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All Tied Up

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The wedding ceremony was concluded with a general gathering and plenty of hugs and congratulations, not to mention Tony and Abby desperately trying to get another nudge from the baby, who did not oblige. Senior welcomed Ziva warmly to the family with a smacking kiss on each cheek and declared her 'truly ravishing'. Jimmy denied crying, even with red-rimmed eyes, but Tim had caught photographic evidence; the office pool was paying 3 to 1 on those particular odds and he'd had $20 riding on it. Gibbs crying was paying at 45 to 1, although no one had been brave enough to take that bet, while Abby was only paying out if she didn't cry, whether glistening eyes, but no falling tears counted would remain to be seen on Monday. After a half hour or so of noise and chatter, Breena had informed them that the caterer they'd hired - it turned out she also catered wakes, although they hadn't gone through Breena to find her - had messaged saying the food was ready back at the house, and they'd worked as a team to pack down the ceremony space quickly and make a move.

Gibbs had surprised Tony by throwing him the keys to the Challenger and telling him that he would drive back with Jackson to give the newlyweds a few minutes to themselves. However, the gesture was tempered by a stern warning to drive safely and not to use the car for anything other than driving. In response, Ziva had laughingly pointed out she was a long way from fitting in the backseat of a car anymore and received a swat on the head and a muttered "brat" for her cheek.

"Did I mention you look absolutely stunning today Mrs DiNozzo?" Tony glanced sideways as he drove; he'd interpreted Gibbs' instructions loosely, and although he was still driving safely, he had taken the scenic route back to Casa De Tiva, stretching out the rare opportunity to drive Gibbs' favourite car, and the time alone with Ziva.

Ziva nodded with a smile, "Several times," she affirmed. "But you may tell me as often as you wish."

"Seriously that dress... wow." He continued, reaching with his right hand to play with the lacy sleeve for a second. "Hey, did you do that whole, something old, something new... is that a Hebrew thing?"

"Yes I did, not it is not Hebrew or even Jewish. It's an English child's poem... a nursery rhyme." He could hear the thought, and then pride in her voice as she landed on the correct term before elaborating, "So, my dress is new obviously, as is the knife."

Tony tried to steal a glance at her thigh, too covered by the filmy skirt to be successful. "You're really wearing it?" The pleasure that his gift had been so well received was evident in his voice.

"Of course. You may find it later," Ziva responded with a wink and pointed to the silver twists dangling from her earlobes. "Jenny bought these for me when we were in Cairo, which feels like a lifetime ago. That is old enough. The comb is borrowed from Abby, and the ring I am wearing on my right hand is borrowed from Breena. We have organised a whole trade around that - my earrings, Abby's comb, and Breena's ring; we will each wear them at our weddings." Ziva raised her hand into his peripheral vision and displayed a small silver signet ring on her thumb. "That was one of Abby's better ideas when it came to making suggestions for today."

He gave a relieved laugh, glad to have avoided anything equine-related. "I wondered where that came from. What about something blue?" He gave her another once-over not taking his eyes off the road for too long. "You're a vision in white as far as I can see."

"Ahh, that one you can also wait to find out about later," She gave a quiet, mysterious little laugh, the kind that held promises that made Tony think about skipping the reception entirely. "Abba was very clear about what happened in this car."

"You're killing me here Dav... DiNozzo." Tony groaned, finding a space along the street to park the car. With the longer drive they'd taken, everyone else had arrived first, and the spots immediately outside their house were full, and the drive was occupied by Jackson's battered pickup.

"You love it, ahuvi." Ziva reminded him and waited for Tony to come around and open the door for her, he held out his hand, helping her to straighten up. "Did you see that?" She murmured in an undertone tilting her head toward the house they were parked alongside, as the curtains in the window fell back into place abruptly.

Tony chuckled and bent to gather Ziva's skirt off the sidewalk. "You mean our very own Mrs Kravitz? How could I miss it? I wonder if she'll stop giving you the evil eye now that I've made an honest woman of you." The neighbour three doors down had never favoured either of them with more than the briefest of glances, preferring a quiet observation through a gap in the curtains. However, since Ziva's waistline had started expanding with no wedding ring in sight, she'd evolved to include a disapproving head shake if they happened to make eye contact. During morning runs, Ziva's talks with other neighbours revealed she was militantly religious and horrified that they were 'living in sin right under her nose.' With this known, Tony naturally made it a point to try and kiss Ziva every time they passed her house and did so again after he locked the car, knowing full well they were still being watched.

"Oh, you know her name?" Ziva broke the kiss and fell into step beside him, Tony still holding her train clear of her ankles. "The most I have ever gotten from her sounded something like a sneeze."

"No, Mrs Kravitz is... never mind, another one to add to the list of things to watch when you're on maternity leave." They walked up the front path, and paused on the porch, already hearing noise and chatter inside. "Welcome home, Mrs DiNozzo."

"He says as though he was the one who paid for 80% of this house." Ziva gave a teasing laugh. With Eli's inheritance in Ziva's possession, the house was now officially theirs financially as well as legally, and other than some light-hearted humour, the fact that Ziva had technically been the one to pay for it was irrelevant, as far as they were concerned, it was theirs.

"Starting to understand why Gibbs calls you a brat." Tony rolled his eyes and opened the door with a sweeping gesture. "Come on, let's go party."

Casa De Tiva was filled with joy and noise that evening. They gathered first for a meal upstairs, the dining table at full extension was designed for eight, so accommodating twelve was rather cosy but no one was complaining as they found seats. Dishes left by the caterers were passed around amidst chatter and laughter, wine glasses were filled, the highlights from earlier in the day were rehashed, and Abby scolded Tony for disappearing right before the ceremony.

"That was seriously uncool! Where did you get to anyway?" She concluded. Beside him, deep in conversation with Ducky, Ziva gave the subtlest of headshakes. The vows in the bullpen were for them alone, and if Gibbs had overheard any of it, he wasn't letting on.

"Oh, everywhere and nowhere," Tony answered airily, Ziva nudged his arm and he pushed his plate towards her as she picked the cherry tomatoes out of her salad. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Abs." Ziva dropped the rejected ingredient onto his plate and held out her hand expectantly. Tony collected his cubes of halloumi and passed them over. "Turned up in the end, didn't I?"

Abby watched the silent trade, conducted without either of them breaking eye contact with the person they were talking to, and considered for a second. "I guess so, but I promise if you ever disappear five minutes before you're supposed to get married again, no one's gonna find your body."

Ziva laughed shortly, turning away from Ducky for a moment, "If he ever needs to get married again, Abby, you will not be able to find the body either!" She turned back to face Ducky again with calm nonchalance, "Sorry, go on?"

Tim laughed and checked his watch. "Two hours married and there's been a death threat already. That's gotta be some kind of record." He leaned back as Abby passed the bread basket past him to Jackie.

Vance grinned down the table. "Gibbs - I believe you're the authority on wives making attempts on your life?" Jackie flicked her hand sideways, swatting his chest with a barely concealed smile. Gibbs chose not to dignify the barb with a response, reaching instead for some kind of creamy potato dish.

Tony glanced sideways at Ziva, who met his eyes with affection. "Nah, this one's for keeps Abs," He shrugged coolly. "Pretty well crazy about her." He caught Ziva's hand and kissed her fingers.

"As am I, neshama." Ziva leaned across, pressed a kiss to his cheek and helped herself to the piece of cheese he'd missed on his plate, dropping the tomatoes from her second helping of salad as she did so.

"Ever think of ordering the food the way you like it?" Gibbs queried.

Ziva shook her head, gesturing to Jimmy who had just had a mouthful of both the cheese and the tomato, as well as the other ingredients, and looked blissed out at the flavour combination. "No. And that is why; the dish is better as a whole."

Jimmy gave an emphatic nod. "Sr'llygoob!" He enthused, still chewing.

"Besides," Tony lay his fork down to provide air quotes as he spoke, "'Things that burst' were not on Ziva's banned food list two weeks ago when we confirmed with the caterer."

"Things that burst, Ziva?" Tim repeated curiously, putting his hand over his wineglass before Abby topped it up again. "I know we've totally bonded over your peanut butter addiction right now, but you've lost me on this."

"Just keep me supplied with Reese's cups and you will be fine, McGee." There was a widespread communal laugh as he calmly reached into Abby's handbag which was hanging on the back of her chair, pulled out the aforementioned candy and tossed it across the table.

Tony shrugged and explained, "It's a textural thing. Cream cheese and custard are safe again, but grapes, cherry tomatoes, those things in bubble tea, and sunny side up are all out." He reached for the wine across the table. "Weird if you ask me." He added with a saddened shake of his head and a teasing grin at his wife.

"Oh really?" Ziva took the bait quickly. "And I am eating the halloumi from your plate because...?"

"Because I know how much you like it, and I'm just that generous?" Ziva scoffed and raised her eyebrows and Tony rolled his eyes. "Fine... If it squeaks when I chew, it makes me think there's something alive there." Laughter rippled around the table at this admission, Ducky chiming in with the technical explanation for the squeaking sensation, followed by a tale from a time in Europe with a cheesemaker.

The celebrations went on merrily, eventually moving downstairs to the basement where a dessert buffet and small bar area had been set up. Abby and Ziva had been busy with their decorating, long swathes of filmy fabric had been hung outward from the centre of the ceiling and enhanced with hundreds of string lights, and strands of small metallic stars dangled downwards, creating an effect somewhere between a tent and being out under the night sky. Ziva, who Abby had forbidden from climbing ladders, dragged what was now the dessert table around whenever she needed to be taller and simply stood on that instead. The same wooden chairs from the reception were gathered near the bar space, which would stay even after the party had disbanded. The foldout sofa Breena had used had been dragged off into a far corner, with a new slipcover and throw cushions in the same cream and pale green shades that had been used for the flowers and the ketubah. The centre of the room remained empty for dancing, and Tim had relocated the surround sound speakers from the living room for the night. Tony had supervised this action the previous day, but his warnings to be careful were quelled when reminded that Tim had not only recommended the purchase but set them up in the first place.

Senior quickly declared himself in charge of the bar and serving drinks, while Abby took control of Ziva's phone and subsequently, the music for the night. They opened with Can't Help Falling In Love, the only truly 'official' part of the reception, but even that wasn't very official, Tony and Ziva simply taking the floor when they felt ready after a few minutes of chatter and picking over the dessert table. They sang, softly enough that it wasn't a presentation of any kind, just to each other, but the odd snippet of Ziva's effortless harmony that could be heard over the refrain, or the way they alternated singing lines, gave their watchers an insight to the deep connection between the pair and added a literal meaning to Ducky's opening lines from the ceremony; this was clearly not the first time Tony and Ziva had sung together, but this was the one time they'd actually hear it.

After that, the music took a more lighthearted turn, although Abby was in charge of the phone, Ziva and Tony had constructed the playlist themselves (with a few suggestions from their friends) and their guests were spared the Sterile Puppets or anything else that might normally have had airtime in her lab. None of it was very formal, songs just played steadily in the background, and people got up to dance when they felt like it, chatting and eating in between. Abby added her own spin to the playlist a few times. She, Jimmy and Breena treated everyone to a loud rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, followed by a song from Ziva's hen's night and coaxing Ziva and Bree to demonstrate the steps they had learned one more time. Linedancing in a wedding dress was no easy feat, even once Abby had helped her find the loop at the end of the train and tie it around her wrist, and Ziva declared herself beaten after one song, preferring tunes that required a simpler ballroom hold.

For the most part, it was the younger three couples dancing, while the older half of the party mostly remained sequestered near the bar. The smaller room and guestlist meant any dancing was more obvious, although no one watched too closely. At one point, Jackie requested the song from her wedding to Leon and pulled him up to the floor, while Jackson pronounced himself too old, and was happy enough chatting and watching, and Gibbs just raised an eyebrow when asked if he would dance at any point.

The casual nature of the party meant there were no strictly organised dances. However, Senior and Ducky had both asked Ziva to dance at a random moment, Senior choosing I Get A Kick Out Of You, leading her with a dashing charm worthy of Sinatra. Ducky, meanwhile had chosen the opening strains of Dream A Little Dream Of Me, and he carried out the dance with his usual quiet elegance, relating a story of a time he had seen a Doris Day movie in his youth. Seeing this, Abby claimed her own dance with both men and decided it was her mission to get Gibbs to dance with Ziva at least once.

"Abby, it is fine. Gibbs does not want to." Ziva settled on the couch, a glass of water in one hand, a plate of dessert in the other. They were taking a breather, Tony chatting with Senior over by the bar, Tim, Jimmy and Breena in a group by the stairs. "We already know how he feels about weddings, dancing is probably a step too far." Beside her, Abby swiped her finger on the screen, scrolling song titles, trying to find the 'perfect' tune for Gibbs and Ziva to dance to.

"It has to be exactly the right song, something that makes him want to dance... or remember a time when he did... I got it!" Abby's face showed sudden understanding, she jumped up without another word and dashed across the room to cut in on the conversation between Tim and Jimmy, Tony taking the chance to claim the vacant space beside Ziva for a quick kiss.

"How're you holding up Ninja?" He slid an arm around her waist and helped himself to a bite of the brownie she held between her fingers. "The stowaway behaving herself?"

"She is being perfectly agreeable, I think she likes all the dancing, and I am fine," Ziva pulled her food out of his reach. "But if you continue eating my dessert, I will not be the one with 'something blue' later on." Her tone lowered significantly, eyes flickering ever so slightly south in case there was any doubt about her meaning.

Tony winced, as did Ducky who had come close enough to hear the last sentence, performing a rapid about-face and leaving the pair alone. "So marriage hasn't softened you at all my lovely wife... uh-oh, that's Abby's planning something smile." He changed subjects quickly and his head swivelled towards the green-clad bridesmaid as she turned to study Gibbs with a 'checkmate' facial expression.

"She has been determined to find a song that will make Gibbs ask me to dance," Ziva explained, with a slight eye-roll. "I have told her not to bother, but you know Abby."

"Well, whatever it is, she thinks she's got it," Tony said. The music faded, replaced by the introduction to something softer, slower, and immediately familiar. "That's the one..."

Ziva nodded with a reminiscent smile, "We danced to when we were undercover on that meth case at the charity ball, yes. That was why she went to talk to Tim!" Apparently, the groomsman was not the only one who remembered the song, Vance gave a sudden laugh, and Gibbs visibly sighed with resignation before standing and coming across to where they sat.

"Gonna pitch a fit if I ask your wife to dance, DiNozzo?" He questioned, holding out his hand in invitation. "They're playing our song, Aurelia." He added dryly to Ziva when Tony denied any knowledge of said fit. Ziva laughed and set her plate and glass aside, accepting his hand up.

"I did not think you would remember." Ziva followed Gibbs back to the floor and settled into a dance hold that was more relaxed than it had been the last time, without the odd pretence of an undercover role as a married couple, although the affection was far more genuine.

Gibbs smirked, "Couldn't forget that tantrum that husband of yours was throwing."

"He was very nearly not my anything that night!" Ziva said with a laugh; recalling the hours of tension and aggravation that had culminated with them agreeing to try dating officially. She dropped her voice to let the music cover their conversation, "Are you okay with this? I warned Abby that you may not want to dance."

"Abs went to the trouble of finding out this song." He gave a noncommittal shrug, obviously compartmentalising the memories and the present moment, Ziva took the hint and pressed no further. "But pretty sure you were smaller back then." He added with a downward nod.

"I think you can thank McGee for telling her the title," Ziva nodded her head towards the conspiring pair, Tim with the most innocent expression he could manage behind a pleased smile, and Abby was doing a terrible job of pretending not to take a photo. "Although, I seem to remember you saying much more flattering things to me at the time?"

He gave her a knowing look. "Fishing for compliments huh?"

"Not at all," Ziva shook her head lightly, "But surely there is a rule about only saying complimentary things about a bride's appearance?"

Gibbs laughed softly, and turned her under his arm, dropping his mouth to her ear when she faced him again. "Never seen you look happier kiddo, that's worth more than any wedding dress or fancy hair." The words were better than any praise he could have offered about her looks, and Ziva's hand tightened in his gratefully.

"Thank you for the dance," Ziva murmured as the song faded.

"Next best thing," Gibbs reminded her quietly, code for another three words that were spoken far less often, especially in company, but no less important or deeply meant.

Ziva nodded understanding, "Next best thing," she agreed, as Gibbs kissed her forehead.

"See! I told you a dance was a good choice - you're almost smiling, Gibbs!" Abby cheered, joining them on the floor. She wrapped her arm around Ziva's waist as the beat picked up again, encouraging her to start swaying with the rhythm.

"Don't think I don't know why you tried so hard Abs," Gibbs shook his head. "How much d'you win?"

Abby didn't even bother to look surprised that he'd called her out, "Twenty," She admitted with a grin. "Palmer was sure you wouldn't."

"You can buy your own Caf-Pow! for the next week then." He said firmly, retreating to his spot near the bar. "You bet on me, you pay the price."

"Worth it," Abby shrugged, turning to face Ziva and catching both her hands. "Come on Lady DiNozzo, my turn!"

The night wore on, the relaxed, fun vibe not fading, even as people grew weary, the Vances the first to make their departure.

"Thank you for coming Mrs Vance," Ziva leaned forward to brush a kiss on each cheek.

"Jackie, please, and thank you for asking me," She corrected, returning the gesture. "After everything Leon has told me about you two, I had to see it with my own eyes. And don't listen to his complaints about spamming him with baby pictures when she arrives either, I want to see them all!" Ziva agreed with a laugh and formally farewelled the Director, as Jackie turned to say goodbye to Tony, the couple heading up the stairs a few moments later.

Music still played in the background; Abby had relinquished possession of the phone to Jimmy, who had put on Can You Feel The Love Tonight to dance with Breena, while Ducky methodically packed down the scant remains of the dessert table. Both the Gibbs men and Senior were still near the bar - whiskey glasses in hand, sharing a story that involved much dry laughter, although the rumble of their voices was drowned out by Elton John.

Ziva, Tony, Abby, and Tim all sat in a tired, happy row on the couch at the far side of the room, watching Jimmy and Breena rotate on a spot the size of a nickel, totally oblivious to the world. "Do we look like that Zi?" Tony murmured against Ziva's ear.

"Yes!" Abby and Tim agreed in unison, Abby continuing, "Except you two make it way more obvious when you're undressing each other with your eyes..." Ziva reached for Abby's hand and guided her to the tiny flutters that had just become apparent by way of distraction. "Baby Tiva! Tim, you should feel this it's so awesome!"

"I'm good, thanks, Abs," Tim declined quickly. "Seriously, it's fine," He insisted when Abby pressed both the issue, and whatever lump of baby she was feeling and received a more solid thump from within, and a disapproving noise from Ziva.

"Oops, sorry Zivvie." Abby withdrew her hand and stopped leaning across Tony, turning instead to Tim. "You haven't danced with Ziva yet either... oh my god, he's gone all shy with how good you look, Zivvie, I told you he'd blush!"

Ziva shook her head with a smile, deflecting on Tim's behalf, "Abby, why are you so worried that I dance with everyone tonight? My feet are starting to hurt!"

"It's your wedding day, Zivvie - you need to have an awesome memory with everyone in this room," Abby explained.

"I did not dance with Director Vance or Jimmy?" She questioned, not following the logic.

"Yeah, but that's Vance - that's kind of weird." Abby shrugged off the contradiction. "You and Jimmy totally rocked out to The Middle as well - that counts." Sometime after her dance with Gibbs, Ziva had taken a break upstairs, feeling overwhelmed and a little hormonal. Abby had found her in the kitchen carefully dabbing her eyes with the corner of the teatowel and had decided she needed cheering up. After a few secretive words, Abby and Jimmy promptly staged a mutiny, changed the song and dragged Ziva back to the floor, promising the chorus was specifically for her, and two or three minutes had been spent bellowing the lyrics for her benefit. Ziva eventually succumbed to the catchy tune and sang the last couple of choruses with them. Although it had made Ziva smile again, Senior had been instructed not to pour any more drinks for the instigators, and Tony had taken over the music for a while.

"Hey," Tony cut in. "Does that mean you have to dance with me too Abs? Zi's not the only one who got married after all, pretty sure I was there too. Do I get an awesome moment with everyone in the room?"

She nodded eagerly. "You bet it does, are you thinking what I'm thinking, Robin Hood?"

Tony gave his best charming smile in response, "But of course, Lady Marian.Prince of Thieves it is."

"Robin Hood?" Ziva enquired, with a curious look at her husband. "Why do I feel there is a story to this?"

"There's not." Tony said, "I just know what she's thinking. A movie soundtrack is the only choice."

"Yep!" Abby agreed "Something so corny and over the top, you just have to ham it up. Right, my liege?"

"You know it, m'lady... hey, Palmer, hand over the phone!" Tony rose to put an end to the Disney soundtrack marathon Jimmy seemed to have planned, A Whole New World had just started playing.

"You're going to love this!" Abby announced, grabbing Tim and Ziva's wrists to pull them to standing. "I know you both know the song, I've made you watch the movie enough times. Trust me, the best way to do this is to just be so full on and into it, you're laughing too hard to feel embarrassed."

"Abby, come on, you know I don't dance that much, Tim protested as Abby dragged them both toward the middle of the floor.

Abby stopped pulling long enough to put Ziva's hand in his as Tony claimed the phone back. "Nope. You're dancing. It's Ziva's wedding you can't say no to her."

"I never asked!" Ziva put in. A piano introduction tinkled in the background, and Abby shoved Tim a step closer to Ziva before turning to Tony. "And this is a love song!" Abby couldn't or pretended not to hear the last protest, already adding actions to the opening lyrics as she danced.

Tim sighed, "It's fine, Ziva if you want to go sit down again, honestly..."

Ziva heaved a sigh too, "I do not mind, really. And it is easier than arguing with Abby," She lay a hand on his shoulder. "Just do not dip me like that!" She nodded her head towards the others; giving literal meaning to the phrase 'dance like no one's watching.' Jimmy and Breena, meanwhile, had not given up their close on-the-spot embrace.

"When you find me there, you'll search no more!" Abby sang behind them.

"Where do I..." His right hand hovered uncertainly.

Ziva laughed softly and caught his hand, "My waist McGee, or where it used to be anyway." She dropped the limb to her side and laid her hand back on his shoulder. "Unless I am actually having the baby, and you will not be there for that, you do not need to treat me any differently."

Tim gave a bashful shrug, "Sorry, awkward prom dates and slow dancing with Abs is about the extent of my knowledge of partner dancing. You do look really great tonight though."

"Thankyou, Tim." Ziva increased the pressure of her hands in response to guide him. "Just side to side, we do not have to do... whatever that is." He followed her lead, still somewhat awkwardly.

"You can't tell me it's not worth dying for!" Tony and Abby in unison this time as they performed another extravagant dip, every step greatly exaggerated, far bigger than necessary, and punctuated by laughter, mostly from Abby as she clutched the arm of Tony's suit jacket, trying not to fall backwards.

"Loosen up, Zi!" Tony called during the instrumental, "McGee, quit being so serious!" Abby gave another shriek as he spun them both.

"They're as bad as each other," Tim murmured. "Had no idea either of them got like this."

"Neither did I. At least you still have a chance to change your mind about getting married!" Ziva shot back, and the resulting laugh had them both relaxing into the song, moving more fluidly.

"Sing along!" Abby encouraged. "Take me as I am, take my life."

Ziva met McGee's eyes with a shrug and a what do we have to lose kind of smile, "I would give it all, I would sacrifice..."

"You can't tell me it's not worth fighting for," He joined reluctantly.

"You know it's true... everything I do, I do it for you!" Now four voices were singing, and before long, Ziva and Tim were just as into it, although less dramatic in their dancing than Abby and Tony. With almost 6 minutes to dance, Ziva even managed to teach McGee a neat double-handed turn. They laughed their way through the rest of the song, eventually letting go of their stiffness and enjoying themselves thoroughly.

"I told you!" Abby beamed triumphantly, as they made their way back to the bar for refreshments, still laughing at themselves. "If you don't go over the top you can't see what's on the other side. I expect an encore at our wedding!" Jimmy and Breena, still unaware of the carry-on, kept dancing to whatever started next. By now, the app was choosing random tunes to continue playing.

"I will be much rounder by then, I may not want to dance," Ziva warned with a laugh, settling back against Tony, who wrapped his arm around her belly. "And I am not sure if I want an encore from you, Tim. I love you dearly, but you cannot hold a tune."

"Never said I could sing. But the dancing was less awkward than I thought, like Tony said, it was kinda fun." Tim finished with a shrug.

"None of you can sing from what I heard," Gibbs cut in, "Calling it a night - keys, DiNozzo." Tony obediently fished them out of his pocket and handed them over. This announcement seemed to draw everyone's attention to the time, Ducky informing them that all the leftovers had been safely refrigerated and that he would drive Senior back to the Adams house, once they'd taken the extra leaves out of the dining table and broken it down again, while the McSciutos along with Jimmy and Breena who had finally emerged from their romantic dance bubble packed away the extra chairs into a corner, and stacked the dishwasher before calling for their own rides.

Before long, it was just Tony and Ziva alone in their basement again, the music barely obvious in the background, the volume had been dropped several notches to allow goodbyes to be spoken properly. They weren't dancing, just swaying along quietly, and humming the words when they knew them, enjoying the peace of having their house to themselves for the first time as husband and wife.

"So, Mrs DiNozzo. How do you like the sound of that?" Tony asked, winding one of her loose curls around his fingers as her head rested on his shoulder.

Ziva responded with a contented hum, "How do you like the sound of Anthony David DiNozzo?" She answered his question with one of her own.

He gave a cool, nonchalant shrug, that was belied by the shine in his eyes at the sound of his new, full name, "I think I can live with it. This might take longer to get used to though," He quipped with a smile, tapping his left ring finger on her hand as he held it, before guiding her into a graceful twirl. "Still feels kind of weird if I'm honest. Not bad, just different."

"Trust me, it will grow on you," Ziva promised, with almost ten months to get used to wearing her engagement ring, the addition of a second band had been less of a sensory change for her. "In a few weeks, it will feel wrong when you are not wearing it."

"That almost sounds ominous." He laughed and added a crack about Stockholm Syndrome, earning himself a playful swat. "Have you read the inscription I got in yours yet?" They had both arranged for engravings to be made on the inside of each others' rings and agreed that it would be a secret until after they were officially married.

"No, have you?" She released him to step back and work the ring off her finger.

"Nah, wanted to wait till we were alone." Tony mirrored her action, before realising the ambient lighting, while romantic and party appropriate, was too dim for reading a small engraving, and quickly moved for the main overhead light switch. "Hebrew, and after you sent Abby with me to make sure I didn't get yours to look like Lord of the Rings! Wait... that's aleph, I got that one. I think the next one is resh maybe?" Tony turned the ring slowly in his hand, and Ziva let him puzzle it out for a few more moments, trying to remember the few characters he had picked up.

"Ani le-dodi ve-dodi li." Ziva said, tracing each character on his palm when he declared himself beaten. Tony couldn't read Hebrew well and learned words and phrases by ear, but in a way that neither of them truly understood, he could feel the shapes and remember the sounds that went with each one when she drew them on his hand as she spoke. "That is why I was so pleased you learned it in Hebrew. This way you may carry my promise with you wherever you go."

"And you say I think of everything." He let her slide the ring back on and kissed her. "Did you read yours?" Her own rings were still tucked into the palm of the hand she had not been using to help him read the characters, and Ziva took her turn tilting the thin white gold ring.

"This was inevitable." The simple words brought a smile to her face, not only the reminder of long ago talks but also the difference in the inscriptions they'd chosen. Tony's wholehearted belief that they were always meant to be was balanced by her acknowledgment of the intentional promise they had made to belong to the other; somehow, even without knowing what their own ring would say, they'd reflected themselves honestly and complemented the other in a few simple words. "Nothing is inevitable Tony."

"We are inevitable Zi. Whatever went down, wherever we've been, this..." He took her hand, spun her again, and then gestured between them. "This was always going to happen. Even if Jenny had never created the liaison role and you'd gone back to Tel-Aviv, we would have found each other again in some other way."

Ziva smiled, as he returned the rings to their rightful position on her left hand with a gallant kiss on her knuckles. "Well, I will wear those words with great pride. I am still not so sure about fate as you are, but this feels right enough that it could be."

"Of course it was fate." Tony said confidently, "And even if it wasn't, I woulda helped it along. You made an impression that day Officer David, I would have wanted to look for you if our paths didn't cross again."

Ziva smirked, obviously considering whether to call him out that his intentions on looking her up after their first meeting had been a lot less committed than where they stood now, but thought the better of it. "I prefer Mrs DiNozzo." She murmured instead, leaning up for a lingering kiss.

"So do I." Tony agreed when talking was an option again, and stepped back to take another sweeping look at his wife, shaking his head lightly in disbelief. "You look incredible Ziva. You know those scenes in movies where they do the whole life flashing before their eyes montage? Yeah, this is one of them. I'm never going to forget the way you look right now."

Ziva's cheeks warmed at the sincere compliment and obvious admiration in his gaze. "For that one," She whispered, moving closer to punctuate her thoughts with a kiss, "You may treat going to bed with me like a sure thing tonight."

"I like the sound of that," he grinned against her lips. With that offer in play, they weren't long in heading upstairs, and when he discovered exactly what Ziva's 'something blue' was, Tony found another image to add to his montage.