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If you really listen you can hear them

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Where am I…..

You stared the sky with lidded eyes, the sun was shining over your head as the wind blew your hair. You could hear the rustling of the leaves in the trees, a bird flew over your head as it chirped its soft melody.

I….didn’t I die….

You eyes widened as you body tensed, you shot up into a sitting position on the soft grass, your bag slipped off your shoulder and you gripped your knife harshly, you looked around shocked. You weren’t in the alleyway anymore with that man.


“You brat I’ll kill you.”

You shivered at those words as they brought tears to your eyes.





  A loud scream of what sounded like a woman rang out from the darkness of the alleyway causing a chill to run up your spine, you body went cold as you froze, you stood around the opening of the alleyway with wide eyes. You brought a trembling hand into your bag and took out your hunting knife from its hidden pouch.

Someone might be in trouble

 Your dad had given it to you when he had bought his cottage saying you could put it to good use. You took off the sheath and slowly walked into the alleyway while tightening your bag and securing it on your shoulder, you could hear her but she sounded muffled, all your dad’s and tik tok's fighting advice rushed into your head as your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you spotted two bodies pressed up against the wall of the building. You could identify with what little sunlight you had that the woman you had heard was the one being pressed up against as a man held his hand over her mouth. The woman was scratching at the man’s arms as he tried to take her shirt off, you put your finger up to your lips as she spotted you, hope blossomed in her eyes as she looked at your knife. Somehow the man hadn’t spotted you as you got closer. Your dad’s advice rang through your ears.

“Never stab below the neck unless it’s a spot that could kill him or permanently slow him down.”

Your eyes trailed from his outstretched arm to his neck, your hand trembled as your grip on the knife tightened, you spread your legs and readied your self, the man was a couple feet higher than you but your could still reach his neck fine. You lifted your arm as high as you could. You hesitated as you stared at the man as fear caused your hands to tremble, tears stung your eyes as your emotion started to become jumbled.

“Always make sure to make as much damage when stabbing the neck. Its either him or you”

Right! Don’t hesitate it’s him or you, he won’t hesitate to kill so don’t either.

Your eyes narrowed as your gaze met the woman’s.

She’s scared shitless, I cant let this go on any further

You clenched the knife in anger at your hesitation.

Stop thinking just do it! Stop hesitating you idiot!

You swung forward aiming for his neck, you swung as hard as you could so you wouldn’t have enough time to pull back, deep down you didn’t want to kill him, you didn’t want blood on your hands but you knew you had no choice, the man looked behind him, fear flashed in his face, your face hardened as you dug the knife into his throat, his grip slacked and he gurgled as blood spilt past his lips. You let your body move on its own as you turned off your emotions, you felt sympathy for everyone but right now wasn’t the time for your sympathy to show up.

I’m not done yet.

“Pull it forward.”

You screamed as you pushed the knife forward, it tore through his larynx with a wet crunch as he cried out.

It’s him.

Blood splattered on the poor woman’s face as the knife ripped through his throat, she screamed loudly as he fell to the ground in a heap of limp limbs, she stared horrified as the life slowly left his eyes, he twitched around before he went still. You stayed immobile as you tried to ignore that you had just killed a man.

He was gonna rape this woman. I had to.

She looked up at you and then at the knife you held shakily in front of her, you slowly pulled it away from her face, blood dripped from the sharp blade as you let your arm fall to your side. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched you frown down at the man, your mind was blank as the woman slowly walked over the man’s body with shaky legs, blood pooled heavily under him. Blood covered both your and her shoes as she reached out to you with shaky fingers.

“Th-thank you-I-he-“


Both of you looked to your right and spotted another man looking horrified as he stared at his dead brother at your feet. He grabbed on to his face as he cried out in anguish. Anguish quickly turned to fury as he stared at you and your bloody knife. His nose and eyebrows scrunched up in anger as his face became red.

“You did this!”

Your heart was in your throat as sweat covered you forehead, you felt clammy as you turned towards the woman next to you fear evident in your voice.


She looked away from the man and paused.

“What-what about you-“


She jumped at your harsh yet quivering tone, she looked at the man then at you one last time before running off a guilty look on her face. Your heart was beating quicker then ever and you felt weak as your knees shook, you were scared, so scared, tears burned behind your eyes as you whimpered. Now that the woman was gone you felt weaker, you felt alone. The man looked at you in twisted pleasure as he saw your fear.

“Your cocky for a kid, you really think you’ll be able to kill me.”

He laughed madly as he reached under his coat.

A gun?!

A spurt of energy burst through your whole body as you looked around for something to help, you weren’t planning on letting this knife out of your hands so you had to find something else to distract him. You spotted a garbage lid close to you and reached to grab it, you grabbed the edge of the lid and threw it at him like a frisbee, he yelped as he lifted his arm to block the lid, you took the chance to run at him.

“If it’s a man get him in the crotch-“

You lifted your leg to hit him in the crotch harshly. His eyes widened as your fibula crushed his groin, his eyes watered as he doubled over in pain, he wheezed as he brought his hands down to grab his groin.

“Don’t give him time to get up knee him in the face”

You grabbed his head and brought your knee up into his face before he could react, he yelled out in pain as his head flung back as you heard the familiar crunch of his nose breaking.


You raised your knife in the air ready to plunge it into his heart but it seems that just raising your arms in the air gave him a chance to attack. He pulled back his fist and dug it into your stomach, the urge to puke was strong as the air was knocked out of you. You wheezed as you back up, you put your hands over your stomach as you cried out, hot tears rolled down your face as you saw him reach slowly into his jacket. He glared at you fiercely as his hand grasped his weapon, he wiped the blood that leaked out of his nose.

“you brat, ill kill you.”

You glared at him and ran to charge at him again but came to halt as he raised the gun that he had hidden up to your forehead. Tears fell even heavier and harder down your cheeks.

I couldn’t win….I-I’m dead…I’m sorry dad…mom….I failed.

He smirked before laughing, amused at your distraught look, he could tell you knew you lost. He tapped the gun tauntingly on your forehead. You were not scared of death but you didn’t want to die yet for the sake of your mom and dad.

I don’t think ill be able to get home, sorry mom. Don’t grieve to long please…

Your mom and dad’s tear stricken face formed in your head as the man pulled the trigger to finally end your life. Sparks flew as the bullet ripped through your skull and out from the back of your head, hair and blood splattered onto the floor as your body fell with a dull thud.





You stared blankly at the trees in front of you, petting the crow that had laid down on your lap. He had flown down from the trees with many other ones, they spent a couple of minutes shuffling around you due to their fear and curiosity but you were able to become friends with them with the help of some sunflower seeds and now they were all scattered around you. Your face was moist from the tears that had been endlessly falling not so long ago, you had cried furiously after you had remembered what had happened and that you were lost. You were calmed down now tho after hours of crying and wailing. You listened to the trees as they talked, at the end of your breakdown you found, to your surprise and joy that you were able to hear and talk to the trees and nature but the flower didn’t talk much they only sang, they sang lovely tunes that calmed you down. You were quiet tired, everything was going too fast for you, it was as if you had gone on a never ending water slide that was at a 90 degree angle that did 360 circles, you were shocked to be alive but the trees, plants and animals talking just made your shook mind get worse, your tears had run dry awhile ago, you were just exhausted at this point. The crows around you played with the items in your bag. You sighed as you sniveled and took a bite of your almost done apple, a tree had kindly given it to you when you had cried out that you were hungry in your fit you had. You used the apple as a timer, whenever you would finish it you would walk out from this clearing you had found yourself in and maybe try to find people. You had woken up after dying, in this small clearing and you hadn’t left the clearing ever since. You were scared of everything that was and had happened to you, but you were more calmed down now due to the trees and animals comforting you. You sighed as you officially finished the apple. You threw the core towards the other crows and they immediately jump onto it, all of them fought over it as it was kicked around. You smiled as you watched them, your finger twirled around the crows feather.

Maybe this won’t be so bad.

You looked down at the half asleep crow on your lap and spoke to it in a hushed tone, “ I was wondering if you knew anyplace that had people.”, he loudly cawed at you as he opened his eyes.

“ Your in a village right now that’s surrounded by a wall just walk straight and you’ll end up finding people.”

You jumped still finding it funny that you could hear and talk to animals. It still frazzled you as he spoke to you, he talked just like the crows in demon slayer, with a raspy voice.

I’m in a village?? I thought I was in the middle of the woods.

You hesitated as you contemplated getting up, you already felt exhausted mentally and physically so getting up was a huge task in itself.

I need to stop procrastinating

 You sighed as you laid back on grass, you rubbed your ear on your shoulder as the grass tickled your lobe. You sighed as you shuffled around trying to relax.

Whatever I’m gonna take a nap and explore later

You felt slightly refreshed after crying but you knew a nap would make you feel completely refreshed. The sun was getting lower as the tree blocked its bright rays.

Maybe not a nap. Ill sleep here for the night. I feel pretty safe here.

You stared at the sky as it changed to nice hues of purple, pink, orange and yellow. You smiled with a cozy look on your face as you felt the crows settle down around you, you brought a hand up to one that settled down on the crook of your neck. They all softly cawed as they all settled, you closed your eyes as everything got quiet, you listened to the crickets and other bug that were either getting up or going to sleep. You could hear as nature fell asleep the flowers were singing a soft lullaby as they all slowly fell asleep, you quickly followed suit as exhaustion took over. There was a small breeze but the grass and the crows kept you warm. You smiled as your mind quickly shut down as the flowers lullaby got further and further away.

Goodnight, goodnight

It’s time now to sleep

The moons watching over

You and your dreams

Goodnight, goodnight

My sweet little one

Tomorrow your eyes

Will light up the sun

But goodnight, goodnight

Sweet dreams for now

Drift off to sleep

On your pillow of clouds

Goodnight, goodnight

My sweet little friends

Tomorrow’s adventures

They will soon begin

Tomorrow’s adventures

Will soon begin

- Lullaby by sleeping at last