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What would you need names for?

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It's been 4 months and 2 weeks since Splinter decided to step up and care for the tiny turtles. Splinter had started to really add to the place! He mainly got himself a projector and a worn down chair, he learned that he had to start dumpster diving to get his stuff just as well as food! Sadly, Splinter couldn't bring the turtle tots to the upside yet, as much as he refuses to admit it. He has started to connect bonds with the kids.

Speaking of which, Splinter was sitting in his old reliner as he watched the grainy movie infront of him. You couldn't make out much, He didn't need too. It stopped him from hearing the ‘twins’ bicker about colors and shapes. The one year old quietly slept in his makeshift crib. He just noticed that they were all different turtles. He noticed that ‘Spikey’ was an alligator snapping turtle, that The striped one was a red eared slider, the one with a slightly longer face was a softshell turtle, and the baby was a box turtle.

But as for now, Splinter blankly stared at the screen before he felt a tug on his sleeve. The rat looked over the armchair at ‘spikey’, he had given them all names. But none of them seemed to respond to them. “What is it spikey?” he asked with a tired look but a small smile, Spikey huffed “We want names” he stated. Splinter blinked and scratched his furry cheek, “okay! What about…uhm, Rocky?” Splinter said. Turning back to Spikey who didn't have the most amused look, Splinter sighed softly and leaned back against the chair. Spikey kept his gaze unwavering, waiting for a response and when Splinter finally sat up again. Spikeys face perked up, Splinter glanced away “do you guys have to have names..?” he asked. He didn't have the energy to call them new names! Maybe just give them a number-

However, Spikey certainly didn't like that answer. His eyes teared up, his cheeks and face going red. He stopped his foot and grabbed the arm of the chair “NO! Give us names! We de-desevres names!” Spikey screamed.

Oh god- a tantrum, Splinter was dreading this. His eyes perked up as he frowned “Spikey stop-” ‘STOP CALLING ME SPIKEY! ME NOT WANNA BE SPIKEY” the snapper screamed, tears streaming out of his face. The twins stopped and stared in shock, causing their baby brother to wake up. Letting out an unpleasant cry and waving his arms and feet in the air.

Splinter covered his ears as he felt his world slip, Splinter slammed his hands on the chair's armrest with a thud smack “ENOUGH” he yelled. Making Spikey flinch back and stop, slowly letting go of the now broken armrest that little snapper had been pulling and shaking. The twins looked up with wide eyes and the yell was enough to quiet the baby tot.

Splinter pinched the bridge of his nose as he looked at the snapper, he pointed to another room “you, go in there, now” he sternly said. Spikey crossed his arms and stomped his way out, hot tears running down his cheeks. The twins glanced at each other before slowly and cautiously getting up and slinking their way to their older brother. Who was punching the wall and tearing down whatever he could.

Splinter rubbed his temples before looking at the baby, walking over and picking him up with one arm. Gently rocking him with a hushed tone, he sighed softly. He did feel bad, Spikey was just doing normal toddler things. The mutant rat sighed and slumped back into his chair with the youngest turtle tot in his arms, that's when he noticed a book buried in the cushion. He balanced the box turtle in his arm as he pulled out the large book, it was a book about the renaissance, mainly four painters that were relatively alive back then!

A couple of hours have passed, Splinter had really looked into the book and read up the four artist names. He decided what he should name them, Splinter shut the book and stood up, Cradling the box turtle while he called out for them to come here. Splinter stood in the middle of the room, confused before he heard a small laugh coming from the room over. Splinter raised an eyebrow as he slowly walked over to the doorway, poking his head in

There stood the slider telling the cheesiest jokes that gods knew where he got them from, the soft shelf standing to the side. The soft shell crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. “Your jokes are…weird!” the soft shell said. It was clearly a joke but as usual. The slider gasped and dropped to the ground, “how dare you! My own twin, turned against me” he proclaimed as he reached up to the sky. As the child prodigy pursed his eyes and rolled his eyes “we are not twins! We aren't the same type of turtle!” he argued. However if you looked past him, the bigger one sat there against the wall. He smiled softly as he listened to his brother's bickering. However the snapper looked up and noticed Splinter, he frowned and looked away. The two twins looked over as well and glared, standing in front of their older brother. “G-go away! We aren't letting you yell at our big bro!” The slider said proud and confident.

Splinter smiled softly, at least he knew they'd have each other's backs. He shook his head however and motioned towards the living room, Splinter walked back to the middle of the room, still holding the baby box turtle in his arms. The three of them walked out of the side room, looking confused and concerned. The slider puffing out his chest to hide the snapper, who just looked down.

Splinter gaze softened as he straightened his back, “Boys, please sit on your knees in front of me.” he said, pushing past his exhaustion to put a proud smile on his face. “You boys were right, you need names. You four are just too unique to not give you just as a unique names” Splinter said, ``The snappers' eyes were the first to shoot up, his eyes widening with pure excitement in them.

Splinter cleared his throat and looked at the soft shell, leaning down and pressing his thumb against his forehead. Making a random symbol or not even that “you will be donatello, you will be the smartest out there.” he announced. He did the same to the slider as he proudly called him Leonardo, for his helpfulness and leadership , he held the box turtle up as he claimed his name was Michelangelo, as splinter could see his creativity already shining through. before turning to raph. “And the best for last, you will be Raphael and I just know you will be our protector” he said genuinely. Ralphs glisended as he looked down at his fist, curling them up with now a sense of duty.

Splinter stepped away with a proud smile “welcome to the Hamto Clan, Boys” the rat mutant said. He knew this meant so much to them, so that's why it was worth it to see their cheers and smiles. Some were bigger than others but all still held the same emotion. Happiness.