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The Miracle of New York

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YOU DID WHAT?!?" Mirabel yelled clearly pissed , pacing back and forth freaking out.


"It slipped out when I was talking with Terry and…" Luisa mumbled, she looked down and she knew she messed up big time.


"Damn Luisa! This shouldn't have HAPPENED!" Mirabel yelled, Isabela returned home only to find her two younger sisters arguing which was new…Sure she and Mira always fought in the past but never once Mirabel and Luisa have argued.


"What happened?" Isabela asked worriedly, Mirabel groaned with frustration 


"Luisa told everyone my name in the precinct" Mirabel simply answered


"And?" Isabela raised an eyebrow, she never really understood why Mira didn't want the others to know her real name.


" I don't mind the nine nine crew to know but… I'm a detective Isa, I'm hunting down dangerous criminals, you met one of them…what if they find out my name now huh? What if they want revenge and what if they go after you guys?" Mirabel bombarded with questioned sounding more scared than mad. Isabela sighed, she flinched at the reminder of her time in prison but right now her sisters needed her…




"See?? This is why I don't open up to people!" Mirabel yelled , Isa scoffed, Luisa looked down guiltily.


"Mirabel!!" Isabela exclaimed with a warning tone gaining the younger woman's attention.


"Finally…Look I get it you're worried but whatever it is we'll deal with it, together" Isabela exclaimed ,she pulled both her sisters close.


"Aye you two…"


"Since when do you give pep talks" Mirabel raised an eyebrow


"Shut it"


"Mira?" Luisa questioned looking at her baby sister guiltily




"I'm sorry…" 


"It's …okay or at least I hope it will be okay…Sorry for snapping" Mirabel exclaimed , the truth is Mira couldn't stay mad at Luisa for long no matter what she did.


"You two are giving me grey hair" Isabela exclaimed


"Isa…" Mirabel looked at her hermana mayor,




"Shut up"








The next day Mirabel felt nervous, she had to face the entire precinct, at least she had Jake and Holt to back her up. She wasn't surprised when she earned weird stares from everyone…minus Jake obviously.


"So Mirabel huh? Or…is that even your actual name? Are you even a woman?" Hitchcock wondered about earning a death glare from Mirabel.


"Okay I shut up" He decided.


"When were you planning on telling us?" Amy questioned, Gina was curious as well.


"Never" Mirabel simply replied


"To be fair you told me and Captain Holt" Peralta pointed out


"Shut it Jake" Mirabel hissed




"Wait you knew?!?" Both Charles and Amy yelled


"Only because I didn't have a choice," Mirabel explained.


"Anything else we need to know?" Gina asked


"Yeah I'm BI…you have 1 min to question me about it" Mirabel announced , Luisa spat on her drink and chaos broke loose…





Mirabel was currently sitting at the lunch table with her older sister and Gina, it been an hour since the confrontation and things seemed to have calmed down.


"Are you actually Bi or you just said that to cause chaos?" Luisa raised an eyebrow


"Yes I am…I knew it even before I ran away" Mirabel exclaimed.


"Huh?" Luisa raised an eyebrow


"Remember Sofia?" Mirabel smirked, Luisa seemed puzzled for a minute but then her eyes widened in realization.


"You mean…."




"I have no idea what you two are talking about" Gina concluded not once taking her eyes off her phone.


"What on earth are you doing exactly?" Mirabel asked


"Crawzy Cupcake" Gina simply replied


"Oh …"


As the trio was relaxing, Captain Holt entered the lunch room.


"Diaz, I need you at my office" Holt announced, Mirabel followed her Captain at his office.


"What's wrong sir?" Mirabel questioned


"It appears that some female prisoners escaped…one of them being behind your sister's murder attempt"