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Reincarnated as a system in the Honkai Multiverse.

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Inside a tower we see a white haired Herrscher and another purple haired one who had just recently been confronted by members of firemoth like himeko, bronya, seele, welt, theresa,Yssring,Emesa, Sin mal and Kyuushou who are older here because they survived for 3 years against the great honkai eruption that devastated the world which was caused by Kiana Kaslana by becoming a Herrscher, Like her, Mei also became a complete Herrscher when she lost hope in saving humankind against Honkai when she saw that Honkai was an unstoppable force and decided to follow Kiana in this hunt to exterminate the human race and as they were tired of playing around today they decided to destroy humanity once and for all through a great honkai explosion created by a huge glyph that covers the entire planet.






The Firemoth members had not yet lost hope in trying to recover the humanity that exists within Mei and Kiana and tried to convince the two to stop this madness. Just as occurred in the 666 universe Kyuushou's friends were killed in front of her and she could do nothing to change this and kiana and mei seeing the expression of despair begin to question Kyuushou.



"Houraiji Kyuushou it seems that you are the only one left here. I am so sorry. ...After such a long journey, there is no one by your side to help you." Kiana speaks to Kyuushou.




"No! They are all by my side. I am here now because of their power...! and with my own power, I will give them the light of hope!"  Kyuushou tries to deny the sad reality.




"Speaking of which where is that light of hope that would bring salvation to this world? Did it get lost after seeing all your friends die in front of you? By her expression what I see is only despair." Mei affirms.




"I agree with Mei on this point, all that awaits you is endless despair and sorrow...only separation from friends and death...There has never been a light of hope for this ruined world.  There is no salvation in this world, and I don't need it. So why do you need to deceive yourself and suffer?  Hearing these words coming from Kiana's mouth makes Kyuushou angry. 




 "You're wrong! I haven't deceived myself!"




Kiana seeing Kyuushou's expressions continues to tease her.




Or... Do you think that only you can play the role of savior in such a world? In reality, you are just a weak and incompetent ordinary person? Just like the screams you heard in the tower ... you really are just a grain of gravel in it… In despair, I'm just waiting for the salvation of others.”




Kyuushou is speechless upon hearing this from Kiana. Kyuushou's silence only confirms what Kiana had said and Kiana begins to lose patience and brings another serious topic to the table. 




"Answer me, Houraiji Kyuushou. What on earth are you fighting for?"




“I... I fight for...” Kyuushou tries to answer Kiana's question but as she sees the expressions of her dead friends she is tormented by, the feeling of guilt as she looks at the dead bodies of her friends that haunts her through their voices inside her head.






“Kyuushou... Why couldn't you protect your sister! Why were you the only survivor?!”






“Kyushu ... Is this the result of my exchange for life? It was my misunderstanding.”




“Kyuushou! I don't want to die here! You'll save me, right?! Please say something!”






“Kyushu ... Apparently, you're the same as me. We are weak and incompetent people. No one can save until the end.”






“Kyushu ... After all, were we wrong in our choices?  If I had been quietly waiting for the advent of the end, I wouldn't have suffered like this!”






“Kyuushou!... Bronya believed so much ... why ...?  Why didn't you show hope to everyone ... why didn't you save everyone! !!”



Sin Mal



"You can't even save yourself!  What makes you believe you are capable of saving the world? And to think I entrusted the safety of Bronya and Seele to you!  Everything bad that has happened to you is because you deserve it!"





"I entrusted the core of the Herrscher of Reason to you to make you my successor because of your potential, but now I see that I made a mistake. You are without a doubt my greatest disappointment."



Everyone continues to show their displeasure.



"Kyuushou…Why … Answer ... Answer us …”  



Kyuushou's fighting spirit is totally broken by these voices.




 “I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...I couldn't do anything ... I made a pointless sacrifice for everyone ...Obviously everyone gave me everything... But I…”



Kyuushou's torments are interrupted by another voice that unlike the others this one showed concern.


"Nee-chan wake up! Everything is just a bad dream! I'm here for you!"



upon hearing this, the place she was in begins to disintegrate and Kyuushou finally awakens to see that a pink haired girl was calling her. This person was Sirin the Herrscher Of Void who had her core fused with Kyuushou in the great Honkai eruption, plus now somehow got a new body to inhabit without having to use Kyuushou as her vessel. 








"This voice and appearance looks familiar to me. Sirin Onee-chan by any chance was it you that was calling me now?"



" Yes, it was me who was calling you, after seeing that you were having a nightmare where I heard you screaming non-stop sorry as if you had done something bad. I've never seen you like this before. Are you really okay?"




"Yes, I am. Speaking of which how did you get a body?  As far as I know you don't need the body of a host? And how is it possible to extract your core without killing me in the process?"



Sirin is confused by the question.



"Nee-chan are you by any chance suffering from amnesia? Don't you remember that Uncle Welt together with Yssring Nee-chan's help not only managed to recreate my original body, as well as made this body more mature to suit my Age? They also changed my hair color, don't you like it? As for the core extraction, they have studied a lot of the physiology of a Herrscher body, so recreating a copy of the Herrscher core is not something impossible for them. "



This surprises Kyuushou



"Wait Yssring and Welt are alive? How is this possible?"



This worries Sirin.



"Nee-chan what really happened to you? Don't tell me that in this nightmare you witnessed the death of our friends by chance?"




"Onee-chan listen carefully! What I am about to tell you may sound crazy but the person you are talking to is already dead, just like the main members of the firemoth also died after we managed to eliminate Kiana and Mei. After this I wake up in a strange place where I find versions of Mei, Kiana, Welt and Bronya and other people I've never seen before who claim to come from different universes and for some reason are summoned by an entity called the system that says the entire universe will be destroyed by Honkai!




"You are definitely not well!  Come with me now!"



Sirin pulls hard on Kyuushou's arm to take her to the Firemoth meeting room.




In the Firemoth meeting room we see two people fighting with each other. One of these people was a blond tomboy woman named Emesa.







The firemoth's main doctor responsible for the care and treatment of victims of the honkai radiation.  The other person is a green haired woman named Yssring the Firemoth's chief scientist.






The reason why the two were fighting was due to Yssring taking Emesa's coffee.



"Yssring! Say it! You drank all the coffee beans that I worked so hard to find!"



"It's really not me...I just...just used some ......" Yssring tries to convince her but her attempts fail.



"Hahaha... You are so bold! You thought you wouldn't die if the Honkai disappeared, didn't you? I'll let you taste life instead of death today! !"



Yssring upon hearing Emesa's words is terrified.



"Bronya! Help me here!"



"Seriously, the meeting is about to start! Don't be loud!"






Bronya was watching this fight decides to interrupt the two, showing a cold stare. Bronya continues trying to get everyone's attention.




"Himeko, we have to select a new base again. With the increase in survivors, the size of the base can no longer accommodate more people."




We hear a burping sound coming from a red haired woman who was drunk, this person was murata himeko one of Bronya's former instructors in st.freya. 






"Go ahead...I'm listening."



"Didn't I say not to drink during the day?" Bronya questions himeko who tries to come up with some ridiculous excuse.




"Theresa gave it to me, blame her if you want."




Then a drunk Theresa also shows up at the meeting, which leaves Bronya surprised.







"Uuuu... I already... I can't drink anymore..."



"Hey... you are..." Bronya who was about to say something else is interrupted by a dark haired woman with blue locks in her hair and the most noticeable thing is that the girl was holding a scythe, this person is Seele a friend of bronya who she befriended when she was in the cocolia orphanage.







"! Don't sigh Bronya Onee-chan! Everyone is still celebrating Honkai's disappearance! Be a little more tolerant these two days!"



"As always Seele you meddle where you are not called upon. Why are you defending these people who have disregarded Bronya-sama's order!!!"  The voice this time comes from a woman with purple hair mixed with pink, appearing to have one yellow and one purple eye, one of the most striking things about this girl are teeth that looked like they came from a shark. This is Sin Mal another girl that Bronya met at the orphanage in Cocolia who has an obsession for her and sees Seele as a rival, although deep inside she doesn't hate her she doesn't like that Seele monopolizes all of Bronya's attention for her, mainly after catching Seele acting like a pervert when she is alone with Bronya, after this episode Sin Mal has become more overprotective towards Bronya because he fears that someone like Seele steals Bronya's purity.






A bluish purple haired man with blue eyes wearing a black jacket who arrived in the room decides to interrupt everyone to prevent another useless tantrum from Sin Mal and Seele from starting again. This person was Welt Yang the leader of the dissolved Anti-Entropy.








"Obviously, this is the time to think more about future plans...But I didn't expect it.... The Honkai Energy left by the Great Eruption would suddenly diminish.... What happened to the dawn that appeared in the sky that day?"



This is one of the mysteries Firemoth is still trying to unravel, because after that Kyuushou fight against the Herrschers the Honkai Energy completely disappeared from the planet.  Kyuushou at this very moment that was coming into the room starts to hear the commotion. 



"Lord Welt! This must be a miracle given to us by the gods! What we need to do now is restore the world to its original state!"



Kyuushou hears Seele's voice and then she hears Bronya's voice.



"...Well, you are right, human civilization is not over yet, let's step on the earth again and continue writing our stories."




Kyuushou lets go of Sirin's hand and rushes towards the meeting table and is surprised to see that all her friends who were dead, are all alive and stands watching them in silence. 



Bronya notices Kyuushou's presence.



"How nice of you to arrive in time for the meeting Kyuushou, we are currently discussing plans for the future."



No words come out of Kyuushou's mouth and the characters looking at Kyuushou's expression notice that there is something wrong as she who for some reason looks like she has seen some ghost.



"Kyuushou are you okay?" Bronya asks her.



Still no answer comes out of Kyuushou's mouth. This starts to worry the people in the meeting room.



Sirin appears in the meeting room.



"You see what I see, since Kyuushou woke up today she has been acting very strange and doesn't seem to remember things well and when I mentioned your names she was surprised to hear that you were alive, before she woke up she was having a nightmare where she was lamenting the loss of you for some unknown reason."



Emesa who was the doctor pays attention to Sirin's observations.



"Really she is not well, maybe the loss of Kiana and Mei traumatized her more than we had imagined and she tried to bear this pain trying to mask it but due to the pain being too strong she could not bear it anymore and is now suffering from PTSD. "


 "PTSD?" Sirin asks.



"It is an abbreviation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event - experiencing or witnessing it. Symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event."



"What should we do then Emesa Nee-chan?" Sirin asks.



"I can give her some medicine to ease her pain, but unfortunately, medicine alone will not be enough to treat her, right now what she needs most is emotional support, since people suffering from PTSD can take years to heal these wounds in their heart. I wish I had more time to observe her but right now I am very busy, Sirin can you take care of her for me today?"



"No problem Nee-chan, not least because I owe Kyuushou Nee-chan a lot for helping me heal my pain, after knowing all this time I lost my mother in the second impact, Kyuushou was the only person who was there for me to help me endure all this pain, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been accepted from firemoth either for being a herrscher, I don't care how long it takes to heal her, just like she was always by my side in the hardest times, I will be there for her."



We see Sirin leading Kyuushou out of the meeting room. Everyone in the meeting room is left alone to reflect on Kyuushou's situation.



"I never imagined that someone as strong as Kyuushou could sink so low into depression, we should have realized this before." Seele comments.  



"Maybe just like a certain idiot I knew who pretended nothing was happening to her and hid her pain from everyone for fear of worrying them, in the end, as stubborn as she was her pain tolerance reached its upper limit." Tears come out of Bronya's eyes. As she remembers Kiana.