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The Hot Hitter

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Hardison had been pouting ever since their client had skipped off to sprout her diamond potato.

“What?” Sophie groaned, throwing her head back as he felt the hacker’s emotions pressing into her back from where she was sitting on the apartment's couch.

“I cant believe Eliot taught you how to punch,” Hardison grumbled, turning his pout toward the empty kitchen as he fidgeting and spun around on the counter stools.

“That's what you're mad about?” Nate asked incredulously, “not that she hit you, but that she knew how to hit you?”

“Yeah man! Eliot’s been teachin' Parker all kinds of kung foo and now he's turning Sophie into the next Rocky! But me? He tells me I should stick to typin' and not to bother him.”

“You should stick to typin',” Eliot grumbled, walking across the apartment just then. He had been in the back room gym he had set up when Nate was in jail. “Leave the hittin' to me.”

“But the girls-”

“The girls are suck living in a misogynistic hell scape where their words mean less than crap to men who want sex, power and control over them at any cost.” Eliot lectured irritably, “now Parker has her taser, and can turn into wind, and Sophie is more than capable of controlling them right back but another tool in their belt is the least I can do to not be part of the problem.”

“I don't have a comeback for that,” Hardison said, his mouth hanging open.

Allowing himself a slight smile with his back to Hardison, Eliot took a drink of water and then turned around. “But what if I need it for the job,” he prompted.

“But what if I need it for the job!” Hardison whined, “what happens if some big security guard catches me in the server rooms and I cant talk my way out until you showing up right at the last minute.”

“Worked well for us so far,” Eliot muttered, walking back out of the kitchen and towards his gym.

“Is that a yes?” Hardison cautiously asked.

“Damn it Hardison, move your ass!”

The hacker did a little dance of joy as he hopped off the stool and hurried after the hitter. “Oh hey mama, were you training?” Hardison asked as he came into the gym and nearly ran into Parker leaning against the doorframe.

“No, just came for the show.” Parker said with a grin, suddenly sending a shiver of foreboding down Hardison’s spine.

But honestly, who would pass up a chance to grapple with the gorgeous hitter, all sweaty and distracting standing in the middle of the sparring mats and flexing.

Ok Eliot wasn't flexing but Hardison was only human! Well… magical electrical wizard. But still! the things a mind could do with THAT standing in front of you...

“Come on,” Eliot grumbled, seeing Hardison get lost in his head quickly after entering the hitter’s gym. “We’ll start with a simple throw.”

Patting both of his cheeks, Hardison nodded and focused on the hitter’s slow explanation and walk through of how to use an enemy’s own momentum to throw them to the ground.

Seeing that the hacker really was attempting to pay attention to the lesson instead of cracking jokes the entire time, Eliot offered him a slight smile and a chance to throw him.

“You sure?” Hardison asked, hesitating as they stepped into position.

“You cant hurt me, Hardison,” Eliot said rolling his eyes before pushing forward into Hardison's grapple.

With a grunt the hitter landed on his back, Hardison pinning his arms above his head. “Not bad,” Eliot grunted, pleasantly surprised at the strength being used to hold him down.

“I pinned you!” Hardison said in delight, then realizing he had a handsome sweaty shifter between his thighs and a wind sprite watching from across the room, he repeated the shocking truth, “I pinned you…”

“Mmhmm,” Eliot purred, indulging for a moment in the floating feeling that he usually only got when Quinn managed to pin him to their bed.

“And you like it,” Hardison said, his annoying smirk suddenly coloring his voice.

Opening his eyes, Eliot cocked an eyebrow and moved suddenly, flipping them and pinning Hardison to the mats. “Or maybe,” he purred into the shocked hacker’s ear, “I like watchin' my team succeed.”

Eliot slowly stands and practically strutted away from the flabbergasted Hardison, high fiving a grinning Parker as he left.