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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

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Love is Such a Crazy Thing

Chapter 1-Damian Wayne and Diana of Themyscira (DC Comics)


Boston, Massachusetts, the United States.

-Well done, Robin!-a 23 years old woman with long, black hair and blue eyes high-fived her friend after they defeated Doctor Psycho and Riddler.
-No problem, Wonder Woman-an 18 years old man with short, black hair and green eyes hidden under the green mask nodded as he handcuffed the two supervillains. Wonder Woman briefly looked at the current Robin and smiled. He has grown so much since the first time she met him. He looks just like his father, she thought…
-Hey, Diana-she heard Damian shout something as FBI took Psycho and Riddler away-Something wrong?
-No, I was just confused.
-If you don’t have anything important to do tomorrow, would you like visit me in Gotham City?
-Sure, why not?-she nodded before smirking-Are you trying to ask me out?
-What? No, of course-the blush on his face told her otherwise-I just want to thank you for helping me deal with The Riddler.
-Ok then, see you tomorrow Robin!
-Goodbye, Wonder Woman!

Gotham City, New Jersey, the U.S.,

The next day, the Amazonian princess found herself in the main room of Wayne Manor where she was greeted by the Son of Batman.
-Are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink?
-Perhaps red wine if you don’t mind.
-Good, give me a second.
He went to the kitchen and quickly came back with two full glasses of red wine, straight out of Athens. The two superheroes gave each other small smiles as they drank the entire alcohol. Soon, they drank another dose, then another and eventually the bottle was empty as they had been intoxinated.
-That’s sooo funnny-the beautiful woman slurred happily as she gambolled.
-Yeah, it’s sooo goood-the young man leaned back against the wall as he felt his legs tremble. He was about to go outside and wait untill the alcohol stopped messing with his head, but before he could go Wonder Woman grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her.
-What are you…-Robin asked in suprise.
-Nothing-she smiled warmly as she grabbed his hands and put it on her hips-I just want to dance with you.

And before Damian could protest Diana already started to shake her body and he had no choice but to follow her. At first it was a bit hard since he was so slow and she was too fast, but as more time passed he became more comfortable and they ended up dancing slowly and gracefully, moving in a perfect rhytm.

-Diana….Damian whispered as he caressed you cheek-You are wonderful.
-Thanks-Diana narrowed her eyes as she put her hands on his chest-And you are such a kind and generous man.
Soon, they stopped dancing and instead were staying still, with their bodies pressed against each other. Diana put her hands on his cheeks as he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her.
-Damian….-Wonder Woman whispered lowly into his ear.
-Yes?-he muttered unintelligibly and gulped, feeling her large breasts presss slightly against his raw pectorals.
-Can I take off your mask?
-Just one time. We already know each other’s real names, don’t we?

He gulped as he closed his eyes, allowing her to gently take off his mask. He opened her eyes and looked at her, terrified but also enarmored by her confidence coming from blue eyes and beauty.

-You look hellishly handsome, Damian-she licked her lips as gently removed his black-and-yellow cape.
-Thanks-Damian whispered and narrowed his green eyes as his hands found her golden belt and took it off-And you are very fucking sexy, Diana.

They smirked upon hearing these complements. Suddenly, Damian tried to pull away.
-Wait, are we really doing this? But how are we gonna….
-Yes-she pinned him against the floor and grabbed his wrists with her arms-I would like to thank you for such a good weekend.
-But…why are youuuuu…-Robin groaned as Wonder Woman slowly, very slowly rubbed her slender, toned body against his tall, athletic body. The red in his jumpsuit and in her leotard briefly merged together as their crotches collided.
-Don’t worry, Damian-she spoke softly as she released her arms, allowing him to pin her against the table-Let’s give in to our deepest instincts and it is gonna be good.
-Instincts? What are you…

And before he could finish, she leaned her head forward and pressed her lips gently against his own lips. Then, as he instinctivately closed his eyes and freed her arms, she grabbed his head and, not holding her strength back, she slammed his mouth against his own mouth, pulling him in a deep kiss. At first Robin moaned and tried to keep his mouth shut, but she invaded his mouth with her tongue and opened her mouth, deepening the kiss. Eventually, the combination of alcohol and pheromones (or was it just the high temperaturę in the room) overcame the rational mind and he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and she wrapped her long legs around his waist. They made out ferociously as more and more clothes were being thrown unceremoniously into the corner.

Once they were completely naked, Diana grabbed his penis and squizzed him, making him let out a deep groan as it immediately became hard. She smirked as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking it slowly and gently. He closed his eyes and shuddered, moving his hips forward and pulling her head deeper while also playing with her black, tender hair. Five minutes later, Diana grabbed his balls and massaged them roughly, making him scream and fill her mouth with his sperm. She drank the white liquid, released his penis and then lay down on the floor, showing him her pussy.

-Lick it. Now.

He smirked and did as he told. First, he grabbed her legs and pulled out his tongue. Then, he leaned closer and licked her vagina once. Finally, he pulled his head closer and soon enough he was licking her most intimate region roughly and confidently, making her howl in pleasure. She even digged her fingers in the floor and crushed the piece of wood as every muscle in her athletic body became tenser and hotter. Suddenly, Robin stopped licking her vagina and instead slicked two fingers as deep inside her womb as possible. This caused Wonder Woman to growl deeply as she came and poured his fingers with her cum.

They breathed deepily and tried to calm down. Then, they looked at each other, his green eyes and her blue eyes and they nodded. Damian slowly crawled towards her, wrapped his arms around her back and positioned himself so that his penis few few inches away from her vagina. She in turn wrapped her legs around his waist and put her hands on his neck.

-Diana of Themyscira-he spoke in a deep, low voice as he observed her breasts jiggle a bit while her chest rose and fell-Do you agree to become my mate?
-Of course, Damian Wayne-she answered in a throaty, sensual voice as she looked at his toned stomach, his strong chest and, most improtantly, on his hard and long penis-But only if you agree to become my mate.
-I do.

Diana did not reply. Instead, tightening the grip her legs had on his body, she slammed his nether regions hard against her own nether regions, trapping his penis deep inside her womb and taking his virginity. The two lovers moaned and shuddered unintelligibly upon claiming each other as mates before he thrusted himself forward, slamming himself aggresively against her body. Soon, two loud noises could be heard in Wayne manor as the Amazonian Warrior and Grandson of Demon copulated animalistically. One, the loud „mmmmmphhhh” sound made whenever his thigs slammed against her own thigs with such a force ther their pubic hair marged into one, and another one, which was a stream of incoherent moans, roars and suggestive profanities spoken in Greek, English and Arabic. Diana hugged Damian and kissed him passionately as she massaged his back, played with his hair and rubbed his warm six pack, just like he squizzed her ass, massaged her back and played with her mounds.

They did not know how long they were rutting, but eventually Damian felt his cock twitching dangerously quickly as well as his balls getting hotter. Knowing what it meant, he tried to pull out, not happy with the thought of possibly impregnating the older woman. But much to his suprise, Diana grabbed his ass and slammed his body roughly against her own body, once again merging their reproductive organs. Having been consumed by lust, Diana wrapped her legs and arms around Damian’s body and once again rubbed herself against him, pressing her breasts against his pectorals.

-Wonder Woman….I…we…must---Robin muttered in a deep voice as he kissed her neck and then started sucking nipple. He wished he could push her away but she was too strong…and addictive.
-Robin-her low voice sounded like a thunder in his ears as she lifted herself up and hugged him tightly, before digging her nails deep inside his back-It’s time.
-Time for what?

She closed her eyes and, much to his suprise, sank her teeth deeply in his right shoulder, making him scream in horryfying pain and perverted pleasure. Acting on primal Instinct, Damian closed his eyes and returned the favour, biting her left shoulder roughly. As soon as his teeth left her flesh, she grabbed his head and kissed him passionately, allowing the two lovers to taste each other’s blood.
It was the last straw. Two seconds later her vaginal muscles tightened the grip on his excited member and she nearly crushed his hips with her legs.


Damian and Diana screamed like tiger and lioness in heat as his penis twitched once and shot a huge dose of hot sperm which completely filled her womb (as well as making her inner walls pour his dick with her own sperm). They closed their eyes and screamed loudly, hugging each other tightly and frantically as their minds went blank, consumed by pure satisfaction and bliss of post-coital orgasm. Eventually, through, everything goods needs to end and she fell on top of him.

They breathed heavily as their hearts slowly resumed the normal beating. Eventually, he slowly and carefully pulled himself out and they were now lying numbly on the floor.
Then, they looked at each other and smiled warmly. His left hand’s fingers briefly interwined with her right hand’s fingers as they regained strength of the body and clarity of mind. He then stood up, lifted her up and carried her bridal style to the bathroom.

After all, they needed to clean themselves out of all this sperm, sweat and blood. Not that they complained.