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LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!!! - Paul Atredes, Dune (1984)

My dear baseball fans and fellow AoE writers:

John here from the Philippines. It is a pleasure to be presenting one of my USA Baseball one shots here on Ao3 - the FIRST ever Team USA Baseball RPF on this site.

This work, which I've already done on Tumblr, is one of many one shots made featured in my ongoing USA Baseball RPF fic on Tumblr. It has been months in the making since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year (2022) that it can now be featured here on this site. It is one heck of a military-themed AU fic  and I'm now expanding that universe to include men's and women's hockey, aquatics and lacrosse, and soon, American football, basketball and soccer. The  USA Hockey RPF, through, also discusses the huge impact of the current war on sports, ice hockey inclusive, and the effects on sports as a whole, as well as how it is affecting the NHL as well considering the numbers of Russians that have played for the league for many years since the 1990s. This series is the second chaptered RPF AU military themed fic, this time with a modern setting in the midst of the current war as the Armed Forces of Ukraine and its wartime auxillaries, together with those overseas foreign fighters of the International Legion of Territorial Defense have been for six months now fighting against Russia and the Russian backed governments of the Donbass in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts of eastern Ukraine, the first one is set in the final months of the Second World War in 1945 during the Italian Campaign of the Allies against Nazi Germany and the Italian Social Republic and began to be made last year during the 2021 Summer Olympics, which saw the USA win silver in baseball - that team was the very national team I followed from start to finish online in the Philippines and whom I cheered on till the end. My Tumblr series also includes many of the international baseball teams and those international stars playing in the MLB, minors and independents, as well as the college baseball stars and youth baseball. And of course, the iconic Savannah Bananas.

When I was continuing to work for that RPF and my Russo-Ukrainian War fic series last June, I stumbled on a series of tweets by Eastern European expert Sergej Sumlenny regarding the current Russian war against Ukraine, which began last February just this year days following the closing ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics. It was regarding how Russian authors of time travel and alternate history novels known as popadanets in the 2000s and 2010s, with some films being of the same genre, helped Russia prepare for this war, and these writers have been making such stories to instill in Russia's youth a sense of national pride and determination towards  self-fulfillment and patriotic nostalgia over the times of Soviet superpower or in the days of the Russian Empire and an ultimate goal of gearing them towards the struggle against the West and modernism. They have branched off into making anti-Western action novels depicting young men and women fighting against Western values, NATO, the European Union and the United States in the name of Russia, her people and the Russian Armed Forces. My work is just one fighting that Russian literary trend, this time in social media, integrating with the already existing practice of sports fanfiction here on AoE, Tumblr, Wattpad and FanFiction, among other sites, and also bringing awareness of this ongoing conflict to the fanfic communities online and what we can do to help Ukraine cope from the damage of that war and win victory against Russia at all fronts.

And more importantly, this is the FIRST EVER Team USA Baseball fic here, as previously mentioned. Almost every Major League Baseball team has been featured here, but there has been no national team fic from any of the national team programs and national federations in the vein of those featuring national hockey and soccer teams. Till now. A few USA Baseball national team alumni have been featured on fics here, and my fic will feature a lot of the faces from the Professional (Olympics, WBC and WBSC Premier 12), Collegiate National and youth teams (18U and 16U), as well as the 16/17u National Team Development Program in the vein of those fics featuring the USA Hockey NTDP, especially those playing in Major League Baseball, the minors and independent leagues. And also it will feature Americans playing abroad in the international leagues in East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Carribean as well as the Australian Baseball League.

As the baseball fans in the USA gear up for the return next year of the World Baseball Classic and celebrate USA Baseball's 45th year anniversary since its foundation in 1978 as the national baseball federation of the USA, it is with great honor that in commemoration of these two events I present the very first USA Baseball one shot RPF here on this site, also in celebration of 31 years of Ukrainian independence from the Soviet Union, in solidarity with the great Ukrainian people and its armed forces fighting Russia's armed forces in every corner of the land in this current war, and in memoriam of the countless Ukrainian military and civilan fallen of this current conflict and in the earlier Donbas War of 2014-22.

I present this to all of you the sports fic writers of the world this great work also dedicated to all of you as well, especially some of you who are already active in supporting the relief effort during the Ukrainian war against Russia, and I have done my best to present an authentic modern-day military and battle fic backed by my usual monitoring of the war online since its start and my ongoing research on modern warfare tactics and operations, especially the US, NATO and the former Warsaw Pact armed forces and those of the former Soviet Union, for this series of fics on Tumblr (as well as WW2 tactics and ops for my first RPF). I hope you read my other works on Tumblr as well.

May this effort and others help all of us be aware of the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine and make us ready to do our part to help those who have been hurt by this war in one way or another, honor the fallen, and join the march towards a better tomorrow not just for Ukraine but for humanity and the whole world.

Happy 31st Ukrainian Indepdendence Day!




For Glory


John Ramos

Makati City, Philippines

August 2022


PS: The US national women's baseball team, and of course their softball brothers and sisters who also appeared in the Olympics and the World Games as well as various international competitions, are also featured in this series.