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Key Dates in Our Lives

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January 14th, 2014
The day Jake won their stupid bet.
And the day Amy decided he wasn’t too bad.

Amy was sitting on her bed, glaring at the blue dress Jake had given her to wear for their date. It had ruffles on the skirt and a bow on the back. Where did he even get this? It looked like something someone would wear to prom. What were they, high schoolers? Well, Jake sure acted like a high schooler. He certainly hadn’t matured since then.

Amy sighed. She was not looking forward to this. She couldn’t believe she lost the stupid bet. The only reason she had agreed to it in the first place was because she was sick and tired of Jake acting like he was the best detective and she wanted to put him in his place. Sure he was a good detective, perhaps one of the best she had ever worked with, but she would never admit it to him. Jake’s ego was already inflated. She was also very competitive and wanted to prove that she was a good detective.

Looking at her watch, she sighed again and got up. Jake was supposed to pick her up in 15 minutes and she wasn’t anywhere close to being ready. Grabbing the dress Amy made her way to the bathroom, wondering what dumb stuff Jake was going to make them do.

Twenty-five minutes later,(he was late, what a surprise) she heard a honk outside and looking out her window, saw Jake with a stupid grin on his face, standing outside of his car and grudgingly, went out to meet him.
“Amy Santiago, date time! Time to date” He yelled to her.
Sticking her head out the door, she responded, “Peralta, this outfit is ridiculous.”
“Chop chop. There’s plenty of embarrassing to do and only a few hours to do it in.” Jake said.
With another sigh she stepped outside. “Happy?”
“Oh, yeah. You look like every girl at every bat mitzvah I ever had a crush on.”
So it wasn’t a prom dress, it was a bat mitzvah dress. Apparently Jake hadn’t matured past the age of 12.
“Let’s see the bow”
Grudgingly she turned around.
“Just like Jenny Gildenhorn. Why do I wish you had braces? Should we get you braces? No, that’s too much. Here I come.”
As Jake came around the car she saw his attire for the night. A suit top and cargo shorts. Real classy. He looked ridiculous.
“Nice shorts”
“Thank you. Believe it or not, they were not very expensive.”
“Do I really have to wear this all night?”
“You know the rules. The date starts now. And ends at midnight. I decide what you wear, what you eat, and where we go. Oh, and there is one more rule.”
He got a little serious and leaned up against his car and said, “No matter what happens, you’re not allowed to fall in love with me.” Amy tried not to laugh. Fall in love with Jake? Yeah that would never happen. Amy pitied any woman who did.
“Won’t be a problem.” She said.
Jake opened the door and gestured inside, “Your chariot awaits milady.”
“Ugh.” And she got into the car.

Jake closed the door, got in other side and started driving. As they drove she could’ve sworn she heard something clanking against the ground.
“Jake what’s that noise?”
“Oh I tied a bunch of soda cans to the back of the car with a sign that says ‘Just lost a bet.’ You know, like just married but embarrassing.”
Midnight would not come soon enough.
“What are we doing on this date anyway?” She asked, looking out the window, trying to figure out where they were.
“Well that I can’t tell you because it’s a surprise. I will tell you that first we’re heading to Shaw’s to celebrate Charles with the squad. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of embarrassing things to do there and plenty more the rest of the night.”
Amy rolled her eyes and said, “Can’t wait.” And they rode the rest of the way in silence.
When they got to the bar, Jake came around and opened the door for her. She followed him inside bracing for the humility that was sure to come once everyone saw her. Jake made a big announcement with a megaphone, and Amy ‘modeled’ her dress for everyone. She asked if she could go to the bathroom and after Jake gave her permission, with the comment that it was the first of three, she made her way out of the room and into the hallway, down to the restrooms.
Amy walked into the restroom and looked in the mirror. She could not get over the outfit. After the date she would burn the dress. That would help her feel better.

After a couple of minutes she made her way back into the main part of the bar and Jake announced that they would be performing the steerage jig from Titanic. She shot him daggers as he grabbed her hand and led her to the middle of the dance floor.
She was a terrible dancer and this would just showcase the fact. Granted Jake wasn’t much help, as he seemed so intent on doing it as horribly as possible.
“Do the spinny.” Jake said as he grabbed both of her hands and started spinning them around in a circle. As they spun, Amy’s stomach started to turn. If she threw up, she prayed it would be on Jake. He deserved it.
“I hate your guts.” Amy said, trying to keep down what was in her stomach.

Amy heard Holt call Jake over and for a brief moment felt relieved that she didn’t have to dance with Jake anymore. That however was short lived when she heard Jake say “Scully? Tag in. Okay keep spinning.”
Amy groaned. Scully came over and she refused to touch him and refused to keep spinning, so she just stood there awkwardly while Scully danced next to her. The night just kept getting worse and worse. Luckily her stomach started to feel better now that she wasn’t spinning, and she hoped Jake wouldn’t make her do it again. After what felt like forever, Jake’s voice came across the room
“Darling, Brief pause, duty calls.”
“Oh thank God.” Amy walked away from Scully and latched her arm around Jake’s and let him lead her out to the car. At this point, she didn’t care what it was they had to do, she was just grateful for a break from the date.

Once they started driving, Jake said, “Okay, Captain wants us to stake out a drop site of a crew that lifts cargo out of Laguardia. I’ll drop you off at your apartment so you can change, and then I can drive us to the drop site.”
“What about you? Don’t you need to change? Or do you plan on taking down bad guys in a suit and shorts combo?”
“Oh it’s fine I brought a change of clothes with me.”
Amy looked at him, confused.
“I keep an extra pair of clothes in my car, okay? It’s no big deal.”
“Whatever. I’m just glad I don’t have to dance with Scully anymore. That was uncomfortable.”
“‘That was uncomfortable’, title of your sex tape.” Jake said.
He was surprisingly really good at that.

A few minutes later, they got to her apartment and she went in to change. It felt so good to get out of that dress. It was hot and she’d been dying all night. She was much more comfortable in her own clothes. Amy looked at her watch. 8:15pm. If she was lucky, the stake out would take a couple of hours and by the time they booked the guys they were after and did the paperwork, it would be after midnight and the stupid date would be over.

She came back out and noticed Jake had already changed. She got into the car and asked, “So where is the drop site?”
“It’s pretty close, only about 10 minutes from here.”
“Great, let’s go.”
They arrived at the drop site and parked a little bit further down the road.
“I’m so happy to be out of that dress.” Amy said, holding up binoculars, surveying the drop site. “It was weirdly hot.”
“Oh yeah it’s probably because it was a cotton and plastic blend. But not to worry, we’re gonna catch these guys and get back to the worst date of your life.”
“No. Nothing will ever be worse than the date I had with my aunt’s dentist. We had gone out to eat and he said ‘You should try some of this.’And when he went to put it in my mouth he started examining my teeth. Then he told me dessert was out of the question.”
Jake laughed
Chuckling, she asked, “What was your worst date ever?”
“I think it's like a 50-way tie. The last lady I went out with burst into tears when I told her I was a Gemini.”
“Wow.” How did Jake find these women?
“Hey, those people left that door open. I bet there’s a better vantage point from the roof.” Jake said.
Amy leaned over to see where he was looking and said, “Mmmm. And I bet it doesn’t smell like old cheese.” Seriously, that was like the first thing she had noticed when she had first got into his car.
“Okay, that’s hurtful.”
“Shall we?”
They got out of the car and made their way over to the door and up the stairs to the roof. Jake decided to climb up a platform nearby while Amy grabbed some crates nearby for them to sit on.
“Man, I don't know how Batman does it. It’s super scary up here.”
He’s such a dork. Who would be thinking about Batman at a time like this?
“Hey, will you grab the binoculars? They’re in my stakeout bag.”
Amy walked over to his bag and opened it. “Your stake out bag is 98% nuts.” She said and pulled out a huge bag of nuts.
“I get snacky. Besides, nuts are super healthy. They’re, like, 0% fat.”
“Jake, that's not true at all. It’s actually the opposite.” She said, coming over to sit next to him.
“What? That nut vendor lied to me.”
What a dork. She looked out over the roof. “I think a pigeon just flew out of your car.”
“Yeah, the windows don’t exactly roll up.”
“The car’s a piece of crap. Why do you love it so much?”
Jake sighed. “You really want to know?”
Amy looked at him, gesturing to him to go on.
“I was two days out of the academy, super nervous. Saw this guy run out of a bodega clutching a bunch of cash. So I pursued him on foot, eleven blocks. Finally catch him, cuff him, throw him up against that car. Turned out there was a For Sale sign in the window, and, it being the best day of my life, I bought it. Thus began the debt.”
“Crushing debt.” Having remembered their conversation the day they made the bet.
“Yeah, you do know me.”
“Only if you throw it.”
“Ready? Ready?” And she tossed a nut into the air.
“Mm-hmm” He caught it in his mouth. “Nice! You ready?”
“Uh-huh.” Jake threw a nut and Amy tried to catch it but was way off.
They both started laughing. She was nowhere close to catching it.
“What are you doing? Trying to catch it in your nose?” Jake asked?
“I got it, I got it, I got it.” She said, determined to get it next time.Jake’s phone started to ring
“It’s Holt. Keep practicing.” Jake got up and walked a little ways off. In the meantime, Amy kept throwing them up in the air and tried to catch them but no luck.
After a minute or so, Jake came back over.
“What did Holt want?”
“Just checking in. How you doing? Any progress?”
“Yep. Watch.” She had an idea. She threw a handful of nuts into the air and was able to catch some of them in her mouth. A huge smile spread across her face, “The key is volume.”
“I see that.” Responded Jake, a slight smile on his face.

They spent the next hour or so throwing nuts at each other, trying to catch them in their mouths. Jake was actually really good at it, even when Amy tried to make it as difficult as possible. She would throw it too far to the left, or throw them really high up but Jake managed to catch all of them. She on the other hand had a really hard time catching them, even when Jake would give her easy ones. Not that it mattered, this was the most fun she had had all night.
They would pause occasionally and look at the drop sight, but there was no movement. Not that Amy minded, this was so much better than what they had been doing at Shaw’s. Plus she didn’t have to wear that stupid dress.
After a while their nut throwing stopped and they fell into a comfortable silence. A few minutes later, Jake asked, “So be honest. If you’d won the bet, were you really gonna destroy my car?”
“No.” As satisfying as that would be, she decided she couldn’t do that to a car. “I was gonna drive it. So I could learn stick.”
“You wouldn’t.” Jake turned to look at her, a look of fear flashed across his face.
“I would. Would’ve been, like, rrrrrr.”
“No. No! Hey, hey! There’s our guys.” Jake grabbed her and they both crouched down. A large truck was backing up to the warehouse they were watching.
“What’s the play here?” Amy asked.
“Just follow my lead. Give me the ring.”Amy took the silly plastic ring off and put it into Jake’s outstretched hand.
“Now give me some nuts. I’m snacky.” Jake said. Amy grabbed the nuts and put a handful in his hand. “Great, let’s go.”
They made their way down the staircase and across the street. Jake gave her a look and pulled out his phone. “Ready?” He mouthed.
Amy gave him a quick nod and watched as Jake walked closer to the guys and gave a spiel about being lost. Amy quickly caught on and played along, playing the annoyed girlfriend. She had to suppress a laugh when Jake threw the fake ring down the street and the guys they were after told her to calm down. Amy and Jake both pulled their guns out and told them to get on the ground. The guys complied and Jake glanced over to Amy and said, “Nice work.”
“Thanks, you too.”
“I’m sad y’all are arresting me, but I’m glad you’re back together.” One of the preps said.
Jake and Amy looked at each other. They were definitely not together.

Luckily for Amy by the time they got the guys back to the precinct and did the booking paperwork it was after midnight.
“Well, looks like it’s past midnight Peralta, which means our date is officially over.” Amy said, a smile forming across her face.
“Yeah, I guess so. I’m kind of bummed that we missed out on stuff though. I had so much more planned.”
“Perhaps another time Peralta. Good night.” Amy responded, and went to leave. She didn’t realize that she implied that there could be another date in the future. She also didn’t realize that Jake watched her leave until she was well out of sight.


The next day, when she got into work, Holt came over to her desk. “Detective Santiago, I’d like to see you in my office when you have a moment.”
“Yes sir.”
A few minutes later, Amy walked into his office.
“I just wanted to say, excellent job on the Stake Out last night. I’m glad to see you two still work well together despite that ridiculous bet.”
“Thanks. Me too.” She was relieved. Now that the bet was over she didn’t have to worry about trying to upstage Jake. Though that didn’t mean she wouldn’t keep trying.
“And I appreciate your turning down the relief team. I’m not sure they could’ve made that bust.”
“Yeah. Right. The relief team” That must’ve been Holt called Jake about last night. She was pleasantly surprised Jake turned it down.

She walked back into the bullpen, sat down at her desk, and turned to Jake,
“So.. sorry you lost so much money last night. Guess you can add it to your list of bad dates.”
“Nah, it still goes on the good date list. You know, ‘cause we caught the bad guys”
Right because we caught the bad guys. Not because they actually ended up having a good time. At least she did.
“That’s very mature of you.”
“Well, I am a very mature man.” Yeah, maybe he was. Maybe Amy was wrong about him and he was more mature than a middle schooler.
Amy noticed a delivery guy walk in. “Package for Amy Santiago.”
“That’s me.” She replied. Weird, she wasn’t expecting a package.
“Special delivery from Jake Peralta to say ‘thanks for last night.’
Jake’s head snapped over “Oh no, I forgot to cancel”
“Cancel what?”
The guy turned her chair around to face him and then he started to take off his clothes. Ah so Jake had hired a stripper. Lovely. Amy couldn’t believe something could’ve been more embarrassing than the dance from last night.
“Okay.” Amy said, with annoyance in her voice. Jake came over and stood between her and the stripper as the stripper tried to get close to her.
Well Amy guessed her original assessment was correct. Jake was an immature middle schooler.
Some things will never change.

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March 25th, 2014

The day Jake got fired

And the day He confessed his feelings to Amy 


“What’s going on with you?” Terry sat down across from Jake.  “For the past two days you’ve been telling me how amazing it was going to be to solve this case. This does not look amazing.”

“I don’t know man. I thought I would be more psyched too. Maybe I just need a cooler case.” Jake responded, although he knew that wasn’t the case. 

“No, that is not going to work. You set the precinct record, you weren’t happy. You solved an unsolvable case, you weren’t happy. No case is going to make you happy. Something’s bothering you. And whatever it is, you gotta deal with it.” Said Terry. 

“Yeah, well maybe I can’t deal with it right now.” Jake said, glancing over to Amy at the bar talking to Teddy. Whatever she was talking about, she was really excited about. “Or you know, whatever.” 

Terry followed his gaze. “Oh.That’s a tough one.” 

“Yeah.” Jake said, with the sound of defeat in his voice. 

“But solving more cases isn’t going to make you feel better.” Terry said. 


Jake had been working hard the last couple of weeks. While Terry had been right; no case was going to make him happy if he didn’t address the thing on his mind, working at least kept his mind occupied and he didn’t have to think about Amy all of the time. Or at least, distract himself from thinking of Amy, since she was all he could ever think about. 


He didn’t understand why he couldn’t get her out of his head. He usually never got hung up on girls like his. Granted, Amy wasn’t like other girls he had dated. He didn’t typically go for the nerdy, rule following people. But for some reason, Amy had his heart and he couldn’t let it go.  


Maybe that’s why he was so invested in this case. He’d come across some suspicious stuff on Lucas Wint and decided to dig deeper. Having a civic leader laundering money for drug dealers was a big no-no. Civic leaders were supposed to help the community, not help drug dealers who were hurting people. Not even being placed on administrative leave and the threat of suspension could stop Jake’s eagerness to solve this case.


Of course working on a case and having Amy join in didn’t help with keeping his mind distracted. He was very grateful for her help, especially with what he was facing, but working with her made it very difficult not to think about her. 


Man, he was a mess.


Over the next week Jake did everything he could think of to take Wint down, without of course, letting anyone know that he was still investigating. He was starting to lose hope. The day of his hearing he was officially out of ideas. Getting ready in his formal police wear, he received a call from Amy.

“Hey Jake, I think I’ve got a lead. I found this kid, he says he’s got information that can help us. Can you meet me?”

“Amy, that’s great! Yeah I can meet you, where?” 


Jake met up a little later with Amy and the informant. It was a kid named Isaac who would take money to Wint’s community center every week, and it would be recorded as a ‘charitable’ donation. 

Finally, they had a solid lead. Now they just needed a way to see those log books. They were going to need a warrant. And he would need Holt’s help. 

He had filled out a warrant request earlier to search the Community Center but obviously hadn’t had a chance to pursue that option until now.

Jake called Holt and asked him to meet him in an alley. When Holt got there, Amy and Jake had Isaac tell his story. The entire time Jake really hoped that the Captain trusted him. He would be sticking his neck out but Jake knew it would pay off. 


To Jake’s surprise not only did the Captain agree to sign off on the warrant so it could go to a judge, Holt decided to also join him on this case. Things were starting to get interesting. 


After Holt got the signature from the judge and having visited a thrift store to buy clothes to blend in at a dancing competition at the Community Center, Jake found himself dancing with Amy. Well sort of. She was not a great dancer, and she managed to step on both of Jake’s feet at the same time.

“I’m horrible at this, when can we stop?” Amy asked. They had only been dancing for like twenty seconds. 

“I’m horrible at this--” Jake started before Amy cut him off. 

“I know, I know, title of my sex tape.”

“Huh, well done. Title of my sex tape.” Sometimes they just write themselves. 

“Oh my god, the captain.” Amy said and Jake turned his head to see what she was looking at. “He could really win this thing.”

“How did you get so amazing at dancing?” Jake asked him when he danced by. 

“Jake, focus. I found a back stairway over here.” And with that Holt spun his partner and off they went. 

Jake felt like the captain was full of surprises, like who was this guy? 


After a few moments Jake looked over to the doors to the backstair way. “That guard by the door will not move.”

“Uh-oh, he just made eye contact with me. Play it cool. Dance. Dance, dance, dance.” Amy said. 

She was cute. “You don’t have to say ‘dance’ every time you make a step.” Jake replied. 

“Good call.” Amy said. 

“Hey, do you want me to show you how to actually do this? So you don’t hurt yourself and or others?” Jake asked her. He had been dancing at bar mitzvahs for as long as he could remember. He actually really enjoyed it. 


Amy nodded, and Jake brought her a little closer, and ignoring the way his heart was pounding in his chest, started to guide her. After a second Amy got it and they started to get into a nice little rhythm. 

“This is kinda fun.” Amy said. Yeah it was kind of fun. She was getting the hang of it, and Jake really enjoyed dancing with her.

 “Ooh, maybe Teddy and I should take a class.” Amy said, after a moment. 

Way to kill the mood 

“Yeah, maybe.” Jake grumbled. He needed a distraction from his thoughts. 

Captain Holt luckily came up at that moment, swaying to the music. “Guys we’re running out of time. What’s the plan?”

“That guard won’t move.” Jake said, gesturing to the guy over by the side door. “We need a distraction.” 

“I’m on it.” Amy said. Walking away she headed over towards the guard and muttered under her breath, “Dance, dance, dance.”

God, she was adorable. 


While Amy pretended to hurt her ankle, and thus moving the guard away from the door, Jake made his way over and through the door. He was able to find a staircase and made his way up to the office. After digging through a couple of drawers he found the account books, and knowing time was of the essence, snatched some photos and quickly made his way back down stairs. 


Making his way back into the ballroom, he gestured to Holt and Amy, motioning to them to get out there. He really needed to get to the hearing. Amy had been moved over to the stage where she was sitting, still pretending that her ankle hurt. Jake made his way over to her and together with Holt they carried her outside so they could keep their cover. As soon as they were out the doors, they let Amy go and hurried to the car. 


They got to One Police Plaza and quickly changed. As they were making their way to the hearing room, Jake started to look at the photos he had taken, not having had time earlier.

“Aw, this is incredible, the account books have everything. Dates, names, dollar amounts. I can’t wait to show this to Podolski.” Jake told Amy “I should probably slip in a Miley-Cyrus-told-you-so face.” And he took a picture. After looking at it he said “It’s hard to do on the move,” and took another one. 

“Peralta, wait. Santiago, give us a minute.” Captain Holt said unexpectedly. 

“Sir?” Jake responded. 

“I need you to do something. And it’s going to sound crazy but it’s important and I need you to trust me. 

“Of course, Captain. What do you need?

“When you go in there, I need you to get fired.”


“Shh, shh.” Holt said, holding his finger up to his lips. 

“Fired?” Jake said again in a quieter voice. “After all that work, you want me to get fired?”

“I know it’s crazy but I asked you to trust me, remember? You will find out  everything soon enough.”

Jake sighed, “Fine, but I’m not going to like it.” 

With that Jake and Captain Holt walked into the hearing room and sitted before them, were the committee members. They both sat down at a table nearby and Jake sat in silence. He had so much he wanted to say but couldn’t. This was going to suck. 


“So detective Peralta, do you have any evidence you’d like to present on your behalf?” Podoski asked. 

“No, I have nothing.” Jake responded, guilt rising in his chest. It felt wrong to lie, especially when a civic leader was doing things they shouldn’t be. But Jake trusted Holt, and at that moment, that was going to have to be good enough.


“Well Detective Peralta, after looking at the evidence presented here today, we have decided that the best course of action is to suspend you. You'll be suspended for the next six months. Afterwards we’ll decide what your future with the NYPD will look like.” Podoski said. He looked all too happy to be saying that. 

“Suspend me? You’ve got to be kidding!” Jake stood up and walked to the front of the long table where the committee members sat. “I give my heart and soul to this job and you suspend me, when there’s a corrupt leader?” He yelled, and slammed his fist on the table. 

“Now calm down detective..”

“No, you calm down! This is absolutely ridiculous and you’re all a bunch of pigs. And your mother is a pig”

“Now, back up there Peralta, you’ve gone too far.”

“Oh I’m not done yet. And your mother!” He said, pointing to a lady nearby”  All of your mothers. And your grandmothers and your grandmother’s little dogs.”

“You done?”

“No, I'm not done!” Jake responded. He had to admit, this was kind of fun.
“Aw, you’re done!”

“You can’t handle the me!”

“That’s enough! Jake Peralta, due to your actions displayed here today, we have no choice but to fire you from the NYPD, effective immediately. Now get out before we arrest you”

“Whatever.” Jake said and turned and walked out the door, slamming it on his way out. 


Jake made his way out to the parking garage and took some deep breaths. While what he said was intentional with the hope of getting fired, the realization of actually getting fired hit him. What had he done? He really hoped that Captain Holt was right.

“Jake what happened?” Amy said as she walked into the garage. Her voice brought him back to reality. “Did Holt ask you to get suspended? 

“No, he told me to get fired.” Jake said, still in disbelief.  


“I don’t know. I’m kind of freaking out. He said to do it and the next thing I knew, I was just yelling. I kind of insulted everyone’s moms, and grandmothers.” 

“Oh my god.”

“Peralta!” Captain Holt said, walking up to them with three men in suits close behind. 

“Hey what’s going on?”

“This is special agent Clarke with the FBI.” Holt replied, gesturing to the man in front. 

“FBI?” Jake responded. He was even more confused. 

“We couldn’t let you expose Lucas Wint. It would’ve compromised a much larger ongoing federal investigation. We believe that Wint has ties to the Ianucci Crime Family.” Agent Clarke said. 

“That’s one of the best crime families.” Jake whispered over to Amy. Yeah he knew things. 

“We needed you to get fired for real because the Ianuccis have moles inside the NYPD, and we need them to trust you. Detective, we’d like you to go undercover and help us with the investigation.”

“Okay, the answer is ‘yes’. The details are: my name is Duncan Buck. I was raised on an oil rig by 90 men and 1 prostitute.” He had come up with an undercover story years ago in case a moment like this ever presented itself. 

“We’d like you to be yourself.”

“Even better.” Jake said. Whatever worked for him. 

“This could be very dangerous. So please, take some time, and..” Jake interrupted him before he could finish. “

“No need. I’m in. Eyes closed head first, can’t lose.” This was literally a dream come true. 

“I don’t think that’s the expression.” Captain Holt said. 

“Can you just let me have this?” Jake responded. He’d just lost his job, he needed a moment. 

“Well Detective, we appreciate your willingness to assist us in this case. Just know that since you’re going undercover, you won’t be able to have any contact with people from your precinct. You have two hours to say your goodbyes and let everyone at your precinct know that you’ve been fired. We’ll be in contact after that.” Agent Clarke said. Then he and the other two men in suits walked off. 


Holt turned to Jake, “Well Detective, let us go and make this official. The rest of the squad deserves to know.” 


Telling the rest of the squad was harder than Jake had anticipated. Fortunately Holt felt it was best that they did know the whole story, which made it easier at least. But saying goodbye for six months, not knowing what was going to happen to him, gutted him. The reality of what he was about to do seemed to hit him as he drove back to the precinct. What if something went wrong? What if they found out he was undercover? What would happen to him and to the people he loved? There was so much he wanted to say and unfortunately no time to say it. Luckily, he thought all of them knew how much he cared about them. Well, all of them but one. 


After making a ‘scene’ about getting fired and kicking a trash can across the bullpen, Jake hurried as fast as he could to change out of his uniform and collect everything from his desk and locker. People were leaving for the night and he wanted to make sure that he had a chance to talk to Amy before she left. It was literally now or never. 

Just as he finished putting the last of his things in a box, he saw her just as the elevator doors started to close.


Worried that he had missed his chance, he booked it down the side stairs, trying his best not to spill the box of stuff he was carrying. 


Exiting the stairway, he saw Amy make her way outside and he dashed after her.


“Amy?” Jake called after her as he exited the doors. “Hey, I thought I missed you.”

“Hey Jake, amazing assignment. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous.”

“Really?” He was surprised. He didn’t take Amy for the undercover type. 


“Well if you want I can help get you fired. I’m really good at it .”

They both laughed. Amy had such a cute laugh. 


“This is real, this is happening.” Amy said, slightly messing with the things in the box he was carrying. 

“Look- um.” Chuckling a little bit, Jake tried to find the right words. He’d gone over this scenario a thousand times in his head but, of course, he was at a lot of words now. 

“I don’t want to be a jerk. I know you’re dating Teddy, and it’s going really well. It’s just…”

“What’s going on?” Amy asked, and Jake could hear the slight concern in her voice. 

“I don’t know what’s going to happen on this assignment, and if something bad goes down, I think I’d be pissed at myself if I didn’t say this.” Jake sighed again. Just say it Peralta. It’s now or never. “I kinda wish something could happen between us, romantic-styles. And I know it can’t because you’re with Teddy, and I’m going undercover, and that’s just how it is. But- Anyway, we’re not supposed to have any contact, so I should go. America needs me. Bye.” And he walked away before Amy could say anything. He didn’t need to know her response, he had said what he wanted to say and that was enough for him. A huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders. Whatever happened on this assignment, it would be okay. 

Jake didn’t know that as he left, Amy’s eyes followed him for a second, and she just stood there, too in shock to say or do anything. Little did he know that she would be thinking about that moment for the next six months.