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"I'm kinda looking forward to our game with Karasuno," Kenma Kozume stated  quietly to his teammates. 

"What's this? Kenna’s being enthusiastic?" Taketora Yamamoto exclaimed. 

Tetsuro Kuroo scowled, narrowing his eyes at the wing spiker. He snapped his mouth shut; nobody argued with Nekoma's volleyball team captain, especially if he glared like that.

Tetsuro couldn’t deny that he too was shocked by Kenma's comment. The setter was usually monotoned, even when they were kids. He was quiet and observant.

Tch. Tetsuro couldn't help but wonder if the small, orange-haired boy Kenma had mentioned was to blame. He had to be, right? He was wearing a Karasuno jacket, for fuck's sake!

His eye twitched with jealousy. No , he told himself. Don’t let dumb feelings get in the way of a match, practice or not.

Tetsuros hunch about the kid was correct, he noted as their teams faced each other. He peered curiously over at the boy, who sounded like he couldn't contain his excitement (or nerves, but it was probably both).

Tetsuro watched the boy bounce over to Kenma. And Kenma called him "Shoyo”. Feh.

Tetsuro nudged Yamamoto. "Hey, you see that?” Yamamoto straightened. "See what?”

“That orange boy is bothering our setter.”

The wing spiker sputtered, and stomped over. Tetsuro smirked. He didn’t like how the tiny-

“What business do you have with our Kenma?”

Tetsuro chuckled. Yamomoto always made a scene.


The boy jumped. Kenma hod crept up on him.

"Hey," he replied. “You ready for the game, kitten?"

"Don't call me kitten,” Kenma grumbled. "And it's just a practice game."

Tetsuro hummed. “You made a little smile at that kid-“

“Shoyo? I did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did not.

“…did too.”

"Bring it in team!" Tetsuro gestured to his players. "Okay remember,” He began. "We are blood. Never stop flowing. Keep moving and bringing in oxygen so that our brain,” he nodded to Kenma. "Can operate at his best."

Warmth bloomed in Tetsuro as his setter's face flustered.

"Kuro, stop giving that speech," He grumbled. “It's so embarrassing."

Yamamoto whistled, "Does the opposite, Kenma!"

Yaku nodded. "Really gets us going."

"See?" Tetsuro pointed out. "It's all good, Kenma."

The setter strode away, silently yearning for Kuro's pet name. "Oh and Kenma?"


"Don’t let yourself get distracted."


Nekoma and Karasuno plotted out their positons for the rotation, and Tetsuro's lip curled.

Hinata was talking to Kenma, and Kenma was listening. How’d the tiny Karasuno boy wiggle his way to Kenma's...field of vision?

A firm hand on his shoulder cut off any other envious thoughts.

"Down, boy,” Yaku muttered, ensuring nobody else heard. "Head in the game, captain."

"Shut up, Yaku, you’re one to talk,” Tetsuro replied.

”Fair enough,” Yaku replied.


Tetsuro’s favorite part of playing volleyball as a team was when they were all in sync. He admired each of his players techniques, all different but still similar in a way.

And Kenma. God he was so amazing. Watching his eyes follow the ball and survey his opponents.

Tetsuro wondered how he could feel everything for one person. Kenma wondered why Kuroo was acting strange.

The rest of the team wondered when the captain and Kenma would get married, or at least confess already.


As Tetsuro expected, Nekoma won the first set. The teams took a quick breather, and Yaku squinted.

"Hey! Yamamoto! Psst!"he hissed. "Have you noticed how Kuroo’s a bit"

He nodded. "I think it's cuz of Karasuno’s number ten.”


"Yeah! You know, our captain's very protective of his plaything-ow!”

Yaku slapped Yamamoto, "Don't be an asshole, plaything is such an objective word," he grumbled. "Can't you see it's different the way Kuroo looks at Kenma?"

"Not particularly," his teammate replied. "Don't hit me again. It's just Kuroo's usually like that, protective."

Yaku clicked his tongue. "How do your not see it? Kuroo is in love."


The next set placed Nekoma’s team captain right in front of Hinata who shifted his weight on his feet uncomfortably.

"Hinata!" Karasuno's number nine shouted.

"Ah! Kageyama!” the boy replied bounding away.

Kuroo continued to watch Hinata, and Kageyama noticed. He glared at Tetsuro, who only smirked in return.


Nekoma won against Karasuno, and Tetsuro was proud of his team. They usually did great so it wasn’t unexpected, but there was always the underlying anxiety of losing.

Tetsuro made an irritated noise in the back of his throat as he watched Kageyama loiter around Kenma. Stop it,   he thought in the boy’s direction. B eing looked at made Kenma uncomfortable.

Daichi, Karasuno’s captain, said something to the first year setter, who sent a final glare before storming off.

“Hey, great match,” Tetsuro said, extending his hand.

“Sure, you too,” Daichi replied.

“We’re gonna beat you next time we play against you!” Hinata interrupted.

Tetsuro raised an eyebrow. “Yeah? Make it to Nationals, then we can talk.”

Hinata hummed in determination before yelling after Kenma.


Tetsuro twitched. He knew the sudden loudness would bother Kenma, but Hinata seemed unaware as he kept talking.

Kageyama also seemed to notice the happy interaction and Tetsuro watched as his face contorted with jealousy. Oh no you don’t! Tetsuro thought. I don’t need another person to overwhelm my…to overwhelm Kenma!

Kageyama approached Kenma and Hinata, but didn’t acknowledge Kenma. The first year setter looked rigid but seemed to relax once his teammate noticed and beamed at him.

“Kageyama! Hey!” Hinata chirped.

Kageyama’s face reddened slightly and he clicked his tongue. “Dumbass Hinata, why are you making that face?”

“I’m smiling, you big dummy,” Hinata huffed. “Oh, Kageyama?”

The boy in question stood still. Tetsuro watched as Hinata stood on his tippy toes and pecked his friend’s cheek.

“Y-you did great in the game!” He squeaked, and ran.

“Hinata, get back here! You can’t just run-“ Kageyama yelled, chasing after his teammate.

Tetsuro wondered if he’d be better off doing the same thing with Kenma.


Kenma was silent on the walk home, so Tetsuro didn’t push any small talk. The captain himself was thinking of a myriad of things (mainly scowling at his interpretation of Kenma being flirted with).

The silence was broken when Kenma nudged him.

“You’re making a face,” Kenma noted. “What’s up?”

“What’s up? You were flirting with the opponent today!” Tetsuro exclaimed bitterly.

Tch, Hinata? I wasn’t flirting,” Kenma protested.

“Were too.”

“Was not .”

“Were too!”

Kenma sighed and grabbed Tetsuro’s school bag, yanking and making him stumble. Suddenly the setter’s lips were on Tetsuro’s own.

He blinked and Kenma was back to walking, leaving his friend dazed. Kenma’s face was red and he kicked some imaginary rocks.

“You’re such an idiot,” he mumbled.

“Huh? How? Why did you-?”

“Use your brain, Kuro.”

Oh shit. Did… did Kenma like him back? Were the feelings mutual?

“Hm, I think you should tell me, I couldn’t possibly know,” Tetsuro said sarcastically.

“You’re gonna make me say it?”

“I want to hear you say it.”

Kenma grumbled. “I have strong feelings towards you. Good feelings.”

Tetsuro smiled. “Close enough. I like you too.”

“You better.”