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What’s the strongest chains attack? (Magical Girls Attack Special 0)

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Due to an unexplained phenomenon, Sailor Venus and Cure Lemonade met in a park. They talked to each other and then a strange idea came to them.

"Hey, hey!" Said Cure Lemonade. "Do you have a chain attack too?"

"Yes." Sailor Venus replied. "I even have two."

"Hmm... I wonder which one is stronger?"

"There's only one way to find out. You ready?"

Venus winks at Lemonade. She nods in response.


The Holy Moon Sword appears in Venus' hand. Meanwhile, Lemonade clenches her hands into fists and crosses them in front of her chest.

"Pretty Cure..."

Venus moves the sword and the blade extends. On Lemonade's side, her hands turn yellow and butterfly-shaped chains materialize.

"Wink Chain Sword!"

"Prism Chains!"

Venus' sword turns into several chains and they head towards Lemonade. Lemonade grabs the butterfly-shaped chains and sends them in Venus' chains' way.

The two attacks clash, but neither gets the upper hand. The chains disappear.

"Well, that doesn't answer our question." Said Venus, disappointed.

"But it does, on the contrary!" Says Lemonade, all smiles. "They are equal in strength!"

A big drop is formed on Venus’ forehead then the two magical girls laugh together.