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All The Twitter Things

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"Listen" Sun began awkwardly. "We both know I'm not real. But you and all those other wonderful people made me real!" He puts a hand on your shoulder "Even now it's you telling them what I'm doing." He smiles gazing out at the play structures "You all create so many wonderful things about Moon and I." He pulls you into his lap "I know things are tough for you. You'll pull through it! I know you will because you are strong."

Sun wraps himself around you "Even though I can't be with you... know I am right here." He points a long finger to your heart."And I will always be right here." He takes your hand and puts your hand on his chest "And you. All of you wonderful beautiful people will be right here. You are all special to Moon and I."

The daycare fades away into a vast expanse of stars and galaxies.The daycare theme slowly fades into nothing. The two of you sit an watch the universe shift and change with time. It feels peaceful and you feel content. More so than you have in a while.