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teenagers scare the living shit out of me ( they could care less as long as someone’ll bleed )

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“You want us to do what-”

“Pierce my ears.” Mike’s lying beside Lucas’s couch, legs sprawled around the room, his head resting on the armrest, he’s staring idly at the Sinclairs’ ceiling, carefully avoiding his friend's eyes as he speaks, the words flow out of him, slowly and groggily, like he’d put less thought into it than he had.

He’s been thinking about it for a while, since the Party ( Well, most of it) started high school, maybe even before that. He thinks he remembers when Nancy got her ears pierced, newly twelve having begged their parents to let her get them done for weeks. He can, however, vividly remember begging his mom to let him get his done after her, for a month Nancy walked around with these steel earrings in ( Mike’s sure there’s a reason she kept the same ones in even if he can’t really remember it right now, ) and all Mike wanted was to be like his big sister.

His parents, on the other hand, weren’t exactly pro-getting their eight-year-old son's ears pierced so the topic was dropped. He’d almost forgotten about it, key word here being almost because one look at Eddie Munson and it all came back to him.

Okay, so maybe the draw of piercing his ears at the moment is more Eddie than anyone else. It’s just that it looks so cool on him. Eddie who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, Eddie who’ll gladly get up on a cafeteria table and shout, making fun of the people who’ve tormented them for years, Eddie who’s so okay with being visible. The earrings being just another fuck you to all the people who think he’s just some freak.

Eddie only has one piercing though, on his right ear and Mike thinks he’d want one on both ears.

It shouldn’t be awfully hard, to do it themselves, he knows Eddie did all of his piercings. Then again Eddie practically makes his own clothes, and sometimes he wears dark eyeshadow under his eyes and black eyeliner on his waterline that make Mike feel things he really does not want to address.

“Come on guys, it’ll be fun.”


“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

If you had asked Dustin what his plans were twenty minutes ago he would’ve painted you a picture of him, Mike, Lucas, and Max watching bad slash-fiction films that may or may not have been stolen from Steve and Robin in Lucas’s living room, eating a frankly ridiculous amount of popcorn and other junk food as well as planning out their strategy for their next DnD session, Max softly mocking them in the background in an attempt to irritate Mike. (She’s been trying to annoy him into making her a zoomer character for months now and Dustin really doesn’t get why he doesn’t just do it, Max is folding in on herself, and Dustin’s desperate to hold onto the pieces she’s still giving them.)

He has to say hypothetical Dustin from twenty minutes ago would not have told you anything about piercing Mike Wheeler's ears. That doesn’t seem to be an awfully big concern to Mike though, the pair sitting in Lucas’s bathtub as Dustin fiddles with some ice cubes, an honestly concerningly blunt sewing needle, and a lighter, a couple of what he can only assume are Nancy Wheeler herself old earrings on the counter.

Usually, an activity like this would be delegated to the Wheeler’s basement, but the Sinclair house was practically empty with Mrs. and Mr. Sinclair at work, and sure they were supposed to be looking after Erica but after breaking into a Secret Russian Headquarters with her forgive him for thinking she doesn’t need to be supervised constantly. Besides what’s the worst she could get up to, they closed the gate; they’ve won, for now at least.

This was an objectively bad idea. Dustin had barely a clue what he was supposed to be doing and he suspects the others aren’t faring any better in that regard. Maybe if he had more time to prepare he could do it, maybe not to a professional level but to a better level than he’s working with now; but Mike was so insistent that they do it, even pulling a small container out of his bag which held the needle Dustin’s holding in his hands, he seemed so set on the idea; like if they didn’t do it he’d do it himself and thinking about it Dustin wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Max was on board with the idea almost immediately, a warm mischievous look flooding her features seeing the little “piercing kit” Mike had brought with him, joining in on his insistence that actually this was a good idea.

It wouldn’t have worked, Mike and Max’s usual tactics to get what they want involve puppy eyes and pouting which might work fine on adults, like Joyce, maybe even on Steve ( it definitely works on Steve, ) but falls flat when dealing with two of their best friends.

They only manage to win him and Lucas over by bringing up Will and El, Mike’s sure that they would help pierce his ears if he asked and Dustin’s not entirely sure they wouldn’t, ( He doesn’t think Will would though and he’s not sure if El’s grasped the concept of piercings yet ) and that’s what really does it; because Mike’s been so heartbroken since the Byers left.

The Byers' move affected them all but Mike and Max took it the hardest; it makes sense, El was Mike’s girlfriend and Max’s best friend, and Will and Mike always had that- whatever going on, so of course makes sense to him that they’d take the Byers being in California harder than him and Lucas ( Not saying they don’t miss both of them because Christ Hawkins sucks without them. )

If piercing Mike’s ears would give them all a moment of peace, a moment to do something other than think about all that they’ve lost Dustin thinks it might not be the worst idea in the world ( and they could’ve done so much worse. )

“This was literally your idea. Do I look like I know what I’m doing?” He bites back at Mike, playful frustration dripping through his voice. Lucas and Max are at the sink counter, for moral support, and for help when Dustin inevitably fucks this up beyond belief.

He can’t believe out of everyone he’s the one who got voted to do the actual piercing, he’d argue that it should be Max or Mike, the two people who actually wanted to do this, but somehow it was determined that he had the steadiest hands ( Which probably isn’t even true, ) and that he’d be the least likely to like tear a hole through Mike’s ear.

The lighter and the needle had been handed over to Lucas and Max to disinfect it courtesy of Max’s weird first-aid skills, holding the sewing needle over the heat of the lighter, the sink running just in case.

Mike has his hair tucked securely behind his ears, it’s the first time Dustin’s really noticed just how long his hair has gotten, it’s far from Max length long, it’s probably closer to Steve’s hair if anything but it’s long enough for Dustin not be able to properly ice the back of Mike’s ear ( Which Mike insists is what you're supposed to do and in his defense, Dustin thinks he might’ve heard Eddie say something similar. )

“Jesus Christ Mike, hold your hair back for God’s sake,”

Dustin grumbles, the cold ice dripping down Mike’s neck causing him to flinch slightly and Max to turn around, taking one of her braids out, ( Her hair should not be down around the open flame Lucas is holding but- )

“Maybe you should y’know, actually tie your hair up?” She suggests grinning wildly as she pulls Mike’s hair back into a small ponytail, Mike giving her a soft glare.

It does the trick though and Dustin manages to ice up his ears pretty decently if you ask him. Lucas hands him the sewing needle and he focuses his vision on Mike’s ears, it shouldn’t be that difficult a job, put the needle through Mike’s ear, put the earring in, and hope Mike doesn’t bleed to death, do it twice and they’re done.

He can feel Lucas and Max’s eyes on him as he tries to put the needle through Mike’s ear. Mike shifts in a very Mike kind of way the moment the needle touches his ear and Dustin in turn gives him a harsh “Sit still dammit!”

“Isn’t that needle too blunt to go through his ears?” Dustin can hear Lucas' question suspicion in his voice, he’s right; the needle is probably too blunt to even sew with but it’s not like they have another one lying around or anything.

“Oh, it definitely is,” Mike and Dustin say at the same time and Dustin swats Mike for giving them a sewing needle that might be too blunt to even go through his ear, Mike reasoning that he couldn’t find one sharper than would also be big enough to put the earring into.

“Max, Lucas a little help here,” Dustin asks, once again putting the needle up to Mike’s ear,

“Do either of us look like we know what we’re doing?” Max asks incredulity as Dustin turns to them asking them rather simply just to hold Mike as he tries the piercing once more.

The pair comply, Lucas, holding Mike as Dustin tries and fails once more to put the needle through Mike’s ear, Max holding the earrings.

“Hear just give me that-“

“Oh not a chance, I’m piercing your ears. Let me work.” With one final sigh and Mike suitably distracted Dustin shoves the needle through Mike’s ear creating a small hole, almost immediately Max comes behind Lucas with the earrings, forcing the earrings through his ear and closing the back.

The second Mike registers the pain he yelps, flinching to the side which makes Dustin grateful that Max had successfully gotten the earring in. Mike’s muttering incoherent nonsense about how much it hurt ( Which Dustin doesn’t doubt, he swears he could hear the cartilage break as he thrust the needle through his ear. )

One done one more to go, Mike’s sort of steadied himself still mumbling about his ear pounding, Dustin’s already focused on the other ear, preparing to just force a needle through it like he’s just after doing.

“Dustin?” Lucas asks.


“Is Mike’s ear supposed to bleed like that?”

Turning his attention back to Mike’s pierced ear he sees it immediately; Mike’s ear will not stop bleeding. Fuck. The earring is in which he counts as a win, however, blood is coming out from underneath it dripping onto Mike’s top and getting in his hair.


“Fuck- Max- What should I do?” Dustin looks up at her wide-eyed, this was their fucking idea, and now he’s after tearing a hole through Mike’s ear so some shit, Mike’s beginning to argue about what’s going on, and Jesus Christ, Dustin just wants to slap him.

“I don’t have my ears pierced Dustin, why would I know?” Max asked half-offended, pulling at her ears to show that, yeah, she didn’t have her ears pierced.

“What do you mean? You were on board with this! Don’t you know first aid?”

“Don’t think this needs first-aid Henderson,”

“Besides I was on board with the idea of Mike making a fool out of himself when he inevitably passes out from blood loss, there’s a difference.” Max laughs to herself as Dustin scoffs letting out a small smile. Mike is somehow glaring at them both trying to get to his ear as Dustin continues to pull him away causing even blood loss.

“Lucas? Anything?” He asks. Lucas has moved over to the first aid supplies he and Max had taken out.

“Here! Let me see!”

Mike complains, trying desperately to leave the bathtub and get to the mirror Lucas is currently standing in front of, only to be grabbed by the shoulders by Dustin and practically forced to sit still, earning him another glare. “So help me God, Mike Wheeler if you leave this bathtub.”

“Put pressure on it! Isn’t that what ur supposed to do when it’s bleeding?” Lucas exclaims, looking back at Max for reassurance, instead, she shrugs at him, the two of them fiddling with the first aid box as Dustin tries to keep Mike’s eyes on him and not the blood that was now beginning to run down his neck, oh my God how did Mike get them to agree to this.

“Why don’t we just let it bleed? What’s the worst that can happen?” Max questions, her attention has shifted to the Wheeler’s bathroom cabinets, her eyebrows furring slightly which is Max’s go-to move for showing her concern. Which, nice to know she’s concerned that they might’ve permanently fucked up their best friend's ear but Dustin can’t say it doesn’t worry him a bit because Max is the only one of them who actually knows first-aid future than the basic idea the rest of them have gotten in case the world ends, and if she doesn’t know they’re in deep shit.

“We are not doing that!” Mike exclaims once again turning to glare at Max once again, there’s a pitiful attempt by Dustin to get Mike to sit still in a desperate attempt to stop provoking more blood loss but Mike leaves his grasp easily, shaking Dustin off him like it was nothing. Max shrugs once again and Dustin swats Mike making their return to the unsteady eye contact they were holding before.

There’s a level of panic in the room, it’s not major or anything, in fact, it’s nothing compared to what they were usually faced with but it’s still there nonetheless. The blood from Mike’s ear has made its way down Mike’s neck showing few signs of stopping anytime soon. Mike will probably be okay, or at least Dustin thinks he will be but he doesn’t really know anything about piercings or how they go wrong so maybe he isn’t the best person to ask. ( He is the person who did the piercing though so he thinks that gives him credit for something, even if said piercing is currently bleeding uncontrollably. )

“Okay, why don’t we just put pressure on it-” Lucas offers up, he and Max are still transfixed on the first aid kit in front of them, he offers Dustin a smile and a quick snort at Mike, slowly it feels as if the ever-present anxiety that consumes them is easing up as Lucas pinched his ears as if to show Dustin what to do.

“Dustin, I think the ice is melting,” Mike says, bringing his attention back to the slowly melting ice in his hands.

“Here, I’ll do the other ear quickly!” Dustin fumbles with the ice and the needle, as Lucas scrambles to get the earrings in his hands.

“Don’t you dare! You’re gonna rip my ear out” Mike screeches, pulling away.

Okay, so maybe piercing Mike’s other ear when one’s still bleeding for some unknown reason isn’t a great idea. Maybe they should figure that problem out before they cause another one but if the ice in his hands melts they’ll have to leave Mike with one earring and he doesn’t care what Steve and Robin say the one earring thing looks so stupid. Besides, Steve and Robin split a pair of earrings, and unless they’re gonna pierce Max’s ears or something Mike has no one to split Nancy’s stolen earrings with, except maybe Nancy herself but she isn’t here. ( Dustin also does not think Nancy Wheeler would be all the appreciative of Mike stealing her shit

“Stop being so dramatic Wheeler.” Max groans, the worry on her face dissipating as she approaches the tub, cotton balls in her hand as she begins to climb into the bathtub. “Oh no, you are not getting in the bathtub, Max!” Mike argues, only getting an eye roll as she places the cotton balls firmly on where his ears are bleeding.

“Come on Lucas,” Max prompts, holding the cotton balls tightly to Mike’s ear. She’s holding the packet in her mouth now as the blood flows through the cotton balls, she holds her head out as if to ask Lucas to take the cotton balls, in return Lucas climbs into the bathtub as well, pushing the three of them back a bit.

“This is not a four-person bathtub!” Mike was right; the Sinclair bathtub could hold him and Mike comfortably enough, but with the addition of Max and then Lucas, the four of them took up pretty much the entire tub.

“What are you all possibly doing in the bathroom? It’s been like an hour-”


“I swear to God I’m coming in what the-”

Erica Sinclair would like to think she’s seen enough crazy bullshit in her life, at ten whole years old she can confidently say she knows far more about the world than most if not all kids her age, being a part of the exclusive ‘Saving The World Club’ and all but Russians and inter-dimensional monsters have absolutely nothing on this.

It was such a weird sight, she didn’t really know what she was expecting when she stormed into the bathroom Lucas and his friends have been occupying for damn near an hour now but it definitely wasn’t whatever the hell this was.

They were in their bathtub, all four of them and they look indescribably ridiculous, she’s like 80% sure Mike is like 5’11 and Lucas isn’t much shorter than him, if anything it’s a miracle that they managed to fit them all in the tub without toppling on top of each other, Max is holding something to Mike’s ear as Dustin fusses with something in his hands, Mike and Lucas looking back at her with big wide eyes.

“Erica!” All four of them jump, Max and Dustin finally acknowledging her presents, narrowing her eyes she can make out the bloody cotton balls in Max’s hands and the shiny piece of metal in Mike’s ears. “What are you doing in here?” Lucas asks.

“Seeing what you guys are doing, it’s been like an hour, is that an earring?” She asks incredulously, she’s almost certain it is, from the placement in the ear to the way it shines, she also notices almost immediately how it’s crooked, and far, far too low down on his ear.

“God, Erica- can you leave us alone, please.” Lucas practically begs, Dustin is trying to swat Mike’s hand away from his ear as Max takes out more cotton balls, the hilarity of the image isn’t lost on her, she and Lucas never got to talk, really talk about what happened, and what has happened everything went back to normal too quick for that but she knows for a fact that the four of them have faced more challenging scenarios than piercing someone’s ears.

“Not a chance in Hell. What are you even doing?” She questions again.

“What do you think we’re doing Erica?” Lucas glares right back at her, getting a snort from both Dustin and Max.

“I think you’re hanging out in the bath, trying to pierce Mike’s ears.” She deadpans, coming closer to the scene, Mike’s ear looks- interesting to say the least and it’s clear from the look on Dustin’s face that he’s sort of comprehending the state of it too. He’s fiddling with a needle in his hand and Erica doesn’t want to comprehend how they actually thought it was a good idea to pierce Mike’s ears with a sewing needle.

“You are not going to tell me you pierced Mike’s ears with that thing,” Erica states accusingly, her eyes following the bloody needle up to the piercing in Mike’s ears, all four of them look a little sheepish, Mike giving her a small smile. “It was all we had?” He responds although it comes out more like a question than anything.

“Aren’t you supposed to be smart? All of you?” She cackles, earning her a chorus of “We are smart!” from the boys and an eye-roll from Max who is also actually smart.

“Full offense but you are literally piercing Mike Wheeler’s ears in my bathroom” For people so commonly thought of as geniuses ( a point Erica would like to argue in general, ) it amazed her just how stupid all four of them, hell all six of them could be sometimes.

She would’ve thought not piercing someone’s ears with a sewing needle and seemingly nothing else would be common sense but God forbid four out of the twelve people almost solely responsible for making sure the world wasn’t taken over by an alternate dimension show more than an ounce of it.

“Not just your bathroom Erica,” Lucas complains, rolling his eyes. Erica ignores him, rolling her eyes right back.

“Anyway let me see,” She quires, leaning over the already packed tub to take a better look at Mike’s ear, there’s blood, more than she realized but it’s mostly dry with flakes of it coming off. Half of her wants to question how Dustin managed to fuck up putting a needle through Mike’s ear so badly it created this much blood and the other half of her wants to ask how they decided to do this anyway. “Jesus Christ.”

“We tried our best okay?” Dustin gasps, looking up at her and then the mess he’s made of Mike’s ears, Erica’s left to wonder whose idea this was because all four teens are looking at her like they’ve just been caught doing something they weren’t supposed to, ( Which they have because no way in Hell, Mrs. Wheeler let Mike get his ears pierced, especially not by Dustin, Max, and Lucas and there’s no way Lucas got permission from their parents to do this, then again, they didn’t exactly get permission to go fight monsters or break into Russian bases and they did it anyway. )

“Well not really, I was team let him bleed out, see what happens, but someone was against that idea.” Max shrugs, grinning at Erica, out of all of Lucas’s friends she knows Max and Dustin the best. Dustin for obvious, Underground Russian Base reasons, and Max simply because she’s Lucas’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, she’s not completely sure because Girlfriend Max and Ex-Girlfriend Max are like the same person, well they are physically of course, but in how they act, there’s not much difference between a Max dating Lucas and a Max not dating Lucas.

Either way, Max used to be over all the time, she still sort of is even if she’s been over less and less. Besides, Max is the coolest one out of them by a long shot, except maybe El but she’s in California so Erica doesn’t think that counts. Erica wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to letting Mike bleed out, just to see what happens of course. Her brother, Mike, and Dustin however clearly don’t share the same thought looking over at max with slight horror as she lets out a soft chuckle.

“Are you going to do the other ear?” Erica asks, hands still examining Dustin’s ear piercing job like she thought the piercing was crooked although not as far down as she expected. She gets three yes’s from Dustin, Max, and Lucas and a solid no from Mike stating with false confidence that it’s a look and is actually really cool and they should leave it like that.

“It looks stupid!” Dustin argues, talking animatedly with his hands in an attempt to describe just how stupid it looks, Erica’s inclined to agree, it does look kind of stupid, very uneven if anything.

“Steve and Robin did it!” Mike continues to argue. “And I’ve told you Steve and Robin look stupid!” Dustin sighs back exasperated, out of the corner of her eye Erica can see Lucas and Max whispering to each other if she had to guess she’d say they were on about the ‘shit show’ going down in front of them.

“Mom and Dad are going to freak you know,” She laughs, turning her full attention onto Lucas and Max, carefully tuning out the argument Mike and Dustin are having. She’s not wrong, she doubts her parents would be all that happy with a. The very fact that they are piercing someone without training in their bathroom and b. How much of a mess they’ve made of the bathroom, to begin with. “Erica, don’t you dare-” Lucas starts, sending her a sharp glare.

“What’s in it for me?” She asks, crossing her arms. She’s covered for Lucas more than once but there’s a difference between covering for him when weird shit is happening, even when she didn’t really know what weird shit was happening, and covering for him and his friends when they’ve made an objectively stupid decision, such as using the family bathroom as a makeshift piercing studio.

“I would sooner let Erica do the other ear!” Mike shouts, breaking up the conversation she was having with Lucas. She’d probably do a better job than Dustin anyway, being the only person in this room who’s gotten their ears pierced by someone over the age of sixteen, and her ears didn’t bleed like Mike’s did which is another obvious plus. “I’d do that.” Erica shrugs, leaning over to grab the needle from Dustin.

“No, you won’t!” Lucas almost screeches, in return, Dustin doesn’t give her the needle. Max and Dustin give each other a look, back and forth back and forth before including Lucas and Mike, it’s almost awkward watching the four of them communicate silently like this. She wonders when they got this ability because Lucas, Mike, Dustin, and Will were always so loud, well they were the odd time they played DND at their house anyway.

“Fine, get in the tub,” Lucas concedes, him and Max moving back slightly in a quite pitiful attempt at fitting a fifth person in the bathtub. “This tub seriously doesn't have room for five people,” Mike groans, turning his head slightly so Erica to get to his ear. With the needle in her hand, she turns it over to the side that isn’t covered in dried blood, Mike isn’t getting sepsis or something on her watch.

“Shut it, Wheeler,” Max complains, “Watch it, Mayfield,” Mike shoots right back at her, the pair engage in stupid banter for at least three minutes as she lines up the needle with Mike’s ears, Dustin and Lucas give her a small nod to tell her to do it and one, two, three! And it’s in, Lucas quickly scrambles for the other earring, practically shoving it in Mike’s ears before he gets a chance to react, Max screwing the back of the earring on.

“Done!” Erica beams as Mike registers the pain, yelping at the force at which the needle went through. It’s not bleeding though, well not much, but her ears bled a bit when she first got them pierced, not like bleeding down her neck, stopping the blood with cotton balls bleeding but it still bled a bit. Slowly but surely Mike steadies himself, letting the three of them get a better look at the piercing.

“It looks-” “Better than you expected?” Lucas begins with Max taking the words right out of his mouth to finish his sentence, it earns them a scoff from Kike and a very offended, “Hey!” from her and Dustin.

“I did the best job I could thank you very much,” Dustin exclaims, pointing at Mike’s ear, shining white stone glistening in a way it wasn’t when Erica first walked in, ( maybe the cotton balls had disinfectant on them or something. )

“Yeah and I actually did a good job.” She gloats, pointing out how her piercing is actually centered correctly and isn’t crooked which Dustin claims is only because Mike was distracted and didn’t have time to flinch like he did when Dustin did the piercing, he earned a snort from Lucas for that one.

“We’ll see about that one, can’t ear piercings get infected.” Lucas questions, giggling at the three of them, he looks back to Max with his question which only gives him a scoff and a “Still don’t know why you’re asking me, Stalker.” as Max pulls the sides of her ears down to prove again that she doesn’t have her ears pierced.

“Guys, can I get out of this goddamn bathtub to see my ears.”


“I- I love it,”

The panic that had filled Mike throughout the entire process slowly drains out of him as he stares at the earrings placed in his ears, there’s blood around the edges of them and they’re noticeably uneven but something about them fills him with so much unexplainable joy.

Pulling his hair out of the hair-tie Max hand lent him he tucks his hair behind his ears, just to get a better look at the earrings, excitement rushes through him as he bounces slightly on the balls of his feet. They hurt like an absolute bitch which in fairness is probably something he should've seen coming considering they were done by Dustin and Erica of all people but the dull throbbing he still feels is drowned out by the sheer joy he feels crawling its way through his body.

In the back of his eye, he can see Max, Lucas, and Dustin climb out of the bathtub, Erica already watching him as she was the only one of them smart enough not to get into the bathtub, even if it was only because there wasn’t enough space.

“Not to be a debbie-downer but won’t Mrs. Wheeler like freak when she sees them.”

She questions, arms folded and eyebrows raised and Mike swears he can almost hear his friend's hearts stop. “Don’t tell me none of you thought about that-” she continues and Mike feels slightly bad as Dustin and Lucas share a panicked look.

“We’ve done worse. It will be fine.” He reasons, Erica’s right, his mother will freak when she sees it but he can’t bring himself to care at the moment, he’ll do what he can, wear his hair over his ears at home for a couple of weeks if he has to but he’s not going to let something let that distract him from how comfortable he feels, looking in the mirror he sees himself, Mike Wheeler for what feels like the first time in forever.

The tense air doesn’t take to break as Erica runs off quickly, the other three talking amongst themselves even breaking a laugh out of Max, he should probably be paying more attention to what they’re saying but he can’t help but feel utterly enthralled with the shiny pieces of metal in his ears.

He wants to take a photo and send it to Will and El to see what they think. He thinks El would like them, a vague memory of one of the letters they’ve sent crossing his mind, he thinks she might’ve taken up earring-making, if he ever takes these earrings out they should make matching earrings, she’d probably be up for it.

A sharp pang of guilt hits him though as Will crosses his mind. He wonders what Will would think if he’d like them or not if he even still likes Mike. They’ve called a few times but the lines always busy with Ms. Byers working and Mike couldn’t bring himself to respond to Will's letters or send the responses he should say. He’ll send a picture with his next letter to El and if a similar picture sits rotting on his desk in a letter signed to Will no one will be the wiser.

Erica once again saves the day though, pulling Mike out of what would definitely be an infinite thought spiral with a loud bang of earring supplies taken out of her room, she groans as she pulls out a little sachet of alcohol telling him that she simply can’t believe they’d be stupid enough to forget disinfectant, rolling her eyes fondly as she does. ( Mike does not mention to her that he didn’t realize he had to disinfect the earrings after you’d pierced your ears. )

“Hey, thank you, seriously.” Mike laughed, turning around to his friends who were now sitting all around the bathroom, Max in particular smiles scoffing while she rolls her eyes at him from the bathtub.

“Damn, coming from you Wheeler? We should be honoured.”