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"Way to go, Momo!" Rin slapped the back of his younger teammate, "I never would have thought you'd be able to win the lottery like this! These are tickets to the brand new aquarium!"

"It was nothing, Rin-senpai!" Momo boasted, puffing his chest out. "I just have the best of luck. By the way, is Gou-san coming too?"

"We only got four tickets, why would she come?" Rin looked at him with confusion written all over his face.

"What do you mean, why would she come?!" Momo seemed mortified, "Obviously, one of the tickets was for her!"

"Momo-kun, you really should've said something like that beforehand." Ai scolded him.

"Besides, she wouldn't come if she knew the rest of us were here. She'd come if it was just Rin, otherwise she'd probably only come with her team." Sousuke sighed.

Momo deflated before their eyes, "My one chance with Gou-san... gone in a flash..."

"Somehow, I don't feel sorry for him at all..." Rin looked at him and his two teammates agreed.

"Since Gou-san isn't here, I'll just have to drown my sorrows!" Momo jumped up, "To the sea otters!"

"Wait a second, Momo!" Rin yelled, chasing after him.

"Don't just run ahead!" Ai and Sousuke took off after them, to (hopefully) prevent a bigger accident than necessary.

"Look at the penguins! They're so cute and fluffy!" Nagisa pressed his face against the glass in order to try and look at them closer. "Rei-chan, you agree right?"

"Truly a beautiful creature." Rei said as he pushed his glasses up.

"Nagisa, don't press your face against the glass like that," Makoto pulled Nagisa away from the glass.

"But the penguins...!"

"You can look, but you can't press your face against the glass like that," Makoto gave him a gentle smile at Nagisa's pouting face. "We've been here for a while... why don't we go to a different exhibit, Haru?" Haru was looking at the penguin exhibit with his normal bored look, but when Makoto asked, he responded by nodding.

"Eh?! But I want to keep look at the penguins!" Nagisa cried and fought against Makoto with all his strength as the older male tried to pull him away.

"We can come back later!" He turned to Rei in desperation, "Rei, help me out here!"



"There are far more beautiful animals to look at! We must not spend all our time on one thing!" Rei said, his eyes sparkling.

"But the penguins are the cutest,"

"Cute means nothing in the world of beauty!" Rei shouted, holding his hand over his heart.

"Rei, calm down. Haru, help me."

"Nagisa, if we don't see everything, you won't be able to have any sweets later." Haru glanced over at the younger boy.

"No way! Haru-chan, you wouldn't really do that... would you?" Nagisa grabbed onto his shirt and looked up at him with his puppy dog eyes.

Haru sighed, ignoring the pleading look, "Listen to Makoto then,"

"But Haru-chaaaaannnn," Nagisa threw his arms around Haru.

"Let go of me!" Haru was struggling to pull him off and followed Makoto and Rei out of the exhibit without Nagisa noticing.

"Where should we go next?" Rei was looking excitedly at the map.

"Wait, we're out? We need to go back!" Nagisa was about to go running back into the exhibit, but Makoto grabbed him by his shirt collar before he could.

"Why don't we go see the killer whales?"

"Eh? I wanted to see the dolphins..." Rei trailed off.

"We can see them after we're done with the killer whales," Makoto smiled at him.

"Wait a second, is that Makoto?"

"Huh?" The group looked up from the map.

"Rin-chan!" Nagisa brightened upon seeing him and raced over to him, jumping at him. "What are you doing here?"

"First of all, get off me." Rin shoved Nagisa away from him.

"I won a lottery." Momo popped up from behind Rin. "Is Gou-san here with you??"

"She didn't come with us," Makoto and Rei had walked up to the Samezuka group. "Sorry."

"No way…" Momo deflated at the news.

"I thought you got over the fact that she wasn't here!" Rin shouted at him.

"That was before I knew the Iwatobi guys were here... but I guess I really don't have a chance today." Momo sighed, slumping over onto the floor.

"Momo-kun," Ai patted him on the back.

Suddenly, he shot back up, full of energy. "If I can't see Gou-san! I'll just have to drown my sorrows in food!" As he was about run off, Sousuke wrapped his arm around his neck, preventing him from running off.

"Stop running off on your own," He glowered down at him.

"Yes, Senpai..." Momo immediately became submissive.

"Wait a second..." Rin counted the boys in front of him, "Where's Haru?"

"Eh? He was with us until just now...." Makoto looked around, finally realizing that the boy had disappeared.

"You guys weren't keeping an eye on him?!" Rin shouted.

"We were but it seems he got away from us," Makoto scratched his cheek with a slight smile.

"This isn't good..."

"Why? Nanase-senpai isn't a child, why does he need to be watched?" Ai asked, cocking his head.

Rin sighed and rubbed his face, "That guy... he has a... thing with water."

"We know that," The three of them said in unison.

"Then you should know that he'll also try to swim in that water. If we leave him alone, he might get arrested for public exhibition."

"That wouldn't be good!" Ai cried.

Sousuke smirked, "It would be pretty funny though,"

"Sousuke!" Rin glared at his teammate, who just shrugged in return.

"It is important that we find him," Rei agreed. "But what should we do? This place is so big, there's a high chance that we won't be able to find him before it is too late."

"We'll split up," Makoto and Rin nodded, "Rei, you go with Nagisa, make sure he doesn't get distracted."

"Yes, Makoto-senpai! Where should we go?"

"Go back through the exhibits we already went to. If you find him, contact me immediately."

"Right!" The two of them ran off.

"Ai, Momo, you do the same thing. Ai, keep an eye on Momo."

"Yes, Rin-senpai!" The two shouted in unison and ran off in the opposite direction that Rei and Nagisa had.

"That leaves the three of us, then." Rin, Makoto and Sousuke stood around each other. "Sousuke, can you check outside? There's a chance he just got bored and left."

"Whatever," Sousuke shrugged again and walked off at a leisurely pace. I suppose his pace is fine... since there's no water outside that could get Haru's attention. Rin thought as he watched his friend leave.

"I'll look upstairs," Makoto was already leaving.

"Okay, I'll go check in the back." Rin called after his retreating figure.

"God dammit, Haru!" Rin slammed his fist into the nearest wall. He had checked all the places that seemed Haru-like. He had checked the dolphin exhibit, the outdoor show area. He had even gone to the area where you could swim with the dolphins and, after explaining to the handlers the situation (albeit, with some changes), had spent the larger part of the time there, looking for him.

"Excuse me, sir." A worker appeared by his side, taking him by surprise. "Would you like to come to our newest exhibit?" He held out a piece of paper to him.

"Newest exhibit?"

"Yes, it just opened today and we didn't have time to put it on the map. We've been handing these out to people, just to make sure that they know it's there." The worker smiled.

"Where is this place?" Rin was looking hard at the paper.

"It's towards the back. You won't miss it, I promise."

Nodding, Rin clutched the paper in his hand, "I'll go. Thanks for telling me about it."

The worker bowed, "Thank you for going! Please, tell your friends."

"Will do!" Rin jogged off, having a feeling he finally knew where Haru was.

The worker had been right. The new exhibit was impossible to miss. "It reminds me of Samezuka..." Rin muttered. The entrance of the exhibit looked like a giant shark's mouth, which was fitting, since the exhibit was for sharks. Would Haru really be in here?

He walked inside. It was sort of dark, but all the tanks inside inhabited sharks. "Is this really okay...?"

"Don't worry, sir." A worker wearing a shark hat came up to him, "The more violent sharks are in tanks by themselves. If you would like, there is a pool in which you pet the smaller sharks. It's towards the back, just follow the teeth."

"O... okay..." These guys are seriously taking this a bit too far... He thought but followed the giant fake teeth that led to the darker part of the exhibit anyway.

"Haru!" The second he got within eyesight of the petting tank, he saw the male, with his hand in the tank.


"Geez! You were here the whole time?"

"Someone gave me a piece of paper and I got interested." Haru looked down at the tank. "Sharks are really nice."

"Only some of them," Rin glanced down at the sharks in the tank. The plaque said that these sharks were nurse sharks. "Most of them wouldn't hesitate to bite."

"Would you?"

"Would I what?"

"Hesitate to bite," Haru didn't look up, he continued to just sit with hand in the water, waiting for the sharks to swim by his hand.

Rin cocked his head in thought, "I suppose it would depend on who it was."

"Who it was..."

"Ah, wait a second, how long have you had your hand in that water?!" Rin suddenly realized that Haru's hands were almost completely shriveled.


"Your hand!" He grabbed his hand and pulled it out of the water, it was really shriveled up, it looked like he had his hand stuck in the water for a very long time. "Come with me,"

"Rin?" Haru was pulled along behind him. He pulled him to a nearby bench and made him sit down, he kneeled on the floor next to him.

"I realize you like to stay in the water for hours, but that wasn't a pool, you were in the way for other people. Plus it was filled with sharks, it was dangerous." Rin scolded him as he dried off his hand with his jacket. "Not only that, but you took off without telling anyone. Makoto and the others were really worried."

"I wanted to see the sharks."

Rin sighed and looked up at him, "That's not a valid excuse, you know."

"It is,"


Haru looked away quickly, "Not telling." Suspicious... Rin frowned at the reaction but said nothing more.

"Your hand is freezing..." Rin took his hand and rubbed it to warm it up.

"It's fine, Rin." Haru tried to pull his hand away, but Rin just held it tighter. Seeing this reaction, Haru stopped trying to pull away.

"Haru, why did you want to go see the sharks? What made you want to see them so badly that you wouldn't tell anyone? In a place like this, we really thought something was going to happen…" Haru didn't say anything. "Haru."

He still didn't say anything. When Rin looked up from his hand, he realized that he wasn't even looking at him. "Haru, look at me." Haru just squeezed his eyes shut, "Haru," He reached up and turned his face towards him. Haru couldn't help but open his eyes, and once he did, he couldn't bring himself to look away from Rin. "Just tell me. I won't laugh."

"That's not the issue,"

"Then what is it?"

"It's... embarrassing..." Haru muttered these words so quietly that Rin, who was right in front of him, almost had trouble hearing him.

"What is it?" Seeing Haru's reaction had Rin's curiosity at its peak, but he thought it would be a bad idea to push him the issue. He didn't say anything and just grabbed his hands that were cupping his face.

"I just thought... if I came to see the sharks... it would bring me a bit closer to you..." Haru's voice got softer as he spoke, causing Rin to lean in closer.


"I want to be closer to you, Rin." Haru suddenly looked at him. Rin had leant in so closely, however, that when he suddenly made eye contact with him, it shocked him. "Rin, I love you!"

"... huh?" Rin couldn't respond and just uttered that sound. Haru's blue eyes were clear and full of determination. He's not lying... "Wait a second, Haru. Are you serious?"

"I would never lie about my feelings for you." Now it was Rin's turn to look away. He could feel himself burning up, all the way to his ears. He hid his face behind his hands.

"Don't be so direct about it, idiot!"

"What do you mean?"

"Set the mood a little, at least!" Rin cried.

"You really are a romantic..." Haru marveled and Rin just frowned in response. Then, after a moment, Rin grabbed Haru by the shoulders and held him in place. "Rin?"

"Shut up," Rin said lightly as he moved Haru's shirt slightly so his shoulder was exposed. And then, he promptly bit onto that shoulder, sinking his teeth into his skin.

"Rin!" Haru flinched and pulled away. Rin sat up with a satisfied look on his face, "What was that!?"

"I was marking you." Rin lightly licked the wound. "You're mine now."

"Do sharks do that?"

"Do what?"

"Bite to leave a mark,"

"I'm a special case." Rin grinned and then his expression softened, "I love you, too, Haru."

Haru reached out and wrapped his arms around Rin, pulling him closer, "Say it again."

"I love you,"


"I love you,"

"I love you, too," Haru kissed him. It was a soft, gentle kiss. "Rin, I have a request."

"What is it this time?"

"Bite me again,"

"Huh? Doesn't it hurt?"

"It does but you did it in a place no one can see. I want you to bite me where people can see it."

Rin blinked at him. He hadn't been expecting that response. "Like where?"

Haru pointed to his wrist, "Here," and then he pointed to his arm, "and here," and then he pointed to his neck, "and lastly here."

Rin smiled and grabbed his hand, his lips trailing over his wrist, "Does it matter the order?"

Haru shook his head, "As long as you do it."

"Well then, Haru," Haru cocked his head at his name, "Thank you for the meal."

"You found him!" Makoto's voice was filled with relief once Rin and Haru showed up outside, standing side by side.

"Yeah, finding him was the easy part. Getting him back here was a pain," Rin said with a sigh, rubbing his neck.

"Haru, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Makoto."

"Haru-chan, what's with those marks?" Nagisa peered out from behind Makoto.

Haru blinked, "Huh?"

"The one on your neck, and the one arm," Nagisa pointed them out.

"You aren't fine at all!" Makoto noticed the marks only after Nagisa had pointed them out. "What happened?"

"Nothing just... a shark bite." Haru lightly bumped into Rin with his arm. Rin, with their hands hidden behind their backs, in return, squeezed it tightly.

"Eh?! A shark bit you?! We need to go to the hospital right away!"

"It doesn't look to severe though," Sousuke said as he, Ai and Momo walked up behind Nagisa, Makoto and Rei.

"The shark was gentle." Haru nodded sagely.

"I bet," Sousuke made eye contact with Rin, who coughed and looked away, but didn't let go of Haru's hand. He had made a promise to never let go of his 'prey' again.