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“What will you do? Once all this is over?”

Jordine stilled at the question, his goblet halfway raised to his lips as he let the wizard’s words sink in.

What was he going to do? 

It was unlike him to not think ahead before taking any action, but his quest for the Ynix had begun out of desperation and a lack of any other alternatives. Ever since- Belmorn’s mark upon his body had left him with little choice but to flee Heidel, and the betrayal of King- no, Lord Domongott had crushed him, whether he was willing to admit it or not.

There was a part of him that longed for vengeance, but a larger part was simply - disillusioned, he supposed. After confronting the wretched ‘hero’ of Calpheon and being bested by the bastard, Jordine had had his weaknesses scraped raw in his own face, and he knew that no matter what evil forces or dark magics he procured, he could never taste victory over someone like that. Someone, he suspected, who was barely even human at all.

And since Heidel had turned her back on him-

Jordine had lost everything that day. Including his own humanity. What was there left for him now? Even if the Ynix could cleanse him of his mistakes, what could he do then?

For once in his life, Jordine had no answers. 

He sipped from his goblet instead, gazing at his momentary ally from over the rim.

Llorindel had appeared out of nowhere, bearing that same wretched presence as Calpheon’s hero, and Jordine had been on edge around him because of it. If Lando hadn’t vouched for the wizard’s capabilities, Jordine wouldn’t have even considered allying himself with him for a quest as precarious as theirs.

Despite that same corrupted aura, however, Jordine had found that Llorindel was actually rather disarmingly charming. He was quiet - fortunately - but spoke with surety when he voiced his opinions, and although his magic was impressive, to say the least, he was a pacifist that relied more on diffusing conflict with words first before resorting to violence. Jordine was sure that his strength was at least on par with Calpheon’s hero, but unlike that brainless brute, Llorindel seemed to dislike wielding his power when it wasn’t necessary. He was genuinely kind too, almost naïve in fact, with how much he’d become invested in the troubles that the residents of the Mountain were facing.

Most of all, he actually appeared to listen when Jordine spoke, and Jordine couldn’t remember the last time that anyone had done that, had actually cared about what he had to say when it didn’t involve money or plans to overthrow Calpheon’s corrupt government.

It was rather odd, that. And odder still, Jordine found himself being flattered by that.

“What will I do after all this is over?” he echoed aloud, turning his gaze away from Llorindel’s, taking in the sight of the other people gathered around them. Merry and cheerful, as though they weren’t surrounded by a harsh climate that could kill them at any wrong moment. 

“I’m not sure. I’ve always wanted to run a farm. Perhaps I’ll find a far off corner in the world, a place where no one knows who or what I am. I’ll raise chickens and cows, perhaps a sheep or two for wool so I wouldn’t freeze to death in the winters.” He chuckled once he was done, low and bitter, taking another sip of his ale.

“Alone?” Llorindel asked.

Jordine saw his head tilting from out of the corner of his eyes, could practically feel the sadness in the wizard’s stare.

“Who else do you see here with me?” Jordine responded pointedly. “I’ve always been alone, and I wager I always will be.”

Llorindel shook his head, snow white strands falling free from the brim of his hat to flutter across his forehead. “Isn’t being alone what got you into this mess in the first place?” he said gently.

“What would you suggest then?” Jordine asked, smirking as a thought occurred to him. “Shall you accompany me and be my lovely farmwife, Llorindel? Keep me out of trouble?”

It was a joke, honestly, and despite his prickly mood, Jordine hadn’t meant any harm with it. But he was taken aback when instead of laughing, blood rushed to Llorindel’s pale cheeks, and the wizard looked away from him in clear embarrassment.

How interesting.

“I- I’m not a woman,” he stammered out, refusing to meet Jordine’s eyes again. “I was- I meant Princess Jarette. Weren’t you engaged to her before? Have you no intention of returning to Heidel?”

“I take it you’ve never seen a man take a woman’s role in a relationship before then, from wherever it is that you come from?” Jordine asked, ignoring the rest of Llorindel’s words and leaning closer to him over the table.

Llorindel’s cheeks darkened further, his eyes wide as he stared down at his own lap, squirming uncomfortably. “N-no,” he stuttered, shaking his head. “I- I told you, before- my memories-”

“Ah yes, of course.” Jordine rested his chin on his hand, watching Llorindel closely. “You don’t remember much of anything, do you.”

Llorindel peeked up at him from under his long lashes, almost coy, and the sight was admittedly rather tempting. Jordine hadn’t felt the touch of another person in months now, after all, and, well. Llorindel was slighter than him, but well-built in a way that only trained men ever were, and his features were just that side of delicate enough to be considered pretty.

He was Jordine’s type.

“Would you like to know?” Jordine asked, practically purring. 

Llorindel stiffened in his seat, slowly raising his head until he was facing Jordine again. Jordine ran his tongue across his lips deliberately, wetting them, and Llorindel’s eyes followed the movement as though drawn to it in a spell.

He swallowed thickly, the apple of his throat bobbing with the action. “Yes,” he breathed, blushing impossibly darker.

Jordine smiled.

Llorindel’s waist was smaller than his robes made it look, and Jordine was pleasantly surprised when the tips of his fingers managed to meet around the small of Llorindel’s back.

“Cold,” Llorindel murmured, his breaths ghosting against Jordine’s collarbone as his hands grasped at his broad shoulders.

“We’ll warm up soon enough,” Jordine replied before latching his mouth onto the soft skin of Llorindel’s throat.

The wizard gasped, his back arching at the sensation, and Jordine pulled him close as he moved them both towards the narrow bed pushed up against the corner of the inn’s room. Llorindel fell onto it, landing on his back with a breathless cry, but Jordine gave him no quarter.

He caught his parted lips with his own, delving his tongue in and running it along Llorindel’s, swallowing down the wanton noises that were crawling their way up the wizard’s throat. The hands on Jordine’s shoulders gripped him tighter, as though they didn’t know what else to do with themselves, and Jordine let go of Llorindel’s waist to grab his wrists.

He coaxed his hands off of him, guiding them downwards instead, and smirked into the kiss when those fingers - long and slender and soft, typical of a wizard unfamiliar with manual labour - froze around Jordine’s stiffening manhood.

“Touch me,” Jordine commanded, breaking from the kiss to nip at the corner of Llorindel’s jaw instead.

Llorindel obeyed with a quiet gasp, clumsily wrapping his hands around Jordine, and Jordine released his wrists to reach up and grope at the wizard’s chest. His palms brushed up against Llorindel’s pert nipples, eliciting a surprised moan, and Jordine caught them between his fingers to pinch them teasingly.

“Si- Sir Jordine!” Llorindel cried out, back arching off of the bed.

“You can drop the sir,” Jordine chuckled, biting at the skin under Llorindel’s ear, pleased when it made the wizard’s hips jerk up against him. “Spread your legs, dove.”

Llorindel’s cheeks coloured at the pet name, but he obliged, raising his knees until Jordine was slotted against him, groin to groin. His hands were still wrapped around Jordine, but he wasn’t doing much else, and Jordine leaned down to lick at the shell of his ear.

“Use your magic,” he said, as Llorindel shuddered against him. “Make me wet now, or you’ll be too sore for the journey tomorrow.”

Llorindel flinched, and a moment later, Jordine felt cold liquid encasing his cock, wrapping around him like a sleeve. It felt odd, honestly, but Llorindel tugged on him soon after, and Jordine found himself groaning as pleasure began to build. He continued to pepper kisses down Llorindel’s throat, pinching and twisting at his nipples in that way that Jarette had always enjoyed, and soon, his ears were ringing with the sound of Llorindel’s wanton moans, mixed in with his own quiet groans.

It wasn’t long before he was completely hard, and Jordine stopped tormenting Llorindel’s chest to grasp at his cock, pleasantly surprised to find that it was almost as large as his own. He pulled away from the wizard and shifted down the bed, ignoring how Llorindel’s hands reached down for him in a panic.

“Wha- where are you going?” Llorindel asked, pushing himself up into a sitting position, his eyes wide and afraid.

“Nowhere,” Jordine assured him, smirking as he took a hold of Llorindel’s hard cock. “Just lie back and enjoy yourself, dove.”

Llorindel’s brows furrowed in confusion, but Jordine was already descending on the member in his grasp, and soon, Llorindel was crying out with shocked pleasure as Jordine swallowed him down whole. It had been a while since he’d last had a cock in his mouth, and Jordine had almost forgotten how delicious one tasted.

Llorindel was hot and hard and velvety on his tongue, and Jordine nearly choked when a spurt of cum escaped the round head just as it hit the back of his throat.

“So- sorry!” Llorindel moaned, clutching onto Jordine’s hair as he threw his head back and twitched bodily on the bed. “I’m sorry-!”

Jordine hummed around the cock in his mouth, patting at Llorindel’s hip to let him know it was fine, and suckled on the softening member to coax more out of it. Llorindel let out a sharp cry as his hips jerked helplessly, and Jordine gave him a long, hard suck before he allowed the wizard’s spent dick to plop out of his mouth.

“Well, that was unexpected,” he said as he straightened up, wiping at his lips with the back of his hand.

“I’ve- I’ve never,” Llorindel gasped between heaving gulps of air, his eyes unfocused as he looked up at Jordine. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t-”

“It’s alright,” Jordine cut him off, reaching down to cup at one flushed cheek and offering the wizard a smile. “I’m rather flattered you felt that good even though I barely did anything.”

Llorindel groaned with embarrassment, raising his hands to his own face to hide behind them. “Please don’t tease,” he pleaded, his words muffled against his palms.

“I probably won’t last either,” Jordine said, grabbing one of Llorindel’s wrists and dragging his hand down to touch his own aching cock. “Look, feel how hard you’ve made me?”

Llorindel did look, eyes widening as he stared down at Jordine’s member, standing tall and proud against his belly, precum leaking generously from the slit. The wizard’s cheeks darkened considerably, his lips falling open as he stared. His fingers twitched where they were touching Jordine, as if he wanted to grab at him, and Jordine smirked before releasing his wrist.

He shifted until their hips met, hands moving to cup at the underside of Llorindel’s soft thighs and pushing them up until the wizard was practically bent in half.

“I’m going to put it in you,” Jordine said, reaching down to prod at the pucker of Llorindel’s entrance.

The wizard gasped in response, the muscles in his legs tensing over Jordine’s shoulders, and Jordine began to push a finger in earnestly. 

“Relax,” he advised, as he felt Llorindel clench down against the intrusion. “It’ll only hurt more if you don’t.”

“How will it fit,” Llorindel asked in a shaky tone, but his entrance softened nonetheless, allowing Jordine’s fingers to breach him, one by one.

Jordine chuckled, twisting his wrist as he began to loosen the man up. “It always does,” he said, and when his fingers brushed up against a bumpy spot inside the wizard’s channel, Llorindel cried out, his eyes rolling up into the back of his head as his hips rolled down towards Jordine’s hand eagerly.

“There’s a good lad,” Jordine cooed, leaning down to nip at the corner of Llorindel’s jaw. The wizard whimpered in response, grabbing at his shoulders and clinging to him desperately as Jordine began to thrust his fingers in and out of him at a steady pace. “It feels good, doesn’t it? Imagine how much better it will be when it’s my cock filling you up instead.”

Jordine,” Llorindel moaned. “Please, please, I-”

“Patience. You’ll need more than my two fingers if you don’t want me to tear you.”

Llorindel shook his head, his long legs wrapping around Jordine’s waist as he pulled him closer. “I don’t care,” he said. “I want- I need you, right now, please, I can’t stand it anymore. I want to feel you.”

Jordine was momentarily taken aback by Llorindel’s insistence, staring slack-jawed down at the flushed face before him as his hand stilled against the wizard’s ass. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Llorindel blushed darker under Jordine’s intense gaze, but nodded, his grip on his shoulders tightening. 


And who was Jordine to deny a request as sweetly delivered as that?

The power of the Ynix was overwhelming, but right.

It was like a raging fire inside him, burning through every fibre of his being and making him feel more alive than Jordine had ever felt before. It was nothing like the heaviness of Belmorn’s mark slowly consuming his mind and body, and Jordine knew, with this at his disposal, he would finally succeed this time.


Llorindel’s desperate cry made him pause as Jordine stepped towards the portal he’d summoned.

He turned, slowly, and watched as Llorindel reached out for him from where he stood across the room, his other hand clutching at his own head as if he was in pain.

“Don’t do it,” he pleaded, his expression pinched. “Don’t give in to the temptation! You won’t survive this like you did with Belmorn! The Ynix’s Flame is too corrosive!”

Jordine said nothing, but the presence of the Ynix crowed with delight at the wizard’s words.

He is marked by the black spirits, it whispered giddily. He is not wrong, child of man. Your body is too weak to endure us for very long.

Jordine clenched his jaw.

“I know that,” he said, addressing both Llorindel and the Ynix. “There is nothing left for me but to finish what I started. If I can last for that long, then all this would not have been for nothing.”

Llorindel’s face fell, his expression becoming anguished. “You can’t mean that,” he said, his voice cracking. “You- you’re throwing your life away.”

Jordine almost hesitated at his words. Not because of them, no, but because of the way Llorindel was saying them. Somehow, for some reason, it almost seemed like he- cared.

But they barely even knew each other. They’d fucked last night, and they had worked together well enough to get this far, sure. But was all that enough to make the wizard appear on the verge of breaking at the prospect of Jordine signing his life over to the Flame of Ynix?

“I can’t let you do that, Jordine,” Llorindel continued, shifting on his feet as he summoned his spheras in preparation to fight, even though his crystalline eyes were teeming with unshed tears. “For your sake and for the sake of the rest of the world. I can’t let you leave with the Ynix.”

The taste of heartbreak is sweetest from the source, the Ynix purred in Jordine’s mind. ‘Tis almost as sweet as Labreska’s betrayal. Will you raze his presence from this land as Labreska had done to her beloved home, child of man?

Jordine glared at Llorindel, snarling silently at the man. “You think you can stop me?”

“I have to try,” he retorted, looking pained as he did so.

Despite his bravado, it took little effort for Jordine to disarm him. 

With the power of the Ynix, Jordine was able to crush Llorindel’s spheras without even touching them, sending Arne and Marg back into the elemental realm and leaving the wizard defenceless on his own. He backed away from Jordine quickly once the shock of losing so much power passed, and raised his hand to summon his staff, but Jordine was faster than him now.

In a blink, he appeared behind Llorindel, and grabbed the wizard’s wrists from behind, twisting them at the small of his back as he crowded close against him. Llorindel yelped with pain, struggling against Jordine’s hold, but even with magic, he would never have been able to physically best Jordine.

Tendrils of dark magic materialised from Jordine’s hands, slithering around Llorindel’s wrists and up his arms to restrain them. Jordine snaked an arm around Llorindel’s slight waist, and wrapped another around his shoulders to grab at his jaw from behind, pushing his head back until he made a choked noise from the strain and had no choice but to press into Jordine’s arms and lean against him.

“You still reek of my essence,” Jordine breathed into the wizard’s ear, pleased when Llorindel shuddered.

“Don’t,” he choked out, shaking his head in Jordine’s grip. “Listen to me, Jordine-” He cut himself off with a sharp gasp when Jordine rolled his hips against him, dragging his burgeoning erection along the swell of Llorindel’s cheeks.

“Will you miss being my wife, Llorindel?”

The wizard replied with an indignant grunt as he began to struggle earnestly, kicking back with his legs when it didn’t appear that Jordine would even budge. Jordine allowed him, mildly amused at the wizard’s persistence, until a hard kick at his knee actually stung and his patience wore thin.

With a growl, he threw Llorindel onto the ground harshly. The wizard landed on his side, and scrambled to get away from Jordine, but Jordine caught one of his ankles and turned him over onto his back. Llorindel tried to kick at him again, only for Jordine to grab his other knee and force his legs apart and against the ground.

A silent command tore Llorindel’s trousers into rags with the Ynix’s power, eliciting a sharp cry from the wizard, and he squirmed, struggling to cross his now bare legs and preserve what little modesty he had under his robes.

“Stop!” he said with alarm, when Jordine pushed his legs open further.

The lapels of his robes fell between his thighs, hiding his most intimate parts from Jordine’s sight, but that lasted for all of three seconds before Jordine grasped them and hiked them up around the wizard’s hips.

“I said stop!” Llorindel repeated, desperate now, thrashing on the ground as Jordine ran his hands up his legs and pulled him close until their groins were flush against each other. “Let me go!”

His cries fell on deaf ears as Jordine groped at his skin under his robes, squeezing at the soft flesh of Llorindel’s hips as Jordine’s fingers found their way to his entrance, still puffy and loose from their previous night’s activities.

“Please don’t,” Llorindel pleaded, quieter, his voice trembling as much as his body was in Jordine’s grasp. “This isn’t- this isn’t who you are, Jordine…”

Jordine paused, looking up slowly to meet Llorindel’s fearful gaze. The tears that had gathered in his bright eyes were flowing freely now, leaving shimmering trails down his flushed cheeks. He looked lovely.

“You don’t know who I am, dove,” Jordine said, grinding his clothed cock against Llorindel’s twitching hole.

Llorindel whimpered, shaking his head, but Jordine was satisfied that he’d made his point. He ran his hands along the curve of Llorindel’s cheeks, squeezing them once before he freed himself from the confines of his own trousers and guided the engorged head towards Llorindel’s pucker.

The wizard tensed up against him, the tremors in his body worsening as the inevitable drew nearer.

Please,” he murmured, as Jordine began to press into him. “Please don’t.”

“If it’s any consolation, none of this might have come to pass if I had met you before falling for Belmorn’s lies,” Jordine said honestly, before burying himself inside of Llorindel to the hilt.

It felt like an eternity before the wizard ceased his struggles and seemed to simply accept his fate, and by then, Jordine had moved them over to the dais in the centre of the chamber. He had Llorindel bent over the stone, hands gripping onto the wizard’s hips so tight that there were bruises forming on his pale skin, and quiet, stuttering little gasps were falling from his lips with every thrust of Jordine’s cock in him.

His robes were falling off of his thin shoulders, held around him only by the fact that his hands were still bound behind his back with the Ynix’s magic. The shadowy tendrils had multiplied, however, reaching around him to tease at his nipples, and he must have been a masochist of some sort because he’d grown hard some time ago as Jordine had fucked him roughly, and his own cock was leaking between his spread legs, swinging helplessly every time Jordine drove in and out of him.

Jordine couldn’t help but reach down to grab a handful of the wizard’s snowy hair, pulling his head back until he cried out in pain and clenched down around Jordine’s cock deliciously.

Jordine leaned down and captured his mouth in a bruising kiss, swallowing down the wizard’s breath as if it were his own. He was surprised but pleased when Llorindel returned the kiss, straining against Jordine’s hold on him almost desperately to pull closer.

When Jordine broke the kiss, Llorindel whined, eyes dazed as he tried to chase after him, only to be held in place by Jordine’s hand. Jordine pushed his head down against the stone slab, draping himself across the wizard’s back as he thrust into him as deep as he could go, and nosed along the crook of Llorindel’s throat and shoulder before biting down on it, hard enough to draw blood.

The pain made Llorindel jolt under him, and the way he clenched down this time was almost painful around Jordine’s cock, but the wizard’s inner walls began to convulse around him, milking Jordine to his own climax, and Jordine knew that Llorindel had come.

Jordine wanted to marvel at that; he hadn’t even touched him, after all. The man was a painslut, it turned out, and oh, what a waste it was that Jordine would have to cast him away after this.

You can bring him with us, the Ynix whispered cruelly in his mind in its many distorted voices. A pet, for our fun. To be used as and when we should please.

The suggestion made Jordine growl, anger bursting through him at the mere thought. He lapped at the blood pooling from the bite wound on Llorindel’s shoulder before pulling off of his shuddering body.

No,” he snarled, glaring down at the back of Llorindel’s neck. “Do not touch him. He is not involved in this.”

The Ynix cackled, its shadowy tendrils flickering darker where they were still wrapped around Llorindel. You’ve a soft spot for this abomination? Very well then. But heed my words, child of man. Those marked by the black spirits are fated to a miserable end. This one is no exception. Whether by your hand or another’s, he will suffer. And suffer greatly.

The Ynix’s magic dispersed abruptly, freeing the wizard’s arms, and Jordine pulled out of him at the same time, backing away from the man. Without his hold to support him, Llorindel fell completely against the dais, and, too weak to support himself, slid halfway down to the ground.

“Jor- Jordine?” he said hoarsely, shivering as he drew his legs closer to himself, leaning against the cold stone. 

He looked absolutely debauched, with his robes in utter disarray, bunched around his waist, and his bare legs covered in scrapes and bruises from Jordine’s own hands and the way he had been manhandled around the chamber. The bite mark was still bleeding where it sat on the juncture of his throat and shoulder, as if calling out to Jordine, and he was tempted to reach out for him, to touch him again. But he had wasted enough time already.

And with the Ynix’s threat to bring the wizard with them-

“You should have never trusted me,” Jordine said, and tucked himself back into his trousers.

The Ynix had summoned a portal again, and Jordine turned, striding quickly towards it.

“Wait! Jordine, no!”

His steps faltered as he heard Llorindel’s cries. For just a split moment, Jordine wanted to be stopped.

He will never forgive you, the Ynix warned. No one would.

Jordine knew that. Of course he knew that. He’d always known it.

“No one should,” he muttered, and took the next decisive step through the dark portal before him.