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A Stake to the Heart

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Prologue Everything Changes


The loneliness of the night wrapping around him.

Nowhere to go…no one to understand him…he kept wandering lost through the empty dark streets only illuminated by a few street lamps.

The chilly night air around him…that took his breath away as he closed his eyes wanting to leave everything behind…yearning for someone to keep him from the dark…hugging him and telling him everything is going to be alright and he would feel warm and safe…

Yet this was wishful thinking…an illusion that would come true


Little did Dean know what would await him when he woke up to his sixteenth birthday nor that he would run hurt…bleeding through the streets as his school gym was slowly burning down behind him.

It was supposed to be his great day. He and his team should’ve taken the football trophy home with them and celebrate instead…there was panic…screams…a corpse and lots of horrible events he didn’t want to recall…

He didn’t want to think about the blood…sharp teeth…the monstrous faces…also not how he staked the hearts of those beasts just for them to fall to dust.


When he finally found his way home his life had changed. After a long fight between his parents, his mother took him while leaving his brother Sam with his father and moved with to Sunnydale. His family falling apart.

Soon after their arrival he trying to fit in, found the best friends in sweet Willow, the kindest and smartest girl he ever met and Xander though sometimes a walking catastrophe a real pal who always got his back and was brave when it counted. But also the destiny he tried to run away so desperately from…but he wouldn’t be Dean Winchester if he wouldn’t shout “Fuck You” in destinies face and fight till the end for those he loved. So a new slayer was born under the guidance of Giles.