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Let Me Run Something BI You

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I sit on my bed thinking, in silence. My family are out at the grocery store, getting food. I decided to stay home, they didn't question my decision, they just shrugged it off, probably thinking I was tired or something....

That wasn't the case however, you see, a few weeks ago, I had come to the realization that I am bisexual, meaning that I found both boys and girls attractive, all though, to be fair, I have known for about a year that I wasn't straight, all though, I didn't have the words to say how I felt, I just knew that I was very attracted to men, the awaking happened when I met a boy named James when I was 10, I remembered thinking he was pretty when we became friends, that's when the feeling really started developing, but I also had feelings for Penny, so to say I was confused, would be an understatement. He moved away when I got to middle school, so I haven't seen him in a while.

Anyways, today I thought I come out to my family, although I needed to know how I was going to do it, "maybe a song?" I say, grabbing my Ukilaly, and start singing,

[Singing To the tune of 'I'm not okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance] "I'm not straight, I'm not straaaaiiiiight, oh, I'm not straaaaaiiight, I am biiiii" [singing stops] I then realized something "Wait, that already exists" I say, putting the Ukilaly a way, then I sigh "what if, they don't accept me, and I'm doing all this for nothing?"

I then proceeded to run through a bunch of potential scripts

[Gumballs thoughts]
"Sooo, uh, mom, dad, Darwin, Anais, I have something to tell you..." I freeze up, imagining them and I in the living room, them on the sofa, well I'm standing in front of them, I all the colors except for them and I were inverter, as they all stare at me, emotionless

"I like guys, a-and girls...I'm bi..." I say looking down, when I look up, the were all giants, whispering, calling me a disgrace, that they hated me, and how I was no longer there

I then get snapped back into reality, resering myself, that everything would be fine, and that none of that was gonna happen.

"OK, ok Gumball, that's not going to happen, I mean, your father once described fantasizing about kissing the president to everyone for heck's sake, I mean it was all PG, obviously, but still, everyone was okay with that? So why wouldn't they be ok with me liking dudes?! It's just my anxiety being stupid, as always, and if they don't accept me, then, I can console Penny, but that won't happen." I tell myself,

Penny knows I'm bi, I wasn't too afraid of her having a bad reaction to the news, considering her cousin, Leslie, is very openly gay, and she is very accepting of that, so of course, she accepted me, and, sure, I may or may not have cried a little bit, but that's not the important part, what's important is, that's I have someone who I can rely on if things go south.

After a while I came up with the words I wanted to say "I just hope they accept me..."

When they got back, I went to help them with putting things away, then when we were done, they all started going to different places in the house. "Ummm h-hay, I have something to, umm say..." I spoke up, getting everyone's attention, they all shrugged as they went over to sit on the sofa.

"OH Frick, this is just like what I imagine, well, they look less dead inside than in my head, so maybe it won't be as bad." I thought, standing in front of them all as they patently wanted for me to speak

"Okay..." I sigh, " girls...and boys..." I speak, looking down at my feet, my eyes going in and out of focus "I-l'm bi..." I say, it felt like the eyes of everyone in the world were looking at me, no one was saying anything, not even a peep. "Are they not taking it well? Do they accept me? What's going on?" I think, tears streaming down my face,

"I-l'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything..." I say running up to my room wrapping myself in my blanket, trying to hide, I then hear a knock on the door, and then it opens. "Hey...we're sorry if we came off unaccepting of you...we were just in shock." My mother said "yeah, we love you more than anything else in the world, and who you like doesn't cause us to love you less" my dad continued off with my mom "we all understand that this is just who you are and that you can't control it, even if you wanted to...and you don't need to apologize or hide who you are around us..." my little sister said, despite being only four, she was quite mature for age. "We love you dude" my brother ended it, as they all gave me a group hug.

"Thanks...I love you guys too..."