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Coffee Overdose

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The darkness, thoughts slowly becoming unclouded, vision returning faces shouting to be released, one filled with rage. It was hard to see who it was, they looked familiar, blue coat, black hair…

”Ugh, my head.” “** *ee. H*y* you ****. Hey, hey? Can you hear me, babe?” Craig said in a worried solemn tone. Tweek eyes widen to take in his surroundings, the iv hooked up to his arm, the bandages from what feels like a hard bump. He looked up to his jaded, and usually disgruntled boyfriend.

”Du-ud-dude what the fu-fuc-fuck, AHK, happened…” Tweek felt a soothing rush…his stress dissipating.

“You overdose man…On that stupid fucking Coffee! Fuck your parents man I swear to god, satan, jesus, fuck even towelie, I hope they rot in a cell!” “Someone what’s a Towel or get high?” “FUCK OFF TOWELIE!” “Jeez man, just trying to help.” Towelie walked away from his cameo.

Tweek’s brain trying to figure out what the fuck just happened, when his brain clicked. “A CELL!!!” Tweek shouted as his heart monitor. Craig face turned to the biggest ‘oh shit, oh fuck’ look. As he tries to calm down Tweek.

Craig slowly petted his head, telling him to breath, kissed his forehead, and whistled a soft tune.

“Okay, okay, I-I-I’m calm. Please give me the com-complete r-run down. AHK!” Tweek stated eyes shut, hands clenching his bedsheets. “Okay, but I need you to promise me, you’ll freak out at the end of me telling you. There is a good ending for both of us. Promise?” Craig stuck out his pinky. “Promise.” Craig breath in and out.

”So you overdosed on your Meth Coffee, reminder you drink Meth, say it with me now METH. FUCKING. COFFEEEEEE. And so when you drank that final cup, that day you collapsed nose bleeding, hit your head on the door to your room. I screamed you dad walked up and said, ‘Oh he’s fine skipper, he’s just feeling the Twe-‘ fuck his words. I called the ambulance, they rushed you to the hospital. They restarted your heart, and all that jazz. The doctors did test, found that you had meth in your system, asked how it got there. Your fucking parents, said that you were always a delinquent, coming home late, ect. So I fucking called bullshit, told the doctor that Tweek Bros coffee has meth in it, and that I saved evidence that I’ve gotten just in case(Thanks Kenny) this shit happened. And the cup you dranked. They tried to say it was all natural, anything to save their skins. They got carted away after being detained by the hospital guards. Now don’t scream I see in your eyes. Give me a bit.” “Ah-“

Craig kissed him, eyes opened scowling, telling him to shut up. “Uh-“ “Zip it!”

Craig took a deep breath. “Look, one I’m taking you off that shit, you get a two coffee a week. Need to ween you off that shit, spaz. And either you go to a orphanage or you come live with me. Your choice.” Craig looked at Tweek. “Can I screek now?” “Yes, but let me inform everyone and leave the room.” “Okay…”

Craig left the room waiting at the door, the doctors looked at him. “He’ll be fine, he has to scream right qui-“


“You done?” He heard a horse voice call out. “yes…” Craig walked into the room to see him bawling his eyes out.

“Look sparkplug, one they were shit of letting you take that shit, two for other shit like almost leading you to be kidnapped by being to hyper vigilant, like dude come on. Come with me, you’ll be fine my parents already know. And no matter how many times they think this is a ploy to fuck and for some reason still be fine with it…Don’t worry I burned that weird Yaoi art my dad had. I have no idea where that shit came from the people of this town are sicks fucks. Either way, what do you say?”

Tweek looked up into his eyes, for some of the few times with his usually sardonic monotoned voice, his eyes sparked in pleases. “Don’t really got a choice, do-do I… Heh, atleast I’m not going to jail, fu-fuck me m-m-man.”

”I just said I wasn’t.” Craig said trying to cut the tension. “Really?” “Yeah, I’m sorry, too soon.” “Yeah…can it be three coffees?” “Well…Hell no. Anyways let my parents.” You’ll be fine for a moment? “Considering you saved my life and I think painkillers, yeah.” Tweek pasted out, Craig huffed. Damn that was the hardest bullshit I’ve been through, and for this shitty town that’s lot’s of bullshit.

Craig told the doctors just to make sure he’s okay, and walked over to his parents. “So Craig, what did he say?” His mom asked concerned. “He said yeah, then passed out. Anyways I just hope he’s ready who what comes next. He is key evidence to putting them in jail. For now, I’ll let him chill out. Where’s Ruby?”

“She’s at your friend, Kenny’s place with his sister. Don’t worry Kenny’s watching them. He also gave us more pictures he shot of the drug deals.”

”Well, just as long as he’s okay. I’m happy.” Craig who whispered sign. “Aww” his parents coed as he flipped them the bird.