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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 7-Danny Fenton and Ember McLain (Danny Phantom)

Somewhere in the Ghost Zone, Ember McLain had nothing to do and it made her feel angry. Youngblood was nowhere to be seen, Skulker was too preoccupied with building a new, powerful trap, Kitty was probably joyriding with Johnny and even Spectra and Desiree were too busy with their own stuff to hang out with her. So, the teenage ghost fell on the bed and groaned in annoyance.

-Damn, just five more minutes and I am probably gonna die again from boredom.

She grabbed her guitar and started playing before suddenly she saw a photo of Danny Phantom on her table (it belonged to Skulker, he probably forgot to bring it to his lair).Ember smiled as a brillant idea came to her head.

Meanwhile, in Amity Park Danny Fenton sighed in relief as Lancer’s lecture was interrupted by the ringing bell and it was time to go home. As he left the high school, the teenage half-ghost said goodbye to Sam and Tucker before turning into Danny Phantom and flying towards his house.

He was close to the same zoo where he fought Skulker for the first time before he breathed a cold steam. Knowing that it meant a ghost was near, Danny shrugged and quietly entered the building where he saw a pale skinned girl waiting for him. She had green eyes and long blue hair tied into a ponytail.

-Ember,again?-Danny groaned, not happy with the idea of having to fight the rebellious rock star.
-Don’t be so mad disptick-she smirked as she grabbed her rested her arm on her guitar and observed the slender boy with short, white hair and green eyes-Isn’t that better than getting locked in the closet by that jock?
-Fair point-Danny admitted as Ember slowly walked towards him. He raised his firsts in preparation but instead she put her hands on her shoulders and kissed him.

Danny moaned and shuddered as Ember grabbed his head and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. The moment her tongue entered his mouth and started wrestling with his own tongue, Danny’s willpower was broken and he wrapped his arms around her waist, returning the kiss. As she wrapped her legs around his waist and he grabbed her ass, they turned intangible and quickly ran towards the shower room, leaving their black costumes behind.

As soon as they entered the room and their bodies regained the previous form, Danny whistled innocently and turned the water old. It was hot and Ember shouted as the felt the warm water pour her toned body, only to groan in lust as Danny grabbed her breast and squizzed it. She returned the favour by grabbing his penis and squizzing it, making him moan in excitation. He then pressed his lips against her lips gently before taking her by suprise and pinning her body against the floor. They gave each other a naughty smile before Danny slowly but firmly thrusted his hips forward, filling her vagina with his member.

The two frenemies shuddered and quickly interwined their fingers as they took each other’s virginity. Soon, his penis was trapped deep inside her womb as the initial pain turned into a pleasurable tension of warm rubbing. Then they started making love, slowly and tenderly at first but quickly their primitive instincts took over and eventually Danny screamed as Ember hugged him tightly and digged her nails in his back, leaving bloody traces as a memory of their rutting and slamming her nether regions against his own nether regions. He returned the favour by biting her shoulder deeply and sucking her cold blood, shuddering in pleasure as he smelled her pleasant scent. She was his mate now and he was going to make sure that she would never forget that night. They made out passionately and allowed their hands to explore each other’s naked, athletic bodies-her white, cold and smooth and his tanned, hot and raw.

After a long period of intense mating session, Ember gritted her teeth as she felt her vaginal muscles forcefully squizze her new boyfriend’s member. It suddenly made her feel like a bomb on the verge on explosion and in one frantic attempt to prevent herself from losing control, she opened her mouth and bit Danny’s shoulder roughly, causing him to scream. Unfortunately, the raw force of her bite pushed him to the edge and his penis twitched uncomfrotably quickly.



Danny and Ember hugged each other tightly and let out loud scream of primal, unrestrained ecstasy as they came and he filled her womb with his sperm. Her breasts pressed softly against his pectorals and his arms wrapped protectively around her waist, the ghost rockstar and a half-ghost superhero tilted their heads backward, closed their eyes and roared throatily as the copulation was over and the orgasm was slowly but surely ending too.

As they fell on the ground-him on top of her-and breather deeply, Ember smiled in satisfaction as she smelled her mate’s scent. She gently carresed her back as he slowly kissed her chest, her stomach and her nether regions before staring at her beautiful face.

-Wow Ember, I don’t know what to say-he said sheepilishly as he began to see his former enemy in a different, much more intimate light.
-No problem, Danny-she slowly stood up and stretched her neck as the post-coital euphoria left her brain and she regained clarity of her mind-Sometimes, actions speak louder than the words.

The 17 years old girl than gave him a naughty smile as she grabbed his hand and put it on her vagina. The 14 years old boy gasped, but then he smiled slyly as he grabbed her hand and put it on his penis. Thankfully, ghosts had an Infinite stamina.

Roughly 2 hours later, during the midnight, Dash and Kwan were drinking beer together on the bench close to the zoo. Suddenly, they heard two loud roars coming from the inside and they ran away in terror, unaware that Ember-who was now sitting on top of Danny and with their reproductive organs once again interwined-put her soft hands on Danny's muscular chest and began to ride him wildly and happily as he squizzed her firm buttocks and kissed her flat stomach.