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Help from a friend

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It’s been 3 months since Gumball, and all his peers has graduated Elmore Junior High.
Its been 4 months since the Watterson’s changed for the better
4 months Gumball’s personality been watered down.
4 months since he lost the light in his eyes.
4 months since he’s took the towns advice.
Today was like any other in Elmore, is what they would’ve said.
Things has changed, yet nobody can tell if it was for the better, this change would mainly be caused by the Watterson’s. Elmore’s favorite dysfunctional family has become more.. modest. That’s how Tobias would’ve worded it. The family’s “improvement” changed all of Elmore, slowly but surely; With the help of her family and her therapist, Nicole has started to take advantage of her free time. Richard decided to help his overachieving wife and decided to get a job, for the mentality of his wife and his marriage. Anais has only gotten smarter but decided to stop trying so hard to grow up, now they’re fully enjoying her childhood. Darwin decided to be his own person, to open his eyes and make his own decisions. Without the help of his family and others around him. But that’s only half of the change, the change that really set everyone off, was the black sheep of Elmore: “Gumball” Watterson. Gumballs change was really… sudden, he began to take everybody’s brutal judgement to heart ; he started with his Family’s which was to start to focus on his school work and not irrelevant topics. Soon his F-‘s turned into A-‘s and B’s. He then moved on to Penny’s advice, to stop being ignorant of peoples feelings, and the problems he's caused. Of course they ended things after that, so that they could both focus on their personal feelings. With each harshly put word of advice, Gumball began to realize how irrelevant he was to the world.