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“Is this one of Bonnet’s things?”

Edward makes a pouty little moue. “It’s my thing, Izzy. I’m allowed to have my own things.”

Izzy sucks his teeth. “I know that.” He hesitates, rubbing his hand into the back of his hair. “You know I’m not… I’m not good at that kind of nonsense, the way he is.”

Ed takes Izzy’s right hand in his, turning it upright and sliding two fingers under the leather glove. Izzy shivers as they make contact with his sensitive palm. He looks at Izzy through his lashes, eyes large and liquid black. It ought not make Izzy’s heart pound like this, after all these years, but it does.

“I wanna do it with you, though,” Ed says, his voice soft and oh so sincere.

“Okay,” Izzy says weakly, and Ed immediately brightens.

“Fuck yeah! Love ya, Iz.” Ed lays a smacking kiss on Izzy’s lips. “I’m gonna go get ready.”


Izzy was expecting more costuming, but when he enters the captain’s cabin at the appointed time, Ed is lounging on the couch, dressed in a familiar velvet dressing gown. His bearing is different: he’s posed carefully, a little more delicate, a little more elegant.

Izzy’s tongue feels thick, and he shifts awkwardly in place. He’s not built for this kind of foolishness.

“Your Highness,” he says, opening with the line Edward provided him ahead of time and feeling more idiotic than he’s ever felt in his fucking life. “You sent for me?”

“Sir Israel.” Though his posture is feminine, Ed’s voice is deep and rich as ever. “I suppose you’re wondering why I called you to my bedchamber this evening, while my husband is away on important business.”

“…I suppose.”

“And in such a scandalous state of undress.”

Izzy can’t help but take another look. The robe is a tiny bit open over Ed’s chest, and it’s hard to tell in the dim light, but Izzy thinks he can see something dark and lacy peeking out. He clears his throat.

“If you say so, Your Highness.”

Ed smiles angelically, making something twist pleasantly in Izzy’s gut. “I do. Aren’t you going to ask?”

“Ask what, Your Highness?”

“Why I called you here.”

“Oh.” Izzy shifts uncomfortably. “Why… why did you call me here?”

Ed smiles again, this time like Izzy is a puppy who’s just successfully performed a new trick, and beckons him with one finger. “Come here, my knight.” Izzy steps forward automatically, until he’s standing within touching distance.


Thank Christ, they’re now on more familiar territory. Izzy drops to his knees in a practiced movement, and Edward holds out his hand, wrist limp. This cue is easy to understand. Izzy takes it carefully in his own hand and kisses Ed’s knuckles, like he’s a fine lady. Ed makes a pleased little sound that makes warmth bloom low in Izzy’s stomach.

“I’ve seen how you watch me, knight. Did you think I didn’t notice?”

Absurd to feel genuine shame when this isn’t real. It’s just Ed’s little story, but Izzy feels his cheeks flush regardless. “I wouldn’t presume to know what Your Highness does and does not notice,” he says carefully.

“Such respectful words,” Ed purrs. “Not like your gaze, when you think I’m not looking. Filthy. Wanting. Presumptuous.”

Izzy ventures a glance at Ed’s expression, which is cool and half-lidded. He drops his gaze to the floor again. “I wouldn’t—” he stops, wrong-footed. “I’m sorry, Your Highness. You’re right. I am f… filthy. I don’t deserve to look at a lady so far above me.”

Fingers lift his chin. He keeps his eyes downcast.

“Did I say that?” There’s something dangerous in Ed’s tone. Izzy doesn’t look up, and Ed’s grip on his jaw tightens.

“Look at me, boy.” Reluctantly, Izzy meets Ed’s gaze, dark and intense on his. “I asked you a question.”

It takes Izzy a second to remember. “No,” he says hoarsely. “You didn’t say that, Your Highness.”

“No,” Edward croons, caressing Izzy’s jaw. “I didn’t.”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I shouldn’t presume.”

“I forgive you,” Edward says magnanimously. Still cupping Izzy’s jaw, he brushes his thumb over his lower lip. Instinctively, Izzy opens his mouth, and Ed smiles as his thumb pushes inside.

“Slut,” he murmurs. Flushing in shame, Izzy tries to apologize again, but Ed shushes him. “You can suck it,” he says. He does. It tastes of smoke and unburnt pipe tobacco, of Ed’s skin. He makes a soft sound around it.

“That’s good, Iz.” Ed pulls his thumb from Izzy’s mouth and wipes the saliva on his cheek. “Such a loyal knight. Obedient.”

The praise moves through Izzy’s body as a warm glow, lighting up his chest and lower regions. He fights off an unbecoming smile.

“Thank you, Princess.”

The word seems to hit Ed like a lightning bolt. He looks almost startled for a moment, then Izzy watches an emotion he recognizes intimately roll over Ed’s entire body, electrifying him. He leans forward suddenly, grabbing Izzy’s face in both hands, and kisses him.

“Fuck, Iz, I wanna suck your cock for that,” Ed mumbles into Izzy’s mouth. “Are you wet?”

Izzy nods as best he can, without breaking the kiss, then remembers that Ed likes to hear it out loud, and says, “Yeah. Yes.”

“Show me.”

Fuck,” Izzy hisses, and fumbles at the laces of his pants. Ed is grabbing him by the waist, pulling him onto the couch and into Ed’s lap, still kissing him all the while. He’s straddling Ed’s thighs, his own spread wide to accommodate their breadth. With difficulty, he gets his pants open sufficiently that he can take Ed’s hand and guide it into the opening, into his underwear. He whines softly into Ed’s mouth as blunt, callused fingers graze his dick, teasing the jewelry through the hood.

“Shit. You’re fuckin’ soaked.” Izzy moans agreement as Ed’s fingers delve into his folds with intimate familiarity. “All for me, yeah?”

“Only for you,” Izzy says, and Ed growls possessively, biting into his lower lip hard enough to bruise. He pulls his hand away only to grab Izzy’s ass with both hands and drag his hips up flush with Ed’s, grinding their dicks together. Izzy is kissing across Ed’s freshly shaven jaw, down his neck, pushing the velvet from his shoulders to find silk and lace underneath. Purple lace is stretched across his chest, his nipples peeking through the sheer fabric. Izzy brushes a thumb across one, making Ed shiver. It’s really something to look at, and Izzy takes his time with it, carefully peeling the dressing gown completely away, touching the delicate straps over his shoulders, brushing knuckles over his lace-covered erection.

When he finally raises his eyes to Ed’s face, Ed is watching him carefully, eyes huge and dark, vulnerable. Izzy puts a hand to the side of his face.

“Edward,” Izzy says gravely. “You’re beautiful.”

He seems to stop breathing for a moment. His hand covers Izzy’s, pressing it into his cheek, and he closes his eyes. When he opens them again they look a touch wet. “Thanks, mate,” he says, clearly trying to sound casual, but his voice is a bit rough. Izzy leans in to kiss him, bringing up his other hand to cup Ed’s face. They kiss for a long time, desperate, wanting, Ed digging his fingers into Izzy’s hips hard enough to bruise and Izzy sliding his hands into Ed’s hair, gripping his skull.

“Hold on, yeah?” That’s the only warning Ed gives before he swings Izzy down, flat onto his back on the couch.

“Fuckin’ idiot,” Izzy says, once he gets his breath back.

“Yeah, you’re into it,” says Ed, kissing him sloppily.

“Shut up.” Izzy tugs on his stupid little half-ponytail. Ed grins at him, then starts opening his shirt and vest, kissing each inch of exposed skin as he goes. He gets distracted around Izzy’s chest, kissing and licking along the scars, as he likes to do, then latching onto a nipple.

“Didn’t you say something about sucking my cock?”

“Yeah, but I like your tits,” Ed says. “Don’t rush me.”

Izzy opens his mouth to retort, but Ed bites down, tugging on the piercing with his teeth, and he’s hissing and cursing instead, his hands fisted in Ed’s hair. Ed chuckles, says, “That’s what I thought,” and keeps on tormenting him just like that for several minutes, until Izzy is red-faced and panting.

Now I’ll suck your cock,” Ed says with rich satisfaction in his voice, and starts kissing his way down Izzy’s stomach.

“Fuck off, Edward.”

“Now, is that any way to talk to your princess?” Ed says, laughter in his voice, as he tugs Izzy’s pants and underwear down his hips.

“Sorry. Fuck off, Your Highness.”

“Better.” Ed sits back on his heels, working at the laces of Izzy’s boots, tugging them off one by one so he can get Izzy’s pants all the way off. “Dunno why you need so many fuckin’ clothes,” he says, settling between Izzy’s thighs, knees over his shoulders.

“It’s a normal amount of clothes.”

Ed hums noncommittally, spreading Izzy with two fingers, then licks from the base of his slit all the way up, stopping just short of his dick.

“Christ, Ed, come on.”

Ed looks up at Izzy with those big brown eyes, not lifting his face from Izzy’s cunt. “You know what you need to say, don’t you Izzy?” His fingers toy idly with a piercing, making Izzy hiss and twitch.

Twat. Izzy drops his head back onto the couch, draping an arm over his eyes.

“Please, Princess.”

“Good boy,” Ed says. “Now get your arm off your fuckin’ face so I can see you.” With a whispered apology, Izzy does, and Ed finally, finally wraps his lips around Izzy’s cock and sucks hard, drawing a keening noise from his throat.

Ed has two decades’ experience at taking Izzy apart, and he draws on all of it now to reduce him to a sweaty, trembling mess with lips and teeth and tongue. He’s teetering on the edge of orgasm, cock throbbing painfully, when Ed lifts his head, and Izzy has to choke back a sob.

“Tell me, knight,” he says in a soft growl. The lower half of his face is shiny with Izzy’s fluids. “Did you imagine this, alone in your dingy little chamber?”

“What? No, I…” Ed is playing with his piercings again, tugging gently, and it’s deeply distracting. “I wouldn’t dare, Princess,” he manages finally.

“No? No fantasies?”

“I just wanted…” He stops, swallows, his throat unexpectedly tight. “I just wanted you to look at me.” It feels horrifically vulnerable, too honest, even though it’s supposed to be a game.

“So little?” Ed’s voice is soft, though Izzy can’t bring himself to look at his face. “I think we can do better, don’t you?” He doesn’t wait for an answer, just lowers his mouth back to Izzy’s cunt, pushing two fingers inside him and curving them up, dragging them against his inner walls. Izzy swears, his hips jerking, and Ed uses his free hand to press them down into the couch.

With Izzy already so close, it doesn’t take much. He comes with a hoarse cry, his back arching and his legs wrapping tight around Ed’s shoulders. Ed keeps licking and sucking him through it until the last quivers subside.

Ed grins up at Izzy, wiping his face with the back of his hand. “That was hot,” he says, crawling up Izzy’s body. He settles his entire—not inconsiderable—weight on top of him, over his chest and between his legs.

“You’re heavy, you twat,” Izzy grumbles.

“Mmm, you like it, though, don’t you.” Ed kisses him lazily, tongue stroking his lips apart. He’s annoying, but he’s right: the weight feels good, crushing Izzy into the cushions, making him feel grounded after his orgasm. Not for long, though: Ed’s lace-covered cock grinds against Izzy’s cunt, making him groan helplessly, the texture of the fabric almost too much against his oversensitive flesh.

“Help me get these off,” Ed says, pushing at his panties. “Wanna feel you. Feel how wet you are.” Izzy scrambles to obey, his hands shoving the lace down around Ed’s thighs. That’s as far as they get; Ed mumbles “Fuck yeah,” as his cock makes direct contact with Izzy’s wet slit, and then he’s distracting Izzy with hungry kisses, all teeth and tongue as his hips move in short thrusts between Izzy’s thighs. Izzy is so wet that there’s almost no friction, just the slick slide of Ed’s cock dragging over his, pulling ragged breaths from his chest. He wraps his arms around Ed’s neck, clinging for dear life as Ed sucks a mark into the skin of his throat.

“My knight,” Ed says into his ear, teeth grazing his earlobe. “You’d do anything for me.”

“Yes, Princess,” Izzy gasps. “Anything.”

“Good. Good boy,” Ed growls, and Izzy can feel his cunt spasm in response. “You wanna come?”

Please, Princess.”

“Go on and come for me then,” Ed says, and Izzy does with a hoarse cry, lifting his hips into Ed’s, grinding against him to ride it out. The tension in Ed’s body tells Izzy he’s close too, and he keeps thrusting, cock rubbing over Izzy’s tender, sensitized folds until Izzy is swearing and shaking and almost screaming, until he comes in spurts over Izzy’s belly, murmuring semi-coherent words of praise into Izzy’s ear.

They just lie there for a minute, Ed catching his breath, Izzy letting Ed press his body into the couch. Once he regains his composure, Ed is pressing tiny kisses along Izzy’s jaw.

“Next time,” he says, a mischievous smile audible in his voice, “I’ll let my husband fuck you, and I’ll watch. Would you like that, my knight?”

Lord above, he’s still fucking roleplaying. “Don’t bring Bonnet into this game, Chrissakes, Edward. He’s always on my case about remaining in character. Last time he tried to give me a script.” Izzy pushes at Ed’s shoulder ineffectually. “Would you let me up. I’m covered in your fucking jizz and I don’t want the stuff to dry on me.”

“No,” Ed says cheerfully, nibbling at the delicate skin under Izzy’s jawbone. “I wanna stay here with you a little longer.”

“... Fine.” He puts more irritation in his voice than he really feels, and immediately belies it by bringing a hand up to stroke Ed’s hair. Edward makes a happy little noise into his neck, and Izzy relaxes under him, allowing the smallest of smiles to touch his lips.