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Rainy Goodbye

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Hello. The disclaimer will always be we have no rights to Hanyou No Yashahime. We don't make profits just for writing a story either. It's free for everyone to read and enjoy themselves reading our story. Enjoy and have a good read.

A rainy goodbye...

The three half demon princesses looked over at the tree. The magic tree opens up a portal. A portal that would led them to Feudal Japan. Which they were planning on going back, after relaxing a bit in the present time of the modern era. 

The whole day was dreary for them all. It was decided for the trio to go back. To check up on anything bad that has happened since they were last there a while ago. The twin sisters agreed on going on a journey together. For their cousin, Moroha decided to hang with her parents. Getting to know her lovable parents better.

That afternoon it was raining. It splatters throughout the streets. The girls said their goodbyes to Sota, and the rest of the family. Crying her eyes the most was Mei. 

"Please don't go." She would plead crying harder.

The girls looked back at her sadly. They knew how painful it was saying goodbye to anyone. Looking at one another the girls think whom would calm her. Thinking Moe should do it, she goes up to her daughter.

A voice from behind stops her from moving. She gaped at her knowing she'll have calming words for the small girl. 

"I got this." Towa says to her.

Moe understood nodding her head. Few tears streaming on her own face. 

Mei looked up at her adopted sister. A small umbrella falls as she hugged her real tight. Her crying soon stops from there hearing Towa talking in a soothing voice.

"Hey, Mei, we're off again."

"I----I know you are..." 

She hiccupped wiping her face, with the back of her hand.

The rain picked up a little harder. The sky above turning grey with threatening clouds. Already knowing it could be thundering. Setsuna and Moroha would look up at the sky knowing it was going to be bad.

"Towa, we have to go!" 

Hearing her sister she knew it was best to say her words quickly. She speaks of loving them all very much. Sota, and his company were appreciative of her kind loving words.

"I'll miss you all so much." Mei uttered in a low tremble. 

"We'll miss you too." Looking to her twin, and cousin as she says those words. "Right we will, Setsuna, and Moroha?"

Setsuna gives a small smile. As for Moroha she cheerfully gives the small child a peace sign with a nod. 

"Are you all coming back?" Feeling not too sad as Mei asked them.

"Yes we will." Towa would hand Mei her umbrella.

She takes it back in her hand as the rain thundered. "Do you promise?"

"Yes I promise we'll be returning."

The four girls begin hugging each other. How each of them loved the younger child. And family. But mostly getting to know the rest of Kagome's family every chance they would come back. 

They waved goodbye wishing them luck back to the other world. The portal nearly closing as they jumped into the tree. Off to Feudal Japan they were.

"Mom...I'm going to miss them a lot..."

"I know are," Moe carries her daughter. "I know. So will we."

The dreary day turning into a wet one has the family going back into the house.