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Reincarnated as a system in the Honkai Multiverse.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Honkai Impact 3rd and Guns Girl School DayZ franchise or any other non-original concept (includes Characters of different mangas, videogames, and animes, well as worlds of mangas, videogames, and animes mentioned within this story). Rights go to their original creators.


William Jacob is a 20-year-old salaried worker who has a stressful and tiring life where work takes up a lot of his time, and when he has free time after he finishes his job, he takes advantage of this time in his hobbies like playing video games, watching anime and reading manga, but his whole routine changes after a night of sleep. 




In some empty place filled with darkness, we see a 1.75 tall person with dark hair and dark brown eyes wearing a salaried worker's suit.






And in this place we see a blue screen in front of our protagonist saying that he has died and will be reincarnated as a system. 



You died while you were asleep. In this new reincarnation, you will be reborn as a system in the Honkai Universe.


The system is a race of entities from higher dimensions whose main function is to regulate the realities of all creation that exists in the omniverse to observe if the realities are conforming to the universal laws of all creation, as well as to combat violations committed by dishonest entities that want to bring chaos and destruction to the omniverse. 



Although they are very powerful entities, they are forbidden to intervene directly with lower realities so as not to bring imbalance to them, and can only intervene indirectly by exercising their power through system users who have at their disposal a huge collection of weapons, powers, and knowledge from other universes where the user can acquire these through points earned by doing missions created by the system, and depending on the difficulty of the missions the number of points can be higher or lower, and the more points the user has at his disposal, the more chance he has to buy a skill or item of superior quality. 



After the system chooses the people who will be the guardians of the realities the system has the duty to protect, the system becomes obligatorily linked to the user it has chosen and in this link it will not only share the user's emotions, pains and thoughts, but also the same fate as the user, in case the user dies, the system dies with him. The limit of users a system can choose is 14. 


Our protagonist, seeing this, didn't seem frightened or even surprised, but instead was extremely angry. 



"I thought I would find peace and quiet after the afterlife, but instead I'm going to be reincarnated again in a reality worse than the previous one!"



But it is not the fact of reincarnating in the world of Guns Girl Z that bothered our protagonist, more the fact that he still remains a spectator who will have to submit to other people against his own will, as they hold in his hand his destiny in this new reality. Our Character has also the responsibility in guiding and choosing who will be the protectors of this world will be all exclusively his and the wrong choices can lead to the total failure of his mission that will lead him to his death or to a fate worse than death.   



"Because of all people I had to have been chosen by a fucking ROB(Ramdom Onipotent Being) who decided to reincarnate me right in the Honkai universe, plus the worst part is that I have to take care of a bunch of idiots who are holding in their hands not only my fate but the fate of billions of lives. I wonder who I should choose."



William uses his powers as a system to see the situation that the world he has to protect is in and is faced with the fact that he has been sent to protect a universe that is about to enter a multiversal crisis caused by Honkai that will affect all parallel worlds of the Mihoyo. Upon seeing this, Jacob realizes that the world he has been sent to is the epicenter of the entire multiversal crisis. 



"This has got to be a joke! So in addition to me being sent to another world against my will and yet they force me to complete a suicide mission!  What is going through these guys' heads? Do they really believe that I am really ready or is this all just entertainment for these entities?" 



William calms down a bit and decides to look at the privileges he gains by reincarnating as a system and notes that although his powers are limited, the access to resources he could provide to his users is unlimited, since everything he has seen in anime, manga, video games... can be accessed thanks to the privilege of being reborn as a system. This gave him a wonderful idea. 



"Since I can provide every kind of resource that exists in all of creation I can also summon the most powerful beings in fiction to do the job?"



William tries to summon characters like Najimi Ajimu, Rimuru Tempest, Goku, Franklin Richards, Wanda Maximoff... But all his excitement ends when he sees the following message. 



Access denied. A system can only summon people who belong to the universe to which its jurisdiction belongs. For example, people coming from other universes that exist beyond its jurisdiction, access to summons is restricted. However, a system user can summon heroes from other realities as servants which are limited by, the users power level. 



This only makes our protagonist even more angry.




"Damn! Why things always have to go have to be solved through the hardest way possible! It doesn't even seem like these entities really care about what actually happens with this reality."




William begins to observe the different realities that exist in the Honkai Multiverse and after analyzing the different versions of various characters that exist throughout the multiverse, William finally makes a decision.  



"I know I will regret it later, as well as what I will do is unforgivable, after all I am bringing people back to life who deserved a rest after going through so many torments in their lives, but I am left with no other choices since you are the only hope left for this doomed world full of darkness and pain. "













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In some unknown place that resembles outer space we see a structure around this place that resembles a chessboard and in this place we see two unconscious women, one with white hair and the other with purple hair, wearing battle dresses for valkyries, these two people are none other than Kiana Kaslana and Raiden Mei. At this very moment we see the white haired valkyrie regaining consciousness, and when she opens her eyes she is surprised at what she sees.



"What kind of place is this? Why in the middle of nowhere is there a platform in outer space?!" 



And after looking more closely at the place, Kiana notices that Mei is present there, she runs to where Mei is to try to wake her up.  



"Mei please wake up! Mei?  Why isn't she responding?"



Kiana tries to shake Mei's body to see if she regains consciousness, and nothing happens, despite the valkyrie's various attempts. Which begins to worry her.



"What's happening? Why doesn't she wake up? Did she stop breathing? Damn it, what do I do now? I'm sorry Mei I have to do this!"



Kiana prepares to do some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation , however Mei at the same moment she was regaining consciousness was feeling that something was pressing her and when she opens her eyes she is startled by what she sees! 



"What is this!"



Mei slaps Kiana hard on the face which throws her away.  After this Mei gets up to see who was the person who was raping her and realizes that the person who did this was Kiana.



"Oh no! Kiana are you okay?!



Kiana gets up and as she turns to Mei we can notice a red mark on her face that is shaped like a slap. 



"Don't worry, this didn't hurt me one bit."



Kiana opens a smile to try to reassure Mei." 



"Good to know that nothing of..."



Mei's speech is interrupted when a portal appears over Kiana's head and inside this portal we see a gray haired girl wearing a hooded jacket that has rabbit ears that lands on top of Kiana to cushion her fall, where in the process she injures Kiana.



The hooded girl who is on top of Kiana is confused about what happened to her and observes the place where she landed, and what she sees makes her uncomfortable. 



Mei who was watching her and noticed carefully the appearance of the adolescent who had a very familiar face that reminded her of a friend. Mei then decides to ask the girl's name to confirm her suspicion. 



"Bronya is that you? What are you doing here? Is it because you are wearing this outfit?"


The adolescent observes that someone she has never seen is talking to her and when he goes to answer the person something pulls her leg throws her away, plus the adolescent materializes flying objects which she grabs onto and does acrobatics to land on the ground and after this she sees who was responsible for throwing it and observes that it was a white haired girl who was annoyed to see her.



"Hey Bronya this wasn't funny! Are you the one who sent us to this simulation?!"



The question only makes the girl even more confused.



"What are you talking about? Who is this Bronya? Is that who you are?"



Upon hearing these words that came out of the girl's mouth Mei starts to get worried as she sees that something is wrong with this girl. While Kiana still remains ignorant about the strangeness of this situation. 



"Bronya did you by any chance hit your head on a rock?! How can you forget your own name?!"  You don't even remember that you attended a valkyrie school called st freya?  It run by a white haired dwarf named Theresa have you forgotten this too?! "



Kiana's questions only make the girl even more confused and angry at the same time.



"My name is not Bronya! I have never seen you two in my life, I also don't remember any school called st.freya and last but not least Theresa who I knew that you called a dwarf is not the principal of a school, but the biggest idol that exists in the world! So be careful what you say!"



Which makes Kiana laugh.






"What's so funny?" the girl questions Kiana.


"Bronya did you smoke something? Not even in a million years Aunt Teri could become a world idol even if she wants to become one, that is because she has no talent and is not willing to become one. "    


The girl starts projecting machine guns in her hands.


"Are you by any chance implying that Theresa is a fraud!"



Mei seeing the situation decides to do something about it.



"Calm down both of you!"



Upon hearing the tone of Mei's voice that was releasing a strong thirst for blood, the two decide to stop their protests. Then Mei decides to ask the girl with the rabbit hood questions.



"My name is Raiden Mei and that's Kiana Kaslana. We're sorry we mistook you for someone else. Please, Can you tell us a little about yourself, if it's no trouble for you."



"Unlike that idiot friend of yours, you are more polite, I will gladly answer your questions." A Vein appears on Kiana's forehead after hearing this."



"Hey repeat again what you said!"



Bronya shows a mocking smile and continues to tease Kiana.



"Are you by any chance deaf? Or are you a tuna? I called you an idiot." 



Mei who was watching this.



"She is really very different from the Bronya we know, even though Bronya has some implication with kiana she proves to be generally a calm and mature person, plus this person we are seeing is practically the opposite of her, she acts more emotional and childish, just like a child."


 Mei upon observing Kiana's reaction decides to take another action again.


"Kiana shut up!"



Kiana tries to protest.



"But she..."


Mei interrupts her. 



"No buts Kiana! I'm trying to understand our situation here, but you keep creating misunderstandings all the time, every time someone provokes you. I'm disappointed in you, I thought after all we've been through you would have grown up. " 



Kiana upon hearing this finally decides to be silent as fear of making Mei angry with her.    



"Well back on topic can you tell us who you are?"



"My name is Bronie, also known as Haxxor Bunny the greatest Hacker that ever existed in the world!"



Bronie puffs out her chest showing she is proud of what she has accomplished. She goes on to tell more about herself.



"I make my living working as a mercenary. As for my hobbies I like to watch, read and play works about HOMU and also like of go to Theresa's shows who is not only my idol but also my one and only true friend..."  



A portal opens again in we see another person coming out of the portal and falls on top of Kiana.







Mei and Bronie see this and run towards Kiana to see who is the unconscious person lying on Kiana.  Mei notices that this girl has purple hair and is wearing a costume with the Firemoth symbol, which surprises her, since during the time she spent exploring the Elysia Realm she doesn't remember finding any Flame-Chasers or Mantis with these descriptions or informations about this girl. 


After a while the purple-haired girl opens her eyes and stands up.




She is surprised to see familiar faces.  And runs to hug all three of them and cries.


"Mei, Bronya and Kiana good to see you again! If you are here, that means we are in the world after death. "



 This surprises the three who see that the girl they never saw not only knew the three but for some reason and for some reason shows an expression of sadness and guilt. The girl continues crying. 



"I'm sorry for failing like you guys. I swore that as a savior of the world I would fight not only to save the world but also to protect you against Honkai, but in the end I had to kill you! And sacrifice myself to save the world. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry!"



Kiana and Bronie don't know how to react or what to say to the girl who is crying for fear of opening another wound in the girl's heart...As for Mei who understands what the girl is going through, try to reassure her to see if she can take away minimize the girl's suffering.



"I don't think Mei, Bronya and Kiana seeing you like this would be happy to see you fall into depression, just as I also believe they would be happy to see that you tried to do everything you could to save them, and they would not be disappointed, more grateful that you were able to save the world as well as put an end to their suffering once and for all, so please don't be sad or blame yourself for everything that happened."



The girl upon hearing Mei's speech finally regains her lucidity and thanks her.



"You are right, sinking into self-blame will not change what happened with Mei, Kiana and Bronya who would rather see me move on. 
Speaking of which I feel that although you look a lot like them, you are completely different people as well as older. "



 Mei is happy to see the change in the girl's expression which now no longer showed sadness and Mei replies gently.



"Yes, you are correct, we are versions of your friends coming from a different reality where we never interacted with you, just like you that girl named Bronie who looks a lot like Bronya is a Bronya from another reality. Speaking of which you could tell us a little bit about yourself." 


"No problem."  The purple haired girl starts doing Super Sentai hero poses to introduce herself. 



"My name is Houraiji Kyuushou and I am the savior of the light! The one who will bring light and hope to the world whenever the world falls into darkness! I will be there and never rest until I end all evil exists in the world. "



Others hearing this show different reactions as they see how the girl who was just now going through an existential crisis has literally changed from water to wine in the blink of an eye.



Mei thoughts 



"I wonder how things would be in Senba if Kyuushou was present for sure things would be different and the days would be brighter. She and Kiana make a good dynamic duo. "




Kiana Thoughts



"What is this feeling of deja-vu? Why do I feel I am having my position being threatened by her?"



Bronie Thoughts 



"Now besides a Tuna, we now have a girl with Chūnibyō. I wonder what we will see from now on. Will it be a lunatic, some mad scientist or someone with a messiah complex..."



Bronie's thoughts are interrupted when several portals open and we see many familiar figures from the past and from other dimensions landing on Kiana. This time who landed on Kiana was Su, Dr.Mei, Aponia, Fu Hua, Welt, Frederica Nikola Tesla and Lieserl Albert Einstein. 



"Argh!" We see the pained expression of Kiana who was not only being crushed by these people but was being suffocated by Aponia's breasts that were pressing on her face. 



Kyuushou, Mei, Bronie go to Kiana's rescue and Mei sees familiar faces, more of all the faces the one that caught her attention the most was the face of the purple haired woman was exactly like her own and upon closer examination of the face she remembers where she saw it before.



"The description and her appearance are the same as the Dr.Mei I saw in the realm of Elysia. But this doesn't explain what she is doing here and how she is alive is she another alternate version of her?"





After a while these new people who were unconscious wake up and see familiar faces, but just like Mei they are surprised to see that there are two people with the same appearance as Mei and question about what bizarre their situation is. Mei, seeing their confusion, tries her best to explain what's going on.



"From the moment my friend and I arrived here we have been meeting people from different universes and now people from different times are appearing in this place for some reason. For example Dr.Mei, Aponia and Su in my dimension have long since died from what I have seen in the records of the Elysia realm. Dr.Mei died from an infection caused by Honkai, Su died in the fight against Herrscher from the end, the same happened to Aponia. however I am now talking to you, which should be impossible, the only logical explanation I see as being plausible is that, you are versions of them coming from another dimension or have been pulled through time here. Which also explains why Welt is younger here, since Welt I met today is older and raising a child together with the with Tesla." 



Dr.Mei and Su upon hearing this agree to the explanation given by Mei. While Aponia and the rest listen silently to everything that is being said.



"You are right, I was not only transported but I was also cured of the Honkai infection that was killing me and I am now talking to you here. " states Dr.Mei.



"Although the information you collected in the Elysia realm is not 100% accurate about my death, I still believe that what you say is true, after observing several parallel worlds I have seen a pattern repeating itself in each dimension I have observed and in them I have noticed that you and that girl called Kiana Kaslana who is unconscious has played an important role in the fight against Honkai, Although I didn't get to see it all happen in the current era, precisely because I gave Sumeru's seed to Bianka, the dimension where I was was destroyed by Honkai energy which should have caused my death, but here I am talking to you. But I have no doubts about you being the same Raiden Mei from our universe. " Su confirms Mei's suspicion again. Others comment on their situation and the differences. 



"Apparently that doesn't seem to be the case for me, on my world all the Flame-Chasers died in the previous era and I was the only survivor who took upon herself the entire responsibility of guiding all humanity during the formation of the new era civilization." Fu Hua comments. 



This surprises the others to see that the Fu Hua who is in front of them and from another dimension. Aponia who was silent, decides to comment. 



"Same case with me, the story of the Flame-Chasers ended differently in my dimension, since with my help and my powers of clairvoyance we made the difference, preventing what occurred in your Earth from not happening in ours, although sacrifices would have to be made." 



Frederica Nikola Tesla, who until now was silent listening to everything that was being said, lost all patience and starts to vent and say what she thinks about all this.



"Let me get this straight, are you telling us that there are different versions of us that exist in other parallel realities? Is there a version of me from your reality that has developed a romantic relationship to the point of raising a child together with this moron?!"



Tesla points his finger at Welt. Welt begins to feel a cold calla as he sees the way Tesla looks at him.



"Yes, that's right." Mei confirms.



"Okay, this I can understand. But now also have versions of people from the past that have been summoned here? Don't you see how this is complete nonsense!?  Even Einstein knows that traveling to the past is something impossible to occur!  If this in itself is not absurd, we still have a person who claims to have powers that make him able to see into the future! Because I get the impression that this sounds more like the lazy plot written by mangaka who don't understand anything about how the physics of the world works!!!" 



Su disagrees with Tesla.


"There are many mysteries to unravel in the universe, just because we believe we know everything about the universe doesn't mean we should rule out all possibilities simply because we believe something impossible couldn't happen, just as it doesn't change the fact that we are at this moment interacting with these people, just as interaction with other dimensions was not impossible in our era thanks to Mei here who created the second key that was created from the core of the herrscher of the void from the previous era that not only allows us to travel to and observe parallel universes, but also allows us to create isolated pocket dimensions outside the reach of honkai. Whoever was responsible for bringing us here to this dimension must be a really powerful entity."  Discurses Su to the others. 



"I agree with you Su. Whatever caused this unknown phenomenon or responsible that brought us all here undoubtedly surpasses all our understanding of what we believe we know about how time works, to the point of violate the very laws that govern time." affirms Einstein.



"I also agree, this entity or phenomenon was not only powerful enough to pull us here, but it is also a blind spot for my clairvoyance.  Even with my powers to see into the future it didn't show me this happening. It's even now I can't see anything. " Aponia states. 



Welt who was brooding, decides to opine as well. 



"I never told this to anyone because at that time, I was afraid of being ridiculed and labeled as crazy after an experiment by Tesla and Einstein that ended in failure sent me by accident to a dimension that exists on a higher plane, where I met entities called Sugars who see our world as fiction, precisely because they live in a dimension where the laws are different and time has no meaning for them. They came to earth only to shelter and hide from another race called the Sky People who are world devourers who roam the space and dimensions to suck the life energy from the planets, even the honkai energy is a very nutritious energy source for this race and they warned me never to come in contact with this race before they sent me back to my dimension, seeing how bizarre our situation is I thought this was the perfect occasion to tell this story to see if it brings any light to our situation.



Einstein and Tesla upon hearing this showed their disappointment. 


"So this is what happened to you that day!? After everything you don't trust us!?" shout the two to Welt. Mei upon hearing this interrupts the two. 


"After we sealed the Honkai energy on the moon these beings you called Sky People appeared a few years later on our planet to extract all the energy from it and even the Honkai energy that is on the moon..."


Suddenly a strong killing intent is felt by everyone in the place, the source of the origin is Kiana Kaslana who has awakened and is demonstrating to be very discontent and angry about all the things that have been happening to her since the moment she arrived in this place. Kiana was not only releasing her anger but was also causing high amounts of honkai energy to leak out of her body which surprised some of the Flame-Chasers, Bronie and Kyuushou. Except the group of Welt, Su, Fu Hua and Mei who don't seem surprised by this.



"These levels of Honkai Energy being released by this girl are at the same levels as the concentration of Honkai Energy released by a herrscher."



Dr.Mei comments upon seeing her Honkai Energy detector.



"So just like Kiana from my reality this one has also become a Herrscher, more if that is the case why don't Mei and the others show they are concerned?"


Kyuushou asks mentally.   


"So the humans in this universe were using Herrschers to fight Honkai." Aponia comments, which answers Kyuushou's question.



"This Tuna is full of surprises, I didn't expect that someone like her all this time was actually a Herrscher, I wouldn't be surprised how incompetent Honkai was in her world seems to choose this idiot as her Herrscher, anyway it's best to be careful with this girl who litarily is a ticking time bomb that could go off at any moment. "



Bronie thought after hearing what was said.



"These portals being opened on top of me all the time can only have been created by a damn bastard who seems to enjoy torturing me!" 





Kiana continues her protests and we see portals being created through her herrscher powers which starts to worry the others and Mei seeing that it might increase the tension decides to do something about it and sends a piercing look as she goes towards Kiana who seeing Mei's cold stare starts to pay attention to her.






"Calm down Kiana! Don't you see that your childish tantrums are only creating just more unnecessary misunderstandings that do nothing to help improve our situation! Don't you see that you're making a scandal in front of these people making them scared! If I see you doing this again next time you will get a punishment."



Which leaves Kiana terrified. 


"Please Mei anything but this! I swear I will behave!" Kiana makes her typical puppy dog eyes. The others watching this are surprised at the sudden change in mood of the girl who a few moments ago was about to create a honkai eruption suddenly stops what she was doing after hearing a few words come out of Mei's mouth. 



"Well it looks like we just need Mei around and ready, any problems caused by that idiot can be solved."



Bronie thinks



"These Herrschers of this new era are different from the Herrschers we faced in the previous era, is it all this time Su we were using the wrong approach in dealing with Honkai, I never thought I would see a herrscher rebel against honkai to protect humanity."  Dr.Mei comments while standing next to Su. 



"Well Mei we will never know, after all times were different, just as this humanity is not the same as the previous era."  Su replies.  



Kiana hears Su and Dr.Mei's conversation and when she looks at Dr.Mei she begins to question her sanity. 


"Mei-chan something is wrong with me?! If not could you explain to me why I am seeing two Mei now?!"



"Calm down Kiana. You are not sick, she is an alternate version of me!" Mei answers Kiana's doubt who was now excited to hear about this.



"Great if one Mei is good, two Mei is the best of both worlds." Kiana smiles as she looks at Dr.Mei.


Dr.Mei looks at the expression of the Woman in front of her seeing the mischievous look Kiana is giving her. 


"This smile and look is the same kind of mischievous look and smile that Kevin used to do when he was in Senba whenever he looked at me."  



While everyone was distracted and paying their attention to Kiana, they didn't realize that a portal had been opened and the person who came out this time was someone really nasty, that the characters never in their lives thought they would see this person again. we can see that this person has blond hair and green eyes and is wearing a white jacket and sneaks around among the characters to introduce himself.


"It's been a long time since I've seen you old friend."





Says the blond man who showed a smug smile while looking at Fu Hua who doesn't seem to show any hostility towards this person, as for the other people who hear this person's voice turn around and are startled to look at the person, as if they had seen some ghost.



"This face, this voice... impossible!" Says kiana showing an expression of surprise, since the person in front of her is Otto Apocalypse who was supposed to have died on his mission in Kolosten. 



 "Are you also here K-423? You have grown since the last time we saw in Kolosten which shows that I really made a good choice in choosing Theresa to be the new supervisor of Schicksal. "


Then Otto looks at Raiden Mei.  


"I see that you have also grown Raiden Mei as well as also returned to Schicksal, a wise choice."



And Otto now looks at the Dr.Mei, Welt, Tesla and Einstein.



"So the legendary Dr.Mei who created the divine keys is also here, as is Welt and her lovely inseparable companions. The surprises don't stop of appear." 



The people who were listening to Otto's words were starting to lose their patience and send strong killing intentions, even Mei who is a calm person, couldn't stand to hear Otto's voice anymore and also sends a strong killing intention.  Despite this Otto continues to provoke them.


"Wow, why so much hostility, even after so long you guys still hold a grudge against me?! Haven't you ever been told that holding anger in your heart for a long time is bad for your health? "



"Otto I'm only going to tell you once stop your mind games and get straight to the point!  Answer honestly what your intentions are this time in bringing all of us into this dimension!"



Kiana threatens Otto, plus he still doesn't take her threats seriously.



"If I told you that this time I am not responsible for all this that is happening as you are, as well as the fact that we are interacting now would be an impossible event, almost like a miracle, since the last thing I remember before I came here, and i was sucked their portal which should have caused my death after that battle of ours in Kolosten, plus it seems that fate or a force beyond our compression decided that we would have to get together again, now for what reason is a mystery even to me."



"I don't believe you! Since everything bad that has happened in my life has been caused by you who has been architecting everything, from the eruptions that have happened in the world, conspiracies, wars..."



Kiana at this moment is interrupted by Fu Hua.


"From the looks of it, you are a naughty boy. Very different from my little Otto of my world. I wonder what drove you to become this kind of person. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, Kallen would not like to know that his little inventor has become this kind of person. But despite everything I still don't see lies in your words despite the atrocities you have committed in your world, I can is wrong, more I see there, deep in your heart you are like my little Otto. "   



All tension is broken after they hear what was said by Fu Hua , even Otto who before showed an arrogant smile now has a cautious expression. Seeing that people start to laugh at him.


"Little inventor?!  Ha ha ha ha." Comments Kiana who laughs upon hearing this.


"it's a cute nickname."  Mei comments.



"I better be more careful with this person! She is not like my old friend, this person is not only more knowledgeable, she is also more ruthless, if I am not careful and let my guard down a bit she could lead me to a fate worse than death.( social death)" 



Otto thinks as he analyzes the damage Fu Hua could cause. Before anything else bad happens to Otto he is saved at the last moment, thanks to a portal that appears, everyone diverts their attention to the portal where another person appears. This time it is a person wearing a nun's outfit carrying a huge golden cross on her back, which caught everyone's attention, especially Otto's, since for Otto this person has long since died but now she even alive and in the flesh is looking at everyone right now, shown is totally confused. 



"Are you by any chance Kallen Kaslana?"  Kiana asks the girl who is surprised to look at the white haired woman who for some reason knows her name.



"Yes, how do you know my name, just curious. "  Kallen asks Kiana.


"I attended a school for valkyries, created by the Schicksal where we were told many a story about a valkyrie named Kallen Kaslana who became a symbol of strength and hope for the valkyries of the new generations that came after."


"Is this real or am I just dreaming? Why did you of all people have to be brought here? So everything I've done so far has been for nothing?"



Thinks Otto analyzing this Kallen.



At this moment a new portal opens where we see a person coming out of it and lands on the spot perfectly, people who looked at the appearance of this person right away already knew who this new character was, after all only someone besides Kiana and Kallen has the same hair colors and blue eyes, this character is Kevin Kaslana but it was what happened next that took everyone by surprise. 





"So I take it you are Kevin Kaslana."  asks Fu Hua who was looking at Kevin who didn't recognize her, the same with the other Flame-Chasers who were standing next to Fu Hua. 


"From the looks of it my reputation as the leader of Firemoth proceeds even here. Speaking of which I don't remember ever seeing a beautiful woman like you in Firemoth and how do you know about me? Are You by any chance a new trainee who wanted to meet me in person?" 



Kevin answers the question sarcastically while trying to flirt with Fu Hua by flashing his smile that always makes girls fall for him.  This, surprises almost everyone who did not expect to meet a Kevin so different than the Kevin they met in their world, who was usually a cold and stoic person who looked at others with indifference.  However, the moment Kevin sets his eyes on Dr.Mei his whole mood changes and we now see an angry expression on his face and he not only starts to show hostility towards this person but also summons a spear made of ice and runs towards Dr.Mei who, seeing Kevin acting this way, is totally taken aback to see that someone like Kevin holds such a grudge against her.  Dr. Mei is saved at the last moment by Welt and Su, who create a protective barrier. While Kiana, Fu Hua and Aponia hold Kevin back. This makes Kevin angry and he begins to question the actions of these people who are protecting Mei. 



"Why are you protecting this bitch?! Don't you know that she is the reason the world was destroyed!  If you don't do anything to stop her you will be her next victims!"


Su tries to explain Kevin's situation as best as possible. 


"I think the one who is not understanding the situation is you Kevin, the Dr.Mei you are seeing in front of you is from another reality not the same one you met in your world." 



Kevin questions again.



"Bullshit there is no such thing as parallel universes, this is nothing but a fiction! Don't believe the lies this person tells you!"  



"If so, how do you explain to me the fact that we have two Mei's looking at you right now?"  Su asks looking at Kevin.


"What are you talking about?!"


Kevin turns to Mei again and looks incredulously as he sees that he now has two Mei's in front of him. 


"This can only be a lie! This isn't real..."


Suddenly out of nowhere a strong voice echoes throughout the place.


"You're a pretty laid back class, you've barely met and you're already close friends in such a short time? Now that's what I call a real fraternity."


Everyone at this point all try to locate the source of the voice, but can't find it anywhere.


"Just me or has anyone else heard this voice?"  Kiana asks the others.


" I heard this voice too." Mei confirms.


"Looks like he finally decided to reveal himself, then get bored by us watching for a long time. Everyone better prepare for the worst and lastly don't do anything foolish, because if this being is like Honkai I have interacted with in the past any rash action can easily anger this being! And believe me, depending on his mood, he won't be satisfied with just taking our lives."


Many are taken aback to see that Otto who is usually known to be an arrogant and extremely confident person to deal with almost any kind of situation, this time shows he is totally helpless in the face of the current situation, something which no one expected to happen to Otto. 


"Welcome to the System Room a place that exists outside of time and space.  I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I must inform you that you are all dead."



Everyone this time is taken shock to hear what was said.



"What? ! " Everyone shouts simultaneously.


"From now on your lives will not be the same after I show you a universal truth that rules even honkai itself."



Everyone turns around and notices that an office desk that did not exist before out of nowhere appears on the scene and we see a person with yellow glasses   wearing a black jacket there sitting while is doing a Gendo Akari Pose.  This person hides his smile as he sees the faces of the characters, who must now be going through an existential crisis.























Chapter Text

William remains silent as he looks intensely at our protagonists from Honkai Impact 3rd and Guns Girl Z and observes the confusion that is going through the characters' minds at this moment while showing a poker face to the characters, which only makes him more cautious and fearful about William's intentions, which for many give an aura of a villain, for others an aura of authority...






"Now I am really confused. How did I die? The only thing I remember before I came here I was beside Fu Hua and Hokushin Mei giving support to defeat Anila a girl corrupted by Honkai who was the cause of the black plague in all of Europe and we managed to seal her off, then after that I was pulled to this place where I have been meeting strange people I have never seen who seem to know who I am even though I have never seen them in my life, even Otto that I met here looks nothing like the Otto I knew, just as we have two Mei's that look nothing like Hokushin Mei and according to this person Su who stopped the assassination attempt on Mei claimed that these two Mei's came from an alternate world, this makes a lot of sense when you look closely at the two people..."


Kallen continues to reflect on how bizarre his situation is.






"I've died? Is this for real?  I think I drank too much and now I'm dreaming! That is the only logical explanation. After all, how is it possible to have two Mei from two different realities? And if that wasn't enough we still have a clown doing a cosplay of Gendo Akari who claims to know all the secrets of the universe that contains the key to defeat Honkai, this is definitely not real!"


Kevin tries to deny the reality before his eyes precisely because he cannot accept that he died in battle. 






"Universal truth that rules even Honkai itself!? What kind of bullshit is this!? This can only be a joke! Just like your announcement about our death as well as the existence of this place that exists outside of time and space! 


Tesla starts to freak out. 






"I have always wondered what happened to people after death. Although we have many historical records and accounts of people who have told us about their experiences in another world, it doesn't change the fact that even today no one really knows what really happens after death, precisely because no one has actually been resurrected to tell us the truth. This is a perfect opportunity to remove my doubts about this mystery and other secrets that the universe holds."


Einstein demonstrates she is looking forward to it, even though she is facing the unknown.






"This voice and this imposing aura that this being emits can only come from a higher being, beyond our imagination, would this being God be the one who created the universe, as well as the one who created Honkai for us test? Just observe the way he looks at us it is the same kind of look that Honkai sent to me, judging whether our entire existence is something worthy of his attention, after all we are just ants to him."


Otto shows admiration and respect for the being before him because of its power.






"This pose, his look and aura give me the same vibe as villains like Otto, he is worse! He is the Devil himself and will send our souls to hell to have fun and make us his sex toys, just like those perverts, I cannot allow someone like him touch in Mei Senpai!"


Kiana feels dread and anger as she looks at him. 






"I don't know what the intentions of this being plus one thing is for sure I don't care if he is God or the Devil, if this being does anything to my Kiana he will suffer a fate worse than death, For I will not rest until I make him pay. "


Mei as well as Kiana fears the being that stares at them.






"System Room? Why does this look familiar? Is it because I have the feeling that I am inside an isekai novel? Could it be that those isekai novels and fanfictions I have been reading about Homu were real stories and not just stories for our entertainment?! 
If so I assume that just as occurs in an isekai novel a god or entity will us reincarnated in a new world. I wonder what kind of world it will send us, will it be to some fantasy world? "


Kyuushou as always is breaking the 4th wall. 






"I wonder what I did to get this being's attention. Did he see my skills as a hacker and became interested in them? And now he has summoned me here to solicit my services?"


Thinks Bronie who although he has found out that he has died see that it is still possible to benefit from the situation. 






"I think now I understand what my friends felt when they saw that their destinies and their lives were an open book for me that allowed me to always be one step ahead of everyone else, but now I am as lost as they are about my destiny."


Aponia's fear comes from her insecurity in dealing with a situation where her powers are useless in getting out of the current situation.


Fu Hua/Senti 




"Veteran I am afraid! I have never felt something like this before. I can't see and feel any sign of his presence, just as I can't access his mind even though he is standing before us. It's as if he doesn't exist. Could he be a haunting? What do we do now veteran?" Senti comments to Fu Hua mentally.


"I also realized this. Every living being emits an aura, even Honkai Beasts and Herrschers or any other life form that could exist in this universe emits an aura, plus this being before us does not emit any aura which is something impossible, which raises the suspicion that this person in front of us is a projection not a real being and what to do now? Unfortunately we can only observe and stay still to determine his true intentions and please stop your attempts to read that person's mind, I believe that this person who brought us here is very aware about what we are capable of and using this approach will only make him upset. " Replies Fu Hua to Senti.


Just like Aponia Fu Hua/Senti find themselves in a situation that is totally out of control.


Welt Wang 




"This being is on a totally different level than the Sugars, when he actually said we are outside of time and space he was not kidding, even through my Herrscher powers I don't feel any presence of space and time in this place, more how is this possible? After all we are in outer space, unless this is not outer space, and the stars we observe are not really stars, but actually something else! That is, nothing in this place is really what it seems, just as this being before us is using a human appearance to communicate with us, since we could never understand something that doesn't even have a defined form. I hope that this being is no more hostile than Honkai, after all a being who claims that there is a power capable of transcending Honkai itself is something we cannot take lightly."


Although Welt is fearful, he believes that the being looking at him has no malicious intentions. Despite its aura of authority. 






"A universal truth that governs Honkai itself? What does he really mean by this?  If this is even possible, the being before us must not only have the answer on how to defeat Honkai but also has the power to make such a statement, now the more important question is why would such a powerful being waste his time summoning us here?!  This is very suspicious, if no being from any higher dimension has so far shown no interest in helping humans, why only now has he decided to show up? "


Su, who has observed the sea of quanta for a long time, has seen that in none of the many realities that exist there has he found any entity helping mankind, and for this reason he is suspicious about William's intentions.






"So this is the afterlife? It's very different from what I had imagined, so everything I read in books was wrong? More importantly, what is this Deja-Vu feeling? The last time I had this feeling was when I had a dream about the stars watching me and plotting something, and when I look at it I feel the same way. Is because the number of people who have been summoned corresponds to the same number of Herrschers? This is very suspicious!  It is as if we are all just chess pieces in a cosmic game between entities where no matter who wins the game, in the end we all lose. "


Like Su, Dr. Mei is suspicious about William's intentions, based on her personal experiences with Herrschers that have traumatized her. Because of this she has become a paranoid and negative person, especially seeing that all her attempts to stop Honkai in the previous era ended in failure has made her lose hope.


Turning back to William's pov.




"So that's what it's like to look at the world through other people's eyes. I not only heard their thoughts but also felt their emotions as if they were my own, I believe this is what people call empathy. I assume that the reason for forming a bond with a system user is to increase our efficiency in supporting the user, after all a more human system can increase the user's trust towards a system that due to empathy and its loyalty to the user will do anything to save the user even sacrificing its own life and existence to ensure that the ambitions and desires of its users are fulfilled even if they are selfish desires that could bring destruction to the world. However, there is a major flaw in empathy.  It was made only for pure existences without Ego who would sacrifice their own self to help strangers, something like a machine that will follow its programming to the letter, leaving aside its self-preservation. In a human that has Ego, empathy can be more of a headache and a curse than really a blessing. Just look at what happened to characters like Martian Manhunter, Jean Gray and Professor Xavier, who although they have empathy due to their telepathy, it didn't stop them from doing atrocities, and empathy hindered them more than helped them, after all, hearing thousands of people in your mind is not something for an ordinary person. If just listening to 14 people in my mind is already giving me a headache imagine the damage that thousands of minds could do to my psyche, it's no surprise the reason why these characters went crazy, after all this was not a power made for humans, although I am no longer a human does not mean that it stops being a nuisance to listen to several people talking at the same time, in your head. Even after they sleep I will still continue to hear their thoughts and feel their emotions."


This makes William annoyed.


"This raises another important issue, as empathy would hinder me more than help me, since just by, the fact that I read people's thoughts will only hinder in my attempts to establish a trusting relationship. It is as I had already imagined, I am being sabotaged from the start. "  


He continues to mentally ramble ignoring the people around him, without realizing that the people didn't ignore him they noticed William's change of expression and began to be frightened by his bad mood that bordered on the intent to kill.





"What is this pressure I'm feeling? Is it so strong that I can barely breathe because I'm not able to move my body? Not even the Herrscher of the end had such an oppressive presence. " 






"Again that feeling of helplessness always comes back to haunt me!  It was like that with Sirin, Schicksal, Honkai...How many times do I have to go through this? Why won't anyone leave us alone!? "






"There is no presence of Honkai energy coming from him. How is he emitting such pressure?!  Could it be that just as a second dimensional being cannot interact with or affect a third dimensional being, a third dimensional being facing a being that surpasses all concept of time and space would not be able to perceive the existence of such a being, the same for high dimensional beings, since he exists in the void, he is definitely in a dimension of power totally different from any being I have interacted with before. "


Fu Hua/Senti 




" I think he got upset and is going to punish us! I'm sorry veteran for the trouble I caused you!"

"Calm down Senti! Nothing will happen to you. I believe the reason for your annoyance is not directed at us."

"Don't try to console me, veteran! That doesn't change the fact that he is unleashing a strong killing intent."






"Did he not like it when I called him a cosplay? Is he now going to punish us?"






"Looks like some Idiot decided to question his authority making him totally upset!"



Meanwhile William who was still unaware of what was going on, takes a cup of coffee with his eyes closed to calm himself down, while reflecting what he is going to do. 




"Well I thought of embodying characters like Igor(Persona Series), Gendo Akari(Evangelion) and Sōsuke Aizen(Bleach) I could convey the impression that the being before them is not only an imposing figure, but also a mysterious being who holds many mysteries while emanating a strong authority that cannot be questioned. But seeing their reactions and first impressions, I come to the conclusion that it is better for me to be myself, than to pass myself off as a character, besides dispelling as many doubts as possible to try to give a good first impression, likewise I will not change who I am to please people cannot accept me for, what I am."


William opens a smile while still sipping his coffee while still keeping his eyes closed. The Smile was seen as a death sentence for our other protagonists who have now become afraid. 




"Or not, he will send our souls to hell!"




"Hell! What have I done to deserve this?




"I knew this Tuna would bring us trouble!"


William hears the commotion and opens his eyes to see what is going on. He sees that everyone is lying on the ground. This leaves him confused.


"Hmmm! What's going on, why are they all lying on the ground? "


The oppressive wave that everyone was feeling disappears the moment William pays attention to them and the characters can now move freely and for some reason ask for mercy while others try to confront him. We see Kallen kneeling down to ask for forgiveness.


"Please, my lord god forgive them, they don't know what they are doing. It was not their intention to offend you."


Otto is surprised to see this.


"So just as my dear Kallen is also willing to sacrifice herself to save others. History repeats itself again."


Kiana seeing Kallen worries that something might occur to her, so she decides to confront William.


"Don't do this! Can't you see that the person before you is a demon?!"  But don't worry I Kiana Kaslana will protect you from this demon whatever it costs."


Then Raiden Mei seeing Kiana's attitude that even in the face of the unknown she will not back down decides to support Kiana even though she knows they could easily die. 


"Don't forget about me Kiana, I will support you regardless of your choice."


Kyuushou seeing this also decides to help them both because she believes that to be a savior you have to act like one, as well as not wanting to see Kiana and Mei lose their lives again, even if these people are not the same people she knew. 


"Count me in too! After all as a savior it is my duty to fight all the evil that exists in the world!"


Kevin as a gentleman, could not stand by and watch beautiful women sacrifice themselves before his eyes. 


"I as a hero of justice who works against the injustices that exist in the world who fights to protect all that is beautiful in the world, cannot stand by and watch beautiful women sacrifice themselves in front of me!"


The other characters who were watching this were incredulous and displeased at such stupidity of these people.






"We are all screwed and he even warned us not to question his authority, plus those idiots haven't realized this yet!"






"There goes our chance. It's really a pity what happened, when we finally have the opportunity to get answers about the secrets of the universe, someone for some reason upset the being is now he won't want to answer us anymore."






"From the looks of it Tuna's stupidity is both hereditary and contagious!"






"It seems that all my warnings have been ignored and at this point that being who had almost no patience will no longer tolerate our presence." 


Fu Hua/Senti 




"What are these idiots doing? Can't they see the great gulf of difference that exists between us and that being?!" Senti questions the actions of those people."

"I don't know if you noticed but didn't you see the change in his expression? He looks like he is just as confused as we are and that killing intent he sent doesn't look like it was directed at us. Fu Hua calming Senti further fails."

"Stop getting your hopes up veteran, our fate is in his hands from the start, we can't do anything about it!"






"This Kevin is the complete opposite of the Kevin of my reality, the Kevin of my reality is a dense person even when surrounded by women, but this one likes to be surrounded by girls and does nothing to hide it. This one would certainly get along very well with Elysia, I hope he is spared. Speaking of which these expressions this being is making are very human for a supposed entity. "


What Su doesn't know about this Kevin is that unlike the Firemoth of his universe, the Firemoth of Kevin's world consists only of girls who follow Kevin as their leader. 


William was watching everything that was said about him and makes a facepalm as he observes the misunderstandings he has created by accident.  Everyone feels a strong vibe when he made this gesture. 


"Now without a doubt he is totally upset!" states Dr.Mei.













































Chapter Text

William continues to think mentally while still making his facepalm gesture.




"I see that the common cliché about the color of eyes and hair that see in many isekai worlds is also present in this universe, where a person from our reality is associated with a demon king simply because of the color of their eyes and hair making them stand out among others which is quite ironic coming from a world where there is a greater variety of color regarding eyes and hair.
 Anyway, it is too late to try to make a good impression on my person, they will remain suspicious no matter how open I am to them, precisely because of my power. I can't blame them, after all all their interactions with high dimensional beings were negative experiences and now I see why power isolates people, the more power you have the harder it is to establish a relationship based on trust since when people see someone very powerful they will only cooperate because they are afraid and the worst part is they will be more likely to betray you precisely because of fear."

He finally decides to open his mouth to try to reassure the environment, trying as much as possible to be honest and sincere to try to dispel the misunderstandings. Showing a melancholy expression. 


"I see that all of you have questions, don't worry, I will try to answer your questions as best I can as well as explain the reason why I have brought you all here. But before that I want to apologize for the trouble I caused you all, I see that my actions just now created unnecessary misunderstandings.  You know this thing of becoming an entity is a new experience for me and I am still trying to adapt to this new reality and without realizing it I almost erased your existence, just simply with my thoughts and my emotions even when they were not directed at you."

This left everyone totally confused causing them to wonder why he is apologizing and being humble to them, when moments ago he was threatening them.  

''So we never stood a chance against him from the beginning and all he needed was just a thought to end our existence?! Is he only spared us because we are ants?" Kiana comments showing her disbelief.


 "I don't understand. Wasn't he trying to kill us now?" Asks Kevin who has now become confused.


"Didn't we misjudge him?" comments Mei 


"I agree with Mei, if he wanted to kill us he would have already done it from the moment we got here and from his expression he really is sorry." Kyuushou says


"Haha haha!" We see Otto laugh.  "If I were you I would be thankful that even ignorant ants like you were simply spared because he felt so sorry for you when he saw how fragile you are to him."


Dr.Mei, Aponia, Welt, Su and Fu Hua/Senti also noticed the changes in William's expressions.






"The difference he is us as the distance from the earth to the sky. One more thing doesn't make sense what he meant when he said he is still getting used to how to use his powers? Was he by any chance a human before this?  Wasn't he supposed to be an entity that transcends Honkai? Is he something similar to a herrscher only coming from another entity?"






"I didn't expect to see this kind of expression coming from such a being, just as I didn't expect this entity to be as emotional as a human, which would explain the killing intent just now or is it because he can mimic a human so well as to impersonate one? I don't know why but I feel that he is really being sincere, even the Herrscher of Domination who knew how to emulate feelings and emotions was not able to fool us in this way he really feels like a real human, which makes him even more dangerous, he not only knows us better than we know ourselves but also seems to know what we are thinking all the time. "






 "What was this change of expression? Why is he apologizing? He wasn't trying to kill us just now, but he suddenly gives up when he sees that he is harming us. Shouldn't beings like him be cold and emotionless? Why would he show empathy to ants like us?"





 "The way he looks at us and similar to the way I looked at the people around me well he seems to feel what we feel and not only that, nothing seems to go unnoticed by him and he doesn't seem to have any hostility towards us and even apologized, more if we are not the reason for his annoyance, what really happened to make him like that?"


Fu Hua/Senti 




"It seems you were right veteran he has no hostility towards us despite knowing that everyone was attacking and judging him. While he was watching us he not only saw our thoughts but also felt our emotions which explains why he seems to be aware all the time about everything that happens around him." Senti comments to Fu Hua."

"Well, it is for these reasons that we should not judge books by their cover, but by the content inside. Fu Hua replies."


William seeing that doubts have not yet been dispelled, decides to interrupt everyone's thoughts.


"Before you ask me what I am, I just wanted to make it clear that I am not a God who has come here to judge you, just as I am not a demon who has come here to take your souls to hell to make you suffer, much less a gamemaster who is here to use you as pawns in some twisted cosmic game. As for what I am, I am a system an entity..."


"Wait a moment you said you were a System?" Kyuushou interrupts William just as he was about to explain the reason, of why he brought them here and what he was.


"Are you like those systems we see in Isekai novels where people when they die and reincarnate in another world they use a system that give the user the ability to evolve indefinitely?" Kyuushou asks William


"Yes, but this is not our real job, this is only a service that we render to some entity or god from some specific world that comes to us to ask us to help guide some soul that is going to play some important role in another world, which is the case of you, and different from what you think, a system is not always there to fulfill some selfish desire of some reincarnated person, precisely because we are very busy and it is the gods themselves who are going to play this role in fulfilling some desire of some soul that when choosing to reincarnate in another world may have certain wishes fulfilled that include desires for super powers, change in appearance, gender... even something similar to a system created by the creator of that world, however it is an inferior version to the power that a true system can offer. " 


 "Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is a system? What did you mean when you said you are still getting used to these powers, were you by any chance human before that?  And what exactly is this place? And finally for what reason did you bring us here?"  Dr.Mei takes courage and decides to ask after seeing that William is answering questions.


"A system is a regulating entity of realities that works to maintain order throughout the Omniverse to keep it from falling into chaos.  As for this place and as I said before, we are outside of what you traditionally know as time and space, in other words this place is the void and these celestial bodies that look like stars are actually multiverses that are created all the time here. Each multiverse has its own universal laws where time, speed of light... among other aspects of reality work totally different from your multiverse. 


"Now you ask, how does a system work to regulate each of these realities?  For example, imagine the universe as a living being, and like all living beings, we know that they are made up of cells that multiply indefinitely and like a living organism, the body of this living being also gets sick and this process starts from the cells that are not treated in time..."


Dr.Mei watching carefully all the words spoken by William was already beginning to be frightened by the repercussions of these words.





"Or is it not exactly as I most feared! Just like a gardener who finds a weed in his garden he has to remove it so as not to contaminate the whole plantation." 


William's next words confirm Dr.Mei's fears.


"We are like a kind of immune system that you call Anti-Bodies that are there to prevent these sick cells from contaminating the others and we would use all the resources at our disposal to prevent these cells from contaminating the others and if necessary we will destroy the sick cells if we can't cure them and as for the cells I am referring to they are the multiverses and your multiverse unfortunately is one of these sick cells. "


This frightens many who before were already fearful about this being's intentions, are now truly frightened about how powerful this entity called the System is that works on a scale beyond imagination that could come to destroy the multiverse to bring order if necessary, which makes it a greater threat than Honkai itself. 






"So this is the universal truth that surpasses Honkai itself? An existence that judges entire realities to see if they meet a certain standard? It is if they don't, they simply destroy these realities, including everything within them no matter whether you are Human or Honkai."







"So my theory about the universe being some kind of server was actually correct!? And this being said it is a system that works on regulating realities that exist within the server, so if this reality is like a game then I assume that the System is the equivalent of a GM type that examines the server to look for irregularities in it, did I violate the universal laws of this universe to in an attempt to resurrect Kallen...did this alert and draw the attention of the System?"







"I assume from their words this multiverse is sick and if it doesn't have a solution on how to cure it, destroying it would be the best way to solve this problem so I assume this would be the reason we were summoned here. "







"So our world is nothing but a virus! It is now he will destroy it!" 







"Could Honkai be the reason for all this that is occurring in our multiverse? This raises a question if a being as powerful as he can rid the world of Honkai why does he need our help? "


Fu Hua/Senti 





"Veteran he doesn't happen to refer to our world when he says the multiverse is sick right?! 

"Unfortunately our multiverse is included in this and reason why he hasn't destroyed it yet must have some relation to us."







"This is undoubtedly a fate worse than death and even death will not rid us of the fact that everything will cease to exist."


Raiden Mei





"These so-called system entities seem to be no different than Honkai, where they believe that because they are powerful entities they think they are entitled to judge whether the existence of an entire reality that just by existing might pose a threat to the order created to defend some status quo among entities?"








"That's all we need! So there is a Fish bigger than Honkai that can on a whim destroy entire realities!"







"Reality is crueler than I imagined, I never thought that as a Savior I would have to go through such an ordeal, I thought that the existence of a system would be a good thing, more I see that the system is something totally different than I imagined, it is both a savior and at the same time the destroyer. "







"What do I do now? This time we are all totally powerless! It's like Otto has been saying if we don't submit to him he may decide to destroy the world at any time should we fail to convince him that our world is not worthy of his attention."







"Great was all we needed, besides Dictators and Honkai, we now have an extradimensional entity that depending on the mood can at any time decide to destroy the multiverse."

William seeing the characters reactions begins to lose patience and starts to vent his thoughts on what he thinks about their opinion. William's expression and tone change. 


"Seeing through you, I now understand how power can isolate you from other people and it seems that the more power you have over them the more they will fear you because of your powers and will judge you as based on this and not by what you are as a person or by your actions, even if your intentions are altruistic, people would still see you as a monster or some sort of god and treat me as such!"


The characters notice the changes and are silent as they see this time he is truly upset and decide to continue listening silently. William reverts back to his normal tone seeing the characters are paying attention.


"More I don't blame you for this, especially after seeing everything you have been through, I believe I would also be suspicious if I had gone through the same circumstances you had to go through."


"But even so it's still somewhat ironic and funny to see that if the roles were reversed at this point and I were just an ordinary human talking, you wouldn't take me seriously and just treat me as an unimportant nobody and at worst a nuisance, because you are used to having control over things and when they get out of your control you let your fears and insecurities take over your decision-making power. But I shouldn't be surprised about this, after all in the face of the unknown all creatures want to believe in something bigger than themselves. They cannot live without blind obedience. And to escape the pressure of that trust, those in whom faith is placed in turn look for someone higher than themselves. And then those people in turn look for someone even stronger. That is how all Kings, Gods, Demons and Honkai are born."


As they hear each William line the characters begin to rethink about everything being said as they see maybe they had gone too hard on him and the next few lines of leave the characters shocked. see them as William is really frustrated and changes the voice tone again.


"You know, I didn't ask or wish to become something like a system! especially after seeing as a system does its job and size of responsibility a system carries is an unbearable pressure, especially seeing the scale on which a system works where the fate of countless lives is in its hands! It is in knowing that to save other worlds it is necessary to destroy other worlds. This is something I cannot tolerate!"


This it touches the characters who now begin to get a sense for what is going through William's mind and couldn't imagine that a human would have to go through so much pressure by becoming an entity.


"About what I was before I became a system, I was an ordinary human who lived in a normal and boring world with nothing interesting going on, where I had nothing to worry about things like the existence of Gods, Honkai, Aliens, Dimensions... Now when I look back I realize how beautiful that world was and how foolish I was not to take advantage of the wonders that existed in my old world, more instead I totally wasted my time on useless things, a precious time that could have been spent on something better! Until yesterday I was still living my life as a normal human, then today I discover that I have not only died, but that I have been reincarnated as a system without my consent, which makes me suspect that this is some sort of plot by some damned ROB!  On the very first day of life, which was a few hours ago, I am already sent on a suicide mission! It is if I fail your multiverse will be destroyed!


But you know the most ironic thing even though I have the power to save your world against threats like Honkai or change your world to make it a better place I don't use this power because I am forbidden to directly interfere in your multiverse which makes me wonder how ridiculous the restrictions are for accomplishing this mission! You know I could refuse the mission, but you know the worst part is that if I refuse this mission they won't send another system to save this reality, but to destroy it, if I refuse the mission!"  


This leaves the characters extremely shocked to see that their situation is worse than they imagined.


"I can understand the reasons why they don't allow high-dimensional beings to interfere in the affairs of low-dimensional beings is because in the past there were high-dimensional beings who were undoubtedly something worse than scum!  They abused too much low-dimensional beings, where they didn't respect free will, treated mortals as objects with which they could break them at will, and enjoyed themselves when they caused pain and suffering, and nothing was done to fight these injustices! After many discussions and conflicts of ideologies that led to many wars between multiverses, the entities responsible for their respective realities finally reached a consensus and decided to create new universal laws to recognize mortals as sentient beings and free to achieve their own personal evolution that can not have their freedoms violated by any kind of high dimensional being but it is logical that there are entities that do not like this and use loopholes in the laws to cause chaos and destruction in the omniverse and we the system work to arrest or eliminate these beings.    


Now you ask why a being as powerful as me cannot use my authority to rid your world of Honkai? The reason is because unfortunately according to the universal laws of the cosmos Honkai is a creation of yours created from the collective unconscious of humanity, just like an idea Honkai is bullet-proof because it has become a concept, you can even destroy the projection, but as long as Honkai exist as egregories in the imaginary space where the collective unconscious of humanity is connected Honkai will always exist! Since this is a problem created by humans themselves, only humans can prevent the destruction of the multiverse caused by Honkai, so as much as I want to help you, in the end I am just a spectator sitting in a box who can do nothing but provide the resources and means to save your reality. That is why the reason why I have summoned you here is precisely because you are perhaps the only hope left for this multiverse."


After this, William again shows a melancholy expression and starts looking at nothing. As for the characters, they begin to reflect on their actions and their mistakes in misjudging William who, hearing all the nonsense that was said about him, became really upset with everyone who should be thanking him for having prevented the immediate destruction of this world.

Raiden Mei





"So we're all in the same boat? He's not that different from us, just like us he's going through the same things I went through finding out he'll never have another chance to live a normal life, well he's also now afraid that people might hate him or fear him."







"Now I feel like a villain! Of all people I as a savior I should be one person who understands the most about matters connected to the heart, especially after all the sacrifices everyone went through to save my life, but I failed to determine what kind of person he is just proves how I fail as a savior now he must not only be disappointed in me but in everyone who judged him."  







"So all this time we are judging a human?! Especially a human who refuses to give up his humanity even after achieving something that many have killed to have? But then again what is the point of having such power if you can never use it for your own benefit? I had in my world achieved a great status that many wish to achieve but despite this I was still unable to fulfill my greatest wish which was to bring my dear Kallen back to life, This is truly a feeling I can sympathize with."







"I really am an idiot! If I had known he was going through such pressure like this, I wouldn't have said those horrible things I said to him!"


Dr. Mei





"Apparently I let myself get blinded again by feelings like fear, making the same mistake as those people who caused Rin's death. Now when a powerful ally comes along who is really willing to really help us we instead of thanking him we throw stones at him. I see now that I abandoned my humanity a long time ago, maybe if I had taken a different approach the incident with Rin might never have happened!"


While the characters are left reflecting , Welt who had regained some composure goes toward William to ask about the problem the multiverse is going through.


"Sorry for judging you earlier. Just out of curiosity where do you come from the Source of all this trouble?"


"The source of all this chaos is located in the universe 666. The darkest place in the entire multiverse, this is where Honkai the source of all evil was born." 


William projects several floating screens to show images from this universe to others in these images we see of cities on planet Earth being attacked by Herrschers.


Among the Herrscher we have Wendy the Herrscher of the Wind who is destroying cities with her hurricanes.


The others are totally unknown to the characters of Honkai Impact 3rd, as they have never appeared in their world.  


Like Nina the Herrscher of Metal who is destroying a city in Europe with her metal manipulation powers.


In the USA we see Azta Herrscher of Rock destroying cities in texas with her manipulation of Rocks that she could use to create artificial meteors.


Somewhere in Australia we see Jhana the Herrscher of the Sea destroying ships with his tentacles


But among these Herrschers a special one caught Mei and Kiana's attention.


"Kiana look at that Herrscher!"  Mei points to Kiana who is surprised and confused when she sees this.


"Why am I wearing the clothes Herrscher of the End in this world!?  This is not real! 


Not only Kiana, the others who are seeing this are shocked to see even someone like Kiana who has a strong determination was not able to resist the corruption of Honkai in this world something unthinkable for many who knew Kiana in their respective realities.




























Chapter Text

Universe 666




Compared to other invasions that happened in St.Freya that ended with almost no casualties, in this universe things ended very differently and the battle between Anti-Entropy and Schicksal was so intense that it caused huge damage to St Freya caused between the confrontation of the hyperion and the Moonlight Throne that fell there. 



This invasion also caused the deaths of many Valkyries, but nothing prepared them for what was to come next. 





Kiana Kaslana who was one of the most determined Valkyries who swore that she would follow the Kaslana family oath to protect all that was beautiful in the world, unfortunately succumbed to the Honkai Will becoming a Herrscher that would come to destroy the world.



"A very strong source of Honkai Energy was found ahead.... This level has surpassed the peak of the third Eruption... " comments Bronya who was accompanied by Theresa, Seele, Himeko and Mei.



"That figure is"... himeko looks at kiana's appearance that was very different from the person she was before wearing a white dress with purple, the most notable change to her was her cold face and yellow eyes. Himeko realizing that the girl in front of her is no longer the same Kiana she knew, prepares herself against Kiana's attack that would come next.





However Kiana was too strong for Himeko and was defeated with a single blow of her spear which not only pierces Himeko's sword but also fatally pierces the body of Himeko who falls already lifeless. Theresa already seeing that the kiana in front of her is now a herrscher and no longer her niece warns the other girls to protect Mei, while Theresa tries to use her judah to try to bring kiana back.



"Protect mei! There is still a way to stop the Great Eruption!" warns Theresa to Seele and Bronya.


Mei tries with her words to regain kiana's consciousness, but the effort is futile.


"Kiana... This isn't real! Wake up, please!"



Still no response and Kiana still continues to walk towards them with that emotionless face.


"This is no longer Kiana... She's just a doll controlled by the Second Herrscher. We have to get Kiana back!  Get ready to attack! "



We see Theresa running towards kiana to try to nullify the Honkai energy within kiana, Theresa tries to use her judah to try to bring kiana back. 





However, Judah is destroyed the moment it crosses with the spear which not only destroys Theresa's weapon but goes through Theresa's body who dies after taking this attack.



Kiana then turns her attention to Bronya and Seele who try to defend themselves against Kiana who throws a glyph with the symbol of her herrscher core against them both, Bronya uses the shield of Project Bunny 19C to defend both, but it is not strong enough to protect her and Seele, the shield breaks in the process and Bronya falls to the ground. Seele, desperate to protect Bronya, goes towards Kiana who finishes her off with a blow from her spear that pierces Seele and Seele's body disappears. 





Just like Bronya, Mei is shocked by the actions of Kiana and Bronya seeing this gives Mei one last look before going after Kiana who had killed Seele. When she looks at Kiana her expression returns to her emotionless face showing no remorse for Kiana's actions.





Just like the others Bronya was not strong enough to avenge her friends. Mei who was holding Bronya's Homu in her hand and cries as she sees that all her friends have been killed and questions Kiana.





"Why... Kiana-chan, why did you do this... Himeko-sensei... Director Theresa... Seele... Bronya-chan... Why did you kill all of them..."



Mei seeing that no answer was coming out of her mouth could no longer bear the pain she is feeling after losing her friends starts to turn into a herrscher and sends a cold look and scream to kiana. 






Kiana who had shown no expression before, changes her expression upon seeing Mei's emotions and smiles like a psychopath.






"Those who try to stop me... Will be killed!"



Mei unconvinced questions kiana again.



 "Kiana! You said you wanted to protect this world, didn't you?!!!  I'll stop you no matter what it takes!"



 "It's useless... You cannot stop me.  I... Obey the will. I will... Destroy humanity..."



Replies Kiana who still smiles showing no regret about her actions, Mei no longer cared if she would become a herrscher in the process to stop Kiana. A confrontation of enormous proportions begins. 





Mei fought bravely in her attempts to try and defeat Kiana, but like the others Mei was not strong enough to save and suffers a one-sided defeat against Kiana who is now strangling her and speaks of how Mei's attempts were futile.



"The process can no longer be stopped... Death is the beginning of a new life. The soul of mankind will be reverted to the beginning, and the world will return to peace... Let us join together and complete the Final Ceremony."


Before dying Mei still manages to say one last word.









This awakens Kiana who, after seeing her holding Mei's lifeless body begins to cry and starts apologizing. 



 "...Why are you crying? Why... It hurts so much... I'm sorry.... At least in the end... Let's go back together.  Back to everyone... Good bye."



After these words we see a huge glyph over the planet that in the process destroys the entire surface of the planet leaving a death spot with the mark of a cross. 





The characters after seeing what happened to this world, were not only shocked by the power of the Herrschers in this world, but at the same time many were shaken and very sad about what happened to these Valkyries in this universe.   Even Otto who showed no emotion on his face, inside is traumatized to see Theresa's death, a pain compared to taking a knife to his heart, even knowing that this Theresa is not the same as the one in his reality does not lessen or ease his pain.









"I see that my ambition to bring kallen back to life has not only blinded me and taken me away from the people who were important to me but at the same time has put these people's lives at risk all the time, when I look back I see that my little Theresa has been very lucky to have survived so far, otherwise her life would have ended very similarly to Theresa of this reality, the difference was many times I was the causer, just as it occurred with Kallen.  It is in knowing that the world is coming to its end I see that all I have done has been for nothing!"



Bronie was another character affected, after seeing the death of his other self and of his friends.








"Being turned into a Herrscher is without a doubt the worst thing that could happen to a person! I feel bad for making fun of that Tuna, just like this Kiana she must have gone through a similar experience, but in the end she was lucky enough to regain her human consciousness even after being turned into a Herrscher.  I now understand why they mistook me for this Bronya. When I look at her it's exactly like looking into a mirror, that look is the same look of an assassin, it seems that just like me she was sent to murder missions, but it seems that unlike me she gave up this life and became a Valkyrie to be there with people who really care about her and it seems that she was really much happier with this life, is it for this reason that Ciora-chan and Theresa-chan wanted me to give up this mercenary life? Could it also be that the reason why I was summoned goes much further than just fulfilling a mission? Is the system trying to give me a second chance?"



Kevin Kaslana who earlier had intended to take Mei's life, now has mixed feelings as he sees this reality's Raiden Mei crying over the loss of her friends, this surprised him mostly for the fact that this Mei of this much is very different from the Dr.Mei he knew who was a totally cold person who didn't seem to care about the people around her, only with herself.









"The few times I interacted with Dr.Mei, the only person she supposedly seemed to care about was a test subject also named kiana who looks like that white haired girl I saw in the footage who blindly followed dr.mei even after seeing the atrocities committed by that woman but for some reason that girl had something special that made dr. mei to be more open, but after seeing what dr.mei would do to that girl, I had lost hope in that person who would not only commit unforgivable crime against all humanity but also condemn the people who really cared and respected to a fate worse than death. If circumstances were different maybe we would have become good friends."






Meanwhile we see Kiana talking to Mei about her powerlessness over the powers displayed by the Herrschers.



"The power of the Herrschers in this world is on a totally different scale than the Herrschers we deal with in our world Mei!" 



Mei agrees 



"Even Kevin with the power of the Herrscher of the end was not as powerful as this Herrscher, even the Herrscher of the end herself does not compare to this Herrscher in terms of powers and combat experience, we are really like ants next to her, with or without our presence would not make any difference, even the Mei of that reality in her Herrscher form would give us a lot of trouble and even she was defeated so one-sidedly!" 



Dr.Mei upon hearing the mention about Kevin using the Herrscher powers from the end is shocked.



"What do you mean by Kevin using the powers of the Herrscher of the end?"  



"Kevin has not dealt with his loss very well and has let his hatred for honkai consume him completely, especially seeing that all the projects to prepare the new generation of humans for the next era against honkai have failed Kevin was really frustrated with the fact that nothing was going as he planned and put all his faith in the stigma project even though he knew that this would kill 99% of the world's population, he still wanted to go ahead with this project and would do anything to stop anyone who tried to stop him and through prometheus who had sealed part of the power  herrscher  of the end on the moon he would use part of this power to expose the world's population to the presence of honkai energy and would also transfer people's consciousnesses into a virtual reality to create a kind of collective entity that operates like a hive. " Raiden Mei explains.



"I can't believe that idiot did that!" Speaks an irritated Dr.Mei who shows she is disappointed in Kevin.



"So, all in all, all my attempts to get Kevin to follow the right path have failed! I am sorry Mei for not being able to fulfill my promise that I made to you. " Regrets Su. 



"Don't blame yourself Su!  Actually I see that I was too selfish in asking that to you when I wrote that letter is now I see that you were the person who was hurt the most in all this, if I had known that Kevin was going to become this kind of hopeless person, maybe death would have been the real salvation for Kevin in the end. In world where I no longer exist for him, it is a meaningless world. "Dr. Mei tries to console Su. 



Kevin was watching this scene is really surprised to see that this Mei is also not as he imagined she would be.








"From the looks of it this Mei seems like a more sensible and interesting person compared to that narcissistic idiot who thinks she believes she knows what is best for the world but ignores all the problems around her, in fact if I think about it these people I have observed so far don't seem to act like most of those idiots from those world organizations like, ME Corp, The Church Of The Apocalypse and Union who cheat people, censor information about Honkai and don't care what happens to them. This was one of the reasons why I created FireMoth in my world, not just to deal with Honkai but to unite all of humanity to deal with the problem that inflicts everyone as human corruption, an evil as damaging as Honkai that seems to blind them from putting aside their differences to fight a true cause worth fighting for and only when everyone sees the truth are they truly set free. I wonder if I was born into the wrong world. As for this Kevin he is a complete idiot who just like that bitch doesn't deserve to have these people who care about them on their side."





Among all the characters Kyuushou was the most affected especially seeing his friends die again. Kiana noticed that Kyuushou was very quiet.



"Kyuushou are you okay?" 



No answer comes out of Kyuushou's mouth who is stuck in some kind of trance as she watches the scenes of her friends' deaths keep replaying endlessly in her mind. Aponia who was standing next to Fu Hua realizes that something is wrong with that girl.



"Fu Hua I am sensing that that girl is going through a mental breakdown after seeing the deaths of those people, can you tell me what the reason for this is?"



"From what I observe she seems to be suffering from survivor's syndrome, same kind of thing I went through in the past after losing all my friends in the fight against the End Herrscher in the previous era. And because of this trauma she feels guilty and believes she didn't deserve to have survived."



"What really happened to leave her like this? It doesn't seem like it was just this. More importantly is there anything you can do to help her? Aponia asks.



"I am trying to access her memories right now, but for some reason something is blocking my attempts..."









The scene switches to Senti who is inside Kyuushou's stigma space where we see her exploring a destroyed Nagazora.






 And there she finds a high school called Senba Academy surrounded by a mental barrier that prevented her from accessing the place.






"Veteran I see that of all the places I've been exploring this is the only place I haven't had access to. What do I do now?"



"Isn't there any way to break this mental block? Since to help the girl I have to have access to her memories."  Fu Hu asks.



"Veteran do you think this is a good idea? I see signs warning not to enter that place! And it says with all the letters that if I do this I will open a Pandora's box, I have never seen something like this before, whoever created this blockade really didn't want me to violate this barrier in any way. "



"So there is a way to break it or not?"



"Yes, there is a way to break it.  I just need to use the Taixuan sword."


"Then do this. "



"I will since you insist so much, now if something bad happens, don't blame me later since I warned you!" 



Senti projects a huge sword made of flames that hits the barrier breaking it in the process.






Senti finally has access to the school.







She sees that there were two girls sleeping in that destroyed school  and when she looks at the two girls she notices that it was exactly those two girls that she saw in the images shown by the system.





"Or not! Weren't these those two Herrschers fighting in those footage!?" 



Senti is beginning to get a bad feeling about this. And what she feared most has happened. The white-haired Herrscher opens his eyes.


























Chapter Text







Inside a tower we see a white haired Herrscher and another purple haired one who had just recently been confronted by members of firemoth like himeko, bronya, seele, welt, theresa,Yssring,Emesa, Sin mal and Kyuushou who are older here because they survived for 3 years against the great honkai eruption that devastated the world which was caused by Kiana Kaslana by becoming a Herrscher, Like her, Mei also became a complete Herrscher when she lost hope in saving humankind against Honkai when she saw that Honkai was an unstoppable force and decided to follow Kiana in this hunt to exterminate the human race and as they were tired of playing around today they decided to destroy humanity once and for all through a great honkai explosion created by a huge glyph that covers the entire planet.






The Firemoth members had not yet lost hope in trying to recover the humanity that exists within Mei and Kiana and tried to convince the two to stop this madness. Just as occurred in the 666 universe Kyuushou's friends were killed in front of her and she could do nothing to change this and kiana and mei seeing the expression of despair begin to question Kyuushou.



"Houraiji Kyuushou it seems that you are the only one left here. I am so sorry. ...After such a long journey, there is no one by your side to help you." Kiana speaks to Kyuushou.




"No! They are all by my side. I am here now because of their power...! and with my own power, I will give them the light of hope!"  Kyuushou tries to deny the sad reality.




"Speaking of which where is that light of hope that would bring salvation to this world? Did it get lost after seeing all your friends die in front of you? By her expression what I see is only despair." Mei affirms.




"I agree with Mei on this point, all that awaits you is endless despair and sorrow...only separation from friends and death...There has never been a light of hope for this ruined world.  There is no salvation in this world, and I don't need it. So why do you need to deceive yourself and suffer?  Hearing these words coming from Kiana's mouth makes Kyuushou angry. 




 "You're wrong! I haven't deceived myself!"




Kiana seeing Kyuushou's expressions continues to tease her.




Or... Do you think that only you can play the role of savior in such a world? In reality, you are just a weak and incompetent ordinary person? Just like the screams you heard in the tower ... you really are just a grain of gravel in it… In despair, I'm just waiting for the salvation of others.”




Kyuushou is speechless upon hearing this from Kiana. Kyuushou's silence only confirms what Kiana had said and Kiana begins to lose patience and brings another serious topic to the table. 




"Answer me, Houraiji Kyuushou. What on earth are you fighting for?"




“I... I fight for...” Kyuushou tries to answer Kiana's question but as she sees the expressions of her dead friends she is tormented by, the feeling of guilt as she looks at the dead bodies of her friends that haunts her through their voices inside her head.






“Kyuushou... Why couldn't you protect your sister! Why were you the only survivor?!”






“Kyushu ... Is this the result of my exchange for life? It was my misunderstanding.”




“Kyuushou! I don't want to die here! You'll save me, right?! Please say something!”






“Kyushu ... Apparently, you're the same as me. We are weak and incompetent people. No one can save until the end.”






“Kyushu ... After all, were we wrong in our choices?  If I had been quietly waiting for the advent of the end, I wouldn't have suffered like this!”






“Kyuushou!... Bronya believed so much ... why ...?  Why didn't you show hope to everyone ... why didn't you save everyone! !!”



Sin Mal



"You can't even save yourself!  What makes you believe you are capable of saving the world? And to think I entrusted the safety of Bronya and Seele to you!  Everything bad that has happened to you is because you deserve it!"





"I entrusted the core of the Herrscher of Reason to you to make you my successor because of your potential, but now I see that I made a mistake. You are without a doubt my greatest disappointment."



Everyone continues to show their displeasure.



"Kyuushou…Why … Answer ... Answer us …”  



Kyuushou's fighting spirit is totally broken by these voices.




 “I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...I couldn't do anything ... I made a pointless sacrifice for everyone ...Obviously everyone gave me everything... But I…”



Kyuushou's torments are interrupted by another voice that unlike the others this one showed concern.


"Nee-chan wake up! Everything is just a bad dream! I'm here for you!"



upon hearing this, the place she was in begins to disintegrate and Kyuushou finally awakens to see that a pink haired girl was calling her. This person was Sirin the Herrscher Of Void who had her core fused with Kyuushou in the great Honkai eruption, plus now somehow got a new body to inhabit without having to use Kyuushou as her vessel. 








"This voice and appearance looks familiar to me. Sirin Onee-chan by any chance was it you that was calling me now?"



" Yes, it was me who was calling you, after seeing that you were having a nightmare where I heard you screaming non-stop sorry as if you had done something bad. I've never seen you like this before. Are you really okay?"




"Yes, I am. Speaking of which how did you get a body?  As far as I know you don't need the body of a host? And how is it possible to extract your core without killing me in the process?"



Sirin is confused by the question.



"Nee-chan are you by any chance suffering from amnesia? Don't you remember that Uncle Welt together with Yssring Nee-chan's help not only managed to recreate my original body, as well as made this body more mature to suit my Age? They also changed my hair color, don't you like it? As for the core extraction, they have studied a lot of the physiology of a Herrscher body, so recreating a copy of the Herrscher core is not something impossible for them. "



This surprises Kyuushou



"Wait Yssring and Welt are alive? How is this possible?"



This worries Sirin.



"Nee-chan what really happened to you? Don't tell me that in this nightmare you witnessed the death of our friends by chance?"




"Onee-chan listen carefully! What I am about to tell you may sound crazy but the person you are talking to is already dead, just like the main members of the firemoth also died after we managed to eliminate Kiana and Mei. After this I wake up in a strange place where I find versions of Mei, Kiana, Welt and Bronya and other people I've never seen before who claim to come from different universes and for some reason are summoned by an entity called the system that says the entire universe will be destroyed by Honkai!




"You are definitely not well!  Come with me now!"



Sirin pulls hard on Kyuushou's arm to take her to the Firemoth meeting room.




In the Firemoth meeting room we see two people fighting with each other. One of these people was a blond tomboy woman named Emesa.







The firemoth's main doctor responsible for the care and treatment of victims of the honkai radiation.  The other person is a green haired woman named Yssring the Firemoth's chief scientist.






The reason why the two were fighting was due to Yssring taking Emesa's coffee.



"Yssring! Say it! You drank all the coffee beans that I worked so hard to find!"



"It's really not me...I just...just used some ......" Yssring tries to convince her but her attempts fail.



"Hahaha... You are so bold! You thought you wouldn't die if the Honkai disappeared, didn't you? I'll let you taste life instead of death today! !"



Yssring upon hearing Emesa's words is terrified.



"Bronya! Help me here!"



"Seriously, the meeting is about to start! Don't be loud!"






Bronya was watching this fight decides to interrupt the two, showing a cold stare. Bronya continues trying to get everyone's attention.




"Himeko, we have to select a new base again. With the increase in survivors, the size of the base can no longer accommodate more people."




We hear a burping sound coming from a red haired woman who was drunk, this person was murata himeko one of Bronya's former instructors in st.freya. 






"Go ahead...I'm listening."



"Didn't I say not to drink during the day?" Bronya questions himeko who tries to come up with some ridiculous excuse.




"Theresa gave it to me, blame her if you want."




Then a drunk Theresa also shows up at the meeting, which leaves Bronya surprised.







"Uuuu... I already... I can't drink anymore..."



"Hey... you are..." Bronya who was about to say something else is interrupted by a dark haired woman with blue locks in her hair and the most noticeable thing is that the girl was holding a scythe, this person is Seele a friend of bronya who she befriended when she was in the cocolia orphanage.







"! Don't sigh Bronya Onee-chan! Everyone is still celebrating Honkai's disappearance! Be a little more tolerant these two days!"



"As always Seele you meddle where you are not called upon. Why are you defending these people who have disregarded Bronya-sama's order!!!"  The voice this time comes from a woman with purple hair mixed with pink, appearing to have one yellow and one purple eye, one of the most striking things about this girl are teeth that looked like they came from a shark. This is Sin Mal another girl that Bronya met at the orphanage in Cocolia who has an obsession for her and sees Seele as a rival, although deep inside she doesn't hate her she doesn't like that Seele monopolizes all of Bronya's attention for her, mainly after catching Seele acting like a pervert when she is alone with Bronya, after this episode Sin Mal has become more overprotective towards Bronya because he fears that someone like Seele steals Bronya's purity.






A bluish purple haired man with blue eyes wearing a black jacket who arrived in the room decides to interrupt everyone to prevent another useless tantrum from Sin Mal and Seele from starting again. This person was Welt Yang the leader of the dissolved Anti-Entropy.








"Obviously, this is the time to think more about future plans...But I didn't expect it.... The Honkai Energy left by the Great Eruption would suddenly diminish.... What happened to the dawn that appeared in the sky that day?"



This is one of the mysteries Firemoth is still trying to unravel, because after that Kyuushou fight against the Herrschers the Honkai Energy completely disappeared from the planet.  Kyuushou at this very moment that was coming into the room starts to hear the commotion. 



"Lord Welt! This must be a miracle given to us by the gods! What we need to do now is restore the world to its original state!"



Kyuushou hears Seele's voice and then she hears Bronya's voice.



"...Well, you are right, human civilization is not over yet, let's step on the earth again and continue writing our stories."




Kyuushou lets go of Sirin's hand and rushes towards the meeting table and is surprised to see that all her friends who were dead, are all alive and stands watching them in silence. 



Bronya notices Kyuushou's presence.



"How nice of you to arrive in time for the meeting Kyuushou, we are currently discussing plans for the future."



No words come out of Kyuushou's mouth and the characters looking at Kyuushou's expression notice that there is something wrong as she who for some reason looks like she has seen some ghost.



"Kyuushou are you okay?" Bronya asks her.



Still no answer comes out of Kyuushou's mouth. This starts to worry the people in the meeting room.



Sirin appears in the meeting room.



"You see what I see, since Kyuushou woke up today she has been acting very strange and doesn't seem to remember things well and when I mentioned your names she was surprised to hear that you were alive, before she woke up she was having a nightmare where she was lamenting the loss of you for some unknown reason."



Emesa who was the doctor pays attention to Sirin's observations.



"Really she is not well, maybe the loss of Kiana and Mei traumatized her more than we had imagined and she tried to bear this pain trying to mask it but due to the pain being too strong she could not bear it anymore and is now suffering from PTSD. "


 "PTSD?" Sirin asks.



"It is an abbreviation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event - experiencing or witnessing it. Symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event."



"What should we do then Emesa Nee-chan?" Sirin asks.



"I can give her some medicine to ease her pain, but unfortunately, medicine alone will not be enough to treat her, right now what she needs most is emotional support, since people suffering from PTSD can take years to heal these wounds in their heart. I wish I had more time to observe her but right now I am very busy, Sirin can you take care of her for me today?"



"No problem Nee-chan, not least because I owe Kyuushou Nee-chan a lot for helping me heal my pain, after knowing all this time I lost my mother in the second impact, Kyuushou was the only person who was there for me to help me endure all this pain, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been accepted from firemoth either for being a herrscher, I don't care how long it takes to heal her, just like she was always by my side in the hardest times, I will be there for her."



We see Sirin leading Kyuushou out of the meeting room. Everyone in the meeting room is left alone to reflect on Kyuushou's situation.



"I never imagined that someone as strong as Kyuushou could sink so low into depression, we should have realized this before." Seele comments.  



"Maybe just like a certain idiot I knew who pretended nothing was happening to her and hid her pain from everyone for fear of worrying them, in the end, as stubborn as she was her pain tolerance reached its upper limit." Tears come out of Bronya's eyes. As she remembers Kiana.