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Steve trailed kisses down Bucky’s spine. He lingered briefly at the small of his back, thumbs caressing the dimples on either side. His large hands slid over Bucky’s ass, squeezing lightly as he spread him open. Bucky shivered with anticipation at the feel of Steve’s warm breath against his sensitive opening. Then Steve’s tongue brushed over his hole and Bucky gave a strangled gasp.

“Jesus Christ, yes,” he whispered, pressing back into the touch. He heard Steve chuckle quietly.

Steve licked him again, harder this time, pressing just inside the ring of muscle. Steve paused and Bucky realized he wasn’t breathing. He inhaled shakily as Steve did it again, not quite pushing in. Again and again, Steve teased him with light, fluttering licks around the edge of his hole that made his whole body tingle.

“Please, please Steve, please” Bucky found himself panting, and finally Steve pushed in deep. Bucky couldn’t stop himself from crying out. He’d never been so turned on in his life. His cock throbbed and ached with the need to be touched. “Fuck, Steve, touch me,” Bucky begged.

“Not yet.”

Bucky squirmed in Steve’s strong grip, desperately trying to rub his straining cock against the bed, but Steve held his thighs firmly, keeping him helpless to do anything but take Steve’s tongue as it plunged in and out of him ruthlessly.

Steve alternated between fast and slow jabs in and hard and soft licks over Bucky’s clenching hole, never keeping one rhythm for too long. Bucky jerked and gasped at every touch, never knowing what to expect next. His whole body felt overwhelmingly hot and he was shivering all over. Sweat was running down his back and pooling at the base of his spine. The slick, wet noises of Steve’s tongue against his flesh were obscene and it only aroused him more.

“Steve, please,” he moaned again, his voice cracking.

Steve pressed his knuckles against his perineum, then ghosted a palm over Bucky’s balls, and higher, finally reaching his cock. He ran calloused fingers lightly up his length, rubbed a thumb over the dripping head.
Bucky groaned out another desperate ‘please.’ He was close, but he needed more to push him over the edge.

Steve finally took pity on him and wrapped a hand around his erection, stroking firmly. Bucky cried out in relief, rocking his hips back against Steve’s tongue and forward into his fist. He could feel his orgasm building, coiled hot and tight in his abdomen. When Steve slid a finger into him alongside his tongue, Bucky’s trembling arms gave out and he collapsed onto the bed, burying his face in the pillow to stifle his whimpers.

Steve stroked a little faster, twisting his wrist on the upstroke. Bucky writhed, fingers clenched tightly in the sheets as he teetered on the brink of orgasm. Then Steve brushed his prostate, sending such intense pleasure shooting through every nerve that his vision whited out. He came with a broken shout, his whole body shaking from the overload of sensation.

Not long after his mind rejoined his spent body, another shiver of pleasure rolled through him when he realized Steve was stroking himself feverishly, panting his name.

“Yeah, want you to come all over me,” Bucky growled, voice rough and low.

“Bucky, oh God,” Steve moaned. “You looked so damn sexy, spread out for me.”

It didn’t take long before Steve cried out and spilt his come in hot stripes over Bucky’s ass, rubbing it into his wet, open hole.