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Small Important Household Tasks

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When Fritz came in again a little later I hadn't touched the tray. I told him not to bother, that I'd take care of the dishes myself later on, but that wasn't what he was there for anyhow. He'd come to clean up the office. There were some things he had been meaning to take care of, he said, and in particular Mr. Wolfe had told him to dust the globe, and he did not like to disturb me but he wanted to have everything finished before Mr. Wolfe came down from the plant rooms. I said OK go ahead, the boss's word was law, and he got busy while I kept at my typing. I still didn't feel like eating anything, but with Fritz right there in the room with me I couldn't insult him, so I made myself take a bite.

Of course there wasn't a speck of dust on that globe in the first place. Fritz knew exactly what he was doing. But by the time I realized that I was halfway through my second sandwich and I felt a lot better.