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AU August 2022

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“Captain, the fog is coming closer!” Cody yells up at Obi-Wan, wildly gesturing at the nearing fog with fearful eyes. The rest of the men look up at Obi-Wan too, waiting for guidance and orders on how to proceed.

The fog is nearing in on them and it is only a matter of time until it swallows them whole, ultimately leading to their doom. Because fog is a sailor’s worst enemy due to its unpredictability.

Even now, the vision is restricted and he can only vaguely make out the shape of rocks everywhere around them. They’re doomed to die soon, he knows so.

“Keep the course going!” He orders his men, lowering his telescope.

He hears their fearful mutters and feels the fear of death radiating off of them. It hits him at full force.

He sends a quick prayer to Qui-Gon, asking his old captain to watch over them and curses Darth Maul for ending his former captain’s life.

He’s sure that Qui-Gon would know what to do in this situation. But he doesn’t. He can only hope that his men will survive the fog and have a tale to tell their children upon their return home.

“Captain!” Cody gestures at the fog. It’s mere meters away, closing in with every passing second. Soon, the end of his ship will be coated by it and the rest of his ship will follow.

“Faster!” The captain orders, lifting his telescope to his eye, “go to the left!”.

His eyes are roaming over the ocean. The rocks becoming visible out of nowhere, the waves clashing against his ship. His senses are consumed by the clashes off the waves.

The sudden uproar off those waves causes him to stagger, latching onto the steering wheel. The clashes are louder and harder, some are high enough to soak his men from head to toe.

His men are rowing harder than he can ever recall. The fog is starting to encase the ship. He loses sight of his two men in the back. The two in the front of them are half engulfed by the fog already. It’s only a matter of time now until all his men are gone and he will be gone with them.


A rock, he can’t remember seeing before collides with the side of his ship. He hears the breakage of at least two paddles.

“Keep going!” He yells the order through his foggy state of mind - ironic considering the actual state he finds himself in, too - and looks for a way out.

His senses are still overtaken by the sound of the waves and bits and pieces of conversation from his men that swap over to him.

And due to this, it takes him too long to realize that his ship is still on the ocean. The only sounds he can hear are the waves clashing against his ship and splashing water. What he doesn’t hear anymore is any rowing.

Harshly, Obi-Wan’s head whips around towards his men just in time for him to see them stare off into the same distance. Furthermore, he can see some of them jump over board.

He runs towards the side of his ship, staring down into the ocean. The hands of his men are clawing against the ship, trying to find something to hold onto. He can vaguely hear himself call out for his men to stop jumping and to continue rowing. Desperately, he tries to gain their attention but they’re all fixated on something else.

And suddenly, he hears it too. A voice, somewhere in the fog calling out for him in such an enchanting voice that all he can do is mindlessly stare into the fog - that by now surrounds more than half of his ship - to try and locate the voice.

More and more of his men are jumping into the water, trying to claw their way back up before they all meet the same faithful end of their life. Their bodies can’t stay afloat anymore and aside from a few bubbles making their way to the surface, he can only hear muffled screams through the harsh water entering their bodies.

Eventually, he is alone on the ship. In a trance, he walks towards the other end of his ship. The voice is still calling out to him, begging him to come closer.

He’s surrounded by the fog, desperately trying to find the owner of the most beautiful voice he has ever heard.

Suddenly the fog clears away and he sees a man - half man and half fish, to be more precise - sitting on a rock mere meters away from him.

His mind is numb and his thoughts are overtaken by the beautiful voice, calling his name in such a soft, gentle tone that makes butterflies come to life in his stomach.

“Come closer, Obi-Wan.” The man calls, holding his hand out as an invitation for Obi-Wan to join him.

Mindlessly, Obi-Wan jumps into the ocean - just like his men who are all dead by now before him - and he’s engulfed by the water. But to his luck, the waves stop and the ocean is still.

He effortlessly, without any struggles swims over to the rock. The man slides down the rock into the ocean. His tail, half red and half blue swings around Obi-Wan’s legs, pulling him closer.

Blue eyes clash with blue eyes.

Strands of brown hair are falling into blue eyes. The enchanting sounds continue to numb Obi-Wan’s mind while he gets lost in the eyes.

“Come closer.” The sweet voice orders clear in his mind through his enchanting sounds. Without a second mind, Obi-Wan leans closer.

Hands touch the side of his face, holding it close and still for when their lips meet.

Suddenly his mind clears.

He can clearly see the brown hair and closed eyes right in front of him. He notices the scar running over his eye and he’s mesmerized by the beauty of the man in front of him until Anakin breaks the kiss, “come and join me?”

“Always.” Obi-Wan breathes and allows Anakin to lead him underwater. The sounds falling from Anakin’s move again are so enchanting that the older one doesn’t notice the water filling his lungs until it’s to late.

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“Obi-Wan,” Anakin whines, putting his arm over his eyes, “did you have to turn on the light?”

“I’m sorry, darling. Go back to sleep.” Obi-Wan gently shushes him while setting a brand new canvas up in front of the bed. His brushes and colors are already on the small table next to it. He quietly leaves the bedroom to retrieve a stool from his office.

He takes it back into the bedroom and sets it down in front of the canvas. He also dims the light in the room to take the strain off of Anakin’s eyes.

“How am I meant to sleep when you’re rearranging every single piece of furniture we own?” He whines, holding his upper body up with his elbows. “That’s something I usually do.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Obi-Wan says, walking towards the bed, “lay back down, love. I want to cherish this moment.”

“You can cherish this moment at another time.” Anakin grumbles, immediately burying his head in his pillow when Obi-Wan leans him back down.

“The moonlight looked good on your skin.” Obi-Wan argues with a grin. He gently moves Anakin around in bed who allows this without any protest until he finds the perfect position for him. A kiss is quickly pressed against the side of Anakin’s head, “go back to sleep. I’ll join you when I’m done.”

“Don’t take to long.”

“I won’t.” The older one promises and retreats from the bed, sitting down on his stool. He takes a brush in his hand and begins to draw.

For the next few hours, he draws the perfect image of a sleeping Anakin laying in their shared bed.

He starts with the background and then moves on to the bed. Afterwards, he begins to draw a vague outline of Anakin’s body on the bed. Before he goes into more detail, he draws the moonlight across Anakin’s skin and the way it illustrates everything in the room, even with the light turned on on its lowest setting.

Once that is done, he goes into more details on Anakin’s body. His bare legs tangled in the blanket and the way his chest is draped on the back, making his back and bare butt visible. He pays special attention to drawing the bruises on his ass - all remainders of a few hours ago.

Next comes his brown hair, draped on the pillow. He draws every curl and highlights some, paying special attention to the ones on in Anakin’s face.

When he’s done painting the newest picture in his collection, the sun is rising and Anakin slightly stirs in his sleep, moving from his position and burying his face in the pillow.

“I only need to clean up, darling.” Obi-Wan whispers, turning the light off and taking his supplies out of the room. He deposits them in the hallway for the time being, deciding to move everything back into his office later on.

Quietly, he walks back into their shared bedroom, getting in beside Anakin. The younger one immediately turns around, cuddling up to his chest. Obi-Wan’s arms wrap around him, holding him tight to his chest.

“Sleep, darling, I’m here.” A kiss is pressed into Anakin’s hair.

“Stay this time.”

“I’ll always stay.” Obi-Wan reassures him.

“Mhh.” Anakin hums. He allows Obi-Wan to pull the blanket up higher to fully cover both of their bodies again and falls back asleep seconds later.

“I love you.” Is whispered into the silence of the room.

From his position, Obi-Wan’s eyes are on the canvas opposite their bed.

The sunrise on the beach is staring back at him. The various shades of blue from the ocean - a perfect composition off Anakin’s eyes and the bruises left on his body.

The brown house on the beach, made out of the different shades on Anakin’s hair depending on the lightning.

The sunrise, orange and yellow. Both colors off Anakin’s favorite blankets. The taint of pink that is so clearly the color if Anakin’s lips.

Even the sand - which Anakin hates so much - is there because of him.

The canvas holds the perfect picture off their relationship. All the good and bad parts that unite them and turn them into one.

And while everyone else only sees paintings, without any deeper meaning, Obi-Wan sees Anakin in every single painting.

And no matter what, Anakin - as Obi-Wan’s muse - is portrayed in every single painting and will forever be a part of him.

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“Obi-Wan,” Anakin sings, walking into the room with his hands behind his back, “I have a present for you.”

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan exaggeratedly sighs, “what is it this time?”

“It’s nothing bad.” The younger one assures with a grin. He leans over the kitchen counter, pushing the older one’s tea aside with one hand to create more space for him.

“The last time you said that you surprised me with this farm. And every single time after that, you came here with even more animals.”

“I know. But this is the best surprise yet.” Anakin sings, putting the bag he hid behind his back until now next to him on the counter. Obi-Wan suspiciously eyes the back.

He leans back in his chair, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “what is it?”

“Open it.”

“I’d rather not.”

“Come on,” he whines, “it’s nothing bad.”

“Anakin,” the name is said with pure desperation, “I trust you that your surprise is nothing bad but my past experience with your surprises has also made me very much aware of the fact that your surprises are never good either.”

“Open it.” He presses, ignoring his boyfriend’s statement. Although it is true, it is also slightly insulting that Obi-Wan would ever consider that his surprises are anything but great. Because really, there is nothing wrong with his prior surprises.

“What am I going to do with you?” Obi-Wan mumbles and pulls the bag closer to him. He takes out the useless decoration paper and looks into the bag.


“Surprise!” He grins, expectingly looking at Obi-Wan and animating him to take out his gift with his hands.

“This is ridiculous.”

“No, it’s not,” Anakin argues, “it’s a necessity for you.”

“A cowboy hat is a necessity?”


“I let you get away with too much.” Obi-Wan sighs but after one look at Anakin’s pleading eyes and small pout on his face - he’s still desperately waiting for the day he will be able to resist that face - takes the cowboy hat out of the bag and puts it down on the counter.

“You need to put it on!” The younger one grins.

“Absolutely not!” He protests, shoving the hat a few centimeters away from him to further prove his point. And to let his boyfriend know just how ridiculous the idea of him ever putting on a cowboy hat is.

“Obi-Wan!” A high pitched whine with (faked) disappointment added to it leaves his lips.



“Anakin!” The daring tone of voice almost makes Anakin back off with his idea for now.

“Obi-Wan!” He whines again, pointedly looking at the hat on the counter. He leans a little more forward, entering his boyfriend’s personal space until their noses practically touch and they can feel each other’s breaths on their lips.

“Fine.” He reluctantly grumbles and puts the cowboy hat on his face with a scowl. While doing so, he makes a point to hit Anakin in the head with it, who flinches back slightly surprised.

“Perfect!” Anakin grins, “now you only need some cowboy boots and you’ll almost be a true cowboy living on our farm!”

“You will not buy cowboy boots!” He scowls, attempting to take the hat off of his head again. Anakin’s reflects are faster though and he holds it down on his head.

“I will! You need them to be the almost perfect cowboy.” He grins against Obi-Wan’s lips.

“Almost?” Obi-Wan questions, slightly fearful.

“Well, you don’t have a horse yet, do you?”

“Don’t you dare, Anakin!”

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The flashing light engulfs Anakin and Obi-Wan. Both can feel themselves get lifted up off the ground, surrounded by the light until they’re stuck in a tunnel of bright light.

Their bodies are shaking and Anakin reaches his hand out to grasp Obi-Wan’s wrist. No matter what is happening and where they will go, he won’t allow them to be separated. They will go together or not at all.

The tumult within the tunnel is increasing. A loud noise is overtaking all of their sentences and aside from the desperate hands holding onto each other, everything is gone before they can truly grasp it.

Suddenly Anakin can feel Obi-Wan’s wrist slip out of his grip. His other hand reaches out, desperately clutching at the other one’s wrist. Obi-Wan’s left hand is too far gone to hold onto Anakin and he can feel himself slip away.

“It’s alright,” he tries to assure Anakin, “the force will lead us back together.”

His words fall on deaf ears. Anakin’s hands are desperately clutching at him, trying to prevent them to get separated. He maneuvers his body in an attempt to wrap his legs around Obi-Wan too, but he can’t. The tunnel is too strong and all he can do when his boyfriend slips away from him is scream his name in a way he never had before.

Extreme wind enters the tunnel. The light increases and all of Anakin’s senses are numbed momentarily. He thinks he might be dead but then his body gets spit out onto the harsh ground by the tunnel and he knows that he isn’t dead. But he’s in severe pain from the way his body landed on the ground.

Momentarily pushing the pain aside, he pushes himself back to his feet and frantically looks around for Obi-Wan. He trips over his own feet while running, balancing himself with the huge round stones everywhere around him.

“Obi-Wan!” Anakin screams his name, looking around for him. He vaguely takes notice off the vegetation of whatever planet he is on and sees the white stones everywhere around him. But he can’t pay them too much mind until he finds his other half.

“What have you gotten us into now, Anakin?” Is suddenly said from behind him. He whips around and crashes his body into Obi-Wan, engulfing the shorter one into a bone crashing hug.

“I’m glad to see you too, darling.” He whispers.

“Don’t let go off me again.” Anakin reluctantly releases him from the hug when he hears a sound from behind them but immediately clutches onto his hand again. He can’t lose him again.

“Do you know where we are?”

“No.” His eyes roam over their surroundings.

Both of them are standing in the middle of a dry ground, covered in white stones. Some are bigger than others but they’re all round.

“Do you remember what happened?” Obi-Wan asks, slightly tugging at Anakin’s hand to slow him done. His ankle made a sound it shouldn’t have made when he landed on the ground and blinding pain radiates through him with every step.

“What is it?” Anakin asks alarmed.

“Nothing, darling. You might want to slow down a little bit though. It is never smart to walk around fast in an unfamiliar territory.”

“Of course, master.”

“Good. Do you remember anything?” He asks again, falling into a slower step with him.

“We were practicing and I screamed your name. The next moment the light came and we were in the tunnel until we landed wherever this is.” Anakin explains, stopping himself from pulling Obi-Wan along with him. Instead, he looks around until he hears the same sound again.

His body whips around. With one hand he pulls his saber out of his belt and with the other he holds even tighter onto his master.

A few meters in front of him he can see a stone breaking. The cracks become bigger and bigger until it breaks in half and both quickly release that the stones in fact aren’t stones but eggs.

The blue light is protectively held out in front of them - Obi-Wan’s joining his - when a small creature emerges from the broken egg shell.

Without much thinking, Anakin momentarily lets go of his master and slices the creature in half with his saber. He quickly turns around when he hears the next cracking sounds and slices the egg in half with the creature still bedded inside of it.

He continues to do so. Every egg is mercilessly sliced in half with his lightsaber until none are left. Suddenly the ground looks like a massacre took place with the red blood from the unidentifiable creatures staining the white shells of the eggs.

“Anakin! Did you have to kill all the younglings?” Obi-Wan sighs exasperated. His hand moves up to massage his temples. The last thing he needs right now is a migraine.

There are more urging matters to attend to for now. For example, how they will get back to the Temple in Coruscant and why the ground they stand on is suddenly vibrating.

“Anakin!” Obi-Wan calls, beckoning him over with his hand. He comes to stand next to his master, immediately taking his free wrist in a steel like grip again. This time, with the intention to truly never let him go, despite what happens.

“Try not to kill anymore younglings, please.”

“I can’t promise that.”

“Anakin.” He sighs, turning around to face him. Immediately eyes widen and he takes a few steps back. Anakin follows his line of sight and cusses.

He follows his master until his master is following him, allowing Anakin to pull him along. He blindly follows him to jump over every broken shell and every tree root.

The pain seething through his body is ignored in favor of being able to keep up with his running boyfriend. Anakin’s saber slashes through everything in their way and creates a what seems to be relatively safe difference between them and the roaring dinosaur behind them.

“Is it a carnivore?”

“Yes, Anakin. The Tyrannosaurus rex is a carnivore,” Obi-Wan sighs, “and judging on his reaction you killed all of his younglings.”

“I’m sorry, master.” Anakin sheepishly offers.

“I’m sure you are.” Obi-Wan says and pulls on Anakin’s hand to move him out of the way when the dinosaur’s foot slams down mere centimeters away from him. The ground vibrates, shaking both through their core.

Anakin regains his composure before Obi-Wan has the chance to and starts running again. The surprise effect causes Obi-Wan to stumble and he falls down. Anakin’s hand was shook off of his wrist beforehand so he continues running until he feels the lack of a weight holding him back.

“Obi-Wan!” He screams, pointing at the head of the Tyrannosaurus rex that is moving dangerously close to the body on the ground.

Anakin holds his saber out in front of him and runs. The sheer panic and fear surging through his body help him and he swings his saber, cutting straight through a part of skin from the giant.

“Obi-Wan!” He screams again, voice tainted by pure fear and anger at the creature trying to harm said man.

A second later, a blinding light comes out of nowhere again. Obi-Wan grabs Anakin’s ankle and lets tunnel suck both of them right into it.

Their senses are overrun by the light once again, both desperately holding onto each other and hoping that they won’t end up in yet another foreign environment.

Their worries prove to be misplaced though when the heavy wind pushes them out of the light, right onto the ground it first sucked them into from.

“Obi-Wan,” Anakin scrambles up right away, “are you okay?”

Frantic eyes and hands move over Obi-Wan’s body. A hand reaches up to grasps Anakin’s. “I’m alright, darling.”

“I was worried.” Anakin breathes out, tightly holding onto the other one’s hand.

He gently helps Obi-Wan sits up when he indicates it and wraps his arms around him, “whatever that was, I hope it won’t happen again.”

“And I hope that you learned a valuable lesson from it, darling.” Obi-Wan softly laughs, pressing a kiss against the side of Anakin’s head while comfortingly rubbing his hand up and down his back.

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“Mister Kenobi.” Anakin greets with a grin when he walks into the other teachers classroom. The class looks up at him, grateful for the interruption in Obi-Wan’s lecture about the importance of Shakespeare for the modern English language.


“Mister Skywalker,” Obi-Wan sighs, “What can I do for you?”


“I’m in need of a new marker.”


“Of course.” Obi-Wan says. He bends down next to his desk to open his bag, granting Anakin a view of his ass for the few seconds it takes him to take out a marker for the other teacher.


He turns back around, handing it over to him, “try not to lose this one too.”


“I’ll try my best, Mister Kenobi.” Anakin grins, gratefully taking the marker out of the outstretched hand, “goodbye.”


“Goodbye, Mister Skywalker.” He says and watches Anakin leave his classroom.


“So, Shakespeare’s work…”



The next day, a knock sounds on the door.


“Come in.” Obi-Wan calls. The door opens and Anakin enters the classroom once again.


“What can I do for you this time?” He grins at Anakin’s sheepish expression, already forming a guess about what he needs this time in his head.


“I might have lost my latest marker.” Anakin admits, looking up at Obi-Wan through his lashes.


“Of course.” Obi-Wan fondly shakes his head. He holds his hand with his own marker out in front of him, “take this.”


“Thank you.” Anakin says, taking the marker out of his hand again, just like the prior day.



The following day, the door opens in the middle of another one of his lectures. He turns around to see Anakin in the doorway and grins.


“Another marker?”


“Not this time,” Anakin laughs, “a few magnets would be nice though.”


“You can have them,” Obi-Wan points to the magnets on the whiteboard.


“Thank you. I’ll bring them back after the lesson.” Anakin promises.


“There’s no need for that. Just hold onto them until tomorrow for me, will you?”


“Of course.”



“Mister Skywalker, what an unsuspected visit,” Obi-Wan lightheartedly teases him, “what can I do for you today? A new marker? Some more magnets? Or perhaps a stapler?”


“I’m in need of some tape today.”


“Then you shall have it.” Obi-Wan says, opening his desk to retrieve it for his younger colleague.


“I also brought back the magnets from yesterday.” Anakin needlessly points out while putting them back onto the whiteboard.


“Bring it back tomorrow?” Kenobi asks, grinning.


“Of course.” Anakin smiles, gently brushing Obi-Wan’s fingers when he takes the tape out of it. He sees the slight blush on the face and smirks.


At least he now knows that he most likely didn’t miscalculate his plan.



“Does the offer for the stapler still stand?” Anakin asks the next day, walking into the classroom without bothering to knock.


“If it is in exchange with my tape which I need, then yes, the offer still stands.” Obi-Wan grins.


Anakin matches his expression and nods. He walks further into the classroom and comes to a stop next to Kenobi’s desk.


His eyes are set on Obi-Wan while he opens the desk. The tape is disregarded on it next to him and he silently waits for the stapler to end up in Kenobi’s hands.


“I’m going to buy some more supplies this weekend. Is there anything I could get you that you might need? Perhaps your own markers, staplers, tape and magnets?” Obi-Wan grins, setting the white stapler down in Anakin’s hand.


Instead of retrieving his hand, Anakin clutches at it for a moment longer, causing sparks to erupt in the older one’s stomach.


“I wouldn’t get to see you that way anymore though.” Anakin grins and lets Obi-Wan’s hand go. Without saying anything else, he leaves the classroom, leaving a flustered Obi-Wan behind.



The following Monday Anakin knocks against the door, opening it without waiting for an invitation, “Mister Kenobi.”


“Mister Skywalker,” he grins, “what can I do for you today?”


“Well, it’s a little embarrassing but I may have lost my key and can’t open my own classroom. My students are becoming impatient.” He laughs.


“I suppose I should help you out then.” Obi-Wan says. His hand reaches into his back pocket to retrieve his keys.


“Thank you,” Anakin grins, taking the key out of his hand, “I’ll bring it back later.”


“I’ll be waiting for you.”



In the following days - weeks, really - both teachers fall into a routine.


Anakin needs something for his lessons and goes to Obi-Wan for it. They tease each other and their touches always linger for a little too long on each other.


Obi-Wan is so accustomed to the daily visits that he automatically always has at least two versions of everything. Just to make sure that Anakin will always find what he needs with him.



On one particular Wednesday, a knock sounds on his classroom door during his free period. He looks up confused, not expecting anyone. Especially not because he knows that Anakin also doesn’t have a class to teach right now, so there would be no reason for him to need yet another supply.


“Come in.” He calls out nonetheless.


The door opens and Anakin comes into view. The momentary confusion etched onto his face is overwritten with joy.


“Mister Skywalker, what can I do for you?”


“I’m in need of a pen and a piece of paper, Mister Kenobi.” Anakin grins. He closes the door behind him and moves further into the room until he’s leaning against the whiteboard, right behind the desk Obi-Wan is currently occupying.


“Of course.” Kenobi smiles and takes both things from his desk, holding them out for him to take.


Anakin takes them into his hands and grins. Instead of leaving like usual, he sets the piece of paper down in front of Obi-Wan. His body moves forwards almost on its own until he’s leaning over Obi-Wan’s shoulder, writing on the piece of paper.


Mister Kenobi’s personal phone number


The pen is held out to take for a blushing Obi-Wan. “Go ahead, darling.” Anakin encourages him.


“Of course.”


Seconds later, the number is written down and Anakin takes the piece of paper away.


“Well, I’ll see you later.” He grins.


“Later?” Obi-Wan calls after him, still not grasping what just occurred.


“I’m in need of a new marker.” Anakin laughs, closing the door behind him.

Chapter Text

One half of Darth Maul’s red lightsaber enters Qui-Gon’s body. Obi-Wan is helplessly staring at the scene unfolding in front of him. He feels the pain through their force bond and screams.

His anger comes together as one, directed at the Sith that killed his master. He can feel his master’s light in the force but it’s fading. Soon, it will be gone and Obi-Wan will be alone.

A Padawan without a master.

In a blind rage, he advances on Maul. He runs towards him, his saber in his hand and watches the blue light go through the Sith’s stomach.

Just that it isn’t a Sith he’s killing. His master’s body is implanted on his saber.

Qui-Gon’s shocked eyes look down at him. The anger and betrayal is visible on his face.

“I didn’t- you were dead- it was a Sith in front of me.” Obi-Wan helplessly stutters out. He frantically looks at the place Qui-Gon’s fading body laid moments ago.

It’s empty.

“You killed me, Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon choked out through the heavy betrayal consuming his mind.

Their bond is tainted by betrayal and pain. It feels as if Obi-Wan’s head is splitting in half. The words coming from Qui-Gon increase his pain and he wishes the saber would be in his stomach and not his master’s.

“Obi-Wan.” A new voice suddenly calls. He averts his eyes from his master and looks around. The Sith - the actual one - is nowhere to be seen and he wonders if he was just a product of his imagination. Just like the voice he heard calling his name.

“Obi-Wan.” The voice calls again.

“Master?” Obi-Wan hopefully asks, looking up at his angry master.

“I’m on your shoulder.” The voice huffs, lifting off of it and flying between the master and his padawan, right into Obi-Wan’s sight.

“What?” The padawan sputters out, confused, “what are you?”

“I’m a fairy, Obi-Wan. My name’s Anakin.” The fairy introduces himself. His short brown hair fall down to his shoulders with waves. His blue eyes seem to be staring right into Obi-Wan’s soul and he’s mesmerized by him and his features.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want to let you see the reality.” The fairy points out as if it is the most obvious thing ever and the padawan is stupid for not knowing it.

“I already am seeing the reality.” His voice raises as he points at his master.

“This is your nightmare, Obi-Wan. The reality is different.” Anakin points out, his voice entering the more bored tone of voice towards the end.

He can’t understand why the padawan is being so difficult when all he wants to do is something nice for him.

“Liar.” Obi-Wan seethes out, attempting to swat the small fairy away from him.

“Excuse you?” Anakin huffs, flying close enough to be mere millimeters away from Obi-Wan’s, “I’m not a fly you can get rid off.”

“You’re as big as one.” He grunts, wildly swatting his hand in front of his face.

“Obi-Wan.” Anakin huffs, flying close and creating eye contact. He smirks.

Obi-Wan’s blue eyes stare into him and his features soften into pure admiration and mesmerization.

“Your version of events are tainted. You didn’t kill Qui-Gon. You’re suffering from a nightmare right now,” Anakin gently explains, “and I’m here to help you.”

“Help me?”

“Help you,” Anakin confirms, “I’ll change your memories so all you remember will be the reality. You won’t remember these nightmares and you won’t have them anymore.”

“How can you do that?” Obi-Wan asks confused.

He’s looking around Anakin and sees that his master gone. He momentarily panics that he missed the opportunity to say goodbye and apologize before his master becomes one with the force. But almost right away, he notices the lack of his lightsaber in his hand and suddenly he’s in front of the palace in Naboo and not in the haunted place he killed his own master in.

“I’m a fairy, Obi-Wan.” Anakin points out as if it explains everything. Obi-Wan’s confusion only increases though and Anakin rolls his eyes, “since when are you so stupid?”

“What?” He sputters out, equal amounts shocked and surprised.

“You’ll remember the reality.” Anakin says, ignoring Obi-Wan.

Without the padawan noticing Anakin further enters his mind and sorts through his memories. He tosses out the false ones and lets the real ones replace them.

“I’ll see you soon, Obi-Wan.” Anakin smirks once he’s done.

The fairy is gone before the padawan has the chance to say anything. Without realizing it, he’s walking into the palace and suddenly finds himself in the same position again.

Only this time, he kills the Sith and not his master. He hears his master’s voice, reassuring him that he isn’t at fault for his death and that they will see each other again, in the force.

Hours later Obi-Wan wakes up with no memories of what transpired in his dreams and goes about his day as normal.

What he doesn’t know is that Anakin is watching his every move, even while he is awake.

But he’ll find out soon enough.

Chapter Text

“Anakin, how many times do I have to tell you not to bring everything you find home? Much less artifacts you find on a planet that appeared out of nowhere!” Obi-Wan scolds.


“It’s just a mirror.” Anakin shrugs.


Despite Obi-Wan’s continued protest, he hangs the mirror up in their room. It faces the bed, allowing for a perfect view of the mirror for those times.


“A mirror from an unknown planet that once again Anakin, appeared out of nowhere!”


“It doesn’t matter where it’s from. It’s a mirror,” Anakin says annoyed, “and you wanted a mirror for us!” An accusing finger is pointed at the older one accompanied by an eye roll when Obi-Wan continues his protests.


“I wanted a normal mirror! Not one from an unknown planet!” Obi-Wan argues, slightly flustered at Anakin’s less than subtle argument.


“Master, please. We have a mirror now. Is it really so important where it’s from?”




“Obi-Wan,” Anakin groans throwing his head back, “it’s a mirror. We can either use the mirror for its intended purpose now or you can continue to complain about it. But either way, I won’t allow you to take the mirror away.”


“I will not have sex with you in front of that mirror!” Obi-Wan almost screeches.


“Fine. Let’s see how long it takes you to change your mind then.” Anakin shrugs slightly unimpressed with a smirk on his face. He walks towards the mirror and stops to stand in front of it. Through it, he can see Obi-Wan sitting on the bed, warily looking at him and the mirror.


“It’s just a mirror.”


“An unknown mirror you never should have touched and much less brought home with you.” Obi-Wan points out, warily looking in the general direction of Anakin and the mirror.


Anakin rolls his eyes and looks directly into the mirror to look back at Obi-Wan. But he doesn’t see him or hisself in the mirror. Instead, a figure appears in it. Immediately he tries to look away and to agree that this mirror never should have entered their home but he can’t.


His eyes are glued to the mirror and his sole focus is on the figure. He doesn’t even hear Obi-Wan calling out for him. All he can hear is the mesmerizing voice of the figure, “you have made a mistake,” it laughs at him.


“Your soul belongs to me now.”


In the next moment a hand comes out of the mirror, grabbing the back of his head and trying to pull him into the mirror.


Obi-Wan immediately jumps up and pulls Anakin away when he sees him moving forwards. Anakin’s force signature feels off and his body is stiff. He can barely pull Anakin away from the mirror even though there is no visible cause for it.


All Obi-Wan sees is Anakin’s head entering the mirror and his body moving upwards, further into it.


By now, he’s desperately clutching at Anakin. He attempts to pull him back but instead both of them move forwards until Obi-Wan hits the wall.


“Fight back, Anakin!” He pants.


“You’re mine,” the figure holds his head between its hands, “you can’t escape me.” It taunts.


“Anakin!” Obi-Wan screams. He momentarily lost his grip on the younger one and now he’s gone, disappeared into the mirror.


Obi-Wan’s eyes are glued to the mirror but he doesn’t see anything aside from himself. He reaches out for Anakin in the force but it feels just as empty as the mirror he’s looking at is.




“Obi-Wan!” Anakin screams, clawing at the mirror from the other side. The figure disappeared as soon as he was through the mirror. It taunted him and laughed at him before disappearing.


And unlike Obi-Wan on the other side, he can see everything. He sees the desperate expression on his face and feels the same emptiness in the force.


He also sees him turn away, leaning against the wall and sliding down until he’s sitting flat against the floor. Anakin sees the regret settling deep within him and he wails.



Chapter Text

“If you can find him, I will let him go,” a smirk is plastered on his face, “in exchange for you.”


Obi-Wan is struck for a moment. The promise sounds so similar to the one Anakin fell for but he can’t back down. Not when it comes to Anakin.




“Very well.” He smirks and moves Obi-Wan down into the first circle of hell over the river Acheron.





Obi-Wan spent years talking to Anakin about the seduction of the dark side. He never explicitly mentioned what happened after a fall and now he regrets it. He should have told Anakin all about the circles and the horror that comes with it. By far, all things that outweigh the promises of the seduction.


He silently walks through the first circle. He sees all the fallen jedi over centuries that didn’t have faith in the light but also rejected the dark as soon as they felt it.


He wishes that Anakin would be here. In a Circle with sadness and no suffering. But he knows that Anakin fell too far for this. Committed to many crimes for the first circle. For the close premise of the afterlife he will never be able to reach.


So he walks through the first circle into the second.





The wind hits him in the face. His hair is wildly moving around and he has to clutch his robe around him to keep it on him.


The rocks and mountains everywhere cause him to stumble. The wind is so strong that he can partly barely hold himself up. His feet are unsteady and he has trouble keeping his eyes open to look around.


His eyes roam over the souls. His ears are almost numb to the screams full of suffer and agony. He can’t see the one he is looking for though.


Although he was sure that Anakin would be here, he also realizes that lust evolves between two people and Anakin on his own in here wouldn’t be logical.


So he moves onto the next circle.





The mud raining down on him causes his hair to clamp down on his head. He grimaces and quickly pulls his hood on to prevent anymore mud from mixing together with his hair.


His steps are even more unsteady than before. The mud and organs create such a slippery ground that he falls down and is forced to steady himself with his hands several times.


The mixture of blood and mud sticks to his hands and he cringes. He sincerely hopes that Anakin won’t be in here. Especially because neither of them did anything to deserve to drown in the waste on the ground.


The only things that are visibly are bodies and the back of heads. None of the hair Obi-Wan sees matches Anakin’s and he leaves to enter the fourth circle.


The first circle he might have a real chance of finding Anakin.





The lost souls are in agony. Nothing they have is good enough and they keep on wanting more and more.


Just like Anakin.


Anakin, who always wanted more. Who always wanted to be better and more powerful. The one who wanted to be a master to receive the recognition and respect he deserved in his mind.


The same boy who came from nothing and grew up to be a man that could never be satisfied.


Nothing was ever good enough for him. His hunger for power was to big.


Sometimes, Obi-Wan wonders how Anakin was seduced by the dark side. What promises were made for him to fall? What did he see in the dark that he never saw in the light?


And most importantly, where did he himself go wrong that Anakin’s greed was never able to be stilled?


He looks around and sees the greedy souls begging for more. Gnawing at what they have to receive more and more and more .


It will never be enough, Obi-Wan thinks as he goes from the fourth to the fifth circle.





The Styx river comes into his view. He feels the anger and sees the souls choking each other. Fighting each other. He sees some of them sink deeper and deeper into the decaying water.


“Anakin!” He screams.


He hoped that if Anakin would be here, he would be right beneath the water. But with Anakin’s anger, he would be at the bottom of the river, fighting the lost souls next to him for eternity.


But he can’t see him or feel him in the force and so he goes on with a heavy heart.


The chance of finding Anakin in a ‘bearable’ level becomes slimmer and slimmer with every step he takes and he truly wonders how far Anakin fell before he tried to come back and how he was able to have missed it for so long.


When none of the souls in the river look like the one he’s here for, he walks into the sixth circle.





The beginning of the lower hell.


No matter where he looks, he sees tombs with flames surrounding them. He can feel the pain and agony from the lost souls in the force.


He thinks he can feel the regret of some of the souls that are stuck in here for denying the cores of the Force.


He reaches out to feel for the only signature that ever mattered to him. The only signature he ever wanted to feel.


But it’s not here. Anakin isn’t stuck in a flaming hot tomb and so Obi-Wan walks out of the sixth circle.





One circle. Three rings.


The first ring is filled with souls that were violent against other souls. The souls are dipped in sweltering blood and surrounded by flames of the river Phlegethon.


The lost souls that are tortured for eternity for their desire to conquer the world remind him of Anakin.


It reminds him off the way his eyes changed from the bright blue to the horrible yellow on Mustafa while he was burning and engulfed in the same flames he’ll suffer in now.


He believes it to be irony of the force that the soul that got lost twice along the way will face the same punishment twice.


But he knows better than to hold onto that thought. No matter what Anakin did, half the blame can be put on him.


And so should half the punishment be put on him.


He realizes that Anakin isn’t engulfed by the blood and flames when he reaches out in the force and so he walks into the second ring.


The lost souls that hurt themselves are turned into trees. The harpies feed on them and he can feel their agony. He can feel the strong self hatred that led them here and quickly leaves.


After all, Anakin’s hatred for others was always bigger than the ones for himself.


And while he did kill himself with his fall, he tried to turn back too and the second chance that was granted for him overrules the self hatred any day.


And so the force urges him to walk into the last ring.


The sand burns his face and falling flames catch his robe on fire. He quickly shrugs it off and runs over the sand.


He jumps over the lost souls laying on the burning sand. The brown hair he’s looking for isn’t visible anywhere and so he leaves just as quick as he came.


He never suspected Anakin to be stuck in this ring either way.


While what he did can be considered as blasphemy in a way, the burning sand seems to cruel for his crimes.


Even Obi-Wan, who never stepped a foot on Tatooine until his Master led him there knows how hot the sun was and how it felt like the sun was burning.


But on the other hand, Anakin was never fond of sand and to be stuck in burning sand for eternity would be a punishment worthy for his crimes.


But it’s also Anakin he’s talking about and despite everything, Anakin would never deserve such a cruel faith.





The eighth circle divided in ten Bolgia.


Obi-Wan quickly walks through them all, reaching out for Anakin in the force as he passes each Bolgia and witnesses the cruel punishment delivered upon the lost souls.


Whippings, Torture, heads that are twisted backwards with tears that blind them, dunking, climbing of mountains with lead ropes that pull them down. Animals, flames, mutilation, diseases.


He sees the most unimaginable and unspeakable things but doesn’t find the man he’s here for.


And so he walks away and into the last circle of hell. His last chance of finding the man he loves.





The frozen lake Cocytus lays before him. From where he’s standing he can’t see or feel Anakin so he walks further into the circle.


Four rounds. Four chances of finding Anakin.




Lost souls that betrayed there family are up to their necks frozen in here for eternity. Their heads stick out of the ice.


Obi-Wan’s eyes linger on every face for a second before he walks into the next round.


His chance of finding Anakin grows slimmer with every lost soul he passes but he can’t give up.


He will find Anakin.


He has to.




The lost souls that betrayed their country.


A possible place for Anakin to be after he himself was responsible for the fall of the Republic.


Obi-Wan reaches out in the force but is left with no answer and so he walks into the next round.




The place were traitors that betrayed their guests are stuck for eternity.


With the hope set within him that he isn’t making a mistake, Obi-Wan walks straight through it into the fourth round.


Purely because for him, there is no reason for Anakin to be buried here amongst the lost souls.




The traitors against the force that are stuck as ice statues.


The absolute silence weighs Obi-Wan down almost as much as the realization that Anakin isn’t here.


And the final realization that Anakin has to be in the Centre of Hell fills his stomach with pure dread.


He unsteadily walks, although it looks more like stumbling across Judecca and into the Centre.


The Centre of Hell.


Reversed for the souls that committed treachery against the force.


And right in the middle of Cocytus, Obi-Wan sees Anakin frozen waist-deep.


His arms are stuck beneath the ice at the side of his body.


Wrath and desperation consume his features in equal amounts.


A fight between the light and the dark.


His hair is falling into his yellow - no, blue - eyes. His lips are almost as blue as his eyes.


“Anakin.” Obi-Wan breathes out, walking towards the lost soul he searched for for so long.


He falls down onto his knees in front of him and takes his face between his hands. Regret surges through him that he only thought about himself when he discarded himself of his robe and not the possibility that Anakin might need it.


His fingers rub against his cheeks and he tearfully smiles at the man he walked through hell for.


“Obi-Wan?” Anakin stutters out.


“Yes, dear. I’m here.” He leans his forehead against Anakin’s, radiating some off his warmth onto him and relishing in the moment of finally having his fallen lover in his arms again.


“What are you doing here? Why are you here?,” Anakin questions, “You don’t belong here.”


“I belong at your side, dear. My place has always been next to you,” he whispers against Anakin’s lip, “I’ll go wherever you go.”


“No,” Anakin shakes his head, “this isn’t right. You shouldn’t be here.”


“I’m right where I should be.”


“You don’t belong here.” Anakin sobs.


“Shh,” Obi-Wan gently shushes him, wiping his tears off his cheek, “I’m here, my love. It’ll all be okay.”


“It can’t be okay.”


“It will be, my dear.” Obi-Wan whispers.


He slightly backs off, holding Anakin’s face between his hands. He takes in the sight off him, remembering every little detail about him.


“I love you.” he whispers and presses a soft kiss against the younger one’s forehead. He sends calm reassurance through their force bond while he stands up.


“I found him,” He calls out, “and I’m ready.”


“What are you doing?” Anakin asks from behind him. Instead of answering, Obi-Wan continues to push all the love he feels for the fallen Jedi through the bond.


“It shall happen then.” A voice answers from somewhere.


Before Anakin has another chance to question what is happening, he is pulled out of the ice. Bewildered he looks around and searches for the man that stood in front of him just mere seconds ago.


Instead of finding him there, he finds himself in Obi-Wan’s prior position and dread fills him, “no.” he chokes and whips around.


And there, beneath him stands the man he loves. Stuck in the ice in the position he was in for so long.


“It’s alright, my dear.” Obi-Wan shushes him, suppressing the shattering of his teeth, “I love you.”


“What?” Anakin stutters out, beyond confused.


He’s looking around to see if this is just a dream. He desperately tries to wake himself up but he finds himself in the same standing position, no matter how hard he presses his eyes shut or pinches himself.


“What did you do?” Anakin chokes out, the first tears freely running down his cheek again.


“I made a deal with the devil, my love,” Obi-Wan gently explains, “I exchanged myself for you. You’re free.”


“I’ll never be free without you by my side!” Anakin wails when the realization hits him.


He falls to his knees, punching against the ice surrounding them and yelling, demanding to take back his place and to let Obi-Wan be free.


He doesn’t deserve to be here.


“Please!” Anakin begs for Obi-Wan’s freedom.


“I don’t make the same deal twice.” The voice laughs and Anakin is slowly pulled up.


His hands clutch at Obi-Wan. Their lips meet for as long as he can hold on.


“I love you.” Obi-Wan tearfully smiles at him when the hands and lips on his body leave him. He cranes his neck and sees Anakin be pulled further and further upwards.


“No!” Anakin fights against the invisible force pulling him, “I want to be with him! Let me take his place!” He begs.


But his begging doesn’t receive an answer.


Instead, he is pulled out of hell and thrown onto the ground in their former quarters.


“Obi-Wan!” He wails, “please!”.






Chapter Text

“Good morning, what can I get for you?” Anakin smiles at the customer from behind the register.


He looks up at him and immediately he’s convinced that he’s in love with the blue eyed man in front of him.


“Just a normal coffee, please.” Obi-Wan tells him in a friendly tone of voice while also experiencing the same reaction as the barista.


“Alright, that will be 3 dollars.” Anakin stumbles over his words. Obi-Wan grants him a smile and holds the money out for him to take.


Their fingers brush and Anakin blushes. He never experienced something like this before and also never thought he ever would, but here he is now. The living proof that love at first sight is a very real and very terrifying experience.


He quickly hands Obi-Wan the change and moves on to prepare the coffee for him. And as bold as he is feeling right now, he writes a small ‘0’ on the cup while his back is turned to Obi-Wan before handing the cup to him.


“Have a nice day.” Anakin smiles at him when he hands the cup over, making sure that the number is visible. Obi-Wan gratefully takes it and immediately his eyes fall upon the number.


For a moment, he frowns before realizing what it might be - most likely is - and returns the smile, “you too.”


With the cup in his hand and the blushing man behind him, he takes out his phone while leaving the small coffee shop and types the number into his phone.






“Good Morning,” Obi-Wan smiles at the barista, “I’d like another cup of coffee, please.”


“Of course,” Anakin brightly smiles at him, “right away.”


He turns around before Obi-Wan can hand him the money so he puts it on the counter and watches the barista. Anakin is moving around behind the counter and desperately looks for a pen.


He didn’t think that the cute man from yesterday would return after such a bold move but he’s glad that he did. And he’s also glad that he wrote a number on his cup and not the first horrible pick up line he could have thought of.


He’s sure Obi-Wan never would have set a foot into the coffee shop again if he would have done that.


Eventually he sees a pen and writes the next two numbers on it.


1 2’


He turns back around with a smile and hands the cup over to the man.


“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He promises and Anakin blushes, “I’ll be here.”


While Obi-Wan leaves the shop, he types the numbers into his phone and wishes for time to pass faster so he will be able to see Anakin again.






“Good Morning,” Anakin smirks, more relaxed than the days before at the sight of a man he prays he never gets used to, “the same as usual?”


“Yes.” Obi-Wan confirms, holding out the money. Anakin takes it out of his hand and let’s a small piece of paper drop onto his palm in exchange for it.


“It’ll be done in a minute.” Anakin says and turns around to start the process he has grown to love over the past 2 days.


At least that is the case for this one customer. The rest of them are all still annoying in his mind.


Obi-Wan unfolds the paper, slightly surprised and reads it.


My name’s Anakin’


He smiles and puts it away in his pocket. With his other hand, he takes out his phone to change the contact name from Batista to Anakin.


Meanwhile, Anakin writes the next numbers on the cup and draws a small heart next to them. Just to make his intentions clear, of course.


The cup with the ‘3 4 5’ is handed over to Obi-Wan.


“Have a nice day.” Anakin smiles.


“You too, Anakin.” He grins and leaves the coffee shop while typing in the numbers.






“Good Morning, Anakin.” Obi-Wan smirks at the half asleep barista.


Anakin immediately jumps up and stands straight, “good morning,” he rushes out suddenly wide awake.


“The same as usual?”


“Of course.” Obi-Wan smiles at him. His hand reaches into his pocket for the money and a piece of paper.


Both is handed over to the barista who hurriedly unfolds the paper.


I’m Obi-Wan’


He tucks the paper into his pocket and prepares the coffee.


Once the drink is finished in front of him, he writes the last numbers of his phone number on the cup together with a small message.


6 7 8 9

text me:)’


“Here’s your coffee, Obi-Wan.”


“Thank you, Anakin,” Obi-Wan smiles, “have a nice day.”


“I’m sure I will.” Anakin lightheartedly says, trying to overplay how nervous he is.


“Mhh,” he hums, “I’m sure we’ll both have one.”


Obi-Wan walks out of the coffee shop with one last look at Anakin and then proceeds to take out his phone. He smiles and grows flustered at the message. His stomach slightly starts churning but he reminds himself that Anakin started it and clearly wants it.


Once he’s grown more calm again, he completes Anakin’s contact in his phone.





I usually prefer tea but the coffee shop is wonderful



We serve tea too



Oh, I know, but I don’t come for drinks.



I come for the cute, bold barista



I’m glad you do, Obi-Wan



So am I, Anakin



How about I make you a tea this evening?



I’d love that


Chapter Text

Anakin hurries through the hallways, stepping left and right around everyone and everything. He barely rushes out quick apologies whenever he collides with an innocent person that happens to stand in his way.

He doesn’t stop when someone calls out for him or even deliberately puts their arms in his way to stop him from sprinting through the hallways.

Since he got the news that Obi-Wan would be back soon he has been waiting for this moment. Anakin has been without him for five whole days now and can’t wait any longer to tell him about everything he missed while he was on the trip.

He rounds the last corner and sprints down the rest of the hallway until he reaches the door. The door isn’t even fully opened before he’s in the room, pulling Obi-Wan into his chest.

“I missed you too, Ani.” Obi-Wan sputters out after his momentary shock and wraps his arms around again. Anakin’s arms tighten around him in return.

They stand like that in the middle of the room for what seems like forever but is in reality only a few short seconds.

“I need to tell you something.” Anakin grins into Obi-Wan’s hair.

“Really?” He laughs, “I never would have guessed with how fast you hurried here.”

“Obi-Wan,” Anakin untangles himself from the hug and gently hits against his shoulder, “I haven’t seen you for five days. And a lot happened in those five days.”

“Let’s hear it then, dear.” He smiles, leading Anakin over to sit down on his bed with him.

Immediately Anakin sits down on his bent left leg while his right one hangs off the bed and excitedly looks at Obi-Wan who sits down with both of his feet planted on the floor.

“I solved the mystery about the asteroid!” Anakin giddily lets him know.

“That’s great, Ani!” Obi-Wan beams at him.

“Mhh,” he excitedly says, “The asteroid is connected to the planet through an invisible magnet field that allows the plants to control its position, which is why it appears everywhere around the planet and can change position within seconds. And the connection is strong enough that the asteroid will never be on its own so there is no risk of it appearing somewhere else in the system and hitting a planet!”

“You found that out on your own?” Obi-Wan proudly asks, admiring the way Anakin’s eyes light up and he nods.

“Such a smart boy, aren’t you?” He coaxes, taking Anakin’s blushing face between his hands to press a kiss against his forehead.

He slightly moves his head, so their foreheads are connected with each other and smiles, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Anakin smiles back, still blushing, “even though you couldn’t solve the mystery.”

Obi-Wan’s laugh echoes throughout the room, “of course. And I love you, even though you don’t know what being subtle means.” He teases right back.

“I’m always very subtle.” He grins.

“Mhh,” he hums, “I wouldn’t have you any other way though, my very smart boy.”

Chapter Text

Watto hasn’t had any luck recently. All of his bets were lost and he could barely afford to feed himself anymore. Much less the boy that’s been living off of him for years.


He wishes his mother was still here to take care of him or to take him away. And if she couldn’t do that, she could at least keep the apple tree behind his shop blossoming and they would have some food.


If he has to feed the boy much longer, he will die right alongside with him and he can’t let that happen. His life is worth too much for it to be lost due to a boy he never wanted in the first place.


So one day, while he is out in front of his shop, desperately trying to attract customers a man approaches him. His face is hidden by the hood of his dark cloak but Watto doesn’t care about his face all that much when the man starts talking.


“I promise you wealth and fortune if you sell what is behind your shop to me.”


“Behind my shop?” Watto incredulously asks.


“Yes. What is behind your shop in exchange for never ending wealth and fortune.” The man promises him.


“If it is true, you can have it.” Watto smirks at him.


“I will come by in three years to get the boy.” Obi-Wan smirks and walks away. Watto is left behind confused and walks around his shop. And there, right behind it he sees Anakin and the withering apple tree.



The next day, his shop was filled with everything he could ever ask for and more. As soon as he ate something, it reappeared.


All doubts and anger at losing Anakin, the only worker he has, to some stranger leave him with the realization.


And he won’t leave him for the next three years, so Watto can still make the best of him. Or maybe even longer when the man doesn’t return.



2 years and 364 days later, Watto finds out that he made a deal with the devil. The by now 18-year-old boy has been doing such a great job that he tells him about the deal.


He warns him about what is supposed to happen tomorrow and leaves Anakin on his own devices to find a way out of the situation he never knew of and had no part in creating.



The next day, the devil appears in the early morning hours. Obi-Wan walks around the shop with Watto and seethes.


Anakin, who has been praying since he found out about the deal washed himself and finds safety in a chalk painted circle.


He’s so clean that Obi-Wan can’t approach him.


“Keep the water away from him,” Obi-Wan angrily says, “I will come back for him tomorrow. If he refuses, I’ll take away your wealth.”


“I will.” Watto promises and watches Obi-Wan leave.


All positive feelings regarding Anakin have left him. The prospect of losing his wealth fuels his anger enough to let the boy stand in the hot sun for the rest of the day without water or food.



The next morning, Obi-Wan can’t approach the boy again. Overnight, he has wept into his hands and cleaned them with his tears.


“Chop his hands off,” the devil orders, “or I’ll take your soul with me.”


He hears Anakin start crying behind him again but walks away without a single look back at him.


His words were enough though to put Watto into action.


He walks back into the shop and retrieves an axe. Anakin stares wide eyed at the gun and cries, “please don’t!” He begs.


“I won’t let him take my soul.” Watto coldly replies and grabs Anakin’s left hand. The axe is swung down and the severed hand falls to the floor.


A shocked, painful cry escapes Anakin. He continues to weep while Watto takes his right hand and repeats the motion.


Now, both hands are laying on the dirty ground and the blood flows out of Anakin’s stumps.


“By tomorrow, you will no longer be my problem, boy.” Watto seethes and walks away.



The following morning, the devil approaches the boy and takes the stumps into the his hands.


“My poor boy,” he gently strokes them, “I will take care of you.”


“It’s your fault!” Anakin cries at the man.


Watto is smirking behind them and counting down the minutes until Anakin leaves his life. It causes a shiver to run down Anakin’s back and simultaneously the anger flares up within him.


How dare he smirk and find joy at the misfortune he caused with his own hands?


“Anakin,” the devil whispers, “I’m here to take care of you.”


“He chopped my hands off because of your words.” Anakin’s angry, confused voice sounds like music to Obi-Wan’s ears and he can’t stop himself from laughing.


As if he would ever let his boy suffer due to someone else’s actions.


“And I will heal your body soon, my dear.” Obi-Wan whispers.


“Why would you heal me if you wanted him to cut my hands off?” Anakin seethes.


“I couldn’t get to you. Your hands were clean and now that the remains of them are stained in blood, I’m by your side. And I will never leave it.”


The devil doesn’t wait for a reply before turning towards Watto, “I’m here to take the boy and your soul with me. Both of you belong to me.”


Watto’s eyes widen and he tries to run. But his legs are already sinking into the ground and he screams, “that wasn’t the deal! Take the boy and leave!”


“Don’t make deals with the devil,” Obi-Wan tells him, “it’ll never be in your favor.”


He continues to watch Watto sink into the ground until he has completely disappeared.


A look back at the boy shows the devil happiness and relief all over his face. The man that tortured him for years finally faced the punishment he deserves. Anakin couldn’t be happier in that moment.


“I will take care of you, my boy. I will heal your hands and nothing will ever cause you harm again, my dear. You are safe with me.”


Obi-Wan says and true to his words, he does just that. And with Anakin’s hands attached back to his body, he takes the devil’s hand and follows him wherever he will lead him to.

Chapter Text

Obi-Wan looks up with a smile on his face when the door opens. He greets the customer who in return smiles back at him.


Obi-Wan follows Anakin through the store with his eyes, admiring the way he gracefully walks through the store and manages to pretend to know what he is looking for. Even with the clear insecurity and awkwardness rolling off of him in waves.


He considers to approach him and offer his help, but he also doesn’t want to cause him even more discomfort. And with the way he’s constantly looking over at him, he’s figured that Anakin might just be building up the necessary confidence to approach him on his own.


So he waits behind the register for Anakin’s internal process to be over and softens his features when he does approach him.


“Hi, do you have chocolate with marshmallows?” Anakin mumbles, avoiding eye contact.


“We had some over there.” he gestures in the general direction.


“There wasn’t any.”


“Then we don’t have them anymore,” Obi-Wan softly says, “we have separate chocolate and marshmallows though.”


“That’s not the same.” Anakin makes a face of disgust and Obi-Wan understandingly nods, smiling.


“If you don’t need it today I could order some for you. It should only take a few days to arrive.” Obi-Wan offers as an alternative.


“Yes,” Anakin brightens, “please.”


“Alright. I’ll place the order then. It shouldn’t take more than a few days.”


“Thank you,” Anakin appreciatively tells him, “I’ll come back soon then.”


“I’ll see you soon then.” Obi-Wan smiles and watches the only customer up until now he doesn’t mind placing an extra order for leave his store.


Quickly, before he risks forgetting it (which couldn’t be possible) he places the order and pays for it.



The next day, Anakin comes back into the store.


“It’s not here yet.” Obi-Wan says to him and he disappointedly nods.


“I’ll see you tomorrow then.”


“I’ll be here.”



“Good Morning.” Anakin smiles.


“It hasn’t arrived yet.”


“Sorry. I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“I’ll see you tomorrow.”



“Did you get it yet or am I here too soon again?”


“I’m afraid you’re to early again, dear.”


“Oh,” Anakin furiously blushes at the pet name, “I’ll come back tomorrow then.”


“I’ll wait for you.”



“I’m Anakin,” he rushes out as soon as he’s standing in front of the register.


Obi-Wan smiles at him, “I’m Obi-Wan.”


“Your order hasn’t arrived yet though, I’m sorry.”


“Oh. I’ll come back tomorrow for it?”


“Well, I’ll be here waiting for you.”



The following day, Obi-Wan can see Anakin pace in front of the store for minutes. He’s about to go out and ask him if he needs any help. Or to reassure him that he’s not annoyed by Anakin’s daily visits, if that’s what he needs for another confidence boost.


In fact, Obi-Wan has grown quite fond of the man and his frequent visits.


He already dreads the day Anakin stops coming around on a daily basis.


Suddenly, the door opens and Anakin walks up to him. “Is it here yet?”


“No, I’m sorry.” Obi-Wan softly says.


“Okay,” Anakin looks down at the floor, holding his hand out, “here’s my number so you can text me when it’s here?” He questioningly mumbles.


“Of course!” Obi-Wan animatedly takes the piece of paper out of his hand, “I’ll let you know as soon as the order is here.”


“Thank you!” Anakin grins and quickly hurries out of the store again.


Meanwhile, Obi-Wan takes out his phone to save Anakin’s number and text him, so the younger one is also in possession of his own number.



It’s Obi-Wan, Anakin. I’ll let you know as soon as your order is here. :)



Thank you



I might have a small confession to make, though






I don’t really like chocolate with marshmallows



Or chocolate in general to be honest



I just needed an excuse to see you often enough to gather the courage to ask you out and that was the easiest way



Well, I’m honored?



I definitely enjoyed your daily visits



I’ll keep coming around, if you want me to?



I’d love to have you around more often



I’ll come back tomorrow then :)



I’ll be here

Chapter Text

“Obi-Wan!” Vader screams as the Jedi walks away, leaving the damaged Sith behind on the planet.

He knows that he could get to his ship and be able to survive this but he doesn’t want to. Not when Obi-Wan abandoned him a second time and Anakin’s subconsciousness is pushing to the front.

It’s an internal fight between Anakin and Vader and Anakin’s pain outweighs Vader’s anger.

Suddenly Vader is the one at the back of his mind and his eyes turn blue again.

And they stay blue while he falls down onto the hard, dusty ground. He feels Vader’s presence slip away further and further while Anakin slowly comes back to life until Vader’s body takes his last breath and both fade away into the Force.

The Force has felt Anakin’s struggle and regret though and can’t let the chosen one die.

So instead of becoming one with the Force, Anakin wakes up in his old body, a lightsaber in either hand with Count Dooku kneeling in front of him.

“Kill him.” Palpatine urges and his body goes rigid. He looks over to Obi-Wan’s unconscious body and turns both sabers off, letting them hand loose in his hands at his side.

“He doesn’t have a weapon.” Anakin justifies his action to the complaining chancellor. He frees him from his bonds and walks over to Obi-Wan. He picks him up, draping him over his shoulder and sets his eyes on Dooku.

His saber is clipped back onto his belt and Obi-Wan’s is moved into his hand with the help of the force.

Dooku’s though is thrown away, abandoned the same way he was in his old life.

“We need to leave.” Anakin announces. He roughly grabs Dooku’s upper arm and pulls him along with him.

Aside from Dooku’s presence, everything is just as he remembers. They land the burning ship back on Coruscant and he watches his fellow Jedi exchange pleasantries with the chancellor.

The offer to move away from Obi-Wan’s side is denied by him this time around and without listening to anyone, he drags his master into their quarters.

“Anakin?” Obi-Wan asks perplexed when he is pulled into a bone crushing hug the moment the door closes behind them.

“Please don’t leave me.” Anakin mumbles into his chest. In turn, the arms around him tighten and promises of never leaving him are made and he can only hope that they aren’t in vain.

“I’m sorry, Obi-Wan. For all of it,” their eyes meet, “and I can’t explain everything right now but I need you to trust me. Please.”

“I’ll always trust you.”

“Palpatine is the Sith Lord and in another life, he made me his apprentice. He will want me to join him again very soon and I need your help,” Anakin whispers the next part, “I can’t do it on my own.”

Shocked, Obi-Wan frowns at him but nods nonetheless. He promised to trust Anakin and he will.

No matter how unbelievable and weird the words out of his mouth sound right now, he knows that Anakin (and the whole republic) need his help and he will never deny him such a simple thing as that.

“I trust you and I will help you,” Obi-Wan promises, “we will face him together.”

Chapter Text

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan sighs, massaging his temples to prevent the migraine from manifesting, “what is this?”

“A food truck!” Anakin happily exclaims.

“Come inside.” He opens the door wider and animatedly gestures for his boyfriend to come in. Obi-Wan does so while shaking his head and clearly letting his boyfriend know that he doesn’t necessarily approve this impulsive purchase.

“Look,” he grins, “that’s the fridge for the food and next to it is one for drinks! The stove and oven also both still work and there’s even enough space to actually cook and to store everything we need. And if this side isn’t enough, we can make some space on the other side for everything that doesn’t fit.”

“You can’t cook.” Obi-Wan points out with a frown etched into his face.

In all the years he’s been with Anakin, he only saw him try to cook a few times. And every time he did, it ended with him almost burning down their whole kitchen.

He can’t even remember how many times exactly he came home to the screeching sound of their fire alarm loudly blasting the horrible tone throughout their whole apartment.

“I can learn.” Anakin immediately defensively says.

“Couldn’t you have learned it before buying a food truck?” Obi-Wan gently asks, “I think it might have been a better idea than this.”

“No,” he frowns, “I’ll learn to cook through the food truck. You can even help me! There’s enough space for two!”

“I’m not sure I would be of much help here.” Obi-Wan points out.

A look at Anakin’s face makes him realize that his point fell on deaf ears and was entirely useless and all he can do is sigh when Anakin looks at him pouting with wide eyes.

“Please,” he begs, “I even promise not to impulsively purchase a food truck again!”

“I would hope you don’t do that again!” Obi-Wan says slightly irritated.

“I won’t,” Anakin promises, “if you help me.”

“I’ll help you if you promise to never do something like this,” Obi-Wan sighs, “and if you promise that you’ll sell the truck if it doesn’t work out, alright?”

“Yes,” Anakin grins, wrapping his arm around him, “I promise you that I will! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, darling.” Obi-Wan murmurs into Anakin’s ear. His arm around him are as tight as Anakin’s around himself and now that they’re standing like that, in the middle of an impulsive purchase, he can only hope that it won’t disappoint Anakin too much if it doesn’t work out the way he intends it too.

Chapter Text

“You should go to the Halls of Healing, Anakin.”


“There’s no need for that.”


“You’re burning up.”


“I’m fine.”


His lungs hurt.



“Anakin, you should really go. You look unwell.”


“I’m fine, Obi-Wan.”


“You’re shivering and have a fever.”


“I’m fine.”


He has trouble breathing.



“Anakin, please go.”


“I don’t need to.”


“You’re sick.”


“I’m fine.”


He can’t stop coughing.



“I’m worried about you, Anakin.”


“You don’t need to worry about me.”


“You need medical help and refuse to get it.”


“I’m fine.”


He coughs up blood.



“Anakin, please go to the Halls of Healing. You look like you’re going to collapse any second now.”


“I don’t have to go.”


“You have to.”


“I’m fine.”


He coughs up flower petals covered in blood.



“Anakin, I’ll take you to the Halls of Healing myself if you continue to refuse to do so.”


“I don’t need to go.”


“Go on your own today or I’ll take you tomorrow.”


“I’m fine.”


He feels movement in his lungs.


The sink is covered in flower petals.



“Come on, Anakin, we’re leaving.” Obi-Wan wakes his feverish former padawan up the next morning.


Anakin looks up at him, confused and turns around. The movement constricts his lungs and he abruptly sits up, coughing.


Obi-Wan is immediately next to him, comfortingly rubbing a hand up and down his back while whispering sweet nothings into his ear to soothe him.


Anakin’s hand harshly grasps Obi-Wan’s, squeezing down to minimize his pain while he continues to cough up blood and flower petals.


He’s used to the sight and feeling of it by now but Obi-Wan isn’t. He jumps up, highly alerted and picks Anakin up.


Despite his protests, he rushes him to the Halls of Healing.


Anakin is immediately taken out of his arms and rushed away. He leaves a trail of flower petals and blood behind him on the floor and Obi-Wan’s heart seizes with worry.


He waits for hours, pacing up and down before he’s led to a room Anakin is in. His sweaty, pale body mixes in with the white sheets of the hospital bed and Obi-Wan feels a part of him die when he sees the blood splatters and petals covering the blanket.


“Hi.” Anakin rasps, falling into another coughing fit.


Obi-Wan immediately helps him sit up in bed, steadying him until the fit decreases and he sucks desperate, painful breaths in.


“Did they tell you what’s wrong?”


“It’s nothing.” Anakin rasps out, laying back down in bed. Obi-Wan’s hands stay on his body and he wants to cry.


The petals and blood on the clean, white sheets portray what he feels. The image also serves as a reminder of what he can never have and simultaneously never lose.


It all adds up to the heartbreaking reality of the impending end of his own life.


He never imagined to die like this, but he also doesn’t imagine surviving like this.


“Anakin,” Obi-Wan sputters, “you’ve been sick for days and now you’re coughing up blood and flower petals!”


“I know.” He grunts.


“Then tell me what’s wrong, Ani. Allow me to help you. Allow the healers to help you.” He practically begs.


“No one can help me, Obi-Wan,” he sighs, “I’m dying.”


“Dying?” Obi-Wan sits down at the edge of the bed. He feels the bile rise in his throat at the admission.


All Jedi principles were thrown out in favor of Anakin years ago. Damned be the rule of no attachments and the reality of the path of fear.


He’s attached to Anakin and can’t allow him to die. He needs him in order to survive. He can’t live without him.


And a part of him doesn’t want to live without him, either.


“Dying.” Anakin confirms with a sigh.


“You can’t,” Obi-Wan adamantly shakes his head, “there has to be a cure.”


“No,” Anakin denies, “there is no cure.”


“There has to be a cure somewhere. I promise to find it for you.” Obi-Wan desperately says. And if Anakin could, he would laugh at this.


He briefly wonders if Obi-Wan would share these values if he knew that the cause of his disease is one sided, unreturned love for him.


He would probably abandon him. But it might be better for him.


Dying with a broken heart seems better than dying due to a significant lack of love.


“There is one.” He rasps out.


“What is it, Anakin? I’ll travel through the whole galaxy to get it for you, my dear.”


“You’re the cure.” He attempts to smile.


“Me?” The shock is clear through his voice and the confusion deeply etched onto his face. He wants to think that Anakin is joking, but knows that he wouldn’t. Not in such a serious situation.


“Hanahaki disease. Caused by unreturned love, Obi-Wan.” Anakin briefly explains, laying back down on the covers.


“But I love you, Anakin.” Obi-Wan frowns. A sharp breath of air is sucked into his lungs and he convulses in another coughing fit due to the sheer shock the words brought upon him.


“I’ve loved you since you were knighted, dear. Your love for me has never been one sided.”


“But the code.” Anakin weakly points out, knowing how important it’s always been for the other Jedi.


“The code doesn’t apply when it comes to you, Anakin. I love you.” He whispers. He lifts his hands to take Anakin’s face between his hands and leans his forehead against his.


“I love you and I’ll do whatever is needed to cure you, Anakin,” he softly says, “and even once you’re cured, I’ll stay with you. I won’t leave you, my dear. I love you.”


Anakin’s eyes tear up and he smiles, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

“Obi-Wan!” Anakin yells his name, rushing into the house.


The package he picked up in front of the door is dropped with a loud thud. Frantically, he runs through the house, checking every little corner he can find for his boyfriend.


“Obi-Wan!” The worry grows within him. He can barely contain it and thinks he’s close to losing his last bit of sanity when he can’t find him.


“Anakin?” Obi-Wan mumbles confused, still in deep in a sleep induced haze. He moves up in bed and is pressed right back into it by Anakin the next moment.


Anakin throws himself onto him and tightly wraps his arms around his neck. He thinks that he is close to suffocating him, but he can’t bring himself to back off.


The shock from the package is still too deep within him to think clearly.


“What’s wrong? What happened, darling?” He quietly asks into Anakin’s ear.


“There was another package at our front door.”


Obi-Wan stiffens beneath him, “what was in it?”


“A dead rat. Blood,” he chokes out, “another threat and more pictures.”


“Oh darling,” he mumbles, “I’m okay. You’re okay. Nothing is going to happen to us.”


“He’s getting closer to us!” Anakin cries.


The pure stress from it is once again catching up to him. He wants to scream and cry and most of all escape.


“We’ll be okay, my dear.”



The next package is on his bed.


Hours after he found the last one, he finds it on his bed when he wakes up. The sheets are covered in blood splatters and everywhere he looks, he sees pictures on every surface.


Next to him, Obi-Wan is still sound asleep until Anakin’s screams wake him up. He startles and sits up right in bed, “Anakin!”


“Obi-Wan.” He wails. Big, panic stricken eyes look at the other man. He feels his fear overtake his body and his sanity slowly slip away from him.


The first letter he ever received was too much for him already. He thought it would kill Obi-Wan or even him.


And with every letter he got, his fear was vaguely confirmed and settled deep within him. So deep that he felt his sanity begin to slip away from him.


“Anakin.” Obi-Wan whispers shocked into the still relatively dark room.


Just like Anakin, he takes notice of everything. Anakin shivers and he takes him into his arms, pulling him into his chest.


“He was here.” Anakin brokenly chokes out.


“But we’re okay, darling.” Obi-Wan attempts to soothe him.


For the next few minutes, he holds Anakin in the blood stained sheets and whispers sweet nothings into his ear. He assures him that everything will be okay in the way only he can and he watches as Anakin is slowly lulled back to calmness.


“I need to leave.” Anakin mumbles. He momentarily pushes away from Obi-Wan until he’s out of bed and quickly pulls him up too. The blood stained sheets are left behind when both walk out of the room.



Over the next few days, Anakin’s paranoia and fear intensifies. It reaches the point where everyone that looks at him on the street is determined to be the one stalking him.


He slowly starts to have trouble leaving the house. Especially when fresh blood taints his front door on the daily.


Every day, he washes it away. He watches the water turn red and watches the blood mixed with it run down his normally white door.


He hears Obi-Wan behind the door. Hears how he has to hold back his sobs of fear.


He thinks that he can even feel Obi-Wan’s eyes on him occasionally. Or maybe, he feels the eyes of his stalker from behind him.


He hastily turns around whenever the weird feelings creep up on him but he never sees anyone.


All he ever sees is his shadow.


But the feeling of being watched wherever he goes causes his paranoia to go through the roof eventually.


As a result, he begins to isolate himself further. Every connection he has aside from Obi-Wan is abruptly cut off and with how rude he is about it, he’s sure that he’s lost these people forever.


But at least he’s alive.





“Anakin.” Obi-Wan whispers, shaking him awake.


Immediately, he sits up, highly alerted.


The sight of the new pictures on his wall make him nauseous.


He jumps out of bed and rips them off the wall. He rips the pictures to shreds and stomps on them until he falls to his knees, sobbing and dry heaving.


Obi-Wan is behind him the moment his knees hit the floor, “it’ll be okay, darling. It’ll all be okay.” He soothes.


“Nothing will ever be okay.” Anakin screeches. The shreds of the broken pictures burn into his skin.


He’s convinced that he could see every little pixel on his hands if he would dare to look at them now.


The overwhelming events over the last few months finally catch up to him. He feels his sanity slip away from him until he’s nothing but a sobbing mess anymore.


On top of that, he feels Obi-Wan’s hands leave his body. He hears his retreating footsteps and cries out.


The only constant throughout the last months, the only one that Anakin didn’t drive away with his paranoia left him.


He doesn’t know if he can go on much longer like this.


But the question is answered on its own when Obi-Wan crouches back down behind him and the tip of a knife presses into his back.


“I really liked you, darling.” He sighs.

Chapter Text

For weeks, Obi-Wan was met with the same sight when he came home after a long day of work.

His neighbor’s car parked right in front of his door.

Part of his neighbor’s trash laying on his property.

The constant loud noises coming from his neighbor.

He tried talking to him several times in the past already, but it never worked. He promised Obi-Wan that he would change and no longer do all those things and less than 24 hours later Obi-Wan is faced with the same issues once again.

To an extent, he might have been able to work with it or understand. His neighbor definitely isn’t the only one that doesn’t park in front of his house and more often then not he sees another car parked right in front of the house, which ultimately leaves Anakin only with the solution to take Obi-Wan’s parking spot.

But all understanding eventually also comes to an end. And it comes to an end when Obi-Wan drives up to his house and sees what must be half of Anakin’s furniture in the house.

He groans, mumbling cursed beneath his breath and parks his car between his and his other neighbor’s house. He can only hope that Qui-Gon won’t come home until he has enough space to properly park his own car.

He’d hate to turn into the one thing he despises so much.

Anakin’s front door opens simultaneously with Obi-Wan’s car door. He immediately walks up to him while Anakin dumps another piece of furniture on his property.

“Mister Skywalker.” Obi-Wan grunts out, not even trying to appear as friendly as he usually tries to.

“Oh,” Anakin looks up sheepishly, “Mister Kenobi.”

“Your furniture seems to have found its way onto my property.” He points out, glaring at the broken pieces as if they personally offended him.

And in some way, they did.

“Mhh,” he hums, “it looks like it did.”

“It certainly did,” Obi-Wan says, growing irritated at Anakin’s no care attitudes, “what are you planning to do about it? So I can freely walk across my own front yard again and park my car in front of my house without any possibilities of hurting myself.”

“Move it onto my own yard?” Anakin sheepishly asks, scratching the back of his neck.

“I’d appreciate that.” Obi-Wan encouragingly smiles at him and walks away. He can feel Anakin’s eyes linger on him but after the day he had, he doesn’t have the nerve to stay around the stressful state of his yard any longer than he absolutely has to.

His decision proves to be a mistake though when he closes the front door behind him only to hear the bell ring mere seconds later.

He tenses but decided to open the door nonetheless. After all, no one but his colleagues are responsible for the horrible day he had and taking it out on anyone else would be wrong.

“Mister Kenobi,” Anakin mumbles, “I’d like to apologize for the state of your yard. I didn’t mean to make it so extreme. I was just hoping that you would come and talk to me.”

Instantly, Obi-Wan’s expression slightly softens, “talk to you?”

“I wasn’t sure how to approach you so I did things that would make you approach me. I realize that it wasn’t the smartest way but I would like to get to know you better and didn’t know how I could gain your attention otherwise.” Anakin rushes out.

Surprised, Obi-Wan looks at him. The slight insecurity shining through the sheer sheepishness on his face make his heart swell. And suddenly he doesn’t want to strangle his neighbor anymore and sees him in a new light.

“If you promise to keep things off my property, of course.” Obi-Wan smiles.

“I will.” Anakin promises and holds a piece of paper with his number out for Obi-Wan to take.

He does so and after a smile directed at him, Anakin walks away and the front door is closed again.

Immediately he hears the furniture being moved around again and he smiles, taking his phone out to text his (formerly) annoying neighbor.

Chapter Text

“Your voice is perfect for the song.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“You hit every tone.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“I like the sounds your voice can make.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“I’d love to hear you sing that song again.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“I need to hear you sing this song. It’s perfect for your voice.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“I could listen to you sing for the rest of my life.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“That was perfect.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“I will never grow tired of hearing you sing this song like this.”


“Thank you, Obi-Wan.”



“I love the way you say my name, Anakin.”


“I know.”


Chapter Text

“Have you eliminated him?” Qui-Gon asks Obi-Wan, leaning against the wall in the dark alleyway. Both of their hoods are pulled deep into their face, hiding their features for everyone that might come past.




“Anything that might lead the murder to you?”


“No. I left a few small false leads behind that will point everyone towards his brother.” Obi-Wan quietly explains. He slightly looks up at Qui-Gon while doing so with a smirk.


Qui-Gon smirks back at him and appreciatively nods. He reaches into his pocket to retrieve an envelope he holds out, “your next target. Make sure to be quick. I heard rumors that he knows about it.”


“I will.” Obi-Wan promises and puts the envelope into his own pocket. He waits until Qui-Gon left the alleyway and then leaves it too, on the other side.


He quickly mixes himself in with the pedestrians and walks back to his apartment while Qui-Gon disappears into the dark of the night until their next meeting.


Once he’s home, he disposes himself of his robes and takes the envelope with him into the bathroom.


“Obi-Wan?” Anakin sleepily mumbles from the bedroom, blindly touching down the other side of the bed, looking for contact with him.


“In the bathroom, dear. I’ll be right back.” Obi-Wan assures him.


“Okay.” Anakin mumbles and closes his eyes, falling right back asleep again.


In the bathroom, Obi-Wan opens the envelope and feels his breath get stuck in his throat. His hands get sweaty and the sudden dizziness causes him to have to sit down on the toilet seat.


Blankly, he stares at the wall ahead of him with the envelope loosely hanging between his fingers.


For once, he’s not sure if he can actually follow through with it.


He’s killed people he considered as friends long ago before. He killed families without a second thought. He killed parents and slept at night without a single thought spared for the orphaned children.


But this is something he’s not sure he can do.


And while he’s debating what to do, the name flashes in front of his mind again and again and again and  causes bile to rise in his throat.


Anakin Skywalker.



Anakin walks through the hallways, greeting the senators that approach him and watching the various senators that can’t even spare him a look until he reaches Padmé’s office.


He knocks and waits for her to invite him in. The door is quickly closed behind him and immediately his eyes fall on the envelope on her desk.


“Ani,” she smiles at him with a hint of sadness or maybe even regret, “sit down, please.”


“Padmé?” He asks confused but abides her wish.


“I wish it could have been different.” She answers and points at the envelope.


His confused expression is ignored by her. She’s only focused on offering as much silent support as possible for the one thing she feared to happen.


Her suspicions have been there for months now and Anakin’s involvement seems unnecessary in her eyes when clear proof could be created otherwise.


But no one else shared her opinion. They were set on the envelope finding its way to Skywalker and letting him be the judge of the one thing he never could have imagined.


The open envelope stares back at him, almost taunting his eyes and it drops onto his lap as if it burned his hands.


“Padmé?” He brokenly chokes out.


“I’m sorry,” she whispers, “they suspect him to be the assassin we’ve been looking for. They need you to spy on him to find out if they’re right.”


“They’re wrong, Padmé. It’s absurd,” he argues, “you have to see that.”


“I wish I could, Anakin,” she says, “but please, follow through with it and we can prove them wrong. Just this once and it will never happen again.”


“I can’t Padmé,” he tells her, “not with him.”


“I’m sorry but you have to.” Padmé says, her voice tainted with regret.


He furiously shakes his head, his eyes trained on the envelope.


Obi-Wan Kenobi.



“How was your day?” Anakin asks when Obi-Wan walks through the front door. He can feel the tension radiating off of him and immediately he’s worried that he might know about his activities.


Once he was home, he started searching through Obi-Wan’s things after a long internal debate with himself. He still feels the guilt heavily pushing down onto him due to his actions but he did it for Obi-Wan. To prove that he is innocent and that they’re wrong with their assumptions.


But the deeper he dug and the more he paid attention to the small details he can’t find an explanation for, the more likely the suspicion became.


But it’s Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan wouldn’t kill others. Obi-Wan values and protects life.


And so does Anakin. And despite Anakin’s questionable actions, he is able to keep up his values.


Such as always protecting Obi-Wan.


Even if this creates a conflict with what he swore to do.


So, even with all the evidence pointing towards Obi-Wan and therefore confirming their suspicions, Anakin refuses to hand him over.


His whole life consists of Obi-Wan and if Obi-Wan is willing to compromise his morals, so is Anakin.


For him.


“A little stressful, dear. How was yours?”


“Intense.” Anakin settles on saying.


Obi-Wan comes up behind him, cupping his chin and slightly tilting his head up, “are you okay?” He kisses his forehead.


“No.” Anakin mumbles up at him.


The fingers on his face starts to rub his cheek in a comforting manner, “do you want to talk about it?”


“I’m sorry,” Anakin sighs, “you’re my next target but I won’t hand you over. I can’t do it.”


The movement stops and both tense, awaiting each other’s reaction, “I promise I won’t do anything. I can’t be without you, Obi-Wan.”


“Who told you?” Obi-Wan asks after minutes of tensed silence pass, not even attempting to deny the accusation.


“It doesn’t matter but you need to leave. They’ll know the truth when I don’t tell them what they want to hear.”


“You’ll need to disappear too, my dear,” Obi-Wan whispers into his ear, “you’re my newest target.”


Momentarily Anakin’s body tenses. If Obi-Wan wanted to, he could kill him right now.


Their close proximity causes the other feelings to arise though. His whole body relaxes seconds later, going almost limp on the couch and taking in every little piece Obi-Wan’s dangerous touch offers him.


“Are you going to kill me?”


“Eventually,” he whispers, his breath brushing against the side of Anakin’s face, “are you going to hand me over?”


“Maybe in a few decades.” Anakin replies.


“I can live with that, my dear.” Obi-Wan presses another kiss against his forehead.


Chapter Text

Deep down, he always knew. From the moment he met him, the way they formed an instant connection, he just knew.


He’s sure that Qui-Gon knew too. Otherwise he probably wouldn’t have taken him with him.


“I can feel the dark side in you, Anakin. It’s strong,” Qui-Gon had said, “but it’s not too late yet. Your soul can be saved and I might just know how.”


Back then, it sounded like nothing but an old man on the brink of losing his sanity.


Now, with the tattoo deep in his wrist - the matching piece to Obi-Wan’s own tattoo - he knows what Qui-Gon was referring to.


But the knowledge can’t help him now.


Not when the unmistakable proof of him being Obi-Wan Kenobi’s soulmate is staring back at him.


He wonders if Obi-Wan can feel it. He wonders how he will react to it and most of all, how such a conversation would even go. Because really, what is the appropriate way to tell your old Master that he is your soulmate?


Anakin throws his head back with a groan. In the force, he can feel Obi-Wan’s presence coming closer.


Matter of fact, so close that he can only be mere seconds away from him. Way too little time for Anakin to come up with a plan.


Whether that plan is to tell him the truth or to take matters into his own hands to permanently rid himself of the tattoo.


He’s sure that it will hurt, but pain is bearable. No matter how extreme, he always has and always will survive.


A temporary issue can’t take control of his whole life.


“Anakin!” Obi-Wan calls, opening the door with the Force.


His head snaps back up when Obi-Wan is suddenly sitting on the couch next to him, sleeve pulled up. The tattoo on his wrist is tauntingly visible.


He tried to hide his own tattoo when the door opened but to no avail. And now, it would have made him look like an even bigger fool when the other one so clearly is aware of their shared connection.


“I felt it in the force.”


“Mhh,” Anakin hums, “I recognized your tattoo.”


“I thought you would.” Obi-Wan smiles at him, reaching out to take Anakin’s wrist into his hand and rubbing his thumb over the tattoo.


“What are we supposed to do now?” Anakin sighs.


“We accept the will of the force and complete our marks.” Obi-Wan explains.


Confused eyes look up at him, “attachments aren’t allowed.”


“It’s the will of the force, Anakin. Not an attachment.” He gently explains.


Regret surges through him for all the times he reprimanded Anakin for showing signs of attachment. He remembers the same confused eyes trying to explain to him that it isn’t attachment for him and that he just likes their company.


Of course, both know that it very clearly was attachment but still, Obi-Wan was too harsh with him.


He was too focused on a code that proved to be of no use when applied to the Chosen One and his Master long ago.


“No one will be able to get between us?” Anakin quietly asks into the little space between them.


“No one, my dear. The force has brought us together and will keep us together.” Obi-Wan assured him.


“Should we complete the will of the force then?” He asks.


“It’d be an honor to have you accept me and the force, my dear.” Obi-Wan tells him.


Anakin nods after a few minutes of consideration. He’s always been one with Obi-Wan and making it official is all he could ever ask for.


Even if it’s just to aggravate the Council once again.


“I’ve always accepted you, Obi-Wan.”


“And so have I, Anakin.”


Chapter Text

“It’s been a while, master.” Anakin’s force ghost smirks at Obi-Wan while insecurity radiates off of him.

Despite having redeemed himself and turned back to the light, he isn’t sure how Obi-Wan would react to it. Or react to seeing him after the last times they met.

His nerves are practically skyrocketing while Obi-Wan’s widened eyes are set on him. He’s looking him up and down in pure disbelief and Anakin is tempted to tell him that he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Which he has, a very unexpected ghost at that too, but he can’t get himself to say it.

Not when Obi-Wan still hasn’t said anything to him.


“Anakin.” Obi-Wan whispers in disbelief.

Tears spring to his eyes when he brushes his hand against Anakin’s cheek and is able to feel him. He feels the soft skin he remembered so vividly over the years and it warms his heart.

His other hand reaches up to the other side of Anakin’s face and he stares into the blue eyes he missed for so long.

The relief of seeing the yellow gone is enough to wash away all the anger he felt over the years, too. All that matters is that Anakin is back with him. And this time, forever.

“Obi-Wan?” Anakin unsurely asks, laying his own hand on Obi-Wan’s right wrist.

“I’ve missed you, my dear.” Obi-Wan smiles, rubbing away the silent tears that run down Anakin’s cheeks and gently pulls his head down, putting his lips on the forehead.

“I missed you too, master.” Anakin smiles, wrapping his arms around him. Obi-Wan’s own arms drop from his face to pull him closer.

“It’s been way too long, Ani.”

Chapter Text

“Come on, Obi-Wan. I promise I’ll be careful.” Anakin begs him with puppy dog eyes, fluttering his eyelashes for an even better emphasis. The surfboard is already next to him and so is Obi-Wan’s. All he needs to do now is to convince Obi-Wan that the idea of surfing is not as bad as he thinks it is.


“Absolutely not.” Obi-Wan vehemently refuses.


“Please? For me?” He begs.


“Anakin, you can’t possibly trust a board to hold your weight and not kill you!”


“I do trust my board.”


“Well I don’t!” Obi-Wan huffs, slightly backing away from the rather intimidating sight.


He doesn’t even know what came over him when he agreed to do this.


Maybe it was the fact that he thought Anakin was joking because for him there was simply no way that Anakin would voluntarily come in contact with sand. Or he thought that Anakin would realize that he wasn’t serious about his agreement because there is simply no way that he would get on a surfboard.



“You’ll be the death of me.”


Anakin turns to look at his side, laughing at the sight of Obi-Wan clutching onto the surfboard as if his life depends on it, “you’ll be fine.”


“I’m going to die.”


“Obi-Wan!” He laughs, “you can swim. You’ll be fine.”


“I don’t think I will be.” He murmurs.


Through his almost tightly shut clenched eyes he can see the wave coming closer to them and feels Anakin moving, preparing himself to use the wave.


“You’ll have to move if you want to survive.” Anakin lightheartedly teases him from the side.


“Maybe I want to die.” Obi-Wan retorts, tightening his arms around the board. His legs are by now also in a steel like grip around it and there’s nothing in this world that could get him to move.


After all, drowning sounds better than broken bones.


“No you don’t,” Anakin rolls his eyes, “but you will if you don’t move.” He adds.


“I’m quite content with that possibility, darling.”


“I’m not,” Anakin looks at him as if he’s just grown a second head, “and neither will you be when you notice the shark that’s headed our way.”


Obi-Wan tenses, opening his eyes wide enough for them to almost fall out of his head, “what shark?”


“It was just over there,” Anakin points in a general direction, “I’m sure that I saw it coming our way.”


“Then move!” Obi-Wan yells. The wave is close enough for both of them to use it and with the aspect of a shark moving towards him, he jumps over his shadow and moves up on shaking legs. Anakin follows his movement with much more steady legs and a huge grin on his face.


If Obi-Wan would look over at him, he would see the ultimate amount of smugness on Anakin’s face. And then proceed to strangle the boy.


But instead, both ride on the wave - with only one enjoying it -.


The seconds can’t pass fast enough for Obi-Wan until he can swim back to the solid and safe ground, carelessly pulling his surfboard behind him.


It’s not as if he would care if it would get lost - he’d actually prefer it - but he knows that it means a lot to Anakin so even in this situation, he’ll make sure that it stays with him.


Just like he’ll make sure that Anakin will stay with him, “hurry up! I’m not going to let you die!”


“I think I’d prefer to stay in the water.” Anakin grins. Obi-Wan stops dead in his tracks.


His head whips around and he glares at him, “swim back to the beach! Now!” He can barely keep the panic out of his voice when he notices the water behind Anakin move even though it shouldn’t.


“I’ll be fine.” Anakin insists, waving him off and staying right where he is.


“There’s a shark!”


He laughs, “no there isn’t. I was just trying to well, motivate you to stand up on the surfboard.”


Bewildered Obi-Wan looks at him, “what’s this behind you then?”


Anakin quickly turns around and now it’s his turn to tense.


“Oh, fuck.”


And Obi-Wan is sure that he’s never seen Anakin willingly move back onto the sandy ground as fast as he did in that moment.

Chapter Text

Dooku throws Anakin against the wall and Obi-Wan continues to fight him, now even more motivated than before.


He can feel Anakin’s signature still strong in the force, although tainted by pain and pushes waves of soothing calmness through to him while blocking the red saber.


Over and over again, blue clashes with red while Anakin heaves against the wall in pain, observing the fight.


Observing how Obi-Wan falls to the ground and loses his lightsaber.


He doesn’t know if he can actually smell the burning flesh from his arm or if he’s just imagining it in the pain induced haze he is in.


But what he can definitely feel is his pain through their bond. What he can see is Dooku raising his lightsaber over his head.


The red light together with the buzzing sound snap him out of the haze and he jumps up. His own green lightsaber is tightly secured in his hand and he jumps over to them.


He holds his lightsaber out in front of him to block the red saber from hurting Obi-Wan again.


He waits for the inevitable clash of green and red.


But it doesn’t come.


He hears Obi-Wan scream, feels an explosion of pain through their bond. And suddenly, he feels nothing.


His eyes snap to the red lightsaber and he sees Dooku retracting it out of Obi-Wan’s body.





Dooku throws Anakin against the wall and Obi-Wan continues to fight him, now even more motivated than before.


He can feel Anakin’s signature still strong in the force, although tainted by pain and pushes waves of soothing calmness through to him while blocking the red saber.


Over and over again, blue clashes with red while Anakin heaves against the wall in pain, observing the fight.


Observing how Obi-Wan falls to the ground and loses his lightsaber.


He doesn’t know if he can actually smell the burning flesh from his arm or if he’s just imagining it in the pain induced haze he is in.


But what he can definitely feel is his pain through their bond. What he can see is Dooku raising his lightsaber over his head.


The red light together with the buzzing sound snap him out of the haze and he jumps up. His own green lightsaber is tightly secured in his hand and he jumps over to them.


He holds his lightsaber out in front of him to block the red saber from hurting Obi-Wan again.


He waits for the inevitable clash of green and red.


But it doesn’t come.


He hears Obi-Wan scream, feels an explosion of pain through their bond. And suddenly, he feels nothing.


His eyes snap to the red lightsaber and he sees Dooku retracting it out of Obi-Wan’s body.





Dooku throws Anakin against the wall and Obi-Wan continues to fight him, now even more motivated than before.


He can feel Anakin’s signature still strong in the force, although tainted by pain and pushes waves of soothing calmness through to him while blocking the red saber.


Over and over again, blue clashes with red while Anakin heaves against the wall in pain, observing the fight.


Observing how Obi-Wan falls to the ground and loses his lightsaber.


He doesn’t know if he can actually smell the burning flesh from his arm or if he’s just imagining it in the pain induced haze he is in.


But what he can definitely feel is his pain through their bond. What he can see is Dooku raising his lightsaber over his head.


The red light together with the buzzing sound snap him out of the haze and he jumps up. His own green lightsaber is tightly secured in his hand and he jumps over to them.


He holds his lightsaber out in front of him to block the red saber from hurting Obi-Wan again.


He waits for the inevitable clash of green and red.


But it doesn’t come.


He hears Obi-Wan scream, feels an explosion of pain through their bond. And suddenly, he feels nothing.


His eyes snap to the red lightsaber and he sees Dooku retracting it out of Obi-Wan’s body.





Dooku throws Anakin against the wall and Obi-Wan continues to fight him, now even more motivated than before.


He can feel Anakin’s signature still strong in the force, although tainted by pain and pushes waves of soothing calmness through to him while blocking the red saber.


Over and over again, blue clashes with red while Anakin heaves against the wall in pain, observing the fight.


Observing how Obi-Wan falls to the ground and loses his lightsaber.


He doesn’t know if he can actually smell the burning flesh from his arm or if he’s just imagining it in the pain induced haze he is in.


But what he can definitely feel is his pain through their bond. What he can see is Dooku raising his lightsaber over his head.


The red light together with the buzzing sound snap him out of the haze and he jumps up. His own green lightsaber is tightly secured in his hand and he jumps over to them.


He holds his lightsaber out in front of him to block the red saber from hurting Obi-Wan again.


He waits for the inevitable clash of green and red.


But it doesn’t come.


He hears Obi-Wan scream, feels an explosion of pain through their bond. And suddenly, he feels nothing.


His eyes snap to the red lightsaber and he sees Dooku retracting it out of Obi-Wan’s body.





Anakin sits up in bed, sweat covering his whole body. The sheets are sticking to his skin and he feels the bile rise in his throat at the image and phantom smell overtaking his senses.

Obi-Wan!” He wails into their his empty bedroom.

Chapter Text

four & six


“I’m Anakin. Do you want to play with me?” He asks Obi-Wan, sitting down in front of him with crossed legs.


Obi-Wan looks down at him confused and presses hisself further against the tree, “what?”


“My name is Anakin. What’s your name?”


“Obi-Wan.” He warily replies.


“Do you want to play with me, Obi-Wan?”


“Play what?”


“Hide and seek.” Anakin smiles.


“No. Not today, Anakin.”


He frowns, “please?”




“Please, Obi-Wan. I’ll let you hide!” Anakin practically begs.


“Are you going to leave me alone afterwards if I agree?” Obi-Wan sighs, already standing up.


“No,” Anakin grins, “You have ten seconds to hide!”


“I didn’t agree to play with you!” Obi-Wan sputters.


“But I want you to!”



five & seven


“Are you going to play with me?”


“Not now, Anakin.” Obi-Wan sighs, leaning against the fence.






“You said last week that because isn’t an answer.”


“Well, today it is.”


“I don’t like that,” Anakin pouts, “you should play with me.”


“I’ll play with you later.” Obi-Wan gives in.







six & eight


“Obi-Wan!” Anakin grins, jumping on his back and wrapping his arms around him.


“Anakin!” Obi-Wan almost screeches, quickly wrapping his arms around him to prevent him from falling.


“I missed you!”


“You saw me yesterday.”


“That is so long ago though!” Anakin whines, moving his head to look at Obi-Wan from the side. From this angle he can see the freckles and the shining blue eyes he never paid attention to before.


And now that he knows about their existence, he’s wondering how he could have gone so long without noticing the beautiful features on his face.


“Less than 24 hours, Anakin. That’s not long at all!” Obi-Wan points out and walks towards their school entrance. The legs around his waist tighten and so do the arms around his neck. So tight that he’s going to have trouble breathing if Anakin won’t let go soon.


“It was long for me,” he shrugs, “didn’t you miss me too?”


“Of course I missed you.”


“Are you coming over today then?”


“I always do, Anakin.”



seven & nine


“I really like you, Obi-Wan.”


“Thank you,” he chuckles, “I really like you too, Anakin.”


“You’re welcome.”



eight & ten


“Do you think we will still be friends soon?” Anakin quietly asks, resisting the urge to look up at Obi-Wan.


“Of course we will be, Anakin. You’re my best friend and a new school won’t change that.”


“But we won’t see each other as much anymore and you could find new friends.” Anakin’s lip quivers and he swears that even at his young age, he can feel his heart breaking at the thought of someone replacing him in Obi-Wan’s life.


“Nonsense. No one would ever be good enough,” Obi-Wan leans over the edge of his bed, “I like you too much to ever even think about replacing you.”


“I like you too,” Anakin hiccups, “and that’s why I don’t want to lose you.”


“You won’t lose me. I’ll always be with you.”



nine & eleven


“School isn’t fun without you anymore.” Anakin pouts up at Obi-Wan. His puppy dog eyes immediately reach the desired effect and Obi-Wan takes him into his arms.


In turn, he wraps his arms around him too and inhales the familiar scent. His favorite scent.


“I miss having you around too,” Obi-Wan mutters into his hair, “I have to spend all of my breaks alone now.”


“So do I.”


“Huh,” Obi-Wan says surprised, “you always had friends at school. What happened to them?”


“They’re not you.”


“Oh, darling.”



ten & twelve


“Obi-Wan!” Anakin screams, running into the backyard and waving the letter around, “I’ll go to the same school as you! We can spend more time with each other again!”


“I’m glad that I’ll have you around again.” Obi-Wan smiles, engulfing the smaller boy into a big hug.


“School will be fun again.” Anakin grins into his neck.


“So much fun.” Obi-Wan promises, deliberately leaving out the details of how different school will be now too.



eleven & thirteen


“Hey Obi-Wan?”




“Guess what?” Anakin grins at him.


“I don’t know, darling,” Obi-Wan shrugs, “did you outsmart someone again?”


“No!” He laughs, “I know who has a crush on you.”


Obi-Wan’s eyes widen almost comically, “what?”


“I heard that Satine has a crush on you.”




“Now you can think about how you’ll reject her!” Anakin happily grins.


“Wait what?” Obi-Wan laughs, not able to refrain himself from doing so.


Anakin frowns at him in return, “you are going to reject her, right?”


“Well, of course, I’m not interested in her,” Obi-Wan slowly says, watching Anakin’s face light up with joy, “but why are you telling me this if you want me to reject her?”


“Because you’re mine and I need you to be prepared for it. I don’t want to risk you getting flustered and telling her that you like her out of shame.” Anakin states as if it is the most obvious thing ever.





twelve & fourteen


“Are you okay, Obi-Wan?” Anakin asks the unusually quiet boy.


“Of course.” Obi-Wan attempts to reassuringly smile at him.


“I don’t believe you.” Anakin huffs, crossing his arms in front of his chest.


“I’m okay though. There’s nothing wrong.”


“Like I said, I don’t believe you,” Anakin tells him, “and I don’t like it when you lie to me.”


“I’m sorry, Anakin.” Obi-Wan sighs.


“So you admit that something is wrong?”


“There’s nothing wrong per se, Anakin.”


“Oh,” Anakin murmurs, “am I bothering you?”


“No! Absolutely not!” Obi-Wan immediately shuts down the only stupid thing he’s ever heard Anakin say.


“What is it then? You’ve been weird for some time now.” Anakin quietly points out. His earlier confidence having completely left him by now.


“Promise me you won’t judge?” Obi-Wan sighs.


“I’d never judge you.” Anakin promises.


“I like boys.”





thirteen & fifteen


“I’m cold.” Anakin pouts, moving his arms beneath Obi-Wan’s jacket and tightening them around his torso. Furthermore, he presses his own body into Obi-Wan’s too to a point where their bodies are basically one.


“If you let go of me I’ll give you my jacket.”


“I’ll never let go of you.”


“Of course, darling,” he chuckles, rubbing Anakin’s back to warm him, “how could I ever forget that?”



fourteen & sixteen


“Where were you yesterday?” Obi-Wan asks, sitting down next to Anakin on the ground.




“Why? Are you okay?”


“I guess.” Anakin shrugs, avoiding eye contact with him.


“What happened, Anakin?” Obi-Wan asks alarmed when Anakin flinches when he tries to wrap his arm around him. The obvious bruise on his cheekbone doesn’t do anything to lessen his worry on top of that, too.


“Nothing.” He shrugs Obi-Wan’s arm off of him and scoots away from him. The hurt expression tears at his heart but he can’t risk anything.


“You can talk to me, darling.”


“Don’t call me that.” Anakin snaps.


Oh,” Obi-Wan mumbles, “I’m sorry.”


“Wait no,” Anakin quickly backtracks, “it’s not you. Just, don’t call me that in public. It makes people interested in us.”


Twenty one seconds pass in total silence.


“Did someone hit you?” Obi-Wan angrily asks.


“Are you going to let it go if I tell you the truth?”




“Then no, no one hit me.”



fifteen & seventeen


“Hey Obi-Wan?” Anakin murmurs, nervously fidgeting with his hands in his lap. His thoughts are running wild and his heart is beating at an unnatural pace.


“Yes, Anakin?” Obi-Wan furrows his eyebrows at his behavior.


The normally overly confident boy looks like something less than a shell of his self and if that wouldn’t worry Obi-Wan already, the sheer nervousness radiating off of him definitely does.


“Are you alright? Did something happen?”


“No.” Anakin sighs.


“Are you sure? You can tell me if they’re bothering you again. I’ll take care of it.” Obi-Wan reassuringly promises the younger one.


“It’s something else.” He murmurs, wringing his hands and keeping his eyes on the floor.


“You can tell me everything, darling.”


“I think I like boys.”


“That’s why you’re so nervous?” Obi-Wan asks surprised.


He immediately goes to sit down next to Anakin and pulls him into his body. Their arms are wrapped around each other. Obi-Wan’s head is resting on top of Anakin’s, whose head is laying on his chest.


“Yes.” Anakin sighs.


“But darling,” he whispers into Anakin’s hair, “you never need to be scared of telling me something. Especially something like that, Anakin.”


“I know, I was just nervous because I didn’t know how you would react.” He admits, defeated.


“How I would react? I like boys too.” Obi-Wan says, a mix of surprise and confusion tainting his voice.


“Yes.” Anakin confirms.


I like you, goes unsaid.



sixteen & eighteen


“Did you have your first kiss yet?” Anakin randomly asks Obi-Wan while they’re laying in bed, their bodies tangled in each others.


Obi-Wan momentarily stops running his hand along Anakin’s back, “No.”


“No?” Anakin asks surprised, slightly lifting his head to look into Obi-Wan’s face.


“No,” he confirms, “did you?”





seventeen & nineteen


“School is going to be so boring without you again,” Anakin whines, “I don’t know if I can survive it.”


“You’ll be fine, darling.” Obi-Wan laughs.


“I won’t be,” Anakin vehemently shakes his head, “I think I should drop out. So I can spend more time with you again.”


“Don’t you dare,” Obi-Wan narrows his eyes, “your education is important.”


“You’re more important.”



eighteen & twenty


“I like you.” Anakin rushes out.


“I like you too, darling.” Obi-Wan smiles, offering Anakin the reassurance he believes he needs.


“No. Not like that.” He grimaces, regret overtaking his senses at bringing the topic up in the first place.


Hopefully, a momentary error in judgement caused by stress is still an acceptable excuse in case this goes wrong.




“I like you.” Anakin repeats himself, growing more nervous with every passing second.


“I know.” Obi-Wan frowns.


“No, Obi-Wan. I like you,” Anakin tells him, “as in, I have feelings for you.”


“Feelings?” He questions, confused.


“Romantic feelings.” Anakin says, incredulously looking at him.


How can anyone be so obvious?





nineteen & twenty one


“Congratulations, darling,” Obi-Wan kisses Anakin, “I knew you would make it.”


“Thank you.” Anakin whispers against his lips while wrapping his arms around Obi-Wan.


“Of course,” Obi-Wan whispers back, “I have a surprise for you.”


Anakin’s head slightly leans back, “what is it?”


“Nothing special.” Obi-Wan teases with a grin.


He takes Anakin’s hand into his own and leads him away, right towards the tree they first met at.


“Do you want to play with me, Obi-Wan?” Anakin teasingly asks, “I’ll let you hide.”


“No. Not today, Anakin,” Obi-Wan grins, attempting to cover his nervousness, “but I want to marry you.”


“What?” Anakin sputters out with a suddenly empty brain, all smart replies vanished the seconds he registered Obi-Wan’s words.


Their eyes are connected while Obi-Wan lowers himself to one knee and holds out the most beautiful ring Anakin has ever seen.


“Do you want to marry me, darling?”



Chapter Text

“I’ll save you, Obi-Wan. I promise you that.” Anakin whispers with silent tears running down his face.


Obi-Wan musters up a small smile and reassuringly squeezes his hand, “you can’t save me, my dear.”


“I can save you!” Anakin vehemently assures him.


Several plans on how exactly he will save him are already running wildly through his mind. He searches through them, attempting to find the best and fastest plan he’s come up with since the diagnosis.


“Anakin,” Obi-Wan weakly coughs, “I’m going to die and you know it, dear. You can’t cheat death.”


“I won’t let you die.”


Obi-Wan sighs, “it’s inevitable. But I promise you that it will all be okay in the end.”


“It will never be okay without. I need you here with me.” Anakin cries.


“I’ll always be with you,” he promises, “I just won’t be able to be physically here soon, my dear, but it doesn’t change anything.”


“I’ll find a way.” Anakin tells him, pushing Obi-Wan’s reassuring words to the back of his mind where they’ll forever be treasured. The other words vanish from his mind as he pulls his plans to the front.


He’s running out of time.



“It’s completed.” Anakin smiles, staring down at Obi-Wan’s almost unrecognizable body.


The hair is the same and so are the eyes and the face. But the rest isn’t.


The rest of his body is made up out of every body part Anakin was able to create himself or borrowed from others.


He deeply regrets that he is no longer able to feel Obi-Wan’s hand in his own and that the body he came to love over the years is gone.


But at least his mind is alive and with him.


Physically present and within reach. And not gone like everyone told him it would be by now.


“I saved you.” Anakin lovingly smothers down Obi-Wan’s hair, pressing a kiss into it.


“You didn’t save me,” Obi-Wan - the creature - replied, “you created a monster.”


He abruptly sits up and shoots his hand out, burying it deep in Anakin’s chest. His fingers wrap around the heart, causing Anakin to choke out the first spouts of blood.


“I’ll hold onto that, my dear,” Obi-Wan smiles, ripping it from Anakin’s chest, “it’ll be the best in my collection.”


He allows Anakin’s body to unceremoniously drop to the ground. Less careful than he ever would have dared to in the past does he step over Anakin’s body, crouching down next to it.


“I told you that I can’t be saved.”

Chapter Text

“Mister Kenobi!” Anakin screams, holding the camera as close to Obi-Wan’s face as he can while he’s getting out of the car.


Obi-Wan lifts his hand to block the flashing lights from Anakin’s and the others cameras.


“A statement about your relationship status rumors?” Anakin yells.


He walks past them all without reacting to anything they scream at him and enters the building, shutting the annoying noises out behind him.


“Obi-Wan.” Cody greets him, grinning.


“Don’t you dare.” Obi-Wan pushes past him.



Hours later, Obi-Wan walks out of the building with Cody in tow and is immediately met with the sight of flashing lights coming from everywhere around him once again.


He allows Cody to walk in front of him, effectively clearing the way for him from everyone aside from that one paparazzi, of course.


With a thoroughly calculated step, Anakin steps between Cody and Obi-Wan. He holds his camera right up into Obi-Wan’s face, blinding him with the flashing lights.


“Your relationship status, Mister Kenobi?” Anakin smirks and Obi-Wan is tempted to wipe the smirk off his face. Or throw his camera on the ground. Whichever is the faster solution for his obvious problem.


“Not for the public.” Cody intervened and pulls Obi-Wan away from the camera, pushing him forwards to the car.


The other paparazzi continue to take pictures and scream over each other while Anakin’s camera is losely hanging from his hand with the smirk still on his face.


He stays there until the car with Obi-Wan and Cody leaves. Ignoring the others that plaster him about how he can get so close to Kenobi, he walks towards his own car and carelessly throws the camera on the passenger seat.


Once the area clears, he starts the car and drives to the same destination as Kenobi.



Obi-Wan quickly exists the car, thanks Cody for driving him home and then walks into his house as fast as he can.


The few flashing lights in the distance for once don’t bother him that much.


But the sound of the front door opening again certainly does.


Obi-Wan turns around with the most accusingly expression he can muster, “you’re starting to turn into a menace.”


He throws his head back, laughing, “I’m just doing my job.”


“You’re an annoying menace, Anakin.”


“I’m doing my job, Mister Kenobi,” Anakin smirks, “and what exactly is your relationship status?”


“One more word and I’ll be single.”

Chapter Text

“I’m so sorry,” Anakin rushes out, apologetically looking up at his new neighbor, “I underestimated my children’s speed.”


“It’s no problem.” Obi-Wan laughs, helping Leia up while Anakin helps Luke up.


“I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.” Anakin grimaces when Leia wraps her arms around the legs of their new neighbor.


The first time Anakin saw him, he immediately knew that he needed to get to know him. From the way his hair framed his face and fell into his shining blue eyes whenever he moves his head in that way. The way he moves his hips and the fabulous view he is offered whenever he sees Obi-Wan bending over.


He desperately wanted to get to know the slightly older man. He thought about every possible way he could approach him.


Standing behind his own door and waiting until Obi-Wan’s door opens and he could pretend that they want to leave at the same time and strike up a conversation that way.


He could pretended to need milk and ask him for it. Although, he never would have gotten a way out of his mouth that way.


He could have sabotaged his own car to ask for Obi-Wan’s help in the morning when he leaves for work.


But no matter what his thoughts led him to, they never led him to this.


Obi-Wan opening the door right at the moment he comes home with his hyperactive, running children that possess no sense of their surroundings during this time of day.


“It’s no problem.” Obi-Wan laughs, smiling down at Leia. Luke warily looks at them from behind Anakin’s legs.


“I’m Leia,” she introduces herself before pointing at the two males behind her, “and that’s Luke and that’s my dad. What’s your name?”


“Leia.” Anakin says, slightly alarmed.


His daughter just turns around to look at him confused and so does Obi-Wan with that ever perfect smile on his face that makes his knees weak and his heart skip a beat.


“I’m Obi-Wan, Leia. It’s nice to meet you and your family.” Obi-Wan settles on saying, somewhat expectantly looking at Anakin for a name.


“Oh,” Anakin rushes out, “I’m Anakin.”


“It’s nice to meet you, Anakin.” He smiles and if it wouldn’t be for Luke’s arms around his legs, his knees would have buckled and betrayed him.


“Do you want to play with me and Luke? We have all kind of toys in our rooms.” Leia curiously glances up at him.


Obi-Wan looks at Anakin for help who nods quite encouragingly and almost begs with his eyes to agree to his daughter’s plan, “I’d love to have you over.”


“Well, if that’s the case then I would love to play with you two.” Obi-Wan encouragingly smiles at Luke after a quick smile directed at Leia.


“Follow us in then.” Anakin manages to gather the words and steps around him with Luke still clinging to his leg.


“You have to let go of him, Leia.” Anakin tells his daughter and watches her do so with slight reluctance.


Now that Obi-Wan is able to walk freely, he follows him and the twins right inside.


“Welcome to our home.” Anakin grimaces when the messy state of his hallway greets all of them once his door is opened. The twins rush in right away, Leia calling for Obi-Wan to quickly follow him and not stand there for so long.


“I’d love for it to be our home one day, Anakin,” he smirks at the flustered man, “although, I would prefer more jackets on the coat hangers than the floor.”


“Of course!” Anakin shrieks out and gets to work on it right away, constantly replaying Obi-Wan’s words in his head while his children involve him in the newest game they’re playing.



“You should just ask him, Leia.” Luke tells his fifteen years old twin.


“We haven’t even talked to dad yet, Luke.” She reminds him while looking at the adoption papers in front of them.


Over the past twelve years, Obi-Wan has become a huge part of their lives. Just a few months after they met, Obi-Wan and Anakin started dating and weeks later Obi-Wan even moved in with them.


They were overjoyed at having another person in the house that could play with them almost all the time and someone to watch them when their father couldn’t.


They didn’t necessarily have a problem with their babysitters in the past, but they definitely preferred Obi-Wan over any of them.


So it’s just logical that they take the next big step now. Especially with the proposal plans for their father from his side.


But they haven’t talked to their father about it yet and although both know that Anakin definitely wouldn’t have a problem with it, they still want his approval on the matter.


“Then talk to dad. He’s downstairs.” Luke points out.


Leia narrows her eyes at him, “yes, with Obi-Wan. And this isn’t just about me. It’s about both of us so we should do it together, Luke.”


“It was your idea.”


“It affects both of us!” Leia points out, “and if you want it, you’ll come with me now so we can show him the papers.”


“You mean the papers you already filled out months ago?” Luke chuckles, picking said papers up and following his annoyed sister downstairs.


Neither expected Obi-Wan to be sitting on the couch right next to their father though. Helplessly, the twins exchange a look and slightly walk back out of the room.


“Is everything okay?” Obi-Wan curiously asks.


“Yes,” Luke assures simultaneously with Leia’s change of mind, “no.”


“What did you two do?” Anakin asks, pointing at the papers in Luke’s hands, “the school didn’t call me.”


“I didn’t do anything!” Leia protests, ripping the papers out of Luke’s hands with a huff, “we need to talk to you, dad.”


“Go ahead.” Anakin slowly says, growing a little suspicious at their poorly hidden nervousness.


“Alone.” Leia rushes out, apologetically looking at Obi-Wan.


“Of course,” He reassuringly smiles and stands up, “I’ll be in the kitchen.”


“Is everything okay?” Anakin’s concern taints his voice.


“Yes. We just wanted to show you something.” Luke whispers, very aware of the thin walls with ears in their house.


“What is it?”


“It’s okay if you say no, dad.” Leia smiles, unceremoniously pushing the papers into her father’s chest.


Anakin considerately nods and takes a hold of the papers.


Adoption papers


Tears spring to his eyes and he nods, “I have no problem with this and if you both want it, you can ask him.” He presses out.


The smile on his face can’t begin to express what he’s feeling in that moment - what he’s sure Obi-Wan will be feeling soon -.


He’s always wanted to give his children everything he could after their mother’s death and Obi-Wan has been the biggest help for him over the years. And it reached a point where the twins are basically his children in every way but the government way.


But with this new revelation and development now, he couldn’t be more overjoyed.


“Great!” Leia smiles, “Obi-Wan!” she calls for him to come back into the living room.


She takes the papers back out of her father’s hands and beckons Luke over to her, “we have something for you,” she holds them out for Obi-Wan.


Obi-Wan takes them into his hands and just like Anakin, a huge smile breaks out on his face and tears spring to his eyes, “I’d love to adopt you two if it’s okay with your father.”


“Of course!” Anakin smiles.


“Then I will.” Obi-Wan matches his smile and takes the two children into his arms.


“Thank you. I love you.” He mouths to Anakin over their heads.


“I love you too.” Anakin mouths back, taking the picture of the new version of his very own family in and integrating it deep within his mind to never forget it.

Chapter Text

“Promise me that you won’t be mad?” Anakin almost giddily asks the moment the door closes behind Obi-Wan. It immediately puts him back into the high observation mode his body was barely able to leave on the way back.

“What did you do?”

“I,” he purposely draws out, “didn’t do anything!”

Obi-Wan sighs at the smug expression, “what is it then?”

He sits down on the stairs in their hallway and takes his shoes off while Anakin begins to explain himself and his actions in a pace that is too fast for him to keep up with. But Anakin doesn’t necessarily care about it because the faster it is explained, the faster Obi-Wan can forgive him and allow him to keep it. After all, it wouldn’t be that different from a dog or cat he could randomly bring home all the time.

“Slow down, dear.” Obi-Wan eventually intervenes when he thinks that he didn’t hear him right.

“Sorry,” Anakin rushes out just as fast, “I found it in our backyard and I fed it and gave it some water and I started to feel bad for it so I brought it inside.”

“Brought what exactly inside?”

“A unicorn.” He whispers.


“A unicorn.” Anakin sheepishly speaks up.

Incredulously Obi-Wan looks up at him and slowly blinks a few times, trying to make sense of what he just heard, “a unicorn?”


“Anakin,” Obi-Wan sighs, “where did you find a unicorn and why would you bring it into our house?”

“It was in our backyard! And I thought it might be lonely,” Anakin shrugs, “I can keep it better company inside than in our cold backyard!”

“It’s a unicorn, Anakin,” Obi-Wan presses out, “you can’t just bring that thing into our house.”

“But I did.”

“And you shouldn’t have,” Obi-Wan argues, “where is it?”

“In our room.” Anakin replies and Obi-Wan stands up, walking up the stairs. Halfway up there, he can already hear the noises this thing makes and once he’s actually up there, the sight of pure chaos meets him.

Everything is destroyed and in the midst of it all is a white horse with a sharp horn planted right on its forehead. A pillow he remembers putting onto Anakin’s side of the bed that morning partly hangs off his horn.


Chapter Text

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan calls out for his Padawan, “Palpatine requested your presence.”


“Okay, Master.” Anakin says and bolts past him, right out of their quarters.


Obi-Wan stays behind and watches the door close.



“Master!” Anakin yells as soon as the door opens.


Obi-Wan is sitting on the couch and looks up at his Padawan, “Anakin.”


“Did you hear already?” He smiles, excitedly whipping back and front on the balls of his feet.


“I did, Padawan.” Obi-Wan nods, smiling back at him.


“Senator Palpatine said we’re leaving in an hour.”


“I already packed a bag for you,” he points at the bag next to the door, “take it with you and stay safe, my Padawan. I’ll wait here for your return.”


“Thank you, Master!” Anakin smiles and picks up the bag, walking away from the door and out of Obi-Wan’s sight who stays behind.



“Anakin,” Obi-Wan whispers, gently shaking the boy, “wake up.”


A whimper leaves Anakin. He tries to rid himself off the hand on his shoulder but Obi-Wan is holding him down onto the bed.


“It’s alright, wake up. You’re safe here,” Obi-Wan continues to reassuringly tell him, “I’m here with you.”


With a start Anakin wakes up. He abruptly sits up in bed and Obi-Wan quickly takes his hand off his shoulder.


“It’s alright. It’s just us here.” Obi-Wan calmly tells him.


Anakin vehemently shakes his head and looks up at him with teary eyes, “it’s not.”


“I’m here, Anakin,” he reassures him, “did you have another nightmare?”


Anakin nods, “it was about my mother again.”


Obi-Wan nods considerably, “the same one?”


“Yes,” he whispers, “but master, it doesn’t feel like a dream.”


“I’m sure it’s just a dream, Anakin,” he tells him, “your thoughts about can be clouded due to your clear lack of sleep. You’ll be able to judge it better once your body is well rested.”


“I see my mother dying everytime I close my eyes.”


“I’m aware,” he sighs, “but what about a change of scenery? Do you think that could help you?”


“No,” Anakin says, “but we could try.”


Obi-Wan nods, “go into my room, then. I’ll spend the rest of the night in here and tomorrow, once we are both rested we can talk about it, alright?”


“Alright.” Anakin agrees, barely able to keep his voice from breaking.


With slow movements he gets out of his bed and walks towards his door. He hesitates for a moment and hopes that Obi-Wan changes his mind about the matter. In fact, he almost expects him to change his mind so he won’t have to be alone for the rest of the night.


But Obi-Wan doesn’t.


He stays behind, watching Anakin walk away and the door closes behind him.



“She’s dead, master,” Anakin chokes out, “my mother is dead.”


“Oh, Anakin.” Obi-Wan says, catching Anakin when he falls into his arms.


He tightens them around his shaking body and allows his Padawan to cry into his chest until he tires himself out and falls asleep.


The moment his breathing evens out, Obi-Wan gently untangles their bodies and lays Anakin down on the couch. A blanket is placed over him and once Obi-Wan is sure that he’s asleep, he leaves.



“You’ll learn how to become accustomed to it, Anakin,” Obi-Wan gently says, sensing his annoyance, “it’ll just take some time.”


“I don’t want to get used to it.”


Obi-Wan sighs, feeling helpless, “I know, but it will all be easier with time, Padawan.”


“Maybe I don’t want it to be easier.” Anakin huffs, “and maybe I just want to be alone and not listen to you tell me how to feel again.”


“If that’s what you wish for.” Obi-Wan tells him and abides his Padawan’s wish.



“Be careful and return back to the temple in one piece, Anakin.” Obi-Wan tells his freshly knighted former Padawan.


Anakin nods, “I will,” he assures him and for the first time, he walks onto his ship without the familiar braid brushing against the side of his face.


Obi-Wan stays behind and watches him leave.



“I loved you!” Obi-Wan screams at the fallen man.


“Then why did you never stay with me?”

Chapter Text

Anakin is nine when he meets Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan is 25 when he meets Anakin.

Obi-Wan is also 25 when their force bond is made and he feels the dark, ever looming presence in Anakin’s mind.

He tries to push it away and engulf Anakin’s signature with pure light but the dark side is strong within him.

Too strong for him to fight off and too unnoticeable for Anakin to fight off.

So in hindsight, this shouldn’t have been a surprise. Anakin’s fall was bound to happen from the moment he actually stepped foot into the temple.

Over the years, he tried his best. He tried to shield Anakin from the dark side so he wouldn’t be confronted with the temptation. He tried to show Anakin the beauty the light carries within itself.

In desperate attempts, he even tried to scare Anakin away from the dark side. Threats of what would happen should Anakin fall were a constant in their lives during especially tough times when Obi-Wan was on edge and just waiting for it every second of the day.

But now that he’s standing opposite the only one he’s ever grown attached to he realizes that all his attempts were in vain.

Over and over again, blue clashes with blue in a way it was never meant to. Especially not for the two of them.

Anakin’s body, so close to dying is laying on the ground right in front of him and those yellow eyes are practically burning holes into his skull with the hatred they hold.

It makes him realize that blue has always looked best on Anakin.

But even during the mess they’ve managed to find each other in, Anakin’s beauty remains.

Despite it all.

“I fucking hate you!” He yells at Obi-Wan, desperately lashing out with his saber to injure him the way he himself is injured.

“I love you.” Obi-Wan retorts instead of lowering himself to the level of a Sith in the making.

Through the shared bond Anakin has failed to sever, he feels the internal turmoil. He feels Anakin trying to push himself to the front of his own mind, overtaken by Vader.

“I hate you!” Vader screams.

“Please.” Anakin begs.

Obi-Wan nods and lowers himself down onto the ground. His saber is discarded at his side.

Vader still attempts to hurt him but can’t. He’s too far away to reach him and yet close enough that Anakin can almost feel his hand caress his face.

“I’m here, my dear,” Obi-Wan says, “it’s not too late.”

Obi-Wan wraps himself around Anakin’s signature. He engulfs the dark side that overtook Anakin’s light with his fall.

Obi-Wan is 38 when he finds the source of the dark side in Anakin’s mind.

He hears Anakin begging for help and nods, reassuringly smiling down at him, “it’ll be over soon.”

Vader snarls and reaches out again with his saber. Without any real effort, Obi-Wan pushes the saber away from him.

Simultaneously, he continues to push the dark side out of Anakin’s mind. Now, that he has found the root of it, it is much easier than it has ever been. Palpatine’s death certainly plays a factor in it too.

Over the endless screaming and hatred, Obi-Wan manages to break through Vader and bring Anakin back to the front right into the light until Vader is nothing more but the dark presence Palpatine used to be.

“Obi-Wan.” Anakin whispers, holding out his hand.

He maneuvers himself right in front of Anakin and takes the familiar hand into his own when blue eyes shine back at him.

“It’ll be okay.”

Chapter Text

With the death of one’s soulmate, their name will appear across one’s wrist.

It’s intended to keep kindness alive in the cruelest way the force could have thought of.

Everyone you meet could be one’s soulmate and up until their death, one would not be aware of it.

Long ago, Anakin gave up on his soulmate.

For years, he dreamed about being united with his soulmate in his after life but the older he turned, the more he realized that the chance of him dying before his soulmate is incredibly high.

And Anakin didn’t want it happen.

He wanted to know who his soulmate is before he dies. He practically needed his soulmate to die before him.

What he certainly didn’t expect when he was young was his fall to the dark side. He never would have dreamed to turn into the one thing that caused his master endless amounts of pain.

He never wanted it for himself either but somewhere along the way, he lost control of his own life.

And once he fell, the concept of soulmates stopped mattering to him.

Vader didn’t need something as pathetic as a soulmate in the after life he’s surely not going to experience now.

On the other side, what Obi-Wan certainly didn’t expect was his soulmates’ name to appear on his wrist at 38.

And what he never would have dreamed of was the name that did appear.

Anakin Skywalker

But now that the name was engraved in his skin, clearly marking him as Anakin’s and preparing him for the lack of happy ever after, he had to grow accustomed to it.

At first, he tried to ignore it and push it to the back of his mind just like all the memories of the years he shared with him. But it never worked out.

Anakin always managed to slip back to the front of his mind and Obi-Wan experienced the pain of the loss over and over again until he lost his own mind and didn’t know how to cope with it.

And once he met Vader, his pain intensified due to the questions that arises within him. Did Vader know that they’re soulmates? Or did all parts of Anakin truly die?

At 62, he found his answer.

The hatred and anger radiating off of Anakin intertwined with the willingness to start another attempt at striking him down, he knew that Anakin died all those years ago and Vader is all that seems to be left.

As a result, he decided to become one with the force.

If the force won’t grant him his happy ever after, he won’t grant the force the satisfaction to pull him out of his life whenever it wanted to.

And what Vader didn’t expect was his soulmate’s name to appear on his very own wrist after their final encounter.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

But with this name, Vader knew that he was damned.

And Anakin knew that he never should have given up and that his boyish dreams will one day be reality as long as Vader grows weaker.

And he did.

Vader grew so weak that Anakin ultimately died and woke up in the after life. Right next to the only man he ever should have seen and accepted as his master.

“It’s been a while.” Obi-Wan acknowledges the young man.

“It’s been too long.”

“But not long enough.” He retorts, half implying that Anakin was always kept alive in his memories and half that Vader hasn’t been gone long enough for Obi-Wan to move forwards.

“I’m sorry, master.”

“I know, Anakin.”