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Enhanced Training

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Enhanced Training Chapter One

“Ranma,” Pops said, trying to look dignified and stern as he sat in front of me, “now that we have arrived at the Tendo’s, it is time for you to start learning the advanced arts of the Anything Goes School of martial arts.”

“Yes,” Mr. Tendo said, sitting right next to Pops and managing to look a lot more impressive and dignified. Maybe that was because I didn’t know him that well. “When we finished our training under the old master,” for some reason, both he and Pops winced at that but I couldn’t figure out why, “we agreed to only teach one half of the techniques that we had learned, so that our heirs would have to come together and learn the complete body of knowledge from us and from each other.”

“And that time has finally arrived,” Pops said, switching over so smoothly I wondered if they had practiced this before calling me down to the back deck. “Starting today, your training in the deeper arts begins.”

“Fine, but why do I have to be a girl for this?” I complained, glancing down at the big breasts hanging off of my chest, pretty visible even through my shirt. “I can learn just as easily as a guy.”

“Well,” Mr. Tendo said with a cough, looking rather embarrassed. “It has been an awfully long time since either of us had a reason to practice these arts and we need to make sure that we have a proper grasp of them before trying to teach them to someone else.”

That wasn’t really an answer and I tilted my head to the side as I stared at the two older men. And behind the, glancing through the door every now and then, I could see the three sisters paying attention to what was going on. They all had this weird look to them as they glanced over at me time and time again and I wondered what the heck was up with them.

“Now, I will begin, with the old technique of enhanced growth,” Pops said. “Hold still, boy!”

I barely had a chance to do anything but hold still as Pops’s hands lashed out at me, hitting some pressure points all over my body. I yelped and rocked back, but the post holding up the roof was right behind me and I bounced off it, shaking my head as I kept on feeling Pop’s fingers hitting all over. It seemed really focused right on the upper half and front of my body, too.

“Geez, shouldn’t I at least get the chance to warm up first?” I grumbled, rolling out onto the grass and rising to my feet. I wasn’t sure if this was part of the training yet or not, but, well, I wasn’t just going to let Pops do whatever he wanted.

“No need,” Pops said, settling back down to the porch. “I believe that I did it correctly.”

“Did what?” I asked, rubbing some of the spots where he had really used a lot of force on my skin. “What was any of that supposed to do, huh?”

“Hm, it seems that it’s not responding as quickly as I remember it,” Mr. Tendo said, stroking his mustache as he stared at me. “Perhaps you’re out of practice!”

“Yes, I hardly had many chances to brush up on all of those techniques while I was teaching my boy the basics,” Pops said with a laughter that I didn’t much like. And the way that the girls were still looking at me was weirding me out as well. “But it should still be taking effect soon.”

“What should be?” I griped, looking down at my body. “I’m just feeling- wait. Wait a minute.”

My eyes got wide as I saw that my chest was starting to get even bigger than it already was. I staggered backwards in shock, as if that would get me away from my body. Even underneath the shirt, it was clear that those breasts I had as a girl were growing and increasing in size.

I quickly whipped my red shirt off to get a better look at just what was happening to me. I wasn’t wearing a bra, of course, and I could see that they were increasing in size. Especially the left one, which was giving me an awfully lopsided look.

“What the heck?” I asked, cupping them in my hands and marveling at just how big they were growing. And, um, how sensitive. “How does this even work?”

“Pressure points, of course, stimulating the body and increasing development,” Pops said, frowning as he leaned forward. “Though it seems I messed up a bit. Come over here, boy, and I’ll make things right?”

I glanced up at Pops, not really trusting him for that. On the other hand, I also didn’t want to feel really lopsided like this, the left half of my body pulling me downwards and getting me all out of shape. Balance was pretty important for a martial artist, after all.

Sighing heavily, I stepped in front of Dad, bracing myself as he leaned forward. I studied the spots he hit on my skin, and in what order he did them in. He went a lot slower this time and I was pretty sure that I had memorized each strike and how much force should be used.

Then I got pretty distracted again as my right breast started to increase in size. I groaned as I felt it getting bigger and bigger. They had both already been way too large to begin with, but now they were so big that just hanging down from my chest, they were pressing together quite a bit. I reached up and poked them with one finger and shivered. And they were sensitive, too.

“Ah, yes, it’s all coming back to me now,” Pops said in a jovial tone. “Just like how when we were young, right, Soun?”

“Quite right, Genma, quite right,” Mr. Tendo said with a nod. “Those were the days, weren’t they?”

I glanced at both of them before returning my attention to what was happening to me and how it was all making me feel. Yeah, they were certainly more sensitive now than they had been before.

“Honestly, Ranma,” Akane said from the actual house, huffing in disgust, “don’t you know you should be wearing a shirt? And a bra, too?”

“With such large breasts, you are going to find a bra needed,” Kasumi said with a nod and a soft smile. “It will become quite uncomfortable, otherwise.”

“Hell no, I’m not wearing girly clothing like that,” I said, shaking my head back and forth. “No way, no how.”

But I could at least put my shirt back on. Though it was a lot tighter fit now than it had been just a few minutes ago. I grunted as I struggled into it, tugging it down and feeling the ties at the front of the shirt straining as I tried to get it comfortable on me. I looked down at my chest again and sighed, seeing just how much I was sticking forward. Man, these were going to take some getting used to.

I realized just how much I would need to get used to them when I took a step forward and felt my nipples rubbing against the silk of my shirt. That got my eyes to go wide as I swallowed and froze in mid-step, shivering as the sensations ran through my body. That was- that was really something right there. Wow. I swallowed and took another step and had the exact same sensation happen to me again.

Okay. Wow. Something that stopped all that bouncing and rubbing might be good. But not a bra! I had my pride as a man, after all. There were… chest wrappings or stuff that I could use instead, right? And those wouldn’t even look too out of place on my real body, either.

I did my best to fight down the blush that was appearing on my cheeks and shook my head back and forth. Okay, I did not need to keep on feeling this sensation. The sooner I got back to being a guy, the better, that much was crystal clear.

“Well, looks like you still have the knack,” Mr. Tendo said, nodding sagely as he closed his eyes. “Now, to see if I still have the old magic. Come here, please, Ranma.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked warily. “Not more pressure point stuff, right?”

“No, that was always Genma’s specialty,” Mr. Tendo said. “I found the use of certain techniques taken from China to be more useful.”

That didn’t really say that much, but I was always ready to learn some more martial arts stuff. I stood in front of him as he studied my head and face, his eyes actually keen and interested as he looked up at me. Finally, he nodded and smiled.

“Sit down right here, please, facing away from me,” Mr. Tendo said, pointing to a spot right in front of him. “I don’t… think that I’ll need to undo the pigtail.”

That was good, because there was going to be a whole lot of fuss if I changed back to a guy without that cord holding my hair together in the pigtail. At least that rampant hair growth didn’t happen as a girl, so that was one upside to it all.

I sat down, tensed up and only relaxing a bit when I felt Mr. Tendo’s hands starting to work on my skull. It was kind of like what Dad had done, but each finger press lingered for a lot longer than with Dad. It was more of a stroking motion, I supposed? Honestly, it most reminded me of the scalp massages I had seen before. Well, with Mr. Tendo’s impressive hair, I supposed he had to know a lot about that stuff.

Speaking of hair, as a girl, should I try out different hair styles? I thought that maybe it could look nice to just wear my hair down. Though I would really need to let it grow out if I was going to match Kasumi or Akane’s hair. I wondered how much time they spent taking care of it each day, stroking and brushing it.

And what else they did to look like they did. Kasumi was awfully pretty, after all. Akane was… less so. And as for Nabiki… man, there was just something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn’t say for sure what it was, but even in the short time I had known her, there was just something that said I should keep my distance from her and not get involved. And it only made sense to listen to my instincts, after all.

“Hm, I do believe that went well,” Mr. Tendo said eventually, moving his hands away from my head. “We’ll need some more sessions, I think, but it will do for now.”

“Sessions were I learn something, right?” I asked, scooting away from him and turning around. “And what was that even for, anyway?”

“Oh, did I forget to say?” Mr. Tendo said, looking surprised before frowning in thought. “Hm, maybe I did. Anyway, Ranma, my lad, it’s a technique to prime the mind and get it working in new ways and accepting different kinds of thoughts. A rather delicate, difficult set of techniques but it can work wonders when done correctly.”

“Huh,” I said, wondering how, exactly, that helped with martial arts. The body changes, I could see, even if more muscle seemed like a better use than bigger boobies, but still. “And you’ll teach me this, right?”

“Of course, I will,” Mr. Tendo said. “Though it requires a few sessions before hand before you can really start to grasp the lessons involved.”

“But it does work,” Kasumi said with a smile. “Why, back when I was in school, Father used that technique on me and my grades just shot right up, I could spend some much more time studying than doing other things.”

I nodded. Well, when Kasumi put it like that, getting the ability to shut out any distracting and just focus on the here and now did seem like something that a martial artist could really make use of. I smiled and nodded, hopping up to my feet.

And frowned, since that made my titties move around a lot underneath my shirt. I sighed heavily as I cupped them, the sensation kind of… nice as I touched myself. It felt really nice, in fact and I only realized what I was doing after a minute or so.

Blushing, I held my hands behind my back and tried to ignore the heat in my lower belly and the way that my nipples were getting awfully stiff. And starting to poke through my shirt.

“Ugh, you need a bra,” Akane said again, shaking her head. “But I don’t think that any of us have anything in your size.”

“Then I guess I won’t be wearing one,” I said with a shrug. But Akane was right, getting a bra would be pretty nice and helpful, real soon. And if it looked cute, that would be even better, right? Right. “Oh well.”

“Now, Ranma, my boy, there’s more to life than talking about female underwear,” Pops said, shivering for some reason. Mr. Tendo looked faintly disturbed as well. “As the heir to the Anything Goes School, you’re going to have to learn everything, from top to bottom.”

“Right, right, I’m ready for that,” I said, nodding in agreement. “What should I be learning, anyway?”

“Ah, well, the path of the martial artist,” Pops said and I quickly tuned him out. I had heard all this talk about honor and duty and the endless drive to improve yourself before and I could mouth along to the words almost perfectly as I went. There wasn’t much reason for me to pay attention right now.

Instead, I looked over at Mr. Tendo’s daughters. They were all still staring at me, with various looks on their faces that I couldn’t quite figure out. What they were thinking of as they looked at me was a mystery and I wondered if any of them had learned some of their father’s techniques. Akane, obviously, knew a bit about martial arts, but did she know the actual details of the school, instead of just general stuff that could be adapted for anything from karate to judo?’

Eventually, I realized that Pops had switched over to something new and that I should probably pay attention to all of it. I straightened up (and man, my titties bounced again. They were just going all over the place, weren’t they? Way more than normal.) and started listening.

“To learn in the act is the most important aspect,” and I stopped listening, since it was just Pops saying the same old stuff in a different way from before. I shifted my weight from side to side, feeling a certain tingling in my lower belly from how my shirt was pressing down on my chest. It was… pretty distracting, actually.

It made me think that maybe I should sneak off and take care of it. I had never done that before as girl, because, well, ew. Just ew. But maybe I could try it. Girls obviously did it and they had to get just as much enjoyment from it all as I did doing it as a guy so was there a real reason not to?

I swallowed and realized that at least some of what was in the girls’s eyes was lust. That was… weird to think about. And now that I looked at them again, it wasn’t just lust, there was also some hunger in it. That was… really something, wasn’t it? There was more to what they were looking at me with than all of that and I couldn’t say for sure if they were planning to actually do anything about that lust but it still made me swallow hard and shiver at the thought of having them… and they were girls, anyway, shouldn’t they be looking at me like that as a guy?

Man, I really was learning a lot since coming here, wasn’t I?

“I’ll leave you to think on these teachings,” Pops said, pulling himself up from his spot on the porch. “Soun, care for a game with me?”

“I would be delighted, Genma, just like old times,” Mr. Tendo said, quickly shuffling over to the shogi board set up by the doorway.

I didn’t have a whole lot that I really needed to think about, actually. The stuff Dad had said, it was all stuff that I was already familiar with and anyway, there was a lot more that I should be thinking about. Like how Kasumi had stood up and joined me outside the house, patting me on the shoulder.

“Well, Ranma, it will be very interesting to see you learning all these new techniques,” she said, smiling down at me. “I’m sure that you will do a wonderful job of it all.”

“Um, thanks,” I said with a blush, realizing that as a girl, my face was right at the same level as her breasts. They were hidden behind an apron and a blouse and probably a bra, but they were still right there in front of me. I swallowed again and realized that Akane had joined me as well.

“But don’t be thinking that we’re still engaged or anything,” Akane said, shaking her head quickly and making the mass of hair trailing down her back shake around. “It’s something that our dads want, not me.”

“Don’t worry,” I shot back, putting my hands on my hips and pushing my chest out. “If I’m interested in a hot girl, I just need to look at myself in the mirror.” I smirked. “Just look at these. They’re twice the size of yours, aren’t they?”

Akane suddenly looked really pissed and I smirked. And then quickly had to duck out of the way of a fist, though I couldn’t avoid the follow-up strike with her knee that got me right in the chin. That knoced me backwards, though landing on top of Kasumi wasn’t entirely unpleasant. I still groaned and clutched my jaw, glaring at Akane, who was glaring back at me with a lot more heat in her eyes. She crossed her arms and huffed.

Then she stalked away, muttering something about girlie-boys who shouldn’t be giving themselves airs just because of something or other that I couldn’t catch. I grumbled as I picked myself up and looked at Kasumi. She softly sighed and then smiled, stroking my shoulders and brushing away bits of dirt that I hadn’t even realized were there.

“I’m sorry about that, Ranma, but do try to watch your words around her in the future, alright?” Kasumi asked sweetly. “It will be easier for everyone if you two aren’t always at each other’s throats.”

The way I saw it, if Akane couldn’t handle the truth that I had way bigger breasts than hers (not that I wanted them, but if I had to have them, I might as well flaunt them) that was entirely her problem. She was out of sight, though, so there was no way to bring her attention to that. So instead I nodded and shook my head back and forth.

“So what do you normally do around here?” I asked, looking around and checking out the grounds. “You don’t go to school anymore, right?”

“No, I don’t,” Kasumi said with another one of her small smiles. “I cook and clean, most of the time. Would you like to join me in preparing dinner?”

I had never had much interest in cooking before, on the long trip with Pops. I could make rice and boil meat and if we wanted anything better, we’d have to get it from somewhere else. But, well, here there was an actual kitchen and actual ingredients, so maybe I should learn how to make some proper food that could impress… I had no idea who I might possibly want to impress. But it could be nice. And heck, I had already gotten the morning exercise in and it was hours yet until I should start on the afternoon workout.

“Sure, why not?” I asked with a shrug, wincing as I realized how that made my boobies shift around underneath my shirt. “It could be fun.”

“I find cooking to be very fun and relaxing indeed,” Kasumi said with a sweet smile. “Among other things.”

That was a weird comment that she didn’t follow up on. I gave her a quizzical glance but she didn’t say anything more. She just ushered me to the house and into the kitchen. And then she got right to work, giving me some vegetables to chop up. And it was surprisingly easy to just settle into the flow of bringing the knife down on the onions over and over again. I even found myself softly humming as I did so, before shaking my head and realizing what I was doing.

“Now, let me see, Ranma,” Kasumi said, stepping up behind me and pressing herself up against me. I swallowed as I realized that her breasts were pressing right up against the back of my head. Even through everything she was wearing, I could tell how soft they were. “Try for evenly-sized pieces, alright? Like this.”

She reached down and took my hands in hers, fingers lightly squeezing down on my hand as she demonstrated what she wanted. And somehow, it just felt so easy and natural to go along with what she was wanting from me, to keep on chopping up the veggies and feeling her pressed up against me.

And also kind of… enjoyable, that was probably the best word to fit what I was looking for. Yeah, enjoyable to feel her rubbing back and forth against me, her body against mine. I could feel a certain heat in my gut, one that I knew could only possibly be arousal. I swallowed at that and shook my head, trying to get my thoughts clear and to focus on not bringing the knife down on my fingers. I was tough but I wasn’t that tough!

Finally, I finished chopping up the onions and carrots and took a deep breath. I was feeling awfully worked up right now and my entire body was shivering and shaking more than a little bit. I could feel myself blushing. Man, why was I getting so aroused from all of this, huh? It couldn’t just be because of how big my breasts were now, right? Sure, they were bigger and more sensitive and feeling them rubbing and bouncing around like this was really something, but still.

“There, that will look very nice in tonight’s soup,” Kasumi said, giving me a pat on the rear that made me jerk forward. “Good girl, Ranma.”

I blinked, suddenly feeling a whole lot of different emotions washing over me at that. I licked my lips and kind of wished that she would do that again. Only maybe move her hand up higher and around my body.

My boobs. That was what I was getting at. I wanted her to touch my breasts. To do more than just touch my breasts, really, to grope them and feel them up. Nobody but me had ever done that before but I had a feeling that if someone did, we would both get a whole lot out of it. I bit my lip and turned around to look up at Kasumi. I realized how erotic I probably looked right now but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Oh my, Ranma,” Kasumi said, smiling gently as she stared down at me. “You look so flushed and feverish. Whatever could be the matter?” She rested a hand on my forehead. “Do you need to calm down and go for a sit-down somewhere?”

Getting some privacy actually sounded like an awfully good idea right now. Enough privacy for me to do something about the arousal that was soaking my boxers, at least. A few fingers pushed inside of me and stroking and doing something about these huge breasts that were just making me melt as I kept on feeling them rubbing against my shirt… yeah, that all sounded like a really good idea right now. I jerkily nodded and took a deep breath.

“Then why don’t you come with me?” Kasumi said. “Oh, and here’s some water to help cool you down wi- oh!”

Somehow, in a rather odd movement of her hand, the glass of water flew out from her hands and landed right on my torso. I gasped as the cold water sank straight through my shirt and ran down my skin. It was cold water, too and I swallowed hard as I pulled the shirt away from me. How had that even happened? Kasumi hadn’t been moving quickly, there hadn’t been anything for her to trip on, it was just one moment, she was walking towards me and the next, water was everywhere.

“Oh dear, let’s get you out of that shirt,” Kasumi said, quickly sitting the glass down and grabbing the bottom of my shirt, tugging it upwards. “You’ll catch your death of cold like that.”

That didn’t seem all that likely but before I could do anything, Kasumi had whisked the shirt off of me and I was topless. Not that I minded at all. In fact, it was kind of a relief to not have anything rubbing against my nipples like that. Though something that could soak up the water all over my chest would also be appreciated.

I grabbed a towel and started to clean myself off, grumbling underneath my breath as I did so. That shock of cold water had really done a number on me but it hadn’t been enough to entirely get rid of the arousal I was feeling. There was still this heat inside of me, making me feel… tingly and needing to do something to get rid of it.

“Oh my, Ranma,” Kasumi said, pressing one hand to her cheek as she stared down at me. “I didn’t realize just how large your breasts had grown.” She reached down and cupped one of them in both of her hands. “That really is quite the impressive size.”

“I, uh, yeah,” I said, swallowing hard as I felt Kasumi’s hands gliding over my skin. That was a very distracting feeling and I shivered as I felt her fingers touching me like this. Nobody had ever done that before but I was starting to really like it. “They move around a lot.”

“Then we should go bra shopping soon,” Kasumi said with a nod. “There’s nothing in the house that would manage to hold such impressive specimens but I’m sure we could find something that would nicely highlight these and make them look even better than they already are.”
I thought it over and nodded. A bra would certainly be easier to find than chest wrappings, at the very least. And if it looked cute on me… that would be good, right? That seemed good, at least, though I wasn’t exactly able to say why it would feel so good on me. I blushed and shifted my weight from side to side as I tried to figure out an answer to that.

It wasn’t made any easier by how Kasumi was still touching me and still being very distracting. There was a smile on her face as she moved her hands back and forth and I found myself panting and shivering as I got touched. There was this heat bubbling inside of me, the arousal quickly returning and making it really hard to focus on much of anything as her fingers lightly squeezed down on my breasts. Finally, I coughed and that seemed to draw Kasumi’s attention.

“Oh yes, you probably should get dressed, shouldn’t you?” Kasumi asked, letting go of my chest. “It would be so very distracting to see such impressive breasts uncovered. If any men were to see such a thing, then, why,” she swallowed hugely and there was a strange gleam in her eyes as she kept on staring down at me, “who knows what they might do to you?”

“The only guys around are me, Pops and your dad,” I said, putting a hand on my hip and staring at her. “What exactly do you think they’d be doing?”

“Why, you never know,” Kasumi said, licking her lips and looking really hungry all of a sudden. “And I’m sure you don’t want to find out, do you?”

“Well, no, I guess not, but you’re not making a lot of sense right now,” I said, letting myself get led out of the kitchen and to the stairs. “They aren’t like that.”

“I’m sure they’re not, Ranma, but still,” Kasumi said, reaching down and squeezing my chest again, making me gasp and swallow hard, “it would be better to not put it to the test, right? After all, with such a beautiful, well-developed body like this, who knows what people might do in order to have it?”

I… didn’t think that was really worth worrying about but I didn’t say so. Instead, I let myself get led upstairs and shook my head. Man, the first day of training in the two new schools I would have to learn had really been something, huh? And I wondered what more I was going to learn from Pops and Mr. Tendo.

Well, I knew that I would do a great job of learning whatever I needed to learn. That was just the kind of guy I was, after all. Even if I was a girl right now.