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He's Got Us Wrapped

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"MOMMY!" I screamed. I ran to the back-door to get away from the swarm of hornets that were trying to sting me again.

Mommy met me at the door and ushered me into the house where she immediately wrapped me in a hug.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She asked as she pulled me away to look into my eyes.

"Hornets sting me!" I said through my cries as I pointed to the five different spots on my hands and arms.

"Oh no, baby!!! Let me get some ice and vinegar for it. Can you go sit down on the couch for me?" She wiped a few of the continuous tears away as she rubbed my back. I nodded at her question and she gave me another hug before sending me on my way.

Not even 3 minutes later, Mommy walked in with an ice bag and a wet paper towel that stunk!

"What's that smell Mommy?"

"That is the Apple Cider Vinegar. It is supposed to help with the swelling. My momma always gave it to my brothers and me when we were little. I will wrap it around this bag of ice and we will lay it on your arms for a while. Can I get you anything? A juice or some water? Turn on the TV?"

"I just want Daddy," I said as I started to sob again.

"I know, honey, but Daddy had an emergency at work today. He went off to fight another bad guy."

"But I want Daddy!!!" My voice was getting louder as well as my sobs.

"Alrighty. I'll go see what I can do. You sit here and watch some cartoons. Keep those arms still!" She patted my head as she got up and walked back into the kitchen, so I wouldn't be able to hear her conversation.

---KATE'S POV---

I walked into the kitchen and quickly dialed Jethro's number. He answered on the second ring.


"You have a thing called caller ID Jethro. It should tell you who's calling. Instead of answering Gibbs every time."

"Hello to you too, babe. Everything alright?"

"To be honest, no. Everything is not fine. I was washing dishes when I heard LJ scream in the backyard. She got stung, Jethro. Bad. Like 4 or 5 times bad."

"Is she okay? Where is she at?" 

"That's the issue. She wants you, Jethro. She let me put ice and vinegar paper towels on her arms, but she just kept screaming that she wanted her daddy. I'm sorry to bother-"

"It's not a bother. I'm coming home. Like right now. My baby needs me and I'm going to be there for her. The team has got this one covered. Try and see if she will allow you to give her some Kid's Benadryl. It will help with itching or if she turns out she is allergic to it. I'll ask Ducky if there is anything else we can do. Tell her I'm coming home. Love you, babe."

"Oh Jethro, you are a good dad. I love you, too."~~

I disconnected the phone and pulled out some of the medicine from the cabinet. I walked into the living room to see LJ half asleep with tears still poring out of her eyes. I crouched down beside her and smoothed out her hair.

"LJ, I need you to sit up and take this medicine. Daddy will be home in just a few minutes and you two can cuddle. Okay?

"Okay, Mommy. I sit and wait for Daddy." She took the medicine, drank some water, and went back to watching her cartoons. I went back to the kitchen and finished washing the small amount of dishes I had left.


We had just gotten back from the crime scene when Kate called. My baby needed me. I picked up my keys and coffee and rushed over to the elevator.

"Boss, where are you going?" I turned around to see Dinozzo almost running after me.

"Family emergency. I'll be back first thing tomorrow morning. I expect some good information in the morning!" I quickly turned around and got in the elevator. I first needed to make a pit stop in autopsy.

The sliding doors of autopsy alerted Palmer and Ducky that I was walking in. They had just opened the body bag and were about to start opening up the body.

"Jethro, I know you know it is too soon for me to have any information on the body. You must need something more."

"LJ got stung by some hornets. I was wondering if there was anything else we could do for it. Kate has already put ice and vinegar on it and given her Benadryl." As soon as I said the first sentence, he immediately stopped helping Palmer get the body out of the bag and turned to me.

"Oh, dear. Hornets are much more worse than bees or wasps. That is all I really know to do. Keep a close watch on them. If the swelling gets worse, take her to the doctor. Make sure the stinger is out, or it could cause her more pain. Keep her hydrated and make sure she rests plenty." He patted me on the back. "Send her my regards, please Jethro. As well as Caitlin.

"I will. Thank you, Duck."



After Mommy woke me up to give me my medicine, I was wide awake. Mommy had turned the TV to some program on the National Geographic Kids Channel. It was my favorite channel, but I found myself not really paying attention to the program. My arms hurt really bad. They didn't hurt as bad as they did a while ago, but they still hurt. Two of my fingers on my left hand got stung. They swelled so bad, I can barely bend them!

Mom joined me on the couch a few minutes. I out my feet in her lap while I leaned my head against the couch's arm rest.

We remained like that until the front door opened and I heard the sound of my Daddy's heavy footsteps walk into the living room. Something about seeing him made me start crying again. I was so glad to have my Daddy home!

He swooped in, picked me up, and settled me in his lap. He positioned the bags of ice and paper towels back onto my arms and then started peppering my face with kisses.

"How are you feeling now?"

"I feel a little better. My arms still hurt."

"I'm sorry I wasn't here when it happened. I'm going to make sure those hornets don't get you again, though."

"Don't you go and get stung now!"

He chuckled and kissed my head. "I promise I won't. Okay?"

"If you say so!"

He laughed and just hugged me tighter. "I love you, baby. Now go onto sleep. We'll wake you when dinner is ready. Ducky said to get plenty of rest!"

He scooted me down to where my feet were back in mommy's lap and my head was on his lap. Mommy rubbed my feet and Daddy played with my hair. Within minutes, I was completely wiped out.

---KATE'S POV---

Jethro and I sat in comfortable silence for about 10 minutes after she had fallen asleep. We both stood up and gently laid her back on the couch. Jethro took a blanket and wrapped it around her, keeping her arms out on the top. We walked into the kitchen and I grabbed some Mac n cheese while Jethro grabbed some chicken nuggets. We looked at each other and laughed.

"I guess we all will be eating like a 4 year old, tonight."

Jethro smirked while shrugging his shoulders. "As long as the princess is happy, I'm fine with it. Beats having to cook separate things."

I laughed and put my hand on my hip. "And what if the queen doesn't like it?"

He set the nuggets down, came around the back of me and pulled me into his chest. "Well, does the queen like it?"

"Yes, she in fact does like it. Not everyday I get to eat like a child." Jethro laughed. "You know, she knew exactly what had stung her. Not many 4 year old know that."

"She's smart, Kate. Really smart. She knows her stuff. She knew exactly what kind of wood I came home with last Saturday. The guy at the store was dumbfounded when I asked for pine and not just wood."

"And she has you wrapped around her finger."

" 'S not the first girl that has happened to. I don't mind. I love it when she wants me over you."

"Oh I know. You just relish in that don't you?" He winked at me. "And tell me Jethro, who exactly has been the other girls to have you wrapped around your finger?"

"Shannon... Kelly... maybe you. I'll never tell."

I slapped his chest. "I have you wrapped and you know it. If It had been anyone else call you right after a crime scene, you would not have picked up, especially on the 2nd ring."

That smug idiot had the audacity to smirk, again! I reached up and kissed his cheek before going and grabbing a pot to start the Mac n cheese.

LJ talked all through supper that night about her day before she got stung. Jethro and I listened intently and even jumped in with our own stories from the day.

After supper was cleaned up, Jethro and I walked back into the living room and examined Luci's arms and fingers.

The swelling had gone down some, but she said she was still in pain, so while Jethro was holding her on the couch, I gave her some pain medication. We then took her upstairs and gave her a bath and put on her pj's so we could go back downstairs and watch a movie. After Jethro and I got on our pj's, Luci had picked out a movie and put it on the TV.

We all three snuggled together on the couch. Jethro sitting on the end with his feet propped up. I was snuggled up beside him with my feet stretched out. Jethro's hand rested right above my hip. Luci was snuggled in between us.

Jethro kissed both of our heads as the movie started. I looked over and Luci's good fingers were wrapped around Jethro's bigger ones.

His queen and princess were truly wrapped around his finger.