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Life After Edolas

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"Let's get this party started!" Makarov yelled from the top floor.

The streets of Magnolia were radiating with the light coming from the Fairy Tail guild hall. The citizens of the city loved seeing the wizards get down and party. However, during every party Fairy Tail has thrown, there has been some sort of collateral damage done to the City. The wizards of this particular guild were a rowdy and rambunctious group of kids. Fights break out in their hall on the daily, many of them extending into the city.

Mirajane was serving everyone pieces of cake, along with drinks. Canna could be found at the bar with her own barrel attached to her lips. Karaoke was being done on the stage, Gajeel stealing most of the limelight. Levy was next to the stage with Lily, watching in amazement.

Many of the other wizards were chatting among themselves. Every single one of them was elated that the fiasco in Edolas was over with. Fairy Tail was thankful for their guild mates that tackled the fight. The others were completely helpless, inside the lacrima. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Gajeel, along with their counterparts in Edolas, took down a corrupt government. They were planning on taking Earthland's magic to supply their own world.

All of Fairy Tail was celebrating the momentous occasion the only way they knew how. Although nearly everyone was here to enjoy the festivities, this particular party however, wasn't the same as the others.

Natsu Dragneel sat in the corner of the guild hall, looking into his drink with a blank stare. Everyone else was having the time of their lives. With Lucy and Happy on a mission with Wendy and Carla, the Dragon Slayer wasn't in the partying mood.

Normally, he would've offered to go with them. However, the duo left the morning he was getting back from a solo job. They ended up passing each other on the streets of Magnolia. They all offered to let him tag along, but he wasn't feeling up to it at that point.

The Dragon Slayer's job was only supposed to take a few hours, but the client nearly refused to pay Natsu unless he stayed for an extended period. The job ended up taking the entire day, and he'd just gotten into town that morning. Although the old man made it worth his while, it caused him to miss the opportunity to go on the mission with the girls.

That's the last time I do a 'favor' for someone… The Dragon Slayer mumbled under his breath. I was at that damned kids party all day! Those kids treated me like an animal at the petting zoo instead of the fierce monster I am! Natsu could feel himself getting fired up just thinking about the embarrassing stuff he put himself through today. He was raising this money to get food for the house, and a surprise for one of his friends.

The Dragon Slayer found the place where the Exceeds were staying. Knowing Happy would be ecstatic about the news, Natsu was planning a visit to them for his best friend's birthday. While it was still about a week away, every penny counted.

"You're quieter than normal." Gray commented as he walked up behind Natsu. "Normally you're the life of the party, what's got you so down?"

The pink haired wizard hated how easily his foul mood could be picked out. Although he didn't want to admit it, Lucy not being there was a big part of why he wasn't celebrating. Something about the Celestial Mage always put Natsu in a better mood, no matter how he was previously feeling.

Normally if Lucy weren't here, the Dragon Slayer would do anything in his power to make her feel like she was a part of the festivities. Even during the (rainbow tree leaves festival) the young wizard plucked the tree right out of the ground, in order for his best friend to see it in all of its beauty. Lucy was sick that day and was unable to attend the ceremony.

This time however, everything was out of Natsu's control, and he hated every moment of it. Attempting to shrug it off, the Dragon Slayer smiled at his friend. "Just don't have a lot of pep in my step today, I guess."

"Does it have anything to do with Lucy not being here?" The ice mage snickered, watching Natsu become irritated at his comment.

"No." The Dragon Slayer was short with Gray. "I finished an embarrassing and irritating job today."

"What happened?" His friend became concerned as he sat across from Natsu at the table. "It takes a lot to get you this worked up."

Sighing, the young wizard leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms. "I used to work as a 'fire breather' for parties when I was younger. It was an easy way for a young wizard to make money. I haven't done one of those jobs since I was about twelve. Some rich guy donated a ton of money to the guild in exchange for me performing at his son's birthday."

"I take it the job was more than you bargained for?"

"No one is ever ready to be treated like an animal in a petting zoo." Rolling his eyes, Natsu took a deep breath. "I'm just glad it's over. I won't have to take a job for a while now, so that's good news."

Gray's eyes widened, looking around the guild hall. "Where's Happy?"

"He went on the mission to be close to Carla." The Dragon Slayer chuckled darkly. "He insisted on staying here during my job, and he's gone when I get back."

"I wouldn't let it get to you too much, Natsu." Gray snickered. "Happy is just eager to be near his little girlfriend, even if she's not too smitten with him."

"I guess you're right." The pink haired wizard sighed. "I think I'm just gonna head home. It's been a long day."

"Are you sure, man? It's not gonna be the same without you here. Everyone loves the Natsu that enjoys having a good time!"

The Dragon Slayer sighed, constantly being the center of attention was beginning to wear on him. It was as if people expected him to cause a scene or entertain them in some way every day. All of the constant stimulation became exhausting to Natsu.

"I'm gonna get some fresh air.." The pink haired wizard stood from his seat, going to stand on the balcony of the guild hall.

Lisanna sat at the bar near Canna. She watched as her friends celebrated. Being back in Earthland was a surreal experience. It had been so long since she had been around her true Fairy Tail family. Seeing how much everyone had grown over the last several years made the young mage realize how much she'd missed.

The Fairy Tail back in Edolas became like a second home to Lisanna. While her counterpart in the other realm passed away, she was able to take her place with ease. Although she missed her true family, being near people that resembled them helped her cope. Lisanna began watching her older sister tend to the party goers. A bright smile was on her face, the same one that's been there since she's come home.

Mirajane looked up towards the bar, seeing her little sister. She beamed at her, waving as she continued to walk towards her. The she-devil went back to the kitchen to throw away the paper plates she had been carrying. Going behind the bar, Mira looks at LIsanna. "Are you enjoying the festivities?"

"Yeah!" The young mage grinned. "Its nice to be a part of a Fairy Tail party once again."

"It seems a little quiet tonight." Mira commented, looking towards the table Natsu and Gray were chatting at.

"From what I remember, Natsu was always the life of the party. He loved being the center of attention." Lisanna was a little confused by Natsu's behavior. However, it'd been so long since they'd interacted, the Dragon Slayer could be a completely different person.

"Not when Lucy's not here." The She-Devil chuckled. "It seems like Natsu's always in a fowl mood when she's not here for these parties."

"Really?" The young mage raised a brow. Was it possible Natsu had moved on from his childhood crush on her?

The first time Lisanna saw her Natsu in Edolas, she was completely overcome with emotions. Many of them she hasn't been able to sort out for herself. Who knows where the two would be today if the young mage hadn't been sent to another realm. Whenever Lisanna thought about what might've happened, it made her want to do somethng about it. All she would have to do is ask Natsu if he had any feelings for her. It shouldn't be too hard.


"Natsu decided it would be a good idea to uproot the rainbow sakura tree." Mira laughed, pulling her sister out of her daydream. "All because Lucy was too sick to be at the festival. She'd been looking forward to it for weeks."

Lisanna glanced towards the Dragon Slayer's table. A smile crept onto her face as she thought of how much her childhood friend had grown up. The young mage watched Natsu get up from the table and head to the staircase. "I wonder if he's worried about her on her job?"

"If I'm being honest.." Canna leans towards Lisanna, slurring her words as she spoke. She'd been listening to the whole conversation. "I think those two are just hiding their feelings from each other. They use their "friendship" as a safety net to not take the plunge!"

"Oh Canna." Mirajane giggled. "I don't think that's true. Ever since we've gotten back from Edolas, Lisanna and Natsu have been spending quite a bit of time together!" Looking at her younger sister, she gives her a wink. "Maybe you could find out what's got him in such a grumpy mood?"

"OOOOHHHH" Canna nearly spilled her drink she was clutching.

Lisanna gets up from the table and smiles. Taking a drink of Canna's liquid courage, the young woman begins to walk in the same direction Natsu went. "I guess you're right. I could see what's bothering him."

Making her way up the stairs, the young mage hoped her old friend would be in the mood to talk. Before, LIsanna would've had no problem running up to Natsu and asking him what the hell was going on. With how many years it's been, the young woman wasn't sure he would react the same way. As she opened the door to the balcony, she noticed the Dragon Slayer leaning against the railing. Natsu was staring off into space, he didn't even notice the door opening behind him.

"Whatcha doing out here? The party's inside."

A female voice came from behind Natsu, causing him to jump. He turned around, noticing Mirajane's sister heading towards him.

"I'm thinking about heading home." The Dragon Slayer admitted. "I just got back from a job, and I'm just not feeling the party scene today.

"You can't leave yet!" Lisanna mentioned. "The party has just started. This is kind of your celebration for saving Earthland, you can't leave early."

Seeing the young woman made Natsu's heart skip a beat. Ever since she returned to Earthland, the two of them have been spending a lot more time together. It felt like they were getting back all of the years they'd missed as friends. "I'm just not in the mood to party, Lisanna."

"Is it because Happy and Lucy aren't here?" The young girl asked curiously.

"No!" Natsu blurted out quickly, causing Lisanna to jump. "Sorry, it's just you're not the first person to ask me that."

The young mage smiles at the Dragon Slayer, leaning against the railing next to him. "The two of you are really close huh?"

"Of course we are!" Natsu attempted to keep the topic away from his best friend. "I've known Happy since I was little. It's weird when he's not at my side."

Lisanna was surprised at the pink haired wizard's answer. She would've thought his mood was caused by the Celestial Wizard not being here. From what she's heard, the two were nearly attached at the hip. Since she's been back to the guild however, the young mage hasn't seen any of that kind of behavior from either of them.

"Well if you're dead set on going back home, at least let me walk you there?" The young mage left it open to him. She was more than willing to keep him company.

The Dragon Slayer thought about her proposal for several minutes. "Alright." He finally stated with a sigh. "It'll be pretty late when we get there, would you like to stay at my place for the night? You could take Happy's room since he won't be back until tomorrow.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah!" Giving her a toothy grin, Natsu stood from his position on the railing. "Let's get out of here."