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What's happening?

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Rosa looked around as they all walked towards to the helicopter.

Inside the helicopter they waited for the late ones. "Hiya! Sorry I'm late had to go number 2," Harley said as she entered and sat down hitting Brian in the face with her bag and apologising. Then a familiar face and voice popped in saying, "Hello! Sorry I'm late. Got into a argument about the Himalayan Yeti. They were robots controlled with silver balls! Who'd have thought it!"

"Doctor," Rosa asked. "Yes, it's me! Showed up and I said to them 'Put me on Task Force X or I'll reveal this whole operation!' They did it because usually people threaten to keep out," The Doctor summarised as he sat down.

On the ride over they all bantered but Mongal was having non of it. 'That's kinda hot,' Rosa thought before she then thought, 'You can't think like that. Remember Daniela.'

"Alright, time to drop," Flag stated as they hovered over the water.

Everyone landed in the water but Brian had to carry Weasel to the shore. Then Blackguard got up and ran to a rock that covered him on three sides. "The fuck's he doing," Flag asked. "No clue, I'll get him," Rosa stated as she got up and ran to Blackguard as the troops began to fire.

When she reached Blackguard, they took out their earpieces. "What the fuck?! When Waller told me the plan she said they wouldn't send the entire fucking army," Blackguard yelled. Though only Rosa could hear him over the sounds of fighting.

"We're the distraction! Of course she'd make it so the army would kill both of us," Rosa pointed out. "Who else's in on the plan," Blackguard asked. The Doctor barrelled into the group.

"We discussing the distraction? I knew this was a bad idea but they threatened you Rosa so I had to go along! But I can stop you guys from being under her control. If you let me." "Do it. I don't wanna be some buecrats puppet," Blackguard yelled. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and hovered it over both Rosa's and Blackguard's neck. "That should stop it. They'll still be able to track you. So don't go wandering off!" "Right, earpieces back in," Rosa stated and they put the earpieces back in to recieve an earful from Waller.

"Geez, you remind me of my ex-abuela." "Just finish the fucking mission!" "I think she's angry," The Doctor stated. "I wonder why," Rosa said sarcasticly. "Could you guys stop joking around! We're gonna fucking die out here," Blackguard complained as some sand blew over their heads. "Calm down, we're gonna make it out of here alive! I have a contact in the city that's going to help us," The Doctor stated. "You better hope that we can trust this contact of yours Doctor," Waller stated. "Yes we can. He wouldn't dare to hurt any of us."

When a boomerang lodged itself in the rock, that's when everyone knew that it was time to go! Blackguard's gauntlets began to glow a green colour and he formed a giant shield that shielded him, Rosa and The Doctor. They all ran into the jungle and fell down a mound. "Ah, shit. Why does this hurt so much," Blackguard asked as he got up and faced a gun barrel. Soon Brian slid down the mound. "Ah, I see."

In the camp, everyone was sat drinking tea. "So anyway, she comes in like she owns the place! Daniela just takes all her shit the entire time. Then she gets the celebrity treatments and calls it okay! You should've seem her face when Daniela calls her out on her shit it was so hilarious," Rosa gossiped. Everyone laughed and wheezed to various extents. "No idea you had this kind of gossip Rosa," Blackguard stated.

Then came the tent opening and Flag, Javelin, Boomerang, Mongal, Harley, TDK and Weasel peered in. "What the," Flag murmured as he saw everyone drinking tea. "Hey Flag. Well this is awkward," Blackguard stated.