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Space breeding station taiyou and touya

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Taiyou always had a secret crush on Touya. The boy sits near his roommate and smiles as he sees him working on new algorithm.
"You're so cute when you work you know that?" Taiyou kisses his cheek lightly placing his hand on his. The black haired boy blushed deeply.
"W-what was that for?" He asks him when taiyou then get him pinned down and holds his hands down. Then he kissed him on his lips.
At first touya struggled, then he let go and kissed back.
"See if wasn't so bad" the brown haired smiled looking into his lover's eyes.
"C-can you... Uncuff me now?" The black haired boy blushed biting his lips.
"Not untill you say it".
"Say what?'
"I love you".
Touya blushes hard then kisses the brown haired boy's lips, smiling.
"I love you".

*8 months later*
Both boys were now in space breeding station, holding hands. They both wears shiny silver spacesuits on, and Touya's belly was big and showing.
"Tell me again why i di have to be the pregnant one?" He asks his boyfriend.
"Because " Taiyou kneels down and kisses Touya's big pregnant belly through his helmet.
"You're so cute when you're pregnant"
Touya blushed hard.
"Horny again?" Taiyou gets up knowingly and rubs his lover's belly through his spacesuit.
"Y-you know i do...when you rub my belly like" He bites his lips and moans softly.
"Then lets not keep you waiting" his boyfriend smirks and smacks his ass teasingly before kissing him passionately through his helmet as he guides him to their room...