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The Moon's Lullaby - The Quarry x Daniel Isn't Real Alternate Canon AU

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On a cold and rainy August night,

The moon’s lullaby sang high into the sky,

Eight counsellors for which the curse was slain,

But only one infected still remained.


As dreary fright turned into relieved delight,

The friends began to finally reunite,

Not knowing that amongst them,

Was a beast inside ready to bite once again.



Chapter Text

Jacob Custos

He fucking hated wearing prison clothes. They itched and scratched against his already fragile body from the night’s events. He hadn’t been able to seize a pair of his own at the minivan, however, because he had been arrested as soon as they saw him covered in blood. To be fair, almost everyone was caked in it in one way or another. Whether that was from it painting their body in the glorious, morbid colours, or as simple as coating a specific part of the body, such as Kaitlyn’s ankle or Ryan’s right torso.

It didn’t matter, though, because one way or another, they were all absolutely, completely fucked. It’s not like they could tell the detectives what had actually happened. Sorry officer, but I swear it wasn’t a bear. You know, I was out there minding my own business, finding my ex-girlfriend when poof! Along came a massive, ugly fucking werewolf. No I didn’t have any alcohol in my system, what are you talking about?

The one thing he had been able to tell them, though, was about the body in the lake. As soon as he told them about what he had witnessed, he saw the officer raise their eyebrows, before jotting it down on a piece of paper that was increasingly getting more and more full by the minute. It didn’t seem to change their minds at all, because as soon as his questioning was done, he was chucked back into the cell he was sharing with Dylan, Ryan, Nick, and somebody by the name of Max, whom they had found on the island.

“How’d it go, Jakey?” Nick affectionately used his nickname to try and calm him down. Jacob had been sitting on the floor with his knees to his chest, letting his head fall in between them. It’d been a good five minutes since he had gotten back, so he should have expected some questions from his friends by now.

He pulled his gaze up, finally noticing his shaking hands for the first time, “Uh, I guess as good as it could, with what I could say. I did tell them about the body in the lake.”

Ryan frowned, standing up from where he had been leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, “You told them about that? Why?”

“Was there a reason I shouldn’t have?”

“Because we’re being charged with murder!” His voice was heavy with incredulity.

Dylan raised his hand, “Manslaughter technically,” He doubled down upon being the wrath of Ryan’s glare, which softened slightly upon him. “But you know, it's still bad. Very, very bad.”

Nick raised his hands up and down in exasperation, “What the hell are we supposed to tell them anyways? That it was some sort of bear?”

“Well, we can’t exactly say that some of you guys turned into werewolves.”

Dylan pointed at Ryan, “Don’t forget that you almost did as well, after Laura bit you.”

“It-It’s not true, is it?” A ragged voice spoke up. The four young men looked up to see their fifth companion, a small, but well-built individual with vibrant red hair and freckles decorated like cake sprinkles across his skin. He had been lying on a bench opposite them, watching the conversation unfold with disorientated, bloodshot eyes. “She isn’t dead, is she?”

Ryan sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, as a way Jacob had come to recognise over the past two months as a sign that he had to break some bad news. He had only seen the fellow counsellor use it once or twice, when he had campers fooling around whilst sailing and he had to tell them to get out. It was a non-verbal message of stress, that whatever he was going to say next, it would definitely not be good.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I had to shoot Travis after he killed her, otherwise he was going to kill me too. I’m so sorry.”

Max nodded, the arm he had been using to rest his head on now folding over his eyes, as he struggled to hold back his tears, “It’s okay.”

Jacob had only known him for less than two hours, and his heart was already breaking for him. It must have been extremely traumatic, to be put through a night where he had been stuck as a werewolf, unable to help her. 

“Look, man, we’re so sorry about your girlfriend,” Nick walked over to kneel beside him. “We’re here if you need anything.”

“But you guys don’t even know me!” The other young man sobbed. “The only one that did was Laura, and she’s dead!”

Ryan went to stand by their friend, “Doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna help you get through it. I may have only met her for a few hours, but it’s what she would have wanted.”

“Yeah, she was a hell of a fighter,” Dylan commented. “And scary, very scary. In fact, I think she was scarier than the werewolves.”

Max giggled at that, “I don’t know, from what she told me, I was a pretty terrifying werewolf.”

A hand bashed itself against the metal bars, startling them all. The five of them jumped and looked to the source of the noise. An officer was glaring at them as if he had just heard their conversation, and was judging them heavily. Jacob didn’t give a shit, after the night they had, he didn’t give a fuck what this cop thought.

“Jacob Custos?”

He stepped towards the bars, “Yeah?”

“There’s somebody here to see you.”


Jacob walked into an interrogation room and sat opposite to an exact replica of himself. Granted, the person in front of him looked a good ten to twenty years older, but he knew that it would have been at least thirty.

“Hey dad,” Jacob sighed, not trying to hide the distaste in his voice.

The older man sat back in his chair and crossed his arms, “Hey, son.”

The same officer from before came back to lay some paperwork down on the table, an awkward silence lurking in the process. The two relatives sat across from each other, a non-verbal, yet nonetheless vicious standoff happening between them. It was only when the officer cleared his throat, that they broke their eye contact to look up at him.

“These are his bail conditions, if you both can sign here, then you’re free to go.”

Jacob couldn’t believe what he was hearing, because his dad would never have done it selflessly. He always had a motive for whatever he did. “Nope, I’m not going without them.”

The officer frowned at him, “Excuse me?”

“I said I’m not-”

His father held up his hand as both a plea and an interruption of Jacob’s words, “Officer, if you could please give us a few minutes, that would be great.”

The officer begrudgingly accepted the request, and left the room without another word.

His father leaned forward onto the table, glaring at his son, “I’m trying to get you out of here, Jacob.”

He wasn’t buying it, not one bit, “Yeah, and knowing you it’s for some selfish reason. Like needing to preserve your reputation.”

His father didn’t deny it, only rolling his eyes like he didn’t have time for this.

Jacob pressed a finger down to the table, emphasising his unyielding stance, “And I am saying that I’m not leaving without them. You’re gonna post their bail as well.”

“And why would I do that?”

“Because I haven’t asked anything of you since I was twelve, when I learned to stop trusting you. So you are either going to get every single one of them out, or you can say goodbye to your precious job at that law firm that you’ve had for over twenty years.”

His father slammed his fist onto his table, “Don’t you threaten me!”

“Why? Because it’s only something you can do whenever something doesn’t go your way?”

The older man’s face was creasing further and further by the second. Jacob was sure he’d have new wrinkles by the end of this conversation. “You’re being selfish right now, Jacob.”

“No, you are, because I know you can get the money, but you don’t want to. I’m not stupid, dad, you’re being a total dick. You can get all of us out of here easily, but you’re only picking the one that actually matters to your status as one of the best lawyers in New York.”

His father decided to switch tactics, “Why? Why all seven of them? I mean, I’d understand Kaitlyn, considering you grew up with her, and maybe Nicholas. But the others? You’ve only known them for two months! Think about that, Jacob.”

He wasn’t going to take the bait, “Because for those two months, they have treated me better than you ever have in an entire lifetime.” He wasn’t going to admit to his father that he had sabotaged the van as well, and felt solely responsible for what had happened, because he knew the older man would find a way to weaponise his guilt.

The older man scoffed and shook his head, “I can’t believe you Jacob, still being self-centred as ever.”

“Fuck off, dad, either you get all of us out, or I stay.”

Jacob thought for a second that he was just going to go ‘fine, have it your way’ and walk out, but when the officer walked back in to check on them, the older man simply announced, “I’d like to post bail for the rest of them.”

For the first time in his life, Jacob was actually happy with something his father had done.


Cameron Mountebank

They couldn’t believe their sister had been arrested. Sure, they had reason to believe that Emma was potentially in trouble, especially because they had tried to reach their sister all night with no response. Considering how glued Cameron’s sibling was to her phone, it had caused them to have absolutely no sleep from the stress. They had even almost accidentally crashed into a pickup truck on the highway while on their way to the station this morning. Thankfully, the energy drink they had been chugging down had finally managed to hit their system just at the right time.

They’d parked just at a moment’s notice to see their sister storming out of the facility. She was wearing baggy prison clothes that were almost falling down on her due to how loose they were. Poor Cameron almost got the fright of their life. They were about to get another one though, as Emma was walking to their vehicle, fast, with her fists clenched at her sides.

A tall, buff male figure that appeared to be around their age was walking after her. Uh oh, this can’t be good , Cameron thought. They knew they had to dissolve the situation before it got any worse. Especially with the venomous words their sister was most likely about to speak.

They stepped down from their truck, their dress ruffling around their ankles from both the breeze and the momentum. Cameron ran a hand through their short, algae green hair that was suckling at the sweat on their skin. They let out a heavy sigh and walked forward, hoping to diffuse the situation.

“Jacob, you have to respect my fucking boundaries! I said no!” Emma shouted at him.

At those words, Cameron found themselves driving faster towards their destination, an acidic rage building up behind their hazel eyes, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Emma turned and ran up to her sibling, “Oh, Cameron, thank god you’re here. Let’s fucking go.”

“Okay, I know you’re upset, Emma, but you can’t use your sister as a getaway vehicle,” Jacob spat out bitterly.

She spun around in an instant, “They’re not my sister. Or my brother. They are my sibling. So don’t go being a fucking asshole to them just because you’re mad at me,” Emma took Cameron’s arm and the two began to walk off.

“Everything okay?” Cameron whispered into their sister’s ear.

“We’ll talk about it later. Right now I just want to get the fuck out of here,” She quietly replied.

They knew better than to argue with her, so the two of them sped towards Cameron’s vehicle with little to no hesitation.

“Emma, please, just wait a second,” A feminine voice yelled out.

Emma looked back at the voice, and her shoulders slumped as she relented, “Fine.”

“Emma, what the hell is going on?” Cameron was beginning to grow extremely confused. Something bad had happened to their sister. Something very, very bad.

“Just, wait in the car for me, okay?” She pleaded, and, knowing they couldn’t win the fight, Cameron accepted defeat and trudged back to where they had been sitting only a few minutes ago.


They couldn’t stand to wait in the truck any longer, because from the way their sister’s arms were rigid against her side, whatever was happening wasn’t good. They slid out of the vehicle once again and prepared themselves for a verbal war. But even from Emma’s obvious anger, the girl that they were looking at had obviously calmed them, based on the neutral expression on her face. It was only when Jacob walked into the situation that things started to get heated again.

“Emma, what’s going on?” Cameron asked, placing themselves alongside their sister.

Their sister glanced back at them and sighed in exasperation, “I told you to wait for me, Cameron.”

“I’m not leaving when you’re clearly upset,” They stated, crossing their arms. “Now, what the hell’s going on?”

Jacob couldn’t meet their eyes, using his own to focus on something behind them, “I sabotaged the minivan, and that’s why we had to stay for another night.”

They had only met their sister’s summer-fling for less than a few minutes, but they had already started to grow a deep prejudice for him. Cameron couldn’t believe what they were hearing. No wonder their sister had been so upset! They remembered Emma sending them a letter during the last week of camp, worried about how he would interpret her feelings.

“Why the fuck would you do that?” Another person spilled out from behind them. There were rings of fatigue set against his face, his short black hair sagging from the sweat of the summer’s day.

Jacob shrugged, “I don’t know, man. I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Cameron was extremely confused, “For what to happen, exactly?”

Emma’s mouth opened and shut itself, clearly trying to form flustered sentences, “I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t know if you would even believe me. Which is why I wanted you to stay in the car.”

They felt themselves growing concerned. Their sister had always told them everything, even if there were details that Cameron definitely didn’t want to hear. This wasn’t like her. This wasn’t like Emma at all.

Their sister took a deep breath before letting it rumble out of her trembling lips, “Cameron, a lot of stuff happened, and I wish I could tell you, but I can’t.”

“Then tell me something , Emma,” They begged, worry making them grow desperate.

“Jacob’s the reason we almost died,” The other young man stated. 

Another one walked over, this person had curls that nestled themselves against his ears, sitting there like birds on branches the colour of coconuts, “He didn’t mean to, Ryan. None of us knew this would happen.”

“I don’t know, Nick,” The tallest out of all of them had decided to join the conversation. “I’m with Ryan on this one. He may not have meant it, but it doesn’t change the fact that almost all of us got killed.”

“And one, did,” Somebody with ginger hair and pale freckles called to them. “My girlfriend.” His eyes were bloodshot from what appeared to be hours upon hours of sobbing. Cameron felt a sharp prick of sympathy in their chest spurn for this person. 

The giant of the group nodded, and spoke up amongst the awkward silence, “Yeah, I’m really sorry about Laura. She seemed to really love you, Max.”

Max wiped his already reddened cheeks, “Thanks, Dylan.” He set his grieving look upon Jacob, “I know you didn’t mean to do what you did, but I can’t handle this right now. I really can’t.”

Emma picked her head up, sending her own her ex-partner’s way, “Me too, you really fucked up Jacob.”

“Well, what else do you want me to say!? I said I’m sorry! I know I fucked up, that’s why I asked my fucking father to post bail. Because even if I haven’t spoken to him in two years, I knew I had to do something right!” Jacob yelled.

“You shouldn’t have had to do anything right in the first place, Jacob,” A girl with hornet earrings placed herself alongside him.

He wasn’t buying it, “Oh, fuck you Kaitlyn, you knew what I was doing.”

“And I told you not to! What was I supposed to do, physically restrain you from it?”

The girl that had originally called out to Emma before pointed to Kaitlyn, “Wait, why didn’t you say anything if you knew he had messed with the van?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. I was waiting for him to fess up and when it was too late, I was so stressed out about surviving the night.”

“That’s still really fucked up, Kaitlyn,” Dylan argued. “You should have said something.”

She shook her head, “I know, and I’m sorry.”

“Well, sorry still doesn’t fucking change anything, does it? Because Laura is dead! I lost my girlfriend while being unable to do anything the entire night!” Max shouted, veins bulging in his neck from the force of his voice. “She’s fucking dead and I couldn’t do anything to save her!”

“What the hell is going on here?” A voice that sounded way too much like Dylan’s echoed from behind them. Except, it couldn’t actually be from him, because even he looked surprised at the sound. They all spun towards the source and found an exact replica of him, however, the only difference being that this person had slightly longer hair, and was wearing a blue shirt tucked into their beige jeans.

Dylan walked over to his twin, “Nothing, let’s just go, Luke. I think we all need time to process everything.”

Max glared at Jacob, “I’m with him. I know it wasn’t your fault what happened, but I just can’t deal with this right now. I need to get home.”

Luke pointed to his own car, “We can give you a lift, if you want.”

He shook his head, “I have my mum coming to pick me up, but thanks.”

Emma grasped Cameron’s arm, “Max is right, though.” She focused a teary gaze onto her ex, “I’m sorry Jacob, but I just can’t forgive you right now. I need space. And I need you to respect that this time.” She took Abi’s arm with her other hand, “Let’s go.”

Whatever had happened was clearly getting to their sister. Cameron hadn’t seen her this angry in years, not since she had had that fight with her ex-girlfriend. It worried them, to see her like this. But they also knew not to press. So, even if the ride home was tense and full of anger, they had to keep on reminding themselves that she would open up eventually, no matter how long it took.

They just had to wait.

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Two weeks later…

Emma Mountebank

She felt terrible about the way she had left things with Jacob the last time she had seen him, but she knew it was for the best. It still didn’t stop Emma’s mind from running through ways it could have gone differently, and replaying the moment where she saw the heartbreak glisten in his eyes, shock and humiliation taking over. She didn’t want things between them to have such a bitter end, even if he had left her with no choice.

She still hadn’t told Cameron about what happened at Hackett’s Quarry either, and was grateful that they didn’t press her. Just like when they had initially came out to her, they knew that these things would take time. Even if Emma had always been labelled as a bit of a chatterbox by her peers, there was always a comfortable, unspoken atmosphere between the two siblings that communicated the words so they didn’t have to.

If was only when she received the call, saying that they had been cleared of the murder charges, that she finally told them. Granted, she did change the tiny detail that werewolves were involved, to feral bears. And once again, she could tell that Cameron knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth, but they didn’t accuse her of anything or try and force it out of her. It was something she had always appreciated about her sibling. That even if they weren’t as close as they used to be when the two were younger, they would always have each other’s side, no matter what.

It didn’t matter what had happened in the past, however, because Emma was finally free . Even if she still had to live with the trauma, the nightmares and the crippling panic attacks, she could finally move on without having to worry about a trial. So, once she had finished telling Cameron a semi-accurate account, she decided to text somebody that she was almost as close to as them.


Abigail Blyg

She was careful not to press too hard with the wet brush, lest that the watercolour paint totally saturate the paper. Abi was currently using a musky orange to focus on a sunset she had pictured in her mind, tracing over the outlines where she would later fill in the sky with the shapes of stars, like the constellations were farewelling the sun and saying hello to the night. Her knees ached from having been standing up for hours, but it was the only way she could angle herself properly to make sure the strokes she did against the canvas were correct.

“Abi!” A voice screamed from the adjacent room, “Your phone is ringing!”

She swore, the noise completely ripping her out of the zone she was in, but she knew that Cassie would only do it if she had a reason. Startled, Abi set down her brush, before taking off her apron. Her joints creaked with stiffness as she walked into the other room.

Cassie was smiling up at her from where she sat on their couch, black lipstick creasing against the motion, “Somebody’s calling you.” She was holding Abi’s phone.

She went to reach for it, “Who?”

Her roommate pulled it away, “Maybe your dear friend that you have a crush on.”

Abi rolled her eyes, “I told you, Cassie, Nick and I decided to stay friends.”

“Nooo,” Her friend teased, “I mean Emma.”

She made another attempt to swipe it, but failed, “Give it here!”

“Only if you promise that I get to meet your future girlfriend. I’ve known you for seven years, I have the right to know who’s ass I have to kick if they hurt you."

Abi launched herself at the couch, managing to crash into Cassie, who grunted and swore at her, before finally claiming her victory and seizing the phone. She stood up and answered the call, “Hello?”

“Abi! Hey, I thought you weren’t gonna pick up,” Emma’s voice blasted through the speaker.

She saw Cassie give her the finger but chose to ignore it, “Yeah, I was just doing some painting.”

“Ooooh, you’ll have to send it to me! I always love seeing what you paint.”

Abi felt a heat rise from her neck up to her cheeks. She was used to people wanting to see her art, but almost ninety-nine percent of her Tumblr and Instagram followers were anonymous, save for Cassie. She usually felt happy to share it with others. It was one of the reasons why she had taken the job at Hackett’s Quarry to begin with, to share her passion with those like-minded to her, even if younger. But with Emma, there was something different, like she was worried what her friend would think, or if she would even like them.

Abi didn’t even want to entertain the thought about her discovering the portraits she had done of her friend.

“Anyways,” Emma prodded her from her thoughts. “Guess what.”

Abi grinned, she couldn’t help but amuse her, “What?”

“We’ve been laid off! We are free people!”

She blinked, unable to process what she was hearing, “Wait, what?”

“They’ve dropped the charges, Abi! We can finally move on!”

She doubted she would be able to for a long, long time. God knows when the flashbacks she had been having before bed every night would seize off. Every time Abi closed her eyes, her mind flickered to the moments before Nick had transformed. Of his feverish, sweaty hands picking her up and throwing her against the wall like an eyelash flying into the air. Her hands shakily pressing the trigger, doubt that she did the right thing blooming in her mind, even if she knew she had to do it to survive.

Abi still remembered the way his eyes had turned a sinister gold, his bottom jaw dislocating itself as a pair of fresh fangs grew through his gums. She had watched the way his back arched, the knobs of his spine ripping his shirt, as his ears became pointed and his knees were broken, mending themselves in the opposite direction. Abi remembered seeing the pain, fear and regret in his eyes at whatever he was going to do next. She recalled the way he had looked at her as the last of his humanity had been shred, an unspoken apology radiating from his ever-growing bestial gaze.

She shivered, goosebumps rippling along her arms and legs as she tried to pull herself out of the memory.

“Abi? You all good?” Cassie interrupted their phone call, the smile that had originally been on her face now evaporated.

She nodded, lifting up her arm with her phone, which she hadn’t even realised had slumped to her side, “Yeah, can I just have a sec?”

Cassie nodded, watching her as she left the room, “I’m here if you need anything, okay?”

Abi flashed her an apologetic grin, “Yeah, thanks.” She put the phone back to her ear, “Hey, sorry about that.”

“Are you sure you’re all good?” Emma launched back into their conversation with concern. “Was that your roommate?”

“My best friend, Cassie, yeah. We’ve been living together for a year.”

Emma didn’t take the bait, “Abi, you didn’t answer my other question.”

“I don-I don’t know! Maybe we could text about it later?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Thanks, Emma.”

They floated into a silence that only lasted a few seconds before Emma perked back up, “Speaking of which! I have an idea. What if we all made a groupchat? It’d be nice to see how Dylan, Ryan, Nick, Max and Kaitlyn are going. And, if I’m being honest, I kinda feel bad for losing my shit at Jacob, even if he deserved it.”

“You had every right to, Emma, he was being a total dick.”

“You’re right, Abi, I’m not gonna deny that. But we’ve all been through something fucked up and if we can’t talk about it with people in our regular lives, why don’t we make a chat where we can with others that’ll actually understand?”

Abi couldn’t deny that her friend had a point, they had to find a way to heal and get over what had happened somehow, “Fine, I’m in. Sign me up.”

Emma let out an excited squeal which made Abi’s heart beat faster with how adorable it sounded. It was something she had clearly been wanting to do for a while. Even if they were polar opposites in some regards, they always knew how to connect with one another.


Dylan Lenivy

He had always enjoyed listening to Luke play the piano in their living room whenever he was studying. Usually Dylan needed complete silence to concentrate otherwise, but there was something about the way his younger twin played a cover of Here Comes the Sun or Daydream Believer that allowed him to lose himself in his work and what would usually be a long, dragging study session, would turn into one that went by in no time. It was something he would sorely miss when he moved out one day, but for now, he was glad to have his brother’s company, even if they didn’t talk much after what had happened.

Luke had tried, wanting to know if his brother was alright, but Dylan couldn’t bring himself to tell him about the events. They both knew he was a terrible liar, they didn’t need the nights where he would wake up screaming his voice raw and sobbing, or the way he jumped at every loud noise to know that he wasn’t fine. It broke Dylan, not being able to tell his brother what was haunting him, and every time Luke asked was another cut against his already aching heart.

Dylan was barely able to keep a conversation with anyone these days, the only four he was actually able to were Ryan, Kaitlyn, Emma and Abi. But even then, he had those days where all he wanted to do was lay in his bed and cry, too scared to face the reality that he was pressed with. It was only when his brother sat on the bed beside him, or he had one of his friends text him, that he found a small string of strength to fight on with. And even if it snapped, Dylan knew he had to keep on going.

He was having another one of those bad days that day. Where he had curled into a foetal position under his blanket and sobbed until his chest hurt. He could smell the rain and rust forming on the car parts of the scrapyard around him and hear the squelching mud underneath his shoes, crawling up his bare ankles to hangout alongside the blood that drenched his body. Dylan could see the sisterly way Kaitlyn had looked at him as he was transforming, before it turned into pure horror upon realising what was happening. 

He let out a small, heartbroken noise into his pillow, hoping Luke wouldn’t hear him downstairs. He would hate for his twin to have to deal with yet another one of his flashbacks, but he was struggling to bring himself back into reality. So, Dylan stayed under the covers, allowing himself to grieve the last shred of normalcy that had left when they were stranded at Hackett’s Quarry that night.

Amongst his bawling, he hadn’t heard the sound of claws clacking against his wooden floorboards, nor had he noticed the weight that had dented and shuffled around on his bed. It was only when he felt a scratchy tongue lick itself against his cheek, and the ticklish brushing of fur against his nose, that he realised that Schrodinger must have been hiding in his adjoining bathroom and heard his human crying.

The most adorable furball on the planet had snuck under his blankets and pulled him out of the suffocating ocean of his memories. He laughed and let his head fall into his pet’s fur, letting the vibrations of Schrodinger’s purring soothe him and bring him back to reality. Dylan was safe. He wasn’t at Hackett’s Quarry anymore. He was home. Werewolves couldn’t hurt him anymore.

He let out a small laugh at that thought. He never would have thought that he would end his summer by turning into a gross, smelly beast. But to each their own, he supposed. Dylan just found it oddly humorous that even Ryan, the most handsome paranormal believer, had found it hard to actually accept that they could exist as well. John Landis had definitely gotten it wrong.

Dylan was stroking Schrodinger’s fur with his hand when there was a knock on his door. He peeked his head over the top of his blankets, letting in a gust of fresh air with relief. He hadn’t realised how stuffy it had been under there, those flashbacks must have had a really bad grip on him.

“Yeah?” He croaked.

Luke opened the door, and, upon the sight of his brother, widened his eyes, “Shit, Dylan, what happened? What’s wrong?”

He wiped his irritated, hot face, “I’m alright, just had a nightmare.”

Luke checked the watch he had on his right wrist, “Okay, well, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon, and you never nap around this time of day.”

Schrodinger made a little mrrrrp sound under the blankets, finally realising that their other human was in the room. They dashed out from under the blankets and jumped off the bed, winding themselves around Luke’s legs.

He leaned down to let their pet sniff his fingers, “Hey, buddy, I was looking for you. Need you for some shots for my latest project.”

Dylan’s curiosity was piqued, “What’s it on?”

Luke’s eyebrows raised, as if he was just remembering something, before he pulled something out of his back pocket, “That will be answered, after you respond to the message you got.”

He chuckled at his brother’s response, “You seriously came upstairs to tell me to answer my phone?”

“Well, when you ran off to go upstairs to ‘nap’,” Luke used air-quotations, an unfortunate habit he had picked up from his older brother, “Even if we both know that there’s more to this, your phone went off. It was a few minutes later, though.” And I wanted to give you some space was the rest of the sentence that was left unspoken.

Dylan held out his hands, “No worries, thanks, man.”

Luke chucked his phone at him and it landed square on his face, smacking his cheek and bouncing onto the sheets. “Ah, fuck!” Dylan grunted, rubbing the sore spot as he went to enter his passcode with his other hand. His twin had a hand over his mouth to hide the smile, albeit somewhat terribly. “I can see you smiling, asshole!”

Luke burst out laughing, “I’m sorry, you’re such a bad catch. It just makes me remember how you dropped those keys in front of Ryan.”

“Okay, first of all, who told you that? And second, at least I tried to improve my suckability at sports when I was younger.”

“Because you told me when you were drunk. And ‘suckability’ isn’t a word.”

“Well, it is now, and at least I have my crush’s number. When was the last time you got someone’s?”

Luke blushed, flipping his brother off, “Good luck trying to actually form a coherent sentence around Ryan if you decide to call him.”

“Ha! You’re deflecting! I win!”

Luke grinned before he closed the door, “I’m just glad to see you smiling.”

A terrible pang shot into his upper stomach as his brother’s words sunk in. But, before he could have another second to think about it, he picked up his phone.


Dylan curled himself back under the sheets and checked his messages. He had received quite a few from Emma.

Hey asshole

Check your discord


You there?

You alive?

Did you give me Luke’s number as a joke and now he’s ghosting me


He found himself giggling at her spam, and decided she had probably waited long enough for a reply.

No it’s Dylan

I’m here

Sorry I accidentally left my phone downstairs

I’m checking now

He opened his Discord to find that she had sent him an invite to a group called The Hoes of Hackett’s Quarry . Dylan shook his head, a beaming expression spread across his face. He should never trust her to come up with a name for the group again. He pressed accept, and was immediately barraged with more messages.

Emma the Werewolf Slayer at 3:34pm: Alright guys Dylan’s here

Mayfield: Dylaaaaan! Save meeee! Jacob’s trying to get me to come along to one of his games

Mayfield sent a gif of somebody throwing up

DJ Dildo: Wait Max? Is that you?

Mayfield: The one and only :D

PeanutPopper: Wait is that your last name

Haga Hacka Quora: No it’s a reference to Max from Stranger Things

DJ Dildo: Ryan

DJ Dildo: You remembered

Haga Hacka Quora: It was one of the highlights of my summer :(

Haga Hacka Quora: *:D

PeanutPopper: Tbh Im kinda surprised you guys invited me to the chat after the shit I did

ShootingStar: Well we all went through something fucked up Jacob

SomeBoganCunt: Yeah its not like were gonna leave you in the dark for you to suffer

Haga Hacka Quora: And its not like you knew that werewolves existed

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Or that Max would try to kill us

Mayfield: Heeeyyyy thats uncalled for :(

DJ Dildo: Yeah Max gets a free pass this time around

Mayfield: Thanks Dylan see at least hes nice

DJ Dildo: UwU thank you Max

PeanutPopper: Please dont send that ever again

*DJ Dildo changed his nickname to DJ UwU*

PeanutPopper: Omfg

Mayfield: Now I know what Ryan sees in you

The message was deleted before he could reply. It had only remained up for the span of a heartbeat, but it didn’t stop Dylan’s own from fluttering. He knew that Ryan and Max had been watching Stranger Things due to their love of the show, but what he had just sent meant that he knew more that Dylan was dying to know. Did this mean that Ryan liked him back? Oh god, he was practically getting butterflies throughout his entire body. He could feel himself blushing as he typed with quivering, giddy fingers.

On the brightside, Max seemed to be doing a bit better. Well, as best as you could two weeks after losing your long-term girlfriend of multiple years. Which is why Ryan had offered to rewatch the show with him, especially because the former hadn’t seen season four. Max had said that it was one of Laura’s favourite shows to watch, so they had decided to use one of their favourite forms of escapism to hide from the grief. Dylan hoped that this would turn into a positive memory for Max in the long-run.

Abibobabi: What was that you typed Max? I didn’t get a chance to read it

Mayfield: Nothing just a typo

Dylan smirked, he definitely knew that wasn’t the case. But it seemed like Jacob was already onto it before he could say anything.

PeanutPopper: Yeah sure it was

PeanutPopper: Also @Abibobabi why is your username that

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Its a reference to a scene from American Horror Story

Haga Hacka Quora: The Name Game from Asylum?

Abibobabi: Yep! It’s my favourite season.

Haga Hacka Quora: Nice mine too :D

Abibobabi: I drew some fanart of Kit and Lana from it if youd like me to send you some

Haga Hacka Quora: Fuck yes

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Jealous >:(

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Anyways the reason why I have created this group is to let you all know that we have been dropped of all charges

SomeBoganCunt: Wait seriously!?

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Yeah! I just got the call this morning

Abibobabi: Omg that’s amazing!

Dylan pushed himself up from the covers and began jumping on his bed in excitement, “Wooooo!” He hadn’t felt this happy in ages. Not since he had left the camp. First, there was the message that hinted at the possibility of Ryan liking him back. And now this! He started doing a little dance, keeping a tight grip on his phone so as not to accidentally throw it.

Luke slammed the door open, watching the six foot two, twenty year old man jumping up and down on his bed like a schoolgirl. “What the fuck Dylan? Stop jumping! You’re gonna break the bed!”

Dylan continued dancing, busting out the best moves his dorky body could muster, “No can do! The DJ needs to dance!”

His twin couldn’t hide his laughter, “Okay, first off, there’s no music. And second of all, that bed is almost ten years old. Get down!”

“You can’t stop me! I’m the older one!”

“Yeah by like five minutes. Dylan, get down!”

“You can’t tell me what to do!”

Luke reached over to bring him down but Dylan smacked his hand away playfully and flipped him off. He just raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms, “Don’t make me call Kaitlyn.”

“You don’t have her number, asshole.”

“I do actually, you gave it to me when you were drunk in case you ‘needed Mama Kaitlyn to protect you from bears’.”

“Okay, what else have I done that I don’t remember doing while I was drunk?” His tone was more serious this time, hoping he hadn’t told Luke about the werewolves.

His worries were eased when his brother smirked, “Not much, unfortunately. You spend most of your time gushing about Ryan and how much of a good kisser he is when you’re drunk.”

“Okay, fuck you- At least I’ve-” Dylan’s phone began to vibrate in his hand, startling them both. “Ah, fuck!” He stopped jumping from the surprise in an instant. He glanced at the Caller ID, “Shit, speak of the devil.”

“Is that Kaitlyn?”

“You summoned the demon, Luke! What have you done?”

Luke fetched his phone out his pockets, ruffling his tucked in shirt, “I’m telling her you said that.”

Dylan jumped off the bed to run after him, “Wait, don’t! I’m sorry! Please don’t tell Kaitlyn!”

Luke shut the door behind him as he ran off. Dylan could hear his twin cackling maniacally in the distance and he knew he was in deep shit. He’s lucky their dad wasn’t home, otherwise he’d be ripped a new one for the ruckus. At least when he lived with his mum, she joined in with the chaos. Fueled it, even. But with his dad, well, Martin was more stern. More stricter with the boys.

Dylan huffed, pressing the accept button on his phone, “Hello?”

“Where the fuck did you go, asshole? Everybody’s waiting for your response in the chat,” Kaitlyn grumbled.

“Response for what?”

“The party! God, was the shit you were taking that long? It’s in two weeks time!”

He struggled to catch his breath, “Alright, give me a sec. I’ll reply in a minute.”

Kaitlyn paused, before asking, “What’s got you so puffed out?”

“I was fucking your mum.”

“You’re gay, Dylan.”

“Right, I am. I forgot about that.”

“How can you-” He could practically hear her sigh with disappointment in the distance. “Just hurry up and answer, please, Dylan. Everyone’s eager to get this show on the road.”

“Alright, will do. I’ll see you in the chat.”

Kaitlyn made her voice crackly and high-pitched, “I’ll see you later my little demon spawn!”

“Ah shit, Luke texted you, didn’t he?”

“Yup! Just got it. Anyways, hurry the fuck up and answer.”

Dylan let his head fall back and a grumbled noise came out of him as she hung up. He was gonna have to kick Luke’s ass later. And by kick his ass, he meant beat the absolute shit out of him in Mario Kart.

Abibobabi: So what does this mean

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: It means that we should throw a party to celebrate

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Just not in the woods this time

SomeBoganCunt: Yeah I dont wanna almost die again

PeanutPopper: Well you technically turned into a werewolf so ur fine

PeanutPopper: But fuck yes! Im in! My dad has this really nice lake house that he barely uses so we can do it there

ShootingStar: Dude no that one’s in the forest no way

SomeBoganCunt: Yeah nah I’d prefer if we didn’t do it in the woods

SomeBoganCunt: What about my place? My family’s going away on a trip in two weeks. We’ll have the place to ourselves. 

PeanutPopper: Okay fine but the lake house is like 10 mins away from Nick if we change our minds

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Trust me Jacob it won’t

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: So who’s in?

Abibobabi: I’m in! :D

Haga Hacka Quora: Sure why not

Mayfield: Sure

Mayfield: Itll be a nice distraction from Laura

The chat had gone silent for a few minutes as nobody could argue with what he had said. It was only when Dylan didn’t reply that Emma had sent another message.

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Dylan? You there?

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Dylaaaaaannnnnnn

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: DYLAN

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Fucking hell 

SomeBoganCunt: Maybe somebody should call him?

ShootingStar: I will gimme a sec

A few minutes passed again.

ShootingStar: He'll respond he's just being a dipshit

DJ UwU: Ouch that hurt Kaitlyn

DJ UwU: Also I’m in :)

Chapter Text

Two weeks later….

Nicholas Furcillo

He had just finished putting the sausage rolls into the oven when the doorbell rang. He was a bit surprised to hear it ring so early, considering that the party didn’t start for another hour. But nevertheless, he didn’t want to keep his guest waiting, and walked over to open it. Max stood on the opposite end, staring at Nick with wide, blue puppy-dog eyes.

“Hey, I know I’m like super early, but I made some M&M cookies,” He held up the plate he was carrying. “And I wanted to see if you needed help with anything.”

Nick smiled at his offer, “Nah, it’s all good from here, but I appreciate it.” He stepped aside to let his friend pass, “Come on in!” Max walked in and he shut the door behind him. He realised that he forgot to say something, and swore under his breath, smacking his forehead, “Sorry, thanks for the cookies though. You really didn’t have to.”

Max shrugged and stood there, “It’s a party right? What’s a party without some food?”

Nick chuckled, and realised that he was waiting for him to show him where the kitchen was, “Oh, it’s just this way.” He pointed down the corridor as he began to walk. “And you’re right. Dylan’s making some pot brownies, so we’ll probably need the cookies if we get the munchies,” He mentioned from over his shoulder.

Max walked over to the counter and set the plate of cookies down, beaming as he did so, “Dylan bakes as well?”

“Yeah! I’ve never had the pleasure of trying his food before, but from what Ryan tells me, it’s pretty good.”

“Wait, then how come Ryan has had some and you haven’t?”

Nick gathered up the kitchenware he had been using to make the sausage rolls, setting them in the sink as he began to run some hot water, “I think Ryan went over to see how he was doing one day and they just happened to get high with his brother.” He turned back to Max, smirking and a hint of cheekiness in his voice, “Although, don’t tell Dylan I told you, but he has like a massive crush on Ryan. I think the only reason that nothing happened between them was because Luke was there, and he’s extremely protective over his brother.”

“And Luke’s his twin, right?” Max helped him grab the last of the dirty dishes and cutlery to settle in the sink.

Nick took them from him and put a plug over the drain, “Yeah, although Dylan’s older. He kind of reminds me of my own brother, in a way.” He bent down to the cupboard below him, grabbing the dishwashing liquid and squirting some into the boiling water. Once the water had fully raised, he turned off the tap and began to wash what was in it.

“You mentioned something about your family living here, how long have you guys been in America?” Max asked.

“About three years. It’s how Jacob and I met, funnily enough. We went to the same high school, although we barely spoke to each other. It was only when we ran into each other after we graduated and really hit it off that we finally became friends. And man, let me tell you, puberty hit him like a fucking train,” He could feel his cheeks heating up at his confession. Or maybe it was just the hot water. He hoped it was that.

Max set his own smirk on him, “Oh, is that so? What do you mean by that, Nicholas?”

“Just Nick, if that’s okay. And by that, I mean that he always used to be this buff, sporty kid. But then he also kind of grew into his handsomeness.” Oh fuck. He had to shut up now before he dug himself further into a grave. If Kaitlyn found out, she would no doubt grill his ass.

“Ooooookkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy,” He slurred his words teasingly. He didn’t push for any further details, which was something Nick appreciated, although he had no doubt that Max would probably give him shit for it the entire night. His friend angled his face into the air and sniffed, “What’s that?”

“Oh, I’ve just made some sausage rolls. They’ll be nice and hot for when everybody gets here.”

“What the fuck are those and why do they smell so damn good?”

Nick chuckled, taking his compliment to heart, he still wasn’t used to people saying such nice things about his cooking. He only really did it if it was for work, like at Hackett’s Quarry, or for celebrations, like tonight. “Well, they are this really good party snack that is sausage in a puff pastry. Hence the term ‘sausage roll’. Unfortunately, you Americans are uncultured swines and don’t have any at the shops, so I’ve spent most of this arvo making some from scratch.”

Max covered his confusion at the Australian’s slang by shaking his head, “Well, they definitely sound interesting.”

He put the last clean dish on the drying rack and pulled out the plug, “Trust me, you’re gonna love them. Usually, they’re a lot bigger, but because they’re for everyone, I’ve made these like mini versions. But they’re really good with either tomato or barbecue sauce. And it’s a classic Australian tradition to have them with party pies, but I didn’t have time to make them. So now, I have Steve Irwin watching down on me in shame. Rest in peace.”

Max just laughed, “Oh my god, I’m so confused.” 

He shuffled his feet, looking down at them with embarrassment. This was yet another habit he had picked up from Dylan, “Sorry.” 

His friend just walked over and put a hand on his shoulder, “There’s nothing to be sorry about. It’s just my dumb American brain not comprehending things. But I am really excited to try them, Nick. I’m sure they’ll be great.”

Nick looked up at him and beamed, “Thanks, man.”

Max patted his shoulder affectionately, trying his best to copy the young man’s accent, “Now, let’s go put a shrimp on the barbie, mate!”

He took that as an opportunity to make his voice sound like a stereotypical bogan, “We don’t even put shrimp on the barbie, ya dingy cunt! Why don’t you go fuck off and have something that’s bound to give ya a fuckin’ heart attack from the high cholesterol?”

Max just stared at him for a second before bursting out laughing, “Oh my god, that’s fucking hilarious.”

The two young men continued their accents until Dylan came over and joined in on the fun. By the time everyone else had arrived, the three friends’ ribs were sore from all the laughing. Just from the beginning alone, Nick knew that tonight was going to be a ball.

Oh, how wrong he was.


Dylan Lenivy

The party started off with a bang. Albeit an expensive one, because the group had decided to order a variety of takeout from multiple places. Nick, Jacob, Dylan and Max ended up ordering Chinese, with Ryan and Kaitlyn ordering Mexican, and, finally, Emma and Abi ordering two large chips to share together. 

Dylan couldn’t help but feel extremely giddy when Ryan had offered him the other half of his burrito, part of it because, even if he had eaten three pot brownies, four cookies and five sausage rolls, he was absolutely starving. Most of it was just from the fact that it was his crush sharing food with him, however, and his friend didn’t seem like the type to share food. So, to compensate, he had given Ryan the other half of his sweet and sour pork and the two had called it even.

Yet, somehow, he was still hungry. Starving , even. But that wasn’t the weirdest part. He swore that when he had woken up this morning, his sense of smell had been raised up to an eleven, alongside his hearing. He had managed to listen in on Luke talking to their mum on the phone downstairs, when he had finally stirred from his slumber, without even realising it. And that was with his bedroom door closed.

That wasn’t all, though. Whenever he moved, he could feel his bones creaking in his body, like a rusty door hinge. Or like something was waiting to stretch. Dylan’s skin was sensitive to the slightest touch, and, within the past hour or two, it felt as if his temperature had turned into the equivalent of a volcano’s core. Burning away at any other thoughts he had and overwhelming him. The only other thing he could think about was his hunger.

But, even while it was a full moon tonight, he had to remind himself that he was cured. The Hacketts were dead. He wasn’t cursed anymore. Besides, it was probably the fatigue from his inability to fall asleep until three in the morning the night before. Yeah, that was probably it. Nothing supernatural to it.

He took another sip of his beer and cringed. It tasted absolutely retched. Like the aftertaste of the bile from when he had puked his guts up earlier this morning. Not to mention the fact that it was warm.

Ryan, who was sitting on the floor adjacent to him, snickered, “You okay there?”

Dylan cleared his throat and shook his head, willing the taste away, “Yep, all good.”

His crush wasn’t taking it, “Are you sure? Because the face you pulled made it look like someone had taken a piss in there.”

Nick, who was sitting on the opposite end of him, patted his knee affectionately, “Eh, piss is piss. I don’t think Dylan here would be able to tell the difference anyways.”

He shuddered at the unpleasant sensation of his friend’s touch, flinching at Nick’s hurt eyes.

“Yeah, well, we all know that there isn’t really a difference when it comes to types of urine, Nick,” Ryan jestered as a way to divert the attention.

“No, I meant-” Nick sighed and pulled his hand away, slumping his head in defeat. “Sorry, it’s Aussie slang. Piss is another word for alcohol.”

Jacob poked his cheek fondly, “Aw! You’re so cute when you’re drunk! You always revert back to your classic Australian ways!”

He slapped his hand away jokingly, “Fuck off, cunt!”

Kaitlyn’s mouth shaped itself into an ‘o’, “Wow, Nick, language.”

“Get fucked, Kaitlyn.”

“That’s what my vibrator’s for.”

Jacob made a disgusted noise, “Ew, Kaitlyn, gross! You’re like my sister!”

She held up her hands, “Don’t blame me. We all have our needs. I just gotta take care of my own. And besides, Nick’s the one that brought it up.”

Max pushed his body up so he could sit on the heels of his feet, “Guys, leave her alone.” He pointed to his hand, “Just like we, as men, have our needs, so do women, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“What about nonbinary and asexual people?” Emma countered from where she was sitting next to Abi, finishing off the last of their chips.

His face was as red as his hair, most likely from a mix of the marijuana, alcohol and slight embarrassment, “Well, they are just as valid, and they are free to do whatever they please.”

Dylan chuckled, “Good save, Max.”

His friend did a mock bow, “Thank you, I’ll be here all week.”

Emma stretched out her legs in front of her, “Speaking of which, I have an idea.”

“Uh oh,” Abi rolled her eyes.

She stuck her tongue out at her before turning back to the rest of them, “Because last time had such a bad conclusion, although due to a fault of my own, why don’t we start a new game of Truth or Dare?”

There was a collective mix of responses. Jacob and Abi threw back their heads and sighed. Nick let his head fall into his palm. Kaitlyn shook her head. Ryan shot a nervous look around the group, whereas Max gave them all a confused one. And Dylan just wiggled on the spot where he sat excitedly. He hoped he got to kiss Ryan again.

He let the Blase Dylan facade fall over, “I think that’s a great idea, Emma.”

“Uh oh,” Ryan repeated Abi’s words. “Where’s Dylan Dylan? I want him back.”

“I’m just saying that it might be a nice way to redeem such a bad memory,” He smirked at him.

“Yeah, I don’t know, man. I just don’t want anyone to get upset again.”

Dylan let his elbow fall onto his knee and rested his head on it, raising his eyebrows flirtily at Ryan, “Or, you’re just too chicken to play.”

“Oh, bullshit.”

“Fine! Truth or dare, Ryan?”

Please say dare please say dare please say dare.


Fuck . He could still make the best of this. “Who do you have a crush on, Ryan?”

He watched his friend’s face turn red with delight, and felt his own heat up in response. God, it turned him on so much to see him so flustered. Ryan was so hot when he was speechless.


“You don’t have to answer, man,” Max attempted to comfort him. Ugh, why was he being such a party pooper? Unless he had his own idea. Which, thankfully, Dylan’s question was quickly answered. “But, you do have to do a dare that one of us gives you.”

“Fine,” He responded without a second thought. “I’ll take that.”

Max glanced over at Dylan and sent him a smirk of his own, “Then I dare you to sit on Dylan’s lap.”

A chorus of wolf whistles erupted around the group. Ryan shook his head instantly, “Nuh uh, no way, man. I’m not doing that.” Dylan felt a pang of rejection shoot himself through his chest. Maybe he had read the situation wrong. God, he really regretted what he had said.

“Look, dude, I’m really sorry, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” Dylan apologised, trying to ease the situation.

“I’ll take Ryan’s dare,” Abi offered, beginning to stand up. 

Everyone shot her a confused look, a simultaneous “what?” resounding from them all.

She walked over to him, “Well, somebody has to do the dare. Otherwise the game’s not gonna keep on going.” Okay, she had way too many brownies and beer. Dylan knew she was a lightweight, even if she had rejected that idea when he had brought it up. Abi positioned herself against his lap, leaning against him to whisper in his ear, “Besides, I think it’ll make Ryan a bit jealous.”

Dylan’s eyes widened as he got the idea, so he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her in closer to him, resting his head on her shoulder. He tried to ignore the steady rhythm of her heartbeat, and had to restrain himself from watching the way her pulse twitched against her neck. He couldn’t stop his mouth from watering, though, and found himself disgusted at what he was doing.

Max had decided to ride the wind, pulling Dylan away from his thoughts, “Alright then, Abi. I dare you to stay in his lap for the rest of the game.”

She shrugged, “Fine by me.”

Dylan, however, found himself withering beneath Emma’s glare. He looked to see what Ryan was doing, but couldn’t read his face. He hoped he wasn’t upset.

“Alright, my turn, then,” Abi continued the game. “Dylan, truth or dare.”

He pulled his lips together to the side in consideration, a habit he had seen her do before and decided to copy, “Hmmm… dare.”

She giggled and ruffled his hair. Abi glanced at Jacob, “I dare you to makeout with Jacob.”

“Yeeaaaahhh!” Jacob cheered, “C’mere, big boy!” He started making kissy lips at Dylan.

“Jacob! Were you not just listening?” Kaitlyn chastised her friend. “He can’t move for the rest of the game because he has Abi on his lap. Now get off your lazy ass and go kiss him!”

He laughed and started to get up off his feet, “Fine, fine, I’m going, jeez, Kaitlyn.”

Dylan removed one of his arms from Abi’s waist so he could lean further back, angling his head higher so that Jacob could reach him, “Lay it on me, Jacob! I want to taste your sweet, tender lips!”

He kneeled beside him, “It’s coming your way, Dylan, don’t you worry.” Dylan let out a small yelp as he was pulled into the kiss. He wasn’t expecting it to come that quickly, nor with that much passion. Jacob was pretty good at it, as much as he hated to admit it, and was just thinking about how lucky Emma had been to be with such a good kisser, when his friend pulled away, gagging.

“Ew, dude, what the fuck!?” Jacob retched, falling onto his knees and rubbing at his mouth.

Dylan couldn’t help but feel slightly offended, “Surely I wasn’t that bad of a kisser, was I, Jakey?”

“No, it’s your nose, Dylan, it’s bleeding,” Kaitlyn announced, lifting herself up from her own spot. “Let me go grab you a tissue.”

It was only when she pointed it out that he felt the small trickle coming out of his nostrils. He watched with a morbid fascination as several drops fell onto the carpet, staining the white wool like an incurable poison. He tried not to cringe as he tasted some of it flowing into his mouth, knowing that the salty, metallic taste would linger on his breath for the rest of the night. No amount of toothbrushing was bound to get it out unless he ate some food. Speaking of which, he was quite ravenous at that moment.

But before he had time to think any further, he felt Kaitlyn’s fingers hold his head up as she patted the blood away from his face with a tissue. “You should be alright, sometimes it happens with the warm weather,” She tried to calm his non-existent worries.

He took the tissue from her and held it to his nose, “I’m all good, thank you.”

“Just don’t bleed everywhere, okay? We don’t need Nick’s family coming back to a crime scene,” She crawled back to where she had sat originally.

Dylan rolled his eyes, letting his words drawl themselves out dramatically, “Yes muuuuuummmmm.”

“Shut up! Jacob, it’s your turn.”

He glanced at her, “Alright, fine, Kaitlyn, truth or dare.”


“I dare you to kiss everyone in this room! Beat that bitch!”

She groaned, “I literally just sat down!”

“Well, looks like you’re kissing Dylan first, then.”

Kaitlyn started to crawl his way back to him, “This redeemed truth or dare sucks.” She knelt in front of him, “You ready to go, Dylan?”

He just grinned at her, “I’m always ready to spread the love!” She set a quick, soft one on his lips that was like more of a peck. Dylan could see a drop of his blood glint off the edge of her own, which she wiped away with a finger.

She went to kiss Ryan next, who pulled away, “No, I’m sorry, Kaitlyn. I’m not really comfortable with this.”

Kaitlyn shrugged, “It’s fine, dude, we’re not gonna force you to do anything you don’t wanna do.”

“Yeah,” Dylan supported her statement, “We want all of the platonic kissing to be consensual. Consent is sexy.”

She angled her sights on Abi, “Exactly, what about you?”

 “Sure, why not?” Abi reached over and gave her a short kiss.

Kaitlyn smiled, “Ayyy, that’s the stuff.” She turned to the next person, “Nick, shall we?” She managed to steal a kiss from almost everyone in the group, aside from Jacob, who had stuck out his tongue in mock-disgust. When Dylan had reminded them about the time they had practiced kissing on each other, he was swiftly punched in the shoulder by Kaitlyn, although it was probably well-deserved.

The highlight of the night, however, was when she had jokingly dared Nick to bite Max on the ass. Always being one to never pass down a challenge, especially in front of Dylan and Jacob, Nick had taken the dare and proceeded to give Max a nibble on the cheek. This caused the group to erupt into a raucous of laughter, with even Ryan doubling over from how hard he was laughing. Nick decided to finish it off with a small smack to Max’s ass, who gave a resounding, “Ooooo!”

Dylan found himself leaning into Abi’s shoulder from how hard he was laughing. And that’s when something disturbed him. He could smell the previous infection from Abi, as it radiated off her skin like the sickly sweet scent of toffee, tantalising his nose. His mouth began to water again, and he swore he could feel his teeth becoming a bit sharper, his nails a bit harder. 

Something was wrong with him. He had the urge to sink his teeth into Abi's shoulder. He wanted to taste her skin as it was tainted with the gushing of her blood. God, his mouth was salivating even more at the thought of it. Dylan tried to fight the temptation but it was a losing battle. Need a friend need a friend need a friend. He tried to shove those thoughts away until eventually, they ceased. And before he could stop himself, he was biting Abi's shoulder.

Chapter Text

Abigail Blyg

Abi pulled away as she felt something hard and sharp pierce itself into the space between the left side of her neck and shoulder. She threw herself out of Dylan’s lap in an instant, letting out a heartbroken, shocked scream as something began to pulse beneath her skin. She looked down to where the pain was and saw her veins beginning to darken, spreading further down her body. She peered down her shirt and, in shock, could see the magenta colour flowing down to her heart beneath her breasts. 

Once it did, the pain intensified, heating up her body like a current of hot water. She let out another shriek as she felt her muscles begin to cramp up and twitch. Thankfully, it eased off within a few seconds, and she began to survey the scene around her.

Nick was holding back Emma, who had her fist raised to Dylan, shouting and swearing at him. Abi was sure she could hear her friend say something along the lines of “You’re getting an early vasectomy” and she couldn’t help but laugh, both from the humour of Emma’s words and a combination of the shock and pain. It was only when she looked at Dylan that any small feelings of happiness fell away from her.

He had his hands over his mouth, watching Abi with a pair of golden, teary eyes. And that’s when it hit her. Dylan was still infected. And he had just bitten her.


Cameron Mountebank

Their magic buzzed through the air like water splashing onto a live electrical socket. They figured that it was because they hadn’t cast any spells since Emma had come home, as they had been too concerned for their sister to be able to concentrate on any spells. But there was something else to it. Cameron’s magic hadn’t been this intense since they had encountered that vampire in New York when they were sixteen, as it had fed off the presence of another supernatural creature. No, this was something much, much more.

They figured they would have to do something about it before it bubbled over and they accidentally hurt someone. So, they pushed themselves away from their desk where they had been sitting, working on the verse of their latest poem. They could hear the sound of their pants crinkling and shuffling as they did so, fabric scraping against leather.

Walking over to their bookshelf, they shuffled a few books aside and picked out their hidden spellbook. Cameron threw themselves onto the bed, lying on their stomach as they began to rifle through the pages. What to cast. What to cast. What to cast…

That’s when their mind lit up with an idea. What if they cast a protection spell on their sister? So nothing even slightly paranormal could come her way? After all, something clearly supernatural had happened back at Hackett’s Quarry. Maybe something like this, while not erasing the past, could help ease Emma’s, and in turn Cameron’s, worries for the future?

They flicked to the right page and sat up on the bed, crossing their legs. Cameron closed their eyes and let their hands fall onto their knees as they began to recite the spell. They felt themselves being pulled into the air as they began to levitate. The first time they had done this, it had scared the absolute shit out of them. But now, it was just a comforting feeling that they were on the right path.

It was only when they were slammed back onto the bed, rather than being eased slowly, that they knew something was wrong. The spell had been rejected. Which meant that it couldn’t work if there was another supernatural presence. They had to find Emma, and now. 

They scrambled to the right page and cast a locating spell. A bright ball of light bloomed right in front of them, like a flower opening its petals to the sunlight. It bobbled up and down slowly, before picking up its speed, like a puppy eager to go for a walk.

“Come on, little buddy,” Cameron muttered to themselves. “Let’s go find my sister.”


Abigail Blyg


Abi stood up and placed a hand onto her injured shoulder, walking towards her frantic friend, “I’m okay, Emma, seriously.”

“NO YOU’RE NOT! HE JUST FUCKING BIT YOU!” She struggled against Nick’s hold, scrambling her way towards their friend.

“Emma, it’s-”


They all turned to look at Dylan, who was wiping away tears from his glowing eyes, “Fuck, Abi, I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”

Emma stopped fighting against Nick, “Holy shit, you’re still infected.”

“I don’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry,” He continued to mumble, watching Abi the entire time. “Fuck, Abi, I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

She walked over to crouch beside him, removing her bloody hand to place it on his own, “It’s okay, Dylan.” But it wasn’t. Even if the pain had eased to a dull thud, it still rippled through her veins in a steady burn. She didn’t know how to explain it, but she could feel herself changing from the inside out. It was almost like she could tell that her humanity was being ripped away from her.

“Shit, we need to get them somewhere safe,” Kaitlyn ordered. “Nick, do you have a basement we can put them in?”

He had finally let go of Emma, and shook his head helplessly, “No, there’s nowhere we could keep them.”

“My dad’s lake house has a basement,” Jacob suggested. “We could put them in there.”

“Wait, where are you putting me? Why are you putting me there?” Dylan asked in transparent confusion. His eyes gazed around the room disorientated.

Ryan went to kneel beside him, joining Abi, “You’re still infected. We need to get you somewhere safe so you can transform without hurting anybody.”

He shook his head, more tears falling down his cheeks. “No I’m not,” Dylan’s voice broke. “The curse is over . It’s not possible .”

“Then explain biting Abi!” Emma spat at him. “What, did you just decide to randomly take a nibble out of her?”

Dylan flinched at her words, and Abi knew she had to put a stop to this. Even as she felt a hunger growing in her stomach, a craving for blood surfacing, her mind becoming hazy with a violence-ridden fog, she acknowledged that this was something they could talk about later. She stood and grabbed her friend’s arm, “Emma, that’s enough. We need to go.”

Ryan pulled Dylan up from where he sat, “She’s right. We can talk about this later. Once they’re both in a safe place.”

It took Abi a second for her to realise that he was talking about her as well. Because she was also infected. Which meant that she was going to turn into a werewolf alongside Dylan tonight. A icy drizzle of fear flowed down her stomach, settling in alongside the still-growing hunger. She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t terrified.

Which left the question still hanging off of her tongue, “Dylan, why did you do it?”

He winced as he got off the ground, rubbing his temples and wincing. She could see that his teeth had slightly sharpened, and his fingernails had turned black, like he had painted them with a shiny coat of nail polish, “I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.”

She took his hand and led him towards the front door, “Then try, please, Dylan.”

“I can’t!” He snapped, a beastly noise erupting from his chest. Shit, they didn’t have much time.

Kaitlyn seemed to think the same thing, because she placed a hand each on both of their shoulders, “Okay, it’s time to go . Let’s get you two out of here.”

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want to ruin Nick’s parent’s carpet with fur,” He managed to jest, despite the amount of pain he was in.

“Hey, if you’re good, I might even let you have a treat when we get there.”

Abi doubted that they would even be able to make it to the lake house. Because even though she had only been infected a few minutes ago, she could feel the pull of the full moon willing her to change. It both surprised and scared her, because from what she remembered at Hackett’s Quarry, it had taken the bitten counsellors several hours to transform. Being around Dylan seemed to soothe her, however, maybe it was because she was becoming just like him.

Either way, she hoped that the others weren’t around when she eventually ended up turning.


Dylan Lenivy

He winced and held his aching ribs from the back of the car. Abi leaned over and wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him closer to her until he could smell the hints of raspberries and honey from the shampoo that she used. He let his pounding head fall onto her shoulder, using his own hands to settle themselves on her waist, snuggling into her. Usually, if they had done this, he would have thought that he was out of his right mind. But under the night sky, where the stars winked at them, as if knowing what the full moon was doing to them, holding onto Abi, onto a friend , as the other part of himself had dubbed it, it felt right. It was comforting, and from the way she sighed in relief and let her own head lay on top of his, he knew she felt the same.

When the others had tried to get the two into separate cars just in case anything happened, they had both growled and latched onto each other. Surprising not just the other six counsellors, but themselves as well. But, even if the urge to bite Abi had been fulfilled, it had only transferred to the others instead. Dylan had to tighten his grip against her and pulled her in, ignoring the familiar, rich toffee smell radiating off of Ryan and Kaitlyn from the front.

He groaned and bit his lip.

Abi leaned into his ear to whisper to him, “You can smell that, too?”

He nodded against her shoulder, letting the soft fabric of her shirt scrape against his forehead, “Yeah, you originally had it as well. I’m so sorry.”

“No, it-” She bent inwards, leaning further into him. A small wince came from her throat. “It’s okay, seriously. You-You felt how I’m feeling now.”

“Yeah,” He sat up and pulled her head to his chest. “Just stay with me, okay? We’re almost there. Just, stay for me. If that makes sense.”

“It does.”

“We’ll stay for each other, okay?”

Ryan looked at them from the rearview mirror, eavesdropping into their conversation, “What do you mean by that, Dylan?”

“He means that we’ll stay human for each other,” Abi huffed into his shirt. “It means that we’ll stay human for all of you.”

“Like you guys are each other’s lifeline to stop from transforming,” Ryan muttered. “Shit, Kaitlyn, how much time do we have left until we get there?”

“About another five minutes,” She replied from behind the wheel. “Unless I speed.”

“I wouldn’t usually ask this, but can you please do that Kaitlyn?” Abi queried. “Because right now, I don’t know how much longer I can go without…” She swallowed, trying to verbalise the reality she knew she was going to have to face, “Without trying to bite you guys.”

Kaitlyn swore, “Alright, ten over the speed limit it is.”

“Six,” Ryan argued.



“Two!? What the fuck am I supposed to do with two!? They could already have turned into werewolves by the time we get there!” She fought.

Ryan admitted defeat by throwing his hands up into the air, “Fine! Just, be careful.”

“I’m probably a better driver than you, dumbass.”

“Oh my god, just hurry up, please! I really don’t want to be werewolf chowder before we get there.”

“I thought you didn’t want me to speed.”

Dylan felt a ripple run up his chest, pain sparking in the area and flowing to his vocal chords and into the tip of his throat, a growl resonating from it, “Guys! That’s enough! Can you stop fighting for one second, please!? It’s already bad enough that I got Abi infected, I don’t want the same to happen to you guys.”

Kaitlyn and Ryan fell silent at his outburst, and he regretted yelling at them. They were just as stressed out as he was, probably even more. It wasn’t fair to take it out on them. He felt terrible having a go at them, even if he knew part of it was the full moon’s influence, “Shit, guys, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, Dylan. Don’t worry about us, okay? We’ll be alright,” Kaitlyn attempted to comfort him.

He really wanted to believe that, but, as optimistic he was, even he knew that there was no way the night was ending without any further bloodshed. Just like at Hackett’s Quarry.


As he went to step out of the vehicle, Ryan called out after him, “Dylan? Can I talk to you for a sec?”

This either could be very good, or very bad. He could just imagine his crush going ‘sorry, I don’t know if I can date a werewolf, bye!’ and running for the hills. But Dylan had to remind himself that Ryan wouldn’t actually do that. No matter what happened between them, he could always count on his friend to have his back, just like the rest of them. They were all stuck together now.

“Uh, sure,” He began to walk up to Ryan, who took Dylan’s arm and led him deeper into the forest. The other young man’s touch was a cooling, comforting embrace against his burning skin. He could feel Ryan’s thumb rubbing over his outer forearm, and he tried not to swoon both from how good it felt, and the fact that his crush was just even making physical contact with him.

Dylan glanced back and could see Abi watching them, as if she wanted to both run down and rip Ryan off of him, and tell them that there wasn’t enough time. He was so oddly fascinated by how protective they were of each other. And, as Ryan led him deeper in, he tried to remind himself of Abi, and what was happening to her, even amongst his crush’s intoxicating toffee smell.

They were about a metre away from the others when Ryan stopped them and turned to face Dylan, “How are you feeling, really? Do you think you’re gonna rip our throats out?”

He shook his head, and this non-verbal gesture was the truth, “No. Not one bit. But, that smell…”

Ryan frowned, “What smell?”

“All of you smell the exact same as Abi before I bit her,” He confessed, shame making him look away from his crush. He felt so bad about it, even if he hadn’t been in control. “God, you smell so good, Ryan. It’s so hard just standing here with you.” He felt his heart racing both at the urges and the admission. Jesus Christ, he would probably never want to speak to Dylan after this, considering how much of a freak he was.

And that’s when Ryan said something that surprised him, “I want you to bite me.”

Dylan couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and finally met his eyes with a range of questions beneath their golden colour, “What?”

The other young man held out his wrist to him, and he could hear Ryan’s pulse rhythmically racing and pounding against the skin, “Bite me, Dylan, please.”

“No! Fuck no, dude!” He began to walk off when Ryan took his arm again.

“Dylan, please. I don’t want you going through this alone.”

“But I won’t be alone! Because I have Abi, who I fucking bit! I bit her and now she’s like me!”


“No! I’m not biting you, Ryan! Besides, what happens if in ten years time, we’ve lost contact, and you’re still a werewolf, how are you gonna feel about it then?”

Ryan angled him to face the other young man, “Dylan, I’m not leaving you. I’m always gonna be by your side, no matter what. Whether you’re a werewolf or not. Please, dude. Bite me. I don’t care what happens between us. You’re not doing this without me.”

Dylan shuffled nervously on his feet, “Do-Do you mean that as a friend, or…?”

Ryan pulled him in for a kiss, wanting him to know his true feelings before the horrors of the night took over. Dylan deepened it, savouring the moment as he felt his crush’s lips part in a lustful sigh. He used that as an opportunity to let his tongue trace the entrance before pulling back. He started to kiss Ryan again but the words he had spoken before stuck in his mind. Bite me. I don’t care what happens between us. You’re not doing this without me.  

Without a second thought, Dylan used his sharpened teeth to sink themselves into Ryan’s lips, the blood that poured out tasting like candied apples. His crush let out a small whimper, and he could feel it dribble down the other man’s chin and throat. Dylan backed away, making sure that Ryan was okay, and received a nod. He inclined his head to lick off the remaining blood from his crush’s neck and chin.

Ryan started to moan into Dylan’s hair, and he pulled them apart before they got too heated. What’s done was done. Ryan was just like Abi and him now.

The werewolf part of himself delighted in this. New friend new friend new friend!

This other side of him was really starting to scare Dylan.

Chapter Text

Abigail Blyg

She could already smell the infection rolling off of Ryan’s skin as the two young men walked through the door. The scent had a comforting, familiar distinction to it, reminding her of when she would come home after a bad day at school and curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, sketching her ideal drawing for the day. Sometimes, if Cassie could get a ride home from Abi’s place, she would join her, and she fondly remembered them painting together one summer evening, before it turned into an all-out war to see who could stain each other’s clothes the most.

She didn’t know why her infected friend’s scent reminded her of such a specific, fond memory. But maybe it was because it elicited the same niche feeling in her. Like she was safe. She was home.

Abi waited for Ryan to say something as they walked in.

“What the hell took you guys so long?” Kaitlyn demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

“Nothing, it’s all good,” Ryan neutrally replied.

It didn’t take Abi’s heightened senses to know he was lying, however, because his refusal to make eye contact with any of them did it for him.

She couldn’t let this go on. Even if this other strange, developing side of her was happy to have a new friend as it so delightfully announced Ryan to be, the human side of her was horrified at what Dylan had done. Abi knew that they had feelings for one another, but he had gone too far this time. 

Not unless he had a reason. He didn’t seem like the type of person to bite someone without one. Well, except for when he was under the influence of the full moon. But that could all be answered another time. Right now, she needed to know what the hell had happened between them and get all three soon-to-be-werewolves into the basement.

Abi walked up to Ryan, using her newly heightened sight to easily see in the dark, trying to find the area where their friend had bitten him. He stepped back and glared at her, “What are you doing?”

“He bit you, didn’t he?” She tried to look around his body for any visible marks or wounds.


Abi couldn’t believe this, she rolled her eyes, “Ryan, cut the bullshit. Don’t try and act dumb with me. I know Dylan infected you.”

The repeated ‘what?’ came from the entire group this time as they stared at him. All except for Dylan, who was watching a particular area of the floor with shame.

Ryan stayed silent, not confirming or denying what she had claimed, which only angered her.

“Tell them! Tell them the truth, Ryan! I can fucking smell it on you!” She yelled, feeling terrible for getting so heated at him. But, considering how dire the situation was, Abi figured that she could be forgiven for getting a little pissed off at him for not telling their friends that he was now also turning into a werewolf as well.

He didn’t need to, though, because as he went to sputter something out, Kaitlyn stormed over and placed a thumb on his mouth, peeling it back until several tiny, bloody puncture wounds along the inner line of his bottom lip were visible. The holes were so rugged and deep that it almost looked like one long gash spread across it. But if it wasn’t for the tips of torn flesh poking out among the entrance to the injury, Abi would have thought that it was exactly that. Ryan winced and inhaled sharply from the pain but he didn’t fight Kaitlyn, instead letting her inspect the area. 

“Shit, Ryan? What the fuck happened?” She pulled back, betrayal raising her voice. Kaitlyn went to face Dylan but Ryan only pulled her attention back to him.

“Don’t be mad at him, please, Kaitlyn. I asked him to.”

“Why the fuck would you do that?” The question came from Emma this time. “You’ve seen how it’s affecting Abi and Dylan.”

“I don’t know, I guess I didn’t want him to be alone.”

“But he has Abi!” Nick joined in. “I’m sorry, man, but this doesn’t even make sense.”

“Look, we don’t have a lot of time, we can talk about this later.” Dylan walked over to Jacob, who stepped back from him hesitantly, “Relax, man. I just wanna know where the basement is.”

Jacob sighed and relaxed, “Sorry, man, just a little bit nervous after what happened. No offense.”

Dylan had to put out a hand onto the wall beside him to steady himself as his knees buckled, causing him to groan in pain, “None taken.”

Jacob took his friend’s hand and wrapped the rest of the appendage around his shoulder, “C’mon, it’s just this way. Let’s get you settled.”

“How much time do you think you have?” Nick queried, jogging over so he could take his other arm.

Dylan grunted, sucking in a sharp breath, “Not long.” And he was right.

Because Abi could sense that he was on the cusp of transforming.


The concrete flooring of the basement scratched at the delicate skin of Abi’s upper thighs, and she winced at the scratching sensation as she went to cross her legs. She was sitting on the floor alongside Dylan, who in-turn was watching Ryan, their friend standing at the entrance with his arms crossed. Abi giggled as she thought that he almost looked like the alternative version of a security guard at a nightclub, albeit one with golden eyes and sharpened teeth. Maybe he could have been a supernatural bodyguard in another life.

She grunted as she felt her ribs ache at the action of her giggles. About a few minutes ago, as the three of them were going down to the basement, she had a stitch form on the right side of her chest, before it spread to the opposite end, the intensity growing as it did. Abi had tried to hide her discomfort from the two young men, but, based on the way they had looked at her, they weren’t buying it. It didn’t matter, either way, because they were all in this together now, Zac Efron be damned.

That sickeningly sweet smell of toffee still drifted down the steps of the basement, despite the others being halfway across the house, based on their muffled voices that Abi somehow still managed to hear.

“How do you think they’re going?” Jacob’s voice whispered. “Do you think we should go see if they need anything?”

“Well, unless you want to become their next meal, I don’t think that’s a smart idea, Jacob,” Emma chastised him. Abi couldn’t even be offended at what she had said, because she knew it was true. Her whole body was aching to push past Ryan and run up the stairs, to launch herself at them and drive her teeth into their soft flesh, tasting the thick, sweet blood that her watering mouth craved.

She waited to eavesdrop on their conversation further, when Dylan grunted, inhaling sharply and letting out a painful moan. Abi turned to him and saw him hunched over, gripping his stomach before eventually falling onto all fours.

“Ah, god! Oh fuck!” He screamed, sinking further into the ground. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!” Dylan went to take off his shirt when his arms fell back to his sides and he let out another pained cry. His hands were twitching as his veins began to turn black, a poisoned tree starting from his left palm before spreading to the remainder of his body. 

Abi went to help him out of his clothes but Ryan beat her to it, racing over to pull it off of him. She felt bile rise to her throat as she watched claws beginning to grow from his fingernails, his already sharpened teeth forming a fresh set of fangs as he winced from the pain. His screams were horrific, sounding like somebody had poured a fresh vat of acid over his body.

She raced over and wrapped her arms around him, “It’s okay, I’ve got you, Dylan.”

He sobbed in response, and she felt what seemed to be fur sprouting from his back. He pulled away and used his hands to cup her cheeks. The skin of his palms had seemed to have thickened. “I’m sorry,” He slurred through his now dislocating jaw. Abi watched in horror as it restructured itself into a snout, the remainder of his eyes that weren’t gold turning into a hollow black.

“It’s okay, Dylan, I forgive you.”

From the way he grunted back, now unable to form human words, he knew that she was telling the truth, and believed her. With a sudden force, he pushed her away from him, and Abi would have gone flying if she hadn’t been able to steady herself with her own inhuman strength. Letting out a final strangled cry, the transformation fully took him into its grip, not letting go until something that vaguely resembled a shell of their friend was watching them.

The werewolf that stood in front of them was some sort of distorted version between man and beast. It remained watching them on all fours, but could easily stand up into a bipedal stance if it wanted to. Dylan paced towards Abi, watching her with morbid curiosity, and she scrambled back, heart racing against her already sore body. Instead of munching onto her, though, their friend watched her, his head inclined to the side before sitting down. 

Before Abi could fully comprehend what was going on, she felt her ribs break as if suddenly placed under an invisible, excessive force. She wheezed, barely able to breathe under the immense pressure, as she felt her bones stretch and contort, taking the rest of her body with her. She fell onto her stomach, screaming as she felt her shoulder blades dislocate before rejoining her sockets in an odd position. Her vision blurred both with tears and the extreme, traumatic pain she was being put through.

She bit onto her lip as an automatic response, tasting blood as her canines, which were slowly turning into fangs, pierced the skin. They became so thick and heavy that she had no choice but to keep her mouth slightly open, otherwise they would have punctured her already aching gums. Abi felt something warm put pressure onto her shoulder, but it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, unlike the one she was currently experiencing.

Through blurry eyes, she could see Dylan nestling his head into her collarbone, even as it broke and restructured itself alongside the rest of her body. With a clawed hand, she held onto her friend, even as she felt the bones in her arms stretch into an unnatural length. Everything began to fade to black as her knees popped, a sickening, crunching sound accompanying the reformation of her limbs. As she let out a final, horrific cry that sounded all too much like a howl, the last thing that went across her mind was how grateful she was to have him, a friend , by her side.


Jacob Custos

He had to put his hands over his ears to block out the sounds of their screams, but even then, shrill particles of it floated through his fingers. Hearing his friends' pain was unbearable, and he had to keep his eyes shut or he knew that he would start crying. Once they had started wailing out in their woeful misery, he had sat down slowly against the wall in the living room, and, just like that day in the prison cell, he had curled into himself, resting his elbows on his knees.

Jacob felt terrible for what they were being put through. It was all his fault. If he hadn’t sabotaged the van, then Dylan never would have been bitten and remained infected when they’d come back, and him, Ryan and Abi would have stayed human. He was so stupid for what he had done.

A hand curled around his forearm and he opened his eyes to see Nick watching him.

“You okay, Jacob?”

He shook his head, “No, this is all my fault.”

Nick only frowned at him, “How is this your fault, Jacob?”

“Because if I hadn’t let my dick control my actions, then we wouldn’t be stuck in this fucking mess! We could have just gone home,” He choked on the last part of his sentence, “And everything would have gone back to normal.”

His friend’s grip tightened around his forearm, a motion that brought comfort to Jacob, calming him and allowing his head to clear amongst the sorrow. He managed to pick up that the screams had stopped, and hoped that Ryan, Abi and Dylan were okay down there. When they woke up in the morning, he was going to give them the biggest hug. And maybe buy them some coffee. That always made anybody, grumpy werewolves included, feel better.

“Jacob,” Kaitlyn’s husky voice called above him. He looked up to see her pace over and sit on the other side of him. “You can’t blame yourself, buddy, none of us knew about this. You can’t beat yourself up over it.”

“She’s right, Jacob,” Emma agreed. “You’re an asshole, but not that much of an asshole. If you were, then I would have kicked your ass ages ago.”

Jacob laughed at his ex’s banter, “Thanks, Em.”

She gave him the first smile he had seen in a month, even if it wasn’t a romantic one, he couldn’t help but admit that he had missed it.

Max, who had just come back from the bathroom, walked in and just managed to get the gist of their conversation, “If we’re talking about kicking ass, then Laura definitely would have done that.”

“We’re talking about kicking Jacob’s ass,” Kaitlyn declared.

“Oh,” He paused for a few seconds before pointing back to where he had come from, “TMI, but you really need to put some sort of spray in the bathroom, Jacob.”

Emma cringed, “Ugh, gross, Max.”

“Well, we all have to go, Emma, it’s a natural process.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean you have to be gross about it.”

Max pointed at her, “You’re lucky I’m too tired to come up with an actual comeback, but just know that it would have been amazing.”

She rolled her eyes and mock-scoffed, “I’m sure it would have, Max.”

Jacob felt the quick rise and fall of Nick’s shoulders as he laughed against him. Seeing Nick crack a smile, even if a small one, created a contagious effect that caused him to form one as well, a pleasant heat spreading to his cheeks with it.

A frantic, heavy thudding boomed from the basement door, scaring them all out of their brief moment of joy. “GUYS?” Ryan yelled out to them. “ARE YOU GUYS THERE? HELLO!?”

Oh shit, if he hadn’t changed yet, then Jacob knew he was in deep shit. He threw himself up off the floor, his footsteps pounding down the hallway as he ran to reach his friend. “Hold on, Ryan! I’m comin’ to get ya!”

“Wait wait wait, no no no,” He shouted back. 

Jacob stopped in his tracks and almost fell over from the force he had been running at. He was just outside the basement door, and he tried not to shiver as he heard the heavy, low growling of two, soon to be three, werewolves lurking behind it. Still, one crept through involuntarily, and an array of goosebumps cascaded down his arms as he fought to not let his fear get the better of him. He could do this. He had to do this, for them.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh, what time is it?” Ryan asked from the other side of the door, puffing out heavy breaths after he had finished his question.

Jacob clenched his fists, unable to cover up his annoyance, “Seriously, man? That’s what you wanted to know? You screamed bloody murder because you wanted to know the fucking time?”

“Just tell me the time, man! Don’t be an asshole.” He bickered in return.

Kaitlyn called out from behind him, “Just do what he says, Jacob.”

He rolled his eyes, but did what she told him to do anyways, pulling his phone out from the front pocket of his jeans, “It’s almost midnight, man.”

“Okay, okay. I need you to do something for me.” Ryan’s voice was growing more and more desperate by the second, which scared him, especially considering how calm he usually was under pressure. He was one of the only few that had managed to keep their cool the entire night at Hackett’s Quarry, unlike Jacob.

His annoyance now grew into concern, “What? What is it, man?”

His friend grunted behind the door, “Look, I don’t know how much time I have, but you guys need to get the fuck out of here. I’ve been trying to keep Dylan and Abi away from the door, but they want out. They want you. They want all of you . I know because I’m starting to feel it too.”

Kaitlyn’s feet stomped against the floor as she rushed to join Jacob, “What the fuck do you mean, Ryan? Feel what?”

“Ah, fuck!” Ryan winced behind the door. “Jesus fucking Christ!”

Jacob’s body was trembling, his hands shaking, “R-Ryan?”

“Get out! Get out now!”

“Ryan, just tell us-”


Kaitlyn grabbed the same forearm that Nick had taken before, “Jacob, we need to go. C’mon, let’s get the others and go.”

“But, Ryan-”

“Jacob, unless you wanna fucking die tonight, we need to go .”

He sighed in defeat, “Fine, fine, let’s go.” He let her guide him down the corridor back to where the others were stationed. 

Nick stood up in an instant, “What’s going on?” 

“We need to get out of here,” Kaitlyn simply ordered.

“But, Abi-” Emma started to argue.

The sound of the basement door breaking off its hinges and splinters flying everywhere echoed a reply to her protest. No further questions needed to be answered as the five of them raced to the door before they became a werewolf’s second dinner. They flew out the front, with only four of them standing out on the porch.

And that’s when they realised that Kaitlyn hadn’t made it out.

Chapter Text

Cameron Mountebank

Cameron was almost there, they could feel it. It was like something was pulling them in the direction that their sister was in, driving them forward without giving them a second to stop and recast the locating spell, so the ball of light would disappear. They didn’t need it anymore, considering how hard the magic in the air was already shoving them towards whatever was happening. Cameron had always felt this pull towards the supernatural, ever since they had started developing their powers when they were nine.

It meant that they would always be able to tell whenever something slightly inhuman was nearby, but it was a catch twenty-two, in that they would always be led towards it, no matter how dangerous the situation. As they stumbled through the woods, they couldn’t help but be freaked out at the velocity the pull was driving them to their sister. Perhaps it was the full moon’s influence, as it always had a way of amplifying the magic in the area, but Cameron had a feeling that it was much more than that. And much worse.

As they stumbled half-blinded by the darkness in the woods, they could hear a horrific wail in the distance that sounded like someone was dying. Without a second thought, they flew their body forwards, not caring what they haphazardly bumped into, as long as they made it to their destination. They let the pull fully take over, and as they ran to where it was leading them, they prayed that they weren’t too late by the time they got there.

And that there were no mortalities.


Emma Mountebank

“Fuck, Kaitlyn, no!” Jacob cried out after his best friend. “Fuck!”

They all stood outside the house, frozen in shock. Kaitlyn’s pleading wails of agony was enough to shatter their trauma-enforced disassociation. Emma found herself putting her hands to her mouth as an instinct to the horror, and she could hear Nick and Max’s quivering breathing in the distance. Jacob, however, was fueled by an entirely different emotion.

“I’m going back for her,” He began to jog back to the front door. “I’m gonna get Kaitlyn.”

Emma knew that, as much as they tended to disagree on stuff these days, that he couldn’t go alone, so she walked over to him, “I’m coming with you.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” Max yelled out dubiously. “She’s probably already dead! And how are you gonna fend off three werewolves, anyways?”

She spun around and glared at him, “Max, shut the fuck up and join us or stay out here. We’re going back for her and there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna stop us.”

He sighed and came over to stand beside them, “Fine, I’ll come.”

Nick quickly paced over, “Me too, let’s go get her.”

Jacob slammed the door open and Emma ran into the house, not caring about if she was suddenly attacked. She needed to find Kaitlyn and get her out of here. The house, however, was eerily empty and quiet, which she knew wasn’t a good sign. That they were waiting for an opportunity to pounce. They had to get this done, and fast.

“Kaitlyn!” Emma shouted down the halls. “Kaitlyn!”

Something warm and wet wrapped itself around her ankle, and she jumped, waiting for the familiar prickle of fangs to sink into her skin. But no pain followed, and instead there was a wheeze that finished with a shrill whistle leaving its lungs. Emma looked down to see Kaitlyn’s bloody and battered face looking up at her, the other hand held high into the air. She took it and began to pull her friend up, “She’s here, guys! We need to go!”

“Em-Emma…” Kaitlyn whispered into her ear.

She started to guide her friend down the hallway, supporting her limping body with her own, “We can talk once we get you out of here, Kaitlyn.”

“Let-Let me go… Please…”

“What? No! You’re coming with us, Kaitlyn, whether you like it or not,” She fastened her footsteps to fall in line with her rampaging heartbeat. Just a few more steps…

Kaitlyn looked over her shoulder, her eyes widening, “EMMA! WATCH OUT!”

Shit, they hadn’t made it. And judging by the heavy weight slamming itself onto her, she was gonna be her friends’ next meal. Emma regretted the stupidity of her decision as she fell onto the floor with the werewolf, her head bursting into bouts of flame-ridden pain that spread to her right collarbone as the creature ripped into her skin. She heard Max scream, and turned her head to the source of the noise, as her once-friend became her now-killer.

Through her patchy vision, she could see that one of the werewolves had pinned him down, while the other had clamped its jaws around his stomach. Jacob and Nick stood, turned into absolute statues from the terror. Emma screamed at them to run, but it was too late, because as soon as Max had been bitten, the one that had done it had backed off from him, launching itself at the others. 

She could see a fresh patch of blood drizzle down his stomach and could taste her own as the werewolf above her shook its head, tearing more of her delicate skin as its fangs yearned to reach the muscles. The pain caused her to black out temporarily from its intensity, but when its warm breath huffed against her exposed shoulder, she was instantly brought back to reality with stinging wisps. That’s when it did something that took her off guard.

The werewolf unclenched its jaws and stood over, watching her with expectant eyes. She was puffing under its weight, and when it realised that, it slowly crawled off of her. Emma scrambled back, her own vision focusing on the floral tattoo that was hidden beneath the fur on its arm. Holy shit, Abi had bitten her, but had somehow spared her life. How, and why, would she do that?

Before she had time to think about it, another voice from outside of the house echoed in, “Emma? Are you there? Are you okay?”

Oh fuck, that was Cameron. What was her sibling doing here? And more importantly, how did Emma make sure that she could warn them before they became Abi, Ryan or Dylan’s next choice of snack?


Cameron Mountebank

Through the opened door into the dense, dark hallways of the house, they could see their sister’s bloody form watching them. Oh shit, they were too late. The least they could do is get her out of that situation. They ran to the entrance of the house, ignoring Emma screaming their name, when a creature with glowing yellow eyes blocked the path to their sister.

Oh fuck. This was bad. This was very, very bad. They had to get Emma out of here now . The beast let a warning growl rumble from its chest, commanding them to stay away. Not today, motherfucker. Not when their sister was hurt. They could have any other full moon to fuck around, but when their sister was hurt, there was hell to pay.

Cameron could feel their magic buzz within their fingertips like angry tendrons of static electricity, “Fuck off, get the fuck away from her!”

“Cameron, no! Don’t! Please, just go!” Emma begged them.

They couldn’t believe what they were hearing, “What?”

The creature stood in front of Emma so that they could no longer see their sister.

“Emma, you’re gonna die! I’m not letting them rip you apart!”

“Cameron, please, just go,” She repeated weakly, her voice barely audible from the bloodloss.

And that’s when it clicked. The werewolf could have easily killed her by now, but it hadn’t. It was standing over her. Protecting her. The only reason they would do that was if she had been infected before. But if she had, then she should have transformed by now. Not unless she had been bitten again, and the werewolf was waiting for her to change. 

It all made sense. That was what had happened at Hackett’s Quarry! Werewolves, of course. That would explain why she had been so closed-off when talking about what had happened. Poor Emma had been suffering this entire time because she had experienced a traumatic, supernatural event that she was worried her sibling wouldn’t understand. Well, Cameron wasn’t going to fail her again. They were going to help her through this. 

But first they needed to get her through the full moon. 

They slowly stepped back, so as not to alarm the werewolf or make it feel threatened, “I’ll come back in the morning, okay, Emma?”

“How-How are you not freaked out?” She grunted and they knew that they were out of time.

Once they were a good metre away from the house, Cameron lifted their arms, and began to cast a barrier spell. They didn’t need the spellbook for this one, considering that they had used it multiple times over the years to make sure their family was safe. It was one of the very few spells that they knew off by heart, and they had practiced it so that something specifically like this would never happen. But, they guessed they couldn’t always protect their sister.

Once they caught the shimmery flicker of the dome, they knew that it had been cast properly. It would hold up until the morning, just in case one of them decided to come out for a stroll. With one final heartbroken glance at their sister, Cameron guiltily walked off into the night, promising not just Emma, but all of those in the house, that they would find a way to fix this.

Chapter Text

Cameron Mountebank

One of the major perks about having an androgynous wardrobe was that they always had a wide variety of both masculine and feminine clothing. Which meant that they could grab whatever they could fit into a trunk, and cram it all in there. They made sure to pick a variety of large flowy dresses and skirts, oversized t-shirts and hoodies, and loose jeans to match. Granted, Cameron was quite a small individual, and worried that their clothes might not exactly fit whoever was in the house with their sister.

The thing about it still being early autumn was that the sun rose earlier, which meant that the quicker Emma and whoever was in the house with her, would return to their human form faster. Unfortunately, with the changing seasons, this also meant that with the longer nights, they would be forced to unleash their animalistic sides sooner. But that was a thought for another time. For now, when it was around five-thirty in the morning, Cameron took the trunk and cast another locating spell to track down their sister.

When they were almost through the forest, they shut it off, as they could remember the remainder of the way there. They trudged up to the lake house, twigs snapping underneath their boots as their fatigued legs drove them to their destination. Even as their body switched into auto-pilot, they could feel their eyes shuttering closed and they had to force them open. The night was beginning to wear on them, but they couldn’t let go yet.

When they finally got to the porch, they could see that the now-shut door was covered in claw marks, as if Emma, or somebody else that hadn’t yet transformed, was fighting to shut the door so the others wouldn’t get out. Cameron gently opened the door, wincing at the whine of the knob and the creak of its hinges. They knew that a werewolf’s senses would always be in overdrive the morning after a full moon, so they hoped that they hadn’t disturbed anybody.

Apparently they had, because the deep stirring of a male’s voice followed suit, and they felt guilty at waking them up after such an unpleasant night. Not to mention that it was an absolutely unholy hour for anybody to be conscious. But in Cameron’s defence, they just wanted to make sure that their sister was okay, and that there hadn’t been too much damage to anyone or any thing .

Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to be the case, because as they walked throughout the house, fragments of broken glass and ceramics twinkled on the floor like dozens of malicious fairies. They glanced into the living room, to see among the tufts of torn pillows and cotton, the naked sleeping bodies of their sister, Abi, Max and Nick. Cameron quickly turned away from the traumatising scene and knew that not enough pictures of Sylveon and Espeon would be enough to erase what they had just seen.

They were about to pace further into the kitchen, when they stepped on something hard and lumpy, which was quickly accompanied by an “Ah, fuck!” Cameron jumped, dropping the trunk containing all of the clothes accidentally, the clamps snapping open and the contents spilling out onto the floor.

Ignoring the mess they had just made, they stepped away and looked down to see a half-asleep, naked Jacob cradling their finger, “What the fuck, man? If you wanna step on me, just ask.”

Cameron rubbed their eyes, grumbling, “It is way too early in the morning for this.”

“Hey, you’re the one that woke me up.”

They rolled their eyes and pointed to the trunk, “Just shut up and get dressed, Jacob.”

“Cameron? What are you doing here?” Their sister’s sleepy words queried behind them.

They didn’t turn around and pointed to the clothes, “Get dressed, and then we’ll talk. I’m gonna go find the others.”

It didn’t take long too, however, because it seemed like all of them had stayed within close proximity to each other. This was a good sign. It meant that they had kept each other safe. If there was one positive thing to come away from that night, it would be that.

Dylan was snoring loudly, his body slumped over the dining table. Cameron walked over and poked him. He snorted loudly in response, sticking his head up as he went, “wuh?”

They chuckled quietly, “Get up, dude, there’s some clothes in the hallway.”

He let his head slump back onto the table, “Okay, five more minutes.”

Cameron began to shake him, “No, not five more minutes, Dylan. I don’t think I could even stand to see your bare ass for one more!”

“Why are you looking there, pervert?”

They gave up trying to get him to get off the table, so they stood back and sighed in defeat. This guy was clearly hopeless when it came to waking up early. Maybe if Cameron grabbed a pair of pots, they could clash them together and finally wake him.

They didn’t need to though, because they could hear the footsteps of someone else enter the room. Ryan came into their vision, trying to rouse Dylan as well by repeating what they had done originally. “Dylan, come on dude, wake up, we all need to talk.”

“Five more minutes, Ryan!”

“Fine, if you don’t want to get up, that’s totally cool.” Then he did something that Cameron didn’t expect. He climbed on top of Dylan completely naked and laid himself over him. They could see the taller young man begin to squirm underneath him, his face going red instantaneously, “R-Ryan!”

“If you want five more minutes, then I guess I’m getting some as well.”

“Ryan, get off me!”

“Nope! Five minutes, Dylan.”

Cameron rolled their eyes at this obvious flirting. Emma had been right when she said that at some times it was cute, and at others it was bound to drive you nuts, “Guys, come on, please, can you both just get up?”

Dylan let out an animalistic growl beneath Ryan, before it was quickly shut off a few seconds later, followed by his eyes widening, “I did not mean to do that. Sorry.”

“Well, don’t growl at me either way, wolf boy.”

“I just want a few more minutes! And how do you know about the…thing?”

They pointed to him, “Dylan, you’re butt naked in the middle of the dining room after a full moon.”

“Well, it could have been a sex party that went a little wild, you ever think of that?”

“Oh, my god, just get up ! You can sleep in tomorrow!”

Dylan let out another growl, this one a bit more intentional this time.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Cameron turned around to see the source of the voice was Kaitlyn, who was being followed into the room by the others. They pointed at the two young men lying naked on top of each other on the table, “Your friends are being dumbasses.”

Kaitlyn put her hands on a pair of jean-clad hips, “Dylan, Ryan get up and put your dicks away, now! Cameron has been kind enough to bring us some clothes so the least you can do is spare them of any further trauma.”

Dylan sighed in defeat before pushing himself up, letting Ryan slide off with a yelp as he fell to the floor. He knelt beside the latter, holding out his hand, “Oh shit, you okay, dude?”

Ryan rubbed his head, and took it, “Yeah, just give me a warning next time.”

He pulled his friend up and patted him on the back, “Noted.”

The two of them finally left the room without so much as a hint of defiance. Damn, Kaitlyn really did have them in a tight grip. To be fair, Cameron was sure that they wouldn’t want to mess with her, werewolf or not. From what Emma had told them, she had been just as terrifying as when she was a human.

It only took two minutes for Dylan and Ryan to come back, with the former wearing a nice, if a bit short, white dress that barely just made it to their knees. Ryan, however, had taken Cameron’s Abbey Road shirt and put it on. The material was just as small on him, however, and rode up to show the divots of his hip bones, a trail of hair leading down from his bellybutton.

Jacob let out a wolf whistle, “Nice, Dylan!”

He shrugged in reply, “What? Sometimes I like wearing dresses, nothing wrong with that.”

“No, I’m not shitting on you, man. I think you look great.”

“Oh,” He started to blush, looking down at his feet, “Thanks. I don’t usually tend to wear them around people unless I’m really comfortable with them. And considering you guys have just seen me naked, dick and balls included, I figured that maybe it would be time to pull out one of my favourite pieces of clothing to wear.”

“Dude, you have to let me try some on,” Jacob enthusiastically jumped up and down. “I’ve always wanted to wear one but well… My dad didn’t have the nicest choice of words whenever I brought it up to him.”

He shrugged, “Yeah, sure, man. Just let me know and you can come over to try some on.”

“Can I come too? To see the dresses, of course. I don’t know if I’d really be one for wearing them,” Ryan asked.

“And me too!” Emma joined.

Abi raised her hand, “Me three!”

“Okay, as touching as this is to discuss our fashion choices, I really think we have bigger issues to discuss,” Kaitlyn interrupted. She looked straight at Cameron, “For example, how the fuck did you know how to find us, and what did you do to make sure we didn’t get out?”

They could feel themselves starting to wither under her glare, “Believe me, I have some of my own. But, I guess yours deserves to be answered first.”

Ryan grimaced, letting his fingers graze up to his temples, “Can we just- have a bit more time to wake up? I feel like my head’s exploded, and I really need some coffee.”

Max nodded, “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation, after all.”

“Seriously, man? You just turned into a werewolf and the first thing you do as soon as you wake up is quote Stranger Things ?”

“Somebody had to do it.”

“Okay- fine, one of us will go grab some coffee while you two nerd out, and then we can talk,” Kaitlyn was still watching Cameron, “ All of us .”

“I’m not a nerd,” Max huffed defensively, glancing between Nick, Dylan, Ryan and Abi, “No offense, guys.”

Kaitlyn chuckled self-satisfactorily, a smug grin forming on her mouth, “Well, considering that you just quoted Stranger Things , you are definitely a nerd.”

Cameron sighed, they were all going nowhere and knowing that there was no way to argue with the eight of them, no matter how badly they wanted to know what the fuck was going on. They admitted defeat, “Fine, I’ll go grab us some. My house isn’t that far from here, so Emma can just text me what you guys want and I’ll get it.”

Their sister shook her head, “Nuh uh, I’m coming with you. Abi can text me.” She walked over and laid a hand on their shoulder, “You and I, however, need to have our own private conversation.”

They swallowed and nodded, the two of them walking out of the lake house together. Cameron figured that it was probably best that they talked to their sister first, considering how many questions she most likely had. In some odd way, however, even if they hadn’t been answered yet, they were glad that they could finally have someone else to talk to about the supernatural. That they weren’t alone anymore.

And to have their sister on their side, no matter how confused they both were at the moment, made them feel like they could get through anything.


Emma Mountebank

It had taken them a solid half an hour to make the journey back to Cameron’s house, and she was extremely surprised that her sibling hadn’t gotten lost the first two times they had trekked through the woods by themselves. The entire walk was completed in an awkward, heavy silence, neither of them wanting to speak, because even in the quiet of their surroundings, there was always the chance that somebody could be listening in. It would be much better for them to have such a private discussion about the events in the safety of their car or house.

Finally, with barely a drop of sweat on her body, despite Cameron’s being absolutely caked in it, they made it back to the house. Her sibling hunched over just before they got into the car, their hands over their knees as they struggled to catch their breath. “I was-” They managed to get out between the puffs. “Going to- ask- about- your- stamina but-”

Emma giggled, knowing that they didn’t need to fill in the blanks for her to understand what they were trying to say. She placed her hands on her hips and looked down at them, “Well, considering that you’re the one that supposedly knows a lot more about this stuff then me, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.”

Cameron nodded, and unlocked the car, “That’s fair. Let’s get in.”

Once they both had gotten in, Emma had to pull down the skirt that their sibling had given them, as it was starting to ride up her thighs. This was one of the only few downsides about being taller than them. Still, she was grateful either way about the fact that they had thought to bring clothes. Even if it creeped her out that they knew to bring them in the first place, or that they knew exactly what was going on.

When the two of them had closed the door, and Cameron had cranked up the aircon to cool down their sweating body, that was when Emma knew she had to ask.

“How do you know all about this stuff?”

They turned the key in the ignition and the car started to life, “It’s a long story, but the gist of it is that… I have been dealing with supernatural creatures since I was nine. Do you remember Cordelia?”

Emma cleared her throat, hoping to conceal the betrayal in her voice, even if she knew that she hadn’t been entirely honest either, “Yeah, why?”

“Well, before she died, she was my mentor. When she came over to babysit us one night, she noticed that I was levitating in my sleep, and that’s when she decided to train me. But, after her death, I’ve been on my own since.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

They shrugged, “The same reason you didn’t tell me about Hackett’s Quarry. Because I thought you wouldn’t believe me. Or that you would think I was batshit crazy.”

Emma laughed at that, “You don’t need magical powers to be batshit crazy, Cameron, you already are.”

They raised their eyebrows, but kept their focus on the road as they began to drive off, “Uh, I use witch, thank you very much. It’s a gender neutral term for those that can cast spells. And also, the same can be said for you being a mega bitch without being a werewolf.”

She pretended to feign hurt, clutching her hand to her chest, “Ouch, that hurt.”

The two chuckled at their exchange, and Emma felt her phone buzz in her pocket. Shit, the coffee orders! She pulled it out and unlocked it, opening up the discord where Abi was sending her messages.

The Hoes of Hackett’s Quarry

Abibobabi at 6:04am: Hey! Just gonna put this here so we can pin it for future use

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Great idea Abi <3

Shit! She’d sent the wrong emoji, her heart picked up as she scrambled to change the heart to a smiley face. Emma hoped nobody else had seen it, otherwise they would probably either tease her or ask questions about it later. She prayed that Abi hadn’t seen it more than anyone else. That’s when something else hit her mind like an anvil falling to the ground.

Emma the Werewolf Slayer: Shit I should probably change my name gimme a sec

*Emma the Werewolf Slayer changed her name to OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR*


SomeBoganCunt: Did you seriously just do an outdated H2O meme from ages ago

OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: It was only two years ago Nick and its still funny

SomeBoganCunt: Americans istg

Abibobabi: Okay before you two start fighting Im just gonna read out everyones preferences

Abibobabi: Kaitlyn wants a tall black with one sugar and Ryan wants one with no sugar

Abibobabi: Dylan and I want a large iced salted caramel frappe

Abibobabi: Jacob and Nick want a large white choc mocha

Abibobabi: Max wants just a large regular mocha


OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: For future reference mine is a tall iced hazelnut latte

She pinned their messages before putting her phone to sleep and letting it rest in her lap, so she could read out the instructions to Cameron later. They glanced at her before looking back at the road, “All good?”

“Yup! Got what they all want.”

“Sweet, we should probably get some pancakes as well for you guys to share. You must be starving.”

Emma blew them an air kiss, “This is one of the reasons why I love you, because you know me so well.”

“That, and the fact that werewolves tend to be hungry after a full moon anyways.”

She lightly punched their shoulder, “Shut up.”

And just like that, within a few minutes, they were back to being normal siblings. Well, aside from the fact that neither of them were exactly human now. But that didn’t matter to Emma, because for the first time in a month, she felt a whole rush of relief flood throughout her body. She could finally talk to them about what had happened, and they would understand. She wouldn’t let anything become between them again, supernatural or not.

Emma loved Cameron. And Cameron loved Emma. They were inseparable, except for when she had gone to Hackett’s Quarry. But that wasn’t going to keep them apart. They had each other’s backs. The two siblings would stay by each other’s side, no matter the shiny, bright days, or the windy, stormy nights. But let the rain come, because hell hath no fury like two queers scorned.


Ryan Erzahler

When he finally received his tall black with no sugar, as well as some pancakes with maple syrup to share with Nick, it was like he had been given ambrosia from one of those Greek myths that his twin sister Sarah had always been obsessed with. As soon as he had received his share, he had fallen onto the nearest couch, moaning with satisfaction as he took a sip from the much needed beverage. Nick chuckled and sat down beside him, “That hungry, eh?”

He nodded, his mouth now full of pancake, “You could say that.”

Dylan walked over and sat on his lap, holding a plate full of food, “I think we all are after the night and the amount of cleaning we had to do. What the fuck happened anyways?”

Ryan couldn’t see around his broad shoulders and height, so he was unable to get a glimpse of Nick’s reaction to seeing them being so close all of a sudden. This made him nervous, Ryan was never one for such a public display of intimacy. But then again, he also wasn’t one to be completely naked in front of his friends. So he guessed that there was a first time for everything. However, knowing Nick, even in the short time span that he had, his friend didn’t seem like the type of judge, and once he had reminded himself of this, he relaxed a little.

This relaxation didn’t last long, however, because Cameron came in and slumped themselves down on an adjacent couch, “So, let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Chapter Text

Kaitlyn Ka

“Fine,” Kaitlyn slumped onto the couch next to Ryan, resting her feet on the coffee table facing them as she crossed her arms, using one of her hands to take a sip of her drink. Oh, that felt good . Nothing like the beverage of the gods to get you through the aftermath of a chaotic night. “You first. How the hell did you know what to do? With all that-” She frowned as she tried to finish her question, “ Magicky stuff?”

Cameron chuckled with amusement at her question, “Well, I’ve been able to do it since I was eight. It started off with only stuff I could see, like coming across a woman on the way home from school with the wings of a monarch butterfly on her back, or a boy with horns sticking out of his hair. My, as Kaitlyn put it, ‘magicky stuff’, only started manifesting when I was about nine, which was when Emma and I’s babysitter, Cordelia, caught me turning off the light without leaving my bed, and levitating in my sleep.”

“Hm, can you read minds?” Kaitlyn snarkily asked.

They shrugged, “Never tried it out, but I’m guessing that you’re thinking that you don’t believe me.”

Dylan smiled lightheartedly, “Huh, they’re really good at this, Kaitlyn. Maybe they actually do have telepathy after all.”

Emma came to sit down on the couch her sibling was on, “Well, I believe them. I don’t give a fuck what you guys say. I saw them seal us off from leaving last night using the ‘magicky stuff’.”

Abi rolled her eyes halfheartedly as she went to sit beside her, “Can we please stop saying ‘magicky stuff’? I’m sure there’s an actual name for it.”

“Agreed,” Nick chimed in. “What is it generally called, Cameron?”

“Just magic,” They replied. “I cast spells and that’s it. Technically, there are actually several types of magic in the world, which makes up the supernatural creatures in our universe.” Cameron pointed to themselves, “The one that I’m equipped with, is the only type that can be controlled, aside from those used by the fae.”

“Any chance you can explain that in layman’s terms?” Jacob went to stand beside Nick, holding out his share of pancakes to his friend. He politely declined, shaking his head, and the former started to hoe into them.

“So, all supernatural beings, like us, are made up of some form of magic. That being said, there are two types of magic in this world. The ones that can be controlled, and the ones that cannot. Witches, like myself, and fae, are the only species that have some form of the first type, the second one includes werewolves.”

Kaitlyn stared off into the distance as she tried to wrap the information around her head, “So, what you’re saying, is that we’re all made of magic in one form or another, and it’s not just limited to witches.”

Cameron nodded, “Yep, a werewolf’s type of magic is often called ‘moon magic’’. Go figure why that is. Whereas a witch’s is just plainly called ‘magic’, because whoever picked these names was boring.”

Max giggled mischievously from where he stood in the doorway, “Does this mean you need like a wand to cast spells and that? Oh my god, do you get a broom? Can I ride it?”

Cameron scowled at him, “No, Max. I don’t need a wand. I have hands.”

“Yeah, they know how to make your mum cum pretty easily with them, ayooooo,” Emma held up her hand and ran over to high five Dylan.

Their sibling just glared at them, “You disgust me.”

She just shrugged at them, “What? I’m sticking up for you. Besides, what you said before sounded pretty dirty, if you ask me.”

“As much as I appreciate that, you know that I can do that on my own, right? I could literally just grab my spellbook, pick something out and cause him to hover in the air in a matter of seconds.”

“I would pay to see that,” Dylan commented.

Ryan grunted under his weight, “I would as well, if I could even see anything from how tall you are.”

He glanced back at him and humphed, “Fine, get up and we’ll switch.”

“I’m just joking, Dylan.”

“Nope, too late, get up, dude,” He stood so Ryan could sit on his lap instead.

Kaitlyn frowned at them, wanting to ask what was going on, but then she remembered where Dylan had bitten their friend, and, with cheeks burning, decided to leave it. They all did, not wanting to make the situation any more awkward. But god knows it took the two of them long enough to get together.

Well, those except for Max, who smirked, “Hey, how come only Ryan gets to sit on your lap?”

Dylan smiled back at him, “Well,” he patted his spare leg, “There’s plenty of room to share on DJ Dylan’s lap.”

He shook his head, “Nah, I’m good.” Max looked down at the ground melancholically, “If Laura was here, I probably would have taken hers.”

Cameron kept their tone to an even, sympathetic level, “Laura was your girlfriend, right?”

He looked at them, “Yeah, we’d been together for several years. I’ve known her since I was seven.”

They licked their lips and sucked in a deep breath, as if contemplating how to best address the topic, “How exactly did she die?”

Max frowned at them, “What kind of a question is that?”

“I’m-I’m just asking-”

“Why? So you can get all the nitty gritty details? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Max!” Emma snapped. “Enough! Cameron wouldn’t ask that sort of question unless they had a reason, so don’t take your anger out on them and just answer it.”

Max crossed his arms, “Fine, if you really want to know, she was stabbed to death by Travis Hackett, the guy who had held us hostage for the past two months. Ryan had to shoot him in self-defence.”

Cameron turned to him, “Jesus, I’m so sorry. That must have been extremely traumatic for you.”

Based on the way he simply shrugged, Kaitlyn knew that he didn’t really know how to respond, “It’s fine. He killed my friend, and he was going to do the same for me. It was a life or death situation.”

Dylan leaned forward to enfold him in a hug, his hands resting on the other young man’s stomach with interconnected fingers, “It’s still fucked up, man, you shouldn’t have had to.” 

Ryan let his own graze down to Dylan’s and squeezed them, “Thanks.”

“Hey, Ryan?” Max called his name.

He turned to him, “Yeah?”

Their friend was wiping away tears now, “Thanks for killing him. The fucker deserved it.”

“You know, there’s actually a way I could bring her back,” Cameron eased into the subject, “But there’s no guarantee that it would work. And it would take a while to prepare for it. But if you are okay with it, Max, then it could be worth a shot.”

Kaitlyn doubted it, as much as she wanted to believe them, she really hoped that they weren’t fucking with her friend. She knew that if she vocalised this, though, that Emma would probably shut her down, so she decided to continue listening.

His eyes widened, “Wait, really? How?”

“There’s a spell that my tutor, Cordelia, taught me before she died, but it was only to be used under extreme circumstances. It’ll take some time to gather the ingredients, and especially with one of them which we will have to wait at least a month for.”

Kaitlyn’s interest was piqued, and Dylan’s seemed to be as well, “What is it?”

“Part of the spell involves gathering the blood of a supernatural creature when their magic is strongest. But it can’t be from the same species as a witch. So, if you guys were okay with it, I would have to take some on the night of the full moon.”

“Which is when we transform again,” Ryan realised, his eyes widening. “Wait, isn’t that extremely dangerous? You could be killed.”

“Well, first, werewolves can actually transform outside of the full moon, but only under certain circumstances. It often occurs when an extreme emotion, such as anger, is triggered, or a person can be forced to change if another werewolf, which their lycanthropic side trusts, has turned as well.”

“Great, so now we have to do this shit more than once a month? Fuck me,” Kaitlyn grumbled.

Cameron nodded sympathetically, “Yeah, it’s gonna be a bit rough for you guys until you learn to adjust. I’m really sorry about that.”

“Wait, then how come Dylan didn’t before last night?” Jacob raised.

“My guess is that being around those that had been infected before somehow managed to keep his moon magic at bay until the full moon.”

“Is that why everything last night was so… weird?” Dylan asked, “Is that why I had the urge to bite my friends?”

“Oooo,” Max winked at him, “Kinky. My safe word is ‘mangoes’.”

Cameron, who had grown used to his wit within a short amount of time, chose to simply ignore it, “Yes, those that have been infected previously are known to have an effect on current lycanthropes. Werewolves have a tendency to treat them like one of their own, instead of ripping into the cured people. They will also have this sudden urge to reinfect those that aren’t one of them anymore, as if there’s the need to have them become infected once again.”

“Like they can sense that there’s a residual of the magic,” Dylan realised. “Holy shit, it makes sense! That’s why it happened!”

Kaitlyn’s mouth dropped open, receiving the message, “Because it knew that it could change us again! That’s why you and the others chased us down without killing us!”

“And that’s why they also wouldn’t let Cameron near us! Like you guys were protecting us!” Emma added.

Cameron glanced at them all in acknowledgement, “Exactly. But as I was saying, a werewolf will often exhibit traits before they transform. Sometimes they can prolong it, however, sometimes certain aspects of the change will exhibit themselves, such as golden eyes and sharpened teeth. Usually, a werewolf can hold back their transformation until around midnight, when the moon reaches its peak.”

“Which is when you would need to take the blood, right?” Nick was staring at them intently.

They stood up and began to stretch, “Yes. Now, I believe I have overloaded your brains for one day. Why don’t we all just take a breather for the rest of the day? You guys had a big night last night.”

Dylan raised his eyebrows, “You could say that again. I am dying to go home and take a shower. My back is killing me. Being a werewolf sucks.”

“Or maybe you’re just getting old,” Kaitlyn smirked, getting up to stretch her tense legs.

“How does that make sense? Max is older than all of us.”

His friend hunched over in response. “We’ll all be boomers together,” Max’s voice took on a wispy, slow drawl.

“Okay, let’s just go, shall we?” Ryan left his lap and helped pull him up. “Let’s go see Luke, he’s probably worried sick about you.”

“Oh yeah, maybe we should stay then.”


“I can always just stay for a bit-”


“What, Ryan?”

“Let’s go! C’mon, I’ll drive you home.”

Kaitlyn definitely did not want to know what they planned to do when they got there. But she was looking forward to teasing Dylan about it later. Oh, how much fun that would be.


Ryan Erzahler

Opening the door to Dylan’s dad’s place quietly at seven in the morning was not an easy feat. When Ryan had held it open for him, his friend had almost tripped over his own feet, if it wasn’t for the former grabbing onto him in an instant by the top of his dress.

“Thanks,” Dylan whispered once they had both come inside.

Ryan laid a hand between his shoulder blades, “C’mon, let’s get you to your room.”

Dylan turned back and winked at him, which he took as a sign that if they didn’t have to be quiet, then his friend would have said something much, much worse. Watching him walk up the stairs was a bit difficult, as Ryan struggled not to stare at the way the muscles in his thighs tensed and flexed with the action. He had to force his gaze onto the floor so as not to get hard just watching him, which was already difficult enough after seeing his crush in a dress. God fucking dammit, this guy was gonna be the death of him.

“Ryan! Ryan!” Dylan harshly whispered. “Earth to Ryan?”

He glanced at the voice and realised that Dylan was waiting for him. Ryan treaded up the stairs, but as soon as he had reached the last flight, a bedroom door further down opened. Fuck, they’d been caught. He felt like a teenager all over again after sneaking out to go to a party. Well, that’s if he had ever been to any. 

Luke came out and rubbed his eyes sleepily, “Morning.”

“Hey, dude, did we wake you?” Dylan quietly queried.

His brother shook his head, “No, I couldn’t sleep last night.” He finished rubbing his eyes and frowned, looking at his attire, “That’s not your dress.”

“Oh, um, our friend let us borrow it. Dylan lost his shirt to… truth or dare,” Ryan struggled to come up with a reasonable excuse because of his own fatigue.

Luke squinted at him as his eyes struggled to adjust to the light, “Oh, hey Ryan, didn’t see you there. Thanks for bringing my brother home. What kind of truth or dare question was it?”

“Uh, no problem. Dylan got dared to make out with Jacob and he accidentally went too far, ripping his shirt.”

He laughed softly and rolled his eyes, “Of course he did. Anyways, I’m gonna pop downstairs and make some coffee, do you guys want some?”

Dylan nodded, “Yeah, we’ll meet you down there. I’m just gonna go shower real quick.”

Luke gave him a cheeky grin, “That fun, eh? Alright, I’ll see you in a bit.” He started to walk down the stairs, before turning back to Ryan and not so subtly winking at him. Oh, oh shit. 

It was now Dylan’s turn to roll his eyes, “Don’t mind him. He’s just teasing us. Do you wanna join Luke in the kitchen, or just chill in my room and I’ll get dressed in the bathroom?”

He felt his cock twitch slightly at the thought of his crush naked, with only a door to separate them. God, he wanted to peel Dylan out of that dress so badly, it was driving him nuts. But, lustful thoughts aside, he knew that he also didn’t want to deal with Luke’s endlessly teasing in the kitchen at that moment. So, he motioned his head to the door, and went to follow Dylan to his bedroom.


It took about fifteen minutes for Dylan to finally come out of the bathroom, his hair a wet, tousled mess that dripped onto the hem of the dress he had been wearing before. Ryan, who had been sitting on his bed, immediately tensed and crossed his legs to hide his hardening cock. They were going to have a serious problem if he kept on getting an erection every time he saw his crush in a dress. But there was just something about, no matter the gender, the person he was attracted to wearing a dress. God, it drove him fucking insane.

Dylan grinned and began to walk towards him, he leaned forward and placed his hands between Ryan, watching him with aroused amusement, “What’s wrong, something on your mind?”

He shook his head, feeling himself becoming flustered, “Nope, all good here. What about you?”

“Well,” He closed the gap between them, the tips of their noses touching as Dylan stared at him with lustful eyes, “I’m thinking that I want to kiss you, if that’s okay.”

Ryan nodded, and their lips interconnected. He kissed him hard and passionately, not allowing either of them to breathe from how desperate he was to maintain the contact. Not that either of them minded, considering that Dylan was doing it the same with the exact intensity to boot. He could feel a hand graze down to his pants, and he let out an uncontrollable, loud moan.

Dylan parted from him, but only a little bit, hushing Ryan mischievously, “You’re gonna have to be quiet, we don’t wanna wake my dad or let Luke hear us. Can you do that for me?”

“I don’t know,” Ryan grabbed his hips and pulled him in, forcing Dylan to sit on his lap, his own erection peeking out through the thin material of the dress, “Can you?” He pulled him in for another kiss, letting his hands roam up his partner’s thighs and underneath the folds of his clothing. Dylan let out his own moan, forcing their kisses to become more rough as he started to grind against Ryan softly. He could feel himself getting harder from the pressure, and took that as an opportunity to roam up and find the other’s cock.

Ryan’s hands roamed to the edge of his partner’s briefs and he looked at him, “Is this okay?”

Dylan groaned into his shoulder and thrust uncontrollably, “Fuck, yes, Ryan, please.” He stood up for a second and began to slide them off, chucking them to the side, “Here, let me make it easier for you.” 

He slid back into Ryan’s lap, who started to trace his fingers up and down his thighs again, “Are you sure this is okay? We can stop anytime.”

Dylan nodded, letting their foreheads touch as his breathing began to quicken, his voice taking on an edge that was more desperate and horny by the second, “Yes, please. And if it isn’t, I’ll tell you.”

“Good,” Ryan put his hands under the material once again until he found the head of his cock and began to rub over the top of it with his thumb.

“Oh, fuck,” He gasped and leaned further into his partner, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s neck to steady himself. “Oh, fuck. Oh god, that’s driving me crazy.”

“That’s the point Dylan, I want to drive you crazy until you have no choice but to cum.”

His partner groaned and gritted his teeth, “Fuck, this is cruel. You’re gonna kill me.”

Ryan took this opportunity to begin stroking it slowly, “Hmm, is that so?”

Dylan bit his lip and his hands fell to their sides. He let them roam until once again, they were just above Ryan’s own hardness, which twitched at his touch, “Can I make you feel good as well?” He craved that more than anything in the world, but right now, after the night his partner had, he wanted to give Dylan something good to think about. It would just have to wait.

Ryan shook his head, “No, not right now.”

Dylan quickly retracted his hand and looked at him, “Are you okay? Are you sure you wanna keep on doing this?”

He gave him a gentle kiss, “Yes, I’m sure. Right now, I just wanna make you feel good.” Ryan gave his cock a small squeeze and watched with delight as Dylan’s eyes rolled in pure ecstasy. He let his head fall onto Ryan’s collarbone, who in turn cradled it with his other hand, occasionally kissing his head and whispering about how much he deserved to feel good. His own erection began to ache against the folds of his clothing as Dylan’s teeth started to bite into the skin of his neck, breaking it as Ryan felt a warm trickle of blood flow down onto his chest. 

He started to speed up the pace of his strokes as he felt his partner’s tongue roam over the area, licking it up before it could stain his shirt. “Fuck, Ryan,” Dylan’s muffled words vibrated against his skin, “I want to- I want to-”

“What? What is it? Tell me what you want, Dylan.”

“I want to be inside you. I want to fuck you so bad.”

Ryan lost all control he had at those words, his head falling back as his eyes fluttered weakly, “Fuck, yes, please, do that.”

Dylan got off his lap and took off his dress, “Just give me a sec, I’ve got some lube somewhere.”

He used the opportunity to take off his clothes, but it didn’t stop a heavy weight of nervousness settling in his chest, “Um, Dylan?”

His partner looked back from where he had been looking in his sock drawer, “Yeah?”

“Um, I’ve never really done… that sort of thing with a guy before. The furthest I’ve gone is, like, going down on my ex-boyfriend.”

Dylan grabbed the tube and walked over, “That’s okay! As your new boyfriend, I want you to know that we can stop at any time. It will hurt a bit, but we’ll take it slowly, okay? Do you have a safe word you want to use?”

He hadn’t thought of that, and sputtered the first thing that came to mind, “What about…” His eyes roamed the room until they fixated on something, “Deodorant?”

Dylan laughed softly and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “That sounds great.” 

The two started to get into position, with Ryan falling onto his stomach the first time, which resulted in Dylan pulling him up with lube-covered hands. He didn’t care about it though, because as soon as he felt his boyfriend’s fingers around his entrance, he let out a gasp from how sensitive it was. They started to ease in slowly, and he grunted, sucking in a sharp breath as he tried to bare the pain.

“Oh, shit, are you okay?” Dylan asked worriedly.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, just need a sec,” Ryan answered honestly. 

He felt his boyfriend trace kisses down his back, “You’re doing so well, okay?”

Ryan moaned at his kind words, and he felt fingers curl around his cock, making him gasp with pleasure, “Oh my god, Dylan…”

He stroked him slowly, “Here, this might help. You’re doing so well. Let me know when you’re ready, okay?”

He let his head fall onto the sheets of the bed, his knees buckling as they struggled to keep him up. But he didn’t care, it felt so good. To have Dylan be this close to him, to be so bare and intimate with him. It was something truly beautiful that he would hold onto. Finally, when Ryan was ready, he nodded, “Do it.”

Dylan took his fingers out and slid his cock in slowly, a quiet moan erupting synchronously from both of them. The two waited a few minutes for Ryan to adjust, and when he started uncontrollably moving his hips, they knew it was time to take it up a notch. Dylan slowly eased it further into him, and the two sighed from how good it felt.

His boyfriend began to rock gently into him, stroking him slowly and matching it to the same pace as their thrusts. Ryan clutched the bedsheets in a tight chokehold, the sensations overwhelming him from how pleasurable it was.

“Oh my god, Ryan, you’re doing so well. I love it when you let me fuck you like this,” Dylan whispered into his ear.

Ryan shut his eyes as he felt an orgasm beginning to edge throughout his body from his boyfriend’s words, “Fuck, Dylan, I’m gonna cum.”

His boyfriend let out a horny whine as he trailed more kisses up and down his back, “Do it, please. Cum for me, Ryan.” That was the only thing he needed to hear, as he struggled to stop himself from falling onto the bed with the force of his orgasm. Ryan bit his lip, hoping that his lustful cries didn’t reach the others. 

“Ryan, you’re so good for coming for me. That was so good.” Dylan let his body fall onto him, holding him gently, his thrusts growing harder, “Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum from seeing you like that.” He squeezed Ryan as it followed seconds later, suckling onto his bare back. He could feel Dylan’s body quivering from where they were connected, and he knew that this was something that he would have to save for later. This was too amazing to be true.

When he was finished, Dylan pulled out, and they both groaned as the contact was disconnected. “Stay there,” He instructed, “Let me clean you up.”

Ryan listened to him, and heard his boyfriend come back a few seconds later to do what he said. When Dylan was done, he pulled him into a cuddle and they flopped onto the bed. Ryan giggled at his playfulness and smiled at him.

“Holy fuck,” Dylan gasped, letting his head rest on his hand, “That was probably the best sex I’ve ever had. I’m not even exaggerating. With most guys I’ve been with, it’s just kind of like a touch and go kind of basis.”

Ryan chuckled, “Is that so?”

“What about you though, are you okay? I probably should have checked before-”

He kissed him, interrupting Dylan’s question, “I loved it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Dylan used his other hand to intertwine their fingers, “I’m glad.”

A knock resounded on the door, causing them both to jump. “Dylan? Are you there? Luke told me you’re home,” Ryan recognised the voice as Martin’s, his partner’s father. Oh, fuck. This was not how he had daydreamed about his new boyfriend’s dad finding out about them.

“Y-Yeah! Give me a sec! I’ll be out soon!” Dylan’s eyes widened.

“No worries, just come down before the coffee gets cold,” His father’s words began to grow distant as he treaded down the stairs.

Dylan turned back to his boyfriend and let out a small laugh of relief, his hand going to his mouth, “Do you think they heard us?”

Ryan shrugged, “Don’t know, but we should probably go before they get suspicious.”

“I swear to god if Luke gives me any sort of shit, I am going to kick his ass,” Dylan grumbled as he began to get up.

He let out an amused sound, “Well, considering that you’re a werewolf with enhanced strength, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“That’s true, I’ll just have to figure out a way to get revenge.”

They laughed together and began to get dressed in silence. When they got downstairs, Luke had, in fact, figured it out, based on the way he wiggled his eyebrows at Ryan and smirked beneath the rim of his coffee cup. The rest of the morning passed by in a blissful silence, however, as Martin cooked up some food for them all and the two boyfriends had their second breakfast for the day. 

It would have almost been perfect, if Ryan couldn’t stop thinking about the events of last night, and what it meant for him and Dylan. He didn’t know how, or if, it could be solved at all this time, as the werewolf that had bitten him was now confirmed to not be one of the Hackett’s. But it didn’t matter, because even if Dylan was cured or not, Ryan was going to be there to help him every step of the way.

Chapter Text

Nicholas Furcillo

Jacob’s car pulled up to his house, and as he began to depart from his friend’s vehicle, warm, thick fingers wrapped themselves around his biceps, “Nick?”

He turned around, hoping that his ever-growing rosy cheeks weren’t noticeable, “Yeah?”

“Um, can- can I stay with you tonight? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep by myself after last night,” Jacob confessed, letting his eyes fall onto the steering wheel.

Nick couldn’t stop his mind from running through billions of scenarios, most of them having to deal with confessions and dramatic, romantic moments. But he knew that would never happen. And even if they did, now wasn’t the right time. He shoved those thoughts away and cleared his throat, “Sure, we don’t have a guest room, though, so you’d probably have to sleep on one of the couches.”

His friend shrugged, “It’s fine, I just really don’t want to be alone right now.”

Nick understood that feeling all too well, and knew not to push. When it came to traumatic circumstances, it was often best to give people time to sort out their emotions, “That’s all good, I’ll just go inside and start getting some things set up.”

Jacob clapped his shoulder in his usual-affectionate way, but this time the action was slower, sadder, even, “I’m just gonna pop back onto campus and grab a couple of things for the night. It’ll be about an hour one way, so I probably won’t be back for a bit.”

Nick smiled warmly at him, hoping that if he stayed hopeful, maybe it would spread to him as well, as contagious as laughter, “I’ll get us some lunch ready for when you get back, then.”

His friend pulled him into a hug, and he resisted the urge to relax fully into his arms. To rest his head on Jacob’s collarbone and rub his back up and down with one hand. Nick wanted so badly to grip his friend’s shirt and pull him in for a sweet, comforting kiss. One that told him everything was alright, that they were gonna be okay, and that he wanted to be by Jacob’s side through it. But it scared him to think about how his best friend of several years would react, so, they pulled away after a few seconds, and he finally left the car.

Nick sadly waved goodbye to him as Jacob drove away from his house.


Max Brinly

He had gotten used to entering the apartment without seeing Laura, but that didn’t mean that he missed her any less, just that his mind had adapted to the tragedy. One thing he hadn’t told Dylan or Emma was that he had been sleeping on the couch every night since the events at Hackett’s Quarry, only going into the room that he shared with his now-dead girlfriend if he needed to retrieve something. He showered in the spare bathroom, and couldn’t stop himself from cooking meals for two, always leaving the leftovers in the fridge to have for breakfast the next day.

This time, as he came through the door and locked it behind him, Cameron’s words were on a loop in his head, driving him wild as it was the only thing that rules his thoughts. …there’s actually a way I could bring her back. Even if they hadn’t promised that it would work, there was still that flame, that hope . And that’s what kept him going through the day, the thought that maybe there was some form of light, no matter how small, at the end of this dark, depressing tunnel.

Pulling out his phone, he decided to send a message to the group.


Nicholas Furcillo

He was waiting for Jacob to get back, having set aside some plates and cups for their lunch when his phone buzzed in his back pocket. From further down the house, he could hear a car pull into his driveway as it continued to vibrate sporadically. Ignoring it, he walked to the front door, and opened it, standing out of the way and holding it with his body, so he could let Jacob bring his stuff in without having to do so himself.

As he waited, he finally decided to check his phone and saw that it was a message that Max had sent to the discord group. He opened the chat and began to read from it, a frown spreading across his face.

The Hoes of Hackett’s Quarry

Mayfield at 11:33am: I know that Cameron probably wont see this but I want to help in any way I can to get Laura back

Mayfield: Id do anything to see her again

Mayfield: So @OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR can you please let Cameron know

OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: Of course! Ill go talk to them now

Abibobabi: We’re all here to help Max, in any way that we can

ShootingStar: Yeah just give us a ring if you ever need anything

DJ UwU: Yeah you’re stuck with us now asshole

Nick laughed and decided to send his own reply.

SomeBoganCunt: We’re gonna drive you absolutely insane

DJ UwU: Amen Nick!

Mayfield: You guys could never drive me crazy

Mayfield: Id probably be the ones doing it to you

Haga Hacka Quora: We can all go crazy together

Mayfield: God now I wanna watch some more Stranger Things thanks Ryan >:(

Haga Hacka Quora: Always happy to help

“What’s got you smiling, buster?” Jacob’s voice pulled him away from his phone.

“Just the groupcha-” Nick looked up to see his friend struggling to grip two bags and a guitar between his hands. “Do you need a hand there, mate?”

He grunted, “That would be greatly appreciated.”

Nick shoved his phone back in his pocket and walked over to help him. He took the instrument out of Jacob’s hands and went inside to settle it on the couch in the living room. “What’s with the guitar, anyways?”

Jacob kept his tone casual as he stepped into the house, “Just in case I get too anxious. It helps me sleep sometimes. I can play you a song, if you’d like.”

He smiled, “I’d love that.” They stood in an awkward silence, just staring at each other, until he felt like he had to break it again. “I’m not gonna lie, I’ve actually kinda missed not hearing you play at the campfire. It was always nice to hear what song you chose, and when Dylan joined in it was a hundred times better. You guys feed off each other, in a musical sense, really well.”

His friend started to blush, grinning in a flustered way, which Nick thought was adorable, “Aw, shut up. And don’t sell yourself short either, remember when you and Dylan did that cover of Toxic while I did the chords?”

He beamed nostalgically at the memory, “Yeah, that was a pretty fun night.” Before Jacob could have a chance to respond, Nick’s phone began to vibrate violently, and he sighed as he pulled it out once again. Nick glanced up at him, “Check the chat.”

“Aye aye, captain,” Jacob snickered as he took his own out.

Haga Hacka Quora: I think it’d be best if we did like weekly checkups on each other 

Haga Hacka Quora: Just to see how everyone is going

OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: I think thats a great idea Ryan

ShootingStar: Me too, even if we just do something like a video call to see where everyone is at

Haga Hacka Quora: And if anyone is feeling like they’re close to transforming then they need to call someone or message the group ASAP

Haga Hacka Quora: None of us are going through this alone

DJ UwU: That’s really sweet of you Ryan

PeanutPopper: I dont usually say this but I agree

PeanutPopper: Youve got a point

OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: Maybe we should do weekly meetups? It would probably be better to meet in-person anyways

Mayfield: I like that idea

DJ UwU: That’s it we’re making an occasion out of it

DJ UwU: Next week is bowling night

DJ UwU: I wanna play with some balls ;)

PeanutPopper: Dylan thats what youve got Ryan for



PeanutPopper: Whats that supposed to mean

DJ UwU: I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself Jakey boy :D

PeanutPopper: Dude fucking dm me Im so confused

DJ UwU: Later, I’ve gotta get back to planning payback on Luke

ShootingStar: For what?

DJ UwU: …

DJ UwU: Nvm

Nick wanted to feel delighted at the banter happening in the groupchat, but something disturbed him, like oil spreading into clear water. It started as an itch at the back of his neck, before travelling upwards and bristling into the back of his neck. It was the other side of him. It seemed to grow happy, eager to spend time with his new friends .

It reminded him of the thoughts that had flooded his mind when he had been reinfected by werewolf Dylan. The way his mind had revelled in an eerily joyous way, the only words going through his head being friend friend friend! Friends! He remembered the sick feeling he had gotten of this other side wanting to rip out of him, to tear away at his consciousness until there was nothing left.

But worst of all, it scared him that this could happen outside of the full moon.


The evening went by in a much-welcomed bliss. With the house to themselves, Nick and Jacob spent their time marathoning the Ace Ventura and Borat movies. Everytime his friend laughed, he couldn’t help but feel intoxicated purely from how good it felt to hear Jacob laugh like that. He missed them sorely when he had to cook dinner for them, but, thankfully, the other young man decided to follow him into the kitchen and play songs on his guitar for the duration of it. As the regular and sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and whole chicken were being roasted, Nick and Jacob managed to have an entire concert in the privacy of his own home. Including covers of She Looks So Perfect , the South Park theme song (with Nick doing Kenny’s muffled parts) and What Makes You Beautiful

It was around eleven that they decided to call it a night, while they weren’t early birds like Kaitlyn or Abi, they also weren’t total night owls like Dylan, Ryan or Emma. So, as Nick went to make his bed, he wished Jacob goodnight, but as his friend began to close the door, he turned around. “Hey Nick?”

He was smacking his pillows to fluff them up, quickly stopping what he was doing to look up, “Yeah?”

“Um, can I actually sleep with you tonight? I don’t think I’ll be able to by myself.”

Nick’s mind instantly went to very explicit places, ones he knew that Dylan would never let him forget about if he found out. Thankfully, it was too dark for Jacob to see his burning cheeks, but it didn’t stop him from scratching the back of his neck nervously, “Sure, which side of the bed do you want?”

Jacob sauntered over to it, “Just the left.”

“Okay,” He quickly began to fluff up the pillows on his friend’s side, “Just gimme a sec.”

“You don’t have to do that man, seriously.”

“It’s all good, trust me,” He chuckled anxiously, “It's a habit.” Nick was done in seconds, and set them back down for him to lie on.

Jacob snuggled onto his side of the bed, curling under the blankets and yawning, “Thanks, dude.”

He slipped onto his own part of the mattress, trying to ignore the warmth he could feel radiating off of his friend’s body beneath the blankets. Nick wasn’t used to sharing the bed with someone, the last time he had slept with his ex-girlfriend, about two years ago. And even then, it hadn’t been anywhere near as pleasant as this. It was a cold, distant night that sometimes crept into the back of his mind when he was lonely as he tried to sleep. Even if Jacob was still just a friend, it was nice to share a bed with someone without a trace of hostility to it.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” His friend questioned.

Nick turned to lay on his left side, looking at Jacob, “What is it?”

“This is gonna sound really weird, but can I like… hug you while you sleep?”

He struggled to meet his friend’s eyes, his entire nervous system freaking out on the inside, “Do you mean like… cuddle?”

“I mean, not in that way… exactly, I just really need someone right now.”

Even if he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, Nick nodded, knowing what he meant without having to say it, “Yeah, of course.” He rolled onto his back and Jacob curled his body into him, letting his head fall onto the other young man’s chest. He hoped that his friend couldn’t hear his frantic, pounding heartbeat, and used a breathing technique so as not to freak Jacob and himself out. In for four seconds, hold for eight, release for four. He repeated this about four times until it didn’t feel like the chaotic organ was about to pound itself out of his chest.



“This is really nice.”

He couldn’t help but slip an arm around Jacob’s shoulders as the two began to drift off to sleep, “Yeah, it is.” Nick’s phone began to buzz against the nightstand, shaking the device with the force of its vibrations.

“I swear I’m gonna kill whoever is calling us at this time of night,” Jacob grumbled into his chest.

As much as he hated to break the contact, he pulled away to check his phone. The caller ID declared itself to be Dylan, and he frowned at confusion. Even if he was extremely high, he never rang around this time, unless he knew that Nick was active on discord. He pressed accept and held the phone to his ear, “Dylan? What’s up? Everything okay?”

“Hey Nick, it’s Luke,” His friend’s brother announced through the call. “I need you to come over.”

He sat up in bed in an instant, worry clouding his thoughts and words, “What’s going on? How’d you manage to get Dylan’s phone?”

Luke’s breath was shaking through the speaker, “He went to bed early tonight, which was already really weird, but then he woke up screaming from some sort of nightmare he had and I can’t get him to talk to me. He’s just lying under his blankets sobbing.” Nick could hear his voice break through the speaker, “I can’t get him to open up to me anymore, and I’m really worried about him. He’s been crying nonstop for an hour and I can’t reach Ryan. I didn’t know your number so I took his phone so I could call you.”

He flew off the blankets and put Dylan’s twin on speaker as he began to get dressed into some normal clothes, “I’m on my way now, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Is anybody else home?” With his heightened hearing, he could hear his friend crying in the background, and he felt his heart break at the sobbing, painful sounds.

“No, my dad is staying at a friend’s place tonight to have a couple of drinks, but he won’t be back until morning. Just, please, Nick, hurry. I’m really worried about him.”

“I will, don’t worry, I’ll be there as soon as I can,” His words were a bit muffled as he slipped a t-shirt on. 

“Thank you so much, Nick, seriously. You’re a hero,” Luke’s voice quivered gratefully.

He shrugged nonchalantly, before realising that his friend’s brother couldn’t see him through the phone, “It’s what friends do. He would do the same for me.”

“Yeah, he would.” A few seconds passed as it seemed that Luke was trying to get his words together, “How long do you think you’ll be?”

“About fifteen, just hang tight, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll put the light on for you.”

They hung up and Nick turned around, completely forgetting that Jacob was in the room. And he had just gotten undressed in front of him. If his friend hadn’t already seen him naked before, he would have fainted from pure mortification. But Jacob’s wide eyes were soon brimming with cautiousness, “What’s going on?”

He picked up a jacket he had laying over his desk chair and shrugged it on, “That was Luke. Apparently Dylan’s not doing so well.”

“Shit, did he try Ryan?”

“Apparently he wasn’t picking up, I’ll try and see if he will on the way.”

Jacob crawled off his side of the bed, “Let’s go, I’ll drive if you ring him. Just give me the address.”

Nick sent it to him and the two went off into the night, determination pushing the two friends forward into the harsh, yet infrequent lights of the city, a spark of hope lighting between them as they prayed that Dylan was gonna be okay.

Chapter Text

A Few Hours Earlier…

Abigail Blyg

When she had arrived at her apartment earlier in the day, thanks to Emma and Cameron dropping her off, as she went to unlock the front door, Cassie opened it with a sly smirk, “Hey Abi.”

Despite the fatigue and weariness in her body making her bones ache, she was happy to see her best friend, and pulled her into a hug, “Hey, Cassie.” Abi could feel her friend flinch beneath the contact, before wrapping her own arms around the taller woman. She knew that Cassie wasn’t generally one for physical touch, but when it came to her, she never seemed to mind, maybe because they had known each other for so long. Abi still regretted not giving her notice, though, and pulled away a few seconds later.

Cassie held open the door as the scheming expression once again spread itself across her lips, “Sooo, how did it go?”

Well, my friend bit me during a game of truth-or-dare, but he didn’t mean to. He wasn’t in control of himself. But, it did mean that I turned into a hulking beast alongside him later that night. Oh, and I also turned my crush into a werewolf afterwards. So, it was a pretty boring party in general . Abi so badly wanted to say, to confess to her best friend of over half a decade just the amount of tomfuckery she had been put through the past two months. But she knew she couldn’t. She didn’t want to expose Cassie to a world that had already left her traumatised. Abi never, ever , wanted to put her through the exact same pain. Not after what her friend had already been through.

So, instead, she decided to focus on the positives that happened earlier in the night as she walked into their apartment, “It was pretty fun. Dylan made these pot brownies and holy shit, while I don’t usually have any sort of stuff like that, they were pretty good. So, we decided to play a game of truth or dare…” Where he infected me, once again, not his fault. Just werewolf things. “And Nick ended up biting Max on the ass as a dare, it was pretty funny.”

Cassie chuckled and shut the door, “I’m sure it was. Aaaaannndddd…?”

Abi shrugged, “Not much, we all just kind of hung out.” Turned into werewolves. “And just enjoyed being with each other.” As the horrifying creatures that have followed my dreams.

“Oh, come on, Abi, you didn’t finally confess to Emma? You didn’t go down on the girl of your dreams?”

She shot her friend a glare, “Don’t be gross, Cassie.”

“Okay, okay, I’m just saying that you’ve gotta make a move. Based on what you’ve told me, she’s head over heels for you.”

“You haven’t even met her!”

“Well, maybe we should change that, shouldn’t we?”

“Cassie, relax, I’ll invite her over one day.”

“Yeah but when? I’m dying to meet her, Abi.”

Abi smiled affectionately at her, the sweetness spreading itself across her lips, “I’m sure you are, Cassie. I’m sure you are.” She walked into the kitchen to make herself a fresh, hot cup of green tea when her friend followed her into the room.

“Soooo, guess what…” Cassie drew her voice out.



Abi turned to stick her tongue out at her, a habit she had learned from Emma, as she flicked the kettle on, “You’re pregnant?”

Her best friend shot her a disgusted look, “Ew, no. Unlike my father, if I didn’t want children, I would have told my partner beforehand.”

“Ouch, good burn.”

“Thank you, I’m quite proud of it. Anyways, I received a commission from the art gallery here in the city.”

Her eyes widened at this news, “Holy shit, Cassie, are you serious? That’s amazing! Congrats!”

She bounced up and down on the heels of her feet excitedly, “Thank you. They’re doing a theme surrounding nightlife, including its people, in the city. And I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything tonight, maybe you could help me out? I just need someone to act as a basis for the piece, while I take some photos to wrap my head around what I want to create.”

Abi nodded excitedly at the offer, “Yeah, of course! I’d love to help.”

“Great,” She winked at her before flashing her an excited grin, “It’s settled, no take backs.”

“Cassie, I love you too much to do that to you.”

“I know you do, Abi, I know you do. Just don’t replace me with Emma, okay?”

She sighed dramatically, “Of course, Cassie. Of course.” This was going to be a long night full of nothing but teasing.


Present Time

Nicholas Furcillo

He didn’t have an opportunity to knock before Luke slammed the door open. His eyes were wide with a worried wildness, staring at him desperately, his hair all over the place. He quickly ushered the two of them in before shutting the door. “Thank you so much for coming, especially at this hour. It means the world to me that you two would go to such lengths to help my brother.”

Jacob shrugged casually, “He’s our friend, we’re gonna be there to help him, man.”

“Exactly,” Nick began to go up the stairs and he pointed at his friend, “Keep trying Ryan. I’m gonna see if I can go talk to him.”

“I don’t think he’s gonna listen to me, dude, we don’t exactly get along,” He wasn’t trying to argue, just addressing a concern he had.

“He will if it’s about Dylan. Just try for me, Jacob, please.”

“Alright, fine.”

Luke began to follow Nick, but haltered when the latter held out his hand to stop him, “What?”

“Maybe it’s best if I just went by myself.”

“But I’m his brother .”

“I know, and I understand that you wanna be there for him, but if it’s about what I think it is, then I think it’s best if only one of us goes to check on him.”

He regretted saying anything as the hurt flashed across Luke’s eyes, portraying the state of his heart, because of how he was unable to help Dylan. Nick quickly mumbled an apology before climbing the last of the steps to see his friend.


An hour before…

Dylan Lenivy

He’d had another nightmare again. But this was one of the worst ones he had. It was an altered version of the truth or dare segment, with instead of just biting Abi, he tore into her before transforming and feasting on the others. Nausea and bile rose up into his throat as he could still remember what they had tasted like to his werewolf self. The candied apple of their blood, the skin having a distinct flavour of chewy, stretchy cotton-candy, their guts tasting like purple liquorice. But his friends’ hearts, no matter the person, were always the tastiest, strawberry bubblegum splattering onto his tongue as he tore into their organs.

When he’d woken up, he’d immediately ran into his bathroom and thrown up, disgusted at his mind for creating such a vivid, graphic dream. He was horrified at himself, and as he pushed himself up from the toilet bowl with shaking arms, he was pulled back into the scrapyard with Kaitlyn once again. He could see Caleb flickering on the motion-sensored lights in the distance, the panic he felt in his body as he tried to think of a way to warn his friend whilst battling the infection that was getting closer to finally taking over.

Dylan wasn’t in his home, safe and sound, he was fully back at Hackett’s Quarry. He could see the lights reflected in the distance. Fear spreading throughout his body as his fingers shook. While his eyes saw the tiles of the bathroom floor, his mind only saw Kaitlyn crawling to get away from the werewolf as he fought to slip the lever down. It was only after Caleb had mauled her ankle, Dylan seeing drops of blood flying everywhere with his newly heightened eyesight, her screams of agony echoing in his mind, that he managed to press his quivering, non-bitten right hand to the button, watching the car drop onto the werewolf.

The only thing that managed to pull him back to reality and away from his mind, was the sound of Luke’s knuckles knocking against his bedroom door. Dylan felt a cool wetness on his cheeks brush against the chilly night air, and he realised that he’d been crying. Wiping his face, he opened the door ajar, but kept the light off so his brother couldn’t see how distressed he was.

“Hey, man, I heard you crying, are you okay?”

He sucked in a shaky breath, knowing that his body language was giving away his lies, “Yeah, yeah dude, I’m all good. Just had a nightmare.”

“Are you sure? Do you wanna talk about it?”

“No, no, it’s all good.”

Luke wasn’t buying it, brushing his fingers through his hair, “Look, Dylan, I know you’re struggling. But you need to talk . Let me help you, please.”

He shook his head, going to close the door, “No, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Then let me try , please. I’m not gonna judge you, and I never will. You’re my brother, Dylan, I love you. It breaks my heart to see you like this.”

This was all too much for Dylan. He couldn’t let his brother see him like this. His breathing grew ragged and his hands flew to his temple as he attempted to calm himself, but it didn’t work. His eyes stung with fresh tears and he found himself stepping back, his body guiding him to his bed and under his blankets, where he could be safe and hide.

Luke pushed the door after him, “Dylan!” He went to reach for his twin’s arm out of habit, but Dylan snatched it back at an inhuman speed.


His brother flinched, as if Dylan had just slapped him, and every single ounce of fear he had in his body was instantly replaced with remorse and guilt. God, he was such a piece of shit. He shouldn’t have yelled at his brother like that.

“Luke, I’m so-”

His brother’s voice shook as he interrupted him, tears forming in his own eyes, “No, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have pushed you like that. I’m sorry. I’ll leave you be.” Luke quickly walked off and closed the door behind him. 

Dylan wanted to run after him, to tell him how sorry he was, of how much he regretted doing what he had just done. But he knew that there was no way he could do that without either of them launching into a full-blown fight. And Dylan also had to consider that there was no actual way he could tell Luke without showing him. But it didn’t matter, because what was happening to him was tearing them apart.

Running to his bed, he flew under the covers, letting their pressure fall onto his body as the sobs once again began to take over.


Present Time

Nicholas Furcillo

Dylan’s trembling frame gave away his position under the blankets as soon as he entered the room. His continuous crying had caused his voice to grow raw and scratchy from all of the sobbing. His wide shoulders quivered beneath the covers and Nick felt his own heart do the same at the sight of his friend. Dylan, who was probably one of the sweetest, most caring friends he had ever had in his nineteen years of existence, was broken and buried beneath the only thing he thought could keep him safe. It was truly a sight that Nick hoped he would have to seldomly see from here on out.

He walked over slowly to the bed, “Dylan, it’s me.”

“Go away,” His friend sniffled and sobbed under the blankets. “Just leave me alone.”

Nick decided that, for once in his life, he wasn’t going to do what others said. Slipping off his shoes and chucking them into the corner of his friend’s room, he snuck himself into the covers and folded it over his own head, coming face-to-face with Dylan. Thanks to his now-enhanced eyesight, he could see that his friend’s eyes were bloodshot and there was snot dribbling out of his nose. But Nick didn’t care, he just wanted to be there for his friend.

As soon as Dylan recognised that it was him, he wrapped his arms around Nick and pulled his friend to his chest. Nick could feel his entire body tremble with the force of Dylan’s crying but didn’t mind it, cupping the back of his friend’s neck with his hand and pulling him in until the much-taller man had his head nestled into his shoulder.

“Dylan, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t say. I can’t say,” Dylan repeated as he continued to sob.

Nick pulled him closer to his own body, and, out of pure instinct, began to run his hands through his hair, occasionally giving a comforting squeeze, “But you can , Dylan. You can talk to me. If you can’t do it with Luke, then you can do it with me, okay?”

“I just- I just- I just-” He struggled to stop repeating the same two words.

“Hey, hey, if you can’t say anything right now, that’s okay. We can do so when you’re a bit more calmed down, okay? Just, focus on your breathing.”

He felt Dylan shake his head, “I’ve-I’ve tried that, but it’s not working. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“About what?”

“About Hackett’s Quarry. About what I’ve done to you. To all of you . This is all my fault. I should have checked. I should have made sure -”

“Dylan-” Nick felt bad for cutting him off, but knew that his friend would continue to spiral if he didn’t. “What happened wasn’t your fault, and it never will be. You didn’t know . It was totally reasonable for you to assume that you were cured. And even if you aren’t, that still isn’t your fault. None of this is. So please don’t ever, ever blame yourself for what you’ve been through. It doesn’t mean that you’re any less of an amazing person, you hear me?”

“Mhm,” Dylan sniffled, his words having the same velocity as his body as he muttered the next sentence, “I don’t deserve you guys.” He started to sob again, cradling Nick closer to him as they became more violent and forceful, repeating the last statement over and over again.

“Dylan, hey, hey,” He used his other hand to cradle his friend’s cheek, “Look at me.”

“I don’t deserve you guys I don’t deserve you guys I don’t deserve you guuuys.”

“But you do! You do, Dylan!” He couldn’t stop the confession that came out of his mouth, “You are such an amazing human being, you hear me? You literally threw yourself in front of Emma when she was a werewolf, not caring if she ripped your throat out, just to make sure that Kaitlyn had a chance of making it to safety. She told me herself. You are one of the most thoughtful, considerate people I know. So I don’t want you to ever, ever say such horrible things about yourself again, you hear me?”

He could feel his friend nod against his shoulder, his quaking frame growing softer from the sobs.

“You’re like an older brother to me, and you’re not going through this alone, you hear me? None of us are. You’re stuck with us now, mate.” As a friend , the other part of himself eerily reminded him, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. Now wasn’t the time, asshole.

Dylan started to giggle, “Did you seriously just call me ‘mate’?”

“Think of it as an Australian rite of passage.”

He decided to do his best impression of Nick’s accent, “Yeah, is that, so, mate?”

Nick cringed, “God, that was probably one of the worst ones I’ve ever heard.”

Dylan pouted, “Awww, that’s so mean. You love me.”

“I do, Dylan, I do. Do you think you’re ready to talk now?”

He wiped at his face and rolled over onto his other side in order to get out of bed, “Yeah, I think so. Just let me get cleaned up.”

Nick pushed off the covers and flickered the bedroom lamp on. Was that… Ryan’s top in the corner? Oh no, oh no. He regretted getting into bed with his friend now. He hopped out of it with little to no hesitation, instantly landing on his feet as he made a disgusted noise.

“What’s wrong?” Dylan asked in response to the sound he had made, he was standing in the bathroom, running the tap.

“Did you and Ryan have sex?”

Nick could see his friend’s cheeks turn into a bright, fluorescent red, even as he splashed cold water onto them, “May-Maybe?”

“...On the bed…?”

Dylan shut off the tap and turned to look at his friend, “Relax, man, they’re clean sheets, I washed them after he left this afternoon.”

He shuddered, “Still gross, but congrats, I guess.”

The other young man smirked as he turned to grab his brush and start neatening his hair, “You’re just jealous that I’ve actually gotten some within the past few months.”

“Am not.”

“Oh, really?” Dylan stopped the action, and set the object back down on the bathroom counter, he walked out of the room and leaned down into his friend’s ear, “Because I know that you look at Jacob the same way you did with Abi back at Hackett’s Quarry.”

Nick knew he had to change the topic, not only to get back to the actual point of why he was here, but also because this was too awkward of a conversation to have with his friend, especially with Jacob downstairs, “Dylan, we need to talk about what happened before.”

He pulled away and sighed, slumping his shoulders in defeat, “Fine, I had a nightmare, and it was so bad that it caused me to go… back to Hackett’s Quarry, like I was actually there. No matter how many times I tried to remind myself that I wasn’t there anymore, it didn’t matter. I could actually feel, smell and see everything that happened to me. It was like I was stuck on a fucking timeloop that I couldn’t get out of. All I could do was cry uncontrollably and hope that I would get out of it somehow, even if that meant waiting.”

“Dude, you were having a flashback. Jesus, how long have you had these for?”

“Since we got back.”

Nick wanted to ask why he hadn’t said anything, but he already knew the answer. It was because Dylan didn’t want to worry his friends. He didn’t want to be a burden on them. They’d already been through enough, and if he told them what he was experiencing, it would just stress them all out even more. Which wasn’t what they needed, especially because they had already been through enough. Nick realised that the reason why Dylan hadn’t told them, was because for the exact same one that he had.

So, he decided to offer the best advice he could, “I think we need to tell everyone, and that you need to talk to someone.”

“About werewolves?”

“Not that, but everything else. The flashbacks and the nightmares. Just… change it to bears.”

Dylan burst out laughing, “We do always blame stuff on them anyways.”

“Poor guys just wanna exist and there are just werewolves running around slaughtering everybody. They’re innocent victims in all of this.”

“Exactly! That’s what I’m trying to say.”

A knock on the door cut their banter short, and Luke called from the other end, “Dylan, are you alright now?”

“Yeah, just give me five, okay? I’ll meet you downstairs,” He shouted back.

“Don’t be long, please, dude, I’m really worried about you.”

“I won’t be.”

They heard Luke’s footsteps patter down the stairs in response, and Dylan immediately spun back to Nick, “I think I need to tell him.”

His eyes widened, shock running through his system as a reaction to the confession, “What? Are you crazy?”

“No, but he’s my brother. And he’s already seen what it’s doing to me. Maybe I should tell him so that he knows why I’ve been the way that I have.”

He had a point, Luke had been the one to take the initiative and try ringing Ryan and Nick once he realised that he wouldn’t be able to calm him down. And Nick knew that it took a lot for him to do that, he had heard the pain in his voice. But he couldn’t think about that, right now, it was something that would have to be addressed another time.

“Let’s bring it up with the group, and we’ll see what they say, okay?” Nick suggested, wrapping an arm around Dylan’s back, “Let’s just go let him know that you’re feeling better now, okay?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just that it’s one that needs to be thought on.”

“I know, Nick, I trust you to tell me the truth.”

And he was the same for Dylan. As they departed from the room, he felt an odd sense of happiness fill his body. It scared him, alongside the thoughts that the other part of him once again echoed in his mind. Friend safe friend okay friend safe friend okay . Nick didn’t want to think about what would happen to those that it didn’t consider to be a friend.

Something crashed in the background, jostling him from his mind as Luke screamed out, “AH YOU MOTHERFUCKER! WHAT THE FUCK!?”

Nick and Dylan ran down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time until they practically flew down to the bottom. They ran to the source of the bang and found Jacob crouched over on the ground in the living room, his arms crossing over his stomach as he growled in pain, Luke watching over him with wide eyes. Nick barely had time to think before his friend threw his head back, his teeth lengthening into a fresh pair of fangs, ready to chomp down on Dylan’s twin brother.

Chapter Text

Jacob Custos

He could hear Dylan’s sobs from upstairs, and tried not to let his own out in front of Luke. It still didn’t stop from this ache settling into his chest and spreading to the rest of his body, though. Jacob wanted so badly to run up to his room and just hold him and Nick, never letting the two of them go until they all felt better. He physically had to restrain himself from doing so, however, because it would freak his brother out even further, who had been pacing for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

Luke’s strides from the tv to the couch grew faster with every second that passed, which ended up in him making a total of at least five laps in the space of under thirty seconds, according to Jacob’s count. He gently walked over and held out his arms in an attempt to get him to sit on the couch, but the other man just pushed his hands away.

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” Luke’s own eyes were full of tears, his words shaking in time to the beat of his heart.

“It’s okay, man, I get it. It must have been really upsetting to see your brother like that.”

He stopped pacing and genuinely looked at Jacob for the first time since he entered the room, “It’s just been happening so much and I don’t know what’s going on.” Luke wiped the wild horde of tears that were slipping themselves out from under eyelids and down onto his face, “I just want to help him but I don’t know how .”

Jacob couldn’t argue with that, instead trying to take the sympathetic route, “Believe me, I know that all too well. It’s like you’re helpless and too frozen to do anything.” His thoughts went back to when he saw Nick in the cage, able to recognise him by his scent, as his own werewolf curse started to fully take over. “You just wanna make stuff better, but you can’t.”

Luke frowned at him, a response he didn’t expect, “Yeah, well at least you know what’s going on. Dylan won’t even fucking talk to me about it! And we tell each other about everything!”

He ended up blurting out something that he instantly regretted, “Well, maybe there’s a reason that he hasn’t told you.”

Luke’s towering height came closer to him, overwhelming Jacob as Dylan’s brother glared down at him with furious, protective eyes, “Like what?”

Jacob took a step back, feeling his own anger spike in defensiveness, both at wanting to get Luke out of his space, and not being able to say the real reason without exposing everyone for what they had truly become. He clenched his fists, feeling his knuckles crack and pop beneath the force of his fingers, similar to how his own transformation started last night. Shit, not now. Not now! Not when his best friend’s brother was right in front of his fucking face!

He shut his eyes and heard Luke come closer to him again, their fury feeding off of one another. But Jacob’s was a lot more violent and detrimental to the both of them. He had to get this under control, and fast. Even as he felt his breathing quicken and his lower jaw ache, he kept on reminding himself that.

“Like what?” Luke repeated, louder in his increasingly sharp ears.

With ankles that rolled and popped, he ran to the other side of the room, shoving himself into the corner to get as far away from the twin as possible. An acidic pain flooded through Jacob’s stomach, and he winded his arms around his lower torso in response to the pain. He fell to his knees as he felt his ribs crack and break, shattering themselves into new, awful angles. He could hear and smell Luke getting closer to him and, not thinking, grabbed the closest thing he could to scare him off.

Jacob’s hands pressed against something cold and hard, wrapping themselves around a ceramic vase that sat on a coffee table next to him. He launched it to the side of Luke’s body, close enough that it would scare him, but not hurt him.

It seemed to do the trick, as Luke screamed in response, “AH YOU MOTHERFUCKER! WHAT THE FUCK!?” Jacob could hear his friends racing down the stairs, as he found comfort in their familiar scents, reminding him of the toffee smell that had emitted from all of them last night.

He felt his fingers dislocate themselves, as his fingernails began to harden and lengthen into sharp, deadly points. Jacob threw his head back and cried out in pain, feeling his throbbing gums pulse beneath his extending fangs. An undefeatable bloodlust flooded his mind, the need to tear into Dylan’s brother growing more and more by the second. He was breathing heavily now, trying to retain his human side, but it was too late. The anger in his body had fully taken over.

At least he would have his friends there to help him.


Dylan Lenivy

Oh shit, Jacob was about to maul his brother to death, and unless Dylan did something, he was bound to join them. Running into the centre of the living room, he took Luke’s arm, who instantly shook him off, anger now replaced with worry for his twin’s friend. He turned to his older sibling with shock-fueled eyes, “What’s wrong with him?”

Dylan swallowed, unable to get any words out of his mouth, the only thoughts being that he needed to get him out of there now , “Luke, we need to go.”

“What the fuck is going on, Dylan!?”

Jacob let out another cry, the sound coming out bestial from his chest. Dylan glanced over his twin’s shoulder and watched with horror as the skin of his elbows pulled and stretched in sync with their dislocation. A small flicker of pain burrowed itself into his lower stomach, the need to transform, to join his friend overruling his mind. But he couldn’t do that, not now. Not when his brother could possibly die.

Luke turned his head, but Dylan grabbed his arm and pulled him away from what was happening once again. But not quickly enough, because he could feel his brother’s arm start to tremble beneath his palm. He could see the fear and confusion in his eyes and open mouth. He could hear the blood pulsing faster beneath his brother’s skin, the other part of him delighting in Luke’s fear, his mouth watering as it tried to get him to change and feast on his own relative that it oh so craved.

Horrified at his thoughts, Dylan practically tugged his twin out of the room, not giving him a second to truly think about what he had seen. He spotted Nick standing behind him, watching Jacob with golden eyes.

He stopped in front of him, holding onto Luke tightly, “I need to get him out of here. Can you promise that you’ll keep him safe and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone else?”

“Promise? Promise what? And what the fuck is up with his eyes!?” Luke barked behind him.

Ignoring him, Nick nodded, “I promise, just make sure he gets out of here okay.”

Dylan tried to ignore his own body’s urges to turn, inhaling a shaky breath, “I promise.”

He ran out of the house, dragging Luke with him and not stopping until they were both in Dylan’s car. He could hear Jacob’s groans turn into growls as his transformation completed itself, and he had to force himself to turn the keys quickly and start driving. For fear that if he didn’t get away, the same thing would happen to him. Driving off quietly into the night, Luke began to sob in the passenger seat, and Dylan felt his heart shatter for his brother’s reality that had now completely changed.


Luke Nightingale

His mind couldn’t wrap itself around what he had just seen. At first, he thought that Jacob had dislocated his shoulder from the force of his throw, but then the other one seemed to have popped out of place all by itself . Luke had watched the brown of his eyes slowly seep into a golden colour. But that couldn’t be possible. Maybe it had been the lighting, right? 

He refused to believe the fact that he had watched one of his brother’s best friends turn into something entirely inhuman.

That was, until Dylan started to speak.

“So, how are you feeling?”

Luke stared off into the distance, watching the streetlights around them blur absentmindedly, “I don’t know what I’m feeling. All I know is that I saw something totally batshit insane,” He glanced at his brother with a hazy, stinging vision, “Dylan, what the fuck was that?”

Dylan sighed, his clutch around the steering wheel growing tighter, “This wasn’t how I wanted you to find out.”

Confusion ran in laps around his mind, “Find out? Find out about what?”

“Something happened at Hackett’s Quarry that changed us for the worse. All of us,” His brother started to confess.

“What the fuck do you mean? What the hell is going on? Are you like Jacob?” He felt himself growing more and more furious with the next question, “Did he do this to you?”

“What? No, of course not! He would never do that to me or any of us, trust me, Luke. It was the other way around.”

“Dylan, what are you talking about? Please, I’m so confused.”

A few seconds passed in an awkward pause. “What happened at Hackett’s Quarry wasn’t exactly bears.”

Luke sniffled at this statement, “I kinda figured that, Dylan.”

His brother cocked an eyebrow cheekily, “Well, you never know, maybe it was a radioactive bear bite.”

“Whatever you say, Bearman,” Luke teased him.

Dylan smiled affectionately, before it dropped into an uncharacteristically serious expression, “Luke, Mr. Hackett and his kids were werewolves.”

He clenched his fists, feeling them crack, “What?”

“It was a full moon that night. And they bit Nick, Abi, Emma, Jacob and Kaitlyn. Abi and Kaitlyn were the only ones that didn’t turn, the rest did. Laura, who was killed, bit Ryan to save his life not long before she died, so he didn’t as well.”

Luke asked the question that was on his mind, “And what about you?”

“Well, we thought that I must have been bitten by them as well. I was infected not long after Nick and Abi, when I was trying to fix the wire in the radio hut…,” His gaze started to grow distant as he recounted the events, and Luke took that as his que to pull him back into reality.

“Dylan, why didn’t Abi, Kaitlyn and Ryan turn? And what about you?” He was growing more and more bewildered by the moment, his tone becoming more reluctant to verbalise his queries. But he needed to know. He had to know if he had any chance at helping Dylan.

“Because the werewolves that bit them were killed before they could, curing them and everyone else that was infected. In order to be lifted of the curse, you have to kill the werewolf that bit you on the full moon, and we thought that we were all human again. But it seems that whoever it was is still alive, because I turned not long after Kaitlyn was bitten… and last night.”

“But Dylan, that doesn’t make any sense. How the fuck is everyone else still one if they were cured?”

“Because apparently werewolves can tell if a person has been previously cured, which drives them to bite said person,” His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, his voice cracking as he laid out the last few words, “Which is what happened with me. I bit Abi without even a sense of control. And it all went to hell after that.” Dylan didn’t have to say it for him to know that his brother blamed himself.

Luke answered with something that wasn’t a question since the first time their conversation started, “It’s not your fault.”

“But it is , I was the one that bit them.”

He shook his head, “No, it’s not. Whoever infected you is the one to blame.”

Dylan turned them down a corner, driving down a road that appeared to lead to a vacant park. He started to reverse, talking with ease as he did so, “It doesn’t matter now, anyways, what’s done is done.”

“It does matter,” Luke countered. “Because we’re gonna find the fucker that did this and blow their brains out.”


Luke had always been afraid of the dark growing up. He remembers crawling into Dylan’s bed at night after a bad dream he had, it was always some form of monster that was lurking beneath his bed or in his closet. Even at seven, with overactive imaginations and two parents divorcing, his brother would always wrap him in his arms.

“It’s okay, Luke, I won’t let the monsters hurt you.”

Luke believed him. He just never expected his brother to become one.


Thankfully, this fear of his had started to dwindle over the past two years. Overtime, he began to feel comfort in the darkness. As when it was the middle of the night, with nothing but the silence and slow motion of other living things, he was able to feel safe, the stars twinkling above him, the moon guiding him to a better place. But he also never thought that it would lead Dylan to a heavier, darker one.

As his older twin started to turn off the car’s ignition, he pulled the keys out and frowned at Luke, “You okay, dude?”

Unable to verbalise what he was thinking, he instead decided to choose the other first thing that came to his mind. Luke looked down at his inappropriate choice of attire, “Yeah, it’s just how are we gonna get out of the car when we’re in our pyjamas?”

“Well, luckily for you, I had a genius idea earlier today,” Dylan announced, unbuckling his seatbelt.

“That’s a first,” Luke found himself retorting out of habit.

His brother flipped him off, “Okay, fuck you. You can walk around in your bare feet and pyjamas now.”

Oh god, he wouldn’t dream of doing that. Not even on an early September night. No way with how rapidly the weather was changing. “No, I’m sorry I love you. Please, tell me about this brilliant plan of yours.”

Dylan smirked in victory at him, “That’s better, considering I’m the one that’s studying quantum physics.”

“Doesn’t mean you’re any less of a dumbass.”

A heavy, lumpy pain lodged itself into Luke’s left shoulder, and he doubled over, “Ah, fuck, man!”

His brother’s face turned a bright red, “Shit, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to punch you that hard!”

Luke grunted as he leaned back and rubbed at the spot, “It’s fine, it’ll probably just leave a bruise. But don’t forget about your werewolf strength next time, okay?”

Dylan ruffled his hair playfully, “Will do.” He stretched his wide torso over the centre console, reaching to grab something that was behind his seat, and pulled out a duffel bag.

Luke just sat there, staring at it, before laughing at the unexpected item, “You really did come prepared, didn’t ya?”

“Well, I figured that after last night, and with what Emma’s sibling said, that I would leave a bag full of spare clothes and shoes in my car. You know, just in case of any unnecessary transformations.”

This confused Luke, “Wait, Cameron is a werewolf?” He remembered briefly seeing them during the confrontation at the police station, but never thought that they were actually involved somehow.

Dylan plopped the bag in his lap, “Not exactly. They’re a witch. They found us after last night, and kind of explained to us some of the Morblore.”

“Don’t ever say Morblore again, Dylan, Jesus fucking Christ. That meme is well and truly dead. I swear to god if you ever reference Morbius again I will kick your ass, whether you’re a werewolf now or not. And I’ll make sure that it’s so hard you’ll be howling in pain.”

His twin sucked in a breath, feinting hurt, “Ouch, that was a good pun. But I’m afraid if you did that you would leave yourself in a hairy situation, considering that they can sometimes be triggered by anger.”

“Well, don’t think that you can huff and puff and not expect me to bite back, then.”

Dylan just stared at him, “Really, that’s all you could come up with?”

“Bite me.”

“No thanks, that’s what Ryan’s for.”

Luke rolled his eyes in disgust at his brother’s announcement of his sexual activities, “Look, how are we gonna change without getting exposed for public indecency, anyways?”

Dylan pointed ahead of them, to the end of the car park. He had to squint to see it, but beneath the vague shadows caused by the streetlights, he could see the outline of a pair of public restrooms. That’s when he recognised where he was, Dylan had always taken him here on nights when they had both been really anxious. A late evening drive and a walk around the vacant, if a bit spooky, park, always seemed to calm down their nerves.

It was one of the ways Luke had gotten over his fear of the dark. And to be honest, he was surprised that his brother could see so well in the pitch black night. But that’s when he realised something. Dylan had become one of the things he used to tell him not to be afraid of. Yet, somehow, despite this, he still felt as safe as he did when he was seven.

Perhaps a brotherly’s love could stand something even as destructive as a werewolf curse. Because, whether Dylan was infected or not, Luke was going to fucking fight for him. And that included the other counsellors as well. 

He wasn’t going to let anything stop him from ridding them of the infection, even if he had to become one himself in the process.

Sometimes, to beat the monsters, you had to turn into one yourself.


Abigail Blyg

She was really glad that she had taken Cassie up on her offer to go out and take some photos for the latter’s art project, despite how late at night it was. The last time she had checked her phone, it had read that it was just past midnight, and that felt like ages ago, so she couldn’t even begin to consider how much time had passed since then. Abi was weirded out about something else, though. Which was the fact that she felt oddly energised, invigorated by the late hours.

As a human, she would have been struggling to keep her eyes open, fatigue ruling her body at this time of night. But as a werewolf, she felt wide awake, like she had drank seven coffees and was ready to go another round. Her already heightened senses seemed to go into overdrive as well, and she swore she could smell the faint traces of petrol, even if the nearest station wasn't for a few blocks down. Another scent filled the air, but it was one she still had trouble determining what it was. She definitely recognised it from somewhere, she just didn’t know what.

Squinting against the harsh overhead lights, she let Cassie guide her into the night as they took pictures. Neither of them were the best when it came to cameras, but it didn’t matter, because even if they had some sort of idea as to what they could create through the photos on their phones, their mind would fill in the rest of the imprints. Now, however, any image that Abi’s roommate took was blurred.

Probably because Cassie’s hands were shaking every time she tried to take a shot. But she didn’t seem scared, Abi would have been able to hear her raised heartbeat or smell the sweat on her body if she was. Maybe she was just tired, a sign that maybe they should go soon.

Abi decided to propose the idea, “Hey, Cassie, maybe we should call it a night.” She was sitting on a bench, her knees cramping up from how long she had been sitting with her head on her fist. She could feel her jaw moving up and down as she spoke.

“Hello ladies…” A familiar voice drawled itself out. “Care for two to join?”

Abi looked over Cassie’s shoulder to see Dylan and Luke standing behind them. So that’s what the scent was! It’s the smell of a werewolf! She definitely had to catalogue that in her head to remember for later.

“Hey guys!”

She stood up and walked over to them, hugging Dylan, who gave her shoulders a friendly squeeze. Abi wasn’t one to usually cuddle, but it seems the lycanthropy was changing more than just the physical aspects of her. She hoped this didn’t mean that there would be any negative effects aside from the ones she was currently experiencing.

Abi pulled away and smiled up at Dylan, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Who are these guys, Abi?” Cassie called from behind her.

She turned around, “Oh shit, sorry! This is Dylan, who was a counsellor with me at the camp.” Abi pointed to his brother, “And this is his twin brother, Luke.” She could hear his pulse start to race upon glancing at Cassie, and he gave her a flustered wave. Oh, damn, this was unexpected.

Cassie didn’t seem to notice, because she gave them an unimpressed wave, “What’s up?”

Luke pointed to her phone, bouncing on his toes eagerly, “Do you do photography as well?”

She shook her head, “No, I’m an artist like Abi. I’m trying to take some photos as a reference for this commission I’ve got, but each one of them seems to suck ass.”

His eyes lit up, “I-I could help you with that! I mean, if you’d be okay with that. Obviously it won’t be as good as if I had my camera on me, but I still know how to take some pretty neat shots on a phone.”

Cassie cocked an eyebrow at him suspiciously, her eyes going to Abi, who nodded encouragingly at her. So, she turned back to Luke and grinned, “Sure, why not?”

He practically skipped over to them, holding out an arm to reach for her phone. She handed it to him, and as Abi was about to shuffle over to give her friend some room to sit with her, Dylan came over and took her arm.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”

By the way his brown eyes glanced all over the place at the same pace as his nervously wiggling hips, she knew this couldn’t be good. Abi got off the bench and yelled out to her friend, “We’ll be back in a sec!”

“Okay! Just don’t get eaten!” Cassie joked.

Abi would probably be the one doing the eating, if it came down to that, but she knew she couldn’t say that. So, she let Dylan take her down further into the park. When they were as far away from the others as they could get without worrying Luke and Cassie, he let go.

“Jacob turned into a werewolf in my house and now Luke knows about us.”

Abi couldn’t believe what she was hearing, blurting out the first thing that came to her mind, “Fucking what ?”


She didn’t even realise that her jaw was fully gaping open until Dylan had finished relaying his story, “Wait, so why were Jacob and Nick at your house, then?”

“I heard Luke calling Nick after he tried to ring Ryan, he must have taken my phone while I was under my blankets. I was too upset to hear him come in.”

“So, what does this mean now?”

His eyes flickered all over the place as a plan formed in his mind, “I think the best thing to do, at the moment, is to check in on Jacob and Nick. And once they’re okay, call the others.”

She liked that idea, “Let’s go.”

As they started to walk back to where Luke and Cassie were, the tang of blood hit the air around them. The scent caused Abi’s stomach to rumble, and she cringed at the hunger pains induced as a result of it. She shut her eyes and willed that other side of her away. Now was definitely not the time for it, especially when there was a scream that followed not long after. And it sounded all too much like Cassie’s.

Abi dashed back down to where she had left her friend, just in time to see a cloaked figure scurrying off in the background, a knife glinting against the streetlights. Oh fuck. But there wasn’t any blood on the blade. So where could it be? She turned her head in the direction of the smell.

And found Luke impaled on a fallen tree branch, the jagged tips ripping and shattering through his lower stomach.

Chapter Text

Dylan Lenivy

Ignoring the thick, tangible scent of blood clotting in the air, he raced over to where his brother was staring down at his own gaping wound. Bits of it started to stain his lips, as if he had bitten it as a reaction to the pain, mixing in with the spit that dribbled down his chin. Luke threw his head back, and Dylan realised that his nose was also gushing with it, the fluid reflecting against the streetlights in the dark.

Whatever thing was inside him, even as it usually revelled in the smell, fighting to get out, came to a stand still. As if even it knew that what had happened to his brother was bad. Amongst the dim lights, Dylan could see in horror that the consciousness was fading from Luke’s eyes, and his heart shattered against his ribcage. With teary eyes, he ran towards his brother, who was holding an arm out to him.

“Dylan…” His brother called out his name weakly, reaching out to him, “Dylan…”

He took his hand and held it against his aching chest, “Luke, holy shit!”

“The guy, he-he…” Luke grunted against the pain.

Dylan squeezed his hand, letting his other trail down to his twin’s wound, attempting to apply pressure, “It’s okay, dude, don’t talk. I’m here for you.” He looked at Cassie and aimed his next question at her, “What the fuck happened?”

She pointed to the direction their attacker had run off in, “He tried to come at us with a knife, Luke tried to stop him, and the guy ended up pushing him, not realising that the tree branch was there.”

He was disgusted that he hadn’t been able to hear it. He should have been there for his brother. Dylan was filled with the sudden urge to chase down the attacker, to let his body shape itself into an unrecognisable, monstrous form and tear into his flesh, draining him of every last bit of life within the assailant’s body, and feasting upon the remains. He could practically feel his fingers popping out of their sockets as claws grew from where his fingernails used to be, his fangs extending from his aching gums.

“Dylan?” Luke’s voice turned his attention back to his injured brother. His dying brother.

And that’s when Dylan realised that he had to infect Luke with the werewolf curse to save his life.


Luke Nightingale

Everything since Dylan had left to talk to Abi had been a blur. He remembered talking to Cassie, and not being able to help himself but admire how gorgeous she was. From the way she had silver ribbon intertwined with her dreadlocks, which complimented the denim jacket she wore, and brought out the tang of cheekiness floating in her eyes, to the way she walked with confidence. Like nothing could touch her, and if it tried to, there would be more than hell to pay. Luke found himself lusting after her more and more with the photos he took of Cassie for her commission. He was absolutely smitten.

And then this guy had paced towards them, brandishing a knife as he went to attack them. Luke had managed to push him out of the way, warning him to back off, but not before he was swiftly punched in the nose and pushed into…something.

He hadn’t felt it at first, only this certain pressure building in his lower stomach. It was only when Cassie had screamed and he looked down, his eyes falling upon a tree branch puncturing his delicate skin, that the pain took on a fiery, rageful approach. It consumed every thought he had and threatened to rip away at his consciousness. Luke had to force himself to stay awake, but even seeing his brother wasn’t enough. It was going to swallow him whole, and he was going to die like some sort of morbid kebab in the park.

Luke reached out to put his other hand on top of Dylan’s, wanting to feel his brother’s touch in his final moments. If he was going to die, no matter how terrible or grizzly, he was glad to have him by his side. But he must have been losing a lot of blood, because Dylan’s eyes looked yellow now, just like Jacob’s had at their house.

He looked down to see that the tips of claws prickled against the soft skin of his wrists, applying enough force for there to be pressure, but not to hurt. Luke forced himself to stay focused on the voices around him, distracting himself from his delusions.

Abi appeared at Dylan’s side, “We need to get him out.”

He nodded, “Agreed, take his other hand and we’ll settle him down on the ground.”

“Are you fucking insane!? He’s gonna bleed out even faster if you pull him out!” Cassie attempted to reason with them, flying to Abi’s side. “And what the fuck is wrong with his hands!?” She screamed, pointing at Dylan. And then Luke realised that he wasn’t hallucinating. His brother was actually going to transform if he wasn’t careful.

The other young woman turned around, “Cassie, just trust me on this one. I’ll explain everything when this is over, but for now you have to just let us do what we need to do.”

With shaking hands, she put them on Luke’s shoulders, and he tried to ignore the warmth her touch brought to his body, dulling the pain and giving him a chance to think clearer. “Fine, but at least let me help with whatever fucking crazy idea you guys have,” She retorted. “On the count of three, let’s get him out.”

“One,” Dylan started.

“Two,” Abi continued.

“Three,” Cassie finished.

A splitting pain soared throughout Luke, and he screamed as it ravaged his body. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to leave him in agony. He sobbed as he felt Cassie and Abi lay him down on the ground, Dylan not too far on their heels. Luke felt his body gently slouch into the grass, and he grunted as he felt the blades of grass bristle against the gaping hole in his body.

“Dylan…” Luke called for his brother, extending his arm out once again. He needed, wanted to feel this moment of solace in his final breaths. That didn’t stop his eyes from widening as Dylan spoke to him through fanged teeth.

“Luke, I need you to trust me on this,” Dylan took his arm, “It’s gonna fucking hurt, but I can’t let you die. Please, even if you never forgive me for this, just know that I love you, man.”

His eyes widened as he realised what his twin was trying to tell him. Luke was gonna be infected by him! Oh god, was it that bad? He didn’t want this. Not one bit. But he was too weak to fight Dylan. He could feel himself losing his last bit of life with every second that passed, with every breath he took.

Cassie seemed to latch onto his idea, and, as much as she visibly disagreed with it, based on the way she kept on glancing between the two, frowning, she took Luke’s other hand, “Just give mine a squeeze for every bit of pain you feel, okay?”

He appreciated her kindness, and nodded weakly, “Okay.”

Dylan pulled Luke’s arm up slowly to his lips, breathing in and out as the whites of his eyes turned black, clearly struggling to stay human. As he sunk his fangs into his brother’s arm, and the pain that flooded his system was much worse than the one he had felt upon being impaled by the tree before, Luke clenched Cassie’s hand tightly in his grip. Piping hot venom flooded his system, tracing a dark line down his arm as his body started to react to the infection. He began to kick his feet out from under him as a subconscious response to the curse spreading itself into his system.

When Dylan finally pulled away, his eyes fading back to their familiar, comforting brown, Luke looked at the place where his brother had bitten him, and could see the black poison bubbling beneath the folds of his skin. He nauseously bit back bile, trying to ignore the infection that he could feel his body oh so desperately trying to fight. If this was how Dylan felt moments after being bitten, then Luke wasn’t looking forward to the next full moon.

And that’s when it hit him.

He was a werewolf now, just like his brother.

He had become a monster in the dark as well.

Abi grazed a hand against Cassie’s shoulder, looking at Dylan, “I’ve gotta get her back home, but I’ll meet you back at your place. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Her friend’s eyes widened incredulously, “Are you kidding me? There’s no way I’m leaving Luke alone after what happened! We may have only met less than an hour ago, but if you guys are staying by his side, then so am I.”

Dylan shook his head, “No, I’m sorry, but it’s not safe. I’ll let Abi know when it’s okay for you to come, but that probably won’t be tonight.”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Because the reason we’re out here in the first place is because our other friend turned into a fucking werewolf in our house, and I had to get Luke out of there before he was ripped to shreds!”

“Okay, sure, blame it on fucking werewolves. And besides, you did a fucking great job, didn’t you?” Cassie spat, her lips shaking in both fear and regret at what she had just said.

Dylan uncharacteristically growled, his fangs extending and his eyes flashing gold once again, he closed them and sucked in a deep breath. When he exhaled, opening his eyes once more, they were back to their regular colour, “That fucking hurt, man, but I know we’re all tired and scared. Just please, listen to Abi and let her take you home. She can explain everything to you whenever you’re ready. But I promise that, now that Luke is infected, he won’t be hurt, not anymore.” 

He stood up, and extended an arm to Luke who took it, wincing as the pain began to dull itself. He could feel the bits of his skin mending themselves together, stretching to reattach themselves to one another like the roots beneath a tree searching for soil. Luke tried not to think about what was happening to him, and how weird it was, but the thudding of the bite beneath his flesh was an apt reminder of what had just happened.

Cassie looked at Luke, “Are you gonna be okay?”

He nodded, “Yeah. Just, as Dylan said, it’ll be easier if you let Abi explain it to you.” He glanced at his twin, “I know it did for me.”

Dylan smiled at him, “I’m glad I was able to help.”

Somehow, Luke knew that, in a way, he was also talking about the bite, “Me too.”

The four of them split up for the night after that, with Luke and Dylan driving back towards their house, albeit in a more dishevelled appearance than before, and Cassie and Abi heading the other way. But something began to creep him out as Dylan reversed. It was this thought, pulsing around in his mind, running in circles and consuming any other fleeting other idea that ran through his head. It devastated his consciousness in the same way the infection was doing to his body. It was the idea that now he had some friends with him.


Dylan Lenivy

From the time it took for them to get back to his car, he could already smell the infection starting to take a hold of Luke’s body. It rolled off his body in the beads of sweat that stained his skin, permeating the familiar toffee smell. The other side of him delighted, wanting to run off into the distance with his brother and howl in a horrifying happiness as they turned and hunted for a fresh kill together. Brother friend brother friend brother friend were the only thoughts that circulated his mind as he opened the driver’s side door to let himself in.

As he slid into the seat, he forced himself to focus on the task at hand. With the events of the night, as well as his emotions becoming heightened due to his lack of sleep, Dylan had a feeling that it would be a lot easier for that side of him to initiate a transformation if he wasn’t careful. He had to stay in control, even if there was no longer the risk of his brother getting hurt if he did end up turning into a werewolf.

Dylan started the ignition, and his phone started to vibrate. He took it out of his pocket, with Ryan’s name appearing on the screen, and gave it to Luke, who pressed accept and put his boyfriend on speaker.

“Hey, babe, what’s up?” Dylan greeted casually, despite what had just happened still heavy in his mind. He wanted to keep his tone light, however, because he didn’t want to stress out Ryan when he was already going through enough shit.

“Hey, sweetie, you called before? I’m sorry I didn’t pick up earlier, I was watching Detective Pikachu with Sarah and you know how anal she gets about phones during a movie,” His boyfriend’s voice was edged with worry and concern.

Dylan didn’t want to stress out his partner any further, though, so he decided to try his best to bring levity to the situation, “Has anybody ever told you that you look like the main guy in that? The resemblance is almost uncanny…”

Ryan groaned on the receiving end, “Urgh, don’t remind me, I get it all the time. I personally can’t see it, though, but it’s a nice compliment. Anyways, are you okay? Is there something you wanna talk about?”

Luke, who had just finished buckling in his own seatbelt, raised a hand guiltily, “That would have been me. I tried to ring him when you were upset before.”

Aside from the fact that his twin had stolen his phone to contact multiple people, boyfriend and best friends included, Dylan was touched that he wanted to help him in any way he could, even if Luke knew that he wouldn’t be the one to do so. It broke Dylan’s heart to think about it like that. But that didn’t matter anymore, because they were gonna be there for one another no matter what happened. 

He loved his brother too much to let him go.

Ryan seemed a bit taken aback to hear that his twin was there with him, “Oh, hey Luke, didn’t realise you were there.”

Luke chuckled lightheartedly, “It’s okay, hope I didn’t startle you, even with that werewolf hearing of yours.”

His brother’s humour, especially the supernatural scenario he had just been put through, worried Dylan. Luke wasn’t one to usually joke around, unless he was teasing his older twin, or felt comfortable enough in a social situation to do so. Maybe it was his way of coping with the shocking events, but even then, it was usually Dylan who was the one to take a crack at some humour.

“What?” Ryan’s surprised voice took him away from his thoughts. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dylan sighed, this was not the way he wanted his boyfriend to find out he had just turned his twin brother into a werewolf, “It’s okay, Ryan, you don’t have to hide it. We need to hold a team meeting anyways, I’m gonna call Nick after this and see if he can get the others around to my place.”

Luke giggled, “You make it sound like a conference call.”

“Shut the fuck up, man. Anyways, Ryan, we all need to go to my house ASAP. Because we need to introduce the latest werewolf to the group.”

His boyfriend paused on the line for a few seconds, “Dylan Lenivy, what the fuck have you gotten yourself into?”


Kaitlyn Ka

Any sort of phone call past nine pm was always an automatic no for her, it didn’t matter who was ringing. She had always been an early bird and was usually awake at five in the morning. And almost everyone in her friend group knew how cranky she could get if she hadn’t had enough sleep. Besides, it was around the time she had to get up for work, anyways, and she didn’t want to lose this new job by being late. Kaitlyn was lucky that the night of the full moon had taken place on her only day off.

It seems like she’ll have to take a lot more days off in the near future, being a werewolf and all now. But that didn’t matter, because now she had to focus on getting a good night’s sleep, or there would be hell to pay with her body in the morning. Still, her phone continued to buzz belligerently on her bedside table, and she willed herself to ignore it. There were no exceptions to the rule, even for Jacob or Dylan.

The former, however, didn’t want to seem to stop calling her. Groaning grumpily at her inanimate device, she snatched it from where it lay, and pressed accept, “Jacob, I’ve got work tomorrow, I need to sleep.”

A growling of its own sounded on the other end. “Hey, Kaitlyn,” Nick greeted. “Sorry to wake you up.”

A chill ran down her spine as her mind thought of the implications of those two simple yet heavily consequential sounds. This couldn’t be good. Whatever had happened was the total fucking opposite. “Nick, what’s going on? Is Jacob okay?”

“Ah, I’ll let him speak for himself,” There was a ruffling sound and the growling grew louder. Kaitlyn found her own body responding to it, her toes cracking against their joints, warming up the tendons with the thought of turning. She shook her head and willed the sensations away, even as goosebumps threatened to ripple up her flesh. “Hey, Jakey,” Nick started to speak affectionately, “Wanna tell Kaitlyn how you’re feeling?”

The growling came to a halt, before turning into a howl at the mention of her name. Kaitlyn had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stop herself from responding in return, but it seemed that Nick couldn’t stop himself. He cleared his throat and started up their conversation as if nothing had happened, “Uh, does that answer it for you?”

Kaitlyn chuckled with warmth resounding in her voice, “He’s not a dog, Nick.”

“Well, technically he is, right now. Or, part wolf. But either way, I get what you mean.”

She realised that, even at his lighthearted attempt at humour, right now wasn’t the best time to be making jokes, especially when there was still the question on how Jacob had ended up the way he was, “Nick, seriously, though, what the fuck happened?”

“Um, bit of a long story, funnily enough. You’re gonna have to come to Dylan’s place though. Team meeting. I mean, I should really be calling it a pack meeting, using the word ‘team’ just makes it sound like we’re on the job.”

She couldn’t help but laugh at that one, “Well, as much as I appreciate your attempt at werewolf humour, I’m afraid that now probably isn’t the best time. And while I have a million questions on my mind, such as ‘what about Luke?’ and ‘what the fuck happened to him?’, I have a feeling that he is somehow gonna be involved in said meeting, knowing Dylan.”

“Then, you would be correct, Kaitlyn.”

She pushed back the sheets of her bed and began to reach out for a pair of her everyday clothes, “Then I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Oh, and Kaitlyn?”


“There’s something else you should know.”

“What’s up?”

“Dylan’s brother is a werewolf now.”

Kaitlyn blurted out her thoughts instantaneously, “He’s a fucking what ?”

Chapter Text

Luke Nightingale

Even if he knew that the infection was working quickly to desiccate his immune system, he couldn’t help but be astonished at how fast he was healing. Miraculously, by the time Dylan had driven the two of them home, his wound had stopped bleeding, a thick, crusty scab forming over itself. Luke lifted up the tattered remains of his brother’s shirt, and could swear that his injury was getting smaller by the second. “Holy shit.”

Dylan, who realised where he was looking, smiled comfortingly at him, “Yeah, it takes a while to get used to everything. Especially the whole healing aspect. When my hand was bitten, I thought I was gonna bleed out because there was blood practically squirting out of my veins.”

Luke cringed with disgust at this detail, “Ew.”

His smile faded, “Sorry. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I thought I was gonna die with how much I was bleeding. But then it just healed itself, like within minutes. And an hour later, it was practically gone. The only sure sign that anything had happened was when I was turning, and the area where I was bitten was the first to have my veins turn black.”

Dylan started to park his car at their house, but the driveway was already full, so he had to situate their vehicle on the lawn. Their father definitely wasn’t going to be happy about it when he came back in the morning. But that didn’t matter. They had more pressing matters to deal with.

“Everybody got here quickly,” Luke commented, noticing that there were an extra three cars there since they had left the residence.

“Yeah,” His brother’s smile came back fondly, “That’s one of the things I love about them all. They’ll drop anything to be by your side, no matter what is going on.”

Luke found himself returning it, “You’ve got some good friends, Dylan.”

His twin turned off the ignition and unbuckled his seatbelt, “Well, they’re your friends now as well.”

And that’s when the thing from earlier crept back into his mind. The idea of friends . He could feel this new side of him desperately wanting to crawl out, to change and greet them in a strange, monstrous corporeal form. Luke shivered at these twisted thoughts, goosebumps rippling along his skin in response to the urges growing in the back of his mind. 

Dylan must have noticed, because before he got out of the car, he turned back to him, “It’s getting to you, isn’t it?”

He nodded weakly, swallowing as he tried to push these cravings out of his head, “Yeah, I-I don’t know why, but it’s really scaring me.”

His brother took Luke’s hand and gave it a squeeze, “We’ll get through it, okay? I’m not gonna lie and say that it’ll be easy, but you have all of us to help you every step of the way. You’re not alone, okay?”

Luke felt tears prickling in his eyes at Dylan’s kind words, and unbuckled his own seatbelt to pull his sibling into a hug. His twin knew that he generally wasn’t one for physical touch, so he winced in a taken aback manner at first, before wrapping his own arms around Luke. Dylan’s grip was tight against his own, as if he was scared to let him go.

“I love you, Dylan,” Luke found himself shakily saying.

His brother’s voice was muffled against his shoulder, “I love you too, Luke.”


Dylan went to knock even though it was the front door to their own house.

Luke just stared at him blankly, “What are you doing?”

His brother shrugged, “I don’t know, just a formality, I guess.”

He found himself chuckling at Dylan’s goofiness, and, as he was about to open the door, Nick yelled out to them, “Just wait a sec!” The sound of shuffling footsteps, as well as hesitant growls filled the residence. Luke could swear he could hear him go “Jakey, stay!” but decided not to comment on the absurdity of the situation.

The door opened a few seconds later, but it was only angled ajar that Nick could peek through with a golden eye, “Hey guys, um, maybe we should wait until Jakey here is back to his normal self before Luke comes in.”

“Why’s that?” He found himself asking at the mention of his name.

“Nick’s just worried that he might attack you, that’s all,” Dylan answered before glancing at the young man behind the door, “He’ll be okay, trust me. And if anything happens, then it’s the two of us against one.”

Luke found himself brushing his hair nervously away from his eyes, “I don’t know, I think we should listen to him. It might be safer.”

His twin held out a hand, “Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” He took it hesitantly, and let his brother’s strong grip guide him into the house. “You did just save my life, after all.”

“I don’t know, Dylan,” Nick disagreed, moving to the side for them to come in. “I still don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Let’s just try, okay?” Dylan compromised, stepping onto the threshold. “I have a feeling that Jacob will recognise him as one of us.”

As a friend , this new side of Luke began to cackle menacingly. He knows that we’re a friend! Friend friend friend friend . New friend! He shivered again at the thoughts that circled his mind, and Dylan let go of his hand, turning around to him.

“You can feel it, can’t you?” His older brother looked at him with concern.

That was the word. Feel, not think. Because now that Luke had just noticed, it was more than just the thoughts. It was how hot his body felt, like not even the coldest shower in the world would have a chance at lowering his temperature. It was the way he could still feel the skin stretching and bonding together, like a slow colony of ants crawling across the wound, to mend the injured area. He could practically feel the clotting agents of his blood taking control over his broken body. The pressure that was building in his temples before fading to a thud. Luke could hear better, see better, smell better. A sweet toffee scent emanated from all of them. And this other side recognised it as his friends , whatever that meant.

Realising that Dylan was staring at him, waiting for an answer, Luke nodded, “Yeah. Does this mean that I’m gonna… that I’m gonna-”

“Not yet,” An unfamiliar voice interrupted. But this one didn’t have the toffee smell. As a person with mossy green hair and bright hazel eyes entered the room, a satchel attached to their side, the aroma of coffee beans filled the air. Luke found himself not liking the unfamiliar scent, however, and felt something build in his chest. It scratched and clawed its way savagely to the top of his throat, emanating from his vocal chords as he winced from the pain. What seemed to sound like a growl flooded from his upper chest, and he found himself putting a hand to his chest in shock, his eyes widening in a subconscious response.

“What the fu-”

The person stopped walking and watched him. That’s when he recognised that it was Cameron, Emma’s sibling from the police station. But they didn’t smell human. So what were they? And why the hell did he make that sound as a response?

They squinted their eyes uneasily at him, “Are you okay, Luke?”

He shook his head, blurting out the first answer that came to his mind, “No, this is all too much.”

Dylan walked to lay a hand on his back, “Hey, we can always-”

“No,” Luke cut his brother off, “We need to talk, all of us.”

Cameron cautiously watched the twins, “Exactly, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be allowed a few minutes to adjust.”

He shook his head, “I’ll be okay. It’s just- does that mean… that…?” Luke couldn’t finish the sentence, swallowing as he felt his hands beginning to tremble with fear at what he was going to become. He didn’t know if he would be able to handle turning into a werewolf the same night that he had found out about their existence. But then again, that’s what poor Dylan had to go through. At the thought, he looked at his older brother, who wrapped him into a hug. Despite hating physical touch, unless it was one that he initiated, he found himself clinging onto his sibling and wrapping his arms around him, before letting go a few seconds later. When they pulled apart, Cameron was still looking at them.

“No,” They replied, once he had pulled himself away from Dylan’s grip. “Not until the next full moon. The magic doesn’t settle fully into your system before then.”

Luke frowned in confusion, “Magic?” He laughed nervously, “What, you’re telling me witches are real now?”

“Yup,” Cameron pointed to themselves, “I am one.”

He felt like he was going to faint in disbelief. What a fucking night. But there was still another question on his mind, “Wait, then how come Jacob isn’t attacking you if you’re not a werewolf?”

They pointed to him, “The same reason you growled at me upon first seeing me, werewolves have a natural aversion to witches. While they won’t attack us like they would with a human, they also don’t like us being around them. It’s basically the supernatural version of cats and dogs.”

Luke scratched the back of his neck as the details began to form itself into his head. Before they could continue the conversation, a heavy growl filled the area, followed by a howl. Luke found himself responding to it, and noticed that Nick and Dylan did the same, before the latter’s eyes widened and he ran to shut the door. “Shit, we should probably close it before the neighbours-”

Nick took Luke’s hand and pulled him in, “Agreed, come on, let’s get inside.”

Jacob paced into the room they were all in. Yellow eyes watching Luke with uncertainty as he took a sniff at the newly infected. Once he recognised the scent, however, his mouth dropped open in happiness, his tongue drooping off to the side. He knows I’m a friend , Luke thought, Whatever that means . Jacob let out another howl as a way of communication and he had to slam his hand over his mouth to stop himself from doing it again.

Nick seemed to notice, as he laughed lightheartedly, “You’ll get used to it. He’s the most excitable one out of all of us.”

He found himself nodding nervously, allowing the other young man to lead him further into the house, “I bet.” Nick guided him into the living room where Emma, Kaitlyn, Max and Ryan were all waiting for them. The only person they had to wait for now was Abi, it seemed. 

As if summoned by the mere thought of her presence, the doorbell rang, and Emma sprang up from where she had been sitting in an armchair, “I’ll get it.”

When she was gone, Ryan jumped up from his own seating and slowly paced over to Luke, “Hey, man, how are you feeling?”

He knew there was no point lying when they all would easily be able to tell something was wrong, simply by looking at his fidgeting or hearing his heartbeat, “To be honest, this is all kind of fucking insane.”

“Can’t help but agree with you there, dude,” Dylan went to stand beside his brother.

Ryan took his boyfriend’s hand and led him to where he had originally been sitting, shooting Luke a sympathetic look. Dylan sat down and let his partner settle onto his lap, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s waist to pull him closer and settle his head onto his significant other’s neck. Luke looked away, embarrassed at their public display of affection, but not wanting to interrupt the time they had together. He was happy for Dylan, but that didn’t mean that sometimes he didn’t wish for someone of his own to hold. It was something he got oddly jealous of over his brother sometimes. But maybe if he waited long enough, there would be somebody out there for him.

So why did his mind instantly float to Cassie, whom he had just met?

Before he had time to ruminate on these thoughts, Emma re-entered the room with Abi at her side, who waved shyly to them all, “Hey guys, sorry I’m late. I hope I didn’t miss out on anything important.”

Max stretched from where he sat, letting out a yawn, “Not at all, Dylan and Luke just came in.”

“Okay, that’s good,” She glanced down to where Jacob laid on the floor, “Should we wait for him to turn back?”

“He won’t unless his body decides to let him, or he falls asleep,” Cameron explained. “So, unless you guys wanna sing him a lullaby, I’m afraid we’ll have to start without him and explain what happened when he’s fully himself again.”

Nick went to sit beside his friend on the floor, crossing his legs as Jacob let his head fall into the former’s lap, “That’s fine. I’ll tell him everything when he wakes up.”

Cameron just eyed him, as if they knew something that Nick wasn’t ready to admit. And, judging by his flushing red cheeks, Luke was able to read it as well. Maybe it was something they could bond over later, with their potential shyness and all.

But, before he could entertain the thought any further, Max clapped his hands, “Alright, let’s get started then, shall we? This meeting of the Hacketteers pack has officially begun!”

Dylan let out a falsetto howl, cupping his hands around his mouth to amplify the sound. Jacob gave one of his own, and soon, all of the werewolves in the room were either willingly or involuntarily joining in. When they were all finished, Cameron continued to watch them amusingly.

It was Kaitlyn, however, who shot a glare at Dylan, “Don’t do that again, asshole.”

He stuck his tongue out cheekily between a pair of fanged teeth, his eyes flashing gold at their banter, “Can’t promise that.”

Cameron rolled their eyes, making a half-scoffing half-mocking sound, “Werewolves.”


Kaitlyn Ka

Once they had finished recounting the events of their night, Kaitlyn went over to give Jacob a flick on the nose.

Nick, who frowned at her and became the sudden spokesperson for their shapeshifted friend, dropped his mouth at her action, “What the hell was that for?”

“That’s what he gets for being a fucking idiot and almost killing Luke,” Kaitlyn answered plainly.

She went to sit back down beside Emma and Dylan, who was holding onto Ryan as if they had spent an eternity apart.

Nick was still staring at her incredulously, “He didn’t mean to, Kaitlyn. Jacob tried to get him away before anything could happen.”

She rolled her eyes, “Fine, but he still gets it for being a dumbass.”

Jacob huffed a sleepy retort.

Kaitlyn stuck her tongue out at him, “Right back at ya, buddy.”

Luke set his gaze on his brother, “Are they always like this?”

Dylan flashed him a humoured, cheeky smile, “Believe me, this is only half of it.”

“Yeah,” Max joined in with a smirk, “Usually it also involves Emma, Dylan and I roasting each other as well.”

He pouted, “Daw, that’s not the only thing we do, baby.” Dylan blew him a kiss.

Max winked and responded with his own, “I know, but not in front of the children, okay honey?”

“I can’t believe you’re seeing another guy, at least share him,” Ryan joked, turning back to see his boyfriend’s reaction.

Dylan kissed his neck before resting his head back on his partner’s shoulders, “Aw, don’t worry, Ryan, he’s only a side piece, you’re the main course.”

Ryan shot Kaitlyn a ‘ Is this guy really that terrible when he’s trying to be smooth?’ look. 

Max, however, took it the other way. He clutched his hand to his heart and slid out of the chair, his body slumping onto the floor. “I can’t believe you would do this to me, Dylan,” He gasped. “What would your brother think of you being such a cold-hearted killer?”

“His brother thinks that you’re all a bunch of fucking idiots and that we should get on with the meeting,” Luke spoke up for himself.

Finally, something Kaitlyn could agree on, “Thanks, Luke.”

He shot her an exasperated look, “You’re the one that interrupted it by flicking Jacob on the snout.”

She shrugged nonchalantly, “Yeah, but that’s because he deserved it.”

Luke’s head bobbed up and down as he considered what she had said, “Fair point.”

“Well,” Dylan interrupted their little bonding session, “As charming as this is, as the asshole that infected him, I would like to introduce Luke, the newest, and hopefully last, recruit to our little werewolf pack.”

“That’s if we can’t get Laura back,” Max shot them all with a hopeful yet cynical frown.

Luke furrowed his own eyebrows, looking at his brother for more information, “Who’s Laura again?”

Max volunteered the details himself, “My ex-girlfriend who died back at Hackett’s Quarry. Cameron has offered to bring them back.” 

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’ve been holding out hope that maybe this could actually happen.”

Cameron began to fish something out of their satchel, “Speaking of which, I was looking through my spellbook to check over everything we need.” They pulled it out and flicked to a page, their index finger falling upon a particular line, “We need a possession of the deceased to bring back their soul into.”

Emma sighed dramatically, “Oh, thank god . I thought you were going to say that we would have to steal her body or something.”

“Well, there’s that as well, but it’s more that her body… will come to us.”

Kaitlyn found it hard to believe what she was hearing, “Excuse me?”

Dylan raised his hand, “Yeah, I second that.”

“Think of the personal possession as a key to a jewellery box, and her body the actual box itself. If you want to access any sort of jewels, rings or necklaces in it, which is her soul, then you need both of them. Basically, the possession and the body are ways of accessing and retaining her soul, tying it down to her physical form.”

“So whatever she owns will bring Laura’s body to you. But, just like any piece that stays within said box for a long period of time, won’t it grow dusty? Isn’t her body already decaying?” Nick noted.

Cameron flicked to another page, “That’s another spell I’ve been looking at. There’s one here that can restore Laura back to her regular appearance, but it has the chance to be either permanent or semi-permanent, so I can’t guarantee that it’ll last.”

“How do you have all these spells?” Abi queried, watching them turn the pages with wonder.

They rested upon the part of the book they were looking for, “Cordelia always wanted me to be prepared for whatever happened. But she always stressed to me that these should be used under extreme circumstances. Fucking with death is a dangerous thing.” They turned to face each of the Hacketteers, a sleeping Jacob included, “But, considering you guys saved my sister’s life, I think that this is a worthy exception.”

“Well, we didn’t exactly save her life,” Dylan confessed. “It’s more like I made it worse.”

“Dylan,” Ryan called his boyfriend’s name. “You can’t blame yourself for what happened.”

“He’s right,” Luke chimed in agreement. “Please don’t think that what happened is your fault. I’m not taking any sort of criticism after you saved my life tonight.”

“Well-” Dylan started to reply.

Luke shook his head, “Not taking any.”


Kaitlyn took it as her opportunity to step in, raising a finger at him, “Nuh uh, you heard your brother. No criticisms until you try to eat me on the next full moon.”

Dylan laughed nervously, intimidated, but only by a small bit, “Well at least we know that won’t happen this time.”

“While we’re on the topic of the next full moon, what are we gonna do about it?” Nick questioned.

“We’re obviously gonna have to go somewhere secluded, but I don’t think that Jacob’s dad will let us use the lakehouse again,” Kaitlyn concluded.

Dylan frowned, “Why not?”

“Because of the damage we did, dumbass!”

His fatigued eyes widened, “Oh, right, sorry.”

Luke giggled, “You’re even more of an idiot when you’re tired.”

Dylan flipped his twin the finger, “Fuck off, at least I’m the more handsome one.”

“Bite me.”

“Already did. Plus, you used that joke earlier tonight.”

Kaitlyn took this as her chance to step in before the bickering got any worse, “Okay, boys, that’s enough. If you’re not careful, you two can leave this discussion and we’ll inform you guys on what happened when we talk to Jacob.”

Dylan pouted at her, “Kaitlyyyyynnnnn.”


His voice took on a whinier tone, “Kaitlyyyyyyyynnnnnnnn.”

She let hers become more shrill in response, “Dylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn.”

Emma put her hands over her ears, “Argh! Stop with the noises! They’re driving me insane!”

Dylan let one more slip out of his mouth, and the whole house dissolved into chaos. Emma lunged at him as Ryan sprang from his lap to get away from the physical confrontation, while also holding out his arms to shield his boyfriend. Abi reached out to hold her friend back as Nick tried to shush a barking Jacob, who was fully awake and still in werewolf form. And Max, well, he just sat there, cheering on Emma to get him in the balls. 

It was only when Kaitlyn helped Abi drag their screaming friend away from Dylan, that the whole charade was stopped. He sat there, puffed out, “Holy fuck, you scare me sometimes, man.”

“Should be all the time, asshole,” Emma growled, but this one took on a more playful tone.

Cameron shot Luke and Kaitlyn an exasperated look, “This is clearly going nowhere. I think we should pick this up once we’ve all had some sleep.”

She nodded, “Good idea, we can all meet up closer to the full moon, and discuss what to do then. But we can’t hold a conversation when almost all of you are acting like total assholes.”

“You joined in as well,” Ryan pointed out.

“Well, sometimes you have to keep the children entertained.” Kaitlyn clapped her hands together, “Alright, this meeting of the Hacketteers pack is officially adjourned.”

Dylan howled to signal the end of their gathering, and she found herself unconsciously doing it once again. He drew this one out deliberately, and as he did, Kaitlyn realised that she was doing it as well, almost everyone was, except for Cameron. When he finally let go, they stopped, and she used that as a chance to punch him in the shoulder just like before.

“I told you not to do that again, asshole!”

He flashed her his signature smirk, “Yeah, but it’s fun. And besides, you love me too much to hate doing it.”

She scoffed, “Don’t push it, dickhead.”

It scared her to think about the way Dylan’s howl had sounded more like an actual wolf’s than anybody else’s here. To remember the way his eyes had flashed gold, his teeth becoming sharpened by the second. And that’s when Kaitlyn realised that he was probably struggling to keep that other side of him at bay.

Whether that was because he had bitten Luke or not, she didn’t know. Kaitlyn came to the conclusion that they would all have to see each other way before the full moon anyways, possibly within a few days. Not just for Dylan’s sake, but for all of theirs. They didn’t want a repeat of what had happened to Jacob. And besides, Luke was lucky to escape, what if he had been killed? Well, he technically almost did, if his brother hadn’t infected him. But that was besides the point. What if somebody else died because of them?

They all had enough death and pain on their hands, the least they could do was prevent more of it from happening.

Chapter Text


She wouldn’t have believed a word of what Abi had said if she hadn’t seen the twins the night before. If she hadn’t seen Dylan’s golden eyes or fanged teeth. Or the way Luke was able to miraculously walk off being impaled by a tree branch after his brother had bitten him. So, when her best friend of seven years had started talking about the past, including what happened at Hackett’s Quarry over their morning coffee, Cassie had believed every single word of it.

She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about how reserved Abi had been since she had come back home, more so than usual. She didn’t talk to Cassie as much, losing herself in her artwork, or constantly messaging Emma whenever the opportunity arised. When Cassie had tried to have a conversation with Abi about why she was potentially shutting her out, her friend had just shaken her head and said she wouldn’t understand. But Cassie wanted to. She didn’t want her best friend to suffer in silence, no matter how much it broke Cassie’s heart to be shut out.

So, when Abi had finally told her the truth, while a prickle of hurt was still there, she couldn’t be mad. She knew that her friend had a reason for not telling her for so long. But it didn’t stop the fact that the two girls, now young women, had always told each other everything over the course of their friendship. Cassie just couldn’t believe that her sweet, shy friend had gone through such a horrific circumstance. She didn’t deserve it.

The only thing that mattered now was helping her, and that included Luke. She had barely known him for a few minutes, but he seemed like such a sweetheart. Cassie wasn’t one to usually open up to strangers, but the way he had stuttered over his words and bounced up and down on his toes as he offered to help her with her commission was extremely cute. The way Luke had smiled shyly behind the camera as he took photos of her was purely adorable. He had even promised to bring his camera next time, to take some even better shots he could use. He had reminded Cassie of Abi, in a way, albeit she was slightly attracted to him.

She couldn’t deny that, but, more than anything in that moment, where she sat on Abi's couch after their conversation, she wanted to call Luke. To see if he was okay. Even if Cassie couldn’t relate to what he was going through, she still wanted to help him adjust to his new condition. She hadn’t been able to be there for Abi during her first transformation, so the least she could do was help Luke through his own.

Abi frowned at her from the opposite end of the couch, “What are you thinking about?”

Cassie hadn’t even realised she’d assumed her classic contemplating position until her friend had pointed it out. Usually, this involved her knees being drawn into her chest, wrapping her arms around them as she stared off into the distance. Cassie relaxed from this stance and knew that there was no hiding the truth from Abi, “I just, I can’t stop thinking about all this. About what happened to you, and how horrible it must have been. And now Luke. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried about him.”

“But you only met him for a few minutes.”

“Doesn’t mean that I can’t worry about him, especially after he was fucking impaled.”

Abi inclined her head towards her, “Fair.” Her eyes sparkled and she raised an eyebrow, “Wait, not unless you like him as well!”

She shook her head enthusiastically, a blush creeping up her cheeks, “Nuh uh, no way. I barely even know him!”

Her friend’s mouth dropped, “Oh my god, you totally think he’s cute! Cassie! Aww!”

She shot Abi a glare, “If you ever tell him or Dylan anything, I’ll make sure you never wake up the next morning.”

Abi stuck her tongue out, a habit she had obviously learned from Emma and Dylan, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. But, all jokes aside, I can call Dylan and you can talk to him, if you like.”

Cassie shrugged, worried to say anything for fear that she would tease her even more. Granted, she had given Abi shit numerous times over the years for her own infatuations. Guess it was time for her to get her fair share, “Sure.”

Abi started to walk into her bedroom to grab her phone, “I’ll message Dylan first and see if they’re up.”

“Just don’t say anything about Luke, will you?”

“Well, I do have to bring it up with Dylan so you can talk to him, Cassie.”

She flipped her off, “You know what I mean.”

Abi giggled, “I do, and I won’t, trust me.”

Cassie smiled at her, “I do.”


Jacob Custos

He woke up to his cold, bare ass feeling something fluffy brush against it. A just as chilly and wet thing grazed against his lower back, warm huffs of air blowing against the hairs of it as he jolted himself awake and sleepily shuffled to the other side of the room. Rubbing his eyes, Jacob saw a large, fluffy cat stalking slowly towards him, a meow trailing from its lips. He got up and ran further away from it, but it seemed to have its sights set on him, as it continued to make its way towards him.

With barely enough time to wipe the fatigue from his eyes, the feline eventually found its way back to his bare legs and started winding in and out between them. Jacob felt a small, stinging sensation blossom in his foot, and pulled away as he realised the cat had bitten him. “Ah, what the fuck, man!?” He whispered harshly, but it continued to try and swipe at him, forming another meow in the process.

“Schrodinger! Stop harassing the poor naked werewolf!” Luke’s voice demanded as he came into the room, a pair of clothes folded neatly between his hands. Something sweet and thick permeated the air, filling the surroundings around them. It clung to his skin, and that’s when Jacob registered that it was the same smell the others had.

Luke handed the clothes to him nonchalantly, “Morning, sorry if these don’t fit you as well. I wasn’t sure about your size but Dylan said these should fit you just fine.”

Jacob just stared at him, unable to comprehend what his mind was trying to tell him. Luke was one of them. A friend . But how? When? Why? Did he do that? Oh god, he’d really fucked up this time.

Dylan’s brother frowned at him with worry, “You okay? What’s wrong?”

He knew he had to say something before it got even more awkward, but struggled to find the words, “Did-Did I do that? Fuck, Luke, I’m so sorry! I never meant to hurt you, I swear.”

Schrodinger wound itself around Luke’s legs, interrupting their conversation. Jacob finally took the clothes so he could reach down to pet the cat. As he got dressed, he could hear Luke talking to the feline. “Hey, Schrodinger, it’s nice to see you again after you’ve been avoiding us for these past few weeks.”

Jacob slung the shirt over him, “How come?”

He shrugged, “Don’t know.”

“It’s probably because they’re not used to the smell of werewolf throughout the house, but now that their two not-so-humans have the scent, Schrodinger probably feels safe again,” Dylan suggested as he walked into the room, holding two fresh mugs of coffee. 

He handed one to Jacob, who took it. But he didn’t sip it, instead launching into his apology, “Dylan, I’m so sorry that I bit your brother, man. I’m so fucking sorry I swear I didn’t mean to do it and-”

“Jacob, it’s all good, seriously.” His friend held up a hand to stop him. “You weren’t the one that bit him. I did.”

He blinked at Dylan, “What?”

“There was a bit of a freak accident,” Luke explained. “Dylan ended up biting me to save my life.”

Any words to further explain his apology away died on his lips, “Oh.”

Dylan walked and put an arm around Luke, who flinched, but eventually eased into his brother’s touch, “So, Jacob, meet the latest member of the Hacketteer pack, Luke a.k.a. the less handsome twin.”

Luke elbowed him, “Shut up, at least I kissed someone before I left high school.”

His brother’s jaw dropped, his tone taking on a more dramatic, snarky tone, “How dare you! That is very private information, Luke!”

Jacob decided to join in with their banter, “Does that mean you’re still a virgin?”

Dylan shot him a glare, and he couldn’t help but wither under the taller man’s gaze, “No, it does not mean I’m a virgin, Jacob. I’ve probably gotten laid more recently than you have.”

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” His face dropped as he finally got the message, “Oh my god, did you finally get together with Ryan?”

“We did a lot more than just ‘get together’, Jacob, trust me.”

Luke pushed himself away from his brother’s grip, and had his hands cupped over his ears in disgust, “Ah! I do not want to be hearing about your sex life, Dylan!”

“You’re the one that brought up kissing!” His twin retorted defensively.

“But that’s different from sex!”

“Oh my god, can we please stop fighting about each other’s romantic lives? You guys are making me feel like Kaitlyn,” Jacob shuddered.

Dylan raised an eyebrow at him, “Speaking of which, you should give her a call. I promised her that I’d tell you to do so once you were awake.”

Jacob held up a finger and sipped his drink, blowing on it before doing so, “First coffee, then Kaitlyn.”

He chuckled, “I think she’d disagree. She’s probably say ‘first Kaitlyn, then coffee’.”

“Yeah, well, she can make me a fresh one if it gets cold,” He declared, taking another swig of the holy beverage.

Dylan turned to Luke, “And you, I am going to call Abi and give you the phone. Apparently Cassie wants to talk to you.”

He started to nervously play with his longer hair, “About what?”

His twin smirked at him, “I guess we’ll just have to see.” 


Luke Nightingale

His heart was racing as he took the phone that Dylan handed to him, “Hello?”

“Luke!” Cassie’s voice called enthusiastically through the device, “Hey, um, how-how are you feeling?”

He was at a loss for words, “Uh…” Luke found it really sweet that she wanted to check in on him, despite knowing him for such a brief period of time. There was also the fact that he found it hard to explain to her the process of him slowly turning into a supernatural creature. “Okay, I guess?”

She chuckled, but it didn’t appear to be in a malicious manner, “Really? You got impaled by a massive fucking tree branch and the first thing you say is that you’re ‘okay’?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” He grinned until he noticed Dylan wiggling his eyebrows at him, and flipped him the finger. “It’s mainly just a tiny hole now. Based on how quickly it’s healing, I think it should be gone by tomorrow.”

“Huh, that’s fucking insane.”

Luke couldn’t stop the anxiety from creeping into his giggles, “Yup, fucking insane.”

“Is that the only thing you’re feeling, though?”

“Um…,” He noticed that his twin was now miming a blowjob in his mouth and his entire attention focused on it, “Cassie, would you just give me a sec?”

“Sure,” She replied hesitantly, still obviously worried about him.

“Brilliant, thank you,” Luke pressed mute and started to run after Dylan, “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I’M TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION HERE!”

His twin bolted down the house and started to climb up the stairs away from him, his deep, bubbly laughs echoing against the walls of the building loudly. Even if Luke was glad to hear him happy, that still didn’t mean that he wasn’t gonna kill him. Dylan ran to his room and shut it. When Luke tried to open it, he realised that his twin was putting his entire body weight on the door, and used his own to slam it open.

Dylan held his hands out in a plea, “Oh shit, your newbie werewolf strength is scary!”

He didn’t know what came over him at that moment, because Luke charged at him until they both landed on the floor. What started out as a simple prank turned into something much more serious as an uncontrollable anger seared through his body. His chest started to burn, the familiar rumble of a growl brewing as it stung and spread through his upper torso like an acid reflux. Pinning his brother’s arms down, Luke let out a roar that caused the two twins to shake from both the force and the fear.

“Luke…!” Dylan pleaded, his brown eyes brimming with terror and tears. “Luke!”

He didn’t know what he was doing, everything was too much. Too hot. Too scary. Something snapped as it forced him to squeeze his brother’s wrists tightly, and he bared his teeth at the young man beneath him. No no no please let him go , Luke tried to reason with himself, but whatever was in control wouldn’t let it up. Please don’t hurt him .

“LUKE, STOP!” Dylan screamed at him, his eyes now flaming gold. “PLEASE, FUCKING STOP MAN! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH YOU!?”

It took every ounce of him to finally speak an intelligible sentence of human words, “I DON’T KNOW!”

Something broke in him, and he screamed, pulling away from Dylan. When he took a breath, he realised that one of his ribs had snapped and popped out of place, pain forming dual stitches in his side that spread to the rest of his body. Luke’s spine crackled as he felt it break, leaving him temporarily paralysed, his centre of gravity causing him to fall onto his back. It finally pushed itself back into place, albeit in a jagged, irregular position. But some part of him deep inside of Luke wished that the loss of feeling had stayed.

He wailed as he felt tears, like his brother’s from before, fall down the hot skin of his cheeks. An unfamiliar weight settled on the throbbing nerves in his gums, and when he felt the familiar prick and the taste of blood, it was the same sensation as when Dylan had settled his own fangs into his skin. As he let out another scream, Luke could feel the rest of his ribcage breaking and popping, trying its best to beg for deep breaths that he was in too much of a state of panic to supply. 

Searing hands settled themselves on his shoulders, “Luke! Please, listen to me!” He recognised it as Dylan’s voice, and used that to keep himself centred in the world, even as something tried to tear him away from it.

“It hurts, Dylan, it hurts so fucking much,” Luke responded, his words coming out from his irritated, scratchy throat in a deep, inhuman tone. “I feel like I’m gonna fucking die!”

His older brother’s words quivered from above him, “You’re not gonna die, Luke, I promise. It’s okay, I’m here for you. Just listen to my voice. You’re gonna get through it.”

“Luke? Are you there?” Cassie called from the phone, it had fallen onto the floor in the midst of their struggle.

His jaw popped out of his socket, and he bellowed out another mournful howl of pain. Blood was filling his mouth as he struggled to stay grounded in their terrible, miserable reality. He shut his eyes, the daylight around them growing too harsh for his increasingly sensitive vision.

“Luke? Are you okay? What’s going on?” She pressed further.

His heart crippled against the breaking bones and pounding pain that his body continued to put himself through. This shouldn’t be happening now. Not when Cameron said that he wouldn’t turn until the next full moon. But clearly this new side of him disagreed.

Because it was going to force him through this transformation one way or another.

Chapter Text

Dylan Lenivy

This shouldn’t be happening. Not here. Not now. When Luke had pinned him down, he’d initially thought that it was some form of playful banter between the two brothers. But then Dylan had seen the angry glint in his eyes, the irises slowly spreading from a coffee brown to a daffodil yellow like blood seeping into a vial. That was when he had known that something wasn’t right.

And for the first time since he had gotten back from Hackett’s Quarry, he didn’t know what to do. At least with himself on the full moon, or Jacob’s own unprecedented transformation, there had always been a plan, which was to keep everyone safe. Dylan was unsure if he’d be able to do that, because while Luke wouldn’t hurt him or Jacob, his dad was due home any minute. If they didn’t find a way to get his twin safely through his own change, then Martin Lenivy would probably become their breakfast. All three of them, if what Cameron said about the likelihood of turning near a changed werewolf was true.

Dylan grunted as he felt a surge of hunger pains course through his stomach. This other side of him wanted to feed, to join his friend . But he couldn’t, not when he had to help Luke, who was still screaming beneath him as his clothes tore with his distorting body. Fuck, he had to get a grip on himself. Ignore the feeling of his ankles wanting to pop and twist, ignore the way a growl rumbled itself up his chest. He had to push all of it away. For everyone’s sake. He had to be there for Luke as a human .

“Luke? Luke!?” Cassie’s voice grew more distressed from where she was being ghosted on Dylan’s phone.

He rushed to grab it and quickly unmuted her, “Hey, Cassie, look-”

Another one of his brother’s beastly screams cut off his sentence.

Dylan spoke the next one in a single breath, scrambling to get the words out, “I’llsendAbiLuke’snumbersoyoucancallhimbye!”

“Wait! Dyl-”

He pressed the hangup button before she could finish what she was going to say. He knew there would be hell to pay later with both her and Abi, but Dylan didn’t care. Right now, his brother needed him.

Luke’s skin was starting to burst fur that was various shades of brown. The distinct highlights of milk chocolate, burnt bark and strong coffee all came together to glint in a morbid kaleidoscope. Dylan kneeled over his brother and took a deformed hand, feeling the thickened palms of Luke’s own clench his delicate fingers tightly.

“Luke, listen to me, it probably doesn’t feel like it now, but you’re gonna be alright. This isn’t gonna be fun, but I swear you will get through it,” Dylan knew it was easier said than done, but it was better than nothing. He had to help somehow.

“I can’t!” His brother’s voice was distorted beneath his dislocated jawbones. “I’m sorry!”

“You will, Luke, trust me. Okay? Whatever happens, I promise that I’ll keep you safe, alright? Nobody will be hurt, I promise.” His phone started to vibrate with Abi’s name again, and he picked it up, “Look, Abi, I’m sorry about Cassie, but now-”

“Who’s speaking at this current moment and what the fuck is going on!?” Cassie demanded.

“It-It’s Dylan. Luke, he-”

His brother let out a howl beneath him, Dylan being pulled into one as a result of it. He could hear Jacob respond with his own in-turn. But then something happened that nobody, whether in-person or not, was expecting.

The fur covering Luke’s skin started to shrink back into his pores until there was nothing left. His fangs shrunk and resumed their regular slightly sharp shape. His fingerbones crunched and squished each other to assume their natural human appearance, the same happening to Luke’s jaw. Between the space of a blink, the gold fluorescence of his irises had faded back to their usual brown. Within the duration of a minute, Luke was back to his human form, albeit with torn clothing, fast breathing and skin clotted in sweat.

His twin looked up at Dylan and smiled gratefully, before letting his head fall back onto the floor, continuing to pant, “Holy fuck.”

“Luke? Is he-” Cassie questioned.

Dylan popped her on speaker so she would be able to hear the other sibling, “Yeah, he’s here. He’s human.”

“But, how? I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen until the full moon! That’s what Abi said,” Her tone was high with incredulity.

He didn’t even realise he was breathing harshly until he spoke the next sentence, “I don’t know. But we need to call the others, now.”

“Hey, what was that howling before?” Jacob called from the doorway.

Luke giggled exhaustingly, “Nice of you to finally join us!”

“First off, I was taking a dump man, so shut up. Second-”

Dylan quirked an eyebrow at him, “You howled while you were taking a shit?”

“Okay, fuck you man, I can’t control it.”

“Still disgusting,” Cassie stated judgmentally from her own end. “Also, good to finally hear from you, Luke, considering I asked your brother so many times to speak to you. What the fuck happened?”

The three young men looked at each other, but Luke was the first one to talk, “We don’t know, but I think we need to speak to Cameron.”

“Looks like we’re summoning the Hacketteer pack less than twelve hours after the meeting was adjourned,” Dylan tried to bring levity to the situation.

Jacob held a finger up to him, “Don’t you howl, I swear to god, man.”

“Why? Afraid you’re gonna shit yourself if I do?”

His friend launched at him and he had to scramble out of the way to avoid being tackled for the third time in less than twenty-four hours. Dylan screeched as he did so, and Cassie let out a wistful sigh in response, “I swear to god, fucking werewolves, man.”

“You didn’t even see anything,” Luke chuckled.

“Don’t have to in order to know that you’re all being dumbasses,” She teased.

His eyes widened in horrified innocence, “I didn’t do anything, that was Jacob and Dylan!”

“Mhm, sure it was. Anyways, if you guys are having a meeting to talk about this, then I want in.”

“But, you’re human,” Jacob tried to argue.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass, Jakey boy.”

“Only Nick can call me Jakey boy,” He grumbled.

Oh, this was even more of an interesting development. But, as much as he would love to tease his friend about having a queer awakening, now was definitely not the right time. Maybe he should get Jacob to watch Love, Simon with him to speed up the process. Unfortunately, that would have to wait until this little hairy situation was over.

“What he means, Cassie, is that we don’t want you to get hurt,” Dylan tried to explain.

“Oh, like Luke did?” She retorted, not taking the bait.

He winced at her reply and Luke sucked in a breath, “Ouch, too harsh, Cassie.”

“Sorry,” Her apology seemed genuine based on how heavy her words sounded.

Luke looked up at Dylan, “Look, she’s gonna find a way to get involved no matter what. She just wants to help, like I did.”

The words struck a sensitive vein in his heart, and he swallowed the sting of it away, “Fine, she can come, but only if the others are okay with it.”

Jacob frowned, “You’re an idiot, Dylan.”

He didn’t appreciate that. But he knew that his friend was tired, so he blinked away the hurt that rang as painful tears, “You don’t have to be an asshole, man.” Dylan could hear his voice break with the words. “I just wanna try and make everyone happy.” He stood to leave until Jacob blocked his way.

“Dylan. I’m sor-”

“It’s fine, seriously,” He gently pushed his friend to the side, “Just, give me a few minutes and meet me downstairs.”

Fuck, he could feel it coming on again. But he wasn’t even angry . This was definitely not normal. He may have only been a werewolf for two months, but something wasn’t right with them. Not with him, or Luke, or any of them. It was then that Dylan realised that they all needed each other now more than ever if they were going to survive what was happening to them.


Max Brinly

Setting down his morning coffee on the bench in the workshop, his phone started to buzz in his denim jacket. Seeing Dylan’s caller ID, he was immediately concerned, but knew that it was probably gonna be some sort of joke about having a werewolf wake up naked in your house. He knew he had to answer and cut to the point before he started work for the day. 

Max pressed accept, “Look, Dylan, as traumatising as it probably is to see Jacob’s balls in less than two days, I’ve gotta get started at work soon. So-”

“Hey!” His friend cut him off. “No, it’s not that, man. I know you have work so I’m sorry for calling you.” Dylan’s words were taking on a more anxious tone by the second.

Max decided to keep his own more casual and relaxed, hoping that it would have the same effect on him, “That’s all good, dude. What’s wrong? Did Jacob not…” He couldn’t exactly say those words within hearing range of his colleagues, but considering he was just talking about the young man’s testicles before, he didn’t think it really mattered. “You know?”

“No, no, he did. But, uh, Luke… almost did.”

Holy fuck, this couldn’t be happening. Cameron said the poor bastard had another month! Not unless, oh, Max was totally gonna get him back, “Dylan if you’re fucking with me I swear to god, man.”

“I’m not!” He striked back defensively. “Look, just, please, come over when you can. We all need to talk, again.”

His friend’s uncharacteristic seriousness was already a cause for concern, usually he would have said that it was all a joke by now. Dylan wasn’t the type to let it turn malicious. Max had only known him for a month, but already knew he had a good heart. They all did, whether they showed it more than others or not.

“Alright, I don’t finish until five tonight, so I can’t come before then. Also, won’t your dad be home by then? How are we supposed to talk about it with him in the house?”

“Fuck, I didn’t think about that. I’ll see if Abi and Cassie will let us meet at their apartment.”

“Max! Five minutes!” His boss declared from somewhere in the background.

“Shit, I gotta go, just text me the details, okay?” Max hated to cut their conversation short, but he still had to set up a few things before he started for the day.

“Will do, I’ll see you tonight, Mayfield,” Dylan affectionately farewelled him.

Max chuckled at the mention of his online nickname, “I’ll see you later, DJ UwU.”

“Ooowooo!?” His friend pronounced the name in a high-pitched, whiny voice.

“Ooowooo back at ya, bud.”

“Love you, Max.”

“Love you too, my dear husband, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Bring the candles.”

“Only if you bring my favourite flavoured lube.”

Dylan’s laugh erupted from the other side as he hung up. It was a pleasant sound. He deserved to be happy. All of them did, after what they had been through. It’s just a shame that Max wouldn’t be able to share his own with Laura, not yet.

He picked up his coffee and went into the locker room, setting his jacket and backpack on a hook. As he went about his day, Max’s mind kept on going back to the possession of his girlfriend’s he had chosen to give to Cameron. It was the necklace he always wore that he’d given to her back on August 22nd. It had been recovered from her body the following morning. But that wasn’t the only thing related to Laura that he carried in his bag.

Because sitting next to the necklace, sheltered in a ziplock bag, was the engagement ring Max had planned to propose to Laura with once they had come back from camp.


Jacob Custos

He felt terrible for the way he had insulted Dylan. He shouldn’t have spoken to his friend like that. Jacob had reverted to one of the most infamous tactics his father used; if somebody disagrees with you, insult them. God, he really could be like the old asshole sometimes, but at least he knew when to say sorry, unlike the biological sperm donor.

Seeing his friend’s features shatter like a delicate facade of spider webs, Jacob knew he had to make things right with him. It was only a shame that, as Dylan was coming back up the stairs to the room, he heard a car pull into the driveway. Luke inclined his head in the same direction of the sound and his eyes widened, “Shit.”

“Fuck, that’s your dad, isn’t it?” Jacob harsh-whispered his question to the other young man.

Luke nodded, putting his hands in his hair as he began to pace the room, “Shit. Shit. Shit. We gotta get you out of here.”

He shook his head, “Nuh uh, not until I talk to Dylan.”

The fellow werewolf shot him a seething glare, “Look, I know you wanna apologise for being an asshole, but now’s not the right time, you can message him.” Luke pointed to Dylan’s window pane, “But for the time being, you need to get the fuck out, you hear me? Trust me, this isn’t the way my dad prefers to meet guests, especially if he didn’t know they would be over in the first place.”

The words struck a nerve in Jacob’s heart, and he found himself vocalising the question he dreaded asking, “Oh god, he’s not gonna… get angry, is he?” He let the words hang, too afraid to verbalise what he was implicating.

Luke frowned, his lips quivering in worry as his jaw dropped in response to receiving the unspoken message, “What? No, of course not.”

Okay, that was good. But that didn’t mean that Jacob wasn’t going to stand his ground. “Look, man, just let me talk to Dylan and then I’ll leave.”

He pointed emphatically to the window, repeating the motion a few times, “No! You need to go, now , Jacob!”

The jingling of keys echoed across his sensitive eardrums, locks clicking into place as a doorknob turned, signalling the arrival of another person into the house. A pair of feet pounded themselves down the stairs as Dylan ran to the entrance of the Lenivy residence. They stopped before the thud of a body bounded off the walls of the house. “Ah, fuck!” His swearing echoed throughout the house.

“Jesus, Dylan! Are you okay?” Mr. Lenivy asked, concerned for his son. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“I don’t know, dad, I guess I was just excited to see you,” His reply was muffled, as if he was rubbing a sore spot on his face.

“Well, it’s good to see you too, but don’t do that again, okay? You’re not a superhuman. So don’t go doing stupid stuff.”

Oh, if only you knew , Jacob found himself thinking, If only you knew, Mr. Lenivy.

“Yes, daaaad,” Dylan responded, making his words come out in a slow drawl.

“Don’t come crying to me if you decide to jump three flights of steps and almost break your nose again if you’re gonna give me that attitude, you hear me?”

Luke whispered Jacob’s name beside him and he turned, finding the twin once again signalling to the window, this time with both hands. He shook his head. He wanted to talk it out with Dylan first. He wanted to say sorry in-person more than anything. Jacob needed to do this face-to-face, to communicate and admit that he fucked up. He needed to break the cycle his dad had taught him.

A scratching started to verberate at the base of Dylan’s door, followed by a drawn out “mmmmmrrrrrroooooowwwwwww!” Luke mouthed the word ‘shit’ and shook his head at Jacob, notifying him not to open it. The sound of claws scraping themselves against hollow, white wood continued to be produced. It began to speed up in pace, becoming faster and more desperate by the second. 

“Mrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” This one was a lot more heartbroken and needier than the first.

“Fucking cat,” Luke whispered. “Go away!”

“Dylan? Why is Schrodinger clawing at your door?” Mr. Lenivy asked from downstairs.

“I don’t know, I’ll go check on them now,” The other twin replied, using that as an opportunity to escape to his room. The footsteps continued once again, this time becoming louder as Dylan came closer to his bedroom. Jacob decided to hide in the adjoining bathroom in case Mr. Lenivy decided to follow his son.

Luke took the chance to quickly dash out of his brother’s room and into his own. Apparently his father wasn’t there, thankfully, because no questions about his torn clothing accompanied the great escape. But there were more pressing, terrifying matters, however, such as the large, fluffy cat that had decided to race into Dylan’s room in search of Jacob.

He watched with delight as the fur of the creature jiggled in time with its runs, before coming to a halt and winding itself around his legs. Once the door had closed, he picked Schrodinger up and held the cat in his arms. That was when the feline decided to put its plan of attack into motion, sinking its pointed teeth into his arm and he sucked in a harsh breath. Laying the little devil down on the floor, he looked back up to see Dylan watching him, pointing at the window like his twin brother had minutes ago. God, they were so alike, even if they didn’t realise it.

Jacob whispered, “I just wanted to say I’m sorry for-”

Dylan shushed him, holding a finger to his lips and pointing to the window.

He shook his head, and his friend pulled out his phone from his jeans. Uh oh, this couldn’t be good. Jacob’s own device vibrated from the pocket of his borrowed clothing, and he fetched it out.

The Hoes of Hackett’s Quarry

DJ UwU at 9:03am - @PeanutPopper GET TF OUT OF MY ROOM



Oh fuck, not Kaitlyn. Jacob would be in deep shit if she responded before he left. Unfortunately for him, she replied a few seconds later.

ShootingStar: Jacob just climb out the window like I usually do

ShootingStar: Ur a werewolf youll heal if you break your legs

PeanutPopper: I just wanna apologise for being an asshole to him

ShootingStar: Jacob ur always an asshole

ShootingStar: Youd be there all day if you had to apologise for every time you were being a dick

PeanutPopper: Yeah well at least I have the chance of getting some

Oh shit, he should not have said that. Jacob felt a searing heat blossom in his cheeks as he tried his best to delete the message, but it seems that the others had already seen it, based on the way he heard Dylan choking on his own laughter, or some of the replies that were coming through.

Haga Hacka Quora: Is that so Jacob? Is that why your nickname is called PeanutPopper ;)

PeanutPopper: Fuck off Ryan

Haga Hacka Quora: No YOU fuck off

OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: This is very entertaining to read

Abibobabi: Agreed

OH NO THE CONDENSATION CLEOR: Unfortunately I have to edit my latest vlog tho so Abi Im expecting screenshots

Abibobabi: Don’t worry Emma

Abibobabi: There’ll be plenty <3

Oooohhh, so now Abi was sending lovehearts to her. This was getting very interesting.




PeanutPopper: OH SHIT SORRY

PeanutPopper: I’LL GET OUT

ShootingStar: Now he does the stubborn motherfucker

*ShootingStar sent a gif of Kermit the Frog falling off of a building*

ShootingStar: This man will be the death of me

PeanutPopper: Fuck you Kaitlyn

ShootingStar: Oh Im pretty sure theres somebody else in the group that you wanna fuck




DJ Uwu: TO


How had he forgotten about that when it was literally sent a few seconds ago? Ignoring his friend’s glare, Jacob finally snuck out of the Lenivy residence, promising himself that he would properly apologise to Dylan later. He wasn’t gonna be like his dad. Not now, not ever. He was gonna be better than that old sack of shit (pun not intended), no matter how hard he had to fight to break the toxic cycle his father had brought him into.

Chapter Text

Emma Mountebank

After she had told Cameron about what Dylan had discussed to her on the phone, they spent the rest of the day pacing their house once they had come home from work. While it was only an hour between the time they came home and when they left to go to Cassie and Abi’s, it still drove her nuts. Emma knew not to be mad at them, though, because she was just as worried as they were, and people showed stress in different ways.

When they arrived at the apartment, Abi opened the door when the two siblings were steps away from opening, her brown eyes bursting with worry and fear. Emma felt the urge to wrap Abi in her arms and carry her inside, laying her down on the couch and holding her until whatever anxiety that held her captive went away. She found herself wanting to run her fingers through her hair and play with the crimson-red tips, letting them fall and caress the freckles on the other woman’s cheeks. Emma wanted to do all of those things, but she couldn’t, clearing her head and ignoring the blush that crept into her face, she stepped into the apartment.

“Hey, Emma,” Abi tried her best to hold a smile, but lips quivered too much to let it stay.

Fuck it. Her friend was struggling. She needed Emma, all crushes aside. She took Abi into her arms, feeling her clench against the unexpected action, before giving in and nestling her head into Emma’s collarbone. She let herself relinquish in Abi’s toffee smell, and tried to ignore that other side of her that celebrated the fact that Emma was with a friend . She focused on the other scents she could detect, her mind pinpointing on the traces of raspberries and honey around her friend. She cradled the back of Abi’s neck and pulled her in closer, never wanting to let her go for fear of losing her to whatever mindfuckery was happening to them all.

A throat cleared inside the apartment, and Emma looked over to see another young woman watching them with deep interest. Mortified, she pulled away from Abi and couldn’t stop her whole body from erupting into a searing heat, not unlike the one it did just as she was about to transform. It scared Emma, and she knew she had to get a grip on it before anything else bad happened. Too many people had already died these past few months, she didn’t know if she’d be able to handle losing Cameron, and knew that Abi felt the same about Cassie.

Speaking of Cassie, the stranger watching them with arched eyebrows must be the famous, yet oddly terrifying, best friend of her crush. She seemed to latch onto the idea as well, because she sent the other young woman a heart-pounding smirk, “You must be Emma.”

She swallowed, forcing herself to cover her fear up with confidence, hoping that Cassie didn’t see behind her facade, “You would be correct. And I’m guessing that you’re also a fierce protector of our dear Abi over here?”

Her crush rolled her eyes, “I don’t need protecting, thank you very much.”

Cassie shrugged, swaying her arms as she walked over to greet the two, “Well, some things are too precious in this world to get hurt.”

Emma didn’t break eye contact with her the entire time, “Agreed.”

“Hey guys, I think some of the others have arrived,” Cameron announced from the door, their head peeking around the corner. A couple of footsteps followed and Emma recognised that it was Dylan and Luke based on their scents. She shuddered, scared that she was able to recognise them from far away, even if they weren’t in the room. It really made her worry about how much the lycanthropy was affecting her body outside of the full moon.

“Hell-o there people,” Dylan sauntered in from the door, “DJ Dylan here once again to bring the chaos and queerness to the counsellors of Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp. Who’s ready to part-ay?”

Abi sighed in mock-disappointment, “Please don’t ever say that again, that’s probably one of the worst jokes you’ve done so far.”

“Trust me, it’s not,” Luke argued as he walked in behind his brother. “He still makes Morbius jokes.”

Dylan scoffed, “You’re just not a true Morbhead, you wouldn’t understand. Hey, Emma!”

She perked her head up at the mention of her name, “Yeah?”

“Will you promise that one of us, or Max, will say ‘It’s Morbin’ time’ when it’s the night of the full moon?”

She laughed, but rolled her eyes, “I don’t know, Dylan, it’s a pretty outdated joke.”

“Emma! You, out of all people, aside from our favourite redhead, should understand the complexities of the Morblore, and why it takes so long to understand.”

“Okay, can you please stop saying the word ‘Morb’ before I punch you in the face?” Kaitlyn jokingly threatened as she entered the residence.

“Kaitlyn, you don’t understand the historical significance of the Morbius sweep, so you wouldn’t get it,” Jacob argued, trailing in after her. He stopped when he saw Dylan, and his gaze fell to the floor. 

But that didn’t stop the other young man from wrapping him in a quick hug before pulling him back and giving him a pat on the shoulder, “Sup, man, how’s it going?”

It seems that whatever the apology in the groupchat had been about, all was forgiven.


Ryan Erzahler

One thing he was quickly learning about his new boyfriend was how much he loved being cuddled by him. When it came to past relationships, Ryan was never exactly the touchy type. It could overwhelm him in certain social situations or cause him to feel really anxious if he was having a hard day, even if his then partner was just trying to comfort him. 

But with Dylan, he never had to worry about that. Since Ryan had left his place, he was constantly craving to feel his boyfriend’s shoulders wrap themselves tightly around him, pulling him closer and holding him securely in his wide frame. He sorely missed the way Dylan would link his hands around his waist and let them rest on his hips, making him feel safe and secure in an otherwise gruelling world.

But now, he couldn’t get that, because his asshole twin brother was squeezing Dylan into the very end of the couch, where Ryan couldn’t get to him. Shooting daggers at Luke, he sat back and found himself unable to stop staring at Dylan as the conversation between the Hacketteers and their allies began. When the other twin noticed this, he leaned back and shot Ryan a self-satisfied smirk. The pain of an oncoming growl followed suit. Luke shot him one in return and that’s when he realised that Dylan had leaned over as well, watching the two with a frown, narrowed eyes and pursed lips.

Ryan felt his cheeks getting hotter by the second, but still couldn’t stop himself from baring his teeth at Luke, who in turn did the same. They held each other’s gazes, not wanting to look away as a sign of defeat. It was only when Dylan stood up that they both broke eye contact, watching him with interest. 

He cocked an eyebrow at them, “Are you guys done now?”

Luke cleared his throat and watched the floor, “Sorry, Dylan.”

His twin shrugged, his hips doing a little nervous wiggle, “It’s fine, just move over, okay? I don’t want my brother and my boyfriend fighting. There’s plenty of the DJ to share here.”

“What the fuck is going on over there?” Kaitlyn asked, emanating a demanding presence and bringing the debacle to the whole group’s attention.

Luke shuffled over and Dylan sat between the two men, wrapping an arm around Ryan’s shoulders and bringing him in closer to his body, “Nothing, it’s all good, Kaitlyn, don’t worry about it, okay?”

She wasn’t buying it, from where she was standing, she placed both hands on her hips, “I don’t believe that, I heard Luke and Ryan growling at each other. You can’t tell me those two dipshits weren’t fighting over you.”

“Sorry…” Ryan quietly apologised, looking down, letting his fingertips run across his nails. Dylan reached over and took one of his hands, lacing them together. “I don’t know what’s gotten into me,” He confessed, feeling vulnerable from the honesty.

“Me too,” Luke admitted. “This is really starting to fucking scare me.”

Cameron stood up from their seat, “And it should, because this is unlike anything I’ve ever heard of when it comes to werewolves. While I don’t have any experience, based on what I have read, this is not normal. Something has twisted your moon magic, corrupted it, even. Making your bodies heightened to whatever has you under its spell.”

“If only we could find the werewolf that bit Dylan and fucking kill it,” Emma commented. “Max told me that you have to kill the one that bit you on a full moon, right?”

He nodded at the mention of his name, “Yeah, Laura told me about it when she was talking to Travis, and she also overheard him yelling at Chris.”

Their friend’s name sparked a memory in Ryan’s head. One that reminded him of when she recounted the night of Max’s transformation in his prison cell. “Hey, didn’t she go exploring the police station after she bandaged her eye?”

He set his blueberry eyes on Ryan, pouting his lips as he struggled to get what was being implied, “Yeah, why?”

Ryan found himself moving his arms in the air subconsciously as he verbalised his thoughts, “Maybe-Maybe she found something while she was looking there. She said that Travis mentioned they had been tracking something. What if he said something to her or even documented it?”

Cameron pulled their keys out of their pocket, “Then we shouldn’t waste any time, because we can’t wait any longer, not even until the full moon, if you guys have a sliver of a chance at figuring out what is going on. We need to resurrect her tonight .”


Jacob Custos

Cameron had explained that in order to resurrect Laura, they would need to go somewhere quiet and vacant of any bystanders. Due to it being only early evening, they all decided until it was later in the night to leave the apartment, but in the meantime, they hatched a resurrection plan. Whilst doing so, they did what everyone else did when they couldn’t be fucked cooking, and stuck some frozen pizzas in the oven. 

Between nine werewolves, one witch and a human, the food didn’t last long, and it was devoured within the hour, despite it being extremely hot. Jacob burnt his mouth several times on the pepperoni pizza he was sharing with Nick, but the minor injuries seemed to heal themselves within minutes, allowing him to dine in and make the same mistake once again.

He didn’t really care though, because he got to sit with one of his best friends and share one of his favourite foods with him. Jacob found himself watching the way Nick laughed at Dylan and Max’s jokes all night, and started to make his own to get the same reaction. Everytime he turned back to him and smiled, giggles erupting from his closed mouth, Jacob felt something flutter and beat inside of him. If he wasn’t careful, he felt like he was going to swoon. But god knows why, because he had never felt this way around a girl. Not even Emma. There was something about Nick that was different. If only he could put his finger on it.

Dylan seemed to notice what he was doing, because as Nick’s back was turned, he winked at Jacob, who in turn glared at him. When Nick looked back at the other young man, Dylan wiped the grin off his face and widened his eyes in mock-innocence. Jacob used the opportunity to flip him off and the banter resumed once more.

It didn’t stop once night had properly fallen, and they were on their way to a deserted park, right near the cemetery that Laura was buried. Max mentioned that it had always been one of her favourite places to go to, despite its morbid location, and they had even gone there as their first date back when they were both fifteen. So, at around ten o’clock that evening, the group decided to part ways to their separate vehicles, where they would surely meet again at the desolate place.

Despite wanting to go with Nick, Abi, and, begrudgingly, Emma, he had been dragged into Dylan’s vehicle to sit with Max in the back. He sat in the passenger seat of his own car, which confused Jacob, but once he saw him toss the keys to Ryan, a bad feeling started to boil in his stomach like a toxic, syrupy potion of poison. Said concoction caused him to jiggle his knee nervously, focusing on Dylan’s seat rather than his friend’s face. It didn’t stop him turning back in his seat to face Jacob once he was buckled in, however.

“So, Jacob, you may be wondering why you’re here,” He started the conversation in a fake-serious tone.

He couldn’t help but feel a little bit grouchy from the lack of sleep, but reminded himself not to snap again at Dylan, he didn’t want a repeat of earlier today when Jacob had just been forgiven for it. “Kinda, to be honest I’m more concerned about what’s going on in that head of yours.”

Dylan flashed the same smile he had given him when he had teased him about Emma dumping the other young man. It was playful, silly and light. But well-meaning at the end of the day, “Well, dear Jakey boy, it’s because for starters, you didn’t get back to my discord message, which was very rude of you. And second, I have pulled you into the car to have a queer intervention with you.”

Jacob’s mind flashed back to early last night, before he had gone to the twins’ place. His phone had pinged with a message from Dylan on discord. He’d opened it in a flash, but when he saw what it was about, he had quickly put his phone back to sleep and put it in his pocket before Nick could see it. His skin started to break out in a lustful fever upon thinking about what could have happened if his friend had seen those messages. The erotic, but also scary, fantasies running wild in his mind. It forced Jacob to cross his legs to hide his growing erection from the others. 

He tried so hard to not look Dylan in the eyes, but knew that it would only make things worse if he didn’t. That was when Jacob’s mind wrapped around the second half of what his friend had said, “Wait, queer intervention?”

The other young man pointed at him, “You, my dear friend, are in denial about your attraction to the same gender. I’ve seen the way you look at Nick, and hence, I am holding a queer intervention. Because you two just need to shut up and bone already.”

“Take him to the bone zone, Jacob!” Max cheered beside him, pumping his fists into the air. “As the token straight of the group, I fully support this!”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing right now. There was no way he had feelings for Nick. Jacob was just appreciating his friend. But if that’s all it was, then why did he get hard before thinking about him? It weirded him out, having some sort of attraction, whatever it was, to somebody he was pretty sure didn’t and never would feel the same way about him. But the question that plagued his mind the most was why he had such an infatuation with Nick when he never had with Emma.

Not that she wasn’t an absolute stunner, but when Jacob was with her, he found himself thinking about other stuff to get himself off. Stuff he felt ashamed of. No doubtedly if his father ever found out, there would be hell to pay. But maybe that’s why he had never addressed those feelings.

He didn’t know if he was ready to, though, so he shook his head, “No, dude, I don’t wanna talk about this. Besides, Nick likes Abi.”

Max’s jaw dropped and Dylan angled an eyebrow at him, “So, you admit it, you have feelings for him?”

Jacob could feel himself getting pissed off again, but didn’t know if his body could survive three transformations three nights in a row. He took a deep breath and bit his lip, letting the painful sensation bring him back down to reality. Don’t lose your shit. Don’t lose your shit. Don’t lose your shit. Keep calm. Keep it together, Jacob . He had to remind himself that Dylan only wanted to help, that his friend always wanted what was best for others. This helped mellow out his nerves a little bit.

“Look, Dylan, I don’t know if I can talk about this right now, okay? I just can’t.”

His friend’s features fell, the smile on his lips falling in the opposite direction, “Jacob-”

Tears he didn’t realise were brimming started to sting at his vision. I could never have one of them for a son . His father’s words flashed back in his mind. No fucking son of mine would ever like boys . Jacob squeezed his eyes shut and balled his fists, pulling them to his face as he failed to hide the tired sobs that erupted from him.

“Fuck, Jacob-” Dylan’s hand fell onto his forearm. “Fuck, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean-”

“No, no, it’s okay. I suppose this is what I get for being a total dick to you earlier today.”

“What? No, of course not! I’m so sorry, Jacob. I swear I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Jacob’s chest shook harder as the force of his sobs increased, his ribs aching from where he was hunched over. He found it hard to breathe, and was worried that he was going to change again, until he felt Max’s hand on his back, and it seemed to calm the other side of him. At least that was one thing he didn’t have to worry about, despite being a complete emotional wreck at the moment.

“What’s going on? Is he okay?” Ryan asked from the driver’s seat.

“I don’- I don’t know! Fuck, Jacob, please I’m so so sorry.”

He shook his head, feeling the tears sway and fall from his cheeks with the gravity of the motion, “No, no it’s not you Dylan. It’s just- it’s my dad.” Jacob found himself emanating a pained noise at this confession. “He-He…”

“Oh, fuck.” Dylan’s voice dropped at the realisation.

Jacob found himself stuck on the same word, “He-He-He.”

Dylan squeezed his forearm, “Jacob-”

“I can’t talk about it,” He pleaded. “Please don’t make me talk about it, Dylan.”

“No, of course not. I’m sorry if I triggered anything upsetting. That wasn’t my intention. And it never will be. I just wanted to help, man. I didn’t even think about…” His friend let his voice trail off, struggling to finish his sentence.

“It’s not your fault my dad’s an asshole, Dylan. I just…” He breathed in deeply, holding his emotions close to his chest, tucking them in a little box underneath his heart and throwing away the key. 

“Please, let’s just stop talking about this. I can’t- I can’t fucking deal with this right now.” Jacob snapped, but not at anyone else, only at himself. He couldn’t help but feel angry at himself for what was happening, not just right now, but everything that resonated in their collective pasts. Just like it always had been growing up, and always will be, it was all his fault.

He found himself sinking deeper into his misery as Ryan drove on into the night, unable to face these new thoughts that came with old feelings.


Nicholas Furcillo

When he saw that Jacob didn’t depart the vehicle with the others, he immediately found himself wanting to jump inside and see what was wrong with his friend. Instead, he looked at Dylan, and let his concerns turn into questions aimed at him, “What’s wrong with Jacob?”

Ryan closed the driver’s side door and was walking towards them, “Just give him a few minutes.”

“But-” He could hear Jacob sniffling in the car, and the sudden need to get in there and hold him overwhelmed Nick. Clenching his fists, he reminded himself to keep calm, knowing that getting angry could make things worse. Much, much worse. “What happened?”

Dylan came over and laid a hand on his shoulder, “Nick, he just needs a few minutes.”


“Just listen to them, Nick,” Jacob yelled from inside the car. “I’ll be okay, I’ll come out soon.”

“Everything okay back there?” Kaitlyn’s voice echoed in the distant night.

Nick swallowed, not wanting to bring any more attention to the situation. He knew that it was better to admit that he couldn’t help Jacob in that moment, as much as it broke his heart, rather than cause a scene. He let his own hand lay itself on top of Dylan’s and gave it a squeeze. His friend spread an arm across his shoulders and did the same for Ryan on the other side.

Luke, upon seeing the trio of interlinked arms, squeezed himself between Dylan and Nick, giving the latter a gentle pat on the shoulders. He seemed to be shocked by what he had done, however, because his eyes widened briefly for a moment, his stare growing vacant. It eventually faded from Luke’s face, and he let it grow into a half-lidded, comforting smile on his face that he sent Nick. 

Max joined in next to Nick, and, together, the five of them walked over to where Cameron had their supplies gathered. Just as they were about to part, Jacob called out. “Wait! Wait up!” He jogged over, bloodshot eyes and heavy breaths accompanying his pace. He popped himself in between Nick and Max, giving the other young man a cute, if melancholic smile.

Cameron cleared their throat, “Now, if everyone, including the masculine majority are here, then let’s cast this spell.”

“Let’s bring my girlfriend back,” Max’s voice trembled with anxiety but was also edged with hints of eagerness.

Dylan tilted his head back to emit a humorous howl, before Ryan gave him a stern “don’t”. 

The other young man let out a small, canine-like whine from his chest, before a hand flew to his mouth, alarmed eyes flying to his boyfriend. “I did not mean to do that.” He reasoned behind muffled lips.

Ryan gave him a lazy, amused grin, “It’s all good, wolf boy.”

Nick laughed at their interactions, but when he noticed that Kaitlyn was glaring at them all impatiently, he let it die out in his lungs. 

Cameron rolled their eyes, “Fucking werewolves. I swear to god, you guys are gonna be the death of me.”

“Pun intended?” Max smirked.

They walked over to him and pulled a knife out of their satchel, “Looks like you’re gonna be the first one to draw blood.” They gripped his spare hand and held the weapon above the skin of his palm, “Let’s go, Maxy boy.” Within seconds, they had dragged it across the area, blood welling beneath the blade.

The howl Max let out was a genuine, wolf-like one that echoed into the night sky.

Chapter Text

Max Brinly

Before he had time to draw his palm away from Cameron as a pain response, they gripped it tightly, as if saying that he shouldn’t dare pull away. A howl that sounded like Dylan’s vibrating in front of him. Fetching a vial from the same pocket the knife had come out of, Cameron pulled the bloodied limb towards it and squeezed. Max let out a small whine, not too unfamiliar to his friend’s only moments ago, and Dylan gave a growl this time in response to the pain.

“Dylan, stop!” Ryan scolded him.

Max turned to see his cheeks glowing red under the waxing gibbous moon. He smiled shyly at the other young man, muttering a “sorry…” ashamedly. Cameron dropped his hand as Max looked away, and he could see that the vial was full of a few drops of his blood.

They swung around, holding the knife limply in the air, “Alright, Hacketteers, who’s next?”

Kaitlyn stepped forward, holding out her palm to the magical sacrifice. A frown deepened across her face as Cameron walked over and placed the bloodied blade over it, “Wait, didn’t you say that you had to wait until our magic had peaked on the full moon? And what about it being corrupted? Won’t it ruin the spell?”

They swiftly ran the sharp metal over the soft skin, not wanting to draw out the pain based on the force their hand flew back at. Kaitlyn flinched at the pain, inhaling a sharp breath. 

Cameron mouthed the word ‘sorry’, before proceeding to answer their question, “It seems like your magic is strong enough, based on the way you are all rapidly transforming with little to no giveaway sign. As for it being corrupted, unfortunately you guys are the only ones that I can get blood from. I’ve always been alone in the supernatural world.” Their final sentence faded off into the distance sadly.

As they gathered some of Kaitlyn’s blood, Emma stepped forward, “You’re not alone anymore.”

A grateful smile spread across their face, “I know, thank you.”

They went through the group, one by one, collecting drops from each of the werewolf’s veins surrounding them. Finally, when they were done, they grabbed a lid from the same pocket and handed the vial to Cassie, who took it. She held it in front of her and let it tip gently. Not enough to spill it, but more so to see how much was in it, as it seemed that Cameron had taken quite a bit. It was almost three-quarters full, but Max guessed that big spells took big sacrifices, and was grateful that it didn’t have to come from just the one person.

Oh, how wrong he was for the not-too-far future.

Cameron took another vial out, this one from a separate pocket on the opposite side, “Cassie, I need some of your blood for the other spell to restore Laura’s body, if that’s alright.” They wiped the blade on the back of their denim jeans, staining the light blue colour with a hue of blood so vibrant that it would probably never wash out.

Her eyes shot open, “You didn’t tell me about this.”

“Look, I’m sorry, I was checking over the spell again earlier today and it said either this or some small animal’s blood. And I wasn’t going to kill some precious thing for my magic. It just has to be from a non-magical body, and unfortunately, you are all we’ve got.”

She handed the vial to Abi, and glanced at Luke before sighing, “Fine.”

Cameron began to take some of hers, “I’ll need the same amount that came from all of them together, but I promise I’ll buy you some ice cream afterwards to get your blood sugar back up.”

“You better get spearmint, that’s my favourite,” Cassie grumpily obliged.

“Hey, that’s mine as well,” Luke beamed, a wispy little giggle erupting from his throat.

She winked at him, “We’ll get one to share.”

Luke’s entire face started to turn into the same colour as his now-healed, but still stained hand. Cassie began to grin as well, but it promptly faded as her eyelids started to flutter. She stumbled back, feet failing to connect to the ground, and Abi reached for her. Luke disconnected himself from between Dylan and Nick, running over to catch her.

He straightened her back up and she reciprocated his kind action with a weak smile. “Thank you,” Her voice began to grow light. Cameron squinted, giving her hand one more squeeze, before gently letting go. They stepped away and pulled out a lid to fashion onto the now almost-full vial.

They turned to Max, “Do you have Laura’s personal possession?”

He nodded, and took the necklace out from underneath his shirt. Max had been wearing it close to his heart all night, using it as a beacon of hope to drive him forward in the lonely evening. But he wasn’t alone. Not anymore. He had friends .

Max undid the clasp and handed it to Cameron, “This is what I gave her on the night she went to kill Chris.” He glanced at Ryan, “Thanks for giving it to me.”

He shrugged, “It’s no big deal.” He looked up at his boyfriend. “I know I would have wanted the same.”

Dylan nodded. “Yeah,” His voice cracked. “Me too.”

Cameron laid the necklace down on the grass and started to grab specific items out of their satchel. Max could see a twig of lavender, smell the peppermint that emanated from the bag and eventually faded as it fell to the grass, and taste the cinnamon as it was sprinkled into the air. Once the ingredients had been spread, they took the vial of werewolf blood from Abi and took off the lid, letting a slow drizzle come out from the end as they began to draw it in a circle.

That was when they started to chant.

“Laura Kearney, hear my plea,

Let your soul presume its voyage on a once mortal sea,

Draw a breath of life and breathe with clarity,

For once again you shall live with no disparity.”

Nobody spoke for a solid minute, their hearts beating too fast to let them speak. Max could hear some of the other’s breathing grow ragged, and he could feel his own do the same. It was only when Cameron started to take the vial full of Cassie’s blood, that they all felt like they could finally relax.

That was until the sound of creaking bones started, and somebody gasped. Max turned to see the source of the noise and couldn’t help but scream. He saw the decayed, mutilated body of his girlfriend crawl towards him.


Cameron Mountebank

Fuck, Max’s girlfriend must have been fast in her human life. Because she was crawling to them at such a velocity now that everyone, including Cameron themselves, took a step back as an automated movement. They could see how far her body had gone through the decomposition process, even without the enhanced eyesight of the others.

The black dress she was wearing slithered across the floor after her like a morbid, hungry snake. The whites of Laura’s eyes had fully taken over her irises and pupils, leaving nothing but a glassy, marble-like appearance to them. The skin around her lips had become ragged and necrotic, the same happening around her earlobes and the tips of her fingers. Cameron could see the haphazard glue of her wounds, barely sticking under the pressure of the movements her body was making. A low groan escaped from her almost nonexistent vocal chords, and that’s when they knew that they had to do something. Now .

They snatched off the lid to the vial of Cassie’s blood and created a larger circle around the one drawn by the werewolves’ one before. Continuing to kneel over it, they started a new chant:

“Laura Kearney, in my dreams,

Let your soul be guided to body,

Hear my voice with empathy,

As your once torn body is restored precisely.”

The skin on the corpse of their former friend began to glow, like thousands of fireflies had burst to life beneath the surface of the large organ. Laura’s body was pulled up by an invisible force, bringing her to her feet as the whites of her pupils and irises were once again filled with colour. The skin around her began to bloom with a rosy flush, a symptom of the blood being created from the now-working bones of her body. The gashes on her skin, from where the jagged mirror piece had torn into her flesh, began to slowly heal over themselves, as if it was a stop-motion of a time lapse. When the necrosis from her lips, ears and fingers began to fade, they knew the spell had finally set into place.

And standing before them was Laura Kearney once more.


Laura Kearney

She didn’t remember much, only the pain and the blood. Lots and lots of blood. It caked itself around her body, staining her teeth and coating her tongue. As she had been hacked to death cruelly by her kidnapper, she slowly gagged on it, even as some of it gushed out of her wounds. With every breath she took, fresh agony flooded her system, not unlike the transformation her body had gone through moments ago.

But now, there was none of that. Now, there was only the taste of dirt, coagulated and crusty between the fold of her lips and other bits of her body she dared not think about. Laura’s body unwillingly started to retch itself, and she felt the tight pull of her abdominal muscles as she emptied the contents of her stomach. The only thing that came out was more bits of dirt, alongside various insects and fresh bile her organs had produced. When she stood up, she found an entire group of people staring at her, but she only recognised a few of them.

One of them being Max.


Max Brinly

He couldn’t believe it. The spell had actually worked . Not that he doubted Cameron’s skill, especially when it came to magic, as they seemed to be quite adept at it. That still didn’t stop a small snake of reluctance crawling up his spinal column and travelling into his brain, settling into the base of his skull. But seeing Laura standing in front of him, staring at him, he wanted to give Cameron a dozen hugs. 

But first, he had to give his now-alive girlfriend one, no matter how dirty she was.

He ran over to her and encased her in his arms, not giving the slightest fuck about his stained clothing. “Max?” Laura’s cracked, broken voice mumbled into his shoulder. 

He squeezed her tighter at the sound of his name, his eyes stinging, but he knew that he never had to hold back any tears around her. Laura had never shamed him for letting his emotions out, and he had done the same with her. So, he started to cry gently into the nape of her neck, not caring if the others judged him. But he knew they wouldn’t. They would probably do the same if they were in his situation.

“Max,” Laura repeated his name. “Oh my god!”

“You’re alive!” He sobbed. “Holy shit, you’re alive!”

Cameron cleared their throat behind him, “Well, not exactly.”

Laura pulled away from him and watched the others, before looking down at her dirt-encrusted clothing, “Max, what’s going on?”

Fuck, where did he start? “It’s complicated… but… you died for a bit.”


Okay, okay, he was gonna lose her if he wasn’t careful. He pointed to Cameron, “This is Emma’s sibling, who was one of the counsellors that was at Hackett’s Quarry as well. It’s hard to explain, but they can do really cool magic and stuff and they brought you back!”

Laura blinked at him, “I…died? …How?” Her eyes roamed around the group, desperate to find another familiar face, before it settled on another person in particular.

Ryan began to rub the back of his neck, “Uh, Travis… stabbed you. After you turned back. It was like something flipped in him.” His eyes became distant, a flinch erupted from his body as he was pulled back into the memory.

Dylan reached for him, taking his hand, “Babe?”

He took it and laced their fingers, gripping his partner’s hand tightly for support, “He-He would have done the same to me. If I hadn’t shot him.”

She stepped back, a hand coming to her mouth as her bright blue eyes shot to Max’s, “Oh god, it’s because I shot him as we were escaping, wasn’t it?”

“Wait, what?” Ryan stepped forward, pulling his boyfriend along in his lead.

“I shot him while we were escaping, he wasn’t gonna let us leave otherwise,” Laura confessed, looking up at Max, “Right?”

He nodded, “Right, the fucker had it coming. But now, it doesn’t matter. Because he’s dead, and you’re here ! You’re back!”

“Again, not exactly,” Cameron interrupted their touching reunion once again.

Max found himself growling as he turned to them, even if he hadn’t meant to, “What do you mean ‘not exactly’?”

“Forget about that,” Laura interrupted him. “Max, why are you growling? Are you-”

Once again, fuck. He knew there was no way he was gonna be able to hide this from her, not after what they’d been through. He wouldn’t want to, anyways. He trusted her. “It’s a long story, I’ll explain later.” Max continued to glare at Cameron, “What’s going on? I thought you said she’d be back for good.”

“I technically said ‘permanently or semi-permanently’,” They corrected. “And unless I can find a way to bring her back for good, until a more natural passing, then I’m afraid that it’s gonna be the former.”

He clenched his fists tightly, his chest aching with further growls as he stalked towards his cowering prey. Max didn’t even register the popping of his fingers out of their sockets, or the twisting of his spinal column as it pulled and realigned itself into a more hunched state.

“Max!” Laura’s voice called out to him, reminding him of where he was. “Stop!”

He turned and shot her a teary look, blurry with both the change that his body was going through and the thought that he might lose her again so soon. Max reminded himself that he had to stay calm, they didn’t need anymore casualties. Not after he just got his girlfriend back, even if it wasn’t for long.

She held out a hand to him, “Explain everything to me on the way, okay? Right now, I could really use a shower.”

He couldn’t help but agree that she really needed one, but he would never say that. Max’s mind had been blocking out the putrid smell of festering insects, dirt and slight traces of decay until she had mentioned her state of hygiene. But that didn’t matter, because she was here. Laura was with him again.

Max walked over and kissed her on the forehead, ignoring the taste of dirt on his mouth, “Okay, we can do that.” He hadn’t even realised that his body had managed to adjust itself back into its regular shape until he leaned forward to lay another kiss on her lips.

“Can we go home now?” She asked, bloodshot eyes shining beneath the barely present moon.

He took her hand and led her back to the car, “Yeah, we can go home now.”

As they walked back, he nodded a thanks to Cameron. He felt guilty for going off at them like that. They were clearly trying their best to help. And Max appreciated every second of it. He promised himself that he would do the same for them someday, no matter how big or small the favour was. Because, whether they went to the camp or not, they were Hacketteers now, all of them. For life.

And Hacketteers stuck together. They fought for each other. Bled for each other. But most of all, they were gonna bring hell to those that fucked with their loved ones.

The majority of them were werewolves, after all, and no matter how scary it was to them, god only knew how terrifying it would be for others that got in their way.


Laura Kearney

She missed having showers. Not the cold to lukewarm types she was forced to have back at the North Kill County Prison. But ones where the temperature was so hot and heavy with mist that her skin was raw and red as a result of it. But Laura didn’t care, she just enjoyed the sensation of scolding, dewy drops of water lightly falling onto her undead skin. Drinking in every bit of warmth that she could like a sunflower to the light of the day.

Her fingers flew to the dozens of scars scattered across her chest. There was one in particular that started on her right breast, before flowing down to the middle of her ribcage. Even just looking at it sent shivers up her spine, a reminder of the violent nature of her death. Her mind flashed back to the cold, jagged silver shard penetrating her skin, the sensation of blood gushing from her wounds as she so desperately tried to fight against her untimely demise.

Laura decided that now was a better time than any to get out of the shower. Stepping out, she tried her best to avoid her reflection, but her eyes once again flew to the scar on her breast before she could stop herself. Suppressing a gag, as a wave of nausea and horror flooded her, she wrapped a towel around her body and walked into the bedroom she shared with Max.

She noticed that their bed was tidy, which, under any normal circumstance shouldn’t have worried her. But aside from the tiny dust motes she could see glittering in the rays of the single light bulb from the roof, she knew that the only person that made the bed was herself. Max, bless his heart, had never exactly been one to neaten the bed after a long night of consistent adjusting, often falling asleep in the mess he had woken up in.

Which meant he hadn’t slept in there since the night she died.

God, poor Max. Laura couldn’t even imagine what he had, and was currently, going through. A shattering pain crinkled in her chest as she thought about how much he had to suffer, just because she wanted to get there a night early three months ago. Swallowing the guilt, she went through her drawers and settled for her favourite pair of loose, if a bit old, pyjamas. She wrapped herself in the light pink, stretched silk and walked into the kitchen.

They were waiting there for her, all ten of them. They seemed to be watching her with an uncertain awareness, as if afraid that she would start turning into a zombie and trying to munch on them at any second.

Laura raised her hands as a peace offering, “Relax, guys, I’m okay. If I start to think that any of you look tasty, I’ll let you know.”

Max chuckled, “See? That’s the Laura I know, she’s completely normal, guys.” 

He went to stand beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist. She had missed the way he held her, both gently and firmly, letting her know that she was free to leave if she wanted to, but grateful that Laura wanted to be with him. She had craved his touch the entire night back at Hackett’s Quarry, for him to hold her hand and tell her that everything was going to be okay. But even if she had died in the process, she was glad that she was finally here with him now.

Ryan snickered at her boyfriend, “Yup, can confirm. That definitely is Laura, aside from the fact that she is still sorta dead.”

“Undead,” Kaitlyn corrected.

Cameron pointed to her in acknowledgement, “Thank you, finally, somebody gets it.”

She winked at them, “Don’t mention it.”

“Okay, I hate to be the reunion breaker,” Emma interjected, looking at Laura, “But are you sure you didn’t find anything back at the police station?”

She nodded, “I’m sure, from what I saw, there wasn’t anything on a fourth werewolf.”

“But did you search the entire thing?”

Laura didn’t know where this was going, but she found herself getting oddly defensive, “N-No! I was tired and in pain and honestly I can barely fucking remember anything because I just came back from the dead !”

Emma stepped back, holding up her hands, “Hey, I wasn’t trying to have a go at you. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to lose your eye.”

“Yeah,” Abi agreed, sympathy heavy in her tone. “That must have been excruciating.”

Laura answered appreciatively to them, “Thanks, I’m sorry for snapping.”

“It’s okay, I get it. It’s a lot. But, what I’m saying is, maybe it would be worth having another look,” Emma glanced around the group to gauge their reactions.

“What, like now?” Max queried.

“Well, not now, specifically, but soon.” Emma shrugged, “Maybe there’s something there that could help us.”

He turned to Laura, “We’ll go, see if we can find anything.”

She nodded, “Agreed. Let’s go now.”

“Uh,” Jacob raised his hand, as if he was in a classroom, “Am I the only one that’s forgotten that the old police station and Hackett’s Quarry is still being investigated? We may have been laid off of the charges, but the police are still probably looking for evidence to see if they can implicate the Hacketts for the missing hikers.”

“Shit, what do we do if they find out anything about werewolves?” Ryan questioned.

He shrugged, “I don’t know, man. Why are you asking me?”

“I’m not, it’s just a general question.”

Kaitlyn stepped between them, “Okay, that’s enough macho men. They’d probably just excuse it as the writings of somebody that was delusional, anyways.”

“But wouldn’t they need it as evidence?” Laura found herself asking.

She shook her head, earrings dangling back and forth with the motion, “I don’t think so, not if they’re already dead.”

Cameron sighed, “Still doesn’t stop the fact that we’re probably gonna have to wait a little while until we can get back there and find anything. It would probably be a couple of weeks at the least.”

“What about the full moon?” Dylan pointed out, his gaze focused on his brother the entire time.

Luke watched him back in response, before his eyes brightened with an idea, “Wait, why don’t we all go back to Hackett’s Quarry, and Cameron, Cassie and Laura can stay at the station, looking for stuff until the night’s over?”

Cameron started to pace, staring at the floor as they considered the scheme, “That could work. Not only does it keep you guys safely away from any form of human civilisation, it also gives us a chance to safely contain ourselves until the morning.”

“And we can finally find out who fucking did this,” Cassie added. “Because there’s no way I’m letting this go on any longer,” She looked up at Luke, “Not if I can help it.”

Laura could see a blush creep into his cheeks, shyly looking away from her and grinning to himself. It reminded Laura of the first date she had gone on with Max, as he had the exact same expression on his face when she had asked if she could hold his hand. A gentle flutter spread itself up her lungs at the reminiscence of her memory.

That was when she realised that, if they didn’t solve this soon, then a lot more people were going to get hurt, more so than before. Luke and Cassie had already gotten involved one way or another, and even if that couldn’t be helped now, then the least Laura could do was prevent it from happening to any others.

There wasn’t going to be any more blood spilled, not on her watch. The only one that would die is the one that started all of this. The mysterious fourth werewolf that had bitten Dylan.

They just had to find out who first.

Chapter Text

One week later…

Ryan Erzahler

The blood that stained his face also blinded him. It stung his eyes, making it impossible for him to see the surroundings around him, including the dead body next to him. Tears started to trickle, wiping the stinging fluid away from his vision until it was finally restored. But that didn’t stop the screams from echoing in his ears.

He turned around to find the bloody, naked body of Laura being hacked into pieces by a furious Travis. He didn’t stop, even as she continued to cry out and fight her inevitable death. Ryan could see defensive wounds forming on her wrists and hands as she struggled to gain a hold of the slippery, silver shard of glass that was embedding itself into her upper chest over and over again. He screamed at Travis, yet the older cop still continued, not caring about the human life he was taking, or the repercussions that would follow.

It was like he had done it before.

Finally, when her shrieks of anguish and pain died out, Travis threw the shard to the side, and set his sights on Ryan. But he wasn’t gonna let this piece of shit win, even if it meant he was the only person that made it out of the house alive. Cocking the gun in Travis’s direction, tears blurring his view, he felt hands wrap themselves around his shoulders, and Ryan screamed. He thought, despite all possibilities, that it had been either Bobby or Chris who had risen from the dead, ready to help exact revenge with their brother.

Ryan couldn’t stop the throat shattering, vocal chord-tearing scream that emanated itself from his chest. Pain started to chain itself to his ribs, cracking and contorting them, he could feel the weight of his fingernails become heavier as they grew into claws. But it didn’t make sense, he had been cured, hadn’t he? It wasn’t the point, because he was going to die anyways.

The hands shook him, and his eyes shut themselves against the force, his vision going black. He raked at them, fighting his way out of their grip, feeling blood well between the tips of his claws and the flesh he was tearing into, desperate to escape. But the startled noise didn’t sound like Bobby’s or Chris’s.

It sounded like Dylan’s.

Ryan flew his eyes open, and stared down at the bloody limbs of his boyfriend. He looked up at Dylan, but didn’t see hurt or betrayal in his own brown irises, only worry. He didn’t have time to process his boyfriend’s reaction, though, because his back cracked painfully and he let out another cry. 

Dylan tightened his grip and held him, “Shhh, it’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Ryan’s changing body fought against his grasp, wanting to break free and fight. To find something and feast until he felt better. But this wasn’t him. Never was and never would be, no matter what happened. Ryan forced himself to focus on Dylan’s arms, to think about the way his boyfriend’s broad shoulders enclosed themselves around his back, creating a tent of safety and security. He forced himself to focus on the smell of faded cocoa and weed coming from the other young man, finding an odd comfort in the stale scents.

As he redirected his thinking, Ryan felt his body reverse its transformation, allowing him to take a more human shape once again. He panted heavily when it was done, but he didn’t have time to think about what had just happened. He flew out of Dylan’s clutch and turned around, taking his boyfriend’s arms in his hands.

“Shit, Dylan, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologise,” Dylan whispered soothingly. “You couldn’t help it. Besides, I’ve got werewolf healing, remember?”

Ryan kissed his left hand, right where he had been bitten, as a form of an apology, “It still doesn’t matter, I hurt you.”

Dylan gave him one on the lips, a non-verbal message conveying not to worry about it, “It’s fine, babe, honestly. I’m all good. Besides, you were the one having the nightmare, do you wanna talk about it?”

He shook his head, the taste of blood still in his mouth. Whether that was from Dylan’s arm or a remnant of his nightmare, he didn’t know. Images of Laura’s struggling form as she fought against Travis flashed in his mind once again, followed by the remaining portion of the officer’s face when he had pulled the trigger. Ryan had only been able to see a single eye of Travis’s properly when his body had fallen to the floor.

He choked on a sob as he tried to pull himself away from the memories; back into the present. But it wasn’t working, because he could still hear the sharp, hissing sound of glass slipping past bone and into fleshy organs, whether that was a heart or the lungs, he didn’t know. All he knew is that it hadn’t stopped Laura’s screaming from sounding anymore whistled or raspy.

It didn’t matter if she was back, because Ryan had still had to watch her die horribly. He couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to be killed in such a painful, gruesome way. The memory of her death clung onto the back of his mind like a phantom. 

His ribs shook and ached as he cried, curling into a ball that he never wanted to come out of. He felt trapped. Like there was no way to escape the memories. And never would be.

“Ryan, babe, talk to me, please, I’m here,” Dylan’s voice shone through the haunting.

He reached out for it, letting his boyfriend’s voice drive away the malevolent spirit, “L-Laura…”

Dylan pulled him into his embrace once again, laying a kiss on Ryan’s forehead as he sobbed into his boyfriend’s collarbone, “Jesus, Ryan, was that what the nightmare was about? Were you dreaming about Laura’s death?”

He nodded, unable to form any words unless he choked on his emotions. He retreated back into the ball he had been in before, and Dylan held him closer to his chest, cradling him like a long-lost jewel that had fallen out of a ring, now newly found. Ryan cried and cried until he felt his entire body loosen the tension within his limbs and become sore from the repeated actions. He felt vulnerable, scared, but he didn’t care about that around Dylan. He knew the other young man would never judge or hurt him, and that made him feel a hundred times safer.

Ryan knew he didn’t have to fight the phantom alone, and promised himself that he would help Dylan with whatever hauntings he had to deal with, no matter where they came from.


They had another student knock on the door by the time they had cleaned Dylan’s arm up. The deep gouges Ryan had left in his arm now only small scratches, as if done by Schrodinger when they didn’t want to go into the bathtub. The other dorm resident had wanted to see if Ryan was okay, so he had told them a half-truth, werewolves excluded.

Finally, when the door had been shut, the student on their way back to their own bed, Dylan had turned to him, “Get dressed.”

Ryan had frowned at him, but did it anyways, slipping off his top, “Why?”

His boyfriend took his own off and he tried his best not to stare, “Because we’re going for a drive.”


The streetlights floated past them like tiny little angels in the night sky. Ryan watched them blur past in a marvelled, fatigued state. The time on his phone read 2:38am, but somehow it only felt like it was around ten. It didn’t matter, though, because Dylan was here, and he was safe. They both were.

The song emanating from his boyfriend’s stereo hummed a soothing, atmospheric song that added to his feeling of comfort. He reached over to check the name of it and smiled, committing it to memory so he could listen to it later, even if it wasn’t exactly his music taste.  In Your Arms by Kina Grannis.

Dylan must have noticed, because a soft chuckle came from the driver’s side, “You like the song?”

“Yeah,” Ryan replied. “It’s nice, makes me feel safe.”

His boyfriend beamed, a rosy tint forming on his cheeks beneath the streetlights, “I’m glad. I’ll have to tell Nick that you enjoy this song, considering he was the one that sent it to me.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, he said that it played on this channel called ABC3 when he was a kid, and he absolutely loved it. He basically became obsessed with it, and the music video. Nick showed me it and it was actually really impressive, they used like a tonne of jellybeans in it.”

Ryan laughed, finding it hard to believe that he had heard Dylan properly, “Jellybeans? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, totally man. They used like over a hundred thousand jellybeans. It’s insane. I’ll have to put it on next time you’re over.”

He nodded, “Please do, I would love to see this infamous jellybeans music video now.”

Speaking of coming over, he was grateful that Dylan had decided to stay the night with him. Even if it wasn’t the weekly Saturday they did whenever they were seeing each other. But that still didn’t stop the one question floating around in his mind, “How did you know that this would calm me down?”

Dylan shrugged, “I don’t know. Luke and I do it for each other when we’re overwhelmed at night. Figured it might help.”

He couldn’t stop the next few words that came out of his mouth, “This is one of the reasons why I love you so much, because you know me so well.”

His boyfriend slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a halt as they were yanked forward in their seatbelts. “Holy shit!” Ryan yelped out in surprise, clinging onto his seat as he struggled to gain a hold of anything that would ease him back. Gravity sunk him into his seat, and he was glad that it was so early in the morning, because otherwise they would have been rear ended by another car. 

The two young men were out of breath, Dylan more so than him. As he turned around, Ryan could see that his jaw was dropped, brown eyes gleaming with something he couldn’t read under the streetlights. Before he had any time to comprehend what was going on, he felt Dylan’s hands against his cheeks as he was pulled into a kiss. It was heavy, one screaming of both shock and passion. Ryan found himself reciprocating it, bringing his own fingers to cup his boyfriend’s face as he deepened it.

A few moments later, they pulled back, both of them breathless and panting harder than they had before. Dylan swallowed a deep breath and looked at Ryan, giving him another kiss before bringing the latter’s face closer until their foreheads were touching. He sat there for a few seconds, continuing to take short gulps of air as he wiggled in his seat. Finally, he flicked his eyes back up to Ryan, who felt his heart patter in his chest, “I love you too.”

He hadn’t even meant to say it, but he was glad he did, because the proceeding events were so worth it. But it was true, every word of it. Ryan did really love Dylan. Even if they hadn’t known each other properly until a few months ago, despite having been campers beforehand, there was no time limit on love. Sometimes it went up in flames like the kindling of a bonfire, and sometimes it bloomed slowly, like a melting candle, leaving you a slow, dripping mess of pure affection and passion. Ryan couldn’t tell which one they were, but he didn’t care.

He was just glad that he had someone like Dylan to be in love with.


Later, when Dylan took him back to bed that night, he slept peacefully. Wrapping his arms around the taller young man, he dozed off to the sound of his boyfriend’s heartbeat, dreaming of a place that wasn’t exactly another nightmare, but wasn’t exactly a pleasant one either.

In it, the moon rose, and he transformed under the lit sky with Dylan, raising hell on a flock of campers that had decided to stay back after Hackett’s Quarry was closed for the summer. They feasted and howled for the other counsellors to join them, wreaking havoc and bloodshed upon any human, close one or not, that dared breathe in their way. 

The dream scared him, but not enough for Ryan to wake up screaming again. As the rational, human side of him was terrified, the other part of him seemed to enjoy this morbid fantasy his mind had contended itself with. And as the sun rose, awaking a new day, with Ryan wrapped safely in Dylan’s arms, it scared him to think that this was something that they would have to deal with once a month for the rest of their lives. 

And, that, if they weren’t careful, there would be more bodies to come. 

Chapter Text

The Day of the Full Moon

Emma Mountebank

Things had oddly gotten back to normal since that night Laura had came back from the dead. They all were extremely lucky explaining her absence, as the coroner that had done her report had already been accused of further falsifying documents on autopsies conducted by them. So, as messed up as it was, when Laura and Max had claimed that, there was no doubt that it would be believed in a court of law, despite this.

There were still the odd transformations here and there, such as when Dylan had invited Emma and Max over for some pot brownies. And when he had started to howl as a signal of the night’s weed-induced events, Max had been forced to change as a result. After a punch to the shoulder, gratefully supplied by Emma, they had to spend the entire night making sure that he didn’t get upstairs to where Dylan’s father was sleeping. It had resulted in Luke being woken up to help, and he had punched his brother’s shoulder a second time to even further tell him of how much of a dumbass he was. But it meant that there were more brownies for Emma, so she wasn’t complaining, and she did leave some for Max in the morning. She wasn’t that horrible, after all.

However, there was something creeping further and further into the proximity of the thoughts as the next full moon approached. And it was the anxiety of having to go through it again, without telling Abi about how she really felt. Even if her friend didn’t reciprocate her feelings, she needed to know. The concept of having to go through another painful, intimate night where Emma couldn’t have somebody to reach out to for comfort was killing her. She was scared, as much as she hated to admit it, even if Abi didn’t think of her that way as well, she knew that they would still be there for each other, no matter what.

So, a few hours before the group was due to leave for Hackett’s Quarry, she invited her friend out to churros. Emma had found this quaint little place, after Max had taken her, needing the company of a friend whilst grieving Laura. The food and drinks were to die for (pun not intended), and she remembered how much of a sweet tooth Abi had, so Emma knew that she would love it.

It was around ten in the morning when the two met up, picking a table in a corner of the establishment where they could sit and watch the traffic outside from the window. Emma wasn’t ready to say anything until their food had been brought, just in case the waiter or waitress heard her being rejected. She didn’t know if she’d be able to bear it if anyone else was a witness to it, but this was the best scenario she could come up with whilst making it seem casual.

Nausea crept into her stomach and up her digestive lining, a reverse gushing of bile settling in on the back of her tongue. If Emma hadn’t already been sick that morning, then she was sure that she would have thrown up the food she had eaten the night before. She still felt bad that her body’s way of saying good morning to Cameron was for her to throw up on their slippers. When they had chucked them out, they had followed her to the bathroom to hold her hair back as she continued to chuck her guts up. She didn’t know how they did it, but she still loved them all the same for helping her.

Abi broke off a piece of her churro and dipped it into the salted caramel sauce they had ordered it with. As she bit into it, she rolled her eyes and sighed in pure ecstasy, “Oh my god, this is so good. Even if my body throws it back up later, it was totally worth it.”

Emma laughed, splitting a bit of her own churro and layering it in the ruby chocolate she had picked out, “So you’re having those as well, huh?”

She nodded, taking a sip of her salted caramel mocha to wash it down, “Yeah, Dylan said that unfortunately they are just one of many delightful symptoms we get. I’m feeling what he did last month.”

Emma knew what she meant without her having to explain it. The creaking bones of her body, the over heightened senses that constantly made her on edge, the way her skin stretched and ached, as if waiting to delightfully burst out of her and desecrate her flesh. Somebody tapped a teaspoon against their cup, and she cringed at the stinging sound as it penetrated her ears. She started to clench her fists. Her hearing was ringing.

She felt warm hands, clustered up by cold rings, cover her fingers, and she felt a heat rising to her cheeks, her heart accelerating. She couldn’t look Abi in the eyes, afraid of what she would see. “Emma, are you okay?” Her crush asked, holding her delicately, and she was afraid that she would crumble like honeycomb at any second.

And she did. “I-I don’t know. It’s just all too much.”

Abi nodded, “I get that. It’s really overwhelming.”

“How-How are you so calm about this? It’s so scary.”

She ran her fingers across Emma’s knuckles, calming her down while also putting her body into a lustful overdrive, “I try not to think about it. But I have a feeling that you also have something else on your mind. Are you sure that you’re okay, Emma?”

Emma pulled away, regretting it as she saw hurt flash in her friend’s eyes. But she didn’t know if she would be able to be rejected whilst holding her hands. It would just be too much. Swallowing, she bit her lip as she tried to get the words together in her head, “Abi…”


Spit it out. Fucking spit it out, Emma! “The reason why I invited you here is because I like you. A lot. And-And I know that it’s before the you know what , but-but I just wanted you to know. Even if you don’t feel the same way, just know that you mean the world to me. Just please don’t hate me.”

Abi’s eyes widened, her cheeks turning an adorable red. Emma couldn’t maintain the eye contact they were sharing, so she stared down at her friend’s shaking hands. She could hear Abi’s heart accelerate into overdrive, and hoped it wasn’t from fear. God, it was all so much. 

Emma’s eyes stung as she wiped tears away from them, sniffing, “Fuck, I’m so sorry. Just, forget I said anything.” She went to stand up as she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. She looked down to see Abi glancing up at her.

“Emma,” Abi spoke softly, and she braced herself for the rejection. “What makes you think I don’t have feelings for you?”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “What?”

Abi stood up, letting her hand slither down Emma’s wrist until their fingers laced between each other. She connected their palms together, holding her tightly, and Emma swore she was going to faint from the flock of butterflies that were flying from her chest to her head. This couldn’t be real, could it? Surely not.

“Emma, I like you too, okay?”

“I-I thought you had feelings for Nick, though.”

“I used to, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you now. Not ever. I wanna be with you, not him.”

Emma sniffled, “I wanna be with you too.”

Abi smiled sweetly at her and laid a kiss on her cheek, “Well, what do you want to do now, new girlfriend of mine?”

She could still feel the soft graze of her lips against her face, letting the sensation stay for as long as it wanted to, welcoming it. “I say let’s get the fuck out of here.”


They were back at Abi’s place now, suitcases hastily stuffed with clothes strewn out on the floor. It wasn’t like her to usually be this messy, so it concerned Emma a bit when she first came in, but then realised that it was probably because she was scared. They all were. But when Abi was, she tended to either rush things she needed to do or forgot about herself completely when she needed to help the others. Emma would just need to find a way to distract her. 

When they entered, Emma found herself wanting to peel off her new girlfriend’s top, taking off her bra one strap at a time until her mouth could claim Abi’s hard, perky nipples. But she wanted to take it slow, even if it meant that she had to squeeze her legs tighter until the two women could get the release they both craved. 

Abi took her hands and guided her to the bed, laying on her back as Emma crawled on top of her, connecting their lips in a sweet, tender passion. As they kissed, she felt Abi’s hand cup her cheek, causing her body to shake and tremble with need. God, it was driving her fucking wild. Abi started to caress it with her thumb and that’s when she couldn’t help but moan softly into her lips.

Abi pulled away and smiled, “Good girl, that’s what I like to hear.”

Emma melted and kissed her harder, her already oversensitive skin delighting in the pleasure. She put a hand around Abi’s hip, lifting her up and bringing her body closer to her, feeling their breasts brush together as Emma was significantly more aroused than she was before. She felt Abi slip her tongue against her lips and shivered, biting her girlfriend’s lip gently in the process.

She didn’t know why they were getting so hot and heavy so suddenly, but she didn’t care. She was enjoying every second of it. But it didn’t stop her thinking that perhaps it was a side effect of the impending full moon. Abi’s spare hand roamed up to her breast, distracting her from her thoughts, and she lost all control.

Emma let her own trail to the front of her partner’s skirt, peeling it back until she could see a pair of black, silk panties staring back at her. She could see a large, darkened patch beneath the material, clear fluid dripping onto Abi’s thigh, and knew that she was enjoying it just as much as Emma. She let her tongue roam up her girlfriend’s inner thigh, licking it up and enjoying the shakes that accompanied the motion.

Abi’s moan came out muffled, and when Emma looked up, she realised that she had her face stuffed into a pillow.

“Are you okay, Abi?” She asked, wanting to know if her partner was okay.

Abi nodded, pulling it away from her face, “Yeah, it’s just… Fuck. Everything is so sensitive right now.” She bucked her hips, her voice taking on a needier, whinier tone, “But this feels so good. I just don’t know if I can be quiet.”

She crawled over to give her a kiss on the lips, “You don’t have to be, nobody’s here.”


Emma laid her forehead on top of hers, drawling her words out, “Abi, can you be loud for me?”

Abi groaned and bucked her hips again.

She slid back down, “Good girl.” She let her fingers trail to the hem of her panties, “Is this okay?”

Her girlfriend nodded, and she slipped them off in an instant, mouth connecting to where they had originally been before. She savoured the taste, letting her tongue flick over Abi’s clitoris until she felt her thighs squeeze harder against her head, a delicious cry escaping from her partner’s lips. Emma started off slow, wanting to drive her wild, before picking up the pace. As she did, Abi’s moans grew louder, and she took the opportunity to slip her finger into a much more useful place.

Just like with her tongue, she let it start off at an even pace, before picking it up until she could practically feel Abi raising her hips closer to her face, wanting much more of it. As the trembles grew heavier and the screams turned higher, Emma knew that she was getting close, and placed her lips over where she could cum into. As the orgasm rolled over her girlfriend’s body, she licked off the remaining bits that didn’t make it into her mouth.

Emma pulled away and stared at her, a self-satisfied smirk forming on her face, “How was that?”

Abi’s head fell back onto the pillow with a thud, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, “Holy fuck, that was so good.”

She crawled onto her side to lay beside her, watching her with a head propped up against her fist, “I’m glad. You deserve to feel good, Abi.”

Her girlfriend bit her lip and sat up, “And so do you. Mind if I help you with that?”

Emma nervously giggled, ignoring the wetness between her legs as she leaned up to kiss her, “Of course.”

Abi laid her onto her back and rolled off the bed, “How do you feel about toys?”

She considered the option and shrugged, “I’ve never really used them before.”

Her partner crouched beside the bedside table next to them and opened the first drawer, “Would you be up for trying?”

Emma found herself groaning at the possibility, “Fuck yes.”

Abi took out a black silk bag, some water-based lube and a box of condoms.

She couldn’t stop herself from making the reference, changing the last word, “What’s in the bag!?”

Abi laughed and jumped back onto the bed, “You won’t find out unless you’re good for me.”

Emma whined and thrust her hips.

Her girlfriend kissed her again, “Is that a yes?”

She nodded, wanting to keep quiet in case she got into any more trouble. Instead, she slipped off the black denim jeans she had been wearing, the same ones she had worn at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp on that fateful night. Pushing the memories away, she took off her own panties, alongside her top and bra. It only took a few seconds, but those were enough to drive her even more wild with need.

Abi chuckled, a smirk coming across her own face that was making Emma wetter by the second, “Wow, you must be really needing it. Is that right, Emma?”

She groaned in response.

Abi let a finger trail over her hard nipple, and she shivered, “Words, Emma, I need words.”


She slid in a finger into her entrance and let out a moan, “Fuck, you’re so warm and wet for me, Emma. Aren’t you?”

Emma cried out from how good it felt, even if it was just a small appendage, it was so much better than her own.

Abi started to pull it out, and she found herself bucking her hips to keep it in, “Words, Emma.”

“Y-Yes, Abi.”

Her girlfriend started to pick up the pace, knuckles slamming into the folds of her pussy as the thrusts became more desperate. Abi grunted, leaning her head forward to lick a line up Emma’s lower stomach, before letting it fall onto her nipple. Fuck, this felt a thousand times better than it usually did. It was driving her wild.

Abi separated the two of them after a minute, staring down at her with commanding, but equally as horny eyes, “Is my good girl ready?”

“Yes, please,” Emma whined.

Opening the bag, she took out a glorious, seven inch pink dildo and slipped a condom on top of it. She squirted a drop of lube on top of it and rubbed it over the toy, hovering it over Emma’s entrance. She shivered at how cold it was, but she was ready. She wanted this more than anything. Abi slipped it in slowly, letting her adjust to it, before letting the pace become heavier, needier.

She felt a thumb trace over her already oversensitive clit, and screamed in pleasure. Fuck, she didn’t know how much longer she could keep it in. She could feel her orgasm practically ready to burst out of her. Abi must have been able to tell, because she took out the toy and grinned deviously down at her.

“I don’t think you’re ready yet,” Was all she whispered.

Emma pulled her into a desperate kiss, grazing a hand under her girlfriend’s top, cupping a hand over her breast beneath her bra. She squeezed, and felt Abi moan into her lips. She broke them apart, and stared at the other young woman, “I think you know that I do.”

Abi pushed her back onto the bed, crawling on top of her, “For that, you get longer.”

She found herself groaning, “Fuck, I’m sorry.”

Her girlfriend shuffled closer, until her pussy was practically over Emma’s lips, “Then prove it.”

And she did, licking a straight line up her partner’s cunt and enjoying every little tremble. She gently bit and sucked on the clit, feeling a heavier pressure on her stomach as Abi leaned back, a finger guiding itself to her own. Emma squeezed her legs together, wanting to feel them there forever.

Abi thrust against her mouth, her own moans growing louder as they fell into a rhythm of equally pleasuring each other, “Good girl, Emma, good girl…”

As Emma felt her own climax building up once again, she whined. Abi let out a final cry, and they both came, Emma doing what she did the previous time and licking up every drop that trickled either into or out of her mouth. When Abi was done, she gasped, falling onto the other side of the bed.

“Fuck, I don’t know what came over me,” She admitted, “That was… something.”

Emma laughed and laid her head on top of one of Abi’s breasts, “I know, but it was amazing .”

“Yeah, but that usually isn’t like me.”

Emma knew what she meant. But, as she found herself thinking before, perhaps the full moon had a more adverse effect on them than just the transformations. She just hoped that, with Abi’s consent, they could always find a pleasurable way to alleviate the symptoms once a month. And hopefully more than that.

Her phone vibrated in her jeans, and she fished it out to get a message from Dylan. Ten minutes! It read.

“Fuck!” She started typing away instantly.

Im at Abis! Dont come!

Dylan’s reply was instant, referencing that he had somehow already deduced what had happened.

Ooo, like you just did ;)

Took you guys long enough

Emma growled and shot him one back.

Fuck off

Ill go with her instead

Dylan seemed to be betrayed, based on the next messages he sent.


You don’t wanna listen to DJ Dylan’s epic playlist?

She rolled her eyes, she’d have to find a way to get back at him later.

Not anymore

It took a few seconds for him to reply with a comeback.

Fine Ill steal Cameron then

Ill tell them everything

Oh, hell no.


“What’s going on?” Abi’s concerned voice questioned behind her.

“Dylan’s being an asshole,” Emma answered, writing out her next response.

Her girlfriend giggled again, “When is he not?”

Dylan’s next text was already there by the time Emma had finished typing hers out.


FUCK. This night was gonna be interesting, and not just in the way that they were originally expecting. She was not looking forward as to what Cameron would have to say about all of this.

Chapter Text

Cameron Mountebank

At around twelve pm that day, they received a private message from Dylan on discord, the first one in the start of a new conversation between them. They blinked rapidly at what the text read, taken aback by its contents.


What the fuck? When did this happen? As much as they hated to hear about their sister’s sex life, surely they would have been one of the first people she would have told if she had gotten together with somebody. Such as with Jacob, she had written plenty of letters to Cameron during her stay at Hackett’s Quarry about their summertime romance. They were happy for her, but they also really didn’t need to hear about Emma’s sexcapades.

Their phone buzzed again.



They were, but it didn’t stop them from feeling nervous about being alone with Dylan, even if it was only for five minutes. He was a sweet guy, but they didn’t know him as well as the others did. As much as it hurt Cameron for them to admit it, they would never be as close to the counsellors as Emma was. But at the same time, they couldn’t be mad, despite the rampant, bitter taste of jealousy that remained on their tongue. Werewolves that formed a pack would always maintain an unbreakable bond, no matter what happened.

Cameron just wished they had a friendship like the others did.

Grabbing their bags, they took everything downstairs and locked up behind themself. They decided to wait out the front, running their fingers through their grown hair, detangling the locks that had now turned from an algae to a spring-grass green. Cameron knew they would probably have to get it recoloured soon, or they could just go a brand new colour altogether. The options were limitless.

A horn honked, jumping them from their thoughts. Their heart pounded in their chest as they looked up to see Dylan apologetically waving at them. Collecting their belongings, they made their way to the boot of the car, and popped their possessions in once Dylan had lifted the lid using a button from the inside. Walking around to the door behind the passenger’s seat, they slid in, and glanced at the brunette, who was still watching them.

“Hey, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

They shrugged, “It’s okay, bit nervous, I guess.”

Dylan shot them a relaxed yet somehow anxious grin, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you. And I’m pretty sure if I tried to, you would kick my ass. Or Emma.”

That caused Cameron to let out a loud laugh, “That’s true. She definitely would.”

He rubbed his temples and winced, “Fuck.”

“Sorry,” Even if they personally didn’t have the heightened senses themselves, they understood how much of a pain it would be to constantly have them dialled up to eleven before a full moon. “I probably shouldn’t have been as loud.”

He shook his head, grunting, “Nah, I shouldn’t have honked the horn. That just made my hearing even more sensitive.” Dylan sucked in a whistly breath, “Fuck, gimme a sec.”

They sat in a patient silence, not wanting to further upset their sister’s friend, but also hoping that he knew that they would help if he needed anything. Finally, Dylan opened his eyes, and they flashed a gold hue before fading back to their classic brown.

“Okay,” He sighed. “That’s better. Now, let’s go grab Ryan, shall we?”

Cameron nodded, and finally realised that a key question was still on their mind, “Hey, so why isn’t Emma coming?”

Dylan’s eyes widened at the mention of their sister’s name, “Oh, she’s going with Cassie and Abi.”

“Is Kaitlyn still coming with us?”

“Yup, we’re picking her up after Ryan.”

They didn’t know why, but hearing that she was caused a little flutter to grow in their heart. But they couldn’t contemplate the reasons right now. As they swallowed, they pushed the sensations down their chest, locking it deep within the crevice and throwing it away. They couldn’t think about it, not yet. Even if this was the first time.

Distracting themselves, Cameron grabbed a lock of their hair and began to play with it, rubbing the tips between their fingers.

They saw Dylan frown out of the corner of their eyes, but it wasn’t a judgemental one, “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

Cameron decided to tell a half-truth, “I’m thinking about what colour I should go next.”

They could feel their cheeks grow hot under his watchful gaze, but knew that they shouldn’t be afraid of him. He was someone they were safe around. If Emma trusted him, then they trusted him.

Unfortunately that would have to change later tonight.

“Why don’t you go a dark purple?” He suggested.

They were a bit taken aback by the suggestion, expecting to be made fun of. But they had to remind themselves that, based on what Emma had told them, he never would be that malicious, “Really?”

“Yeah! If you want, we can grab some hair dye on the way. We’ve still got plenty of time.”

They smiled warmly at the offer, “I’d love that.”


They pulled into a chemist near Ryan’s house to grab Cameron some hair dye and Dylan some painkillers, which, by some miracle, had a cafe right next to it. Grabbing their desired coffees and a couple of pastries for the trip, Dylan and Cameron also decided to buy some for Ryan and Kaitlyn as well. So, once they were all set, they headed to their intended destination.

When Dylan had parked the car, he turned back in his seat, “Do you wanna come in? It’s all good if you don’t wanna.”

They considered the offer, but decided against remaining in the car, as the last remnants of the late summer heat were bound to cook them, even with the air conditioning on. Cameron unbuckled their seatbelt, “I’ll come.”

He wiggled excitedly in his seat, swinging open his door and jumping out of the vehicle, “Swee-ah!” He was thrown back into his chair by the tight grip of his seatbelt. Dylan made a startled, choking sound before rubbing his neck and clearing his throat.

They quietly laughed as a reaction, “It would help if you undid your seatbelt before getting out of the car, Dylan.”

He nodded, a hint of red forming on his embarrassed cheeks, “Yeah, that would help, wouldn’t it?”

Regret filled Cameron for laughing at him, “Hey, I think anybody would be excited to see their spouse if they loved each other as much as you and Ryan do.”

Dylan grinned shyly at them, “It’s that obvious, is it?”

They chuckled and patted his shoulder, “It is, sorry buddy.”

He shrugged, “It’s all good. Now, let’s go grab Ryan, shall we?”

They nodded as they watched Dylan undo his seatbelt, “Agreed.”


Dylan had told Cameron that Ryan had a room to himself before they had arrived, so it came as a bit of a shock to have a young woman open the door. She quickly glanced over at Cameron, before tilting her head to look up at their friend, “Hey, Dylan, how’s it going?” The girl took the hem of her green, flowy dress and swished it around, “What do you think?”

The two of them surveyed her outfit as they stood outside of the door. The shade of it was the same colour that Cameron’s hair was when they had first met the others at the police station. A laurel wreath was intertwined into the curls of her afro, bits of hair curling around the golden leaves. Her bare wrists were covered in bangles that matched her other accessory, some also clinging to the tight biceps of her forearms. Brown sandals curled themselves around her delicate toes, and Cameron couldn’t help but stare at her beauty, she was simply stunning.

They had to force their mouth to remain closed, so as to not let their jaw drop open. It wasn’t a romantic or lustful admiration, but one purely made of an aesthetic variety. The young woman looked so beautiful, and yet so comfortable ; confident in her style. Seeing her feminine form gave Cameron a tiny bit of gender envy, but they were mainly feeling more masculine today, so it was a bit of a struggle for their mind to pick one side after seeing her.

Dylan seemed to be thinking the same thing, because he breathlessly muttered, “Holy shit, Sarah. You look amazing!”

Where had they heard that name before? Right! Ryan had mentioned it. This must be his twin sister.

Sarah turned to them, “Hey stranger, I know we haven’t met before, but what do you think?”

They swallowed, not wanting to say the first thing that came to their mind, “Um…”

She grinned deviously at them, “C’mon, spit it out. Honesty is always valued in the Erzahler household.”

“I think you look like a fucking goddess ,” They finally managed to admit.

Sarah did a little flustered bow, “Thank you! It is actually supposed to be a goddess; Demeter. She is the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility. I know it’s like a few weeks until Halloween, but I really wanted to start working on my costume early. She’s the mother of Persephone.”


“Sarah, stop overloading them! Geez!” Ryan shouted from further in the room. There was a thump as what sounded like a bag fell onto the floor. A grunt followed in-turn.

She rolled her eyes, “Ryan! I told you not to overdo yourself.”

Dylan rushed into the room at the sound, Sarah stepping to the side as he did so. She set her sights back on Cameron and her eyes widened in exasperation, “Older siblings can be so stubborn, am I right?”

They laughed at her statement, “Well, considering I am one, I unfortunately can’t relate.”

She shrugged, “That’s fair. I’m guessing your Emma’s sibling?”

Cameron nodded, “Yup, how did you know?” What has Ryan told you? Was also something that they wanted to ask, but didn’t in case it raised any suspicions.

“Not much, just said that you might be coming with your sister, and described what you looked like in case I saw you,” She explained. “Plus, no offence, but the bright green hair makes you pretty noticeable.”

They chuckled, “Well, so does your Greek goddess costume.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes jokingly, “Touche.”

“Ah, fuck!” Ryan swore behind his sister.

She turned back to him, “How many times do I have to say it, don’t overdo it you idiot!”

Dylan held up a bag behind him, “It’s okay, I’ve got one so he doesn’t tire himself out too much.”

One of Sarah’s eyebrows shot up, “Oh, so you let Dylan carry your bags but you won’t let me?”

“Sounds a bit sus, Ryan,” Cameron commented.


“Yes, he is a sussy baka,” Dylan joked.

“Please don’t ever say that again,” Cameron pretended to scold him.

Ryan came to the entrance carrying at least five to six bags, “No, he’s right. I am a big sussy baka.”

Sarah gagged, “You're both a bad influence on each other. Thank god Kaitlyn is coming with you so poor Cameron doesn’t have to suffer alone. Otherwise I’d offer to join.”

He pointed to her with a free hand, a sudden, serious frown forming on his face, “No, you know what I told you.”

She rolled her eyes at him again, “Yeah, yeah. There’s not gonna be enough food for anyone and who knows how long we’ll be there.”

“Wait, is that why you have so many bags, sweetie?” Dylan came to stand beside him.

He groaned against the weight of his backpack, “Yeah, thought I’d pack a few cans in case we got hungry.”

His boyfriend angled an eyebrow at him, “A few ?”

“Yes, Dylan, a few. Can we go please? I don’t want Kaitlyn tearing into my hide because we’re gonna be late.”

Cameron narrowed their eyes suspiciously at him, but didn’t say anything. They would have to bring it up with him later. It seems that he was already getting more anxious and antsy than the others if he was stocking up on food. They couldn’t help but wonder if there was any way to help Ryan, if there was anything they could do to ease his nerves. He was clearly scared.

At least he would have Dylan there to help him.


Laura Kearney

Unbeknownst to her, having Jacob and Max ride in the same car together for around an hour or two was a surprisingly bad idea. She had always known that her boyfriend was a talented guitar player, as whenever she had a nightmare, he would always be by her side, playing one of her favourite songs to help her fall back asleep. Jacob, on the other hand, was a whole other kettle of fish. 

She already had a bad feeling having him and Max in the same car, but when he had pulled up with his own guitar case, she had been tempted to tell him to put it in the boot. But when Laura saw how excited her boyfriend had gotten, from the way he flashed their friend a wide grin and held up his own, she knew that she didn’t want to deny him that little bit of happiness when they were already going through such a horrific time. And that wasn’t even including tonight.

So, she had to endure countless One Direction, Ariana Grande and 5SOS songs, including an encore of Drag Me Down , enthusiastically requested by Nick. Max, however, the absolute sweetheart, decided to compensate and played her favourite song by Beach Bunny, Sports . Laura had felt herself blushing the entire time he had sang it for her, the heat of her cheeks almost distracting her from driving. Thankfully, she had managed to get used to it overtime, as it was something they often did when heading on road trips together.

Including just before they had switched seats when they had headed up to Hackett’s Quarry.

They managed to pull up at the now desecrated campsite at around late afternoon. The clock on Laura’s dashboard read that it was around five pm. Which wasn’t a bad time to arrive considering that it gave her plenty of time to spend with Max before she had to say goodbye to him for the evening. Just like she had been forced to do two months ago.

It broke her heart having to do it again, even if it was for the best. And with more werewolves than Youtubers at a Vidcon event, she knew that the situation was dire now more than ever. With more casualties to the infection than there were in total the past two full moons, Laura knew that they had to find a cure at the earliest possible opportunity.

And she wanted to make sure that it would be tonight.

Stepping out of the car, she stretched her exhausted, sore legs. It did nothing to ease the cramping she was beginning to feel crawl up her calves, however, so she started to massage the spot. She heard a car door slam behind her and looked to see Kaitlyn jogging over to her.

“Hey! Hope Jacob didn’t drive you too insane,” The other young woman began.

Laura pretended to put her hands over her ears in mock-pain, “Oh my god, you didn’t tell me he played guitar as well! I had to listen to both him and Max play the entire fucking ride!”

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad, honey,” Max chided in, walking over to kiss her cheek. “You love it when I play guitar for you.”

She gave him one back and frowned at him, “Only you, Max, only you.”

“It’s better than what we had to deal with,” Cameron came over to add to the conversation. “We basically had to hear Dylan making boner jokes the entire ride while Ryan kept on arguing on the phone with his sister.”

Laura frowned, “Why’s that? I didn’t know Ryan had a sister.”

“Twin, to be exact,” Luke was under Dylan’s arm as they strolled over, Ryan underneath the other.

“Yeah,” Ryan confirmed. “I’m older.”

“We both are,” Dylan grinned down at him, giving him a kiss on the forehead. “That’s yet just another thing we have in common.”

“That still doesn’t answer the question as to why his twin was harassing him, though,” Laura tried to keep the conversation on track.

Ryan sighed and squinted, as if the mention of his sister was giving him a headache, “She just wanted some help with her costume. Sarah tends to sew like dresses and skirts, so she loves to go all out on Halloween.”

“Can she do me one?” Dylan asked. “I really wanna try like a nice red or silver one day. Most of my dresses are white.”

“I wonder why that is,” Kaitlyn joked, causing Cameron to smile and roll their eyes.

He scrunched his facial features at her, “That’s disgusting, even for me, Kaitlyn.”

“No, disgusting would be me saying that it should be shone under a UV light.”

Dylan just raised an eyebrow at her, “Really? That’s all you got? You could have said something about-” He blinked heavily, as if his eyelids were being weighed down by a thousand tonne eyelashes, and shook his head. “You could have said-” He stepped away and coughed, groaning in the process.

Ryan stepped over to him, “Dylan, what’s going on, babe?”

He gritted his teeth and bit his lip, blood welling down his chin, “I’m alright, just gimme a sec.”

Laura glanced over at Max, whose eyes were wide, his freckles a stark contrast against his pale skin. He met her gaze and based off of how long they’d been together, not even counting being childhood friends, she knew that they were thinking the same thing. That this wasn’t good. This was the complete opposite. An absolute clusterfuck. Because this shouldn’t be happening to Dylan or anybody else this early in the night.

Before they had time to press each other on their thoughts, Dylan hunched over and screamed, the knobs of his spine crackling against his skin.

Chapter Text

Luke Nightingale

His twin continued to scream, dropping to his knees as he fought the premature transformation. Bile rose up Luke’s throat as he watched his brother wail and pound the ground with his changing, broken fists.

“Fuck! This shouldn’t be happening yet!” He yelled, his throat emanating a growl at his words. “Not now! Aaaaahhhh!” Dylan’s back hunched, the sound of fabric tearing filling the cool autumn evening.

Fuck, Cassie, Laura and Cameron were still here. He had to do something before the situation got even worse. Act first, ask questions later.

He took the first woman’s arm, who fought against his grip, until she looked up to see who it was, and stopped. He could still feel her muscles tense underneath his hand, and he was disgusted at the way his mouth watered, wanting to sink his teeth into it. “Luke-” Cassie protested.

He shook his head, cutting her off, “You need to go, now .” He stopped, feeling the same acid reflux that had filled his own stomach not too long ago begin once again. Luke squeezed his eyes shut, the spot where his brother had bitten him tingling. He looked back to where his sibling was, Ryan with his arms around Dylan’s broken, crooked body.

He was glad that his twin had somebody to be there for him like that.

And as much as he wished it could be Cassie, Luke didn’t want to run the risk of infecting her, or worse, killing her. 

“Luke,” She prompted him, her voice ringing with his already sensitive hearing. 

He turned back to her. Fuck, she looked so beautiful, even when they both were absolutely terrified. But then that feeling came back, the one to rip into her. To tear into her flesh as her screams filled his ears like a symbol of the moon’s lullaby. Willing him to close his eyes and let whatever was inside of him take over, shredding his own skin in a painful and horrific manner.

He set his gaze on Cassie, hoping that it would communicate what his mouth couldn’t in that moment, and opened the passenger door to the car. “You need to go.”

She fought against his grip, and he had to be careful not to squeeze hard enough to break her bones. “But, Luke-!” Inhaling her rich, cinnamon scent that had now turned into more of an apple-enhanced one, he struggled to keep the human side of him in charge of his frontal cortex. 

His mouth still watered, and he had to swallow before saying his next sentence, “Cassie, unless you want to die, you need to go. Now . I don’t know how long it’s gonna be before…” He couldn’t get that last word out. “Before…” Jesus Christ, spit it out, Luke. Now . She was gonna be fucking killed otherwise. A growl crawled up his throat like a spider with pins for legs.

Her eyes widened, and he regretted making the noise, despite having no control over it. Cassie slid into the seat without any further hesitation, “Fine. But I’ll be back first thing in the morning, okay?”

Luke’s lower back started to ache and throb, and he grunted against the pain, struggling to stay in the physical state he was in, “Okay.”

She smiled sadly at him and lifted a hand to his cheek, cupping it. Her fingers were freezing against his burning skin, which went up a couple of notches in temperature at her touch. “I’ll see you soon. Goodbye, Luke.”

“Goodbye, Cassie.”

No further words were spoken among the group as Laura and Cameron got into the car as well and sped off into the evening. The only sounds echoing in the atmosphere as they drove off, aside from the vehicle, were the ones of Dylan’s bones crunching and breaking. Luke cringed at the noises, both at the horror of what his brother was going through, and the fear at what he was feeling, knowing that it would be happening to him soon.

And this time he wouldn’t be able to stop it.



This shouldn’t be happening. Not here, not now. They had at least another seven hours before they turned! At least, that’s what Abi had told her. So why the fuck was Dylan already changing when the sun hadn’t even set?

What the absolute fuck was going on?

“You okay, Cassie?” Cameron asked from the driver’s seat.

She couldn’t stop the acid that spat itself out of her words, “No, of course I’m fucking not! That shouldn’t be happening to them for at least a few hours!”

Laura spun around in her seat to glare at her, “There’s no need to get mad at them. They’re just asking you a question. You don’t have to attack them.”

Cassie knew she was right, and regretted going after them. She stared down at her hands, fidgeting with them as she apologised, “I’m sorry. I’m just- really stressed. But I guess we all are… so I guess that’s no excuse.”

Laura leaned over to put her own hand over the top of hers, which she immediately recoiled from. The only people she felt comfortable being touched by were Abi and Luke. So why did the former cause a warmth to fill her body as her mind flashed to him? Even after the last conversation they had?

“Hey, it’s okay to be scared,” Laura tried to comfort her, and Cassie appreciated the sentiment. “Can I sing you the lyrics to a song that Max sang while we were in jail together?”

She sniffled, wiping away some tears she only just realised had fallen down her cheeks, “As long as you’re not a terrible singer.”

Laura grinned, “Well, I can’t guarantee that. But Max and Ryan have enjoyed my singing. So, maybe that counts for something?”

“I’ll have to check their reviews out later.”

She burst out laughing at Cassie’s retort, with even Cameron joining in for a couple of seconds, before they once again had to put their attention back onto the road. Laura beamed at her, “Well, I can assure you that they are positive. Anyways, it goes…” She took a deep breath and began to sing the lyrics, “ ‘Cause all of the stars are fading away, just try not to worry, you’ll see them someday.

Cassie enjoyed the sound of her voice, and it took a few moments for her to recognise what the song was. It was one she had caught Luke playing on the piano once, maybe Max had recommended it to Dylan, who had played it for him? Either way, she found herself joining in with Laura, “ Take what you need, and be on your way, and stop crying your heart out.

The other young woman’s grin spread wider, “You do know it!”

She blushed, running her fingers over her nails, “Yeah, it’s by Oasis, right? Luke played it for me, once.”

“You like him, don’t you?”

She snapped her head up, frowning, “What? No!”

“Ooo,” Laura teased in a sing-song voice, “You totally do! That’s why you didn’t wanna leave him!”

Her whole body felt like it had just come out of a sauna, “No, it’s because I’m worried about him.”

“Yeah, because you liiiiike him,” Laura continued to jester.

Cassie looked out the window, unable to make eye contact anymore, “Whatever, just don’t say anything.”

“I won’t, but if you’re not careful next time, he might take a bite out of ya. Sexual or otherwise, you’ve gotta be careful.”

She flipped her the finger, “Don’t be so fucking gross.”

“She’s got a point, Cassie,” Cameron agreed. “If you want to come to support him for the full moon, then you have to listen, or else something very, very bad could happen.”

“What, like getting bitten?”

“No, dying.”

“I lost an eye because of Max,” Laura admitted, pointing to her left one.

Cassie glared at her, unable to believe what she was hearing. But then again, Luke had stopped bleeding out almost an hour after he was bitten. And the hole in his stomach was almost gone the next day. So, nothing should surprise her at this moment.

It was Laura’s turn to look away. “I got better,” She mumbled quietly in a fake British voice.

Cassie giggled, “Did you seriously just quote Monty Python ?”

She nodded proudly, a smug grin forming on her face, “Yup, The Holy Grail , to be exact.”

Cameron interrupted their tender moment, albeit begrudgingly, “As charming as this is, guys, we need to form a plan on what exactly we’re doing when we get to the police station.”

“Why don’t we split up and see what we can find? There’s multiple rooms in there, so it would probably take less time to go into different ones and scour through Travis’s belongings,” Laura suggested.

They nodded, “Good idea.”

Cassie couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “Uh, no. Not a good idea. That’s how people get killed in horror movies.”

“Well, I’m gonna have to go back to check on the others once I’ve taken you guys to the station, so we’ll be splitting up anyways,” They argued.

“Besides, we’ll only be a few doors down away from each other. It’s a small station,” Laura turned to face the driver’s seat, “We’ll be okay, right, Cameron?”

“Mhm, and worst case scenario, if anything comes after us, werewolf or not, I can cast a spell that’ll keep us safe until morning.”

She couldn’t lie and say that it didn’t ease her nerves, even if it was only by the tiniest bit, “Fine, but how do you know they won’t kill you when you head back?”

“Trust me, they won’t.”

And Cassie found herself doing so. Cameron was the best chance all of them had to get through the night. Of finding a cure, making those afflicted by the curse free of what was burdening their bodies. Maybe they could finally have a chance at fighting this thing.

She just had to have hope.


Kaitlyn Ka

It turns out that babysitting a werewolf is a lot harder than previously imagined. Especially when they try to then attack your friend, who is a witch, that is only coming to try and help you out. When Cameron had arrived back at Hackett’s Quarry about half an hour later in Dylan’s car, their transformed friend had practically lunged at the vehicle, not giving them a chance to even step out of it. They shrieked, but otherwise remained inside, heeding the werewolf’s warning.

Dylan stood at the door to the driver’s side, scratching and growling at it, occasionally barking at it. When he finally let out a third one, Ryan glared at him with his own yellow eyes. “Dylan,” He chastised, “ Stop .” This word came out heavier, less human. As if he was fighting his own urges. Kaitlyn could practically smell it on him as the scent of toffee intensified, permeating the air around them.

The werewolf whined, lowering its eyes to the ground, but didn’t fight otherwise. Kaitlyn walked over and patted him on the head, “Good doggy.”

Dylan panted in-turn and stuck his tongue out excitedly.

Ryan, on the other hand, just stared at her, “Don’t you realise that you’ll also be a ‘doggy’ in a few hours as well?”

She shrugged, “I didn’t say that.” 

Kaitlyn scratched behind her friend’s ear and he began to beat his foot excitedly on the ground. She must have gotten a good spot. Or maybe he was just really itchy in that particular area. His fur was soft, bits of chestnut falling onto her fingertips like tiny bestial angels. It didn’t matter, because he was calm, and that meant that Cameron could actually exit the vehicle. So, Kaitlyn kept doing the action, wanting to make sure her friend was safe during the entirety of the conversation.

She used her other hand to guide Dylan away from the car, not far away enough that he could run off, but close enough that she could make sure that he was safe and less likely to either be in danger or put others in it. She could feel her own urges starting to shift into the back of her mind. She found herself wanting to tell Cameron to fuck off, to not come back, and most importantly, stay away from them. From all of them.

They stepped out of the vehicle, and Kaitlyn forced herself to remind herself of what her human side liked about Cameron. Even if she hated to think about the way their cautious hazel gaze fell upon her, or the way that their faded green hair was growing long enough to adorably fall in front of their eyes. Even if it bought butterflies she never knew to expect, Kaitlyn knew that it was better than the alternative.

Because it would kill them.

They nodded at her, sighing and ripping her away from her thoughts, “Thanks, Kaitlyn.”

She tried her best to flash them her signature coy smile, “Anytime. Witches are friends, not food.”

“Oh my god,” Nick grinned at her excitedly and patted Jacob on the shoulder, “She’s my best friend now, not yours. She just quoted Finding Nemo ! That was like my favourite movie growing up!”

Jacob, who usually just told people to either go fuck themselves or piss off, just blushed and stepped away from his touch, “Yeah, sure, whatever, man.”

He frowned, his mouth dropping open for a few seconds, as if wanting to ask something, before deciding not to and closing it. Kaitlyn had a feeling what the question was, but didn’t want to press. As much as she loved to give Jacob shit, she always knew that it was best to do it in private. 

Cameron repeated their sigh, “Guys, look, I know you don’t have much time. But I need you to listen to me. What time did Dylan transform?”

“About midnight, why?” Ryan asked. His teeth had become slightly sharpened since the start of their conversation.

“Shit,” They wiped their brow. “Fuck! That explains why he turned early!”

He stepped towards them, glowering down at the witch, “What the fuck do you mean by that?” He growled at her, and Dylan picked up on the sound, doing the exact same.

Confusion only made the urges in Kaitlyn’s brain stronger, overruling her other thoughts. But she had to keep them maintained. They had to stay under control until all of those that weren’t infected were safely away from those that were. 

She stopped scratching Dylan’s ear and walked over to her friend, taking his upper arm in her hand, “Ryan, that’s enough. I know you probably have questions but-”

“Emma?” Abi’s shaky, scared voice interrupted her. They all turned around to where she was standing, and could see her grabbing her stomach. She was trembling, cringing at the pain as she let out a loud cry, falling to her knees.

Emma flew to her side, Dylan running after them. He started to lick at Abi’s cheek as a way to wipe off the tears that were gushing down her face. The taller young woman took her elbow and pulled her up, looking at Kaitlyn, “I need to get her out of here.” 

Emma waited, as if expecting to gain her approval, so she nodded, “Fine, just be safe.” Kaitlyn did the same with Ryan, creating further distance between him and Cameron. “You should probably go with them.”

He growled again, starting to protest, “But-”

“No, Ryan, go . If you can’t keep a hold of your emotions, then you shouldn’t be a part of this conversation. I know that sounds harsh, but we don’t need anybody getting fatally injured or dying on us tonight.”


Ryan .”

Luke paced over and stood beside them, “She’s right. Let’s get Dylan and go.”

Ryan kept his yellow irises on her and she could see that her own were in the same colour in the reflection of his pupils. He broke the contact and looked away a few seconds later, “Fine. But just remember to meet us near the firepit, okay?”

Kaitlyn tried her best to give him a supportive smile, “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon. And then we can take them down into the woods, okay?”

That was when he did something that took her by surprise. Ryan took her into a hug and squeezed tightly. If he had done it a few months ago, she would have been plagued with giddiness and the elation that her crush was even touching her. Now, that only happened when she thought of Cameron, though. But she knew that this was a big deal for Ryan, so she reciprocated with a grip just as strong as his own.

“Be safe,” He warned her from where he had placed his head on her shoulder.

“I will,” She reassured as she let the soft material of his shirt graze her cheeks.


Cameron Mountebank

They’d fucked up. Big time. They had to find a way to make this right and stop things from getting significantly worse. This time, an apology wasn’t going to be enough.

Kaitlyn whirled back around to face them once Ryan, Luke, Dylan, Abi and Emma had left. She glared at them, and Cameron had to force themselves not to wilt underneath it. She could be really scary when she wanted to be.

“What the hell do you mean that it explains why Dylan and Abi are turning early? I thought you said they had until midnight.”

They swallowed, forcing themselves to take deep, steady breaths. All of them could probably smell their fear, whether it was through the sweat budding in droplets in their armpits, or even hearing their speeding pulse. But they knew that if they started to show anymore outward signs of how scared they were, it could freak them out even more. 

They started their apology in an even tone, “What I mean is, while you guys are forced to transform at midnight, it’s actually advisable that you do it earlier.” Cameron flung their hands up in a plea as a chorus of several ‘what?’s or even growls echoed at their confession. “I’m so, so sorry. I should have asked what time they turned the last full moon. Because the more you push your moon magic away until you’re forced to, the more likely you are to end up transforming significantly earlier next time around.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Kaitlyn asked, and it hurt them to hear the betrayal in her voice.

Their magic started to hum and buzz loudly in their mind, probably a symptom of both feeding off of the werewolves’ own, and Cameron’s panic. Fuck, if they weren’t careful, it could lash out and hurt the others in an unpredictable defense. They could feel the snakes of their magic thickening and curling around their body, like they were feasting on the tiny creatures of shame, regret and fear that polluted their bloodstream like vermin. Fuck, fuck, fuck. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all.

“Because I forgot,” They admitted. “I know it’s the lamest excuse in the book, but it’s the truth. I’ve never had any experiences with werewolves before, and I fucked up. I’m so, so sorry.”

Kaitlyn sighed and shook her head, “It’s fine. Whatever happened is in the past now.” She walked over to lay a hand on their shoulder, having to lean up on her tippy toes to do so. 

While they weren’t exactly as tall as Emma, Cameron had always been a bit bigger in the height department compared to others assigned female at birth for their age. Still, they found it oddly adorable that Kaitlyn had to do it. Although they would never say it, even without the current situation they were in, they didn’t want her to come after them for stating it.

“What time would be best for us to turn?” She queried, pulling them away from their thoughts.

They swallowed, trying not to let their hands shake as they found her yellow eyes oddly erotic. God, if she wasn’t about to turn into a bloodthirsty beast that could kill them in a heartbeat, maybe then Cameron could admit that she looked so fucking hot. It just scared them to think about where this sudden infatuation had come on in this past month. Still, they had to answer her question, it was the least they could do after their colossal fuck up.

“Around eight.”

She nodded and turned away from them. Cameron found themselves sorely missing her touch, but bit their lip as a way to stifle their emotions. They could figure this out later, right now, they had to make things right.

Kaitlyn faced the rest of the pack, “Alright, at least we know when is best now, so we can prevent it in the future.”

“Yeah, but I find it hard to believe that they simply ‘forgot’,” Jacob viciously snapped, using his fingers to create air quotes with the last word.

She snarled at him, flashing her sharpened teeth at her target, “Jacob, how many times have you forgotten something?”

“But it’s not as big as that! What if Dylan had turned much earlier? He could have fucking killed someone!”

“He’s got a point, Kaitlyn,” Nick agreed. “They fucked up.” He turned back to his other friend, “But she’s also right as well. We don’t have time for this, Jakey. We need to go now . All of us do .”

“Thank you, Nick,” Cameron found themselves appreciating not only the fact that he was able to help calm the two, but that he was also able to see both perspectives.

He glanced at them, “Don’t mention it. I just wanna make sure everybody gets away safely.”

Kaitlyn nodded at that, walking towards the rest of them, “Agreed. Let’s get down to the campfire, shall we?”

And just like that, the witch and the werewolves separated for the night. Hoping to meet up first thing in the morning, alongside the humans of the group. But little did they know, was that they would be seeing each other a lot sooner than expected.

Chapter Text

Laura Kearney

Cameron arrived at the police station about an hour later, carrying several cans of tinned food that Laura swore they hadn’t brought with them. Not including the ones they had stored in their satchel.

Cassie seemed to be thinking the same thing, because she opened the door and the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “I don’t remember you mentioning that you brought food.”

They shrugged, stepping into the premises, “I didn’t. I just stole a few from Ryan’s bags because he bought quite a few full of the stuff.”

Laura led them to the kitchen where the three of them continued to talk. Apparently when they had to pick him up, Dylan had helped him carry a few of the bags, but unfortunately there wasn’t really enough time to acknowledge dinner when he had started instantly transforming the moment they got there. But there was still one question tingling at the back of her mind, “So, what was that about, anyways? I thought they usually had more time.”

Cameron sighed, their shoulders sagging forward as they walked, “That would be my fault. I should have asked what time he turned the last full moon. Because the more they push back that side of them, and in turn their magic, the more likely it is for them to transform earlier than expected. It’s mainly due to the fact that it creates a build up between the two sides, making it harder to control the next time as it fights to get out.”

“So, kinda like a bungee cord?” Cassie queried. “And I thought only witches could do magic.”

They laughed guiltily, “Yet another bit of important information I missed out on. Every supernatural creature is made out of magic. It all comes in different types, but witches and fae are the only ones that can actually control theirs.”

Laura saw Cassie’s brown eyes widen, her mouth dropping open in exasperation, “Fae? What else is out there!? Fucking mermaids!?”

Cameron nodded, “Yup, and so much more that it actually kinda terrifies me.”

“Holy shit,” Laura found herself replying, unable to grasp the concept that there was actually a tonne more out there than they originally thought. Granted, werewolves and witches were real. So what else could be?

“Now,” They motioned their head towards the cans, “I believe that some tinned spinach and ricotta ravioli for dinner, and a little bit of debriefing, before we go our separate ways is in order. Let’s go dig into this absolutely gourmet feast and see what we can find, eh?”

Oh my god, they could be so much like Emma without even realising it. But Laura found it kind of sweet. They clearly had a close bond, and Emma seemed to share the same with Max when Laura had initially met her. It seemed to be that of a sibling variety, and she could tell that his new friend made him happy, so that made her feel the same in-turn.

Perhaps a similar connection would form between Cameron and Laura.


Cameron Mountebank

As it turned out, Cassie and Laura were actually able to find quite a bit in less than an hour.

“We managed to get into Travis’s computer,” Laura mentioned as she scraped her bowl clean.

They choked on their lukewarm ravioli, “Wait, what? How?”

She shrugged, her words coming out nonchalantly, “He just used his birthday as a password and we managed to find it written on a calendar in one of the other rooms.”

“We also found some other stuff, like tranquilising darts,” Cassie added, sitting and bouncing up and down on her seat impatiently as she waited for them to finish their meal. 

“It’s probably what he used to sedate me and Max in the storm shelter that night,” Laura sighed, her head leaning forward. “I just wished I found it sooner. Then we wouldn’t be in such a huge fucking mess.”

“Hey,” Cameron pointed their fork at her. “Don’t blame yourself for what happened. It’s not your fault that you were kidnapped by some fucked up cop.”

Cassie nodded in agreement, “Hard agree. None of this is your fault, Laura. The only people to blame are the fourth werewolf and the Hacketts.”

“Speaking of which, did you guys manage to find anything that was on his computer?” They asked, scooping the final piece of ravioli and popping it into their mouth.

Laura glanced at Cassie, “Well, we did find something. But we were just about to click on it when you came in.”

They frowned. This was a peculiar revelation. Perhaps it could have something to do with this mysterious fourth werewolf?

Their question was answered not long afterwards. 

“It was a folder called ‘Silas’,” Cassie replied, drawing out the last word in a mysterious manner.

Holy shit. They scrambled out of their chair, leaving a discarded bowl and fork to rattle against the table. This could be an actual fucking lead, “We need to look into that. Now.”

The other two left their dishes on the table, running back to the office where they led Cameron. Laura quickly slammed into the chair, giggling as she slowly rolled away on its wheels. Cassie laughed, and they couldn’t help but do the same. It was a sweet and tender, if brief moment. It was a nice feeling, to have all of them get along, no matter the different walks of life they had all been through.

Laura shuffled herself back to the computer, “Alright, let’s do this. For Max.”

“And Luke,” Cassie added.

“And Emma and the others,” Cameron finished. “No more pain or suffering, not for anyone else.”

The first young woman inclined her head to them, “Agreed.”

They clicked on the mysterious folder called ‘Silas’.


In life, Travis Hackett appeared to be a very meticulous, but also vague, man. The folder included blurry photos of what appeared to be a white figure, smeared across the picture like the splattered paint of a ruined canvas. The only way you could actually tell it was a living thing, was the hollow, infrared eyes that seemed to stare straight into your soul. God knows how he actually took these, considering that they would have been extremely hard to photograph, even amongst the blurriness.

In the corner of the pictures, Cameron could see a date. When they pointed it out, Laura put her finger to the screen, resting it upon where it laid.

“Why does that seem so familiar?”

Cassie squinted her eyes, “I don’t know. What’s it making you think about?”

Laura rubbed her eyes, before letting them drift up to her temples so she could create a circular motion with her hands, “It just reminds me of something I saw in the woods the night we got lost. God, what was it?” She sat there for a minute, keeping her fingers just at the edge of her blonde hair as she scoured her thoughts with a fine toothpick. Finally, she sat up and gasped, “Oh my god!”

Cameron couldn’t help but jump at the velocity of her actions, their heart pounding like a lion breaking out of its cage as they struggled to calm themselves, “What?”

“That was a couple of days after Harum Scarum, the poster I found in the woods! It must have been when the freakshow fire happened, just like what Max told me! He said that Abi and Dylan had found something in one of the cabins. What if what happened there was a result of the fourth werewolf?”

They pinched their chin, resting the crook of their elbow in the palm of their other hand, “That would make sense. But that doesn’t explain how they would have been at Hackett’s Quarry the night the others were attacked.”

Cassie’s mouth dropped, “What if it came back for revenge against the Hacketts? They must have done something to piss this one off.”

“Or maybe something else,” Laura looked at them. “What if it wanted a pack?”

“Shit, it all makes sense! That’s why it attacked Dylan and the others! Because they were invading upon the werewolf’s pack!”

“Which means that now that they’re all infected, this fourth werewolf, a.k.a. Silas, will probably come for them as well.”

Cameron ran out of the room and headed back towards the kitchen, where they had left their satchel. “Then we need to leave and find it, now . Because this means that we can end it tonight if Silas is still waiting for them.”


Nick Furcillo

Ryan had ended up transforming by the time the rest of them got back. Nick had walked over to see him play wrestling with a much larger werewolf, presumably Dylan, as another smaller barked with joy, occasionally coming in to take a cheeky little nip at the others. It was an oddly wholesome sight, if it wasn’t for the fact that they would turn into otherwise bloodthirsty beasts without each other.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons why they needed each other so much.

Emma stood up from where she had been sitting on a wooden log, in the exact same spot she had seated herself during truth-or-dare only a couple of months ago, “Nice of you guys to finally show up, considering that Luke and I have been on babysitting duty for the past five minutes. I can handle one playful werewolf, but three is kinda a lot.”

“Sorry Emma,” Max sat down near her, “But it looks like you won’t be a babysitter anymore when you finally turn into one as well.”

She angled an eyebrow at him, pouting her lips in consideration, “Touche. So, what did my sibling say?”

They all huddled around the campfire, discussing what Cameron had told them. Nick watched the sun fall into the river slowly as it did so, the faint chill of autumn creeping itself across his tired, overstretched skin. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Jacob resting uneasily on a log. His knees bounced up and down as his hands shook in the day’s fading llight.

Nick found himself wanting to take his friend’s hands and hold them in his, telling him that everything was going to be okay, that they would get through this. But, based on the way Jacob had recoiled at his touch earlier that day, he was scared to do so. He would be lying if he said that the sour pang of rejection hadn’t crawled up his throat at it, and was currently doing so again as he thought about it.

Kaitlyn pulled her phone out of her leggings, “Alright, it’s seven. We should probably get a move on and find somewhere safe to transform.”

Ryan barked excitedly from where he had decided to sit next to Jacob at the mention of the word. The young man jumped and let out a loud shriek, “Ah, fuck! Fucking werewolves, man.”

She just raised an eyebrow at him, “That’s real rich coming from somebody that’s about to turn into one as well.”

“Shut up, Kaitlyn, you know what I mean,” Jacob spat back. He squinted and pinched the bridge of his nose, his eyes turning yellow in the span of a blink. “Sorry, it’s just everything’s too much at the moment.”

Nick knew at that moment that he had to be there for his friend one way or another, whether he liked it or not. He looked over at the others, “Can you guys just give us a sec? We’ll catch up with you.”

She glared suspiciously at him, and he tried not to cower under her gaze. She could be really scary when she wanted to. “Fine,” She sighed like a tired parent. “Just, don’t be too long, okay?”

He nodded reassuringly at her, hoping to stress the importance of why he needed to do so in his gaze, “We’ll be quick. See you guys soon.”

Kaitlyn stood up and motioned towards Dylan and Ryan, “C’mon, jackasses, let’s go find somewhere safe for the rest of us to change.” The latter bounced over to her while the other went to stand beside his brother.

Emma went to pat Abi’s head gently, “You ready?”

She stuck her tongue out of her mouth, panting excitedly in reply.

Emma chuckled amusingly, “Of course you are, let’s go.”

Max went with them, leaving Nick and Jacob together with their unspoken feelings.


They sat in silence for a good few minutes, watching the last colours of their much-welcomed haven in the sky give way to what would unbearably bring out the secret sides of them. He didn’t know what to say, but found his heart synchronising with his friend’s jittery hands. Nick’s mouth grew dry as he struggled to find the words that he oh so desperately wanted to spill out of his mouth like melted chocolate in a confectionary store. Or expired meat on a hot summer’s day, depending on the outcome of the situation.

He swallowed, hoping that his saliva would finally pull his tongue off the roof of his mouth, “Jacob-”

His friend’s chin started wobbling, his lips quivering, “Y-Yeah?”

“Is there something I did earlier to upset you?”

He shook his head violently, and Nick was worried he was going to snap his own neck from the velocity of it. Could werewolves heal a broken neck? Probably not. But now wasn’t the time. His friend needed him.

Jacob’s words came out in a broken whisper, “No.” It shattered Nick’s heart and ribs as a result, inflicting collateral damage on his upper torso, flooding it with pain. 

Or maybe it was something else entirely.

Nick hoped that it wasn’t his own change coming on, as he still needed to talk to Jacob and then find their friends. Not now. Not here. This other side of him could wait, even if it came back to bite him on the ass the next full moon. Jacob needed him, now more than ever.

Perhaps that’s what kept him tethered to his human skin for longer.

He licked his dry lips, ignoring the coarse, thick feeling of jagged bumps as his tongue glided over sharpened teeth, piercing his bottom lip, “Is there anything that you wanna talk about?”

His friend shook his head again, his voice breaking on the last words as tears began their mighty trek down his cheeks, “No.” Jacob put a fist to his mouth as he choked back a sob, but it forced its way out of his lips anyways, and he started to cry.

Nick took both of his hands in his own, the fluttering feeling that floated throughout his body quickly being sliced in half, as he noticed that his friend’s fingernails were just as dark as his own, “Jacob. You can talk to me. Whatever it is. We’ll get through it.”

“I’m so scared. I’m so scared, Nick. I’m so scaaarrreeeed,” He wailed, drawing out the final word with a wispy breath.

Nick gave his hands a comforting squeeze, “We all are, Jakey. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But you’re not alone, okay? You shouldn’t keep this all bottled up.”

“No, it’s not just that,” Jacob sniffled.

He was scared for his friend, but he couldn’t let that show. However, even amongst this fear, something else itched along his overstimulated skin, rippling it in goosebumps and he shivered uncontrollably. Nick was usually able to filter it out, his brain’s subconscious response to the sense, but when he inhaled, his nose filled with the now synonymous toffee smell. He grunted and hunched over as he felt something prickle and pop in his lower stomach.

“Nick?” His friend’s voice prodded, reminding him to keep holding on, as Avril Lavigne said in that song that was such a massive part of his childhood. He needed more time.

“I’m fine,” He replied breathlessly. “Just, Jacob, what’s-”

Velvety, warm lips grazed themselves against his own, the salty taste of tears seeping onto his tongue in droplets. Nick found himself pushing back, deepening the kiss as he felt his body erupt in heat and perspiration, that familiar stitch forming in his right ribs. The wind of a shattered cry flew onto his lips, drying out the last of the sorrowful residue.

Jacob started to cry harder, his entire body shaking, and Nick found himself pulling his friend’s head forward to cradle it into his collarbone. 

“Oh my god,” The other young man bawled. “I’m such a freak. I’m such a freak!”

He ran his fingers up and down his friend’s back, feeling the heat emanating off of both of them through their connected limbs. “No you’re not, Jakey. You’re not a freak.”

“I am! I am though! I’m a huge fucking freak!”

“If you are, then we all are, Jakey. We’re just one giant, crazy fucking pack of werewolves.”

Jacob whimpered against his shoulder, “But it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel ashamed.”

“You shouldn’t though, Jakey. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“That’s not what my dad says.”

“Fuck your dad,” Nick found himself wanting to awkwardly recant those words, but decided to fix it, “Well, not in the literal sense.”

Jacob laughed, sitting up and pressing his forehead to Nick’s, staring at him with soft, adorable brown eyes. He kissed him again, “Can I ask you something? And it's totally okay if you don't wanna do it.”

“Of course.”

“Can I...touch you? Just over the top of your pants, that's all. But it's totally okay if you don't want to.”

Fuck, he wasn’t expecting that. His cock twitched and hardened in his jeans, and Nick immediately regretted wearing them today. Even without the uncomfortable feeling of his calf muscles twitching and cramping, which he tried desperately to ignore, it was still enough to overwhelm him. He fought not to cross his legs, but couldn’t stop the aroused moan that erupted from his lips.

He couldn’t find the words to say anything, too shocked by what was happening to do so. All that he was able to manage was a slight nod, biting his lip as he felt the sharp points break the protesting skin, blood filling his mouth. 

Jacob moved a hand and gently ran a curled finger across it. Nick made a noise, a mixture of both a human groan and a monstrous, frustrated growl. He leaned into Jacob’s shoulder, putting his hands on the other young man’s hips to steady himself. Fuck, it felt so good. He was so hard, he could feel it bulging beneath his pants and his now suffocating clothes.

Jacob used that as an opportunity to us e the back of his hand, and his breath hitched in his throat. Nick didn’t even realise that his eyes were closed until he opened them, and he could see that his friend was just as hard. It made his mouth water. God, he wanted to suck him off so badly. To unzip his pants and wind his mouth around Jacob’s dick, tasting the traces of precum as they fell onto his mouth.

Nick found himself with the urge to put his hand down his own pants and masturbate violently. Or even ask Jacob if he would be comfortable with that. It was the only pleasurable sensation his body was currently feeling, and by god was it driving him absolutely fucking insane.

Until even that snapped.

The stitch that had now spread to his other rib broke in an instant, and he screamed. He fell to the harsh ground underneath them, tiny pinpricks of pain scraping against the delicate skin of his hand as it scratched at the tiny rocks beneath him. Nick’s gums throbbed and he screamed, the last crescendo of it turning into an unwilling howl.

Everything was too hot, too much. He scrambled to take his shirt off as the bones of his shoulders snapped, and he yelled in a much-deserved outburst. The skin of his palms began to twitch and thicken, claws bursting out of his nail beds as he struggled to stay human just long enough to at least take off his clothes.

Before he could suffocate on his shirt, he felt warm hands pull the last of it off. Before proceeding to help him undo the belt and buckle of his pants, sliding those off of his changing body. His gums were still throbbing, and he growled in both a mixture of frustration and pain. He just wanted more time! How hard was it to fucking confess his feelings for his crush before he turned into a werewolf?

But it seemed that his time was up.

Nick screamed and desperately tried to fight against his change, but knew that it was useless. No matter how hard he tried, this side of him was still going to win.

It was the full moon, after all.

As he sank into these thoughts of despair, wishing desperately that he could change what was happening in that moment, he felt thick, large arms wrap themselves against his aching back. “It’s okay,” Jacob whispered comfortingly into his ear. “I’ve got you. You can let go now, Nick. I’ll see you in the morning.” 

He laid a soothing kiss on the back of Nick’s neck. And with this final goodbye, he ultimately let his transformation take its toll on his body, his screams turning into harsh growls that soon changed to whimpers, his other side going to greet his friend

And hopefully get them to turn as well.

Because the werewolf could smell human blood in the distance, and it was hungry.

Chapter Text

Half an hour before…

Cameron Mountebank

They doubted they would be able to cast a protection spell large enough to protect the three of them. In the past, they were usually only able to do two people, because they didn’t have enough confidence or the magic to do more. So, they had always had to make unfortunate sacrifices, but they would rather get themselves hurt than anyone else they loved dearly. So it had always been Emma and their mother, or Emma and their father.

And there would be no exceptions to this rule, not this time.

Cameron snatched their satchel and raided through it, pulling out the spellbook they had used just only a month ago. They had decided to bring it with them just in case they needed it. And clearly their intuition was right.

They motioned to the others, “Both of you, get over here.”

“Get over here!” Laura did in a mock-Shao Kahn voice. When Cassie glared at her, she shrugged. “What? Max has been getting his ass whooped by Jacob in Mortal Kombat. So I’ve had to hear it at least a million times.”

She rolled her eyes affectionately, “Sure.”

“Guys! C’mon!” Cameron snapped, clutching the book impatiently. “We don’t have much time!”

“Right, sorry,” Laura shuffled over. “What’s up?”

They laid the book down on the table and flicked to the page they needed, “You guys need to link hands, I’m gonna cast a protection spell on you.”

“What about you?” She pressed.

Cameron turned a page too fast and ended up getting a papercut on their fingertip. They hissed, and shoved their finger into their mouth, licking away the blood. 

Cassie cringed at them, “Gross.”

They glared at her, “I’m sorry, did you want me to wipe the blood on you next time?”

“Yeah, no,” Laura interjected. “We’re not doing anything that winds up with getting covered in somebody else’s blood.”

“Good, because you won’t need to.”

She frowned at them, “What’s gotten into you? Why are you being so snappy?”

“Because I’m worried about Emma!” They found themselves yelling. “We need to find this fucker so we can cure everyone!”

Laura flinched, but she kept her tone steady, “That doesn’t mean that you can come at us like that.”

Shit, she was right. They shouldn’t be taking their anger out on either of them. They were all just as stressed as Cameron was. “Fuck, sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s not fair on you guys.”

She nodded in acceptance of their apology, “It’s fine.” Her eyes drifted down to the book. “So, what’s this spell you’re gonna cast?”

They finally found the page and practically jumped with excitement and satisfaction. “It’s one that’ll keep you safe from the others.”

“What about you?” Cassie queried. “Won’t they try to eat you as well?”

Cameron shook their head, “No. Werewolves are only likely to go after non-magic people, a.k.a. humans. Also, sometimes animals as well, if their food source is scarce. They only tend to get territorial towards other magical folk."

“Well, that’s enlightening, knowing that we’re going out there as their much-desired snack,” Cassie retorted.

“You knew that going in, Cassie. Luke and Abi would have told you everything,” Laura responded to her sarcastic comment. “Look, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. It can just be Cameron and I. You can stay here if you’d prefer.”

She shook her head, “Nuh, uh. I’m going with you guys. You’re stuck with me now.”

Laura grinned at her, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Cameron decided to remain optimistic, to bring a little bit more of their hopes up, “Besides, you won’t technically be eaten when under the enchantment. Because you will be protected by this spell, they are unlikely to come after you, as you would be considered ‘tainted’ by the magic. Basically, it makes you less tasty to eat.”

“‘Unlikely’?” Cassie asked, raising her eyebrows. “That still isn’t a ‘definitely’.”

“Look, we’re just gonna have to take that risk, unfortunately. Unless you guys want me to go alone,” Something deep within them hoped the two women didn’t.

Cassie and Laura looked at each other, before the former smirked, “Fuck, no. You can’t get rid of us easily.”

They tried not to sigh with relief, solace in their situation settling into their veins, “Good. Now, who’s ready to hunt this motherfucker?”


Luke Nightingale

He was the only one remaining in their human form by the time it hit quarter-past seven. Kaitlyn had ended up lasting a good five minutes before transforming after pacing between two trees the entire time. To be fair, she probably would have lasted longer if she wasn’t stressing out about why Jacob and Nick needed some alone time and where the fuck they were. Luke couldn’t blame her for getting so anxious, they all were a little bit antsy, considering it was the full moon after all.

And not long afterwards, he could start to feel himself fretful as well. He was scared shitless. Luke’s entire body burned with a fiery hatred, as if he had doused it in gasoline and set it alight. Every muscle in his body kept on cramping and spasming as he watched in horror. It was the worst with his calves, as he gagged every time he saw the folds of his skin pulse and crawl with the pain. It was a fucking nightmare, one that he knew he would never be able to become lucid of and fight off the demons.

Because he was already one of them, albeit more of the bestial variety.

He couldn’t think straight, constantly running his hands through his hair as he sat at a tree trunk, watching the others play around him. Right now, Kaitlyn was currently on top of Dylan, nibbling at his ear as he let out a huff of defeat. A few seconds ago, he had tried to tackle her to the ground with Ryan at his feet to help out. The smaller werewolf was much quicker and smarter, though, managing to outwit both of them and pin the biggest to the ground.

Abi had been a good help as well, because she had leaped at Ryan as soon as he had attempted to have his light-hearted revenge on Kaitlyn for pinning down his partner. Emma and Max, forever the ones to take the lever of a situation and dial it up to a hundred, were barking and hovering around the four of them the entire time, skidding in and out of the play fighting to rile the others up. Luke had found himself giggling at the whole debacle, a sweet moment amongst the bitter of the night.

It still didn’t stop him from thinking that this would be happening to him soon. And he was still just as terrified as when he had first been bitten by his brother, even if he had already almost been through one.

His mind kept on flashing back to the conversation he’d had with Ryan shortly before his transformation. In Luke’s memories, he could see him hunched over on the ground, reaching out a hand to him. He’d kneeled down to the ground beside him, and the other young man had held onto his shoulder as he grunted.

Listen to me, Luke. I know that it’s really scary, but you’re gonna be okay.

He hadn’t been able to stop himself from chuckling affectionately at him, You sound just like Dylan. He said the exact same thing .

Ryan had returned it with one of his own, before looking at Luke with warm yellow eyes the colour of the fading sun, Maybe that’s why we’re together. Because we think so alike .

Luke had smirked at him, I don’t think it’s just that, dude. You’ve caught feelings big time. You’re in it deep. I see the way you look at my brother .

He’d grunted again, struggling to keep his own smile. Luke felt bile spill onto his taste buds at the back of his tongue as Ryan had thrown his head back, groaning as a vicious set of fangs had slid their way into his mouth. He’d sat up, pushing his back into the air as parts of his spine had elongated themselves. Luke could see the knobs of his ankles snap and twist, muscles stretching to accompany the distorting limbs, forming into more of a thin, yet just as powerful, version of themselves.

Ryan had fallen back with a huff, panting heavily as he struggled to catch his breath. Just, listen. It’s gonna be easier than doing it alone. It’s gonna hurt just as much, which I know sounds weird, but trust me on this one. The others, if they’re already gone… they can tell… and they help.

This had confused him, and Luke had frowned at the shaking young man. Help? What do you mean by help, Ryan?

Before he could answer, Ryan’s back blew itself out of place once again, and he screamed. And Luke had gotten his answer not long after, because Dylan had come over to nuzzle his snout into his boyfriend’s neck, whining softly as Ryan cried out in pain again.

Despite it being such a morbid truth, it was also strangely comforting. To know that the Hacketteers, now including himself, were always gonna be there for each other. Even when one was in the midst of turning into a raging beast.

The smell of fresh pink-lady apples floated around the air in their ripe, seductive spell. Luke’s heart picked up, the pulsing in his muscles intensifying as his mouth watered. Amongst the scents, he could detect the faint hints of cinnamon, and that was enough to pull him out of his haze. He instantly recognised who it was before they even called out his name.

“Luke?” Cassie yelled out into the night. “Luke?”

Shit. She wasn’t supposed to be here. What the hell was she doing here? Cassie wasn’t safe. Cameron had promised him that she would be far away from Luke and the others. So why wasn’t she? He needed her to be safe

He felt a growl coming on, and couldn’t swallow it in-time before it eased out of his lungs, his tonsils burning with the staticky sensation that came with it. Luke clenched his fists and took a deep breath. He didn’t need to get so protective over Cassie, she was a very strong, highly intimidating woman that could handle herself without him.

Still, that didn’t answer the question: why was she here?

He saw Max lick his lips out of the corner of his eye. Shit, he needed to do something. To get her out of there, even if he didn’t have much time himself.

Luke took off towards the sound of her voice, feeling his body get all fired up as it ached and begged to change. But he couldn’t. Not now. He wasn’t going to let one of his only friends die tonight. Even if he had to fight the others in the process.

He could tell that he was getting closer, because the scents were getting stronger, and soon, he felt himself collide into a body. They flew to the ground, twigs snapping underneath the person as they yelped in pain. He could taste hair in his mouth, and tilted his head to the side, away from whoever was underneath him. That’s when he turned to see who the casualty of his actions was.

Even in the dark, he could see Cassie’s gaping brown eyes, brimming with fearful tears as her lips quivered. “Luke…” She whispered softly. She laid a supportive hand on his shoulder, opposite to the one Ryan had touched before, and his overstimulated skin was filled with immense pleasure.

He rolled off of her before she could feel how hard he was getting. Goddammit, now was not the time, body! Why did he always have to get a boner at the most inconvenient of times? First, when he had been forced to sit next to Caroline Brigham in their eighth grade maths exam, whom he had a huge crush on at the time, and now this?

Unfortunately, as with everything else in life, this pleasure came with an insurmountable amount of pain. 

Luke screamed as he curled into the foetal position, feeling the joints of his feet and ankles pop out of place, causing his shoes to fall off in the process. He watched as the tips of his fingers folded into themselves, black claws pricking through the nails. He couldn’t help but stare in horror, letting out a startled noise when he felt both of his ribs snap in half like a pair of burnt, flaky twigs beneath his searing body.

He groaned both in frustration and pain, mad at himself that he hadn’t been able to hold out for just a moment longer. To tell Cassie to run. Run as fast as she fucking could.

She touched his back, and this time, when she did, it filled him with even more pain, “Luke-”

“Go! Get the fuck away from me!” He pleaded, sobbing as the acid in his stomach flew back up his digestive tract. “Run away, Cassie, please!”


“Fuck off!”


“Get out of here, Cassie! Get the fuck out!”

He screamed again, and shut his eyes, unable to hear her reply or even if she had run away as the result of his monstrous state. Luke continued to wail into the ground, hearing the tears that seeped down his cheeks splatter onto the leafy floor like blood in a murder scene. Something warm settled itself into his breaking back, easing the pressure by sinking what felt like a snout into his shoulder blades, laying it there as he continued to suffer through his transformation.

Another laid itself gently against his forehead, the tips of the werewolf’s fur on top of its face flying over like bunnies over the field of his skin. And that’s when he realised the scents. Ryan and Dylan. They were there to help him. Ryan was right, they could tell. And oddly enough, this somehow made him feel less alone.

He just hoped that Cassie had gotten far away enough to not be hunted down and killed, like he could tell the others wanted to. Which left the question: where had they gone?

The answer smacked him straight in his dislocating jaw as it formed into its own snout, Cassie’s screams joining his own.

But only one ended in a howl, the other with pure misery.



She regretted coming out here, even if it had been for a good cause. Seeing the way Luke’s body snapped and distorted itself into an unearthly form between the full moon’s light, had been enough for a chorus of goosebumps to rake themselves up her back, like that of a haunting melody. 

The real question was: who was performing the song?

She let the leaves and sticks blur past her in her wake, not caring if the werewolves heard. She needed to get back to the others. Now. It was too late for the others. 

They were all gone.

Cassie choked back a sob, a hand flying to her mouth at this realisation. She continued to run, her feet beating heavily against the drums of the floor like the rhythm of a rock song. Her heart was the guitar, strumming violently to the rhythm as it felt like it was gonna erupt out of her chest, spattering both her insides and outer skin in a gooey, bloody mess. 

It was so terrifying to think about. The fact that they could all be gone in the blink of an eye. One moment, her best friend and crush. The next, hungry beasts that wanted to feast on her body like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Well, looks like this flesh was too good to be eaten. Not tonight.

Her hand flew to the front denim pocket of her jeans, and she felt the rough handle of the pocket knife she had found in the police station in there. Sliding her hand down it, she felt the cold metal edge wrap itself around her delicate, but fierce, fingers. She pulled it out and slid the blade open, a satisfying schwip! accompanying it.

She had just made it to the others when she flew into them, wrapping her arms around the two young people in a much needed embrace. “Holy fuck,” She found herself panting into Cameron’s shoulder. “Holy fuck.”

Laura stared at her with enlarged blue eyes, “Were they-”

She pulled back and nodded, “Yeah, they were. But not before- not before I saw Luke…” 

Cassie’s voice trailed off into the night, probably finding the werewolves to accompany them on their bloody, moonlit adventures. She couldn’t stop thinking about the way her crush’s body had crushed and crumbled beneath the magic of both his condition and the moon. The way his shoulders had dislocated themselves out of their joints, before popping back into place with an unnerving crunch . She gagged, feeling the contents of her stomach flood the back of her throat, as she struggled not to throw up.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough, because she crumbled to the ground seconds later. The knife she had been holding fell to the ground with a clattering sound.

Bits of partially digested pasta came up into her mouth acidically, making the whole experience worse with the bits of bile that dribbled out of both her lips and nose. She retched, choking on a bit of ravioli, before sticking her fingers down her throat and dislodging it, letting it fly onto the forest floor with a plomp!

Cassie’s stomach muscles ached and clenched, the sobs she couldn’t stop herself from holding back making it ten times worse, “Holy shit.”

Laura kneeled beside her, laying a hand on her back, “I know. It’s pretty fucked up.”

She wheeled her head to look up at her new friend, “And they have to do that every month ? What the fuck!”

Laura rubbed her back as Cassie let the final contents of her dinner displace themselves from her stomach, “I know. I know. It’s not pretty. But you can’t go running off to find Luke as soon as we’ve gotten here, okay? Even if you’re protected by a spell, it’s not safe.”

“She’s right,” Cameron kneeled beside the two of them. “We’ve gotta stick together.” Their eyes flew to the pocket knife on the ground. “Even with weapons to protect ourselves with, it’s not gonna be enough against an entire pack of werewolves. To beat them, you’ve gotta think like them.”

Cassie furrowed her eyebrows at them, “What do you mean?”

“There’s safety in numbers. We have to look out for each other.”

Laura nodded, “Agreed.”

Cassie laughed lightheartedly at them, reflecting on her mistake, “I guess that was a pretty dumbass move, huh?”

Cameron snorted, “Yup, that was definitely something Jacob would do. But at least he has the supernatural strength to defend himself.”

She pretended to be hurt by their words and winced, “Ouch. Although, to be fair, I kinda deserved it.”

They chuckled, “Yup, you did. But that doesn’t make you the only dumbass of the group.”

Cassie was about to ask them what they meant when something crackled in the distance, and her heartbeat picked up once again. The illusion of safety was now gone once again. Although, it really shouldn’t have been there in the first place. She should have known better than to let that feeling slip in.

“Fuck,” Cameron whispered, they looked down at the two young women. “We’ve gotta go, now.”

The three of them stood up, with Cassie grabbing her knife. Cameron started to run, leading them in the direction towards safety. They only got a few steps when something flew itself at them. They screamed, swearing viciously as they tried to fight off the werewolf. But from what Cassie could see, there were more than one, three of them to be precise.

And that’s when she felt something shatter within her, the protection spell.

Not long after, another werewolf flung itself at her, pinning her to the ground as she smacked her head against a thick branch on the ground. She blacked out temporarily, before the entirety of her skull and neck filled with ringing pain. It echoed off the walls in her mind. And she only had enough time to scream before it raised a paw at her.

Using the knife she had in her hand, she swung at it. But not before it raked its claws over her stomach. As she plunged it into the beast’s shoulders, she felt the surface of her own skin break. Hot blood gushed out of the wound as she felt her entrails start to poke out the broken bits of her skin with a searing pain. She tasted more of the fluid in her mouth, but as it cooled on her tongue, she realised that it wasn’t her own. It was the werewolf’s above her.

The creature cried, whimpering and stumbling back. She took that as another opportunity to pull the weapon out and stab it in the shoulder. Cassie hated having to wound it even further, but she knew that it was a life or death situation. Whoever it was, they would heal before she ever could. 

And even if these were her final moments, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

Chapter Text


This was it. This was how she was going to die. Torn apart by a werewolf, one of her friends, before she had even had the chance to save them. She couldn’t cure Abi or Luke. Which meant that they would both be destined to the same torturous fate every full moon. And she’d never see them again. Cassie would never be able to hug her best friend again, and see the light in her warm brown eyes. For God’s sake, she hadn’t even told Luke that she liked him yet!

Unfortunately, fate didn’t wait for those trying to wallow in their despair. It made her consciousness fade, intensifying the ripples of pain that flooded her body everytime she breathed. Blood, vomit, bile and saliva made a nauseous concoction in her mouth, and she used that to spit it back at her attacker. Using the one final opportunity to plunge her blood-slicked pocket knife into the forearm of the creature.

But this time she wasn’t able to get it back.

It ran off before she had a chance to pull it out, ripping it away from her grasps with a supernatural velocity. Fuck. If she didn’t bleed out beforehand, she would be able to feel every single tear that the werewolves inflicted ripping into her skin. Skin, bone, muscle - all meat for those starving under the pale moonlight.

And she could see them all advancing on their weakened prey.

As Cassie’s vision faded, her muscles falling to the ground, her fingers still having the energy to tremble - she could see four of the creatures advancing upon her. Including the one she had stabbed before. It felt as if she was floating in the air, her head disconnected from her body, levitating her from the pain and trauma her dying self was going under.

They were almost at her now, ready to feast on their much-deserved hunt. A growl rumbled off to the left side of her head, and she had enough strength to jump, feeling the warm, sticky breath of the werewolf blow onto her ear. Another one, looking quite similar to this first one, responded with their own in-turn. And that’s when Cassie realised that it was the twins.

Which meant that the one beside her was probably Luke. He wanted to have the first bite before the others. Finders keepers, losers weepers. 

It was only confirmed that it was her crush when he looked her in the eye. Something clicked in the back of her mind, that this was the person that she wanted as more than a friend, and was the one that would take the first bite to kill her. Maybe if she was lucky, he would give her a quick, painful death. But they were werewolves, and just like their transformations, this wouldn’t be the case.

In Luke’s golden eyes, she could see her own reflection. Amongst the darkness of the night, her bruised, bloodied face stared back at her. Two black eyes were forming, squeezing her eyelids shut, and her lip was practically torn in two like the pages of an old, worn out book.

Another growl, this time coming from the injured werewolf, broke up their eye contact. They started to walk slowly towards Cassie, keeping their pace at a neutral speed, so as not to upset the other beside her. Her heart rate picked up once again, and she could swear she saw Dylan lick his lips hungrily as he stared at her.

Luke’s growl became louder, barking as he stepped in front of her body. She could see the furs on his body stand up, his back hunching as he warned them to stay away. What the fuck was going on? Why hadn’t he killed her already?

Dylan snarled, trying to intervene between the two fighting werewolves, but not before Luke took a swipe at him. The other twin backed off, watching Cassie with intrigued, but still nonetheless, starving eyes. So did the injured werewolf, who was watching her with a hunger way too deep to be satisfied with only one kill.

Luke turned back around to her, taking only a few steps before he was standing over her. Her breathing was rapid, as desperate and fearful as the rest of her trembling body. He leaned forward, and this was when she knew this was it. Her time was up.

She was going to die. Not in her sleep. Not from a heart attack or stroke. Not from cancer or anything that a regular human would, but torn apart by a werewolf.

His huffs of breath were hot but also simultaneously cooled the droplets of sweat pouring from her skin. His sharp teeth grazed over the delicate skin of her lower neck, right between her collarbone and shoulder. It was only then that she realised he was going to rip into the same area Dylan had infected Abi a month ago, but on the other side of the body.

One for death, and one for a cursed life.

But which one was better?

Luke lunged, sinking his fangs into the skin, and she screamed. Bubbling, viscous venom spread through her veins like lava. She kicked her feet underneath her, waiting for the final release of death.

But then he pulled away. He laid his forehead against her own, staring into her brown eyes with his yellow ones. And something clicked in her, filling her with a sense of safety and warmth, despite her imminent, morbid resolution to this story. 

Luke pulled away, licking the wound from where he had bitten her. Leaving warm, saliva-ridden streaks against her broken skin. Maybe he was savouring the taste? Enjoying his prey’s pain before killing her?

But when one of the others went to leap forward, he growled again, before guiding his snout down to where she was bleeding from her stomach. He began to clean off the blood from that area as well, and when he was finished, he came back to lean his forehead against Cassie’s once again. He breathed gently onto her face, and she could smell the mix of fur and blood on his lips, watching her with caring, gentle eyes.

And that’s when she realised Luke hadn’t meant to kill her, he was infecting her.

Luke was offering Cassie his own form of protection, albeit one that came with a curse


Laura Kearney

She had only been briefly knocked out for a few minutes, when a blast of pain pulled her back to reality. It started at her temples before echoing to the back, bouncing off the walls in a vicious cycle from start to finish. Grunted, she sat up, rubbing at the sore spots with her fingers, before opening her eyes, which were dotted with bits of bright colours.

Based on the volume of Cassie’s screams, though, Laura doubted that she had been so lucky as to escape with such minor injuries. She found it hard to believe that her friend would be alive by the time Laura finally managed to make her way back to her. The least she could do was salvage Cassie’s body, stop the werewolves from further desecrating it so that she could actually have one for her burial. To be honest, she was kinda surprised that she wasn’t dead. Well, dead again, at the very least.

Pushing herself up, she managed to stand steadily on her two feet, surveying the surroundings. And her eyes couldn’t believe what was in front of her.

Sitting at the trunk of a tree, bloodied and severely injured, but nonetheless alive , was Cassie. She was staring at Laura with tears coating her face, wiping away the sweat like it was soap cleaning off oil. Wiping them from her face, she continued to breathe heavily, her torn lips quivering, fresh blood gushing out with each movement.

She held out a hand, “Laura…”

She went to go and take it, before being stopped by a growling werewolf in front of the other young woman. It sneered and raised its lips over its blade-sharp teeth like the two points of a crescent moon, the exact same pair on the bottom jaw as well. The clouds of anxiety faded from Laura’s mind, and that’s when she realised that Cassie wasn’t going to be killed by whoever this was. They were protecting her.

And by the looks of it, they had already infected her as well.

Shit, they needed Cameron, and fast.

But where were they? 

Her question was answered only a few seconds later.


If this had been any other circumstance, Laura would have burst out laughing at this roast, but her body still couldn’t stop the small giggles that she erupted in. Running to the sound of their voice, she found two werewolves pinning them to the ground. Their paws sunk Cameron’s body to the ground, their shoulders disappearing beneath the leaves and fallen sticks.

Grabbing the biggest stick she could, which turned out to be a considerably large tree trunk, Laura charged at the two werewolves and smacked them in the back, one at a time. Ignoring the startled whines, and offering her own silent apologies, she faced them and bent her knees, baring her teeth just like the other werewolf guarding Cassie had done only moments ago.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM!” She screamed as loud as she could, not caring about the pain that erupted in her throat from the pressure she placed on her vocal chords. “GO JOIN YOUR OTHER FUCKING FRIENDS! LEAVE MINE ALONE!” Then a thought hit her.

Cassie would also be one of their friends soon enough. It was still early enough in the night for her infection to fully take over before morning came. Fuck, this was bad. This was so, so bad. And Laura just wished she could hold her and tell her everything would be alright. But the other young woman would be able to smell her bullshit. Both metaphorically and literally, via her raised heartbeat and copious amounts of sweat, in an instant.

The two creatures scampered off, going to join the other four that had gathered around Cassie and the one guarding her. Laura ran over to Cameron and pulled them up, their hazel gaze wide with both surprise and admiration.

“That was…,” They began in a hushed sentence, “fucking amazing! Holy shit you are terrifying when you want to be!”

She raised an eyebrow at their comment, “Are you saying that I’m not usually terrifying?”

They swallowed, “Point taken.”

Laura smirked at them, “That’s what I thought.” Hearing Cassie’s cries, it snapped her out of the moment, and she took their elbow in her hand. “C’mon, we’ve gotta help Cassie. Something’s happened to her.”

Their eyes widened as they walked, “You mean she’s not dead?”

She shook her head, “No, something really weird has happened. You need to see this.” She took them back to where their fallen companion was once again, the werewolf beside her baring their teeth at the two young adults.

They glanced at Laura before looking back at Cassie, “Holy shit…”

“He-He fucking bit me!” Cassie yelled. “I don’t know why, but he bit me! And then licked my fucking wounds clean! Including where I almost got disembowelled.”

“Wait, you almost got disembowelled? Then how are you still alive?” Laura asked incredulously, her shock at the confession apparent in her voice.

She pointed to the bloody werewolf in front of her, “Ab-Abi tried to kill me. I managed to get a few swings at her with the pocket knife I swiped at the police station, but… Luke was the one to keep them away from me. Somehow, he-he noticed that I was dying, and bit me.” Her hand flew to the area where she had been infected, the other werewolf, now presumed to be Luke, resting his head on top of hers and whining softly.

Laura was slightly confused by something, and decided to let her thoughts be heard, “Wait, how do you know that it’s Luke? And the one that attacked you was Abi?”

Cassie looked at her, nuzzling her nose into the delicate fur beneath Luke’s neck, before widening her eyes at the expression of affection and blushing, “When-When he looked at me I could tell. And now that…” She swallowed, her lip quivering once again, “Now that I’m bitten, I can smell who the others are.”

Laura suddenly knew what she meant. She’d been able to smell Chris in the house herself after she’d been bitten by Max. God, that felt like such a lifetime ago. Although, to somebody that had recently been risen from the dead, it kinda was.

“Holy shit…” Cameron muttered underneath their breath, taking a step back, “Holy shit. Holy shit.”

She spun around to them, “What, what is it?”

They didn’t say anything, unable to meet her eyes.

“Tell us, Cameron! Fuck, just tell us!” Laura found herself shouting. “Fucking tell us!”

They started to pace, wagging their finger in the air as they talked, “There-There was something I read earlier this month. I’ve been trying to do as much research as I can on werewolves since the last full moon. I even got in contact with one of the local fae. Well, local  meaning they actually live-”

“Cameron!” Laura hated interrupting them, but they needed to be redirected to the question at hand. “Please, just tell us what you’re thinking.”

They stopped pacing and cleared their throat, “Right. Sorry. I came across this phenomenon called parallel souls. It’s basically where if a supernatural creature experiences a traumatic event with a person, it causes their souls to connect or become ‘parallel’ to one another. It basically causes an irreversible bond between the two.”

“So, what you’re basically saying, is that Luke and I are bonded, because I saw him get impaled by a giant fucking tree branch?” Cassie spoke up.

They nodded, “Yes, but it’s more niche for werewolves. From what I read, this is also called ‘moon bonding’, and can happen between a pack. But there is an exception. There will always be one person or more that will have a deeper connection with them, whether they are a werewolf or not. It’s even been known to sometimes prevent unnecessary transformations altogether.”

“Like with Luke when he heard my voice on the phone,” Her voice dropped, and she let her head fall deeper into his neck in shame and realisation. 

He licked a bloodied cheek, before curling in closer to her body, whining softly into her ear. Laura could see how red she was getting, even in the dark, but knew that if she joked about it now, it would only make the situation significantly worse.

Cassie glanced at Cameron, the veins under her eyes slowly darkening, “Wait, is this why Luke bit me? Is this his way of keeping me safe?”

They shrugged, “I guess so. It could be his own gruesome form of making sure that the others won’t hurt you. Like a bloody, infected protection.”

She nodded sadly, closing her eyes and inhaling Luke’s scent, before catching the other’s concerned gazes and shuddering, “I really don’t like what it’s doing to me.”

More than anything, Laura wished she could kneel beside her and give the injured young woman a hug, “It’s gonna be okay. He’ll keep you safe now.”

She wound a hand around the delicate fur of his back and neck, patting it softly, “We’ll keep each other safe.” She pulled away from Luke, and he whined again from the lack of touch. Cassie grinned and laid her forehead against his own, just like he had done several times before, “I’m not gonna let anything else happen to you, you got that? I’m gonna make sure that you’re alive by the end of this, you can count on that.”

Everyone is gonna live,” Cameron corrected, looking between the two of them, before finally resting their gaze on Laura. “I promise.”

She nodded, “I know.”

Cassie beamed at them, before it slowly turned into a wince. She groaned and clutched onto Luke tightly, who buried his face into her neck, continuing to whine, but now with concern. She sucked in a deep breath, before blowing it out of pouted, healing lips shakily. Cassie opened her eyes, and stared at Laura with a new pair of gleaming yellow ones. She smiled at them as if to say not to worry about her, but it was too late for that.

She pointed her nose in the air and sniffed, eyes widening in the process, “Wait, I can smell something.”

Laura’s pulse picked up, “What? What is it?”

Cassie slid out of Luke’s grasp and went to stand up hurriedly, but her wounds weren’t done healing, so she fell back to the floor with a cry-filled thump. He went around to where she laid on the floor and picked her up by the scuff of her torn shirt, letting out a huff as he did so. The other werewolves, no longer inclined to attack her, as they had now accepted her as a new friend , went around to her sides for her to lean on them as she slowly stood up this time.

She sighed from the pain and exhaustion, gritting her teeth as she finally came into an upright position. Luke came around to the front of her, and snuck his head underneath her arm so she could use his back as a crutch. She didn’t need it though, instead inclining to pat the spot between his ears, “Thanks, Luke.”

He panted happily, but when she went to walk to the others, he barked a warning at her.

Cassie rolled her eyes, “Oh, shut up!” She turned around to snarl at him, flashing her newly sharpened teeth at her infector.

Luke let his snout fall to the ground in defeat before coming to stand by her side.

She rubbed his head again, “Sorry for snapping, Luke.” A hint of sadness flashed in her golden gaze as she spoke the last statement, “I’ve gotta help out Laura and Cameron before I can join you guys. It’s part of the promise I made to you.”

Laura couldn’t stop herself from growing more impatient by the minute, “Just tell us! What did you smell?”

There was no edge of humour in Cassie’s final words, only seriousness, “I think I know how to track the fourth werewolf. I can smell them.”

Chapter Text

A Werewolf’s Perspective…

They had been following the three figures around all night, keeping their new friend closely by their side to help them through the transformation process, whenever it came. Everytime she would stray too far, closer to the human and the witch, there would always be a growl from one of the other werewolves. Usually the one who was bloodied with a knife in its side, or the one that had bitten her.

About halfway through the walk, they stopped, and one of the taller creatures, this one with honey-blonde fur, took the handle in its jaws and pulled it out. This caused the bloodied one to let out a painful howl, which the pack followed in solace, including the one who still remained in their other form. Her gold eyes had widened, scared by what had happened. But they knew what was going on. She would turn soon, even if they had to bring it on themselves.

They could smell it.

When the werewolf helping the bloodied one dropped the knife to the ground, the latter started to whine from the pain. The former began to lick their wounds clean, even if they could see themselves that they were starting to heal.

The one still human started to have their hands tremble. They were close. This made the werewolf’s heart race in excitement. Soon they would have a new friend , and they could hunt the witch and feast on the human together. 

Except the human didn’t smell right. Their scent was off. Decayed. Almost stale, in a way. They had always valued fresh food, so maybe this one would be spared for another night.

But not the witch. The one who had invaded upon their territory and brought spoiled meat into their home. The witch who had attacked them, prevented them from having a new kill to engorge themselves in. This was the one the werewolf wanted. They would pay. 

As soon as their new friend’s body began to quiver, her arms falling to her sides as she hugged her still delicate form, they knew it was time to pounce.

They leapt at the witch the first chance they could get.



She had anticipated the feeling of her entire body being on fucking fire after what Abi had told her, but she hadn’t been expecting it to feel like a chemical one. It raged and singed every nerve in her body, with the moon as the water, only further igniting the flames and spreading it further along her nervous system. She could barely feel her own fucking knees tremble, and only noticed that she had fallen to the floor when the thud had racked around in her brain.

God, she wanted it to stop. She would do anything in that moment for a second of peace, for the pain to go away and let her body be her own again. A scream echoed beside her, and at first she thought it was her own, but then she realised that her mouth wasn’t even open.

She glanced in the direction of the sound, and found a wicked growl erupting with spikes up her throat, despite her aching ribs protesting. Dylan, extremely recognisable by both his scent and size, was hulking over Cameron, furiously trying to snap his jaws in their face, only being unable to by their forearm holding him back by his throat. This angered Cassie, and she found herself lunging at the two without a second thought.

Luke was quicker, though, and surprisingly, pounced at Dylan, the two brothers tumbling onto the forest floor and ruffling dead leaves in their wake. Cassie mentally thanked her crush, before rushing to Cameron’s side, helping them up. As she was doing so, one of her leg tendons snapped itself in half, and she yowled at the pain, tears rolling from her aching eyes. Through throbbing gums with the same velocity as a heartbeat, she felt the same claws and fangs that she had seen Luke grow earlier that night form in her own.

Her voice came out as an inhuman, rumbling roar as she directed her words at Cameron, “YOU NEED TO FUCKING GO NOW! DON’T DO WHAT I DID AND STAY! YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!”

Cameron’s hazel eyes were growing foggy underneath the dreary moonlight, “Cassie, I just want you to know that I’m so sorry. I never should have let you come.”

She found herself morbidly grinning at them through cracked, bloody lips, “You wouldn’t have been able to stop me. I’m far too stubborn anyways.” Cassie felt her ribs break one-by-one, like a torturer breaking a prisoner’s fingers, before snapping back into pointed, pulsing positions that gnawed at her fragile lungs.

She could still hear Luke and Dylan tussling in the background, and found herself turning to them. “WOULD YOU TWO FUCKING STOP!? ENOUGH!” She barked at them. They stopped to look at her, but it was too late. Her shouts had been the final straw.

Before she could even have a millisecond to think, the final phase of her transformation rushed itself through her, and she collapsed to the ground once again. Using her final breaths as a human, she turned to Cameron and Laura once more, bellowing the final words before the other side of her took over, “JUST GO! YOU’RE ALMOST THERE! KEEP RUNNING FORWARD AND DON’T STOP ! I’M OUT OF TIME!”

Screaming into the ground, she clawed at the dirt, feeling the cotton fabric of her shirt tear as the curse finally took a hold of the reins of her body. Just like with the others before, the darkness came to claim her, and her torn, broken body turned itself into something monstrous. Something to be feared. 

Except for if you were like her new friends .


The Next Morning…

Abigail Blyg

She woke up to the scent of blood covering her body. It was crusty and dry, peeling off her in uncomfortable flakes as it pulled at her skin. Abi rubbed at her eyes out of habit, and accidentally got some into her eyes, causing them to water as they tried to get the foreign matter out of the organ. Something cold blew itself onto her face, drying her vision out in the process, and it took the tears twice as long to wash everything away as a result of it. Something warm had attached itself to her hip, curling around it in what felt like fingers.

Another patch of skin was touching her as well, although it appeared to be coming from a different body. Her vision was finally restored, and she opened her eyes to find herself sleeping side-by-side with Cassie, her best friend’s forehead touching her own. A drowsy panic filled her, and she almost bolted up, thinking that she’s killed someone she’s known since childhood. But when she sees the slow rise and fall of Cassie’s chest, her bare breasts pressing into her own, Abi knows that she’s okay.

That’s when the scent of toffee, so sweet it practically makes her nauseous, now fills her nose, and she realises that it’s coming from the woman in front of her. Fuck, she’d been turned! Had Abi done this? That explains why she was still alive!

She found herself reaching out, stroking Cassie’s cheek to brush some dried blood away that was on her own as well. Abi never should have let her come. It was a big mistake to even consider it, but even more to do so.

But it didn’t matter now, because at least her best friend was still here. She would wake up to see a new beautiful day, and they could sort everything out from there.

Cassie stirred from her touch, and fluttered her eyes open, “Mmmmorning.” She yawned and stretched, her words coming out in a drawl, “I thought you were the one behind me.”

Abi was confused by what she meant, then realised Luke had his face nestled into her neck, snoring softly into the crevices. She smiled at their cute display, “No, that’s just Luke.”

Her friend’s cheeks reddened, her eyes growing wide and flashing gold, “Oh…”

Seeing Cassie’s eye colour change made her jump, it unnerved her, but not in a bad way. Only surprising her, as she hadn’t expected it. But it’s something that she would have to get used to. Abi assumed that she had been forced to do the exact same thing when she had told her best friend everything. 

It didn’t answer the question, though, of what the fuck had happened?

“Fuck, I’m so sorry, Cassie,” She whispered, careful not to wake Luke or the person behind her. She looked down and saw Emma’s painted nails, and found her body erupting in a flush. Fuck, she loved it when her new girlfriend gripped her hips like that. But this wasn’t the time for that.

Abi forced herself to focus her attention on the task at hand, removing all infatuating thoughts from her mind and replacing them with only remorseful ones. She hoped that Cassie would be able to read how truly sorry she was in her eyes.

The other woman held her forearm, “It wasn’t you, Abi. You’re not the one that bit me. And even if you were, I would never blame you. You know that, right?” She squeezed Abi’s arm, and she had to fight back from bursting into tears at her friend's words. “I know the real Abi. I see her everyday, even before she turns into a werewolf once a month.”

Abi let out a small laugh, regretting the noise as she hoped that she hadn’t woken up the others. She placed her free hand on top of her best friend’s, “Thanks, Cassie. I guess we did promise each other to do everything together in life when we were thirteen.”

Cassie smiled, holding her hand, “I guess that means being werewolves together now, as well.”

“I’ll do anything with you, Cassie, until the end of time.”

“I will too. I love you, Abi.”

“I love you too, Cassie.”

That’s when Luke started to stir, groaning as he opened his eyes to the harsh morning light. His eyelashes fluttered as he stared hazily at Abi, “Morning.” He groaned, rubbing his head against Cassie’s back. “What the fuck happened?” 

His gaze widened as her skin touched his nose, and he flew back. She could hear the fear race through his system like a marathon runner speeding through the last moments before meeting the finish line, starting his heartbeat over and over on an endless loop.

“Cassie, fuck. What happened?”

Oh boy, looks like they were in for a long morning after the night’s events. 


Luke Nightingale

When he had daydreamed about waking up beside Cassie, this isn’t exactly what he had pictured. He enjoyed it though, feelings or not. The physical connection, being close to a friend in a way that just felt so right. It made him feel safe and secure. 

But then the way he had just thought of that word made him shiver. Friend . Because that’s what Cassie was now. He could smell the infection rolling off of her skin. And it scared him to think about what could have happened. But something deep inside of him told him that it was alright. That he wouldn’t have to worry.

He didn’t exactly like this side of him.

Not to mention the fact that he was extremely hard, and too embarrassed to move away. Because not only would it mean that everybody would be able to see his completely erect cock, it also meant that he would practically be traumatising everyone around Luke, himself included. He just hoped that Cassie couldn’t feel his erection, or that it made her uncomfortable. 

He decided to focus on the question he had asked, waiting for an answer and hoping that this would calm him down. When she didn’t reply, he decided to repeat it, “Cassie? What happened? Why are you…?”

She remained silent, and he could feel her heart slamming against his own chest. Shit, he was making her uncomfortable. Boner be damned, he didn’t care about what everybody else saw as long as she was okay. He would hate to make anyone feel unsafe, least of all her.

He started to pull away and she put a hand on his hip, pulling him closer to her once again. Fuck, it made him so much harder being against her like this. The way her hair grazed against his cheek, the curve of her back pressing into his chest, just even the way she was looking at him now was enough to send him into a lustful frenzy.

“Um,” Cassie began. “I got attacked. And… you infected me to save my life.”

Luke didn’t believe what he was hearing. She was probably only saying it to make him feel better. Probably because he was the one that had hurt her instead. God, it made him want to fucking cry. He’d never dream of doing such a thing, and he felt the urge to punch the ground beneath him. Why did this other side of him always have to fuck things up ?

He shook his head, “No, I’m the one that attacked you. Didn’t I?”

“Luke, no. I wouldn’t lie about such a thing. I promise, you’re the one that helped me,” She smiled at him supportively, snuggling closer into him.

He found himself placing his head into the crest between her shoulder bones, holding onto her tightly. What the fuck was wrong with him? Why was he doing this when they were clearly just friends? And could his penis calm down for one fucking second!?

Fuck, he was so horny and now was definitely not the time to be so. But he couldn’t help it. Her skin was so soft and she smelt so fucking good. The hints of cinnamon and toffee were driving him wild, and he had to suppress a groan as he inhaled it again with a fresh breath. 

“Cassie, who attacked you?” Abi’s voice was distant, probably as a result of his lust.

She parted her legs slightly, giving more room for Luke to press against her. He felt the tip of his cock press the folds of her outer labia. And they were so wet. If there was nobody else here right now, he would slowly edge his way in until he heard her gasp his name. He wanted more than anything to hear her say it as he gently rode into her, holding her tightly until they both chased and won their sweet release.

“You did,” Cassie confessed, and it was enough to bring him back down to reality. His desire evaporated like ice in a hot frying pan, sizzling into the morning sun as he struggled to comprehend what she was saying.

Abi seemed to as well, because her skin paled and her jaw dropped, “What?”

She took her friend’s cheeks in her hands, wiping away the tears that came from her eyes. Luke heard a growl erupt from behind the other woman, and he looked over to see Emma glowering at Cassie. 

He suddenly found the urge to give her one in return, but when she closed her eyes, shaking her head and swallowing, he realised that she didn’t mean to. It was that other side of her, the same one that had made Luke want to send her one back. He couldn’t be mad at her.

Cassie ignored her growls, focusing on her best friend, “Abi, hey. Please don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. I was a dumbass and ran off from where Cameron and Laura were. I should have stayed with them but I was so determined to find the fourth werewolf. And then… this happened.”

Abi’s free hand flew to her mouth as she started to sob, “I’m so sorry, Cassie. I didn’t mean to. I promise I didn’t mean to!” 

Luke reached over with his spare arm, trying not to think about the way it caused him to brush even harder against Cassie, “Hey, nobody blames you, okay? We know it wasn’t you.”

“He’s right, Abi,” Kaitlyn’s words echoed from beside them. 

Luke glanced over to see that both she and Max had their heads laying on top of Dylan’s lap, who was curled into Ryan. The latter had settled himself against the base of a tree, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s chest and pulling him in close as the former ran his fingers through his friends’ hair. It was oddly touching, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were all butt naked. That was probably the most traumatising part, and the one that made him look away.

Kaitlyn, ever the admirably confident one, had her hand perched on her hip as she talked, “It’s like what happened with the rest of us. You can’t blame yourself.”

“But I could have killed her!” Abi yelled back. “She could have died, Kaitlyn!”

“Abi, it’s not your fault, okay? And besides, she’s not dead, right? She’s here with us. She may be infected, but she’s alive ,” Ryan interjected. “It’s gotta count for something, right?”

What he had said seemed to have calmed her, because she nodded and slumped her head in defeat, “You’re right.”

Jacob groaned with fatigue from where he laid, cuddled into Nick, “I think the asshole that bit Dylan is the one to blame more than anything.”

Ryan nodded at him in solace, “Exactly.”

“Good morn-ah! Jesus Christ!” Laura shouted behind them. At first, Luke thought it was because of their nudity, but then he remembered that Ryan had told him that she’d been infected once as well. So she would have been used to it. His answer came when he got up, boner thankfully gone, to find her eating dirt.

Max jumped up from Dylan’s lap, running over to help his girlfriend up, “Oh shit, Laura!” He took her arms and they stood together, “Are you okay, sweetie?”

She shrugged, “Aside from a bruised ego. I’m fine.”

Cameron came into their view, stepping over a branch that was probably the one that had caused Laura to trip. They were carrying multiple bags full of fresh clothes that they had all bought, “Morning guys.” They dropped four down beside Luke, Cassie, Abi and Emma, with another three beside Dylan, Ryan, Kaitlyn and a final two next to Jacob and Nick.

Luke took one and started to scuffle through it. He was looking for his favourite striped shirt, the one he had packed because he knew how cold it was gonna be, even if the heat didn’t bother him now because of the fact that he was a werewolf. Instead, all he found was a crumpled Yoshiwada t-shirt and a pair of vans. “Ugh,” He pretended to cringe in disgust, before throwing the bag at his brother. “I got your terrible style.”

It smacked Dylan in the face and he pretended to fall into the ground in a wounded manner, flopping his long limbs everywhere. He laid there for a few seconds, with Ryan leaning over to actually make sure that he was okay, before he sat up and threw his own bag at Luke, “First of all, how dare you insult Yoshiwada. And second, you’re not exactly a fashionista, either, asshole.”

“Still better than yours,” Luke retorted as he caught the bag and started putting his own clothes on.

“I disagree,” Ryan took Dylan’s bag and held it, “I kinda like his fashion sense. It’s nice.” He took his boyfriend’s shirt and put it on, resulting in Dylan’s face erupting in a flushed, lava red. 

His jaw dropped and he shook his head, a smirk falling on his face, “Fine, if you get to steal my shirt, then I can wear your infamous Cult Damage t-shirt.” Dylan started to rifle through Ryan’s bag for the item of clothing.

He shrugged, “Fine by me. You’re the only one that I would let wear it anyways.” His eyes fell on Cameron and he frowned, “What’s wrong?”

Luke looked over to where they were. They were biting one of their nails and pacing, staring off into the distance. Laura held out an arm to them, “Hey-”. They shrugged it off and continued on their trek, lost in whatever they were thinking about.

That didn’t stop her from trying to reach them, “Cameron.”

They ignored her, chewing so hard that Luke started to smell blood seep into the air from their torn nail beds.

“Cameron!” Laura snapped, and it was enough to jolt them out of whatever trance they were in, as their hand fell from their face. “We have to tell them.”

All bravado fell from Dylan’s face, replaced by a sad frown, “Tell us what?”

Cameron sighed, gulping as their hands started to shake, “We found the fourth werewolf. But… he was already dead by the time we found him.”

Dylan dropped to his knees and, for the second time in twenty-four hours, let out an anguish-filled scream that sounded all too alike the one he’d given when his transformation had first begun.

Chapter Text

Dylan Lenivy

Those few words that Cameron had said shattered him. All he could do was lay on the ground and sob, trying to get a hold strong enough that he wouldn’t turn again. But it didn’t mean that it was enough to keep him sane. He was broken; still cursed. And so was everyone else.

And it was all his fault.

He pounded his fist on the ground, the one where he had been bitten and started this whole fucking thing with. He smashed it relentlessly onto the floor, not caring about the sticks that scraped his skin or the feeling of his bones breaking in his knuckles. He knew they would heal, unlike the rest of the emotional scars the rest of them would have to endure.

He’d ruined everything. Like he always did. First, suggesting that they even have the goddamn fucking party, and now leaving them with something that could affect them for the rest of their lives!? What the fuck was wrong with him!?

He felt stern, warm arms wrap themselves around his back, a head laying itself softly on the upper region.

“It’s okay, Dylan, we’re here,” Nick whispered softly.

“No it’s not! It’s not okay! I fucking did this! It’s all my fault!” He started to raise his first to slam it into the floor one more time before soft, caring hands stopped him. He looked up to see Ryan holding his hand and watching him, a trickle of tears in his eyes.

“It’s not your fault,” His voice broke. “Please don’t say that, Dylan. It’s not.”

He couldn’t argue with his boyfriend. Not here, not now. He was too shattered to think or feel anything except for the grief of the lives, their human lives, that they had all lost. Why did he always have to fuck things up? He was lucky that they even wanted to stay friends with him considering all of this.

“Dylan…” Cameron’s voice was beside him now. “I’m so sorry.”

Desperation fueled him, and he slid away from Nick and Ryan’s touch, standing to grab the cuffs of their shirt with his fist, “What happened? What the fuck happened!?” Dylan found himself so anguished that he was shaking them, completely unaware whilst doing so, “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED, CAMERON!?”

They gritted their teeth, “Let go, Dylan.”

“WHAT HAPPENED WHAT HAPPENED WHAT HAPPENED!? I SWEAR TO GOD CAMERON WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED!?” He roared the last few words, drawing them out as something deeply animalistic rumbled in his voice, making them sound less human. More like the thing he had become.


Despite all the restraint he was trying to hold over himself, it still didn’t stop his fangs from sliding out, his claws springing from his fingertips. He was too numb to feel the pain, though, his mind too distraught. He snarled at them, growling and wanting to fucking rip into them.

“Let go of me Dylan, I swear to fucking god!” Their hazel eyes began to glow an unearthly purple. “I’m so sick of people fucking bullying me because I fucked up! I’ve apologised so many fucking times but it seems like none of you are listening!” They drew their fist back and punched his chest, all of the anger evaporating from their face as Dylan felt something crack. They yowled, eyes wide with pain. And he finally let them go.

They hunched over, cradling the hand they had used to try and punch him. Looking down, he saw shards of bone and blood sticking out from their fist.


Cameron Mountebank

They shouldn’t have done that. What in their right mind made them think that it would be a good idea to punch a fucking werewolf? God dammit, their hand hurt so fucking much. The pain blinded them, and they didn’t even realise that Dylan had let them go or the fact that their bones were gouging out of their hand until Emma was cradling it in her own. They flinched, pulling away from her touch, and the cold wind and sudden movement made the sensation even worse.

They cradled their injured limb close to their chest. They were seeing white, unable to hear what the others were saying or doing. It hurt so fucking much, and they didn’t know if the pain would ever end. Cameron could feel their vision fading to black and they stumbled into something hard and rough, scraping the skin along their back.

Their magic started to hum like a piano in the chorus of a sad song, ready to lash out into drums if it needed to. They struggled to gain a grip over it, and felt something pop.

“Cameron! Cameron!”

Was that Emma’s voice?

They didn’t have time to get a reply as everything around them went black.


Abigail Blyg

Cameron’s magic was truly a spectacle, if a bit scary. When Emma had tried to reach them, trying to comfort her sibling, something invisible had pushed her back. Including the rest of them. Abi had gone flying into Nick and Jacob, toppling into the ground with them. She could hear one of them groan underneath her, and realised that the back of her head had hit one of them in the balls.

She sat up, cheeks flushing red as she looked down to see Jacob clutching his groin, rolling in pain. She put her hands over her mouth in shock.

“Fuck, Jacob, I’m so sorry,” Abi began to apologise.

He held up a hand, interrupting her, “It’s fine. I didn’t need my balls.”

Nick helped Abi pull him up, rubbing his friend’s back, “You okay, Jakey?”

Abi watched as his entire face turned crimson, before he leaned into Nick, becoming a deep maroon instead, “I’m alright.”

“Guys!?” Emma desperately yelled out. “Can somebody help!?”

She ran over to her girlfriend, leaving the two men to their affections as she ran to comfort her own significant other. Abi looked down to see an unconscious Cameron slumped against a tree. There weren’t any signs of bleeding, aside from their hand. But it didn’t mean that there couldn’t be any other injuries. They had to get them to a hospital, now.

Dylan seemed to have the same idea, because he walked over to pick them up. Emma stepped in-between the two, growling at him, “Don’t you fucking touch them, Dylan.”

He held up his hands in surrender, “I just want to make things right. Let me help get them medical attention. I can take them to a hospital.”

She continued to growl at him, this one turning into a snarl that made Abi shiver, even if it wasn’t directed at her, “What? And let you drive them in a car for the next few hours where you could almost kill them? No, no way.”

His eyes were still bloodshot as he started to rub them, “Fuck, Emma. I’m just trying to help.” Dylan looked at her and his hands shook as he pleaded, “Please, just let me fucking do something! Anything!”

She went to punch him in the face but Abi rushed in to catch it. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make it in time. And there was an audible crack as Emma’s fist pummelled into his nose. Dylan fell to the ground, landing beside the still-unconscious Cameron.

“Mmph, fuck!” He muttered beneath the blood pouring from his nose, trying to cover it with his hands.

“Fucking stop! That’s enough! Are we seriously doing this right now?!” Kaitlyn intervened as she went to kneel beside him. She pried his fingers away from his face and more blood cascaded from it. She touched it gently and he flinched away, crying from the pain.

Abi glanced over to her girlfriend, and could see her panting. She watched in horror as parts of Emma’s spine began to crawl and shift beneath her skin. Abi reached out, trailing a soothing hand down her forearm, “Hey, Emma, I know it’s upsetting, but take a deep breath. You can’t change on us right now. You need to stay with us .”

Her girlfriend turned around, taking in Abi with broken, golden eyes. She sucked in a huge gust of air and let it out in an emotional sigh, “Yeah, you’re right. I need to keep calm if we’re gonna get Cameron some help.”

Something snapped in the distance, and it was enough to pull them back into the situation. They spun around just in time to hear Dylan’s shout of surprise and Kaitlyn wiping a bloody hand on her black denim shorts. “There, it’ll take a bit to heal, but not as long as it usually would if you were still human.” She stood up and looked straight at Emma, “Don’t go doing that again, both of you.”

Her girlfriend’s hand started to shake, and Abi took it, intertwining their fingers. Emma nodded, “You’re right. I’m sorry Dylan. I shouldn’t have done that. We could have been using that time to get Cameron help but instead I let my anger get the better of me.”

He winced and let out a harsh breath, “It’s fine. I kinda deserved it after what happened with Cameron.” He stood up and started to lean over her sibling’s body. “But I’m still coming.”

“Me too,” Laura added. “Kaitlyn and I can make sure they’re okay during the car ride.”

Kaitlyn shook her head, “No, I think it’s best if you stayed here with the others. The car will get too crowded otherwise.”

Emma went to help Dylan carry Cameron, “Let them come, Kaitlyn. We could use the extra help.”

“Fine,” She admitted defeat, not wanting to fight them anymore. “Let’s just go, okay?”

Dylan and Emma carried her sibling back towards the car, the rest unsure of what to do. It wasn’t until Ryan walked in the same direction that all of them started to follow him. They all had just gotten there when Abi had made it to see the five of them drive away, a sadness stinging in her side.


Kaitlyn Ka

Cameron was asleep on her shoulder now, breathing peacefully into her ear. She found herself running her fingers through the soft tendrils of their faded green hair. It was a gorgeous colour, one she loved aside from a nice, sunflower yellow. Even if it reminded her of the colour her eyes turned when that other side came out. But for now, she was oddly happy, curling the ends around her fingertips.

It made her think of when Dylan had been doing the same to her earlier that morning. This feeling was different though. With him, she felt safe, like she was right where she needed to be, belonging with her friends . With Cameron, it made her feel fluttery, but intoxicated for more, like with Abi and her sweet tooth for chocolate.

On the other side, she could see Emma watching her with a protective eye, glaring at her the entire time. When Kaitlyn met her gaze, she let out a slight growl, but didn’t say anything. Laura must have heard, because she turned around in the passenger’s seat to glower at both of them.

“Oi, she-wolves, that’s enough,” She scowled. “If we’re gonna get Cameron help, then you two need to control your territorial instincts and back off .”

“I didn’t even do anything,” Kaitlyn argued, feeling like a child being told off by a teacher.

Laura raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, but you instigated it by playing with her sibling’s hair. Now cut it out, both of you. I know it’s a werewolf thing to show affection like that, but it has to stop.” She glanced back at Emma, “That goes for both of you.”

Kaitlyn felt her body growing hot as Emma gave a dramatic sigh, “Fine.” She stared at the former, “Just be gentle, okay? They’re already hurt.”

Cameron started to stir at the mention of their name, opening their eyes slowly before letting in a whistle of a breath and gritting their teeth, “Ah, fuck!”

Emma laid a hand on their shoulder, “Hey, it’s okay. We’re on the way to the hospital now. You’re gonna be alright. I promise.”

“I will be if you two stop bickering,” They mumbled, closing their eyes once again.

“Shit, is that what woke you up?”

Their head moved slightly against Kaitlyn’s shoulder in a vertical direction, “No, I’ve been conscious for a bit. It’s just the other thing helps… the hair thing. It makes the pain more bearable.”

Kaitlyn was pretty sure that she was the shade of an entire bottle of ketchup as a result of this confession, but she continued to run her fingers through their hair, even if her hands were shaking and her heart was pounding the entire time.

“Mm,” They mumbled. “That’s nice.”

“We’re almost there,” Dylan quietly announced from the driver’s seat. “At least another five minutes, but it’s better than nothing.”

“How long have I been out for?” Cameron asked.

“About two hours,” He softly replied, and Kaitlyn found his responses quite uncharacteristic. It unnerved her to wonder what he was thinking about. “Cameron, look, I’m so sorry…”

They raised their uninjured hand slowly to cut him off, “It’s fine. We were both dumbasses, but let’s just put that behind us. Okay?”

Doubt seemed to fill his sad smile, but he nodded anyway, “Sounds good.”

Kaitlyn decided to address the elephant in the room after this peaceful forgiveness, “So, what exactly happened?”

Laura opened her mouth to speak, before pausing, “Uh… Cassie was able to lead us to the fourth werewolf’s scent before she turned. Although I have a feeling it’s gonna mean that what happened to you last night is gonna be the same for her next full moon.”

“Fuck!” She tried to run their options through her head. “We’ll have to leave earlier next time. But we can’t worry about that now. So, I’m guessing that they were already dead?”

She nodded, “Yeah, based on the state of decay of the body, they had been gone for a bit. Their neck was pretty swollen as well, so they probably died instantly after it broke.”

Kaitlyn could see Dylan blink away tears in the rearview mirror, and wanted to reach out to comfort him, but knew that it would only draw attention from the others. He looked back at her and gave her an appreciative grin. She sent one back.

He glanced back to the road and cleared his throat, “Uh… we’re here guys.”

He parked the car and Emma began to unbuckle her seatbelt, stepping out of the vehicle, “Thanks so much for your help guys, I’ll take over and bring Cameron in from here.”

“Can Kaitlyn come?” They mumbled, their voice faint.

Her body started to flame again at the question, but knew that if it would help them, she was going to either way. Whether Emma liked it or not.

It seemed that she wouldn’t have to put up a fight, though, because their sister nodded, “Sure, let’s just get you some help, okay?”

Kaitlyn took off her own seatbelt and started to ease them out of the car, careful to only take their uninjured hand and lead them onto solid ground, “Easy does it.”

“Thank you,” They leaned into her weight and planted their feet on the concrete floor.

Her consciousness was quivering at their touch and this sudden infatuation now, but she bit her lip and walked them to the entrance alongside Emma. First, she would get them help. Then she could sort out her feelings.


Laura Kearney

Riding with Dylan was a mutually awkward experience. They usually got along just fine, but they had only ever had an opportunity to talk with either Max or Ryan in the room. Without either of them, sitting in the car alone together, the silence became a thick, corrosive weight, eating at their energy and emotional states.

They were on their way back to Abi and Cassie’s apartment now, where Dylan would ride home with Luke, and they could finally be on their way to a safe, warm bed. Laura was looking forward to having the car to herself and processing the night’s events in peace. Granted, she would never say this to Dylan or Max.

And there were also the adjustments that she would have to make to be able to drive it again. With Laura being the smallest and Dylan the tallest Hacketteer, there was going to be a lot of moving the seat backwards and adjusting the rearview mirror. This wasn’t a personal attack against him, their height wasn’t something either of them could control, after all. But she was used to Max only making the tiniest changes so he could use the vehicle safely.

Guess it was a curse that wasn’t as bad as the others’, but still there nonetheless.

Speaking of which, it seemed that Dylan had been thinking the same thing, because when they were five minutes away from their friends’ apartment, he cleared his throat, “Hey, can I ask you something?”

She found herself intrigued, albeit a bit worried by the morbid tone his words carried. But Ryan was her friend, and she would do anything to support his partner. “Sure, what’s up?”

“Uh,” His grip tightened on the steering wheel, and he looked back and forth at her and the road, wiggling in his seat. “You um, remember how you killed Kaylee Hackett?”

Panic made her next sentence abrupt and blunt, “You mean I remember taking somebody’s life? Sure, of course I do.”

He flinched at her words, his chin shaking, and she regretted being so harsh to him. His lips trembled, and tears started to fall down his cheeks as his voice cracked, “I need you to do the same to me. I need you to kill me the next full moon so the others are freed of the curse.”

Chapter Text

Laura Kearney

She couldn’t stop herself from blurting out the first thing that came to her mind, “What the fuck did you just say?”

He inhaled a quivering breath, gripping the steering wheel tighter, “I need you to kill me when the next full moon comes. I know it’s not an easy thing to do… but if it’ll help the others live a life without this curse hanging over their heads, then it’s something I’m willing to do for them.”

Her jaw dropped, bewildered and furious by the question, “Nobody’s asking you to do anything. And what makes you think that everyone would want you dead just so they can have a chance at being human? Besides, what if you’re not here anymore, and they get infected a third time? What about then?”

Dylan didn’t say anything at this, choosing to pull over to the emergency bay on the road they were driving on, “I don’t know! But it’s something that they are stuck with because of something I did! I was the one that infected Ryan, Luke and Abi. The others were bitten because I had turned those three in the first place!”

She tried not to let her heart break itself seeing his bloodshot eyes, “And what do you think would happen if you hadn’t? You saved your brother’s life. He would have been fucking dead if not for you. And from what Max has told me Abi was an accident and Ryan couldn’t bear the thought of you doing it alone. Does that seriously sound like something they would do if they wanted to see you dead?”

“That was before we found out about Silas, Laura!” He slammed the palm of his hands into the steering wheel, causing a residual honk to follow. Another driver reciprocated it. Even though the windows were up, he turned towards the noise.

“Fuck off!” Dylan roared, fangs sprouting and eyes glowing gold. “Fuck off! Just fuck off! Just fuck off! GODDAMMIT JUST FUCK OFF!”

Fuck, she had to snap him out of it before he changed, “DYLAN!”

He spun back around, snarling at her, “WHAT!?”

She lowered her voice, wanting to de-escalate the situation, “You need to stop. You’re gonna transform if you’re not careful and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to do that with potential witnesses a.k.a. food nearby.”

Dylan was breathing heavily now, hunched over as tears fell to splash onto the gear stick below him, “Fuck, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

Laura wanted to reach out and rub his back, but decided against it, instead asking, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Can I just have a hug? Please?” He sobbed.

“Of course,” She pulled him into one without any further hesitation. Laura tried her best to fight back the memories that had a tendency to flood in whenever she was touching somebody that identified with the male gender. She had to remind herself that not every man was out there to hurt her, thinking of Max. She also thought about how Dylan needed her right now, and let those memories fly away like the ashes of an old fireplace.

His wide shoulders encapsulated her in an earthquake of sadness and grief for the lives they had all lost, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what I did to Max, Laura.”

She pulled apart to look him in the eyes, wiping away the tears that were running fresh down his cheeks, “Dylan, I am going to tell you the exact same thing that I told Max when he gouged my eye out. And I need you to believe me. It wasn’t you . You can’t blame yourself for something that’s out of your control.”

Sometimes Laura wished she could listen to her own advice.

“You don’t hate me?” His voice was shrill and wispy from the crying, breaking apart with every vowel.

She frowned, brushing away a few stray hairs from his eyes and cupping his cheeks in her hands. Laura would be lying if she said that she wasn’t unnerved by how willing she was to touch somebody she didn’t know that well, especially of the opposite gender. But she guessed it was just part of the pack dynamics, even if she wasn’t a werewolf anymore. It was like little remnants of her lycanthropic life were still stuck onto her like the dried blood of a sword.

She ignored these thoughts, trying to push them aside once again to focus on her friend, “Dylan, what the hell is making you think this way? I know that you don’t know me as well as the others, but you can talk to me. You know that, right?”

“I just don’t want them to hurt anymore. Especially when it’s because of something I did. They didn’t deserve this.”

Fuck it, she wasn’t going to push these thoughts away, she was going to help Dylan by opening up. She wasn’t going to shut herself away anymore. They needed this to heal. Both of them.

“Dylan, I need you to listen to me when I tell you this. Because it is something that only Max knows about. And that’s because he was there when I was going through the aftermath of it. I haven’t even told Ryan about this.”

She could see in his eyes that his mind was flashing back to the night she was resurrected. “What?” He queried.

“I… had someone take advantage of me when I was younger. He was a family friend and a lot older than me. He groomed me and exposed me to a lot of stuff that I wasn’t ready for. I only told my parents about it when I started dating Max. He urged me to speak up about the abuse and when I told him I was scared to, you know what he told me?”


“He told me that no matter what, it was never my fault. And that even if my parents didn’t believe me, that he would. Because the exact same thing had happened to him. Not by the same person, but under similar circumstances. I couldn’t change what had happened to me, but I kept on fighting. I wasn’t gonna let that fucker win.”

Laura could feel herself breaking at this confession, but she reminded herself to be strong. She needed to be for the both of them. “So, what I’m trying to say is, that you couldn’t control it and had no way of doing so. You can’t blame yourself for something that isn’t your fault. You should be proud of yourself for even being here today. For sticking through this full moon with the others, even if what you hoped would happen didn’t. You’re amazing and kind and strong. And you have so many people that love you. Including myself, okay? I see the way you make Max and Ryan happy. And that’s all I could ever ask for, you hear me?”

He nodded, sniffling, “Yeah.”

She pulled away, giving him a sad smile, “I’m gonna call Ryan and see if we can meet up with him, okay? Maybe it would be best if you spent the night with him.”

He wiped his reddened face with the heels of his palms, “I think you’re right.”

“Do you need me to drive?” She offered.

“Uh, that’s probably a better idea, actually. I think I’m a bit too emotional to drive safely on the road,” He started to unbuckle his seatbelt.

Laura began to do the same, “And you’re allowed to be. It’s okay to cry, Dylan. The strongest people always do.”

They hopped out of the car and switched sides without a single word, but this time it was a pleasant silence, unlike the one before. She felt oddly relieved and secure opening up to Dylan. He was the first one she had told about her trauma that wasn’t Max, her parents, detectives or lawyers. It was nice, the way he listened without judgement. And for the first time in over ten years, she felt safe around a man that wasn’t Max or her family.


Dylan Lenivy

There was something about Ryan’s silence that made him extremely scared for their future. He had gotten into the car without a word, Nick and Jacob giving Dylan sympathetic nods from the back of the vehicle. On the way back, he could see them holding hands in the rearview mirror and smiled to himself. Even amongst the dreariness, there was always going to be that little bit of light, even if it wasn’t meant for him. He was happy for them, elated even, and it made him forget about why he was there in the first place until Ryan dropped them off.

Then the silence thickened around them.

This wasn’t the quiet that he was used to with his boyfriend. Even before they had started driving, it was one that radiated how comfortable the other man was, how secure he felt. That even if they weren’t speaking or doing anything together, Ryan was just enjoying their company. Dylan had always been one to fill it with others whenever he felt awkward or out-of-place, but he didn’t have to worry about that with him. His boyfriend was just happy to spend time with him.

But now, there was no warmth in the atmosphere, only dread and misery like the impending autumn cold. Ryan had parked his car at the same place Luke had been bitten by Dylan. But his boyfriend didn’t know that, so he couldn’t blame him for stopping the car in such a sensitive spot. The park was busy for an early afternoon, full of people that to his hungry, other side looked like an all-you-can-eat buffet, human style.

He shivered and push the thoughts down, ignoring the way the smell of fresh, ripe apples wafted from those around them.

Ryan frowned at him, “You okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just… We shouldn’t get out. I don’t know why but the full moon still has it’s pull on me,” He answered, his voice unsteady.

Ryan nodded, the quiet pulling out between them once again, until he sighed, “Can we talk?”

He swallowed, a ball of lead forming in his chest. “Of course,” He lied.


Ryan Erzahler

When he had received the phone call from Laura, the first thing he had wanted to do was cry. But he couldn’t because Dylan needed him, and he wasn’t gonna let him down in such a dire situation. His grip tightened on the steering wheel, hard plastic biting into the calluses of his palms. But he didn’t notice the pain, a possible side effect from all of the running he had done whilst being a werewolf last night.

His mouth was dry, clinging to the words that were aching to get out of his throat. His tonsils stung, creating a reverberation throughout the entirety of the back of his gums. He tried to unglue his tongue from the roof, and sighed, willing the tears that were trying to come out to stay back in. Ryan could hear Dylan’s heartbeat racing, and based on the little wiggles he was doing in his seat, his boyfriend thought he was breaking up with him. This made him panic even more, because he hated for his partner to think that he would do such a thing.

But Ryan wasn’t going to leave him. Not now. Not ever. He wanted Dylan in his life as long as the other man let him be in it. Whether he died tomorrow and never breathed to see another day, he didn’t care - as long as Dylan was in it.

Which is why he needed to talk to him.

“Dylan,” His voice cracked as he began, “Why in the world would you ask Laura to kill you? What would make you think that was a good idea to do so?”

His boyfriend stared at him, face red as it scrunched into itself and he sobbed, wiping away tears with the heel of his palm. It hurt Ryan to see Dylan in such a deep, emotional pain that he couldn’t fix, and knew he never could. The only thing he could do was help Dylan through it. And he was going to fight to see his boyfriend’s broken heart mended bit by bit, and then he would be there at the end to celebrate how far he’d come.

“I don’t know,” Dylan shook his head in his hands. “I-I just thought that if we couldn’t be cured, that there would still be a way for you guys to be, even if that meant I had to die in the process. That maybe there would be a chance for you to finally have a normal life.”

Ryan took his partner’s hands, gripping them tightly as he leaned forward, touching their foreheads. He then let them go and held Dylan’s cheeks, wiping away the tears with his fingers, “Why would I want you to die so I could go back to being human? Would that seriously be worth it without you here with me?”


“No, Dylan, listen to me. We would never have a normal life ever again even if we were cured. Not with the trauma, the nightmares, or the pain. But let me tell you this. I’d rather spend the rest of my life as a werewolf if it meant having you by my side rather than in a hole in the fucking ground. I’d rather go through horrific transformations every month if it meant that I had you by my side. Because what kind of fucking reality would it be if you were dead?!”

Dylan was blubbering now, desperate to get his thoughts out amongst the snot and tears, “B-But Ryan, what about the others? Wouldn’t they-”

He couldn’t take the way his boyfriend was talking about himself anymore, “No, Dylan!” 

His boyfriend flinched and he regretted the tone he had used.

Ryan’s voice broke again as he tried to get his point across. “I’m sorry. But don’t you dare think like that, you hear me? You know that they would be saying the exact thing I am. And what about Luke? How do you think he would feel about losing you? And Kaitlyn. And Max. And Nick and the others. How would they feel about you being dead? Do you seriously think that it’s something that they would want?”

Dylan crumbled into his shoulder, sobbing again as he curled into Ryan’s shoulder. He could feel the heat-filled glances of various onlookers, but didn’t give two shits about them. He would have a month ago. But fuck them. They didn’t know what he had been through.

“I’m sorry, Ryan. I’m so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me,” His boyfriend begged.

He rubbed his partner’s back, laying kisses across his cheeks and forehead, before laying a final one on his lips, “I’m not mad at you, Dylan. Just worried. Okay? I’d never be mad because you’re struggling with something.”

Dylan sniffed, “But you are as well. That’s why I have to die.”

Fuck, that last sentence broke him. “Please don’t say that,” Ryan found he was crying now as well. “Please don’t ever say that again. I can’t lose you after Chris, Caleb and Kaylee. I can’t let you die as well. Please, Dylan, just stay with me.”

“Shit, Ryan, I’m so sorry. Please don’t cry,” His boyfriend pleaded.

“Well, I’m gonna cry when you say stuff like that, man! How else am I supposed to react?”

He could feel Dylan’s fingers as he started to run his fingers through Ryan’s hair. A pleasant wave of soothing warmth flooded him, dimming his crying from a sob to an occasional hiccup. “I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t think it would upset you that much.”

“Are you serious right now? I’m your boyfriend, Dylan! Of course it’s gonna upset me.”

“Yeah, but-” His tongue darted out to lick a stray tear that had guided itself down to his lips. “In previous relationships, they wouldn’t have really cared.”

“That’s because they’re assholes who don’t deserve you,” Ryan blurted out.

“Or, as Nick would say,” Dylan put on an Australian accent, “they’re fucking cunts.”

Ryan burst out laughing, head falling perfectly into the other man’s shoulder from the force, “Oh my god. That is so much worse than Max’s. Oh my god. I love you Dylan, but holy shit.”

Dylan gave him an amused huff, “I love you too.”

“And I mean it. I’m not going anywhere, okay? So you better not be either.”

“I’m not,” He started to rub Ryan’s back, just like the latter had done before. “Thanks for talking me out of it.”

“Anything to stop you from your dumbass ideas.”

He cackled, “I deserve that one.”

“Yep, you do.”

“Don’t think that you don’t have any stupid plans either, Ryan. You’re just as guilty as I am of some truly baffling schemes.”

“Yeah, but none of them involve dying.”


Ryan gave a low, grumbly chuckle, before pulling back and giving Dylan a tender, yet still heartbroken, kiss on the lips, “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

His boyfriend returned it with one of his own, “No thanks to you.”

Ryan took Dylan’s hands and held them tightly, linking their fingers, “Just promise me that you’ll never go thinking like that again, you hear me?”

He nodded, “I promise.” 

And based on the way his heart didn’t skip a beat or speed up, Ryan knew he was telling the truth. He pulled Dylan in for a final hug, uncontrollably nuzzling into his neck. But he tried to ignore the way it sent chills up his spine, inhaling his boyfriend’s toffee scent. This curse was starting to have a stronger effect on him with every full moon that passed. Would he be able to control it in a year’s time?

He didn’t want to think about that right now, he needed a distraction. And that’s when his mind alighted with an idea. “Hey, why don’t we go see my grandparents and Sarah for dinner? I’m sure they’d love to see you again.”

“I’d love that. I’d go anywhere with you as long as it means I’m not alone tonight.”

He tightened his hold around the taller man, “I can promise you that, for sure.”

Ryan could feel the tip of Dylan’s nose press against his own pulse, and it filled him with a searing, yet nice, comfort. He was safe. They both were, for now. 

This little moment of peace was one of the few final ones they would have for a long time to come.

Chapter Text

Dylan Lenivy

Despite having met his boyfriend’s grandparents before, he hadn’t expected them to be so excited to see him again. When the door opened, Ryan’s grandfather, Tim, threw his arms up in the air. “Dylan! Ah, dammit!” He pressed his hands to his lower back. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Ryan, sweetie, what has he done this time?” His boyfriend’s grandmother, Ruby, called from the living room.

A small smile spread across Ryan’s lips, “He just got excited to see Dylan.”

“I know that, sweetie, but what did he do?”

Tim started limping back into the room near the front door to be with his wife, “I just blew out my back a bit, that’s all.”

Dylan and Ryan followed them in, and he could feel his boyfriend press a supportive hand on his back, before guiding it down to hold his own. Dylan squeezed it, and felt one be reciprocated. They walked into the living room, where Ruby was lounging with a hot cup of tea, watching her favourite show, How To Get Away With Murder

Ryan went to sit beside her, “Isn’t this like your fourth time watching it this year, grandma?”

She shot him a look so fierce that it made the skin of Dylan’s back crawl, “I’m watching it in case I need to come get you out of jail again.”

Dylan laughed and sat beside him, “It’s a good show. Luke enjoys it and I’ve seen a bit. I like the queer rep.”

Ruby raised her mug to him, “Amen, at least somebody here gets it.” She glanced at Tim, “Unlike somebody else who has no taste in tv shows.”

“Hey,” Tim pretended to be offended, but a wide grin was painted across his lips. “ The Simpsons is a good series.”

“Not after thirty-four seasons, sweetie. Even Arthur didn’t have that many seasons, and Ryan and Sarah loved that show growing up.”

“Maybe it’s just that good.”

“I doubt it, Tim.”

Ryan was chuckling at their banter, and Dylan couldn’t help but join in as well. His boyfriend’s grandparents reminded him of Laura and Max, in a way. It was a sweet sight, to know that genuine, true love could still exist even at their age. It made Dylan extremely happy for them. He hoped he could grow old with Ryan as well.

“I hope you two boys don’t mind,” Tim began, “But I ordered Chinese tonight. I couldn’t be bothered to cook tonight, and Ryan’s grandmother isn’t exactly the best in the kitchen.”

She glared at him, “Say that again and I’ll burn your boxset of The Simpsons .”

“Do that and I’ll do the same with your How To Get Away With Murder one.”

“I should have left you at that Walgreens back in ‘83.”

“But you didn’t, and that’s why you’re stuck with me.”

Ruby rolled her eyes, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Dylan beamed at them, snuggling closer into Ryan. He tried not to be too obvious as he took in his boyfriend’s comforting scent, but he could somehow tell that his boyfriend was doing the same. He felt for the first time in ages safe and happy. Like just for tonight, they would be okay.

In an hour’s time, he wished he had taken that statement back.


Sarah managed to arrive about an hour later. She was carrying a bag full of spare cloth and damaged dresses, waiting to be sewn up and turned into something truly beautiful. She grunted as she stepped through the front door and into the threshold of her family’s residence. She flung them up in the air like a well-deserved victorious thrift. “Helloooo Erzahler household!” Sarah declared, “How is my much-loved, truly amazing family?”

“Hey Sarah,” Ryan called back, “We’re in the living room.”

“You’re late for dinner,” Ruby chided. “You promised you would be home by five and it’s six.”

A thud followed, accompanying the sound of crinkling plastic as the bags were strewn across the hallway floor.

“Don’t just leave them there, Sarah!”

“I won’t!” She argued. “It’s just while I heat up dinner!”

Dylan laughed at the banter the Erzahler’s shared. It was sweet, lighthearted and full of love. It reminded him of the one he shared with Luke and his father. Well, used to. Until all the stuff with werewolves happened. Even if he couldn’t be cured, he hoped that someday he could have that back with his own family.

Sarah came over with a heated up bowl of food and slumped herself between Ryan and Dylan, avoiding the glares of her twin. With his enhanced hearing, he could hear his boyfriend growl underneath his breath, and despite wanting to remain in close proximity to him as well, he was too busy trying to hold back another bubble of giggles that threatened to travel up his throat.

Sarah seemed to notice the noise her brother made, though, because she turned around and glared at him, “What the fuck was that? Did you just growl at me?”

He shook his head vehemently, pink pooling around his cheeks, “Uh, no. Just clearing my throat.”

She angled an eyebrow at him, “Sure, Ryan, sure.”

“Sarah, Ryan,” Tim sighed with exasperation, “can you two please not fight with a guest in the house for one night?”

“You’re asking too much of them, sweetie,” Ruby patted his thigh affectionately. “They probably couldn’t even do it for one second.”

“I know, dear, but you would think that with our grandson’s boyfriend being here they-”

Something crashed through the window, shards of glass crashing into Dylan’s face. He shielded his eyes, but some of the fragments embedded themselves into the skin around his upper cheeks, wedging deep into the bone. He heard Sarah scream in the distance, and it was accompanied by Ryan’s own as well. His first instinct was to protect them, not caring if he got hurt in the process, and he grabbed the two siblings, dragging their bodies to the floor with him.

He could smell blood on his boyfriend, although it wasn’t as heavy as it was on Sarah’s, and he had to suppress a growl. He looked over at her, and felt a wave of nausea and pain climb up his throat. Blood trickled down from her eye as she stared up at the ceiling with her good one, kneeling in shock as her hands were clenched, unable to blink around the shard of glass that was embedded into it.

“My eye,” She screamed. “My fucking eye!”

“Sarah!” Ryan rushed over. “Hold on a sec, I’ll pull it out.”

A chorus of frantic ‘no!’s stopped him, and he stared down at Dylan. “Well what am I supposed to do?”

He swallowed, trying to process the situation as he thought of a solution, similar to what had happened in the radio hut, “We need to get her to a hospital. And then we can figure out what just happened.”

“Oh my god!” Ruby shuddered. “Oh my god, Tim!”

“What?” Sarah angled her head, oozing blood and a thick, clear fluid out of her eye. “What’s going on!? Ryan, are they okay?”

He glanced over, and his eyes widened, taking her head in his hands, “Shit, Sarah, don’t look!”

But Dylan did, and he wished he hadn’t. Lying on the floor was the decapitated head of the delivery driver they had seen only an hour ago. The poor guy must have been doing rounds around the neighbourhood. But not anymore, because his blank, white eyes stared at them with terror, the skin of his lips as bloody as his torn neck.

Something was intruding here, in his boyfriend’s family’s home and trying to hurt them. It wanted revenge for something they could truly never comprehend. And that made him angry. Dylan felt a burst of pain flood his ribs as his heartbeat accelerated. 

He sucked in a deep breath and kicked his legs out from under him, struggling to gain control over himself. “Ah! F-Fuck!” He grunted, hands shaking as he felt them grow into claws. He willed them to stop, to go back to the way they were before anyone else saw. He couldn’t do this to Ryan and his family, not now.

“Dylan!” His boyfriend called out to him. He took his hands and led him further away from the carnage in front of them, angling Dylan into a view that was unseeable by his family. “Hey, come back to me, okay? You can do this.”

For the first time since he was bitten, he was victorious in fighting it off. He could feel his claws recede as his breathing slowed, but not enough to be considered a relaxed state. Unfortunately, their victory was very much so short-lived.

A deep, low moan came from the window, sending chills up Dylan’s spine. He shivered against Ryan’s body as the sound drew itself out, like the final chord of a choir. Albeit a morbid and oddly melancholic one. 

He could feel his partner’s body quiver against his own, “Dylan, do you see-?”

He nodded, hating to admit that something much dreaded was facing them. Dylan swallowed, utterly speechless at what laid within their sights.

Because standing out the front of the window, trying desperately to crawl in, was the decayed body of Chris Hackett.


Jacob Custos

He was really looking forward to spending the night with his new boyfriend, especially with the one they previously had. The entire ride back, all he could think about was taking Nick back to his place and wrapping him up in his arms as they watched a movie, laying sweet, tender kisses and snuggling closer to each other. Jacob’s favourite was playing guitar and hearing him sing, ending every song in a fit of giggles before proceeding to cuddle and make out. Who knows? Maybe things could get a little bit more explicit than they had before the two young men were rudely interrupted by the full moon the night before.

He had the perfect evening planned out before his asshole dad had opened the door for them at the Custos residence. Jacob had come to a halt, the ideas he had for the night evaporating in his head like a wisp of boiling water onto ice. Nick had slammed into him, and the two of them had stumbled into the house, his father falling back with a grunt.

“Urgh! What the-?” Mr Custos had snapped as he righted himself. “Jacob! I told you to let me know before having any guests over!”

Jacob grunted and closed the door behind them. “To be fair, I didn’t exactly think you would be home considering that you said you would be attending a work dinner,” He couldn’t help but retort sourly. 

“Maybe I decided to cancel so I could spend time with you.”

Jacob narrowed his eyes, finding it hard to believe him unless his father had an ulterior motive, “Can’t it wait? I want to spend time with my friend.”

His father crossed his arms, glancing over at Nick, “I’m sorry you have to see this, my son can be a bit absent sometimes. I swear he’s not usually like this.”

Nick, who was usually quiet, swallowed and glared at his father. The one thing that wasn’t normal was the fury that radiated from him. Jacob could see his fists trembling out of the corner of his eye, and wanted to take it, holding it until the anger subsided. But he knew he couldn’t do that without sparking some sort of suspicion from his father.

He could hear a growl rumble from his boyfriend, before he quickly covered it up by coughing, “With all due respect, I don’t think he’s what you’re implying him to be at all.”

Mr Custos raised an eyebrow at him, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. But you wouldn’t know much, considering that you haven’t known him for all of his life. It’s easy to make mistakes and assumptions about others, especially ones that we trust. So it is understandable to believe the lies you make surrounding a person.”

Jacob could hear his boyfriend’s heartbeat pick up, feel the rage pulsing through his veins. He found that it reflected onto him in-turn, and he had to fight to stay calm for the both of them.

But his father wasn’t done, “Now, Jacob, stop being so self-absorbed and come have dinner with your father. We have a lot to discuss, young man.”

A rush of nerves crashed their waves onto the sand of his body, and he struggled to keep his breathing steady. Nick stepped closer to him, and Jacob had the desire to reach out to him. To tell him everything was okay. That his father was an absolute dick, but he was used to the insults. Immune to them, even. It was just an ability he had learned to develop over the years.

“Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of me. I’ve known Jacob long enough to be able to tell that what you’re gonna say will be complete bullshit anyways,” Nick spat.

Jacob gasped, spinning around to his boyfriend at his vitriolic words, “Nick!” And that’s when he saw the gold reflecting in his partner’s eyes. Fuck what his dad said, Nick needed him right now.

He took his hands and led him to the side, “Hey, it’s all good, seriously, man. Just take a deep breath. I’ll call you as soon as I’m back, okay?”

Nick was breathing heavily now, “I’m sorry, it’s just- I can’t stand to see him hurt you like that. To say such horrible things about you when I know that they aren’t even the slightest bit true. I can see the pain in your eyes, Jacob!”

He squeezed, keeping his gaze on his boyfriends, even as the whites of his eyes faded into an echoing black, “I’ll be okay. I’ll get through it. Just go and find someplace to calm down and I’ll see you first thing in the morning.”

“Jacob, what’s going on? Why are you holding his hands like- like one of them ?” His father provoked the two of them.

This was the final straw for Nick, as he charged at Mr Custos with a bated, bestial breath.

“What the hell is up with your eyes!?” The older man cried out, attempting to flee from Nick and into the kitchen, grabbing a steak knife in the process. “Get the fuck away from me!”

“Stop! Wait!” Jacob cried out, running after them.

Nick attempted to swipe at his father with a clawed hand, tearing into the fabric of his shirt but barely grazing his skin. Mr Custos retaliated by slashing the knife through the air as a warning sign. “No! Stop! Please!” Jacob barely made it in-time for it to be jabbed into his stomach, the attack intended for his boyfriend.

A sudden silence fell on the three of them as he screamed. His insides seared, burnt flesh and willowing blood pouring from the wound. Jacob could smell his own charred remains leaking, falling down to the tiled floor underneath him. He screamed, grabbing the handle and ripping it out. He knew he wasn’t supposed to, but he had no other choice, because the knife was made out of pure silver.

Jacob threw the unintended weapon to the side, away from all three of them. But the damage had been done. Nick’s hunched back was already protruding from his skin, creating a curled, bigger form as he snarled at Mr Custos. He licked his growing fangs hungrily, and Jacob knew that he was already gone, as much as he hated to admit it. He watched in terror as Nick’s fingers disjointed themselves, taking on the same shape that his back had as his palms thickened.

He was terrified, even if he knew that he could never hurt him unwillingly. And for the first time in his entire life, Jacob was scared for his dad. 

Mr Custos’s eyes were wide now, sweat beading visibly off of his body as he tried to steady himself against the kitchen counter. His breathing was as heavy as Nick’s, the only difference being that his boyfriend’s was filled with grunts that sounded more like growls every second. Jacob tried his best to stand, to pull his boyfriend aside and get him to turn back, to tell him that everything was okay. But he was too weak. The silver had taken it out of him.

It didn’t take long for Nick to transform, too fueled by his anger to fight back. And once he was done, he pounced for Mr Custos, sinking his teeth into the older man’s neck, even as Jacob screamed for his father. He watched in terror as Nick tore into him, warm blood spattering Jacob’s face as he winced from the onslaught.

Skin tore and nerves broke, leaving bits of it stuck in the werewolf’s teeth as he continued to dig into it. The gurgles and spatters of Jacob’s father conveyed that he was still alive, and dying slowly. That’s when he decided to do something that Mr Custos had never shown anyone in life, and that was mercy.

He started to crawl for the knife, but when he saw that his own hands were clawed, he realised that he wouldn’t need it. The broken skin of his wound burnt, and he struggled to reach his father. But he knew he had to. Even if Mr Custos had never been the best dad, and in fact, was rather the complete opposite, he still deserved a quick death.

His father’s brown eyes, the same he had given to Jacob, watched him as he finally made it. He settled his hand over the left side of the older man’s chest and swallowed, shaking as he willed himself to do it. “I’m sorry, dad,” Jacob whispered, before plunging his hand into the material.

The skin and bone separated under his strength easily, like paper and twigs being manhandled by a child. But it was the other feelings that were making him nauseous. It was the twitching of the muscle, the spasms of the lungs as they fought for the air, and the slipperiness of the heart. Jacob had a hard time grasping the organ as it pulsed beneath his touch, but he had to do it. He had to give his father the kindness that he had never received growing up.

He wrapped his claws around it and pulled, yanking it out of his father’s body as his chest pushed into the air in protest, before slumping onto the floor. Jacob did the same, settling the heart down to the side and closing his eyes weakly. He could feel his consciousness fading from him, even as bile and a gag crept up his throat.

Amongst the growing darkness, he could see Nick’s bloody face staring down at him, whimpering with concern. And he knew he should be mad, outraged at his boyfriend for killing his father, but Jacob just didn’t have it in him. He knew that Nick hadn’t been able to control himself, and even if it was his father, the way he had treated others in life made him cold to what had happened. Maybe Jacob really was like him after all, no matter how hard he tried not to be.

It didn’t matter now, because he would be with his dad soon enough. They could fight in the afterlife like two rabid dogs struggling for the same slice of raw meat all they liked then. Maybe then his dad could finally get his karma on his son for letting his boyfriend kill him.

Jacob’s breathing was weakening now, and as much as he hated to admit it, he knew that he would never get the happy ending he had wanted. But at least he had Nick with him, even as a werewolf. That’s when his boyfriend took him by surprise.

He walked over to Jacob and sniffed his wound. The stinging sensation of his tongue grazing against Jacob’s skin followed as he winced from the pain, boiling tears spilling from his cheeks. “Fuck! Jesus!” He gasped weakly. 

Nick whimpered, sticking his head up into the air and howling mournfully. Jacob uncontrollably gave one in return, letting his final one drag out for as long as it needed to. And that’s when his skin started to crawl, tingling as a more intense pain filled him.

He screamed, falling to his knees as he felt his shoulders breaking and dislocating. The night air was harsh against his overly sensitive teeth, even as they grew into fangs. He wailed as he recognised the burning sensation, not from the silver this time, but from his own changing skin, erupting all over his body. He could hear Nick howling again, even as he struggled to stay conscious, but didn’t have the energy to return it, everything fading to black as he fought the waves that took over his body.

The final thing he felt, before he lost his mind, was Nick’s cold, wet snout pressing into his collarbone. He just didn’t know if he would survive the change, or live to see tomorrow.

Only Nick would know in the morning, when he found Jacob’s body, breathing or not.

Chapter Text

Ryan Erzahler

His father figure had a miraculous bout of strength to be able to crawl through the window, despite being dead. A million questions ran through Ryan’s mind. Like what the actual fuck was he doing here? How was he back? And why wasn’t he like Laura?

Chris was missing half a head, the only semblance they could all see and be able to recognise him was by his shaved stubble and work uniform. He only had a lower jaw, one canine pointed as a fang, and the skin circling his remaining skull was necrotic and crusted with black blood. Ryan had to stifle a gag when he saw the remaining corpse of someone he had deeply loved and trusted all those months ago.

The only thing that brought him back down to reality and away from his thoughts were the screams of his family. And that’s when he got angry.

Chris leapt for his grandparents and Ryan charged at him. “NO! GET THE FUCK OFF OF THEM!” His roar came out inhuman, fangs sliding through his sore gums as a reaction to the situation. His heart was racing, beating like a bull as the two fell to the ground. He scratched and tore, finding something, anything to keep the former camp leader away from everyone.

Amongst the scuffle, he could see Dylan herding the others away from the scene, gently pulling his grandparents up as they stared at Ryan. Chris swiped at him and he saw stars, spitting blood at the decayed man and growling. He used his elongated claws to gouge themselves into the base of the man’s missing head and pulled with as much force as he could.

Chunks of skin, deoxygenated, clumpy blood, and fractured bone splattered all over him as he tore, watching the man’s body split in half from the strength of his arms. Ryan was too angry, too furious to comprehend what was happening, and with a final tug, Chris’s body was ripped in half. With a slimy plomp! , several remaining organs, including a partially decayed, blackened heart, slackened to the floor, and Ryan dropped the remaining skin and neck left in his hands.

A haunting silence followed, and panting, Ryan turned to see his family standing there, watching him, except for one. He was grateful that Sarah hadn’t been able to see that, but that didn’t mean his grandparents hadn’t. He was scared of having to explain that to them later.

But it seems that this other side of him wasn’t done yet.

He screamed as his back tore itself, feeling the bones push against his skin. He retched, his body burning and crying its own form of tears through the sweat as a result of the fever. “F-Fuck! Ah!” Ryan sobbed, a hunger pooling in his stomach as something fought to take over. “N-No! Please!” He tried to reason, but knew that it would never listen.

Through his ringing ears, he could hear Dylan ushering the others out of the room, despite their protests, “Please, just go. I’ll keep him safe.”

“What the fuck happened? What’s going on with him?” Sarah sobbed.

“We’ll explain everything once you’ve been to the hospital, sweetie,” Ruby reasoned. “We need to go now.”

What did his grandparents know? Fuck, he couldn’t let them die. He couldn’t let anyone die. He knew that Dylan would be safe, but he couldn’t guarantee that with the others.

He heard the front door close as he grunted, struggling to gain a grip, to fight this goddamn fucking thing and see his family. They needed him right now, and he was failing them. 

Ryan’s knuckles cracked and split, deforming themselves as he screamed and watched in horror, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuucccckkkk.”

Dylan appeared at his side, kneeling amongst the carnage to cradle his cheek, a soothing touch amongst the warmth and chaos, “Ryan, you need to let go.”

“N-N-No, Sarah, she needs me. I-I need to do what you did. I can’t let it win,” His vocal chords tore, a howl of pain rumbling deep in his chest as his vision faded and came back again. 

His boyfriend responded, giving an equally sad one, before picking Ryan up and holding him to his chest, “You can’t fight it off. Not this time. It’s killing you.”

Ryan couldn’t disagree with that, his limbs were growing weak as he struggled against the transformation, and he was getting more light headed by the minute. Dylan was right, it was too much, all at once. Chris attacking him, Ryan having to kill him, his family having to see it.

He wouldn’t be surprised if his grandparents or Sarah never wanted to speak to him after this.

His toes curled, the tendons in his ankles lengthening and stretching to accompany the ones cramping and changing in his calf. A fiery sensation flooded his stomach, and he let out a beastly wail, clinging tight to Dylan as he tried to centre himself.


He could barely slur through fanged teeth, “Yeah?”

“You can let go now.”

He listened to his boyfriend and fell into the darkness, a million questions running through his mind as they sought out the answer they would never find.


Jacob Custos

The first thing Jacob did when he woke up the next morning was lean over beside his father’s dead body and throw up. Blood that didn’t taste like his own, too clean , travelled up his throat and splattered onto the floor, leaving its salty remnants, with hints of apple, laying across his mouth. He heaved, feeling warm hands on his back that he thought were his father’s place themselves there. He scrambled away.

“No-No-No-No-No, I’m sorry,” He sputtered, crawling away until he turned around and saw that the older man’s corpse still lay on the floor. Parts of his lips, ears and fingers were missing, sticking out amongst tissue, muscle and bone like the decrepit outline of a morbid painting. Instead, when he looked up, he saw his boyfriend’s bloody, shaking form looking up at him.

“Nick!” Jacob jumped up and wrapped his arms around him, wincing as something pulled in his stomach. But he didn’t care in the slightest, even if a little bit of worry flooded through him that he wasn’t healing at his normal rate. He was just happy that Nick was okay. “You’re alright!”

Nick pulled them apart and held Jacob’s face in his hands, his skin heating up beneath the taller man’s touch, even as his fingers smeared bits of dried, crusty blood over his face, “I could say the same for you. The last thing I remember was you being stabbed with silver. And then- And then-” He burst into tears, choking on his own sobs. “I’m so sorry, Jacob. I got so scared and then it took over. I’m so sorry about your dad. Please don’t hate me. I swear I didn’t mean to hurt him. I’m such a fucking monster.”

He’d be lying if he said it didn’t hurt to admit that his father was dead, even with the amount of assholery and narcissism he inflicted upon everyone. Jacob found it hard to wrap his mind around the thought of his dad being gone, even with his corpse lying beside them. But he also knew that Nick couldn’t control it. He hadn’t meant to hurt Jacob’s dad.

He wiped the tears from his boyfriend’s face, “It wasn’t your fault, Nick. I’m never going to blame you for something you had no control over. I’m just glad you’re okay. And… if you’re a monster, then we both are, considering that we both ate his corpse apparently.”

“Ew,” Nick grinned despite the absurdity of the situation, fresh tears gliding down his face. “That’s so gross.”

“You did it as well!” Jacob argued, but placed a comforting kiss on his partner’s lips.

Nick smiled sadly, leaning into his boyfriend’s touch, “So, what are we going to do about the body now?”

He looked down at his father, trying to choke back on the nausea at the sight of the discarded bits of flesh and bone, “I think we need to call the Bodybusters .”

“Did you seriously just make a Ghostbusters reference at a time like this?”

“Shut up, it’s how I’m grieving. Let’s go.”


Dylan Lenivy

Ryan cuddling into him was a much needed comfort the next morning. Even if he was the taller one in their couple, he had always loved being the little spoon. With the majority of his boyfriends being shorter than him, with the exception of a one-night stand, he had always felt safer in their arms. He sighed happily, enjoying the breaths that Ryan blew onto his back as he slept, smiling to himself.

Until he remembered that there were the remnants of a body decaying in the living room. The smell smacked him straight in the face and he jerked awake, all signs of fatigue gone. Dylan’s eyes flew open, landing on the spare kidney and spleen that laid on the floor, amongst the thick, black crusts of blood dried into the carpet. He swallowed down nausea, reminding himself that it could have been much worse that it was currently. 

He’d tried to clean it up as best as he could, but distress and confusion, alongside Ryan’s already transformed state, had caused him to turn as well. He’d barely had enough time to take off his clothes before unwillingly joining his boyfriend. 

He glanced over to see them draped across the couch, and as much as he didn’t want to disturb his boyfriend, he really didn’t want Ryan’s grandparents to walk in on him naked, even if they knew more than they were letting on. 

Speaking of which, what did they know? While he knew that Ryan wouldn’t tell them anything without talking to Dylan first, it still made him wonder how exactly they knew what to do and how they managed to stay calm in such an eerily horrifying situation. Anybody that didn’t know about the supernatural would have very easily panicked, and it would have been completely reasonable. But their reactions… they scared him.

Dylan started to crawl towards the couch, reaching his long arms out to grasp his clothes. Ryan stirred, and he winced, hating to wake him up. He quickly slipped his own on before sneaking upstairs to grab his boyfriend some fresh clothes. When he came back, Ryan was rubbing his eyes, now back to their familiar brown, and he looked up at the other man. “What happened?”

Dylan knelt beside him, laying the clean items to the side, before running his hands through Ryan’s hair, “Hey, handsome. Don’t worry about that right now. Just get dressed and we can talk.”

“We’ll be doing more than that, mister,” Ruby’s voice announced from behind them, and he jumped.

“Aaaa!” Dylan stumbled and fell straight onto his ass, rubbing at his sore tailbone.

Ruby giggled, pursing her lips and putting a hand to her mouth, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself. It’s not everyday that you get to sneak up on a werewolf.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ryan tried to feign innocence.

She sighed dramatically, rubbing at her temples, “Really, Ryan? You’re going to try and pull that on me? You’re lying naked in my living room! Now for God’s sake put some clothes on before I have another stroke at 62.”

Dylan smiled, he loved his boyfriend’s family, despite not knowing them for long. And this was one of the core reasons why. His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he pulled it out, checking the caller ID. It was Jacob, but he was probably calling to see if Dylan was okay, but he didn’t have the gall to answer. He declined the call, promising to ring him back later.

It didn’t stop Ruby’s eyebrows from piquing in interest, “Was that another member of your pack? Do you need to get that?”

“How-How do you know so much?” He swallowed, suddenly nervous under her stern gaze, his heartbeat racing.

Tim appeared beside her, taking her hand and sending her an unspoken question with his eyes. She nodded and he took a deep breath. “Because Ryan’s father was a werewolf.”

Ryan blinked at them, “I’m sorry, what?”

Chapter Text

Max Brinly

He hadn’t left Laura’s side since she had come back from dropping Cameron, Emma and Kaitlyn off at the hospital. She had been silent the entire night, barely talking to him, and it worried Max. But he knew not to press her. She would come to him when she was ready.

And she did. Laura opened up as he was making pancakes for the two the following morning, telling him about her conversation with Dylan the previous day. As she talked, he found it harder not to break down at what she was telling him. How could he think like that? What made one of his best friends think that they would be better off without him, when he was one of the people that had helped Max through Laura’s initial death? He couldn’t even stomach what life would be like without Dylan, it would be a place that he didn’t know.

As he served the final pancake, he realised that his hands were shaking, and he dug them into the pockets of his apron before she could see. Laura, always the keen observer, still noticed it anyways, and angled her eyebrow, “Are you okay, Max?”

He shook his head, sniffling as he tried to hold back tears, “Not really. I just uh… can’t believe he would ask you to do that.” Max wiped his face, hiding his red face from Laura as he cried quietly. “I don’t know what I’d do without him. It was already hard enough losing you.”

“Oh, sweetie,” She stood up from her place at the kitchen table, walking over to wrap her arms around him. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

He brought her close to his body, laying his head on her shoulder, “Don’t be. I’m the one ruining our pancakes by crying over them.”

“But you’re allowed to be upset. This is one of your best friends that we’re talking about. I’m sure Ryan, Emma and the others would have the exact same reaction that you’re having.”

Max nodded against her shoulder. She always knew how to make him feel better, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

She laid a soft kiss on his neck, making him blush, “Besides, these pancakes are gonna be amazing no matter what. You could never ruin my favourite food.”

He laughed and pulled away, laying one on her lips, “That’s why I make them for you so much.”

Laura smiled up at him, stroking the tears away on his cheeks with her thumbs, “I love you.”

He brushed a stray hair away from her ear, admiring how beautiful she was and hoping that she could see the love he was radiating from his eyes, “I love you too.”

Max’s phone vibrated loudly on the kitchen bench, startling the two of them from their warm moment. He jumped slightly, his heart pumping in his chest, and he flew a hand to it, letting out a sigh of relief. Laura let out a small laugh, “Scaredy cat, much?”

He stuck his tongue out at her, “It was very scary, alright? Just like your mum.”

She grinned, shaking her head, “Very mature, Max. And you’ve met my mum.”

Max stuttered, face growing redder by the second, “Y-You’re right. I shouldn’t have said that, she’s very lovely.”

She kissed him on the cheek and patted his back, “You’re forgiven.” She spun him around in the direction of the ringing, “Now, go answer your phone before that noise drives me fucking nuts.”

“Will do, ma’am,” He retorted, walking over to check the caller ID.

“Shut up, Max! Like I said, I have another twenty years!”

He just chuckled before reading what the screen said again. Huh. What was Jacob doing calling him this early in the morning? He usually didn’t message or ring until later in the day, so it was a bit of a cause for concern with Max. He picked it up. “Hello?”

“I need your help hiding a body,” Jacob blurted on the other end.

He stepped back, visibly trying to take in what he had just heard, “You’re joking.”

“No, I’m not, Max. My father’s dead.”

He swallowed, wanting to approach the subject sensitively, “Jacob, what the fuck happened?”


Ryan Erzahler

Despite his aching body and obvious weariness, he found himself more alert than ever. Hastily putting his clothes on, he crumbled back onto the floor when he was done, taking in his grandparents’ confession. He felt weak, lightheaded, like the same feeling he had the day he found out his dad had died. But if his dad had actually been a werewolf, then how did he-

His vision temporarily faded to black and his eyes fluttered. Ryan fell backwards, feeling Dylan catch him in his broad, soothing shoulders, able to distinguish him based on his scent. He felt more grateful than ever to have his boyfriend by his side.

Tim walked over to kneel beside him, “Ryan, I know this is overwhelming, but we need to talk. I know it’s a lot to deal with, especially post-transformation, but please stay with us. We’re here to help you.”

“What? What the fuck is going on?” He blurted, tears spilling out and onto his cheeks. “What did you say?”

“Ryan…” Dylan attempted to soothe him, running his hands up and down his partner’s arms, and he started to feel calm already. The taller man led him to the staircase, settling him down and sitting next to him, wrapping an arm around him. Ryan let him, resting his head on his partner’s shoulder as he smiled with a sense of safety.

It didn’t stifle his need for answers, as he looked up at his grandparents, “Please… just- fucking tell me something…. anything.”

Ruby held up a finger at him, “First of all, language. I know you’re stressed but there’s no reason to use that in this house. And second of all, I think it’s best if we talked about this over food. We have a lot to discuss and I don’t want the possibility of you or Dylan eating myself or your grandfather just because you’re hungry.”

His cheeks reddened, embarrassed that he was getting told off in front of Dylan, and that she seriously thought both him and his boyfriend were going to eat them just because they were werewolves, “Sorry… But, I promise we won't.” That’s when something struck him in the back of his mind, “What about Sarah? Is she okay? Is-”

Tim sat beside him, patting his knee, “She’s okay. She’s lost her eye. But she’s alive. And that's what counts.”

Ryan’s body ached with guilt as he swallowed the thick, gluttonous bile that was a reaction to the news he had just heard. He should have known. Why didn’t he hear Chris sneaking up on them? Or smell the decay emanating from his body? But most of all, why the fuck was he back and how ?

There were so many questions he had, but he also didn’t know if he wanted the answers to them just yet. He was unsure if he’d be able to handle it. He grew lightheaded, hands shaking as he struggled to intake all the stuff that had happened over the past twelve hours. It was too much. He didn’t know if he could take it anymore. He burst into tears.

“Oh, sweetie,” Ruby’s voice grew closer as she knelt beside him. “I know it’s a lot. I can’t imagine what you and the others must be going through. I’m so sorry.”

Ryan wiped his face, sniffling, his voice clotted with sadness, “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s not anyone’s.”

“We still should have said something, especially when we had a feeling that something was going on. I’m sorry we didn’t. Your grandfather and I wanted you to come to us when you were ready.”

“It’s okay. I’m just sorry I kept it from you.”

She shook her head, “Don’t be.” She held out her arms, “Can I have a hug?”

Ryan nodded, “Yes, please.” He fell into his grandmother’s arms, eventually feeling both his grandfather and Dylan join in.

She rubbed his back, “You don’t have to hide anything from us anymore, sweetie. No more secrets.”

He grunted in agreement, relieved for the first time in months, despite all that had happened around them.


Luke Nightingale

He regretted letting Cassie say goodbye without talking to her. Bear in mind, Abi had been sitting between them the entire ride back, glaring at Luke and growling at him whenever she caught him looking at their friend. He didn’t have the strength to fight her, too exhausted by the night’s previous events to say or do anything, and extremely concerned for his brother. He’d tried to message Dylan, but unfortunately had received no response, even once he had been dropped home.

So, when he woke up the next morning, still having no texts from him, he tried calling. Radio silence filled the air, no sign of his brother’s calming demeanour crawling into the atmosphere to soothe his nerves. There was only the ring, the one that banged in his head loudly, even as he called Ryan as well. 

About an hour later, he had been adjusting his camera, changing the lenses to make sure he could get the perfect shots, as he’d decided to get out as a distraction, when his phone rang. The caller ID said it was Jacob, and he sighed with relief, hoping that their friend had some news about his brother.

He accepted the call, “Hey, is Dylan okay?”

“Hey Luke, wait… you haven’t heard from him either?” Jacob pressed, which instantly raised his anxiety.

He pressed the phone between his shoulder and his ear, setting his camera down on the desk, “I thought you knew and that’s why you were calling me.” Fuck, this couldn’t be good.

“SHIT!” Jacob’s voice blasted in his ears, and he winced from how loud his friend was, causing his ears to ring and a headache to inch its way through.

“AH, FUCK!” Luke dropped the phone, looking at the screen as he realised that he had accidentally put his call on speaker. Which explained why his friend’s voice had appeared like the final reveal of a killer in a horror movie. Well, technically they were living one, but this one was more of the Joe Dante’s The Howling variety.

“Shit, what happened? Are you okay?” His friend called in a panicked manner from the other line.

Luke rubbed his temples, grunting as his ears continued to ring, “I’m fine. Just accidentally put my phone on speaker when I didn’t mean to. It gave me a bit of a fright. What’s wrong, though? Why do you need Dylan?”

Jacob cleared his throat, “Uh… Actually, we need somebody, anybody that’s part of the pack to come and help us.”

We ?” He hadn’t heard anyone else on the call.

“Give it to me, Jakey,” Nick’s voice prompted. There was a shuffle before his voice came on louder. “Hey, Luke. Sorry to bother you.”

The ringing had faded to a dull ache now, the pain slowly numbing itself, “It’s okay. What do you guys need?”

“Uh, we need your help hiding a body. Max is already here but we need to have a pack meeting, now ,” The seriousness in Nick’s tone sent shivers down Luke’s spine.

Oh fuck, what had happened? Even if he didn’t know the others as well as Dylan, he had a feeling that they would never kill anyone, not intentionally nor maliciously. So, that left the question of what had transpired. Were Jacob and Nick okay? Were either of them hurt? “Holy shit, dude, what happened?!”

“Um, it-it’s a long story. Can you please just come? We really need some help.”

That’s when an idea flashed itself in his mind. Luke remembered that he and Dylan had activated the ‘Help a Friend’ feature on each other’s devices last week in case of an emergency. “Wait, do you guys think you’d be okay if I quickly tracked down Dylan to make sure he’s alright? I’ll explain to him when we get there.”

Jacob’s voice sounded closer to the phone, “That sounds good. Just make sure he’s alright. And Ryan as well. I tried to reach him as well like a million fucking times but neither of them picked up.”

“We’re really worried,” Nick added. “We just wanna know if they’re okay.”

He understood that, he felt the exact same. If not more, considering that this was his twin brother and his boyfriend they were talking about. But it didn’t make the others’ feelings any less valid. So, even if he couldn’t help with one aspect of a problem, he could focus on another. “Okay, I’ll call you as soon as I find them.”

“Alright, see you soon Luke.”

“Bye guys,” He hung up solemnly. He quickly changed into a clean pair of jeans, his favourite hoodie to comfort him amongst all the stressors, and the necklace that Dylan had accidentally left out in the living room the other night. Slinging it over his neck, Luke remembered that he had worn it when leaving for Hackett’s Quarry that summer, and some odd part of him hoped that it would help him find his brother.

He activated the ‘Help a Friend’ function on his phone and left the house, trying to ignore the shakes in his hand.


Max Brinly

When he had told Laura about what Jacob had explained to him, she immediately wanted to go with him. He didn’t argue, knowing that they needed all the help they could get. Besides, Laura was extremely smart, and could potentially help out in terms of how to correctly dispose of it, despite being a vet student. Plus, Max would never admit this, but she was always very intimidating and scary when told ‘no’ in the context of her loved ones being in danger or hurt.

Jacob had opened the door before Max could knock on it, his hand half-raised in the action. “Thank fuck you’re here,” The other man panted, his eyes wide and bloodshot. “I just, we really need all the help we can get.”

Seeing how distressed his friend was, Max wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a hug and rubbing his back. He was considerably shorter than the other man, so it made it ten times better, as Max could rest his head on the other man’s chest, but most especially when Jacob squeezed back harder. 

He felt another pair of long, pale arms wrap around them, followed by a fourth. Max was able to recognise their scents immediately. Nick and Laura. One smelled like toffee and the other… Well, he would never admit to his girlfriend that she smelt like death reincarnated.

Realising that they were probably making a scene outside of the front of his house, Jacob shuffled backwards, never letting them go. Max laughed and followed, hearing Laura giggle in his ear. The four of them didn’t break even a centimetre apart, even as she kicked the door closed and they laughed at all of their awkward, mini steps. 

It was a nice moment, one that Max knew he would be holding onto for quite a bit. Possibly forever. The memory seemed too precious to let go.

A minute later, they broke apart, and Max felt a cold breeze on a specific dark patch of his t-shirt, where he realised that Jacob had been crying, “Hey, buddy, what happened?”

Nick took Jacob’s hand, looking at the other two with solemn brown eyes, “It’s my fault. I… I lost control.”

It took a second for Max to realise that the two had finally gotten together. But he knew that now would be an extremely inappropriate time to celebrate, especially considering their morbid circumstances and Nick’s confession. So he bit his tongue and waited for them to finish.

Laura was the one to initiate it, “Nick, whatever happened, you can talk to us.”

The other man couldn’t meet their eyes, inhaling a shaky breath as tears grazed down his cheeks, “I just- I just couldn’t stand the way Jacob’s father was talking to him. He was just so mean and horrible and cruel .”

His partner shrugged, “That’s just the way he usually is. Well, was .”

“That doesn’t mean that you should have to put up with it. That’s not what a real father is if that’s how they’re gonna treat their child.”

Laura stepped forward, looking up at Jacob, “He’s right. I know what it’s like to be taken advantage of as a child, even if it was in a different way.” The way she said it left it deliberately open for Max to talk about it if he wanted to as well.

But if she was comfortable telling the others now, then so was he. He held her hand, breath shaking as his words tripped over themselves, “W-We both were. Not-Not by the same person, but… What happened to us was similar.”

Nick’s eyes flew open, “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”

Max rubbed Laura’s shoulder soothingly, grounding her. He knew that it was hard for her to talk about what happened, especially since sometimes it could initiate a flashback. She leaned into his touch, letting out an appreciative sigh. “It’s okay, Max and I have been helping each other heal.”

“Heal from what?” Jacob’s confused, questioning glance raced between the three of them.

“I’ll explain later,” Nick amended. “For now-”

A low groan emanating from the back door startled them. A low tingle ran up Max’s spine. He shivered, goosebumps sprouting out like seeds soaking up the water of his fear. It didn’t sound like a human or werewolf. So what was it?

A loud bang followed and all four of them jumped, watching splinters of wood fall onto the floor with the doorknob crashing down alongside it. It grew more violent, and Max held onto Laura tighter, using his grip to pull her away from the danger. Out of instinct, he stepped in front of her, wanting to shield her from whatever it was. 

Robert “Bobby” Hackett slammed into the door with one final push, a maniacal grin as wide as the smiling, weeping wound on his neck forming. He stared at them with wild, dead eyes. He used his big, broad body to run at them with full speed, giving no room for any of them to escape.

Chapter Text

Ryan Erzahler

Through his sad eyes and numb body, he looked up at his grandparents, unable to believe what he had just heard. He let out a sad, broken hum, shaking his head. Everything hurt; his mind, his body, his soul. All of these parts of him ached and trembled, begging for a break. But he knew that he wouldn’t be getting one, not for a long time anyways.

His voice was a fading light as it broke trying to get out the one word echoing consistently in his thoughts, “What?”

Tim looked over at his wife, “Maybe we should talk about this over food. It might make him feel a bit better.”

Ryan shook his head, breaking away from his and Dylan’s contact and standing up, “No, I wanna hear it now.” He let his hands fly up to his hair as fresh tears spilled down his cheeks, choking on a sob, “Please, I’m so confused. Just tell me what’s going on.”

His boyfriend got up as well, wrapping his arms around Ryan to let him softly cry into his shoulder, “It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Ryan thought he could feel his entire rips shattering just like before, and he panicked, thinking the distress was going to cause him to turn again. But then he realised it was his heart. It couldn’t take the immense pain and pressure. 

Having his father figure coming back from the dead and blinding his sister, before Ryan had to kill said father figure, and then finding out that his actual dad had also been a werewolf. It was too much for his soul and mind, because while the rest of his body had it, these were the only parts of him that didn’t have supernatural strength. These were the parts of him that were still human.

He could feel his pulse raise in his temples as he cried into Dylan, holding onto the taller man for support. Ryan needed his lifeboat more than anything right now, especially considering the dangerous voyage both of their souls were going under. He felt the night’s troubles, congealed in his heart like chunks, evaporate beneath his partner’s touch, and he snuggled  himself tightly into Dylan’s chest.

“Let it out, Ryan. You’re safe, nothing can hurt you,” His boyfriend whispered soothingly to him. He heard the last two words that had remained unsaid, ‘for now’. But he didn’t care, because the last saying before that was still ringing in his mind. 

About how Dylan had him, that he was gonna be there for him. Ryan knew he was the same, and it was only something that happened when he truly loved someone. Ryan didn’t trust a lot of people. And well, he was glad that he could have Dylan be one of them.

After a minute, he tried to pull away and realised that his grandparents had their arms around him as well. When they noticed what he was trying to do, they broke apart from the two young men, smiling melancholically at them. He usually hated letting them see him this sad, but in his moment of vulnerability, he knew that it was okay to be so around them. That they would love and care for him all the same.

Ruby walked over, holding out her hand slowly, giving him an invitation to pull away if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He needed his grandparents and Dylan more than anything right now. She wiped away his tears and ran her thumb softly over his cheek, “Why don’t we get this body cleaned up and then we can go and get some food? I think it’s time that we told each other everything.”

He nodded slowly, feeling relieved for the first time in forever. That he could finally talk to them about what had been polluting his mind with nothing but infection and misery, “I’d love that.”


Dylan Lenivy

Ryan’s grandparents knew how to dispose of a dead body surprisingly easy. It took them less than an hour to dismember Chris and bury him in their backyard. Dylan desperately wanted to know how they managed to get it done so quickly and efficiently, but he shuddered at the reasons they would give as to how they did so. When the four were done, Ryan took him upstairs where the two showered, hugging each other close under the hot water the entire time. They didn’t even let go of one another to grab the soap, causing a very awkward shuffle that had resulted in both of them erupting into a chorus of giggles.

When they were getting dressed, Ryan chucked Dylan his Cult Damage t-shirt, but he hesitated, “Are you sure?”

His boyfriend shrugged, “You looked nice in it last time.”

Blushing, Dylan put it on, smiling shyly at him, despite the fact that it revealed a bit of his lower stomach to the world. Ryan walked over and kissed him, “Cute. I’ll have to let you steal my shirts more often.”

He savoured the way their lips collided and reciprocated it with one of his own, “I’d love that.”

“Boys!” Ruby called from downstairs. “I am getting hangry! This belly wants pancakes, so hurry up!”

Ryan mock-shivered, “You don’t wanna see what she’s like when she’s hangry.”

Dylan took his hand, “Agreed, let’s go.”


Ruby and Tim took the two young men to a lovely restaurant that did 24/7 pancakes and waffles. When Dylan walked in, his jaw dropped and he skipped to the nearest booth, wiggling excitedly in his seat as he waited for Ryan to join him. His boyfriend gave him a sad smile as he sat beside him, winding an arm around his waist. Dylan found his own die off, realising the situation that they were in, and he looked down at the floor, unable to meet his partner’s eyes. “Sorry.”

The pressure between the two increased as Ryan snuggled harder into him, resting his head on Dylan’s shoulder, “Don’t be. You’re allowed to be happy.”

“Yeah but… it just feels wrong when you’re not as well,” He tried to argue.

His boyfriend took his hand, squeezing it with a comforting hold, “I’m always happy when I’m with you.”

Ruby retched as she slid into the opposite end of the booth with her husband, “Young love is so gross when it wants to be.”

Tim laughed, kissing his wife’s cheek, “You seem to forget that we were like that at their age.”

She cringed at his statement, handing the other two a menu, “Don’t remind me. You’re lucky I still love you after you broke my Tina Turner record.”

He sighed, rubbing the spot between his eyebrows with his fingers, “And you still haven’t forgiven me for that.”

“As I shouldn’t.”

Ryan looked at Dylan and rolled his eyes in a Can you believe them? manner. This earned him a very hearty glare from Ruby, but the rest of the time was filled with silence as the four of them ordered. 

The older couple got regular pancakes and maple syrup to share, with a dollop of ice cream that made Tim very excited and bite into it eagerly, wincing as the brain freeze racked his brain. Dylan ordered some nutella and strawberry pancakes whereas Ryan ordered one with banana and salted caramel sauce. It was a carbohydrate heaven, one that they were all willing to share with one another.

Dylan sat back and slumped further into his seat as he took his last bite, cradling his stomach as his body struggled to digest its sickly sweet contents, “I think I’m pregnant with our food baby.”

Ryan huffed amusingly, patting his boyfriend’s stomach gently, “What are you going to name it?”

“Luke Jr., so hopefully this one can actually be nice to me.”

He burst out laughing, earning them a few glares from other diners, “God, I love you so much.”

Dylan felt himself blush, unable to help the trust and safety that radiated from his smile, “I love you too.”

Ruby was glaring back at the other diners, each of them turning their heads, before she glanced back at the two young men, “As touching as this is, I really think it’s time for us to have our discussion. To talk about why we came here in the first place.”

Dylan sat up in his seat, his heart suddenly thundering and his mouth going dry despite the colossal strawberry milkshake he’d just had.

“Um…” He licked his lips and his wiggles became more pronounced, with him practically leaning into Ryan one second and away the next. “We’ll-We’ll go first. Um, what happened back at Hackett’s Quarry… well, I’m sure you can assume what happened, b-but-”

His mind flashed back to the scrapyard, the smell of rust filling his nose as he gagged on the sweat that poured into his mouth from his fever. He could hear Kaitlyn screaming in the background, begging for his help as he tried his best to fight off the infection long enough to save her. It still didn’t stop her from being bitten, though. And that’s when his mouth watered at the smell of her blood, wanting to rip into her wounded leg like a chicken drumstick and-

“Dylan, sweetie, your eyes are yellow,” Ruby’s voice brought him out of the memory.

He cleared his throat, and shook his head, letting it rest against the edge of the table as he struggled to calm himself, “S-Sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologise,” Tim’s tone was one of a soothing variety. It reminded him all too well of the first sip of water he’d had after that miserable night, calming him. It told him that he was safe. He was okay. What was out there couldn’t hurt him anymore. At least for now. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

Ruby seemed to support her husband’s decision, “We already know most of it, and we can fill in the gaps based on what Ryan has told us. Just don’t push yourself, okay? I think it’s best if we talk about what I can tell is on Ryan’s mind, anyways.”

He pulled his head up, looking at them all, “Are-Are they back to normal?”

Ryan kissed his cheek, “Yep, back to their normal brown. Still cute as ever.” He turned to his grandmother, the smile he had dropping to a solemn frown now. “So, what happened with my dad?”

She sighed, taking another sip of her Americano, “We’re not sure exactly. He’d just been distant over the past few months, like you. But… there was one night where we had invited him to dinner… and he’d been pretty hesitant at first, but still decided to come along anyways. The apple pie took longer to bake, as your grandfather had forgotten to take it out earlier. But your father, Donovan, was getting really irrational and irritated, saying he didn’t have time for this.”

“That’s when we saw that his eyes had gone yellow, and we’d tried to get him to explain to us what was happening. We weren’t mad, just worried. And then he started to turn. We locked him in the basement and he explained to us his infection come morning. But there was something else you should know.”

Ryan snuggled closer to Dylan, subtly nuzzling into his shoulder in a way that he knew was his other side seeking comfort, he was oddly flattered by it, “W-What is it?”

“Um…” Ruby looked at her husband, suddenly nervous.

Tim sighed and took her hand, squeezing it, “Donovan had a twin. One that he accidentally killed one full moon. His brother’s friend found out and shot him with silver in retaliation.”

Ryan flinched at the news, a tear sliding down his cheek as his eyes briefly flashed yellow, “What the fuck? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Dylan was with his boyfriend on this one. He couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to have just found that out after not knowing for twenty years. And then he thought of Luke…

“How could we possibly explain that your father had killed someone without telling you about werewolves?”

“Uh, you could have said that maybe he was killed in a hit and run or something like that,” Ryan snarled with irritation.

“And lie to you? Do you seriously think that’s fair to ask after you kept the fact that you were one as well from us for so long?” Ruby spat back, glaring at her grandson.

Tim rubbed her shoulder with his spare hand, “Darling, I don’t think it’s fair to say that when he probably didn’t want to hurt us. Just like how we didn’t want to do the same for him.”

She turned to him, giving the same expression, before relenting a few seconds later and sighing, “Fine. I guess you’re right.” She looked away to stare out the window, her eyes focusing on something, “Dylan? Did you tell anybody else we were here?”

Panic pumped his heart, and he furiously shook his head, “No, why?”

“Because your brother’s here.”

The remaining three turned to see Luke waving frantically at them.


Max Brinly

When Jacob had called him over to his place, he had definitely not been expecting a zombie-like Bobby Hackett grinning at them through a broken wooden door. The bigger man’s chest rumbled, coming out scratchy and whistling against his torn neck. It was almost like he was trying to say something. But even from far away, Max could see the sliced, decayed and bloodied vocal chords that were preventing him from doing so.

Out of some eerie instinct, he found himself standing in front of the others, shielding Laura in particular as a poisonous growl erupted from his chest. He had to try not to hunch over and change, as this other side of him was begging him to. It kept on trying to reason with him, saying that he could help his friends , including the dead one, in a much stronger and deadlier form. Max couldn’t fight the way his nails stung as they formed into claws, or the way his beating gums let his teeth sharpen into fangs, however. 

As Bobby charged straight at them, he flung his entire body weight into the run, and it only took a few seconds for Max to thankfully move everyone out of the way. His chest rumbled and he felt a rib snap, trying not to scream. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” He roared, his deeper voice echoing off the walls monstrously.

“Max,” Laura whispered, trying to warn him.

He growled, no longer in control of his actions. This fucker had come into his friend ’s house and tried to attack those that he cared about. Max didn’t care even how he had managed to come back to life at that moment, despite the very obvious fatal injury that was radiating wickedly from his body. All he knew was that Bobby Hackett had declared a bloody, undead war against the others that Max would make him pay for.

He threw himself at Bobby, raking claws down his sturdy, but rotten chest. He grinned with a morbid delight as he watched the weakened flesh part beneath his fingertips, followed by the black blood that brewed out of the cavern like a potion. Max’s victory wasn’t long lived, however, because the undead Hackett picked him up and chucked him at the wall closest to them.

Pain exploded in his head, his vision going black as the last thing he remembered was thinking to himself about how much of a fucking idiot he was.

Chapter Text

Luke Nightingale

He hadn’t exactly thought it through when he had waved to Dylan from the cafe window. But then again, it was an emergency, so his impulsivity and lack of planning surely could be granted some leeway. Despite this, he still regretted seeing two elderly people, those that appeared to be Ryan’s grandparents, wince and hobble over as they followed after the two young men. Jesus Christ, he really had the worst timing without even realising it at times.

Dylan sped-walk out of the building, almost ramming into his brother as he struggled to get his long body to stop, “Hey. What’s wrong?”

Ryan was right by his side, taking his hand and frowning at Luke, “Everything okay?”

Apparently he hadn’t thought through what he was going to say to them either, “Uh…”

“Ryan?” His grandmother was hobbling over, panting as she tried to keep up with their speed. She stopped when she finally reached them. She was breathing heavily as both her grandson and husband held her as she hunched over. “Is.” Breath. “This.” Breath. “A…” Two rapid breaths.

Ryan rubbed her back, “Hey, just take it easy. Don’t force yourself to talk right now if you can’t.”

She glared at him, apparently dissatisfied at being told what to do by her own grandchild. The stare was so intense and withering that Luke swore he accidentally let out a small whine from pure fear. It seemed that Dylan noticed, because he turned his attention back to his twin, wiggling around uneasily, “What’s going on?”

He swallowed. How was he supposed to word this in front of Ryan’s grandparents? “Um… have you gotten any of Jacob’s calls or messages?”

The older woman seemed to have caught her breath now, as she straightened and stepped closer to Luke, eyeing him up. Yup, he definitely whined a little louder this time. He just hoped that it wasn’t so noticeable enough for strangers to hear.

“Is this a pack emergency?” Ryan’s grandmother demanded.

He glanced over at Dylan and his boyfriend. How did she-? That’s when it clicked. That was why his brother hadn’t been home last night! Something must have happened and maybe there was more to this than all of them actually knew. 

Shit. This was suddenly much more complicated than he originally thought it was. So why did he feel so relieved to get such a dark secret off his chest, knowing that a much wiser adult could help them? He felt stupid for thinking it, considering that they were now twice as likely to get injured or die than if they hadn’t known.

The others were staring at Luke, waiting for an answer. He looked down at the ground nervously under their looks, ruffling his hair. He had to spit it out. “Yes, it is. A pretty bad one.”

She nodded, “Okay, then we’re coming to help you.”

“What?” Ryan shook his head. “No, absolutely not. I’m not getting you involved when you could be killed.”

She pointed at him, angling an eyebrow at her grandson, “Well I hate to break it to you, sweetie, but I was already involved when my granddaughter was permanently blinded in one eye because your undead camp leader tried to kill her.”

Luke’s eyes widened, “Excuse me, what?”

“Long story, we’ll explain later,” Dylan decided. He had pulled out his phone and was scrolling through his texts. His eyes widened when he had gotten to the last one, which Luke leaned over to read: ‘ WE NEED YOU NOW’ from Jacob. It sent chills down his spine, and somehow he had a feeling that all of this was connected somehow.

He loathed to think about what else could happen as a result of these events.

He had no idea of what half of the things were. All of them had a long month ahead of them.



Laura Kearney

“MAX!” She tried to run to him but was blocked off by Bobby, still grinning wickedly at them all. He tried to swipe at her but was stopped by a rapidly changing Jacob. He bared his fangs, snarling as his eyes glowed their signature yellow. She looked over to see that Max was transforming as well, even if he was knocked unconscious. And based on Nick’s screams, he was the same. She had to find a way to protect them while they were still vulnerable.

Her first instinct was to find a weapon. She bolted into the kitchen, trying her best not to look at the body on the floor and ignore the smell of decay emanating from it, which almost made her gag. She picked up the knife scattered on the ground, wondering morbidly how it had ended up so bloodied and riddled with chunks of burnt flesh. Laura decided that she really didn’t want to know.

“Get the fuck-AH!” Jacob’s yells were cut short by the sound of his cracking back. There was a thud as what sounded like a body was thrown into the wall, the house rumbling with it. Bobby’s footsteps grew louder, and it was clear to Laura that he had tried to defend her against the giant, even as he was uncontrollably turning. A warm gratefulness filled her heart, and she knew that she had to protect them now more than ever.

She charged at Bobby, raising the knife and plunging it into his sternum. Thankfully Max had already weakened him in that area, so she was able to glide it down easily. It was like moving a knife through cold butter that had been in the fridge for a while, but it did the trick. Dead, deoxygenated blood and decaying, blackened organs spilled out of his stomach. His entrails fell out and curled down to the floor like the legs of a spider.

Blinding pain smacked her straight in the temple before she could finish and she realised that Bobby had punched her in the head. Her vision blackened and she stumbled back, groaning as pain thudded against her body. She swore she felt her brain smack against her skull, a wet fluid dribbling from her nose. Laura brushed a finger across it and saw black blood come back with it.

Even with her singing body, she raised the knife again, but a newly transformed Nick, based on the colour of his fur, lunged at Bobby. The giant tried to smack him to the side as well but was unsuccessful, and he sank his teeth into the man’s forearm. He yanked his jaws in a downwards motion, creating caverns of dead skin and glistening, rotting tendons that tore with it. 

Max, now fully awake, lunged at Bobby as well, jumping up high enough to gouge his teeth into the back of his neck. He pulled, and looked at Laura, eyes flashing a message at her. A knowing sensation flooded her body, as if she knew what he was thinking. She raised the knife and plunged it into Bobby’s neck, careful to avoid getting Max. When it was fully in, the werewolf let go, and she twisted it in, the blade sliding halfway as it soaked her in midnight-shaded blood.

She gagged audibly, but continued. Laura wasn’t going to give up if this fucker fully had a chance of coming back to life again. The rest of his neck came cleanly off, save for the spinal cord. She felt his large, cold hands wrap themselves around her elbows, trying to weakly stop her. 

But even if it was too late to do anything, she still shivered, knowing that this was something that would give her nightmares for the rest of her life. Laura miserably started to hack at the bone, trying to cut it until Jacob came over and plainly ripped Bobby’s head off with his mouth.

She gasped and jumped back, no longer scared of the brutal nature of the werewolves, but worried that now all three men had transformed, they would come for her next. They didn’t though, with Max coming over to sit beside her, panting happily as Bobby’s body dropped to the floor. He didn’t seem to notice, though, because his tail wagged, pleased to see her, even with the copious amounts of deoxygenated blood drying and crusting on his snout.

That’s when she remembered what Cameron had said about parallel souls. Max had bonded with her, and she couldn’t help but cry joyfully from it. She was touched by it. He grabbed her wrist in his mouth, pulling her down to the floor to lick her tears away. She laughed and tried to break away from him as he left warm trails of saliva across her cheeks. 

“Don’t be gross,” Laura hid her face in her shirt, but immediately felt guilty when she heard him whine. She rolled her eyes at him and pulled her face out of the item of clothing. “Ugh, fine. You’re lucky I love you.”

He barked back at her, as if saying that he loved her too.

A knock resided on the door, and Nick and Jacob, who had been sitting there, studying the two, raised their heads in the same direction of the noise. The two werewolves sniffed the air, their ears perked and they licked their mouths, standing up. Laura realised that Max was doing the same. Shit, shit, shit. They only did that when there was food nearby.

Which meant that there was another human there. An alive one. A person that was about to become her boyfriend’s and their friends’ next meal if she didn’t stop them. She didn’t like her odds, considering it was three werewolves against one undead human.


Dylan Lenivy

When he went to open the front door, hints of decay and blood floating in, something quickly slammed itself into it. It thundered against the weight and closed, but it didn’t stop the growls that Dylan could faintly hear in the background. Oddly enough, he could recognise it as Max’s, based on his scent. So where were Nick and Jacob then?

“Don’t come in!” Laura announced from the other side.

Ryan came to the door, shouting in, “Laura? What’s going on?”

A deeper bark responded, happy to hear their voices, but also echoing hunger, like it wanted to feast. Dylan shuddered, trying not to let them get to him too much. God knows what would happen if he accidentally turned in the street during the middle of the day. And he couldn’t bear to think about the consequences of his other side’s actions with Ryan’s grandparents behind them.

“Just, don’t come in! All three of them have turned! There was some kind of… Well, it’s a long story,” She answered, and it clicked in his brain. Something must have happened to them that was similar to what had happened to him and Ryan last night. Shit! This was bad. Very, very bad.

Ruby walked towards the two young men, “Sweetie, what’s going on? Do we need to go?”

Another bark rang through the other side at the sound of her voice, turning into a low growl. Dylan resisted his own urge to give one back and tell Nick to shut up. But he didn’t. He knew his friend didn’t actually mean it.

“Oh. My. GOD RYAN!” Laura yelled incredulously through the door. “DID YOU SERIOUSLY BRING ANOTHER PERSON INTO THIS?! ONE THAT’S HUMAN ?!”

The young man in question turned to Dylan in response, cringing at what he was going to have to say, “Um, more like two.”

“Two very concerned and very capable grandparents, thank you very much,” Ruby crossed her arms, leaning into Tim’s touch when he came to put an arm around her waist in support.


He could hear Ryan’s heart pick up in both shame and fear. Dylan came to his boyfriend’s side, holding him close. He squeezed his partner’s shoulders and rubbed them as a way to soothe him. Ryan was tense, but leaned into it, relaxing more and more by the second. They could do this, it would be okay.

“Look, I know that you’re angry and probably extremely stressed out, but that does not mean you can yell at my grandson like that. He didn’t mean to get us involved, but we were able to deduce what was happening to him because my own son was a werewolf. So get off your high horse and shut up, you’re making a ruckus in the middle of the street. Do you seriously want other people to hear?” Ruby glared at the door, as if she was shooting invisible lasers through it. “We’re leaving now for everyone’s safety, but I hope that next time we meet you have a better attitude about everything, young lady.”

She took her husband’s hand and led him towards the car. He nodded at the other two just as Luke was stepping out of the vehicle. He’d had to email a professor about extending an assignment of his until a later date. Unfortunately, being a werewolf wasn’t exactly the most explainable circumstance.

“We’ll see you at home, Ryan,” Tim farewelled his grandson, waving to Dylan.

He gave one back and solemnly watched them leave. This whole thing had been a fucking mess.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dylan could see Abi’s car park in the driveway. Cassie jumped out of it and ran towards Ryan, slamming into him for a hug before he even had time to consider what was happening. 

He was clearly taken aback, ignoring the slight territorial growl coming from Luke. Dylan was tempted to give him one back as well, feeling the acidic pain build up in his chest. But he left it, knowing that neither of them could help it.

She pulled away and gave Dylan one as well, which was nice, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed in surprise. It’s not that they didn’t like it, it’s just that they weren’t expecting it.

She pulled away, panting and looking up at them, “Sorry, I probably should have asked. But Luke told me something had happened and then Sarah had been blinded and holy shit! Are you guys okay?”

Ryan nodded, answering for them, “Yeah, could have been better. But it also could have been worse. So it kinda evens out.”

Luke walked over and smiled down at her, “Hey, Cassie.”

She glared at him and punched him lightly in the shoulder, “Don’t be an ass just because I gave your brother and his boyfriend a hug.”

He cradled his shoulder with his hand, shooting her a betrayed look as he took on a melodramatic tone, “Ow! That was mean!”

“But well-deserved.”

Luke sighed, running his other hand through his hair, “Touche.”

“Oh my god, can we please just stop so we can go inside and help Laura?” Abi groaned tiredly as she walked over. “Clearly something major has happened and we’re all standing around like a bunch of puppies waiting to be fed a bone.”

Dylan couldn’t resist himself from smirking at her, “Nice canine reference.”

“Thank you, I’m pretty proud of it. Now, let’s go in and see what the damage is, shall we?”


Abigail Blyg

The barking continued as they all tried to enter the premises, this time more loudly and full of enthusiasm rather than hunger. As she walked in, Nick leapt at her, tackling her to the ground and lathering her face with licks. She giggled, trying to push him off of her but he was too excited, giving her little nibbles as an invitation for play. She began to laugh louder as he continued to bark happily, before he stepped back and started panting with eagerness.

“Oh my god, stop it you,” She chastised him affectionately. “Emma wouldn’t be happy with you if she was here.”

Thinking of her girlfriend made Abi wonder if she was okay, as she’d been extremely distressed last time they had called. Emma had explained that the bones in Cameron’s hand needed to be reset, and that they would also need stitches. They would probably be in a small cast for a good few weeks while the bones reset themselves. Thinking about the two siblings made Abi’s heart ache for both of them. She really hoped they were gonna be okay.

Jacob seemed to pick up on her uneasiness, as he leapt at Nick and placed his friend’s neck between his teeth. Somehow, she was able to deduce that it was both a message to leave her alone, and that Nick could play with him instead. The other werewolf didn’t seem to care, as he continued to pant and barked a final time. Jacob let him go and the two started to chase each other around the house.


“No offence, but I think they’re more likely to listen to another werewolf,” Cassie patted her on the shoulder before shouting at the two manpups. “OI! STOP THAT OR WE’LL LEAVE YOU OUTSIDE UNTIL YOU BOTH TURN BACK!”

Max looked up at Laura, he was sitting on his haunches and whining impatiently, shuffling between his paws.

She angled an eyebrow at him, “Don’t even think about it.”

He bolted after them, without a second thought.

Laura ran after him, “MAX BRINLY YOU GET BACK HERE!”

Cassie started to chase them as well, unsuccessfully holding back laughter with a cupped hand over her mouth. Luke, ever the instigator, ran after them as he began to pretend to bark at them. The turned werewolves responded in turn, and Dylan decided to rile them up further by howling. Everybody was called into one, including Ryan who rolled his eyes at his boyfriend.

“Whaaaatttttt?” Dylan pouted.

“There are two dead bodies in the house right now and you’re riling them up even further,” Ryan explained plainly, he didn’t sound mad, just trying to bring everyone back to the issue at hand.

He nodded, “Right, I guess we should start cleaning then, eh?”



It turns out that cleaning up after not one, but two dead bodies when you didn’t even know what you were doing was extremely hard. Ryan had told Abi that apparently it had only taken them an hour to clean up previously. Even with multiple people in the house, including three werewolves that were very eager to help out and managed to dig two holes in the ground, it still took them around twice the amount of time to do so. By the time all nine of them were done, every single person had sweat covering their bodies and a certain amount of fatigue that they knew would take them days to recover from.

There was also the blood and bits of skin and muscle still strewn about the place. Abi barely had a hard time cleaning up after Bobby and Jacob’s dad, scooping up the former’s intestines and carrying them out to the backyard to be buried. She had grown numb to it in a way, after everything she’d been through. But seeing those tangents of the violence that had taken place made her nauseous, but maybe that was because of the memories they echoed.

Poor Dylan, however, had gotten quite the surprise when he had gone to pick up Bobby’s head. One of the eyes had twitched, and he jumped, dropping it in an instant. He’d let out a long, well-deserved screech. His boyfriend had burst out laughing, earning him a much-needed glare from the other.

“It’s not funny,” Dylan grumbled as he picked the head up once again.

“It kind of is,” Ryan smiled, trying to hide it behind a bloody hand before cringing from the smell and wiping the black, decaying fluid on his dark jeans.

“It’s not.”

“It is.”

“It’s not .”

Abi giggled at the two, they could be so cute without even realising it, “It kind of is, Dylan.”

He turned to her, pointing with his free hand, “Okay, I can accept it from you.” He pointed to Ryan, “But not this asshole.”

His boyfriend pouted, “I’m not an asshole.”

He walked over and kissed his cheek, “You are when you want to be.”

“Kaitlyn’s having a bad influence on you.”

“And so is Laura.”

“Hey! Leave her out of this!”

“YEAH!” Laura shouted in the distance. “LEAVE ME OUT OF IT, ASSHOLE!”

“FUCK YOU!” Dylan shouted.


Abi couldn’t stop laughing at the exchange, but she was afraid that the ridiculously and oddly wholesome moment had to come to an end. She stepped forward, “Dylan, you do realise that you’re still carrying a decapitated head, right? As romantic and cute as this is, you gotta admit that we’re still stuck in a bit of an awkward situation here.”

The two young men paled, and Dylan cleared his throat, “You’re right, my bad.” He went to put it in the makeshift graveyard and bury it with the rest of Bobby’s body.

Nick, Jacob and Max transformed back around half an hour after they were done. Laura had managed to order food, which meant that by the time the three showered to get the blood and dirt off their bodies and get dressed, it had just been delivered and was still fresh and hot.

Abi was digging into a burrito like a marathon runner with a bottle of water. She was absolutely starving and didn’t even realise it. She hoed into the bits of guacamole that hung around the edges of the tortilla. 

Around halfway through, her phone vibrated, and when she saw that it was Emma, she immediately set her food aside, wanting to hear from her. “Hey, are they okay? Are you okay? I mean, of course you wouldn’t be okay, considering that your sibling is currently injured but-”

“They’re alright, Abi,” Emma thankfully interrupted, chuckling amusingly at her rambling. “The surgery went well. It’s gonna be rough on them for the next few weeks, but they’re gonna be alright.”

Abi sighed with relief, her shoulders slumping forward, “Thank God.” All eyes were on her now, and she knew that everybody would be able to hear with their enhanced senses except for Laura. “Hey, everyone else is here. Something came up and we had to deal with it. It’s a long story, I’ll explain later. Do you want to talk to them though?”

“No,” Another voice echoed. “I do, put me on speaker,” Cameron announced, not in the least bit drowsy.

Whatever was happening must have taken such a huge toll on them that not even the painkillers knocked them out.

Chapter Text

A Few Hours Earlier…

Cameron Mountebank

They didn’t remember much from when they initially woken up, only being able to remember the blue, bold heat of the pain that seared their wrist, and the cool, soothing sensation of Kaitlyn running her fingers through their hair, like aloe vera on a sunburn. It calmed them, allowed them to remain in reality as the painkillers finally kicked in. They’d eventually fallen back asleep, their head slumping onto her shoulder, which they didn’t even realise until they were shaken awake by a nurse to have some food.

Cameron was still groggy, rubbing their eyes with their free hand when their body had decided they’d had enough sleep. It was still dark, however, and despite this fact, their body was wide awake with adrenaline, as if they had just taken several cups of coffee and sculled all of them down at once. Kaitlyn and Emma were asleep beside them, their heads resting together with the latter also pulling her into a hug, holding the former close to her. Like they were family. It was a lovely sight, even if a small trickle of jealousy filled Cameron, knowing that they would never have the same kind of bonds that the others did.

Based on the view from the window outside, it was around the middle of the night. They could only see a few lights in the rooms of the apartments surrounding them, and barely any cars below were driving around the streets. It was oddly peaceful, carrying a nice serenity to it that slowly eased them away from the previous night’s turnabout, and why they were here in the first place. When they heard the soft sobbing of a feminine voice in the other room, they were pulled back down to reality.

With the thin walls, it wasn’t hard for Cameron to hear them, and their heart broke at the sound of it. They knew they shouldn’t, but they had a feeling that this person needed them. Carefully, they rolled their IV with them as they snuck out of their room, gently knocking on the door of their neighbour and stepping in. They were surprised to see Ryan’s sister, Sarah, crying softly on the bed with her one good eye.

She wiped a tear from it, her entire lower cheek crusty with tears and irritation, snot dribbling from her nose. A glint of recognition came from her single source of perception, and it crawled down to where Cameron’s bandages were. They had the urge to cradle their hand to their chest, hiding the injury so as not to worry them. But they had a feeling that Sarah would immediately pick up on their bullshit and ask anyways.

They came to sit beside her, easing themselves onto the bed and cringed as the mattress squeaked and crinkled. It didn’t seem to wake the two guests that were staying with Sarah, though, which from the looks of it appeared to be her grandparents. They must have been pretty tuckered out to not hear them knocking before.

“Hey,” Cameron whispered, looking at the bloodied bandage around their bad eye. “What happened?”

“G-Got glass in my eye, s-something broke in,” She was stuttering from the pain, clearly unable to comprehend what had happened. It alarmed Cameron, and they had a feeling that this wasn’t just a normal break-in. But she was clearly distressed, and they didn’t want to push her when she was clearly trying to compartmentalise her thoughts.

They opened their arms, “Can I give you a hug?”

She nodded and fell into the embrace, laying her chin on their shoulder as she tried not to cry again, “Th-Thank you.”

Cameron rubbed her back, “Don’t mention it.”

“I just- I don’t even know what it was. It all happened so fast and then all I can remember is the pain and the blood and only being able to see through one eye and-” A high-pitched, broken noise broke from her closed lips, and she started to cry again.

Cameron started to rock the two of them gently, shushing them soothingly as they rubbed her back, “Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to talk about it right now. We’ll do so later once you’re feeling a bit better.”

“O-Okay…” Sarah sucked a shrill breath, “Just- can you please stay? Just for a bit longer?”

“Mhm, that’s what I’m here for.” Cameron understood what it was like, to be so overwhelmed with everything about the supernatural that it was hard to even comprehend anything relatively human or normal. They knew right then that they needed to be there for her, as much as Ryan and her grandparents, now more than ever. And that’s when they whispered something that the two of them would be very grateful for later on.

“I get what you’re going through. I’ve had a similar experience, and I’m going to help you through this one. You’re not alone.”

She nodded against them. And they stayed like that, holding each other in a much-needed but lovely silence. When Sarah finally spoke up, it made Cameron glad that they decided to come in even more, “Thank you. I really needed this. It’s just all so much.”

“I get that, I do. But I promise that once the others are awake, you can come talk to them with me.”


“It’s a long story.”

“I’ll bet it is.”

They laughed quietly, standing up from the bed, “I’ll explain everything in the morning, okay? But just know that you’re not alone. Not anymore. And you won’t ever be again.”

She gave them a tearful smile, “Thank you. I don’t understand it all, but I know that I will eventually. So, I really appreciate what you’re doing.”

Cameron nodded, walking slowly out of the room so as not to disturb her grandparents, “Anytime, goodnight, Sarah.”

“Goodnight, Cameron.”


The Next Morning…

Sarah Erzahler

When her grandparents had woken up the next morning, it had been surprisingly easy to persuade them into letting her join the call with Cameron, Emma and Kaitlyn. Maybe it was because they understood that she needed these people now more than ever, even if her brother was closer to them, to guide her into the new supernatural world. Speaking of Ryan, Sarah’s grandparents explained the details about what had happened, and even if she didn’t want to believe it, she knew she had no choice. Too much of it made sense, especially with what she’d been able to see with her good eye.

The empty socket of her other one was irritated. She tried not to cry as she got herself up and dressed, getting ready for the call. It didn’t help that the skin around her cheeks was cracked and dry, made worse by the bandage that irritated her sensitive skin. It was just one of the amazing pros about having eczema, that your skin would constantly be itchy all year-round, 24/7.

Sarah sighed and rubbed her head, feeling a headache coming on. One of the beautiful things about having little to no sleep, I guess , she thought to herself as she managed to hook the last clip on the back of her bra. Her body ached and begged for her to go back to bed, to rest a little bit longer as it adapted to this new reality and self.

But she knew she couldn’t, she’d rest later. She didn’t want to give up easily when she only had one chance at finding out what the fuck was going on with her brother and his friends. Even if Sarah knew she wasn’t like the others, she still wanted to help them out as much as she could. She loved Ryan too much to lose him.

As she pulled up the final sleeve of her dress, this one a bold emerald green that just grazed her knees, there was a knock at the door. Her grandparents walked in, smiling nervously at her as they tried to radiate a sense of comfort. But Sarah could tell that they were far too uneasy for it to work. They were scared just as much as she was.

“Ready, sweetie?” Ruby asked.

She nodded, “Yeah.” Which was a complete lie. Her head still thudded despite the copious amounts of painkillers she was under and the dried blood around her socket crusted and pulled at her already-inflamed skin. Everything hurt and she was already sick of it, despite it only happening twelve hours ago.

Her grandmother raised an eyebrow at her, “Are you sure?”

Tim stepped in, rubbing his wife’s shoulder, “I think we should trust her to make the right decision. Sarah knows she can tap out if she needs to. But they’re not kids anymore, so we shouldn’t treat them like such.”

Ruby’s head fell, her eyes watching the floor as she sighed, “Sometimes I wish they still were.”

Sarah couldn’t help but agree.

Tim held out his hand and she took it, walking between her grandparents for support. It was one of the most highly valued and appreciated things in her family, and she knew that with what was going to happen next, she needed all she could get. Sarah had to do this, for Ryan. Even if he could take care of himself, she wanted to be there for him when he needed it. Just like their grandparents were. 

She had an odd feeling that her mother would be proud if she was with them right now. And for some reason, it made her all the more happier.


Cameron Mountebank

When Cameron had initially talked to Emma and Kaitlyn about Sarah being a part of the conversation, they were both very sceptical. They didn’t blame the two women. It was a lot to ask and after what had happened with Cassie, nobody wanted to take any chances. But Cameron had a feeling that they couldn’t explain. Like they knew that Sarah belonged with them just as much as Ryan did, and that there was a reason they didn’t know why just yet.

Sarah walked in with her grandparents, who stood by the doorframe, watching the other three with universal scowls across their faces. Cameron could hear Emma and Kaitlyn growl instinctively as they stepped in front of the two, and they rolled their eyes. “Cut the wolf bullshit, guys. Let’s just call them.” They didn’t mean to be abrupt but they were so exhausted.

Both women blushed, embarrassed by what they had done. “Sorry…” Emma sat beside them, pulling her phone out of her pocket. “I’ll call the others now.”

Sarah’s grandmother stepped into the hallway, closing the door, “We’ll give you guys your privacy. We’ll come back for Sarah in twenty minutes. Look after her or I’ll make all of you eat silver, even if you’re a witch, Cameron.”

The way she said their name sent chills up their spine, and they shivered as she left, closing the door behind her. They looked at Sarah, feeling their eyes widen, “Holy shit, she’s scary when she wants to be.”

Their friend laughed, coming to sit closer to them all and propping herself up on the bed, “I get what you’re saying. She has been known to be quite the intimidator in her lifetime. Apparently not even my grandfather has been spared from them.”

Cameron laughed, watching the others as Emma dialled the group and put them on speaker phone. When they eventually spoke to the pack, there was a chorus of a multitude of questions. The most popular ones being: ‘are you okay?’, ‘how’s your hand feeling?’ and, surprisingly, ‘want me to punch Dylan in the face?’ They laughed when they heard that one, as it had come from both Laura and Abi at the same time.

“No, guys, it’s okay. And please don’t punch Dylan. Emma already told me she did that and besides, it’s all good. I’m not mad at him anymore.”

Dylan, who had remained uncharacteristically quiet throughout the entire call, perked up at the mention of his name, “So, you don’t hate me?”

They were a bit taken aback by his question and frowned, “Why would I hate you? We were both dumbasses. It would be hypocritical of me to be mad at you. In fact, I’m more angry at myself for doing what I did in the first place.”

Kaitlyn laid her hand across the top of their own, setting an entire zoo of emotions fluttering across their skin, “Hey, we were all stressed out and vulnerable to that sort of stuff at the time. It was bound to happen to any of us.” 

Cameron smiled, appreciating her comfort and sending their sister a glare to not growl at Kaitlyn at the same time. They had too much shit on their plate for both of them to act territorial. It seemed that Emma got the message as she remained silent.

“So… I know that now probably isn’t the best time, but there’s something I gotta tell you guys,” Ryan confessed.

“We both do,” Dylan added, audibly wanting to support his boyfriend in his decision.

“Yeah,” He cleared his throat. “Chris came back.”

The whole group erupted into “What!?” at the same time, including Sarah, who’s jaw had dropped. Cameron figured that they probably hadn’t seen anything before being taken to the hospital. Maybe that was for the best, considering how long Chris had been dead.

“But, but-” Ryan started to explain, taking a deep breath to steady himself, even as his words continued to shake, “He wasn’t like Laura. I mean, like, he was practically a zombie. He-He wouldn’t stop…” His voice cracked, “He-He only did when I killed him.” 

He erupted into a heart-broken sob, and Cameron could feel their own chest ache for him as well. It was fucked up, to see a father figure die like that and then have to kill him again for the safety of your own family. They’d had to do the same to Cordelia when she’d been possessed by a demon, leaving her body bleeding and too far shattered to remain alive and sane. Even if it was a mercy killing, it was still one that haunted Cameron to this day.

Laura took a deep breath, “The same happened with Bobby when he tried to attack us. It’s like he had no control over his body. All he could do was continue to flash that creepy-ass smile at us as he tried to kill Jacob, Nick, Max and I.”

“Wait, who the fuck is Bobby?” Emma spoke up, glancing at Kaitlyn with a confused, raised eyebrow.

She sighed, “Chris’s brother, remember?”

“I thought that was Travis.”

“He had two, Emma. From what Ryan told me, he was the middle child.”

“Great, so how many are there?”

Cameron started to do the maths in their head, “Well, there’s also Chris’s parents, and Caleb and Kaylee. So…” Oh fuck, this wasn’t good. “That means that we have another five Hacketts that could potentially come after us, including Travis.”

An adaptive silence fell upon the group, as if they were all compartmentalising the situation they were in.

Kaitlyn was the first one to speak up again, “Holy shit, we’re fucked…”

An idea lit itself in their head, “Not exactly. I might know somebody who can help.”

The gazes from the three women immediately fell on them.

“Who? What? When? Where?” Jacob started.

“...Why?” Cameron finished.

Emma rolled her eyes, “Don’t mind him. He’s done this before. And I think the real question is ‘how’?”

Oh boy, they were in for a long ride. “Well, when I got into contact with the local fae about a few questions I had, there was a vampire there. He also used to be a necromancer before he turned, but he told me that he doesn’t do it as much as he used to. Apparently it got a bit too much for him. Maybe he could help us out.”

Kaitlyn shrugged, sighing, “I don’t really wanna get another person involved more than there already is.” Her gaze flicked to Sarah before falling back on them, “But it seems like the only chance we’ve got. We need to find a way to end this bullshit for good. What’s their name?”

Cameron had a feeling there was also a sense of protectiveness, but they decided to not question it. They answered the one originally asked with a sigh, "Daniel."

Chapter Text

Ryan Erzahler

Unfortunately, just as their luck had been since coming home from camp, Daniel wouldn’t be able to help for at least another week. Cameron had explained to them that, as part of being a former necromancer, he still had the odd side jobs where he would resurrect spirits for their loved ones to have a final goodbye. If he cancelled now, then they would probably find someone else to go to. And as shitty and scary as it was that he wouldn’t be able to help for what felt like such a long period of time, Ryan understood why he couldn’t just yet. Those that didn’t come from a family like Jacob’s needed the money now more than ever, such as Max’s or Emma’s families.

He sat in the back with Dylan now, as Nick and Jacob took them to Ryan’s grandparent’s place. Nobody wanted to be alone after what had happened, so Tim and Ruby had been kind enough to let them stay there, even trusting Ryan enough to let them have the place to themselves. The couple were going to stay with Sarah in a hotel for a bit anyways. 

He’d tried to message his sister, to see how she was going, but it didn’t seem like she really wanted to talk about it. Ryan pulled out his phone and reread the text she had sent.

Hey, please don’t take this the wrong way, I just really need some space. I know none of it’s your fault, but I just really need some time to figure things out. I’ll see you soon. Love you

Tears pricked his eyes and he sniffled, feeling a couple slip down. He went to wipe them away when Dylan caught his wrist, watching him. His boyfriend leaned over and wiped them off with his fingers, kissing the areas they had touched. He pulled back and smiled at Ryan, “She’ll come back, okay? She just needs a few days to take everything in. It’s probably a lot, losing your eye and finding out your brother and father are werewolves. Well, in the latter case, used to be.”

Ryan nodded, understanding what he meant. He was still coming to terms with it himself, even if that night at Hackett’s Quarry had been months ago. The recovery process was a slow, if painful, one. But he knew they would get there, all of them. And Sarah would eventually. Dylan was right. She just needed some space.

“Wait, Ryan’s dad was a werewolf?” Nick spoke up from where he was driving.

He nodded at the mention of his father, “Yeah. I only found out earlier when my grandparents told me. That's why they were so cool about it.”

“And I’m guessing Sarah didn’t know?”

“No, she didn’t know anything about this.” His voice cracked in the next sentence. “Not even when she had glass in her eye! Sarah probably thought it was a burglar or something because she couldn’t fucking see anything and now because of me she’s half-blind!”

Dylan rubbed his back, pulling him in closer as a soothing heat radiated from his skin, “It’s not your fault, Ryan. Okay? Please, don’t blame yourself. And besides, she’s still your sister. She doesn’t blame you and nothing is gonna change that. Sarah loves you, Ryan. Okay? Please don’t ever, ever blame yourself for what happened.” He chuckled solemnly, “I know if she was here right now, she’d be yelling at you to stop.”

Ryan leaned into him, letting the toffee scent of his boyfriend comfort him. He put his head on the other man’s shoulders, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks.”

Dylan kissed the top of his head, “Anytime. Even if I’m a bit of a hypocrite for what happened a few days ago.”

“What the fuck happened?” Jacob growled defensively, as if something was telling him to be protective over his friend.

“Nothing!” They both spoke up in unison, laughing as a result of it together until the car slammed to a halt. Ryan gagged on his seatbelt as he was temporarily thrown forward before settling back into his seat. He cringed as multiple horns sounded, piercing his sensitive ears as he clamped his hands down on them.


The other three men burst out laughing, and he could see Nick blush as he started to drive again. Ryan laughed until his ribs ached, every breath hurting in the best sort of way.

“Oh my… Oh my god!” Jacob panted, holding a hand to his sternum. “Nick, babe, that was amazing!”

His face turned an even deeper crimson as his head sunk into his shoulders, “Sorry, sometimes I get a bit of road rage.”

Surprisingly, Jacob leaned over and kissed his cheek. The sight made Dylan and Ryan smile at each other. They knew that it meant that if he was getting comfortable enough to do that, then a part of him was healing from his dad already. And it seemed like his boyfriend was really helping him through it, every tiny step of the way. 

Ryan found it really beautiful, and he was extremely happy that Jacob could have that. Because as much as they never got along, he deserved it just as much as anyone else did in the group.

“It was hilarious, don’t apologise. That driver was being a dick anyways,” Jacob replied as he slouched back into his seat, turning a slight pink. His eyes fell on the other two in the back and he began to slowly become the same colour as his boyfriend. He darted away before clearing from his throat, “Anyways, who’s ready for another Hacketteer sleepover?”

Dylan howled playfully in response, the other three men reciprocating it. When Nick was done, he blared his horn again, eyes temporarily flashing yellow, “CUNT!”

They were in for a long, if not fun, night.



As she dropped Abi off at the hospital so that she could meet up with Emma, Kaitlyn and Cameron, Cassie slouched in her seat and sighed. She watched her friend wave goodbye to her and she gave one back, a sad smile on her face.  She really hoped that Cameron and Sarah were gonna be okay. While Cassie didn’t know the latter that much, she had a feeling that, based on her being Ryan’s twin, she was probably just as stubborn and strong-willed. Maybe she could ask him how Sarah was doing later. That would be nice.

“You okay?” Luke’s voice queried from the backseat.

She’d completely forgotten he was there. Not maliciously, of course. But hearing him had made her heart pick up just a little bit faster. Cassie hoped he didn’t notice that or smell the sweat that was rolling down her body, being alone with him. It wasn’t a scared sort of feeling, but more that she was nervous. 

Because she decided that she wanted to tell him how she really felt. She was gonna do it today, because if there was a chance that either of them could die tomorrow, she didn’t want him to never know. Cassie really liked him and she wanted to know that, maybe, whenever Luke was ready, they could slowly get together. She just hoped he felt the same.

That’s when she had an idea, but only if he was okay with it, of course. “Hey, do you mind if we stop by my apartment so I can grab a few things? It’s just in case we’re staying at Ryan’s for more than one night.”

He shrugged, fidgeting with the sleeves of his light blue sweater. The colour really suited him, and the wool of it clung to his body nicely. Cassie wanted more than anything right now to wrap her arms around him and rest her head on his chest. She couldn’t explain why, but it just felt right.

“Sure, I should probably text my dad though. Dylan and I may be adults now but he still gets very protective over us. Especially after what happened at the camp…” Luke’s eyes widened as he reflected on his statement. “Not that he knows about any of the supernatural stuff. I told him that some very bad stuff happened and he was okay with that. I think that as long as one of us knows and is there for Dylan, then he’s not gonna pry.”

Cassie couldn’t help but smile at that, feeling her eyes sting with tears. She wished she had a good dad like that. Or any dad at all. “That’s really nice.”

He leaned forward, speaking in a low-tone as if there was another person there, “Hey, are you okay?”

She didn’t know what came over her, but she closed the distance between them and kissed him. Cassie could hear him gasp, before feeling a small exhale breeze itself onto her lips. Luke kissed her back, cupping her cheek as the skin began to heat beneath his touch. She pressed down, deepening it for a second before pulling away. She swore she could hear a soft whine come from him as the connection was lost.

“I, um, I really like you…,” Cassie confessed, gauging his reaction, as if he would still reject her even after how he had reacted.

Luke grinned, kissing her back shyly, “I really like you too.”

An idea struck her mind and she felt herself blush harder as she began to vocalise it, “We’re not in a rush to head to Ryan’s, are we? What if we stayed a bit longer at my place? If you’d be up for it, of course.”

He giggled, and she could see his cock briefly twitch in his pants, “I’d love that.”

Looks like they were gonna be letting out some pent up sexual frustration before doing anything else. Not that she minded. She was excited about it. It would be the first in a very, very long time that she had connected with somebody on such an intimate level.

Cassie couldn’t wait.


Luke Nightingale

He was stirring with excitement as he entered Cassie’s apartment, and not just of the sexual variety. Of course there was that aspect to it as well, as he’d never really been with anybody before. The furthest he had gone was back in highschool, when his then-girlfriend had let him feel her breast over the top of her bra. And then his body had ruined it by causing him to prematurely ejaculate. Luke really hoped that didn’t happen this time around, especially since it had been five years ago.

Cassie took his hand and led him to the couch, a smile pulling on her lips that was so beautiful he already felt himself start to get hard. She sat him down on the couch, and when her eyes fell on his pants, he twitched, palming himself as he felt hot beneath her touch. The friction between his hand and the jeans he was wearing wasn’t enough though, but he knew he would have to wait. Luke didn’t want to freak Cassie out by doing too much too fast.

She moved towards him, grazing her lips against his, the hot exhales making Luke’s tingle. Cassie giggled, kissing him and biting his lip gently. He couldn’t stop the moan that escaped from his mouth, and she giggled again. He didn’t know why, but they hadn’t even gotten to the best bit yet and he was already loving it. There was just something about Cassie that made him feel so shy and flustered, but not in a self-conscious kind of way, more like he could be himself around her, and not be ashamed of hiding who he was and all the messy parts that came with it.

Cassie held out her hand for Luke and he took it. She pulled him to her bedroom, doing a little skip which made him do the same. It was how sweet how ecstatic she was to be intimate with him, and Luke felt exactly the same. Even if he was still extremely nervous and sexually inexperienced, there was something here that let him know that it was going to be okay.

She settled him down in the bed and he used one of the pillows to prop himself up. Luke watched as she opened the drawer to her bedside table, grabbing out a variety of boxes that he soon realised were condoms. Cassie’s face reddened as she hastily pulled them all out.

“I didn’t know what size you were so I bought one of each. Not that I was like planning this or anything. But after the woods… I just wanted to be safe, just in case.”

Luke started to blush as he thought about the woods. He’d been meaning to talk to her about that, as he really hoped that she hadn’t felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Granted, Abi would probably have kicked his ass if Cassie had told her.

“Hey, about that…”

She set the final box down and jumped on the bed, kissing him. “Don’t worry about it. If I wasn’t okay with it, I would have said something. I…I actually really liked it.”

Something in him was pleased with that, and he groaned. His dick was straining painfully against his pants now, and he was desperate to let it out. Grunting, he looked over at Cassie, “Can I…?”

She smiled, leaning over to unbutton the clasp of his jeans, “Let me help you.” She undid the zip, winding it down all the way and pulling gently at the edge of his boxers.

Luke felt his mouth grow dry as his breath shook, “Um, Cassie…”

She moved back at the sound of her name, watching him with a careful frown, “Yeah?”

Fuck, she was gonna have to find out sooner or later. He might as well be honest with her. “This is…” He cleared his throat, scared despite knowing that she would never judge him. “I-It’s actually my first time… doing this with someone.”

Cassie smiled down at him, taking one of his hands and winding his fingers against hers, “Do you want me to help you through it?”

A huge weight evaporated from his chest and he sighed with relief, nodding enthusiastically, “Yes, please.”

She pulled back the top of his underwear, letting his cock spring free. He couldn’t help but laugh as it gave a fleshy slap against his stomach, and they both ruptured into a choir of amused snickers and chuckling.

When Cassie was done, she leaned over him to grab a condom out of one of the boxes, “Definitely going to need an extra-large, but don’t you dare let that get to your head, mister.”

He gave a fake salute, “Aye aye, captain.”

She rolled her eyes at him, “You and Dylan hang out with Jacob too much. And if you wanna get laid, then I suggest you quit it with the pirate jokes.” Cassie took his length and he gasped, trying not to thrust into her hand. “Do I make myself clear?”

Luke nodded again, “Y-Yes.”

She smirked at him, “Good. Let me know if it gets too much, okay?”

“Mhm, I will,” He promised her, biting his lip as she began to stroke him slowly. Cassie was so warm and gentle with him, laying kisses across his chest as she told him how great he was doing, and Luke loved every second of it. When she pulled away to peel off her clothes, he did the exact same, admiring the beauty of her body as she knelt in front of him.

He ran a hand over one of her tattoos, “So gorgeous…” Luke let his other one graze to just above her pelvis. “Can I touch you as well?”

Cassie nodded and he let his thumb drop, getting harder as he felt how wet she was. Diving into the sticky warmth of her cunt, he slid his middle finger in, moaning as he felt her moan and clench against his finger. With his thumb, he started to rub it against her.

She took it and lifted it a bit higher, “The clitoris is-oh my god! Right there!” She groaned and clenched harder against him. “That’s fucking perfect.”

As Luke fingered her, she bent over and began to suck him off. He hadn’t been expecting it, so when he felt her hot breath against his cock, he gasped, but it was soon replaced by a pleased, long exhale of air from his lungs as she ran her tongue along the shaft. She wrapped her lips around it, aroused sounds escaping from her mouth.

Luke’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he struggled not to finish too early. Gasping and sputtering, he started to beg, “Cassie, I need you on top of me, please. I want all of you, so, so badly. Please.”

She looked up at him, raising an eyebrow before reaching over to grab the condom. “I suppose you’ve earned it.” He let his fingers fall away from her cunt, helping her put it on before she straddled him. 

Cassie took his cock in her hand and rubbed it against her outer labia. He was panting now, desperate to have physical contact with her of any kind. She smirked, clearly enjoying the way he squirmed before she finally slid on top of him. They both groaned at the same time, and the sounds became louder as she slowly began to rock into him.

“H-Holy fuck…,” She gasped.

Luke reached up and grabbed one of her breasts, sucking on the nipple before letting his lips climb further up to kiss her. “You’re so beautiful, so perfect.”

She kissed him back, deepening it as she started to grind harder against him, the noises escaping her mouth telling him she felt the exact same about him. “S-So good…”

He started to meet her thrusts with his own, “F-Fuck, oh-oh my god. Cassie…”

They spent the next few minutes saying nothing but each other's names and letting dirty, excited noises fuel their arousal. When she started to slam harder against him, Luke knew that she was reaching her climax, just as he was. 

“Cassie-Cassie! Hah! I’m-I’m gonna-” His hips pushed into the air as he finished. 

She kissed Luke as she cried out as well, her moans vibrating against his lips as her body gave a final clench against his cock. Cassie came all over him, some of it getting onto his lower stomach and he laughed happily as he let his head fall back onto the pillow. 

“Wow, you must have really needed it,” Luke panted.

She glared at him, but a grin remained on her face, “Shut up. So did you, apparently.”

He quickly took the condom off and went to chuck it in the bin positioned in the bathroom. “Well if you want, I can clean it up for you,” With my tongue were the words he left unsaid. Luke walked back into the bedroom and watched as Cassie started to finger herself again.

“S-Sorry, I just- Oh my god, that was so good. I can’t stop thinking about it…”

Luke crawled on top of her and kissed her, “If you’d like, I can help you out with that.”

Cassie ran her fingers through his hair, making his scalp tingle as she lowered his head down to where she needed it, “I might take you up on that offer.”

He started to inch forward when something buzzed loudly on the ground, startling him. Luke realised that it was his phone in the front pocket of his jeans, and went to grab it. “Hello?”

“Hey, change of plans. Daniel said that a client of his cancelled, so he can actually help us out tonight. I’ll send you the address and you and Cassie can meet us there as soon as you can,” Cameron declared from their end of the call.

Wait, how did they? Oh, Abi. Shit. Luke knew he was going to be teased relentlessly by his brother now. He definitely wasn’t looking forward to that.

“Yeahwe’llmeetyouthereassoonaswecanbyeCameron,” Luke managed to say in one breath before hanging up. He glanced over at Cassie, before walking over to kiss her forehead, “I’m sure you just heard what they said, and I’m sorry we don’t get to cuddle afterwards.”

She smiled, leaning forward to give him one on the cheek, “It’s okay. Just promise me that we can have a movie date so we can do it then?”

Luke beamed, unable to believe what he was hearing, “I’d love that. I really would.”

Cassie gave him an evil grin, “My pick, then.”

He didn’t know why, but seeing that expression on her made him oddly scared for what they were going to watch.

Chapter Text

Kaitlyn Ka

As soon as they stepped into the lobby leading to Daniel’s penthouse, a chill crept up her spine. Even if this wasn’t the stereotypical lair of a necromancer/vampire hybrid, with no creaking, dark basements emanating with the stench of death, she was still extremely creeped out. 

Get a hold of yourself, Kaitlyn. She thought as she led the pack down the hallway. You’ve dealt with literal werewolves and are one yourself. There’s nothing for you to be scared of. Besides, it’s eleven against one if anything ever did go wrong .

It still didn’t stop the goosebumps rippling along her skin. Something was very, very wrong here. And worst of all, Cameron had been silent the entire car ride here, which meant that even they were too scared to voice their opinion. Kaitlyn took that as a bad sign, as if, even though they didn’t trust Daniel, they were also desperate for his help. All of them were, actually.

They took Kaitlyn’s arm and gripped it tightly, easing the tension in her body but increasing her anxiety. Emma shot her a raised eyebrow, but she let Cameron remain tethered to her. She didn’t give a shit what their sister thought right now. But they reached out and took Emma’s arm as well, and Kaitlyn could hear their breath shaking beneath their lips.

“Just- let me do the talking, okay?” Cameron turned to all of them, pleading with their eyes.

The pack nodded, a few mutterings of the word ‘sure’ accompanying them, and Dylan walked over to rub their back supportively, “It’s okay, we don’t have to do this. If you don’t feel safe, we can just turn around.”

Kaitlyn agreed with what he said and nodded, “He’s right. We stick together and look out for each other now. You’re one of us and always will be.”

Cameron sighed, leaning into Dylan and smiling at Kaitlyn fondly. It made her heart flutter a bit, and she had to bite back a flustered grin. “As much as I appreciate that, I’m afraid that’s not possible. This is the only way we can stop it.”

“Okay,” Dylan wrapped them in a hug from behind. “We’re here for you.”

She watched them flinch, but they eventually gave it back, resting their head on his shoulder. “Thanks, I appreciate that.”

They were at the door leading to the penthouse now, number 62, according to what was declared on it. Kaitlyn went to break away to give Cameron some space when they knocked, but they pulled her back into them, holding her closer than before. 

Her breath caught in her throat, but it quickly dissipated into a growl when she heard footsteps approaching the door. Even amongst the coppery, decaying scent of the individual walking over to greet them, there was a third scent that Kaitlyn couldn’t place her finger on. This made the other side of her even more territorial, stepping in front of Cameron and glowering.

They squeezed her hand, “Kaitlyn, it’s okay.”

She realised what she was doing and stepped back, clearing her throat as a blush bloomed on her cheeks, regrettably breaking their contact, “Sorry.”

Before they could say anything else, a man even taller than Dylan and Luke opened the door. He looked at them with sapphire blue eyes as cold as the jewel, glaring at them all with an intense interest. Kaitlyn swore she could feel ten years be taken off her life from how fast her heart was beating. Her ribs ached and she struggled not to give into the pull that was aching for her to transform, to protect her friends .

Daniel smiled, although there was no hint of happiness that came with it, “Hi.”


Cameron Mountebank

They appreciated Kaitlyn staying by their side the entire time. While this wasn’t their first time meeting Daniel, there was always something about him that kept them on edge. Even if it was only a werewolf thing, a desire to keep her friend safe, they still appreciated Kaitlyn looking out for them nonetheless. It was also an odd, big relief to know that their feelings weren’t just a sole endeavour.

Daniel held the door open for them to enter, watching them all with a smirk on his face and an icy glare in his eyes. They suppressed the urge to shudder as they passed him, not wanting to give him any reason to react. Cameron wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of letting them know that they were on edge. They were done being a pushover.

Kaitlyn still held their hand as they walked in, and they smiled appreciatively at her. It was nice to know there was a tether to keep themselves together with whilst in such an unnerving situation. They turned around and checked on everyone before their conversation began.

Almost all of them were looking around the penthouse in awe. And they couldn’t blame their friends. It was a gorgeous view, with clear cabinets full of ceramic plates embroidered with gold, a crystal chandelier hanging above them, and silk curtains hanging across the glass doors that no doubt lead to the balcony. 

The only person that wasn’t observing their surroundings was Jacob, who stood with their legs apart and arms crossed, clearly unimpressed. Cameron knew there was something that they liked about him, although they had a feeling that this had more to do with his father than anything else. And honestly, they couldn’t blame him. From what he’d told the group, he seemed like a seriously fucked up person. They just hoped that maybe Jacob could heal from here on out.

Cameron turned to look at Daniel, their mouth suddenly dry with unease, “Thanks for helping us out on such short notice.”

He shrugged nonchalantly, walking over to one of the glass cabinets, “It’s no big deal, I needed to talk to you about something anyways.”

This piqued their interest, and they frowned, “About what?”

He sighed, grabbing out a crystal flask that looked like it was filled with red wine. Cameron knew better than that, though, even before he poured the thick fluid into a glass. They tried not to cringe as he gulped the blood down. Nausea filled their stomach and they almost gagged, not wanting to know where he had gotten it from.

Daniel set the glass down, eyes temporarily flashing red and he wiped the remainder of the drink from his lips, his fangs stained with it. Cameron heard a low-tempered growl escape from Kaitlyn’s mouth, and they sent her a warning glare. A whine emitted itself from her and she broke the contact, making them regret what they did. They needed her as much as they needed Emma right now.

But they weren’t going to let Daniel see their fear. Not after last time. Which not even Emma knew about. Cameron wouldn’t have asked for help unless they were desperate for it. They were still terrified and felt weak, but this time they knew they were stronger. If not physically, because this time they had their pack with them.

Daniel stared them down and they felt their knees grow weak, but they didn’t falter. Eventually, he sighed and put the flask away, “Because there’s been an increase in undead activity in the area. I’ve gotten a lot of clients that are wondering why their relatives are rising from their graves, spirit or otherwise, and trying to speak with them without notice. Now, as you know, an abundance of spooked humans aren’t good for business.”

He started to walk towards them, peering down at them with a neutral expression, “And now the supernatural community is looking for somebody to blame.”

Cameron knew what he meant.


Dylan Lenivy

Oh, fuck no. He wasn’t having any of it. Not after what they’d been put through. What he’d caused

He didn’t stop the growl that emanated from his chest, glaring up at Daniel, who was a few inches taller than him, but that didn’t scare him any more, “So what you’re saying, is that you want Cameron to take the fall for it.”

The vampire stared him down, neither of their gazes faltering. “What I’m saying is unless we figure out what the hell is going on, then yes, they will be blamed.”

The acid reflux of his growl was growing stronger now, and the one that escaped from his lips was much, much harsher. He hadn’t even realised his gums were throbbing until he tried to talk through his fanged teeth, which slurred his speech. Dylan couldn’t help himself when he bared them at Daniel, snarling at him. He could hear his brother do the same.

Cameron stepped in front of them, “Will you two quit it ? If you can’t handle this conversation like adults then maybe you should leave.”

He backed off, mindful of their purple stare as a whimper seeped itself from his mouth. Dylan snapped back into reality and he shook his head. What the fuck was he thinking? He was protecting his pack, the other side of him said. He told them to shut up.

Daniel still watched them, rolling his eyes as he sighed emphatically, “If you can’t keep your dogs under control, then we’re gonna have to have this conversation privately, Cameron.”

“Hey!” Ryan snapped.

“Yeah, we’re not dogs, asshole. We’re werewolves,” Jacob stated proudly, pumping out his chest.

“Oh my god-” Dylan’s boyfriend rolled his eyes as a result of it.

“What? I’m just trying to help as well!”

“Yeah, well, don’t. He was using it as an insult.”

“Oooooohhhhh. Yeah, my bad. Please continue,” Jacob smiled apologetically at Daniel, that was hinting at both his goofiness and nervousness of the situation.

“Thank you,” The other nodded at him and faced Cameron. “I need the blood types that you used to raise Laura, wherever she is.”

She raised her hand before crossing her arms again at the mention of her name, “I’m here.”

“Right, I thought I smelt something off about you.”

Laura flipped him off and Max huffed at him, “She smells very nice, thank you. Like lavender and sweet peas.”

“I meant underneath that,” Daniel turned to glare at Cameron once again. “I mean it, if they can’t stop, then we need to go somewhere private.”

They raised an eyebrow at him, “Well maybe if you stopped being so antagonistic then they wouldn’t be getting so defensive.”

“Yeah, you’re acting like a real dick right now,” Ryan added.

He clicked his fingers, pointing to the door, “Everyone out, now . Except for Cameron.”

Dylan stepped closer to Cameron. He wasn’t gonna leave them alone with this fucker for any second longer. Even if they got mad at him, he wasn’t going to risk anything happening to them. Not after last time.

“I’m staying,” He took their arm and held it tightly. He had an extremely bad feeling about this.

“Me, too,” Ryan took Cameron’s other arm, guarding them from Daniel.

“And me,” Luke glared at him, standing behind their friend.

Daniel rolled his eyes at their bravado, “Fine.” He sighed, whispering under his breath, “Fucking werewolves.” He pointed to the door and raised his voice, “The rest of you get the fuck out and go home. I’ve had enough of your bullshit for tonight.”

They all hesitantly did, but Dylan could still smell them from outside the door. After about a minute, Daniel snarled, baring his fangs and yelling at them. He watched his friends run off with a pain in his heart, watching his pack disband with a howl caught in his throat.


Cameron Mountebank

They’d always known that Daniel had been an asshole, even before he had tried to drain their entire body of blood the last time that they saw him. But seeing the way he had acted and treated their friends just made them all the more furious. An outsider would have easily assumed that it was because he was a vampire and the others were werewolves. But contrary to popular belief, the two species were actually known to get along quite well. 

Cameron had read several stories in their research about them actually becoming great allies when it came to territorial disputes and taking down threats. There were even reports the two species engaging in romantic and sexual relationships together.

So what the hell was Daniel’s problem?

He glared at them all, crossing his arms, “Now, I believe that we can actually get on with what you came here for.”

Cameron couldn’t stop themselves from sighing and rolling their eyes, they were too tired for his shit, “Just tell us what to do, Daniel. Enough with the theatrics, okay?”

He raised his hands up in a plea, “Fine, fine. I need the blood so I can figure out what exactly is going on with this rise in the undead. I’ll need more than what was originally used, though.”

“I used human and werewolf blood, but Cassie was infected not long afterwards.”

Daniel rubbed the bridge between his nose and eyebrows with two fingers, “Okay, then I’ll probably need at least a person’s worth.” Seeing their apprehensive expressions, he raised his other hand to stop them from talking all at once, “Before you have a go at me, you can split it up between all three of you. As long as it equates to around five litres of werewolf blood, then it’ll be all good.”

Cameron didn’t like this. He hadn’t said anything about taking blood beforehand. They glanced over at Dylan, Luke and Ryan. Even if the others didn’t know it, they had to protect them. With their outstretched hand, they took the first man’s hand and started to walk towards the door, turning to the other two and gesturing their head towards it. 

“We’re gonna get a second opinion,” They explained to Daniel.

He tutted, shaking his head, “I’m afraid that’s not an option.”

They tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. Cameron pulled on it harder, panic making their magic tingle in their fingertips. Their heart raced, gulps of air barely reaching their lungs, they turned to Dylan, who gently moved them to the side. He let go of their hand and slammed his body weight into it, growling loudly as his eyes blazed with yellow.

“What the-? What the fuck!?” He snarled at Daniel, baring his fangs. “What the fuck have you done!?”

The other man laughed, shaking his head with amusement, “It won’t open. Only if you’re not among the living, like I am.”

Out of the corner of their eye, Cameron saw Luke charge at Daniel, who swiftly turned around and punched him in the face, knocking him out cold.

“Luke!” Dylan ran to his brother’s side, but was quickly grabbed by the back of his neck by his sibling’s assailant. Daniel extended his own fangs and in the breadth of a second, sank them into his throat. He squirmed, desperately pounding his fists into his attacker as he quickly became pale, his glowing eyes growing dark with fatigue as his consciousness slipped from them.

“DYLAN!” Ryan screamed, running at the two. Cameron whispered under their breath to help him, a ball of light appearing to briefly distract Daniel. But it wasn’t enough time to save his boyfriend, who was thrown to the ground, his body dropping like a weighted blanket. Dylan’s eyes were closed, as if he was sleeping, his breathing even and peaceful; a side effect of the vampire’s toxins.

Daniel was only briefly distracted by the ball of light, but it was enough for Ryan to swing at him with a clawed hand. The vampire stumbled back as his lower stomach was torn open, blood dribbling down his black business pants. Large chunks of skin dropped to the floor, and he looked up at the werewolf in surprise. But it wasn’t enough to stop him.

With blaring red eyes, he kicked Ryan square in the chest, pushing him away and watching with delight as the other man’s body collapsed to the ground. Cameron screamed in horror as Daniel spun to smile at them, blood and spit dribbling from his mouth.

“You’re not going anywhere, you hear me?” He threatened, eyes wide in a gaze that was totally devoid of humanity. 

They ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Even if they were totally defenseless against him compared to his strength, they could at least wound him enough for the others to heal and wake up. 

With their good hand, they raised the weapon and tried to stab him. Daniel easily caught it, snapping their wrist back as white-hot pain flooded through them, just like when they had broken their other fist. Through teary eyes, they could see the bones sticking out of the skin, blood weeping from the wound. 

Daniel went to lick it up, grinning when they screamed at the feeling of his tongue against the raw nerves. The pain made their vision go black for a few seconds, and they sobbed, unable to comprehend what was going on. Clarity pounded in their head for only a moment, but it was enough to give them a fighting chance.

They felt their consciousness fade as their body fell to the ground, but not before they were able to headbutt him in a final moment of retaliation.

Chapter Text

Abigail Blyg

Something wasn’t right. She could feel it, and she knew Laura did as well. They both paced outside of the building, waiting for Cameron, Ryan, Dylan and Luke to come out. The four of them never did.

After about an hour, Cassie started to bounce up and down on the balls of her toes. Nick held onto Jacob’s hand tightly, running his thumb over the top of it. Max stood against the wall, one bent knee leaning against it as he crossed his arms, tapping his foot impatiently. 

To keep herself occupied, Emma would do occasional handstands right next to him, careful not to knock him in the face. She was quickly told off by Kaitlyn, who kept her hands in the pocket of her hoodie and kicked rocks that blew by from the force of the frosty autumn wind. 

“Can you not, please? Now really isn’t the best time to be doing that,” Their friend snapped with exhaustion after the third time. She had bags under her eyes, which were so dark it looked like rings of coffee stains on a wooden coffee table.

Emma had gotten down from her handstand, “Sorry…” She seemed too tired to argue, dejected.

Abi had found herself coming to her girlfriend’s defence, “She’s just stressed out, Kaitlyn, we all are.”

Her heart had fluttered when Emma had smiled at her. Abi couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked under the streetlights, even without her usual make-up and the same baggy eyelids as their friend. In fact, she looked even more gorgeous to Abi, and she loved it.

Kaitlyn just sighed, shaking her head in a fatigued defeat, “You’re right, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten shitty with you. Just be careful not to hit Max.”

“What if it’s deliberate?” Emma jestered, trying to lighten the mood.

“Then by all means, go ahead.”

“Hey!” Max crossed his arms and pouted at them, “That’s not fair! I didn’t even want her smelly feet near my face in the first place!”

Emma shrugged, “You can always move.”

He glared at her with a hint of humour in his eyes, “I found this spot first. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

“Oh my god, you don’t own that spot. Technically it’s the owner of the building’s spot,” Kaitlyn bantered, a smile coming back to her face. 

She looked at Emma, and a quiet exchange happened between them. It wasn’t one that Abi could put her finger on, but she knew she could always ask her girlfriend later if need be. For now, everything went back to silence, albeit less awkward, but even more worrisome than before.

The night was quiet. There were no sounds to focus on at this time of night, not even with Abi’s sensitive hearing. She could only hear a faint hum in the distance, only a few blocks down, followed by the smell of grease and cooked hamburger meat. If she wasn’t so stressed out, her mouth probably would have watered, considering she hadn’t had anything to eat in a few hours. And, well, werewolf metabolism was a bitch.

When the time hit midnight, the bell of the clock tower faintly chimed in the distance to signal both the start of a new day and hour. Abi just hoped that her other friends would be there to see it, as pessimistic as it sounded. But she just couldn’t help it. She was extremely stressed out and didn’t know why. They’d be back soon, right?

Another five minutes passed, and she went back to the door leading to the entrance of the lobby. “I’m going back in, something’s not right.”

Emma took her arm, wrapping her fingers around it in a much-needed warmth, “Wait…”

Abi spun around, glancing up at her, “Yeah?”

She brought a finger to her lips, pointing to further down the alleyway right next to the building, where the back entrance would be. They heard a couple of frustrated grunts, followed by the sound of what appeared to be the thuds of bodies landing on a metallic, enclosed container. Abi’s eyes widened when she took in the toffee scent of her friends, a growl rising from her throat. 

When the sound of the container being closed, echoing into the night, followed by the rough startup of the vehicle, Emma ran after it. Kaitlyn grabbed her arm, “Emma, stop!”

She spun around and snarled uncontrollably.

Abi knew what she was feeling. The need to get to them overwhelmed her with fury as well. She knew they shouldn’t have left the others alone with Daniel. 

“What?” Emma whispered. “There’s more of us than him. If we go now, then maybe we can stop him before he takes them anywhere.”

“He could also kill them in an instant if he knows we’re coming,” Kaitlyn argued. “Look-”

“Daniel has my sibling , Kaitlyn! Someone who I know you have very heavy feelings for. I’ve seen the way you look at them the past few weeks. I’m not stupid,” She spat back.

Their friend glared at her, eyes glowing a firefly yellow now, “What I’m trying to say is that we need to find a way to surprise him and-”

The sound of a motor vehicle startled them. The entire group ran to the opposite side of the building, hiding in the shadows as they saw a large truck pull out onto the road. Abi could smell blood, and it made her growl again, feeling her fangs pulsate out of her gums as she fought back the temptation to leap into the truck and rip his throat out. 

But Kaitlyn was right. With her enhanced eyesight, she could see a gun poking out of the inner pocket of his coat, probably loaded with a silver bullet. Daniel wasn’t taking any chances, and it seemed that they had no choice but to follow him, despite the fear in their hearts.

Not wanting to waste time by jumping into their cars and possibly alerting him, the seven of them chased after the vehicle into the night. Hunting their metallic prey so they could make sure their friends were safe once again.

None of them would ever come back the same.


Dylan Lenivy

He slowly awoke to the feeling of cold metal biting into his wrists. The flesh around the area felt burnt, as if whatever was chaining him back was made of silver. His skin was exposed to the outer elements, feeling raw and sore every time he even moved a slight inch. He felt hazy, weak, but he was still able to tell that he was being hoisted up into the air, his long legs barely above the ground.

Dylan’s mind drew him back into the radioshack, where he first felt a similar pain. Teeth sinking into his skin, breaking past the muscle and bone to get to his veins, spreading the seething infection that had ruined his life. He sobbed and screamed, begging for Ryan’s help as he was mercilessly slammed into the wooden roof over and over again. For a brief second, he could feel himself being knocked unconscious, before the roaring pain and hot blood spattering his face pulled him back.

He sobbed, unable to escape this terrifying memory. Every time he tried to, it just hooked its claws in him and pulled him right back. He couldn’t see anything but darkness surrounding him, the lights of the radioshack barely brightening the place. Dylan sobbed, wanting nothing more than to leave this memory.

“Dyl-lan…,” Ryan mumbled to his right. 

He tried to crane his head that way, to see his boyfriend, but his neck was like a fine toothpick holding up a cherry, unable to move. Dylan’s whole upper body became numb as he tried desperately to fight off the flashback, crying softly. The tears warmed his cheeks but did nothing to ease the ache in his soul. In fact, it only made the memories worse, because something in him knew that he wasn’t in a safe enough environment to calm down.

“Dylan…, s’okay…,” This one came from Luke, muttered from his other side.

He cried harder, struggling to get the taste of blood out of his mouth.

“Oh shut uuuuupppp,” Daniel’s voice grumbled in front of him. “You sound so fucking pathetic!”

“F-Fuck you, asshole,” Ryan snapped back sleepily, as if still in the same state that the other two.

Dylan’s flashback eased off, his body kicking into survival mode at a both very real and threatening presence. His mind refocused itself into the present, trying to figure out the best way to get the others and himself out of the situation. Based on their scents, he knew that Cameron wasn’t in the room with them, so Dylan knew he would have to find them first.

But before he could lash out and fight his way through this nightmare, he felt a familiar set of fangs sink into his neck. With it came an unnatural sense of happiness, as if this was okay, that it was alright for Daniel to drain him dry, but Dylan knew that it wasn’t. He kicked and screamed, hearing the others shout his name as he could feel the blood seeping out from his body. He started to feel sleepy again, slowly lulling his head back as he began to snore, completely unaware of what was happening to him or the others.

He’d have a very horrific surprise come to him when he woke up.


Jacob Custos

It turns out that Daniel was one sneaky motherfucker. He cut countless corners, making them all lose him multiple times. Thankfully, there were few people that smelt like blood and death in the early hours of the night, so it was easier to track him via his scent. The trail had led them to an old, abandoned warehouse. Jacob fought the urge to groan at how cliched it was.

Kaitlyn and Emma had done a quick patrol of the facility, determined to see if there were any other potential dangers. When there wasn’t, they’d crept back to the others, where they were all now formed in a massive huddle.

“He’s gonna expect us if we come in from the front or the back,” Kaitlyn began to whisper. “I saw a broken window on the left side, we could sneak in through there. Nick, Jacob, Abi and Max can jump him. If you guys pin him to the ground, then that’ll give me, Emma and Laura the opportunity to attack. We’ve only got one chance at this, so we have to be careful.”

Jacob looked over at his boyfriend, waiting for his thoughts. Nick tipped his chin into the air as he considered it, nostrils flaring as if he was trying to take in any scents, such as Daniel’s, that had gotten closer to them. His eyes brightened into a yellow, then proceeded to double back to their regular brown in a matter of seconds. Just by the way he was acting, Jacob knew he was highly distressed. He only ever got this anxious or protective when a loved one of his was hurt.

Like he had been only last night. It felt like forever since that had happened, but to his body, it didn’t. His muscles ached and cramped from the consistent transformations, his bones creaking and weary from all of the strain. Jacob’s head pounded, a slight ringing building in his ears, and everytime he breathed in through his nose it stung, the smells significantly stronger than ever before. It was like he was in a constant battle with that other side of him for who could take control over his body. And he hated every second of it. 

But, if it meant that the enhanced strength and senses gave him a fighting chance at saving his friends, then he would take that any day. Something in him told Jacob that they needed to find the others ASAP. Because he didn’t, he knew a part of himself would die with them if they did. As if he had given each of them a piece of his soul, including the others.

He wasn’t going to let his first proper family be taken away from him.


Ryan Erzahler

Even if he didn’t know Dylan’s brother that well, it was still heartbreaking to hear him cry. Luke was sobbing his twin’s name, begging him to wake up. But when Ryan turned to look at his boyfriend, he never did. He just stayed asleep like a child after a long day at the fair, completely out of it and unaware of the outside world. Ryan wished more than anything in that moment that he could both hold Dylan to him as he slept in whatever daze he was in, and comfort his boyfriend’s brother simultaneously. The fact that he couldn’t do either was cruel.

So he decided to try another way, “It’s gonna be okay, Luke. It’s gonna be okay.”

Something hard and sharp raked itself across the delicate skin of his face. Ryan grunted, wiggling in his chains as his body instinctively tried to cradle the sore cheek. But all it did was just aggravate the weeping flesh of his wrists, which never had the chance to fully heal with the silver material that coated them. He turned back to face Daniel, who was sneering at him with a mouthful of fangs.

“What the fuck did I just say? Are you seriously that stupid that you can’t follow a simple fucking command?”

Ryan growled, feeling his own fangs slide out of his aching gums, “Fuck you.”

Daniel lunged and bit down into his neck. He grunted, feeling the same creepy joy that had flooded his boyfriend just moments before. Trying his best to ignore the nauseating, slurping sounds that came from his attacker, or the drowsiness that filled his mind, Ryan reared his chin back and headbutted Daniel. 

The vampire stumbled back, hissing, but not before the blood that had seeped from his bitten lip sprayed out and coated Ryan’s tongue. It was cold and bitter, one that made him audibly gag, despite his throat automatically swallowing it to get it out of his mouth. The blood was thick and coagulated, rolling down it in clumps, but not before his body started to strike a fever.

He screamed, straining against his chains as something crawled up his skin, making it both cold and flustered with sweat. Ryan felt his claws extend painfully in their nail beds, blood dripping from his nose as he felt something very, very wrong settle into his system. His bones snapped and broke in his body, his ribs dislocating themselves to accompany this new form that he was taking on. Ryan could hear Luke screaming his name, Daniel swearing underneath his breath, but not before everything turned black and he fully transformed.