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To be comforted

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Myka wasn't much for physical affection. She was very reserved, even if Claudia and Pete weren't. But when Claudia was gravely injured, people patted her shoulder as she waited by the empty hospital bed as the hospital ran tests and she didn't even flinch.

HG barely slowed from a sprint as she burst into Claudia's hospital room, and Myka was already on her feet, HG's momentum pushing her back into the room as she barreled into her, Myka's hands were already grasping HG as she finally let the sobs in her chest roll out of her.

And HG, who had lost so much already - her daughter, her family, her fame, her century - held Myka, her hands soft, her knees steady as Myka leaned against her.

"I have every confidence that Claudia will be fine," HG said, pulling away a little, her thumb brushing the tears from Myka's cheeks. Myka nodded wordlessly and pulled HG close again, for HG's sake this time. It had been years since they'd seen each other, and while Myka wasn't much for physical affection, she had always made an exception for HG.