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i'm such a chill partner not caring when my boyfriend's childhood friend bangs him

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Jun carefully leaned forward as he saw his phone light up to tell him he’d gotten a message while on silent mode for the sake of a briefing with Eden. While he would usually ignore it, able to wait until afterwards to check who it was Jun’s eyes had already caught onto a detail he couldn’t bring himself to ignore.

Sitting forward Jun turned on his screen yet again to read the incoming message with more focus.

Makoto. He had read right, it was a message from Makoto, his boyfriend.

Unlocking his phone to pull down the screen and get a better look at the message preview a sharp breath left Jun as soon as he’d read it.

“He’s here.”

That’s what it said. As well as showing that there would be a picture waiting for him if he opened the app.

Rather than doing that Jun stood up suddenly, shoving his phone in his pocket and ignoring the outraged Hiyori and startled Ibara calling on him to stop or explain himself.

“Sorry! Text me the rest later or Ohiisan can fill me in.” Jun had called back. He usually would always try to be more polite, particularly to his seniors (or more specifically Nagisa in this case) but Jun knew he couldn’t wait and ignore Makoto’s message.

Well, Jun doubted Makoto sent it. And there was no fear of Makoto being in danger. Jun had been told at some point that day it would happen.

Darkening his screen brightness so it was less likely to be viewed by others as he was rushing out of the Cospro building to go to the dorms Jun opened the picture.

Swallowing slowly Jun’s feet stopped him in his tracks as he saw just about what he’d expected. Makoto’s glasses were off and his face was red in embarrassment, his hand was reaching out trying to block the camera but the picture had already been taken. Naked (at least certainly the top half of him from what he could see) and with his nipple being squeezed by the photographer.

Not that Jun could have ever pretended to not know what the message had meant but the picture sure confirmed it. Izumi was back in Japan and fucking his boyfriend.

Biting into his lip Jun looking closer at the picture noticed bite and hickeys already possessively planted onto Makoto’s skin. It made Jun flush with shame and his insides churned uncomfortably.

After a moment Jun’s eyes widened as he took in the surroundings of the picture a bit more. He’d assumed it was Makoto or Izumi’s room as it often was but no, that time it was definitely his own room.

Imagining Kohaku being the one to walk in on them was something painful and awkward Jun didn’t even want to consider so he had quickly got back to running, at least knowing which room to burst in on now.

While Jun was fairly certain he’d been called to a few times in scolding for running he hadn’t been able to stop until he reached his door.

Jun’s hand reached for the doorknob with a light shake to his hand, but before prying it open he instead closed his eyes and pressed his head against the door to see if he could overhear anything.

The odd squeal rather than consistent sound probably meant Makoto was really doing his best to keep his voice down, to not be caught. From the sound of the bed creaking Jun guessed they had already started fucking.

No, focusing on the sounds he could pick up on Jun definitely heard Izumi more shameless openly cooing to Makoto.

“Yuukun… No matter what you try to say your body is honest. Don’t you love it when Oniichan is inside of you?” Izumi asked.

No matter how many times it happened Jun wasn’t sure he could get used to it. The strange mixture of shame and pleasure overcoming his body when knowing someone else was having sex with his boyfriend.

Jun struggled to remember how they entered this set up. Open talking with Makoto about his complicated history with Izumi, sure. But even though Jun knew he consented he wasn’t sure at all how the idea came up.

Jun couldn’t get it out of his head that maybe Izumi had whispered in Makoto’s ears. He couldn’t just break them up but he could still worm his way into Makoto’s heart. Or, at least between his legs.

His hand was definitely shaking as he pushed himself to turn the doorknob. Jun was as quiet about it as he could be when opening the door but with Makoto knowing to expect him of course his eyes shot up right away.

Makoto had been laying on his front on Jun’s bed, clinging to the sheets under him while Izumi helped to keep his lower half propped up and indulgently fucking into him.

Izumi’s eyes had flickered to the entrance only briefly to confirm Jun had entered before he was gazing back down at Makoto. Izumi rarely did like to acknowledge Jun, he was there for Makoto after all.

Looking at Makoto like he was the only person in the world. Touching Makoto as if desperate to claim him in the time they had together. Jun noticed Makoto was easily covered in even more marks than he had seen from the taunting pictures sent.

“Nh- Sazanami-kun no you- you shouldn’t see…” Makoto gasped, only making his boyfriend’s dick throb at hearing how Makoto’s voice was so much louder than before. Not just because Jun had actually entered the room but also thanks to being so turned on from being caught in such a terrible position.

Jun had clearly been baited a bit after Izumi had already gotten started. Jun would get told days that Izumi intended to make his move and unless there was a specific reason to shut him down, Makoto and Jun both would obliviously wait for Izumi to corner Makoto.

Makoto struggled to talk about this desire directly but Jun had started to see how much Makoto enjoyed being cornered. Being treated just a bit forcefully but even so worshipped and acted as though his body was too good Izumi wouldn’t ever be able to resist.

Izumi was clearly more experienced than Jun in the bedroom. Even though Jun liked to think he still did his best and satisfied Makoto the difference between them was clear.

Jun didn’t like to talk dirty or leave marks. He was always afraid of pushing too far and his attempt to be considerate only added to Makoto’s difficulty speaking up to ask for things. Neither wanted to hurt the other and there was so much love in their relationship… But Makoto’s body wanted to take on so much more. Something Jun couldn’t deliver on but Izumi did so naturally.

While Jun was hovering at the door he took a step forward panicked and conflicted when Izumi had stopped moving inside of Makoto instead looming over him and gripping suddenly at Makoto’s hair to pull him up.

Makoto teared up and yelped but had taken the hint, scrambling to lift himself with his arms so that Izumi would ease up the pressure on his scalp.

Izumi didn’t pull any harsher on Makoto but he didn’t free him either. The grip was used to tug Makoto’s head back as he reached out his free hand to cover Makoto’s face. Hand not quite managing to block Makoto’s mouth and nose to block his breathing but the intent to smother was made clear.

“Yuukun… Don’t go saying anyone else’s name when you’re with me. That will make me sad.” Izumi said, a slight pur to his voice when being so cruel.

It was that kind of aggression Jun hated to see. He didn’t want to be so unkind to someone he loved, Jun wanted to be better than that. It almost compelled him into action even though he knew Makoto would be able to call it off if a line really had been crossed.

Jun’s brief instinct to fight was extinguished rather quickly when Izumi continued speaking.

“If you really wanted to be in his arms you would be. I know I raised you to be much more honest than this. Go on, say how you really feel.” Izumi urged.

Jun hated how much his dick was throbbing from in his pants. How he had to squeeze his legs together to sate himself and resist touching himself from the scene before him. It was way too pathetic how much he enjoyed watching that sort of thing. That he got excited at seeing someone else have his boyfriend under their thumb. Jun found it pretty depressing how much better Makoto seemed to feel when it was Izumi inside of him rather than Jun.

Even so, Jun couldn’t resist the eager shuddering inhale he made as Makoto answered.

Makoto wasn’t looking in Jun’s direction anymore though he couldn’t get himself to look at Izumi either. His eyes were squeezed shut as he moaned out, “Oniichan… Please keep fucking me… Oniichan I need you to come inside me…”

Izumi’s smile was so smug. Jun would almost say feline-like but he quietly realized the way he wanted to describe it was predatory.

Especially when Izumi leaned in and let his tongue grossly run out against Makoto’s lips. The blond had whimpered before spreading his lips open to welcome the invasive and overwhelming kiss Izumi wanted to push on him.

Makoto was squirming slightly in his position but Izumi seemed to be willing to treat him kinder now he was getting what he wanted.

Izumi’s arms had moved to embrace Makoto’s torso, pressing their bodies together not allowing for any distance between them at all as he had suddenly resumed thrusting into Makoto.

Makoto was gasping and moaning against Izumi, crying so much more uncontrolled and filled with pleasure than he ever was with Jun. Makoto seemed so much more fulfilled in his childhood friend’s hold and as much as that made Jun feel as though he could stop breathing it also left him sweating and uncomfortably shifting at how much his body desired attention from the alluring sight.

Even if it wasn’t because of him he got to see Makoto’s beautiful pleasured face. The way his lips looked so plump from how Izumi had been sucking on them. The pink and red all over Makoto’s usually pristine skin both from how hot he had to be and from the territorial marks Izumi had littered across his body. As if to say even when that moment ended, Makoto would still never really be his.

Jun was certain something had to be wrong with him for him to be so turned on by feeling so useless but that was the kind of thing he’d overthink when unable to sleep at night. Because at that moment he’d wanted nothing more than to soak in the sights and sounds of the man he loved completely drowning in pleasure.

Makoto and Izumi were moaning and calling each other like they were the only people in the room. Jun really did feel invisible and unimportant but it was fine when Makoto looked that shining.

Watching from the outside let Jun better appreciate how beautiful Makoto was anyway. How his skin glistened and the lovely notes his moans hit when he couldn’t contain his voice. Jun didn’t miss that there was evidence of release already on Makoto’s stomach proving Izumi had already made him come.

Makoto was experiencing all the pleasure he deserved and it only made Jun more determined to ignore his own desire. He would handle that later since like a masochist he ended up feeling better later. Makoto would always feel so guilty about this arrangement even with both having agreed to it that he would do his best to service Jun. It made enduring putting off his own pleasure worth it.

It was weird and twisted, Jun was glad they weren’t open about it with anyone else since he was sure he’d be looked down on. Maybe Makoto really would be convinced to leave him for Izumi proper. Those thoughts acted like confusingly pleasurable weights forced over his shoulders as he leaned forward and watched as Izumi’s pace thrusting into Makoto only got faster and harder.

Makoto had given up on clinging to the bed and at some point had moved to return an embrace to Izumi as much as he could. The childhood friends held each other for dear life as Makoto gave a vocal and teary moan before coming and making yet another mess.

With the way Izumi’s eyes darkened and his movements became more intense and selfish making Makoto cry before he eventually stopped Jun had to guess that was the indication of him too coming.