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The Slow and Painful Silence

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Gumball was in in his room, trying to think.

But he wasn't trying to think of a scheme,  or plan. No he was just trying to think in general.

The silence in the room was mentally and almost physically painful for him. He tried everything, to help the numbness, he tried drawing, but that just left him with scribbled out characters, broken pencils, and ripped papers.  He tried scrolling through his socials, but he found himself  just scrolling faster and faster intill he just threw his phone on the bed.

This wasn't your any ordinary boredom.

His mind is blank, the lack of noise is suffocating. There was to talk to since he was home alone. All he can do is fiddle with the rug well trying to look for some music he can play, but he just can't seem to stick to one, pressing the skip button evey 5 seconds. Before he just tried to sick to wattever song was playing.

As it played, he felt the same fidgeting feel he had Before, when he tried drawing and scrolling. Scrolling faster when reading the post became to slow. Ripping, the paper and scribbling our the drawings he did, because  IT WAS TOO SLOW, and ending up breaking the wooden pencil, as he started to get irrationally angry at how slow everything was. Why was the world SO SLOW?!

As the song played, Gumball started pulling on the carpet, but, he, then started chewing on the inside of his cheek, so he went over to a drawer, to grab one of his chewing necklaces, since he didn't want his mouth to bleed. It was shaped like the triforce from The legend of Zelmore (Zelda). He just needed to chew something. Chewing stuff helped him release pressure, when he gets anxious, and or having a panicattack, all though, it helped him, he would never would bring any of his necklaces in public, despite everyone in his family encouraging him to. But he never listened, being kinda embarrassed. But Darwin would always bring one with the with out Gumball knowing, just in case.

Chewing was something he normally did when he was overwhelmed, or, in this case, underwhelmed.  Gumball's  chewing got violent, it felt like something was boiling up inside him, although,  it was not anger, but rather, restlessness.

He then impulsively threw the necklace across the room and screamed, but it was a scream you would do if you were to stub your toe. But that didn't take away that it was the first sound Gumball had made since he felt like numb. It felt like his mouth was glued shut, witch was odd since, he normally has no trouble talking, hell, some might say he dose it too mutch.

Gumball then looked at his phone, '1:00pm', the clock read he then went to look at the song, and despite it being a hyperpop song, he still felt like everything was going to slow, and being to quiet.

He then went to one of the app games he had on his phone. "Maybe playing this will help" he thought, only to be met with an ad first thing, normally he would just watch it, then go to play his game, but right now, the last thing he needed was a slow ad, with a slow loading screen, even though the ad was only 10 seconds long, he just couldn't wait that long in his current state.

"Why is everything so slow and quiet? I just need something,  ANYTHING, but everything is too slow, why is the world so slow? Why is my mind so fast..." he thought, his mind was normally really over active, and really fast, but sometimes, his mind is just to fast and it feels like it stopped, and so he feels restless.

Gumball went to the app the music was playing on, and paused it, and went to the computer to look for some videos to watch. But nothing on Elmore Streamit caught his attention, all the videos that were being recommended were HOUR LONG compalations. One LONG and SLOW hour, not to mention all the ads in-between.

His scrolling got faster and faster, his legs swung faster, till he just rage quit and turnd the computer off. Gumball just spined in the desk chair, again getting faster and faster, intill he got too dizzy.

When he did he just looked at his reflection in the computer,  he felt tears about to stream down his face, he just let them as he picked up the necklace off the floor and started chewing on it, he didn't care if it was on the dirty floor, he just needed to chew something, to release the pressure that had built up.

"Why isn't this world made for people like me? Why can't things go a little more faster? Why can't there a little bit more going on right now? This silence is PAINFUL?" Gumball thought to him self well rocking himself, all though, like most things went, that too got fast and aggressive. Gumball just sat there, intill everyone got back, and he could try to tell them what was going on, intill then, he was just gonna deal with the SLOW and PAINFUL silence.