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chip on my shoulder

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Velma was walking back to her dorm when she saw the girl from her class in a bunny costume. "Daphne?"

She lifted her head. She was crying. "Hey." She wiped her tears just enough to be able to see. "You're a TA, right?"

"Yeah, I remember you from Van Ghoul's class." Velma sat down next to her on the bench. "But why are you here? In that." She gestured at the bunny outfit.

Daphne threw herself back against the bench. "I was trying to impress my ex boyfriend."

Velma was shocked into silence. "You're here for a guy? Here at Harvard Law School?"

Daphne sat up, her eyes red and puffy but tears no longer streaming from her eyes. "Yes. It's stupid, I know."

Velma shook her head. "No, it's never stupid to follow your heart. Just make sure you're not just doing it for him."

A light went off in Daphne's eyes. "Right."

"Well, I'm going home. Are you going back to that party?"

Daphne stood up and took a few steps towards Velma. "Actually, can I come with you? I have some studying to do."

"It's a date," Velma told her, and put her jacket over Daphne's shoulders.