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Henry Sees Everything

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Henry 2.0 saw everything. 

When Levi threw his controller at Mammon for bursting in and accidentally unplugging the console, Henry saw that. 

When Levi snuck out at two in the morning and returned at five o’clock with the wrong shirt, Henry saw that. 

When Levi invited the human to join him in the aquarium to swim and enjoy the water, Henry saw that. 

Henry saw everything, not that he would say much about it. After all, he was just a young goldfish no bigger than Levi’s hand, which Henry noticed when he placed it on the glass to say hello. He lived in a fish tank filled with thousands of gallons of water, all alone, with little else to occupy him aside from a few daily feedings, Levi’s occasional swimming company, and scattered statues throughout the pebbles. 

It was when Levi spoke to him that Henry truly understood the depth of the world outside his tank. At first, he understood that “human” was a term of insult that soon changed to something else—something softer, something more delicate. 

When the human first arrived in the house, Levi spat the word through the water on one of their swimming escapades. “That human thinks they’re so cool,” he said, bubbles floating from his gills, “but they’re just a normie.” 

Henry thought it seemed premature to judge someone based on one or two conversations, but then again, he wasn’t a demon, or a human, for that matter. What Levi said, Henry took as the world’s word. 

Until, one day, the human was in Levi’s room more often than any of the brothers. They spent nearly every waking moment of Levi’s life in the bedroom, leaving Henry with less company and fewer conversations. 

He didn’t mind much though; there was more happening beyond the glass of his aquarium than there had ever been before. Watching the two start to sit closer and touch a little more each time they were together made for interesting entertainment. 

At one point, inside the fish tank, Levi mused to Henry about the detriments of something called kissing, something that Henry couldn’t quite understand even with explanation. 

Apparently, when two humanoid beings loved each other, they would smash their mouths together a few times, and that would get their blood flowing like a waterfall. After that, who knew what happened? Levi didn’t get that far in conversation without stumbling over his words and covering his face, the bubbles from his gills exploding out in bursts of quick breaths. 

In response to the panic, Henry swam up to Levi and swatted his cheek with his tail. It was the least he could do to show his support. 

The following week, while observing the two humanoids playing a video game together, Henry had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Their relationship seemed different, more uptight, rougher than the day before, but it was mostly Levi’s fault. He kept peeking over at the human and losing at the game, then getting more and more upset over his loss. 

If Henry could have spoken, he would have yelled for Levi to kiss them and get it over with. Maybe that would stop the awkwardness, or get his blood moving in the right direction. 

As though he heard, Levi glanced at Henry for a split second before taking his chance. 

The game paused. His hands reached for the human’s cheeks, and there, in front of the television, they smushed their lips together like two sucker fish that hadn’t eaten in months. Little hums, muted by the water, emanated from the two…well, kissers, Henry supposed, not having another word for the people performing the action. 

It confused him, but he couldn’t stop watching out of pure curiosity. Off came the sleeve of the human’s top down their shoulder, where Levi ducked to press his mouth in more kisses, these ones leaving little red marks over the human’s neck. 

When Levi’s shirt tore over his head and revealed the crimson blush overcoming his skin, Henry 2.0 realized he’d seen enough. He swam away from the tank’s glass and into one of his little stone castles to rest until the “kissing” was done.