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It Isn't Sex It's The Next Best Thing

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The first time it happened, Tim had just gone back to the Batcave for the first time in a good damn while, and opened his fucking locker to be assaulted with one of Jason's nasty ass uniforms clearly from after a sewer crawl.

Oh fuck no.

After he'd slammed the door back on that, and escaped far, far away, he'd pulled out his phone, because extra fuck Jason if he thought Tim was just gonna let that pass uncommented on.

Backpfeifengesicht โšฐ

You make me gag in general but now
I've quite LITERALLY almost retched.

Why did you leave ur shit in MY
locker last time you went after Killer

Oh stop being a little bitch, I was tired
and I guess I wasn't paying too much
attention to which locker it was. And
then I forgot about it. I'll get it ๐Ÿ™„

You fucking better. You're cleaning my
whole locker too

Ohhh somebody needs to lighten up
and get that enormous stick out of his
little ass

I make you gag in general? I can
definitely make you gag if that's what
you really want, Timmy ๐Ÿ˜‰

All you had to do was ask

It had just been so absurd, taken Tim so fucking off guard, he couldn't help the laugh that escaped him.


Okay fine that was funny

To think, I've just been dealing with a
sore jaw from criminals punching me
all this time when I could've at least
been getting something for it

I'll make your jaw sore for all the right
reasons baby ๐Ÿ˜˜

It's a date. Novembuary 32nd at 9 in
the afternoon ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’ž

Wouldn't miss it for the world baby

And ugh, Jason was weaseling his way out of getting bitched at more and Tim being pissed at him, but Tim had had a smile on his face now and, try as he might โ€” and he really did try โ€” he hadn't really been able to bring himself to care all that much.


The next time it happened, Timโ€” Tim didn't really know what possessed him. It was just that Jason was being stupid, bitching at him for nothing, for just doing his fucking job properly, and he guessed something in the back of his mind reminded him of what Jason had done the last time they'd argued, and...Tim had just kind of instinctively done it before he'd even really thought about it.

Red Sheep Of The Family ๐Ÿ”ซ๐ŸงŸ

You're a fucking pain in the ass

Oh Jay

I can be

I'll be gentle, I promise ๐Ÿ˜˜

(Unless you like it rough)

In the few seconds that followed his final text, Tim had felt his brain finally catching up and realising that this was...pretty uncharted territory and maybe totally inappropriate, and maybe he really shouldn't have said any of that at all. But he'd only had a moment for anxiety and regret before Jason had replied.


Damn right you better be. I need a
man who's gonna treat me right ๐Ÿ˜ค

None of this just throwing me down and having your way with me

I'll treat you so good baby

Take it slow and worship your body
like a prince like you deserves ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’“

Ooh that's what I like to hear

Tim's laughter this time had been equal parts genuine amusement and potent relief.


It became sort of a...thing after that. This...fake, jokey flirting, or whatever it was. And not just with arguments, no, Tim noticed Jason started texting him more, just out of the blue, completely innocuous things. And he was kind of surprised that he really...didn't mind?

Tim was finding Jason more...entertaining and interesting to talk to than he'd anticipated. And maybe that meant he'd started texting Jason a little more too. Maybe that meant he kind of enjoyed, kind of...looked forward to their conversations.

Today, he found himself bitching to Jason about finding out Cassie, Bart, and Kon had been making plans without him. And he believed them that they didn't mean anything by it and it was just because they knew he wasn't going to be able to make it work with his job, but it still kind of sucked when it was all of them except him and they didn't even ask.

Moderately Entertaining Asshole

Idk the whole thing has just kinda left
a bad taste in my mouth

It's whatever tho. I'm over it at this
point, I just needed to bitch

A bad taste in ur mouth huh?

You think there's anything I could do
about that?


Oh I'm sureee there is ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a couple minutes before Jason finally texted back, and when he did, it was with an image that made Tim let out a surprised laugh.

Jason had taken a photo of himself shirtless on his bed and flexing, giving the camera bedroom eyes as he poured a thin stream of what the label on the bottle turned toward the camera proclaimed to be salted caramel flavored lube over his upper abs.

Oh dear, I'm afraid I've made a little
bit of a mess. Could you help me
clean it up?




Of course, my sweet little sugar
plum, I'm sure I can get you nice
and clean in no time

My tongue is more than up to the
task. Wouldn't you say?

Oh yes, your tongue is up to just
about ANY task, you sexy stud ๐Ÿ˜˜

The name made Tim laugh out loud again.


And just what task would you LIKE
my tongue to be up to tonight?

Mmm I think you know baby

As Nicki Minaj said: I'll let him eat my
ass like a cupcake


I'm done, u start quoting Nicki Minaj
at me and I'm done for the day



Does that mean you're not gonna eat my
ass like a cupcake baby?

Maybe later if ur good ๐Ÿ˜˜


And Tim didn't really take any notice, a faint smile still on his face as he switched apps to scroll mindlessly for a bit before patrol, but he ended his evening in a much better mood than he started it.


Tim flopped down onto his bed and groaned in misery.

Well, at least he had a personal agony aunt to share his misery with now. Small silver linings? Ugh.

He took out his phone.


Oh god, you're so fucking lucky
you're officially dead

There's gonna be another WAYNE
GALA in a few weeks ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Gonna have to make nice with some
of the WORST people

Gonna have to fucking DANCE with

It never gets better

Just shake what your momma gave you
baby, easy peasy, you'll be the star

Tim snorted. Besides the hilarious inappropriateness of the concept of shaking his ass as a form of dancing at a gala, shake what exactly? He didn't exactly have a big ass โ€” or much of one at all, for that matter.

And then an idea popped into his head, which he quickly dismissed because it was too much, too far. But then... Well, Jason had sent him a picture too.

Tim got up and stripped down to his boxer briefs, before turning to the side in his full length mirror, and snapping a picture.

What did my momma give me,


A pert little ass and a FINE ass body

Thank you KINDLY for your service
Mrs. Drake

Tim couldn't help but flush a little at that. He knew Jason was just going with the bit, but still, he'd never been...raved over. He didn't think his body was bad, it was just that it was just...okay. It wasn't anything to write home about. And that was fine with him! But seeing something like this was, well, it was flattering. Even if he knew Jason was just saying it for their little joke.


Tim was a determined person, and with enough determination he could do just about anything he damn well wanted to.

Which included pointedly wrangling his schedule to make time to hang out with his friends. And since they all had powers that allowed them to freely go wherever the fuck they wanted very quickly, yeah, they were totally coming to Tim's place. But he'd paid when they'd all ordered takeaway to eat in, so they were totally even.

Cassie and Bart were arguing over the last breadstick, and Tim was silently betting to himself that it was less than a minute before Kon stole it himself just to be petty and shut them up, when Tim's phone vibrated. He checked it, only to see it was a text from Jason. A rather lewd one, actually, even as far as their usual conversations went. It was a picture of a bakery display with a pile of Bavarian cream bismarks and the one on the top was leaking some of the cream filling from the small hole in the side where it had been filled, and Tim could see Jason's delighted face faintly reflected in the glass.

Boo ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅตโค

Thought of you bby ๐Ÿ˜˜


Gonna have you looking just like that
again tonight

Before he could reply again, he heard Kon choke on his spit next to him.

"Who the fuck is that?!"

Tim quickly locked his phone, but the others were already looking over.

"Nobody, it was a joke," he said.

"A joke," Kon repeated incredulously. "That didn't look like a joke! And they're in your phone as 'Boo' with the fucking emojis."

"It's a joke!" Tim insisted. "Do you really think I'd unironically call someone boo? It's a running joke!"

Kon still didn't look like he believed him.

"What did it say?" Bart asked.

"Nothing!" Tim said, but it didn't stop Kon from answering anyway.

"It was a picture of one of those cream filled donuts, and it was...leaking. In a way that was...very suggestive. And it said 'Thought of you baby' and then 'Gonna have you looking like that again tonight'."

Tim put his hand over his face as Cassie's mouth literally dropped open.

"Tim!" She exclaimed. "That's not a joke!"

"It was," he insisted again, but it was more of a mumbling groan.

"It's not a joke anymore if you're actually fucking them!" Her tone was turning just a bit hysterical.

"I'm not!" Tim's head snapped up again to look at her as he protested heatedly. "We're not fucking! We've never fucked! We've never even kissed โ€” it legitimately is a joke."

Bart narrowed his eyes. "I dunno, you're a good liar when you wanna be, and the facts we know point in the opposite direction. Who is this person anyway?"

Tim scowled. "I'm not fucking telling you. You guys are gonna get weird about it because you're convinced I'm actually fucking him. We're just friends, it's a running joke, we pretend-sext each other because it's funny."

They stared at him.

"Uh-huh," Cassie eventually said.

"What!" Tim threw his hands up exasperatedly. "You've never pretend-flirted with friends?"

"I mean sometimes, a little, but nothing like that! That was like graphic sexting, that's like two inches away from actually sending pics."

Tim's face could only be described as looking caught.

"Ohmigod have you sent nudes?!" Cassie all but shrieked.

"Not nudes!" He protested, just as loud and shrill. "Justโ€” You know what, I'm leaving." He stood. "I don't have to keep talking about this. It's a joke."

"That's definitely not a joke!" Bart called after him, as he walked away.

"Dramatic," Kon sighed.

And yeah, he kind of was being dramatic, because he couldn't actually leave his own flat with them still there โ€” not if he wanted it to still be standing when he came back. But he would come back into the room in a few minutes when they'd hopefully moved onto bigger and better topics. Topics that were not Jason.


Tim was sick. Of course he was fucking sick. Of course. Fucking broken immune system, fucking winter, fucking Gotham. This was not how he'd wanted to spend his weekend.

Of course, this necessitated complaining to all of his friends near-constantly.

He probably shouldn't have been surprised when Jason showed up with soup. Casually let himself in the front door, like he belonged there, and walked over to Tim's sad, blanket-burritoed self on the couch, setting several thermoses and several bananas down on the coffee table beside him and demanding, "Where are your bowls?"

Tim just blinked at him owlishly for a moment, but then he finally said, with a small cough, "Top cabinet to the left of the stove. Utensils are in the drawer right below it."

Jason nodded and came back a few moments later with a bowl and spoon, and then opened one of the thermoses and poured him a bowl of chicken noodle soup. "You're eating that."

It was another demand, and Tim couldn't help letting out a small laugh, even if it made him cough. But he took the bowl.

The soup was actually fucking delicious, even with his stuffed up nose probably hindering his sense of taste, and he told Jason as much.

"Good." Was all he said, and pulled one of Tim's chairs over beside the coffee table.

Tim probably shouldn't have been surprised then either when there was a rushed knock at the door just as Tim finished his soup, and Jason got up to answer it to see Bart there.

"Tim's sick." Jason said flatly.

"I know! That's why I'm here! To cheer him up!"

There was a small commotion in the hallway, and then Tim heard Jason mutter, "Oh goody," under his breath.

"Oh, you came too!" He heard Cassie saying. "We thought it would be a good idea to come cheer Tim up. We brought him some of Ma Kent's pie! She said she'd make him some soup too, but it takes a while to make a good soup, apparently, so Kon can go get that later."

Fuck, why were all his friends so sweet? That was so unnecessary.

Jason stepped back and let them all in, before shutting the door behind them.

Bart darted into the living room first in a blur. "Hey Tim! You seemed so down about being sick I thought you could use some company or something!"

"Yup," Kon agreed. "Ma sent us with some pie when me and Cassie told her where we were going and that you were sick." He set down a tightly covered plate with three slices of lemon meringue pie โ€” the meringue now very squished, but surely still delicious.

"Oh, thanks guys. Tell her I said thank you."

Jason sat back down in his chair and crossed his arms, leaning back watchfully as the rest of Tim's friends pulled up chairs of their own, chattering away amongst themselves, keeping the conversation going mainly on their own to spare Tim from talking and coughing up a lung.

Tim was...actually kind of hungry now that he'd had the soup. He hadn't been before that, but it was like it had woken up his hunger. He reached for one of the bananas on the table, settling back into his cosy blanket burrito as he peeled it with a small smile on his face as he listened to his friends talk.

He looked back up at the room as he took a bite of his banana, and happened to make eye contact with Jason, who flicked his eyes down to the banana then back up to Tim, raised his eyebrows, and grinned. Tim couldn't help but grin back, and maybe slid his lips down the banana slightly suggestively before taking the next bite.

Jason pulled out his phone, and barely thirty seconds later, Tim's phone pinged with a text, quickly followed by another. He picked it up.


You imagining that banana is me

You thinking about having your lips wrapped around my cock?

Oh of course, hot stuff. Always ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yeah? You spend all your time
counting down the minutes until you
can get my cock back in your mouth?

Mhmm. Love the way you taste, love
it when you grab my hair and fuck my

Hot, baby

Makes me wanna pull you down onto
my cock right fucking here

I'd suck it if you did. I'd stay right there
and let them leave or watch if they

I'd let you come on my face too

Keep my mouth open and let you
come on my tongue. Across my
cheek. Let you make me your little

Fuck baby

Jesus christ

Lick it?


Lick the banana

Tim paused for a moment. Well... He glanced at his friends, and they didn't appear to be paying any particular attention to him.

He gave the banana a slow lick up the side before taking another bite.

Fuck yeah baby

God you're perfect

Is that how you want me to take care
of you when I finally get my mouth
on you again?

You want me to take my time? Lick
your cock nice and slow?


Fuck yes baby

Want you to lick me slow, get me wet,
tease me with that tongue of yours
until I can't take it anymore

Mm I can't wait

I'll tease you until you break and then
suck your cock good and hard, and
make you forget what wanting feels

"We should watch a movie!" Bart brightly suggested, getting Tim's attention.

"Oh. Yeah, sure, what do you wanna watch?"

"Ragnarok!" Cassie suggested.

"Oh, yeah, that's a good one. I'm pro-Ragnarok. Any objections?" Kon asked.

There were none.

"Here, gimme." Tim made grabby hands toward the remote until Jason passed it to him. "I'll get it set up."

"Great, then let's clean up while you do that โ€” Bart you get that bowl," Cassie said, abruptly standing and grabbing Tim's banana peel from him and dragging Kon with her into the kitchen before Tim could even react.

"But I...wanted more...soup," he said, bewildered, as Bart disappeared after her with the bowl and spoon.

"It's Jason," he heard Cassie say, nearly as soon as they turned the corner.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely Jason," Kon agreed.

"One hundred per cent." He could practically see the vigorous nodding Bart was sure to be doing. "And I believe Tim less than ever that it's all a joke."

Kon sighed. "Yeah. Unfortunately."

Tim glanced at Jason, who had most definitely overheard his terrible-at-stealth friends just as much as he had.

Jason just raised his eyebrows.

Well...that cat was out of the bag, then.

"Could you bring my bowl back, if you're done using it as an excuse to gossip?" Tim asked. "I want more soup."

The kitchen went conspicuously silent.


A little over a month later, Tim was much, much less sick, and had made plans with Kon to have lunch and wander around the mall. See? He could have a social life. Oh how the turntables, now it wasn't him being left out at all.

He itched to get back to the cases he was neglecting, though.

As they strolled past another Starbucks, in the same mall, Tim felt somebody grab him around the waist from behind. Before he could react violently, however, he was already hearing Jason's cheerfully obnoxious, "Snookums!"

He relaxed back against Jason and gave a rather heavy, tiredly exasperated sigh. "Yes, darling?" He asked, turning his head to look up at him.

"I wasn't expecting to see you today! Can't I be excited to see my little snookum-wookumโ€”"

"Your little snookum-wookums-whatever-the-flying-fuck is going to punch you," Tim interrupted him in an absolute deadpan.

Jason laughed. "Oh are you not in the mood?" He ran his hands down over Tim's hips, squeezing. "I didn't take my time and do it right? I'll be sure to go all out with candles and rose petals next time my honey-bunny-boo."

Tim couldn't help snickering at that

Jason kissed his temple. "I'll let you go. Love you!"

"Mm, yeah, I love you with the force of a thousand suns or whatever," Tim said, as Jason started to walk away.

Jason turned back. "Oh, he's a poet," he said, melodramatically pretending to feel faint and clutching at his chest with his other hand as he walked backward. "A man after my heart!"

Tim laughed again, and Jason smiled and dropped his hands, turning back around and walking off to wherever he was originally going.

"...Dude." Kon said.

Tim looked over at him. "What?"

"Are you seriously still trying to tell us that's fake?"

"Um, obviously!"

"That was so not just a joke. Like yeah it was a little jokey but it was also, like. I dunno. I'm pretty sure you guys are just dating at this point, even if you refuse to realise it yet."

"It was totally a joke! We wouldn't use, or let each other use, any of those names seriously!"

Kon just sighed.


"Hey!" Jason snapped his fingers directly in front of Tim's face as he zoned out while Dick was trying to explain to him, Jason, and Stephanie the finer points of some case of his that seemed to actually be rooted in Gotham. "Stop daydreaming about me railing you and pay attention."

Tim blinked, and then burst into laughter. "Oh, of course," he finally got out through his laughter. "It's like you're a mind reader."

Jason winked at him. "I might be a little familiar with the effect I have. I've got you nailed down, baby."

Tim grinned. "Oh yes, sugarpie," he purred, "you know how to nail me alright."

Jason laughed and gave him a high five.

Dick leaned over to Stephanie. "Do they...have to be like this in front of us? I'd really rather not hear about their sex life."

"Oh, they're not banging," she said back. "Or at least, Tim insists they're not. From what I can gather, it's like a...really elaborate game of gay chicken."

Tim looked over at them, clearly annoyed. "It's not gay chicken. It's just funny."

Dick gave him a sceptical look. "...Okay."

Tim turned back to Jason with a huff, and Jason smirked, tossing an easy arm over Tim's shoulders.

"It's okay pookie." He pressed a kiss to the side of Tim's head. "They'll never understand our love."

That got Tim snickering again.


Tim got up from his desk violently, holding in a scream that felt just one tiny slip away from bursting out of him anyway. He did not know what the fuck was going on with this case. He did not know what the fuck was going on with this fucking case.

Weeks. Weeks of slamming his head against figurative brick wall after figurative brick wall. And every time one broke, and he thought he was getting somewhere, surprise! There was another one right behind it! Oh he wanted to shrivel up and die.

He walked over to his bed and flopped down face first. And then just lay there being miserable for a good twenty minutes at least.

This case was awful and Tim should have never stalked Batman and Robin, and never stuck his nose where it didn't belong and shown up on Bruce's doorstep and elbowed his way into being Robin, he should have never become a detective, he should have just been a normal, carefree, ignorant little child, and then now he would not have to be dealing with this absolute bullshit.

Eventually, Tim got bored of his stewing, though, and rolled on his side, letting out a deep sigh. There was no fucking way he was going back to that fucking case right now. He needed to give it at least a couple hours and come back to it with fresh eyes, and maybe (hopefully. Doubtfully) not wanting to scream so much. He needed something to get his mind off of it and make him feel better, if he wanted to not still be on the verge of tearing his hair out by then.

He pulled his phone out. Jason. Jason always helped.

Sugarplum ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ฆ

I'm bored, entertain meee


And just how do you want me to do
that huh? Pull a rabbit out of my ass?


I mean u COULD, that would def be
entertaining. But i was thinking more

*Bo burnham voice* ~Seeexting~


They made the internet for nights like
these ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tim grinned and completed the lyric, relieved that Jason was playing along (though he'd only had a little doubt).

I love you baby send a picture of
your tits please ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’ž

It took Jason a little longer to respond, and Tim was just starting to wonder if he'd actually annoyed Jason, when he got a reply. A reply with a picture attached.

A laugh was startled out of Tim, and he tapped to look at the picture in full view. Jason was shirtless and winking at the camera, and he had his arms pushed in tightly, squeezing his pecs together, giving the appearance of cleavage from the top down view.

Well normally I'm not that type of
girl, but you ask so pretty sweetheart

Oh normally you're not that type of
girl? You want me to believe you're
a sweet little modest obedient thing?

Jason Todd, renowned good girl?


๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ I could be

Got straight As and everything when I
was living with bruce. Was a real
teacher's pet


So you're telling me

Good little *schoolgirl*

Do you wear one of those little skirts?

๐Ÿ˜‚ fuck off

I will if you buy me one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tim knew he was joking โ€” he knew Jason was joking โ€” but he couldn't help opening his laptop and pulling up Amazon anyway.

Maybe I will sweetcheeks ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž

He browsed for quite a while. And perhaps it didn't stay strictly at the skirt. It was possible that once Tim had found the perfect little black and red plaid number that would probably just barely cover Jason's ass, he had gotten a tiny bit distracted with the recommendations and gone down a rabbithole from there.

So yes, fine, there were now also on their way to Jason via overnight shipping, a black lace leg garter (carefully selected in the 'curvy' size, because damn, those thighs), and a pair of black silk panties to match, the sides of which were deliciously transparent lace. Was Tim possibly taking this too far? ...Yes. Okay, absolutely. But Jason didn't actually have to wear it. Regardless of whether the purchases had been entirely motivated by images of Jason doing exactly that. Just. He'd probably get a good laugh out of it, and that would be that; that's all it was. For the joke. Of course.

At least it definitely got his mind off the case?


The next day, Tim opened a text from Jason to see a somewhat blurry selfie of him obviously laughing hard, the box with the clothes open on his lap and the garter in his hand.

Jason Todd, Renowned Good Girl

Gotta treat my baby right and give him
what he asks for ๐Ÿ˜˜

Oh are you my sugar daddy now?

I can vibe with that, ur rich as fuck, u
can pull it off

No rules that my sugar baby can't be a
lil older ๐Ÿ˜‰

We always did do unconventional

Too true

Well. I did make a promise...


Seriously tho you don't have to if you
really don't want to it's just a joke

Don't worry bout it baby ๐Ÿ’‹

I'm a man of my word

Tim waited with an anticipation that he really didn't want to examine too closely, the pit of his stomach feeling much too warm and fluttery inside.

When his phone pinged a couple minutes later with a new text from Jason, he couldn't click back to his messages fast enough (and he wasn't going to examine that either, thank you very much). The picture took his fucking breath away for a moment, and his heart started beating harder as he tapped to make it full screen. Holy shit.

Jason hadn't gone halfway โ€” and really, should Tim have been surprised? When did Jason ever. He had put it all on. The skirt, the garter, the fucking panties. And Tim could see that for a fact, because Jason was facing three quarters away from the mirror and bending down partially as if on his way to pick something up, making the skirt โ€” which, oh god yes, Tim had been right, standing up straight it would only cover perhaps a spare inch under his ass โ€” ride up, and showing the wide, lacy garter stretched tight over his muscular thigh, and the bottom of his ass, covered in smooth, black silk on full view. Fuck. Fuck. Tim was dying.

Oops, I dropped my pencil. Sorry
Professor Drake ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’‹


Oh fuck

That's so fucking sexy oh my god

Tim was...oh god, he was supposed to be playing the bit, but fuuuck.

Ur into the schoolgirl roleplay huh


I mean sure that's fine

But your ass

In that fucking skirt

With the fucking oh my god all of it all
of it

Your thighs. Fuck.

Oh yeah?


God yes

You look so fucking hot right now

Mmm tell me more baby

What would you do to me if you were
here, since I'm driving you so crazy?

Would you fuck me? Bend me right
over my desk and push my panties to
the side and fuck me right up that little

Tim whimpered out a small, "Oh fuck," his hand sliding down to squeeze his cock. He wasn't supposed to be hard, and it was probably wrong to actually get off to this when it was supposed to be a joke, but, fuck, he was. He was hard as hell โ€” he didn't think he'd gotten that fucking hard that fast since he was a perpetually horny teen โ€” and he couldn't keep from touching himself any longer, it was all just too much.

He ground up against his hand as he replied one-handed.

Ohhh fuck yes

Yeah Jay

Bend you over and spread those
fucking thighs and eat you out. Then
I'd fuck you good, hard and deep until
you can't even remember your own
goddamn name


I loveee the sound of that

Can you show me what I'm working
with honey?

Tim's breath stuttered and his hips paused their movement. What exactly did Jason mean by that? Because...because ifโ€” if this hadn't been joke sexting, Tim would have definitely interpreted that as asking for a dick pic. But. But this was a joke, and that would definitely be taking it too far; there was no way it could really be a joke anymore if Tim took it there. And Tim didn't want to ruin this thing between them โ€” he liked their friendship and easy banter, and he didn't want to make it uncomfortable and change it irrevocably by taking it too far.

Maybe...Jason had sent a revealing picture, but not revealing revealing, so that was probably what he was asking for in return. Just something teasing like that. Right. That made more sense. Tim could do that.

He shimmied out of his sweatpants and took off his shirt, tossing them both to the floor, and then laid back again, sliding a hand into his underwear to cup himself, hopefully hiding his hardness. He got a good angle and flexed before taking the picture, head tipped back and watching the camera from under his lashes, his mouth slightly open, hinting at a moan.

He sent it and waited.

Fuck sweetheart

So gorgeous for me

You touching yourself? Jerking
yourself off just thinking about
fucking me?

For a split second, Tim felt caught, his hand on his cock, which had gone back to squeezing and rubbing, freezing. But then he relaxed โ€” this was absolutely in the realm of the bit; Jason didn't know he was actually getting off, wasn't calling him out on it.

Of course babycakes. You look like sex incarnate, how could I ever do anything else?

Oh god yeah

That's so hot

Me too sweetheart. Thinking about
you fucking me, your hands on my
ass, you pressing me down against
the desk, your cock deep inside me,
you pounding into me so fucking hard
it shakes the desk


Yeah Jay

God. You got your hand in those
pretty panties? Touching yourself
under your little skirt?

Mhm yeah



Tim's breath quickened, heat spreading even more wildly through him as he stared at the picture. Jason looked to be sitting down and the camera was tilted down to take a picture of his lap. The skirt was askew but still mostly covering everything (although on one side it was up high enough that Tim could see the lace bit of the panties over his hip), but the outline of his hand holding his cock could be seen in the obvious tent in the skirt, the bumps of his knuckles visible through it, and of course his wrist rather obviously disappearing under the fabric. Fuck. Was Jason actually hard too? It was a little difficult to tell, but...wait. There was a small wet spot on the skirt. Holy shitโ€” was thatโ€” was Jason actually...?


Oh my god


You're going to kill me

Like in a good way?

Christ, in the sweetest fucking way


God I wanna be inside you so fucking
bad right now

Want you too

Oh fuck oh fuck babe

Put in a toy

I'm gonna come soon

Ooh what type of toy?

Prostate massager

It fucking. Vibrates



I assume you mean that in a "going to
heaven" way?


God oh fuck yes

Fuck Jay I bet you look so fucking
sexy right now. I can imagine what
you look like, all desperate rocking
down on that toy and jerking yourself
off under your skirt, bet you sound
fucking gorgeous

Tim himself was feeling rather desperate, and probably looking it too, jerking himself off quickly now amidst pants and hushed, half-voiced moans. His fervor cooled a bit, though, when Jason didn't reply.

Fuck, what was he doing? Tim was kind of relying on him to continue talking him off.

After a couple minutes, a reply finally popped up, and, to Tim's surprise, it was a voice message.

He pressed play, and immediately there was a deep moan. Tim could hear Jason's hand working quickly over himself and a muffled hum of what Tim could only assume was the massager buried deep inside him as he let out harsh pants with little half-formed, 'Oh, oh, oh's.

Jason let out a groan. "Oh fuck. Oh god, oh god yeah. Ohโ€” Tim. Tim."

Tim felt hot all over at hearing not only Jason moaning and shit โ€” Jason's sex noises, god, Jason getting himself off right there for Tim to hear โ€” but also Jason fucking moaning out his name. Any bit his arousal had slightly quelled while waiting for a response from Jason was absolutely wiped away now, overtaken by the forest fire of lust that was sweeping through him. Fuckโ€” holy shitโ€” he was gonna hear Jason come. Come for him. Calling out Tim's name, one hand up the skirt Tim had bought him, imagining Tim fucking him.

"Shit, fuck, christ," Jason moaned out, the holy name coming out long and dirty. "I'm gonna come."

There were several more moments of groans and whimpers, before there was a short, panted chant of, "Tim, Tim, oh fuck, Tim," nearly at a whisper, and then a stuttering gasp. After a few more moments, there was a low, drawn out, sated moan that tapered off into a pleased little hum, and then there was a click and the soft drone of the massager ceased. "Fuck." It was said in such a heartfelt little whisper, and god knows why that little thing in particular did it for Tim, but it was like that tiny word pushed him over some invisible edge, and he could now feel his orgasm heading for him like a fucking freight train.

โ–ทฤฑl|lฤฑll|ฤฑฤฑllฤฑ|llฤฑ|ฤฑฤฑl|lฤฑllฤฑฤฑ|ll|lฤฑฤฑฤฑlฤฑฤฑ 1:43


Oh my god




You like that baby?

You like hearing me come for you?
Thinking about your cock in my ass,
wishing it was you instead of a toy

Yes oh my god yes fuck that was so
fucking sexy I'm losing my goddamn

Yeah? You gonna come for me?

Yesyesyes I'm so close

Mmm good

Wish you were buried deep in my ass
right now. You can imagine it can't
you? How you'd come inside me, fill
me right up with it, and then watch it
drip back out

Make a mess of my panties, see it
running down from under my skirt
when I stand up, running down my
thighs and over that pretty garter too

Tim came suddenly and violently with a soft cry, his eyes clenching shut as he stroked himself through it, images of the mess he'd make of Jason absolutely swarming his head. Ohhh god.

He lay there and tried to catch his breath for a minute. Jason was going to be the fucking death of him.

You come baby?


God so good

Tim idly stroked his cock, more of a gentle caress than anything, and let out a sigh. A contented sigh, but then he looked down and wanted to let out a rather less contented one. Ugh. He was the messy one now.

That gave him an idea, though. And...why the hell not, after everything Jason had done? He clicked to the camera, and took a picture of his stomach and chest, streaked with come.

Guess I'm the one who's a mess now

Shit Tim


Wanna fucking lick it up

God don't get me going again

If I was there I would. Lick it all up
and then suck your cock

Shame I'm not. I'd love to make you
come twice

You're killing me

This is attempted murder


That. Oh fuck that had been so hot, but Tim didn't know what to make of it. Where exactly did he and Jason stand now? Clearly this...thing between them wasn't completely a joke anymore, but, like...was this a one time thing? Or was it unspoken that they were always being serious now? Did this mean Jason would be...interested if Tim wanted to genuinely start something up between them? Like in person, like seriously? Or was it unspoken that this was meant to only stay on their phones and not in real life? Would this make things awkward moving forward? Tim really hoped not. He'd...really fucking like to try a relationship with Jason, but he'd be happy with a fuck buddies situation or even things going back to how they were before, just as long as it didn't feel strained and off, and he knew where he stood.


Tim was hanging out with Stephanie at her place the next day โ€” still avoiding his horrible, no good, very bad case โ€” and both of them were vaguely watching a show, when his phone pinged with a text from Jason.

Jay โค

Good morning baby watcha up to?

Hanging out with Steph. U?

Just got out of the shower. Think I'm
gonna make pancakes

Oh yeah? Thinking about me in there?

"Who are you texting?" Stephanie asked.

"Jason," Tim replied distractedly.

She grabbed for the phone.

"Nooo." Tim immediately locked it, his voice dipping as he drew out the word. Christ, Jason would probably not be thrilled with her seeing his ass in that skirt, nevermind the rest of the conversation.

"I thought you said it was joke sexting. You keep insisting you do it because it's funny, well I want to see what's so funny."

"It is," Tim said, though he really wasn't sure at all if it still was after yesterday.

"So why can't I see it?"

"It's...there's...private stuff in there. We don't only sext." Those two things were individually true at least, if not the thing they implied together.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. "Well then quickly scroll past those sections so I can't read them!"

"That's...not gonna work."

There was silence for a moment, and her eyes narrowed. "Oh my god, there's nudes," she eventually said.

"No! Not nudes!"

"Pictures then. Revealing-slash-suggestive pictures. Jesus christ how do you convince yourselves this thing is a joke?"

"Just. Shut up. It's not your business."

"Oh my god," she huffed, but sat back and left it alone.

Once Tim was sure she wasn't watching again, he quickly unlocked his phone and tilted it away.

Maybe a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can't say my thoughts didn't stray a
tiny bit to yesterday

And what about your hand? How much
did that stray?


Enough that I'm in a very good mood
this morning. Hence. Pancakes


My mind is conjuring up some very
fucking nice images. Think I'll ever
get to see how accurate my
imagination is?

Hmm don't think so

If you're here you better be involved
and not just making me use my own
damn hand

Not very willing to indulge voyeuristic
tendencies huh

I might be persuaded to reconsider if
there's something in it for me

That a thing for you?

Little bit maybe

Oh now that sounds like some top
quality downplaying lol. You always
were a little stalker huh


Not stalking

Oh of course, you just like to *watch*

You're insufferable

But. So you'd potentially let me
come over?

Timmm I very veryyyy much want you
to come over

Was I not clear enough yesterday
when I said I wanted you here fucking
me instead of that toy?

Well I didn't know if that was just part
of the sexting, you know just saying
it because it's hot but you don't really
mean it

I meant it. I meant it all. Did you?

Fuck yes

Is it not embarrassingly obvious I
wanna fuck you so goddamn bad. I'm
fucking dying for it


You gonna be at blondie's place all day
or you think you can come make good
on those promises?


Gimme 2hrs


What're you gonna do to me?

Want you to sit on my face

Gonna eat you out and finger you
until you come, and then I'm gonna
fuck you nice and deep so you'll be
feeling me for days, until you come
again. And then I'm gonna breed you
and watch it all drip back out

Oh god yeah

How do you feel about pictures?

I assume you mean explicit
ones of me? Fine as long as you
keep them to yourself, which includes
keeping them saved somewhere
secure and not just anywhere

Then I'd love to take a picture of the
pretty mess you make after


You really are a fucking voyeur

Maybe so

Why does nobody else ever make
strawberry pancakes blueberry is
so plebian


Are you cooking naked I can see your
fucking thigh

That's a hazard you know

Looks delicious tho

Me or the pancakes? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Definitely something in that picture I
can't wait to get my mouth on in any

And I think the pancakes Might just
be gone by then...

Well I could save you a couple if you
really want. Im sure that's what you're


You just wanna make me say how
much I wanna taste you

How much I wanna kiss every single
inch of you, lick you up and down,
cover you in marks


Maybe I did

No regrets

Except maybe that I'm kinda turned
on and still trying to fucking cook
and you're not coming over for TWO

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜ Am I doing things to you, Jay?

You know you are. Evil.

Fuck, want you here now. Want you to
just push me down onto my table and
fuck me right here

Ohhh god jay i want that too


Okay fine you've convinced me I'm
escaping I'll make it up to Steph
some other time


Tim locked his phone and looked back up at Stephanie. "I gotta go."

"What?" She looked over at him, confused. "Why?"

"I just gotta go." He flipped his phone nervously back and forth from palm to palm.

She glanced down at it and then back up at him. "You were sexting Jason." She narrowed her eyes. "Oh my god, you're gonna go fuck Jason โ€” I knew you were fucking, how is this a joke?!"

Tim opened and closed his mouth. "Okayโ€” wellโ€” yes. But this is a new development โ€” a very new development โ€” I didn't lie, we haven't fucked before." He stood up and slid his phone into his pocket. "So, excuse me, but I'm gonna go get laid."


When Tim arrived at Jason's, Jason still hadn't bothered to put on more than a small pair of boxer briefs, which left absolutely nothing to the imagination โ€” and probably only those because he was answering the door.

"Hey," he murmured, pushing the door shut and dropping his hands to Tim's hips, crowding him up against the wall beside it.

Tim's eyes went heavy lidded as he looked up at Jason. "Hey."

Jason gave a small little smile, and then leaned in and kissed him, deep and slow.

Tim's eyes fluttered shut and his fingers slid into Jason's hair just behind his ear, palm cupping the curve of his jaw. Jason tasted like strawberries and the kind of cheap pancake syrup that, whatever it was, had certainly never had anything to do with a maple tree, and Tim might just be gaining a new appreciation for the flavor.

Jason pulled back slightly, with one last peck. "You got over here fast, I didn't even get to finish my breakfast."

Well Tim had had some very good motivation.

"Oh, do you want to do that instead?" He teased.

"Not a fucking chance." Jason kissed him again, but this one was short and sweet, despite the way he pulled Tim's hips against him and gave a little grind forward. "I think you said something about me sitting on your face?"

Tim grinned. "Ideally."

Jason gave a pleased little hum. "I'm loving the way our definitions of ideal seem to match up so well."

Tim tilted his face up to steal another kiss. "Yeah, and right now I think you'll agree that I'm very overdressed."

"We should definitely fix that, that's a damn crime right there." Jason ran his hands up Tim's body to push his jacket off, and then slid his hands under Tim's shirt over his waist, and pulled at him as he started to walk backward. "Let's take this to my room, baby."

"That does sound a little better than the floor, but, you know, I'm up for anything."

Jason laughed and kissed him again, and he could feel Tim smiling into it for a few moments before he opened his mouth and hesitantly teased his tongue along Jason's.

They managed to get Tim mostly naked before they got to the bed โ€” separating just for a moment to pull his shirt over his head and cast it aside somewhere in Jason's living room, Tim stumbling slightly as he kicked off his shoes and then awkwardly hopped, trying to take off his socks, making them both break off into laughter.

Tim was still smiling when he fell back onto the bed, now only in his underwear, having managed to semi-gracefully lose his jeans halfway across Jason's bedroom.

"Fuck, Tim," Jason said, still standing, but leant over him and running a hand down his flank. "You're so fucking sexy."

Tim relaxed against the pillow and sprawled out slightly, letting one arm rest over his head as he gave Jason a lazy smile. "That's me. I am beauty, I am grace." Yes, almost falling over at least three times and taking Jason with him had surely been very sexy. Obviously. Where did Tim even get his raw sex appeal, it was staggering.

Jason laughed. "Still sexy as hell, baby; a little stumbling can't take away from a face like that โ€” a body like that." His hand ran down until his fingers hooked in the waistband of Tim's underwear. "Now I don't think you'll be needing these."

Tim lifted his hips to help him get them off. "Can't say I will."

"Fuck, you have a gorgeous cock."

Tim laughed. "What?"

Jason abandoned his underwear halfway down his thighs and ran a hesitant hand up over Tim's half hard cock, looking at his face for confirmation. "This okay?"

"Mhm." Tim nodded.

"I'm serious," Jason finally answered, rubbing his hand achingly slowly straight up and down Tim's cock where it lay against his stomach. "Usually a dick just looks like a dick, but leave it to you to have a fuckin' pretty one, what the fuck." He stared at it for a moment. "I wanna lick it, I want it in my mouth โ€” let me suck your cock." He looked back over at Tim's face.

"You don't want me to fuck you?"

"I don't have to finish you off this way. Unless you think you can get it up again while you eat me out."

Tim shook his head. "Ohh," he said, mock-wisely. "You just want to torture me." He reached down a hand to push into Jason's curls. "Well go on, then."

Jason gave an amused huff, but his questioning was earnest. "You sure? Not gonna be too torturous waiting that turned on while you eat me out?"

"I can handle it." Tim's hand clenched slightly in Jason's hair, and pulled him a little closer. "Right now I want you to suck my cock."

Jason smiled and pulled back slightly, making Tim release his hair. "Well I can definitely do that." He reached for Tim's underwear again and slid them the rest the way off his legs, dropping them to the floor and then climbing onto the bed to settle in between Tim's splayed legs. "Fuck, so gorgeous," he murmured, skimming his hands up Tim's thighs as he leaned forward.

He left his hands on Tim's thighs as he leaned down and slowly licked up the underside of his cock. Tim let out a small moan, and Jason finally wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking it slowly and mouthing over the head for a minute before deliberately rubbing it over his lips.

"Fuck, Jay," Tim gasped out softly.

Jason opened his hand and slid his slightly opened mouth down the side of Tim's cock, still rubbing up and down with his palm as he mouthed over the other side, getting it wet. Once he reached the base, he switched over and made his way down the other side before licking back up the underside and then taking him fully in his mouth, sinking down halfway, and sucking.

Tim's hand flew back to Jason's hair, burying itself deep and clenching there as his other hand clenched in the covers and his breath hitched.

Jason let out a little hum around him and slowly pulled back and then pushed back down, further than before, starting up a steady rhythm and using his hand to jerk off what he couldn't fit in his mouth.

"God, yes," Tim hissed out, eyes clenched tightly shut. "Just like that, Jay, just like that โ€” fuck."

With great effort, Tim managed to wrench his eyes open, and he looked down at Jason, at Jason's lips stretched so prettily around his cock. He let out a deep groan. "Jesus, look at you." His hand slid down from Jason's hair to his jaw, thumb pressing into his cheek so Tim could feel his own cock in Jason's mouth as it slid back and forth. God, that was so hot. Tim couldn't contain another moan.

Jason sucked harder and brought his other hand up to roll Tim's balls in his palm.

"Fuck, Jay," Tim groaned, his hand returning to clench helplessly in Jason's hair and his head falling back again โ€” but only for a brief moment, because then he felt Jay pull off.

"Yeah?" Jason asked with a little smirk, looking up at him, and then he stuck his tongue out and slapped Tim's cock against it a couple times.

"Christ that's hot," Tim gasped out. "Oh my god you're so fucking sexy."

Jason grinned again. "Who knew you'd be so much of a talker?" He mouthed a slow, messy, sucking kiss against the head of Tim's cock, making Tim let out a helpless noise in the back of his throat. "'S hot."

He didn't give Tim a chance to respond before taking him down again, and Tim let his eyes fall shut again, head tipping back and uncontrollable little moans and whimpers spilling out of him with every slide of Jason's lips. Tim was still babbling out praises, but honestly they weren't even passing by his brain anymore and he could've been reciting the fucking dictionary for all he knew.

Eventually, though, he had to bring it to an end.

"Stopโ€” stop I don't wanna come yet," Tim gasped, pulling at Jason's hair a little, and Jason pulled off. After a few moments, Tim got out a tiny, "Oh fuck."

"Y'okay, baby?" Jason was running his hands soothingly up and down Tim's thighs and, while it felt nice and Tim appreciated the thought, fuck it was just really making him want to grab one of those hands and pull it up just a bit further over his cock so he could just grind up against it and finish already.

"Mhm," Tim finally managed, after a long pause. "Fuck, come sit on my face so I can stop thinking about just having you finish me off."

Jason laughed and leaned down again to press a kiss where the inside of Tim's thigh met his hip. "Sorry, baby."

Tim just groaned.

Jason got back to his feet and pushed his underwear off, and Tim watched him step out of them from under his lashes.

"Mmm, come here." Tim beckoned.

Jason climbed over him until he was straddling him on all fours, and then kissed him.

Tim smiled. "Who knew you'd be so sweet?" He said, slightly incredulously.

"Oh, do you not like sweet?" Jason asked, pulling back a little.

"No, you're perfect." Tim stretched up to kiss him again, earnestly and slowly. "I love it."

Jason gave him a final peck and then pulled back, before moving forward to straddle Tim's face.

"There we go." Tim pulled him down by the hips. "Perfect." And then he wasted no time in starting to lick over Jason's hole.

Jason let out a long groan and rocked his hips slightly, his fingers threading into Tim's hair as his other hand clung to the headboard with a death grip.

Fuck โ€” Jason still kind of couldn't believe this was actually happening. That Tim was actually here and Jason was just allowed to touch him everywhere, as much as he wanted. That he'd actually sucked Tim's cock, that Tim was lying here right now with his fucking tongue up Jason's ass, that Tim wanted to fuck him, was actually into it. And god was Tim so clearly into it โ€” moaning against Jason as he licked at him eagerly, his hands pulling Jason's hips down harder against his face like he couldn't get enough. It was so fucking hot and so fucking insanely unbelievable it kind of blew Jason's mind.

Sure he'd started out this whole...flirting and sexting thing purely because he'd just wanted an excuse to flirt with Tim and make him laugh, but he'd never really thought it would actually ever be more than a joke. Tim was so out of his league it wasn't even funny, and Jason didn't ever think โ€” didn't know why โ€” Tim would look twice at him in any serious capacity. Jason was a trainwreck who tended to poison the things he touched, and he had a shitty ass, bloody history with an overflowing luggage rack of baggage โ€” he couldn't exactly see what about that would be in any way appealing to anyone, let alone someone like Tim.

But then...yesterday had happened, and Tim hadn't really seemed like he was joking very much, hadn't really even seemed like he was trying to, and Jason couldn't help getting his hopes up, and took the plunge. A little bit at first, asking for a picture, and then a little more with another picture of his own, which had had his heart nearly beating out of his goddamned chest as he waited for a reaction and then tried to puzzle out whether Tim was bad shocked or good shocked. But once Tim had made it clear he was into it, into it for real, then it was a free for all from there and Jason hadn't held back any longer, just focusing on making it as sexy as possible for Tim. And shit, it had paid off, hadn't it?

God, actually getting to have this with Tim was like the ultimate payoff for all the stupid, impulsive, risky shit he'd done. And ultimate was really the word for it; fuck, sex with Tim was amazing so far โ€” both last night and now. Tim was so into everything, so into Jason in general, and he seemed to care about Jason's pleasure just as much as Jason cared about his for once. Jason didn't think he'd ever fucked someone like that before, someone to whom he wasn't just another body. And it felt good, it felt really fucking good, physically of course, but also emotionally, to be taken time over and even prioritised.

He felt Tim's tongue withdraw for a few moments as it was blocked by his hand, and then spit-slick fingers were rubbing at him before one slowly pressed inside and Tim went back to licking around it.

"Oh," Jason sighed out as Tim started to thrust his finger. "Fuck."

Tim gave a pleased little moan against him, and pressed against his prostate, holding his finger there for a long few moments until Jason gave a small whine and ground down against it, his head falling back. Tim slowly started thrusting his finger again, his tongue never letting up.

Gradually, Tim opened him up, adding another finger and pushing his tongue in between them as he spread them to fuck Jason with it while he rocked his fingers.

"Tim," Jason gasped out. "Tim, Tim, Tim." He said it like a prayer as he moved his hips steadily, eyes shut tight, and fingers clenched hard in Tim's hair.

Tim's tongue withdrew to go back to licking around his rim as he added a third finger and started fucking him with them again, hard and aiming straight for his prostate on every thrust.

Jason let out a moan that was almost startlingly loud, his hips rocking faster. He could feel his orgasm rushing toward him like a fucking tidal wave.

Tim pushed his fingers in deep and massaged his prostate firmly, and Jason's moans started to climb.

Little 'Oh's started tumbling, unbidden, from his lips, slowly increasing, and then his thighs clenched around Tim's head, his back arching as he came untouched, desperately grinding down against Tim โ€” just barely aware enough to keep from legitimately crushing him. His hand dropped from the headboard to stroke himself through his orgasm, and he felt Tim's fingers turn to just gently rocking against his prostate as he gave him little kitten licks. After a few moments, Jason let out a last shaky, breathy, "Ohhh," before his muscles went slack.

Tim's free hand slid down from his hip, running soothingly up and down his thigh. He slowly eased his fingers out of Jason, and started giving him long, slow licks.

Jason shivered, a small, pleased little noise coming out of the back of his throat, and consciously unclenched his hand from its death grip in Tim's hair before finally shifting up and off of Tim's face.

Tim wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled up at him when Jason settled next to him. "Fuck, that was so fucking sexy."

"Yeah?" Jason asked, just the tiniest bit shy.

"Yeah." Tim rolled up onto his side to skate a hand up Jason's thigh and then let his fingers curl around his hip possessively. "So fucking hot when you lost it, jesus, I almost came just from that."

Jason looked, and Tim was indeed still incredibly hard and his stomach looked slightly slick with precome.

Tim laughed when he saw him looking. "Did you not believe me?"

"I don't know, maybe!" Jason said, flushing a little.

Tim just grinned. "It was very, very sexy, and I think I need to fuck you now before I go a little bit insane."

It was Jason's turn to laugh. "Hmm that does sound pretty urgent."

He leaned down to give Tim a kiss, and then climbed over him and got to his feet to grab a tissue and wipe the come off of his front. He left it on the side table to deal with later, and then bent to rummage through the drawers, quickly finding the lube, but when he came to a strip of condoms, he paused. Right. "Have youโ€”" He cut himself off, eyes going wide as he suddenly remembered something rather important. "Oh fuck." He swore with feeling. "I haven't."

Tim propped his head up on his hand to look at him. "What?"

Jason tore a condom off the strip and pushed the drawer shut before holding it up with a little grimace. "I may or may not have forgotten I've been avoiding getting a checkup for like a year now." He said. And then, more of a mutter than anything, "I fuckin' hate doctors and I'm always worried they're gonna find some freaky shit in my blood."

Tim snorted. "That's okay, we have plenty of time to make a mess of you some other time." His eyes had gone a little heavy lidded, and he reached out his free hand to Jason's hip, pulling him closer. "I'm clean, so as soon as you can get in for an appointment, we'll be all clear and I can get that pretty picture."

Jason nodded, but still, "Shit, I'm sorry, I really shoulda thought of that before I let you eat me out."

"Jason, it's totally fine, I didn't think of it either and there's probably nothing to even worry about." He tugged on Jason's hip and arched up for a kiss.

Jason granted him one, and it turned a bit deeper and more lingering than he'd really intended, but who was he to complain when he was getting to kiss Tim fucking Drake?

Tim pulled back, smiling a little. "Now come let me fuck you."

"Well you don't have to tell me twice."

Tim laughed and pulled away, scooting over on the bed to make room for Jason.

Jason laid down on his back and put his knees up, feet flat on the bed, legs spread a little, and Tim happily settled between them, leaning over Jason and giving him another kiss.

"Mmm much better," Tim approved. He started to kiss over Jason's jaw, making him let out a pleased little sigh, and grabbed the lube, flipping it open and managing to get some on his fingers. "God, I've been thinking about being inside you all day, all last night," he murmured, his hand dropping down to Jason's ass, spreading the lube over his fingers with his thumb, and then sliding them inside since he'd only been using spit before.

After a few thrusts, satisfied that he was sufficiently slick, Tim slipped his fingers back out and sat back for a moment, tearing open the condom, rolling it on, and adding more lube, before shifting back forward over Jason and lining himself up. He pushed in slowly and brought his hand back up so his weight was on both of his forearms to either side of Jason's head, and then he leaned in and kissed Jason slowly, deeply, starting to roll his hips steadily.

Jason let out a groan into the kiss, and he buried a hand in Tim's hair, clenching a little, his other hand around Tim's back, pressing little divots into his skin, as his thighs clenched around him.

Fuck yes. Was this real life or had the past two days just been an extremely wild dream? If so, Jason wasn't sure he wanted to wake up.

Tim moaned into his mouth and rolled his hips harder.

Yeah, he definitely didn't want to wake up.


Afterward, after they'd minimally cleaned up and collapsed back into bed together in a still slightly sweaty pile of limbs, Tim kind of thought this was the best thing ever. Maybe it was just the endorphins, just the post-sex haze, but he felt fucking amazing, not just physically, but emotionally, and he couldn't help automatically attributing that to Jason, Jason, Jason and only wanting more with him even more than he already had. He wanted this, he wanted to keep this. Jason had seemed fine with implying the fucking would continue long term, and Tim would probably enjoy a fuck buddies situation, but oh god he wanted more, more, more, more, he just wanted more Jason, in every way, to have all the time, and he felt greedy with it. He'd been given an inch and he wanted to take a mile. Badly.

Jason was still holding him close and pressing periodic kisses to his hair, and stroking his thumbs over Tim's skin in a little unconscious, soothing, intimate pattern. And how could Tim not want more of this? How could he not want it all the time? He felt well fucked out and...cherished. And it felt good. A winning combination, if he'd ever met one; 10/10, would definitely recommend.

He clutched Jason tighter and pressed a kiss against his chest.

"Are weโ€” Is thisโ€” What is this...exactly?" Jason asked, sounding hesitant.

Tim's heart leapt into his throat, but he kept his body relaxed and his voice sleepy, as he had been a moment before. "Depends on what you want."

"And if I... If I want everything?" Jason asked. "I meanโ€” What areโ€” What are your limits?"

Tim kissed his chest again. "I want everything too."

"...Oh." Jason was quiet for a moment. "Well out well."

Tim was unable to keep from laughing at that, muffling his snickers against Jason's chest. "Yeah, I suppose it does," he finally said, and tilted his face up for a kiss.


Dating Jason had been...ridiculously pleasant so far. And surprisingly, Tim hadn't gotten any gloating 'I told you so's from friends or family, but honestly, maybe they were just relieved the two of them had finally stopped dancing around each other at this point?

And who was he to look that gift horse in the mouth? He had Cassie, Kon, and Bart over for lunch, and Jason hadn't come up a single time, and that was a novelty that Tim wasn't going to tempt fate over.

And who cared what the others may think about whether they'd seen it coming a mile off or not, really, the important thing was that he and Jason were happy now, and Jason felt easy, the same way he always had once they'd started becoming friends, and Tim thought that was a good sign. Surely everything wouldn't always be easy, but them getting along on a basic level easily certainly would take things a long way. He'd learnt that in relationships before.

Tim's musing was cut short as his phone lit up with a call from Jason, and he swiped to answer. Before he could even say anything in greeting though, Jason was already talking, sounding vaguely annoyed.

"Hey babe. Can you tell me how many different versions of the Batsuit B had while you were Robin? I'm tryna prove a point."

Tim raised his brows slightly, but he was amused. "Not sure exactly. Maybe...six?"


Tim let out an amused huff at the beginning of Jason's argument before he hung up. "That's six more, motherfucker. Tell me I'm vain one more time when B โ€”!"

He shook his head, and looked back up to see Kon staring at him anxiously. Tim gave him a questioning look.

"Are you and Jason...fighting?" Kon asked hesitantly.

Tim's brow creased. "What? No. Why?"

"You guys have just been all..." Kon shrugged. "You haven't been doing any of your normal stuff; all the pet names and the lovey dovey stuff. At most he calls you 'babe' or 'baby'. You've been acting...normal, I guess, but not normal for you two, I thought that's what made you friends."

"Yeah," Bart added in. "You've totally been weird the last couple weeks. None of the touchy stuff or the kisses or anything. And you're not constantly on your phone!"

"Guys," Tim said. "I told you all that was a joke. The joke is over."

"So you guys are fighting? What happened?" Cassie questioned. "I thought you guys found it so funny."

Tim squinted at his friends. "No. We've been dating for like...a few weeks now."

There was brief chaos with the exclamations of generally pissed off surprise from his friends, because why would he not tell them?

"I thought you guys knew," Tim said, when it quieted somewhat.

"Why would we know?!" Cassie all but yelled.

"Because...we weren't joking anymore." Tim sounded genuinely confused.

She sighed and banged her head on the table. "You're impossible."

"So wait, then why haven't you been acting all coupley anymore then?" Bart asked.

Tim looked exasperated. "How many times can I say that was a joke. We'd never call each other any of those things seriously."

"But you don't touch or kiss or anything anymore?" Bart sounded utterly mystified.

"Neither of us are really big into PDA," Tim said, like that should have been obvious.

"I hate you," Cassie informed him, looking entirely serious. "You just live to cause chaos, don't you?"

Well then.

Maybe that meant the rest of the family didn't know either, if none of them had commented either... Oh well. That was not Tim's problem.

He wondered what Jason was making for their dinner date tonight.