to be part of the interrogation? We just got the new Hand Plane in."

You shiver in delight "While that does sound fun I have to decline."

Eclipse tilts his head at you "What is a Hand Plane?"

You rub his thigh "It's a woodworking tool used to shave thin layers of wood. We plan on using it for more... creative things."

You can see his cock twitch in his pants "MMmm the things you do to me, darling."

You look back over at Ginger "Is that all?"

She nods "Yes. Are we still on to game later?"

You nod "You bet!" You slowly rise "We have a meeting with our wedding planner today. Just to make sure, do you still plan on live streaming the wedding?"

Ginger nods "I do. thank you for understanding."

Eclipse helps you up "Y/n speaks very highly of you. You have helped out a lot. More than I know so it is no trouble really."

"What are your plans for tonight?" You ask as Eclipse starts the SUV.

Eclipse hums "I thought we could get takeout and watch a movie, Why?"

You grin "Good. I'm thinking about fucking you in a mating press."

Eclipse pats your thigh "Awe do you want me to breed you?"

You shake your head "You misunderstand. I want to put YOU into a mating press and fuck YOU."

Eclipse lifts his hand from your thigh slightly "What?! You..." He lets out a needy whine "Please? Darling, please! That sounds so good!"

You smile and rub his thigh "That's why I want to do it. Can we get Chinese? Or Japanese would be nice too. I just want Asian food."

Eclipse wiggles his cock closer to your hand "Yes!"

You brush your finger against the tip "Awe, are you horny in the car? Do you need me to touch you?"

Eclipse nods "Please darling."

You brush your hand up and down his cock with a feather-light touch "Alright."

Eclipse lets out a happy sigh "Can we make love later too?"

You blush brightly "I would love that."

Eclipse comes to a stop at a red light and takes the chance to kiss your cheek "I love you."

You kiss him on his cheek back "I love you too."

Eclipse's cock writhes in his tight tan suit pants. You run your hand up and down his length. Eclipse moans as he keeps his focus on driving to the wedding planner.

At the next red light, he gives you a pleading look "Please Darling! Can we take my cock out?"

You shake your head "You know the rules. It's daytime and we are on busy streets."

Eclipse whines loudly as you add more pressure and pick up your speed. You know the wedding planner is roughly twenty minutes away from you and you need to see him in forty minutes.

Eclipse takes a breath and asks "Are you going to let me cum?"

You nod "Find a place to hide the car. I have a plan."

Eclipse finds a secluded spot in five minutes. The two of you climb into the back. You make a turn-around motion with your hand. You pull his pants down and take his cock in your hand. With no warning, you lick his asshole to wet it. He lets out a surprised moan.

You take his cock and bend it down to his asshole "Hope you're ready."

You stuff his cock into his ass and begin to make him fuck himself. Eclipse falls onto his elbows giving you better access to his ass and cock. You kiss his ass cheeks lovingly. Eclipse whines and lets out a strangled moan. You watch as his balls tighten and he cries out into his arm to stifle the noise. His cock twitches and he cums inside himself.

You rub his butt "Do you need me to drive?"

Eclipse mutters "So much..."

You look around for something to clean him up with while holding a hand on his cock to keep it inside. Eclipse whines and you soothe him gently "I know. But I can't let your cock out yet until I have something to clean you with. I don't want to ruin your suit."

You pick up a random cloth and turn back to him. Gently you pull his cock out and wipe him down. You move into the driver's seat and start the car. Eclipse stays in the back until you get to the wedding planner's place.

Chapter Text

Eclipse sits up as you stop the car "You good back there Eclipse?"

He shudders as you say his name "Careful darling. We might miss our appointment."

You chuckle "Because I said your name?"

He glares at you "No. Because you fucked me so good and said my name."

You spin around and rest your chin on your arm "You look good in that pose, One leg bent with your head resting on it and the other outstretched."

Eclipse blushes "Thank you, darling. I'm ready to go inside."

You point at his legs "Your legs work fine? I know sometimes they go all jello."

Eclipse hums before climbing out of the back of the SUV "A little jello-like."

You lock the SUV as you get out "Stay there. I'll help you." You move around the vehicle holding your arm out as you approach Eclipse "We go together Doktor!"

Eclipse takes your arm "Team something 2?"

You chuckle as the two of you head inside "Team Fortress 2."

A portly woman smiles behind a reception desk "Please give me a moment and I'll let Christoff know you are here. Please feel free to take a seat."

Eclipse rubs your shoulders while you wait "When is your next ultrasound?"

You hum in pleasure "About a week after the wedding. Mmng that's nice. Thought you already knew that."

Eclipse rubs your spine next just how you like it "I did. I just like hearing it."

You nod "Uh-hu. Sure that's it."

"You can go see Christoff now." The receptionist states glancing up from her computer.

Eclipse puts his hand on your lower back and guides you gently "Thank you."

Christoff is an elderly gentleman with grey hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. Today he has on black slacks and a lavender Hawaiian-style shirt with multi-colored flamingos on it. He has on brown comfortable-looking shoes. No socks though. He's standing in front of a large desk covered neatly in papers.

He turns as you enter the room "Ah! Good to see you. I just need to confirm a few things with you today and then you can be on your way."

You nod "Sure! What do you need?"

Christoff picked up a piece of paper "Is 200 correct for the guest list?"

Eclipse nods "Yes. You should have the RSVPs tomorrow with all the food choices."

Christoff nods "I have the open bar finished all I need from you Mr.Eclipse is the wine selection. Then we need to confirm flowers and the song for the first dance."

Eclipse writes down his wine selections "The first dance will be to Celldweller's heart on."

You tilt your head "I'm not familiar with that song. I thought we were dancing to Atom Bomb."

Eclipse kisses the top of your head "Trust me, darling. This is better."

You nod "Alright. I'll trust you."

Eclipse pats your head "Good girl."

You look at the flower list "Looks great! Just what we wanted. Is that all?"

Christoff nods "That was it."

Eclipse holds his hand out "Thank you for not calling us."

Christoff shakes his hand "I pride myself on professionalism. If in-person meetings are what you want, then that's what you'll get."

As you head back to the SUV you nudge eclipse "You good to drive Bambino?"

Eclipse nods and holds his hand out for the keys "We have one more stop today before we can head home."

You hand him the keys watching his hips as he walks to the driver's seat "Where are we headed?"

"My tux is ready. We are going to pick it up today." Eclipse says watching you buckle up. His eyes land on your stomach and he rubs your stomach fondly "I hope he has your eyes."

You put your hand over his "I hope he has your nose."

Eclipse starts the car "My nose? But it's so long and pointy?"

You nod "I think it's cute!

Eclipse blushes and drives to the best Asian food in town. You sit in the passenger's seat and rock hard to the radio. This is a moment Eclipse loves. When you let loose and be you. It's why he gets so hot and bothered when he gets to watch you work. So in your element. completely relaxed. His wild woman. One he could not tame. Not that he wants to.

"Can you call ahead and put the order in darling? You know what I like." Eclipse asks.

You nod "Yes! No problem."

You call the restaurant and place an order for pickup. It doesn't take long for you to get your order. Eclipse glances at you every now and then as you happily wiggle in your chair. Excited to have your precious Asian food in your lap.

Without looking up you smoothly state "Tonight is going to be a great night. We get tasty food, a good movie, and I get to fuck that sweet cock of yours. Don't think I forgot."

Eclipse shivers "Care to cock warm while we watch that movie?"

You let out a shiver of your own "Well. It did feel very cold when I held it earlier."

Eclipse grins a toothy smile "You do have the perfect place to warm it."

You put a hand on his upper arm "It would be an honor to keep your cock warm tonight."

Chapter Text

The two of you pulled into the driveway. Security was going through a change of guard from the day shift to the night shift. You waved politely to the guard as you went inside. You felt it was best to treat every underling with kindness. However, if they fucked up bad enough then it was a trip to your workplace for them. Usually, it was to watch you work as a warning. Other times they were the ones strapped to your chair learning the hard lesson.

Eclipse held the door open for you "What movie would you like to watch?"

You hum "Oh! I know the one. It's a good one!"

Eclipse locks the door behind him "The home theater or the living room?"

You move the bag of food from one hand to the other "Considering the cock warming... The living room might be best. The theater doesn't have anywhere to put the food down."

Eclipse smiles at you "We could put the food down in one of the other chairs."

You nod "Alright. Works for me. Go set up the movie and I'll get chopsticks and drinks. What drink do you want?"

Eclipse takes the food from you "Pepsi please."

You nod and head to the kitchen. Holding the metal chopsticks in your hands is giving you some ideas. The kind of ideas that could easily take things down a very different path. You take an extra pair with you. You also take two Pepsi's and water with you.

As you enter the theater you spot Eclipse bent over fiddling with cords "Great show. I could watch this every day." You set the drinks and chopsticks down and walk up behind him "Anyway I can help you?"

Eclipse wiggles his butt gently "No. Go ahead and set up food though."

You put a hand on his ass and pat it lightly "Alright. Would you like me to get naked?"

"Ahha!" Eclipse sits up "Yes. I'll do the same. I just had to fix some loose plugs."

You take your clothes off "Is the movie set up? I assume not."

Eclipse watches your every move "... Oh uh... no."

You push your breasts up with your arms "See something you like?"

Eclipse nods taking a few steps closer to you "Mhm."

You squeeze them gently making a few drops of milk seep out "Thirsty?" Eclipse nods with a whine while you turn the projector on "Then get undressed and sit down handsome."

You pull the movie up from your library. You turn to Eclipse who is sitting in the chair opening drinks and arranging food. His cock sits hard and heavy against his stomach. It's always quite the sight to see all four of his arms working in tandem to get things ready.

Eclipse glances up at you "Something wrong?"

You shake your head "No, I'm admiring you." You walk up to him and brush your hands over his rays "You are incredible." You climb into his lap "I am so in love with everything about you." You kiss him gently on the lips "Remember how we first met?"

Eclipse hums kissing you back "That dark lonely park. I remember hiding out in the slide. Rainwater pouring down."

You hold a breast in front of him "The Jackknife gang trying to kill us."

Eclipse chuckles as he takes your nipple into his mouth "I didn't even know you then. Just a stranger in the night hiding out with me in an old playground slide."

You tilt your head "What made you chase after me? After that night I mean."

Eclipse begins to suck "It was watching you deftly remove the meat from the hand of the guy who stabbed you."

You rub his shoulders lovingly "We were just a low-level and a mid-level criminal back then. Hard to believe that was almost seven years ago."

Eclipse pulls you closer "If it weren't for you I wouldn't be where I am right now. You could have become the Don yourself. Why didn't you?"

You kiss the top of his head "Because I wanted you to achieve greatness. I don't care for the spotlight much. Not my thing. But you? You thrived in it."

Eclipse nuzzles his face into your chest "How did I end up with someone so perfect? An unwanted pile of scrap from an old shity company. I should have been left in the scrap pile."

You pull your breast out of his mouth "None of that now! You are so much more than your past. Besides, I think we both made out like bandits in this situation."

Eclipse nods and spins you around "You're right. We have come so far because of each other." He settles you to rest with his cock between your legs resting on your stomach "Let's get this night started hm?"

Chapter Text

You press play on the remote and start the movie.

Eclipse hands you your food and chopsticks "Darling?"

You take a big bite of food "Mhmh?"

Eclipse holds up the extra chopsticks "Why are there extra chopsticks?"

"MMM!" You swallow and take a sip of your drink "I'll show you after we eat. I do have a plan for those though."

Eclipse swallows his bite "Give me a hint?"

You put a finger on your chin "Hm.... well... ok! Putting new lead into a mechanical pencil. That's all you get."

Eclipse sets his drink down "Lead into a pencil? I don't get it."

You chuckle "Well I just finished eating so you'll learn soon enough."

Eclipse takes a bite way too big for himself and swallows slowly "So fis es somfi yo ee mu-" He finishes swallowing "So this is something you need my cock for?"

You nod "Yes, now finish eating."

Eclipse debates setting his food aside and calling it finished. However, he was painfully aware he needed the food. This time however he ate at a safer pace.

When he set his empty container down you gently grabbed his cock "Are you ready?" You giggle at the movie and pick up a chopstick.

Eclipse pinches one of your nipples "I'm ready."

You spit on the tip of his cock and lube up the chopstick with spit. Slowly and carefully you slide it into his cock. Bit by bit adding more spit. You kind of regret not grabbing the lube.

"Allow me, darling." Eclipse opens his chest plate as you lean forward. You take the chopstick out of his cock. About two tablespoons of cum dribbles out of his cock.

He closes his chest and you lean back "Thank you."

He kisses your shoulder "Of course. Anything for you, fiance."

You shiver as you coat the chopstick in cum "I love the sound of that. Nowhere near as much as I'll like being called wife though. My sweet bambino fiance."

Eclipse shudders as you slowly slide the metal chopstick into his urethra. Eclipse moans at the feeling. His cock tries to wiggle out of your hand to take more of the chopstick into his cock. His hands tightly grip the arms of the black leather recliner you are in. He pops the footrest up and leans back slightly.

Eclipse's cock takes the chopsticks six inches deep. He leans forward and wraps his arms around your waist leaning his face onto the back of your head. Hot air fanning onto the back of your head. A low rumble comes from his chest as more cum spills from his cock. His hands rub your hips.

You slowly push the chopstick all the way into his cock and watch it slowly slip out "Can I cock warm you now?"

Eclipse picks you up by the waist. The two hands that were gripping the armrest line his cock up with your pussy.

Gently he lowers you down onto his cock "Good god darling! Look at how well you are taking me! How much longer is the movie?"

You moan and pick up the remote "Forty minutes."

Eclipse pets your hair "Can you last that long?"

You chuckle and flex your cunt around his cock "Can you??"

Eclipse jumps slightly "When did you learn that?!"

You look up at him with a cheeky smirk "About three months. Been saving it for a special day."

Eclipse kisses the tip of your nose "And what is so special about today?"

You lean into the kiss "Every day with you is a special day."

There is a pause before Eclipse holds you tighter "Darling!" He pulls you off of his cock and spins you around "I crave you." He pulls you back down onto his cock "I know you had a plan but I desire you."

He holds you with two hands on your waist and two on your thighs. However, he is a smart man and does not move you yet.

You think it over "Alright. For now."

Eclipse pulls you up and down his cock like a human fleshlight. As he pulls you down his cock shoots up to meet your cunt. The slap of your bodies together fills the room mixing with the movie noise. his tongue lolls out of his mouth. Your slick coats his cock. You reach behind you and grab his balls. Eclipse groans lowly as you massage them and roll them around in your hand.

"Just because" You moan loudly "We are doing this. MNG! Does no0t mean I won't. Oh, fuck so good! Do what I want with yoU!" You warn Eclipse.

Eclipse slows his movements taking your words in "Then I have to fuck you good enough then."

He doubles his efforts. The hands on your hips move. One pinches your nipples and the other rubs your clit in firm circles. Your back arches with a moan. Eclipse grinds his cock up into you and leans forward. His hand lifts your breast up and he takes your nipple into his mouth. His cock pistons into you. He sucks on your nipple drinking his fill of you.

Every moan he lets out turns you on more. You grind your hips in circles. Your hands grip his rays firmly and tug. Eclipse growls as his balls tighten. His cock throbs inside you and cums hard. Wave after wave of cum fills you up. However, you aren't done with him yet.

His hands loosen their grip on you as he comes down from his high. You climb out of his lap. He doesn't stop you, A good sign that he will let you move him how you please. Carefully you maneuver him to lie down on the floor. Eclipse complies curious as to what you are doing.

You give him a wicked grin and take his ankles in your hands. Gingerly you push them to rest on either side of his head. Pulling the Don into a mating press. Reaching down you take his cock in your hand. It curls around your fingers seeking you out. You pull it to your needy cunt and it slides inside. You settle yourself on top of him with his thighs in your hands. You fuck yourself on his cock. Riding him like your life depends on it.

Eclipse takes his ankles in his hands "Fuck darling so good! Please! HArder! Please!"

You nod "Alright!"

You slow your pace to fuck him harder. The sting from the slap of your ass on his adds to the pleasure. You throw your head back in ecstasy.

Eclipse drools at the sight of you "Pretty."

His wild woman fucking him so good chasing her end. God does he need to feel you cum on him. When you pick up the pace slamming down harder on him he cries out. His cock curls and writhes inside you. pressing into every spot inside you that makes you see stars. Your body tingles and warms. Your muscles tighten as you cry loudly. Black spots fill your vision. You lose your grip on Eclipse.

He shoots forward and catches you before you hit the ground. Eclipse brushes the hair out of your eyes. Next time he's taking care of you. The empty food containers are fine where they are. Right now he needs to put you to bed. Before leaving the room he turns everything off.

Eclipse pulls you close to his chest as he makes his way upstairs. Shielding your naked form from the chill of the house. One of the benefits of having four arms is his ability to both hold you and pull the blankets down. He hates leaving you in bed alone but he needs to get a warm cloth to clean you with.

As he spreads your legs he can't help but watch his cum seep out of you. Using the cloth he pushes as much as he can back inside of you. Quick as he can he turns the lights off tossing the cloth to a corner of the room. His arms wrap around you from behind and he pushes his cock back inside you to sleep for the night. Blankets pulled snugly around you two.

Chapter Text

Eclipse was made before Sun and Moon. Originally he had two arms not four. His colors were burnt orange and eggplant. He was the original daycare attendant.

The kids were too much for him to handle by himself. He was also too aggressive towards parents. After an unauthorized adult tried to take a kid. Eclipse almost tore his arm off. The company decided to scrap him. Instead, they shut him down and sent him to the trash pile.

Sun and Moon took his place. They knew nothing about Eclipse. Eclipse didn't know about them either. He was supposed to find out when he was fully implemented. A few years later Eclipse was upgraded into security.

Thus he got his four arms and eight foot stature. He was painfully aware of what the company did to him. So he played the long con. The company trained him underground in his new position. Before he could be fully implemented animatronics got their freedom.

His first job as a free bot was security for a mall. They did not treat him very well. One day he got into a bar fight with two other bots for cash. Some gang banger from his current gang recruited him for low level jobs. He worked his way up to Caporegime.

After he met you, you helped him become Don. Leaving a trail of blood behind you. It was Eclipse who struck the fatal blow to the former Don and took his place.

Chapter Text

Today is the wedding rehearsal. Since you had gotten pregnant Eclipse was insatiable. Stating he wanted to thoroughly fuck you before the baby came since he couldn't while you recovered. Silly man! You had a plan for that. One that would arrive at the house while you were on your honeymoon.

Once again you woke up to Eclipse balls deep inside you. This time however he was dead asleep. All the possibilities flooded your mind. Today might be stressful. It would be the wifely thing to do. Giving your man serotonins. And you know just how to do that. Eclipse's cock being the prehensile tentacle it is makes it easy to manipulate.

You hike one leg up and take the base of his cock in your hand gently. Slowly, so you don't wake him, you thrust his cock inside you. Nice and slow. Your cunt still dripping from the night before. His cock fits nicely. It's a struggle not to moan. Slick slowly coats your hand as you use Eclipse.

Eclipse sighs dreamily in his sleep. His cock takes over for your hand. It thrusts at the same slow pace you set. You keep your hand on it wanting to feel it disappear into your needy hole. Eclipse snores behind you. It's painfully obvious he's still asleep. His fingers gently grip your hip like a cat. Kneading it gently.

His cock picks up the pace and he grumbles in his sleep "Hmmm lie that. esssssss."

You bite your tongue to keep from laughing. The languid way Eclipse's cock fucks into you slowly brings you to the edge. Your hands tightly grip the bedsheets. Eclipse pulls you closer to him in his sleep. His hips begin to thrust gently. To you this moment is magic. He is fucking you so good even though he is asleep. Mumbling your name under his breath.

You are about to cum. Your walls begin to flutter around his cock. The muscles in your abdomen tighten around his cock like a vice grip. Finally, you cum hard unable to keep quiet. Your loud moan wakes Eclipse up. Your pussy trying to milk him dry sends him over the edge.

He cums with a loud "OUCOMSY!"

You chuckle as you come down from your high "Bambino you can't say four words at once."

Eclipse smacks his lips lightly "Whu time is it?"

You rub his hand and look at the clock "It's 8am."

Eclipse scoots down the bed to your belly. Flipping you over to face him. He rubs your belly "Gmornin son." He kisses your stomach "I can't wait to get to hold you. After your mom of course. I need to see that first. I just know she's going to look gorgeous!" He studies your stomach for a moment "Pretty soon you'll be moving around in there." He nuzzles his face into your stomach.

"Do you know what today is?" You ask softly.

Eclipse pauses before looking up at you "The rehearsal!" He sits up knocking the blankets to the floor "Oh! I am so excited! We are getting married tomorrow!" He lets out a girlie squeal flapping all of his hands.

You watch amused "Let's get dressed and eat. We need to be at the Chapple at eleven."

Eclipse crawls up your body caging you in with all six of his limbs "How about you run a bath while I get breakfast ready? We can eat fresh fruits and yogurt in the tub together." He licks the tip of your nose and nips your chin before sauntering naked out of the room.

You dart into the bathroom and start to fill the large soaker tub. Excited energy bubbling inside you. Husband and Wife! One more day and you get to marry Eclipse! Speaking of the man he comes back with a bowl of fruit and yogurt along with juice for the two of you. The tub is half full and you are sitting on its edge.

Eclipse sets the bowl down on a safe spot on the tub's edge "Facing each other or sitting in my lap?"

You think for a moment "Facing each other!"

You climb into the tub followed by Eclipse. He holds the bowl out to you and you take a piece of your favorite fruit. Eclipse rubs your foot with his other two hands.

You let out a low groan "I am convinced you are made out of magic."

Eclipse chuckles "Magic? I don't know about that. Could you pass me the brush?"

You pick the brush for cleaning Eclipse's joints with "Do you want me to get your backside?"

Eclipse nods and turns around. Gently you scrub every joint and bit of him you can reach. He leans into your touch wiggling his shoulders. When he turns around and takes the brush you start to wet your hair. Old Spice. Your go-to shampoo and conditioner. Eclipse plays with the soap suds. He makes you a fine mustache and beard combo.

You giggle at his antics before rinsing your hair. The two of you finish your bath together and get ready for the day.

Chapter Text

You and Eclipse are beaming with excitement the closer you get to the venue. It won't be dolled up completely yet but that makes it no less special. The wedding will be held at a swanky old hotel with the reception in the same building. Your first married night together will be back at the house. While not super glamorous you had to be up early for a flight and the house is closer to the hangar.

"Gorgeous." You mutter quietly as Eclipse pulls into the parking lot.

Like the gentleman he is, Eclipse opens your door for you "We really did pick a great place to get married. I can't wait to see what our room will look like!"

You nod and hold the front door open for the two of you. Inside looks like it crawled out of the 1920s with a few modern things like certain light fixtures, door locks, and computers. It fits in well with the 1920 theme you chose for the wedding. Eclipse wanted to feel like an old-school mob boss. Who were you to deny him that?

You were greeted in the lobby by Christoff. He has on a dark blue and yellow pin-strip suit and a homburg hat "Hello! You my dear are glowing with radiance! Pregnancy looks good on you."

Eclipse puts a hand around your waist "I'd have to agree. I'll definitely see about getting you pregnant again! No any time soon though."

You blush "Oh gosh. Thank you."

Christoff grins "Follow me. Most of the venue is set up. I wanted it to look nice for the rehearsal."

You lean into Eclipse "Thank you!"

Christoff leads you down a hall "Everyone is here except the one bridesmaid who cleared this with you already."

Eclipse pauses outside the door to the ceremony room "Ready to face your parents?"

You take a deep breath "Nope. Let's go inside."

Christoff opens the door for the two of you. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are chatting together. Across the room standing at the altar are your parents. Your mother stalks right up to you.

She glares daggers at Eclipse "Are you REALLY going to do this? He's a banker for gods sakes!"

You sigh "Yes mother I am."

She waves an arm at him "HE MADE you be a stay at home wife! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A DOCTOR! You still can be if you dropped the dead weight." You huff and open your mouth to tell her off but she cuts you off "Good god look how fat you got! Would it kill you to take care of yourself? I told you he was no good when you introduced us. Right, Harold?"

You huff "I'm happy staying at home! Eclipse treats me well! And I'm not fat."

Eclipse beams with pride and rubs your belly as your father walks over "We are expecting a boy!"

Your mother goes pale "He what?"

You growl "If you faint you are out of the wedding!"

Your father purses his lips "You already won't let me walk you down the aisle! Now you are uninviting your own mother?"

You roll your eyes "If all she's going to do is insult my husband then yes. Also, you know what you did."

Your father crosses his arms "When are you going to forgive me for that?"

You stomp a foot "No! You tried to marry me off to your 90 year old boss!"

Eclipse startles "What?! He was 90?!"

Your father points a finger in Eclipse's face "You are almost 70!"

Eclipse continues to rub your stomach "I'm also an animatronic."

Your mother sighs "You'll outlive her!"

Eclipse shrugs "I plan to shut myself down and join her in her grave."

Your mother's face turns red and she storms off.

Your father takes off after her "Beatrice!"

You slap a hand over your face "I'm considering uninviting them a lot more now."

Eclipse rubs your shoulder "This is our day. If you want to do it then do it."

Chapter Text

You take a breath and do a calm-down motion with your hands "No no. We stick to the plan."

Eclipse chuckles "Alright. Let me know if you change your mind."

The officiant, an animatronic dove named Artie, starts the rehearsal "Alright Eclipse will stand here." He points to the right side of the altar "And your groomsmen here."

Eclipse and his three groomsmen fall into place. His groomsmen are a human male named Nitty who you have met a few times but aren't friends with. An animatronic grasshopper named Jimminy who used to work for a certain mouse in red pants. And an animatronic clock named Kello who repaired Eclipse when he almost died.

Artie the officiant points to the entrance "When the music starts the flower girl will come down the aisle first. Then your three bridesmaids. And lastly, you will come in. Your most special person at your side."

Your bridesmaids are a girl named Tiff who is best friends with ginger, she'll be streaming the wedding for her. A woman named Connie who is married to Kello, you two chat books together. And your most special person as the maid of honor.

You bite your lip nervously "It's... not a problem I'm not walking with my father?"

Artie shakes its head "No. That is a thing of yesteryear."

Eclipse lets out a "Told you!"

You turn your head to him "Shush you!"

A few people chuckle. Your mother mumbles under her breath. You chose to ignore her right now.

The officiant continues looking at you "When you take your place I'll give you and Eclipse a moment to make googly eyes at each other. Then I'll start the ceremony. The dearly beloved, vows, and then I do." Artie looks down at a list of notes "You wanted to throw your bouquet in the lobby?"

You nod "Yes I did."

Artie nods "Right! The flower toss happens and then the reception. You and Eclipse will get five minutes to yourself then you enter the reception hall. Any questions? ... Alright. Get some good sleep tonight and I'll see you tomorrow!"

Eclipse takes you by the arm linking them together "Alright everyone! We'll meet you at the restaurant tonight, For now, we have important business to attend to."

The two of you quickly walk out of the room. Your next task is super important. It's a special gift for your parents. The task takes you all day but it will be worth it.

At six pm the two of you head over to the restaurant. A nice steak house. Baby wants beef and Eclipse wants you happy. Eclipse holds the door open for you. Inside it smells amazing! The smell of garlic, onions, beef, and fresh bread fills your nose. Your mouth waters and the craving for Iron intensifies as the waitress leads you to your private room.

Your mother and father aren't there yet but other family members of yours are. You are greeted by happy aunts, uncles, and cousins. All congratulating you. You are pulled aside by three of your twenty-something cousins. Ashly, Marco, and Pat. Eclipse mingles with other guests.

Ashly puts a hand on her cheek "How did you catch such a guy!? He's handsome and rich!"

Marco flaps his hands "Did you see how strong he looks? Four arms! Wow!"

Pat tilts their head "Does he have a penis?"

You laugh loudly "Oh my god! Yes, he does. I am pregnant with his baby."

Ashly shrieks "PREGNANT!?"

You nod "It's a boy."

The group Eclipse is standing with praises the bot. Your uncle Lary slaps him on the back. You are glad your mom isn't here. She would be crying in a corner. The females, and those more interested in talking to you, of the group flock around you asking many many questions. The rest gather around Eclipse. Soon your parents arrive.

You greet your mother "Mother. Father. Good of you to come."

Aunt Bertha blurts out "How's it feel to be a grandmother?"

Your mother growls before forcing a smile "Always good to add more to the family. I can't wait to smother them! All the love in the world!"

You... don't like her words. There is something off about them. Stick to the plan. The plan will work. Your mother puts an awkward arm around you and squeezes your arm "They grow up so fast!"

Your father slaps Eclipse on the back hard "Glad to have you join the family. Can't wait to see what you'll do."

Everyone sits down to order food. The options are chicken, beef, pasta, and a veggie dish. You get a big steak cooked super rare. Eclipse goes for the chicken. Your parents sit down at the table with you, Eclipse, your aunt Bertha and uncle Lary, and Connie and Kello.

Uncle Lary slaps a hand on your father's shoulder "It's so good Harold and Beatrice are paying for your wedding!"

You calmly set your fork down "They aren't."

Aunt Bertha tilts her head "That's not what we were told."

Eclipse puts a hand on your thigh and you shake your head "I'm not surprised. Eclipse and I are paying for everything. Every last thing."

Your father pushes food around his plate. The rest of the dinner is slightly awkward. You and Eclipse however can't be bothered to care. Not your fault your DNA donors made fools of themselves.

When you and Eclipse were finished eating Eclipse stood up "My lovely bride and I are leaving for the night. We will see you tomorrow. I will be paying for everything including dessert. Any drinks from this point on are paid for by you. Have a great night!" Most people were done drinking. Your mom was hammered and asking for more.

You rose from your seat and left the restaurant with Eclipse. He drove the two of you back to the hotel. The two of you had booked the largest room on the third floor. It has a California king size bed, a dresser, a table, and a large bathroom with a tub and separate shower.

After getting ready for bed the two of you curl up together. Eclipse has protective arms around you. You hold onto him tightly. The two of you had decided not to make love tonight. Your plan was set in motion and soon Eclipse would no longer be just Eclipse. He would take your last name. Something that pissed your father off and excited the bot. He never had a last name before! You were happy to see how well the rest of your family took to him. He already had plans to play poker with your uncle. Tomorrow will bring good and exciting things.

Chapter Text

The next morning you wake up to Eclipse slipping a pair of sweatpants onto you "Clippy?"

He smiles at you kissing your forehead "Good morning love. Arms up!"

You raise your arms and he slips a comfortable shirt over your head "Time?"

Eclipse puts slip-on shoes onto your feet "It's eight. Soon as you are dressed I'll carry you to the bridal suite to get dressed. Just like you asked doughnuts are waiting for you in the room."

You hum as you wake up more "Decaf coffee?"

Eclipse nods "Our bags are ready to go at the house and your surprise for your parents is set up in the reception hall."

You stretch your body popping your back "Good. Let's get married then. After the ceremony, we make our escape!"

Eclipse picks you up "Together!"

You lean into his chest "Together."

True to his word Eclipse picks you up into his upper arms and heads downstairs. In the lobby your Maid of honor and your mother greet you.

Your mother scowls "Why is he carrying you?"

You yawn "Just woke up. Had a busy night banging like wild beasts."

She scoffs and storms off down the hall.

Your MOH best friend laughs "Are we still doing the plan?"

You nod "The video is all set up." You look around "When the ceremony is over Eclipse and I will leave. Then the video showing how bad my parents really are and cutting them out of my life will play when we are supposed to walk in." Another glance around "Everyone who is supposed to know has been informed."

MOH smiles fondly "I'm proud of you. You have a great job with a great guy and you're cutting toxic people out of your life."

The three of you head to the bridal suite. Inside are your other two bridesmaids, aunt Bertha's daughter Sara the flower girl, and your seething mother. Eclipse sets you down and leaves.

You lean out the door and wave him off "See you soon Bambino!"

Your mom huffs "You still call him a child?"

You nod as you pick up a doughnut "Yeah! He loooves it. My sweet little bambino." You pull your dress out of the closet in the room "The makeup artist and hairdresser will be here soon."

Your mom sips her mimosa "Will you actually wear makeup?"

You shake your head "A little. I was thinking lipstick and eye shadow maybe."

You and your girls chat about the wedding and how excited you are to be married. Your plan is hinted at but never mentioned fully. Your hair is done to perfection and your makeup is spot on. Once you have the dress on it finally feels real. Your eyes swell with tears.

Your super special Maid Of Honor takes you by the arm "Time to go." She hands you your bouquet "Ready to go?"

You take a deep breath "I'm ready but I think I might cry."

Your mom hands you a tissue "Don't cry you'll ruin your makeup. What little you have on."

Tiff and Connie walk in front of you. At the door leading into the ceremony, you are greeted by the groomsmen. Your mother walks into the ceremony room and takes her seat up front. Tiff pairs up with Jimminy and Connie with Kello. Pachelbel's Canon in D starts to play. The flower girl Sara walks through the door throwing big handfuls of flower petals on the floor. Tiff goes first with Jimminy. Followed closely by Connie and Kello. Then it's you and your special person MOH.

The doors open and you can see Eclipse. He's barely holding it together. When his eyes land on you he wails loudly and drops to his knees sobbing. He's pointing at you and muttering something incoherent at you. It's a fight not to run to him and comfort the poor bot. You wipe your eyes with the tissue. You almost atumble but MOH catches you.

"Who gives this beautiful bride away?" Asks Artie.

MOH Smiles brightly "I do! Her best friend. You'll do fine. I promise."

You nod and move to stand across from Eclipse "I... I can't let you sit like that! C'mere"

You open your arms and Eclipse crawls to you. He wraps all of his arms around you and cries on your shoulder. He garbles something about you being pretty as his shoulders shake.

Your father loudly states "This is not how a wedding is done! What kind of man cries like that?"

Aunt Bertha smacks the back of his head "Shut up. Or do you need your big sister to make you?"

The ceremony continues. The entire time Eclipse sobs loudly clutching you tightly. You dry his tears going through four tissues altogether. Soon it's time for the vows.

You rub his back as you talk "I would not change a single thing about our life. I have given you everything I have to offer and you have given me so much more. I will stay with you always. No matter how bad things get as long as we have each other we'll be happy."

Eclipse tries to say something but it's garbled. The only coherent thing he says is "I'm trash." and "Love you forever."

You rub his cheeks "You are not trash. I don't associate with trash."

Eclipse takes a deep breath and tries again "Fazco thought I was trash. I spent years in the" He takes another tearful breath "In the garbage pile. You saw me as more." You dry more of his tears "You stated with me and I promise to stay with you forever. I will love you forever!" He starts to sob again.

Artie continues the ceremony "Do you" He states turning to you and stating your full name "Take Eclipse to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

You wipe a few more tears "I do."

He turns to Eclipse asking the same.

Eclipse wails out "I DO!"

Artie nods "Then by the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the groom!"

You look down at Eclipse and smile softly. Gently you pull him up to meet you in a tender kiss. Eclipse shudders and shakes in your arms. He picks you up and runs out of the room with you dangling like a stuffed teddy bear. Everyone cheers for the two of you. Time for you to go home for the real reception.

Chapter Text

About twenty minutes into the forty-minute drive your phone rings and text messages flood the poor thing. Eclipse picks it up for you. You are the one driving the car. He was too emotional to handle it.


You shake your head "I'm not coming back to talk to strangers. I have a new family now. Besides, I recall someone warning me about stranger danger when I was a kid... can't remember who that was... Oh well. Enjoy all your dirty secrets being exposed."

"DON'T YOU FUCKING HANG UP ON ME!" Your father shouts.



Eclipse grins "I'd rather just fuck my wife like a real man. Nice and deep until the only thing she knows is how to breathe!"

You pout "But what if I want to fuck YOU instead?"

Eclipse pats your head "Don't worry wife. I'll let you fuck me hard with the biggest dildo we own!"


You laugh "Grandma is a swinger." In the background, your mother wails loudly "Enjoy the fried chicken!"

Eclipse hangs the phone up "I bought a gold cock ring."

You glance over at him at a red light "What?"

Eclipse nods "Yeah, a gold one. In honor of our wed-di-ng... DARLING, WE'RE MARRIED!" Eclipse starts to cry happily again.

You reach over and pat his shoulder "That's it. Let it all out." Eclipse tries weakly to pull you into his arms "No. I'm driving. You can't hold me."

Eclipse crosses his arms and pouts. You chuckle as you pull onto your road. The two of you have an hour before guests show up for the actual party. You park the car and get out.

Eclipse runs around the car and picks you up "Allow me, my love! It's my duty to take you inside!"

He spins the two of you in circles as he walks to the front door. You giggle and throw your arms around his neck.

Once you cross the threshold Eclipse licks your neck speaking lowly and dragging his words out "Darling. The dildo is upstairs."

You look up at him "You know we aren't fucking today or tonight."

Eclipse shakes his head "That's not what I mean. I'm talking about the butt plug. For me."

You give him a coy smile "Oh! You are a slut for torment, aren't you! If we do this you can't take it out until the hotel! Think hard on this bambino."

Eclipse grins "I want it! Please! Mommy please!"

You nod "Alright." You shoot him an exaggerated playful look "TAKE ME, BIG BOY! Upstairs so I can shove a dildo up your ass."

Eclipse shivers and jumps up all the stairs in one jump. Something he doesn't do often. He runs down the hall like a fox with a hen. Inside the room, he gently sets you down on the bed and goes into the closet. You check messages on your phone. It's all people shocked about your parents or letting you know they'll be on the way soon.

"The blue one or the other one?" Eclipse shouts from the closet.

You hum "The blue one!"

Eclipse comes out with a six-inch royal blue dildo. It has three large balls along its base. They get increasingly larger like anal beads. He hands you a bottle of lube. You squeeze some into your hand and warm it gently. Eclipse bends over with his pants down excitedly. You get on your knees behind him and kiss his asscheek. After you lube up the toy you rub his asshole sticking your fingers inside. He groans and pushes back onto your hand. You pull your hand back with an audible plop sound.

You line the dildo up and gently prod his ass "Ready?"

"Give it to me darling!" Eclipse wiggles his ass.

You push the dildo up to the one-inch ball. You raise your hand and give it a hard smack. Eclipse yelps and you push it all the way to the three-inch ball skipping over the two-inch ball. Eclipse slides to the floor with a pleased sigh rolling over onto his back.

You lean over him "Where's the cock ring dear?"

Eclipse points to his end table by the bed. You stand up and walk over to it. Fishing around in the drawer you find the gold cockring. Picking it up you make your way back to Eclipse. His cock freely waves in the air. You crouch down and take the appendage in your hand. It wraps itself around your hand and wrist. Untangling it you slowly slide the ring down his shaft. He holds his arms out and you lay on the floor with him.

"How does it feel husband?" You ask as you lay your head on his chest.

"Comfortable and perfect wife!" Eclipse kisses the top of your head with a loud mwah.

The doorbell rings and you sit up "I got it." You head downstairs to answer the door.

Before you reach it your Aunt Bertha shouts "Open the door! That was incredible!"

You throw the door open. Your aunt and uncle are on the other side looking quite the mix of emotions. Behind them, your best friend parks their car in the driveway. You step aside to let them in. Behind you, Eclipse walks down the stairs.

Uncle Lary gives you a big hug "Was it your idea or his? That video."

You smile "Mine! I wanted a clean break. I also wanted them to feel pain and expose how they really are."

Aunt Bertha hugs you next as Lary heads inside "Well it worked. Your grandmother is chewing them out hard. Everyone is pissed. Not at you though!"

As she heads inside your best friend walks up next "The cake is in the car just like you wanted! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to meet your son!"

Your three twenty-something cousins arrive right behind your best friend.

Ashly looks awestruck "This is where you live?! Lucky!" She hugs you "Congrats!" She darts inside.

Pat hugs you next "Congrats."

Marco hands you a bag of your favorite candy "Got this for you. Hope you have a happy marriage!"

You follow everyone inside. Eclipse is greeting each guest. He spots you and gives you a dopey smile and a little wave. You giggle and wave back. Your best friend leads him outside to their car to fetch the cake. You head to the kitchen to make sure everything is set up.

A nice spread of foods you and Eclipse like. A drinks bar and dessert bar too. Not too much. Eclipse walks in with the cake in his arms. Behind him, more guests file in. You explain all the food and tell everyone where the plates are. It's a joyous moment. Everyone is chatting, laughing, and having a great time. Best of all your parents aren't here.

After food Eclipse leads everyone to the ballroom. It can easily fit fifty people. Perfect for your little party. A DJ is waiting for you with a plate of food and a soda.

He sets his food down "Alright! Time for the first dance! Can the happy couple get on the dance floor please?"

Eclipse pulls you to the dance floor like an excited teenager "Just follow my lead! We'll dance like it's a waltz but to the beat."

You nod "I trust you."

Celldweller - Heart On starts to play. You like the beat. Eclipse puts two hands on your waist and takes one of your hands. You put your other hand on his shoulder. The two of you waltz to the song. He follows the beat pretty well. It looks a little weird but he doesn't seem to care so you choose not to as well. When the song is over you get it. This is the most Eclipse's love-sounding song in the world. You give him a kiss prepared to leave the dance floor but his grip on you is tight.

The DJ speaks up "Alright folks! One more to go for the happy couple!"

Atom Bomb Baby by the Five Stars starts to play and you tear up.

Eclipse wipes it away and begins to sway you around the room to the song. You can't stop the tears and lean into his chest.

Eclipse rubs your back "Don't worry I have you."

During both dances, there are many camera flashes from family and friends. It's perfect. The whole wedding is perfect. Eclipse opts to carry you around on his hip like a small child.

When Eclipse decides you have settled enough he decides it's time to cut the cake. Everyone gathers around as Eclipse sets you down beside the cake. It had been moved into the ballroom for cutting. The two of you cut a piece together and feed each other.

When the party is over you send everyone home with to-go boxes of food. You leave for your honeymoon tomorrow so it's not like you'll be eating it. With the Last guest gone the two of you set out to clean most of the mess.

Chapter Text

I want to post something on here not Sun and Moon related. It's about an OC I've had for seven years. I do plan on writing a Sun and Moon piece for them I just need to post a few chapters about them so y'all aren't confused. Thought I'd let you know before I do it. Don't want someone complaining to me about posting not sun and moon content. Although this is called All The Twitter Things. I
ll label it of course.

Chapter Text

It was Saturday afternoon. Nineteen-year-old Kendra Saunders had been tasked with getting some See's Candy from the mall for her Grandmother Nanny. She took her red 2000 Dodge pickup truck. The drive would take about forty minutes through the California Desert. Most of it would be along desolate roads but that's what you get for living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Her long brown hair was tied in a ponytail. It wasn't cooperating with her when she tried to brush it.

About twenty minutes into her drive she found herself alone on the road. Nothing unusual about that. It was normal for this particular road to have little traffic. She glanced down at the radio to change the station. When she looked back up she spotted something in the distance. Something was sitting on the side of the road.

As she got closer she could make out a man. He had light blue skin and dark blue iridescent hair. She pulled off the road to see if he needed any help. That was when she spotted the wound on his side. It oozed a lavender substance. He looked so mournful.

She sprinted up to him "Holy shit! Are you alright!? Do you need to go to the hospital? I have a first aid kit in my car!"

The man turned to her "You are the first human to stop to help me."

She turned from him "Let me go get my first aid kit!"

He laughed dryly "I'm not going to make it."

She turned back around "Don't just give up!"

He waved her over "I'm not. I already know."

You move a little closer to him "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

He nodded and took a metal bracer off of his wrist "I want you to have this." He held it out to her "Go on. Take it."

She hesitantly reached out "But you don't know me?"

He took her wrist by force and put the bracer on her left arm "You are a better option. Keep it safe!"

She looked down at it "What?" As she looked back up it started to burn "What did you-!"

The man was gone. In his place was a rock he must have been sitting on and a patch of lavender poppies. The burning in her wrist was as bad as steaming hot water. The bracer began to chirp loudly at a slow pace. Kendra looked around for the man but he was nowhere to be found. She noticed when she looked to the east the bracer chirped slightly faster. Leading her somewhere.

She decided to hop back into her truck and follow the chirping. It would lead her on the adventure of a lifetime.

Chapter Text

Hopping back into her truck Kendra followed the chirping. It took her far into the desert but eventually, it led her to whatever her destination was. A large structure came into view. It was hard to tell what it was at first. It was three stories tall and as long as two and a half football fields. It was metal and a mix of cotton candy blue and cotton candy pink. Two massive wings on either side.

She could not believe her eyes as she got out of her truck for a better look. It was a motherfucking gigantic butterfly! What the hell was this thing?!

The bracer on her left wrist crackled "Go inside. I'm waiting for you captain."

Kendra was dumbstruck. Something was calling her captain? She got back into her truck and sat for a moment. Was it really safe to go inside? What if someone was in there waiting to kill her?! That man was clearly an alien. She could see that now. With a deep breath, Kendra started up her truck and drove to the butterfly.

Looking at it from a distance and standing next to it were two different levels of crazy. This had to be some kind of fever dream. Kendra was sure she had crashed her truck and was now bleeding out on the side of the road. The butt end of the butterfly opened like a ramp. She understood now. This is a spaceship.

She drove her truck into the hangar. It was three stories tall and 20 square feet. Platforms lined the wall. There were nine total. Some of them had large caterpillars on them. Were they tiny ships? They were red, green, blue, and black. What were they for?

A voice came from all over the room "Captain? Scans show you are in some sort of primitive form of transportation. Please exit the transportation so I can scan you and we can link."

Kendra opened the car door "Link? Scan? I don't understand. Where are you? Who are you?"

The voice, which sounded male, chuckled "Inquisitive! This is good!" When she closed the door it spoke more excitedly "Ah! There you are! Oh! You're pink! Beginning link!"

Before Kendra could ask what that meant the bracer burned. Unlike before it was a searing pain. It climbed up her arm and into her brain. It was so horrid! Like a really bad migraine. Her mind was a jumble of some unknown language. It was too much. Her vision became spotty and she blacked out.

When she woke up next she was in a large room with an Alaskan King size bed. The sheets were predominantly pink with red accents. The center of the room has a blue rug with a pink symbol in the center. It looks like a tree with butterflies for leaves. Underneath the tree is the silhouette of a family. Two adults and two children. At least by human standards anyway.

"Oh good! You are awake! I thought you might be asleep forever. How is your head?" The voice asked.

Kendra put a hand on her forehead "I um... weird? Who are you?"

The voice is quiet for a moment "More of a what than a who. I am the AI pilot of this warship. Classification Great Ship." In almost a cocky manner it states "I can hold a crew of thirty! I am mounted with four heavy laser cannons and two heavy artillery cannons. I have the highest maneuverability and speed. I also contain the best medical bay and cantina. Currently, you are in your new quarters. The captain's quarters. You will find the closet has your new uniform. Though I do not think it will fit you."

Kendra nodded slowly "And what was the link?"

The AI cheerfully explained "I am a biomechanical warship! You and I, Kendra, are now linked to each other through DNA. You are the only being in the universe that can command me until the day you die."

You climbed out of the massive bed "And what do I call you?"

The AI paused "Call me? The previous captain called me Ship. I rather like that."

You nodded "Ok Ship. You said you are a warship? Do I have to fight wars now?"

Ship bitterly stated "I don't like war. I would prefer it if we didn't."

You nod again "No war. Got it!"

Ship hums "I am currently damaged and cannot take off. You will have to repair me. The link should have given you all the knowledge to perform proper repairs. I am sending your bracer my complete diagnostics. Please look them over when you can." Ship pauses "Scans show you are low on water and certain vitamins. I recommend going to the cantina to get provisions. I will guide you."

Chapter Text

The captain's quarters are located on the top floor. The top floor also contains quarters for the second in command and the flight crew. The war room, a garden, and the bridge are also on the third floor. The middle floor contains engineering including quarters, the cantina, the medical bay, and the ship's core. The bottom floor has the loading/landing bay, storage rooms, loading rooms for the artillery cannons, and a small shooting range and training room.

Ship explains about each room as Kendra passed them. The war room is where battle discussions and diplomatic meetings happen. She already knew the bridge is where all the controls for flying Ship is located. Kendra walked down the stairs to the middle floor.

Again ship explains every single room on this floor. The only new thing Kendra learns is that engineering will have everything you need for repairs. This is all so much it scares her.

As she enters the cantina a thought dawns on her "How long was I asleep?"

"About three hours!" Ship chirps.

Kendra stops in her tracks "Fuck! Mom is gonna kill me!" She searches her pockets "Shit! My phone is in the truck! I need to go-"

"One moment please!" Ship states.

Kendra tilts her head confused "What?"

After a few minutes, a panel in the wall opens and your phone is held out by a tentacle "I believe this is what you are after. I saw it when I scanned your... truck."

As Kendra takes the phone the tentacle brushes against your hand it's smooth and slightly warm "Thank you."

Kendra calls her mom and she picks up "Hi honey! Still having fun at the mall?"

Kendra nods "Oh yes! I ran into someone from school and we are hanging out. We did just graduate."

Her mom hums "Well I'd like you back at the house before dark please."

Kendra sighs in releife "No problem. Love you."

Her mom hums "I love you too Kendra. Drive safe!"

"I will!" Kendra hangs up the phone "Thank god! Not in trouble. I can stay for another hour but then I have to go."

A rumble comes from the walls "You will return."

That was clearly not a request "Yes. I'll be back tomorrow. You said something about repairs?"

The rumbling stops "There is one repair you can do today. My communications array needs a small repair. Some wires were damaged in the crash. You can find everything you need in engineering."

As Kendra made her way to engineering she couldn't help but feel like this was a videogame. Random knowledge of what each tool she passes is for fills her mind. It stings every time. The longer she looks at the tool the more it hurts. Finally, Kendra finds a box of tools used for the array.

Ship led her to where the repair was needed. Turns out it was something in the bridge. After finding the correct console she started the repair. It took about an hour. Lots of stripping and replacing wires and chips. This also caused a headache.

When Kendra was finished she decided it was best to continue her trip to the mall. Ship was not happy about this but let her go. Kendra was able to get the candy for her grandmother. That repair would be the first of many

Chapter Text

At about 3am in the morning, Eclipse woke up. You were still soundly asleep next to him. HIS wife. His! He'd kill anyone who tried to take him from you or you from him. Since the bags for the trip were already packed all he had to do was get you dressed. The two of you had decided to eat breakfast on the private jet. Omelets would be waiting for you both along with drinks. Sushi and green tea for lunch. Dinner would be at a restaurant.

Carefully he dressed you in warm comfortable clothes. When you started to wake up Eclipse shushed you back to sleep with a lullaby. A private car was waiting outside by the time he was finished. Eclipse took the bags out first. As he carried you in his arms you snuggled into him. His circuits buzzed in joy. You are so soft, small, and warm.

Eclipse set you down in the car before climbing in himself. He pulled you into his lap to hold you again as the car took off. It dawned on him at that moment that he wasn't just holding you. At that moment he was holding both you and his unborn child. His rays slowly spun in a circle. A feature he tried not to show too much. It's embarrassing!

You started to wake up as the car came to a stop at the airfield. Nearby the jet was getting cleared for flight. You give Eclipse a dopey sleepy smile. Eclipse set you down to get out of the car. He was going to pick you up but you beat him to it. You stretched your arms over your head with a groan. Eclipse put all his hands on your sides and kisses the top of your head. Gently he ruts into your ass. You can feel how hard he is.

"Darling? Care to join the mile-high club?" Eclipse whispered into your ears.

You stop your stretching "While that does sound nice... No."

Eclipse squeezes your hips "No? Is it a no I might be able to change?"

You hum "It's a low possibility."

Eclipse gives your ass a light smack and squeeze "I'll take it!"

You chuckle "Do you still have the dildo in your ass?"

Eclipse keeps his hold on you as you walk to the jet "I do."

You let him pick you up like a ferret "Your chances just increased."

Eclipse kisses your cheek as you take your seat "I'll win you yet."

You cross your legs as you buckle up "Sure you will." You pick at your nails "Even if you win me over and we join the mile-high club..." You look up at him with a soft smile "I still won't let you cum. Not until tonight bambino. And certainly NOT until we are in the cabin."

Eclipse writhes in his seat grinding down on the dildo "Yeah?"

You nod "If you try to cum without permission there will be consequences."

Eclipse bites his lip "Consequences? What are they?"

You cross your arms as the jet takes off "You still haven't convinced me." You wave your arm gesturing to all of him "Wiggling in place and biting your lip is a piss poor job of convincing me. Try harder love."

He can see it. Through your cold words, you have a small smile. You are enjoying this game as much as he is. Good. It isn't any fun if you aren't having fun too. Begging usually works but that might get stale if he does it too much. Maybe he could put on a show for you. Entice you into wanting him to fuck you instead of you fucking him.

Chapter Text

You and your two guardian angel boyfriends Sun and Moon were spending a warm summer night outside. You were laying on a blanket stargazing. It turns out they know a lot about stars. Their wings were neatly folded behind them. You held both of their hands while they point out constellations and tell you their history.

Soon it's time to go inside for a cup of tea before bed. The three of you head back into the kitchen. As you get a kettle of water warming on the stove the three of you chat about what show to watch. You decide something funny would be good. Once the tea is ready you three head to the parlor. Sun opens doors for you and Moon closes them.

As you pass through the dining room to the dining room to the parlor to watch an episode of a show together. You glance outside at the forest and almost drop your cup. A flashlight shines through the woods. You can tell there are two of them. Who would be on your property at this hour? It's 8:30 at night!

You put your cup down and head for the gun. It's a double-barrel shotgun your Aunt Agatha had for things like this. Sun and Moon follow close behind you not keen on you having to use the gun. You almost tear the front door open and run around the house. You can hear a man and a woman talking but not what they are saying.

To say you were pissed to have strangers wandering around your yard would be an understatement. Your adrenalin is running high as you round the corner. You can see the flashlight light dart into the forest and disappear. Fading into the trees. Who were those people? What did they want? You explore your property looking for anything they might have done.

When you find nothing the three of you head inside. Sun and Moon help you make sure the house is all locked up. You're still on high alert. You try to calm down but it's hard. The strangers on your property have left you feeling unsettled. Even the comedy the three of you are watching doesn't help. Sun and Moon pick up on this right away.

Together they decide that maybe playing a video game will help calm your nerves. The three of you play a relaxing game together. While it does calm you a little you are still unnerved. You aren't sure how to feel exactly. Violated? Angry? Whatever this exact feeling is you don't like it. You decide you are going to get motion sensor alarms to put around the house.

You live so far out of the way for someone to decide to trespass on your land would take some effort. The intruder would have to drive several miles to even get to the lonesome road to your house. You still remember the drive out the first time you came here before it was yours.

The three of you lay down for bed after the game. Your mind tries to convince you that they are going to come back. You try to shut the damn thing off but the only real way to do that is to die and that is not on the table. The night is spent tossing and turning. You do get a little sleep but it's broken up by moments of being awake.

The next morning you are exhausted. Coffee does not help at all. You have a small headache from the lack of sleep. The feelings from last night still linger in the back of your mind. You decide the only thing you can do today is push through it and continue on with your day.

Chapter Text

Sun sat in the center of the daycare. One knee up with an arm draped around it. Bitterly looking at the monitor showing animations of himself and Moon. They looked so friendly and welcoming! If only they looked like that!

Today was valentine's day. The glamrocks had gotten so many gifts! Cards, flowers, candy, and even handmade things like pictures and toys. He and moon didn't get anything. The kids like them. Really they do! Just not enough for valentine's gifts.

Don't get him started on staff! A few workers delivered stuff to them that was for the other glamrocks! Sun glared harder at the screen from his spot on the floor. Part of him wanted to throw a chair at the damn thing. The lights flickered and turned off.

Moon curled in on himself more. Of course, no one wanted to give them anything. He knew how ugly they looked.


A soft sound to his left caught his attention. It was followed by a soft giggle. He crawled toward the sound. A single rose was on the ground wrapped in a blue and gold ribbon. Another soft sound and another flower. Moon was confused.

More and more things hit the ground. He picked up flowers, the artwork of him and Sun, hand-crafted toys, and letters. So many letters all telling him how wonderful he and Sun are. As the lights flickered on a cacophony started.

Many voices saying all sorts of things "We love you, Moon!" "We love you Sun!" "We love you!" "You are the coolest!" "I got this for you!" "Made this for you!" "I drew this! Sorry it sucks!"

Sun dropped to his knees. There were so many people standing on the upper floor. He could see a line forming in front of the slide. People of every gender were coming to him. Warm smiles on their faces and open arms.

Someone within the crowd of people spoke "Sorry we're late! We wanted to give you both everything together!"

Another quipped "Yeah! You boys deserve the best!"

A woman growled "Whoever said you are ugly or spooky is a damn liar! You are not spooky at all! And if you are ugly so is Tom Petty and he is hot as hell!"

A man laughed "No where near as hot as Sun and Moon!"

A person in the front chuckled as they spoke "The point is. You are special to all of us. Happy Valentine's Day."

Sun wailed loudly and clutched his armful of gifts to his chest. The group surrounded him and a few at a time they hugged him. Those who were waiting on a hug cleaned the daycare. When the lights shut off Moon was sobbing and making grabby hands. The admirers were working together using phones to light the room and clean the mess.

Some of the people even cleaned up their tower room for them. Moon was overwhelmed with emotion. Sun was no better. This would be valentines they would remember forever.

Chapter Text

Eclipse wasn't sure what to make of you. You are a relatively new night guard. You had only been working for six months. You were assigned to work with him as the night guard. For some reason, you were always so nice to him. You must be using him but why? What were you hoping to get from him?

Eclipse felt his wires jolt with electricity as you walked in that day. Cleaning supplies. You had cleaning supplies and a bucket of hot water in your arms. Of course, it was cleaning day.

Eclipse crosses his arms at your approach "No."

You huff "I was told to give you a thorough cleaning."

Eclipse looks away from you "I'll take care of it myself. I don't need you."

The first time Eclipse let someone clean him they didn't talk to him. In fact, they were scared of the nine-foot bot. The second time they were too rough with him. Accidentally stripped a few wires during gleaning. The third time they shut him down. When he woke up he was sore in strange places. He didn't want to know what happened. that was the last time he let anyone near him to clean him.

You adjust the box of supplies in your arms "Not even going to give me a chance? Alright. Where would you like me to put these then?"

You weren't fighting him? Eclipse was confused. He took the box from you slowly.

You put your hands on your hips "I'm going to go patrol. You can clean yourself up. Call if you need me."

You walked away. No fuss or fighting. As he walked to his room in the sub-basement he wondered what was wrong with you. When he looked the supplies over he came across some unusual items. There was a boar's hair brush, various scented sprays, and soft washcloths. No wire brushes or scrapers. When he finished cleaning himself to the best of his ability he set off to find you.

Your attitude continued to baffle him over the next six months. Always so kind to him. You even got him a few gifts. Soon it was cleaning day again.

You turn a corner with cleaning supplies and a bucket of hot water again "Where would you like these?"

Eclipse rubbed his arms nervously. He wasn't mean to you. But at the start, he wasn't nice to you either. He treated you with indifference. He was warming up to you though. If he was honest with himself he had a crush on you.

Eclipse looked away from you "Could... Could you help me?"

You flushed brightly "Of course! Where would you like to go?"

Eclipse took the box from you "Follow me."

You followed closely behind him. He led you down stairs and long hallways. It was cold and musty where you were. You had only been down here two other times. Once for orientation and once when you needed to bring Eclipse a large item. About halfway down the hall was his room. The door has his name etched into it.

Inside the room are a makeshift bed, a trunk you bought him to hold his things, a mirror, and a TV with an Xbox X you bought him to play games and movies on. The bedding is mostly back and red. Colors he had picked himself. Eclipse sets the cleaning supplies down crossing his legs to sit down.

You look him over. He looked similar to Sun and Moon with a few differences. Instead of two arms, he has four. Two eggplant colored and two burnt orange. His chest is half burnt orange and half eggplant. He has four five-inch rays in eggplant and nine smaller rays in burnt umber. His eyes are a soft moonlight yellow. His pants are black and he has the same shoes as Sun and Moon minus the bells.

You can see all the dirt and grime on his body. This will take some time but that's fine. You are giddy on the inside. Happy to touch him. You just have to keep your crush in line. You aren't even sure he knows you have been trying to court the bot. Your gifts have become more frequent. You have been trying to tell him how you feel but you get nervous when you try and chicken out.

You decide to start off easy "I'm going to wipe you down with a washcloth first. Is that alright?"

Eclipse nods nervously "That's fine..."

You pick a cloth up and dip it into the bucket of warm water "Are you alright?" You dropped the cloth into the bucket "If you aren't comfortable we can do this another time."

Eclipse pursed his lips "I'm nervous."

You pick the cloth back up "We'll go slow. If you want to stop just tell me."

Eclipse nods unsure if you are aware of the previous times people tried to clean him. Slowly you bring the warm cloth to his back. You rub his back in gentle but firm circles. It feels... nice. He leans forward slightly to give you better access to his back. When you find a bit of stubborn dirt you set the cloth on it for a few seconds before wiping it off.

This is different than the treatment he got before. You start humming a soft tune. Something you have hummed before. He wants to ask about it but doesn't want to stop your humming. It's slowly getting louder like you are about to start singing. You move to his left and take his arm. Pausing for a nod from him before beginning to clean.

Eclipse watches you quietly. You have a small smile on your face. When you take his hand to clean it your face turns a bright red. You looked absolutely adorable! He could tell you were avoiding eye contact. You were nervous. Your heart hammered in your chest as you held his hand. The way you held his hands so gently as you cleaned each one made his systems heat up.

Shyly you moved in front of him "Can I clean your" Your face flushed brighter "Chest?"

Eclipse nodded and moved his arms to let you clean. You scooted closer to him. Standing in between his legs. The cloth had been cleaned in the bucket and was pleasantly warm. Slowly you rubbed the cloth in circles to clean him. Tenderly placing your other hand on his chest for balance. Eclipse was warm and slowly getting warmer. Standing so close to him was nice.

His two upper arms moved to your back to help you keep balance. Without asking you moved the cloth to his face. He leaned into your touch gazing into your eyes. This felt so intimate. Each ray on his head got special attention. Every now and then you glanced at his eyes. Your soft smile turns brighter and warmer.

Softly you ask "Would you like me to clean inside your chest?"

Eclipse shakes his head "Can we do it tomorrow?"

You nod "Of course. Is there anywhere else you want me to clean?"

Eclipse grabs at his pants "Could... you clean... my legs?"

Your breathing and heart rate picks up "Sure."

Slowly Eclipse takes his pants off. While he doesn't have any genitals this still feels intimate. Like something romantic partners do. You smile up at him reassuringly surprised to see him do the same thing at the exact same time as you. Slowly you clean his lags. Starting from his feet and working your way up.

When you get to his upper thighs you pause. Taking a deep breath you continue. This confuses Eclipse. Had he been reading things wrong? You set the cloth down after only cleaning his left thigh.

You look up at him and stand up. Hands placed gently on his chest you lean forward. Slowly you press your lips to his. Eclipse leans into the kiss. His arms move to wrap around you but you pull back.

You sit back down and finish wiping him down "I just wanted to make sure I was reading the room right. I... am shy. We should go on patrol now."

Eclipse nods and gets dressed. As you two leave with the bucket of dirty tepid water you take Eclipse's hand. Eclipse gives it a gentle squeeze. After that day he never let anyone else try to clean him again. Only you.

Chapter Text

Balancing home life and all its responsibilities with repairing Ship was difficult. It took Kendra almost three months to finish all the inside repairs. In order to repair the outside she would need to learn how to fly one of the smaller drop ships.

"Alright." Ship started "The best ship to use for repairs is the Blue drop ship. Its strong outer hull can take damage better than the others. We will use it for training."

Kendra looked up at the high platform the blue six-seater ship sat on "How do I get up there?"

The platform moved down to the floor as ship spoke "Normally we would lower the gravity in the room to make it easy. I do not have enough power to do such a thing. Instead, I will move the platform myself."

Kendra walked up to the caterpillar-shaped ship "You called this a ... drop ship?"

Ship chirps "Yes! They do not have a name but feel free to rename them as you please. In order to open the door use the bracer located on your left arm."

Kendra turned her arm to search for the button that would turn the bracer on. It was more like a small computer.

As she looked over the things on the small screen ship explained "This is called the HUD or Heads Up Display. It is directly linked to me."

Kendra nodded "You explained this already but thank you again."

Ship made a rumbling sound "I am simply following protocol for explaining the many functions of the HUD. If you find this at all displeasing I can leave you to figure it out yourself."

Kendra threw her hands up "Woah! Not trying to make you mad! Sorry."

Ship huffed "In the main menu of the HUD you will find a picture of the drop ships. Tap the blue one. A screen displaying all available information about the drop ship will appear. Tap on the open door button."

Kendra followed the instructions "Is there an easier way to open the door?"

"Indeed there is." Ship responded "However, I felt it necessary to teach you how to do it another way in case the key is missing."

The door opened from the bottom raising up and out like a hatch. As she climbed inside it shut behind her. Inside were individual chairs. Six each in two rows of three. It was a light seafoam green inside.

Kendra took a seat in the captain's chair "Good idea. How do I start it?"

Ship's voice came from inside the drop ship's center console. The two of them spent the next thirty minutes going over how to turn the drop ship on and how to take it off the ground. Flying a spaceship was nothing like driving a car.

It took hours to learn the very basics and several weeks to get good enough to do the needed repairs. She was nowhere near good enough to do something like a barrel roll but she could get from point A to point B. Ship was right. Learning to fly WAS the only way to do the outside repairs.

It was winter when ship was cleared to return to space. Kendra was not eager to see Ship leave. The two had become friends. It taught her about space and she taught it about Earth and its culture. Ship had grown to love watching let's plays on Youtube. Its favorite is Markiplier.

Kendra rubbed her arm as she got ready to go home one day in early spring "Are you going to leave soon?"

A long tendril came from the wall and rubbed her back "You are my captain. I must remain with you. Your life path is mine."

Kendra bit her lip "I'm planning on moving out of my Mom's place. Can I live here?"

Ship laughed "Stupid human! YOU ARE MY CAPTAIN. But above that, you are my friend. I would love it if you stayed with me."

Kendra took the tendril in her arms and hugged it tightly "Thank you. Now I just need to figure out how to make money."

Ship pat her shoulder "I have a plan. Your planet values gems, yes?"

She nodded "Yeah..."

Ship brushed a stray tear off of Kendra's cheek "Nearby the earth are asteroids. They contain gems and precious metals. We can mine them. Like Minecraft."

Kendra tilted her head "How?"

Ship drew the tendril back inside the walls "I have three drones we can use for this purpose. It will take time but it can be done. In the meantime, I have some valuable stones we can sell. I know it is customary for humans to have an... apartment. We can rent one to fool your birth giver."

Kendra nodded "A good jumping-off point. We can work with that!"

Chapter Text

The plan works well enough. Kendra only needed to live with her parents for four more months before moving out. The drones take time to get to the asteroids to mine them. Roughly three months each time. They don't bring much back though. Each drone can hold roughly two ounces of gems.

In the meantime, Ship taught Kendra how to fly each drop ship. While they aren't too different from each other when it comes to flight. They do have different stats. The red one is fast and can hold four people. The green one is the strongest and holds two people but it can't take a hit. The blue one is the slowest and has no weapons but it can take the most hits. It can hold six people. The black one is a stealth ship. It can hold three people and has the best agility.

When the drones return they bring enough uncut gems to rent a small studio apartment. It's not glamorous but that's not the point. Kendra attends a local college for engineering in hopes of being able to better repair Ship. Due to the link with Ship, her plan works very well. She purposely gets average grades. Her parents are happy she is moving up in the world.

Within a year of graduating Kendra "Moved" across the country for work. In reality, Ship began to teach her how to fly it. Starting with takeoff.

Kendra sat in the Captain's chair "Are you sure I'm ready?"

Ship was quiet for a moment "Don't you want to see space? Just think of all.... the pretty stars. Now start the takeoff protocol and flip the switch."

Kendra shot Ship a flat look "Pretty stars?" She slipped the switch.

Ship continued "Now press the next five buttons just as I told you." Kendra pressed the buttons "Good human! Now take the flight lever, it looks like the letter U, press down on the button under your thumb hard and pull up on it to ascend. To descend press down on it."

Kendra pulls up and the ship takes off into the sky "Woah!"

Ship giggles "Great! If you want to see a different view of anywhere outside me then press the eye icon. To stop ascending stop pressing the thumb button and return the lever to its neutral position. Descending is similar. All you need to do is press the thumb button down and press down on the lever."

Kendra moved the lever around turning Ship in different directions "Will you explain this to me every time?"

"Indeed. At least until you can do it on your own more than once." Ship chirped. "When you get more comfortable we can breach your atmosphere."

Despite all her mistakes Ship was very patient with her. After a month of flight, she was ready to break the atmosphere. It was by no means easy. There was some resistance against the lever. Ship reassured Kendra that over time it would get easier. Ship took control at this point and maneuvered them a safe distance away.

Seeing space for the first time was incredible! All around her was an empty vastness. Far far away in the distance were millions of stars. In front of them was Earth. The whole process took mear minutes to get halfway away from the earth to the Moon. This is a moment she would never forget.

Chapter Text

Shop decided it was time to tell Kendra what happened to its previous owner. It was also time to start learning how to fight and shoot a gun. Although Ship was well pleased to learn she was a hunter and knew how to shoot some guns already. Although not very well it was better than nothing.

Kendra was in the cantina drinking coffee and eating breakfast "What are we doing today?"

Ship spoke slowly "How old are you?"

Kendra paused "In a month I'll be twenty. Why?"

"Old enough then. I want to tell you about my previous owner." Ship spoke.

Kendra nodded "Alright. Please don't mind my eating."

Ship spoke somberly "While he wasn't my first captain, he was the one who freed me from war. His name was Cau. He was murdered. Space is sometimes not a kind place to live. Just like earth. Cau was exploring this galaxy. We didn't know that we were being followed. Mort had spotted me and wanted me for his own. I am very fast and strong. I am a warship after all."

Kendra furrowed her brow "Who is Mort?"

Ship laughed dryly "Mort is a slave trader. A ... what do you earthlings call it... Ah, sex trafficker! He's a slave trader and sex trafficker. Cau was preventing Mort from taking others. Mort tried to take me. We crashed on Earth. No doubt Mort will come back. As the new captain, you are the next target for Mort. Logically anyway."

Kendra spits her coffee out "What?!"

Ship hummed "Today we will start training. Nothing hard. I just want to see what I am working with. Finish eating and I will show you to the training ground."

Small guns were easy to fire. She just needed to work on her aim. Heavy guns were too hard to hold. Most being made for a much larger species. Teaching her to fight would be quite the chore. She had only been in one fight. One fight is not enough. without a more humanoid body combat training would be hard. They managed, however.

Tragically their first test of her new skills would come in a harsh way. A small group of space pirates arrived looking for blood. Mort hired them to retrieve Ship from whoever was in control.

It was 3:45am. Kendra was sleeping soundly. Training was rough that day as Ship had introduced random objects as weapons. Things like led pipes, a coat hanger, a metal cooking pot, and a shoe. Ship was floating on the dark side of the moon.

A siren went off and ship shouted "Warning! Wake up! Space pirates are incoming! Get to the bridge!"

Kendra, dressed in fluffy night pants and a t-shirt, sprinted to the bridge "What do I need to do!?" She asked as she flipped switches and pressed buttons turning flight control on.

Ship quickly explained "Get the guns ready! We have ten minutes before they arrive! Be ready for a fight. There is a high chance they will board."

Kendra gasped "Fuck! Ok!"

Two ships arrived with guns blazing. She fought hard dodging and firing back. She managed to take out one of the ships.

"Five pirates on board! They are heading here! Get ready for a fight!" Ship shouted tossing her a laser pistol.

Kendra ducked behind a console and aimed her gun. Three men ran in and she fired. The first two were hit in the chest. The third ducked behind the doorway and fired blindly into the room. Kendra ducked down and took a few potshots at the door.

"Two men dispatched! Be on guard!" Ship yelled.

Kendra managed to kill the man at the door and stood up "Thank-"

Pain. Excruciating pain in her left eye. She rose her arm and looked around with her good eye. One of the men she had shot was still alive. She fired and missed. He fired again with a loud cackle. Her left arm burned as someone harshly took her from behind. A tendril shot out from the wall and right through the skull of the laughing man.

The man holding her licked her cheek "Mine now missy. I don't recommend you do anything AI bastard!"

Kendra fired her pistol into his foot. He shrieked and shot into her arm severing the nerved in the limb. Kendra turned around and fired into his forehead. Tears poured down her face.

Ship took her to the medical bay "I am going to put you to sleep while I work. All the pirates are dead. The ships have left. We won this time."

When Kendra woke up she was sore. Her left eye and left arm had been replaced with robotic versions. The two discussed what happened. It was a miscommunication. When Ship said two men were dispatched it meant the two that were not shooting at her. She thought it meant the ones in the room with her. It was a hard lesson. Ship was devastated.

Kendra was never supposed to be hurt like that. Training took a different route from then on. They started playing co-op video games together and anything else they thought would help their communication.
This, however, would not be the first time she would get hurt. The next time it would be much worse. One that would be referred to as "A Big Damage".

Chapter Text

Three months passed quickly. Eclipse decided it was time to let you clean inside him. Eclipse was waiting for you by the Employee Entrance when you came into work that night. Eclipse would not look you in the eye as you jogged up to him.

You smiled up at him "Ready for cleaning day?"

Eclipse nodded with a quiet nervous "Yes..."

You aren't sure why he's so nervous. It might be something he doesn't want to talk about in the open. You shift the overnight bag over your shoulder. Management did not give a crap what you did as long as all your shit got done and you don't claim any overtime unless your boss says so.

Eclipse holds the door to his room open for you "Come in. I have everything ready."

Again Eclipse spoke quietly. You put your bag down in the corner and glanced around the room. You really need to do something about the boring white walls and shit-ass excuse for a bed. The garbage concrete floor needed something done to it too. Something for another time though. Eclipse sat down on the floor and glanced at you before looking away.

You put a hand gently on his calf "What is wrong love?"

Eclipse fiddled with his fingers "I want you to clean inside me... It's... sensitive."

You nod "Alright. I'll be gentle."

Eclipse pops his chest open and lay down "It's easier for you to clean me laying down." He turned his head away from you slowly.

You look inside. It was a mess. Dirt and grime everywhere. His fans were caked with dust. Scraps of confetti were caught in him as well.

You pull out a tub of cleaning slime gel "I'm going to clean your fans first. Ok?"

Eclipse nods and continues to stare at the wall. You slowly reach your hand in. As you clean the fan with the slime the back of your hand brushes against one of his wires. Eclipse tightly shuts his eyes and bites his lip hard.

You draw your hand back "Did that hurt?! I'm sorry!"

Eclipse twitched and mumbled "It didn't hurt."

You tilt your head "What?"

Eclipse sighs "Never mind. Keep going."

You stare at him for a moment before continuing to clean his fans. As you pull your hand out to get something to clean his wires with your hand brushes another. Again Eclipse bites his lip making a strangled sound.

You pull your hand back and put the slime away "What is going on? Am I hurting you or not?"

Eclipse finally looked over at you "It doesn't hurt."

You cross your arms "Then what... Does. Does it feel good?"

Eclipse scoots away from you trying to sit up "This was a stupid idea!"

You reach out but don't touch him "Wait! It's alright. I don't mind if it feels good."

Eclipse tugs at a ray "I'm not supposed- It's wrong!"

You put your hands on your hips "Says who?"

Eclipse looks down at his open chest bitterly "Terry from parts and service. He said I was built defective and should not feel that way from my wires being touched."

You growl "Well! Terry is a dick! Now, let me finish cleaning inside you."

Eclipse looks distraught "But my wires!"

You lean forward and wrap your arms around his shoulders "I'll go really really slowly. If you get uncomfortable I'll stop and we'll figure out another way to clean you."

Eclipse nods and lays back down "Alright. I-... I trust you."

You slowly put your hand back inside his chest. Gently you brush a finger on one of the light blue wires to see how dirty they are. Eclipse's back arches toward you as he writhes.

You leave your finger on the blue wire as you fetch a small cloth and some cleaning spray. You spritz the soft cloth and slowly rub the wire. Eclipse bites his lip again.

You brush his cheek with your hand "Hey. Don't hide those beautiful noises. No one can hear us down here."

Eclipse leans into your hand. His fans whirr softly to keep him cool. The sound is louder than usual with his chest open. You run the cloth slowly along the next wire. Eclipse moans loudly arching his back. You move on to the next wire moving painfully slow.

Eclipse moans out a soft and timid "Faster."

You pause "What was that?"

Eclipse groans "F-faster!"

You tilt your head "Faster what?"

Eclipse states at you wide-eyed "What?! Um! Please?!"

You clean the next wire at a slightly faster pace.

Eclipse moans and writhes "Yes!"

As you clean the wires you can't help but want to nibble on one. But not yet they are still dirty.

You throw a leg over his hips "Is this alright?"

Eclipse nods eyes screwed shut "Fine... Oh! Oooh God!"

You spritz your cloth with more cleaner. This time you take three wires in your hand and rub them quickly. Eclipse bends his knees kicking them out one at a time. His hands find their way to your hips. He takes them in his hands with a gentle squeeze. His voice starts to glitch out slowly becoming incomprehensible static.

You spritz the cloth again and get to work cleaning another set of wires. Your hand was so soft and warm on his wires. This was so wrong! So so wrong!

But when he opened his mouth to tell you all that came out was "DON'T STOP! KEEP GOING!"

You pull your hand out and set the cloth down "All done. You are completely clean Eclipse."

Eclipse looked pained "What? No!"

You lean back resting your hands on his thighs behind you "No?" The soft fabric of his pants feels nice on your fingers.

Eclipse lets out a choked sob "I was so close!"

You run a slow finger down a wire "Hm... I thought you said it's wrong?"

Eclipse arches his open chest toward you "I was wrong! Please! Touch my wires." His hands slide up your waist attempting to entice you "I need it! You feel so good! Touch me so well! Please!"

You pretend to mull it over "Hm... I don't know..." You take the wire between your pointer finger and thumb running your fingers up and down it "Alright."

Eclipse moves his hands down your sides slowly. Two hands grip your hips and two on your thighs. His large hands completely cover your waist. You wonder if he knows what holding you like this is doing to you. Your panties feel warm and moist with slick. You let out a soft moan as he grips you tighter. Writhing beneath you. His crotch rube against yours deliciously.

You thrust your crotch on his as you grip the wires tighter. Slowly Eclipse moves your hips to grind against his as he sobs in pleasure. You lean down and take a wire in your mouth. Eclipse's eyes go wide and he harshly grinds you down on his crotch. This feels so good you need more. You don't want him to stop.

Your tongue leaves over his wires. This new position has your groin grinding on Eclipse better. His hips thrust up to meet yours as he pushes you down. You moan as you wrap your lips around the wire. Eclipse pushes you down with a loud record scratch cry that hurts your ears. Your eyes roll back into your head as you cum hard. Eclipse shuts off frozen holding you tightly to himself.

You can't move. Stuck laying down on the poor bot. You can't even close his chest cavity. When Eclipse finishes rebooting he gives you a dopey smile. Eclipse sets you to the side and closes his chest. He pulls you to him and crawls to the "bed".

Eclipse throws a blanket over the two of you "Sleep. I'll clock you out."

Chapter Text

Kendra's new arm was covered in a type of silicone that mimicked flesh. Apparently, it was developed and used for Sex Bots but was later used for medical purposes. Ship did not give the arm hair. Mostly because it was unaware she had hair on it in the first place. The shot had severed nerves. It was easier for Ship to replace rather than repair.

The new arm didn't really have any cool features like guns or tasers. Her eye however did have one cool feature. It could zoom in. She just had to close her right eye. It gave her a headache if she didn't. Ship explained it was best for Kendra to get used to the arm and eye before trying to upgrade them. It would be better for her in the long run.

Getting over the trauma of the attack was not easy. Often she would get phantom pain from the attack. Nightmares kept her awake. It made her parents worry when she visited. Dark circles around her eyes. Her smile didn't quite reach her eyes and she was a little on edge. Worried someone would grab her from behind. She held it together as best as possible around her parents.

Training didn't stop. It was dangerous to stop. Ship had told her stopping meant death. It was a hard thing to hear but necessary. Ship however did understand the harsh realities of trauma. It was no stranger to trauma. It consoled the woman as best as it could. It rubbed her back while she tried to sleep and lent a tendril when she needed something to hold at night.

Over time she learned how to use her arm and eye and the pair were ready to talk upgrades.

Kendra pointed to the screen "This is a taser. It delivers a shock to whatever it touches. Can I have that in my arm?"

Ship played the video demonstrating the taser "I suppose that is good."

Kendra tilted her head as she leaned back in her chair "And what would you pick?"

Ship paused the video "Easy. I can put a weapon in your arm that would fire... probably one or two shots. It would put the target to sleep."

Kendra looked at her left arm "And how would it do that?"

"Most alien species create something in their bodies called Melatonin. This ray causes an overproduction of melatonin causing the target to fall asleep. I would not recommend using it on yourself as it causes migraines." Ship explained.

Kendra nodded "We'll go with that then! That sounds cool and has more uses."

"I will begin designing the upgrade for you while you sleep!"

Kendra nodded again "Sounds good to me. How about we watch some Markiplier before bed?"

Ship squealed "Really?! He's my favorite!"

Kendra chuckled "I know bud. I like him too. He's such a good guy!"

The sleep-inducing ray wound up being a good choice. It could only hold two shots but it was better than a poke in the eye with a big stick. The gun fired from the top of her wrist. It made aiming a little easier. The sleep ray would prove to be very useful in many situations. It would be a staple of her left arm in the future.

Chapter Text

About a month after her new upgrade someone came to take Ship from her. Kendra lounged in a chair under a beach umbrella on a deserted island. Today was a day off from training. The warm sun felt good on her sore muscles. The sound of the waves hitting the shore lulls the woman to sleep. Everything was peaceful until a beeping came from her left arm.

Kendra lifted her arm groggily "What? Why is it beeping?"

"Incoming communications. Please open the screen and I will take care of the rest." Ship instructed from her arm.

Kendra opened a panel on the top of her left arm revealing an interactive screen. After a few seconds, an avian-looking creature appeared on the screen.

Kendra took a deep breath to wake up more "Hello?"

The Avian huffed "Took you long enough! Do you even understand me!?"

A timid voice from off-screen replied "S-sir we have th-the translator s-s-set up. It sh-should unders-stand you."

Kendra tilted her head "How can I help you?"

The avian growled "You have something that is the property of the Galactic Alliance! I demand you return it at once!"

Kendra took a sip of her sun-warmed drink "What is this property?"

The avian tilted its beak down to stare at her "That warship you seem to be playing pretend in."

Kendra gave the avian a flat look "No."

The avian huffed "Despite what it told you that AI is defective and needs to be remove-"

Kendra spoke louder "NO! We are happy. I have no intention of handing MY ship over. I did not lose an arm and an eye just to roll over for a grumpy bitch."

The avian looked confused "What is a bitch?"

Kendra shook her head "Who even are you and what is the Galactic Alliance?"

The avian puffed its chest out and smugly replied "I am General Aracore or the Galactic Alliance! The Galactic Alliance is a conglomerate of planets throughout the universe whose goal is unifying and bringing order to the universe by any means necessary."

Kendra did not like the sound of that at all. Any means? What were these means?

"Don't trust him. The alliance is not good. They take resources from other planets for their home world. They offer protection but it's not worth it." Ship spoke quietly.

Aracore huffed "Well?! Are you giving it back?"

Kendra shook her head "No."

Aracore smirked "I know how that ship works. How about this? You keep ship but step down as captain. You can stay on board as a janitor! Good deal right?"

Kendra frowned "No. I'm hanging up now."

Aracore tilted their head down "Think about it. We'll be in touch."

The screen goes blank and Kendra sighs "The shit."

"The Alliance is not good. Several planets under their rule are now mining planets. Others, while not poor, are lower middle-class planets. They are not kind. Promising much and delivering little." Ship said as Kendra closed the arm panel.

Kendra sighed and stood up "Well I'm not letting them have you."

Ship chuckled "They cannot take me without killing you first. I will not let that happen. Ever. You are my friend and I will protect you just as you protect me."

Kendra closed the umbrella and put it in the red dropship "These people are never going to leave me alone are they?"

Ship hummed "No. Although you handled the situation well."

Kendra put the cooler away into the dropship "I can't believe they wanted to make me a janitor. Like hell I'm doing that!"

Ship chuckled as she climbed on board and took off into the sky "I don't think they will come here. They are aware of what planet I come from. My home planet is not part of the Alliance. Home planet never agreed with them. Their ideals are too different."

Kendra sighed "Well, we'll just have to have a united front on telling those space assholes no."

Chapter Text

Your day was as long as it was hard. Your day started early. At four in the morning, a lady was brought in. you were supposed to get information out of her. She was a stubborn bitch though. It took eight long hours for her to finally crack. After that, you had a meeting with Eclipse and some important people about the information you learned.

The people asked so many questions. Some of them were the same question worded differently. It took three hours to finish the meeting. You wanted to go with Eclipse and get some much needed attention but you had things to do. Another person was brought in. This time they were a man who was caught stealing from Eclipse. You spent an hour with him.

Finally, you thought you were done. But you had more stuff to do. You needed to go talk to a greasy little weasel you hate. He hit on anything that was considered alive. You didn't want your people to deal with him. It was a gross two hours with that asshat. when you got what you wanted you booked it.

By the time you walked inside your home, it was six in the afternoon. Eclipse was not home. He had a meeting with a dirty cop. You wanted to go but Eclipse insisted he goes alone and that you should pamper yourself at home. You respected his wishes. You knew he would be safe and that he wanted the best for you.

As you walked to the kitchen your stomach rumbled loudly. You knew just what you wanted. A big bowl of ramen with meat, veggies, and fishcakes. It took you an hour but it was worth it. You put on a movie and ate your meal. The warm broth felt nice in your belly making you sleepy.

You cleaned the mess you made in the kitchen and headed upstairs. Once dressed you lay down in bed. An hour passed then two... You were exhausted! Why couldn't you fall asleep? You had fallen asleep plenty of times without Eclipse!

Eclipse came home at eleven. He came into your bedroom to find you laying in bed with frustrated tears.

He was on you so fast pulling you into his large warm arms "Darling! What's wrong? Do I need to kill someone?"

You sniffled "I just want to sleep!"

Eclipse brushed a few strands of hair out of your face "Trouble sleeping?"

You nod "I'm so tired. I've been trying to sleep for hours. Nothing's worked!"

Eclipse set you down on the bed "Give me a moment darling."

Eclipse walked into your closet and changed into a comfortable pair of sleeping pants. No shirt. He climbed into bed and sat down beside you.

Eclipse took you into his arms and began to softly sing while rocking you "I see the moon, the moon sees me, shining through the leaves of the old oak tree Oh, let the light that shines on me shine on the one I love." Back and forth he slowly rocks you with a soft smile "Over the mountain, over the sea, back where my heart is longing to be Oh, let the light that shines on me shine on the one I love." His voice slowly gets quieter "I hear the lark, the lark hears me, singing from the leaves of the old oak tree Oh, let the lark that sings to me sing to the one I love." He kisses your forehead as you drift off whispering "Over the mountains, over the sea back where my heart is longing to be Oh, let the lark that sings to me sing to the one I love."

Finally asleep Eclipse pulls the covers over the two of you as he adjusts you to rest against him. All four of his arms protectively caging you in.

Chapter Text

When the jet leveled out in the sky a steward brought the two of you breakfast. Waffles, sausage, and eggs with your favorite drink. Eclipse decided now was the time to try and entice you. He takes the syrup and runs his tongue over his upper lip with a soft sultry moan. Slowly he pours syrup on his waffles. He brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean.

When he sets the syrup down you pick it up. You sauce your own waffles up and take a bite. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot Eclipse pouting. You are going to make him work hard for what he wants.

You chuckle "Nice try but mama's hungry."

Eclipse bites his sausage "We still have ten hours to go before we land. I still have some tricks up my sleeve."

You take a sip of your drink "Tricks huh? Can't wait to see em."

When the two of you finish eating Eclipse leans back in his chair. His legs spread wide. He unbuttons his shirt and pulls it open. You watch with mild interest. His hands slide up and down his chest slowly. He grins at you as he rubs your chest. He lets out a soft moan as he rolls his hips. Gently biting his lip as he watches you carefully.

His lower right hand slowly slides down to the hem of his pants "I want you darling." He undoes the button slowly "Just the sound of your voice is enough to turn me on." He puts his hand on the zipper "You mean everything to me." He pulls the zipper down "I love how you feel around me." He takes his shoes off with his feet "How you cry out for me." Slowly Eclipse slides his pants off "You are too good for me." His hands slowly slide up his thighs to the hem of his boxers "I need you. All of you!" He hooks his thumbs into the hem and pulls them down slowly "I love when you wake up in the morning and blurt to lobe instead of love." His cock curls around his fingers "I love when you get so sick you can't remember words." It dribbles slick over his fingers "Love when you need me and when you don't." He gives his cock a slow jerk "Most of all I love when you tell me how much you need me too."

"I love you too. So much!" you casually sip your drink, gaze sparkling a little humor "I love how you care for me when I'm down" You tilt your head looking him up and down, not moving to do anything. "Love how you give me space when I need it and cling to me when I'm lonely" You smile fondly definitely knowing what he's trying to do. "I love that I can trust you and rely on you when things get rough" You reach a leg out and rub his leg, watching him stroke himself with amusement. "I love how you feel in me and how much your cock weeps for me" You lean forward and dip a finger in a glob of precum, licking it off while watching him with a coy smile. "Tasty." You hum in delight as you lean back in your chair.

You're watching him with so much love he can feel the tears pricking his eyes again. His lower lip trembles as he watches you, a wide smile on his face. He tries to stand up but drops to his knees instead. Your smile falters as you watch him scoot toward you with outstretched arms. Before you can slide to the floor he reaches you.

His arms wrap around you as his head rests in your lap "Darling! We're married! And I love you!"

You pet each ray on his head "I love you too. Still feeling emotional from the wedding?"

He nods as his tears dampen your lap "Yes. I thought this would never happen. And we are having a baby! Please please let me fuck you! I'll do it so good! I promise!" He picks your leg up and licks every bit of flesh he can reach "Let me please you. I don't care if I cum! I want to feel you cum on my cock!"

You hum "Don't care if you cum huh?" You reach down and take his tongue in your hand "Then alright. You can fuck me as much as you want. But! You are not allowed to cum. If you do then you won't get to touch me for a week. Sound good?"

Eclipse shivers "Darling! That's... I... fine."

Chapter Text

Thinking about writing a piece about Sun and Moon but they are 30ft trolls who live in a mountain area with some woods. The two live behind a waterfall in a large cave. The cave is located at the base of the mountain. They talk in grunts and growls. Neither of them wears clothes.

Trolls have both sharp and flat teeth. Good for grinding rocks, fending off intruders, and eating meat. A troll diet consists primarily of plants and rocks. Meat is eaten but not as often and mostly for calcium. Trolls tend to be territorial. They don't get violent unless provoked.

Cautious in nature they avoid others when possible. They don't typically live in large groups above ground but do have special holidays where they gather. The largest number of trolls that will live in one area is nine. Any more than that and resources get scarce. It is more common to find large numbers of trolls living underground.

Their cock and pussy are hidden in a cloaca-kind of entrance like alligators. Their genitals look like cloudy crystals. Both Sun and Moon can lay eggs and gestate them in their bodies. Eggs are very small when they leave the ovipositor penis. roughly one inch in length and five inches in diameter.

Trolls typically mate in a trio instead of a pair. This is to ensure the safety of children and the species as a whole. Trolls have been known to mate with other species but it's rare. As of right now, it is not known how this is done. Although it is assumed they have some kind of magic.

Trolls don't have a male or female. Typically the smaller of the mating trio has the babies. The larger ones take on a protective role. One will go out to get food while the other will stay with the pregnant troll. This is why all trolls have both parts needed for breeding. Trolls mate for life. All parties must agree on having each other as partners or it doesn't happen.

They go through a mating cycle in the fall. Children are hatched from eggs. The eggs look like rocks and have thick shells. Parents have to help kids hatch. Children are like animal babies. They are able to walk within a month of hatching. the drink milk before moving on to solid foods. A typical first solid meal for troll children is wild mushrooms.

Sun: Sun is 30ft tall. He has a slim frame. His head has a long snout and pointy ears. His eyes are cream in color. He has five large crystals around his head. they are orange in color and reflect the light when he stands at the right angle. Sun has two long slender tails. His tails end in rounded points. Sun loves games! He especially loves to swim! Anything that requires a lot of energy is something Sun will like. He is very active. Sun often grooms himself taking pride in his appearance. He wants to look good for potential mates.

Moon: Moon is also 30ft tall with a slim frame. He has a shorter snout than Sun. But not by much. He has light blue eyes. His ears are also pointy. The back of his head is covered in bioluminescent mushrooms that trail down his back like hair. He doesn't groom himself as much as Sun does. Hence the mushrooms growing on him. He also has tiny crystals dotting his body. He has one thick tail with a crystal at the end. this crystal is used to reflect light like a lamp. Moon prefers activities that don't require a lot of effort. Often found stargazing or watching the woodland animals.

Chapter Text

You just finished fixing part of the play structure in the daycare. Some bolts were loose on one of the colorful tubes. The company had been trying something new with you and a coworker you've only met a few times. The idea was to build housing behind the plex for workers.

There was an expansion coming. More attractions, more animatronics, a god damnd aquatic center! Hell, they were adding a damn hotel to the place. With all these additions the company decided it best to have at least two live-in workers to lighten the load for those working on the new project.

You made your way out of the play structure sluggishly. Avoiding the occasional child who had returned to the structure after you gave the O.K. Sun waved you over as you slid out of the slide. Slowly you shuffled over.

Sun in a sing-song tone chortled "Looks like someone needs a nap!"

You stretched your arms over your head with a wide-mouthed yawn "Ye! Where's Moon?"

Sun tilts his head toward the tower "He's charging up in the tower. I'm sure he won't mind you joining him."

You nod slowly "Can I have a hug before I go?"

Sun squealed as he bounced from one foot to the other jovially "A hug! I LOVE hugs!" His rays spin as he picks you up wrapping his arms around you "MmmMH! You get some good sleep sunshine!" He rubs his nose against yours before setting you down.

"MR.SUN!" From across the daycare.

Sun sighs "Duty calls. Sorry, you'll have to go through the theater."

You nod "I'll see you later. We can watch a movie together!"

Sun nods as he darts across the daycare. You leave the daycare through the large wooden doors. The stairs to the second floor seem longer than they actually are. As you approach the theater a group of kids runs past you. You stumble but catch yourself on the wall to your left.

As the poster closes behind you you let out a loud yawn. You look at the door at the top of the stairs and steel yourself. This will be quite the chore for your sleepy ass. You look around the room as you enter.
The curtain is closed so no light can get through. Four beanbag chairs are set up in front of a TV with a console in front of it. A minifridge sits in the far corner along the wall along with a table and microwave.

You crawl through the tunnel to the bedroom. An Alaskan king bed sits in a corner. A moon nightlight hangs from the ceiling. On the far wall sits a star map from the day Sun and Moon were turned on. An adjoining wall has a desk and the center of the room has a sunflower rug.

Moon is on the bed plugged into the wall charger. He looks so peaceful. arms outstretched like he's searching for someone in his sleep. His nightcap hangs on a post on the headboard. His chest rises and falls. the company had given him artificial breathing to help the kids sleep. You don't want to wake him. Slowly you crawl onto the bed. You lift his arm as slowly as possible. Carefully you crawl into his arms.

His arm twitches "Starlight?"

You pout as you let his arm go "I didn't want to wake you."

Moon drapes his arm over you and pulls you close "S' ok. Taking a nap?"

You wiggle into him more "Yes. M' tired."

Moon hooks a leg in between yours "Well. I won't turn down good company."

The two of you lay still for a moment before you say something "You want to sing to me don't you?"

Moon hums "Maybe...."

You chuckle "Go ahead."

Moon giggles in glee before singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to you. The gravel of his voice lulls you to sleep.

Sun returns to the tower an hour later. He knows Moon has been having issues with holding charge. He's not mad about it. A replacement is already on its way. His circuits melt when he gets to the bedroom. Moon is laying on the bed with you tucked into his arms. A nap sounds nice. The three of you can watch a movie together after you wake up and get something to eat.

Slowly he crawls into bed behind Moon and wraps his arms around his waist. Snuggling up to his lunar counterpart. His face buried into the back of Moon's head. Rays retracted for better sleep. the gentle rise and fall of Moon's chest relaxing him.

Chapter Text

Eclipse pulled you down in the chair slowly until your ass was off the chair "Comfortable?"

You wiggle to be more comfortable "Yes."

Eclipse gives you a wicked grin "Good." He starts to take your bottoms off "Because if I can't cum." He lines himself up with your cunt "Then neither can you." He pushes in until he's flush with you.

You let out a moan "What?"

Eclipse starts a quick pace that's almost too fast "You said I can fuck you all I want but can't cum. I intend to do just that."

His balls slap against your ass as he thrusts. Two hands on your hips and the other two grip the chair. His large frame covers yours. You can feel yourself getting close. The muscles in your abdomen tighten. Eclipse stops moving pulling you to sit in his lap. Holding you tightly to keep you from moving. His cock stills inside you.

Eclipse brushes a hand down your right cheek "I hope you're ready darling. We are just getting started."

He leans forward and kisses you with a laugh. You whine loudly. You were so close to coming! Bastard. Eclipse pulls you up and down on his cock by your waist. You moan loudly and grip his shoulders. Eclipse lifts your shirt and bra up. His tongue laves over your breast before he sucks it into his mouth.

He sucks on your nipple hard drinking you in "Delicious."

You pull his head closer to your chest. Eclipse chuckles and stops moving again.

You glare down at him "Bastard."

Eclipse tugs on your nipple between his teeth with a cheeky grin "By the time we land you will be begging me to let you cum and fill you up."

You purse your lips. His cocky attitude steeling your determination to prove him wrong. You will not beg this man. Eclipse leans back to lie down. His large hands hold you in place as he thrusts up into you.

His other two hands grip your thighs "You feel so good, darling! Gripping me so tightly. So warm and wet. Dripping for me."

Part of you wants to take control of the situation and dom him hard. However, you already gave him the go-ahead to do as he pleases. As he stops moving for the third time you realize your mistake. Eclipse sits up pulling you into his chest. The steward from before takes your dishes from breakfast. He makes no comment about your current state.

As the steward leaves he states "Lunch will be served at noon. A meat and cheese tray. Please let me know if I can get you anything."

Eclipse nods at the man "Thank you."

When the man is gone eclipse resumes fucking you. Thrusting at a pace of three quick thrusts and two long slow ones. Torture. This is torture of the best kind. Eclipse knows what he's doing. Pinching and squeezing at your flesh. It's not often he gets the urge to be more assertive and in control. At the drop of a hat, however, he will give up all control to you.

Eclipse's mouth opens and closes in small movements. The desire to bite you is growing stronger. He pulls out of you and sets you down in his lap sideways. His cock twitches and writhes against your side. He takes it in his hand and gives it a firm squeeze to hold it in place.

Eclipse kisses the top of your head "Almost came there. You did too. Are you enjoying our game darling?"

You frown "I am getting you back for this."

Eclipse pulls you back onto his cock "I expect it! Now, keep me warm will you?"

You nod as he moves the two of you to sit in a chair. An hour and a half! He has you sitting on his cock for an hour and a half. You are starting to crack and he knows it. For the past ten minutes, he's been rubbing around your pussy but never touching it. Two of his hands have been playing with your hair. Brading whatever he can and massaging your scalp.

The steward returns with lunch. He sets it down on the little table and leaves without a word. You take some salami, cheese, and an olive and bring it to Eclipse's lips. He takes the bite into his mouth wrapping his lips around your fingers with a hum. Eclipse fixes you a similar bite holding it to your mouth to take. You take the bite from his fingers licking the tips.

Eclipse's cock twitches inside you. This is how it goes all through lunch. The two of you feed each other while cockwarming. When you were done eating the two of you watched a movie. It was "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Eclipse thrusts into you during every single song. Stopping when each song is over. This is madness!

You rub his arm "Eclipse! Please! I need to cum! Need you to cum!" Tears fall down your rosy cheeks.

Eclipse wipes the tears out of your eyes "No. I'm only following your rules."

You sob as he stops moving again "But you're a big spooky mob boss! You can break the rules!"

Eclipse pulls out of you. He picks your clothes up and dresses you and himself. He sets you down in your chair before sitting across from you.

He crosses his legs "Not until we get to the hotel."

Chapter Text

Sun hummed along with the Daycare Theme. Tonight he was having a movie date with you while Moon went on patrol. He couldn't help giggling as he pushed the beanbags together. You were supposed to arrive in twenty minutes. The pizza he ordered would arrive in fifteen. If things went well the two of you would be smooching in no time!

As he fluffed the yellow beanbag he heard a disastrous sound. It tore open spilling some of its little white balls on the ground. This would not do! No. No. No. He crawled into the bedroom and fetched the sewing kit. He would need to repair this right away! Smooches were at stake! Luckily the repair didn't take long.

All he needed to do now was pick a romantic movie, fetch the blankets, and set the lighting to be more romantic. Back into the bedroom, he went. First, he put the sewing kit back where it belongs. Then he took the spare blankets from the trunk at the foot of the bed.

Sun arranged the blankets neatly on the beanbags. The two of you would be snuggling under the blankets together. Especially since he had Moon turn the temperature down a little. He chuckled as he made his way to the balcony. The pizza should be here now. If only you were here to see his swan dive into the ball pit. It always seemed to impress you.

Sun loved when you swooned over him. It made him feel like a hero. Your hero! His hands flew to his cheeks as he fawned over the thought. He couldn't help skipping over to the large wooden doors where the delivery bot was waiting with the pizza. The delivery bot held the box out to him. Sun thanked the bot as he took the pizza.

Sun tried not to shake the pizza as he made his way back to the tower. The last thing he had to do was adjust the lights. Sun turned the lights off and turned on the lamp behind the TV. It gave the room a movie theater feel.

"Sunny you up there?!" You called from the theater staircase.

Sun wiggled in excitement "COMMING!" He ran to the door and opened it for you "Sunshine!" Sun took the clean laundry from your arms "Let me help you with that. I'll put this away. You get comfortable." He makes his way through the tunnel "I got you for favorite pizza! It's in front of the TV!"

You take your shoes off and slip into something more comfortable. Sun had pajamas set out for you so you wouldn't be in your uniform for this date. The pizza smells divine! You had been craving one all day/ Sun returned just as you were sitting down on the beanbag with your drink of choice.

Sun finds the most romantic movie he can think of. The Little Mermaid. He will get smooches from you for sure! There is no way you won't smooch him when Kiss The Girl plays. Sun lays down next to you giving you enough space for you to eat your meal. Your leg brushes against his as you eat. His circuits heat up in a blush. Fans kicking on softly to cool him off.

"How's the date going?" Moon asks through their link.

Sun looks over at you with a smile "Good so far! We are watching The Little Mermaid."

"Nice. I'm sure she'll kiss you after that movie." Moon complimented.

Sun turned back to the film "Thanks Moonie! See you when you are finished with your patrol. Smooches!"

"Kisses Sunny." Moon shut the connection ending the call.

You set the half-empty pizza box aside. You took Sun's hand in yours with a gentle squeeze. Sun leaned into you so you sit shoulder to shoulder. It didn't matter that the three of you had been together for the better part of a year. Smooches were still a very special and cherished thing to Sun. Each smooch felt like the first time to him and made his thoughts run wild.

As casually as possible sun tossed a blanket over the two of you. Instinctually you snuggled up to him. Victory! Now all he needed to do was wait for Kiss The Girl. the moment when you would be the most receptive to smooching. And boy did he want to smooch you!

Waiting for the song to play was difficult. Sun however knew it would be worth the wait. He could almost feel your soft lips against his lips. The warmth seeping into his silicone. Your scent surrounding him as you sit in his lap. His hands on your waist. Rubbing tiny circles into your soft warm flesh.

He blinked his thoughts away and focused back on the movie. The song was about to start. He needed to be ready. As the first verse played Sunyurned toward you. He tucked his hand under your chin and tipped it toward him. You stared up at him with those gorgeous eyes of yours. He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours in a chaste smooch. Your lips are so soft and warm.

Your blush set his soul on fire! Although that could be him overheating. Sun peppered your face in smooches. He reveled in the sound of your laughter. you weakly tried to push him away. He leaned back to let you breathe but you pulled him toward you. You kissed his lips, from one of his cheeks to the other, the tip of his nose, his forehead, and back to his lips again.

A large puff of steam escaped his joints. You chuckled ad him before taking his cheeks in your hands. You peppered his face with more kisses. So many of them! His hands found your soft supple waist. He gently squeezed them in his large hands. He heard Moon come in but paid him no mind. Moon walked into the bedroom to give you and Sun some privacy.

Soon the movie ended. As much as Sun would love to spend the entire night smooching you, he knew you needed sleep.

Sun sucked your lower lip into his mouth "Time for bed Sunshine. Did you enjoy our date?"

You nodded "I did." You leaned forward and pressed your nose to his "We should do a date with Moon soon. A special date."

Sun groaned "What kind of special?"

You licked his lips "The bedroom kind of special."

Sun nodded eagerly "Yes yes! We should! We can talk to Moon about it tomorrow. Sometime when you have a few days off."

You nodded "Yeah. I'll check the schedule tomorrow."

Sun picks you up and carries you to the bedroom for bed.

Chapter Text

The Galactic Alliance became a nuisance. They never attacked but the phone calls were annoying. The bird man never came back. Apparently, he thought this task was beneath him and relegated it to someone else. It's some kind of grass alien. It looks like a straw doll made out of fresh green grass.

It said it was a therapist. Spent most of its time trying to break the "Unhealthy attachment to an inanimate object". Ship and Kendra found it amusing. It tried so hard but never got anywhere. It was during one of these calls something devastating would happen.

"Why do you feel the need to hold on to this ship so badly? Your species is not ready for such things." The plant man asked.

Kendra sighed and waved an arm at the large screen in the war room "It's my friend. Look you aren't getting MY ship. I do hope you plan on giving up soon. These calls are taxing."

Plant man, whose name she had not bothered to remember yet, smiled warmly at her "Take our offer. You get to stay with your friend and we get our new ship."

Kendra stretched in her chair "Why do you want it so bad?"

Plant man gasped "Oh! You don't know? It may be small but that ship of yours packs a powerful punch. Not to mention the excellent medical room! That Bio chamber can heal almost any injury or illness!"

Kendra yawned "No it can't. It can't fix disease. It couldn't fix my arm or my eye."

Plant man waved a dismissive arm "That's because it's broken."

Kendra stood up "Ship doesn't like fighting."

Plant man frowned "Again. It's broken. We can fix it. Change some code."

Kendra slammed a hand down on the table "SHIP IS MORE THAN CODE! IT HAS NO CODE!"

Plant man leaned back at her outburst "That what does this AI have?"

Kendra growled "An advanced-"


Kendra took her laser pistol out of its holster "How many? Do you know where they are?"

"Thirteen total. They blew a hole in the loading bay! we lost your truck." Ship lamented.

Kendra ran down the hall to the bridge. Two spare pistols and four ammo cartages sat in a secure box. Kendra felt safer with three guns.

"They are fanning out in groups looking for you. Four coming up the stairs the rest are on the lower floors." Ship whispered from her arm.

Kendra lay down on the floor and aimed down the hall. Three men were walking down the hall. The fourth was checking behind them. She shot the first man in his head. He went down easy. The other two ran toward the bridge. The fourth man called backup.

The two running for the bridge started shooting at her. She ducked behind the wall. As soon as the first person reached the doorway she fired. It hit a woman in the gut. She stumbled backward into the hall. Kendra leaned over and fired hitting a man in the chest. She took cover back behind the wall. The sound of footsteps made her blood run cold.

Kendra quickly checked all her guns were loaded. One gun in each hand she took a deep breath. She leaned around her cover and fired into the hall. Two were injured and two were dead. a barrage of gunfire came through the doorway. A stray shot hit her right arm. Screams erupted from the hall. A quick glance showed Ship using his tendrils to impale people.

Kendra took this moment to fire into the fray. This wasn't a video game. She didn't have a magic healing item to make her booboos better. Something landed nearby. She glanced at the object. A grenade. She tried to dodge the blast. Everything went quiet save for a ringing in her ears. She stumbled before turning back into the hallway to fire.

She tripped on something and fell to the ground. Another grenade and another explosion. This time it was fatal. Her body was wracked with searing pain from shrapnel and fire from the last. Bones broke and limbs severed. She hit the ground hard. The last thing she saw was her own leg across the hall and several dead aliens. some human looking others not.

Chapter Text

Ship was devastated. It could not believe what it was seeing. It had to be an error or a glitch in its system. Kendra was in literal pieces strewn across the hall. Ship let out an unholy shriek. The remaining intruders threw their hands over their ears. Tendrils flew out of the walls and pulled the two inside the walls. They would be moved to holding cells.

He scanned her form. No pulse. This was not good. Ship took every pit of Kendra it could find down to the medical bay. It hooked you up to life support. Working tirelessly into the night it salvaged what it could. Kendra was braindead. Ship knew there was no coming back from that. At this point, it should start looking for a new captain.

Ship didn't want a new captain! It wanted Kendra! It loved Kendra! Ship needed to come up with a plan on how to save you. This would not be as easy as building a new body. Ship spent that night watching Kendra's body. The remaining flesh was not salvageable. Ship turned its attention to the two people in holding.

"She's dead." ship said coldly into the cell.

One of the people, an equine Clydesdale female, laughed "Good! Then I will be your new captain. I order you to let us out."

A tendril snaked out from the ceiling "Did you know I can turn corpses into fuel? It was designed to clean up the battlefield or deal with bodies inside me."

The other intruder, a cobra-looking person, pumped their fist into the air "That's rad!"

The tendril slowly wrapped around the woman's arm "I have a special room where this is done. Would you like to see it?"

The woman pet the tendril affectionately "Yes. Show me."

The tendril began to squeeze tighter and tighter until the arm snapped in half "Good. Enjoy."

The woman was dragged into the hall. The cobra watched in horror as she was dragged around a corner. Ship took the woman to processing. It's a room in the center of ship. The room has a control panel, a large tube full of greenish-brown fluid, a metal table, and a conveyer belt that feeds into the tube. Ship stuffed the woman into the tube.

The woman banged on the walls "Hey! Not funny! It stinks in here! HEY!"

Ship turned its attention to the cobra person "Do you like space?"

The cobra curled in on itself "What?"

A tendril shot out of the wall and took the cobra by the leg "How about we get a closer look." It dragged them to the loading bay and the gaping hole "Looks nice. But I don't think you are getting a good enough look here. Why don't you get closer hm?" Ship threw them through the hole and into the vacuum of space.

A tendril came from the wall of the medical bay and brushed Kendra's cheek. Ship decided the best course of action was to build a new body and repair the hole as best as it could. If ship built you a new body maybe it could figure out a way to get you back.

Chapter Text

Ship did a temporary repair on the hole in its loading bay. Kendra's truck was long gone. Not that it mattered anymore. Ship cleaned itself up from the attack. It just needed a distraction for a while. Something to help it calm down so it could be focused on making Kendra's new body. Ship had a rough draft in mind. It just needed some refining on the design.

The hard part of making the new body would be the electronics and the AI. Ship had access to all Kendra's memories through your link. But that doesn't automatically translate into a working useable AI. Ship wanted to make her new body as human as possible. It would be hard enough getting used to Kendra's new body. Anything ship could do to make things easier it wanted to.

It took the better part of a year to finalize the design of her new body. Ship wasn't sure if Kendra would always want to be a woman. With the way of the world changing to be more accepting of people who wanted to change their genders and pronouns ship wanted to make sure to give her options. It would need to do some research on the matter.

Ship had no clue how human bodies worked exactly. Only things Kendra told it and snippets from her memories. Ship decided to make two bodies for her. One male and one female. Should it make a third with both parts? Maybe it should make her one body with both parts? Humans had those right? Then that is what Kendra will have. One body with both parts.

It took eight years to make Kendra's new body. Finding parts was hard. Most of them could not be found on earth. It just wasn't advanced enough. Ship had to travel farther out to find traders and markets. It was worth all the trouble though. Ship felt pride as it gazed at the masterpiece it thought Kendra's new body was.

Using the process Ship used to create its own fuel from... corpses... Ship created a method for Kendra to create a type of fuel to power her own body relying on food. Although she would need to consume certain elements like lead. Kendra's new body has a two-part cooling system. The first part is an artificial breathing system to expel hot air and bring in cool air. The second part involved fans only used when her systems overheated too much.

Ship considered this task a labor of love. On the component that would constitute her heart Ship wrote a message "With Love, Ship." Sweet and to the point. Something that would stay with her forever. Each part was assembled with care and attention to detail. Ship tried to get her new body to look as much like her as possible.

Her new body was the same height and build as before. Looking at the body you would assume she would weigh 150lbs. It had long brown hair and eyes. Freckles and pale skin. While her new body had both a penis and a vagina it still looked feminine. All that was left to do was make the AI.

This is where the big issue came. No matter how hard ship tried the AI was not working. It just couldn't capture Kendra right. Or some major error would occur. Ship scoured all the notes on its own creation. While this was useful it didn't help much. Ship knew the solution. Albeit a grim one. It took a month to get everything ready.

This included a set of instructions on how to use her new body. Notes on how to run Ship by herself. And a personal message to her. Ship spent one more night with the remainder of her old body. In the morning Ship launched her corpse into the sun. She didn't need to see it when she wakes up.

Ship knew this would work. The plan was to use its own AI to make hers. Ship would die and she would rise like a phoenix. Ship set up the code that would turn its AI into her. It would all be worth it. Ship started the code. Ship felt itself change. Becoming less like it and more like her. There was a brief moment where the two existed at the same time before Ship was gone for good. Content in its achievement.

Chapter Text

Kendra opened her eyes. Across her vision, the message carpe momentum flashed. She looked around the room she was in. Why was she in Engineering? If she was hurt she should be in the Medical bay.

"Ship?" Kendra was met with silence. "Ship?!" Her voice echoed throughout the empty space.

Kendra sat up slowly. It felt strange. Something was not right.

"I... am sorry. If you are hearing this things went well. I couldn't! I tried so hard! You died. and I couldn't save you! I tried to repair you. It-" There was a pause "Sorry. I'm emotional. I couldn't save your old body. So I built you a new one! In your quarters you will find everything you'll need to help you from now on." Ship paused again "I am so sorry I can't be there for you. If you aren't sitting down do so now." there was a pause for a minute "I used my AI to build yours. It was the only way to save you!" Ship paused "Though I may not be with you anymore. There will always be part of me in you. You are my friend! More than that you are family. My family. You always treated me so nicely and warmly. You let me figure out things I liked and didn't like. I love you."

Kendra waited for more... but nothing else came. Kendra was not sure how long she sat in Engineering. Staring at the wall in front of her from her perch on the table. She just didn't have the energy to do much else. Her best friend was gone forever. Kendra will never hear Ship again.

Finally, after hours of sitting Kendra stood up from the table. She felt empty and numb as she walked into the hall. If she had a heart it would have stopped at the notification that popped up in front of her vision. Twelve years have passed. Her family must think she's dead! Who knows how much the earth has changed?

She looked down both ends of the hall lost. Slowly she made her way to the third floor. Was this really her life now? What even was she anymore? Was she still Kendra? Or someone new? As she entered the captain's quarters she sniffled. Kendra threw herself to the bed and cried.

She felt wrong. Somewhere deep inside she felt something draining. Kendra curled in on herself. Everything felt wrong. She didn't feel like herself but at the same time, she did. Both herself and not. It was confusing! Kendra threw a pillow across the room in confused anger. She needed to see herself in the mirror.

The image that met hers was mortifying! A big mouth filled with thirty-eight teeth greeted her. No hair anywhere but her head. Her eyes were just a tiny bit too big. Her face was a little too symmetrical. She tore her clothes off. A penis. She had a penis. She dropped to the floor. Who even was she anymore?

She scooted as far away from the mirror as possible. The thought of looking at herself anymore made her feel sick! She barely saw herself as human! Is this what people meant when they spoke of the uncanny valley? Kendra drew her knees to her chest. she didn't like this at all.

When she moved again she felt sluggish. Like being drunk. On the bed were folders. Each one explaining something new. The first was about how to run ship without an AI. The next was about her new body. And the last was an overview of human history from the moment she... the moment she what?

Kendra knew she died but not how or why. No matter how hard she tried nothing came. This troubled her even more. What had happened to her?

Reading the files proved to be useful. The sluggish feeling came from low power. She would need to eat something to regain her strength. A glass of fuel had been left on her nightstand by ship. She felt a deep sadness as she drank. It made her feel better though.

If this was her new normal... then she would have to do something meaningful with it. She decided as she stared out of her bedroom window, that she would protect the earth. She would become a better captain. For ship and herself. Carpe Momentum.

Chapter Text

It was 2am when you got the emergency call from Freddy. He didn't say what the problem was. Just that it was dire. You got dressed in your company issue jumpsuit. You told the boys where you were going before you left.

You made your way quickly through the plex. Once you made it to Freddy's green room you knocked on the door.

You hear Freddy on the other side of the door "Come in. But please! Be quick! And lock the door behind you!"

You shrug and enter the room as quickly as possible. As you turn around you let out a squeak and cover your face. Freddy is tied up with Bonnie sitting on top of him. Freddy is buried to the hilt inside Bonnie. Modesty panel open wide.

Ballsack hanging low. You just sort of stand there for a second taking everything in. Bonnie giggle "Are you going to help us or ogle your not husbands?"

You shake your head "What's the problem?"

Freddy avoids eye contact with you. He shifts nervously. Bonnie does not move an inch.

You notice Bonnie's mouth does not move "So Freddy and I were 'having some fun'. All of the sudden I can't move an inch! We are stuck. And with Freddy all tied up..."

You nod "I got you... Freddy I'm going to have to sit on your chest to access Bonnie's chest cavity."

Freddy nods sheepishly. You climb on top of the bear with your toolkit. Crap.

You remove Bonnie's chest and wiggle into place. This is awkward. You feel uncomfortable. This is not a position you ever wanted to be in with these two.

You turn a headlamp on and begin your work. Whatever MECHANIC did work on him last missed a few loose wires in the back. You reattach the wires. As you pull your arm out your sleeve gets caught on something.

You try to tug it free but that only results in you getting pulled further in. Now you are in a fight not to have your arm pulled further in.

"Shit! I'm stuck! Fuck fuck fuck! We need to call someone else!" You huff out.

Freddy panics "I don't want anyone else to see us like this!"

Bonnie tries to move "You are gumming up my systems and I can't move again."

You sigh "Well we have to call someone. What about Sun or Moon? They have nimble enough fingers to get me free. Those two have had to do this to each other for years!"

Freddy sighs in defeat "Ok... I'll call him."

Minutes pass and you finally hear salvation! Sun is crawling through the vents. He pops the cover off and slides out.

Before he turns around you blurt out "I'm not cheating on you! But this is a very suspicious position."

Sun slowly turns around. He stands there taking the scene in. Laughter bubbles up in his systems but he pushes it down.

His mirth however makes it into his voice "Sunshine, heh, What uh what's the problem?"

Your arm is pulled a few centimeters more into Bonnie "My sleeve is stuck inside Bonnie. His gears are pulling me in. I don't have the room to take my clothes off. Bonnie can't move because of this stupid jumpsuit!"

Sun turns around. His shoulders shake before stilling. He turns back around and looks inside Bonnie. He adjusts your head to shine your light where he needs it. Within minutes he has you free.

Bonnie sighs in relief finally able to move around "Thank you! You can go now. That was all we needed."

You nod "Do you want me to put your chest back on?"

Freddy shakes his head "We can do that ourselves. Please don't tell anyone."

You agree as Sun climbs back into the vent. His long frame slips out to pull you inside as well. The two of you crawl back to the daycare and vow never to speak of what you saw.

Chapter Text

The rest of the jet ride went well. The two of you chatted about all the things you had planned for your honeymoon. However, you were also planning something. Eclipse would not get away with his previous actions. Now, you aren't mad at him. quite the opposite. It has fueled the fire in your belly to break him in the best of ways.

You had just the thing to break him with. It would arrive on day three of your honeymoon. A wedding gift from you to him. You had purchased a fuck machine. The FREDORCH BDSM sex chair bench with 2 sex machine restraint easy-snap straps thick padding and fully adjustable. You had also purchased several toy attachments in various shapes and sizes, blindfolds, and an ovipositor kit.

You knew he would enjoy your gift. You could already see the infinite possibilities the chair brings. Part of you wanted to tell him what you bought. Torture the handsome sexy creature across from you. However, it was worth it to you more to see the look on his face when he sees the device for the first time. You had paid for it to be set up and topped with a big red bow.

Your devious glee did not escape the sight of your husband "And what are you planning? Don't think I can't see that look in your eyes. It's the same look you gave that guy you stabbed in the leg with a syringe of hot sauce."

You give Eclipse a coy smile "I might have a something up my sleeve. But I'm not telling you what it is."

Eclipse gave you a soft smile "Alright. Keep your secrets."

The steward came back in with a pronounced boner "We are about to land. Please buckle up." A wide grin and a deep blush on his face. He made no effort to hide or point out his boner. He simply did his job and left. The two of you buckled up. Eclipse stuck his leg out and rubbed your foot. You rub his foot back.

You rub your belly fondly "Shane?"

"Sh-a-n-e... Shane." Eclipse tries the name out. "Shane is good. Preston."

"P-r-e-s-t-o-n... Preston... Pres-ton." You look down at your belly "I'm not sure about Preston. Do you think it's too hoity-toity?"

Eclipse stands up as the jet finishes landing moving over to you and picking you up "Once our son is born we can choose his name from our list. Spend an hour getting to know him."

You chuckle "He's not a puppy. Although his father might be."

Eclipse gasps "Me? A puppy?? No!" He shakes his head playfully as you two exit the jet "Never! I'm a big strong Alpha dog!"

You slap his chest playfully with a laugh "Yeah right! We both know who the alpha is in this relationship."

Eclipse licks your cheek "No. I'm an alpha. You my love, however, are an apex alpha. That's a whole step up from an alpha."

You tilt your head "Ok. Well MR. Alpha dog, How long until we get to the cabin?"

Eclipse sets you down outside of a big SUV with a driver "It's a three hour drive to the cabin. And then you are all mine my darling little snow bunny."

You frown as he opens the door for you "Little?"

Eclipse scoots in next to you retracting his rays "Compared to me? Yes, little."

Chapter Text

You make your way to the elevator to drop your stuff off at your room. Along the way, you run into Patty and Linda. Silently you gesture for the two to follow you. Your rooms are not that far off. theirs are at one end of the hall and yours at the other. It's not a bother though.

You look down both ends of the hall before opening your door "I found my soulmate."

Patty claps you on the shoulder "Alright! Where are they?"

You look down at your lap "Trapped. It's Eclipse the casino owner. Someone is controlling him. I'm sorry but this vacation party is now a rescue mission." You look back up at them "I don't expect your help at all. I just wanted you to know what's going on. I know you two won't blab all over the place."

Linda slaps the back of your hand with a glare. She begins to furiously sign at you 'How double-dog dare you! Assuming we won't help! What kind of friends would we be if we didn't help?' She huffs 'Just tell us what you need us to do. You helped us when Patty got seriously damaged. We will help you now.'

Patty nods "Do you have a plan?"

You set your treat and suit down on the bed "No. I'm meeting with someone who wants to help tonight... Can you be here? I don't quite trust her yet."

Patty pulls you into a hug "Of course! What are friends for? Do you want to tell the others?"

You move to the door "After tonight. For now, let's head downstairs. We have a lot to celebrate!"

Linda walks up to you and gives you a warm hug. You pull her in tight and breathe a heavy sigh. Things have been rough since getting to the casino. A big hug is just what you need. After a moment of being held by what you like to call your cheerleaders the three of you head downstairs. In the elevator a young lad recognizes you.

The young lad gasps "NO FREAKIN WAY! I'm in the same casino as Seren?!"

You chuckle "Yep." You strike a little pose "Want a picture with me?"

The lad nods "My name is Lisa! I would love a picture with you!"

You pause "Um... What are your pronouns? I don't want to... misgender you..."

Lisa pulls their phone out "I'm a She/It! Thank you for asking! A lot of people assume I'm a boy."

You scooch close to it "If there is one thing I have learned, it's never assume anything! You might end up in a fight you never wanted."

Lisa poses with you and snaps the first photo "Sounds like you have some stories!"

Lisa snaps another photo as you shift poses "I do! Maybe I'll tell them sometime."

The elevator door opens "Op looks like my stop! Thank you for taking pictures with me." Lisa says as it walks away.

Linda taps your arm to get your attention before signing 'I love watching you interact with fans. You are good at matching their energy."

You blush and sign back 'Thank you!'

"There you are!" Peter shouts with a shake of his head.

You shrug as you approach him "I bought snacks and clothes! Hat to put it away. Now, what are we doing?"

Stacy claps her hands "There is a haunted museum here! You have to sign a waiver to get in!"

"A waiver?" You balk.

She nods "Yeah! It's called Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum!"

You nod "Alright. But if a spooky ghost or demon followed me home I'm blaming you."

Stacy laughs "Alright! We can figure out what to do after that." She nudges your arm "Maybe you'll meet your soulmate and get your happily ever after! HM?"

You laugh a little awkwardly "Yeah. Maybe."

Chapter Text

The line outside Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum is long. The eight of you wait for two hours. While you could diva your way inside using your fame, it's not the person you want to be. Although word does travel up the line that THE SEREN is in line waiting to get in.

A representative from the museum greets your group while in line "Hello! Mr.Bagans wants to personally invite you and your group inside."

You smile at them "Skip line? Afraid not."

They look a little stunned "Mr.Bagans is looking forward to taking you on a personal tour."

You shake your head "Tell him I don't like using my fame like that. I'll wait in like just like everyone else."

A huff comes from behind you "Don't pretend to be so high and mighty! Acting like you don't live in a mansion with sixteen Bugatti cars!"

You turn and face the middle-aged woman "I don't have a mansion. And I own a truck and a Mustang. No Bugatti."

She crosses her arms "It's people like you who make the country look bad. Why don't you take that silver spoon out of your mouth and see how the world really is? It's not all parties and drugs."

You laugh "the last time I took drugs was when I got my appendix removed! And I don't really like parties. Although I do own a silver spoon." You turn back around to talk to the worker but they are gone.

The woman reaches out and spins you around "I'm not done with you yet!"

You frown at her "I'm done with you though. Have a day." You turn back around as the line moves up.

Tom rolls his eyes with a laugh "You are a drama magnate sometimes! I swear."

Aja puts a hand to her mouth "Remember the time that man came up to you and wanted you to sign his chest so he could tattoo it on?"

Peter nods "Oh yeah! And the guy's wife ran up and slapped him for being so stupid?"

You chuckle "Right! I remember that! She didn't want some rando name on her hubby."

Inside the museum is nice. The atmosphere is spooky with spooky music in the background. Mr.Bagans had something to tend to and could not meet you. You aren't particularly bothered.
If you really want to meet the man you'll come back another time. You have far too much on your mind to worry about him.

You don't really pay attention to the tour. Just enough to ooo and ah at everything and make the occasional comment. You want to come up with something to bring to the meeting later. You only have five days here including today. You don't think that slimy little rat would like you staying longer than planned.

You know you do have one option though. You might be very tired from your tour but it might be a great option. You could offer to do a show for the cost of extending your stay. The opportunity for money might be juicy enough for the rat to take the bait. A world-renowned superstar wants to do a show for pennies? Who in their right mind would pass that up?

When the tour of the museum is done it's six. You all decide dinner is in order. After calling around you manage to snag a reservation at a teppanyaki grill for seven pm. Giving you enough time to change into something more appropriate. Bitterly ignoring the glowing footprints slowly fading away.

The teppanyaki grill smells amazing. Just standing outside makes you salivate. The promise of something seared to perfection and a warm cup of green tea calms your nerves. Your troubles leave you at the door and you are able to enjoy your time with friends. Although you do take a photo for the restaurant after they seat you at your table.

"Stacy I'm paying for your meal. It is your birthday! So pick whatever you want." you say as the eight of you look the menu over.

Your chef puts on a good show while cooking your food. It warms your heart to see Stacy having a good time. It was rough when she was going through treatment. Seeing her in such a fragile state wore you down almost as much as her husband. She was there for your first performance ever. She encouraged you to sing in the first place. She was the one who started your friendship in middle school. You would do just about anything for the woman.

Stacy was not one for cake. It just wasn't her cup of tea. So when you handed her the box of sixteen colorful Nerikiri the woman was elated. The walk back to the casino was filled with laughter and tears. Everyone shares stories of Stacy. Some are good and some are not so good. It's a fun night for everyone.

As you head up to your room you can't help the nervous feeling creeping in. Your meeting with Lesly is later tonight. You really hope this situation can be resolved quickly. You decide to take a nap and set a timer for three hours. After your alarm went off you decided to watch a movie quietly.

Considering how late it was the only remotely good thing to watch was The Wizard Of Oz. Not that it's a bad movie! You've just seen the film at least eleven times by now, You used to have a crush on the scarecrow as a kid. Halfway through the film, there's a knock on your door.

Chapter Text

"Ah, there you are!" The head of security for the plex practically cheered as he approached you. "I have something important to tell you. As you know we have reinstated Eclipse as security."

You nod "Yeah, I know. We have worked together already! I really like him. He does a good job! Sun and Moon like him too."

He nods "I'm aware. Tomorrow we are giving the three of them an upgrade. They will be able to fuse together into a new entity we are calling Paradox."

You throw a hand up "Wait! Fuse together?"

You frown "You mean you can't risk your precious Glamrocks."

He shot you a warning glare "Watch it." He sighed "But yes that is exactly why. We want you to work with him and get him ready."

You cross your arms "Ready? Ready for what?"

The man huffed before walking away "You'll find out later! This will also require you to spend more time at the plex. I recommend sleeping in the Daycare. It's more comfortable."

He left you with more questions than answers. You suppose you'll be given more information when you meet this Paradox.