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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 1-Damian Wayne and Diana of Themyscira (DC Comics)


Boston, Massachusetts, the United States.

-Well done, Robin!-a 23 years old woman with long, black hair and blue eyes high-fived her friend after they defeated Doctor Psycho and Riddler.
-No problem, Wonder Woman-an 18 years old man with short, black hair and green eyes hidden under the green mask nodded as he handcuffed the two supervillains. Wonder Woman briefly looked at the current Robin and smiled. He has grown so much since the first time she met him. He looks just like his father, she thought…
-Hey, Diana-she heard Damian shout something as FBI took Psycho and Riddler away-Something wrong?
-No, I was just confused.
-If you don’t have anything important to do tomorrow, would you like visit me in Gotham City?
-Sure, why not?-she nodded before smirking-Are you trying to ask me out?
-What? No, of course-the blush on his face told her otherwise-I just want to thank you for helping me deal with The Riddler.
-Ok then, see you tomorrow Robin!
-Goodbye, Wonder Woman!

Gotham City, New Jersey, the U.S.,

The next day, the Amazonian princess found herself in the main room of Wayne Manor where she was greeted by the Son of Batman.
-Are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink?
-Perhaps red wine if you don’t mind.
-Good, give me a second.
He went to the kitchen and quickly came back with two full glasses of red wine, straight out of Athens. The two superheroes gave each other small smiles as they drank the entire alcohol. Soon, they drank another dose, then another and eventually the bottle was empty as they had been intoxinated.
-That’s sooo funnny-the beautiful woman slurred happily as she gambolled.
-Yeah, it’s sooo goood-the young man leaned back against the wall as he felt his legs tremble. He was about to go outside and wait untill the alcohol stopped messing with his head, but before he could go Wonder Woman grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her.
-What are you…-Robin asked in suprise.
-Nothing-she smiled warmly as she grabbed his hands and put it on her hips-I just want to dance with you.

And before Damian could protest Diana already started to shake her body and he had no choice but to follow her. At first it was a bit hard since he was so slow and she was too fast, but as more time passed he became more comfortable and they ended up dancing slowly and gracefully, moving in a perfect rhytm.

-Diana….Damian whispered as he caressed you cheek-You are wonderful.
-Thanks-Diana narrowed her eyes as she put her hands on his chest-And you are such a kind and generous man.
Soon, they stopped dancing and instead were staying still, with their bodies pressed against each other. Diana put her hands on his cheeks as he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her.
-Damian….-Wonder Woman whispered lowly into his ear.
-Yes?-he muttered unintelligibly and gulped, feeling her large breasts presss slightly against his raw pectorals.
-Can I take off your mask?
-Just one time. We already know each other’s real names, don’t we?

He gulped as he closed his eyes, allowing her to gently take off his mask. He opened her eyes and looked at her, terrified but also enarmored by her confidence coming from blue eyes and beauty.

-You look hellishly handsome, Damian-she licked her lips as gently removed his black-and-yellow cape.
-Thanks-Damian whispered and narrowed his green eyes as his hands found her golden belt and took it off-And you are very fucking sexy, Diana.

They smirked upon hearing these complements. Suddenly, Damian tried to pull away.
-Wait, are we really doing this? But how are we gonna….
-Yes-she pinned him against the floor and grabbed his wrists with her arms-I would like to thank you for such a good weekend.
-But…why are youuuuu…-Robin groaned as Wonder Woman slowly, very slowly rubbed her slender, toned body against his tall, athletic body. The red in his jumpsuit and in her leotard briefly merged together as their crotches collided.
-Don’t worry, Damian-she spoke softly as she released her arms, allowing him to pin her against the table-Let’s give in to our deepest instincts and it is gonna be good.
-Instincts? What are you…

And before he could finish, she leaned her head forward and pressed her lips gently against his own lips. Then, as he instinctivately closed his eyes and freed her arms, she grabbed his head and, not holding her strength back, she slammed his mouth against his own mouth, pulling him in a deep kiss. At first Robin moaned and tried to keep his mouth shut, but she invaded his mouth with her tongue and opened her mouth, deepening the kiss. Eventually, the combination of alcohol and pheromones (or was it just the high temperaturę in the room) overcame the rational mind and he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and she wrapped her long legs around his waist. They made out ferociously as more and more clothes were being thrown unceremoniously into the corner.

Once they were completely naked, Diana grabbed his penis and squizzed him, making him let out a deep groan as it immediately became hard. She smirked as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking it slowly and gently. He closed his eyes and shuddered, moving his hips forward and pulling her head deeper while also playing with her black, tender hair. Five minutes later, Diana grabbed his balls and massaged them roughly, making him scream and fill her mouth with his sperm. She drank the white liquid, released his penis and then lay down on the floor, showing him her pussy.

-Lick it. Now.

He smirked and did as he told. First, he grabbed her legs and pulled out his tongue. Then, he leaned closer and licked her vagina once. Finally, he pulled his head closer and soon enough he was licking her most intimate region roughly and confidently, making her howl in pleasure. She even digged her fingers in the floor and crushed the piece of wood as every muscle in her athletic body became tenser and hotter. Suddenly, Robin stopped licking her vagina and instead slicked two fingers as deep inside her womb as possible. This caused Wonder Woman to growl deeply as she came and poured his fingers with her cum.

They breathed deepily and tried to calm down. Then, they looked at each other, his green eyes and her blue eyes and they nodded. Damian slowly crawled towards her, wrapped his arms around her back and positioned himself so that his penis few few inches away from her vagina. She in turn wrapped her legs around his waist and put her hands on his neck.

-Diana of Themyscira-he spoke in a deep, low voice as he observed her breasts jiggle a bit while her chest rose and fell-Do you agree to become my mate?
-Of course, Damian Wayne-she answered in a throaty, sensual voice as she looked at his toned stomach, his strong chest and, most improtantly, on his hard and long penis-But only if you agree to become my mate.
-I do.

Diana did not reply. Instead, tightening the grip her legs had on his body, she slammed his nether regions hard against her own nether regions, trapping his penis deep inside her womb and taking his virginity. The two lovers moaned and shuddered unintelligibly upon claiming each other as mates before he thrusted himself forward, slamming himself aggresively against her body. Soon, two loud noises could be heard in Wayne manor as the Amazonian Warrior and Grandson of Demon copulated animalistically. One, the loud „mmmmmphhhh” sound made whenever his thigs slammed against her own thigs with such a force ther their pubic hair marged into one, and another one, which was a stream of incoherent moans, roars and suggestive profanities spoken in Greek, English and Arabic. Diana hugged Damian and kissed him passionately as she massaged his back, played with his hair and rubbed his warm six pack, just like he squizzed her ass, massaged her back and played with her mounds.

They did not know how long they were rutting, but eventually Damian felt his cock twitching dangerously quickly as well as his balls getting hotter. Knowing what it meant, he tried to pull out, not happy with the thought of possibly impregnating the older woman. But much to his suprise, Diana grabbed his ass and slammed his body roughly against her own body, once again merging their reproductive organs. Having been consumed by lust, Diana wrapped her legs and arms around Damian’s body and once again rubbed herself against him, pressing her breasts against his pectorals.

-Wonder Woman….I…we…must---Robin muttered in a deep voice as he kissed her neck and then started sucking nipple. He wished he could push her away but she was too strong…and addictive.
-Robin-her low voice sounded like a thunder in his ears as she lifted herself up and hugged him tightly, before digging her nails deep inside his back-It’s time.
-Time for what?

She closed her eyes and, much to his suprise, sank her teeth deeply in his right shoulder, making him scream in horryfying pain and perverted pleasure. Acting on primal Instinct, Damian closed his eyes and returned the favour, biting her left shoulder roughly. As soon as his teeth left her flesh, she grabbed his head and kissed him passionately, allowing the two lovers to taste each other’s blood.
It was the last straw. Two seconds later her vaginal muscles tightened the grip on his excited member and she nearly crushed his hips with her legs.


Damian and Diana screamed like tiger and lioness in heat as his penis twitched once and shot a huge dose of hot sperm which completely filled her womb (as well as making her inner walls pour his dick with her own sperm). They closed their eyes and screamed loudly, hugging each other tightly and frantically as their minds went blank, consumed by pure satisfaction and bliss of post-coital orgasm. Eventually, through, everything goods needs to end and she fell on top of him.

They breathed heavily as their hearts slowly resumed the normal beating. Eventually, he slowly and carefully pulled himself out and they were now lying numbly on the floor.
Then, they looked at each other and smiled warmly. His left hand’s fingers briefly interwined with her right hand’s fingers as they regained strength of the body and clarity of mind. He then stood up, lifted her up and carried her bridal style to the bathroom.

After all, they needed to clean themselves out of all this sperm, sweat and blood. Not that they complained.

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 1-Garfield Logan and Pamela Isley

In Jump City, Beast Boy woke up in his room and looked at the calendar. He groaned as he noticed that it was Valentine’s Day. It reminded him that he was the only Teen Titan who remained single. Robin and Starfire had each other, Cyborg hooked up with Jinx and even Raven found a soulmate in Kid Flash (as weird as it seemed to him, at least they seemed to be happy together). He took up a quick shower, dressed himself in his usual black-and-purple jumpsuit as well as silver gloves, belt and shoes and went to the kitchen where he was greeted by the tall, red-haired girl dressed in purple top, long purple boots and purple skirt, with pieces of silver armor, belt and armband.

-Good morning, Beast Boy!-Starfire cheered as she hugged the green-skinned shapeshifter-How are you?
-Fine I quess, Starfire-Beast Boy smiled slightly as the Tamaranean princess broke the hug. He brought some vegan food from the kitchen and started to make a breakfast while Starfire took some apple and bit it.

-Out of curiosity, how are you going to spend today, Gar?-Star asked curiously-Personally I am gonna go to the Cinema with Robin.
-Well, I am gonna walk around in the city, I quess-Beast Boy replied as he finished eating and stretched his back-Perhaps there will be some nice girl I can talk to…
Before Starfire realized what he meant, he transformed into a green cheetah with black stains and ran away from the Tower.
Some time later, Beast Boy had just finished preparing the bed in a small motel room. All his attempts to find a girlfriend failed miserably. All the new girls he talked with during his day out were either already taken, did not appreciate his green skin, short green hair and green eyes or were simply not interested in romantic relationship. And because it was too late to return to the Titan Tower, he decided to spend the night in the motel and return tomorrow, as soon as the sun rises.
He was about to jump on the bed and read a comic book when he heard somebody knocking on the door. Curious, he stood up and walked towards the door. As he was getting closer, he smelled something strange in the air, but did not pay much attention to this. Then, when he opened the door, his eyes widened.

A beautiful woman, around 10 years older than him, looked at him slyly. She had long, red hair, bright green eyes and pale green skin. She wore a green leotard made out of leaves and she put her hands on her hips.
-Nice to see you, Garfield. What a coincidence that we just happen to share the same motel during the same night in the same city.

And before either of them knew what was going on, Beast Boy walked towards Poison Ivy and hugged her. At first she blinked in suprise, but then she returned the hug and pulled him closer to her, pressing his head against her chest as she let her fingers play with his hair.

How did Garfield Logan encounter Poison Ivy? 2 years ago, Teen Titans travelled to Gotham City in order to help Batfamily prevent a prison break. Each Titan fought a separate villain-Robin fought the Riddler, Cyborg fought Killer Croc, Raven fought Harley Quinn and Starfire fought Killer Frost. Beast Boy, meanwhile, fought Poison Ivy in the botanic garden. After a long fight, he eventually manager to defeat the eco-terrorist, but not before being forced to share a deep kiss with her as she tried to manipulate him into joining her crusade. Beast Boy was tempted, but eventually his moral code did not allow him to help a person who was willing to go after innocent civilians, no matter how noble their intentions were.

-What are you doing here, Ivy-Beast Boy thought as they broke the hug-Hopefully you are not planning to do something bad.
-Don’t worry, I gave up on being evil six months ago-she reassured him as she raised her hands-I was just trying to relax after Harley Quinn and I…broke up.
-I am sorry to hear that-Beast Boy scratched his head before he grabbed her hand and the two sat on the bed. They spent some time reading the books, talking about nature and playing sudoku. Eventually, Poison Ivy stretched her arms and looked at Beast Boy quietly.
-You know, you have really grown up since out last encounter. You are now as tall as me, as well as….better build.
-Wow, thanks-his usually green cheeks durned deep red-You have also changed. Your skin is now green and your hair is redder, but I think it makes you even more beautiful.

They looked at each other and smiled, but few seconds later Poison Ivy put her hands on Beast Boy’s chest and pushed him so that he was now lying on his back. She then grabbed his wrists with her hands and positioned herself so that she now lying on top of him.
-Pamela…-he chuckled nervously as she pressed herself tightly against him. He could feel her plump breasts against his toned pectorals.
-Happy Valentine Day, Garfield-she smiled seductivately as she licked his pointed ear, making him moan slightly. She then closed her eyes and, as soon as she heard him swallow his saliva, pressed her lips against his own lips.

As soon as she kissed him, Beast Boy’s brain melted and turned into a ball of fire. Something primal awakened inside of him and only one coherent thought emerged in his mind-to mate with Poison Ivy. Not caring about the age difference between them (he was after all 18 now and she was 33) or that she used to be evil once he wrapped his arms around her waist and invaded her mouth with his tongue. The older woman groaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist and squizzed his shoulders with his hands as he stood up, lifted her up and pinned her against the wall as they kept making out and their tongues fought for dominance. Eventually, they broke the kiss and breathed deeply. Then, Beast Boy smirked lustfully as his nails turned into claws and in two fast movements, Poison Ivy’s leotard was now lying on the floor, allowing him to see her slender, athletic body. Poison Ivy licked her lips hungrily as she took of his belt and slowly removed his shirt and pants, exposing his muscular, toned body to her.
Not wasting any second, Pamela Isley pushed Garfield Logan forcefully against the floor and sat on top of him. She then grabbed his hardened penis and, before he could realize what was going on, she pushed his member deep inside her vagina. Beast Boy groaned as he felt her vaginal muscles engulf his penis and he grabbed her ass firmly as she put her hands on his stomach. They waited few more seconds, shuddering and muttering something unintelligible, before Pamela kissed him one more time and then began bouncing frantically, riding him like a cowgirl.

Beast Boy and Poison Ivy spent 3 whole hours making wild love in the motel room. They kissed each other, they bit each other, they shouted loud profanities and they rubbed, squizzed and massaged each other’s naked bodies as their rutting became more and more animalistic. They did not know about anything else, they did not even care about whether it was genuine love or primitive lust, all they really cared about is that they wanted to copulate as long as their staminas allowed it.

Beast Boy grunted as he thrusted himself into Poison Ivy, who had her head tilted back and desperately tried to bring him closer to her by wrapping her legs around his waist and slamming his nether regions against her own nether regions. She wanted to seduce him and even through she succeeded, she found herself seduced by him too. And she loved it. As Beast Boy felt a wave of pleasant heat emerging in his nether regions, he growled in annoyance and hugged Poison Ivy tightly, not wanting to break the physical intimacy they were sharing. Poison Ivy knew what was going on, so smiling in primal satisfaction, she grabbed Beast Boy’s head and slammed it between her breasts. As Beast Boy tried to break free in vain, she tightened the hug and let her hands wander his body, slowly towards his ass.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy muttered something primitive as he unwillingly found himself sucking his girlfriend’s hard nipples. He was almost completely under her charm so, as one last act of revenge, he slowly massaged her long legs and then grabbed her ass. He then slid his two finger inside her anus, intent on making her go crazy from pleasure but just like that….
She also slid her two fingers inside his ass and pulled his ass lower, deepening the bond and causing his green pubic hair and her red pubic hair to interwine as his balls were now rubbing her crotch roughly.

It was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. At this moment, Beast Boy’s penis twitched nervously as Poison Ivy’s inner muscles squizzed it roughly and two seconds later, the two metahumans screamed savagely as Beast Boy shot a large dose of sperm which filled Poison Ivy’s womb.They hugged each other and digged their fingers in each other’s back before tilting their heads backwards and howling, having no choice but wait untill their mutual orgasms became weaker. As soon as the cumming stopped and their bodily fuids began to mix and drop on the floor, Beast Boy and Poison Ivy close their eyes and bit each other’s shoulders.

Once the mating was complete, they were now lying numbly on the bed.

-We should be doing it more often-he spoke in a deep, throaty voice as he wrapped his hand around her waist and gently caressed her long hair. She was his mate now and he wanted to protect her.
-Of course, my beloved-she spoke in a low, mellifluous voice as her fingers carresed his beautiful six pack and she let her head rest on his chest. He was her mate now and she wanted to make him happy.

They had each other at last, Beast Boy and Poison Ivy thought as they fell asleep together.

Perhaps Valentines are not really that bad.

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 2-Peter Parker x Janet Van Dyne

-My God….
It was the last thing Janet Van Dyne shouted before she was engulfed by the force field made out of gamma energy. The Cube was distraction, she realized. But it was too late as she fell on the ground and groaned as her eyes turned green and her body began mutating again….

6 hours later….

Somewhere in New York City, a spider-human hybrid dressed in torn off red-and-blue costume had finally defeated a large, green scorpion mutant who had tried to kidnap two people. The monster previously known as Peter Parker incapacitated Scorpion by trapping his body in a cocoon, then before more mutants could arrive he escaped into the sewers, planning to go to his secret lair.

As the mutated Spider-Man felt tired from the previous fight, he stopped and drank some water from the sewers. Once his eight red eyes noticed the image of hideous face on the reflection, he growled slightly and then began to cry upon seeing what happened to him. Suddenly, his spider sense rang like a bell and the superhero jumped in fear and anger, avoiding a bright yellow bolt attack.

A slender mutated woman resembling a wasp emerged from the shadow. She had short brown hair, bright green eyes and yellow body covered in black marks. The only clothes the mutant wore were torn yellow-and-black bra and a miniskirt, allowing the mutated man to notice her toned stomach, legs and wings. As Wasp saw the huge monster resembling a spider, she screamed something unintelligible. After all, wasps hated spiders, and the anger and stress caused by unwilling transformation did not help. He was at least 30 cm taller than her, so she quickly made herself bigger so that they were roughly the same size and flew towards him, planning to tear his heart off.

However, her adversary was prepared. He jumped, avoiding the attack and then shot web-like missiles which narrowly failed to incapacitate his enemy. The two mutants stood still and observed each other in anticipation. For two brief seconds, a flash spark of mutual recognition awakened in their minds, but it was quickly buried deep beneath the instincts. However, it was enough.

Slowly, Wasp approached Man-Spider who tried to step back, only for the wall to interrupt his escape attempt. As the mutated woman put her hands on his chest and looked into his red eyes, she licked her jaws in hesitation as she recognized him as somebody close to him.

I quess he must feel hurt too, she thought as he reluctantly put two out of his eight, clawed hands on her hips and pulled her closer. Perhaps, if they are going to spend the rest of their lives trapped in these forms, they could at least enjoy each other’s company.

Janet put her pliers-like hands on his cheeks and gently carresed his large teeth, causing Peter to blink in confusion. He did not know why, but for some reason this touch made him calm down a little.
Then, the wasp woman closed her green eyes and kissed him. The spider man gulped and grabbed her hips warmly as she rubbed his muscular chest. At first their kissing was awkward due to their mutilated mouth, but quickly they found a mutual rhytm and began making out passionately as they slowly tore off the remains of their superhero costumes, leaving each other naked.

As the mutated superheroes broke the kiss, Wasp leened closer and grabbed Spider-Man’s penis, making him shudder. She gave him a flirtatious wink before she wrapped her mouth around his grey member, sucking it slowly and deeply as the spider howled in excitation and digged his claws inside the wall behind him. Wasp put her pliers on his hips and pulled his waist closer, trapping his cock deeper inside her throat as her eyes shone brighly.

Five minutes later, Man-Spider roared as he came and filled Wasp’s mouth with his sperm. The young Avenger carefully drunk the entire liquid, released his penis and then she lay down on the ground. She also grabbed one of his arms and put it right between her legs.

-What…-Peter muttered shyly as he felt the warm, fluffy touch of brown pubic hair covering his mate’s vagina.
-Mate with me-Janet spoke confidently as she suddenly grabbed the fur on his chest and pulled him closer, giving him a naughty smile as their faces were inches away from each other-Make me yours.
He smiled and nodded.
-Your wish is my command, then.

He then grabbed her wrists with his two arms, then he wrapped his another two arms around her waist and grabbed her legs with his last two arms before he positioned his crotch so that it was directly next to her crotch. Then, with one fast and rough thrust, he slammed his penis deep inside Wasp’s womb. The two mutants screamed as their nether regions connected and hugged each other firmly before he kissed her, trying to calm her down. Consumed by lust, Wasp deepened the kiss by spreading his jaws open, forcing Man-Spider to spread his own jaws open and then she invaded his mouth with her tongue.

As Man-Spider thrusted himself into Wasp, roughly and confidently, the mutated woman grabbed his head and slammed it between her breasts as she frantically moved her hips forward, trying to engulf every single inch of her mate’s penis. For some reason, she found herself feeling the strong, primordial desire to protect the mutated man and as they rutted, she realized that he was the one. Her soulmate. Not caring that he was the spider and she was the wasp (at least now), she moaned sensually as his strong arms caressed her athletic body, squizzing her ass, sucking her nipples and licking her neck. In turn, she digged her pliers inside his back, leaving two bloody marks on his muscles, rubbed his strong arms and then caressed his the fur on his pectorals.

They did not know how long they were copulating, but eventually, the human-spider hybrid pinned the human-wasp hybrid against the wall, slammed his hips against her own hips one last time and, letting out a deep moan, came and filled her tight womb with the hot semen. Wasp roared throatily as her vaginal muscles squizzed his penis and she also came. The two loud screams could be heard in the sewers as the two mutants hugged each other tightly and allowed the pure bliss to consume their brains.

Some time later, as Man-Spider and Wasp were lying on the large web and preparing to sleep, the insect female put her pliers on the airachind man’s cheeks and looked at him calmly. Then, as he embraced her and allowed her to lie on his stomach, she kissed him deeply and slowly, satisfied with the knowledge that she had conquered his heart. Once they broke the kiss, she put her head on his chest and fell asleep and so did he.

One day later, Hulk and Hawkeye with the help of Thor managed to stop the Leader and they destroyed the gamma bomb, causing every mutated human to come back to normal. Once Spider-Man and Wasp returned to their human selves, they were shocked and embarassed. However, since the two superheroes came to realisation that they did not mind the night of mating, they agreed to keep it secret and parted ways, with Wasp returning to Avengers and Spider-Man staying in NYC. Before Janet left, she gave him her address, telling Peter that if he wants to join the Avengers he is always welcome.

-Thanks, Janet-Peter smiled warmly as he put on his mask-I will consider it.

Unknowingly to both of them, somewhere in the underground beneath NYC something was hidden.

A big, white cocoon made out of web and filled with dozens of eggs.

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Ichigo x Rukia


One night, somewhere in Karakura town, Rukia Kuchiki was crying. She had a huge falling out with Ichigo previously that day. An ugly dwarf, the pale skinned demon, annoying bitch, pathetic moron….she forgot what was the initial reason behind the argument between her and Substitute Shinigami, but it ended with Ichigo telling Rukia to go away and Rukia telling Ichigo that she wished she had never met him. Now, as she was sitting on the street during a rainy night, she looked at herself in the puddle-her bright, purple eyes full of tears, her short messy black hair and her black kimono clinging uncomfortably to her body…

-THAT’S ENOUGH!!!-the short girl shouted as she threw her fist at the dirty water. Why was she so stupid? She had to go back. She had to find Ichigo and apologize. Surely he would forgive her, after everything they went through….
She stood up and tried to leave, but somebody grabbed her from behind. She turned around and saw a tall, slender man with pink hair and yellow eyes. He wore what looked like white glasses and his body was covered in white jumpsuit similiar to Espada.
Szayelaporro Granz, Rukia recognised him. But how? She thought he was killed by Mayuri in Hueco Mundo.
-Good night, little princess-the Octavo Espada licked his lips as he covered her mouth and tilted her head forward-Look like my little experimental drug worked and you and that orange-haired idiot ended up on bad terms. Now…
He put her hand on her chest and roughly pulled off her black robes.
-Let’s have some fun together.

Rukia kicked and bit her captor, but all in vain. That monster was about to rape her and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. As the Arrancar took off her shirt and began to pull of her pants, the Lieutenant of the 13th division tried to activate her Zanpakuto, only to scream as the younger Granz broke her arm and forcefully kissed her.


At this moment, a huge wave of black Energy engulfed the former Espada, hurting him badly and forcing him to abandon the petite Shinigami. Szayel cursed slightly as he teleported himself to safety.
Rukia close her eyes and fell numbly on the floor, only to be catched by two strong arms who gently hugged her.

Two days later….

Rukia Kuchiki woke up and found herself in bed in a familiar room. Suddenly the doors opened and she saw a tall, young man with orange, spiky hair and brown eyes. He wore blue jeans and black T-Shirt. Upon noticing his quest awake, he sighed in relief and walked towards her.

And then, before either of them knew what was going on, Rukia ran towards Ichigo and hugged him tightly. Ichigo blinked in confusion, but quickly returned the hug, pulling his close friend closer as she buried her head in his chest and cried. As he found himself crying too. Ichigo gently caressed her dark hair and waited untill she calmed herself down.

-Rukia-he spoke quietly as she stopped crying and looked at him-did he….did he hurt you…
-No….-she whispered as she put her hand on his cheek and breathed deeply-you saved me before it could get worse.
-The next time I see Szayel I am gonna rip his head off-Ichigo grunted as he put his hands on her shoulders. Then his glare softened and he lifted her up before allowing her to sit on his knees. She, in turn, put her hands on his chest.

-I am sorry, Ichigo-the black haired girl whispered as she gently traced circles on his toned chest with her fingers-I don’t know what happened to me, but I want you to know that…
-I am sorry, Rukia-she blinked as she saw the tall man about to cry. Instinctivately, she pulled him closer and allowed him to rest his head on her chest to calm him down-I screwed up. It was my fault.
_No, it’s not-Rukia then gently grabbed his head and tilted it forward so that her purple eyes noticed his brown eyes-And forget about it. We are together again, and it’s the only thing that matters.

She then closed her eyes and slowly moved closer. Ichigo gulped nervously as Rukia pressed her lips against his own lips.

At first the kiss was slow and gentle, but eventually, the two Shinigami wanted…no…they needed something stronger. As they broke the kiss and began removing their clothes, Ichigo gave Rukia a playful smirk as he began to take off her bra. She, in turn, licked her lips hungrily as she slowly took off his panties. Five minutes later, the two lovers were unashamedly naked and lying on the bed, her on top of him. Rukia put her hands on Ichigo’s chest, prayed to Izanagi that Byakuya doesn’t find out and then she slowly lowered heself, groaning loudly as she felt his penis enter her vagina, claiming her virginity. Ichigo moaned upon losing his virginity to the beautiful ghost, grabbed her hips and thrusted his hips forward, deepening their union. As the two lovers shuddered and breathed uncontrollably due to the wave of new, pleasant sensations, they looked at each other and smiled.

-I love you, Ichigo.

-I love you too, Rukia.

She then winked seductivately as she began bouncing and gyrating. Ichigo licked his lips smugly as he grabbed her small breasts and squizzed them. Every second was precious and they did not want to waste it.

Three hours later, Rukia and Ichigo were having anal sex. Their bodies were covered in sweat and blood as he roughly slammed his nether regions against her ass, grunting in satisfaction as his member filled her tight ass. To know that it was him who bonded with the sexy Death on sucha n intimate level made his blood boil and filled his heart with pure happiness. Rukia groaned deeply as she felt the muscles in her stomach get tighter and warmer. It was so good, to make love to her beloved Strawberry, for the first time in her life Rukia felt happy to know that she was able to conquer Ichigo’s heart before Orihime could do it. Now, they are going to have a good time together and…

Her thoughts were interrupted and she let out a loud scream as she felt his penis explode and fill her ass with huge amount of sperm. Ichigo roared animalistically as he slammed himself one last time before he fell numbly on the bed.

-That was good.
-Yes, it was.


Rukia hugged Ichigo and kissed him deeply as he wrapped his arms around her waist and invaded her mouth with his tongue. They did not care that he was human and she was a soul, they loved each other and promised each other that they would never leave each other again.

As their tongues fought for dominance and his hands caressed her smooth back, Rukia rubbed his toned stomach with her hands and slowly wrapped her fingers around his member, gently squizzing it. Ichigo widened his eyes and tried to say something, but instead he let out a deep moan as she slammed her hips against his own hips, trapping his penis deep inside her vagina. 2 years later, Ichigo and Rukia got married in Soul Society and lived happily ever after.

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 5-Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)


Although she did not always get along with her cousin, Gwen had no reason to deny the possibility that she knew more about Ben than Grandpa Max, Carl, Sandra, Rook and, perhaps, even Ben himself. So, as much as Ben tried to hide it, she could see how upset he had been ever since Kai broke his heart. Eventually, the red haired girl could not take it anymore. She did not want to see her cousin so sad and quiet and eventually she formed a plan to help him regain his optimistic mood. She knew that what she was going to do was morally ambiguous at best, but she did not care. The only thing that mattered to her was to see Ben smile again.

So, one day, she and Ben were going to sauna together. They wished each other good luck, went to the separate rooms for boys and the girls and, upon undressing themselves, they entered the hot water naked.

Now, the 15 years old boy with short, brown hair and green eyes sighed deeply as he sat in the pool, enjoying the warm feeling of water engulfing his body. He started to whistle something as he tried to stop thinking about a certain Native-American girl. He did not notice when the 15 years old girl with long, red hair and green eyes phased through the wall using her magical powers and slowly joined him in the pool.

He only woke up his eyes when he felt two soft hands touch his pectorals and slightly rubbed it. When Ben saw Gwen sitting next to him, he widened his eyes in suprise.
-Gwen, what are you doing here?
-Don’t worry Ben, I’m just trying to relax. And I need your help.
-Help? What do yooooouuuuuuu….

Ben groaned as Gwen lifted herself up and then sat on his knees and wrapped her legs around his waist. He was painfully aware that her crotch was pressed directly against his own crotch and he tried to imagine Vilgax in baby diapers in order to avoid a boner. On the other hand, the teenage Lucky Girl did not seem to mind the intimate position she was sharing with the teenage superhero, but instead she gently put his hands on her hips and then put her hands on his chest. The water, previously warm, was now incredible hot as the steam started to fill the room.

-Gwen…-he muttered and smiled nervously as he tightened the grip his hands had on her hips.
-Relax, Ben-she smiled seductivately as she pressed her breasts against his chest and whispered softly into his ear-After all this crimefightning and arguing, why not have some fun?

She then put her hands on his shoulders and closed her eyes. Then, just as he was about to open his mouth and say something, she kissed him deeply and passionately.

At first, Ben was shocked and tried to resist the seduction attempt, but the second Gwen rubbed her nether regions against his own nether regions, he growled and succumbed to his more primitive instincts. As their tongues fought for dominance, they hugged each other tightly and explored each other’s bodies. Eventually, once they broke the kiss and breathed deeply, Ben pinned Gwen against the floor and grabbed her wrists, positioning his penis directly next to her vagina. Then, without any regrets, he thrusted his hips forward and quickly entered her womb, enjoying her loud moans as their reproductive organs slowly but surely connected. Ben looked at Gwen and gave her a warm smile before kissing her once again as she wrapped her legs and arms around his body.

For the next three hours, moans, tauntings, groans and the sounds of loud slamming of their sweaty bodies and splashing of the hot water could be heard as the two cousins and superheroes fucked each other like rabbits. At some point Ben even turned himself into Alien X and Gwen turned herself into Anodite before he pushed her body against the wall and repeatedly slammed his hips against her own hips, penetrating her deeper and deeper untill eventually his cock was completely engulfed by her vaginal muscles (for normal humans it would be painful but Gwen, being partially Anodite, not only did not mind the pain but even came to enjoy it).

As the beautiful Anodite bit the left shoulder of the muscular Celestalsapien and he did the same with her right shoulder, a mental and physical bond was formed between them. They muttered something unintelligible and allowed their hands to play with each other’s bodies, smiling in satisfaction as she caressed his strong, raw chest and he rubbed her toned, althletic stomach before the squizzed each other’s asses. Yes, they telepathically agreed. It was a good idea to make the mating even more intense and passionate by transforming into Celestalsapian and Anodite respectivately.

Eventually Ben and Gwen let out two deep screams as her inner wals crushed his cock and caused it to explode and fill her womb with delicious semen. Gwen slammed Ben’s head between her mounds and instinctivately covered herself and her lover with her long, pink „hair” as their rutting was now complete. They left the swimming pool and, upon losing strength, they fell numbly on the floor, him on top of her. They breathed numbly and gently embraced each other as they smelled the pleasant pheromones. Her stomach was pressed against his own stomach, her breasts were pressed against his pecs, his penis was still trapped in her vagina as her white eyes and his green eyes were now interwined in the warm, gentle gaze.

As soon as Alien X pulled himself out of the Anodite, his Omnitrix started to beep and turn red before Ben and Gwen returned to their human forms. Smiling and holding hands, they quickly put on their clothes and left the sauna, five minutes before it was too late.

-It was a good day, wasn’t it?-Gwen asked Ben playfully as they were walking back to the bus station where a tall 16 years old boy with long black hair was waiting for them in his Dodge Challenger.
-Yeah, it was awesome-Ben Tennyson nodded and gave her a happy smile.
-About what happened in the hot springs, it is gonna be our little secret, Ben-Gwen whispered to Ben quietly. The romantic relationships between cousins might be legal in Bellwood but they were not very popular.
-Of course, Gwen. I am gonna keep my mouth shut.

Gwen Tennyson smirked smugly as she witnessed her cousin return to his previous optimistic and confident self. Who cares about Kai when he have each other Ben, she thought as Kevin Levin greeted them.

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 6-Duncan x Heather (Total Drama)

Duncan smirked as he the gates of prison closed behind him. After two years he was free and he no longer had to worry about Total Drama. No more creepy Chris, no more crazy Chef, no more bossy Courtney….it was a perfect opporturnity for him to turn over the new leaf. He only needs to stay out of the public view for a while and everything is gonna be good.

After ten minutes of walking, the 20 years old man with blue eyes and green mohawk called a taxi. However, once he entered the car, he was suprised to see a familiar face.

-Heather? What a coincidence.

The 20 years old woman with long, black hair and gray eyes raised her eyebrows in confusion. But, upon seeing his short black hair with visible mohawk a flashbulb appeared in her head.

-Duncan? I quess you have been released, then.
-Yeah, I was.
-Wanna visit me today.
-Sure, why not?

Some time later, the two former Total Drama contestants were drinking beer in Toronto and talking about how much things have changed since Mike and Zoey won TD:AS. For example, Courtney was now studying law in Washington, D.C., Alejandro started a start up in Spain, Gwen became a comic book artist and Owen was currently on cross-country trip with Noah and Izzy. To think how much things have changed in only two years.

They did not know how much time had passed, but one thing was certain. Having drunk too many cans of beer, Heather and Duncan were not only completely drunk, but they also felt warm and horny.
Duncan gave Heather a playful wink,to which she responded by giving him a naughty grin. She stood up, walked towards him and grabbed his T-Shirt. One minute later they were already making out and made their way to the bedroom, with more and more clothes being thrown into the corner….

Eventually, they were completely naked. The former Delinquent put his hands on the former Queen Bee’s hips and, in one fast thrust, slammed his dick deep inside her ass. Heather groaned as she felt his member fill her tight anus, but gritted her teeth and pulled herself backwards, rubbing his crotch with her buttocks. She wasn’t going to give him satisfaction from making her lose control, but neither was he. His hands found themselves on her stomach and smoothly massaged her skin before sllowly grabbing her breasts. In turn, she put her hand on his neck and pulled his head closer before pressing her mouth against his own mouth as well as toying with his mohawk.

Some time later, after Duncan came and filled Heather's ass with his cum, the two lovers decided to try missionary position. As she wrapped her legs around his waist and he wrapped his arms around her back, their nether regions slowly but surely interwined and they were shouting playful tauntings at each other before he sucked her soft breasts and she digged her finger nails in his toned back.

-Heather…Something is gonna….Gooood….
-Fuck….Don’t stop Duncan….Yeaaaah….

Soon, as they could feel the sudden warmth emerge in their stomachs, they lifted themselves up and hugged each other so tightly that their bodies were nearly glued to each other. Another round of orgasm was coming, so now Duncan was frantically thrusting himselff into Heather as she grabbed his head and slammed it between her boobs. Eventually, as soon as Heather gave Duncan one last kiss which was much more deeper and intense than any lewd activity they engaded in previously, the heat wave was no longer containable and in one frantic act of desperation, they roughly rubbed their bare bodies against each other, moaning loudly as her vaginal muscles tightened the grip they held over his penis.


The two deep screams escaped from their throats as the two lovers succumbed to the orgasm. As his sperm entered her womb, Duncan hugged Heather suprisingly tenderly and caressed her long hair as she put her head on his muscular chest and they breathed deeply, slowly but surely regaining clarity of mind.

-It was awesome, wasn’t it?-Duncan smirked as he saw Heather experiencing Nirvana.
-Yeah, it was amazing-Heather muttered as she put her hand on her vagina, smeared her fingers in the bodily fluids and then licked her fingers-Perhaps we could be doing it more often.
-So, wanna be friends with benefit?

She nodded before throwing herself at him and pinning him against the bed. She then kissed him one more time before grabbing his penis and quickly pulling it deep inside her vagina. He let out a lustful howl as he grabbed her ass and pulled her thigs down, so that their nether regions were once again interwined.

A long night awaited them.

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 7-Danny Fenton and Ember McLain (Danny Phantom)

Somewhere in the Ghost Zone, Ember McLain had nothing to do and it made her feel angry. Youngblood was nowhere to be seen, Skulker was too preoccupied with building a new, powerful trap, Kitty was probably joyriding with Johnny and even Spectra and Desiree were too busy with their own stuff to hang out with her. So, the teenage ghost fell on the bed and groaned in annoyance.

-Damn, just five more minutes and I am probably gonna die again from boredom.

She grabbed her guitar and started playing before suddenly she saw a photo of Danny Phantom on her table (it belonged to Skulker, he probably forgot to bring it to his lair).Ember smiled as a brillant idea came to her head.

Meanwhile, in Amity Park Danny Fenton sighed in relief as Lancer’s lecture was interrupted by the ringing bell and it was time to go home. As he left the high school, the teenage half-ghost said goodbye to Sam and Tucker before turning into Danny Phantom and flying towards his house.

He was close to the same zoo where he fought Skulker for the first time before he breathed a cold steam. Knowing that it meant a ghost was near, Danny shrugged and quietly entered the building where he saw a pale skinned girl waiting for him. She had green eyes and long blue hair tied into a ponytail.

-Ember,again?-Danny groaned, not happy with the idea of having to fight the rebellious rock star.
-Don’t be so mad disptick-she smirked as she grabbed her rested her arm on her guitar and observed the slender boy with short, white hair and green eyes-Isn’t that better than getting locked in the closet by that jock?
-Fair point-Danny admitted as Ember slowly walked towards him. He raised his firsts in preparation but instead she put her hands on her shoulders and kissed him.

Danny moaned and shuddered as Ember grabbed his head and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. The moment her tongue entered his mouth and started wrestling with his own tongue, Danny’s willpower was broken and he wrapped his arms around her waist, returning the kiss. As she wrapped her legs around his waist and he grabbed her ass, they turned intangible and quickly ran towards the shower room, leaving their black costumes behind.

As soon as they entered the room and their bodies regained the previous form, Danny whistled innocently and turned the water old. It was hot and Ember shouted as the felt the warm water pour her toned body, only to groan in lust as Danny grabbed her breast and squizzed it. She returned the favour by grabbing his penis and squizzing it, making him moan in excitation. He then pressed his lips against her lips gently before taking her by suprise and pinning her body against the floor. They gave each other a naughty smile before Danny slowly but firmly thrusted his hips forward, filling her vagina with his member.

The two frenemies shuddered and quickly interwined their fingers as they took each other’s virginity. Soon, his penis was trapped deep inside her womb as the initial pain turned into a pleasurable tension of warm rubbing. Then they started making love, slowly and tenderly at first but quickly their primitive instincts took over and eventually Danny screamed as Ember hugged him tightly and digged her nails in his back, leaving bloody traces as a memory of their rutting and slamming her nether regions against his own nether regions. He returned the favour by biting her shoulder deeply and sucking her cold blood, shuddering in pleasure as he smelled her pleasant scent. She was his mate now and he was going to make sure that she would never forget that night. They made out passionately and allowed their hands to explore each other’s naked, athletic bodies-her white, cold and smooth and his tanned, hot and raw.

After a long period of intense mating session, Ember gritted her teeth as she felt her vaginal muscles forcefully squizze her new boyfriend’s member. It suddenly made her feel like a bomb on the verge on explosion and in one frantic attempt to prevent herself from losing control, she opened her mouth and bit Danny’s shoulder roughly, causing him to scream. Unfortunately, the raw force of her bite pushed him to the edge and his penis twitched uncomfrotably quickly.



Danny and Ember hugged each other tightly and let out loud scream of primal, unrestrained ecstasy as they came and he filled her womb with his sperm. Her breasts pressed softly against his pectorals and his arms wrapped protectively around her waist, the ghost rockstar and a half-ghost superhero tilted their heads backward, closed their eyes and roared throatily as the copulation was over and the orgasm was slowly but surely ending too.

As they fell on the ground-him on top of her-and breather deeply, Ember smiled in satisfaction as she smelled her mate’s scent. She gently carresed her back as he slowly kissed her chest, her stomach and her nether regions before staring at her beautiful face.

-Wow Ember, I don’t know what to say-he said sheepilishly as he began to see his former enemy in a different, much more intimate light.
-No problem, Danny-she slowly stood up and stretched her neck as the post-coital euphoria left her brain and she regained clarity of her mind-Sometimes, actions speak louder than the words.

The 17 years old girl than gave him a naughty smile as she grabbed his hand and put it on her vagina. The 14 years old boy gasped, but then he smiled slyly as he grabbed her hand and put it on his penis. Thankfully, ghosts had an Infinite stamina.

Roughly 2 hours later, during the midnight, Dash and Kwan were drinking beer together on the bench close to the zoo. Suddenly, they heard two loud roars coming from the inside and they ran away in terror, unaware that Ember-who was now sitting on top of Danny and with their reproductive organs once again interwined-put her soft hands on Danny's muscular chest and began to ride him wildly and happily as he squizzed her firm buttocks and kissed her flat stomach.