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The Eighth Doctor flipped switches and pushed buttons when the phone rang and he answered it. "Hello?" "Yeah, it's me Rosa. I need your help." "What is it?" "Identifying things in a case." "Sure. Where should I land?" "My apartment." "Cool, I'll do this." "Thanks." The Doctor hung up the phone and set a location for Rosa's apartment.

Rosa Diaz sat at her desk and saw something that looked like a light. Appeared it blew some shit up. She knew exactly who to call. "Hello?" "Yeah, it's me Rosa. I need your help." "What is it?" "Identifying things in a case." "Sure. Where should I land?" "My apartment." "Cool, I'll do this." "Thanks." Rosa put her phone down and went on to do more paperwork.

In the Encanto, Isabela was in bed. She *was meant* to have a husband but Dolores had *stolen* Mariano! *Stolen him!* She had to get out of bed and make herself breakfast. She saw a stack of mail for her on the table. She grabbed one envelope and saw it was from America. She opened it and it read, *'Hello there Isabelle! I am Jake Peralta. I work with your sister. Mirabelle. She's a cop now! Also what were her first words? Probably a death threat knowing her. So basically come to Brooklyn to the 99 precinct. You'll see her. Don't worry, she doesn't bite. Much. So come see your sister. This is from Jake Peralta!* Isabela knew she was going to New York so she packed and was out before anyone knew.

Rosa was in her apartment when she heard the familiar wheezing of a blue box that faded into existence. The Doctor left the TARDIS. "Hello there Rosa." They shook hands and walked put the apartment to ride to the police on Rosa's motorbike.

In the bullpen, Rosa and the Doctor sat at her desk and the Doctor was Identifying certain objects as alien weapons. Or so he said at first. Upon seeing the components, he stated they were remakes. Fakes, Earth made, dollar store wish versions.

In the break room, The Doctor and Rosa sat and Jake jumped down into the conversations. "Hey weird dude!" "Hello there, Peralta," The Doctor responded. "Yeah Rosa, you know how you told me about your first family and how you never wanted to see them ever again?" "What did you do?" "I sent a letter and your sister is here."

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"You did what," Rosa yelled. "Got your sister to come here. Why are you not happy," Jake asked. "She was a pile of shit. My whole ex-family was." "So I fucked up." "Badly!" Jake got up and said, "I'll fix this!" Jake ran out and returned a second later with a flower in his nose. "Could you pull this out please?" Rosa got up and tugged hard. "She didn't believe you," Rosa asked. "Yeah, she said it would be a cactus in my lung. I understand your hatred for your sister now. She's a bitch."

"Yeah, she all like 'Oh look at me! I'm just so perfect! I'm such a bitch! Oh I'm the favourite! Look at perfect fucking me!' It got on my nerves," Rosa said using a high pitch voice to make fun of her ex-sister. "There's a reason I took you away. You weren't happy there. I gave them five years to show love but eh, there lost," The Doctor said crossing his arms.

Isabela waited at Detective Peralta's desk while he was talking to a colleague. Another man came up to her and talked to her. "So what is it you want with Detective Peralta?" "He said he found my sister. She disappeared when she was ten so this is pretty big." "Ah, he did tell me about this. Where did he go?" Isabela pointed at the break room and the mand nodded and walked into the room.

Back in the break room, everyone was trying to find out what to do. Captain Holt entered the room and sat down next to Jake. "Detective Peralta, what did I tell you about the letter?" "Not to do it. But I did it anyway. And I regret it! She grew a flower in my nose!" "Okay, so how do we get rid if her," Holt asked. "Fake address," The Doctor recommended. "Very good, where will we send her," Holt asked. "My place," Jake suggested, "I brought her here so I say was able to set up a meeting at my place. Then I'll get a letter saying she's left to go else where." "I like it, I'll write the letter," Rosa said.

The plan was set into motion. "So, I was trying to set up a meeting. I did it but it has to be at place. A trust thing I think. So I'll get Charles to bring you there. He'll be taking care of you for now."

In the car, Charles talked all about Jake and how good a Detective he truly was. Isabela git annoyed by anecdote three. It got kind of repetitive after that.

Back ag the Bullpen, Rosa wrote a letter to Isabela stating, *'Hello, sister. I know you've come all the way from Colombia, to find me. So I'll just let you know right now, stop. I don't want to be found. So please do me a favour and fuck off! I've given this to Jake to give to you so I don't have to face Senorita Perfecta ever again, which is one of the reasons I left! You acted so bitchy! See you is not even worth knowing whether or not Dolores and Mariano got together. Just tell Jake, and explain everything to him. He's a very nosey ass hat! So anyway, stop looking for me and tell Alma that she was always a bitch and I fuckjng hater her. Or just show her the letter. Either one work. So in conclusion, fuck off! Yours not so sincerely, Mirabel Madrigal.'*

Rosa made a photocopy because she was proud of the fact she finally told her ex-sister and ex-abuela to fuck off. The Doctor looked it over and decided it was good and gave a thumbs up. They didn't show it to Amy because they wanted to get the plan done.

Meeting Jake in an alleyway made Rosa feel like the drug dealers she had so often put away. "Here's the letter. I'm super proud of it. I photocopied it. Tell her that," Rosa told Jake. "Oh wow, you photocopied it. You must be very proud. Like parents on a good parent teacher conference proud. Very well, let's crush your sister," Jake said and he walked back to his apartment.

Back in his apartment, Isabela looked around disgusted at the conditions. Jake entered after she had been waiting for twenty minutes and Isabela felt hope to see her sister again but was disappointed to see he only had a letter. *Perhaps it's a location to meet! On her terms,* she thought to herself. But given Jake's soir face she knew it was not. Jake handed her the letter and Isabela opened and read it aloud.

After she finishing she broke down crying. Jake sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her. "I know it's, bad but hey. She's still alive. Also what who is Dolores and Mariano?" Isabela explained the whole drama. "Well I got invested, like really invested Christ. Alright, so now you know, I'll let you crash here since my girlfriend isn't here. But she will be here in the soon but I've explained the situation to her on the way here. So we'll be fine." There was a knock at the door and Jake answered.

When Jake answered the door Amy hugged Jake and when they broke she sat down next to Isabela. "So, your sister doesn't want to see you again," Amy began but Isabela interrupted. "How do you know that?" "She told Jake that she never wanted to see any of you again. The letter was apparently more detailed." "Not really, it just told me to fuck off." Amy nodded. "So, you crash here and we'll discuss things better in the morning." Isabela nodded and Amy let her lay down and she Jake got changed and got into bed.

Back at Rosa's apartment, she and The Doctor drank. "So you think the letter will work," Rosa asked. "Yes, she will believe it. She has no idea what cartography is and plus last time she saw you was when you were ten. So, I think she'll fall for it." "Great, I hope so. I really, really don't want to see her again." Rosa and The Doctor clincked glasses and drank.

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Jake and Amy woke up and got dressed and made breakfast for Isabela, who was still asleep. Amy shook her gently and she started awake. "Sorry, but it's breakfast time."

After breakfast, Jake drove Isabela to catch her ship. "Sorry about your sister." "Well it's fine, at least I have this letter. Abuela is gonna hate this." "Because of the fact it tells you and her and to fuck off?" "Yep." Jake nodded and said, "Well it was nice to know you!" "It was nice to meet you too. Good bye!" Jake nodded and drove off.

At the Bullpen, Holt, Rosa, The Doctor, Amy and Jake met in secret in the evidence room. "So was the letter successful," Holt asked. "Yeah, she left on a ship. I didn't see her but I think she left," Jake answered. "Good enough, now I've got to get back to my case," Rosa said and she and The Doctor left the evidence room.

While leaving the room, they bumped into Gina. "Hey guys, why were you in there?" Gina looked in and saw everyone in there. "Was it an orgy? Did you have an orgy and not invite me?" "No, we were looking for old evidence Rosa here thought could be linked to our case. Everyone else similar reasons," The Doctor said calmly as though he'd planned this for a week, which he probably did. "Yeah, I don't believe you." Gina went into the evidence room and talked to Holt about something. "She is really annoying," The Doctor commented, "Is she always like that?" "Yep," Rosa said and they returned to her desk.

Isabela *was* about to get on the ship when Abuela saw her and dragged her away to a Café. "What were you thinking! You left without a note you had me worried sick!" "I had a lead on Mira's location." Alma cut her off saying, "We don't talk about Mirabel! Tell me the actual reason why." "It is, she gave us a letter." Isabela handed the letter over to Alma who read it through. "The nerve of the girl, how dare she tell us to 'fuck off', she's lucky we didn't send her away! I am going to that Jake man and demanding answers!" "Probably not a good idea! He's a cop!"

Jake was at his desk when Amy ran in and got to Rosa's desk. "Isabela's back with an old woman," she screamed. "Shit!" Rosa got up, grabbed case files and other things and ran to evidence room with The Doctor trailing behind with more things. Jake's eyes widened and he grabbed files and other things and ran to the evidence room.

In the evidence room, Rosa, The Doctor and Jake sat on the floor and did their investigations. "So who did the designs belong to," Rosa asked. "Well given the two handles, it appears to belong to the Cybermen." "What's there thing? Digital crime," Jake asked. "No, they convert humans and turn them into unfeeling soldiers for war," The Doctor said. "Ah well, that's a lot less fun. But hey, at least Holt is part way there!" "Part way there for what," Holt asked behind Jake and Jake screamed.

Isabela and Alma walked into the Bullpen and went over to Gina. "We demand to see Jake Peralta," Alma demanded. "Sorry, he's not here," Gina stated not in the mood since she was still trying to figure out why multiple people were in the evidence room. Holt left his office and talked to Alma saying, "You are looking for Detective Peralta, I'll see if I can find him." Holt nodded and went to the evidence room. He went behind Jake when he said, "At least Holt is part way there!" "Part way there for what?"

Back in the Bullpen, Alma heard a scream. She walked briskly over to where it came from and Isabela followed. Terry saw Alma and got up and walked up to her when he saw that she was going towards the evidence room. "I don't think you should go that way," he said. "No, there was a scream and I intend to find out why," Alma said. "Yeah, but that's staff only. And you aren't staff. We shouldn't let civilians in there." Alma ignored him and went into the evidence room.

In the evidence room, Holt and Jake were in an argument about Die Hard and The Doctor and Rosa were facing away in a corner were anyone looking in would not really see their faces. "You like Die Hard 3 the best," Jake shouted. "Of course I do! It deviated from the formula and did it's own thing! It stopped the series feeling repetitive," Holt yelled back. "But it doesn't feels like Die Hard anymore!" "Ahem," Alma yelled. Holt and Jake turned to face her.

"Well I found Jake," Holt told Alma "That scream was from finding out Captain Holt's favourite Die Hard movie is the third one. Totally. Don't question it. So what did you need?" "My neita gave you a letter that you gave to Isa here. It told us to fuck off!" "Yeah, well I don't control her and she didn't tell me what's in the letter so what was I supposed to do!"

"What your granddaughter wrote was not Jake's fault or problem. If she doesn't want to see you, perhaps maybe just follow her wishes," Holt suggested. "How did you know she didn't want to see us again," Alma asked. "She told you to fuck off, it was pretty obvious," Jake said. "I don't need you to defend me Jake but it is appreciated and he is right," Holt said.

"What about those two over there," Alma asked pointing at Rosa and The Doctor. "We're busy, don't bother us," The Doctor yelled. "Well I agree. We're all busy. So Peralta, what case did you need," Holt asked. "Oh I found it. Then you mentioned Die Hard 3 was your favourite and I got annoyed so I'm going to go before we argue again," Jake said leaving the evidence room. "I agree Peralta. Now you two need to leave the evidence room. I trust Jeffords can see you out." "On it sir," Terry said as he led Alma and Isabela.

Upon leaving the evidence room, Rosa and The Doctor sat at Rosa's desk and continued to work on the case. "So if these weapons get to the streets it could be an absolute blood bath," The Doctor stated. "Why would they want it on the streets," Rosa asked. "This reads more of an unnoticed robbery. These seem to be duds, false starts. Probably put in storage and no one has checked. Get in contact with the company and tell them go check storage," The Doctor suggested. "I'll get it done," Rosa told The Doctor.

At the end of the day, everyone was going to Shaw's when a voice called from across the street. "Mirabel!" "Shit, Rosa stated and began to bolt it. Isabela began to chase after her sister as Alma screamed at her to stop. Rosa turned into an alleyway where she used her history in gymnastics to get over a fence. Isabela just used her plants like a cheat.

Rosa nearly made it to Shaw's when a plant hit her in the abdomen and winded her. She fell right to the floor when everyone else saw her. She turned to face Isabela who looked down on her, literally and not the way she usually did. "So it is you!" "Oh shit," Jake yelled.

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"So it is you!" "Oh shit," Jake yelled.

Rosa got up shakily and began to walk over to Shaw's when Isabela grabbed her arm. "Don't walk away from me," Isabela yelled. Rosa yanked her arm away and continued to walk to Shaw's. Isabela jogged over to Rosa when Terry stepped between them. "I think she doesn't want to see you,: he stated.

In Shaw's everyone was drinking and Isabela sat in a corner with a water. When Rosa was two bottles in Alma burst in and walked over to Isabela. "What were you thinking!? Runing off like that!" "I found Mira," Isabela responded. "No you didn't," Alma argued. Isabela pointed at Rosa and Alma looked. Holt sat next to Rosa and stated, "We've got a problem with your Abuela." "I know, I'm just going to say what I said in the letter," Rosa responsed.

Holt nodded and drank his beer. Alma marched across the bar and grabbed Rosa's shoulder and yanked her. "Dios mio!" "Calm down, it's just Rosa Diaz. I see her everyday at work. No offense, but it's nothing to get worked up about," Holt said. "None taken. Anyway, read the letter. I've gotten all the things I've wanted to say out in the letter." Rosa drank her beer again.

"Why did you leave," Alma asked. "You were a dickhead. So with a bit of help I left." "Who helped," Alma asked. "Well, The Doctor helped," Rosa said. "Hello," The Doctor shouted across the room. Rosa got up from the bar and sat next to Terry. "So that's your ex-grandmother," Terry asked. "Yep, total bitch." "How'd The Doctor help you. He doesn't look that old," Terry asked. The Doctor slid next to Terry and stated, "I'm a very mysterious man with many skills and a large depository of knowledge of history, science and the future that would make your brain explode." The Doctor tapped Terry's shoulder and walked off.

The Doctor bumped into Isabela and apologised while also placing a tracker on her. He then sat next to Holt. "So did you do it?" "Yes. I may be an old dog, but I can learn new tricks. Well not really, I learnt how to plant things back when I wore an Opera Cape casually and got really into martial arts," The Doctor stated. "You used to wear Opera Capes casually? I have to introduce you to Kevin," Holt noted aloud.

"Yes, from what I've heard he's a nice man. In my line of work those are surprisingly rare," The Doctor said sipping his beer. "What's your work," Holt asked. "I travel a lot and solve problems where I can." "You know, you don't have to be so mysterious," Holt pointed out. "Well, if I tell the truth. Most people wouldn't believe. Rosa was one of the few that did. But the mind of a child is so more accepting to new ridiculous ideas. And now I realise that sounds creepy." "Yep."

Back at Rosa's apartment, The Doctor was in the doorway of the TARDIS when Rosa tapped his shoulder he turned around leaned against the door. "Yes?" "I just wanna thank you again for what you did for me all those years ago. But for you, it was probably a week or month," Rosa said. "No, every time I see you, for me it's a year. But hey, it's nice to see an old friend every now and then." "Yeah, it's kinda a tough time. Just came out to my parents so." "Yes, that can be tough. But hey, you're still the badass that scares the living daylights out of people. That's all you can hope for," The Doctor pointed out and tapped Rosa on the shoulder. They smiled and both went their respective beds.

The next day at the Bullpen, Rosa and Thr Doctor were wanting for the inevitable. Alma and Isabela burst in, well Alma. Isabela just followed in. They came up to Rosa's desk and Alma demanded, "You are coming home with us!" "Nope. I'm gonna be busy for a while. Then I'll be busy again and I'm just a busy person so you'll probably be dead by the time I'm free," Rosa stated matter of factly.

"I totally agree," Holt chimed in, "The life of a Detective is a busy one. Trust me, I should know. I make it busy." "Well then you can make her not busy," Alma argued. "No, I can't take one of my best Detectives off any investigations. It's just not feasible," Holt argued back. "Thanks Captain," Rosa said. "No problem because it's true. I'll let Jake take it. He has much better 'burns' than anyone else here." "Thank you Captain. So listen here, old lady! You'd be best leaving before you give yourself a heart attack from stressing over trying to ruin Rosa's life. So how about you listen to the letter and fuck off." Jake went back to work on his paperwork.

"He just did that perfectly. Thanks Jake," Rosa said to Jake. "No problemo!" "Well do you have any idea how your Mama felt after you abandoned the familia," Alma yelled at Rosa. "Didn't do much. No one cared from what I remember. I was just in the way. Also don't use my birth mother's feelings as a shield! You were probably jumping up and down in glee after learning the non-special Madrigal had left. So stop trying to get me back cause you can't do it. It's impossible. Like, like. Any help here," Rosa yelled.

"Oh I got one! Impossible like Amy being cool," Gina yelled. "Oh come on," Amy yelled. "Is your colleague always that rude," Alma asked. "Yeah, it's Gina," Rosa responded. "Well I see where you got it from you impugnent little girl," Alma sneered. "I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm a cop." As if to proof her point, Rosa got up. "And what you're doing is harassment. So I'm giving you one last chance, leave me alone or else I'll make a formal complaint and then you'll be in deep shit," Rosa said calmly and quietly.

She sat down and got back to work. "You can't do this! This is an abuse of power," Alma accused. "Like you never abused your power. Does Julio sound familiar. You made it so thugs would burn his shop down because he criticised, what can only be called, slave force. Anyway he's in New York now running a shop. Maybe you should visit. I' sure someone would take you there. Also, this isn't an abuse of power. It's called the law and anyone can do what I said I'd do. It's not that hard," Rosa said calmly as she worked. "You go girl," Jake yelled.

"Also, Julio from around the corner," Amy asked. "Yep, why don't you take Alma there. Show her about the consequences of her actions," Rosa said. "Sure, come on. Let's go," Amy said grabbing Alma and leading her and Isabela out. "Thank God she's gone. She really pissed me off," Rosa said as she leaned back in her chair and staring at the ceiling hoping never to see Alma again.

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Rosa threw the axe at the target and The Doctor read 'The Time Machine'. "You're throwing that axe harder than usual. Has Alma really gotten to you that much," The Doctor asked flipping the page. "She was a real bitch! I'm just glad the tracker said she and Isabela left," Rosa said as she grabbed the axe and returned to The Doctor.

Back at the Bullpen, Rosa and The Doctor were sitting at a table discussing the history of axes. "So that's the true story behind George Washington's axe use," The Doctor told Rosa. "Cool," Rosa said. Amy walked in with a smile on the face. "What's got you so happy," Rosa asked. "I'm just thinking of Alma's reaction to Julio. She full on freaked. Julio was shouting saying 'Get out! Get out! I don't want you here you pyro maniac!' It was so fun." "Damn, wish I could've seen it," Rosa replied. "Jake recorded it. I'll show you," Amy responded pulling out her phone and showing a video to Rosa. After the video concluded Rosa said, "Damn, I have to talk to Julio after this."

Rosa was reading a magazine when a figure dropped a basket on her desk. She looked at the figure but there was no identifying features visible. The Doctor cam out of the breakroom and followed the figure. Rosa looked inside and saw Arepas. They smelled like her ex-mother's cooking and there was note. It read *'Love your Mama!'* Rosa threw the note on her desk and grabbed the basket and walked to Hitchcock and Scully and dropped the basket infront of them. "Here's some free Colombian food. Enjoy," she said and walked away. "Thanks Rosa," Hitchcock said. Rosa went back to reading her magazine.

The Doctor returned after an hour and sat at Rosa's desk. "I followed that figure back to an apartment that's being rented about a block away. I set up on a fire escape outside the window. The figure was Agustin. Also the entire family is here. I think Dolores saw me, she definitely heard me given I exclaimed oh shit," The Doctor said. "Fuckers. I'm writing a new letter. They will get the point now," Rosa replied with.

Back at her apartment, Rosa typed on her laptop as The Doctor used her kitchen for SCIENCE! Rosa typed out a letter to her family reading, *'Dear all of you. Fuck off. I don't know how many times I can tell you this, but holy shit get the point. I'm not going back to the Encanto and my descion is final! Back there I felt a burden and neglected. Let's break this down going down the family tree.*

*Alma, was a neglectful dick head. Pepa, I have nothing other than feel those fucking emotions! Bruno, I'm putting in here because this a rant! Was an abandoning shit head! Juileta, acts like the best mother but really only seems to care about her eldest. Isabela, is a bitch. Dolores, can't keep a fucking secret unless it helps her! Luisa, take a break and get away. Camilo, who are you really? I mean come on? Alright that's all I know. I hear there are a few more but I left because you all need to work on yourselves. Anyway, read this letter and follow the following instructions. Fuck off! Fuck off back to the hole you came from and stay there! I don't want to see you! I don't want to talk you! I especially don't want your fucking food! Anyway, fuck off from Rosa Diaz, NOT MIRABEL!'*

Rosa printed off the letter and put it in an envelope and wrote on the cover *'To the Madrigal Dickheads'*. She placed it on the counter when she heard a knock on the door. The Doctor looked up from his SCIENCE!, and glanced at Rosa picking up an axe. She walked across the apartment to the door and opened it up to see her ex-mother Juileta. "Fuck off," Rosa said slamming the door. "Mija, can you please open the door." Rosa grabbed the letter and opened the door and shoved the letter into Juileta's hands. "Read this and do what it says." Rosa slammed the door before Juileta could say anything. Rosa turned around and placed the axe on the coffee table.

The next day, Rosa and The Doctor entered a bodega and saw Usnavi behind the counter. "Hey! You want to talk to Mr Green," he asked. "Yeah, can you grab him," Rosa asked. "Sure, I'll be back." Usnavi went out back and The Doctor went to the frozen drinks section. A few seconds later, a man in green with dishevelled black hair came out and face to face with Rosa. "What can I get you Rosa," he asked. "I need to talk to you Bruno. The family's here."

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"I need to talk to you Bruno. The family's here."

"Well shit, okay. I get off in ten minutes. I'll come by after," Bruno said. "Okay, just keep out of sight. Don't want anyone in the family to see you," Rosa suggested. "Trust me, I will. Right, I've got to go. Be safe," Bruno told Rosa before he went back to the back.

Later, Bruno came by the Bullpen and sat next to Rosa. "Okay, so how long have they been here," Bruno asked. "Like a week. At first it was Isabela, then Alma came. Now the whole family is here. Its a shit show." "Okay, I'm going to have stay in my apartment more." "You barely leave. That means you have to cutbacks on the hours," Rosa reasoned. "Well I've been on dates," Bruno argued. "Really? Really?" "Yes, well I should go. I need to get back home," Bruno said as he got up and left.

Rosa and The Doctor were walking back to Rosa's apartment when a voice yelled "MIRABEL!" "Shit," Rosa muttered as she looked and saw Juileta running across the street. "What do you want now," Rosa demanded. "I need to know why you wrote the letter," Juileta asked with tears forming in her eyes, "Why would you write those things?" "Because that's how I feel. Now you know. I have to go home now. Bye forever." Rosa left and The Doctor followed.


Back at the Madrigal Apartment, Juileta returned home with tears in her eyes. Pepa walked to her asking, "What's wrong?" "I've lost my hija! She hates the entire family!" "I'm sure it's not that bad," Pepa reasoned. Dolores popped her head in and said aloud, "I'm hearing her. She's complaining about us, and she's throwing an axe. Oh, she's put a hole in her wall. She's just put in another one. Yep, now she's cursing the entire familia and yeah it's very bad. We messed up big time on this." Dolores nodded and left again. "Screw it, she will understand my love," Juileta said and she ran off to write a note.


At the Bullpen, Rosa saw a letter on her desk. The cover read, *'To my dear daughter'*. Rosa frowned hard at this and opened it and read it. *'Dear my very dear hija. I want to reconcile our differences. Please come to our apartment. Please! I beg of you! We need this. Your papa and me. Please we just need a sit down and talk at our apartment enclosed in the letter! Meet us at 1 in the afternoon! Please meet us, sincerely your beloved mama.'*

Rosa crumpled up the letter and threw it in her desk. She left the desk and went to the apartment she saw in the letter. Terry got up and asked, "Where are you going Rosa?" "I'm going to my ex-family's apartment and gonna absolutely kick their asses to Hell and back." "Well I'm coming with you to make sure you don't murder them," Terry stated as he followed Rosa.

At the apartment, Rosa slammed on the apartment door as Terry watched carefully. The apartment door flew open as Alma looked on angrily. "Motherfucker," Rosa yelled. "That is no way to speak to your elders," Alma glared. "That's no way to speak to two police officers," Terry said. "Is that them," Juileta yelled. "Yeah," Rosa yelled back pushing past Alma and into the apartment.

Rosa ran in and Terry followed briskly. Juileta ran in and came up to Rosa and hugged her tight. "Thank you for coming! I'm so glad you did!" Rosa broke free of the hug and sat down on the couch. "Yeah, well I came to say I'm going to be out of town for a while, my leave request just got approved on the way over." "So that's why you checked your phone. Why are you leaving," Terry asked. "I joined a Pen Pal program, at Amy's request, and he needs some support for the next week or so. So I'm going to help him," Rosa stated, "So you lot might as well go home." As she finnished she put her feet on the coffee table.

"Take your feet off the table! It's rude," Alma groaned at Rosa. "Are you asking Rosa Diaz to take her feet off the table? Are you stupid," Terry asked a confused look etching itself to his face. "Yep, incredibly. Stupid, deaf and blind," Rosa responsed. "Yeah, so who is this pen pal? You said his name was Brian and he lived in Louisiana. Other than that we know nothing. And his name definitely ain't Brian," Terry pointed out. "His name really is Brian. And he's getting a trial and wanted a friend to be with him in that tense time." "Alright, so now what," Terry asked. "Might as well see what's happened in the Encanto since I left. So, tell me everything."

At Rosa's apartment, she was packing for her trip donw to Louisiana. "So, this Brian is getting a trial and you want to support him," Jake asked. "Yes." The Doctor came in with a list. "So this is what you want doing while you're away?" "Yes, make sure you get Arlo that exact dog brand. He's fussy as fuck." "Will do," The Doctor said as he left. "Great, so you have fun down in the swamps while we try to solve your case," Jake said. "Great, it won't be too bad. You have The Doctor. He's smarter than most of us put together." The Doctor came into the room and stated, "Well you have Hitchcock and Scully so they count as negative IQ." He nodded satisfied and walked off. "Right, do we get to know who the pen pal is," Jake asked. "Nope, you'll probably meet him if he gets out," Rosa said as she finished packing, "Now I've got to go. See you all later." And with that, Rosa left.

Down in Louisiana, Rosa got out the taxi paying the driver. She walked up to the sign in desk. "Hello, welcome to Belle Reve. Who are you here to see?" Rosa gave the name of her pen pal and she was taken to the visiting centre.

She sat down and soon was joined by an older man with long, messy white hair and face filled with scars. She knew what it was like to be on the other side of that glass window. They picked up the phones and began to talk. "Hello Rosa Diaz," the man said in a hoarse voice. "Hello Brian Durlin."

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"Hello Brian Durlin."

"So, you actually came," Brian said. "Yep, I support my friends. And you are a friend. So." "Well great, well I'm probably gonna get a release. The non-vigilante evidence is flimsy as shit. So, yeah. I suppose I should accept the offer you gave me in the last letter." "Yeah, it will always be on the table from one friend to another." "Great, so about this family issue," Brian leaned forward slightly. "Well my ex-family came here and have been harassing me non-stop and it's really started to piss me off. The 99 are taking care of it, or so I'm told. But I'm slightly thankful you're not dealing with this. Because you'd get put in prison!" "I really would. Really would. So, anything else happen?"


Back at the Bullpen, Jake and The Doctor were working on what The Doctor called the 'Cyber-Case'. Suddenly, Isabela walked in demanding to see Rosa. "You can't, she's in Louisiana seeing a friend," The Doctor responded. "That's the problem! I know who her pen pal is!" "Who is it," Terry asked.

"I did some Detective work myself! I did some mail checking, because the post department was desperate, and saw she was mailing one Brian Durlin in Belle Reve!" "Savant! She's friends with the hacker vigilante," Terry yelled, "Wait! She said he was getting a trial! They're going to release Savant! We have to stop them!" "We can't, he's being tried in Louisiana! We're in the New York Jurisdiction," Jake yelled back. "Well, I investigated him so I'll probably be called in to testify! And I'm not gonna let them release Savant free," Terry yelled as he sat at his desk..

"Well I'm heading down to Louisiana and saving my sister from a monster," Isabela yelled as she ran out. Terry received a call and he answered quickly. "Hello, yes I will testify. I've got to go," Terry said, "I'm going to testify at the retrial. That bastard is not going to be freed." Terry walked out.

On the plane, Terry and Isabela sat next to each other. "So, how's Mirabel been? Ya know, ever since you've known her." "Fine. She mostly threatens people who touch her or her motorbike. But she's a good friend and Detective when needed. Trust me, she's perfectly fine where she is." "Yeah, other than the dangerous criminal she is friends with." "True, but still. She's a capable adult. And we need to trust her opinion. But I'm still trying to keep Savant in prison." "Great, so when's the trial?" "In a week. Let's make sure this criminal remains in prison."


At Rosa's Hotel Room, she was watching the news when Brian came up. "In other news, a group of criminals are all up for a retrial. They are the following, Robert Dubious, Cleo Clazo, Nanue, Christopher Smith, Abner Krill, Harleen Quinzel, Gunter Braun, Mongal, George Harkness, Weasel, Richard Hertz, Cory Pitzner and Brian Durlin. Their lawyers all argue that vigilante evidence has a massive chain of custody issue. All these criminals are part of a prison gang that call themselves the Suicide 13 in reference to the conspiracy theory that some of these prisoners are rumoured to be members of. More on this as it develops."

Rosa nodded as her phone rang and she picked it up. "Detective Diaz. Who's speaking?" "Rosa, we're coming to get you," Isabela yelled. "Christ, you don't have to yell. Also no. If this is about Brian, don't worry. The Suicide 13 are all model prisoners. It'll be fine!" "Well Rosa, we're going to make sure," Terry said down the phone. "You don't have to. It's perfectly fine." The phone got hung up and Rosa slammed the phone. "Shit."

Chapter Text

The phone got hung up and Rosa slammed the phone. "Shit."

Over the week, Rosa avoided Terry and Isabela until the trial. She sat behind the massive table that held the Suicide 13. Isabela and Terry sat at the opposite side. Eventually Terry came up to the stand. "So Mr Jeffords. What was the thoughts behind Brian Durlin's guilt?" "Proximity to events, his technological background and the white hair." Terry testified for a few minutes and the court got adjourned for the verdict.

Rosa sat on a bench in the corridor and Terry and Isabela sat next to her. "I know you may not like the fact I'm testifying against your friend," Terry began.

"No, I hate it. You going to make me choose between him or you. And I'm not doing that," Rosa argued.

"But he's dangerous," Isabela pointed out, "Is it wrong for a sister to care about her little sister?"

"No, it's wrong to pretend like she actually cares!"

"Well Rosa, whether or not she truly cares she came half way across the country! That's gotta count for something. Anyway would you rather hand out with ex-family that criminal?"

"Criminal. Brian was the first person I came out to. So, shut up and go home."

"Sorry what," Isabela asked.

"Okay, but I wasn't gonna lie! That's illegal!"

"Fare enough, but let's just see how it turns out," Rosa said going up and heading back inside followed by Terry and Isabela.

In the court room, the judge read aloud the verdict. "Guilty on all charges!" "Well shit," Brian muttered.

Back at the hotel room, Rosa packed up when there was a knock at the door. She answered it and Belle Reve guards grabbed her and slammed against the floor and handcuffed her. "You have the right to remain silent!" "Fuck."

In Belle Reve, Rosa had been their for a week and it was time for her first 'integration session'. It was a method to keep the prisoners sane. She walked into the room and saw the Suicide 13. Brian bounced a ball and Rosa walked over to him. A man Rosa recognised as Bloodsport walked up to her. "What are you doing cop?"

"Talking a friend," Rosa said matter of factly.

"Which one?"


"Hello Rosa," Brian said, "She's fine. Trust me, she was the pen pal."

"Fine, sit next to Brian. The rest won't trust you, me included," Duboius said as he returned to his place. Rosa sat next to Brian and they began to chat about prison tips they had both picked up.


Back at the Bullpen, Jake, Terry and the Doctor were in the briefing room with the board infront of them. It looked like madness to anyone who wasn't the three. "They planted the evidence. They had to," Jake yelled.

"Yeah! There must be something we're missing," Terry returned.

"Indeed, but the issue is, it appears to be a job from Belle Reve. And what Belle Reve wants, Belle Reve tends to get," The Doctor stated.

Just then, Holt walked in. "You're still working the case? There's nothing we can do. Not this time. We have to accept facts."

Jake turned to Holt and returned with, "Then what was the yelling and hole in the wall about?"

"Nothing. You imagined it."

Jake nodded and went back to what he was doing.


In Belle Reve, Rosa was laying in her bed when there was a knock at the door. She looked up and saw a small team of various people. "I' sure you know why we're here?"

"Yes, Waller. You want to recruit me to your little Suicide Squad," Rosa said.

"Yes, so. Want your freedom?"

"Sure. Let's do this."

After getting a bomb injected, she was taken to an airfield where a part of the Suicide 13 were waiting.

"So this is the famous Suicide Squad," Rosa commented as she looked around.

Chapter Text

Rosa looked around as they all walked towards to the helicopter.

Inside the helicopter they waited for the late ones. "Hiya! Sorry I'm late had to go number 2," Harley said as she entered and sat down hitting Brian in the face with her bag and apologising. Then a familiar face and voice popped in saying, "Hello! Sorry I'm late. Got into a argument about the Himalayan Yeti. They were robots controlled with silver balls! Who'd have thought it!"

"Doctor," Rosa asked. "Yes, it's me! Showed up and I said to them 'Put me on Task Force X or I'll reveal this whole operation!' They did it because usually people threaten to keep out," The Doctor summarised as he sat down.

On the ride over they all bantered but Mongal was having non of it. 'That's kinda hot,' Rosa thought before she then thought, 'You can't think like that. Remember Daniela.'

"Alright, time to drop," Flag stated as they hovered over the water.

Everyone landed in the water but Brian had to carry Weasel to the shore. Then Blackguard got up and ran to a rock that covered him on three sides. "The fuck's he doing," Flag asked. "No clue, I'll get him," Rosa stated as she got up and ran to Blackguard as the troops began to fire.

When she reached Blackguard, they took out their earpieces. "What the fuck?! When Waller told me the plan she said they wouldn't send the entire fucking army," Blackguard yelled. Though only Rosa could hear him over the sounds of fighting.

"We're the distraction! Of course she'd make it so the army would kill both of us," Rosa pointed out. "Who else's in on the plan," Blackguard asked. The Doctor barrelled into the group.

"We discussing the distraction? I knew this was a bad idea but they threatened you Rosa so I had to go along! But I can stop you guys from being under her control. If you let me." "Do it. I don't wanna be some buecrats puppet," Blackguard yelled. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and hovered it over both Rosa's and Blackguard's neck. "That should stop it. They'll still be able to track you. So don't go wandering off!" "Right, earpieces back in," Rosa stated and they put the earpieces back in to recieve an earful from Waller.

"Geez, you remind me of my ex-abuela." "Just finish the fucking mission!" "I think she's angry," The Doctor stated. "I wonder why," Rosa said sarcasticly. "Could you guys stop joking around! We're gonna fucking die out here," Blackguard complained as some sand blew over their heads. "Calm down, we're gonna make it out of here alive! I have a contact in the city that's going to help us," The Doctor stated. "You better hope that we can trust this contact of yours Doctor," Waller stated. "Yes we can. He wouldn't dare to hurt any of us."

When a boomerang lodged itself in the rock, that's when everyone knew that it was time to go! Blackguard's gauntlets began to glow a green colour and he formed a giant shield that shielded him, Rosa and The Doctor. They all ran into the jungle and fell down a mound. "Ah, shit. Why does this hurt so much," Blackguard asked as he got up and faced a gun barrel. Soon Brian slid down the mound. "Ah, I see."

In the camp, everyone was sat drinking tea. "So anyway, she comes in like she owns the place! Daniela just takes all her shit the entire time. Then she gets the celebrity treatments and calls it okay! You should've seem her face when Daniela calls her out on her shit it was so hilarious," Rosa gossiped. Everyone laughed and wheezed to various extents. "No idea you had this kind of gossip Rosa," Blackguard stated.

Then came the tent opening and Flag, Javelin, Boomerang, Mongal, Harley, TDK and Weasel peered in. "What the," Flag murmured as he saw everyone drinking tea. "Hey Flag. Well this is awkward," Blackguard stated.

Chapter Text

As everyone looked around at the massacre, Rosa kept thinking, 'What idiots.'


Back at the Bullpen, Terry and Jake were working on the evidence board. "So with The Doctor with Rosa we should be able to work on a plan to get her out. If his supposed contact does what he says he can. We can expect her back in the week," Terry said. "Yes, we can get Rosa back then. So how long will this take," Jake asked. "To get to Valle De Mar, a day or two. We're gonna be stuck waiting till then," Terry responded. "I just hope she's fine."


In the jungles of Corto Maltese, Rosa was not fine. Her boots were mud caked and flies ran around and tried to bite her. "Alrighty, when will the city come into view," Blackguard asked. "Soon, we ought to see it soon. Just a little bit further," the Doctor responded. "Great, I can't handle these mosquitos," Rosa complained. "Stop yapping you three! We have to make it to the city," Flag yelled at them. "So when we get to the city, what will the contact do," Savant asked. "He'll provide us with military equipment. He can do it. Trust me."

In the city, they met with Milton. He drove them through the city and to the club. Inside, they all sat around drinking and dancing. The Doctor sat a table alone when an old friend came in. He sat next to the Doctor and said, "Hello old friend." "Hello Brigadier." "Not a brigadier anymore Doctor. Just a civilian doing what he can. But here you go. The chips you asked for. I could only swipe four so choose who you will." "Alright Alastor. Now, what have you been up to?"

Rosa looked over at the Doctor and the old man talking like old friends. She smiled as the Doctor gestured for her, Richard and Brian to come over. "So these are the picks Doctor. Quite a bunch," the old man stated. "This my friends, is Brigadier Alastor Lethbridge Stewart. An old friend of mine. Used to be the scientific advisor." "Yes, we battled some aliens. Autons and the Nestene, the Master, Marchosias, K1, Zygons and much more," Stewart stated fondly.

"Great, what is this about," Richard asked leaning forward. Stewart pulled out four computer chips. "These will hide you from cameras or scanners. Making you invisible to anything but the human eye. As long as you wear it. Be careful, you loose this and you'll be caught with your pants by your ankles!" "Great, we'll wear them and we can use them to hide from ARGUS," the Doctor stated. "Great, let's do this," Rosa stated as she grabbed one of the chips and put in a pocket on her jacket.

The others did similar things and got up when Gaius Greaves entered. "Great, get him now," Flag whispered into the comms and Rosa did as told.

She sat next to him at the bar and pressed a gun to his hip. "Hey, I don't usually threaten people. But for you, an exception can be made." "Who the fuck are you," he asked. "A cop, who just threatened you. So come on," Rosa grabbed him and began to drag him away when soldiers burst in. "Well shit, what now," Rosa asked. "Out the back," Flag told her. Rosa nodded and and did as told.

Out back she ran with Greaves to the van where she shoved him inside as the Doctor, Brian and Richard followed. "Flag, Digger and Gunter have been captured, we're going to save them," the Doctor stated. "Great, let's go," Rosa stated as she got into the van.

When they found the captured, they were walking out an exploding van. 'Jake would've loved that,' Rosa thought.

Chapter Text

As the group lay down in the van as Greaves lied their way into the facility, Rosa kept thinking that she had to stay alive. For the squad, her love. Not the Madrigals. Fuck them.

As they walked in the rain, Rosa glanced at the Doctor who was smiling back at her. Then the blood bath. Rosa looked and saw the second team that Blackguard had nearly died for.

They burst in and it was awkward to see two teams. "Duboius," Flag asked. "Hey Flag, what are you doing here," a man in a xenomorph mask asked. "Destroying this place, same I guess for you." "Yep. So, just blow this place up worse." "Absolutely."

Everyone with the chips was sent downstairs with, Flag, Ratcatcher 2 and Thinker. As they walked to where Project Starfish was, they heard groans. Upon turning corner, they saw people with Starfishes on their faces. "The fuck," Rosa asked. "I recognise this. You didn't," the Doctor stated as he ran to a giant window. A giant part of a Starfish slammed against the window.

"I call it Starro the Conqueror! That's meant to derisive. Sorry old chum, these lot are here to kill you it's out if my hands!" "We need to help these people," Ratcatcher 2 yelled. "We can't," the Doctor stated, "When they attach to the face, the host dies. They're zombies. What else did you do?" "Basic experiments." "He was awful," one of the zombies wailed.

The Doctor ran up to them. "How bad was it, I will try to get you justice! The Shadow Proclamation will not stand for this!" "He tortured me! Ripped me apart! Had his way with me!" Rosa gripped her gun a tighter. "Whi are these people," Flag asked. "You know, dissidents, journalists, political rivals. And their, loved ones." Flag ran up to Greaves and slammed him into a desk. "Oh unclutch your fucking pearls Flag! We serve the same master!" He went onto explain everything about project Starfish. Flag got off Greaves and ran off to the servers.

Rosa grabbed Greaves and dragged him to the zombies. "What arebyou doing," he asked scared. "Justice." Rosa pushed him forward and shot him in the chest twice and once in the head. Everyone looked shocked at her. "You didn't have to do that," the Doctor said. "Maybe not, but if Waller gets her way he'll get off scot free. I'm not taking that chance." "Alright, I will disagree with the methods but what he did was unacceptable. Just don't let this be a habit," the Doctor said as he went to help Flag with the servers.

"Christ, what happened in here," a voice asked. They turned and saw Peacemaker. "I killed a bastard. That's it," Rosa said. "Okay, how we doing with the servers?" "I've got it. I'm releasing this to the public," Flag said as he handed it to the Doctor. "Can't let you do that, Waller tasked me to make sure that the information never gets out." "Sorry what," Rosa asked. Peacemaker approached Flag as Savant grabbed a pipe. "They experimented on children!" Savant approached behind Peacemaker. "I'm not saying what they're doing was right. But, oof!"

Peacemaker was knocked out by Savant smashing a pipe into his head. That's when the building began to shake. "That's not good," Blackguard commented. "No shit," Savant replied as thr building began to collapse.

Chapter Text

The building began to collapse. Everyone else suddenly fell into the lab and the window collapsed. Starro began to climb up into the lab. His giant eye watched them all. "The fuck," Harley yelled. "Abner, polka dots," Bloodsport yelled. "G-got it!" Suddenly, polka dots flew out his arms and injured Starro. Then some debris fell on top of him. "Abner," Ratcatcher yelled. Everyone ran and hid as Starro looked around.

The zombies began to escape their cages and this seemed to be the end. But God knows they weren't going out without a fight. Bloodsport pulled out guns and began firing. Javelin began to slice open the zombies. And soon everyone (except the Doctor) was killing the zombies. "We are weakening Starro! He feeds off the hosts, it makes him bigger but without them he shrinks," the Doctor yelled. And sure enough, Rosa saw Starro shrinking slightly.

That's when Peacemaker began to awaken. He got up and was instantly tackled by the Zombies. Rosa shot at them and allowed him to escape and run next to Rosa. "Thanks," he said panting. "Don't mention it," Rosa said as she shot at the Zombies. Peacemaker pulled out his gun and began to shoot at the Zombies.

Then, the army came in. Tiny Starfishes flew at them and suddenly they were Zombies. "Oh fuck," Bloodsport said, "We're fucked here!" "Unless we kill the source," Peacemaker yelled. "I hate to admit it, but I think he's right," Flag yelled as he reloaded. "I refuse to let this happen," the Doctor yelled. "Yeah, there was to be another way," Rosa yelled. "Sorry, zhere isn't," Javelin said as he ran at Starro's eye.

He went inside and Ratcatcher activated a light and rats began to run at Starro. Bloodsport ended up huddling into Flag for safety. Everyone ducked and took cover from the rats.

"No," the Doctor cried as he tried to get to Ratcatcher but was blocked by the sea of rats. When the rats began to dissipate, Javelin had fallen out the eye and on the floor as Starro fell backwards into his cell. "There had to be another way, just had to be," the Doctor said as he looked down at Starro. "There was no other way, shit like this happens. We just can't effect it," Flag said. The Doctor looked at him before walking off.

Rosa followed him until she saw Greaves' corpse. She muttered an insult in Spanish before continuing to follow the Doctor.

Outside of Johutnheim, Bloodsport was making the demands for everyone's freedom. Even Peacemaker's. "We got it, we're all free. We get on a ferry and head back to America tomorrow," Bloodsport stated as he walked back to the group. "Thanks for giving me a chance," Peacemaker said. "I didn't want to do it, but the Doc said do it or he'd do something he'd probably regret." "And I meant it," the Doctor said he threw a stone.

"Well all the same, this means a lot to me," Peacemaker said, "I think that pipe might've made me realise that I'm just a fucking maniac. I'm probably gonna try to get therapy when I get home." "Do it, it worked miracles for me," Rosa said.

Upon returning to her apartment, Rosa decided to have a small meeting with a few people in her life. She texted, Jake, the Doctor, Brian (on his newly acquired phone), Isabela (who's number she had searched around for) and her girlfriend Daniela. She wanted to talk about what she wanted to do, but she wasn't sure how'd they react.