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Sexual Innuendo

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Karim's part: the cigarette


Soot fell on the phone screen and Karim took it in stride, blowing away most of it. There are sparks that are fleeting.

Karim was afraid of the heat, and he couldn't stop hissing whenever burning soot flicked unceremoniously onto its owner. The old Ollie who used to be at his side, would laugh at him. Likewise he would comfort Karim, using his soft, thick tongue to soothe the latter's invisible wounds. It was more on a psychological level. Karim would never forget the warm, wet, soft touch, just as he would never forget the beginning of his life - when he was immersed in his mother's amniotic fluid for months.

So if there is anything Karim misses about Ollie, his tongue must be at the top of the list(not to mention his eyes).

The young Olivier had a few "tricks up his sleeve" like every little bugger you could bump into on a street corner. Putting out cigarettes with tongue is a no-brainer, and when he performs this himself, he probably looks askance at his audience, his watchers, high enough up but still hold his neck up a bit, with a playful curve of his mouth.

Karim had long been used to seeing him in all his glory. If he had been close by, he might have deliberately kept his head down, hands in his trouser pockets, or even lifted one foot, drawing a circle and using the sole of his shoe to crush the cigarette flatter around his foot, if there was still a flame. Yeah, if there's still a flame.


Of course, when Ollie used his tongue in the service of others, that was a different story.

He couldn't remember if the number of times they'd made each other cum with their mouths was fair, but what was certain was that Olivier always had a way of getting a greater degree of satisfaction out of himself. He always had a reason, always an excuse, to give himself the upper hand.

Crafty guy. Sometimes it was hard to say who had the greater part to play in this matter, Karim's generous tolerance or Olivier's quick-witted adeptness(seducewise).

When does the mirror in his mind cease to be clear; when does the lie reflected in his eyes...


Most of the time he was angry without rage, like a peaceful dead volcano.




Olivier's part: the ring


The pain of a tight ring

If only there was something to lubricate


He sat in the car, looking at the still painful mark in the light of the street lamp, then smiled, more like laughing at himself. He lifted his knuckles and kissed the mark, not sure if it was a comfort to his body or the one who had given him such a leash.

Karim naturally knew his size, and if it was set small, it was done on purpose. You never knew what was in that brain of his that didn't have much to cover it. In fact they both used to have longer hair. Back then he would laugh at Karim for looking silly, and Karim would secretly learn to use hairspray himself, with poor results in his opinion.

It didn't matter, the wise man was not confused.



To translate, Giroud tried to take his ring off when he couldn't and remembered that he fucked Benzema without lube and bled out (please cut the shit)

Probably on the way to an affair (just stop)

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卡里姆怕烫,每当燃烧的烟灰不长眼地弹落到主人身上的时候,他会止不住的嘶出声。过去那个在他身边的奥利会笑他。同样他也会安慰卡里姆,用自己软而厚的舌头去抚平后者那不可见的创口。这更多的是心理层面上的作用。卡里姆不会忘记那带着温度的湿软触感,就像他不会忘记生命伊始 —— 自己曾浸泡在母亲的羊水中长达数月那般。


年少的奥利维耶像每个你能在街口撞上的小混混一样,有一些 傍身的小伎俩 。用舌头灭烟自然不在话下,他自己表演这功夫的时候,兴许会斜睨着他的观众,他的看客, 足够居高临下却依然将脖子昂起些,嘴角带着玩味儿的弧度。





狡猾的家伙。有时候很难说,在 这件事 上是谁在其中的作用更大,是卡里姆的宽厚容忍,还是奥利维耶的机敏善蛊。


















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