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The rewrite is here!

It's a tab bit longer than the original and has a few new scenes added to it.

I hope everyone likes it.


This story does contain unsettling themes such as rape, torture, and other things that most are normally uncomfortable with.


I do NOT Own Fairy Tail Or its Characters!

Now, without further ado, Here is the new Chapter One of EnSlaveMate!

It was a beautiful day in the town of Magnolia. The sun was shining and the people were bustling about. The members of the Fairy Tail guild, however, were finishing up the rebuilding of their guildhall from the attack of Phantom Lord. In the process of rebuilding Fairy Tail, they thought they lost a member. But it just turned out that member just happened to be a Celestial Spirit.

Loke, now known as, Leo the lion, the leader of the Zodiac, also became one of the spirits that the celestial spirit mage, Lucy Heartfilia, had under contract. Lucy's conviction had changed the ruling of the spirit king that he had bestrode onto Leo and he had granted Loke access to the spirit world once again.

Since that battle and the events of the Tower Of Heaven, the guild was joined by Juvia Lockster and Gajeel Redfox. Both prior members of Phantom Lord are still adjusting to life in Fairy Tail but it seems to suit them.

Lucy sat at the makeshift bar with a strawberry milkshake as she stared at the wall behind Mira. Lucy was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realize Mira come in front of her and started waving her hand in front of her face.

"Lucy?!" Mira called out startling Lucy.

Lucy looked around before her eyes landed on Mira. "Oh, hi Mira..." Lucy said with a forced smile.

"What's wrong Lucy?" Mira asked kindly.

Lucy sighed irritably. "My rent, as usual..." Lucy said crossing her arms over the bar counter as she rested her chin on them. "I can't seem to find Natsu or the others, and I only need 10,000 more for my rent and all the jobs that pay around that or more are looking for two or more mages... Nothing for a solo wizard..." Lucy explained sighing again.

"I think they went on a request for Master... Although, I wonder why they didn't take you along..." Mira mused aloud.

Lucy shrugged. "Don't know... Anything I can help with Mira? I desperate here..." Lucy whined turning her head to the side and resting it on her arms.

Mira giggled. "Let me take a look... There are a few I haven't put on the board yet..." Mira said before going to a giant book and searching the shelf under it. She pulled out a few pieces of paper. "Let's see what we have here..." Mira mumbled as she flipped through the papers. "Bandits... No, needs a team..." Mira grumbled throwing it to the side. "Modeling job?" Mira asked looking up to see a disgusted look on Lucy's face as she shook her head. "Okay then..." Mira grumbled as she flipped through a few more papers. "Missing item? " Mira asked looking up with hopeful eyes.

"Does it need a team or no?" Lucy asked.

Mira looked back at the paper and shook her head. "Nope! Solo job!" Mira beamed. "But it says it could take up to two maybe three weeks tops but it does pay 30,000..." Mira informed her.

"Alright, I'll take it!" Lucy practically shouted as she bolted upright and snatched the paper from her.

Mira giggled. "Go get ready! The train leaves in three hours..." Mira urged with a nod.

"Thanks, Mira!" Lucy yelled as she waved over her shoulder running back to her house.

Mira watched as the blonde ran out the doors. She giggled at her determination for the job just so she could pay her rent. It was the only thing she ever worried about or complained about, well that and how Natsu kept sneaking into her bed when she was sleeping.

Master Makarov jumped up to the bar counter and sat down. "Where is Lucy running off to? I was hoping to talk to her about the harvest festival coming up..." The small fairy tail master asked.

"A Job... She needed to pay her rent and the others aren't here so she decided to go on a solo job... She'll be fine it's only a Missing item job..." Mira reassured the small master.

"How long will she be gone for?" Makarov asked.

"Two maybe three weeks, or so it said... She should be back before the festival..." Mira replied.

"You know as soon as Erza, Natsu, and Gray hear she's gone on a solo job they are most likely going to destroy the guild trying to go after her..." Makarov raised an eyebrow at the barmaid when she just giggled.

"Oh, don't worry too much I'm sure you can keep them in line..." Mira said watching her guildmates go about their normal business.

"I hope you're right... Natsu alone is going to be the most trouble..." Makarov let out a heavy sigh. "Let's just hope they don't destroy anything in the meantime... We've only just rebuilt this place..." Makarov said.

Mira giggled behind her hand. "I'm sure everything will be fine, master..." Mira said reassuringly.

Unknown to them someone was watching the entire time. A small wooden totem floated in the shadows above the shelves that held the liqueur bottles. It listened intently to the small master and the bar maid's conversation hoping that their master would be happy to hear the news. When it knew no one was looking it flew out of the guild to report back to its master.

Not even three and half hours later team Natsu walked through the guildhall doors and headed straight for the bar.

"Oh! You guys are back?" Mira chirped with a smile.

"Yes, the job was quite easy..." Erza said nodding along with her own words.

"We stopped by Lucy's but she wasn't there so we thought she would be here but I don't see her..." Natsu said scanning the guildhall just in case he missed her somehow. "And I can't smell her here either..." Natsu mumbled after sniffing the air.

"Oh! She went on a job a few hours ago! She was short on rent so she took a job that would pay her rent and then some..." Mira said trying to reassure them, although they weren't as easy to reassure as master Makarov was.

"She what?! Without us?" Natsu exclaimed pure panic in his eyes.

He didn't like the idea of her all by herself, it didn't sit right with him. He liked her. Maybe a little too much.

"It was only a job to find a lost item calm down Natsu... She'll be fine! It said it could take up to two maybe three weeks..." Mira explained

But after Mira said that it was like Satan himself opened the gates to hell. Team Natsu was on a war path. It took Master Makarov using his titan form to flatten the team to the floor.

"QUIET BRATS!" Makarov yelled after pinning the group to the floor. Makarov sighed. "She'll be fine let her be..." Makarov said before letting them up.

"But Master! She's never taken a job on her own before..." Erza said.

"That's because when she's tried you all invited yourselves to go along without even asking her..." Mira scolded crossing her arms over her chest.

"She's never said we couldn't?" Natsu said scratching the back of his head in confusion.

"Have you ever actually asked her?" Mira asked as she started to tap her foot in annoyance.

That's when it hit them, none of them ever asked her, they always just went along. They realized they didn't trust her to finish a job on her own and didn't think she was strong enough to complete one of her own either. They all hung their heads in shame answering Mira's question silently.

"That's what I thought... Let her do this one herself... She's not always going to have you there to protect her..." Mira scolded some more. "She'll be back before Fantasia as long as nothing goes wrong!" Mira said with a smile. They all nodded and sat down watching the door. Mira sighed and shook her head. "I'll call the requester and have them contact me as soon as she arrives then we can keep track of her that way... Give her till tomorrow to get there she has a ten-hour train ride ahead of her..." Mira said trying to calm everyone's nerves.

But it didn't much to relieve them of their worry and concern for their friend. Natsu especially was more restless than normal. All he wanted to do was go after her. He had a bad feeling and he didn't know why. He looked at Cana making up his mind. He walked over to her and stood behind her with his head down waiting and hoping she would notice him standing there.

It took him like ten minutes but she did finally notice him. She was confused as to why he would be waiting for her.

"What's up Natsu?" Cana asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Can you do me a favor?" Natsu said nervously.

Cana slowly nodded. "Okay... What do you need?" Cana asked cautiously.

Natsu swallowed the lump in his throat. "Can you... Um... Could you possibly... Maybe..." Natsu stuttered out.

Cana sighed smacking him upside his head. "Spit it out already..." Cana grumbled.

Natsu rubbed the back of his head. He hated asking for this. It's not that he didn't believe in her readings but it wasn't something he would rely on.

Natsu sighed. "Can you do a reading for Lucy?" Natsu asked once again looking down.

"But Lucy's not here..." Cana stated confused. Until it clicked and she gave an evil-looking smile. "You're worried about her, aren't you? You want to know if she'll be okay?" Cana asked knowing she hit the nail on the head when he slowly nodded. Cana sighed. "You know she is more than capable of completing the job on her own right? You don't need to be worried about her..." Cana said with narrowed eyes.

"I know... But... I'm still worried about her... I have a bad feeling that's all... Please Cana..." Natsu pleaded.

Cana sighed. "Fine... I guess it couldn't hurt..." Cana shrugged before getting up and setting up on the floor.

"What are you doing Cana?" Mira asked confused when she noticed the Card mage on the floor.

"Doing a reading for Natsu about Lucy..." Cana said with a shrug like it was no big deal.

Mira puffed out her cheek and place her hands on her hips. "Natsu! I thought I told you she'd be fine! Will you stop worrying about it and bugging Cana... Lucy's more than capable of taking care of herself!" Mira scolded.

"I know Mira! But... But I still have this bad feeling..." Natsu explained with a grumble as he fidgeted in place.

Mira sighed. "Natsu... How do you think she's going to feel if she finds out you had Cana do a reading on her? She's going to think you have no faith in her! And you don't believe she's a good wizard... Are you really willing to face the consequences of your actions?" Mira asked making it sound like he was doing the most horrible thing on the planet.

Natsu sighed. He didn't care what Lucy thought of him, he was worried and he needed to know that she was okay.

"Let her be upset with me... If it's her safety that's at stake so be it..." Natsu said with conviction.

Mira shook her head and walked away she didn't want to know if there would be something wrong. She knew Cana's predictions were never wrong.

"Are you sure you want me to do this Natsu?" Cana asked.

Natsu nodded. "Yeah, I need to know that she's okay... I feel like I'm going to go insane if I don't..." Natsu explained.

Cana nodded and started sorting her cards. Concentrating on Lucy and the future Cana started flipping over the first card. When she opened her eyes she saw the Star Card. Cana shrugged and went onto the next card flipping it over to reveal the Lightning Card. Cana grew a bit curious but kept going. The next card was the Death Card which had her dropping the card and backing away slightly.

Natsu panicked at Cana's reaction. "What is it?" Natsu asked anxiously.

Cana shook her head and went to flip over the last and final card which was The Lovers Card. Cana scratched her head in confusion. She didn't understand what the cards were telling her at all.

"Honestly..." Cana sighed. "I don't know... They're not making much sense... Which has never happened before..." Cana explained.

"Think of the cards separately..." Mira offered as she walked over. "What do they mean on their own?" Mira asked.

"Well..." Cana said holding up the Star Card. "This one obviously means Lucy..." She picked up the Lightning Card next. "This one I'm not exactly sure... This card only shows up when a storm is involved somehow..." She then picked up the Death Card. "This one pretty much means what it says... Whether it be physically or some other form... But this one..." She said picking up the Lovers Card. "This one is where it makes no sense... If she died or whatever Death means in this situation, how can there be Lovers afterward? It would have made more sense if Lovers came before Death... But it came after so I have no clue what any of it means..." Cana said with a shrug throwing down the card in her hand.

Mira chewed on her thumbnail. "The Death Card has me worried..." Mira muttered looking at Cana looking for hope, but not finding any. "Oh I hope, she'll be okay..." Mira said sadly going back to the bar.

"I think we should go look for her..." Natsu growled. "I don't like how any of that sounds... We need to get Luce back..." Natsu demanded.

"We would love to Flame Brain but Master said no going after her... You'll just have to wait like the rest of us..." Gray said slumping on the bar stool.

"But..." Natsu tried to argue but one look from Erza shut him up.

He was feeling restless, something inside him was telling him he had to get to Lucy and fast. But he knew he couldn't go against what the Master said.

Lucy had gotten to the train station just on time. The train had just pulled up to let passengers on. Lucy sighed in relief before heading over to the ticket counter. Behind the glass sat a pretty brunette with brown hair up in a bun. She wore glasses and had a smile on her face. She smiled at the lady as she got her ticket and boarded the train as quickly as she could.

The train was packed, she could barely find a seat but she did and it was the only compartment on the train that was empty.

"My lucky day!" Lucy mused to herself before she sighed and sat down.

She propped her feet up on the seat across from her and took out a book. She knew it was going to be a long train ride so she thought she might as well make the most of it. Levy was telling her about this book for weeks. This was the perfect time to read it.

It was an hour into the trip when suddenly she felt really sleepy. She yawned as she stretched her arms over her head before she put her book back in her bag. She rubbed her eyes and laid her head against the wall. She was out in no time.

Unknown to the sleeping blonde there was a little wooden totem watching her from the luggage rack above her head. Once the blonde was fast asleep three figures came walking up to her.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" A female voice asked.

"Those were our orders... We don't have much choice at this point..." A smooth male voice said.

"Yeah, Boss-man doesn't take kindly to those who go against him..." A different, rather annoyed, and ridiculously tall, man with a metal visor said.

"I hope he knows what he's doing... The guild is going to notice if she's not back on time..." The female said with a sigh.

"Let's just get this done... We don't question his orders you know that..." The green-haired man said.

"I'm guessing you guys are expecting me to carry her?" The man with the visor asked.

"Well, I'm definitely not doing it! And not to mention you are the one that drew the short straw..." The female voice huffed.

The tall man huffed but picked up the girl and slung her over his shoulder. They turned and walked to the open door of the train. They left everyone on the train to sleep minus the drivers. But since the drivers couldn't see them they knew they were safe to just go. The other passengers would wake up shortly.

Once they go to the open door they all took off into the air and disappeared into the trees.

The group of mages arrived on the outskirts of Clover town at an abandoned building. They took the girl inside and up the steps to a room with a mattress on the floor, a chair in the corner, a barred window, and a joining bathroom.

The bathroom was simple. It had a sink a tub with a shower and of course a toilet. There was also a small linen closet in the corner.

After the female member of the team laid sheets on the mattress the man in the visor laid the girl down on the mattress before he joined his teammates outside the door where the green-haired mage took his sword and went around the door with it. Purple writing formed along the outside of the door.

"I don't like this... It feels wrong..." The female said tapping her foot as she watched the man with the green hair work.

"What do you mean Ever?" The man with the visor asked.

"Well, I don't know, Bicks... It just feels wrong... I mean, what does he plan to do with her?" Evergreen asked feeling a bit guilty.

"Does it really matter what his plans are? We already said we'd follow him..." The green-haired man said.

"Well, if he hurts her it will matter..." Evergreen huffed.

"How so?" A loud booming, slightly evil-sounding voice said from the bottom of the stairs.

A tall muscular, blonde man with stormy gray eyes and a scar over his eye in the shape of a lightning bolt stood at the bottom of the stairs with a crazed look on his face. he wore a purple button-up shirt and black pants with a dark gray coat that was outlined with fur. Something didn't seem quite right about him. The others felt it too. But they didn't dare say a word to him about it.

"Laxus..." Evergreen squeaked. "Jesus Laxus! You scared the hell out of me!" Evergreen huffed.

Laxus chuckled darkly. "Did you get one?" He asked ignoring her comment.

Evergreen looked away, "Yes... She's in there..." She said pointing towards the closed door.

"Freed... Did you put up the enchantment?" Laxus asked.

The green hair man bowed, "Of course Laxus... Only us four can enter or exit the room..." Freed said.

"Good... How long will she be out?" Laxus asked.

"At least a few more hours... Why?" Evergreen asked with narrowed eyes.

"That's not your concern... Now go gather information on our target... That dark guild is getting on my nerves..." Laxus stated.

"You're not going to hurt her are you?" Evergreen asked.

"What does it matter to you?" Laxus growled.

Evergreen huffed. "You need her to persuade the guild... If anything happens to her you lose your leverage... After all, from what the flying paper weights reported they all adore the girl..." Ever quipped.

The flying totems all growled at the woman who waved her hand dismissively at them.

"Don't insult them like that! Don't worry babies she's just on her period... She's moody..." Bickslow cooed at the flying totems.

Moody Moody!

The flying totems chanted as they flew around Evergreen.

"I will smash each and every single one of them if you don't shut them up!" Evergreen growled as she clutched her fan tightly in her hand.

Bickslow snickered as they all flew and hid behind him. "Now now, no reason for violence Ever..." Bickslow said putting his hands up in surrender. "Told you she was on it..." He muttered over his shoulder at his babies who giggled.

Laxus sighed in irritation. "Will you two shut the hell up and get the hell out of here!?" He snapped with a growl.

Evergreen huffed before heading for the stairs. "Remember what I said Laxus, you need her for this plan of yours to work... If they see once hair out of place they will have your head..." Evergreen called over her shoulder as she walked out the door.

"Not that I'm taking her side, but she has a point Boss... Don't go overboard..." Bickslow said as he followed.

"Do you have anything to say to me, Freed?" Laxus growled.

The rune mage shook his head before following behind the others. He knew better than to question his order or his actions. No one could tell Laxus what to do and he knew that. And unlike the other two he rather not get on his bad side.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Evergreen sighed.

"Whether it's good or bad it doesn't matter anymore... Let's go get this information... Plus I really didn't want to be there when the girl woke up to begin with..." Bickslow said following the path away from the building.

He knew what was going to happen and he didn't like it. He was an asshole but even he had morals. His boss on the other hand had turned cruel and heartless over the last few years. He couldn't count the number of female bodies he had to get rid of. He'd get rough, to the point of being out of control and sometimes the females didn't survive. He sure as hell hoped that this one did, they needed her to threaten the guild.

"You're right Bicks... I don't want to know what he's going to do..." Evergreen mumbled as she followed Bickslow. Her mind wandered to the blonde they just kidnapped. "How long was the job she took again?" Evergreen asked.

"Two maybe three weeks according to what Mira said... She also said that she should be back before the festival... So that's our deadline... After that, they'll most likely send people out to look for her..." Bickslow said remembering what his one baby told him.

"Great... Let's hope he doesn't hurt her... We won't have a leg to stand on if he does..." Evergreen said as they continued walking. "You're awfully quiet Freed... What's on your mind?" Evergreen asked looking back at the run mage.

Freed his head and continued to keep quiet. He didn't want to voice what was on his mind. Not yet anyway.

Laxus stared at the backs of his teammates as they disappeared out the door. Once they were out of sight he looked toward the door that the girl was behind. Something felt like it was humming from inside. Like it was calling him. He didn't understand it or know what it was not that he cared.

After a moment, he walked in, closing the door behind him before taking a seat in the chair in the corner. He stared at the sleeping blonde. He was actually surprised that they got her in the first place. The girl that Mira and Cana called to ask help protect the guild for.

He sort of wished the girl would have agreed because this would have been a lot easier than it is now. They have a time limit now, not to mention who knows how long it will take them to notice the girl was missing if they notice the girl was missing. He doubted the guild or the old man would even bother looking for the girl he figured he was safe for the time being.

He looked her up and down unconsciously licking his lips. Something about her made the dragon in him purr in delight. Laxus wanted the girl badly. More than he's ever wanted a girl before. Something about her was different than the countless others he's been with.

This girl smelled heavenly, just begging him to devour her. It practically made his mouth water. He was considering just taking her while she was still passed out. But he decided it would be more fun if she was awake. So Laxus sat there on a chair that sat by the door.

All he could do was watch her while her chest, which was rather large, rise up and go down as she slept. They looked soft and he bet he could barely fit one in his hand. The thoughts going through his head had him adjusting himself every so often. He pictured what her mouth would look like around his cock as he held her head by her hair while he pounded himself into her throat. He pictured her face when she came from his fingers, tongue, and cock. The thought and image alone made him want to purr.

There was a roar vibrating through his body something telling him to take her. To claim her. To mark her. To make her his. Something he couldn't pinpoint what it was telling him that she belonged to him. He never had this feeling or this reaction to a female before. He just couldn't wait for her to be awake. Something was stopping him from taking her right here right now. It wanted her awake and aware of what was going on. It was like he was at war with himself. He just hoped she would wake up soon.

It was a few hours later when the blonde started to stir. Laxus' cocky smirk returned to his face knowing that now the fun part has begun. He knew he was going to get shit from his team for what he was going to do but she looked way too good to pass up in his eyes. He had her kidnapped for a reason and maybe this wasn't exactly part of the original plan but who the hell cared right now? She was his for the taking. The hell with the consequences at this point. He saw what he wanted and he was damn sure going to take it.

Lucy groaned as she started to wake up. Her head was pounding and she didn't understand why. As her senses started to come back one at a time. She realized she wasn't on the train anymore. She was laying on something softer. She pushed herself up into a sitting position with her eyes still closed.

"Ow... My head..." Lucy groaned as she rubbed her temples.

Her movements stilled when she heard a low dark chuckle. Right then her headache was forgotten and her fight or flight instinct got activated. Her eyes snapped open and swung her head to where she heard the chuckle come from.

The sight that greeted her was none other than Laxus Dreyar, the master's grandson. At first, it confused her as to why he was there then she thought about how she wasn't on the train anymore. Her hand automatically flew to her keys only to find them gone.

"Looking for these Princess?" Laxus asked holding up her key ring that held her keys. His smirk widened as he saw her eyes widen at the realization.

"Give them back!" Lucy said through grit teeth.

"I might return them to you... As long as you cooperate..." Laxus said putting the keys into his coat pocket.

"What do you mean 'cooperate'?" Lucy asked still wary of the current situation.

"Simple Princess... You do as I say and I won't hurt them..." Laxus said in a semi-bored tone.

"Like what?" Lucy asked.

She didn't know Laxus very well so she couldn't guess what he was up to. All she knew was he was the master's grandson and was an S-Class mage. Meaning he was pretty strong and she doubted she could take him even if she did have her keys.

Laxus stood up from the chair letting his coat fall back onto the chair. He started to stalk closer to the blonde woman as he began unbuttoning his shirt. Lucy saw this and started to back away only to find out she couldn't get very far when she hit the wall behind her. Her eyes darted around the room trying to find a way out or at least to her keys.

"I wouldn't try anything Princess..." He said as he unbuttoned the last button on his shirt. "You can't leave this room unless I say you can... Plus it would be in your best interest not to... I really don't want to hurt you too much..." Laxus chuckled as he reached the edge of the mattress.

Lucy couldn't help but take up a defensive stance getting ready to bolt as soon as she had an opening. She had to get out of here. She didn't trust the man and knew it wouldn't be good if he got his hands on her.

Laxus could literally see the gears in her head working overtime, it made him chuckle.

"Whatever you're thinking it won't work... You'll never be faster than me..." Laxus said as he watched her grind her teeth together.

Laxus watched how she started to slowly shrink back putting more pressure on her feet and on the hand that was helping to hold her up on the mattress. She was going to try and run, he could already see it. Laxus licked his lips as he once again looked her up and down. He decided to show her that she couldn't get away from him.

He silently called his magic as he had a small bolt of lightning hit the wall directly beside her startling her enough that she jumped slightly to the side. She put her hand behind her to catch her and keep her from falling as she looked at the scorch mark on the wall.

"Like I said... It wouldn't be wise Princess..." Laxus said in a slight taunting tone.

"W-W-What do you want?!" Lucy asked she couldn't keep her fear from her face.

Laxus could see the fear in her eyes. 'Good...' Laxus thought as he chuckled internally. He was going to have so much fun with her. "Well, Princess... I have many plans... If you cooperate I won't hurt your keys and I won't kill you..." Laxus said as he knelled down onto the mattress.

Lucy was terrified as to what he was thinking. She figured it out when he took off his shirt completely and threw it to the side revealing his black tattoo and guild mark. She took that opportunity to push off the mattress to try and run for it. But true to his word he was faster than she was. She barely took a step when he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back making her land on the mattress on her stomach.

"Now what did I say, Princess? I told you not to try anything, that you wouldn't be able to get away from me... But you had to go and try... It wasn't a very good try now was it?" Laxus' growled out.

He was secretly liking how she was attempting to fight back and trying to get away from him. For the first time ever the chase was turning him on even more than he was before. Normally women would throw themselves at him. But not this one. No. Instead, she tries to run.

She turned her upper body to look back at him. Fear danced in her eyes which was just winding him up more. Lucy's body acted on its own, she kicked at him with her other foot which he grabbed with his other hand. He chuckled as he pulled on both of her legs pulling her towards him while he flipped her onto her back. He was now positioned in between her legs that he had held down by his hands.

"I warned you, Princess..." Laxus growled. He squeezed his hands tightening them around her ankles. "Now, I tried to be nice and make this quick... But since you don't want to submit to me... You really haven't given me much choice but to get a little rough... Who knows though... You might actually like it..." Laxus chuckled darkly as she tried to push herself away knowing she wasn't going to get far.

"Stop Laxus... Please! Don't..." Lucy whimpered.

She wasn't going to be above begging at this point. She really had no fear when it came to Gajeel when he beat the shit out of her but that was different than this situation. Gajeel never even attempted to do what Laxus was going to do to her. Gajeel was a prick in his own right, but even he seemed to have some morals when it came to women.

Gajeel even told her after he joined the guild, that he was sorry and that Phantom was run more like a dark guild than a normal guild, but at the time he didn't really know the difference until he met Fairy Tail. It made him angry that Jose would make his members do half of what they did. But he didn't know any better since he was a part of Phantom since he was little. Jose said that he was special and practically groomed him to be how he was.

She told him that she forgave him but to also give her some time to get used to him being there. But no matter what, now that he was part of Fairy Tail he was family, whether he liked it or not. She also informed him that she didn't tell the master about what he did and she wouldn't as long as he treated Fairy Tail like the family they were. He had looked at her in awe. Or well that was what it looked like in his eyes at the time. She had watched his whole demeanor change when she smiled at him and held her hand out to shake as a sign of welcoming him. He shook her hand briefly but then hightailed it out of there.

But at this moment she felt that if she taunted Laxus like she did Gajeel it would only make it worst. Though it was something she couldn't help, it was a habit, a bad habit, to defend herself. She could feel herself going into her defensive mode she had to fight the comments that wanted to escape as he was sliding his hands up her legs.

As Laxus slid his hands up her legs, the rest of him inched its way up to her as well. His hands stopped when they were on her upper thighs his thumbs just inches away from her center. Lucy couldn't help it, she tried to push away from him with the heels of her feet as they dug into the mattress. When she glanced down she realized her boots were gone. She didn't even remember him taking her boots off. Laxus' smirk widened as he squeezed her thighs hard enough to bruise. Lucy flinched and bit down on her bottom lip to keep from crying out.

"Keep doing that and I'm going have to bite that juicy lip myself..." Laxus growled as he licked his own. Lucy immediately stopped. She wanted to close her eyes to keep the tears she knew were starting to flood her eyes from falling. "Now, Princess, be a good little girl and I won't draw this out longer than it needs to be..." Laxus said digging his thumb into her inner thigh.

Lucy whimpered at the pain that shot through her. Her fists gripped the sheets under her tightly making her hands turn white. Her body began to shake but not in pain. It was in anticipation. She couldn't believe how her body was betraying her. She was glad so far that he didn't go near her nether regions because she was soaked, practically dripping. She wanted to close her legs tightly but he made it impossible to move her legs.

Laxus could smell her arousal get stronger by the second. It was intoxicating, to say the least. He couldn't help the rumble of approval in his chest.

"Are you going to behave? Because I have annoying clothing to remove..." Laxus growled as his head lowered to her exposed mid-section nipping here and there. "Or I could make it easier... Cut off all nerve function just by touching a certain place on your head to hit a certain part of your brain that will paralyze you for a short time..." Laxus mused out loud as he slid his tongue around her belly button.

Lucy wanted to say 'I surrender' but apparently her brain decided to go against itself. "Go to hell!" Lucy said through grit teeth. She wanted to curse herself so bad but she couldn't stop there now could she? "You have to be pretty desperate if you have to kidnap someone to get..." Lucy said but was cut off by Laxus slamming his mouth onto hers.

Laxus had enough of her talking. He nipped at her bottom lip demanding entrance. Lucy fought to keep her mouth closed and tried to pull away. But he decided to grind his hips against her nether regions making her gasp at how huge the bulge in his pants was already. Laxus took advantage of her reaction and thrust his tongue into her mouth. His tongue explored her mouth and demanded that she join in. He sucked her tongue into his mouth when he got it to move. He bit down on it slightly, effectively scraping his canines against her tongue causing her to gasp again.

Laxus slid his hand to grip her ass as he continued to grind his hips against her, he could feel his pants getting damp. Telling him that even she was getting turned on. He pulled back from her to let her breathe but he attacked her neck. Licking, nipping, sucking, and scraping his canines across the skin of her neck and shoulder.

Laxus growled when he felt her hands try to push him away causing him to bite down a little harder than he had originally intended. He pierced her skin slightly with the tip of his canines. She yelped when she felt something sharp prick her neck making her dig her nails into his chest.

He chuckled with a groan from the pain before he licked up the drop of blood that leaked out as he pushed his hips into her soaked center harder. Which he found out he shouldn't have licked the blood off her neck because once he did something inside him roared even louder than it was before. He found that he no longer could completely control his actions. The taste of her blood on his tongue was also too much, he wanted more.

"I warned you!" Laxus growled threateningly against her neck, causing Lucy to jump slightly and still when she felt his hand grip her hip.

He dug his fingers into her skin holding her in place. She heard the tall tale sound of a belt being unbuckled. Her eyes widened in fear for she knew what was going to happen next. She heard the clang of the belt hitting the ground. Laxus then grabbed her shirt and ripped it off in one strong tug revealing Lucy's black almost see-through bra. Something akin to a purr threatened to escape Laxus' throat but he bit it back as he nipped his way down her chest. He grabbed the center of her bra with his teeth before ripping it off. He smirked at the 'Eep' Lucy let slip.

"You do as I say or this will be the most painful thing that will ever happen to you, I promise you that..." Laxus growled as he nipped at her rosy bud.

He held her nipple between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. Lucy couldn't fight the moan that slipped through her lips. Laxus decided to pinch the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and roll it in between them. Lucy was finding it really hard to fight against what he was doing. She attempt to rub her thighs together but couldn't because of Laxus being between her thighs. Laxus felt her legs try to squeeze together which only made him harder. He sucked on the bud as he swirled his tongue around the tip of the nipple as his hand massaged her other breast roughly.

"Please... Stop Laxus..." Lucy cried through grit teeth.

Laxus switched breasts as he smirked up at her when he heard her beg. He repeated the same actions he did to the breast he just left to the other. What were a few minutes felt like days for Lucy. She couldn't keep her thoughts straight. She just wanted him to stop but her body wouldn't listen to what she wanted. Laxus decided to kick things up a notch and add some lightning to his fingers which caused Lucy to arch her back and roll her hips against him involuntarily as she let out an embarrassing moan.

Laxus chuckled darkly, "You like that don't you?" Laxus asked low and huskily.

"N-N-No... J-J-Just stop Please!" Lucy stammered, she just wanted to get away, she didn't like how he was making her body feel.

Her body wanted him to the point of almost needing him.

"Oh, I'll stop..." Laxus said as he leaned over her both hands on the mattress supporting him. Lucy felt an ounce of hope for a millisecond until he spoke again with a dark chuckle. "When I've had my fill of you.." Laxus added only to watch as her fear came back to her face. "You know you're gorgeous when you're scared..." Laxus purred in her ear.

A shiver went up Lucy's spine when he licked the shell of her ear and continued to slide his tongue down her neck to her collarbone.

Laxus grabbed the waistband of her skirt, "NO! Please don't!" Lucy cried out just as Laxus ripped it away revealing a matching thong to her bra.

"You can't fool me... You like it... I can smell your arousal..." Laxus said sliding his nose along her neck and sending more shivers down her spine. "Not to mention... You're practically a river with how wet you are..." Laxus growled in her ear.

He decided that he wanted to hear her beg some more. He slid his hand under her panties, sliding his finger up and down the outside of her slit. His fingers slid nicely as they got soaked with each motion. He continued to nip at her neck as he slowly spread her lower lips with his fingers. His thumb caressed the small bundle of nerves as her legs began to shake. He pressed harder as he circled his thumb faster.

Lucy's body shook as she felt like she was going to explode. The feeling was foreign to her. Her back arched on its own as his fingers pressed harder and moved faster. She wanted him to stop but keep going at the same time.

"That's it, Princess..." Laxus purred in her ear. "Let it go... Cum for me..." Laxus continued to coax her. Lucy felt herself tense up before she let out a scream as something felt like it exploded inside her. "Mmm... Good girl... So wet..." Laxus mumbled as he helped her come down from the high. "Now, let's see if I can get you to do that again..." Laxus mused as his finger slid along the slit to the ready and waiting entrance.

Laxus slowly began to push his finger in when Lucy began to panic and push the heels of her feet against the mattress to try and get away. This was the last thing she wanted him to do. Laxus threaded the fingers of his other hand through her hair before he gripped the strand hard and yanked her head back.

"What did I say?" Laxus could feel her body tremble.

"Laxus! Please! STOP!" Lucy cried out as he smirked before he slammed his finger inside her. He pumped his finger in and out of her fast and hard. Lucy dug her nails into the mattress as she clenched her jaw. "S-S-Stop!" Lucy cried through grit teeth.

It was definitely painful. She closed her eyes tight trying to hold back the tears.

Laxus slowed his finger as he nipped at her neck. Laxus growled against her neck as her walls began to tighten around his finger. He scraped his canines across her neck drawing blood. He lapped up the blood as she screamed out his name. That was music to his ears. He wanted to hear it again. He brought his fingers to his mouth as he licked off the celestial mage's juices that coated his hand. He groaned at the taste. Without a second thought, his pants and boxers were off. He kneeled between her legs as he positioned his cock at her entrance. Laxus saw panic dance in her eyes.

Laxus smirked, "I'm sorry Princess but I can't wait anymore... This is going to hurt like hell..." Laxus said with clear amusement in his voice.

"No! Laxus! Please don't! LAX..." Lucy screamed as Laxus slammed his cock straight into her effectively ripping through the barrier causing Lucy's walls to tighten around his cock.

"Fuck! Your tight..." He grunted as he pounded into her without mercy.

He didn't care to leave her time to adjust he just kept on slamming into her ignoring her screams and pleas to stop. He went faster and harder making her screams increase in volume. His hand tightened in her hair tilting her head back and baring her neck to him.

Unknown to them Laxus' magic was going haywire. Sparks were coming off his body and dancing across Lucy's drawing out her magic play with his. Lightning and Celestial Magic intertwine together merging their magic together.

Laxus was close and by the way, Lucy was clamping down around him he could tell she was too. Laxus head fell to her shoulder as he continued to slam himself into her lifting her ass slightly off the ground. With the position, Lucy's screams got louder. Lucy pushed her hands against his chest trying to push him off but she wasn't strong enough, especially with him holding her down and slamming into her like he was.

Lucy did the next best thing she could think of and that was to dig her nails into his shoulders which had the opposite effect she was hoping for. Laxus growled feeling her nails dig into him. He tightened the grip of his hand in her hair as he went even faster and even harder.

With a few more thrusts he had Lucy once again screaming his name which caused him to follow her off the edge. He bit down, sinking his canines into the crock of her neck instinctively as he let himself spill his seed inside her as he pushed himself as far and as hard as he could to as deep as he could.

All around them the lights were flickering, some had burst from the amount of magic power that flowed through them. Laxus detached himself from her neck and instinctively slid his tongue across the new bite mark wiping the blood away. Both blondes were panting trying to catch their breaths.

For Laxus that was the best experience, he's ever had.

For Lucy, it was the most painful and embarrassing she's ever had.

After a few minutes, Laxus pushed himself up and he pulled himself out of her. Both mages were covered in sweat and cum. Laxus looked down at the girl as she whimpered and curled in on herself facing the wall away from him. He felt a hint of guilt spill into the pit of his stomach when he looked at her bruised, burned, and scraped-up skin, something that he's never felt before, but he managed to brush it off.

Laxus gathered his clothes while putting them on piece by piece.

He smirked, "I'll be back... I'm getting food, I'm sure as hell hungry after that workout... We're definitely doing that again..." He chuckled darkly when he heard her whimper again.

The others had returned just in time to hear the girl upstairs start screaming. Evergreen cringed and looked away while she walked into a different room. She was disgusted by his actions. Part of her wanted to abandon the plan and Laxus but the other part of her owed Laxus everything but in the end, the part that owed him everything won out.

Bickslow just shook his head, he knew before they left what their boss was planning on doing to the girl but he pushed it to the back of his mind in hopes that he might have been wrong. But as fate would have it he wasn't. He ground his teeth as he followed Evergreen into the other room.

Freed's face never faltered. He looked like it didn't bother him one bit. But inside he too was disgusted with what his leader was doing. That wasn't something they all signed up for. The only kidnapped the girl to use her as a hostage and bargaining chip for Laxus to hopefully get the guild handed over to him.

But now it seemed their leader was altering the plan to suit himself. They knew Laxus had a high and strong sexual appetite but even this to them was going too far. Their plan was slowly going down the drain, especially if he kept this up.

After a few hours, Laxus exited the room and walked down the stairs to see his team sitting on a couch that was in one of the extra rooms. He knew when they got back, he could smell them, but at the time he could have cared less, after all, he was busy.

"Ever..." Laxus called over. She looked up at him and he could see the disgust toward him in her eyes. "Go up and clean her up..." He watched as she got up and did as he said. "Freed, Bicks go get food, I'm starving... And I guess to get her something too... She's going to need the energy..." Laxus said as he chuckled darkly.

Freed and Bickslow both nodded as they both walked out of the building.

Laxus looked up at the door he had just come out of and he felt it again. He felt the guilt flowing through him stronger than before. It almost made him topple over. Next, he felt the feeling of fear wash over him and he couldn't understand why he wasn't scared of anything and there was nothing to be scared of. He got his breathing under control just in time to see Evergreen come down the stairs.

Laxus raised a questioning eyebrow. "That was quick normally you women take forever..." Laxus growled.

"She asked me to get three of her keys... Two gold and one silver..." Evergreen said looking at the floor.

"What!? Why would we give her something so she can use her magic against us?" Laxus sneered.

He was pissed that she was even asking. Didn't she understand that giving her her keys would give her the advantage to try and get away? Not that she could since there were bars on the windows and over him and his team could go through the door.

"She said that one of the gold keys brings her clothes now and then, the other gold key does her hair and the silver one is basically like a pet... Doesn't fight or anything, in fact, she said it's a dog..." Evergreen told him what Lucy had explained to her.

Evergreen objected at first until she had explained the purposes of each key. She still didn't want to ask but the girl wouldn't let her touch her. So, she really had no other choice in the matter.

Laxus sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. "Which ones?" Laxus asked after a few minutes.

"She said Virgo for clothes, Cancer for hair, and Canis Minor is the dog..." Evergreen said as she listed them off using her fingers.

Laxus dug into his coat pocket and pulled out a key ring with gold and silver keys on them. He looked them over and couldn't figure out which one was which. Then he wondered, how did she tell each one apart?

"Do you know which ones are which?" Laxus asked as he looked them over again.

Evergreen shook her head. "No... I didn't think to ask what they looked like..." Evergreen said as she hung her head.

Laxus growled, "Damn it... Now I have to go back up there so she can pick them out..." Laxus wasn't happy one bit about this.

Evergreen sighed as she followed Laxus back up the stairs. When they entered the room Lucy instantly went on the defensive. Lucy held up what was left of the sheet to cover herself. She looked like a scared rabbit ready to run. An angry scared rabbit. If looks could kill Laxus probably would have been six feet under by now.

Evergreen had to fight her lip from twitching. The defiance in her eyes toward Laxus was pretty comical. None of them would ever think of fighting back. But this girl seemed to either be brave or stupid.

Laxus looked her over quickly and fought down the bile that wanted to rise up his throat at the sight of the bruised and burned skin. The blood on the sheets made it even harder to keep his stomach from rolling. But he couldn't look weak so he chose to ignore it.

Laxus smirked, "You want your keys?" Laxus asked eyeing her carefully. Lucy nodded. "Well... Which ones are what?" Laxus asked holding out the key ring. Lucy stepped back, she didn't trust him, especially after what he did to her. "I'm not going to hurt you... If you want the keys you're going to have to come over here to get them..." Laxus said with a sigh as he saw the fear in her eyes return tenfold.

For some reason the fear in her eyes made his chest hurt, he couldn't explain it but he had to push it down for now. Lucy clutched the torn sheet tightly as she carefully made her way over to where Laxus stood with her keys. Her eyes never left his as she approached him. She held out her hand and motioned for him to give them to her.

"Point to them and I'll give them to you..." Laxus growled taking a step toward her. She took two steps back. Laxus smirked, "I said I'm not going to hurt you... Unless you want to keep trying my patients..." Laxus growled out.

Lucy's legs were trembling as gulped and took a small step forward. She pointed to the three keys she asked for not once looking away from his eyes. Laxus thought it impressive that she knew which keys were what without even looking at them. But he guessed it came with the type of mage she was. She had to know which key was which and where on the key ring to get to the faster.

Laxus took the two gold keys off the key ring and handed them to her. "When you get done with these two I may let you have the silver one..." Laxus said handing her the keys.

Lucy practically snatched them from him. She held them tightly to her chest as she backed away from Laxus but she didn't get far when he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. They were nose to nose. Lucy's eyes set in a glare while he looked amused.

Laxus smirked, "Don't take too long Princess..." Laxus purred. He could feel Evergreen's glare on his back. He leaned into Lucy's ear, "I'm nowhere near done with you yet..." Laxus purred in her ear. Laxus buried his nose in her hair and breathed in deep relishing in the calming scent of honey-glazed strawberries and coconuts. "You're way too intoxicating to stay away from..." He continued to purr.

When he heard her whimper he pulled back while loosening his hold on her arm. She took advantage of that and pulled away quickly and ran into the bathroom holding the two gold keys to her chest. She slammed the door shut as soon as she entered it. Laxus chuckled slightly. He enjoyed messing with her.

"Let me know when she's done... So I can get those keys back from her..." Laxus said as he walked out the door.

Evergreen sighed, she felt sorry for the girl. Once she knew Laxus was far enough away she walked over to the bathroom door and knocked softly on it.

"Lucy..." Evergreen said through the door. "He's gone..." Evergreen added.

The door opened and a pink-haired maid walked out. Evergreen raised an eyebrow as she watched the maid gather the destroyed clothing that littered the floor.

"Where's Lucy?" Evergreen asked in a stern voice.

The maid stopped and looked at Evergreen. "My Princess is showering... I'm going to take her clothes and have them repaired... In the meantime, I have brought her clothes from the Celestial realm... Please be sure these do not get destroyed..." The maid said in a monotone voice.

She once again entered the bathroom again closing the door behind her. Evergreen listened through the door.

"Princess... Are you alright?" She heard the maid ask. She wasn't able to hear Lucy's voice. But she heard the maid speak again. "Are you sure that's wise? Big brother will surely be worried..." There was another pause so Evergreen assume Lucy was talking. "As you wish Princess... I still think it's a bad idea not to inform big brother of what has taken place... But I won't tell him..." Evergreen heard the maid say.

After Lucy entered the bathroom she didn't hesitate to call out Virgo. "Open Gate Of The Maiden! Virgo!" Lucy chanted softly before the sound of a doorbell echoed through the bathroom revealing a pink-haired maid. "Hello, Virgo..." Lucy said forcing a smile onto her face.

Virgo looked her key-holder over and gave a slight frown at the state she was in. "Hello, Princess..." Virgo said with a bow. "How can I help today?" She asked.

"Can you get clothes, please... My others are, well, in shreds..." Lucy admitted as she looked down.

Unknown to Lucy that all her contracted spirits knew exactly what happened but they weren't going to say anything as to not make matters worse than they already are.

"Of course, Princess..." Virgo bowed and disappeared for a second before reappearing with a small pile of clothes. "Here you go Princess... I'll go clean up the room..." Virgo said before exiting the bathroom.

Lucy wanted to cry but she pushed it down and got in the shower. She knew Virgo would behave herself. She wouldn't attack without giving the okay to attack. And Virgo knew how she felt. She didn't want to make everything worse for herself.

Not long after she got in the shower Virgo returned bringing her shower stuff and placing it on the side of the tub.

"Princess... Are you alright?" Virgo asked.

"I'm fine Virgo..." Lucy replied her voice barely above a whisper. "Can you do me a favor Virgo? Can you not tell Loke about this?" Lucy asked.

"Are you sure that's wise? Big brother will surely be worried..." Virgo replied.

"Yes, I'm sure... I don't want him to worry..." Lucy said with a small smile as she finished rinsing out her hair.

"As you wish Princess... I still think it's a bad idea not to inform big brother of what has taken place... But I won't tell him..." Virgo said already knowing that he already knew and wasn't happy about it.

"Thank you, Virgo... You can go if you like..." Lucy said softly.

Virgo nodded with another bow before disappearing.

Out in the room, there was a noise that sounded like a doorbell. Evergreen tilted her head in confusion.

'What the hell was that?' Evergreen thought to herself.

"Open! Gate Of The Giant Crab! Cancer!" Evergreen heard Lucy's voice echo.

"What kind of hairstyle would you like today, Baby?" Evergreen heard a male's voice ask.

'I bet that's one she called Cancer...' Evergreen thought as things went quiet again.

She heard the sound of the doorbell again. She backed away from the door just as it opened and Lucy came out. Lucy's hair was dry and straight. She was wearing short shorts and a white tank top with a dark blue long-sleeved, zip-up hoodie over top. She left the hoodie unzipped as she entered the room with a blank, expressionless look on her face.

"Are you done with them?" Evergreen asked.

Lucy looked at her and then back to the keys in her hands. She hugged them tight to her chest before nodding. She hesitantly handed them to Evergreen. Lucy was trying hard to fight back the tears but a few fell anyway.

Evergreen had to turn away from her. She couldn't go soft of a hostage now. She had to follow her orders.

"I'll see if he'll give you the third key you asked about... No promises..." Evergreen said softly as she walked through the door, closing it behind her, and down the stairs.

"Well? Is she done?" Laxus asked as he lay on the couch with his hands folded behind his head.

"Yes... Here they are..." Evergreen said handing him the two gold keys.

He took them and put them back on the key ring then put them back in his pocket. "Good... We have preparations to make... We have three weeks till the festival... Let's get moving we have a ton of shit to do to get ready..." Laxus said walking out the front door.

"I have a really bad feeling about this..." Evergreen muttered under her breath.

Evergreen sighed but followed Laxus out the door. She knew things weren't going to be easy from here on out. Especially with Laxus' newfound obsession.

None of them knew what was going on and they were slightly scared to find out.

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