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Do You Ever Have Nights Like These?

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The darkness of the night sky set the mood for what should have been a peaceful night. Everything seemed so quiet, but Liam's head couldn't be louder. He felt so overwhelmed he didn't know how to deal with it. He was back on the plane and all he wanted to do was get out. "nonononono… this can't be happening…" He felt feelings of fear, sadness, and anger all at once, his head was spinning. He scratched at his arms and pulled on his straps trying to ground himself until- "LIAM!" Liam woke up to Bryce screaming his name. Liam shot up from his makeshift bed on the floor, startled by Bryce's sudden noise.


"Nightmares again?" Liam looked up at Bryce. "Yeah…sorry..did I wake you?" "You were screaming and scratching at your arms, it was kind of terrifying man" Bryce looked tired, yet worried, he sat up looking at Liam with bags under his eyes and a concerned look on his face. "Sorry Bryce..I-I just keep thinking about all my time on the plane…I- It feels like at any moment I could just be there again, there's nothing stopping Airy from taking me back there, from doing this to others and that terrifies me.." Liam had tears in his eyes as he was gripping onto his arms, nails digging into them. "I mean just what makes Airy think he can do all of this, how does he feel fine with toying with our lives like this?!"


Bryce watched as Liam began leaving marks where his nails were. Bryce slowly grabbed his arm to try to calm him down. “Liam, I understand your upset, but I can't let you hurt yourself like this..I hate Airy as much as you do but isn’t this letting him get what he wants?" Liam looked down dejected. "I'm sorry Bryce I don't know what else to do this feels like the only thing that works anymore…the only thing I have control over, I don’t want to keep thinking about the plane and all the horrible things Airy has done to me and the others. It doesn't really hurt anyway I mean I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes haha.." Bryce looked concerned and scared for Liam's safety, Liam just continued to do things to hurt himself to stop himself from crying and embarrassing himself in front of his friend. He started pinching his arms to try to focus on physical pain more than mental, he tried to do this discreetly but it was all too obvious to Bryce.


Bryce couldn't think of anything else he could do to stop Liam besides comforting him. So he grabbed Liam’s hand and pulled him into a hug. Liam looked surprised but he stopped clawing at his arms and embraced it. He felt better—although not completely— and he didn't want to leave. They stayed like this for a while with Liam promising to go easier on himself and Bryce allowing Liam to vent to him. In this moment Liam felt like even if Airy tried to take one of them back he couldn't because they could pull eachother out, or at least go together. For the first time in a long time, he felt safe.